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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I think moxie is referring to the 'battlestar galactica' miniseries, if I remember correctly.

I definitely need to see Talledega this weekend, especially if there is a Borat trailer!

kari, I thought fj was removing the limbs of her boss...or maybe that's what she was *really* thinking about anyhow, and the trees are just a cover....

Mmmm.....massage....*homer drools*....I definitely need to do that, just been too cash poor.
I bet you're right about the "tree" limbs thing, turbo. Maybe FJ is in the mafia.

Hi kari and mouse!

No, I'm not a veggie. I enjoy the occasional cheeseburger or basket of fish n' chips. I've just never been a big fan of meat. I've been vegetarian and vegan before, but not for a long time. I've thought about going back to the strict vegetarian thing.

More good things:
-My new avatar is fun
-I have Newcastle waiting for me at home
-I sent a mean letter to this popular country singer who killed a domesticated bear and videotaped it
-Rockstar Supernova is on tonight and they're gonna do request songs, so it should be extra cheesy. I couldn't resist but visit the website and vote for the worst possible songs.
ph34r.gif did you do that? i want a ninja.....
Hi, peeps!

Today has been an exciting day full of filing. Yay! Not. And training in someone to take over for me for awhile. I think I've got everything under control, though, and I have no guilt about playing hookey tomorrow. It's been awhile, and it may be awhile until next time I can do it.

I guess I'm kind of a prude about the sex thing. I'm not going to say anything about it because it'll probably come out wrong, except to say that I'm not into the trend (or whatever it is) of just rubbing your parts up against someone because it feels good. I'd like to think it's more than that. I think it brings us down to the absolute basest of existence, like bugs, even though they don't do it for pleasure. Anyway, I'm a prude.

Good Things Tuesday
1) DFL meet-up tonight that I'm not going to forget about
2) breakfast spread at work today for our quarterly birfday party (should go scrounge for some leftovers since I never took a lunch break)
3) talked to Sam for a little bit

I love Borat! Anything Sasha Cohen does is genius, though my favorite is still the classic Ali G. That man is a sexy mo-fo. We're going to have to see Talladega Nights this weekend sometime.

Do you think you're going to do the debate team, Minx? You'd be so awesome at it.

Now I want tacos. Maybe the giant and I will go get some after my Democrat meeting.

Hi, Karianne and Wombat and Poodle and FJ (love the ninja!) and Turbo and Brett and GB and Mouse and TESAO! and everyone else I missed. I did read the archives. Maybe one day I can be in here more than once or twice a day again.

I always took "Used to Love Her" as being a satire of country music --- like, oh, if you think heavy rock is so woman-hating, what about all these country and folk songs about the guy killing his woman and stuff? Well, suddenly "Cherry Pie!" or "Girls, Girls, Girls" don't seem so bad, do they?

Poodle!! You rock. I wish they would do some actual "rock" songs instead of trying to make cheese-ola into rock. I mean, do they all try to be "avant-garde" in exactly the same silly, non-successful way, or do they honestly think, like, Coldplay is "hard rock" or are they just forced to do this by some weird kind of management dealie on the show -- like, can they only choose from a certain list? Like those bull-crappy polls? Supposedly some jerk wins the popularity award but if you looked at the ballot, you couldn't just write in anything you want, there were only 5 choices and maybe one was bearable.

oogers. was Tuesday the longest day evah????

I think you all were as tired as I am.

I couldn't even come back because I was authoring disks, which takes a lot of memory-flashy-dots.

Good things (belated) Tuesday:

1) Got some cute shoes yesterday
2) as i suspected, my LA friends are cool and did in fact return my message, bc
3) I finally learned how to pick up messages left on my cell phone. I thought they would be in "missed calls" but NOOOOOOO!! "voice mail" is in a sub-menu of a sub-menu. I am a cellphone doofus.
4) batman's great spicy ukrainian stew -- Bulghur wheat, hot peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, regular peppers, chicken. SOOOO good. He puts in a bunch of secret spices and simmers it forever and makes a ton.
5) I was so happy about him cooking that last night that I went and bought the Samuel Adams Summer Brew collection --Hefeweizen, Black, and Brown,
6)Spicy food and good beer to watch goofy Rock Star Supernova show!

...couldn't be finer
Hi diva! I thought you might have been home today since you were MIA. I'm sure it's a relief to wrap up all this work junk before you leave.

Yes, you are a prude, diva, and that's what I love about you (among many other things). smile.gif

Wombat, I'm so glad that I'm not the only Rockstar Supernova addict in the lounge. I'm excited to see how poorly they perform tonight! I'll be thinking of you!

"I Used to Love Her" is a great song. I'm not sure, but I think it might be about a dog.
diva- i don't think that's prudish at all. Sometimes, I think that bed-hopping for the sake of bed-hopping (not to be confused with fulfilling cravings of a particular kind or for a particular thing...that's deliberate) is quire related to the lack of interconnection we have as a people. Sex in itself isn't bad, but mistaking it for interpersonal relationships is. Its like having tons of "conversations" on IM...yeah, you talked, but did you really "get it?" (...says the girl who frequents an on-line board says about making interpersonal relationships...irony? teacher minx...irony?)

Anyway, i think sex and sexuality is a great thing, but I've only ever been with for me, sex and sexuality does mean more than just a romparoo. I love sex as a fulfilling part of my life, and i'm all for it being fulfilling for everyone.

Does that make sense?

Being a prude would be missionary only, after marriage with a long white nightie on.
Don't forget about the white sheet with a hole in it, Moxie.

And yeah, dead-on irony. You rule. A fucking +

Bed hopping, you know, I kind of did that for a summer and what it mostly did was wear me out and piss me off occasionally. I am an ethical slut by nature, but damn do I need my cuddles and dates and lazy days in bed drinking coffee. Those are the things that I miss the most.

But I still get coffee. Nobody takes away my fucking coffee.

OH my god. what a long day. it's past 7pm.....i've been here since before 9:30 am. i hate the math part of my job (ie sizing). ugh.

anyway, i wanted to say hi to all you ladies--i'd love to join in on the sex/tacos/borat/prudes/rocknroll discussion BUT all i want to do right now is go home and snarf down the shrimp dumplings i know are waiting for me. meh.

i also wanted to mention another selling point for sunset junction this weekend! ms gb, i don't know if you're a bpal fanatic or not, but a: if you are, they are going to have a stall at sunset junction so you can buy stuff right there and talk to beth et al, and b: if you are not, you should come and see what all the fuss is about, and become an addict like the rest of us!

seriously, i know there are a ton of bpal fans in the okayers lounge, and i think you all understand how excited i am about this fact.
drunk, drunk drunk dunk....tyhat's all I have to say, right?!

3 hours in the beer garden drinking sangria with our dog buddies...good times...and turboman to drive all our drunk asses home....excellent evening. And then....walking turbo, stumbling down the block, to reunit with said drunk dog friends - plus afew o ther drunk friends....priceless. Seriously, the whole neighborhood is stumblinm around drunk tonight. awesome.

mouse, I am indeed jealous of your chance to buy bpal at sunset this weekend...someday I'll get to meet bethie & co...just not anytime soon.

Ok, I shold go take my drunk ass to bed or something. turboman was kind enough to wait up for me...he really didn't like the idea of me drunk dog walking, but no one messes with me with turbo, and bersides..all I met was other drunk people. I love my neighb orhood. smile.gif

Part of me wishes to assure some of you that deeply rewarding, entirely consumate loves may exist between two non-monogamous people. And part of me feels like I'd be uselessly proselytizing if I did. And another part of me wishes I'd been able to simply shrug off aspersions of emotional dysfunction without comment. And yet another part of me knows I'm unable to do that. The part of me that's sleepy has won, however, and now I must go.
turbojenn, what the hey? take your drunk ass into the inebriated rambling thread girl. sheesh. that's what it's there for. so we can laugh at your atrocious spelling. ha.
mrfj- i think you misread me. You and FJ- you are the most deliciously committed couple...and you've come together to know what you need, who you need and why. THat's the can be about making connections, even if the connection is 20 minutes. long or 20 minutes old. I guess I'm talking about bed-hopping as a means of filling time, more or're "there," but are you really "there?"... For me, that's what's really neat about getting to know you both - that you are so in tune to yourselves, AND you have the guts to make your world what you want it to be.

drunk turbo! hehe! I miss drunk turbo! Getting plastered 2 weekends in a row, though, has fulfilled my MSU nostalgia for the time being.

Ok, since today SHOULD be my day off, but i'm at work anyway, I should go do something mildly productive.

Yes, I had a VERY good time last night, and I think there will be many more pitchers of sangria at the beer garden before the summer is out. Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was at the end, when the 4 of us were 3 sheets gone, and we started talking shit about each other's dogs, and then digressing into comparing notes about the wacko owners in the neighborhood.

....AND, I'm not one itty bit hung over this morning at all - I'm adding that one to my good things Tuesday list! Normally after one glass of wine, I'm hungover the next, I feel good, but a little tired from lack of sleep.

And, I'm having some more lovely mango for breakfast perfect.
Amen, Brotha FJ.


Another thing: this thread has actually come a long way over the last two years in ways of general attitudes towards alternative relationships. Believe me, I got my ass chewed on more than one occassion for being a raunchy slut and talking about it.

*downs the rest of her raspberry/nectarine smoothie*

You have no idea how refreshing it is to have other people with which to dish about what I consider a VERY NORMAL LIFE. Tesao would be in full back-up on this one. We are in Minnesota where you can't even buy fucking liquor on Sundays, so privacy and keeping naughty,bulbous parts in the privacy of the home are par for the course.

But you two just keep rolling like a freightrain and kissing and telling and maybe I won't feel so damned ashamed all the time.

Good morning babes!

You're so funny, turbo!! It sounds like you had an awesome time! Sangria....mmmmmm....

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist this morning. I'm not in the mood to talk about depression today. It should be interesting though, because he can't just increase my dosage this time. I'm already on an aggressive dose of anti-depressants and my condition has only gotten worse within the last 6+ months. I really don't want to see a therapist. I hate going to therapists because they make me feel like an idiot.

I'm gonna have to listen to something like Parliament-Funkadelic after my visit, so that I don't feel like crap for the rest of the day. No Tom Waits today.

The resident boy thinks he may have found a place to live. Gawd, I hope it works out and I have my place back at the end of the month. I need your bustie vibes for this one.

Ugh...I really want to crawl back in bed right now.
awwww....minxy and fjs, we loves you. And I really appreciate that everyone can share their perspectives openly in here and not get a beating for it. I've always been curious about open relationships, myself, just mostly a chicken about acting on anything, so its really great to be a part of the thoughtful conversation here. And yes - we need tessie in here!!!
Good Morning Chicks!

I love that this thread is open minded. I like hearing about all sorts of lives.

How's everyone today?

((poodle)) I hope your appointment goes well. I am sorry your condition has been worsening in the last 6 months. That is no good.

Jenn, what is your secret for avoiding hangovers? I get them so easily now.

Not much up here today. Pretty standard. Had a nice night last night though. Mr K got off work early, so we walked the dog then he bought me dinner. Take out sushi, yum! He paid off one of his credit cards yesterday, this makes me very very happy. Only 3 more to go. ohmy.gif

Yeah, sex is good, except when it stinks.

It's great to be able to talk about all aspects honestly.

Turbojenn! Sounds like you had a good time, hooray!
kari, I have no earthly idea why I have no hangover - usually, I'm miserable after 2 glasses of wine. I did have my first burger in five years last night too...maybe that was it? But really, we got home, and then I took a giant bottle of water with my whilst stumbling around the neighborhood with turbo and the other drunkipoos for an hour, and I think that helped. And then I drank more water when I got home, and posted that I think about it, I'm *sure* it was the drunk post that cured my ills! tongue.gif

((((((poodle)))))) ~*~*~*~good appt today~*~*~*~*~

Oh, I just remembered, I'm getting my hair cut tonight - wheeee! Its still pretty short, but I'm beginning to look like the midwestern bush woman, and definitely need some bulk taken out...the humidity 'round here has not been good for the 'do.
Karianne! Yeeha!!


The Parliament-Funkadelic cure! I like it! (cure for the cure!)

How bout Rockstar Supernova last night?! There was nothing downright bad, but nothing that is actually up to arena rock standards.

turbojenn -- ah yes, the protein-fat-water anti-hangover wall. That's probably the REAL reason people who like to drink get fat, aside from all the sugar in the alcohol!

Yeah, a major bummer about sex is that some crappy people wave sex around like candy, say that if you're against them you're just repressed about sex or jealous of them, and then punish the people who actually accept a piece of their candy. That's the kind of person who ends up hurting people. I mean, sometimes things don't work out with the sex or with the relationship, but that's a different thing than someone who is using sex maliciously. It's a hard thing to describe, and my attempts to describe it have nothing to do with trying to indulge in slut-calling.

Heck, I've had people turn on me because I went off with some guy or whatever. ... Not cool of them.
Hi Hi Hi!

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been busy and tired. But I have big news - I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!! It's something similar but different to what I do now so it will be a challenge and the best thing is it pays a lot more than I make now!!! I won't be rolling in the dough but I'll be able to pay my bills without worrying about bouncing checks and maybe go out to dinner. I'm done at my current job the 8th and start the new job on the 11th. Hurrah!!!

Other than that, TB and I are continuing our wedding fest. Only two more weeks and two more weddings and then we're done until October. Yippee!!

Okay, I've read some of the archives and think I can comment on a few things --

FJ and Mr. FJ, I think it's fantabulous that you have such an open relationship and can have those experiences together. I love hearing your stories. Please keep it up.

Poodle, I'm sorry you have a psychiatrist appt today. I hope it goes okay. If you ever think about trying therapy again, let me know. I see a fantastic psychologist in St. Paul on Snelling. She was actually recommended to me by another Bustie four years ago.

Diva, am I understanding correctly that you are getting a new job? Please tell me about it. I'm sorry if I missed the announcement. And if you ever find out info about those hula hoops, let me know. The St. Louis Park Community Ed is having a one day class on it where you make your own.

Turbo, I wish we had a beer garden serving sangria around here. I've only ever had bad sangria but I'm very interested in having good stuff.

Wombat, I love your sentence - "Yeah, sex is good, except when it stinks." smile.gif

Who did I miss? Hi Minx, Moxiegirl, Karianne (when do you move?), Pepper, Mouse, anyone else I missed!
Hi catsoup!

Congratulations!! Welcome back!

Okay, concert announcements gave me Axl-on-the-brain, so one last gasp:

I had a dream about him last night. Not one of *THOSE* dreams, sadly! I was bringing him fine china dishes he had designed himself. The center of each had a list of 15 names, numbered, on it.

He was up on the roof of a hotel, sitting there cross-legged close to the very EDGE, high up in the air, doing his accounting while eating breakfast. ? For some reason, name number 15, was KT Tunstall, I got the feeling that she was the most important person to him and he would be devastated if anything happened to her. Or to the plates.

Ha! That dream belongs in the "playing cards with Abraham Lincoln and a beaver" category!
Congratulations, Catsoup! I am so happy for you about the job. Woot Woot! When will you be starting? What type of work is it? Tell us!

Jenn, I didn't see a drunk post from you. Where oh where is it? Oh wait, is it in the drunk post thread? I'm gonna check.

Catsoup, we are moving a week from tomorrow. Excited, but so much to do! Nobody has rented our current house yet, I wish they would so people would stop coming to look at it. I wonder if the grody bathtub has something to do with it. In the last 2 weeks it's gotten rather icky looking, the caulk is gross. I have recaulked that tub about 3 times in the year we've lived there. I believe the seal is broken, told the landlord, not sure if he will do anything about it. Oh well, in 7 days, not my problem anymore! I may go home & try to put some bleach on it though to make it look a little better. That might be the thing I am most excited about in our new house....a new bathroom.

How can it only be slightly after 10:00AM?? I feel like I've been here for hours and hours already.
~*~*~*~*~*~YAY CATSOUP!!!!~*~*~*~*~**~

Congrats, on the new job!! A raise, AND more challenging work - life is good!

Holy cow - 7 days until you move, kari! Time is flying by!!

Kari, my drunk post was in this thread...I'm afraid all its really got is some bad spelling. It was from 11:25 last night, CST.

Love the dream Wombat! And I *heart* KT....
Yay karianne!!

Turbojenn-- I wasn't even sure KT Tunstall was a real person!!
I looked her up on the internet today. Interesting!

So. Hungry. I go to lunch at 11:30 to avoid lines, so I goin'.

the "stomach clock" has spoken.
hey baby-cacks!

what's shakin'?

(just remembered i forgot my chocolate milk in the fridge at home and today is the expiration date, damn!)

catsoup! congrats on the new job! that's so great! tell us tell us tell us all about it!

karianne, that is WAY cool that you're moving so soon. very exciting. i can't believe we've already been in our house for NINE months!! dang! i know you are so ready to make a home YOUR VERY OWN! yay! oh, and is it mildew that's messing up the tub in your current place? i bought generic stuff from my grocery store (publix) that is just called MILDEW REMOVER. and it works fantastic! our tub in our house is in really bad shape and we still haven't tiled the upstairs bathtub surround from when that one was replaced. so i have to spray the mildew down once a week, but it comes out super white and clean. it's so funny that such a generic product works so well.

turbo, i laughed at your drunk post. you should have trotted over to inebriated. i always forget that it's there now, although the last time i was drunk, i was rather distracted. heheh.

wombat, that is a fucked up dream. sounds like someting that would come from my head. smile.gif

poodle! sorry about the therapy appointment. hope they can figure out what's wrong. maybe it's all resident boy's fault. maybe you just need to get back to poodlebasics and have your own place back.

*`*~`~`~rb find a new place to live~`~`~`*`*

hi moxie, hi minxie, hi divala! hi dooooodle! i know you're ouuuuut there.... hi tessie mcnessie! wink.gif

so my trees' limbs are thinned out now. no threatening limbs hanging over the house anymore. BUT i was so mad when i got home because half my flowers had been trampled! they even managed to PULL UP one of my sweet potato vines that i only planted two weeks ago! my ivy and ferns got stomped and the pretty pink/purple/orange lantana plant was crushed. argh! i'm so mad! BUT, this morning, after only one sunrise, two mexican petunia plants at the front of the house were BLOOMING! they've not flowered since about a month after being planted. so, that's good. i'm sure the other plants will heal themselves and grow back stronger now that they have sunlight.
Hi all!

Yayayay for catsoup's new job and higher pay!!! *tosses confetti*

Heeee...I'm listening to The Leader of the Pack:
I met him at the candy store!!!
He turned around and smiled at me
You get the picture? (yes we see)
That's when I fell for
the leader of the pack!!

Ooooh...I'm excited for your new living arrangement, kari. The process is pretty stressful though. The nice thing about the boy leaving, is that it will feel like I moved to a new, "better" place without the stress of moving.

So I inevitably cried during my doctor's visit, but I listened to Tear the Roof Off the Sucker afterwards, so it's all good.

WOMBAT! I didn't watch RS last night because I became hooked by ABC's story on Prussian Blue, a set of adolescent twin girls who sing white supremacist "music." Bust did a little snippet on them a few issues ago. Damn, these girls are so fucked up. It's really sad. They said that they admire Hitler because he was trying to do the right thing. The newswoman told them that Hitler had six million jews executed and they replied by saying that there weren't even that many jews around back them. Um...yeah.... Oh, and this will really suprise you--they were homeschooled.
FJ -- who stomped your flowers?!

Be aware that it could be just dogs or something. Dogs and cats -- they LOVE plants! Nothing is more fun for them to play with!
They just don't enjoy them in quite the way we do!

Yeah, that Prussian Blue thing is so effed up, poods! People being revisionist about the Holocaust reminds me of people being revisionist about the atom bombs dropped on Japan.

Right wing military Americans are trying to say that there are no mutations generations later -- neglecting to mention that the reason WHY there are no mutations is because Japanese society made, essentially, pariahs out of people who were too close to where the bombs hit. They were not allowed to marry and have children, and due to the very traditional, family oriented society, it meant that they were shunned from even dating, and often from public view, and had difficulty holding jobs, etc, and were often dependent on their families, like the madwoman in the attic from a Charlotte Brone novel.

Sounds harsh, but the Japanese knew they had to make that sacrifice for future health reasons. and then some asshats turn it around and say that the bomb is all safe and clean. Jaysuz.
pood!!!!! i LOVE THE SHANGRI LAS! oh man they are so good. also, i hope your appt. goes well today. music is always a good cure.

YAY CATSOUP GOT A JOB!!!!! tell us about it!

wombat, seriously, your dreams are so awesome. fine china that he designed himself? whatt??

drunk posts are great! more, turbo, more! i love that you started talking shit about your dogs hehehe.

i had a dream that i went to the fjs' for easter. is that creepy?

pepper, you should hang out here more often!!

hope everyone's having a good day smile.gif
Fj, that sucks that the tree trimmers stomped your flowers. Man, couldn't they have been a bit more careful? Glad to hear your petunias are blooming tho'. That is good stuff.

Poodle, glad you lived through your appt. Do you feel any better? I mean, did you think the therapist helped more this time?

Aha! jenn, now I see your drunken post! Too funny.

Thanks for the bathtub suggestion, FJ. Will try the bleach (as that's what I have at home), but will def keep the other stuff in mind for the future. We have Publix here now too. I love it there. So much better than our other main chain grocery store. The Publix people are so nice.

T minus 8 hours 35 minutes til PR.

Mr K got boxes this AM, he said he got a lot of them. I might do some packing before PR.

wombat, it was the tree surgeons that stepped on my plants. i mean, i guess they HAD to do it to get to the tree limbs, but STILL. grr. it made me MAD!

hi mouse! smile.gif

ho poodle, glad the appointment is now behind you!
wombat, I think the tree-trimming dudes squashed fj's flowers...

Yeah, I heartily agree mouse, I *do* need more drunk I just need to scrounge up some folk to hit the beer garden with this weekend...turboman is out of town and BFF and her BF are getting their pomeranian puppy this weekend, so they're busy too...but I'm sure I'll find someone to have fun with, and this time, we'll take the bus!

(((((poodle))))) I'm sorry you had a rough least you followed it with some ROCK! And I am SO glad to hear that rb is finally moving off your couch! Yahoo! Really, it is like you're getting a new place to live - without all the work! I know when the 2 extra dogs finally left on Saturday, and all the beds were out of the living room, the space felt twice as big!

Jeez it's been a long time since I posted here!

FJ- Sorry about you flowers being trampled.

Wombat, way to go on the new job. I need a new job sad.gif

Diva, I just got your PM. I am sorry I missed you this weekend. Much fun was had!

Poodle- I hated therapy. I am glad you made it through okay. I am going to email you the pics from this weekend. Hee-larious!
i'm listening to "i'm broken" by Pantera and wondering why....

wow...for once i actually have work to do...crap. lol


((fj's flowers))

*%*%**%%*vibes(which are about time) for RB to get his own pad%*%*%**%

back later....
This wasn't therapy, it was a psychiatrist visit. I will probably be starting weekly therapy sometime in the next couple weeks. God, I hate saying that.

Taloo, what's up with your job?

Your Axl dream is hilarious, wombat! I have one more thing to share about Axl, too. According to Blender magazine, Axl is making a comback! Check it out!
wow, funny, pinks!!


"Welcome back my friendss to the 'day' that never ends...
this does seem like another day without end.

maybe it's because tomorrow is like FRIDAY to me! i decided to take the day off on friday. i need more than just one day off, but it'll sure be nice to take what i can get. that's basically what i told my boss, to which she said, "sounds good to me". that's the one good thing about my absent manager. she pretty much lets me come and go as i please. oh, and i did sandwich the request between telling her that i sold $10K over budget last week and will likely be at least $5K over this week.

hey, i'm in sales. what can i say? i know how to get my way! smile.gif

hahaha - fj, I just noticed that you are a "solid gold dancer!" I love it!!

Yes, this is another day that will not end....that is for sure. Its super quiet around our office, as so many people are on vacation, making it hard to get things approved and done. And I've been programming all day, and that's never fun...
Hey BUSTies!!!!!

((((fj's flowers))))

Yay to catsoup for the new job

(((((Poodle))))) therapy is hard, I went to a therapist when I was little who would just stare at me after making a statement and hearing my response, made me very uncomfortable, she wouldn't say anything for like 5 minutes, I finally figured that I must be so f**ked up that she couldn't think of anything else to say to me....not very helpful to me at all, my first one lied to me, it wasn't a big lie, but a lie none the less.

as for sex in the media and what not, I feel that everyone has a right to how they feel about certain things, I am tired of seeing naked people all over the place, and the body image that our society instills in our young people, I have tried my hardest to make my son comfortable with his body and on his first day of school today was ridiculed for pulling his pants all the way down at the urinal by other first graders in his class, I don't know what my point is other than he was made uncomfortable for showing less than some people show in television ads that we see all the time. and my baby's feelings were hurt and I feel bad for not thinking the situation through all the way. and you aren't prude for not wanting to talk about sex and hear about it all the time. I hate all the labels.

on the similar topic my sister who has had an OPEN marriage with her husband for 12 years told me this am that they are splitting in january because he has a girlfriend, the problem is that they have 3 kids together and he is never home to help with them, he told her the other day that he was going to a friends house to post pics on their sons football webpage and didn't come home for about 15 hours, and then he was a crab during his son's football game the next day because he only had like 2 hours of sleep, but he won't talk with her about it, he just keeps asking her if she is dating so that if she says yes, he doesn't have to feel bad about it, when in fact she doesn't care about him dating, she is just upset about all the time away from home and all the money he is spending on the other person like $4,000 last month ohmy.gif he only makes $4,000 a month, so blah blah blah, she is in a mess and told me this am she couldn't believe she was starting her life over again at 40 yrs old

sorry to go on for so long, but I had to catch up

hope everyone is having an awesome day!!

Yeah, I think most people who are polyamourous have limits on how much time and money can be spent on outside parties, and have full-disclosure of other partners and right-to-veto certain other partners, etc. so it doesn't end up being some creep cheat scenario.

All in all rather difficult, so kudos to the fjs
That's how the last therapist lady looked at me, dirf. She just sat there like a highschool kid staring off into space. I think I might have somewhat of an egotistical view towards therapy. More often than not, I think that I'm the reasonable, honest one and that everyone else is insane. People tell me that's not the case, but of course they'd say that--they're the insane ones!!! Anyway, you can see how these issues interfere with any kind of therapy on my part. Plus, life is hard enough as it is, and trying to change thoughts and behavior is even more difficult. I feel like I don't have the energy or patience to bother with all of this. I really don't have a choice anymore, though. If I don't keep trying, then my brain will look like a shriveled up apricot in 2 years.

*busts out guitar*

Said woman take it slow
It'll work itself out fine
All we need is just a little patience
Said sugar make it slow
And we'll come together fine
All we need is just a little patience

(((dirf jr.)))
Every time I hear that song I think:

Yeah, but I'm not a doctor!
poodle, if you don't feel like talk therapy is going to give you the results you want, have you considered doing something a little more alternative - like some good cranial sacral therapy? I'm not as good at talking, and many of my issues are long buried, and I can't even wrap my brain around what they are, that I didn't get that far with the talking stuff - I just got frustrated. Cranial sacral has really helped let me truly release old emotional baggage - physically and emotionally, in a safe space. Its done on a massage table, and is kind of like a cross between structural body therapy, acupressure, and energy work...a good therapist can even receive some images about what's hiding out in your body, bring it out, and help you release it. If you want to know more, just let me know...might be worth trying, though.

Dirf, my heart just breaks for your little guy, with that story. I had someone make fun of me in the bathroom when I was about six, and pretty much from then on, I wouldn't drink anything all day so I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom...and that stuck with me all the way through highschool. I hope your lil guy can get his confidence back!

Ok, I am OFF to get my hair cut, and be all sassy and cute again!!
That's another great GNR song that wasn't on the AFD album. I think they could have made a lot more kickass music through the 90's if 1) Axl toned down his ego and 2) the entire band wasn't so fucked up on drugs and alky. Granted, this isn't uncommon for bands, but it seemed so much more extreme with GNR. It's funny, because the out-of-control, extreme behavior that contributed to their demise was also part of the reason why their music had such a powerful sound, which paved the way for bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, etc. Before GNR, rock sounded so over-produced. Okay, I'm done with my music nerd thing...for now.

I don't know much about cranial-sacral therapy, turbo, so I can't really say. One thing I do know is that there is something that is physically fucked up in my brain. More than likely, the best way to deal with my thoughts at this point is through cognitive/behavioral therapy. I'm pretty sure that the universe isn't gonna come together to fix my head.
I love my therapist. Well, actually, I don't see her anymore because she thought that it was time (and she wanted to finish writing her book). She is a rad, Jewish, bisexual, feminist. We had scads to talk about and I learned more with her in two years than on my own battling the world. Honestly, I think that self-improvement in its myriad forms is essential for most folks.

And yeah, retraining the brain is really fucking difficult. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or Dialectical BT take tons of time. Imagine how many years it took to wire yourself the way that you are now...resuming healthier mental habits is unlearning and hard work. Totally worth it not to feel like slicing up and not across and despising the greater portion of humanity (although I do reserve room for that). Misery drips out of sad people's can taste it...smell it. I still shiver at some of the shit that I did in my heyday. Oh well. Gotta accept the good and the gangrenous.

And for your listening pleasure:

She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes
And see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide
And pray for the thunder
And the rain
To quietly pass me by
Every rose has is thorn
Just like every night has its daaaawwn
Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song
Every roooosssse has its thoooorrrrnnnn!!!

I just thought I'd throw that one out there.
I had cranial-sacral done on me at the Upledger Institute in South Florida. Put. my. ass. to. sleep. Woke up drooling.
Minxlette had cranial-sacral done when she was a wee bairn. It chilled her ass out for a couple of months, if I remember correctly. Good stuff.
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