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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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i didn't have internet this weekend, and even if i had, i was fully occupied by fuck yeah fest (three days of show-going and drunkz) and am pretty worn out/slightly hungover this monday morning...meh. i had so much fun though. don't want to start work....luckily it's not that busy around here lately. just brainstorming. uhhhhh so tie-tie.

i seriously need to take notes when i read back over all the two or three pages of archives you guys pile up in my abscence! absence? abscense? abscence. that word doesn't look right. but anyway, sounds like people had great weekends, freals. heh. i got NO hbi this weekend and am kind of cranky about that fact, but whatevs. the boy has his own weird reasons.

i too love going out for breakfast, but i rarely wake up early enough (OH HEY WOMBAT you ever go to sorella's? SPEAKING OF BREAKFAST oh my god)
sorella's. guess not cause I don't know whether it's in Boston or Los Angeles!!

I liked Barney's Beanery out there -- and also, whichever obscure mexican place I could find was usually awesome.

I went to Oki Dog's because it was in the Francesca Lia Block books, but it was gross.

OH!! and we went to Canter's. Teh awesome!
i'm jealous of all the cooler temps you guys are talking about. and breezes would also be nice. we're still suffering 90's every day. but we've got rain moving in this week, so that should keep things cooler.

the air conditioner is out in my building right now. still from last week. i walked in and it was like stepping into a sauna. yukky. if i'd have known, there would have been no makeup today. i feel all sticky.

Now I need to take a cold shower after hearing about the FJ's weekend. I need to come up with another thought....Axl? No, that's just as disturbing. Lebanon? No, that's too depressing. Umm...I suppose I could think about work.

Now, wombat, you never mentioned that you have the hots for Axl! Yeah, Slash is actually pretty hot considering that he indulged so much during the GNR days.

I heard that Snakes on a Plane was the top grossing movie over the weekend. Ha! Did anyone see it? I think I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.
Axl--Wombat--Slash samwich!!

I love Slash to death, but I can't stand Axl. He has far too much rotten attitude for me and an ego to match. He's always kind of disgusted me.

I am going to see Snakes on a Plane on the big screen, so help me Maud. Even if I have to go alone, I'm seeing it.

Organizing my leave is such a pain in the ass. Nobody I need to talk to ever answers their phones or sends me anything when I need it. I realize they have a lot of work to do, but I'm a part of that work, so don't I deserve equal time?
i heard snakes on a plane is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME because people are coming in costume and bringing in plastic snakes! my friend got invited to the premiere but at the last minute the girl who invited her took her tickets back to give to some stupid dude she was trying to win over!!!!! i would never forgive a friend who uninvited me from the EFFING PREMIERE OF SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE.

wombat, sorella's is in JP, across from the milky way. they have the most amazing omelettes and pancakes EVAR. the walls are completely covered in different options for either written in marker on construction paper and named for their inventors (and you can invent your own) and feature, for example, lox red pepper mushroom tomato and swiss omelette, or cinnamon pumpkin macadamia nut pancakes.....*homer simpson drool noise*

yeah, oki dogs is super gross. one of the first things i did when arriving in LA was seek out every weetzie bat landmark, hehe. though i still haven't been IN canters. the farmer's market is one of my favorite places--fairfax is basically weetzie bat land. <3

(oki dogs=two hot dogs, covered in chili and cheese, wrapped in pastrami, wrapped in a burrito)
Sorella's sounds GOOD!! We must go. I also have a cool crazy friend who wants to do karaoke with a live hard rock band that they have every second and fourth Tuesday. At Milky Way.

Right now I've been swallowed up by work/career/apartment/doing fun summer things to keep batman happy/resting exhausted from same.

All this virtue made me drink too much Friday -- but I'm strong. Just needed a breakie.

Axl -- didn't like him at first, then decided his voice/lyrics had merit, then he cleaned up his teeth etcetera, started giving some thoughtful and humorous interviews, and started wearing headbands. OMG. I got the most hearthumpingly dizziest crush on a redheaded hippie with a cute smile, long hair and a headband when I was still in grade school. So there ya go.

He can be annoyingly cheesy or stuck up but I think they are necessary by-products of making a fairly substantial contribution to rock and roll. He has a number of contradictions and ambiguities which are interesting. And he came from small-town Indiana and just wanted to be Mr. New York Dolls. I heart that kind of thing. But that's just me.

SNAKES on a PLANE! Some reviewers don't understand that WE *KNOW* IT'S STUPID!!
wow...self love, 4-somes, fj dancing wickedly, poodle's driving, owl's are hip(?)....jeez...

this just reminds me why i love busties....

in other family is out of town for the week..yay! So we had some guests over last nite for din din...and a movie..."kiss kiss, bang bang.." best movie evah....val kilmer is in it...and he's gay. fab. best film noir i've seen in ages. i may have to buy it.

also i survived the baby-fest on sat. with my best friend....turns out, she's been mommy-fied. and she's one of those 'breast is best'....dude the kid is 6 months...try the rice cereal....she says she's going to but...i dunno. they want us to come up and see them sometime in fall. dunno if that will happen.

this weekend, other than my cleaning fest yesterday, was chill. soooo nice.

mouse, my friends are going to the KROQ fest but we haven't decided's tight. we'll see.

(Toe update) looking better...still draining(good) and color is going back to normal (good). still slightly swollen...(bad) but thats to be expected.

mm...axl -slash sammiches?!?! where do i sign up?
Snakes on a Plane was #1 at the box office with a wee $15 Million, so don't get too excited about it...but I agree that its worth seeing, just because its a fun movie that knows what it is and doesn't take itself seriously! Oh, and if you haven't done so yet, go on over to and send everyone you know a call from Sam Jackson...its so fucking funny, and highly customizeable! You can only send to each number once, so choose wisely, grasshoppers.

Just the thought of Axl Rose makes my stomach turn. Eeeewwww...that is a man who has not been kind to himself, or other people, for that matter, and the braids...creepy.

~~*~*~*~*~everyone call diva back so she can get the hell outta dodge~*~*~*~*~*~*

~~~~~~cool breezes for fj~~~~~~~

fj, that should be against the law to work without AC in Florida...I don't think I could sit there and take it - being hot at work is about the worst you at least have a fan in your office?
ms gb, i'm not going to the kroq thing. sohhy. if you do go, though, have fun! you should come out east for sunset junction next weekend!

wombat, when i lived in jp i was not yet of drinking age, so i did not frequent the milky way, but i did have a birthday party at their bowling alley BEFORE hours. you should do karaoke! i bet that would be super fun.

kiss kiss bang bang is a great movie!

i don't have an opinion on axl rose....but i don't have all that much knowledge of that era of music.
Axl has spates of kindness, which are amazing and breathtaking. He reminds me of Johnny Rotten that way.

Someone who doesn't seem to ever let any humor in -- Henry Rollins. I like him, but I was getting a bit sick of it. He kept sweating like a mofo and drinking water and blowing it out in steam like a whale. I'd call him "Moby" but that's already taken.

Ha ha Ms Goof! Yeah! That sounds like my weekends lately! Have some virtue working on the place and then lay around recovering from clubbing the night before!

Looks like the redheaded fiend is doing some more dates so I will keep checking and he will probably appear in a venue closer by -- the whole ticket chase thing is a bit much. Alice in Chains is cool too -- out here they were in"LocoBazooka" which is one of those god-awful three stages a day for fourteen hours a day for three days in a row crappy things where most of the bands are crappy and you probably will get done out of seeing the one or two you want to see andIt will be full of suburban jocky boy dumbasses in the baking sun.

So ---

Oh, can I just SAY that -- probably this belongs in a more political thread, but I think it is AWESOME that Snakes on a PLANE beat out "World Trade Center" which sounds like a revisionist piece of sentimentalist twaddle that exploits and disrespects people's pain about a very complicated issue/event?

It's like !!!!!!!!!

Everyone I know is like, I will NEVER go see that movie!

and I hope they get the message when the most ridiculous movies in the WORLD -- "Life and Times of the Easter Bunny" get better ratings! mad.gif !!

Hey! Did I forget to say I saw Henry Rollins and X this weekend?

X was awesome!
mouse, sunset junction? info please!!! i happen to have this weekend off...nothing planned yet. except maybe a date with a rubber

*****cool breezes for fj*****
i agree. it should be against the law to be so hot and have no a/c. i have sweat on my upper lip. i think i might be starting to stink. argh! most of the offices around me have windows, and have been given window units. i'm afraid that means that those of us without windows will just suffer. i really hope that's not their way of "fixing it".

i just got off the phone with my mom and now i'm depressed. i love love love my parents. they're really the coolest parents ever. and i love the fact that they've sold their place and that they travel around in their rv having fun and seeing new places and meeting new people. but momma just said that they've been offered a volunteer job at a nat'l park in TX for the fall/winter and they're considering it. but sad.gif i want my momma and daddy to come to visit me!! they were supposed to be coming here shortly after the holidays. i haven't seen them since november, so it'll be over a year between visits. but i don't want to tell her that i want her to visit me because i don't want to seem selfish or make them feel bad for not coming here.

i should have acted more excited for them because this is their favorite nat'l park to visit and it's apparently a near contest to get a slot there, and the ranger ASKED them specifically to come do it. but all i could think of was mememeemeemeeeee! even though really, they'd only be there through the end of january, and they weren't planning to come visit us until the end of december/beginning of january. so it's not THAT big of a deal. i feel guilty now.

wtf?!?! fj, call your eternally loafing parents back and remind them that your dad has a motherfucking deck to build in our backyard and that if he doesn't get his lazy ass down here pronto he can expect life as an elderly dependent to be a cold and lonely one.
WORD, wombat on Snakes vs WTC glad that everyone seems to be choosing silly fun - Talledega and Snakes over *that.* Ditto, I don't know a soul, who would go see it.

wombat, you are suck a rocker and truly, I'm sure Axl has a kind heart if you say would know much more than I. I hardly pay him any attention, except when his, say, less attractive stunts show up in the media.

fj - couldn't you go visit your 'rents in the park this fall - it might be fun!
OOH turbo! Freudian slip! laugh.gif

We saw X and ran into some old friends, but not nearly as many as I expected.

It was good to see them in top form though! They looked a little tired and rumpled but played great.
ms gb sunset junction street fair. it's $10 suggested donation each day, and there are also your typical street fair rides and tons of vendors. they close off about ten blocks of sunset, so i would suggest taking the bus or train (to sunset/vermont) because parking is hell. but! the eels! brmc! lavender diamond! hank williams III! the cramps! eeeeeee!
turbo, it would be awesome to go visit them. in fact, this park was where mrfj and i went on our first road trip together, only a few months after we started dating. i would LOVE to retrace that trip. BUT, it would mean $$ to fly (it would take too many days to drive - two days just to get through texas!) and since they're about 300 miles from the nearest airport, it would STILL require a lot of driving. it's a possibility but not a likely one right now.

wombat, i know what you mean about henry rollins. but i still have a soft spot for him. i don't know that much of his music, but i do dig him. hehe, he has a cool song on william shatner's cd has been. it's signature henry spoken/yelling word. love it.

I am JAMMING to Joe Jackson. Yeah, I know that's borderline retarded, but WOW! I really like that song "Real Men"

don't call me a faggot, man, unless you are a friend

*starts whistling*

Fucking Axl Rose scares me. The braids were almost too much to bear, but the bloated, too smooth and shiny face just made me run to the hills. A sammich with him would cause immediate cardiac arrest, and not in the fun way.

My days of fun and sun and no obligations are nearly at an end. I work two days this week, and four next week, then after Labor Day, all hell breaks loose. I have been devouring "The Bean Trees"--not bad.

FJ's, congrats on the successful 4-way! I bet that was a scream and I am particularly interested in seeing video footage of your disco-queen routine.

ETA: I, too, have a softspot for Hard Hank. Him and his "Bun-bun" story about send me to the moon with laughter. Anyways, I wanna lick him from top to toe.
I'm glad to see SOAP beat out WTC. I don't think it's been long enough yet to start up the emotional moneymaker of Big Hollywood yet on that one. And I will never, ever see it. I hate movies that tell you how you're supposed to feel about things.

I'm so going to have Sam Jackson call everyone I know!

I've got a soft spot for Henry Rollins. Do you know he did a Comedy Central special a few years back? Not very funny, but I was entertained. That man has got some good grey matter in his bean.

I hope you get to see your parents sometime soon, FJ. But what a life that would be, going where you want to when you want to, seeing everything out there.
actually, i heard WTC is not that bad as it was expected. i mean, we all know what's going to happen. yet, they personalized it a bit in a way that wasn't expected...or at least that is what i was told by my friend who saw it. But he saw tallegeda nights with me as well.

is this day over yet?
I agree, HOTT weekend FJs! If I had half the sex drive one of you has, I'd be in good shape. Mine's puny lately. Stress I think.

Ms GB, I am glad your toe is recovering. It sounded painful.

(FJ) sorry to hear about your parents' plans. I think you have a right to be upset. A year is a really long time. Are you considering telling them you need them to come visit? I can't believe there is no AC in your building. If that were the case here, I think I would have to go home. It is too hot. It's still in the 90s here too. I am ready for fall.

Diva, it sounds like you and the giant had a really nice weekend. I did a fair bit of lying around myself this weekend. Much needed.

Damn, I don't like this new lounge format for one reason...I can only see the last like 5 posts when I post. I know I am forgetting people....

Hi mouse, wombat, kitten (are you feeling better btw?), & minx.

Axl Rose is truly gross. As is Slash. Ick.

Oh, the cookbooks mr K gave me are: 30 minute Thai & the second Rachel Ray 30 minute meals. Maybe he is suggesting I cook better dinners on the weeknights?? Just kidding, he knows I love cookbooks.
mouse, i may have to go to sunset then...hmmmm(starts plotting, i mean, planning)...

fj, that's cool that you parents got hand picked for the sucks that you won't see them as you had hoped. hopefully something can be worked out.

nice books, kari! i hope to pick up some new ones as well...someday....

(((passes out yummy vitamin C to all the busties)))
Fine! More samwich for the rest of us!

"Hank" had a sense of humor when he was with Ian MacKaye -- because Ian would be all manic and provoke him into it

I'm waiting for "World Trade Center -- The Musical"
(((FJ))) I take my parents living nearby for granted. It annoys me a little when my mom tries to make me feel guilty for not coming over every 2 weeks, though. Ah well, she's a mom.

I always knew that Axl was an egotist, but I didn't realize how much of a total dickhead he was until I watched GNR Behind the Music. I can't believe he had the nerve to continue GNR without any of the former members. The dude looks like a freak these days, too.

"I'm waiting for 'World Trade Center -- The Musical'" Bwahahahaha!!! Now my thoughts will be fixed on coming up with songs/lyrics for the show.
"November Rain" was on the radio yesterday, and the moxies heartily agree it was a damn shame axel freaked much potential, so little work. Ah, well...

WTC a dark, dark place, I think that's hilarious. Cause, music makes us remember...

Everyone must of have great Mondays! So, here's to a very early edition of Good Things Tuesday:

1. Skinny dress-not sausage looks
2. Coffee is awesome
3. We're grillin up hot dogs and michigan sweet corn for dinner
4. kitty kisses woke me up this morning.
ooooooooo, moxie!! it really IS tuesday here!!! (well, by now, it probably is THERE, too!)

as usual, am on my lunch break, and as usual, no one is up yet there in the states. or at least, they aren't busting.

i have only skimmed this one page, and i am feeling puny enough to not remember a THING i read except that wombat says axl has a good heart, that we should grab diva back in here so she can leave, and that fall jackets has a mom who is a real MOM. moms know just how to make us feel guilty, don't they? actually, i DO feel guilty that i haven't seen my mom since may and don't know when i will see her again.....i have to be really careful how much time i spend in the states. i was just counting days to see how long i could stay for thanksgiving.....

okay. good things tuesday (it has been a looooooooooooong time since i've done this!):

slept later than usual
feel a bit better today than yesterday
just ate yummy homemade chicken soup with bowtie noodles for lunch
it made my throat less sore
am planning on going home at the time i'm SUPPOSED to go home, second day in a row!
will see mr. hotbuns in 9 days!!!

if i get home early enough, and don't feel like dropping dead the way i have been lately, i'll check back in when i get home.....18:00 here is 11:00 there (i think)

i meeeece you all !!!! wub.gif
Ahahahahaha! I had "November Rain" stuck in my head for no reason the other day. (I haven't heard it in ages!) And on Friday night the husband and I *finally* agreed on a name for our next dog-an Old English Sheepdog (we won't be getting it until next year at least). We came up with:

Granted, this was on the condition that I could tease out the dog's hair and get it a spiked collar.

We're weird. wink.gif
bwahaha! Brett - I love the idea of a hair-band themed sheepdog!!

hi hi hi tes, darling!! Yay for you for leaving work on time 2 days in a row!! I'm currently eating a perfect mango for breakfast, which always makes me think of you. smile.gif

9 days til mr hotbuns - why you're nearly there!!! As my army husband would say - 8 days and a wake-up...

Ugh, I have the dreaded MRG mirgraine today...stupid hormone withdrawl from BC pills...really makes me wanna go for the IUD every month when this happens. This time it woke me up at 1am, and wouldn't let go. I finally resorted to meds around 5am this morning, and am just trying to deal with the twitchy sensation they give me from all the caffeine. bleh.

good things tuesday:
1. perfect mangoes and sweet raspberries for breakfast
2. sore muscles from an ass-kicking spin class last night
3. beer and burgers tonight at the *best* neighborhood dive tonight with all our dog-owning friends.
4. turbomann is going to hang with his boyz this weekend, so I get a weekend all to myself!

Morning all you bitches!

Brett--I hear you on strange pet names. The cat that we kept in our house for about a month got named "Granny Sprinkles"...and older version of Annie Sprinkles, the legendary pornstar cum sex education expert.

Good Things Tuesday, by Minxy Minxerton

1. I might be able to figure out how to make rent this month without soliciting my parents for money, or prostituting myself.
2. The Minxlette is still sleeping, allowing me time for coffee and cigarettes (yes, I fucking broke down...being stood up twice in two days will do that to you).
3. I will resume the quit-program in another week or so--it will happen before a month's time.
4. I am meeting with a Strib journalist and a Saint Thomas journalism professor tomorrow to nail down and fine-tune our high school's reemerging newpaper program. We are going to kick ass and take names.
5. I finished The Bean Trees yesterday. It was good.
6. I am going reconsider taking over the school's debate team. The principal requested me personally, so that has to be a good thing. Hope he doesn't mind when I used my powers during funding talks.
7. Minxlette is starting kindergarten in two weeks. Egads! She made it to age five!
8. I have eight episodes of CSI season three coming this afternoon.
9. I have two three-day weekends before the madness of school starts again.
10. I have the best galpals a woman could hope for.
Good Morning!

Hi Tes! Even though nobody is here when you are, I am glad you pop in to see us. Is Mr Hotbuns coming there or are you going home?

I am in the office today, can't do my work at home day this week.

Good Things:
1. Since I am in the office today I can go to lunchtime pilates at the downtown Y
2. I made good progress on my work yesterday
3. I brought a good lunch today
4. I got a hott HBI last night
oh, oh, I forgot one very good thing from last night!

Turboman, in his crowning glory as the best husband ever, came home from work before me, and started laundry - and walked the dog!! Damn, that man is good. I think I should let him run out of underwear more often...this was seriously the first time he's ever started laundry without my asking him to.

Girls! That's all I really want is girls!! Two at a time!! I want girls!!!

Okay, now that I got that out of my system...

HI TES!!!!!!!

How's everyone doing this morning? I'm feeling a little crusty because I woke up too early. I successfully fell back asleep, but then I had to get up right away. Blaaahhh.

I'm jealous of your healthy, fruity breakfast, turbo. I looooove snacking on berries and I haven't had a good mango in ages. Are they in season right now? Mmm...I think I might have a handful of blueberries in my frige. I love blueberries.

"not sausage looks" Bwah!! I'm envisioning mox in one of those hotdog costumes. tongue.gif

You're such a good teacher, minx. (well, except for that playground sex incident, but that was with an adult at night, so...)

Slash and Axl are great pet names!! I would pick Slash, just because I think he's more loveable.

November Rain was nuts. Totally overboard for a metal band.

Good things about today:
-My coffee tastes good and it's working
-It's not monday
-I added craploads of music to ipood, including many songs that I really like, but forgot about for some reason
-My boss is still gone
-I swiffered my walls and ceilings last night, so my apartment is nice and clean
-I'm excited for the resident boy to move so I can do some heavy cleaning and maybe some painting

Frankly, if I were Axl, and "November Rain" came on the radio, I'd be looking around frantically for a paper bag to put over my head. But when I went to the emergency room after doing a face-plant in the street, "Estranged" was up in there on auto-repeat -- something about its William Burroughs like gray, tight intensity and the sad and colorful commentary of the guitar. THAT's a good SONG.

A lot of his lyrics are brilliant -- I mean brilliant -- like "Crazy."To be so succinct and even rhyme without getting corny he must read and write-- A LOT.

But, yeah, everybody's got their bad side. I don't know any of these people personally, but most performers, whether it's Henry Rollins or Axl or Slash, or -- um Katie Couric or something will be all genial on the surface and cold inside. It's a sense of being all about ambition and travel and your own feelings/opinions and how much goodies you can hoover up.

I guess we're all narcisisstic to some degree, but most of us don't literally make a career out of it. And there is something evil about those who let their narcisissm rule. Like patriotism or appeals to religion, sexuality and making a public persona/career ambition tool of one's sexuality is often the last refuge of a scoundrel.

I tend to distrust most self-proclaimed sex experts and tell them to back off. I experienced and accepted my own sexuality from age twelve when I discovered the fun bits and started coming to age 15 when I discovered the g-spot and gushing to 17 when I had my first sex and had about 5 years of messing around till I settled down with my current man and watched sex come and go and change and grow as years went by.

During this time, I never did the "rock guy chaser" thing, but this stupid ARTIST guy suddenly stopped speaking to me. I broke hearts and my heart was broken and maybe about a third of the time, I achieved that ideal where no one was more attached than the other and, you know, it was good sex and everybody could be cool about it and neither of us had to turn around and be a jerk.

But going through the experiments I did and trading notes with my girl friends, well, usually the experts like Susie Bright were -- not always right for all people. So -- beware of narcissists and those who seek to be an authority about others sexuality. Get what you can from them -- eat their watermelon and spit out their seeds. This is how I have come to be these days.

Speaking of which! Minx!

Weasel is back to his weaselly ways. But I think you knew he was going to be, and I'm not judging you at all. You want sex and he's offering it, but he always wants to put poison in the candy.

You're cool, you're making your way, but just realize that sometimes repression is not just a lack of having sex or refusing to have sex, a person's sexuality can be inhibited by painful experiences and memories too. I think you're a tough and smart person, but remember to guard your sexuality and ego and remember that you are cute enough to get a LOT of people!! Look for someone better.

Wow, hit the nail on the head in most ways. I don't really want the sex solely. My two month bout of celibacy was self-induced. It would have been more than simple to sate those desires, and I didn't want a replacement. I honestly don't want just the sex...I want the other, substantive, good stuff...but that has been whittled so far down. I've been in stupid relationships before, but this has escalated beyond even what I could have anticipated myself doing. Seriously, I was sitting in my recliner last night thinking, "Holy shit! I've become one of THOSE women". Perhaps this is because he is the first person that I emotionally opened up to in so many years, possibly ever. It's a rotten antidote to what is ailing me currently.

But you're right, the candy is always poisoned. mad.gif

"November Rain" makes me want to peel off my eyelids. It's like he wanted an opus like "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" or something. The Weasel and I were talking about this the other weekend...Appetite For Destruction was fucking brilliant. They should have stopped there, IMHO.

I wouldn't personally subscribe to one sexpert or another, but when I was in grade school, I discovered Dr. Ruth Westenheimer's "Good Sex" program on the radio late at night on Sundays when I had gross insomnia. I hadn't even considered masturbation, not in my Catholic household. Annie Sprinkles is just so damned fun.

Poodle, I want your twin to come and live with know, like you could do the running commentary Kind of like that episode of "Family Guy" where he narrates his family's life. For example:

She's such a good teacher, minx. (well, except for that playground sex incident, but that was with an adult at night, so...) *insert canned laughter*
good day, peeps.

i guess i gotta come out of the closet on the november rain thing. i like that song. always have. but wombat, you're right: estranged is much better. my favorite GNR tape (cause that's what i bought then, not a cd, a TAPE) was lies. i really dug it. but i also love appetite and almost brought it out the other night when i couldn't get a song out of my head. i think it was used to love her. what a horrible and yet somehow satisfying song. maybe that should go in the confessional.

sooo. having a crappyish week so far. i did get all down about my parents last night. i feel guilty for wanting them to come home and ruin their fun, but i feel like i have the right to want to see my parents and i'm sort of mad at myself for not just saying so.

but, in an valant effort to snatch back the reign of Best Husband Ever, mrfj offered to pay for a plane ticket for them to fly here to see me for a week or so. i haven't offered that yet, but i think i will next time i talk to them. if anything, it'll at least let them know that i want to see them and yet want them to enjoy what they're doing right now.

so a few weeks ago, manager sends out an email with a schedule of meetings. my one on one eval was supposed to happen today. i saw yesterday that it was coming up on my calendar, so i emailed her to see if she knew what time she'd be around, so i could be available, etc. NEVER heard back from her yesterday. today, i get an email saying, "oh, i have a project to do for VP. i rescheduled our meeting for next thursday and forgot to tell you". HA!! WTF!?! it's become laughable now. she takes nothing seriously, but expects to hold ME accountable for every little thing? i've become passive agressive with her now. i think i'm going to plan a meeting offsite for thursday and tell her that it won't work for me that day and that we'll just have to reschedule again. i mean, it's not as if she even BOTHERED to consult me and my schedule to see if it would fit. and she's got a fuckin' hard-on for me to get out of the office more often.

i swear, i've got to make a move. why can't there be any good jobs out there that i can start TODAY?
Hee! That did sound like a Family Guy line, didn't it? Ah...I endlessly crack myself up.

Sex. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I'm so sick of sex-everything. The human obsession with sex is proof that we're no more significant than insects. Many insects emerge from the larvae stage, reproduce, and then die within a day. Sure, our lives our longer and we have sex for pleasure, but our lifespans are pretty similar in the grand scheme of things. I mean, the existance of humankind is barely a sliver in time. As far as the pleasure thing, it's something that's hardwired into our brains, which is part of our physiology. We like to think that our brains exist outside of our bodies, but that's not the case. Anyway, I'm not saying that sex is bad. I'm just saying that sex doesn't deserve nearly as much lip service as we give it. I admit that some of my thoughts are possibly the result of depression, or the cause of it. Still, I know I'm right. biggrin.gif

Boy, I sound pretty self-righteous today, don't I? Hee...

I should be a Buddhist nun. Nah. They'd probably want me to give up ipood, which just ain't cool.

Mmmm...I just finished off a giganto mocha with whipped cream. Good stuff.

I probably cross-posted with some peeps.

(X-post) ((((FJ))))
*steps away from poodle's soap box, and steps up on my own*

I just think all the lip-service paid to sex in the media is misplaced. Its all about flash, skin, music videos and instant gratification...not about actual sensual enjoyment, or exploration with a partner, or discussion the larger picture of the real role of sex in our lives, relationships, just doesn't get the respec, as my friend Ali G would say. tongue.gif

*steps off box*

...speaking of which, can I tell you how excited I am about the Borat movie?! Borat is my favorite of Sasha Cohen's characters!

ahhhhh....the migraine just turned down a notch...thank maude.

fj - I think you totally should go visit your 'rents if you can at all afford it. You want to spend time with them, and I'm sure they'd love it if you were able to come out and see what their parkie life is like.

Oh, and turboman has had his bi-annual review with the uber-boss rescheduled no less than 6 times so far this year. The ass *always* double books himself in meetings, and its this big joke that Jovo never shows up to his meetings. Frankly, I find it really disgusting that he can get away with it. Bosses should be accountable and available to employees, and show up to meetings - how hard is it?!
hola...i'm so sleepy. this is more of a drive by since i'm totally brain dead.


good things tuesday

-3 more days of class and then i can SLEEP!!!! and return to normal(whatever that is)

hi wombat, moxie, turbo, poodle, kari. coworker just used her fart noise maker on the phone with a telemarketer...hehe...
Hi goof! You co-worker is hilarious!

Turboman has been rescheduled 6 times so far? Damn, that's worse than my boss. (((Turboman)))

Yeah, I guess you're right about the misplacement thing, turbo. BUT, I still think there's too much sex talk, in general. There are waaay cooler, more pleasurable things out there that deserve more attention than sex. What about puppies? Icecream? High-speed internet? We should be focusing on these things. Indeed, sexual expression is a deep-seated human need, but so is my need for speedy online communication...and TV. I really like TV. smile.gif
"you are a fat" hehehehehe! Anyone see the Borat trailer?!? Laughed my ass off.

add to a good things tuesday:

1. watching the BG miniseries on itunes while i work
2. resisted chocholate cake with roasted bananas for lunchy desert
3. since i came in at 6:15 this morning, i think i'm gonna shoot for 3 or 3:30 to head out...and that's only 1-2 hours away!

There's a Borat movie on the way?! Yayayayay!!! I'm also excited for the Keith Moon movie. I hope Mike Myers doesn't make it suck.

ETA- Ha ha!! I pulled another avatar switcheroo on y'all!!! tongue.gif I'm using more emoticons than usual. I guess I'm feeling a little more emoticonscious today. laugh.gif
pink, i LOVE your avatar!! woot!

but i know what doodle means now: when anyone changes their avie, i get excited and think there is someone new in the thread to pounce on! hehehe. it's a "good thing'.

moxie, i too laughed my arse off at the borat trailer. they played it before talladega nights. and, i didn't realize that sasha was IN talladega until we went to see it. pleasant surprise. i LOVE him. LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM!

good things:

1) i DON'T have my meeting with boss lady today. i really didn't want to see her anyway because i'm so passive agressive right now i might have just gone full out agressive on her ass.

2) while we speak, limbs are being removed from above my home. i will no longer have to worry about roof damage with the hurricanes this year. (and i'll have more sunshine on my yard!!)

3) i had yummy chocolate cack with nuts last night, which served to help my depression a bit. or at least i am pretending it did so as to excuse said cack.

4) physical therapy day this afternoon

5) tacos for dinner. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Nope!! It's just me!!! Fooled you!!! *in Spaceballs Rick Moranis voice*


I think it's time for lunch.
Tacos! What a great idea!
Mmmm...I'm eating a Jimmy John's veggie sub *drools like Homer Simpson*

This day isn't going fast enough. What am I supposed to do for the next few hours?
hi! one of these days i will be able to catch up and comment to everyone! today i am busy! sorry!
Yeah, poodles, I like your avatar too. nice!

I thought Sasha Cohen was the iceskater?

I want to go see Talladega Nights, must do that.

Hi ms gb! *hands over a double latte* I hope you get to feeling more awake. I hate working when I am tired. It's the pits.

Moxie, what is the BG miniseries?

Man, why did you guys have to plant the thought of cack in my head? Now I want some.

I did pilates at lunch & now my body is really tired. I think the pilates is helping my back & neck though. I've been going at least once a week & then doing some at home. I am going to try to go twice this week though.

Poodle, are you a vegetarian? I can't remember.

FJ, when I first read about the limbs being removed, I was thinking human limbs. Tree limbs. Much better!

More Good Things
1. Workout is on Bravo tonight.
2. I have two belated birthday dinners out this week. One Thursday & one Saturday.
3. I have a chiropractor appt this afternoon. Meaning my spine will be all nice & adjusted and I get to leave work an hour early.
4. I turned my stuff in to my boss. Now just have to wait on his comments & hope I gave him what he wants.
*takes the latte from kari* thank you so much!!!!

i want cack....and a back massage...

*starts rummaging thru bag for massage gift cert*
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