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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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That's what people say. Not sure what they see in her. I mean.. she's okay and all but... I dunno.
mr fj, where are the sexy boudoir avvie photos of *you?* We know you've got more game to bring than that trucker cap! heh.

Oh, I totally forgot *HAPPY MARILEEN DAY!!* I think I might have some more vegan chocolate cack tonight in honor of your can never have enough cack, you know!

SO BORED....why isn't it time to go yet?

YAY Diva!! I'm so excited for you for the recruiting job, but even MORE excited that you and your co-workers are really gonna bring it to your asshat boss...keep us posted on that!

I wish I had a union to go to bat for me sometimes! Working in an all female environment has many crazy emotional land mines, and frankly, I could do without a lot of it. [b]
fuck...its stll 30 LONG minutes till i can leave.

Diva! Go ROCK THE VOTE, sista! Whoo Hoo!

FJ- god damn! girl, you are GORGEOUS!

bored, bored, bored...sigh

ps- HAPPY Day Marileen!
i second jenn on the sexy boudoir avvie photos of mr. fj

i work in retail (family owned) and our whole street is kind of at each others throats well 3 of us anyway, and my mom is sooo good at stirring the shit. but even with all of that I totally don't miss all of the politics of the regular work place

PK if you are here anywhere, I heard from the bakery that you saw blue feather at your resort the other day, how funny!!
dirf - I'd been meaning to ask if you kept your shop - so you're still open? That's so great!
Poo. I wanna see Moxie's new avatar, & all I get is the Red X of Death...
Go diva (and co-workers)!!! It's amazing how one asshole can turn the workplace into a hellhole. That guy clearly deserves a foot up his ass.

By the way, have you talked with taloo at all today?

Guess what! I just had my car insured!!! That means I get to cruise around tomorrow night!!

Heheheh...FJ, I was gonna comment on your myspace picture. That pose is what they call "presenting" in the animal kingdom. smile.gif
aw, you guys are so sweet! what can i say, i have good genes!

hey, wait a second! you didn't make that kind of fuss over my furry hat pic! hehehe

i was thinking that mrfj needs to show some different avvie pics too.
oh fj, that's because the hat took from your smoldering beauty, it covered up part of the total effect, and wasnt so sexy a pose, but even in that picture you are totally hot
Gimme a minute while I re-size my starfish pic.
I'm scared. very scared. We asked for sexy, mr fj...not gross out! tongue.gif
wow, i've never noticed how cool spittle looks on a flat screen monitor until just now.

mrfj, you crack my shit up, yo.
yeah the shop is still hangin in there, this is one of the slowest times of the year 'cause parents are all gettin their kids ready for school, and many people are on summer vacay, so we just have to hang in and get ready for fall, halloween, turkey day, and xmas, but we are doing much better our second year.. yay!!
Poodle, no, I haven't heard from Taloo yet. I did send her a PM, though, with both our numbers. It's been forever since that girl came to see us, I think since November.

So much organizing to do before I can take my leave. I'm trying to find someone to sublet my parking space so I don't have to worry about losing it in the dead of winter, and trying to get problem files off my desk, and I really should do some actual cleaning since it's going to sit as it is for over 2 months and I don't want anything icky festering anywhere. And I'm going to have to train someone to do certain stuff for me. Oy. At least my boss is gone next Thurs/Fri.

FJ, that is a beeee-youtiful avitar you've got there. Way prettier than Professor Chaos.

I'm officially bored now, too. I'm just going to fuck around online until I have to leave. The giant and I are going to see Little Miss Sunshine tonight and go somewhere nice for dinner. He loves Steve Carell. *I* wanted to see Snakes on a Plane, but he doesn't wanna. Maybe next week. I've heard it's so bad it's good, and really campy.

The oddest thing happened with my boss today. He actually came over to my desk to pay me a compliment. Maybe he senses that something's going on and thinks by playing nice for an hour he'll smooth everything over. No way in hell.

Diva... you need to go watch this...and bask in the delight that is Sam Jackson and Jon Stewart. I think we'll probably catch Little Miss Sunshine this weekend too - Steve Carell is pretty good, but I *heart* Toni Collete...she is so amazing in everything she does.

Tonight, I think we'll just go out to dinner and come home and watch The Soup, our favorite friday night ritual. Joe McHale is so very very funny.

Dirf, I'm so very very glad to hear that your shop is hanging in there, and doing better so far this year - that makes me really happy!!
I have decided to celebrate National Marileen Birthday Week by taking the rest of the day off and colouring my hair. I am sitting nekkid in front of the computer, but for a pair of purple striped underpants and my prescription sunglasses (they have plastic frames - I don't like to wear my metal framed glasses when I have hair dye on), with my stinky, goopy hair piled up on top of my head.

cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif
whoah i missed two whole pages???? HI EVERYONES!
turbo, great article, i read it yesterday but didn't comment
sake juiceboxes???? YAY
wombat, i understand where you're coming from. but the good news is i think la's got a while before it all becomes completely gentrified (though apparently j.lo is now making a sitcom about my neighborhood......whoah). you've still got time!
poor gassy babies.....
hi lowredmoon!
diva, i hope your fight against the boss goes well. he sounds awful.

this is actually the first time i've had really to sit down at my desk all day, but i'm not complaining. it's been a beauteous slack-off meeting this morning, and then me and two of my coworkers and our boss went out for tacos and then went shopping at fry's because my boss needed a new stereo, and we ended up buying some good computer program books for the office, and ended up taking a two hour lunch break.....but it was okay, cos we were with our boss! hah. now i gotta get down to business and start working on stuff for SPRING case any of you were wondering, here is what is popular: oversized prints, print/fabric mixing, country/lanscape prints, retro advertisements, frozen desserts, owls, silhouettes, and NAUTICAL THEMES. woo.
OWLS? Owls are popular next season??? That's a little creepy, really, though I'll have to call my grandma and let her know that her owl obsession will finally be the hip, new thing. Frozen desserts....duh. Who doesn't like frozen desserts?!
I had a friend who was terrified of owls, she is native american and I guess owls are considered bad luck, and everytime she saw one something bad happened sometimes it was just little stuff, but once she saw one just before she was called and told that her grandpa had passed away, and then once she was taking her husband to the hospital to have his tonsils removed, they saw one on the way there and he ended up in ICU for 6 weeks and coded 2x it was horrible, he's okay now, unfortunately she lives in an area where they are all over the place, everytime she hears one it makes her cringe, and sometimes scream, I try not to laugh
WOW mouse, where do you live?

I get a little creeped out when I hear about Silverlake or Echo Park in the media.

Also-- I meant the hostel in Venice. Santa Monica is god awful glossy shopping mall from hell at this point. Yeah, I think a lot of LA is cool, still a better job/housing $$ ratio than a lot of places, and 3 times as many jobs in our field.

But I seriously have to think about taking some things with me and what to sell and all, it would be a very big deal. because I am no longer 17 years old with just a backpack and stuff stashed at my folks like when I moved to Boston. But ... you know, I'm not getting any younger.

Congrats to ohla for the store!! and to turbojenn for some well-deserved attention and successes!

happy birthday to marileen!!

.. and I don't mean to be "oh poor me is so poor" sheesh -- the only reason I'm buying cheap purses now is that when i bought the leather ones they got ratty/outdated almost as fast so in a way there's no point.

--psssst!! falljackets!! the nice ones are at TARGET. unless you want big floppy things in grayish blue or purple or orange or something ohmy.gif

Old Navy got picked to pieces.

Also I've taken some great vacations and travels -- I just hesitate to travel great distances and spend a grand to see my fave bands cause I've got other stuff going on -- i really need a laptop.

and... well, I got some great books for design stuff, I mean, REALLY great, and a little blank page book and I am just drawing all over the place!!

Psssst! All you arty okayers! They have blank books at Old Navy near the checkouts for just a couple of dollars and they even have tear out pages (perfs) so you can even pass something to your friend (or a cutie) or put it in the scanner!! So awesome! I was just thinking that i hate it that unlined pages are more expensive!!

Yeah, I already had a big mushy summer of new apartment, furniture, kitchen stuff, clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, towels, vacations, concerts, good meals etc. so I don't know about spending a thousand bucks...

plus from Boston you can go to EUROPE for a thousand bucks -- many cheaper hostels and the flight is about the same distance and cost, so .. it's like.,.

Do I want to pay the same to sit in some crappy plastic arena to see the stringy haired one.

Heck -- I could even go to New York and have a ball for just 5 or 6 hundred
wombat: I KNOW WTF

yah, owls.....and a lot of sort of midcentury illustration style graphics, which makes me thrilled cos i love that shit. but we are pretty downmarket so a lot of this stuff is already out there and already popular.
Owls. Huh.

Maybe I should see if mama still has that old macrame owl stored away somewhere....
i have a huge silver owl necklace that i found at a thrift store a billion years was so huge and ugly i couldn't NOT buy it, but i've never actually worn it either. maybe it'll make me look hip now, which just goes to show that you never know what really ugly thing you find in a thrift store will be the Next Big Deal.

thanks for the advice, fj and turbo. i'm working on writing an appropriately stern letter and sending it with a copy of the security deposit law for NJ and a copy of my receipt for my deposit. my lease copy appears to be MIA and everyone swears they didn't move it, but i'm just not going to say anything about that and hope the certified letter does the trick and i won't have to deal with all the stupid effort that small claims court will take. it's really a shame that it's working out like this, she seemed like a nice woman and we used to hang out and she told me i was her best tenant ever. it's just too bad when people turn out to not be what you though they were, i guess.

dammit there's no food in the house and i haven't showered for two days because A: i'm lazy and unemployed and B: i've been all stoned on allergy medications. my dad bought me a shrimp roll but i know it's going to make me sick. i either have to starve, eat something that will make me sick, or go out all stinky and gross and buy something. part of me really just wants to eat sour cream & onion potato chips for dinner tonight...

happy birthday marileen!
Macramé owls! laugh.gif

Well, there ya go lowred! Eat stinky sour food to go with yer stinky sour bod! smile.gif

I must get OUT of here. I am taking this dedication to finishing project too far!

But it's my first chance to work with a person higher up the chain, and we're having conference with the client Monday! Yikes!!

I'm torn between going to see Ed Gorey house tomorrow and going to mod night tonight.

I'd be nuts to do both because it's been an exhausting week and I am sleep deprived.
I have to get up early to go to Ed Gorey house because it is a 2 to 3 hour drive and only open from 11 -4

It is near a sweeeet beach I used to go to when I was young. Maybe me and batman could spontaneoulsy stay over nearby and get in another weekend on the cape!

Ed Gorey was a gay guy who drew the ghastly but funny victorian like cartoons -=- you might have seen them on "Mystery" on PBS -- they made his house into a museum and it has skulls and stuff, they might even be taking care of his cats! And I haven't been YET it would be nice because that's one of those things that you think "and I NEVER DID it" it kinda gets away from you.

on the other hand i am popular at mod night and it is FUN and i have been working hard and need to drink and dance!! Woe.

Falljackets -- You ARE cute.

I better get crackin' on an avatar
<3 <3 <3 gorey!

wombat, i suggest a gorey avatar?

(oh and ps that link in my prev. post was to j.lo's show about......ECHO PARK)
What? Nobody's around today?

It was smokin' hot here today.

I'm doing laundry now. I know, I know, it's Saturday night. But I've got tons to do before I go to Vancouver, and this is one of them. Especially if doodlemama is returning with me!

How is everyone's weekend going?

diva, I swear I had a dream about visiting you and the giant last night!
we had a spectacular saturday night. After a really fun day with the bebe- full of play, and chit-chat and cuddles, she went to spend the night at my folk's place. moxieman and i went t the yummy fondue restaurant for a 3 hour feast, then home for the best.hbi.ever. All over the house! Gah.

Now, though, sunday morning, and I miss my bebe. Mom and da dare bringing her to the big family shin0dig at lunchtime, but its killing me not to drive over there right now to pick her up. Ah well...its good for her to have grandparent time w/o her mama hovering. Right?

Must remember HBI...holy bejebus.

Where IS everybody? Helllloooooo out there??
mornin' moxie!! Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful weekend - enjoy your lazy sunday morning before you pick moxette up!

I'm having the perfect sort of Sunday morning. We're free from the guest doggies - hooray! I slept in till 7am, then turbo and I walked along the beach for an hour, and he was so silly and happy, it was great. Its really feeling like a fall morning here - the sun is changing to the starker fall beams, and its crazy windy and the lake is just wild and beautiful. I juiced a buncha fruit this morning for my smoothie/'rita base, and now I've got about 6lb of roma tomatoes roasting in the oven with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper, and I'm gonna make some fabulous sauce. Next up - whipping up some pesto and chucking it in the freezer for the winter.

Yesterday, we had a lovely day - we went and saw Little Miss Sunshine, which I highly recommend...*very* dark comedy, but so brilliant. Steve Carrell and Toni Collette were both extraordinary. Stevie really proved he can do serious acting in this one...but it was really a beautiful, kooky movie...and if you go see it, take note of the backgrounds in the dialogue scenes, there's always something a little off-kilter going on in the background...which just made it even more delightful.

We had a mid afternoon lunch at our absolute favorite mexican place, stuffed ourselves silly, and then came home to veg for awhile. Gave the guest doggies back to their mommies, and then we went out to get ice cream for dinner, and just watched bad tv for awhile, before I turned in early.

Today, we've got nothing on the docket....I just love days like today. Oh, wait, we do have a BBQ with the unfriends tonight...we'll see if turboman wants to go. I'm happy enough to stay home.
Hi all. It really does feel like there is just the hint of fall in the air today. I can hear the planes from the Air & Water Show whipping over my head. It's kind of cool.
My weekend has been low-key to the point of catatonia, but I think it was needed. I cleaned my house very thoroughly yesterday. Scrubbed the kitchen floor and everything. So now I get to go home to a nice clean apartment.
When I came into work this morning I decided to go back to sleep (the nice thing about the Hotline on weekends is that there is nothing to do if the phone is not ringing.) So I clicked onto Tim Gunn's PR podcast and dozed off to his thoughts on last weeks episode. I think it is one of the reasons I slept so heavily. When I woke up, I was so confused as to where I was. It took a few minutes to get my head back on straight.

turbojenn - I was talking w/a friend about your colonic recommendation. She had gastritis at one point and said that the colonic really helped. Could you please send me the name of someone you recommend? The caffienne cravings seem to have gone away, but I want the rest of the discomfort to leave to. Thanks!
*hoists thread to top of page* Oofda!!

Hi everyone! Once again, the cat alarm woke me up an hour too early, so now I'm watching Mama's Family and playin' on the 'puter. Heh.

Owls, eh? The boobtique ad on the banner of this page shows a little owl thingie. Oh god, those macrame owls crack my shit up. I don't think I could ever put one of those up in my house. Nautical themes are also popular? Scary.

I had drinks and food with taloo and her man on Friday. Twas a good time. We got a little tipsy and took a zillion goofy pictures of ourselves. That girl is heeeelarious!

I picked up my car yesterday!! I felt so clumsy at first because I haven't driven since Jan/Feb. It almost felt like I was in driver's training again, because I had to concentrate really hard. It was so nice to go to the mall by myself and to spend as much time as I wanted roaming around Super Target. I can actually go places now!

That Ed Gorey house sounds cool.

So how's everyone doing this morning?
Poods! Rock the super T! Glad to see/hear/read *which is right?* you driving around again! Is the Ipood all hooked up?

We had a really awesome rest-of-weekend, too. Great family party on Sunday...moxette was a hit...a real riot! All my cousins were just gaga, and i got to be sort of "off" for a couple hours. Then, a lovely bbq and walk around our neighboorhood. Anybody see Deadwood? What a show, what a f*$%&@g show! My new favorite insult, care of Mr. Swearingin, will appear on Friday.

Turbo- the cooking sounds lovely. I think this weekend, if it stays cooler, will be breadmaking. I miss breadmaking. Just gotta decide- roasted herb foccacia or honey-oat whole wheat...hmmm...

here's hoping everyone else had spectacular, lazy, beautiful weekends!
Good morning everyone. I wish I had a computer at my home so that I could chat here on my days off. I don't know why I am thinking about it now, but I am. I keep thinking when I get a raise I want to get a laptop and at home internet, but I can think of about 20 other things I need more. Anyway, it's early and I am rambling.
moxiegirl - I have never watched Deadwood but I have heard a lot about it. I think I can guess what your new favorite insult will be.
pinkpoodle - that is so exciting about your new car. I don't like driving, but sometimes I wish I had the option.

Argh, I really thought the caffienne withdrawls were gone, but I realized I have just been substituting Coke with ice tea. I know that I have a headache lurking at the back of my skull. Tylenol, here I come. dry.gif
Mornin' ya'll!

(((((soothing head vibes for kitten))))

Gah, I still have not caught up on my Deadwood - now I'm 3 epis behind. Just been too busy, and the weather has been too nice to sit in front of the tube. Gotta enjoy this weather while it lasts, eh?

We had a nice bbq last night with our friends. And the new baby in the group was there, and passed around all night...but as newborns go, they're just not very interesting yet...all they do is sleep and eat. In another couple months, she'll be much more amusing, and have us all wrapped around her little toesies.

YAY for poodle's new wheelz!! The freedom of a car is indeed a good thing. I love it when turboman goes out of town and I get the car for a couple of days. I get along fine with my bike, but it is just so nice to go to targetto whenever you want, or run out and get some ice cream or whatever. I do, however, know that I spend much less money with limited car access. tongue.gif

I'd like it to be the weekend again now, thank you. BUT, 2 weeks, and then we're taking a whole WEEK of VACATION!! Woot! We're not planning anything too big, as we are low on funding, but we're gonna hang out in Milwaukee a bit, head up and tour the House on the Rock, see my cousins in Madison, and hopefully our college friends who live up there...and then have plenty of time to just hang around the house. I can't wait!
Oh, I think work right now is fine. But, I love my job, and i'm in too good a mood to be bored by it today. Eh, turbo, you just reminded me I owe roomie in WI a call. I'm pisspoor at keeping up with calls.

Babies are fun at 4 mos. Before that, they're furniture that poop. Cute furniture, but furniture none the less.

I've been watching the new "Battlestar Galactica" on DVD...holy goodness...for anyone who likes SciFi, this is the show! Not quite Star Trek geeky (I'm not afraid to admit it!), but good! When does the 3rd season start, i wonder...

Crap, i really should work. Work. Not bust. Yeah, right.

hey, question...i seem to have lost my avatar! I tried to put a new one up, it didn't load b/c it was "beyond the limit set by administator" even though it was below the size restriction. when i emailed the administrator to ask about it, my first avatar disapeared! Help? Still no word from admin...

Oh, I think work right now is fine. But, I love my job, and i'm in too good a mood to be bored by it today. Eh, turbo, you just reminded me I owe roomie in WI a call. I'm pisspoor at keeping up with calls.

Babies are fun at 4 mos. Before that, they're furniture that poop. Cute furniture, but furniture none the less.

I've been watching the new "Battlestar Galactica" on DVD...holy goodness...for anyone who likes SciFi, this is the show! Not quite Star Trek geeky (I'm not afraid to admit it!), but good! When does the 3rd season start, i wonder...

Crap, i really should work. Work. Not bust. Yeah, right.
Battlestar Galactica is my crack. Of course anyone who knows me for too long knows that I am a huge sci-fi geek.
The third season starts Oct. 6th.
I remember the big BG talk at turbo's place last summer...but I couldn't remember exactly who was in the talk! Crack. Yes, sci-fi on DVD is crack. Perhaps crystal meth, too.
Mouse! Yeah, I clicked on that link. That's what I was talking about, like for maude's sake don't try to make Echo Park be like Santa Monica. But then, I had friends who lived on Melrose Place smile.gif

which was, obviously, nothing like the silly TV show.

Yayy for poodle! Yeah, cars are fun. I'm neglecting mine a wee. It needs a vacuum and it needs to go for a run! LOL like a dog. I don't drive it everyday anymore so I have to remember not to let it just sit for more than a week.

Didn't go to Ed Gorey's place this weekend, copped out and went to the mod night and it was a riot - also went to see Henry Rollins and X. Didnt get tickets for the KROQ show, it's just too much.

Hope Axl and the Alice in Chains guys will come here.

Felt lazy, but bought some new stuff for the house and did some irksome chores. I figure we will have a housewarming/batman birthday celebration in two weeks and I've already started inviting people. Now that the fall breezes are blowing -- I've noticed them too! sweet! it's time to wrap up the tail ends of setting up the apartment.

Okay -- who watches Galaxy Quest?
Oh that's right, I totally forgot other Busties watched it too. It is the grimmest show that I watch. I swear it makes NYPD Blue look like comedy.

I think my TV is on the Sci0Fi Channel more than anything else. Well, that and Bravo. It makes me wish that I could pay for cable a la cart. I would just have the basics, Sci-Fi, Bravo, Comedy Central and TLC. Maybe CNN.
Good Morning Bitches!

Looks like there was alotta activity in here this weekend. I wish I had internet at home so I could join in.

LRM, it is good to see you! I was wondering where you'd been.

Nice to see you too Taloo!

Poodles, I am glad you got your car. Are you enjoying it?

Jenn, so no more puppers eh? Sounds like you and Turbomann had a relaxing weekend, I am glad. You've had some busy ones here lately.

I had a pretty decent weekend too. I went to dinner & to have drinks with some girlfriends on Saturday night. Only thing is the place we went to for drinks was way too snobby for my taste. You cannot even get a glass of water there, you must buy it. And all they sell is that Voss water that comes in a glass bottle and is $5. Bullshit. I won't be returning. Saturday I painted our dressers, they are looking good. I think all our hard work will pay off. We played poker that night. I did not win. Yesterday was my birthday, I spent it packing. Woo hoo! We did meet my family for dinner & that was nice. Mr K gave me two new cookbooks, I am stoked.
...eagerly awaiting fj's description of our weekend..
well criminy mrfj! waits with baited breath...
...paces around the thread, waiting for this exciting re-cap of the better be good mr fj, for keeping us all waiting!!
What's shakin', babycakeses?

The giant and I had a really nice weekend. We went out for Italian and saw Little Miss Sunshine on Friday night, then slept way too long. Went out for breakfast on Saturday to The Modern, which was worlds better than the last time we went. Then we slept pretty much the whole day away. And yesterday we went to the giant's mom's place to help with yardwork, then she took us out for dinner to this really cute place on a lake in Lakeville, but the service was slow as hell. It took 90 minutes for us to eat an appetizer and sandwich. I don't get it. Then we came home and watched Summerslam. Some matches were bloodier than others, but it was kind of underwhelming. Only 2 matches went the way I wanted them to.

Happy late birfday, Karianne! What cookbooks did you get?

I think I've been to the real Melrose Place, and it's a mall in Carmel, CA. I swear, this entire group of my BFF's friends all worked there and hung out at each other's stores. You couldn't go out with one without the whole gaggle following behind. It was ridiculous and so reminiscent of high school, it was scary.

Moxie, thank you so much for agreeing that newborns aren't all that exciting. I love Sam to death, but he was freaking boring before he could hold his own head up. Toddlers are way better.

Hooray for Poodle being mobile! I wanna see your new car soon.

And hooray for weeks off!

I think I'm going to play hookey on Wednesday. This is the last week I'll be able to for probably quite a while. At least I hope.

Hi, LRM and Kitten and Wombat and Doodle and anyone I missed.

I don't wanna work today. Wah. I have a terrible headache and I wanna go home and I forgot my cash card and license AGAIN. Wah. I hope I have enough gas to get home tonight.
Ugh, I'm with you, mox. I really want to play around today, but I have to be productive. I screwed around too much last week. sad.gif

"Before that, they're furniture that poop." Bwahahahaha!!! Totally!!

No complimentary water? Yeah, that place sounds pretty snobby. I'm glad you had fun despite the setting, kari.

Why no caffeine, kitten?

No Slash = No GNR. It would be sorta fun to see Axl run around like a doofus though, as long the show was free. He just looks so weird these days. Does he still have those awful braids? As for Alice in Chains, it's hard for me to imagine them without Lane Stanely, but I haven't heard them without, so I can't really say. Now that I have wheels, I might go to the Cheap Trick show next week. Weeeee!!!

There are a lot of things that I couldn't do, pre-car. Grocery shopping was one of the more difficult things. I also couldn't go out at night without riding the bus and then taking a cab home. That prevented me from going to a lot of shows, etc. If I wanted to rent a movie or something, it was a major effort for just a little thing--and returning the movies was even more of a pain in the ass. The problem with the Twin Cities is that our transportation system relies almost exclusively on automobiles. It's no wonder why I've felt like shit for so long. I've been extremely bored and most of my time has been spent inside of my crowded apartment.

(X-post) Hi diva! I'm so jealous of your breakfast at the modern. Yesterday I was toying with the idea of walking to Sunnyside-Up for blueberry pancakes. I always forget how pleasant it is to go out for breakfast. I feel so warm and fuzzy afterwards.
good morning everyBUSTie! smile.gif

wow, mrfj, way to set me up there. put the pressure on, why don't ya!?

the weekend was good. very busy, but good.

friday night, we went to our fave place for pizza and then went to see talladega nights, which totally cracked my shit up. i was laughing out loud several times. i mean, yeah, it's really dumb - but that's what i was expecting. and i think i needed some "turn brain off" time. i recommend it for that reason.

saturday we got up around 9:30. we'd planned to spend some time at the beach, but it was uber-cloudy and looked like it could rain at any point. so we snuggled a little more in bed, had a nice round and then got up and had yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast. we cleaned the house all day long. scrubbed floors, laundered linens, polished furniture, scrubbed the bathrooms, the whole nine. it was great to get everything cleaned up and shiny! mrfj even painted a patch of wall that had been neglected in our bedroom and cleaned up all the orange paint splatters on the stairwell carpet (oops!).

saturday night is when the fun began. we had our friends *aka: couple #1* over for dinner. i made a yummy roast that i'd slow-cooked in the oven all day with my secret dry rub recipe, a very poor selection i might add, only because the oven heated the house up by about 10 degrees (i thought of doodle all night!). i also made rosemary potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh green beans and a home-made salad dressing (lemon, lime and orange juice, roasted sesame seeds, white wine vinegar, oil, and shredded fresh basil from the garden -YUMMY!). everything looked and tasted so good, the wine was perfectly paired, the conversation was flowing and it was just a glorious meal. everyone oohed and aahed, which i love. i really love making people happy with my food.

after cleaning up, we started making shots. and since the house was still pretty heated, we decided that clothing was now optional. oh yes, it was that kind of party. hehe. it was really just one of those perfect evenings that remind us of why we're into this. lots of flirtation, lots of sex tongue.gif , lots of drinking and dancing. oh, yeah. the dancing. apparently, when i get to a certain point in an evening of drinking i decide that i, fj, am a solid gold dancer. i hope i looked as good doing it as i thought i did, four sheets to the wind, twirling around in my red silk nightie. i'm sort of embarrased by it but hey, i was having a super cool time and that's what it's all about! the best part of being with them is that they're so completely non-judgemental and open. we haven't met anycouple quite like them before. oh, and they're both fucking hotties too, so that helps. hehehehe.

mrfj and i were thinking last night that this is definitely the most couple activity we've had in a very long time. we're having a wonderful go at it and not looking for it to slow down much any time soon.

wow. as fantastic as it was, that buildup made it seem so anticlimactical. but i promise you, it was multiclimactical.

y'a know...kinky sex with 4 people all around a house always trumps kinky, mark-leaving sex (yes, bruises resulted...) with 2 people any day. *throwns down 4 of a kind to FJ's Royal Flush*
How's about self-love on the couch at midnight?

depending on quality of said lovin...i'd go with three o kind...maybe a straight. smile.gif
yeah, um fjs....that sounds like one HOTT night!! Incredible food followed by incredible fun....damn, you guys got it goin' on!!

I'm gonna try on the audio book erotica in the bathtub tonight...will report back later on results. tongue.gif

Yeah, poodle, I can see where non-car ownership can be a real drag...we're lucky to live in Chicago, where you can get just about anywhere via public transit, in a fairly reasonable amount of time. I forget sometimes, that most places are not as public transit friendly.

I'm with you, poodle, breakfast out is just the ultimate in relaxation and comfort food. We did even better yesterday, opting for brunch at our neighborhood cafe/bar, where they have good beer on tap, AND we sat outside in the perfectly sunny and cool weather! I wanna re-wind and do that again today...*sigh*

kari - do tell us about the cookbooks! I love nothing better than new cookbooks, even if I rarely use them, and just use them as an idea base....
Hi Turbo, Karianne, kittenb!!

You've given me something to think about, Poodle!

Do I find Axl Rose attractive IN SPITE of his lifelong extreme bad taste in clothing, or BECAUSE of it??!!?

Slash is a hottie as well as a good guitar player. Unfortunately I find VR really boring.

well!!!!!!!!!!! mees moxie, falljackets and mr fj!! Sounds like fun!

Hey Divala! You had a cool divala weekend as always!

I wanted to sleep a lot more but batman doesn't like to do that, he has a phobia of being lost in inertia. Which can happen sometimes.

LOL about the weird high school cliques in stores in SoCal. I noticed it right away in Los Angeles. I KNEW I had to go right up to the people that worked there and schmooze kiss ass a bit before I looked at the merchandise -- they were giving off some attitude. My friend that moved there said they were really snobby about posing for the pictures on the tags on the clothing and the girl from one store on Sunset Boulevard didn't like her cause she got her stuff from the store on Melrose -- sheesh -- one is LipService and one is like, Foreplay or something like that and they both sell vinyl metallic pants and t shirts with skulls on them and stuff. Le Sigh!! Extreme silly doodoo.

Where is Mouse? and Minx?
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