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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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((marileen)) I am so sorry to hear about the fall through. What a bummer. ~~~~~new buyer vibes!~~~~~~~~ I hope someone else comes along real quick. How stressful.

FJ, your car sounds super sweet. I want a diesel too!


Jenn, your hair sounds really cool. I am still growing mine out, but it is starting to drive me nuts!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ healing vibes for poodle ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Hello everyone! I'm sadly going to have to make this post a near-drive-by, as doodlemama and I are off to the meeting about painting the recyle bins pretty shortly.

diva, that sucks about being woken up like that, and your car! Even in as rough shape as my car is in, I'd def. want to hurt anyone who tried to steal it!! GRRRR!!!

*kicks yummy right in the funk*

Ok, gotta fly!
((((marileen))) I'm so sorry to hear about the lost sale, but turn it around, and change the thought to "this sale fell through because the perfect buyer is coming along with an offer that is exactly what we need." Just keep thinking that, and we'll think it too, and you'll get another offer soon soon soon!

alls, I gotta say about the diesel jetta is that we have a manual transmission, and we regularly get 50 miles per gallon, our best was 55 mpg on a trip to MI....hells yeah!!

Why isn't this day over yet??


*****yummy***** just called--he took a half day so we are going to lunch in less than an hour...woot!
plus one of my friends is bringing me a gift basket from a chocolate festival..yummmmm! can't wait for that!
((((((Marileen)))))) That sucks! I hope you guys find a new buyer really soon.

Wow, people are really open about what they do behind closed doors, aren't they? I remember when a few pieces of lacy lingerie was risque, now it's all out sex toys. We've really changed, haven't we? I can just imagine what the "thank you" letter would be like... "Dear Jane, thank you ever so much for the lovely butt plug. My husband and I will think of you whenever we put it up our tookuses." I hope her mom isn't invited.

FJ, I had a dream the other night about you. You asked me to print out new pictures of your baby for you. *******fertility vibes*******

Turbo, it usually takes me a couple weeks to decide if I like a new hairstyle or not, and by that time it's grown in a little and you know how to manage it. I hope you like it.

My bathroom still smells like a head shop from all that Lush stuff I bought. I tried the La La Lavendar bar soap today, and I'm not sure what I think. It dripped grape color everywhere and the little pieces of lavendar flowers in it were just kind of weird.

Karianne, I was wondering where you'd gone off to. It sounds like you've got a really good weekend ahead of you.

My plans are to go out for dinner with the giant's family, maybe do a little gardening at his mom's. Tomorrow I may work some overtime or I may not, I don't know. And I want to visit Poodle so she doesn't go ferile on us. I wonder if her surgery is done yet?

Hi, Yummy and Catsoup!

I've decided the asshole who tried to steal my car isn't as good as the other one who tried. The other guy made a cleaner break in the column and had this key-shaped thing out that was easier to flip the ignition on with. I have to use a screwdriver now. And the guy who did it before really fucked up where you put the key in - you couldn't turn a key at all - and this guy didn't really mess with it at all. I told my mom about it and she asked me if we're going to move. Fuck no! I'm not letting some little punk-ass boy intimidate me out of my home in an otherwise lovely neighborhood! In the meantime, I've been looking for new cars online. There are a lot more options out there now that I'm not completely dead-set on black, although it's my preference. I just wish my f-ing tax return would hurry up and come in already.

oh i forgot....HI FJ!!!!!~**~*~*BABY VIBES*~*~**
G'mornin bitches!!

Turbo didn't get the memo that its satrurday, I guess, 'cause there he was licking his balls right on schedule at 5:30am...oy. And he's pulled a muscle or something, so he's gimping around and we only made it to the end of the block and back. But, then turboman left early for paintball, so I took a nice bike ride along the lake, and up to my fave french bakery to get yummy cinnamon rolls for our friends who are staying with us.

Its a freaking gorgeous day...I may go downtown to Millenium Park, or maybe to Old Town, but definitely going into the city....just too beautiful not to.

In other news, I fell over on my bike this morning. Wasn't paying attention at all, needed to stop for oncoming traffic, and forgot to unclip my shoes. Ooops. This was a good reminder that I need riding gloves, now that my palm is skinned.

Diva I hope Uncle Sam gives it up for you soon....starting your car with a screwdriver kind of sucks. I suppose you could always donate your car and take the tax deduction. Parents sometimes just don't get the crime thing...mine get all concerned too, but I love my neighborhood, I'm not going anywhere.

~*~*~*~*~*FJ Baby vibes~*~*~*~*~
Good afternoon...where are all you sad twats today???????

turbo, OUCH! Did you get little bits of gravel in your palm? I hate that!

So, I went to the meeting for the "artists" who are painting recycle bins. Apparently these bins are going to be HUGE! I really don't know what I'm going to put on mine. I kind of want to do some earth-goddess imagery, but I'm worried about leaving it exposed to the public in this rather churchy town...this is a town do I put this...once I had a bumper sticker that said "God is coming and is she pissed." And someone took a ballpoint pen and crossed out the "s" in "she!" Can you believe that? I mean, actually defaced my personal property for a patriarchal religious principle!

And on that topic, I see the local Evangelical Free Church is having a sermon tomorrow called "The DaVinci Code: True or False?"

doodlemama and I also ended up in Value Village, where I bought four more scarf/shawl/hijab affairs. I can't help myself. One of them is pure silk! Anyway, doodlemama bought a bunch of clothes.

I think we are going to see V for Vendetta, if it's still playing. Anyone seen it yet?
Doodle, V is good. You should see it.
Ugh...I just had a way huge rant in the celeb gossip thread about the family law system. I'm sure I'll get slammed for it...*sigh*. Why do I do these things?

Did you see it, 'soup? I'd kind of like to see it while it's still in the theatre...
hey doodle - we saw V too - LOVED it - you *must* go see it! Just chock full of political undertones and rage against the status quo....and Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman are both amazing.

I think you should paint whatever spirit calls you to paint, and if that is an earth goddess, so be it...make your statement in love, knowing you give it to the community, and whatever happens happens.
I loved V too. It made for interesting discussion on the ride home from the theater.
Well, poop. It's gone from the local theatre.

We might go see United 93.

Just checking in to see if Poodle's been around since her surgery. Anyone heard anything yet? It's a little to late to call, and I'm curious/worried.

V for Vendetta is freaking awesome! I haven't been that impressed in a movie in years, and that's including Brokeback Mountain and Million Dollar Baby, both of which I loved. Definitely see it on the big screen while you still have a chance.

Turbo, are you okay? Falling off your bike sucks, especially if it's in front of a bunch of people.

Well, back to watching Iron Chef America. Ted Allen is a judge on this episode.
Morning Beyotches! Yummy did a bad bad thing. Drank too much wine. Called a few people out. Told them "how it is". Now I'm hungover, not a bit remorseful, and have to bite the bullet and deal with the aftermath! It's going to be a GREAT DAY!

Good morning, subday people!
yummymum - that's what I did last Friday and I felt great about it.
turbo & poodle - I hope you are both healing nicely. Turbo, hows the dog doing? Is he all healed up now?

Last night, I went & saw Thank you for smoking. It was a really smart and funny movie. I loved V for Vendetta.
I'm absolutely fine, ya'll. I've got a bruised knee and skinned palm, but I've already ridden another 10 miles this morning, no problem...its amazingly beautiful out today! I wish I didn't have to work another fundraiser today, but oh well, I'm just doing photography.

Turbodoggie is doing great! So great that he sprained his leg on Thursday, but he's only gimping a little bit this morning, and we took a nice walk by the lake.

Yummy, I hope you can sort everyone out in a dignified way today....drunk dialing can be fun and dangerous!

How's everyone's weekend going? I have been working so so so much. Yesterday I helped pick up garbage along the road the hotel is on, then I worked for 11 hours. Sheesh.

We have a big VIP group soming in today, so we have lots of things to do to impress them.

Turbo - sorry you fell off your bike, dude. That sucks. I'm glad you're OK. And I hope turbo doggie's leg is all right.

I haven't ever heard of V for Vendetta. I am so out of it. I haven't seen TV in seven months.

I should hook up my cable.

OK - time to get ready for another grueling day at work.
Hey laaaadies!!! In the words of Richard Pryor, I AIN'T DEAD YET!!

Yes, I am back at my apartment now and I'm able to move around and sit up a little more. I haven't experienced a significant amount of pain since I came out of the procedure--at most a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. It mostly just feels like MRG cramps. I have 5 incisions that are really irritating though. Anyway, all is well in poodleland. I have to say that my adnoid and wisdom teeth surgeries were a lot more painful afterwards.

The resident boy has been out of town for the last couple days. I'm not looking forward to his return, because I'm really not in the mood to be considerate right now. I just want to lounge without feeling like I have to move or clean up after myself.

FUCKIN' A, marileen!!! That sucks big wank about the sale!! The lord giveth and then he taketh away. Bastard. I'm crossing my fingers for you guys.

~*~*~*~turbo's palm~*~*~*~ D'oh! Bike scrapes are awful--especially on the palms. Just keep it really clean.

~*~*~*~baby-makin' vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*~

I think punishments for crimes like auto-theft should be a lot more creative. In diva's instance, she should be given a baseball bat and allowed to smash the dude's most valuable items and all the windows of any other vehicles he might have.

Hi doodle and lurv and yummy and msgoof and kitten and catsoup and karianne and anyone else I'm missing! Hi lurkers!

Hi PK! Hang in there!
Poodle! I'm so glad you're OK! It's great to hear from you, and comforting to know that the pain isn't too too bad.

What's MRG stand for?
MRG = Mean Red Grandma :-)

Yeah, I'm reluctant to tell work that I'm feeling decent, because I don't want my boss to expect me to come in on Wednesday or whatever. I fully intend on taking it easy this coming week.
Hello all!

poodle, I'm so glad to see you are around and recovering nicely!!

((((yummy)))) So what happened in the aftermath?

Hi also PK, turbo, diva, minx, catsoup, whammy (where IS that woman anyway?), msgoof, FJ, karianne, lurv, marileen, pixie, tyger, and anyone else I'm missing...

ETA: I forgot to add this, just for minx (even though she didn't ask, I'm sure she's thinking it): yes, hon, as a matter of fact, I *am* going to re-cover the new furniture in chartreuse!
Wow, it sounds like I missed an eventful weekend! Poodle, I'm SO glad you're feeling better! DO take it easy this week...surgury is still surgury and really dictates a solid week of post-op self-pampering. ...

Moxieman is the bed-time king (yes, innuendo allowed...), he's somehow found the magic key to making moxette enjoy her bath and bedtime ritual. I loves me my man for making sure i have BUST time! Plus, good daddy-daughter bonding and all that.

I have further totall self-centered statement: the HBIs are back! Phew! They're still just luke-warmBI's right now, but the oven is heating up more each time. I LOVES me any tempreture BI's1!

Doodle, have you decided on a motif for the bin yet? See? I have been reading along!

****babyvibes**** to the best future parents in FL!

Ok, time for West Wing...:-( Its bittersweet, no?
yes, moxie, it is! i mean, i didn't watch AT ALL last season, it was awful, but WW has finally re-found its groove, only to get cancelled.

yay for HBIs. whoooo! and ~*~*~babyvibes~*~*~

nothing exciting this weekend. lots of sleeping and lazing.

can i have some more job-findy vibes? right now i'm averaging working one or two lunch shifts a week at minimum minimum wage (6.25 an hour instead of 8+), and while i think it's great to be getting waiting experience, i need to make more money this summer, so i need to find another part-time job that will let me work both.

hi everybustie! i floves you all
*meep meep*

hi ladies, i just saw doodle's awesome schooling on divorce law and gender over in celebrity gossip (the only thread i hang in anymore) and it made me miss all y'alls something fierce. and then i come in here and.. babies! and surgery!

poodle, are you okay? i'm gonna read back through the archives to see what your surgery was for but for now ((((((poodle))))).

and moxie! i'm glad things are going well with the bebbeh, yay!

my semester is almost over, yay! right now i'm working half-heartedly on my paper for putnam's class. after that, i have another paper and then two final exams (stats and econ) and then i'm DONE. woo!

the last two weeks we had this two-week policy exercise. it's an end-of the-year requirement for all first years in my program: they give us a policy problem, a bunch of briefings, a 1000 page book full of materials on the problem, and break us up into groups of 5 to propose policy solutions. like survivor for nerds.

this year, the topic was preparing for the possibility of a global flu pandemic (like bird flu). very interesting and super-topical. it was an exhausting but good experience.

don't have much new to report. mpls busties: i'll be in mpls after june 5th! i can't WAIT!

now that things are winding down, i hope to spend a bit more time in here...

love you y'all.
luna!!! ((((boobie-squishing hugs for luna))))

grrrrr, my mom drives me nuts. i told her i have no organizational skills, but i'll keep my stuff neat and do weekly cleaning-cleaning (like stovetop scrubbing and mirror washing and stuff) in return for not being held responsible for general neatening up. and she said something about not 'doing stuff for me'. dude, i just offered to wash walls on a monthly basis, i don't think you're doing anything for me in regards to that.

also, i just discovered that the school i want to go to to get my masters wants me to have an honours bachelor's in math. i can't take an honours one here, so i'm going to have to look into if i can work around that, or if i'm going to have to transfer after next year. also, any phd (like, math, engineering, computer science) is a phd in philosophy. heh. though my friend's dad's master's in marketing/economics actually says 'applied environmental engineering', so why not make all your phds philosophy ones? wacky academia.

ten minutes until west wing. oh, how i will miss it
Good morning ladies!

Hi lunasol!! I can't wait to meet you in person! I'm glad you last couple weeks of school are going smoothly. Keep on chuggin' along!

(((tyg))) seems as though people become more neurotic with age.

Yay for the mox fam! It sounds like moxieman is taking his fatherly "duties" very seriously!

The resident boy hath returned and is now sleeping fully clothed (shoes 'n' all) on the futon. I can't sleep because my belly hurts and I really wish I could just vegetate in front of the tube for a while. Grrrr...
Wow, that blows, Poodle. I would be on RED level annoyance. If I were you, I would use an airhorn and tell him to vacate el couch-o. Immediately. :-) But you all know me well enough by now to know that I OBVIOUSLY live to think about how I will torture men.

The weekend was slow and quite...masked in induced oblivion. Honestly, I didn't see the point of sitting around doing the normal "feel the pain" shit. I've done it several times over, so I gave it a different twist. Minxman and I actually hung out quite a bit. I think that it might have been really fucking wierd for both of us to not have spent the weekend at least hanging out. It blows, but whatever. I have a tall lawyer (not THE lawyer) in the wings that I am corresponding with, so maybe I will indulge in a week or two. Man, summer's on its way...fuck it. I'll heal. Its all good. I have therapy on Thursday--she'll help me get my head back on straight.

I saw my baby at the May Day parade yesterday. You know, that's the only thing since Thursday that's made me cry. I hated seeing her there on the hill with THEM, giving her hugs and kisses, and having to walk away. I am glad that I was with friends because two seconds after walking away, I was crying like a bitch with a skinned knee.

Now I am plotting to get into a size ten by end of June. I feel more psychically heavy than anything, but heavy nonetheless (well, heavy translating into not feeling healthy). Time to reconstruct life as I know it once again. These paradigm shifts are really exhausting.

Mox--sounds like you both are taking to parenting really well! That's fabulous that you have such a supportive partner. That is so essential. That's what I miss the most (for me and the girlie).

DOODLE!! You read my mind, baby. :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color!

Okay. Gotta run and educate the yooot of today.

kiss-kiss. And happy healing, Pinkie. Let me know if you need anything.
I like the idea of waking someone with an airhorn. minx - I am sorry that things are feeling so wrong right now. You're right, summer's coming.

I know that the day just started, but I feel like it is going to be a long one. There is this guy that I had a date with last Saturday. Afterwards, I thought about it and I realized that I didn't want to see him again and I told him so. I made it clear that I was also not interested in persuing a friendship with him. Since then, he has called me three times. Today I opened my email and there were two Hallmark ecards and a very sexual poem from him. It's not even 8 in the morning people.
Good Morning!


Poodle, I agree, wake up resident boy with an air horn!

Ouch on the bike spill, Jenn. How are you enjoying your bike, by the way?

I had a good weekend. Stayed in Friday night, whcih was nice & relaxing. Saturday I took my grandma to a picnic & went to a friends for a cookout. Yesterday I went with another friend to a golf tournament. It was a relaxing weekend.

Hi kitten, doodle, moxie, tyger, PK & everyone else!
Poodle, i am hoping that you will soon have your home all to yourself, and that resident boy finds himself a new place to live...but I am glad to see you back online, and taking it easy.

Minx, and for you, I am glad that you made the best of your weekend, even though it was tough at times....and walking away from minxlet had to be hard.

Kitten, some men just do not get it...I'm sure you were more than clear....and a guy who can't take boundaries - no thanks.

I woke up very sore this morning - my shoulder neck and knee are talking to me...I may make a prodigal visit or two to my amazing chiropractor to get balanced out.

And I think I'm gonna have to take turbo to the vet again...turboman found a stitch they forgot to remove, but his limp was *bad* this morning...and he needs his spring shots, so I'll just get turboman to loan me the car tomorrow, and take the pupper in.

Oooh, I made homeade jambalaya last was SO yummy, and now I have lots of leftovers for lunch!
Hi, peeps!

Wow, Kitten, that's some kind of weirdo you found. Are you going to do anything else or ignore him and hope he gets the point?


Karianne, that's so sweet that you took your grandma out. Your weekend sounds really nice.

My weekend was pretty decent. We went out with the giant's family on Friday after his neices had their pictures taken. Applebee's really kind of sucks if you don't get a salad. Then we hung out at his mom's and let her give us yet even more furniture. On Saturday we slept late and ran some errands, and we stayed home all day yesterday. I talked to my BFF for awhile yesterday and made tentative plans to go out and visit her either next month or in July sometime. I don't think she understands how lousy the month of June is for me to make a visit, what with Pride coming up and me needing to spend every spare minute making inventory. I'm going to push for July instead.

I can't wait until tonight. The giant and my brother and I are going to see Avenged Sevenfold, and it's gonna RULE! It's been ages since I've seen a good metal show. I just have to figure out which heels to wear because I don't want to not be able to see in the crowd and the giant and my brother won't want to get to the front. m/ m/ m/
Ignoring him is the only thing I can do. Anything else will just encourage him. I actuall posted about him in the "Say What?" thread. On our date, I picked up that the guy had some very obsessive tendencies, so my guess is this is just one more compulsion. Since I told him I wasn't interested, he's called me 3-4 times. I had to delete the poem from my email b/c I finished reading it and he somehow managed to mention both "masterbating priests" and "panties" in it.
To make thing seven better, there is some guy off from where I blog who keeps sending me PM's regarding me giving him a massage (my part-time job.) I have told him very clearly that I do not take clients off the internet and I don't tell people who read my blog where I work. This morning he sent me a link for a website about erotic massage. He did not get ignored, I ripped him apart and told him if he PM's me again, I am going to post all of his PM's on JournalSpace so that everyone will see them. I'll call it a public shaming. And I told him that if he actually read what I wrote, he woulr realize that today is not a good day to piss me off.

The inmates are not only running this asylum, they are redecorating the damn place. I just ran out to get a chocolate soy chai from Moonstruck (is anyone surprised that I need chocolate already?) and saw that some guy was yelling at this woman right in front of the cafe. The cops were involved already. Good lord, it is too early for this.
(((Minx))) I'm really feeling your pain on seeing the baby at the parade with "them". I've went through similar things, and did once again this weekend. The first killer for me was seeing all of my kids at the grocery store with the other woman, XH nowhere in sight! Who the fuck does bitch think she is toting my kids around as if they are hers? Nevertheless, I killed her with kindness, kissed my babies, and cried like one when they went into the next isle. This weekend was different. It was his weekend and they showed up, as usual, for the little ones' soccer game. I was there, sitting by the team so that they could sit on my lap while they rested. BUT... my oldest daughter was no allowed to sit beside me at the game because he said it was "his weekend". He made a scene about it in front of the other mothers. So oh well. At least now they see how screwed up it is. Felt sorry for my oldest, as she was acting as if she was afraid to even talk to me or he would be mad. WWWWTTTTFFFF??? Anyway, I'm sorry for your situation. But it does get easier, I think. ((HUGS))

Oh yea, and the bitch almost got tackled and pummeled with my fist after mocking me for bringing brownies to the game for my kids. She didnt know I was standing behind her while she said..."Great, get them all sugared up!". You guys, I'm just like... screw them if they think there is something wrong with giving your kid a brownie!

Turbo- who said anything about drunk dialing? I said it to their faces! LOL!!! Sorry about your little spill. Hope the sorness is gone by now.

Divalla- I agree. Applebees has gone downhill! Even the salad I had last time was crap.

~~Waving Hi to Kari, Doodle, PK, Poodle, Tyger, Lunasol, Moxie...and everyone else~~~

kitten, Ick. I am so sorry you're having to deal with creeps. Hopefully both guys will find a new interest soon & leave you alone.

Yummy, that sucks. I can't believe your ex is being so anal, and making a scene about something like that? Do people not think (or care) what effect their actions have on their kids? Good for you on your strength in handling the situation. You have my admiration.

Diva, your weekend sounds nice. What kind of furniture did you get? Applebees does indeed bite. You're going to a metal show? Huzzah! Is the giant into metal as much as you are?
Hi Busties!

~*~*~anti-creep vibes for kittenb~*~*~

I had a pretty good weekend after all the stress and house drama on Friday. The passion party was pretty funny and I got to meet some nice people and see lots of rather expensive sex toys, etc. Saturday I went to the Cinco de Mayo parade with my friend and her little girl and got super-sunburned by accident - her sunscreen was worthless. Yesterday I just laid low and went to Target.

We are still going to have a party this weekend regardless of what is going on with the house - it is a good time of year to have people over and is high time since we had anyone over.

Today I have to go to my gyno checkup and I so don't want to. I haven't gone to one in a long time so I am scared about it and want to cancel. I know its stupid to be that way - I need to be a good grownup and go to maintain my health. But I don't wanna!
Yummy, that really sucks that your ex can't act like a grown-up. I hate how petty people can be about stuff like this, and how it has to say in court orders that the parents aren't allowed to talk shit about the other parent when they aren't around.

Oy, Kitten, that's some effed-up shit. If it were me, I'd treat this guy like a stalker (the one who sends you erotic massage stuff). The other one just sounds kind of sad, but masturbating priests and panties? After one date? Wow, dude has issues.

We got a little ladder-back chair with a wicker seat. I swear, that woman is trying to infiltrate my home with wicker and I'm too nice to say no. I don't know what it is with her, this need to offer all this stuff to me. I'm 30 and her son is a grown-up. And we like our own stuff. She also did give us a picture painted on glass by one of the giant's aunts long long ago. Now that is cool, I love artwork that you have a personal connnection to. And while I was there, I got to see the giant's senior picture - the last known photograph of him without facial hair. :-) He's actually into metal even more than I am, and he's introduced me to all kinds of new stuff, like In Flames and a lot of female-fronted metal bands. He's got excellent taste in music, for the most part. It should be a really fun show.

I guess all the commotion on Friday morning with the guy who tried to steal my car and the cops woke up half the block. Great. I really hope they don't think I'm the one who caused all of it, because I'm not into ghetto drama. And of course when I got home on Friday, I locked my keys in my car because I'm not used to the routine yet. Yep, this car has got bad juju and it needs to go. I'm thinking I'll have a new car sometime next weekend because I heard that the next round of tax returns will be mailed out on Wednesday.
urgh, that is creepy, kitten. i hope they all go away promptly, for you are underserving of creepiness.

i hate job hunting. but, more than job hunting, i hate my 2 hours a week job. why, oh why must i get shafted so? do the job gods hate me?

poodle, i'd get the rb up and explain to him that having just had surgery you have free reign over the couch and tv areas whenever you damn well please.

HIs and hugs to everyone else. i really must go shower
I miss having *real* cable. I only have 13 channels now, half of which are public access/infomercial channels. I just finished watching Encino Man. Yup. Just when I had successfully erased Pauly Shore from my memory.....Hey Buhhhhd-dy!

Speaking of weasels, MINX!!! WTF are you doing hanging out with minxman again?! That's just plain trouble and you know it. Dammit! Don't make me come over there and spank you!

I'm sorry about seeing your baby at the parade. I guess I've never thought about how hard it would be to have to walk away from your kid during a moment like that. I'm sure it's strange for her, too. (((minx and minx-babe)))

Wow, that's one freaky dude, kitten. I guess all you can do at this point is ignore him and hope he gets the point. Guys are so strange. They're either running away screaming at the slightest display of interest or obsessing over a girl they hardly know. And then women get accused of being desperate or bitchy when they react normally. There are so few guys that know how to chill the fuck out.

m/ m/ m/ Have fun at your concert tonight, diva! Be sure to follow the club dress code and "wear something sexy!"

Marileen might stop over and visit me this afternoon! Somebody needs to rescue me before I end up curled up in a ball on the floor, repeatedly mumbling "weazin' the juice."

I really wish I could eat Oreo cookie icecream right now.
Yeah, love poems with the words "masterbating" "priests" and "panties" are just never going to get a boy what he is after. Of course the nice thing about my job is that the women here take things like this seriously. After I got the PM from the blogging creep, my boss called. I was so angry that I started crying on the phone and she was really supportive. It's nice to have that in a boss.
poodle, I am with tyger on this.
divalla - good luck with a new car!!!!

~*~*~*~job vibes for tyg~*~*~*~

What kind of car do you plan on buying, diva?

Hi kari! I'm so jealous of your picnic! That's a great idea.

ETA- Yeah, I'm gonna wake the boy up in a little bit. I woke him up once already and asked him if he needed to be somewhere, but he answered no and quickly fell back asleep. Grrr...
my ex nce let his former live in take minipixie to the grocery store around the time I was coming for her...after sitting in his living room(of our former house) for an hour, I made him call the store and have them page her over the loud speaker to bring my child home. I was pretty steamed that she had my daughter instead of him. I can't even imagine running into him when he is out with her, although he ran into us at dinner one night.....and made a huge ugly scene in the restraunt. Men!
Poodle, I'm also with Kitten and Tyger. If anything, you have full reign of your own apartment right now. Does RB have anyone else he could stay with for a week? Any progress on him finding a new permanent place?

Tyger, that sucks about getting shafted for hours. But beware of having 3 jobs. I did that the summer after freshman year, and one of them quit scheduling me altogether, another got pissed when I called in, and the other one told me to "wash my hair" when I came in with a couple of pink streaks. That's a time in my life I do not miss at all. 10 hours a day all on my feet for less than $6/hr during summer sucked ass.

Dude, I'm so not wearing "something sexy" tonight. I'm going to be there with my brother, fer chrissakes, and the giant gets to see me naked already, so no need to do anything I wouldn't normally for him. There isn't a soul there I care to impress, so they can just shove their lame little dress code. But I may wear sexy shoes just because I need to have a little height if I have any chance of seeing a damn thing, but it'll probably just be a pair of very plain black sandals with a solid base and chunky heel so I don't tip over if I end up in the mosh pit.

Hi, Marileen!!! I'm glad your party wasn't as akward as you may have thought it would be and the people were nice. Gyno checkups do indeed suck. How is it that they can just touch you a certain way inside and send cramps searing up your innards? That's just mean. But I'll definitely be at your party. Which day will it be? With any luck, I'll have a new-to-me car to show off.
Oops, cross-post with Poodle! Chances are, I'll be getting a Dodge Stratus, somewhere between 2002-2005. I'm also looking at Intrepids, Impalas, and a few other mid-sized cars. It'll definitely be an automatic with 4 doors, and cupholders. I've never had a car with cupholders before. And I'd like a moonroof, CD player (or at least fully functional AM/FM), keyless entry, and some sort of security system. I'd prefer it to be black, but I'm probably not going to get everything I want along with color, so dark blue and mint green are looking good, too, just so long as it isn't white/off-white/almond/beige. I'm going to do some more looking right now.

Ack! Oscar just deleted my post! Darn kitty! I can't get mad at him either because he stepped on the keyboard so he could rub his head on my face.

Hmph, I just tried to wake the boy up again, but no luck. He hasn't mentioned anything about moving since I last talked to him about it. He asked me a week or so ago if I would pro-rate his rent, but I doubt he'll find anything before May 15. He has no concept of time. The good thing is that he's gone most of the time. The bad thing is that he sleeps so late which, in the words of Pauly Shore, totally harshes my gig.
hey busties!!!

((turbojenn's hand and turbodogg))

Kitten--i hate hate hate stalker boys...nip this one in the bud fast....

tyger...the whole hourly jobbitty job thing sucks. alas, i am still in it myself. bah.

poodle, i am glad to hear you are your feisty self.

hi marileen! *~*~*~*home buyer vibes~**~*~

hi pixie, diva, lurv, pk and all the lurkers!

my weekend was filled with booze, good friends, good food, more booze, games, laughing, something called a scorpion(booze), denny's, disneyland, more booze, and some great food(again)..oh did i mention the jewelry/toy event with (yes, booze)....for some reason, it was a hysterical event for me...very amusing. the 'tickle his pickle' book was quite informative.

i could really go for some greasy food right now. i think i have a slight hangover...damn margaritas...
I would go with the Stratus or the Intrepid. You should also make sure the stereo is adaptable so you can hook up your ipod and listen to the Jefferson's theme while cruisin' around. If I got a car now, I'd almost prefer a tape deck because it's easy to adapt to an ipod and people are less likely to break in if there's a cassette instead of a CD player.
Hi msgoof! Hee...booze and Denny's. That reminds me of my highschool days. :-)
poods, time to get out the airhorn - if the boy's not up yet, he should be, just so you can veg out - you're home sick afterall!

YAY for diva gettin' a new ride!!

And booo-hissss for exes letting other folk take your kiddos out without notifying you! feh on them!

The more I sit at my desk today, the more I notice that my shoulder and neck are really sore...I'm gonna have to take a nice hot bath tonight, and maybe get a little back rub from turboman.

msgoof - what fun you've had!!! Sounds like a smashing weekend, and I'm glad the *toy* party was a good time!
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