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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello everyone.

FJ, sorry to the hear that you are not feeling good. I strongly support the leaving early plan. I have been doing that more than usual myself.

Pinkpoodle - yay for the new car!

Minx - congrats on quitting smoking. I can't even imagine how hard that is.

Turbo - I am glad that you saw me yesterday. I really love that little grocery store.

So, I went back to my doctor today. She thinks I may have gastritis. Sounds right. She perscribed me Previcid, something that I have been trying to avoid getting on for a few years. I have had heartburn for a few years, but I have tried self-medication and just watching what I eat to control it. At this point, I don't care. I just want to feel better. And she wants me to cut out my caffeine which just might kill me. I love drinking Coke. I try to only have it once a day, but I break that rule all the time.

Damn. sad.gif
hello babies!

Congrats on the new car, poodle! That is exciting!

Minx! You are a naughty naughty girl!

I prefer shaved nuts, myself.

diva, I love the shoes you bought. Esp the Missoni ones. Ooh-la-la. Sorry about the ones that cut you though.

Doodle, it sounds like you have a lovely vacation coming up. Nice! You deserve it, sister. Enjoy!

((FJ)) sorry you are under the weather. That is no good at all. I hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

Who am I forgetting? moxie, catsoup, mr fj, kitten....hi!

Things here are good. I am trying to make progress on this dratted report. Blah. I worked at home yesterday, that was very nice. Got a decent bit done. Then I primed the dressers we are redoing. If the paint goes on as well as the primer, I think they will be looking good.

PR tonight!
I prefer unsalted nuts m'self.
ooh, minx, I'm a little JEALOUS. Wild locations are a fantasy of mine that is only come to pass once-- well, twice actually -- outdoor sex in special quite secret locations that I or batman knew about.

Othertimes, the guy du jour copped out on me. Suggestions of mine that were ixnayed -- on a boat with a very loud engine in the room next to said engine -- movie theater (not even full out SEX) and -- what, oh, that guy that I almost made it with in the yard right under the famous Dome at MIT - a big dome that pranking geeks put things on top of -- like cows and police cars and --whatnot . This was at night when it glows pink like a big boobeh.

I'm mixed up though, minx, is this the ex asshat or the ex weasel?

ha ha, the fjs you make me laugh!!

Congratulations, poodle! ~*~*~*~good car vibes ~*~*~*~

~*~*~good health for kittenb and falljackets~*~*~

moxie! Stars talking! what did they SAY!!

Hi doodle and catsoup!

Rats Karianne, I am doing a big project and I feel so happy when I get certain parts done, but then there is more. Sometimes I love it and other times I procrastinate like. I. am. now.

must dive in for awhile...

Hi, peeps!

Congrats on your new car, Poodle! Where did you find it? Do you have a picture? Too bad it's not a big hoopde like you originally wanted, but it'll be easier to park and find parts for when it breaks.

Wow, Karianne, you're very productive. I've been working on my dresser for, um, (check watch) about 2 years. I still have 2 drawers that don't match the rest of it.


I'm glad PT went well, FJ.

I want to get a butt flush. I should really just make myself a damn appointment and just do it, not sit around thinking about it. It'd be a good way to kick start some healthy eating.

I like shaved nuts, too. I like them a lot. Sometimes I shave the giant's.

Okay, that's enough of that for the day.

Hi, Doodle, Wombat, Minx, Catsoup, Turbo, Mr. FJ, and anyone else I missed.

So, I think I'm finally finished with my brother's retirement thingy for awhile. The meeting with his trainer only took 20 minutes last night (though I made sure not to ask many questions and keep away from chatting), then my brother bought me Chinese food. Yum. I can't wait to get off work today (on time, I might add - hey, I just did) and go for a very long walk with my gay boyfriend, drink smoothies, and watch PR. It sounds like just about the most perfect summer evening.
(((((kitten's innards))))

I guess its good that you got a diagnosis, at any rate - sorry about the caffeine. I'm strange in that I appreciate my dietary restrictions, as my body will punish me if I eat too much crap food, and that helps keep me in line, food-wise. Maybe it'll be the same for you. I know its hard to kick the caffeine, but seriously (no really, seriously) a cleanse and butt flush will take all the withdrawl and cravings away. My good friend was a total caffeine junky - clean diet everywhere else, but couldn't break up with starfucks. She did a 3 days cleanse, and went (reluctantly) to my butt flush lady, and hasn't touched the stuff since. If you want the number for the colon therapist, you just let me know. wink.gif *hangs head for 2 butt flush recommendations in one day*

mr fj - really, I'm impressed. I don't think I could make a commitment to shaving anything on a regular basis!

Though, really, its pit hair that really squicks me out. I always dream of turboman shavin' em. Deoderant matted unsexy.

PR tonight - WOOT! *and the So You Think You Can Dance* finale, in case anyone else is as addicted to reality TV as I am....

speaking of large projects...I must go and interpret postal regulations now, so I can get a job off to press. Why can't USPS just speak plainly?
Wombat, that would be the ex-weasel. The one who made me 28 oz. of the best fucking salsa I have ever consumed and that I am enjoying presently. It has romas, cucumbers, lime, cilantro, onion, and what I believe to be serrano peppers. The ex-asshat did not generally initiate sex, and rarely wanted it. I once waited to see how long it would take him, to see if he might actually mention it. He didn't. I waited nearly 6-7 weeks and totally caved to my baser human needs. I do enjoy the occassional bout of exhibitionism, although I just generally like to be naughty where ever. Can we start calling him something else? Although Weasel is funny in the Paulie Shore kinda way, it still feels a little oogy..even by my loose standards.

I think that I am going to blow off the date tomorrow. He is giving me a crap-weasel vibe and me no likey.

Jumpin' Jaysus on a pogo stick, my mouth is on fire! Either my tastebuds are coming back, or this shit gets more explosively hot after a few days when the oils distribute. Who knows. It's fucking hot.

This afternoon, I have to drive another 300 miles. Gross.

Pine nuts, filbert nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, shaved nuts... tongue.gif
*joke time*

Q. what do you call nuts on a wall?
A. walnuts!

Q what do you call nuts on your chest?
A. chestnuts!

Q. what do you call nuts on your chin?
A. a dick in yo' mouf!


that even cheered ME up for a few seconds while writing it. smile.gif

((kitten)) sorry about the diagnosis, but as tj said, that's a positive step.

hi everyBUSTie else.

oh, and word on the hairy pits thing!

oh oh! diva, you're too cute with your "enough of that for today". i remember a time that you threatened to boycott the okay thread if we kept on with our sex talk. hehe.
*stomps through thready carrying "no more hairy pits" sign*

fj, that cracked me up!!

Nope, minxy, I'm not letting you off the hook with the Weasel nickname...he earned it. If we give him a kinder, gentler nickname, its just that much easier to let him slide on back into your heart and smash it some more. So have all the dirty sex you like, just remember, he's a weasel who does not deserve a woman as amazing as you. And good for you for cancelling dateboy - you don't need to invite more drama in!
Hey everyBUSTie!!!!!

I have to do a quick driveby 'cause I'm workin' soooooo hard sad.gif

((((((kitten and fj))))))

I have been catching up on the archives all day and I have to say you guys totally crack me up with all the butt flushing the outside HBI's and of course the shaved nuts, I love you all.

I have been having this issue with my son, he misses the school deadline by 5 days so I have had him in a really overly expensive daycare that has a full day accredited kindergarten program, but at this point I cannot afford for him to go a 2nd year so I was getting ready to put him in public unfortunately they only have a half day program which I could have worked out with my work schedule but I feared that he would be really bored learning his abc's again considering he can allready read and is starting to multiply numbers, on top of that, spending all that time together would not be so good, we would not like each other by the end of the year. so to make an allready long story shorter, I found a private school that I can afford (dirt cheap ) if I do volunteer work for the school they take it off of the tuition and such, and they will put him in the FIRST GRADE!!!!!!!! My baby is a big boy now, I'm soo excited for him, plus the lady that told me about it is a parent of one of his present classmates and her daughter will be in his class, so he will have some familiarity there

YAY!!!!!! for minidirf!!!! lunch boxes, backpacks, sharpened pencils, and uniforms here we come!!!!!!!!

sorry for such a self aborbed post
"harlan pepper, if you don't stop naming nuts....!!"

hi lades. i am doing boring work today but it is keeping me busy. i think tonight may be a $2 margaritas down the street from my house night, woooo. i have less interest in project runway now that bradley is off (sniff sniff) and i could use a good drunkz. i have been also cooking marvelous things lately. last night was a lentil curry and artichokes with lemon butter. who knew???? too bad i gotta eat it all by myself (again with the sniff sniff).

yay for minidirf! first day of school is sooo exciting!

minxie, be careful with the weasel.....but enjoy the hbi! i would also love any tips you have on justifying ex-sex. i do it all the time (lord, it's been over a year now) and generally we're fine. every once in a while i get the sneaking feeling that i shouldn't be, but then i stop and realize that if i end it, *I* won't be getting laid. heh.

turbo, you're a one-woman buttflush propaganda machine, wow. biggrin.gif

hi wombat! hi kitten! hi fjs! tart, i wanna see movies of your dreams, too.

HUMP DAY! *humps thread*

Deoderant matted unsexy.

I have always hated the word "armpit" and that just about made me gag.
olhakadirf - that sounds wonderful. I am really happy that you found such a great solution.

A cleanse and a buttflush, huh? That sounds hard, but if it will make the stomach pains and the caffeine headaches stop, it might be worth it.
I always thought armpit hair on a girl was sort of sexy. Not in and of itself, mind you, but if the girl was otherwise hot the armpit hair didn't detract from it and sort of enhanced it, in fact.
Damn! You guys have been busy in the last few hours!

Dammit minx!!! Am I right or am I right? *slaps knuckles with ruler* You know what I think.

Let's get our butts flushed together!!! It'll be fun!! Hee...

That's nice that your bro is done with the networking thing, diva. It was sweet of him to get you Chinese food. It sounds like you have an enjoyable evening ahead of you. The weather is perfect for smoothies and gay boyfriends.

My plans for the night involve drinking a coupla beers, watching The Song Remains the Same, and then going out to see my friends' rockabilly band. If I had my new set of wheels, I would probably drive around for a while beforehand. Oh well...I'll just have to be patient.

Of course I'm gonna pimp out my car! It's pretty boring looking right now. Here's a picture

I hate armpit hair and ball hair, too. You're right about "armpit" being a nasty name, kittenb.

~*~*~*~first grade vibes for dirfboy~*~*~*~

Hi mouse! $2 margaritas!!! I'm there!

Hi everyone!
mr fj, you are just an appreciator of all things feminine, and we love that about you!

kitten - I use BioCleanse to support the cleanse, and blend it up with water and some frozen fruit to make smoothies for breakfast and dinner, raw veggies for lunch, and dandelion tea is good for assisting detox too. I go to Partners in Wellness down on Armitage for the colonics, Kristen is my therapist, and is great (though very pregnant at the moment). And yes, I am a propagandist!

I wanna come eat at the mouse house!!!

I think you may be right, mouse, a 'rita night it shall be...but you know I'll still be glued to PR...even with out our little lost lamb, Bradley.

dirf! Congrats for you and minidirf!!! The school sounds great, and I'm so glad he'll be in first grade, where he belongs *throws confetti all over thread*
so i was all down with the chinese thing until mouse mentioned mexican. i don't really *feel* like going out, but gah would i love some tacos. mmmmm.

we really should go get groceries tonight though. not that i feel like doing that either...

yay for minidirf! that is really great that he gets to start with kids his own age and level. i was one of those kids in school that was always the youngest. my birthday was about 16 days too late, but they still let me in. i don't know why they allowed it, but i sure am glad they did! otherwise, i'd have been the oldest kid in the class instead!

i really haven't done much of anything today. i don't know if my client appreciates me being here or not. eh, at least i got a few things done. i think i'm gonna take off for home around 4:15 or 4:30 today.

mrfj and i considered going in for colonics, but the places around here make you buy a package deal and we a) don't have the dollah bills to throw down on that and cool.gif don't know if we want that kind of booty commitment...

and yes, mrfj is an appreciator of all things feminine. he even likes it when i grow a bush out every once in while. he says it traps my pheremones and makes me more attractive. when we first started seeing each other, i'd just left my ex-asshat. i was lucky enough to have gotten clothing, so razors were not a priority. i think i went about three weeks without shaving anything. and he LOVED it. he's such a dirty bird!!
As a furry-pitted lady, I thank you, Mr FJ... (for the record, Turbo, it helps if one uses the gel-type deodorant - no dandruff...)

Big Work Project is on the verge of careening off the road & exploding in a ball of fire. Thank god I'm not the senior client rep blink.gif

I'm eating candy corn, & I bit my tongue. Owie.
Would love to be able to tell you that I nobly appreciate "all things feminine" but the truth is that I started whacking off to Playboy pics during the "fur" era and you know what they say about our earliest attachments being our strongest...
I never understood the standard that says hair is ok on guys but women should be pristine and smoothe like little girls. Ugh.

Speaking as a woman who's had several relationships with other women. Sometimes hairy women. smile.gif

We need a smiley icon with hairy armpits.

I have no problem with hair whereever you wish hair to be. It's the word "armpit" that I think is gross. The actual place I have no real feelings about either way.
I just prefer "underarm" or the term I learned in massafe school,"axilla." Of course when I use it, no one knows where I am refering to. dry.gif

tart - seeing your picture here, I am reminded that I have owed you a massage for about a year now.
To expound upon the "her-sute" theme here there was a girl in one of my senior-year journalism classes in college - typical sorority-type except she had apparently never once shaved her legs so that in the spring you could easily see from a distance that they were covered in alarming wisps of blonde. I used to get so aroused just sitting there looking at her legs. I think it's partly the wild, undomesticated, animalistic thing that I dig and partly the I-don't-give-a-fuck thing. Don't get me wrong. When fj goes bald down below I'm all about it but I do like me some fur now and again.

I realize I've hit my quota of boy-posts for one day. That is all...
If it weren't 1:23 on a Wednesday afternoon, I could totally be drinking a pina colada right now....

kitten, I'm only saying armpits 'cause it freaks you out! smile.gif


The armpit hair that grosses me out is the long stuff. It reminds me of Austin Powers or something. I grew my armpit hair out once as an experiment and I didn't mind it at all. It does, however, retain more sweat, which can lead to B.O. issues. I had to shave them for my sister's wedding.

Diva, you'd be so proud of me. Last night, I decided that my music collection was severely lacking in Pink Floyd stuff, so I downloaded the rest of Dark Side of the Moon (except for Time, because it drives me bonkers). It's so relaxing as a whole. You don't even need drugs to be swept away by it...although it would definitely be fun with a little extra something.
Dirf, I am really happy about your son's school situation. How exciting!

I don't think I could ever grow about my pit hair or leg hair. I just feel too dirty when it gets long at all. Same for coochie hair.

I once dated a dude who liked to smell my pits. I think he wished I would leave off the deoderant sometimes, he said he thought a slight BO smell was hot. ?

I need to go to the grocery tonight too. I was trying to make it to the weekend w/o going, but I don't think I have anything to bring for lunch tomorrow & nothing to cook for dinner tonight or tomorrow. FJ, we had pesto last night too. Good stuff.

I would love a cocktail right about now. My back's been aching all afternoon, booze seems to help.
*writes kari a 'scription for 2 cocktails for her aching back* Who else wants some?

Turboman should be home in 1 hour - yippee!

I don't wear deoderant. so there. Just about anything, even the rock salt stuff, gets my *ahem* axillas all mean and red and angry, so I generally swab a little bpal on my pulse points and shoulders and call it good. I don't think I smell foul, though it would be horrible if I just didn't know.... blink.gif

Ok, ladies - I am homeward bound - see ya'll later! 5 hours to PR!
Ha! That's funny/strange.

I too went to private kindergarten which was just a better kind of daycare as far as my mom was concerned. Plus it was really close to our house and was in a greenhouse with tennis courts, a playground and a softball field. It was the Mens Club.

I don't know if they still have Men's Clubs. What a weird concept.

Anyway, I was born in November so I was on the cusp -- my mom put me in the higher year mostly because she didn't want to PAY for two years.... in some ways it's cool to be the youngest -- I finished high school at 17 and moved to the city! And in some ways it stank because there are certain years in which a half-year older can make you a whole lot ahead. I think I am always DRIVEN to do things well, school and otherwise, and be really frantic about it. Like I had to learn how to ride a bike in third grade or I would have just been LEFT BEHIND when all my friends went off somewhere. Always trying to be big enough and good enough for people who are older kind of sucks. If I was in the grade behind I could have RULED THE SCHOOL. I know this cause when I hung out with those kids in the neighborhood it was fun to be ahead instead of playing catch up.

But the drive can be a good thing... back to project -- I'm pretty psyched actually!!

Tonight -- results show for Rock Star Supernova!! Did any of you see "Storm Large" last night? I forget what song she was covering, even, but she took some fairly mild song and tried to rock it out by acting all tough-guy and in the middle, she let out this GROOWOOWOWOLL that was supposed to be sexy and both me and batman and like, the guys in Supernova just SCREAMED with laughter. That show is the bomb...

Question: Should I buy tickets for the "KROQ Inland Invasion" this Saturday and go all the way to LA to see Axl and the Axlarians?! I have a vacation due and the show is Septemer 23rd. Besides Axl there is Alice in Chains and Buckcherry.
ooooh oooooh! come to LA! laugh.gif
*queues up for cocktails*

ETA: hey, if you get to change the text under your name when you hit 500 posts, what do you get when you hit 5,000? I'm almost there!
Wait--I get to change the "advanced member" thing? How do I do that? I looked under "my controls" and I can't seem to find it.

*takes huge swig of cocktail*
it's kind of funny that you are talking about how many posts you have doodle cause you are the top lady, you have the most posts of anyone on the entire board

bust facts as of about 3 this afternoon,

there are 7720 registered users

but only 1678 users have posted at least one time

1244 users have posted at least 2x

1050 have posted at least 3x

196 users have posted over 100x

43 have posted over 500x

and only 11 have posted over 1000x

and to top the cake as i said before doodle rocks the queendom at 4911 posts or even more at this point

and by the way I am on page 31 not that that means anything smile.gif
Hee! It's only b/c I haven't been dingoed....well, no, I was dingoed once, but that was three years ago...5,000 posts / 3 years / 365 days = about 4.5 posts a day. Just so nobody's thinking I spend every waking hour here! smile.gif

poodle, go into My Controls, then click on Edit Profile Information. Type in something where it says Custom Member Title.

I made a late lunch/early supper (lupper? linner? dunch?) of chicken soup....and I spilled hot soup on my thigh and burned myself! And I yelled. (It HURT!) And I think I scared Carmella.

ETA: OMFG, you guys, it's only NINE DAYS TILL BLUE RODEO!!!!!!!!!
doodle, i don't see that option when i try to change my title

my little one had his physical for school today and quick history my dad died from heart disease, i have high bp and when my son had his taken today it was 100 over 40 the dr. (who is a friend of mine and would tell me the truth) said i didn't need to worry, only if it were over 102 HULLO!!!! that's only 2 pts. I'm trying not to freak but with the family history, i'm worried......any suggestions?

speaking of hair, I have never slept with anyone who is shaved, on the other hand I feel I need to be hair free in the private area, it just *feels* cleaner. but with my pits and legs, you never know what you're gonna get wink.gif
*passes some more COCKtails 'round the thread*

Dirf - I think you can only change your title after 500 get posting woman!
takes COCKtail, removes the tail wink.gif and counts one more post, only like 450 to go!!!!!!
I want you all to know that I just shaved my ARMPITS in the shower. And I blame you all.

I didn't do the legs, though. I prefer the chemical burning option for that (aka Nair), 'cause the stubbles don't grow back all prickly (and also I always cut myself with the blade). I'm saving that task till the last minute, before I go to the Coast.

*throws away paper umbrella and downs cocktail*

I just watched Bend it Like Beckham again. I love that movie! Plus I have all the music, so I kept chair-dancing....
Hirsuite Hermanas, I like me a bit o' funk.
Hirsuite Hermanas, I like a little fur on yo junk.
Hey Pretty Mommas, I like it when I smell yo thang.
Hey Pretty Mommas, I like it when it makes Mr. FJ spring.

That is my one and only ode to hair, stank, and gettin' sprung for the BUST Okayers. tongue.gif
Last night, I decided that my music collection was severely lacking in Pink Floyd stuff, so I downloaded the rest of Dark Side of the Moon (except for Time, because it drives me bonkers). It's so relaxing as a whole. You don't even need drugs to be swept away by it...although it would definitely be fun with a little extra something.

This made me laugh... The first time I really listened to Pink Floyd (I was in high school. I think) I thought to myself, "this must be what it feels like to be high." It's pretty damn close! I love me some Pink Floyd.

And Tart, where'd you get candy corn this early? Around here (Philly, although it's the same in upstate NY, where I grew up) you can't get it until September.

Mornin' ladies!

Minx, that sounds like a Missy Elliot song. Maybe you should be a hip-hop arteest.

I don't know what to tell ya about your blood pressure, dirf, other than that a buttflush would probably take care of the problem. wink.gif

Pink Floyd brings back memories of making out with my highschool boyfriend. I'm not a huge PF fan, but I do appreciate the basics and I think DSOTM is a great album.

I didn't end up going out last night. Instead, I cleaned the crap out of my kitchen and bathroom. I don't feel the urge to clean very often, so I feel like I should take full advantage of it when I do.

ETA - I'm addicted to Rockstar Supernova, too, wombat. I missed it on Tues though, so I didn't see the Storm scream. I'm so glad that Zayra got the boot last night. She's such a cheeseball and her singing is awful.
*dances around the thread to minxy's beats*

Mornin' ladies!

Can someone explain to me why its not Friday yet? I'd really rather this morning be Friday....

I think mostly, I want the guest doggies to go home NOW...we have them until Saturday night, unfortunately. boo. But, we're going to make them pay us back real soon...I'm thinking maybe we'll take the week of Labor Day off work, and swing up into WI, go see the House on the Rock, visit friends, and make a cheap vaca of it.

I need to clean my kitchen too. The floors are feeling rather beachy these days...and laundry needs doing. Maybe I'll have a 'rita or two this evening, put on some good tunes, and rock it out like poodle.
good morning chicas!

feeling much more human today. only symptom left is the super-sore throat. not achy like yesterday, just a slight pull in my back and that's pretty much normal for me. so, yay! maybe i'll be completely mended by the weekend.

i really need to scrub my floors all through the house. we have hardwood throughout the entry, living and dining rooms and tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. i've never cleaned hardwood floors before. i think i might just take the swiffer mop to it this weekend and see what that does. i know anytime anything is spilled on the hardwood, the towel used to clean it up is nearly black when i'm done... you can't *see* the dirt on the floor, but it's definitely there!

i dig PF but i have to be in the right mood for it. funny, i just realized that another brick in the wall is playing right now on the radio in one of the workshops adjacent to my office. thank goodness they've gotten away from that damnedable country music that they used to play. if i had to hear alabama and george strait again i don't know what i was going to do!!

i like minxy's beats, yo! wink.gif mrfj got a mention! hehehe

oh, and i meant to say this earlier in the week but wasn't in the mood to type it: i had fresh corn on the cob on last friday night. it WAS from a grocery store but WOW it was soooo good. yummy bi-color corn. mmm-mmm-mmmm! i bought more last night. oh, and i think i vary in the way i eat it: typewriter sometimes, spinner sometimes. i'll have to pay more attention next time...

should be getting some work done. i heard a commercial this morning on the radio about adult adhd. i think i might have it. i answered yes to all their little questions. yes, i put off tasks that require concentration. yes, i have trouble staying organized. yes, i forget what i'm doing and lose focus in the midst of...

let's go ride bikes!!

werd, minx. werd.

fj, re: adhd. OF COURSE you have those symptoms. We all do. I wonder if huge pharm companies have anything to do with those commer--- nah. That's just crazy talk. Corporations would never use subterfuge to scare us into buying their products.
Fj, you are too funny! At first I didn't get it, I had to reread your last paragraph.
Glad you are feeling better!

I wanna change what it says under my avatar but first I have to think of what to change it to.

Dirf, that would freak me out too-the BP. What did your doctor say to do about it?

Doodles, when do you leave?

How's everyone this AM? Pretty good here, nothing much goin' on. Which is A-OK by me. I must be productive on my project today b/c I won't be in the office tomorrow. Have to go to a conference.
I had a nice evening last night. I made fish tacos for myself & a friend who came over to watch PR. Has anyone else noticed that groceries are getting more & more expensive? I swear I can't get out of the store for less than $50, even if I just get a few items. It sucks. Anyhoo, then Mr K came home, my friend left, and I got a hot HBI.

Whatca got going on this weekend ladies? Mine is looking busy. Friday I am going to dinner with a group of gals. Saturday I think my friend & I are going to lunch & then we are all playing poker that night. Sunday...don't know yet, but it's my birthday so hopefully something. Maybe MR K will take me to dinner.
Okay, this blows...

I forgot how stressful it is to do bills (you know, since forever), but I always chainsmoke and drink coffee during. Well, none of that is in front of me and I am super-stressing because the district fucked us and I have to live on one fucking paycheck for the next four weeks. While I concede that this is probably laden with contradictions, I am just shaking right now.


*does the Godzilla stomp over Linden Hills* ph34r.gif
**hands minx a cup of coffee and a cigarette**

here you go. I just made the coffee. Hope you don't mind if the cigs are menthols, though.
(((((minxy))))) I do all my billz online - takes 3 minutes, maybe that could be a new process for you - not make the cravings so bad...and besides - its fast and easy, no stamps involved!

Yay for FJ feeling better.
I swear the advent of email and internet cut my attention span drastically. I'm not sure the multi-tasking world is really the best thing we've come up with.

Super good news this morning - the NYT article my boss and I have been working on for three weeks with a NYT staff reporter finally got published today - ON THE COVER!! Wooot, wooot!! And the photos on the online version are gorgeous...I'm still working on getting links on their to our org, and the online e-learning courses I work on that were really the starting point for the article, but I guess you can't have everything. Adoption Article

Plans? I gots no plans for the weekend!!!! And I am SO excited about that! I'm thinking about having some neighborhood peeps over for dinner, but that's about it.

And Word, kari, on the grocery bills...I spend at least $100 a week on groceries these days - and there's only two of us! But, half of that goes to local farmers, and they charge more at the markets, but I like supporting that's good, right?
((((minx)))) don't deprive yourself completely! go ahead and drink some nice strong coffee. but none of this crap they call coffee here at work. ewwwww! it's horrible!

*sigh* i really need to take a tip from turbo and start getting up earlier for some "me" time. i could make my own coffee, lounge on the couch and watch tv, do some early morning busting. maybe i'd be more productive at work if i did.

of course, that also means getting my butt to bed at night before midnight.
yikes! i spent $310 last night on groceries. of course, i bought a few lotions and a cool herbal back pain wrap dealio. and i got lots of food. and four bottles of wine. and a bottle of champagne. and...

but i won't be going back for about three weeks or so, just to get veggies and fresh stuff.
GREAT!! Article Turbo! It sheds a good light on adoption in general, and transracial adoption specifically. I often do wonder why international adoptions from asian and african countires is more "accepted" than domestic adoptions of racially different babies...doesn't seem the end is different, eh? But, i was asked my whole life if I was adopted, b/c mom is white, and we're brown. Its happening again now, too...someone asked me when we "got" moxette...cause she is a white-white girl, and I'm, well, not.
fj - I am a morning person though, so morning is my favorite time of day...its getting sad now, though, because sunrise is getting later and later. I always walk the dog, make breakfast, pack my lunch, and get a start on dinner prep before work. I do get into the office at 7:15am, though, so that's my morning leisure time. Once the sun starts to set, I turn into a sloth, and just want to relax.

I think part of the reason int'l adoption is so popular is also the certainty of there being a child for you. With most domestic adoption agencies (not ours), you could be on a waiting list for a domestic infant (of any color) for years and years, with no promise of int'l comes with some level of guarantee that you will have a child at the end of the process. Sure, more families could adopt through child welfare, but they don't, because that system is so frought with complications, and the state child welfare agencies do not really have the resources to prepare and train their families for the challenges of raising a child that has had several disruptions in their life. About 65% of our placements (both domestic and international) are now transracial.

I'm sorry you're getting the adoption stuff second time around...moxette is very clearly your child, and will only look more like you as time goes on! And she's cute cute cute!
Good morning all.
Well after my usual post Project Runway argument with my best friend, my morning is off to a typical start. I am a morning person, too. Which is good b/c it's the best gym time. I think Turbo is a little more of a morning person than me. I don't do anything on the days that I have to be at work at 7 AM.

moxiegirl - my mom's g/f's daughter is multiracial. We've gotten that question. I think she looks just like her mother but it took the mother a few years to see it herself. It was all in the bone structure.

The cost for my stomach meds was $30. When they told me that, I said "But I have insurance." This is the first time I have needed meds that cost me more than $10. Apparently, Previcid costs almost $300 for a bottle of 60. I almost fainted. Good thing I don't have weekend plans, I guess.
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