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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi diva!

"marked down 70%" Heh...that's the phrase most commonly used by the true shoe addict. smile.gif

I'm glad you had a good solo day. Sorry I didn't get back to you on Saturday. I was busy sleeping off my rusty nail hangover.

Your eyes are not small and your arms are not too fat. The Lindsey Lohan thing is so funny. Did you say anything when he mentioned that?

Ugh. I have a lack-of-good-sleep headache. Please, please, please, please, please let there be insufficient time for a staff meeting. *crosses fingers*
Hello everyone! Thanks for the lovely thoughts on my decorating! I'm too vain to blush. Heh. No, you can never have too many plants. Yes, I would do a decor tour if I was sponsored, but I hafta stay at unionized hotels. Yes, I love the Ikea chair being lime green - I don't know WTF Ikea is thinking with their colour selection sometimes. Yes, my kitties ARE beautiful accessories. Did I mention that Carmella somehow weaseled her way into sleeping on the bed at night, after I bought the new bedlinens? Georgie's bed is on top of the deep freeze inside the closet, and he seems to prefer that just fine. were thinking maybe I was doing one of those new agey moonlight-on-the-water killer whale paintings? smile.gif Why d'ya not post pics of your decor in the decor thread, btw???? And how on earth do you paint your walls up to the ceiling w/o taping off the ceiling? I have no skills in that area at all. (I DO have 2 roller shaped splotches of green paint on my popcorn ceiling though....about a foot out from the edge. I don't want to talk about it.)

You too, karianne...I wanna see pics! (Though I confess I first read your post to say you and the mr. were stripping over the weekend...)

turbo, ugh, I'm so sorry the Parental Invasion is so stressful for you. I must say, you turned out brilliantly wonderful, esp. considering how much criticism you are subjected to!!! smile.gif

wombat, you just made me crave corn on the cob. I wonder if it's too early....I know an organic farmer about 45 minutes out of town....hmm....

mouse, I couldn't follow Syrianna either. I think I'm just too dissociative right now!

diva, back scratchers are brilliant things. I have two of them. What kind of shoes did you buy, besides the evil pair? You and shoes = me and plant stuff. Must. Stop. huh.gif

kittenb, I hope you feel better soon.

PK, how is working in the lounge going? Has that rotten group of people ever come back?

poods, your continually changing avatars keep freaking me out. tongue.gif

gigi, welcome to Okayland!

miz gb, may I please have some cocoa too?

Oh, and moxie? I just want you to know that song was the first one that popped into my head this morning, after I read your post, and now I can't get the fucker OUT. ARGH! blink.gif
Uhhhh....I am so sleepy this afternoon. I thought a brisk walk at lunch would help wake me up...nope. Still tired. I think I'm going to skip spin class this afternoon and go home and take a nap instead! tongue.gif

Doodle, your killer whale painting is AMAZING...I didn't scroll down far enough to see it yesterday - you are SO talented, and that whale has got a mighty spirit! I just wanna curl up on the couch at your house and have a cup of tea and take in all the beauty you've created for yourself!

*hands out freshly picked Illinois sweet corn to all takers*

I think I pretty much live on heirloom tomatoes and sweet corn this time of year - I eat as much corn as I can handle for the 4 weeks a year its good. And I do not believe in grocery store bought sweet corn, in fact, there is only one farmer at our saturday market who I will even buy from, as his corn is always the best. I'm such a produce snob - but that's what you get growing up in farm country, I guess.

Diva, I've never really been able to scartch my back much at all - I've always thought it was a function of short arms...turboman is my back scratcher!

I need to start figuring out somewhere to go for a quick vacation at the end of the month, but all the great deals are for hot I'm thinking mexico in august might not be to my liking. Got any great recos for Canada, doodle?

((((((no stupid staff meeting for poodle)))))
yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. fresh corn. mmmmmmmmmm. thanks, jenn!!

doodle, you KNOW how awesome i think your abode is! you and doodle mom KICK ASS. i would put myself in your hands ANY day. (heeeee!)


maybe.....karianne and her mr were stripping to do the stripping????

*great visual!*

everyone has been SO industrious this past weekend. i feel like a total DORK in comparison! i worked most of saturday. came home and conked out. sunday, bought some new shower curtains for my 2 baths. hung them up. played with meems. slept. watched nip tuck. watched casablanca and the maltese falcon. napped. ate yummy fresh papaya. was, overall, a sloth. i think sloths are really cool. they just sort of lie around a lot, in the trees. they are called "perisosos" in spanish -- which essentially means "lazy ones".


*flings self at divalla!*

what is national diva day? i know about intergalactie a day, but.....

what do the shoes LOOK like??

everyone needs to post pix!!! please???

ms. goof ball: let me massage those pooooooor feet of yours. i'll leave the blisters alone, promise!

i NEED to go to las vegas. just because i have never been. yes, i do.

MOI, PK!!! that is how i approach being with my family en masse: i pretend that i am in a Fellini movie! it works surprisingly well. especially when i make a POINT of trying to find the dwarf!

divalla, you do NOT have small eyes! what the FRELL is THAT supposed to mean??? your eyes are exactly the right size. this guy was obviously off his feed. i mean? expecting you to buy something because anorexic past all control or comprehension Lindsay Lohan LIKES it???? um. maybe not such a great selling tactic. i hope you mentioned something!!

LISTEN UP, kitten b's tummy! you just straighten up and make yourself well, hear me??? GOT IT??? she has MUCH better things to do that worry about YOU!!!

eeeps. i have no idea how long this post is by now.

i was JUST SO EXICITED at the chance to post when everyone else is STILL THERE!!!!!
You know poods....a 3 hour staff meeting is just life proving that EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN. Yes, It Does.

OMGWTFBBQ!!!!111!!1 TESAO!!!!

*pounces on tesao and rolls her around on the floor, covering her with big, sloppy, wet smooches*

I'm so glad you like my place. Wanna come over to my purple and green bedroom?

*wink, wink*

Thanks for the killer whale compliments, turbo. You're welcome to curl up on my couch any time! If you weren't travelling at the end of August, I'd tell you to just come here and stay with me! But my mama will be here then. Anywhere in B.C. is beautiful this time of year. B.C. is Canada's playground. Vancouver is beautiful and lively with festivals and concerts right now. Though Vancouver Island is lovely and ecclectic, too...and lots of the little islands are fantastic, in a hippie/artsy sort of way. Also, Haida-Gwaii, aka the Queen Charlotte Islands, which are more north. And the Okanagan is just hopping with beaches and pow wows and wine-tastings and pick-em-yourself orchards. You JUST missed the Okanagan summer wine festival, though. Poopies.

Fuck it, just come to B.C.!

ETA: I forgot, I was gonna ask everyone a question:

Do you eat your corn on the cob by twirling it around and around, or by charging straight across like a typewriter?
tes!!! I'm going to have exactly your day of vegging tomorrow, and I shall think of you as I eat mango in the bath...'cause there's no better place for sexy mango slices, than in a hot bubbly tub!

BC, is just about at the top of my list Doodle, so you may get a visit from us, if the stupid US gov't would give me my frelling passport and birth certificate! I'm guessing our trip would be at the earliest beginning on the 31st of August, but we might head out 'round the 5th of Sept. or so...we'll see. It all depends on flights and hotels and such...the usuals.

tes - it is SO good to see you here!! And how many days is it until your supremo vacay with mr hb????
((diva)) I'm sorry you were feeling down on Friday night. That's no good. You are the shoe queen though! Wowzers, 5 pairs?? You buy the best shoes though & you always manage to find them at such deep discounts! Your diva day sounds lovely.

Stripping furniture you sickos! Though I did tackle Mr K on Saturday afternoon, was feeling rather frisky. I believe I took him by surprise, but he liked it.

Ms gb, I didn't know you were going to Vegas over the weekend! Sounds like you had a blast. I bet you are tired though.

I use my hairbrush to scratch my back.

Poodle, I hope your staff meeting is short & painless. At least your boss will be gone for 2 weeks!

I can't seem to get a grip on this work project. I feel all disorganized & like there is too much information to include. Bah.
turbo- you just need a birthcert. and DL to cross the border via alnd crossing. If your passport is late, you could fly intio seattle and rent a car.
mmm...thanks tes! i'll take that foot massage ***passes out hot cocoa***

but my toe that got smashed is the worst of it. i finally got a really good look at it last nite...not bruised but the nail has lifted and its swollen...not fun for wearing anything but flip flops and walking is awkward.

last nite on the way back, we watched 'kill bill 1 & 2'...can i say FREAKING AWESOME?!?! also, mcfattys is putting out mini hummer vehicles in their happy meals....that supplied many a joke over the entire weekend... biggrin.gif

i'm starving...and the vending machine is on the verge of empty and gross... dry.gif

You make BC sound great!

Now that I've gotten a moment to see picture-- I like your place, doodle! -- and Mouse, I like your t-shirt too!

corn: used to be typewriter, but find it easier to go round the other way at this point!

Hi moxie! I see you are leading poodle down the evil metal path \m/. Not that she needs to be lead!

Divalla -- I think this is the first summer I've worn sandals for a really long time. And the first time I've found cute little girly shoes that don't kill my feet. I was wearing boots and sneakers with the occasional pair of loafers for YEARS ON END>

I don't think I could EVER reach between my shoulder blades -- fat or no, you are far more limber than I, my dear!
(((((((ms gb's toe)))))) Ouch. I have just now recovered from losing my big toenail after getting it stomped by a drunk boy at my brother's wedding. I hope your toe heals more gracefully than mine!

moxie - the gov't has my birth until I get my passport, I go nowhere. Flights into BC are $400+ poo. Maybe we'll just head to Seattle anyhow...or see if my bro will let us crash at his new pad in Denver...
Hey turbo, after the 5th might work....not sure when doodlemama is going home, probably the 6th/7th/8th?

One caveat....those 1st 2 weeks in September will be kind of hellish on the ferries, if you're planning to go to Vancouver Island. Lots of students being hauled around by families to attend various universities then. Be sure to book any ferry in advance wherever you can!

Travelling to Canada is fairly simple....I'm not sure about getting back into the U.S. In theory, you aren't required to have a passport (if you are U.S.-born) until the end of this year (air/sea) and the end of next year (land border).

BC Ferries
Tourism BC
Me More Specifically

(ETA: my beach is visible in the pic at that last link, just "above" the bridge and on the right bank of the river)

wombat! I don't need to make B.C. sound IS great! It's wild and beautiful! And thanks, btw!

Sometimes I scratch my back with a fork. Yes, I wash it after.

X-posted with turbo! It is expensive to fly here, but pretty cheap to drive across the border, esp. from Seattle!
Backscratching methods, in order of preference:

1) boyfriend
2) hairbrush
3) fork

The Arrogant Worms have a couple songs for you -- "Canada's Really Big" and "Rocks and Trees"
Here are my new shoes: (these were 70% off!) (I got these with white straps. these are the ones that CUT ME)

My others are a pair of very cheap, very comfy Clarks with 2-tone blue canvas and a pair of Liz Claiborne flat orange slides with a buckle on top.

I eat my corn off the cob like a typewriter. And I'm very specific about only chewing off 4 rows at a shot, so it looks nice and clean all the way across.

TESAO!!!!!!!!!!! National Angie Day is my day off to go out and do whatever I want with nobody to slow me down. I usually do them in the middle of the week on a hookey day, but I decided to do it yesterday. And sweetie, if anyone has earned a lazy day, it's you.

I told the guy at the makeup counter that I didn't much care for Lindsey Lohan. He thinks she's a very nice girl and she's going to grow up to be a lovely actress. But still, I've never minded my deathly palor or my "small" eyes, so he can go screw himself. All I wanted was another tube of mascara, although he did sell me some concealer, only because I haven't been able to find my MAC stuff for months now, and I could really use some concealment under the eyes.

(((((((( Ms GB's toe )))))))))

I wonder if Poodle is still in her staff meeting. No worries about Saturday, girl. You didn't miss much and I'm glad you had fun drinking your old man drinks with your old friends.

Ya'll....I just have to tell you just how amazingly talented our Diva is!!! She so kindly gifted me with one of her stunning purses and gorgeous necklaces for designing her booth banner. I am in love with both pieces, and the purse is really absolute cheeky perfect - I'm proud to carry it anywhere!!

I ended up staying late at work tonight, which was no fun, but at least I have the day off tomorrow. I stopped at my favorite veg restaurant for a salad and piece of decadent vegan chocolate peanut butter cake, so there's that. AND, I get to sleep in tomorrow and laze about the house - YAY!

Doodle, I totally want to come to BC now!! I'm gonna do some research tomorrow!
i want to see pictures of both! banner and diva stuffs!

i am currently cooking dinner and i have no idea how it is going to turn out. it is involving peppers, onions, mango and chicken sausage. it MAY be delicious. i think i will cook some wild rice on the side.
boooooooooooooooooooooooooom diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia!!!!

bom bom bom

bi bi bim bom

bom bom diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

i am on my lunch bread (it is 13:42 here) and i am allowing myself the luxury of busting!

doodle, did i ever tell you that my bedroom in the states with mr. hotbuns is purple and green??? hee! here, it is just mostly green and neutral (i'm renting a furnished flat)

diva, that sounds like a WONDERFUL idea! i'm muito glad that you take good care of yourself! (and your shoes kick ass. you have THE best taste in shoes!!!)

mouse, it SOUNDS delicious!! how was it???

(((((jenn))))) hope you are having a great time (well, probably sleeping still right now!) in the bubbles eating drippy mangoes. you deserve time off!

Good morning my sunshiney busties!!!

Fortunately, there was no staff meeting yesterday. Phew! Our staff meetings are always so grueling because we go through every single job and my boss rambles on and on.

That first pair of sandals looks really cute, diva, and I can totally see you in that second pair. They're gorgeous!

Last night, my dad and I drove down to my hometown to look at cars at his favorite auto dealer (such a "dad" thing). I didn't really find anything, but I did rule out Lincolns. They're just too much car. My dad and I discussed the possibility of me buying his car and him upgrading to a lower mileage one. It's a newer Taurus that doesn't look or run weird, so that would be great. We'll see what happens. I'm still gonna look for other cars.

I'm not really a meat person, mouse, but that meal sounds super yummy!

Hi tes!!!!

"Canada's Really Big" Hahahaha!!!

I'm sorry my avvie changes are freaking you out doodle. I just couldn't stand looking at Steve Perry anymore. Besides, this avatar feature was made for image dorks like myself. smile.gif You should be excited! What will poodle come up with next? *rubs hands together devilishly*

Good things about today:
- The boss lady is gone forever!!!! Well, not "forever," but for a really long time.
- I downloaded The Song Remains the Same, so I get to watch that tonight.
- I converted the Another One Bites the Dust video so I can watch it on ipood.
- I have stuff for making yummy fresh burritos.
- My cats are really cute.
Good mornin'!

Ah, tes, sadly there was no sleeping in for me today. Those doggies were not tricked by my taping a dark sheet over the sliding glass patio door, and still woke me up at 5am, and every 10 minutes thereafter. Its like the most painful snooze alarm in the world. I just should've taken them back to their house at bedtime last night, and picked them up in the morning. I'm really looking forward to their owners coming home on Saturday - I want my sleep!!

But, still, I'm not working today, which means - NAPS! And I'm going to go to a spin class, I think, and then maybe take just my dear sweet turbo to a flamenco guitar concert in the park with some friends.

YAY for poodle dodging the staff meeting yesterday!!! Bustie vibes are the best!

Now, I think I'll take my crack at that first nap!
Heya, Ladies!

Damn, Doodle. You might just find me camped out on your front doorstep some morning... I've threatened many times over the years to put my Canadian birth certificate to use & leave the States once & for all, but it was all talk & a badge. Your BC salespitch, however, may have changed that... if only we didn't have grandparents to consider. Phooey.

Good Things Tuesday:

-I smell deeelish (BPAL's Bastet, all incense & spice & saffron)
-Tartlet is rolling like a champ, and is so darn cute I didn't even mind his super perky wake-up at 2:30 this morning (and guess who's 4 months old tomorrow!)
-The $8 bottle of reisling I bought tastes better than the $25 bottle I bought last time
-Big Work Project is finally squealing & grinding into motion, so I have something to DO today
-It is absolutely gorgeous out today, so I'm going to take my lunch down the street to the playlot & dine al fresco...
-Mmmm, is that a sweet bit o' Daltrey?

I see Turbo, & Poodle, & Tes, & Mousie, & Diva, & Wombat, & Dooodlynoodly!
morning all!

power outage at work yesterday kept me from busting. i went home early, got dressed to go to PT and when i got there, was reminded that it's TODAY, not yesterday. i wish i'd have known. a power nap would have been divine!

*very jealous of turbo today!*

i started feeling sort of poopy yesterday with a sore throat and body aches. the aches, i attributed to my painting all weekend. but i woke up today with a fever and more aches and a REALLY sore throat. if it wasn't for the power outage yesterday, i would have slept in and just arrived late to work.

but instead, i poured up some OJ in my squeeze bottle and i'm alternating between sips of juice and coffee this morning.

i have much to do, but don't want to do it.

alas, must work.

but! today is mrfj's payday and after PT (if i feel like it) i'm going to go get some yummy groceries tonight. our cupboards are nearly bare. last night, i scrounged up a packet of pesto mix and rotini, and then burped it all night. next time, i'm just going to make it fresh. i can't believe i went with the crappy packet anyway.

diva, i like your shoes. the second pair are my faves. i want to see your purses too! i'm looking for a really cute bag for fall. i need to splurge on something like that for myself. i usually get my bags off the clearance rack at target. i know... *hangs head in shame*
Hey Everyone!

I've been lurking but haven't had much to say. I still don't but I wanted to post anyway.

FJ, when you write PT I always think you mean you're going to run laps and all the other exercise stuff TB had to do when he was in the marines.

Poodle, the revolving door of avatars throws me for a loop, too. But I totally understand why you do it. I need a new one. I just found the first monarch butterfly picture I could because I wanted one so badly but I don't really like the picture. There's a picture online of my monarch tattoo, maybe I should use that instead.

We had a busy weekend. I feel like we haven't had much down time since we got back last week. Friday right after work we met TB's parents, sister, and her bf for dinner and then went to a play. Saturday I went to a bridal shower for TB's cousin's fiance with his mom and sis and then in the early evening we had a bbq/housewarming/engagement party for a different cousin of TB's. Sunday we had "linner" (not lunch, not dinner) with his family. Phew. It was a big TB's family weekend and it all went fine. No problems, no me getting pissed at his father, no fights. I just wish TB would realize how much family time it was and give me some credit and praise.

FJ, I hope you feel better soon. It really sucks to be sick in the summer. I had/have a weird cold thing and keep taking sudafed. I hadn't taken sudafed in years and forgot how much I love it. I love the little red pills that look like red hots and I love the buzz I get from it. I really kinda love taking medicine. I know that's sort of fucked up. I blame it on my grandfather, great grandfather, and great uncle being pharmacists. It's in my blood. I can't help it. smile.gif

Must do some work now. I have an appt with the psychiatrist today. I hate psychiatrist appts. Just give me my prescriptions for my antidepressants and leave me alone. I have a lovely psychologist who I see for therapy and I do all my talking then and there.
Hello everyone....just got up about awhile ago, and killed my brain writing a post in the CBC thread. So anyway, I haven't had a chance to read today's posts yet, is what I'm saying.

I had an odd dream last night about meeting this guy and making a really strong connection....except it wasn't a guy I would normally dream about and go, "Hey, sexy." Just an ordinary guy, my age, very tall, a bit chubby, with a bit of a paunch, and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. In my dream, I was working in a new building, and he was a security guard. Which is now going to have me looking twice at security guards when I see them....maybe it's....a SIGN! *gasp* rolleyes.gif
*yawns* Hey ya'll....I just woke up, yikes, I slept for 3 hours! My body must've needed this day off more than I thought. No chance of spin class now - it starts in 10 minutes, and is 20 minutes away. Oh well. I'm just going to run a couple errands, and get some yummy spelt bread for a grilled tuna and tomato for dinner, and sit outside with a book this afternoon.

I just peeled and sliced 3 quarts of peaches and put them on a sheet tray in the freezer for future smoothie consumption this winter - YUM. I'm geting to the point where there is nothing else in my freezer but fruit now, and some old flours and things hanging out in there are going to have to go to make room. Turboman thinks I'm crazy, but whatever, its a lot cheaper than buying frozen fruit at the store, and so much tastier.

catsoup, I used to "raise" monarchs when I was a kid. We grew milkweed all along the long fence next to our driveway, and as soon as the caterpillars started to get really huge, we'd bring them in and place them in jars with milkweed with screen on the top, where they would hang and create their chrysalis. Nearly everyday we had a few monarchs to release - it was magical everytime. There were some nasty caterpillars that also lived on the milkwweed and would eat the big monarch 'pillars every chance they got. We foiled their progress and allowed as many butterflies as possible to light off into the air. good times.

(((((FJ feel better soon))))

I'm not even going to check my work email there! pfffft.

Now, I think I'll take myself out to lunch. Catch ya'll later.
fj go get some airborne! i felt like i was getting awful sick a couple of days ago and just took airborne all day and it never happened. genius i tells you.

heh heh heh...."linner".

tart! i smell like "imp"! yum

doodle! keep an eye out for security guards, hey! i keep having dreams about making out with my friends. i can't decide if this is weird or not.

pood, i like your avatar changes. keeps me on my toes.

shhhhhh don't wake turbo.....

bom gia tes! when my CE was in brazil recently he said he got his friend to tell him how to say "you're no fun", which he would then tell random people in bars. he is a strange and funny one, for sure.

my dinner, in fact, WAS delicious--i threw a little bit of cumin in at the end which went well with the mango, and did make wild rice too. i have leftovers today for lunch. mmm.

my boss' dog died so we got her flowers and a card today....i never know what to say or write on cards like that for people like your boss. meh. i feel bad for her though, that dog was her baby.
a security guard, doodle? hmmm...maybe its your subconscious telling you something....or maybe it was completely random.

i am sooooo sleepy...the bosses just left...although i think there's one or two more....dunno. i need a day off...i still haven't unpacked from vegas. bah. but its good things tuesday so here i go...

good things

-a costco size bottle of advil that i snaked from heather in vegas rolleyes.gif
-i'm wearing slippers and my comfy turtleneck sweater.
-breakfast and an actual lunch.

thanks for the vibes on my toe. it is bruised--a grayish cast to it--but not horrible--still swollen and leaking clear fluids. bah. i might put some drawing salve on it to suck the fluids out. but its affecting my walking which is not good.

tartlet is rolling!!! omg. wow...he's moving fast!
((happy sleeping vibes for turbo))
((get well vibes for fj))

oh by the way...mornington's bunny daphne passed this am. She's been sick. Poor thing....((((vibes for mornington))))

Hi, peeps!

FJ, Emergen-C also works pretty well to keep a cold away. Doesn't taste bad, either.

Aw, Tartlet is moving her own! That's the best. Sam used to roll across a room if he wanted to get something but didn't know how to walk yet. It took him awhile to figure out he can't roll on his arm if he sticks it straight out under him.

You're more than welcome, Turbo. I'm glad you like them.

Raising monarchs sounds like a really cool thing for kids to do. Maybe it'd be something Mom and Dad could do with Sam.

Wow, Catsoup, that's a whole lotta family time with TB. You deserve something really good from him.

I can't wait to wear that second pair of shoes, but I have to let the sores on my feet heal first. Hopefully on Friday I'll wear them.

Poodle, I love your avatars (mostly). That Steve Perry picture was probably my favorite. And was that Robert deNiro you had up before, or am I just crazy?

TES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back more often to play with us.

Good Things Tuesday
1) I had an Icee for lunch. They should be their own food group.
2) My brother may be buying me dinner since I'm doing a follow-up interview with him
3) I'm wearing new pants today (but my shirt is too short and I have to keep yanking it down)
4) I'm proud of myself because the giant and I took a nice long brisk walk last night and I was really good with my eating all day with the exception of some B&J, which I only ate to get it out of the house.

I did something weird to my foot this morning. I was walking around like normal when a couple toes on my left foot kind of overextended and pulled really hard. It felt like I was walking on bone. Then it went away for awhile, then came back, so now I'm walking with a hobble because I don't want it to come back again. Grrr.
diva, I would definitely recommend the raising of monarchs - milkweed grows on its own, and you just harvest the seed pods every year to grow more next spring, and its just so fascinating to watch the stages of growth and transformation. If you want more info, just let me know!

(((ms gb's toe)))) - be sure to wear loose fitting shoes for toe was the same as yours, but I still wore my cute cute dress shoes to work with the bruised toe, and it definitely contributed to the toenail-losing-infection chain. eeew.

I just took myself out to lunch - thai - and then up to the bakery for spelt bread and gluten free cookies, and then to the local grocery where....I ran into kitten!!! It was so great to see her, and chat a little while we picked up our produce boxes! They gave us beets this week. I have no joy for beets. Tart - got any good beet recipes for a non-beet eater?? I did get another nummy mango, though, so that's good. More mango slices for bathtime, I say!

I think its time to go sit on the beach now and read a book - wheee!
Hey yall!

~*~*~*~healing vibes ms. goof's toe! maybe the toenail will do something gross and you can have fun showing people! biggrin.gif


I wanna eat at mousie house!!

FJ-- great bags at Old Navy! for fall! They are like, red or black fake leather. Unfortunately I saw them a couple weeks ago -- I hope they're not all gone.

I think this is the first year that I didn't get fits of dorky glee over school supplies displays and sales -- I still have to put my own bins of stuff away!!

Cute little tartlet!!

Aw turbojenn raising monarchs is very cool!!

1) finished projects
2) cute outfit -- finally washed out my nice underwire bras so I can wear light colored tops! It's been a long time
3) Heather won the Hell's Kitchen last night
4) and... my guy made me sumatra coffee and oatmeal with cinnamon and strawberries for breakfast!
5) my new shoes do not hurt me...

That's right! I forgot to say what a Good Thing it was that Heather won Hell's Kitchen. The girl gets penalized right off the bat for being too good and made to help the men's team, who still never won any challenges. But she won the big one in the end. Yay Heather! There is some justice in this world.
Aw hell yeah, my girl Heather won it all! I called it from the start - she's got the drive, but not the rampant ego. Who else thinks Virgina & Ramsey were stealing a passionate clinch behind the door?

Turbo, I'm not 100% sold on beets, either, but I've found that roasting them whole with a little olive oil makes them far more interesting. Someone (Orangette?) had a super simple soup - pureed roasted golden beets with creme fraiche & herbs... it was gorgeous, if nothing else.

And I am just green with envy at your beach-sitting, book-reading, bakery-visiting exploits...
thanks for all the tips you guys. i've been stuck here working all day because of the stupid power outage. but i'm about to go to physical therapy. i feel like total ass right now. my aches are getting progressively worse and now i'm alternating between hot and shivers. this is NOT good.

i think i have some ZICAM in the medicine chest. i might have to get mrfj to do a medicine run for me later.

i really hope that the therapy dude will go easy on me and just let me lay on a heating pad for 15 minutes. i'll attempt to do the stationary bike in hopes that it'll kick in some endorphins. but i'm not counting on it.

sorry for being such a debbie downer.

wombat, thanks for the cool lead on the bags. i do love old navy.

i honestly feel about as good as i look in my avatar.

by the way, i like that poodle changes it often. i'm probably changing mine soon too.
Now, just to clarify, I don't hate poodle's ever-changing avatars! It's only that they freak me out because I have gotten used to telling who is posting by their avatar!!! Although....I can almost spot poodle's just by the fact they they're usually power balladeers and crotch rockers...hee!

I am just writing some cheques here at the Centre and trying not to freak out about that...we have money coming in September, but the accounts are REALLY low until then....*gulp*....I've had stomach knots for two days thinking about writing cheques and hoping that money comes sooner rather than later....also it's PMS time. Also some money came in to reimburse the Centre for $600 but the cheque is made out to me by mistake, so now I'll have to deposit it, write a cheque to the Centre, deposit THAT, try to remember why next year so I can tell the auditor....grr!

Ok, I'm done my work ranting. I think.

At this point in my stomach-knotted day, I'd like to think the fact that I had that dream where I was *working in a new building* is about more than meeting a flirtatious security guard....


Good things:
1) there's still enough money to cover a few more paycheques
2) I'm off next week and going to see doodlemama
3) I'm off next week and going to see BLUE RODEO!!!!!!!!!!!
4) doodlemama is coming back with me for a visit
5) doodlemama has some leftover green paint that she says might be useful in my apartment
6) I have a very fascinating and vivid dream life
Robert must be thinking of the B&W Keith Moon picture with the funny face. I don't care if he's a freak--he's so damn cute. I'll hold onto Roger Daltrey for a while. He's hot. I just couldn't look at Steve Perry's schnozz anymore. smile.gif

I'm gonna look at a car tonight. It's nothing special, just a '99 black taurus, but it should do the job without making me feel like a total loser.

~*~*~*~afterlife vibes for the furry bunny~*~*~*~

So, diva, did you opt for the red cherry Icee or the blue raspberry one? I still can't decide which one I prefer. I guess I'll go with the cherry since it's sweeter.

ETA- I'm tempted to change my avatar to Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick. I'll wait.
Oh yeah, I was SO glad Heather won HK last night too!! I'd dropped out for a few weeks in there, as I got tired of Ramsay's blathering on and on while spitting. But Virginia is just too too young, and personally, I think Ramsay adores her pallette, 'cause he's been busy tasting it himself. Heather was a leader, and when I see she got the exact team she wanted, I knew it was in the bag. How could Virginia be such a dolt and choose all the losers?

*pulls up a chair for tart on the balcony, and hands her an orange scented vanilla cookie*

((((FJ feel better)))) - make that handsome man of yours take real good care of you tonight - foot rubs and hand massages included! I don't know why exactly, but having my appendages massages makes me feel a wee bit better when I'm feeling icky.

Poodle, I am sure you can rock a taurus in style!

Doodle, I am *jealous* of your vacay next week! As soon as turboman returns from sweltering Phoenix tomorrow, we are going to at the very least, schedule some time off.

I dunno about Dateboy...he kinda squicked me out late Friday night with the sexual banter. I told him that I would not sleep with him until I decided it was the proper time (duh) and definately not until after an official "date" with all date-going accoutrements. He tried really hard to get me to come over to his place early Saturday morning, and I just got pissed because I feel like he has really bad boundaries and didn't respect mine. He apologized today, but I dunno...I don't give two squirts of piss if you're horney, asshole, go stroke yourself. Leave me out of it. Plus, PLEASE!! Does he actually think that I am raging with sexual desire after his CONDOM BUSTING INCIDENT just last Wednesday? Fer fuck's sake...just because I'm a slut doesn't mean I don't have taste, scruples, and a whole bunch of self-respect.

Whatever. I had hot sex on playground equipment and in a graveyard on Sunday night, and NOT with him. tongue.gif

I had a really nice time this weekend in the Whore. Big pigroast, firepit, bad beer, very good friends that I went to school with for 13 was really nice. I miss those friends. I think that I may travel to Austin and go visit one of them...maybe even FLORIDA!! I really want to meet the Falljackets.

I just got done canning a whole crapload of Roma tomatoes. Hell yeah!!
minx, you should totally come to FL to meet us! we'd love it!! i'm still jealous that tj got to meet mrfj and i have yet to meet anyBUSTie.

i made it through physther ok. the heat at the end was the best part and made it worth it. i really pushed myself on the bike and felt good for a while, but coming home it hit me again. when i got here, mrfj went out for my kfc mashed potatoes and gravy comfort food. i love that shit. but i couldn't even finish it. i feel so worn down.

so i'm laying in the bed with the comfy downfilled comforter pulled up high, with the laptop here on my lap. i should really go to sleep.

maybe the day will be nicer tomorrow!

i forgot to do good things today.

1, i made it through PT
2. i am not dead
3. i finished a project i've been putting off at work.
4. i have the bestest husband in the world. honest! he is! just ask me!

oh, and wait a second minx... you can't just drop that bomb about sex on playground equipment and not give details. you know better than that!
Top of the mornin' to ya! cats are sitting next to each other looking out the window. It's so cute. They're poking at each other with their tails.

I've never watched Hell's Kitchen before. Is that the one with the psycho chef as the main dude? I'm afraid I'll get hooked if I tune in. I'm already hooked on Rockstar Supernova and Wife Swap.

I'm jealous of your mashed potatoes and gravy, FJ. I needs to get me some biscuits 'n' gravy one of these days.

MINX!!! When you were telling us about the Weasel, you left out that piece of information!! Yeah, Dateboy sounds a little weird. What is he doing talking about sex already? You haven't even been on a date yet! Strange.

Guess what--I bought a car last night!! It's the black Taurus. Everthing works fine and the engine is pretty strong. It has the newer Taurus body, so it doesn't look cheesy or anything. I don't get it until Sunday though because the seller needs it to hitch his sailboat or something like that. It's all good. Weeeeeeee!!!!! I get to drive!!! I better start making an ipood playlist for cruisin' around town.
Awwwww, yeah - Poodle's rollin' again with a new poodlemobile!! That's great news! Congrats!!!

I'm feeling much more rested today, so glad I took yesterday off. I think I may even feel equipped to deal with work today - HA!

Turboman comes home tonight! YAY!!! I miss my man, even though I do so love the solitude!

I had peanut butta and jelly toast for brekkie today with some awesome fresh melon, it made me happy. I love it when I have a chance to get out and get the spelt bread, as its only baked on Tuesdays.
happy hump day!

Turbo- i know how ya' feel...i have the whole day to myself today, and I'm reveling in it, but by 5, I will miss mu man and my moxette.

Yeah new Poodmobile! I actually called moxieman's ipod an "ipood" yesterday, and he looked at me and said "a bustie?" smile.gif

minx...hella, I agree with FJ...need details!


I had the oddest dream last night- the stairs were talking to me. like muppets. weird, i know.
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How do you implement the ignore feature on this board again?

I am REALLY FUCKING WANTING a cigarette right now. This is day three. All I want to do is go and buy a pack of Camels from the greasy teenaged kids at the Conoco up the way. Smoke ALL of them at once. This is really hard. I have been smoking for...uh...since...oh gads, for sixteen years.

Jenn, I am so glad that your hunny is coming home. May the lovin' commence immediately! You two sound like the fuzziest couple in existence. And not in the granola sense, mind you. tongue.gif I would certainly put the FJ's up there in cute and fuzzyland, but theirs is more like in the fuzzy handcuff listening to "Strutter" kinda way.

I had a peach and blackberry smoothie this morning and it was reaaaaaally good. I have been slicing up fresh fruit and putting it in the freezer with a dribble of Odwalla C-Monster, yoghurt, and some protein powder. I would put a steak in there, but I prefer my courses separate. Dammit, I crack my ass up.

Yeah, it was ex-sex. It all started in my apartment last week when he was over, and I was kind of just ignoring the vibe because the vibe is dangerous. We had been talking for a couple of hours (hands off, mind you...I was being a very good drunk girl), and I forget exactly what the topic of conversation was at that time, but I do remember that Melissa Etheridge came on the stereo (gads, I think that it was "Come to my Window") and I wasn't even looking at him and I felt the familiar sensation of his lips and teeth grazing my neck--I am a huge sucker for biting. He's a huge sucker for Melissa. After a minute or two (he wasn't drunk), he says something to the effect of everytime we start talking and it gets heady and intense, he gets really turned on. Makes sense. Familiarity and intimate discussion rife with disclosure and a smidge of vulnerability gets me hot, too. Ah well, we made out in the livingroom, hallway, bedroom, had sex for a couple of hours, talked a bit more and past out. Then we had coffee, talked, watched some "Deadwood", talked and he had to go to work. I told him that if he should want to hang out, the ball was in his court.

This weekend was a bit strange, too. He called me on Friday night THE MOMENT I walked out of the Wu Tang Clan concert. This time he was plastered, but it was funny. Then he called me on Saturday afternoon on the way home--he invited me over to his house after I got back on Sunday. We talked for about an hour. Then he called me on Sunday and we talked for another 40 minutes. I got some tortilla chips, and he had made a whole Mexi-fest, replete with a quart of homemade salsa from his garden stuff. So, we started drinking rum and fruit drinks and eating shitloads of salsa and he showed me some dealies he had been working on in his house. The sunofabitch even left my stuff in the shower where I had left them two months ago. He's using the soap I made him. I am retarded--just ask Lurv. Shit...I haven't talked to her yet. Damn...time to pay the piper.

Well, as you can imagine, we were (well, I was!!) getting pretty tanked up because it was my last day smoking and I wanted to really throw down. Then we ran out of rum and made a fucking Hudson run. We were laughing our asses off, because he had never done one, and I hadn't done one since 1994. We got more rum and blueberry stoli. We did some drunk-calling and that was amusing...I actually talked to his FRIEND. Yeah. A FRIEND. A FRIEND that he HANGS OUT WITH.

Look, to make a long story short, we started making out in his backyard and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me right there in the grass. He pushed me up against a tree and suggested the playground equipment across the street, but would I wait so that he could grab a towel for me so that I wouldn't be getting sand up my ass.

Should I be giving more juicy details here? I don't want to offend anyone with my exploits. unsure.gif

fj, I've given great consideration to your statement below and have decided that you are indeed correct. I am the bestest husband in the world. Astute observation.

Minx, the Hotel FJ is always open for you. Reservations not required.
Yay Poodle for the new wheels! Very exciting.

I think I might have pb and j toast for breakfast. Thanks for the idea, Jenn.
oh yeah, mr fj...I think that's a call for a BHE Throwdown (that's "best husband ever")!! Too bad mr tj is currently unavailable...probably waiting in some stupid airport security line, wishing he had a bottle of water to drink.

I think the fjs are cuter...definitely. Turboman might win the literal "fuzzier" award, though. tongue.gif

minxy - I know this is utterly predictable, but I would highly recommend doing a cleanse and getting a butt flush - it would probably help de-program your body a little, and cut the cravings a bit....the mental dregs are usually what I have to battle when I really detox, but the body at least doesn't boss me around as much. I use a medical food suplement that I toss in the smoothies I drink to keep my energy going strong...if you want more info, just PM me. I dunno, a butt flush might be just the thing to break up ex-sex! (okay, okay, I'd pretty much say butt flushes are always the answer, but what do I know?)

He probably would win the "fuzzier" award. I shave my nuts. I probably should not have revealed that. Oh dear, this is awkward.
I am retarded. I went to the house to go and collect the last of the crap and I forgot my fucking key. I was nearly there. Ah well...

Buttflushing. Yes, I keep coming back to this idea as well, Jenn. I am doubting, however, that it will alleviate ex-sex. That was good. Well, it was never bad in the first place...just the, ahem, dynamic blew. Poor Roddy and the elm tree next to him will never be the same. I daresay that both were grinning by the petit mort.

I know I was.

Mr. FJ shaves the boys!! Mr. FJ shaves the boys!! Chez Falljackets and the Naked Nuts!
*scratches belly*

Um. G'morning.

*goes off in search of coffee*
hi everyone.

i still feel like poopie-poop still. i came in to work late because i do have things that i need to get done here. but i'm not staying past four. maybe even not that late.

hi doodle. any new dreams of security guards?

mox, the muppet stairs dream is totally something that would come out of my head. i had a few crazy dreams on sunday night but don't feel like typing them in now.

minx, i think jenn might be on to something with the butt flushes as a way to get rid of those toxic ciggy cravings. we're proud of you for quitting!! keep it up. the first week is the hardest!! and, i'm glad you had fun with the ex, but i still hope you keep him at a very long arm's distance.

poodle! that's awesome you have a new ride! are you gonna pimp the taurus?
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