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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ooooh...they just gave me a brand new keyboard. It's so comfy.

Happy birfday to moxieman!

What kinda restaurant is dry? I don't care how good the food is--they don't have my business! wink.gif
thanks turbo...i know you're right. Its the "black hole" time of year, tis all.

I want it to be 20 minutes from now, so i can head to the store, home and hopefully a glass of wine before moxieman gets home with the kidlet. He's picking her up today, so i can hit the store. Good man.
Ah, but poodle, the beauty is that most of the dry places here are also BYOB - so you can have your likker and not even pay for it on your bill - that's one of my favorite things about eating out here!
Oh man, that is rough Jenn. I hope you find a relatively cheap restaurant to go to. I am eating out tonight, I am going to try to keep it cheap as well.

Poodles, you have had a rough year. You really know how to keep your spirits up though, it's inspiring. Even when you are down you say positive things.

Happy birthday moxiemann! Big 3-0 eh?

Diva, sounds like you and the giant have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed for you about the job! Yeah, only 2 weeks to get everything in order. I think one good thing is that we just moved into our current place a year ago. We haven't had too much time to accumulate more stuff. We got rid of a ton when we moved. We are hiring movers this time too.

Poodle, what kind of keyboard did you get? I mean, is it curved or straight or what? A couple of weeks ago I got one of those keyboard trays you put under the desk & pull out to use. It is really comfy. I believe it is helping my neck & back conditions bc/ I am not having to strain as much to type.

I think a Bustie Jet is the best idea ever. I'd be on that thing all the time!
Thanks, karianne. smile.gif Indeed, this year has sucked so far. Ah well, it's getting better.

I have a plain ol' mac keyboard with no extra junk on it. I don't use one of those pull out tray things. I actually sit pretty far back from my keyboard and computer.
On Sunday, I'm going to hit the new Trader Joe's, a fitness place that sells weighted hula hoops (you can burn 110 calories in 10 minutes!), Lane Bryant because I have a coupon that'll make a shirt I've been lusting after for months well within reach, Avenue, spend some time at Barnes & Noble reading and drinking coffee, Dayton's in downtown Mpls, Crafty Planet, and lordess knows where else. I'd like to give Whole Foods another try and I haven't been to Byerly's in months. It all just really depends on where the spirit moves me at the time. It'll be so nice to just have a day.

I've always liked Trevor, even when he's a little kooky. He's like that bad boy you'd love to nail down, but in the end you're happy you can't because he wouldn't be the same.

I have one of those slide-out keyboard trays. It's alright, I guess, but it has a way of lowering itself over time. I do like that it frees up the space in front of my monitor, though.

Moxie, were you able to get that thing for Moxieman you were talking about last week?

Poodle, my brother is most likely not going to call, I guess. He remembered that he has to get samples from a number of different markets, not just single people. It makes a lot of sense, I think.

Turbo, with BYOB restaurants, does that mean any kind of bottle, or just wine? And playing bartender at your house sounds like a really good idea.

I'm so jealous of the giant. He got to wear shorts and a t-shirt to work today because his store is having a tent sale and he had to work outside for awhile doing security. He's not mean looking or muscley, but he's fast as hell so he could catch anyone who tried to steal anything. I'd love to get paid to stand around on a gorgeous day like this.
In the BYOB joints you can bring in wine, beer, and premixed drinks (like Jose in a bottle - that sort of thing)...its a very nice option. Some places might charge a couple bucks when you bring in, but its still better than buying it at a restaurant.

Your Sunday plans sound fabulous, diva!! So jealous!

I just hope we'll get rid of the 'rents early on Sunday so we have a few hours to relax! Turboman just called and he *forgot* that he'll be traveling next week, so now he's gotta stay late at work, and will be abandoning me to the 'rents. feh. Honestly, I don't quite understand how he forgets about traveling for work, but its not the first time this has happened. rolleyes.gif

Ok ladies, I am outta here! Have a good weekend, everybustie!
Hi Busties!

I am so tired today. We had a house showing this morning (yep, house situation is the same – we are in Groundhog Day world when it comes to house selling – nothing changes) so I stayed up late cleaning like crazy since our house had devolved into messyville in a frighteningly short amount of time. But now it is nice and clean for the weekend.

Minx! I’m glad you’re feeling better today. Poodle has good advice – stay away from Weasel. Right now you feel good about things with him and as long as you don’t see him again and risk getting confused, you’ll keep feeling good about it! And good luck with Dateboy.

Poodle, I listened to “Don’t Stop Believing” in my car on the way to work today…I knew it was fate that the radio station played that song today when I saw your Steve Perry avatar! Have fun at Lee’s tonight. And just remember you are really gorgeous regardless of what size clothes you are wearing and other people see that, too.

Mouse, the Hawaiian kitschy map you were working on sounded neat. I’d put both dolphins and whales on it. And a big giant pineapple. How depressing is it that when I read that you were asking for Hawaiian images I immediately thought of Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose show is set in Hawaii? I have been watching way too much reality television this summer.
I think challenges and obstacles help a lot when being creative – instead of getting freaked out by too many possibilities you focus more on getting around what you can’t do. You and Wombat should make up your own mini-challenges to fill up your personal portfolios!

I love all the literary suggestions that have come up here. I’m going to the library tomorrow and hopefully I’ll get to do some good fun reading this weekend. JT finally got the building permit to replace our little ugly chainlink fence in the backyard (we already tore that out) with a 6-foot wooden privacy one, so I think I’m going to be doing a lot of manual labor instead. Our new neighbors who moved in last winter to the house behind ours hate us, I think. They called the city and tattled on our replacing the fence when we were pulling out the old one so a building inspector came snooping around the next day and told me we needed to buy a permit (even though we were replacing an existing one on the same spot with one that will look much nicer). The city would have never known otherwise. I don’t know if the neighbors were worried we’d build it over their property line or what. So we have decided they suck.

Turbojenn, good luck with the parental invasion! BYOB would save a lot of $ in fancy restaurants.

Good luck with all of your moving stuff, Karianne!

~*~*~job vibes for Catsoup~*~*~*~

Enjoy your Sunday Divala! That sounds like fun. JT has been to the Trader Joe’s and says it is pretty small inside –sort of convenience store-ish. We like their extremely cheap Charles Shaw wine and despite the meat section there being tiny, their steaks are good, too. I hope they build more TJs closer to where I live so its not so far for us to drive when we want to stock up.

And hello to the FJs, PK, Doodle, Moxie, Tart, and anyone else I may have missed! Have great weekends!
marileen! pineapples! genius! i'll post an image of the final after i add a PINEAPPLE

(ps i went with whales, since the florida one i did already has dolphins)
Hi Marileen!!! Good luck with the house thing! I thought you guys weren't moving because of your man's job. What's the situation these days?

Yes, Trevor is a very nice guy. He's grown up quite a bit within the last year--ever since he proposed to a girl and she dumped him right there. I think his deal is that he wants a smart, "real" girl, but he's surrounded by so many stupid poser girls. He's ready to be a big boy now.

Heh...I'd wear a Hawaiian kitsch shirt if it had a small image of Dog the Bounty Hunter mixed in with hula girls and tiki masks. smile.gif

I suppose it will be nice to go clothes shopping sans giant. I can't stand clothes shopping with other people. Everyone has their own shopping "style" and mine usually involves moving either very quickly or very slowly (rare). I just hate malls, especially department stores. I always feel lost in department stores.
You guys have got great weekends planned.

Turbo -- this too shall pass!

Hooray for karianne's house!

Poodle -- you ROCK!!No foolin'. It's always weird to get reacquainted if you drop out of the club circut for awhile.

Been there. You'll get your "club legs" back!!

Divalla! You would be proud of me -- I went out and bought SHOES on my lunch hour!! This place had a sale, I got three pairs! One for fall and 2 for summer -- maybe formal occasions -- ie, they are open toe and one pair is closed toe. I HAVE TO wear flats, so there are few places that have cute flats. I wanted to grab the few remaining in my size before the weekend -- boy am I glad I did! There were seriously few left in my size and this weekend is "tax free weekend" so everyone is going to go shopping crazy.

Serious, they have these once every couple years in Massachusetts and then send around the TV crews to film the mobs of people.

Trammps and Temptations free show on the river!! I will be there.

Now i'm off to the farmer's market to see if I can get some fresh CORN and sometimes they have great deals on fruit or avocados...

No corn yet this year for me!! That's on the "summer" list! Corn on the cob FRESH with butter and salt and pepper MMMMMMM!!!!!

Mouse, I'm glad my pineapple suggestion was a good one. I can't wait to see what you create!

Poodle, JT and I are probably idiots - we still want to move there even though it isn't close to either of our jobs now since his changed a couple of months ago. However, JT will probably move again within his company in less than 2 years and would be able to move closer, and there are some arts organizations and stuff down there so I could potentially find work near home, too. If we do it, it is definitely a lifestyle decision for us. I want to have a baby at some point in the next few years, and it would be a great place to do that, and if JT is making enough money I could maybe spend a couple of years at home with the baby. Because there are many pluses and minuses to living in either place, at this point we are just keeping our house on the market as long as the other one still is and will wait until something happens. However it works out will be how it is supposed to work out.

I love tiki stuff! Did you see the Dog the Bounty Hunter this week where they got married? He chased down a fugitive right before their wedding rehearsal and showed up covered in mace. Their wedding was pretty nice although sad because his daughter had just passed away. I am too chicken to ever do it in real life, but it would be kind of fun to be a bounty hunter chasing down bail jumpers.
Wow, I really wreak. You know it's bad when you can't stand yourself. The rest of me feels pretty damned good today, however smelly the outside may be. tongue.gif

Oh yeah, I got to tell the ex about the dildo bearing his name and he just roared.

Looks like Dateboy and I will be on for next Thursday. Now I get to really think about what kind of date scenario I want. Fun! I am definately leaning towards a quiet dinner at Barbette's. perhaps a walk, a glass of wine somewhere, and then hot sex in the bed of his truck. Humminahumminahummina...

Marileen! It's good to see you!

Poodle, I am thinking about trying to one-up you on the Steve Perry front.

Jenn, I am sending you all of my vibage for the Parental Descension '06.
Okay, I just wanted to share a couple of snippets with you all...these are excerpts from emails I have received from a couple of my students, and they just make me scream silly.

You "adults" are so STRANGE! And you "ADULTS" say us teens are a difficult age. Pssssshaw. wink.gif
I'm going to do my best while being a teen, cause once you hit that age of adult-hood.....there is no going back. ohmy.gif !
So I'm going to enjoy the ride while it lasts and enjoy not paying bills.

Not much going on over here on the FABULOUS Jxxxx street. As for the school thing, I think this time I'm not gonna bitch about it. I'm just gonna ask my mom ever day before school starts "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HAVE ME?!?!?!" Maybe a little Scarlett O'hara twist to it too. wink.gif J\k

wazzup? nothin' much here. I get to go shopping this weekend It has been 2 weekends of fun in a row now. Last weekend, i got to go to XXXXX Co. threshing show. my grandpa has crap in it. anywho.....anything interesting happen lately? I sunk ankle deep in mud and mxxxxx had to pull me out. She helped me escape from my house. so i only got to go half a block away. oh yeah, and i might be going to the fucking TOOL concert in Sept. my cousin got tickets when they went on sale awhile ago. and i just now decided that i might go. fav part of the musical singin' in the rain is on.

laugh.gif Aren't they just the shit?
heh heh heh
marileen, my boss hates you tongue.gif

Bustie Edition Hawaii Tshirt
bwahaha - teenagers are SO funny!! Thanks for sharing that minxy!!

Mouse - that t-shirt totally rocks - I WANT one - gimme!!! You are so very very talented!

Dinner with the 'rents tonight was fine...only a few cringing comments, longing for grandbabies, etc. I made myself a *stiff* 'rita before dinner (and made dad a similarly weak one), and well, that took the edge off. Now, if I'm downing vodka at 8am tomorrow when they come over to go to the farmers market, you'll all know why.

Right now, I'm off to snooze in the bathtub!
did you notice my special addition, per marileen's suggestions?
Holy Hell on a Biscuit!!

I went to go see I Self Divine and the

WU TANG CLAN last night!

To much fun for one white girl, I gotta tell ya. And I got to dance with the single most hott man in the entire joint. Wowsers! It was kinda funny because we realized that guys just aren't very attractive anymore because "we're on to them" and she says "Well, let's start a new game--let's try to find the hottest man in this place." She points this guy out; he's ripped, has these guns that make you wanna cry, shaved, a sweet blackberry with an LL Cool J chest.

Yeah, he came over to me a half hour later and we danced together for over an hour. Oh yeah...

Momma's still got that thang. tongue.gif
boooooooooooooooooa taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarde!!!

hope that divalla is enjoying her alone time!

hope that poodley noodley had fun!

hope that minxie realises that she still can NOT trust that ass hat!! i'm telling you babe, that guy just gives the the skeeved out freak vibe. he is bad news. 'nuff said"

i just LOVE the pineapple!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

i just said goodbye to the last of our visitors and am now going to blissfully go and nap. SLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEeeP!!!!!! WHAT A CONCEPT!

right. sooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY HAPPY to know that i now have time to schedule nap time!

i'll be back late. time to snooze with the african attack kat.
Bwa ha! Mouse, I love it! It looks awesome! My apologies to your boss for my bad idea. tongue.gif

Hola Tesao!

Minx, you've got it going on, picking up hot men at shows! I'm glad you had fun. Your teenage students are hilarious.

Hi Jenn! I'm glad things are going relatively smoothly with your family.

Last night JT and I built a fire in our little firepit on the patio and sat outside drinking cabernet sauvignon! It was really fun.

Now I'm off to the home improvement store to buy fencing....
pineapple?? PINEAPPLE? tes, DOG THE EFFING BOUNTY HUNTER is on that t-shirt tongue.gif
my eyesight has clearly been destroyed by tooooooooooo much cuteness. sure looks like a pineapple to ME!!! heeeee. biggrin.gif
hi hotties!

just checking in. sounds like everyone is having a pretty good weekend so far. minx, i'm so glad you went out and enjoyed yourself last night. wu tang clan, eh? hm, they were also in that coffee and cigarettes movie i was talking about a couple weeks ago. funny stuff.

mouse, that shirt is too cute. i love the dog! you are too too much! hahhahhahah

we went to home despot today and bought a really sweet mirror for our bedroom. the best part is that when we were cleaning out the garage the other day, we found a $100 home depot gift card that had been shoved in a box with birthday cards and stuff! so we basically got the mirror for free. we've been looking for a nice sized mirror to go over the dresser for a while and who'da thunk we'd have found it at home depot of all places! we also got a sweet little lamp to go in the bedroom as well. it's really starting to shape up in here.

and, i've been painting the other wall on the staircase today while mrfj has been setting up our wifi and hanging the mirror. i'm totally in love with my paint. i still have some more to do of this color and then i have to touch up the dark orange on the other wall. then i'll take some pics and show you guys the before and afters...

all this productivity! and for a girl that went to bed very late (or was it just really early) this morning. we had a wonderful evening of debauchery last night with couple #1 from a few weeks ago, along with a new #2. and then, after i'd had my way with the others, mrfj bedded me down in the guest room and i had what i think was my BEST ORGASM EVER, followed by a good fifteen minute laughing fit that ended with breathless tears. oh, it was divine and has kept me in the best of moods today. perhaps that's where my creativity is coming from today.

so of course, i should really do it again... rolleyes.gif

ok, must go forage for something to munch on. i wasn't hungry really earlier when we stopped for food and now i'm starving!

*kiss kiss*
ummmmm, who is dog the bounty hunter?

i mean, now that i know that there is a bounty hunter, i see the gun, but......

never heard of him! unsure.gif

am feeling ALMOST human! looking forward to a day of NOTHING. yayayay!! will be able to take a nap whenever i feel like it!!

fj, that evening sounds really HOT. sometimes i wish mr. hotbuns was more adventurous. but then, other times i wonder what i would do without mr. hb, and it comes right back to that. i love him and it isn't what he wants and i'm a jealous bitch and he's worth giving some things up for. it isn't as if i haven't done almost everything i've ever wanted to sexually BEFORE i got married. ohmy.gif
sorry tes! hehe.
dog the bounty hunter is this terrible reality show about, well, a bounty hunter named "dog". he looks like this. it's set in hawaii, so marileen said he was what she thought of when she thought of hawaii. heh.

i hope you are all having a great weekend! from the sound of it, you already are--jeeze, you guys. hot debauchery party for the fjs, hot wu-tang dancing for minx, hot firepit and sauvignon for marileen...and rest for those who dearly need it! i hope divala has a good alone day tomorrow. those are great.

i rode about 15 miles on a crazy bike ride with over 1000 people last night; ending up at a fantastic international indie-pop dance night that my friends dj, then to the most ridiculous, beautiful house on top of a really steep hill with a gorgeous view, for a little late-night gathering of people.

today i just chilled out all day (which i really needed), and then went to hang out with the complex ex (who i will henceforth just refer to as CE, it is easier) which resulted in a really lovely delicious good sound rogering followed by eating clementines naked sitting on his new fancy "rug" (which is actually just a large swatch of fake fur...shhh). pretty nice, if you ask me. tongue.gif

and now, it's 3am, i am BED.
Hello all....this is a super-quick drive-by, as I don't want to wake up too much. Well, I woke up 'cause I thought I heard a woman screaming down on the beach, but when I went out to check, I couldn't see anything, and I didn't hear it again. Maybe I dreamed it. But worry sort of woke me into "alert mode," so now I'm trying to lull myself back to sleep. So hi! It's 6:30 on Sunday morning. I just ate 6 spoonfuls of Ben and Jerry's and I'm hoping for a quick sugar crash.
Hi doodle! I hope you can get back to sleep more successfully than I did this morning! The guest doggies wake me up at 5:30am everyday...they don't understand the concept of sunday morning, and sleeping in.

Last night I was woken up at 11:30 by Drunk Janitor (DJ), chasing after his GF in the parking lot, right below my window. She left in her Jeep, he tried to follow her in his giant red suburban, and then immediately stopped - I hope, because he realized - 1. he was drunk, and 2. he has no license to drive it because of too many DUIs. He is such a piece of shit. His GF still has not returned. Everytime this happens, I just hope she kicks his ass to the curb, but it never happens, its such a toxic mess. After she left though, DJ decided to wash his giant vehicle - and the hose is right below my window, and its quite loud. I just had to let it go, though, as I don't want to get in a tangle with him when he's on a bender.

So, Parental Invasion 2006 is almost over! Whee! Only 4 more hours of entertaining this afternoon, and then we're free. The 'rents are coming over for lunch, some sitting on the beach, and then they're off to my aunt & uncle's house in the 'burbs...which is funny, because they've been complaining about visiting them all weekend (kind of like I complain about my parents visiting me), and turboman and I love visiting our aunt and uncle - they're still young and hip and fun to be around.

Well, I've got lunch to get ready - hope everyone has a good Sunday!
Hi turbo! I'm still back to bed in about five minutes, I think.

That's so odd about drunk janitor and his girlfriend! Does it happen often, or....well, it's just that I swear there was something terribly weird in the air yesterday. (Saturn return??) While out errand running, I witnessed two different couples doing what looked like break-up fighting in two different parking lots (both times, with the woman seeming to be the "wronged one"), and in a third parking lot, I saw a woman inside her car, crying her face off and talking on her cell phone.

Anyway. Good luck with the 'rents, and have a great lunch! I'm off to bed....
Drunk Janitor in previous years used to get into it with everybody in the building - he was really out of control, and a couple times he got physical with owners. So much so that one owner felt unsafe living here and had a Personal Protection order against him, so he wasn't allowed to come on our floor for six months, which suited me fine. We've tried to get him fired on numerous occasions, but the board likes having him here, as they use him as a bully to keep us all "in line." Condo living can be so re-damn-dick-ulous at times. In the last year its been pretty quiet, no incidents, I haven't seen him drinking on the job at all, which is nice. I've no idea what started this all again last night, but I don't want even want to know.
hullo, hullo, hullo!!

jenn, DJ sounds scary. i can't believe the board or whatever they call it feels that way! he sounds dangerous. grrrr. i don't like my busties being bullied. mad.gif

some of these smilies are weird. i don't like the winkie one. at all. the worried one is cool, though. i remember when we first got new smilies on the old board, and doodle got really good at using them. i can't believe i started lurking in bust in 1999!!!

doodle, SO glad that there was no woman on the beach. has that ever happened before?

hope divalla is enjoying her alone time.

where is poodley?

not much happening here. being quiet and holing up. first time without something due YESTERDAY hanging over my head. have had two naps. was sooooooooooooo behind on sleep. don't know how people do that. no wonder people are crabby.

meems is asleep in her new round bed and the moon is up. it is comforting to see the southern cross up in the sky again. the strangest things are important, arent' they?
Hello everyone!!!!!

I only have a 'puter at work and I took 2 days off so I haven't been able to say hi

mouse I love the shirt!!!

everyone is sooo busy this weekend, hope you all get a little time to rest before the week starts, and moving is soo hard, my house is kind of a dump, it was kind of a fast "let's get in the right school district before the kid starts school" and now I'm just too tired and poor to move.

I get to go to dinner with my lovely sister (sarcasm) and her even more lovely husband (sarcasm) and her wonderful kids (slight sarcasm) I had this daydream in the shower this morning, that the guy i've had my eyes on would come and ask me on a date so that i could get out of the family event, we are going out for my mom's birthday which my sister forgot last weekend, at dinner I will for sure get the "why didn't you remind me?" ugh, because it's not my fucking job you remind you when your mom's birthday is. we don't get along, and I get along even less with her crazy husband who keeps trying to get a large amount of money out of her so he can run away. anyway....

I have 4 hours left at work, and I would rather be shopping!!!!!

and minx I have to agree with the group, dateguy sounds awesome, and the ex is OFF LIMITS but it is good that there was some closure involved, I never got that with my ex husband he would have never listened and by the end of the conversation he would have found a way to make everything my fault, but sometimes I feel that I would have liked to explain when things went downhill and gotten it off my chest

hope everyone is having fun fun fun!!!!!

I went out on friday and am still recovering, also I think tonight will be full of likker to cope with all the family fun

Okey-dokey, Okayers! I've posted some pics of my recently re-decorated bedroom! It's only awaiting some green paint on the walls....(the new pics are the first link on that page).
doooooooooodle they are lovely. your house is so lovely. i love your house. i am jealous of your house. i want to see a floor plan, though, cos it's hard to tell exactly how everything fits together!

i watched syriana tonight, and had absolutely no clue what was happening the entire movie.
Good mornin' ladies!

Cute headboard, doodle!

Heheheh...I love that shirt, mouse. I saw the "dog" right away!!

I'm glad that everyone survived their parental invasions.

Nuthin' much to report today. This weekend was "meh." I had fun on Friday night talking to old friends, but I drank too many rusty nails, so I spent Saturday recovering. Yesterday I washed towels. Super exciting.

I did manage to convert my Freebird video so I can watch it on ipood. I'm pretty excited about that. FREEBIRD!!! *whips out lighter*

How's everyone doin' this morn?
Doodle! Holy Bejebus! That whole house is GORGEOUS!!! Can you come stateside and decorate my house? We did recently paint the dining room...

It sounds like everyone had a great weekend (well, great given expectations...). We did, too. Moxieman's 30th was great fun. We had a good time with our friends, and a nice family party yesterday. Moxette was in rare form after dinner last night, when the fam was all gatehred chatting...she just had to jump right into the conversation. I think one of the best things about the weekend was spending QT with our friends in very much the same manner we did before the baby invasion of 2006...maybe a little earlier in the evening, but dinner, drinks, gaming and great conversations. It was a joy!

OK, i've been at work for almost 1.5 hours, and haven't really accomplished much of anything beyond organizing my desk. Work. yeah, work...cause its MONDAY, bitches...
Ditto, doodle...maybe you should take a sabbatical and make a BUSTie stateside tour, and help us all upgrade our decorating skills!! Among other judgemental comments made my parents this weekend "how come you haven't decorated your apartment yet?" Gads, I wish they would just follow the instructions they gave us as kids - "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

So yes, the parental invasion is over for the year, thank cod. I'm completely wiped this morning, and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed today. But, turboman is flying to phoenix this morning, and will be there until Wednesday afternoon, so I have two nights to myself, for which I am very thankful. I can just be as lazy as I want, and veg out. I think I'm going to see if I can take a day off tomorrow, and hope that the guest doggies will let me sleep in. I may just tape a blanket over the glass patio door so they won't know the sun is rising...I'm not above illusion at this point. heh.

moxie - moxette is growing up so fast!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful celebratory weekend with friends and family - I knew you would!

Monday...meh. I just gotta get my rear in gear so I can see about having tomorrow off!
Good morning everyone.
Doodle, I have to agree with everyone. Your house rocks. You have inspired me to get more plants just as I was thinking that I had too many. And your kitties perfectly accessorise the place.

My weekend was kind of eh... I went to a show that was just songs from the Second City Comedy troupe. It was pretty hilarious.

Yesterday at work I had to go home sick. My stomach and my back have been giving me a lot of problems lately. I took one of the muscle relaxors that my doc percribed and slept the rest of the day away. I have a second appointment with my doctor to figure out what is going on with me. I still think my health problems are stress related but it is begining to hurt! And the stress does not improve when I am worried about what is causing the health issues. The ultrasound that I had revealed that I had a large spleen. I have no idea what that means or if it is realted too the stomach/back pain. I gues thats one of the things my doc and I need to work on.

I might follow moxies lead and organize my desk now. My drawers are quite a mess.

I dig XM radio.

that is all.
Good Morning!

Everyone sounds rather cheery for a Monday morning. I too am feeling pretty good. Got to bed really early last night so I woke up today not tired at all. What a concept! Feeling rested when you get up in the monring!

((kitten)) I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Ouch, back & stomach pain? I hope you get to feeling better soon & your doc can figure out what the heck is going on. *passes over a hot water bottle wrapped in flannel*

Doodle, I love your place! You are the queen of decorating, no doubt about it. I especially love your color scheme. And the bamboo blinds, and the plants. It looks so fresh. Can I get on your list-come to my place & help me!

Poodle, so you only had an ok time on Friday night? What are rusty nails?

Jenn, glad you survived parental invasion 2006. And now turbomann is leaving & you can just relax on your own for a few nights...sounds perfect! I am sure by the time he gets back you will feel energized.

hi tes, moxie, mouse, & dirf!

I had a pretty enjoyable weekend. Friday night my dinner plans with friends got canceled b/c my friend wasn't feeling well-she's newly pregnant & was having an upset stomach. Instead I went to dinner with Mr K & his mother. She was in town for the night. It was relaxing. Saturday I did not have class, it was wonderful! Mr K & I chilled out most of the day, I took the dog on a good run, then went to a friend's house for wine while Mr K was at work. Yesterday Mr K & I worked on sanding & stripping these dressers we are repainting. It was a lot of work, but we definitely made some progress. We want to get them all done before we move.
fart! this will be the third time i write this post. i keep navigating away from the page halfway through because someone will call and ask for something. ok, let me get through it this time!!

doodle, your place is awesome. but i'm most impressed with that killer whale painting. holy wow! that's so cool! not at ALL what i was envisioning (and thank goddess for that!!) i love all the houseplants too. i have a question about your palm, but me thinks i will take it to the grower thread.

i was a painting fool yesterday and saturday. i love love love my new paint. i can't get over what a change it has made. the colors are perfect! i'll post pics soon, i promise. the biggest deal is that the cieling is over 15ft high in some places and i was able to do it all by myself, using an extender pole (i've got mad pole skills, yo). and with minimal orange paint on the popcorn ceiling! i'm feeling muscles in my back that i haven't felt in years, but that's a good thing. it's good pain because i'm ABLE to use those muscles again. i can't wait to tell my pt dude tonight! smile.gif

ok, i'm gonna restart an old thread sometime soon regarding halloween costumes. i know it seems way early, but we need a kick ass costume this year. we want a couples type thing, something that goes together i mean. mrfj wanted to be steve zissou, but there isn't a strong enough female character to go with that unless i just did some other movie character. any ideas? we also have a party coming up at the end of this month themed "back to school". we're trying to come up with something good for that one too, but the halloween one is mas importante.

moxie, i'm glad you guys had a fun time for moxieman's birthday. being a mommy still allows you to have fun with your friends? boy, i'm real glad to hear that! smile.gif

turbo, yay! you made it through the invasion! haha, that's funny that you'll have to trick the puppers into thinking it's not daylight yet!

(kitten) i hope you feel better soon, dear!

hi karianne! what did you use to strip the dressers. that's the last step in our stairwell project: this ugly teal painted handrail. it's solid wood and would look awesome stained in a dark mahogany/black, but i want the woodgrain to show through, which means stripping off the paint. it's attached to the wall pretty heavily, so i'm not sure how easy it's going to be. i see much painters tape in my future.

(((((((kitten's tummy and back)))))) I hope you and your doc can get things figured out - either one of those problems sounds wretched, but tummy and back together...double yuck.

Kari, you are beyond amazing - re-finishing furniture *before* you get the *super-duper industrious award* this morning, I think!!!

So this is my plan this evening...spin class, then dog walking, then catching up on the last couple Deadwood epis. Tomorrow - taking the day off - WOOT!! Hopefully, I'll sleep in, take the puppers on a long walk, bathtime, spin class, late lunch, and then meet up with friends for a flamenco concert in the park in the early evening....or maybe, just chill at home some more - we'll see. But I'm excited to have a day at home to myself, *and* I have turboman's car if I need it.
Doodle- your pics are amazing! I love houses where there is always something to look at and you definately have that. I personally love the way you dyed your ikea chair- it really pops in that room!

The mural is awesome- something like that would look good in your bedroom too!
(((kittenb))) The combination of tummy pain and back pain thing sounds an awful lot like my gall stones thing. I guess they're in the same general area of the abdomen. I hope you don't have to go through surgery.

kari, a rusty nail is half scotch/half Drambuie. Yummmm...

I'm too tired to type.

ETA- Hi GiGi!!!

ETA(2) - MOX!!! I thought we had put that song to bed!!! Great...Please, Please understand!!! I'm in love with another man! And what he couldn't give me, Whoaaao, was the one little thing that you can!!!
Turbojenn-- I'm picturing Willy the Groundskeeper from the Simpsons!! laugh.gif

Hooray, Tes! I don't like to see my busties being bullied either! mad.gif


Poodle!! Awesome! I don't know what rusty nails are either, but I wouldn't expect to feel good after drinking them! I went out Friday and wore a big pink scarf from ptown -- almost boa like, bright pink eyeshadow, black maryjanes with bright pink socks, some new pink rhinestone earrings and sparkly matching choker from ptown and a tweed miniskirt ! Mad mod. I felt like Goldie Hawn. I was dancing with my favorite dancing girl friends and blabbing with everyone and there was a miniature axl rose beastie there. Cute. I was wandering in a daze all day Saturday - got up kind of early to go to the eye doctor and then just babied myself with coffee and the gigantic September Elle magazine. Mainstream fashion these days -- not pretty. I'm glad I'm a weirdo...

Wow, doodle, fj and karianne! I'm digging your home decoration! I've been a bit down on myself about that issue -- the place is pretty, but I still need to get the clothes I just stuffed in storage bins in the foyer closet cleaned/repaired, whatever, then I can take them down and hang them, and have that space to put the few bins that are just sitting stacked on top of each other up on that shelf -- also, I'd still like some window treatments -- and my furniture needs a bit of polishing/repair. Maybe a bright-colored wall would be nice -- but I'd have to white-latex it back when I move, I've been told.

We got the IKEA catalog!! I guess they know these buildings have smallish modern white-and-shiny-blond-wood apartments so we'll be a sucker for all that slick arty swedish stuff.

We have to do a long drive, cause yuppies didn't want a BIG BOX store in their newly gentrified neighborhood on the toxic soil of the old car manufacturing plant -- in between the highways -- they want to pretend they can make another neighborhood of quaint brownstones on the polluted, soggy, marshy soil. Yuh huh.

So, nicey pilows and curtains are headed my way when I can take a day trip.

I'm feeling dorky glee because I cleaned and plugged in our new coffee maker, and coffee was waiting for ma man and I when we got up at 5 am!! Or he got up at 5 and I got up at 6!! Timers -- the perfect thing for caffiends! Also -- great new sex position on new furniture caused great rocket sex glee and much gushing! Yow! I had to be like -- "uh, let's take this to the shower!" 's cool though -- it doesn't always happen but when it does it's great -- this was so much I think it must be like guys feel -- (minus rocks afterwards -- "get yr rocks off" )

I then had some profound dreams about all these little bright colored people running around. -- I mean, literally green, blue, yellow and hot pink people! They wanted me to find their friend "Silva" ! Maybe I'm designing too much...

Had corn on the cob this weekend! But you midwesterners can mourn with me -- it did not taste like fresh summer corn. Even though I got it at the farmer's market. Now, I had a midwestern swedish small town Illinois grandma. She would get corn from a farm stand when we lived out in the sticksies. It was SO DELICIOUS. But it just doesn't seem to make it to Boston or any of the bogus "farmstands" that are really rustic boutiques, I would have to drive a long, long way it seems. WAAAH!! It just tasted like nuthin'

Hihi. I've been reading, but not posting much. I haven't read from the weekend or today, though, yet.

I've been working in the hotel lounge all weekend and will later today. Last night, Banana and his friend surprised me by visiting me at work. Yay!

About my car accident:

I was waiting for a lady to back outof her spot at the 7-11 so I could pull in next to her. She backed into the side of my car. No big deal.

I'm at Banana's house right now. He's at work. I washed my uniform for work, then realized that the dryer is broken. Shit. I'm line drying it, but I need to go home and I guess I will have to go home in Banana's clothes. I wish he was here right now.

Yesterday morning, we watched Fellini Amarcord then went out for raspados. Yum!

OK - archive time.
good morning!

i want a raspado!!! what sorts of places do you get them at pk? they sound sooo goooood.

wombat, that dream sounds crazy/amazing. i love weirdo dreams. yours sounds very intriguing and visual--i want to paint or film it, yknow? there is a great line in a built to spill song that i've always loved that goes "i wanna see movies of my dreams". very appropriate!

kari, so industrious! and so exciting for your new house!! i bet you can't wait.

**feel bettah vibes for kitten**

turbo, so glad you survived the invasion. take that day off and DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH IT! hee.

moxie sounds like you had a lovely time. i remember being tiny and hanging out with grownups after dinner and feeling all special; i know moxette's probably too young to remember but it's great you're getting her included early hehe!

pood, rusty nails sound delicious, but also quite hangover-inducing. glad you had fun though!

doodle, i love your bamboo headboard. i'm feeling very inspired.

recap of my le weekend: 15 mile bike ride, dancin', party, chillout, hbi, chillout, syriana. feeling super super sore today; not sure if it's from the bike ride or the acrobatic doin' it...heh.
dude....i am way too tired to be at work but work i if it sounds a bit could be due to my lack of sleep.



turbo survived her weekend!

sorry, that's all i remember.(and i just read the archives)bleh blink.gif

vegas was a blur...really. we had a blast...sleeping in the day, partying hard at night...the hofbrauhaus in las vegas is FREAKING AMAZING!!!! needless to say, we had a blast. the only casulties this weekend were a bad choice in footwear in my case due to the fact that the GUYS didn't mention we would be walking for a mile and a half!!! so....i have major blisters...(so not nice) and then during our drunken dinner fest...somehow my toe got smashed by a huge bench. my toe is sooo not happy. sad.gif

but i got to play mother hen and tuck all my drunk buddies in bed cuz they were plastered. meh.
they are mucho happy that i did so...

also...props to fat tuesdays at aladdin...and some fab cocoction called sponge bobs. yummy drunk goodness.

i need more cocoa....*wanders off*

hi everyone!!!!
Thanks, everybody. So far with this stomach thing I have learned that caffine and alcohol make it worse and muscle relaxors make it better but leave me catatonic. It sucks. But it will get better once we figure out what is behind all of this.

What's a raspado?

x-post w/ms. gb - Ouch! Your poor feet!
Glad you had fun, Msgoof!!! I'm jealous!!

Yes, what are raspados??

Oh god, I'm really not looking forward to a staff meeting this afternoon. My boss is leaving for 2 weeks, so I know it's gonna be the longest meeting ever. sad.gif Hopefully we'll run out of time.
Hi, peeps!

Hooray for Parental Invasion 2006 being over with! You sound like you got out relatively unscathed, Turbo.

Boo on blisters in Vegas! I've been there.

Hooray for new paint on walls!

I really did read what everyone wrote, just so you know.

I had a pretty good weekend, for the most part. Went on a huge crying jag because my arms are now too fat to scratch my own damn back. It's embarassing. So I was depressed for all of Friday night and much of Saturday. We went to my friend's BBQ on Saturday afternoon, which was kind of dull. We didn't stay very long. And yesterday I had my National Angie Day. It was glorious. I bought a pair of Missoni sandals marked down 70%, new black pants for work, explored Trader Joe's, and spent a lovely 2.5 hours sitting in Barnes and Noble reading an entire Oprah magazine. At Dayton's, the boy at the makeup counter gave me a guerilla makeover (I did not want it, but he was sweet). He tried to sell me a bronzer by saying it's what Lindsey Lohan uses (um, that should never be used as a selling point!), and he commented that I have small eyes. I do not have small eyes! They're perfectly fine! It's just that when I woke up yesterday and left teh house, I hadn't showered, so I wasn't exactly looking my bright eyed and bushy tailed best. Grrr! But when I got home I was refreshed and happy again.

And I somehow managed to buy 5 pairs of shoes in the last week. This has got to stop. I'm going to try to return one pair because they CUT ME. 5 minutes of walking in them, and I have an awful cut on my foot. Not even just a rubbed-off spot, but a damn CUT. They can take their bloody shoes back, I don't want 'em.
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