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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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morning--thanks for the tips yesterday. still workin on it--can't seem to make a good wave icon. meh. drive by--i read, but i'm sick and got to work late. have a good day everyone
don't worry, lovely minx, he's going to show. just focus on having fun and let it happen. they're not all weasels!! cool.gif

and for what it's worth, i think you should definitely swing by a karaoke joint. it's a great way to get your inhibitions out on the table. i love that shit. he doesn't have to sing if he's totally against it, but it's a great sign if he does! (at least in my book)
moxie..thats freaking hilarious....

morning y'all....

today is my friday since i am taking tomorrow off...yay...i need the time to sort out things in my addled brain.

my nephews are here...they were so excited to see me..."aunt goofball! yay...did you see my tooth? i lost it! jake is soo cool....." etc. on and on with the stories...and then i went to bed with and jake and slept sister, however, got woken up 3 times by her boys. lol

oh and i practiced my waxing skills on was very willing. i did enjoy the ripping part....hehehehe

(((PK))) do tell about your little fender bender.....i'm glad your okay though.

minx, dateboy sounds very promising...(((date vibes)))

hi moxie, turbo, turbomann, fj, mr. fj, poodle, doodle, kari, marileen, diva, kitten, tart, and wombat! where's tes, dirf, and tyger?

laugh.gif "...if we have sex, we'll die."

I really enjoy being nervous about dates. It's like a special fun kind of scared.

Divala, I swear when I read "John Edwards" I thought you ment the psychic guy. I was wondering why anyone would want his endorsement. blink.gif I get it now

ha! kittenb, i'm so glad i wasn't the only one that thought that at first! i figured it out pretty quick, but i was like, wtf is diva doing going to see that freak-o?


i sort of like the pre-date jitters too. it's all high-school and stuff. (in a good way... blink.gif )

hi msgb! glad your visit with your sis and her boys is going well. that sounds like fun. for a while at least... wink.gif
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so jealous that all these people got to see Tom Waits!!!!!! I need to start saving up my money so I can get a plane ticket and a good seat to one of his shows. I checked out his website and it doesn't look like he'll be stopping here anytime soon (or ever). sad.gif

Guess what!! Cheap trick is doing some outdoor show in the Twin Cities sometime in the next month or so! Yay!!!

I don't take pictures either, jenn. I love finding pictures online, but a lot of the time, they're too small to use as wallpaper or whatever. Now I can easily view pictures that I like regardless of their size. I created ipod slideshows for Led Zep and The Who so that I can look pictures of them while playing their music. It's actually pretty simple to do. I just love pretty pictures. I haven't put any personal pictures on there yet. I better start scanning.

Damn, catsoup! All this wedding activity must be awful. When does it end?

All of this book talk is hurting my brain.
I thought of the psychic guy too. And then got confused and figured it out. I can't really picture Diva going to see a talking to dead people guy.

The wedding stuff is a little crazy. We have three more before Labor Day and then one more in October. I keep teasing TB that this is going to send him over the edge and then he'll never propose. smile.gif

Moxie, I love that girl's reasoning for why everyone gets Romeo and Juliet in high school. It's probably very true. I remember reading an interview with Judy Blume once and she said the reason she wrote Forever was because her daughter complained that all the books with teens having sex involved horrible consequences.
good afternoon everyone!!!!! *Hands out mojitos to everyone*

like I said before I only read trash, so I can't add anything on that other than when I was in 8th or 9th grade they made us read the lord of the rings and the hobbit, from JRR Tolkein, and it just bored me to death, I ended up failing the class, I prefer Anne Rice, and anything that has gratuitous sex in it.

so this guy that I've been stalking had my eyes on, finally came in on tuesday and wouldn't you know it I looked awful, no makeup, bad clothes, bad hair, but he did buy stuff. I've emailed him a couple of times, anonymously and he doesn't email back so I thought that he probably thought it was spam so I sent an email with a subject that sounded work related for him, and he still hasn't answered, he either doesn't check his email or he knows I'm a freak and won't answer.

Moxie sex=death laugh.gif

Minx don't worry, you will knock his socks off, and hopefully he will do the same for you!!!!!!! here's your positive sign + and of course (((good date vibes)))

welcome to Ipood, I still have not joined in the joy of the ipod world simply because I know I would buy one and never figure out how to use the damn thing

FJ I'm so glad you weren't upset at me biggrin.gif
"I thought of the psychic guy too. And then got confused and figured it out. I can't really picture Diva going to see a talking to dead people guy."

i read that as if you were talking to a dead guy...who talks to dead people? well, other than morticians...oh yeah...psychics...(i'm not so sure about psychics so i will leave it at that).

(rubs eyes as if that will help them see better)

fj, the kids are great...but we are leaving tonite so today is the only real day i will spend with them...which IS SOOOOO NICE. i mean, i love my nephews and all. BUT, i am limited on my 'but aunt gb, what about...' i mean i will see specks and pieces of them next week(if their momma lets them stay up late enough to see me after class) but they are really here for 'grandma time', 'Jake time' and "mom needs to rest now..go play with the toys.-time'.

Besides, grandma's house is HUGE... so there is a ton of space for them to careen about and cause ruckus while leaving momma to chill. Cuz i am big believer that kids need to cause ruckus in order to develop a proper imagination. maybe we'll build a couch fort today...hmmm.
Hells no, I'd never see a psychic whackadoo! It would have been kind of funny, though. My ex-friend is totally into John Edward and watched his show every day thinking he actually talked to dead people (he's a weird boy). I'm more into the South Park opinion that he's The Biggest Douche in the Universe.

Holy crap, Catsoup, that's a lot of weddings! If I ever get married, I'm going to make a point of not doing it in the summer.

Nephews rule! I miss my little guy already, but that's mostly because I have an adorable picture of him at my desk with his weird little smile, twinkley eyes, wearing a suit.

Ray Bradbury rules. I used a cutting from one of his stories on speech team in college.

The rally was pretty fun. It was kind of small and didn't last too long, but it was nice. It was good to hear John Edwards speak again, and our local candidate did a far better job speaking since she wasn't doing her usual stump speech, but actually talking.

Speakign of which, I'm still waiting to hear from the union guy. There's no reason I shouldn't get a call back today, methinks.

The best part? She totally "got" the humor of it, too! I couldn't go around praising her to the other kids, b/c, i was the responsible adult, but damn! I finally had a decent reason why "Midsommer" isn't taught at that age. Even though its a better play!

F-me...i want it to be 5pm SOOO badly...i came in early, and got stuck closing. I'm pooped...maybe i'll take a little nappy....i'm alone here now. Hmmm....
Yeah, this is the day that will not end....that's for sure. I'm busy, but its so dreary out, and all I want to do is go take a nap....maybe I'll curl up next to moxie...only 45 minutes left for me though - woot!

Well, I do believe that some people can talk to dead people, but the ones hanging around for talking are generally stuck here, and how much good are they? I also think the really gifted folk who can see beyond are not on TV for some reason.... tongue.gif

ms gb - you *have* to build a couch fort today!!! Build one for all of us! Couch forts were the best. It was the coolest when we got to raid thet linen closet and turn my auntie's small den into some arabian tent city with all the sheets and couch cushions we could find!
ah yes....couch forts...we built tons....loveseats are especially good....for some reason, probably structural, they just hold together better. but we also had our very own teepee to play in, move, and play some more.

my mom's a k-6 teacher and would try stuff out on us. She is the only person i know who has a book on 'making animals out of paper plates'. and dad helped her out on the bigger projects...for the shel silverstein poem 'i'm being eaten by a boa constrictor' and the song that goes with concocted a felt boa with a plastic hinged mouth so a small child could re-enact it for a skit. Creatively, my parents rocked.

on other things..not so much.

*considers making toaster oven muffin cookies with the boys* now those are good....mmm!

I'm gonna do it! i'm building a HUGE couch fort...for all the busties...and then me and boys are eating mini muffin cookies. IN THE FORT. crumbs be damned.

*passes out mini muffin cookies to all the busties*

oh man, those were the days. i confess: i only want kids so i can do the whole couch fort thing! wheeee!

yes, this day will not end. 33 minutes until i *can* leave, although i should probably stick around until 5:30p. boooooooo. stupid responsibility.

i think i'm ordering in tonight. either japanese or pizza. i'm unsure at this moment.

what's everyone doing this weekend?

we're having s&s over on friday night for dinner. she's the BFF that had moved to mississippi right before katrina and then moved back shortly after. her boytoy is now moving to tampa and this is his last regular weekend here. or at least that's the ostensible reason for us to get together. we decided that we'd both prefer to cook at our house than go out. that way we can eat, drink and be merry without having to worry about who is driving home, etc. plus, she'll have her munchkin with her so it'll probably turn into a game night, which is always fun.

i think we have yard work in store on saturday. one of our trees lost it's top (either by wind or struck by lightening) so i have about fifteen feet of limb to cut up and get out of the yard. i'd like to pick up some bamboo also. can i ask again why that shit is so farkin' expensive?

~~~^**<3 hot date night vibes for minx <3**^~~~

Now you're sure.
I like your certainty on the matter, mr fj....and would definitely agree with you.

Your weekend sounds excellent, as usual, fj!

We're got the parental invasion this weekend, ho-hum. BUT, I made great progress in talking them OUT of going to the concert in Millenium Park tomorrow night - just 'cause I would have a very difficult time getting home, walking the 3 hounds, scraping together some sort of snacky foods, and getting on the train with lawn chairs to get to the park by 6pm....just wasn't happening, and was totally stressing me out. My 'rents are not the most healthy, mobile, tolerant, or patient folk. Now, since we're skipping that, I'm pretty okay with the weekend ahead, however many times I may have to grit my teeth when they make a judgemental comment about my home/neighborhood/neighbors/public transit/other people in general.

Tonight, I've got the house to myself, as turboman is going to play paintball after work, so I am reveling in that. I have to wash floors and junk, but alone time is a good thing, and there will definitely be a bath in there somewhere.
Have a good night, all.
happy date, minx!!
No date, Moxie. I couldn't do it.
what's wrong minx? ((((minx))))
oh, minxy! what happened girl?!

are you ok?
No, I'm not okay...and it's because of about two or three different things all at once. Convergence is a real bitch to contend with. I am really hesitant to go into explicit detail about it, but I can't stop crying...and Jim Beam is tasting really good right now. No worries...I am not going to be aything really stupid, and drinking this early in the day isn't my style but if I stay in my head for one more minute even "Silence of the Lambs" won't cheer me up. And that's saying something. sad.gif

I will write someone a PM with the straight poop in an hour or so if I am still coherent, or someone here can call me and transcript...I have held it together really well for the last two months and all of a sudden it just came crumbling down.
well, you know we're always here to listen to you. i wish i could come over and give you big hugs and help you drink that bottle of jim beam... you know... to prevent you from drinking it all and stuff.

we love you, minx!
((((((((minxy))))))) Just to reiterate....we LOVE you, girl, and we are here for you, even when the JB isn't....and we're not going when you need to unload, you just do it. In the meantime, be good to yourself. Give yourself some MAJOR credit for having a really rough year, and really dealing with it, taking it on, and moving through it. You are an amazing woman, no doubt about it.
Mornin' lassies! I'm too tired to come up with a decent insult.

(((Minx))) Feel free to PM or call me if you like.

The cat alarm went off early this morning. I also have awful heartburn. Pooh. I ordered pizza last night and ate too much of it.

I figured out a way to convert my mpeg-1 videos to mp4s using MPEG Streamclip. Yayayayay!!! Now I can watch Highway to Hell on my ipod! Almost all of the videos they have on itunes are new, which just doesn't work for moi.

How's everyone doin' this morning?
minxy-- you are a hella stong woman- raising minxlette, moving by yourself, working through being a creative, motivating teacher- any of those things by themselves is cause for celebration, and you're doing all 3! We do love you and want to be here for you. XOXOXO
((((((MInxy))))) I hope you're doing better this morning, and got some good rest last night. I sentcha a PM, and mucho mucho love.

Its friday, thank maude!!! Doesn't feel like an especially fun one, since the parental invasion 2006 arrives this afternoon, and neither turboman nor I feel really up to entertaining for the third weekend in a row. blerg. Not to mention that a month ago we spent 4 solid days with all my crazy ass family for my uncle's funeral, so I feel like I've had quite enough of them already. I just keep telling myself that this is the trade off for living far away, and not having to see them all the loooong weekend each summer, where they hold us captive.

So, that's all I know this morning.
Mornin'. It is dreary and rainy here, and I quite like it.

((minx)) girl, I am so sorry to hear that shit is going down. You can PM me as well, I always have an ear for my busties. Take care of yourself and feel free to vent away about anything. We've got your back.

Everyone's weekends sound pretty good.

Jenn, I can't believe how much entertaining you & turbomann have been doing here lately. Does the parental visit end your streak?

Know one thing I don't like about the new lounge? When you go to post, it cuts off about half of the previous posts. Meaning I can't check back to see what people have said and then in my post I end up forgetting people. Hmpf.

I have a decent weekend planned. Tonight mr K's mom is staying with us. She has a conference in town tomorrow. She gets in about 7 tonight. No big deal really, I will just have to make sure the guest bedroom is ready for her. I am meeting some friends for dinner at 8:30 and she said no problemo, that she will probably go to bed early anyhow. She's really easygoing, which is great. Tomorrow I don't have class yay! We will probably go to breakfast with mom in law. Don't know about the rest of the day. It looks like things are on track for us to move on the 31st, so we have a lot to do.

I went to bed so early last night, it was wonderful. I needed that sleep. Feeling pretty good today.

turbojenn -- iron woman!

Good luck with the icons mouse!!

Having to actually draw when under deadline can be difficult. I pulled it off this last week. Whew.
But I was having dreams about it and all. Cause what you non-graphic-design people don't know is that you can't just come up with something that looks good -- they have to like it, and it has to be solidly simply made and adaptable on the code level to be published on web or paper, made larger and smaller, blah blah blah. There are ton of refinements and certifications that have to happen -- oh, and they have to like it...

poo. back in a few

I hope your weekend goes well, Turbojenn. There definitely are pros and cons of living away from family. When do they leave?

There are a bunch of changes happening at work right now, including some staff changes. I wish I had a new job lined up so I could give notice now. It would be the appropriate time since there's lots of planning and changing happening. But there isn't a job yet on the horizon so I've got to keep going.
Yeah, I think this ends our entertaining for the summer, and not a moment too soon. I'm glad lots of people like to visit us, but by August, I am totally burnt out on entertaining - and broke - because its really expensive to have guests and do things in the city all the time. I hope to cod this is the last time I have to go to Millenium Park this summer - the awe and wonder at the giant chrome bean is seriously wearing off now. Hopefully the 'rents will leave Sunday mid afternoon, to go see my aunt and uncle in the burbs. whew.

~*~*~*~*~catsoup jobby-job vibes*~*~*~*~*~*

wombat, I totally hear you on the designing under pressure thing. I've got three small ones sitting on my desk that *must* get done today, and I've been putting them off all week. hmph. Better get to it I guess.

Holy cow, kari!!! Moving on the 31st!!! This is moving sooooo fast! YAY!!! I wish you lots of energy for the fast race toward your very own house!!!
Yeah, there's a whole anxiety thing that happens with creative work -- it always gets to the point where ya think, this isn't going to work, I won't have the idea, my rivals are right and i'm an idiot, or whatever.

But then it does work, and you feel like a million bucks! I made a two-color job and the stupid CS Illustrator insisted on bringing in four color because you have to define. the illustrator. files. as RGB or CMYK and they insist on bringing in the entirely UNUSED colors, which is totally stupid! So, I just used an OLD program to make the art cause the old ones understand what a spot color plate is! #%U)U%)##U)!!! I had to recreate the art darn fast when I saw it wasn't separating properly. And I did it. I so rock!!

Oddly, those reality shows help -- the ones where they're competing, not when it's just gross out crap. Like, Last Comic Standing, Hell's Kitchen and Rockstar Supernova. Because you can see that some of the best people just give up! Don't give up! I see how people deal with rivalry without being discouraged or becoming big jerks, and see how they concentrate on the love and skill of what they do.

So, tacky as they are, they have made me more stalwart.

Yeah, stick to it and be your best, don't be a crappy person, if it hurts someone else that you stick to it and be your best, too bad, because if you cop out then you're still hurting someone because people that want to see and enjoy what you make and are rooting for you are going to feel bad -- yourself is hurt too!!

Not good grammar up there, but you know what I mean.
I can't imagine the pressure to be creative when you're on a deadline. It must be tremendous.

Jenn, it is expensive to have guests. You have to go out and do stuff, and you always feel that you have to have decent food and things in the house. No doubt you are burned out.

I sort of wish mr K's mom wasn't going to be at our house in the morning. It is my first weekend with no class in about 5 weeks and I just wanna sleep in. Oh well. I am off next Saturday too, so I can do it then.

I think this is going to be a long day. My allergies are making me feel crappy. The refreshed feeling I had earlier from my good night of sleep is quickly fading away. Am drinking tea now in hopes that it helps this congestion in my throat.
I'm on stand-by if you need a date, Minx. I'm here for you. I'm a giver. That's how I roll.
sorry you're dealing with allergies, karianne. ugh, i don't even have allergies usually, but my eyes and nose are running like crazy. i feel like crawling back in bed and sleeping for days! that's not gonna happen. booooo.

poodle's cat alarm, ha! missus abigail boots slept beside me all night last night and i woke up to her licking herself. and then grover decided it was bath time for her too and went at it. she makes the most hideous noises when she bathes. ewwww.

minx, i do hope you're feeling better this morning, girl! YOU are going to be fine. i wish i could bring my karaoke machine up there and we could have karaowhiskeybake 2006! that will have to happen at some point in the future. i've decided.

jenn, i hope your weekend is as stress-free as it can be. just focus on the fact that it'll all be back to normal sooooon! smile.gif

our plans sort of changed for tonight. we are still having dinner with s&s, but it'll be at her place rather than mine. which is fine. we'll probably pack up and leave soon after dinner and head back home. i am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. i got a call from my sis in law a little while ago telling me that we need to go to the canaveral seashore this weekend and see the manatees. apparently, there are hundreds of them at an observation deck with all their little babies. this is the best time of the year for seacows, i guess. i really would like to see them, but at the same time i had planned to just hang out at home and finish painting the stairwell and maybe even the third bedroom. but manatees are cute so the painting might take a backseat.

then sunday, we're seeing the ILs for SIL's wifey's birthday. that'll be a blast. *sarcasm* actually, it won't be bad. i always have fun with them. it's just that it'll all be very structured and sometimes that can be annoying. ok, most times it's annoying...

Hi everyone!

"parental invasion 2006" Ha! So much familial action going on this weekend! I admire you, turbo, because I would have snapped long ago. My family is sweet and fun, but I need my alone time. Afterall, my new love is ipood, and I want to spend as much time with her as possible.

I think my cat alarm is faulty, because it wakes me up too early, and then fails to wake me up when I fall asleep and end up with 10 minutes to get ready before work. Oscar is such a good sleep buddy though. He cuddled up really close to me last night, so I wrapped my arm around him and used him as a pillow. He's so warm and fuzzy. He really likes it when I tackle him with a hug. He resists a little, but he still sits there purring.

I love your avatar, falljackets! Cute.

Heheheh....nobody knows that I'm watching an AC/DC video right now. I feel so naughty.
Hey all!!

I am feeling much better (for a variety of different reasons) this morning. And I would like to thank all of you for supporting this cosmic freakout in such graceful and loving ways. You all be ma bitches, and I would be honored to spank any of you.

Per last night, well...strange things occurred in this house. tongue.gif First of all, I finished off half a bottle of Jim Beam over the period of six hours so that I could actually function fairly well. Only slight typos and stumbling! Second of all, after having sent a drunken, swishy email to the ex, he actually contacted me. No worries, we are not going to swim in those waters again. He came over for beers, and we ended up talking for hours. It was really healing. He was very honest with me, took it on the head himself, and we are in a nice, neutral space. I don't feel compelled to wonder and perseverate anymore and that is such a relief.

Turns out that he actually heeded some of what I mentioned to him and did some exploring. He mended fences with his ex wife (wasn't fucking her), never did fuck the booty-caller (she never contacted him), and he has been celibate, quit smoking, took up a heavy exercise regiment, and started making friends and hanging out with them. It's all good. I feel much better. I deserved an explanation and apology and a tidy ending. The universe ended up being a lot more kind last night than I had previously expected.

Per Dateboy, well, let me be quite frank. I had PM'd a couple of you about this, but let me give you the Reader's Digest version of what happened. He had his own cosmic freakout. He is a swingin' kind a guy and has been engaged in adventures with another boy for over a year now. However, the night before our date, he was with this man and they had a condom break. Now, to their knowledge, both of them are clean, but that is a scary space to be in. He needed information, he needed to run to the Red Door, he needed to hang with his sister and decompress afterwards. I felt badly for him, but it raised my anxiety level and that's why I ended up writing the email. I was kind of in that "is this what I am doomed to continually expect" destructive thinking. You know the drill. I rather think that it all turned out well, all things considered.

I am presently IM-ing with Dateboy. He felt really badly cancelling on me and wants to reschedule next week after his last test (wait for the sero-conversion period), which I think is really responsible and thoughtful on his part. I was taken aback at how honest and up-front he was about the whole deal. He may very well end up being the real deal. smile.gif
MINX! i'm so glad you're feeling better now, girl! and like i said before, i think it's great that dateguy was at least able to be HONEST with you about what happened, instead of shying away from it and making you think that it was something YOU did.

and good for the weasel for coming out and talking to you also. this really shows how important closure is, regardless of the cliche.

Oh, and Mr. FJ, anytime, any place. I'll bring the booze, you bring the wife. wink.gif
D'oh!! of course right after I post that my Illustrator CS wouldn't come in in a spot plate I tried it again and it was fine!!

Should I feel dumb or just multifaceted? And it's good to know it will come in as a spot. I got the exact same color, exact same name, didn't have it as process, had it specifically entered in the Swatch palette BUUUTTTT didn't get rid of the unused generic colors by hand. Only none, registration, and your spot can be left. Other programs will be okay with leaving in defaults, they won't use them as long as YOU didn't use them.

Oh well, that's what makes life interesting. We have to mix old and new software here, so the negotiations can be tricky. I just *snap* judged that it didn't want to cooperate, and thought of the next trick today. Yup,

and so it is with relationships my minxy ---

It's cool that he is aware of and responsible about the whole HIV thing -- see, you know what's what with people -- I really like what you said about relationships, actually, that was well saidd!

Why is it so difficult to find relationships in that category?
ie, I want to have sex but I don't want to marry you
and, I want to have sex and not marry you but I don't want it to be some sleazy thing with some uncaring person, I want a decent and fun and for real person.

The suspicion starts to be that all the decent fun and for real people want marriage or are already married -- ack!

A lot of people think if you don't want to be monogamous that you just don't care AT ALL.

Well, you put it better than I did, and good luck with everything.

Also, thanks to Tart (? too lazy to check!) who made me interested in checking out Ray Bradbury.

Hi, goof and poodle and falljackets and mister fj! And -- karianne! and the rest...
I'm glad you're feeling better today, minx. Be careful with that weasel, though. Don't hang out with him often (or at all) because you'll end up feeling chummy, then horny, and the same thing will happen all over again. I'm gonna scream at you if it does.

Tonight I'm gonna go to Lee's to see my friends' rockabilly band. This should be interesting, because I'm probably gonna see a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while. I'm actually a little embarrassed, because I've gained a lot of weight. I don't want people to give me that look. At least my hair will look nice since I had it cut on Tuesday. I know it's lame to worry about my appearance, but you have to understand that the rockabilly crowd is a little shallow and costume-ish. I used to dress up in vintage clothes and look really put together, but I can't fit in them anymore. It was sorta fun to dress differently and play along with the whole thing.

Damn. I need to find a car. That's what I should do today instead of working. Unfortunately, my dad indicated that he would be super pissed off if I bought something pre-1980, because I rely on him for some repairs, etc. If my pre-1980 car broke down on the highway, he'd probably say something like, "Well, you bought that old car against my advice, so you can figure it all out on your own."
wow, minxie, what a cosmic freakout......that seems to have ended remarkably well! it's always such a relief to get some form of closure on a past relationship, and dateboy has now proven himself as honest, careful and considerate (not to mention, he sounds pretty hot. hee). all's well that ends well, right?

good luck with parental invasion, turbo. i'm sorry you have to deal with all of that. it IS really expensive to entertain guests! you have to buy extra food, drive 'em around, go out to dinner more often than you normally would, etc. etc. but of course for the right person it's worth it.

and yah, wombat, designing under pressure is tough. i always work better when i have a really strict concept to follow--if i'm just sort of told "oh......just come up with something" i never come up with anything decent. i think the hardest part, though, is trying to fit in one's own artwork/design work on the side. you spend all day flexing your creative muscle and then you come home and it's hard to find fresh ideas for your own stuff.

karianne! house!! that's so exciting! pood, i think that's the problem with cat alarms. what you gain in furriness you lose in punctuality.

the fjs sound like they have a fun night lined up! are you going to wear that hat, miss?

~~*job vibes for catsoup*~~

hi to anyone i missed! goodmorning!

i am going on a crazy bike ride tonight and then to the best indie-pop danceparty evah.
mouse, you're so cute! no, i prolly won't wear the hat. wink.gif

that pic is from a couple of years ago, taken at oh, probably a good 3am one night. we often have "silly hat night" when we're hanging out with friends. it's usually when we play poker or some such activity. i have a box of hats that comes out once everyone is good and schnockered and everyone takes a grab. newsboys, cowboys, truckers, buckets, skullcaps - it's all there. even the funky nightcap looking one that mrfj got at lalapalooza.

it's another of mrfj's hats that i'm wearing and i'm just about as drunk as i look in the pic. i have a couple more taken from the same night that will probably be in the rotation soon. suprisingly, i *remember* having that pic taken.

fun times, indeed. laugh.gif

and i forgot to send karianne ***zzz~~~rest up for moving day vibes~~~zzz***

and *$*$*find a new job pronto vibes*$*$* for catsoup!
yay minx! So glad to hear you're feeling better. Sounds like you and the ex had a really good convo. I am glad. Agree with everyone else on dateboy, he sounds cool. I think that took a lot of courage for him to tell you what happened & how he was feeling about it.

Catsoup, I wish you could leave your job too. I know you are not happy there. Hopefully one day in the near future you can put in your notice!

FJ, I like your new avatar. Nice. So you guys are hanging out with the fam this weekend? It is a family filled weekend here in okayland. Parents and inlaws everywhere.

Poodle, try not to worry about what others think tonight. I know that is easier said than done. Just have fun! I like furry alarm clocks. Well, sometimes. Not on the weekend. Except a few weeks ago I was oversleeping on a Saturday, I don't know what happened to the alarm & Yukester came in & woke me up. She's my backup alarm clock.

Hiya Wombat! What's up? Hiya Mouse!

Thanks for all the house vibes. It has been a whirlwind that is for sure. Exciting!

I guess I'm gonna go out for my lunch hour. I have been waiting for my friend who is also working down here today to email me, but I haven't heard from her. I don't think I can wait much longer, getting stir crazy!
Hi, peeps.

So, guess who the dumbass is who left her cash card, license, and building pass in the pants she wore yesterday and now has no money to get lunch? Yep, that'd be me. So I'm going to drive home and get it just 'cause I feel like it.

I'm glad Dateboy is being responsible, Minx. And I'll help Poodle kick your ass if you go back to him after all this.

$$$$$$$$ job vibes for Catsoup $$$$$$$$

Still haven't heard back from union guy yet, but I hear he's still in Chicago, so anything that's going to happen will have to wait unti next week.

Poodle, you look fine. You looked particularly good last weekend, too. Just have a lot of whiskey and have yourself some fun toying with the dippity-doo greaser boys.

Good luck with Parental Invasion 2006, Turbo.

FJ, you look like Butters' evil alter ego from South Park in that hat. Professor Evil?

So you only have a little over 2 weeks to pack up your whole house, Karianne? Wow.

Hi, Wombat and Mouse!

I can't wait for this day to be done. Tonight, the giant and I are going out to dinner somewhere since we haven't for a week now, and maybe doing some housecleaning. We're going to a BBQ at a long-lost friend's place (old friend from Pride), and I'm having my National Angie Day Out on Sunday. I'm kind of excited, actually, but I hear it's supposed to rain. That probably won't stop me, though. A little rain never killed anyone.

Okay, off to go home and get money and lunch. I'm staying late tonight, so any excuse to get outside for awhile is a good one.

Minxie! I'm so glad last night resolved itself in a really good, healing way!! And really, what an honest, responsible person Dateboy is to really be upfront about what's going on, and already calling you to make plans to reschedule. Excellent on all counts.

Oh, how I wished we had a personal bustie jet available to fly all over the country on a whim, so we could hang out together! I wanna go to mpls to chill with the whole gang, and then, we'll all head down to FL to have silly hat night with the fjs!!

Anyone who needs a furry alarm clock can c'mon over and borrow our guest 5:35am everyday, on the dot, Badger Bad Ass comes up to my side of the bed and starts barking. blink.gif And this 90lb hunka dog has the most high pitched minnie mouse bark, it is a startling way to wake up. But its always exactly 5 minutes before the alarm, which is so weird.

yeah, mouse, I seem to have *no* energy these days for sidework...I got asked to do a website last week, and that's a definite NO - takes way too much time - but even small projeects, I'm just not into it right now when the weather is nice.

poodle, have FUN fun fun tonight!! From what photos I've seen, you are gorgeous, lady, and we know you know how to have fun wherever you are, so make it happen!

Right now, I'm trying to think of a restaurant to take the 'rents to for dinner that won't utterly drain my bank account, as they expect me to pay for dinner at least one night...oy.
Hi diva! I'm glad you're making Sunday a special day for you and you alone. What spots do you plan on visiting? Your brother hasn't called me yet, by the way.

Thanks for the self-esteem pep talk, peeps. I'm not self-conscious about my looks around Chad and Trev, because those guys love me regardless of my appearance. They've been really enthusiastic to hang out in the last couple weeks. I guess I should just assume the same for everyone else. I love those boys, though. They're my posse of platonic boy friends. I hope they come tonight. I love hanging out with cute "bad" boys who are nice, but I have no romantic feelings toward, ever.

I think serious depression combined with my surgery, the resident boy, and my suspended license, has majorly impacted my social life this year. It kinda makes me want to cry. A lot of it is my own fault, but I've also felt trapped in my apartment because of the car thing.
are there any "dry" restaurants around town? smile.gif

We're having the BFFs over for moxieman's 30th tomorrow, then a big family shindig for the same on sunday. It should be fun, but i'm in kind of a random sad place these days, so i'm not looking forward to it as much as I should. Poop. I want my man's b-day to be awesome...with hot-mokey-lovin HBIs, but I'm just not peppy enough. (sad dog face).

Minxie- that sounds SO reasonable for a cosmic meltdown. Its hella impressive that dateboy was honest and resopnsible for himself and you, too.
turbojenn know my crazy ass family so well, moxie. tongue.gif They never order drinks when we eat out, its when they hang out at our house that things can get dangerous. I don't allow them to bring their gallon jugs of wine over, but last year I did allow my father to have a cocktail...but I'm mixing, and he'd never have six drinks if I'm mixing and controlling the issue. fun, fun.

moxie, he's gonna have a great birfday, and you know that once the BFFs come over, you're going to have a lovely celebration, and I'm sure your mood will swing back up. Your lives have changed a lot this year - but so have all your friends', and now your celebrations just have the added bonus of cute babies to cuddle! ...and I bet there's a good HBI in there somewhere, even if you can't feel it right now. cool.gif
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