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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I guess a part of me just really feels like there shouldn't even be this idea of the "should reads." (pssst, moxie, close your eyes)...but seriously, I have no use for Shakespeare, for Gatsby, Hawthorne, and all those old doesn't call to me in any way, and I kind of feel a little irritated that they still are teaching Shakespeare to 8th graders, when so many have not mastered modern English.

I love reading, and I have pretty varied interests, but the thought of going back to read the likes of Moby Dick just turns me off. But that's just me. I'll take the occasional chic lit, a heavy smattering of mythic fiction, non fiction, and lots of bios and memoirs....and I will try just about anything on audio book. Somehow listening to audio is different than reading for me, so I'll try something I wouldn't naturally pick out in print.

Ok, I've got to run and take a bath now! later, literary mavens!
I am sad tonight. sad.gif
Minxy - Are you OK? What's going on?

I don't remember shit from high school lit. I was kind of a dork, anyway. Not too smart, yet liked the nerdy books, like "The Red Badge of Courage".

I think you should check out some Annie Dillard. VPisces mentioned that before, I think. I liked "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" and "For The Time Being".

What was that one short story - I think it is by Melville, about the Scrivener who just wouldn't leave? Bartleby? Is that what it's called? I remember liking that. It was fun to talk about. Are you going to read any poetry? I hate poetry, but I liked talking about William Carlos Williams stuff. Sorry. I hate lit. Well, I take that back. I liked this class I took in college called "Black Women Writers", and we read "Jubilee" and "The Color Purple" and some other stuff. My favorite book in that class was "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrisson. It was so beautiful and sad. And short. Hee hee.

Today was alright. After work I got Mexican food at a nice-ish restaurant with a couple friends and spent way more money than I wanted to. I asked them if they wanted to grab a burrito after work, and it turned into going to a real restaurant and getting margaritas.

Mr. PK is probably just landing in China now. He left today at noon Eastern time. I can't believe he is in China. I'm so envious.

Minxy - Are you OK? What's going on?

I don't remember shit from high school lit. I was kind of a dork, anyway. Not too smart, yet liked the nerdy books, like "The Red Badge of Courage".

I think you should check out some Annie Dillard. VPisces mentioned that before, I think. I liked "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" and "For The Time Being".

What was that one short story - I think it is by Melville, about the Scrivener who just wouldn't leave? Bartleby? Is that what it's called? I remember liking that. It was fun to talk about. Are you going to read any poetry? I hate poetry, but I liked talking about William Carlos Williams stuff. Sorry. I hate lit. Well, I take that back. I liked this class I took in college called "Black Women Writers", and we read "Jubilee" and "The Color Purple" and some other stuff. My favorite book in that class was "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrisson. It was so beautiful and sad. And short. Hee hee.

Today was alright. After work I got Mexican food at a nice-ish restaurant with a couple friends and spent way more money than I wanted to. I asked them if they wanted to grab a burrito after work, and it turned into going to a real restaurant and getting margaritas.

Mr. PK is probably just landing in China now. He left today at noon Eastern time. I can't believe he is in China. I'm so envious.

TJ- not everyone is a shakespeare dork...I just happen to be. smile.gif the other "classics" seems a bit too inflated generally for my taste. Melville-bleh, Hemmingway- doublebleh.

Speaking of women writiers- what about Maya Angelou? Hella...a bunch of us well read feminists forgot the mother!

Ok, so its 5:30, my kid is pissy, won't eat, and is now lying whining (not crying) in her crib. I know, refusing milk and then SMILING about it is a control issue for her, so i'm trying not to be frustrated or worried, but sheesh! If she's gonna wake me up, the least she can do is let me feed her. Feh.
mornin' ya'll!!

I'm feeling *much* better today, after a full night's rest, and a relaxing bath last night.

Moxie, I hope you got to sleep in a little this morning! Moxette can certainly be demanding when she wants to be, eh?


hi hi PK - its always so good to see you in here again - just makes me smile everytime you pop in!

diva - sounds like you're in need of setting up some alone time to just hang out by yourself....I *have* to have my alone time, or I get really crabby. Turboman didn't get it at first - he doesn't *need* time away from me, but now he does understand my need for solitude.

I just decided that after Parental Invasion 2006 this weekend, that I am taking Monday off again. Turboman is flying to Phoenix for three days (YAY - alone time, wheee!), and I want a day to release all the stress of the weekend.

Oh, turboman and I did decide to shelve the Ireland trip for this year after our crazy weekend. We've taken a grand total of 2.5 vacation days since December, and we're both completely and utterly fried...and needing a vacation NOW. Plus, our trip was getting pushed back till mid November because of our Euro friends' schedules, and we just decided that hiking in the cold rain of Ireland was not what we'd maybe want to do in November. So instead, we're just going to take a couple of random long weekend trips, see what kind of good deals we can get with last minute travel plans.
Mornin' y'all!

(((minx))) I got yer message. That totally blows. Keep focused on the new, happy things in your life right now. Recently, I developed a good tactic for pulling myself out of the funkies. I try to acknowledge the sadness and then I think of the "More Cowbell!" skit. Works everytime. When you start to feel like shit, just think something like "butt flush" and I guarantee you'll feel better. You have to form the thought ahead of time so it's instantly there when you need it. As part of my brother's treatment for OCD, he had a standard list of good thoughts to substitute when he started to have obsessive thoughts. I think that strategy applies to everyone. Personally, I like to come up with thoughts that crack my shit up.

Marileen!! I'm hooked on Rockstar Supernova, too. It's just so unbelievably cheesy! Gilby Clarke acts like he's John Lennon or something. Get over yourself, dude! You were Izzy's replacement in Guns N' Roses! I have to admit--I kinda like Tommy Lee. He just seems really nice. Didn't Pamela Andersen accuse him of abuse, though? He doesn't seem like the type, but I guess you never know. I feel like pulling out my guitar and picking Unforgiven. I had this mullet-headed guitar teacher back in my youth, and the first songs he taught me were Greensleeves, some Spanish thing, and a couple Metallica songs. I'm pretty sure I could play 'em if I tried.

The only things I really enjoy reading are Mental Floss and Wikipedia. I crave trivial information.

Oh! I forgot! My hair is gone!!! I had it cut so it falls just above my shoulders. It feels so weird--almost like my head is a pound lighter. I feel so liberated! The girl who cut my hair is the same girl who gave me the updo. The cut took a long time, because we were laughing our asses off. She had to go wipe the tears out of her eyes.

Crap! I have to leave for work!
Good Morning, babies!

I am back in the office today after working from home yesterday. Feeling sort of shitty due to allergies. My ear is all clogged up & I have drainage. Lovely.

((Minx)) Are you alright? I hope so. Please let us know if we can help you feel better.

Poodle, I want to see a pic of your hair! I am getting mine cut next week. Can't wait, it is bugging the hell out of me, it has gotten too long.

FJ, how did the commercial shoot go?

Hi marileen, pk, dirf, diva, moxie, and jenn!

We finally got the signed agreement back for the house. They had given us a verbal agreement, but there was a 4 day lag in btw that & when we got the paper contract. We were starting to sweat it, but now everything is in order. Inspection is tomorrow. Squeeeee!!

PR TONIGHT! Did you see the previews? Tattoo neck is causing some problems.
Hi folks!!

D -- I guess stubble is what I'm referring to, actually. Little black hairs about a millimeter long become noticeable and I take em off with a nice new Gillette Sensor blade and Kiss My Face Calendula moisturizer -- works for me.

Ooh! Ooh! Mistah Kottah!!

Having lead High School and, god help me, Junior High School students -- by the BUSLOAD -- through two old houses, wearing a dorky outfit and talking about Hawthorne actually gives me some insight on how to teach literature, now that I think of it. You need to concentrate on the society at the time, relate it to society as it is NOW, and also read enough of it so you know what their good stuff is and enough of their biography so that you can... okay this might sound too obvious, so let me boil it down for Hawthorne.

Hawthorne seems like he'd be a boring old fart, and if I stuck to just The House of Seven Gables and the Scarlet Letter, well, I would have lost them. But the House itself is one of the few left over from the 1600s, and you can see their building techniques and the original materials in the attic. Really wide floorboards-- look at these! They are two feet wide and 350 years old! Look how they just made the beams out of one tree and cut a hole through one and a tab from the other and stuck it through!

One of Hawthorne's elderly female relatives lived here and she was one of the first businesswomen -- in the ealy 1800s -- Her father died at sea and she refused to give up the house even though her relatives tried to force her to give it up. She had parties, sold real estate, and told little Nathaniel all the gossip!! That thing about the guy who built the house having a stroke on the doorstep when it was completed? It happened! It's real!

If you read the short stories you can learn about American history and get colorful, gory, scary, romantic stories at the same time. He's a lot like Edgar Allen Poe in his short stories. He heard stories from another old woman who did nothing but sit by the fire and knit, and when he later did research he found out everything she said was true! He grew up with a lot of female relatives because his dad died at sea when he was only four years old. They had to go live with relatives and live on charity. His mother was so depressed she never came out of her room and people whispered about her -- kind of like Hester Prynne.

He grew up to be very tall and attractive and popular and was a success in his own lifetime. The daguerrotypists in the 1840s were like internet startups in the 1990s -- all of a sudden there was a new technology that everybody was crazy about and people from sketchy backgrounds could make a living, that's why he was a radical character.

okay, you're still bored silly. Well, I tried.

Melville was a weirdo too. His short stories are easier to deal with too. Moby Dick's long, but each chapter is short and is like an episode or an essay. Pick a few out. One is all about how white is actually color with an evil feeling to it -- a pretty radical notion even now. One is all about the appeal of water. And his suspected homosexuality comes though in Billy Budd and the character of Queegqueeg. The other thing is that that really happened. A right whale rammed a ship until it fell apart, the men got into three lifeboats, one of the few survivors after months on sea was a seventeen year old boy.
They publised his diary in newspapers in installments.

Oh! And Melville has a short story called Benito Cereno about a slave ship mutiny that really happened, and later the people that made Amistad had a fight with some jerk that said HE invented the story.

Okay, I'm the biggest literature dork ever. But the point is: pick out the more interesting stuff and point out the fact that they weren't just, like, college professors sitting at accountant desks with feathered pens making up a bunch of moralistic, preachy crap.
I have been at conferences, on and off, over the last two days. I couldn't stay sitting for another minute and have a newfound appreciation for what my students will deal with in a few weeks. But today, I gave myself permission to run like hell so that I can sit at home, write curriculum (ha!), drink my cold coffee, and chainsmoke.

This is my last week of smoking, by-the-by. Sunday is D-Day. I can't say that I have been anticipating this with great relish, but I committed to it a month ago and will do so. Maybe I can rope Dateboy into an incentives program. He did say he likes to give spontaneous head. We'll just go with that thought for it is enough for now. biggrin.gif

Thank you for all of your well-wishing and kindness and advice. I am particularily fond of MORE COWBELLS!! I nearly blew coffee all over my monitor on that one. Just the look on his face is enough to pull me out of any funk. I wonder if I can find a UTube clip of that one?

My sadness was based in something really stupid that I did, and did NOT need to do. I really need to stop being a voyeur and so interested in what people from my past are doing. Unfuckingnecessary. It was temporary; I just needed to go through it and take it as reinforcement that I have made some really good choices over the last two months.

Music du jour: Metallica's "Fade to Black". No cowbells. tongue.gif

Oh yeah, and that the ex is probably checking up on me here. Not the asshat, the Weasel.
Hi, peeps.

Hemmingway is one of those authors that I just can't stand, and never could. I really tried to give him a shot, but it just wasn't meant to be. I can't get into that whole rambling for ramble's sake self-important hoohah. They least he could do is fit an interesting story in there somewhere.

Wow, that's a lot of hair gone, Poodle! Was it enough that you could donate it?

Congrats on the house again, Karianne!

All I can think about when I see Tommy Lee is Hepatitis C.

I'm thinking that Sunday is going to be my day to go out alone. I'm even going to leave the giant at home to wonder where I've gone. There are a few places I want to go in St. Louis Park, I have a coupon I can use for a shirt I've been lusting after for months, and I may spend some quality time in B&N with a coffee and a stack of books. Friday is payday, after all, and I want to make the most of it on my schedule.

I'm waiting for my friend from work to get back from his conference because we were supposed to have a lunch date. He's got 15 more minutes before I bolt to forrage for my own food. A phone call would've been nice.

Just 8 hours and 45 minutes until the new PR. Yay!
gmorning everyone

((minx)) feel happier

congrats karianne!! how exciting!

diva, either you're foraging our your friend showed up--hope it's the latter

hi wombat, pood, turbo, moxie & pk!

i got up at 4am today to drive my friend to the airport. i'm sad he's gone but it's gonna be nice to sleep in my own bed again (i gave him the bed and took the couch since he is inordinately tall and would not have fit on the couch). and sleeping sounds reaaaally good right about now...unfortunately i've still got at least seven hours of work left...urgh. project runway tonight and then BED.

i feel like i'm coming down with a cold. i hope not. maybe it's our office's new air conditioner. meh.
Well, my friend never showed, so I went to Dayton's instead because they owed me a free lunch since last time I went there I ate half of the Exxon-Valdez oil slick. But it was really good because I applied for their credit card again since I've been paying on my car loan for a few months now and have a little good credit history, and I got approved. Yay! Finally not everyone thinks I'm either the financial version of the Unabomber or some assclown that doesn't pay their bills.

So I got 3 pairs of pants (2 work pants, 1 jeans) and 2 pairs of sandals that were on sale, in addition to my free lunch. Hurrah!

It looks like I'm going to my gay boyfriend's new place for Project Runway tonight. I get to play with his pug, too! I'm going to see if the giant wants to go since he's been itching to play with a pug again. This means I won't get home until 10:30, but it's only fair since my friend always comes over to my place and I owe him one in that regard. I just don't know why he had to move to the suburbs, probably because of his new roommate who fears people who aren't white.
*walks in with a swagger* 'hello, pilgrim!' *in fake john wayne voice.......

i saw the word 'pilgrim' and instantly that came to mind....thanks gramps.

sorry i'm late lasses but the server was down and i had to 'ping it'....seriously. lol

in the meantime i have read almost two books, murder mystery....yay


yay kari on the house!!! hopefully the house inspection will go well.
(((turbo--calming vibes for weekend of impending parental doom)))

diva, i remind you of TJ's? odd...TJ's reminds me of my grandma...she is obsessed with that place....heheh

i had two clients yesterday, another in espanol....but it was cool...i just feel bad that i have a barrier and can't communicate with them, y'know? especially since my french and spanish tend to run together. bah.

my sis and the boys (read: 4 cute but active, shenanigan filled- funsters) arrive today.

poodle, you must post picts of the hair! i wanna see!!!!

hi everyone!!!
hey ya'll!! Minxy, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and charging ahead with your curricula!

I just had to sit through a 3 hour staff meeting, and I nearly had to run from the room screaming. I hate my staff meetings - my department is all wild extroverts, and me...who would much rather be getting things done at my desk, than be clever and funny and show the boss just how gosh darned smart I am. Let me give my report and get out of there, please. We're all so different, its not like what I do has *any* connection to anyone else's work. NPOs can be funny that way.

Hell, preparing for the meeting and attending pretty much sucked up my whole day, and I haven't even had tim to be excited about PR tonight, or stop in here!

My favorite quote of the day is from diva:
All I can think about when I see Tommy Lee is Hepatitis C.

I'm looking forward to going home in 45 minutes, hitting the grocery on my ride home, and then taking all three puppers for a walk. (we're dogsitting for turbo's greyhound buds for 2 weeks again).
hi all!

karianne, i'm sure everything will work just fine! we had a few scares where people weren't calling us back and stuff right before our closing and we freaked out (even though we had the pre-approval and all). but it obviously all worked out just fine. yours will too. good luck on the inspection!!

minxy, i hope you are feeling better. i've been in need of some cowbell myself lately. thanks for that tip poodle. it DOES work. laugh.gif

diva, you reminded me that i have $10 of kohl's cash in my wallet and i need to go spend it. i'm not required to make a purchase to use it and i can almost always find a shirt or something similar for ten bucks there on sale. or some new flops. 'cause i always need more flops. rolleyes.gif

i've been reading and keeping up with everything but now i've forgotten it all. i hate to do it, but i gotta send out some blanket love to everyBUSTie.

i'll be back later. i've just been super busy at work lately.

oh, and the mole turned out to be NOTHING. in fact, it was completely back to normal by the time i visited the doctor yesterday. cool.gif

and oh, oh: the commercial was fine. it lasted about 45 minutes for the whole thing and then they treated me to dinner and a martini. a gimlet actually, which might now be my favorite drinkipoo. the only problem is that the "friend" is a former FB and i'm not sure if he *gets* the former part of the equation yet. and after that martini, i kissed him on the mouth which certainly didn't drive the point home. i felt stupid the whole way home. but i think it'll be ok. gah! i haven't heard from him since, so...

and oh, oh, oh! olka! don't even consider apologizing over that, sillygirl! everyone calls us swingers. it's all semantics. i mean, that's really what we ARE. we just don't like the damn word. reminds me of sweaty old mean with their shirts unbuttoned and their gold chains popping out.

Goddammit, we are not swingers. We are simply morally relaxed. Most swingers I know vote neocon and never see the irony of it. Don't lump me into that flaming cesspool of pathos, woman!
You definitely deserve a day to yourself, diva. Your plans sound perfect. Damn, now you're making me want to go shopping. I bought a couple Target t-shirts and underwear last night, but they don't really count.

Hi FJ! Hi Msgoof! Hi everyone!

MORE COWBELL!!! It totally works. Have a couple of those thoughts ready to go. Try to remember times where you were literally rolling on the floor in laughter. I think it keeps you from letting the icky feelings take over. Sadness has a strange way of sucking you in.

3-hour staff meeting? Ugh, that sucks. After about 30 minutes, my leg starts to twitch and I start drawing pictures on my notepad. The republican and I write funny things on each other's dockets, too. It's like we're in highschool.

ETA- "morally relaxed" Haaaaaa!!!
Morally relaxed!! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I am in full agreement with that one, Mr. FJ. Dateboy (which is tomorrow--SQUEEE!) and I are pretty much on the same page with that stuff. He has already done his experimenting, and baby plays around, so it might go down those lines if everything in the universe will CALM DOWN FOR ONE EFFIN' MINUTE!

Have I mentioned that he is a total perv? And not just in theory, but in action. I will go into more details if tomorrow merits that they even be released. What I find odd is that he is so calm. He doesn't have any drama. None that I know of currently. He hangs out with his ex-wife occassionally (family get-togethers and whatnot...a bit different than the ex's situation) and doesn't talk shit about her. Actually, he doesn't talk shit about any of his ex's and took full responsibility for his part in all relationships. Let's see if his actions back up his words. I am not about to get completely swept away by words again. I think that we are going to go to Barbette's for dinner and play it by ear from there. Maybe I should make him take a hand at karaoke?

Speaking of which, POODLE!!!! We have GOT to do the karaoke sometime incredibly soon!! Diva needs to come, and every other available BUSTie, like Lurv and CSoup and whatnot and the hoo-ha. Boys are allowed, IMHO.

You know, I have had a few offers for some string-free lovin' over the last two months, but I just really didn't want to deal with any of it because it isn't what I'm looking for anymore. I am not husband-hunting, nor do I need a father for my Minxlette, I just want a partner in crime who won't leave me in the dust like the ex, will play with me, find more things to laugh at, be able to socialize with my friends, and have some of his own that I can meet, and someone with whom to have lots of wild sex. With me. tongue.gif His father is a university professor (I seem to be on a role with partners who have academics as parents), and the kicker is that he is a professor of LINGUISTICS out in Philly!! Hoo-ha! The jackpot!

At any rate, enough gushing...I am totally nervous and think that I will go and get a pedicure tomorrow to calm myself down and have pretty toes. Lurv came over a couple of weeks ago and had the prettiest toes I have even seen with these clever flowers. Very classy. I need to find a nice, stretchy top to accentuate the C's. biggrin.gif
Hi poodle! I bet your hair is cute! And the "More Cowbell" thing does sound good.

Speaking of shopping -- I'm off to get new towels since I left my bath towel poolside at the gay bar.

Not the most glamorous shopping, but it'll be fun.

I tried to get the wombat man to get his hair cut at a "rock and roll" hair salon but it would have been more money than he wants to pay. Waah! He has gorgeous thick shiny straight long hair and I don't know what it will look like when I get home!!

Divalla! That is so cool you live near a B&N with a cafe. The only ones I know of in Boston are out in the northern burbs. That's one thing I liked about the northern burbs -- free parking and big B&Ns and Borders with cafes. The ones in the city are just bookstores.

Hi mouse and doodle and ms.goof! Marileen, karianne and all!

Turbojenn -- a three hour meeting? Yikes. That is crazy.

minxy -- I think you're slammin.' You have done a lot of work lately and it must feel a little disorienting. So I think it's cool you're doing a lesson plan while sucking down cold coffee and cigarettes. Sounds deliciously decadent. I think the whole point of my long "lit" spooge down there is that Melville might be suitable for inner city teenagers. Take a few of his more strange and interesting short stories and short chapters.

Falljackets -- an ad! that must be fun. What's in a gimlet?

Off to Rockstar reality...

Poodle, check your email.


I TOTALLY forgot to respond to your post!!

I loved your mini-dissertation! Honestly, that shit just gets me hot. I was talking to our department coordinator and told her that I was fishing for text ideas from my Pink Mafia friends and she just thought that was the shit. We do not have copies of Capote (HUH?!) in our library, but I am going to order a copy and might just do some mad photocopying--they are used to that from me. I will have to do a re-read of Melville, as it has been at least ten years, and I think that was Billy Budd. Of course, the only thing that I can think of when I hear that title is fucking Morrissey. laugh.gif Yes...and definately "A Streetcar Named Desire".


And perhaps "The Crucible". I am considering "Ethan Frome" because I really love it, but a lot of folks I know just fucking hate it. Then there is James Baldwin (courtesy of the ex...his suggestion long ago) either "Sonny's Blues", or maybe "If Beale Street Could Talk". Most definately, I will be doing a shorter unit on imagist poets. Someone suggested "The Invisible Man", but I haven't read that one yet. Maybe some Cotton Mather fire and brimstone, Phyllis Wheatly, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass, Poor Richard's Almanac--you get the picture. Perhaps a Beat unit with some of the lesser known women writers of the time, and DEFINATELY a small unit on the Feminist Movement. Blahblahblah.
please, please please, minxy....spare your poor students the cotton mather. That man was seriously delusional in a christer sort of way...I really resented reading all that "sinners in the hands of an angry god" nonsense, and we even had to memorize some of it. blech. Still makes me shudder. In a related side note, the first house my brother rented in CT was down the street from the birthplace of cotton mather. I think mostly, I would just like to erase 11th grade english out of my brain. yeah, that would be good.

I am down with the Thomas Paine and ol' Jeff though.

I had to do a dramatic interpretation of Streetcar in college...the prof was a total perv though, and mostly I remember him touching his groin while we were performing. eeew. He was always telling us to get in touch with our primal selves....he was doing it right in front of us. ahhhhhh, good times.

I've got pizza dough ready for toppings, and its time to chuck it in the oven - wahoo!! Did I mention that fresh peach sorbet is turning in the ice cream maker? I dunno what came over me this afternoon, but I'm glad I did!

I think its the creative antidote to 3 hour meetings. heh.
drive by! i need some helps! i am designing a t-shirt that is supposed to be like a kitschy sixties map of hawaii and i need little icons to put on it. so far i have a volcano, a hula girl, and some palm trees, and i'll prolly put some hibiscus-y flowers on it too. what else do you think of when you think hawaii??? also--dolphins or whales? so far the vote is 1:1.
Now see, Jenn, I think that Cotton Mather and the like were fucking HILARIOUS. And my students know that I have a really warped sense of humor...but I am just ruminating and I may just drop it all together for something else.

Okay, Dateboy is totally making me laugh with a series of text messages. Dirytbird. ohmy.gif

ETA: Mousie--don't forget the surf, dude!
Mouse, don't forget the tiki!!!

"I think mostly, I would just like to erase 11th grade english out of my brain. yeah, that would be good." Word, turbo. Fortunately, I have managed to erase highschool lit. smile.gif Sorry minx.
dirtybirdies are goooood.....

minxy, I can see where cotton is hilarious, and certainly we did make fun of it when we were reading it, but those were the Clinton years and so it was ha ha - that's so crazy....but reading it now, I'd feel like its just a little too close to the assholes running this country...

Yeah, I'd go with the surf boy, maybe a little tiki character...
minx you all are making sense. It is a little bit hard to laugh at religious fundamentalism these you all reminded me to be a little bit more aware of my methodology. One wrong, controvertial move on my part could very well end my career. Gotta wait until Bush is d*ad or gone.
So I thought I would chime in with some book suggestions. I haven't read all the way back through the thread, so if I duplicate some, forgive me. I'm not sure why everyone thinks that literature has to be old.

Howzabout Fahrenheit 451? I just listened to it a few months ago. It is a book with a message where things actually happen!

Or 1984?

The Jungle?

Stephen King's The Stand? I'm not what they will get out of it, but at 1134 pages they will have a sense of accomplishment when the finish it.

I'd suggest Hemingway, but I don't recall much of Old Man and Sea. I am currently about halfway through For Whom the Bell Tolls, but it can be a bit dry at times.

Hmmm. That's what I have for now. I'll post again if I can think of anything else.

Hi guys!

All this book lernin' is makin' me dizzy.

Yesterday I got into a little car accident and got a huge dent on my car. Today I got a flat tire. Sheesh. What else?

I hope you are all having a great evening, and I will see you tomorrow. I'm going to have some beer. Sheesh.
Hello, my fabulous Okayers! I've only just sat down at the computer (not counting work during the day, ugh), and haven't read yet, but I'm about to.

I hope everyone is okay! I guess I'll find out shortly! Anyway, wanted to say "hi, I'm here," in case anyone else is around and wants to yak! smile.gif
Doo-Doo, I am here. I'm just hanging out having a couple of beers. I had a rough day.

I was hoping to go out for a couple of drinks after work, but I realized that I only have five dollars in change.

Banana is at work. I sure miss that dude. He's pretty cool. We might be going out for dinner tomorrow if I get off work in time.

I wish pennies weren't worthless and embarrassing. Then I would have six or seven dollars. And I could buy some more cigarettes.
Ah....I remember the callow days of my youth....when you could go to a bar with $5 in your pocket, get really drunk, and go home...with $5 in your pocket. And maybe some cutie! smile.gif

I have, on occasion, rolled up all my coinage and deposited it in my bank account, then used my debit card to spend it. Actually, when I was smoking, I did that a lot!

What happened with the car accident? How did it happen??
minx- when you have your list together, you gotta share, sista!

I totally second Baldwin. Maybe a unit on Afr.Amer. writers...Baldwin, Douglass (who I always associate with history classes), Angelou, Morrison? And, of course, being a political history/theory NUT (my first major was pol.theory), the big TJ is always a fan favorite. If you did Mather, I'd suggest TJ's writings on Virgina's religious freedom as another piece in that unit.

This is a bit off subject, but does anyone watch Rockstar? There doesn't seem to be a thread about it. BTW, is this where I should be asking about this type of stuff? huh.gif
Juls - you can go on ahead and ask about that thread in the "community forum" which is located in "ladies who lounge"....this is just a general chatter thread. Welcome to BUST!
juls, welcome! I'd ask about new threads in the community forum. But stay here in OKAYland, and kick your feet up.

Can we offer you a frosty beverage? Or some coffee, for this early hour?

BTW, I forgot all about good things tuesday...can i give good things thursday?

1. Moxette is feeling much better...we cut the solids, and she's back to normal. Phew.
2. The weather has been god-damed perfect! We went on 3 walks yesterday, just b/c i couldn't stand to be inside.
3. I'm wearing "skinny" clothes!

pssssttt....HI Turbomann!! Miss you!
Mornin' ladies!!

Aw, PK, that sucks so bad about your car. I'm sorry you had a crappy day and miss the banana.

Welcome juls! We were just talking about Rockstar Supernova yesterday. Heh...I watched it last night and I still can't believe how cheesy it is. I especially want to strangle the kid who sang Creep.

Congrats on your skinny clothes, moxie!!

I don't have a whole lot to say this morning. I spent much of last night creating slide shows for my ipod. I'm such a dork.
oops....that wasn't turbomann....that was just me, forgetting to log him out. See - there's another reason why he needs his own laptop! wink.gif Sometimes sharing is just too hard!

poodle, I haven't even taken the time to learn how to put photos on my 'pod...but then, I'm *really* bad about taking photos, let alone organizing them in some fashion. heh.
Hi! I'm back from our wonderful road trip. We drove straight through last Thursday evening to West Virginia. Went to the wedding on Saturday (a pretty dull wedding but we had a decent time), drove around West Virgiinia Sunday and Monday (it was so much more beautiful than I thoguht it would be), southern Ohio and Indiana on Tuesday, and slowly made our way back to Minneapolis last night. It was a great trip.

I skimmed the last couple pages of archives so I think I'm up on a couple topics -

Karianne, Congratulations on the House!!!!!! Very exciting!

Minx, please please please seriously consider using The Bean Trees in your class. We read it junior year in American Lit and it is still one of my favorite books. The boys in the class hated it, they whined about having to read a book about a woman, but it was the only book from high school that I can remember being about a woman I could relate to. I should reread it soon.

Okay, got to get ready for work. I'm sooooo glad it's Thursday. This weekend is our wedding-free weekend but Saturday I have a bridal shower and then we have an engagement party after that. So it's wedding-free but full of wedding related stuff. And then we're back to a wedding each weekend through labor day. Yippee! smile.gif
Funny you should mention "The Bean Trees" smile.gif That is actually slated for the last unit I am writing. There is some serious intelligentia in here.

*fans self*

Gads, I love all of you!
That's awesome, minxy. Barbara Kingsolver is by far my favorite American Writer...the Bean Trees is wonderful, and great for students. The Poisonwood Bible will forever be among my favorite books of all time. I read it just about every year - and I rarely re-read books.
Word, Turbojenn.
It's embarrassing to forget to log out. arrgh!

Moxie -- glad that moxette is feeling better!!

Oh, boy, minx. I'm glad you liked it. They might seriously be entertained by Melville's "Evil of White" chapter -- don't know what it's called but it would be easy to find -- and Benito Cereno about the slaves taking over a slave ship. Considering Melville was writing in the early 1800s, that's wild.

Beatniks and feminists! Oh my Gawd. I 've got such a great bookshelf of that, unfortunately a lot of it is probably out of print. But. Here goes:

One of the best things I've ever read is "Norma Jean the Termite Queen" by Sheila Ballantine -- a mom living in the suburbs with three kids gets very depressed and starts creating again, and instead of just running off from her husband and joining the lesbian commune (this was published in the 70s) she kind of goes along working it through with them and she is very smart and sarcastic, and not in that goofy self-deprecating Erma Bombeck way. It would demonstrate in non-sappy terms that moms are people too. Very hip and funny and great descriptions of things and some anti-racist and anti-sexist commentary that's very cleverly done. Like, at one point her little boy needs to pee and they won't let him use the bathroom at the store so she pictures making a sign that says "MOMS!! Sick of going to stores that want your money but won't let your children use their bathrooms?! Come to Jenson's tomorrow PEE-IN"

Also, a woman named Judy Grahn wrote "A Woman is Talking to Death" and she is talking about driving in a car across the bay bridge in SF and seeing a guy killed on a motorcycle, and it brings in issues of racism, police, legal system, women, her experience in the army -- a really beautiful and passionate and imagistic thing.

I got turned on to poetry -- or back to it after i had left the sap they feed kids -- when an English teacher posted Adrienne Rich "A Woman in the Shape of a Monster" Diving Into the Wreck and The Will to Change are both feminist and part of "the canon" She did time like a quiet mouse at Harvard with all the MEN and then busted out later.

Diane Di Prima -- Anne Waldman -- great beatniks

Feminist -- Judy Grahn, Alta, Marge Piercey although she can be a little snoozy.

Mornin' kiddos!

So I am officially Old. Old old old. We went to the Tom Waits show last night, and it kicked fucking ass. Some old, some new, 2 encores, his kid on the drums & beatbox, the gorgeous Auditorium Theater... it was fabulous.

But. The show started at 8ish. Around half-way through, Waits slows it down with Waltzing Matilda. The seats are comfy, the music pretty, I've been up every day before 5am... yeah, you can see this coming, can't you? It wasn't the full head bobble/snore, but it was damn close. How embarrassing. Not, however, as embarrassing as the Number One Greatest Waits Fan EVER a few rows down. Damn, girlfriend. Was it the drink, or are you always that spastic? You're 3/4 of the way back on the main floor - no matter how hard you wave your arms, he's not going to see you. And even if he does, he's not going to pull you up on stage & invite you up to the house for a cookout. (Though that does sound like potential fun - hangin' with the Waits clan, grilling up weiners...) But I digress.

Minx, I have to really push the Bradbury - Farenheit 451 is a classic, surely, but consider, too, The Martian Chronicles. Race, war, environmentalism, censorship, exploration of the "frontier" & of the search to belong somewhere... good stuff. Or you could do the light & dark sides of growing up - Dandelion Wine & Something Wicked This Way Comes. Either way, I really think Bradbury's one of the more overlooked American writers - too often, he's passed off as the literary man's Stephen King, but he's so much more than just a creepy-story teller. He captures the essence of Americana, specifically the Midwest, & has mastered that deeprooted, nostalgic longing we have as a culture. /sales pitch

Bah. Back to stupid work & the multi-headed hydra that is our current project... just when we think we've got it nailed down, our client emails with "Oh, wait, well, can your system also do this seemingly simple but horrible-to-program filter? We need it by Friday." Neat-o.

happy thursday, my bitches!

i've read much of the archives but knew i'd forget some stuff, so i'm replying now.

so there. dry.gif

wombat, a gimlet is vodka with lime juice. i'm a key west girl and i love my limes. i have some key lime juice at home from a friend that just visited the keys so i think i might try my hand at making my own gimlets this weekend.

although, after last weekend's binge, i'm not sure i'll be drinking a whole heck of a lot.

minx, i've been thinking of books for you and i know that i'm joining the conversation late. but what about siddhartha? i read that in 10th or 11th grade and it had a real impact on me. i had read other "classical" pieces of literature, but that was the first time i really felt like i was reading something mature, if that makes sense. it was unlike anything i'd ever written and allowed me to see that i wasn't the only one questioning the ideals of my parents/background/religion, etc.

on the shakespeare front, i can't imagine leaving him out completely, but to keep them interested i'd focus on the bawdiness. but then again, i pretty much focus on bawdiness in everything i do, so take that for what it's worth.

ok, back to reading. i'm sure i'll be back!

holy crap. i must still be asleep. i just claimed to have written siddhartha.

um, i meant READ.

my apologies to mr. hesse.

*curtsies and runs from thread*
Good Morning!

What up ladies?

I had a meeting this AM, have another in an hour.

Tart, Mr K saw Tom Waits Saturday night, he too said it was an amazing show. That is pretty funny that you nodded off. Did your fellow concertgoer wake you up?

Minx, I am really excited for your date! This dude sounds great, I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Welcome back, catsoup! Wow, you do have a lot of wedding related stuff happening. What gives?

Pk, sorry to hear about your car. That is no good. I am happy there were no injuries though.

Hi wombat, doodle, juls, FJ and Jenn!

jenn, I too thought turbomann had paid us a visit. I did think it was odd that he just popped in to tell juls where to post. What are we, chopped liver?

Good Things Thursdsay
1. In my meeting earlier today, a member of another agency offered to review their study in our commission meeting. Prior to this, I was going to have to do it. I still have to present, but at least that is one section I can cross off my list
2. Mr K is at the house right now with the inspector.
3. It's Thursday. And I don't have class on Saturday, so I can look forward to a real weekend!
Good morning all.

Are we still making reading suggestions for Minx's class? Cause if so I want to put in a bid for Shakespear's Twelfth Night or Midsummer Night's Dream. Everyone is always forced to read Romeo & Juliet which I just depise. I think that Twelfth Night is an underappreciated masterpiece.
So, interesting Romeo and Juliette story. In my spare time, I direct teenagers at our local community theatre. 2 years ago, one of my 9th graders was reading "R&J". I asked her (with my own opinions kept quiet at hand...) what she thought the point of the play was, and why 9th graders everywhere seem to read it. My perceptive young friend said, "Well, they're the same age as us. I guess that helps us relate or something. Really, though, I think the teachers want to point out that if we have sex, we'll die."

I nearly crapped my pants I laughed so hard!
Wow, and I'd thought I'd completely wiped Cotton Mather out of my brain. Oh, well. Thomas Paine was a good one from the really early stuff. All I can remember of my American Lit classes was that pretty much all the pilgrim/Civil War stuff was really boring. All gloom and doom and not even very entertaining. I loved the British Lit half so much more.

"Generation X" by Douglas Copeland might be a good one. It's somewhat like a modern version of "The Catcher in the Rye."

Sorry about your car, PK. I've totally been there.

Yay for good road trips!

Tart, it happens to the best of us.

I had a really nice night last night with my gay boyfriend. The giant stayed home, so we just hung out at his new place with his yippy little dog and roommate, who's really nice. It was a pretty mellow night, which was a really good thing to have. I'm going to have to re-watch PR, though, to make sure I fully absorb it and didn't miss any little jokes or sideways glances or catfights.

I'm going to go see John Edwards speak in a little bit - he's doing a rally for our local senatorial candidate. My friend from work and I are going to take his motorcycle up to the capital. I just hope it doesn't rain.
I am also fully on board with Ray Bradbury...maybe "The Coffin"?

Wow, I haven't been this nervous about a date in ages. Probably because of the last BURN, but I have butterflies and the whole nine yards. I got a pedicure and am full of wishful thinking but is really difficult to maintain positive thinking. Kinda like Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" for lack of a more sophisticated reference. Just sitting here waiting for Blaine to show up, thinking he is going to back out on me at the last minute.

Please Universe, give me a positive sign. unsure.gif
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