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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yeah, Italian sodas and COFFEE drinks!! You know, the standard latte-da's and caps, but also lovely coffee ice cream drinks.


I had a lovely day. Well, last night some friends and I went to the Fringe Festival and saw a play that my buddy is stage managing. It was pretty okay...some of the actors are, well...greenhorns. But you'll have that. Anyhoo, we went to Herkimers for beer and food afterwards. I got to test drive my babysitter (in Minxlette's world, this is her first one!), and in a nutshell SHE RULES!! They were thick as thieves...the babysitter is a student of mine, so I already know her really well. She even DID THE DISHES!!! Holy hell on a crotchrocket, does it get any better than that?!

She stayed the night and watched a Led Zeppelin video I had, and then woke up at the asscrack of dawn and watched "Legally Blonde". The three of us went out for brekkies this morning at the Uptown Diner, and then I took her home.

Afternoon, we went to the artfair at Powderhorn with the Mick (my ex...the one built like a fucking bulldog). That was great. His brother and wife had a baby on Friday, so I got them this really cool children's book based on a Tolstoy story. We all walked around the lake, gawked at stuff, threw a frisbee around, and then sat around in the grass being general nuisances. It was great.

Right now, I have two loaves of zucchini bread in the oven that Minxlette and I mixed up a little while ago, and now she is taking a tub. It's quiet around here tonight. I like quiet. This summer is going way too fucking fast. I have inservices starting on the 24th of this month and classes begin after Labor Day.

My date is this coming Thursday. I have no idea what in the hell we are going to do...I think that he called me last night, but I didn't hear my wretched phone ringing whilst in the pisser, and he didn't leave a message. But we are most likely going to be talking on the phone tonight for the first time, and I am actually kind of giddy about the whole deal. He's just really...nice. Not trying to come off like some whiz-bang typhoon of Love Eternal. Just your normal, average, everyday kinky perv from Minneapolis looking for someone to hang with him. Christ, I wish to fuck that I could remember what the fella looks like. It's driving me nutters. I wanna put a face to the name and it is causing me (Doodle) to PERSEVERATE! I honestly have no idea what in the hell we should be doing. Dinner? Coffee? Fucking mini-golf?!!

Aside to Falljackets: sex on a parkbench where people might see us? Just kidding. Kind of tongue.gif

So, I languish. I wonder if (as Lurv would say) he has a big wiener. I wonder if his breath stinks. I wonder if he has annoying breathing habits. I wonder if he'll be calling tonight. unsure.gif

Wish me luck. If he's the real deal (and there seems to be a nice vibe), then I will have successfully reeled in a Big Minnesota Fish. Like, the muskie of men. Mmm...RAW FISH!!
mini-golf! mini-golf and ice cream! if i actually went on dates i'd totally do mini-golf.
yay! for houses!

so, i just sent my dad an email asking him for money so i can afford to move out. it would almost be like giving up my pride, but i'm sick of all the money he spends on his girlfriend's kids and how i always get the lame christmas presents. my mom has been supporting me entirely on her own for the last year, he can re-start ponying up, damnit. and, i now have a place to couchsurf for uberly cheap until i have real roomates/my own place figured out. sure, it's going to be a loveseat in a bachelor pad, but i can deal, and so can uberfriend. i'm all excited. though i think we're going to have to be discreet about me living there, and it's a short-term plan, but still. i'm going to be living on my own. fahk, now i have to pack.
does happy 'i'm all independent' dance
or bowling. bowling is a great date activity.

it sounds like you all had a great weekend. We did too...lots of homey, family stuff, which was really what the 3 of us needed. We actually had BOTH sets of parents over for dinner last night...they all get along great, and always are talking about how much they enjoy each other...but never call. bleh. So, i play adult-friend-grandparent matchmaker. The grandpa's installed this old park-like baby swing in our basement, and BOYO did moxette dig that! Even more than the actual park one, I think. Granted, two silly grandpas doing the pushing prob. helped that.

Anyway, moxieman's b-day is this weekend. I'm super excited...his mom has planned a huge family party for sunday (he's the first to turn 30), and we're doing a friend's gig on saturday...anyone want to coem to the D? Y'all are welcome! Chicken wings, chocholate-strawberry mousse, homemade 8 layer taco dip (bean free!)...ok, so i just like having parties so i can cook yummy food. So? He lurks, so I won't say what the super gift I got him is, though.

Turbo- i'm thrilled that the weekend was a surprise hit! We had a similar wedding-new-friends situation last makes such a difference, eh?

tyger...move out to ontario! smile.gif

Minxy- where does one find a good sitter when one is not a teacher? VERY ROCK! that yours is good!

Doodle, for the reason you mentioned and many, many more, I can't wait till the 30's start next year! I don't think i've ever looked forward to a "big" birthday more (21 excepted)...the next stage in life is full with such promise. I don't know why folks dread "30" at all. It seems like a lot of the pressures of early adulthood are gone...and we can be secure in the lives we've chosen.

Anyway, bleh monday is here and I should do some work.
Mornin' chickadees!!

Yay for minxie's romantic prospects!! Heh....Mt. Whore.

Hi marileen!!!! Congrats on the good review!!

Howdy to all of my bustiers!!!

Nothin' much goin' on here. As expected, I spent lots of quality time with my new lover who I've named iPood (doodle's idea from a while back). I've been uber busy importing all of my Tom Waits and Indigo Girls CD's. I only had a few songs from each on Poodlepod. Those are artists that I really enjoy in the context of an entire album. I forgot how many of their albums I own--probably more than any other musicians. I don't know how I lived without them for so long, especially Tom Waits. Fuck, I love Tom Waits. My old roommate said that I ruined Tom Waits for him because I listened to it so much.

As for the Indigo Girls, Rites of Passage was my very first CD and the first album that I had purchased with my own hard-earned money. I remember finally having enough money after a few lawn-mowing jobs, and then riding my bike up to Servi-Tronics in downtown Prior Lake to buy the CD. I dropped it on the ride home and it skipped on "Joking" up until a few years ago. I guess listening to it for so long had healed the scratch. I like to think that it was more meaningful than that, though.

Here's a good question for today: What was your first CD or the first album that you bought with your own money?

ETA- Ack! Sorry to talk so much about myself! I forgot to say that I went to the Uptown Art Fair with diva, the giant, the gay boyfriend, and the gay boyfriend's new boyfriend. Diva was very well-behaved when it came to the new boyfriend and his log cabin republican viewpoints. There were only a couple comments that evening. smile.gif
Bon Jovi- "New Jersey." Says alot, eh?
Okay, I'm dating myself probably, but do any of you remember "Miss Jean" and her "magic mirror" from
a kid's show called "Romper Room?"
That is what I am reminded of every time I attempt to greet you all.
Sooooo--- *stares into neo-psychedelic swirling miasma*
I see minxy and poodle and doodle and turbo and tyger and olhakadirf and puppykity and kitten and marileen and mouse and ms. gb and moxie and karianne!! Hi!! and don't see the fjs but "Hi!" anyway. I think of you guys when I see the Jeep ads for "the FJ cruiser!" You should buy one! Ha ha!

(I used to be bummed because I didn't have a faddish generic name so Miss Jean couldn't pretend to see me )

Whoah Poodle! 7,500 songs is an awful lot! Definitely only include those that have bulge action videos1

Mouse -- cockroaches -- eek! Luckily I haven't dealt with that the last couple places. Geez PK! Lizards! That's a new one! Be happy it isn't poisonous spiders or scorpions. Not to creep you out but that is the one thing I would mind about living in a warmer climate. That, plus the fact that warmer climes seem to attract more fundie types. Do they just want to pretend they're walking around in cleansing hellfire or something?!

Oooh tyger I want a macbook too. "Saving up" is not going well. I'm having a nice summer. There is also always something else I "need" so maybe now that I'm within an inch and a pinch of paying off my maxed out credit card with no late payments I can just get another card and buy it now and pay later -- that would rule!!

We had a company paid trip accross the harbor on a big catamaran and back to Provincetown and after a little shopping I couldn't find any decent window treatments at all! but in a totally unexpctted store found some great jewelry! So I got two beautiful thick choker type necklaces, one red, one green, some green sparkly earrings and some pink sparkly earrings -- I've been wanting to find some decent stuff in those colors and configs for a long time so it was kind of a "need!"

Then I ran into some cool guys from work and we went to the most glamourous gay bar and had big cocktails and swam in their pool! That was all there was left to do cause it was hot!! I don't usually drink at 2 pm but I paced myself well! I had a big midori melon margarita with cherries and oranges thrown in and a black angus beef burger with onions and barbeque sauce -- awesome! me, four guys and a cool girl from work -- we also had free drinkies and a nice cheese and fruit spread on the way back!! But I paced myself with water and all. Then me and my guy went to a festival in the north end -- lit up tinsel decorations and parading statues through the streets! It was like a Fellini movie!

Okay, work must ensue!
Lemme guess, mox, you wait until moxieman leaves so that you can pull out your old Bon Jovi album, right? wink.gif
Good Morning!

How's everyone today? I am pretty good, for a Monday. My officemate is not here yet, perhaps she is not coming in today. I like her and all, but sometimes it is nice to be in here alone.

I have a lot of work to do this week, I have to be productive. I will try to limit by Bust time, but it will be difficult!

Minx! I am so excited to see how your date goes! You have to let us know when you guys talk on the phone, I want to hear what he is like. He sounds really cool.

PK, I think that is so cool that you are wanting to do a fundraiser. Nice! I know nothing about that, I wish I could help.

Jenn, glad to hear you had a good weekend away. I can't believe how busy you guys are lately...trips, out of town guests..wowzers.

Tyger, congratulations! How exciting! I hope your dad helps you out. Sounds like your mom has been doing a wonderful job, but yes, his turn now.

Moxie, I was like you..30 really did not seem like a bad thing to me. So far it has been great. I just feel so much better than I did when I was younger. My b-day is coming in a couple weeks....31.

Hi doodle, mouse, olakadirf, marileen, and everyone else!

My weekend was pretty good. I had a really nice dinner out for my friend's birthday on Friday. Saturday I had class, it was our last one of the term. Two weeks off now, thank cod. Saturday night I went to my mom's, which was nice. I haven't been over there in forever, due to my schedule. My stepdad is out of town & my mom is planning on asking him for a divorce upon his return. It was good to talk to her about that. I think it is the right thing to do, she is so unhappy. I am really really hoping this improves things for her. I am pretty sure it will. Yesterday MR K & I did tons of stuff. It was a good productive day. We called our landlord, he is going to let us move out at the end of the month, even though it's only a 25 day notice, not 30 day notice. Someone already came to look at our place last night! This is making me VERY nervous, since now the house has to work out. We will be screwed if it doesn't.

Well, I gotta go do some work. Boss already came in here to talk about work stuff. Bah.
I see pinkpoodle and moxiegirl and karianne and wombat and tyger and minx...thanks for that little moment wombat. I used to love that show but I could never figure out why she never saw me. My name is really common. I once met a guy who had been on Romper Room and I fell all over myself with excitement.

Turning 30 was wonderful. I am actually excited about turning 33 this year because 32 has not been so great. I am seriously considering changing my birthdate though. I am a Sept. 11th birthday and I still get people looking at me as if I just announced I was a plague carrier when I share that info.

God I want to listen to Bon Jovi right now. My co-worker is listening to a musical that I just don't like. I am normally alone on Mondays so it is weird even having someone else in my space.

My weekend was kind of blah, but it has been a while since that was not the case. I have to shake this mental ick that I feel like I am carrying around with me.
I remember Romper Room. Wasn't there a caterpillar involved? I seem to remember a caterpillar. Maybe I'm amalgamizing childhood memories. Who remembers Zoom? Or The New Zoo Revue? I'm so sleepy it's painful. FJ is shooting a commerical tonight after work but it won't air in any of your markets. It's for a fabric that protects windows during hurricanes. My baby is a spokesmodel. Did I mention the sleepiness and the pain?
Awwwww.....poor mr fj. *tucks him into his cube for a wittle nap*

Mornin' ya'lls! We're off work today, and hanging with my bro and SIL - hooray! Shortly, we're off to buy new running shoes for my bro, who bought new shoes on Ebay, meanwhile threw out his old shoes, and the asswipe sent him the shoes two sizes too small. And because they're en route to their new home in CO for the next week, he needs some new shoes now. And then we're going into the city to Rick Bayless' Frontera Grill for lunch, and then there will be many beers in various locations to follow, and dinner at Hopleaf. YUM!

YAY for the new iPood!! first album...I remember saving up all my birfday money and buying: Phantom of the Opera (hangs head in shame), Rites of Passage, and Tracy Chapman...Rites of Passage and Tracy are still classic - never out of style! Although the IG's Ophelia remains my favorite of their albums.
The New Zoo Review. That sounds really familiar but I cannot picture it at the moment.
However, it did make a weird connection in my head so now I feel like singing:
On the Great Space Coaster,
Get on board!
On the Great Space Coaster,
Off we go!

Anybody else ever watch that show?

As for my first album, do cassettes count? My parents probably paid for it as I was little, but the first cassette that I knew was mine was probably either Olivia Newton John's Greatest Hits or Duran Duran's Arcadia.

Poodles, sounds like you have your Ipod loaded up pretty good! I have no idea what my first album was. Hmmm. I am trying to guess what it could have even been. Probably something like Motley Crue or Poison. My older bro was into that sort of stuff & I used to like it b/c of that.

I wish I could see FJ's commercial! Congrats on getting the job, FJ. I hope they air it a lot & you make lots of cash.

Sorry you are so tired mr FJ. Did you stay up too late?

Wombat, your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun. Your coworkers must be really cool. I cannot imagine doing anything like that with anyone from my work. Your shopping purchases sound lovely too.

KittenB, your officemate is listening to a musical?? Oh man, I could not deal with that. Esp on a Monday morning. But not really anytime.

Grr, MRG is really doing a number on me this month.
My first tapes were as follows: Michael Jacksons' "Thriller". Def Leppard's "Pyromania", and Madonna's "Like a Virgin". I think that my first LPs were "Working for the Weekend" from Loverboy and something from the Kinks.

I totally remember Zoom and New Zoo Review--Gary Gnu!! No gnus is good gnus! Mostly I remember the Electric Company, Cap'n Kangaroo, Sesame Street, and (your favorite and mine) Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Later on came 3-2-1 Contact. I loved that black chick who was the detective. She was my hero for many years in grade school.

Are we all just a bunch of sirens for poor Mr. FJ? Yeah, c'mere Mr. FJ...we'll sing you to sleep. tongue.gif

Okay, the mystery gets thicker. I got a "PRIVATE" number phonecall on Saturday night at midnight. Apparently it rang for a long time, sayeth the babysitter. No message. I just found out that it is not Dateboy, so [insert Twilight Zone theme song]. I have my suspicions, but that's all they are.

Dateboy and I talked more this morning. I cannot say that I am smitten, but I am intrigued. I have pretty much ditched Not ready to be on the Ford Assembly Dating Line. It's too overwhelming and I am really irritated by people misrepresenting themselves. I know that folks do that anyway, but this is an easy way of avoiding one well of it. Anyways, I would like to get to know ONE person better at a time than have a fucking smorgasbord. I did that two years ago and it nearly killed me.

There is still the ghost of the ex lingering around here and there, but I don't try to control that--if I feel sad, I just let myself feel it. If I remember something joyful, I just feel it and let it go. It is entirely possible that Buddhists have something going on in the "ownership brings sadness" department. Sometimes I really miss him. Mostly, I do not. The heartache that accompanied him was too unbearable. Too bad, really. sad.gif
(Heya, Mr FJ, Zoom is back on PBS - it's waaaay more science-nerdy than I remember the original being...)

My first album, bought with my own money, was... a BoxCar Willie album, ordered off the TV. I think I was 8. That was followed by the K-Tel greatest hits compilation with Oh Mickey & Abracadabra on it. I played both on my super-cool portable record player - white & orange, with a picture of the BeeGees on the inside of the lid.

Oh hells yeah, I'm old. But I do agree that the 30s are far, far superior to the 20s. Interestingly, 30 slipped by easily - it was 31 that bitchslapped me.

I am very jealous of Turbo's beer-centric Monday.

(sulks back to work)
Darn it!! I forgot Tart and Divalla!!
Hell yeah! Dude, the thirties have been soooooooooooooo marvelous. Seriously. I have been through more personal discovery and change over the course of the last three years than ever in my life. It has been the most difficult and rewarding period of my life. My taroh card reader always laughs because she keeps telling me that I have had the longest Saturn Return of anyone she has ever known, but it is very soon to be completely over. laugh.gif Anyway, hitting my sexual prime has been nothing to sniff at.

I have a couple of K-tel compilations. I think that it has Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", Rick Springfield's "Affair of the Heart" and a number of other winners.

(((FJ))) A commercial? Our FJ? What a hottie mc-hotstein. Score, Mr. FJ. Big score. biggrin.gif
Hi, peeps!

I think my first tape that I bought with my own money was either Winger or Motley Crue. I was in 7th grade and I ruled! But the first CD I bought was Queen Live At Wembley. Now that is a respectable choice, methinks.

Or maybe my first tape was Bon Jovi New Jersey. I was a huge Bon Jovi fan back in the day, that is, until I discovered Queen.

I still barely admit that I'm 30. I guess to me it meant that I had to grow up and figure out what the hell I want to do with my life. But at least I didn't turn 30 in my brother's basement. That would have been unbearable and I don't doubt I would have shot myself in the head. I still feel a little pressured to be more of a grown-up, but everything will come in it's time. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up yet, but how many people really do at this age? I won't be the first person to have ever changed careers post-30. I shouldn't be so scared of it.

What else?

PK, good luck with your fundraiser. If I were in the area, I'd totally go. A dessert party is like my mothership, liquor or no.

Tyger, good luck with getting your dad to pony up. I get really jealous when my brother gets way better stuff for Christmas than I do, just because he has a house. This is just forcing him to be equal with you (if not a little extra - you are his real kid, after all).

Turbo, your day sounds like so much fun!

Hi, Karianne! I hope the house thing comes through for you toot sweet. That kind of worry should be very short-lived.

Hi, Wombat and Tart and Mr. FJ and Kitten!

I've gotta see what you did with iPood, Poodle. I'll hopefully be inspired by what you did to get my ass in gear and start putting graphics and videos on mine. I've only got a whopping 209 songs on it.

((((((((date vibes for Minx))))))))

We had a really nice weekend around our parts. We stayed home on Friday and just hung out. Went to the Uptown Art Fair with Poodle/gay boyfriend/gay boyfriend's boyfriend. I don't like his new guy. He's just not very charismatic and I wonder what my friend sees in him. I guess I'll just have to get to know him better, but I know I'm not going to try to impress him in any way. He's not exactly what you'd call cultured. I thought the gays were born cultured! Whatever. I can't really see having much fun hanging out with him. But then again, I didn't like my gay boyfriend all that much when I first met him. I felt like he was stealing away my friend (his now ex, and my ex-friend). But he grew on me and I grew to like him more than my original friend. But this new guy is a Republican, so I just don't see that happening. Call me biased and stiff, but I just don't understand it.

Yesterday, I brought the giant to a family reunion on my dad's side (the crazies), and everyone seemed to like him. My uncle with cancer seems to be doing fairly well and is in good spirits. He's even making it into work once a week. He had a ball talking with the giant because my uncle's girlfriend is from the giant's hometown. We played a lot of badminton (I'm actually pretty good at it) and I sweated, walked around the huge yard, and ate my relatives' weird food. Then we hung out at Mom and Dad's afterward (they're 5 minutes from my grandparents) and played with Sam. They put the giant to work reaching really high things and fixing their video camera. I'm just so glad that everyone likes the giant and he likes them. It's nice to be zero-drama in that department.

I got new pictures of Sam. I'm going to have to find a scanner so I can post them online. He looks like a little newscaster in his suit with his combed hair. It's adorable.

i've had such a busy weekend i haven't stopped in once! hi tart, wombat, minx, moxie, tyger, poodle, turbo, karianne, kittenb, welcome back mrfj!

hehehehehhee ipood.......that is GREAT. i think my first tape was greenday--hahah. my first cd was beck and my first lp was, i forget. probably hermans hermits or something like that heh. i also inherited a ton of albums from my dad who doesn't listen to em anymore, rolling stones and beatles mostly. i even have sticky fingers with the real zipper.

i don't remember any of the kids shows y'all are mentioning, but i'm a bit younger. i liked zoobilee zoo. and PEE WEE!!! which i mention excitedly because we went to see pee wee's big adventure screened in the hollywood cemetery on saturday AND THE ENTIRE CAST SHOWED UP. it was so freaking great. not only did paul ruebens show up to speak, but he'd rounded up dottie and frances and simone and the bike shop owner and the co-writer and and was so great. everybody there knew most of the lines and everyone was so into it and not being all typical LA "i know it's a celebrity, i don't care". just genuinely delighted smile.gif

got my friend from the airport on friday night and it has been nonstop fun since then. i hate to have to go to work today. he's really freaking fun and we just keep getting more and more excited about things, as opposed to my last visitor where we were just very polite and deferential to each other.

friday i picked him up and we went to get thai food after, at like 1am. saturday we went record shopping and drove up to griffith park for the great view and hung out in hollywood and then went to the movie, sunday we checked out the la brea tar pits and got secret italian food (i can't tell you, it's a secret, but it's the best, cheapest, most wonderful italian food in LA) and browsed a ton of yardsales and then went to littleradio's summer camp which are free concerts downtown with bbq and bouncy castles and slip'n'slides and fun shit, we saw giant drag play and took a bunch of photobooth pictures and randomly ran into this girl that we had played kickball with back in boston--so bizarre. danced a lot last night.

this post is too long. somebody else talk!
Minxlette and I have Season One of Pee-Wee's Playhouse on DVD. It's hella good. Cowboy Curtis is on know, my boyfriend Lawrence Fishburne. biggrin.gif I keep having nightmares now about how annoying it must have been for our teachers in junior high to listen to a bunch of retarded 8th graders parroting Pee-Wee.

Dear Gads, I am paying for the sins of my youth. laugh.gif
*peeks into the thread*

I feel I should interject here by revealing that I spent *my* 30th birthday in therapy.

That is all.

*goes back to work*

ETA: my first cassette purchase was Queen's The Game. I was in grade seven. Walkmans had only JUST been invented, and nobody owned one 'cause the cost was astronomical. ETA again: my first FIRST album, like, vinyl, non-kid-oriented type, was the Helen Reddy one with "I Am Woman" on it. I'll bet no one in the entire thread is surprised by this.

*disappears again*
Helen Reddy...I love it!

I know we already talked about this, diva, but you gotta give that guy a chance! You don't want to make your pal feel bad, do you? Your gay boyfriend sees something in that guy that addresses his personal needs and feelings. By criticizing his choice in a mate, you're indirectly criticizing him. Get to know the new boyfriend a little more before ripping on him.

Pee Wee's Playhouse rocks!!! I always get in arguments with the resident boy about Pee Wee's Playhouse. He's always wrong. In one argument, the resident boy insisted that Conky has a large reel-to-reel for his chest, while I knew for a fact that Conky has a boombox for a chest. We went home and looked on the internet and, lo and behold, I was RIGHT!!! This weekend, we were talking about the B-52's and he was saying that what's-her-face is also Miss Yvonne on PP. I clarified that they are two are different people and, once again, I was right. I don't know why he even bothers challenging me on this kind of stuff.

I think Queen is a great first album!!
holy cow....

poodles new it!

minx has a date!!! hot! strange phonecall at midnight...not! ((((minx)))

(((mr. fj)))

hi marileen, turbo, wombat, dirf, diva, doodle, tyger, mouse, tart, kari!

mouse, the cast showed up?!!? me and my friend heather almost went but the guys wouldn't let us go...turns out we are lots of fun to watch when drunk. but we love to people watch at the pub...we saw alot of

girl on cell phone in stall in bathroom telling friend on phone that she's way too drunk, doesn't even know why she came out tonite, and doesn't know how she's getting home.

girl puking in bathroom who had arrived only minutes before and seemed sober.

odd re-acquaintance from high school which led to a strange introduction making me the 'substitute wife'.

ah..good times.

oh...i took a hair extension class and i should be getting my certificate this week! yay.

first tapes were NKOTB and Suzanne Vega and Millie vanilli...yep... i still listen to suzanne.
I always like seeing people who are way drunker than myself.

That reminds me. After I went to the art fair and dinner with diva, I made a late night decision to go to Lee's Liquor Lounge to see my friends' rockabilly band. I even did my hair and put on makeup. I missed their band, but we all went out to Mortie's for last call. It was a lot of fun to hang out with those guys again. Later that night, it occurred to me that I used to go out multiple nights a week to see music and friends. It was like Cheers or something. I don't know why I stopped doing that. It probably had something to do with the resident boy. My old sidekick moved away, too, so it wasn't as much fun. Anyway, the longer I go without seeing those people, the harder it becomes to hang out at those bars again. I'm just really depressed and too tired to reconnect. I can't believe I was able to take on that much activity in one day. I haven't been able to handle that in a long time.
Oops! I broke the thread!
yah pood it is kind of dead in here!

it's tough to reconnect with old friends after you've lost touch for a while. maybe you could ease your way back into it? if you go into it without expectations that it's gonna be exactly like the old days, you might end up suprised. or at least having fun. i bet they miss you.

gb, you should totally go to one of the cemetery screenings! they are so much fun. pee wee got sold out really quickly--there were ridiculous lines before they even opened the gates--but i think that was cos it was such a popular movie. next week is hitchcock's birthday and they're showing psycho! they do them till november; you should check it out. OOOH and the 26th they're screening chinatown! hmmmmmmm do i smell a red hot chili busties meet up picnic...?

i am an idiot. i left my lights on this morning and now my car won't start. luckily one of our tech/admin guys has jumper cables...ugh.
hey everyone. yes, it's me. the mia one. smile.gif

i'm busy as shit at work today. tired and not wanting to be here at all.

i have this stupid commercial shoot later and i am not so secretly wishing it would get rained out. bah. but i keep reminding myself that it's a legitimate shoot and i can use it to my advantage. it can't hurt. but i'm really tired and feel like i'm wilting like a little flower.

anyway, i will catch up tomorrow i hope. i HAVE read the archives which is part of the reason that i don't have much time to post.

lovies to all o' yall.

OH! and congrats to the kariannes on the house!!!! woooohooooooo!
I guess I will get to know the new boyfriend better, but from the couple hours or so that we met, he rubbed me the wrong way. It's just the gut impression that I get. I don't have to have a glowing review of the guy if I don't want to. I just hope he isn't one of those posessive types who won't let my friend and I hang out without him being around.

Throat Clearing Guy at work has another irritating auditory tic: he keeps saying "y'know?" in pretty much every sentence. Why do I always end up sitting near him?

MRG is here, I think/hope. After an entire month of spotting, it'd be good to have a nice, normal, somewhat heavy cycle. If I'm going to be on my MRG, fine, let's get it on, but I don't want to be on a wimpy half-MRG for a whole damn month. That's the last time I ever skip my placebo week. It did keep it away on the weekend I wanted to be MRG-free, so I guess it worked in that respect.

Wow, Poodle, Art Fair, Chino Latino, AND going out that night? You're one very ambitious girl!

Minx, I think our generation is getting our just desserts for parroting Pee-Wee, and it's called Cartman. We can't say we don't totally deserve it.

Doodle, I'm so not surprised by your Helen Reddy. You're hardcore.

Rats scare me to death. And bats. They're like rats with wings, and that's just wrong.

Hi, FJ and Mouse and GB!

I think I'm going to work some overtime tonight to get everything in order for when I (fingers crossed) start my leave next week. Yes, that would be the responsible adult thing to do. Not looking for Project Runway spoilers and reading the recap on Television Without Pity.

(((FJ))) We miss you!!! Come back and play!!!

Wow! I didn't realize you were taking the leave so soon, diva! I suppose you're gonna be really busy in the coming weeks. How long is your leave?

I'm not saying that you have to give the guy a glowing review. I'm just saying that you have to give the guy a chance and be careful not to offend your gay boyfriend.

Cemetery Screenings sounds really cool.

I used to have pet rats. Sassy was very sweet and had black and white cow fur. Cianide was a fat albino rat who was a little jumpy at first, but then grew to be very calm and affectionate with my care. Yellow #5 was my mama rat. She had 11 babies.I gave the babies to a couple elementary schools. These rats weren't dirty, scary street rats. They were fuzzy, friendly pet rats. I was really sad my rats passed away, because they were all very sweet. They used to lay on my lap and snuggle up next to my neck.

There was a bat outside of my co-worker's window and it was actually very cute and fuzzy. It was so teeny and it had these itty bitty ears. It just hung around, doing it's own thing. Very cool. Flying Foxes are super cool. They're like dogs with wings and they're just as intelligent. There's a flying fox refuge in Indonesia that I would like to visit someday.

Alright, it's time to play with iPood. smile.gif
Okay Okayers, I just did the two-days-before-the-first-date-black/whitehead-harvesting. I feel only remotely retarded, but my face will be a lot clearer by Thursday. IM'd with Dateboy for a couple of hours today again...found out why he didn't call. Not only was his father in from out-of-state (which I already knew), but his sewage pipe kinda exploded. tongue.gif I have never been so grateful for someone's misfortune before (tongue firmly placed in cheek). I like talking to him; it makes me happy, even though I was feeling a lot better anyway.

Okay Okayers, I need your helpful input. Now is the time to redeem your high school experiences.


I am putting together curriculum over the next three weeks and would find your intelligence and taste tremendously cool. And believe me you, the students will thank you. I think that my taste is pretty good, but if there is something I have forgotten, never read, or heard of, I would die of appreciation. The only piece I have slated thus far is "y no se lo traigo la tierra" by Tomas Rivera and possibly "The Bean Trees". Other than that, it's a free-for-all.
I have no idea, minxie. I despised literature in highschool. smile.gif

Ah yes...the two-day skin preparation technique...I know it well. Good planning, minx.

For you lemon-squeezers out there (minx), look what I found while browsing for ipood art. Ummm...if you don't like Robert Plant's bulge, then you certainly won't like this. (not work-safe)

Okay, I'm off to bed now. Sweet lemon dreams to all busties!!!
Minxy- since I read ALOT of american lit (american studies-second major!), i don't have many left on a wish list. I DO have some favorites, some traditional, some not quite "literature" but still very much loved and useful, i'd say in a class...does it have to be American?

1. Most revered, and useful: "Leaves of Grass" by Uncle Walt...why? Besides the obvious selection, the variety and deapth of expression moved me, especually with regards to the Civil War era section.
2. Not particurly LIterature, but "In Cold Blood" by Truman's a hella good murder mystery, and displays a great chance to discuss the meaning of "documentary," "biography," and "history."

Then, of course, there are the standards: Willa Cather, Hemmingway (bleh, bleh imho), etc. I always enjoyed the society books of the late 1800s, too. I'll keep thinking on it...some of the best books I read weren't american literature...these are the advanced english kids, right?

Don't you dare stop there! You are PRECISELY the kind of person I want to answer this question. I am looking for pieces that might not necessarily be read in high school. Non-traditional. I love the Capote suggestion! I am thinking of throwing Burroughs on the menu, and Whitman is a must.

These are not advanced kids, but I treat them as if they are in AP or IB. They do better when we all play pretend..

Thank you!!!

Poodle, thank you for the latest find. Don't puss out on this question. smile.gif
*YAWNS* yikes, I'm tired ya'll! Another late night and early morning has stacked up against me here, and I want a nap - NOW! bad I have to do this "work" thing. Boo.

So anyway, minxy, I'm gonna sit and think about your question a bit before I answer. But I will say that 6 years of forced summer reading lists for honors english classes have left me with a very bitter taste for all the american standards, so I'll try and come up with some books that are a little more off the standard lists...what kind of reading level are you looking for?

Minx (I'm the artist formerly known as JillieC, BTW) - in my pathetic high school education, the last English class I had was American lit, and the teacher was totally burned out and didn't really teach - but in the textbook I ran across an excerpt from "Walden", and it totally blew me away. So I inflict it on every kid I know if they haven't already read it. (Like I said, pathetic education, and kids these days probably get it in their 7th grade Environmental Studies class or something.) [Likewise, I think Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is gorgeous to read.] What age are we talking about?

Other favorites that may be a little more off the beaten track: Fahrenheit 451, Catch-22, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Vonnegut; Sherman Alexie's Smoke Signals, Ginsberg's "Howl", Lord of the Flies. I also liked Poe a lot when I was in jr. high, but then, I was a bit of a dark soul.

*edited to fix frelling stupid board-specific formatting*

Oh, and there are a lot of good SF short stories that are kid-friendly - Bradbury's "All Summer in a Day", PK Dick's "The Father-Thing", Jerome Bixby's "It's a *Good* Day."
I'd have to agree that "Walden" would be right up there...maybe a unit with Whitman and "Walden" together? Oh, my! I HATED Dillard..."look and see circles," wahtever bitch. Can you put plays in there? That opens a whole huge can of worms:

Tenesee Williams- for high schoolers, I'd probably say "Glass Menagerie"
"Look Homeward Angel" is a great dramatic piece.

Then, if you wanted to do a unit on movies and books, "On the Road" and "Rebel w/o a Cause" would be a great combo.

Oh! this is fun. I'm gonna run the question past moxieman, too...he was an english major, with a focus on American drama. I bet he'll have some good choices. I don't think any of the stuff we've mentioned is too wacky for "regular" students to read at all, btw. Its not friggin Thomas Pynchon ("Lot 41"- whoa! brken syntax!). Oh, i'm in book nerd heaven!
I liked The Jungle. It'll give them some perspective on how good they've got it. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who strongly dislikes reading fiction. I was busy reading my brother's college biology textbooks while I was supposed to reading The Great Gatsby.

Good things Tuesday:
-I have completed all of the Led Zep art for my ipod
-My boss is out of the office today
-I have yummy Red Machine Naked Juice
Favorite left-of-center books read as a 15 or so year old:

A Sound of Chariots by Mollie Hunter
12 year old girl after World War II, her father dies. Not sentimental, not brutal, interesting commentary on life in the thirties and how to manage the creative process as a child. Not dull. Not preachy. Serious. No "spunky cuteness in the face of adversity" Interesting and valid coping mechanisms. Colorful images, good sense of character and place.

Inside Daisy Clover by Gavin Lambert
Similar. Girl grows up around Los Angeles, pre-yuppie, fifties, sings and gets into movies, lives with her crazy mother in a trailer, dad has abandoned the family, older sister is smug and annoying, has married and moved off -- sarcasm, hipness, intelligence, sensitivity, accurate and quite fascinating observation of Hollywood and society in general changing from fifties to sixties.

Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis
City life the way it ain't no more except in small, depressed cities. New York in the early 1900s. Classic New York before it turned into Disney/Shopping Mall. Cat and cockroach are hipsters before there was a term. Jass age before it was jazz. Twenties through short bits of comic and tough-minded characters in poetry and cartoons. I suppose it's a proto graphic novel.

i second the jungle (plus everyone loves to read something that gives you a good squick-out) ,whitman, thoreau, capote and tennessee williams (but everyone does glass menagerie....maybe go off-center with choosing which to read of a typical author? cat on a hot tin roof'll give em something to talk about, whooee!). i'm a fan of all southern gothic fiction myself; heart is a lonely hunter, etc. how "rough" do you want to get in this class? i always loved john fante's "ask the dust" but it may be a little too much. i read it first when i was 17, though. what about kerouac? the loner ones in your class are probably reading him already anyway. in a different direction, he may be for too young an audience, but eric sloane's great for earnest americana.
Hi, peeps!

I recently read Slaughterhouse Five and really enjoyed it. It's not too flowery, either, so you don't get bored and it's fairly easy to follow.

Anything by Gregory Maguire is good, but he's very modern, which I doubt you're looking for. It's fun to read classic fairytales turned on their ear.

Some of Charles Bukowski's less-raunchy short stories would probably work well, but of course screen them for adult content first.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I brought new pictures of Sam to work. They make me smile.
nothing else to report, it's just a regular old day.
oooo books...! all my fav's have already been listed, as well as some that i never even knew about as we got the basics....the only ones that stick out in my mind is thoreau and 'to kill a mockingbird'. its so i am....a known bookworm...and i got nothing. bah.

although i did love emily dickinson and colette. although that may not be age appropriate.

yesterday as part of the demo, i got my lip waxed in front of 65 people....which turned kool aid red right after and stayed that way for an hour and a half. what can i say? i was feeling ballsy.

good things tuesday:
-yummy lunch
-no lip hair or red skin
-its cold enough i can wear my cozy sweater.

oh mouse, thanks for the update...chinatown?!!? really? hmmm....*runs off to make plans*
Wow, msgoof! That's really hardcore to have a wax done in front of so many people! I don't even like having one person looking at my upper lip. I haven't had that done for a long time. I should get a wax along with a haircut.

ETA- Well, I'm not getting a wax done, but I did make an appointment for a haircut this afternoon. My long hair has 2.5 hours before it gets hacked off to shoulder length. I just can't stand the long hair anymore. It's too heavy and tangly.
I read trash so I have nothing to add on that note,

I finally got mostly over my summer cold, that's always a nice feeling, I can finally sleep again

I just found out recently that my ex-husband who doesn't pay me a dime for OUR child and who we haven't seen or heard from in 3 years, which is actually a good thing (long story), is doing really well financially, he's finishing school, and for some reason I'm angry about his good fortune even though I left him, I guess it's because I struggle a little all the time and I paid for his first 2 years of school and then had no money left over for myself which is ALL my fault........I feel really guilty for not being able to do better for my son, he has everything he needs and wants, but I always have to struggle for that to happen.

sorry to go on about that, would you like some cheese with my whine?

everything else is awesome though, my first self bought cassette was def leppard, Adrenalize

good things tuesday:

I get to go to a cancer benefit dinner for free on friday, there will be much drinking

talking to an old friend for about an hour this morning

lots of good things just can't seem to single them out right now

hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!!!
dirf - of course you feel a wee bit peeved to hear of the ex's current prosperity, since he is not contributing to your child in any way!!! I think that's a natural feeling, and I think its also good to just remember your own mental prosperity, as you are free from his involvement in your life! So its good, and its bad, and of course in a different world you would wish to have a more balanced parenting situation, but you made good decisions for you AND your tot. So feel good about what you're doing - you are one great woman!

I still can't come up with any books...I was glued to books as a kid - they were my friends more than real people, as I grew up waaaay out in the country...but still, I can't get over the resentment of adults telling me what I *had* to read...I know, you can learn from discussions, and its helpful to have a common knowledge base about the book, but it all felt so boring to me, and the same 5 people would prattle on and on about every single assignment. Hell, I still get peeved when I have to read books for work - its like they're stealing my precious free time!
Hi gang! This is totally a drive-by...I just came by to rant in the letters thread, and I've got to get back to work!

mouse, I totally owe you a PM!
Yeah, ohlakadirf, I think you are perfectly reasonable -- in fact, I think he OWES YOU MONEY.
I know it woulld be unwise for him to offer to pay you back because it would open a whole long-term, legal thing about your child, and you probably don't want to deal with his control issues,

but it might be a nice gesture to send him a short note of congratulations -- and, if he has half a clue, he could send you a nice, one-time gift -- a token of appreciation. That would be non-binding, and it also might make him feel like less of a chump.

Of course, you're probably not holding your breath waiting for any of that to happen...
Wow, Dirf, if it were me, I'd take him for all he's got. Not paying for your kid when you're able to is NOT COOL (this coming from a person who works in child support, so I'm kind of biased). It would be possible for you to go after child support while denying him visitation as long as you've got the stuff to back up your claim that he shouldn't be around your son. People do it all the time here.

Oy, I'd never wax my lip. The strays are few enough and they're only in one tiny spot, so I just pluck them. My chin, on the other hand... I still don't understand why women get dark chin hairs.

GB, you just reminded me I want to go to Trader Joe's. It's the weirdest thing, but whenever I see you post, knowing you're from SoCal and that I've been to TJ's there, makes me want to check out the one up here.
Me, I just shave a few off my upper lip and chin -- right side only for some reason -- they pop up every couple days. Why pull em out? Just shave it. But you may have a reason you pull out instead of shave.

Me, it's -- borrow the boys razor.

Okay, my favorite garbage TV is on tonight -- Last Comic Standing and Rock Star Supernova are on at the same time!! I flip back and forth.

Oh, and for some reason me and wombatman are into "Hell's Kitchen"
Hi Okaybies! *waves to everyone and passes out cookies*

Wombat, I've been watching those trashy reality shows too! JT and I watched Hells Kitchen last night and we realized we hate all of the contestants so we decided we want the bratty incompentent girl who wins all the challenges to win just to make all of the other jerk contestants mad. Rockstar Supernova is really my guilty pleasure this summer though - it is terrible but every week I watch it. I love Project Runway, too.

I've never gotten anything waxed. I have one chin hair that I pluck that comes back every few months. I should really go get it electrolysized so it won't come back but I forget about it in between and when it comes back I just can't stand it and just want it gone right now so I pull it.

Oh, Dirf. It is always painful to see the bad eggs from your past experiencing undeserved success. But you are the really successful one because you get to be with your child every day and he doesn't.

I can't come up with any good book suggestions that haven't already been brought up here. I really liked "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "In Cold Blood" (I read both of those on my own). Turbojenn, I was a lot like you - read tons on my own and for the most part didn't like reading the literature in class and having to dissect it there - to me it took all the fun out of it. That and pretentious college English majors caused me avoid a lot of the classic stuff afterwards so there are lots of books that I've never read that I probably should have. It wasn't until grad school that I really got into discussing readings with other people because I had to do it all the time in my tiny classes and now I love doing that in my book club and wish I could do it more!

Good Things Tuesday:

I found out today that my efforts and good recommendation helped my friend get a job that he starts next week!

My best friend T from high school called me yesterday and I get to see her next week.

I get to go home from work in 10 minutes!
laugh.gif laugh.gif
The giant and I watch Hell's Kitchen, too. It's his fault, you know. I never would have chosen that to be a show we keep up with. I was shocked at last night's episode. I really do think Gordon does have the hots for Virginia. But what I'm really sick of seeing is Heather's "game face" that just looks like a really angry bunny with a head cold.

I'd like to join a book club one day. The only things I ever read lately are magazines, though. I'm still working on an issue of Bazaar (their spring preview). Most of my reading is done in the bathroom, I hate to admit. It's sometimes the only time I can be alone while I'm at home. There are so many classics I want to read (hell, I have a lot of them on my bookshelf, untouched), but I always end up going to the fluffy chic lit. I don't want to read a heavy story and overly flowery language for my fun reading.

Yay for your friend's job, Marileen! Are you and JT still thinking of moving to that one place you have an offer in on if you sell your place?

Wombat, I pluck because I don't want to get stubble 3 days after I remove my hair. Doesn't that become an issue?

I tried to watch Last Comic Standing this season, but I watched the audition show and was really pissed off at the judges' choices. And I don't think that people who have already had specials (like the big Hawaiian guy who's had a special on Comedy Central already) should be allowed in the competition, if that's the big prize.
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