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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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diva, you should schmear some mask on the giant too, and then you can both look like aliens! Turboman is quite used to me wandering around the house with all kinds of stuff on my face. Hell, I'll even walk the dog with henna on my head, and stuff on my face...if people wanna ask me about it, fine. Mostly everyone on the block knows me, and they just shake their heads and laugh. I like it that way. smile.gif

Poodle, I think pop culture trivial pursuit sounds great - but I wouldn't wanna go up against poodle or minxy!
I can totally see you walking around with mask on your face, turbo. Heh...I think the resident boy was shocked the first time he saw me with a mask. He's never lived with any women except for his mom, so he's pretty clueless about girl stuff. Yesterday, I told him that I wanted to stay home because I had cramps and back pain, and he was like, "you can't call in sick for that, can you?" and I was like, "are you kidding me? Women do it all the time!"

Poodlepod is having a seizure right now and my computer isn't cooperating very well, either. couple paychecks = new computer and new ipod. I need more power, more speed, more space...MORE!!!!!! I suppose the video feature wouldn't be all that bad. I could force people to watch RP's bulge in action. Fortunately, you can see that bulge no matter how small the screen is. smile.gif *hangs head in shame for caving to Apple's evil marketing schemes*
Hello everyone! Phew, the day is done! Except for the worrying part, but you know me. I'm working on it! smile.gif

I am totally expecting an invitation to the tartlet/moxette wedding.

I'm a-scared to use face masks now, 'cause I finally got my skin to stop breaking out. (Mostly.) It's all nice and soft now....though it should be, since I'm using $27 moisturizer!!! Oi! blink.gif

FJ, I'm sorry you had to do that today. I often think my job is hard, but I don't think I could do must be v. strong.

Now, if you guys want a real game to play, a Canadian staple is croquinole. It's like curling as a board game. Can be really vicious. But actually, a lot of board games became quite violent in my family, after I aquired twin stepbrothers the same age as me. "You got Boardwalk and Park Place!" *smack* "You got the Ace-King!" *whap*

turbo, I'm very sorry to hear about your upcoming week-from-hell. I hope there will be lots of margueritas involved, anyway.

Well, I should go fart around with my houseplants for awhile. I want to get the wall brackets up to hang those new plants in my bedroom, and I also need to pot up some cuttings, and transplant a couple of plants.

Hey, this is kind of O/T, but....why are orgasms so much stronger when you have them in your sleep? Or is that just me?
Poodle, I think you will be very happy if you upgrade your appliciousness. Its good. very good. I'm at the point of needing an external hard drive, as this puppy is full full full! Give the original poodlepod an honored passing, and welcome the new 'pod with joy!

Oooooh, I got to meet the new baby today! She slept in my arms for an hour so sweet! Yet still, I don't want one. nuh-uh. And momma is doing pretty good, she's up walking around a little, but still battling some wicked swelling. She's going home tomorrow though, so hopefully she'll be able to get a little rest. And you can just tell that her husband is just even more in love with her now, and so fully in awe of her power and strength, and *that* was just awesome to see.

Doodle, stop worrying! Right now! Take the night off, and have some more of those incredible sleep 'gasms!

I think I might slap on a face mask and take a bath!
Hi doodle! I don't know what to tell ya about the orgasm during sleep thing. It happened to me once, sorta. I don't really remember, because it was so confusing at the time.

Hmmm....croquinole sounds interesting, but does it involve any questions about Vince Neil? If not, then I'm gonna have to stick to crap like Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition 2. *tries to restrain self from reading more questions*

Turbo, do you think a new iMac would be able to handle 7,500 songs and videos, etc., that the 30G ipod holds? Let's see...the basic iMac with Intel Core Duo has one point I learned all of this stuff, but I can't remember now. I have a 2004 eMac at home and it's 800 MHz/1 GB SDRAM, whatever that means. All I know, is that it doesn't hold enough stuff for a person like myself, who is obsessed with music, videos, pictures, etc. Help me, turbo!!!!

Oh god, David Hasselhoff just sang on TV. Why do they let celebrities cross over into different "arts?" Tsk, tsk...


Awwww....the big baby and mama are doin' okay. Newborns are sweet, but I'm with ya turbo. Nuh-uh.
Dood - I sometimes have orgasms in my sleep, but they are different than the ones I get with sex. It's weird, huh? My sleep ones tend to be weaker, though.

karianne! Congratulations and best of luck on the house! Yayayay!

Tart - great to see you back!

Poods - I work with this German guy and I always tease him about Davis Hasselhoff, because he is supposedly so big in Germany. I went to the guy's house for a party, and he had Hasselhoff on his iPod!!!

brett - I wanted to join everyone in saying YOU'RE HOT!

I was supposed to clean my apartment today because Banana was going to spend the night (he's never been to my pad because it is such a trashheap), but he just called and invited me to stay at his place tonight instead. YAY! I am expecting some great HBI tonight.

Mr. PK is leaving for New Jersey tomorrow to his parents' house, then on Tuesday he and his father are off to China. Holy shit. China. I wish I was going. They are flying there First Class. But I keep telling myself that if I were there, there would be no First Class trip to China. It would be DisneyWorld or some shit like that because of Heikki.

I'm just drinking a beer after eating a nice dinner of soba noodles with mushrooms, edamame, and seaweed. I made extra so Banana can take some to work with him tomorrow.

My poor working Banana. He has three jobs now.

I have been listening to the same CD over and over again. It's by Aterciopelados, a band from Colombia. Hey! I liked them *before* I met Banana. They're so good. Banana doesn't like them because they're too "commercial" or some shit, but I don't care. It's fun.

I found out a lot of the Spanish music I like is way commercial - like listening to Madonna or the Backstreet Boys or something in this country. I don't care. It still has a fun, latin flavor to me and I like it.

Before I got my car and my own apartment and the internet, I had a lot of extra money and I was going to start getting massages from this massage therapist I met through No More Deaths. But now I'm broke most of the time. Shit.

I've never had a massage before.

FJ - that was a good read, your story. Holy crap - I would have been so nervous to spend the night there, but you guys handled it with class. I'm sorry that happened, though. How uncomfortable.

Did I tell you that while we were in Denver, I gave Mr. PK a mask? It was a moisturizing Jojoba Meal and Oatmeal mask. I love it - I get it at the Co-op, and it makes my skin so soft and glowy. But you can see a huge difference on a guy's face who doesn't exfoliate often. It's a lot of fun.

When we were in Rome, Mr. PK and I got La Prairie facials and it was AWESOME! Mr. PK looked positively ethereal afterward. Does that word make sense? Ethereal?

OK - I miss being here in the daytime. Maybe I will start waking up early to Bust before work. Most of you are two hours ahead of me.
I just popped by to ask a question in the Community Forum, but I can't stop into bustland without entering okayland!


Hmmm. I have those "sleepgasms" at least once or twice a week....more if I'm not getting regular orgasms via...erm...other means. Once I had four in one night! And they're very strong. I'm just gonna assume they're a little present from the universe...OTOH, I really REALLY started having them more/stronger when I entered my 30s, which is supposedly when a woman's sex drive revs up...

Damn, turbo. If only I was tired enough to go to sleep right now!

poodle, you COULD involve questions about Vince Neil in croquinole if you wanted to....though it's more a question of flicking wooden pucks with your fingers....

PK, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, even if yer man's name is banana. (Or is that a descriptive?)

*goes off to pot up more plant cuttings*
lassies! Good morning! I'm too darned happy its COOL and its FRIDAY to throw the insults this morning.

Tart! Where are piccies of my SIL?

Let me know if anyone wants new moxette pics...t hen i'll post the link.

I'm waiting with baited breath to see if I can get tix for teh Dave Chappel show that's coming here in 2 weeks...moxieman's 30th is next week, and he'd love to go. Ticket vibes?

sleepgasms...gah, i thought I was the only one! Doodle, do they really, truly increase with age? I don't know if that's good or bad. Cause, you know, waking up post sleepgasm is both nice and a tiny bit frustrating. I think they're stronger b/c there's no "outside" influence exerting any pressure at all on timing, noises, theatrical style, etc.

Poodle, aren't you looking for a new car, too? Did I remember that wrong? The new 2007 GMs, Fords and MAzda's have Ipod hookups hehe...we're getting a new car in november...although i suppose the diesel VW is better than an ipod hookup, right?

Good morning ladies! I'm too tired to come up with a good insult.

I'm jealous of your sleepgasms, doodle! The age factor is pretty interesting. I'm sure there's something to that.

I stayed up 'til 2:00 last night talking to the resident boy. I can't even remember what we talked about. Now I'm just extra sleepy.

*takes deep breath* Today, I think I'm going to venture over to the dark side and purchase a 30G ipod. I've finally caved.


Mornin' mox! I always love seeing new pics of moxette!

Yeah, I have to buy a car. I wouldn't buy a new one though, especially considering how little I drive. As far as the ipod connection, I find that a cassette adaptor works just fine.
mornin' ya'll!!

YAY for poodle's impending new 'pod!! You'll love it. really, and truly. I think one of the new imacs would be absolutely great with your 'poddin style - I have a 1ghz ibook, with 1Gb RAM and 60Gb hard drive, and it does everything I need - music, photos, design work, all without complaint. Its nowhere near as zippy as my G5 tower of power at work, but its more than adequate for what I need at home! Enjoy your new shiny!

And yes, mox, getting a diesel Jetta is much better than the built in 'pod jack - we wired one right into the system, and it was pretty damned easy. Just consider getting the standard transmission, it gets oh so much better mileage, and is way more fun to drive. wink.gif

*hands on hips*....yeah, tart, where are the new piccies of your gorgeous boy!! c'mon show him off!

hi hi PK!! I'm glad you're having fun with Banana - sounds like he's busy busy - 3 jobs - oy. And really, you must treat yourself to a massage good. Of course, I haven't had one myself in about a year and a half, but oh well....

I guess that means that I need to buy a new pod condom, too. I can't wait to get my skinz on, yo. Heh...

R.I.P. Poodlepod
Indeed, poodle, you'll need to get your pod something sexy to lay around in...the new iSkins are pretty nice. my 'pod hangs out in a flashy red one....
Hey, hey, it's Friday!

Here you go, ladies:Tartlet's photos So, pony up, woman - I want to see new Moxette pics! (It's funny how we've totally downshifted the photo-snapping in the past month or so - too busy to even think about the camera, it seems.)

!@$@$@%#@Chapelle vibes for the MoxMan#$%##@#!@

Hihihi, PK! You should set up a barter with your massage therapist connection - KittenB & I did that. Cake for massage... not a bad deal for either of us!

Hey, Poodle, croquinole sounds like a bar game we play up in northern PA called quoits - a long sanded table with a "moat" & 2 sets of metal weights that you slide from one end of the table to the other, shuffleboard style. I kicked much ass at it, too, once upon a time... it's all about the thumb.

I don't have an IPod. I have the Dell knockoff that's the size of a deck of cards - funny how gi-normous that seems now.

We all slept waaaaay too well last night. All I wanted this morning was to shut off the alarms & have another 3 hours cuddletime with my little family... ah well. That's what Sundays are for, right?

Off to forage for coffee...
Wowza - tartlet is so big, and what a head of hair!! Thanks for the piccies!

Turboman and I totally just wanted to snuggle in, and stay in bed today - sleeping with the windows open last night was so divine!
Good Morning!

Tart, Tartlet is too cute! Oh my! That hair, those eyes! So sweet.

Poodles, you are getting a new Ipod? Nice! I'm jealous. I still don't have one. I borrow mr K's whenever he will let me though.

Doodle, sleepgasms....those are the best. It's just a nice little surprise.

Hi PK! It is good to see you!

Thank you for all of your house getting vibes, ladies! I am all anxious this morning. Realtor submitted the offer & said the seller said they'll give us an anwer this morning. They are in CA, so two hours behind us though. I am trying to be patient. Other realtor said there has been a lot of interest in the house. Drat.
Holy bejebus, tart, he is a GOOD LOOKING boy! I love smiley, funny hair babies!

and, the DIL...

And you, with that coy bundle of cuteness! Wow, cereal! They're growing up so fast... (sniff)

Yeah, that boy needs a friggin' haircut. Dunno how that's gonna work, but hey, the adventures of parenthood.

Yess!! Turbojenn right again! Standards rule!

Congratulations and good luck to Karianne on the house!

Ipod vibes for poodle!! I still don't want one, but I want my MacBook. Itunes is good enough for me since it represents the only time I want to sit and listen to stuff. I have my earphones off my ears though, kind of next to them -- my ears seem to get blasted out easily.

I will sometimes have sexy dreams but not orgasms in my sleep -- maybe once. Sheesh! Now that I know it's possible maybe I'll give my subconsious some *suggestions*

I've got a doctor appointment coming up and i think with my old back surgery/rod in the spine I can get them to pay for some cranial/sacral -- make a referral -- woot! I want to research and find places and see which feel right.

This morning we were given a big breakfast!! But they don't seem to have CAFFEINE in the COFFEE. Wouldn't that be the point?

Sunday -- Boat to Provincetown.

Tonight they're showing "The Corpse Bride" for free on the lovely park by the river. Maybe I'll ask one of my weirder friends, we both have the ghastly chic aesthetic. We used to go dance at a big industrial goth club that is now a hole in the ground. Condos. Sad.
Hi, peeps. I'm too sick to come up with an insult today.

I got maybe 2 whole hours of sleep last night, during which I dreamed about Malan and Katie from PR. Yeah, I'm that obsessed. I woke up at 2:00 this morning with the most horrible back pain in my mid/lower back, and a really sour stomach. I'm going home in about an hour. I would have called in sick, but I needed to use the fax machine here so I could get on with getting this union job. I didn't shower, my clothes are dirty, I smell, and so does everything around me. Today is a day better spent in bed watching movies, reading glossy magazines, and eating Ben and Jerry's. We went on a massive grocery shopping trip last night, so I should be good for camping out at home.

Poodle and Turbo, I totally agree. Babies are great and all (but fun toddler beats baby any day of the week IMHO), but just because you love your friends' babies doesn't mean you want one of your own. People ask me when I'm going to have a little Sam. I say that being around Sam is wonderful and all it does is make me want to spend more time with him, not have one of my own. There's a big difference between being Cool Auntie Divala and a mom who has to punish and change diapers and have her life turned upside down.

******* ticket vibes for Moxie******** that would be the best show ever!

Never had a sleepgasm. I'm very confused by the idea. All my dreams cut off before any of the good stuff happens.

Tartlett is gorgeous!

Poodle, if you have that many songs and want to put on videos, would maybe the 60G iPod be better for you? It sounds like you'll already have it full just with the stuff you have laying around.

(((((((( more house vibes for the Kariannes )))))))) at least you know you've got a good one if a bunch of other people want it, too.
hello ho-bags! i know, mild...but-what-the-hey...


tartlet and moxette are growing sooo fast!!! it just seems like yesterday that they made their appearance. so cute too.

(((vibes for kari)))

%$%#*chappelle vibes for moxieman*@^$#&

hi pk, fj, turbo, poodle, doodle, wombat, minx, tart and moxie.

last nite i had my first real client....i was totally nervous...especially since i don't speak spanish so i had two friends help me on translation of what she wanted. but it was a simple haircut only, no blowdry; so that made it easier. and then we did my hair...its still red but we put in chunks of orange blonde...which is supposed to be copper. i have something called 'copper fury' to put on it but i may wait,...i kinda like it as is. Although it really reminds me of harry potter...'i have griffyndor hair!'

and i may end up taking the hair extensions class this sunday since next sunday, mr. gb wants to go to vegas with some of our friends.

also, i talked to some of my college friends and gave them my card and they said they would call me and come in for a trim! yay!!! and today i may end up doing my sisters hair, since she loves what i did to mine. woot!

i love it when a whole bunch of things are going on at just makes it seem like all the pieces are falling in in tetris. biggrin.gif
good morning busties!!!! I am far too sick to think of an insult, there has been a horrible summer cold going around and I caught it sad.gif

I have an odd sleepgasm story, I get them alot, at least once a week and once I was dreaming that I was masterbating, and in the middle of it I awoke to myself furiously rubbing my own belly, hehehehe it's still funny.

Awesome pics Tart, the hair is sooooo cute

~~~~~~house offer acceptance vibes for the K family~~~~~~

FJ I'm sorry about "swingers" I wasn't trying to be rude in any way, it just took me awhile to catch on to the conversation, and then I was just excited that I thought I had finally figured it out, I have to agree that you handled the situation well, I would have been crawling out a window and breaking a leg or ankle in the process

All of my hospital bills are coming in for the ablation I had 3 weeks ago, it's a bit scary, like $10,000 scary, and my insurance is paying very little of it "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to collections I go"

hope everyone is having a good day

does anyone know how to stop a runny nose? I'm at work and going nuts with it
I'm home now, watching stuff off the list that I taped. Right now it's "Being Julia." I'm not that impressed, but it's less than 2 hours long, so I'll probably finish it off anyway.

My boss-free streak ended today. He came by my desk, but not to catch me doing anything wrong, just to check on how far along I was with stuff, which is okay because I'm doing really well right now. Maybe he did it because he passed me down a walkway and said hi, and I barely grunted at him. I still can't stand that bastard.

GB, your hair sounds awesome! How did your first client turn out? Did she like it?

Hi, Dirf! I had a belly-rubbing dream a few weeks ago. I'm sorry about your medical bills. It should all be free, dammit. Money shouldn't even come into the equation of people's health.

Hi, Wombat!

g'morning jerkfaces

*house vibes for kari* that's awesome! good luck!

ms gb, red and copper/blonde chunks sounds like the style i've been toying around with the idea of getting....i was supposed to go in for it last month but there was a scheduling conflict my stylist and i didn't realize, and then i decided i wasn't going to do it......but now my interest is piqued again. does it look awesome? congrats on your first client!!

BABIES!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!! i am of the mind of "maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't" when it comes to having one of my own......but i think i might be sad if it didn't. i'm totally enamored of my complex-ex's 2-year-old nephew.

i get sleepgasms occasionally...more often when i'm not getting any and have been too busy to, uh, get myself any. kinda cool that my body's like "well if you're not going to do it...I WILL!"

another vote for standards here. driving automatic is super boring, especially when you find yourself absentmindedly waving your hand between the seats looking for the missing gearshift....hee. though yesterday i drove home in the worst. traffic. ever and it was all start. stop. start. stop. and i swear to god i thought my left leg was gonna cramp.

i have another visitor getting into town tonight! he's guaranteed to be more fun than my last one, but he doesn't drink, and since all my friends here are lushes i'm going to have to be inventive with finding outings for us this weekend. definitely going to go see pee wee herman at the hollywood forever cemetery tomorrow though!

last night my friend and i went crazy with our new buttonmaker. i made like forty buttons. i'm going to start sellign them and when we get a site up i'll post it in the shameless self promotion thread smile.gif she made one that says "have you seen my eraser?" and i made one that says "no, but i'll keep an eye out for it".
Mouse, I would love to make buttons, I'm so jealous

my Dr. gave me pictures of the procedure I had, the before looks like a picture of mars, and the after looks like a picture of the moon, they are soooo cool, I think I will carry them in my wallet.
yeah, mouse, I love driving a standard...except in heavy traffic. A month ago, I got caught in construction on my way to a fundraiser for work, and I spent two hours clutching in traffic. Not fun. But *I* personally think that everyone should drive a standard, it forces you to be more aware and alert, and not so many assholes would be on their cell phones or drinking their starfucks in the car. As you can see, I get a little bitter about the driving around here....but that comes from nearly getting hit riding my bike WAY too often by jerks on their cells...and actually getting hit earlier in the summer *shakes fist as assy drivers*

We *need* to see summa those fancy buttons you're making, mouse! I do love a sassy button!


That totally bites about your medical bills, dirf....and I especially think that all women's health issues should be covered 100% - none of us would be here without the women who bring us in - so free healthcare for the lady bits, I say!!!

~*~*~*~*~*house buying offer acceptance for the karis~*~*~*~*~*~*~
((((healthy vibes for dirf and diva))))))

i love sassy buttons! i have one that says 'be different, act normal'.

the first client is always nerve wracking.
But my hair turned out pretty cool! i showed my sis, and she said 'thats the color i wanted!' lol

they should pass a bill that says all girly bits procedures are covered by insurance. including bc, hormone replacement, and mammograms. that should be a given!

hi turbo and mouse!
smile.gif most of the buttons are either silly drawings we do or little illos from old books. we are going to try to sell them at giant robot. i like that "be different act normal", ms gb. i also loved one i saw that said "reject adult culture". heh.

((healthy busties))
I'm so tired of work today....can I be done now? I've got a little more catching up to do, but then, I think I might sneak out a bit early...its the typical August Friday here, where no one really seems to be here at all. And I don't wanna be either.

I've gotta go home, get my stuff together before we drive to MI tonight - but we're crashing at my co-workers' swanky lake house in Union Pier, so at least I'm looking forward to tonight! And then it'll just be a 4 hour drive tomorrow, and 5 hour dash back on Sunday. And we're not even letting our families know we'll be around - so there! tongue.gif
popping in quickly to say hello, i love you!!

our Director of aaaaaaaaaaall of our programs in africa has been here this week. next week, the guy in charge of ALL of the funding for all of the HIV/AIDS programs everywhere (us govt only) is arriving this weekend -- to spend a week working with us -- evaluation of past and planning for future fiscal year. ickickickick.

am waiting for other people to finish with my boss so that i can go up and work with him on our is now a bit after 9 pm, no telling when i am getting home....

but i have a chance to poke my head in!!

(((((diva))))) your boss sounds like a TOTAL ass hat!!

jenn -- that sounds like EXACTLY what you need!!

mr. hotbuns has been sending me emails with the countdown to our honey moon in madeira. today it was ONLY 28 DAYS!!!! he is so adorable. color me happy! smile.gif
Guess what okayers??? The sellers accepted our house offer! Our realtor is waiting on the paper copy to be faxed over. The sellers live in CA now, so I guess there is a lot of faxing back & forth. Our agent said he does not anticipate anything going awry. YAY! *throws confetti* The bustie vibes have proved themselves once again.

Hi tes! That sounds stressful-all the head honchos in town. That always stresses me out.

Mouse-your buttons sound awesome! I like buttons. I saw a bunch of good ones in a store the other day. My favorite one says "knit til you die." I thought that was funny.

msgb, your hair sounds super cool. I am so jealous you get to play with it that way. I think it would be really cool to be a hair stylist for many reasons, but that is definitely a top one. And you worked on your first client? Exciting!

Hi diva & olhakdirf!
Congrats kari and mr.k on your new house!!!! yay

*throws confetti all over the lounge and lights sparklers to hand out*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~CONGRATS KARI!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~

So now, you must tell us ALL about your house! Vital stats, you favorite things about the house, how you knew it was *the* one - c'mon - give us the dish!!! What a great Friday afternoon suprise!
Thanks ladies! I am still holding my breath til the paper contract comes through. I am a worrier. Our realtor seems to think everything is kosher though, and I suppose he is the expert.

The house...we just love everything about it. It is really big, esp for us. Two stories, 4BR in all, 2BA. Hardwoods, built in shelves in LR, renovated bathrooms, really big fenced yard....I don't think we made any compromises. I am amazed we found something so great. That is why I am paranoid about something happening with the contract! I had already gotten pre approved though, so everything on our end is good to go.

It just started storming like crazy here. Right in time for the drive home....
Hi everyone!!!

Yay for the kari fam's new house!!!!!! So, what's it like?

I swear, bustie babies have the fuzziest heads. Tartlet and moxette are so freakin' cute. I'm with you on the toddler thing, diva. I love it when they start to talk and move around on their own. I still like puppies and kittens more, though. smile.gif

Well, I bought Poodlepod: The Next Generation at Target today. It's the 30G model with 7,500 songs. Diva, I only have about 1,300 songs on my 'puter right now, so I think the 30G has more than enough space. This could be dangerous, people. I spent too much time playing with my music collection before. I've got a lot of work to do!!

Congrats on your first real client, msgoof!!!

The meddler is gone for the day, so I think I might try to sneak out of here a little early. I can't concentrate because I'm so eager to play with my ipod. I need a new name for it. Hmmmm....
Yay!!!!!! Kari I'm so excited for you, ~~~~~~everything working out perfectly~~~~~~

I'm sick and tired, I want to go home, just 4 hrs 45 min left of work sad.gif
Happy Friday Busties!

I've been a lurky lady lately but have really enjoyed reading what you all are up to.

Congrats Kari on the house! That is awesome.

Yay for the new Poodlepod! That will be fun for you. Since it will hold so much stuff it needs a good name incorporating words like "mega" "gigantor" or something. Like Poodlepodzilla.

Good luck with the union thing Diva! That sounds like it would be really rewarding work.

Dirf - you should post links to your planetscape-esque pictures of your insides!

Tartlet is so cute! I love it when babies have lots of crazy hair, too.

And a big hello to Turbojenn, Minx, Doodle, Tyger, Wombat, MsGB, Tesao, Mouse, Puppykitty, the FJs and anybody else I missed!

Lots of different little things going on with me lately, most of them good. My review at work went well. No raise for me, but none for anybody around here right now (as a cultural organization that receives money from the state, etc. we are pretty limited right now as far as that goes, but I just got a cost of living increase in July so I don't feel too deprived right now) and my boss still likes me!

My brother has been job searching around the country and may actually take one that is within 2 hour's driving distance! They have offered him the job already but he's had so many good opportunities all of a sudden, he hasn't made a decision yet. Lucky engineer. I really wish it was as easy to get a well-paying job in my field as it is in his. He'll be at my parents' house this weekend so I'll get to see him for the first time since Christmas, yay!

No big plans for tonight so I am going home to relax soon. I get my hair done tomorrow morning so it'll be all pretty again and I'm excited. My hair is looking pretty ragged and really needs a trim.

Have a good evening everyone!

*hands out big glasses of wine to all the Busties*

I would post my pics but have no clue how, I can only email, bust, or buy things on the computer those are my limits (pouts in shame)
I have a date!! biggrin.gif

Okay, I'm a little more wary than a WHOOT, but it's still pretty damned alright. I just wish that I could remember what he looks like. From what I recollect, he certainly was easy enough on the eyes, but whatever. He's smart, and as we all know, that increases looks exponentially. Hell, he's financially stable, only divorced once (and not any time recently, thank something), has two houses and is swinging it on one income (trying to still sell the other), has no children, and we used to work at the same co-op round about the same time back in my fiance days (daze). He's an omnivore (he, like me, said veggies were offence to my beloved vegheads in these parts). He works for the with money. And thus far, no drama. No odd proclamations of whatever. He said he saw me online (I'm usually on invisible, but not last week), and said that he remembered how intelligent, hip, and good-looking I was tongue.gif Mostly, he said he remembered my eyebrows. Nice. That was a good insertion of vanity on his part.

So, we're going on a date. A real DATE. Unlike my last fiasco, I am putting this fella through his paces. It's kind of amusing, though. He frequents all of the joints that me and the ex went to...what in the fuck are the chances of that? This city is getting really small. I think that I may ask him to stay on this side of the river for awhile even though he's a Saint Paulie Boy (fuck, I don't even like writing that...)

Poodle will find this amusing--when he asked me about the where I grew up, I just told him it was a small cowtown somewhere around Madison. Now, we all know that the outskirts of Madison are LADEN with small cowtowns. However, he pressed a bit further and started guessing. His first guess? THE WHORE!!! I almost filled my shorts. It's kinda creepy how many weird little coincidences there are, but it's a'ight. I'm not a "fate"'s just kind of cool. For now. We'll see what's shakin' this time next's next Thursday. He, he, he...

So yeah...damn, but my shoulder is STILL killing me. I really screwed it up this time.

I'm completely jealous of Poodle's IPod.

KARIANNE--Congratufuckinglations. That is the greatest evah. Good luck with it. I'm sure that it will go off with minimal snags given the current housing market.

Doodle--I hope that you are chillin' with the green and a bottle of red tonight and taking life easy. Like Frog and Toad.

Jenn--I am sorry that you had to deal with that runny cunt reptile fuckchop touchin' on you and being an ignoramous. Not everyone is as enlightened as we are here. I would encourage you to populate the world with cool people such as yourself, but I know how you feel about babies. Just remember to be that bitchin' auntie that we already know you are, then there will be fewer retardo incidents like this in the universe.

Everyone else (((EVERY BUSTIE)))

Happy Fucking Friday.
Holy shit! A date!

I hope it goes super awesome, minx - he sounds cool, so far. You deserve someone spectacular. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this date to turn out great, and here are some date vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~.

karianne! Holy crap - I'm so nervous. I feel like *I* am buying a house. I hope you guys get it - it sounds like it is pretty much a done deal, right? I don't want to jinx it - so when you're ready, tell us everything!

poodley - I'm with marileen in liking the name poodlepodzilla. Or just Podzilla.

marileen - what field do you work in?

diva and dirf - feel better! Turbo should have some tips at keeping the snot at bay while at work. I think she knows everything. She's smart. I know she flushes her butt, but I also think I remember something about her flushing out her nose, too.

I got off work early today, went to the bank, then went to my favorite Chinese restaurant for some kung pao beef. After I ate, I got a raspado, which I am slurping on right now. It is tamarind with a couple of scoops of extra creamy vanilla ice cream in it. It sounds weird, but it is actually really good. The tamarind is very tart, and the ice cream is sweet and creamy, and the ice is refreshing.

Banana is working late again today, but we are going to hang out after he finishes. We might go out for a drink or two. At least, that is what he wanted when he called earlier. Who knows - he might be exhausted after he gets off work.

OK Buttlickers. Have a fabulous evening, and I hope to see some of you around this weekend. Ya stupid fucking festering assholes.
*squee* minxie's got a date! minxie's got a date!

Just for you, minx, I might drag some green out of the freezer...we'll see...sometimes it feeds my paranoia, so when I'm worried about work shit, it's not always the best thing!

*solemnly welcomes Poodlepod: The Next Generation into the Okayland family*

karianne, congratulations!!! *throws confetti* I'm very excited for you - the house sounds fantastic!

mouse, I am jealous of your button-making ability! My favourite says "my cat is a lesbian" though I'm desperately looking for one that says "I'll be post-feminist in the post-patriarchy." Was the button-maker expensive? Where did you get it?

turbo, I swear we are twins. I love driving a standard...and I HATE all the clutching I have to do when I get stuck in traffic! Whenever I go to Vancouver, I always seem to hit a traffic jam somewhere when I reach the Lower Mainland...either right before a bridge, or right before some kind of road work. UGH!!! I feel your pain. But anyway, my city is small - I like to call the busy time of the day "rush minute" instead of "rush hour!" And standards rule on the highway. I love passing assholes in brand new cars with my rusty little hatchback. biggrin.gif

olhakadirf, I love your belly-rubbin' masterbatin' story! Hee!

miz gb, congrats on your first real client!!! WOOT! How did it turn out? Did she like the cut? I'll bet your hair looks cute, too!

Hello also to marileen, diva, wombat, tart (beautiful tartlet!!!), (and moxette, too!), and everyone else I might be missing!!! I lurves y'all! (And where is that durned lurvpaint, anyway?)

moxie (and everyone!), it's not just the sleepgasms that rev up in your 30s, it's ALL of your sex drive. At least, that's what I found. And the orgasms seem to get much, much, MUCH better: easier to attain, and stronger, and...longer!

*ahem* Last night I dreamed Joaquin Phoenix had me tied to the bed, but I woke up too soon 'cause I had to pee, grrrr. In the dream, he never broke scene: he untied me, tied my hands together, and led me to the bathroom. But I still had to wake up and go for real. Dammit!!

Once I had a sleepgasm while I was dreaming about kissing Bono. Just kissing! But in my dream, he was THAT good a kisser.

(I am someone who has very vivid dreams.)

This is all wayyyyy TMI, isn't it?

On that note....

*pounces on tesao, wrestles her to the floor, and covers her in sloppy kisses*

I meece you, baby!
hahaha doodle that dream is hilarious---at least you didn't pee the bed tongue.gif
i will totally make you a post-patriarchy post-feminist button if you want! the maker and 500 sets was about $250; my friend and i went in on it together. we got it here and the shipping was free and it arrived in like, three days. i don't know how they work for canada.

pk, that raspado sounds delicious! i looove tamarind.

minxie! DATE! squeal!

i am off to the airport in an hour or so to pick up my friend. still have to tidy up my place--better get on it. oooooooh i found a cockroach climbing up the wall in my bathroom the other day and i FREAKED out--i can deal with any other types of vermin but i cannot deal with cockroaches...i think the fact that they procreate so damn quickly squicks me out. i panic, cos i worry i won't be able to control 'em. gah. but i havent' seen any anywhere else, and none in my kitchen, where i would be most worried. eeeeewwwwwwwwww.
Oh mouse - sorry you found a cockroach. That is so yucky. I, thankfully, haven't seen a cockroach in my apartment. Yet. I have, however, found a lizard and a mouse. So far. Ick.

Ooh, mouse, I'd love a button that says that!!!!! I'll send you one from my collection in exchange....I have a small collection, mainly political ones (i.e., the Premier of our province drawn as the Grinch), but some "herstorical" ones as well (pro-choice, etc.)...I'm sure I can find something sufficiently oddball....I'll PM you this weekend! YAY!!! (ETA: I'm assuming you can buy replacement "sets"?)

PK, I'm sorry, I missed you on my last list of hellos! I honestly didn't mean to!

I couldn't deal with cockroaches either, but we don't have 'em here. Or rats. Can't deal with them, either. Once when I was in Vancouver, at Granville Island, I was going to sit on the rocks by the water to eat lunch, and there was this HUGE rat about four feet away, with pink eyes and this huge pink tail that almost looked fake - like latex or something. He just kind of looked at me as if to say, "Are you gonna eat that sandwich?" No fear of me at all. I backed slowly away, which is not easy to do, backwards up a rock pile.

On that note, I am very glad to be a cat owner.

I just got back from the store. I still have to unload a few things from the car, and then I need to go report my Nutella purchase in the troll thread.

And then I think I might have a wee toke.
driveby! i read everything, i swear, i've just not been in a busting mood of late, for some reason.

yesterday me and cougarlion watched bad vampire porn. it was like the worst b-movie ever, with random sex scenes every ten minutes or so. also, i now own a purple vibrator. it's one of the 'sex with sue' ones, but i don't remember its name. they're not named random boy names, though, which makes me happy.

the boy is mostly moved in with z, and their new place is just a block further from my house than the boy's mom's house, so it's now a whopping 4 blocks to go harass them. z put his tenant agreement up on the fridge and they're checking off terms as they break them. so far i think they're at 1/4 of them.

minxie has a date! mouse makes buttons! hugs and vibes for all in need!

so, i'm thinking of selling my old laptop to the boy, as he is computerless, and buying a mac. turbo, you think you could pm me and tell me what sorts of software come pre-installed/any mac quirks/any extras i would want if i were to do this if you have time?
Yay for Minxie's date! He sounds great - hopefully he'll live up to your description in person!

Tyger, reading "bad vampire porn" made me laugh. I'm just imagining skeezy porn people doing their thing but while wearing cheapie vampire fangs.

Mouse, I am jealous of your button maker - I want one! I'd have to get organized enough to actually sell buttons in order to justify the cost though. Maybe someday...

Doodle, your mention of Nutella totally makes me want to eat some. The grocery store right by my house stopped selling it a few months ago, which has greatly helped me avoid eating too much of it. I do love it so, it is yummy yummy.

Puppykitty, I work in a museum-type place. (Hate to say my title as my job is pretty specific and unique - it would be very easy to identify who I am if I say what it is!) Basically in my main job I work on processing interview projects and maintaining that collection. For the most part they tend to be focused on specific populations like immigrant groups and lately we've been doing a lot on people's experiences during World War II. It can be dull sometimes but it is really cool to learn people's stories and I've gotten to be a much better editor in the process, too. I occasionally help with art exhibits there on the side (my favorite kind of work - I studied art history in school) when there are funds to pay me, too.

Mmmm, my hair smells so good right now. The stylist cut too much off (despite my telling him not to - he's not my usual person because she's on maternity leave) but the color turned out good and it looks fine. We had a house showing today (yep, it's still on the market) so the house is all clean. And my family is coming to visit in about a half hour and I'm gonna see my brother, hooray!

Minxy - when was your date? I hope you'll tell us about it.

Last night I had an "action station", which is a set-up at a party where I make the dessert in front of the guests. I think they should be fun, but almost every time I do it, people don't save room for dessert. sad.gif

Banana and I were supposed to go to a party, but by the time I got off work, he was almost asleep. Poor tired worker. I went over to his place straight from work and we fell asleep. Not even an HBI.

Marileen - your work sounds cool. You must be a smarty. I have such cool friends here! Yayay for my smarty-pants busty friends!

I used to feel kind of weird sometimes because I didn't finish college and I had no job prospects; I was just kind of drifting. But now I feel lucky to have a job I like and I feel like a success regardless of my higher education failures. Hey - I have two Associates Degrees, so shit. That's almost like a Bachelor's. Well, maybe not. But I don't care.

Today I am serving in the bar. I hope it goes well. Sheesh. I was just doing this for fun and extra cash. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a stressor for me.

Hey - I wish I could show you all my right bicep. It's effing cut, man. My left - not so much. But my right arm looks tough. I should arm wrestle someone. Wanna arm wrestle?

Friday, I am taking the people from my community service committee to a home for abused and neglected children. We are going to have a donations drive for them, and then finish it off with a "pajama party". The community outreach director is really excited that we are helping out. The kids like it when people come and play with them.

Also - I have a kind of a problem that maybe you could advise me on. My friends are in the West Bank of Palestine right now visiting family. My friend's family doesn't have hot water, and they barely have indoor plumbing. My friends installed proper plumbing and a hot water heater in the home, and they also brought gifts from the US for everyone in this huge family. They maxed out several credit cards so they could do this. Things like hot water, in the West Bank, are ridiculously expensive. So are clothes and other necessities.

I want to hold a fundraiser when they get back at the end of the month to try to help them pay for all this. They are taking lots of pictures and video while they are there, and they wants to make a presentation at the fundraiser about what life is like there.

There is a nice bar here in town that said they would host the fundraiser, but I am afraid to do that since the family is Muslim and it would be offensive to them to receive these gifts from drunk people's money. Know what I mean (Muslims don't drink alcohol, for those who don't know)?

I wanted to find an alternative location for the party, and I thought I would make it a fancy dessert party. I have been collaborating with some people who thought there should be *some* alcohol so people would attend. We thought about having fancy dessert drinks like Limoncello or Frangelico, so people wouldn't get plastered.

But I thought about it yesterday, and decided that any alcohol would be risky. I have to talk to my friend about this, I guess. He comes to the bar with us and doesn't complain when we drink. He's pretty liberal, but I know he is very against alcohol consumption. His wife, my other friend who is with him in Palestine, is from Iowa and is one of the people who thinks there should be *some* alcohol.

Do you think we could have a successful party without alcohol? Ideally, people should be attending to help and learn, right? How could we get the most money without offending this guy's family?

I know that some of you are experienced with fundraising, (turbojenn?) - so could I get some tips on making this a success?

I guess the first thing would be to find a location.

OK - please let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys!
hey hey beautiful babies!!!! *channels my inner vince vaughn*

How's everybody been this weekend?? We just got back from Michigan a couple hours ago, picked up turbo, and then picked up the other two greyhounds we're sitting for until the, I'm happioy home, the house is on its way to cooling down, and I have three gorgeous hounds chillin' on the floor. Life is good.

tyg - I PMed you some software stuff! YAY for new Macs!

Doodle, I think we might just be sisters! I was lucky in having turboman chauffer my ass all around the countryside this weekend, so he's the one with the sore muscles from clutching and poking along through construction this afternoon. I think taking an interstate down to one lane for 20 mile stretches should be illegal. Thank cod we left early this morning.

The weekend trip was actually really nice! Friday night we drove 1.5 hours to my co-worker's lake house on the other side of Lake Michigan, and OMG...I just wanted to move in. Their vacation home is nicer than any home I'm likely to have, and completely decked out in Ralph Lauren everything...but its the kind of place you walk in, and immediately want to cuddle up with a book and read. High vaulted ceilings with skylights, and in every room there's lots of windows and a good place to curl up and nap. We had a wonderful time drinking wine and chatting on their screened in porch, and then sleeping to the sound of crickets and peepers just remided me so much of where I grew up, I slept so well. I didn't want to leave Saturday morning, that's for sure!! I'd also like my co-worker to adopt me...her kids are about our age, and out of the house, we could just kind of....stand in, and spend weekends with them at the lake house!! She's truly one of my very favorite people at work, and kind of my "chicago mom."

The wedding ceremony itself was "meh" - the rote catholic wedding, no personality of the bride and groom at all, and we only knew the groom and his dad. But the reception turned out to be a really good time. We ended up sitting with Corey's sailing club buddies from MSU, which I was really skeptical about, 'cause...well...they looked like your typical over-priviliged white kids, with all the right clothes, perfect tans and fit and attractive in every made us a little nervous. rolleyes.gif But, they turned out to be really fun, thoughtful folk, and we were just cracking up all night - they're all nearly ten years younger than us, but it was fun to hear their college stories, and share our own as we all went to MSU, and we all just had a good, good time. So much so, that we stayed until the very end. I was kind of sad to leave them, knowing that we'd likely never meet again. Funny, how that can happen in such a short space of time.

So now we're home, turboman is napping, and I have 3 hours before my brother and SIL arrive to stay with us for a couple of I need to wash the floors and take a bath to let my stiff back mucles unwind a bit.
Happy Sunday, all.

puppykitty - the fundraiser sounds like it might be a chance to teach a little as well. A fancy dessert party sounds like a blast and you could just explain why you are not serving alcohol. Maybe if it was held a little early, like 7-9 PM people would be less likely to expect drinks.

turbo - I am jelous. I need more friends with beach houses.
Thanks, kitten. Yeah - I'm thinking that zero alcohol might be better. It's more respectful. I talked to to chef yesterday who thought that Italian Sodas would be cool. I think he is right. I just called a couple who own a nice house with a big patio area. I am hoping we can have it at their place. But these guys hardly ever return phone calls, so I have to try to find a way to get in touch with them soon. I am hoping to have the party the first week of September.

It is so frelling hot here. I effing hate it. Sorry to complain. I know you all have been hot, too. What the hell am I doing in the Southwest? I could be roasting my ass off with friends and family.

I love Italian sodas. Esp. Italian cream sodas.
Just thought I would share.
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