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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Can someone send me a link or post a link to the spoilers? Or can you email me who it is, GB?
( drive by) I have turquise ants, and alot of them

turquoise ants? what? that sounds like the most beautiful infestation. then again, silverfish SOUND lovely too.
I think they are ingesting turquise paint from the crawl space so when you wipe them up some of them get squished and they bleed turquise, it is kind of neat, too bad we have sooooo many of them, we have little teeny tiny brown ones too they also bleed turquise on occassion
Ha! Ants bleeding turquoise! How very Frida Kahlo! Do a painting that's turqoise wth bugs all over it!
Ooh wee!!

That IS a big baby. Ow. That reminds me of a dream I had where I was supposed to help a cow give birth, and before I could take out the calf I had to pull out a dead calf fetus first, which I'd been told to expect, but when I pulled it out of the way it was as big as a full grown cow! I flipped it around, hoping I didn't get blood on my purse, and reached for the live calf that had been stuck behind it.

Had that dream a couple days ago -- hope I didn't curse your friend's birth.

Boston is in the midst of a big heatwave, Monday night I went out with people from work -- Yeah! PK!! the "human contact not just with the boyfriend" thing is so important! Congratulations on "banana"! He sounds fun!

First I went out to a rooftop bar with my co-workers and then met some friends at a Vietnamese restaurant and then went to see Rocket From the Tombs! They are awesome. They were the Dead Boys (remember Stiv Bators in John Waters Polyester ?
Anyway, they're old but they live cleaned up and healthy lives and they really shred when they play -- much more intensity and sklill cuase they've spent a few sober decades practicing. Shows you that loving the music is what it's all about.

I got to talk to a hero of mine since my cool artist friend's sister is married to one of the guitar players. The singer's name is David Thomas and he is hilarious. Imagine Phillip K. Dick fronting a band. He's very tall and quite wide and very intelligent and at least a little crazy. When he was fronting Pere Ubu he looked like Jackie Gleason and sang songs about .... ants and the bombing of Tokyo and teenage angst. Very Eraserhead.

So, yesterday I was SLIGHTLY not VERY hungover and it was also a hundered degrees. Ouch. I am proud of myself cause when I went home I rested on the couch and then cooked a great dinner with brown rice, spicy tofu and fresh vegetables! That couch and our little house had our first GROUP of guests Monday and they left beer!! Hear hear!!

I think our new place will be the gathering spot before and maybe after going clubbing...

dream come true. Nothing crazy, mind you.
dirf- that is truly weird! Is your crawl space painted turquoise, or are they drinking some liquid paint you're storing in there?

Diva - I found the spoilers on the site, in the forums - there's a PR forum, then look in "General Gabbery" for the spoiler thread...there's also a speculation thread in the season 3 section. I can't seem to stop myself from looking!
well, since you will never find me in the crawl space.... it is actually liquid paint the previous owners stashed there, and I can tell that my bathroom, which is now a neutral cream color has a little turquise bleeding through. It makes me wonder how infested the crawl space is, which makes me itchy. we've tried to get rid of them with all kinds of home remedies and the kid friendly orkin plan which does squat. can't wait for winter!!!!!

but mini me thinks the green ants are funny

eta. wombat, I definitely think I will do a Frida-ish turquise ant painting!!!!!!!!
haircut results can be found here.

(didn't want to throw the forum off with a big ol' picture of me)

it's too hot for makeup and/or trying to look pretty, sorry.
wow, brett. you are stunning! your eyes and hair color are so perfectly complimentary! wow! the haircut is great too! whoohoo!
Mmmmmm.....Brett, you look *gorgeous!* Love the cut and color, and your skin is simply luminous!
phew, ok. read through the rest of the archives. i left work today at around 1 and met mrfj at our favorite restaurant with our BUDS from MISSOURI! YAY! they'd picked him up from the airport so i didn't have to go all the way there. they went back to her parent's hours then, but we'll see them tomorow night (going to the same place to eat again; it's local and it happens to be the buds fave place too, so they want to eat there as much as they can while here).

super hot welcome home HBI when we got back, which also (tmi?) caused mrg to finally arrive for reals. no more of this spotting bullshit. now i can move FORWARD with no wondering!

oh, and termite guy came and said NOPE it's just a carpenter ant. which, funnily enough, i'm ok with. too bad mine aren't turquoise!

ooooh, i didn't know i was keeping you in suspense with the couple #2 story. sometimes i feel like i say waaay too much in here. i don't want to be a boring BUSTie.

but since you asked:

went out with them for dinner on friday last weekend. they were there when we arrived, she in the ladies room. he was wearing this wide collared shirt that might have been ok if it wasn't three sizes too big for him. now, i'm all about someone being an individual and all that. but i just can't understand sometimes why people let their mates walk out of the house (for what's practically a date, no?) looking moronic. so anyway, moving on... dinner was ok, not too awkward. she's double charming for both of them so as long as she's around, everything is cool. after dinner, the fjs are yawning and say we probably won't make it to the dance club we'd originally planned to go to. they agreed that they were tired and suggested we go to their house for another drink and hang out on their patio. and she offered greenery and since we'd previously made it clear our interests were strcitly platonic, we said sure. so we get there and we're all hanging out chatting. he keeps disappearing but, whatever. then, while we're sitting there on her patio, she takes off her shirt. she'd been really flirty all night, but i don't have a problem with that. and normally, i am not concerned with people losing clothing because that doesn't necessarily MEAN sex is going to happen. but i don't feel comfortable with him and certainly don't want to give the vibe that things COULD get sexy, so i leave my tube top on. blah blah blah, we're still just sitting and chatting. they invite us to crash in their guest room since mrfj is sort of nodding off by this point, so we retire. alone.

i was feeling pretty good that they got the idea and we're going to be able to hang out with them as friends and nothing more. after all, after seeing them the weekend before, we'd TOLD HER that there simply wasn't the chemistry between he and i and it wasn't going to happen.

mrfj falls asleep and i'm somewhere between twilight sleep and wake when i hear, "you guys awake?". it seemed like a dream. i wasn't sure if someone had actually said anything, but i half-consciously turn over and see her NAKED figure framed in the light in the doorway.

"ummm, yeah, he's asleep. i guess i'm awake".

"oh, cause i was going to see if anyone wanted to come downstairs with me."

"for what?", i asked because i was still half asleep and thinking that SURELY she can't mean...

"i want to have sex with both of you. it's ok if you don't want to do it with *. i just want him to be there. "

oh cod, oh cod, oh cod...

now mrfj wakes up and she pounces on him and starts grinding on him and rubbing her hair all over his face and kissing on him. he's completely taken by surprise, i'm laying there wondering how to get out the front door without my jeans and she's just repeating how she wants one or both of us and that we don't have to do it with *. i say something like, "um, i am just not feeling sexual, i'm sorry i'm just not into this." mrfj says the same, trying to be gentle, yet firm enough for her to get the point.

and THEN, i see *'s figure in the doorway. he's not heard what was said. and he asks, "what side of the bed are you on, mrfj?" as if to say that HE was going to join ME on my side. i got up then and mrfj pushed her off of him.

she realized that her husband was there and made moves toward the door. i THINK she realized at that point that neither of us were into this. just because she is cool and mrfj MIGHT have been able to do something with her didn't mean it was going to happen. we just don't work that way. mrfj wasn't any more comfortable around the dude than i was; he surely wasn't going to have sex with the guy's wife for cod's sakes! that's not what the whole thing is about...

so, she extends one more invitation to join them downstairs and they leave the room. we lay there stunned in silence for a few minutes. i felt horrible for having rejected her, but at the same time was glad that i'd said what i did. i didn't want her thinking that it was only him that i wasn't into. she is part of the deal. we whispered back and forth, trying to decide if we should sneak out in the night or wait till morning and try to have a conversation about it. finally, we drifted back to sleep and i proceeded to have dreams about it all night long.

when morning came, we got dressed and went downstairs. i smelled coffee but didn't see anyone. we peeked in their bedroom and she was sleeping. we said goodbye to her from the doorway and she sleepily waved and said bye too. we walked outside and * was doing something in his truck. he sort of half-heartedly waved at us and said goodbye. and then we went home. we've not spoken to them since. i really think they're avoiding us and i can see why. i'd be mortified if it had happened the other way around.

but then again, i would never have thrown myself at anyone, especially after they'd made it clear that it wasn't going to happen. we decided that she must not have told him what we'd said about our lack of interest and was just hoping it would develop in time.

so, that's the wierdness that happened. it's made us realize that tes was right. even though we have been able to keep friends in the lifestyle that are seperate from sex, we're not going to put ourselves (or other couples) in that situation again. if it ain't there, we ain't friends. that's the only way we can prevent this from happening again.
wow Brett, I love the cut, you rock!!!!

FJ, I think I'm still confused........ are you swingers? sorry to be oblivious.
whoa, fj!! That is some crazy kinda night - and how horrifingly awkward!!! I think you guys handled it really well, for as strange and uncomfortable it must've been. You and mr fj are just all class navigating the sometimes challenging open relationship scene.

turboman is out visiting the new baby. *pouts* I know I'll stop by to see them tomorrow, but she'll be a whole day older by then!

At least I made myself some nummy veg sushi for dinner - avocado, sauteed portobello and cuke with dill and brown rice. so good.

2 hours to PR...just in case anyone was wondering. tongue.gif
whoah, fj. well, live and learn, yes? and as turbo said--CLASSY. very admirable behavior.

thanks for the PR heads-up turbo; i'll stay away from this thread after then until it airs here on the west coast. television timing is so weird. i remember my friend posted the winner of american idol on her lj before it even aired here, and being SO confused.....because it was supposedly LIVE, but had aired first on the east coast, and then three hours later on the west, but originally was FILMED on the west coast.....and then my head started to hurt.

i think a turquoise ant painting would be gorgeous. though that is pretty creepy. reminds me of something that might show up in a shyamalan film.
olka, yes, mrfj and i have an open marriage. the word swingers squicks us out, but i won't try to seperate the gnat shit from the pepper...

thanks turbo and mouse. it was definitely a learning experience.

ahhhH! 15 minutes till PR!!

*runs through thread clanging a saucepan with a wooden spoon*
aww, shucks.... you guys are so sweet! thank you!

(rubs toe in dirt shyly)

so my husband at the ripe old age of 27 insists on buying popsicles at the grocery store every time we go. which is fine' cause it's ungodly hot out. but he gets the ones that have the riddles printed on them, and i have to share the one he just told me.

q. what do you call bread made by bison?

a. buffa-loaf.

HA! rolleyes.gif
Hey all! Just got home...haven't read all, but I've read some.

brett, your hair looks great...girl, you're gorgeous! smile.gif

FJs....well, how terribly awkward. But if its any consolation, your story was a terrific read. wink.gif I'd like to see THAT in Penthouse Letters. Heh.

turquoise ants sound lovely! I wonder why bugs love paint so much? I always get bugs in my paint cans and stuck to the walls when I'm painting the apartment!!

Hi everyone! Hi turbo, poodle, diva, PK, wombat, karianne, marileen, mouse, olka, miz gb, moxie, 'soup, tyger, minx, tesao and anyone I'm missing....

Well, I was a bit bad today. I went to the garden centre and bought some new plants, 'cause I don't have any for the bedroom (which was making me sad), and also I needed something to fill a spot where a fern passed away (I don't know why I even bother trying to grow ferns in the desert). Anyway, then I decided I needed some plant hangers, and a plant stand, and I remembered I needed fertilizer and potting soil, and I also found some green glazed pots that were pretty cheap, and I couldn't resist buying a beautiful blown glass hangie-thingie for doodlemama to hang in her magnolia tree....

I'm craving candy for some reason, which I hardly ever do anymore. I bought a big bag of licorice allsorts....
Gads, how perfectly awful, FJ. You know, I've had bullshit happen like that and I am always aghast, like--what WERE you thinking? I remember this one time in particular with these two guys and a chica from Texas...they were trying to be studs of the fucking year and it was obvious that the girl was on massive overload, tired, and just needed to go back to her hotel room and process what had happened. Retards. I never hung with those two ever again after that. It really pisses me off when people in the scene can't read people to save their lives.

Minxlette was 9 lbs 14 ozs. She was fucking HUGE. After about 36 hours of labor and only 7 cm dilation, we called it. There was meconium in the waters and her heartbeat was getting erratic. I got sectioned. I would like to say with all confidence "NEVER AGAIN!!" but I don't know it a lovesick me will get talked into it someday by another lovesick somebody. My cutoff is 35. After that, I am getting a fucking ligation. No thank you. I ain't rolling into my 60's with children in the damned house. Most likely, no, but I leave room for Weird Acts of Possession.

Turquoise ants. Reminds me of that Camper Van Beethoven song "Turquoise Jewelry". Best harmonica ever.

BTW, Lurv came over to my maxipad tonight and we feasted on vegehoovian food delights, drank beer, and watched episode one of "Deadwood".


I am doing ART again and I am having dreams about it.

Tonight -- Ritz for dinnerr and drinks, company paid! Luckily I remembered and dressed up a wee.

AND this weekend they're paying for a boat to Provincetown including breakfast on the way out and lunch with wine and beer on the way back, Lunch being at 4pm or so. It's about a 3 hour trip each way.

I had just been thinking that I've done all the fun summer stuff I've ever dreamed of for a summer, except be out on the harbor!!

We used to camp on the harbor islands but they've now been beaten to poop by winter storms as well as, you know have to sign up and join an organization and pay some stupid fee, where they used to be free if you called for reservations. So boo on that.

Minx, FJ -- yeah, extreme bummer when someone DOESN'T GET THE MESSAGE. Of course it's cool to have friends that don't have sex but not if the whole approach was sex to begin with and you decided you didn't want it. I would say they are low on thw social-skill-o-meter.

Fun things of summer inventory:
--fireflies! Haven't seen em for years!
--a big cricket right outside our living room window!
-- ice cream with that "dip" that hardens! Hard to find in Boston!
-- Crane Beach
-- Herring Cove Beach
-- Swimming Pool
-- Revere Beach
-- Sand sculpture contest
-- Fireworks!!
-- Fourth of July in Provincetown! where there was ROCK! doesn't happen every year
and The Old Colony Tap where our grafitti is still there!

--Lots of SCALLOPS
--Fried clams and fries and best onion rings ever at the legendary KELLY'S ROAST BEEF revere.
-- My great new bathing suit, loss of weight, gain of muscle and stamina at the beach makes walking and climbing through the sand noticeably easier - yeah, here comes wonder woman!
-- cool Hatch shell rock show!
-- one big Arena show.
-- and camping at the family reunion to wake up to a RIOT of birds
-- the new apartment with AC!!

And now, finally, being on a boat on the harbor. It's a nice boat, a nice ride, beatiful, not too long or short, lots of whales off the coast of PTOWN because there is deep water and legendary fishing banks here in New England -- beer, wine, DJs, full daylight, congenial company, and the chance to run up and down in the little hippie dippie/gay clubbin'/families buying fudge and salt water taffy resort town and buy nice eastern-style silk and tasseled and whatever serapes to use as window treatments and beautiful little silk embroidered boxes for a dollar ... too freaking awesome.

Is this the best summer ever or what?
mornin' ya'll!

And a wet wet thunderstormy one it is here today!! Stupid me, I rode into work on my bike again this morning, in the lightning...didn't seem like it was raining *that* hard when I was walking the dog, but then when you speed up to 12-14mph...somehow, its raining much harder. tongue.gif But, I'm going up to the hospital after work today to see my friends and their new bebe, and its just SO much easier to ride my bike there, and head straight home, then taking the train.

wombat - you have indeed had a most fantastic summery summer!! Your weekend boat ride sounds fabulous too!

sigh...minxy, I have yet to find time to watch Deadwood this week...I *must* squeeze that in somewhere tonight...

Tomorrow evening, we're off for the beginning of the week from hell. We're driving a couple hours tomorrow night toward MI, and staying with a co-worker at her vacation home. Then early Saturday morning we've got to get up early and drive another 5 hours to make it to a noon wedding that I am loathing of those where you only know the groom (and will likely never see him again), which by principle I boycott, but turboman sent the RSVP in without checking with me. grrrr. Sunday morning, we're up early again, back on the road to get home by noon to pick up the 2 greyhounds we're watching for the next 2 weeks, and then my brother and SIL arrive for 2.5 days. We get Wednesday and Thursday to ourselves, and then Friday the real hell begins when the parental invasion of 2006 rolls into town. blink.gif

So, next week, I'm likely going to be in need of likker and my busties to keep me sane!!

Ok, I guess I should get to work here...sigh.
Goooood Morning!

Wombat, your night & weekend sounds like it is going to be lovely! I love your summer list too. At the beginning of summer I made a list of stuff I wanted to do,to really enjoy the summer. As an adult I feel like summer comes & goes without me paying much attention. No summer vacation really changes things! I've done some of the things on my list. Lately though, I must admit I am dreaming of fall. It's just too fucking hot. Miserable. Ick.

FJ, that night sounds horrendous! They really overstepped their bounds. Sounds like you and MR FJ handled it perfectly.

Aw, doodle, sometimes you just gotta do that. It sounds like you got some beautiful things.

Brett, I must agree with everyone else, you are gawgeous!

I need a haircut myself. I was planning on growing it out a bit, and I have, but I can't take it anymore. I feel like it's shapeless, it's too hot, and it takes me forever to blow dry. Fuck it. I have an appt in 2 weeks, gonna chop some off.

Hi mouse, olka, & minx!
Oh, Wombat, you're making me all nostalgic for New England... I've told Tartman that when we're ancient I'm packing up & moving to the NE coast. I want my last days to be spent rocking on my porch & looking out to sea...

Yipes, FJ, what a debacle. Boo hiss on folks not able to take a hint.

Hey howdy to the rest of you, and let's hear it for some farkin' RAIN. Turbo, I bet you had a spectacular view of all the lightning over the lake! Our house is still hot & funky, but at least the walk home today won't be an exercise in heat exhaustion.

Brett, you are indeed one hot number - I'm inspired to go & get a cut, myself. (yeah, I know, I've been saying that for what, 6 months now?)

Our network's down (again), so I'm sneaking in some Internet putzing... off to find some new shoes, as all mine have suddenly decided to fall apart.

(leaves out a brunch tray of fruit & gravlax & warm scones for ma ladies)
wow!! *Runs to hug TART!!!!*

I was just thinking about how I missed you around here! How is Bebe!!??

Wow turbo -- you are so brave for even riding a bike in the city, I can't tell you. Tough mama!!

Just watch out for lightning! One of my co-workers is having her mom for two weeks.
two weeks? erk!! Your week does sound busy, but look for the fun cuz it will be there!

karianne! my thoughts exactly. How many summers did I say, toughen up, trudge back and forth, be a grown up --no!! It's silly to waste summer.

Now I need to figure out what to do with fall vacay -- I should go back up to foliage land again. My parents and I used to drive into the mountains -- my dad's side of the family were farmers here for generations so he knew exactly when and where to go. I haven't been since I left home. Boy -- THAT will make me feel like a kid again! My parents used to hike and ski up there before they had kids. Both hiking and skiing were much shaggier ventures in those days. No expensive plastic items and chair lifts and the like.

When we were little their cape vacations were adapted to renting a cottage for a week, driving us to the beach at North Dennis -- West Dennis -- whatever -- driving to gift stores and hamburger shacks. Then in the fall, it was, go up for a weekend, hotel, foliage, Kangamangus highway, silly fake Indian gift shops, which I still adore, touristy but cool places like the Flume, caves, climbing towers where you can see four states! (!!)_ and taking the cog railway up Mount Washington.

eeek tart -- New England -- I think I would miss it if I moved, but I'm not sure about getting old here.
Whoa, hey, watch the boobies, Wombat - hug me too hard & you'll get a wet eyeful! *mwah* I grew up in PA, but went to college in NE, so I don't have the hometown-blues-potential that a native Downeaster might. My heart really belongs to Maine...

The wee man is fantastic - we turned around one day last month & suddenly realised we had a good baby. The screaming purple meanies are largely a thing of the past, only popping up after long tiring days in the carseat. He's Mr Grabbypants these days, and is finally getting old enough to enjoy cuddling - he used to just get peeved that my boobahs were right. there. but he wasn't getting fed. laugh.gif Seriously, I know everyone says it about their own spawn, but we really have the Best Baby Ever.

Except for Moxette, naturally. Who can compete with that little frilly hat?!
Well Tart, thanks! I'll let my mom know the busties approve of her hat choices! And just think of the GRANDCHILDREN we plan to have...when can get get those betrothal papers signed? smile.gif

It is DARK and RAINY here too...its lovely, i tell ya. I can't wait to see how it feels...time for lunch, ladies!
Hi Tart! Thanks for the fruit and scones! What is gravlax? Glad to hear your little man is so well mannered. How old is he?

It is bright and sunny here today.

g'morning ladies. i'm so tired this morning but i keep saying it "sooooo tie-tie" like cuteoverload in my head. and our office hot water pot never gets properly heated until around 11 so i can't even grab some g-ross instant coffee to revive me.....

yeah, wombat, i have to second tart, all i could think while reading your list was "WHY am i not still in boston!?" you sound like you're having the most lovely summer smile.gif

turbo, i used to try to ride my bike while holding an umbrella. i saw people doing it in europe and it looked so beautiful, but let me tell you--not really a good idea. i think european bicyclists are magic.

also jealous of all who get RAIN today. it's cloudy here, but i don't think it's supposed to rain until november or something.

reasons i miss the east coast: 1) RAIN 2) AUTUMN 3) refer to wombat's list tongue.gif

today i am very excited because my friend and i pitched in together on a buttonmaker (a real, sturdy, pro one that'll last) and it has arrived!!! so we are going to make buttons and ride bikes all evening.

hi moxie, karianne! it's kind of empty here this morning eh?
woot its thursday!!! which means friday is right around the corner...yay!

fj, i think you and mr. fj handled that very well. props to you both!

tart and moxie, you are both great mommas raising socially conscious bebes...woo!

brett, your hair looks fab and you skin is luminous, as someone already said. the color really makes your eyes pop! no makeup necessary!

hi minx, wombat, doodle, poodle, diva, kari!

i just found out one of my cousin's is getting hitched, which means plane trip! but that's not till october but mommagoof is all over it trying to plan arrangements and stuff. my only issue with this marriage is its the standard mormon package...they've only known each other for 5 months! and by the wedding date, it will be 8 months...bah. i know i have issues..this being one of them. end rant/

Well, Hey Hey, The Gang's All Here!!

Good to see you back in the fold, Tart. You've been missed. biggrin.gif

I had the WORST nightmares last night. Between residual pains from excessive moving strain, mentrual back issues, and trying to unload lots of emotional weight I had these very vivid dreams about the ex and how much he fucked around on me. Now, I don't know if it holds any water...probably just "worst case scenario" bullshit, but YIKES! I woke up nearly in tears. I'm doing fine, but I had to do something about it immediately and my first idea was to call my massage therapist that I haven't seen in nearly two years. Unfortunately, the last time I TOTALLY glitched the appointment and didn't call her after I realized what I had done because I was completely ashamed. That was back when my anxiety and panic attacks were so bad that my memory was shot all to hell and I couldn't bear any confrontation.

Anyhoo, she immediately reminded me of my faux pas, and I told her that I would anty up for the fuck-up if she would please take me in for a walk-in. She said yes!! So, I am venturing to Nordeast this afternoon for some damage repair. She's really cool. She used to be my supervisor at a co-op I used to volunteer at in Saint Paul. I am feeling pretty tail-inbetween-my-legs currently, but I am so grateful. My back and neck are killing me. blink.gif

Anyhoo, I have been talking to someone I met online last year before I met the last ex. He sounds interesting. Of course, me and Lurv have intersected this guy (kinda like the lawyer, except a little less kinky and not as high up on the shithead radar). I am having some second thoughts, but who the hell knows. He asked me out after I totally blew him off last year. A date might be fun.

I told him that I won't put out on the first date. Bwa-hahahaha!
i don't put out on the first date either, minx. *cough cough bullshit cough*

sorry about your nightmares. but good for you for calling the MT. you know, maybe it'll be good to get back on good terms with her. you've probably been carrying around guilt for that too, and who needs all that baggage!? BLA. oh, and i meant to give you props for burning that box o' horrors. it's so good to purge those old mementos.

ahhh, today feels like friday because tomorrow i am FREEEEEEEE! going home tonight to meet BFFs and then heading to the fave restaurant to sit outside and munch on some yummy grub. (it'll be after 7p at least by the time we get there, so the heat will have subsided; besides it's ONLY going to get to 93 today!)

after that, PARTY time! i'm gonna get my drink on and smoke the crazy skinny j that i've been saving for two weeks. it's probably crusty brown by now. but it'll do me on this crampy poopy mrg day fer sure!

then tomorrow, we're going to the beach. still working on mrfj to see if he'll take off with us. he feels guilty and has become all responsible and doesn't want to take off work after being out all week. but HELLO, he was WORKING since sunday. just because he was out of town doesn't mean he wasn't pulling his weight! i know how he feels though. he's not having his best sales month ever. but still, one day can't hurt much. plus his boss is out of town. and our BFFs are only here until saturday! (you can see i have my arguments from every angle, right? hehe!)

BUT the party has not started yet. nope. i have a MEETING at 4pm today with my manager and the process dude. i got back an audit a couple days ago that was less than glowing. it's nothing new; they know the issues i have with documenting references (it's hard to get references for many of the people i place because they've worked in fly-by-night mom and pops or actually WORKED FOR mom and pop. most of my colleagues just LIE and document them, but i take issue with that). anyway, it's likely that i'll get some flack about that today but also likely that it won't even be brought up. if it is, i'll just tell her "yes ma'am, i'll keep trying" and hope that will suffice.

how many more times can i tell her that i'm BURNED OUT? huh.gif

Good afternoon chickadees!!!

I was MIA yesterday because I stayed home and slept. The mean red grandma decided to stop by in the middle of the night with a gift basket of awful cramps and back pain. I took a vicodin, which put me into a coma until 5:00 last night.

(((minx))) Sorry 'bout your nightmares. Heh...I had a dream last night that diva found out she was pregnant even though she had been on the pill.

"Weird Acts of Possession" That's pretty much what I tell people when they ask me if I want children. It would be a momentary lapse in judgement if I ever decided to have a kid. Funny story--my friend went into have a ligation, and they rejected her as a "candidate" for the surgery, even though she was 30, divorced, and had 3 kids already. They actually told her that she was still relatively young and that she may want to have more children if she decided to remarry. They told her to go home and think about it for a while. It took a long time and lots of bullshit before she was able to have it done.

Mmmm...I'm eating fresh organic blueberries right now.
Aw geez, you guys... wub.gif A girl pops her head up and y'all get mushy on me...

Gravlax, my darling Karianne, is a raw filet of salmon, packed in salt, sugar & herbs & cured for a few days in the fridge. It's like smoked salmon or lox, but much, much tastier...

Poor tie-tie Mousey... is there a dangling paw in the house?

"'""'''""'rainy vibes""''"'''"'
(((happy back and neck vibes for minx)))

((good audit feedback vibes for fj)))

tart, we've meeced you. and besides, you rock.

i got a facial in class yesterday and i think my sensitive irish skin is rebelling on me.(no pun intended)
my cheeks are pink, warm, and feel like they have been pinched by a visiting auntie. maybe she was a bit too rough on me. sad.gif

GAAHH they are installing a new air conditioner in my office (yeah, great! do it now, AFTER the 100+ degree heat wave!) and it is making the loudest racket ever.....banging on the wall and sawing and shaking the room.......augh.
Hi, peeps!

Just a quickie, but I did read most of the archives.

Wow, FJs, I don't think I would have had the balls to sleep there after what those people did. How embarassing for them!

Have fun on your date, Minx!

You're gorgeous, Brett!

Hi, Poodle! Wanna go to the Uptown Art Fair tomorrow or Saturday? I can't go on Sunday, what with the reunion and all.

Turquoise ants = gross.

Hi, Turbo! You'll get to see the new little one soon.

Hi, Moxie, Mouse, Karianne, GB, Tart, and anyone else I missed!

I had my meeting with the union guy, and if all goes according to plan, I'll be working there the week after next. Yay! I'll be recruiting volunteers (people in unions other than AFSCME), organizing events, and doing all sorts of lovely stuff I'd normally volunteer for, except get paid exactly what I make now. Yay! This will be such a refreshing break from everything.

I can't wait until this weekend. Art fairs, Sam and other little kids I'm related to, and maybe grilling outside since my landlords are gone (one in the Boundary Waters, the other in Korea) and we'll have free reign over the backyard. It's going to be a perfectly busy weekend doing fun things.
i just had to do one of the hardest terminations i've ever done.

the guy is great at his job, here every day except two for five month and was ready to go permanent with my client. but then when he went to do the pre-emp physical, his doc said that he had a pre-existing back issue and that he can't lift more than 20lbs. his job requires at least 50lbs, which he has been doing all this time! but because it says that on the job description, they won't let him work here and i can't let him either because it throws the liability on ME. i told him he can work through this weekend but can't come back next week. i feel really bad for him because he has a pregnant girlfriend and just moved into a new place and has been trying to catch up on bills. but i just can't let him.

poop. but i did call one of my colleagues at another office and she might have something that pays a little more and is less strain on him, so it might work out in the end. if only she'll make it happen. she's not exactly the trustworthy type in these situations.

ahhh. i'm ready for this day to be done. only an hour and a half till meeting time with the boss and then i. am. out. the. door!


msgb, i used a clay mask the other day and i wound up with peeling skin on my face. i guess it's not meant for dry skin like mine. i thought clay was supposed to be good for all skin types. eh.

wow diva, that sounds like a great weekend!
wow diva...that sounds like a great weekend! have a blast!

fj, clay masks are good for sensitive skin. i prefer the burts bee's one...its smells divine! and its gentle.

i think we just way over stimulated my skin yesterday. dunno...i'll know more tomorrow

mommagoof is meddling again. 17 more months to go unless i hurry up and find a great job fast! ugh.

fj, that sucks about the limitations for that guy, especially when he needs the work.
gb got a facial. in class. kinky.
thats funny, mr. fj. that's exactly what said when i told him. biggrin.gif
fj - my favorite clay mask is the "aztec secret healing clay mask" - it comes in a tub, and I can get it at whole foods and most other natural healing stores - you just get a tub of the clay powder and mix it with liquid yourself - best stuff I've ever found. I mix it with cider vinegar, 'cause my skin can take it, but for you, I'd mix it just with water, maybe even a little yogurt in there just for fun. good stuff. Best of all, its cheap, cheap cheap. One $8 tub lasts me about a year, using it at least once a week.

fj, that bites, that you had to let that guy go, after being a model employee. I sure hope the other recruiter can find a good job for him.

yep, 2 hours until I get to see the wee little babe! Ok, well, not so little...she's a good deal bigger than many of the newborns in our nursery down the hall from my office. tongue.gif
That sucks, FJ. That musta been hard.

Sure, diva, I'm interested in going to the fair on Sat. if it's not too hot. I don't want to do it tomorrow night, though, because I'm lazy on Fridays.

I ran over to Target on my lunch break to buy some lady supplies, and I picked up a copy of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition 2. I looked at the questions, and DAMN! They're pretty difficult! I need to force myself to stop reading them.

This day is dragging on.
Ha ha!
Pink Poodle is finding Trivial Pursuit is not so trivial.

That reminds me of the "For Dummies" books.

Often I think, "actually, this is going a little too fast for me."

Um on a side note -- they have "Sex for Dummies"

I thought it was a parody , but --- it's not ...!!!

Gravlax sounds yummy in the description tart, the name is a little scary!
yeah! the gang is all here! I like days like that.

I am coming in here to say.....we made an offer on a house!! I can't believe it, I was not expecting to find a thing today. Wowzers. So excited! And nervous!

FJ, I am super jealous of your day tomorrow! The beach would be sweet.

(minx) sorry to hear about your bad dreams. I think a massage might be the perfect thing. aaaahhhhh....

msgb, my skin is really sensitive to. My sister gave me a facial once and it really hurt. She used citrus juice and it really burned.

Diva! that is exciting news!! you might be switching jobs? WOW!

FJ, that sucks, that you had to terminate that guy. That is very sad. I hope your colleague comes through for him.
Yay for the kariannes!!! ~*~*~*~offer acceptance vibes~*~*~*~

Hi wombat!

I totally forgot to congratulate you on your union job, diva! I'm sure you'll be a great recruiter.

Yes. I'm finding that my knowledge of recent pop culture (post-2000) is severely lacking. I don't know shit about 50 Cent or Lil' Jon. I suppose that's not a bad thing.
yay kari!! tell us about it!

((house offer acceptance vibes))

i am a goofball for sure. Congrats diva on your union gig away from asshat boss!!!

i am currently coordinating a comfort food festival with some can chicken and garlic hummus with pita chips...hotwings....crab toasties, fudgy cakemix cookies and possibly a calzone!

i am drooling with anticipation. ack. time for class...bye!!!
This feels like a good things Thursday!!

YAY for kari and mr k!!! WOOT!! ~*~*~*~May your first offer be accepted and a perfect inspection~*~*~*~

And YAY for Diva getting away from asshat mcbossy for awhile!

And ms gb, I am drooling over your comfort food fest....

And me, I'm going to visit the new baby now - see ya!!
One of the pluses of my job is that I actually DO know shit about 50 Cent and Lil' Jon. tongue.gif I could beat your sweet ASS at Trivial Pursuit if them be the questions, yo.

The massage was killer. I paid her for the session, for the one I missed, and threw in for an additional as a mega-tip because of my fuck-up. She is such a cool person, and I hate to think that I messed with someone's private business because I was locked up in dumbass land at the time. She did connective tissue massage, and it was truely something spectacular. Neat-o energy work. Totally worth the cosmic foot up my ass, and I was grateful that she accepted my apology.

Diva--are you doing the Uptown Art Fair? Did I read that incorrectly?

I am sooo MRG right now.

FJ, sorry that you had to be the bearer of bad news. If I had to get fired, I would want to be fired by someone bitchin' like you. biggrin.gif
yay! for karianne!!

what are crab toasties, ms gb? they sound mysteriously delicious. i had fish tacos for lunch. (commence snickering.....NOW)
I should really use masks more on my face, but I don't want to come out of the bathroom at all during the whole process, so it's usually a thing done only when I've got awhile home alone. I've probably got 5 different ones in tubes, but I've barely used any of them.

********** house vibes for the Kariannes *********** I hope your offer gets accepted and you guys can have your own place.

Poodle, don't go memorizing all the answers before we get to play! And that dream you had better not jinx me! I'm going to come after you if it does.

That comfort food fest sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to a turtle concrete malt from Culver's and a bacon cheeseburger. But I've been really good today, so I can afford it.

FJ, that really sucks about that guy. I hope your coworker sees how important it is to this guy to find another job. It seems like no good deed goes unpunished, huh?

I stabbed myself in the back of my mouth with a straw at the coffee place. Stupid me. Now I have a piece of hanging skin that feels all weird, but there's nothing I can do about it without making it much worse. Who stabs themself with a straw?

ETA: Minx, I'm attending the Uptown Art Fair, not having a booth. It's a juried event and I don't think there's any way they'd let me in, plus it's probably really expensive to display there. Plus, I really enjoy just going and looking and hanging out.
Heh...I've been trying really hard not to look at the answers. I don't want to ruin it for myself either. I need to put this game away before I become totally obsessed.

Alright peeps! I'm outta here! I plan on spending the evening drinking beer and manually updating Poodlepod after having to erase everything. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to further organize my music collection.

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