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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey babes!

I've been working hard all morning, so I think I deserve a little play time now.

Wow, diva! I can't wait to hear what happens to your boss! NAACP, eh? On what premise(s)?

~*~*~*~birthing vibes for turbo's friend~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~interview vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~

Ugh...I was eating some sesame sticks that the meddler brought in and now I feel sick. I always eat too many of them.

I don't really have anything interesting to share today.

Ooh! One more good thing: My Panera cookie was larger than usual

Did you interview for both jobs, catsoup?
I ended up applying only for one of the two jobs. I read the position descriptions repeatedly and decided that one involved too many tasks I wasn't interested in (more administrative tasks rather than direct service).
Hi all.....this is sort of a drive-by. I'm finding it really hard to be on the computer today. They just cut the grass and now my allergic eyes are going all fuzzy-weird. (I thought moxie's post said "sugary" too, and thought it was my eyes, LOL!) I think I'm gonna stop and go do something that doesn't require me to read a computer screen for awhile! Bah.
(((turbo's friend))))

(((catsoups job vibes)))

mmm watermelon...yeah it looks the same outside...but no dark seeds inside...and lovely yellow flesh. as bright as a post-it note.

my sis just gave me a bag of yarn she's never gonna i gotta figure out what to do with it.

can i get some vibes for my friend nat...she needs 'em bad...i can't go into details right now but anything would be helpful. thanks!
Doodle! When isn't it "sort of a drive-by"? wink.gif

~*~*~*~vibes for nat~*~*~*~
((**~~Vibes for Nat~~**))

So guess who's the moron who left her lights on, thus draining her battery, thus forcing her to cancel her only chance at a hair cut for the next two weeks? Oh yes, that would be me. I'm the brilliant person who left my car lights on. Damnit. My new car doesn't ding when you leave the lights on so I don't have a reminder to turn them off. I'm just suprised this is the first time this has happened. Fuck. Now I have to go to the wedding with my hair all dumb looking.

Is there anything good on tv tonight? I wish it was Project Runway night!
*************** fly by for REALIO TRULIO!!!**********************

i am in the middle of the FIRST week from hell. monday was BAD. today was WORSE. i wasn't sure if i wanted to scream or strangle people or cry or all of the above.

i just got home from work. that is ... um *counts* 8:00 tp 23:00 ... is that 14 hours? that wouldn't be so BAD if it hadn't all been so BAD, if you understand that.

right. meems (mimi the african attack cat) is tenderly biting my big toe and that, boys and girls, means that it is time for tes to go to bed.

i have to be in by 7:30 tomorrow. and then who knows? next week is going to be even worse. i can feel it.

MWAH to all and

all purpose vibeage and love and sorry i'm not staying to do it all individually.
Poodle, I'm not exactly sure why she called the NAACP. There are plenty of other black people who work in our office, and it's not like my boss is targeting all of them, or really any of them besides her (there are 2 other women he supervises that are black). Maybe it's for the free/cheap legal representation? Either way, I hope asshole boss has a shitstorm to deal with.

*******Job vibes for Catsoup******* and that sucks about your car. Annoying as they are, I love the "you've got your lights on, dumbass" dinger thingy.

((((((((Turbo's friend)))))))))


Another Good Thing for today: I have a lunch meeting with the union guy tomorrow. Yay! And there was something else, but I forgot.

Hi, Tes! Get some sleep, girl!

Yellow watermelon sounds like fun.
(((catsoup))) I'm sorry about your car. That sucks so bad.

Damn, tes, that's a long ass shift! Are you gonna arrive/leave early tomorrow? I've only done shifts like that a few times and they suck. My co-workers stayed until 4:00 AM last Thursday to get a report out the next day. It's almost always because someone changes their mind about this or that and then calls at the last minute. We also have too much work and not enough people. I wish my boss would quit taking jobs. We're so screwed, it's not even funny. Actually, it is funny, because there's no way in hell that we can do all of this stuff and, ultimately, it's not my problem.

Well, even if nothing happens with your boss, diva, hopefully he'll shut up and back off a little after all of this. I hope he at least has to talk to his boss about it. If most of your office hates the guy, then I'm sure the higher-ups will take you guys seriously.

Work sucks. I want to be a professional karaoke singer.
(((((tes))))) i am sending you happy thoughts wrapped up in sparkly pink boa of fabulousness
yeesh, i'm so bad at remembering who needs what. forgive me, pretty please? i always mental hug and vibe while reading, i swear.

i watched the machinist last night with assorted people chez the boy. he's moving out tomorrow, it's going to be weird to not be able to hang out alone with him so easy. he got himself a girl-thinger while i was out of town, too. or maybe she was just a hickey-giving machine, i don't know. i asked him if he fell and hit his neck on someone's face and called him tacky. it's funny, last year when my exbff told me she liked him it was this meltdown of possesiveness and shit hitting fans, and this doesn't phase me at all. i think i'm just much better at having weirdo relationships that don't fit into any sort of box, and discovered the boy makes a great movie watching hand holding snuggle hug platonic friend. i think the world would be happier if everyone had more of those.

awww, catsoup, that sucks about the car/hair stuff. especially the hair thing. i'm sure you look faboo regardless, though.

good things tuesday:
sports bra that fits and is comfy. also, apparently i was one of the bajillion people wearing the wrong sized bra, and now i don't. well, i still do, but i know which size to buy in the future
wicked-awesome storm of thunder, pouring rain, and hail. i put my ipod really loud and stood on my front stoop for the most intense part of it while listening to broken social scene.
even though i had insomnia and slept all of dickall (okay, maybe 2 hours) last night, i'm not sleepy or bitchy.

dammit, my computer has low disk space again. i'm gonna need to buy an external hard drive for this baby.

so, after next time i donate blood i am totally getting a tattoo. i swear this time, really. the big backpiece is going to wait, but i'm going to get album art from a broken social scene cd (it says 'we hate your hate' in block letters with a bit of colour in the background) on my inner forearm maybe two thirds up. i was going to get it on the back of my neck, but i'd have to get it rather small so that it would sit entirely above tshirt necklines, because i don't want it to end up partially obscured so it only says 'we hate' or something like that.

luna and lowred, where are you? come back and play, the lounge is new and shiny!
i wanna be a professional karaoke singer TOO! let's do it, poodle! just travel around and join karaoke contests to make our money.

turbo, have you heard anything on your friend yet? ~~~~~~happy healthy birthing vibes~~~~~~~

**~~**no more problem vibes for nat**~~**

diva, i really hope you're able to get that jerk fired. no one should have to hate coming to work because they work for a tyrant. work shouldn't be hell.

and tes! babe, i hope you're sleeping soundly right now. i hate that you're having a bad week. maybe it'll get better, not worse!

catsoup, sorry about your car. i bet your hair still looks beeeyouteefull! but i know how it is when you want to get your hair cut and can't. especially when it's reached that point of hating it.

yellow watermelon? who knew???? wow!

i have a wierd little thing on my left nipple. i noticed it yesterday. looks sort of like a brown mole and i don't remember if it was there before. but it's been ITCHING since yesterday. i mean to the point that i had to go to the bathroom and put my hand in my bra to scratch it. and then of course i started getting worried. i'm going to watch it for a couple days and might go to the doc if it doesn't stop itching. this is when i realize how good it was that i've got naked pics lying around - i can check my nipple to see if i've always had the mole there. rolleyes.gif

hi everyone else i might have missed.

*blows kisses*
Diva - I wish your boss would get fired, but if he doesn't, maybe he will at least have his life be hell for a while. Stupid asshole. I'm glad you're writing a letter to his bosses. Maybe he will get a shitty review.

(((moxette's little gums)))

I remember when Heikki was teething. He got diarrhea and red cheeks, but he was pretty good at self-soothing. I swear he was the easiest baby ever. He slept through the night right when I got him home, when he was two weeks old. And he was so content all day long.

I'm glad to hear that her grandparents are eager to sooth her, too. That's really sweet. Little people thrive with lots of snuggles.

catsoup - sorry about your car battery. That sucks. I've done that before. I hate it.

tesao-y wowie, get some rest, woman! I know how it is to work 14-16 hour shifts and have to go back and start over again the next morning. Draining.

Last night went great at the lounge. I didn't make very much money, but I had a good time and met some really nice people. At least I can put some gas in my car.

I found a lizard in my laundry basket yesterday. Mr. PK called me Dr. Dolittle.

Banana finally had to get a job because his guitar playing wasn't getting him enough cash. I miss him. Today the poor guy worked at 5:00 AM, taught guiar lessons after that, and is taking a nap before he plays at a resort this evening. Then he's going to bed. I wonder when I will see him again.

I might go out tonight with a girl from work, or else with some people from the lounge. I hate calling it the lounge. It sounds weird. I'll just call it the bar. Two people asked me to hang out tonight. Yay! I've been feeling like a weirdo lately because if it wasn't for Banana, I would have absolutely no human contact outside of work.

I don't have to work until noon tomorrow, so I can handle going out for a couple drinks.

*~*~*~vibes for Nat~*~*~*~

And *~*~*~come out of there, baby, your mommy wants to snuggle you!~*~*~*
Har har, poods...many of my postings are drive-bys, but I've been catching up on the reading, so I know all about your little underwear exploits, and I'm also wondering what happened to kicking the resident boy out by the end of July? So there! smile.gif

I also want to be a pro karaoke singer! Let me in! I do fab harmony!

~*~*~*~birthing vibes for turbo's friend~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~interview vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~general vibes for gb's friend nat~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~vibes for everyone else who needs 'em~*~*~*~

I'm sorry about your car, 'soup. I know da feelin'.

Had another talk with my board chair this aft. about the future of the Centre....she also goes into those "stop-blaming-yourself" lectures like you all do! Maybe I need to listen more.
doodle, you *do* need to stop blaming yourself!! You have opened several veins for the centre, and let them have all of you, until there is no more to give, and you collapse in exhaustion....that pattern needs to be over - you hear me missy?! *thwaps the leather paddle against doodle's bum in the most loving way*


Haven't heard a word from my friend Shelley - induction can take a long time...just ask moxie. smile.gif I'm sure we'll get an email the instant this babe is in the world - daddy is an IT nerd, as is Shel's brother, and there will be at least one laptop in the room.

PK - you must tell us more about this Banana business....he just arrived in your life one day, and we're all still in the dark about banana-happenings - do tell!!
Well, here's the banana story:

About a month ago, I told you guys that I had a date with a Colombian classical guitar player. I was at work one day and a guy was playing the guitar in the lounge. I offered him a drink and we just started talking and he asked for my number. I didn't think much of it, but he called me a few days later and we went to the teahouse for dinner.

After that we decided to see a movie together. The movie didn't start for a few hours so we went to a bar for a drink and just talked. We were having a great time, so we didn't go to the movie - we just stayed at the bar, then made out in the car and he took me home.

He called me the next day, and we went to this "New Orleans" type of restaurant with live jazz.

The next day we went out, and the next and the next. It was great. I really really like him. So I guess he is my boyfriend now. He introduces me to his friends as his girlfriend, and we're together pretty much every day, so I guess that's it then.

Banana is so cute. He's shorter than me, but neither one of us cares. Yay! I love feeling in love.

And I have to say he gives the very best HBI. Yayayayayay!
Ooh! Spankies! *squeals with excitement*
doodle needs (((((((((hugs!))))))))) you really should try not to blame yourself, hon. i know it's hard, but it helps, i swear.
oooh, i forgot another good thing: i don't work for the next two days. which means days off AND, more importantly, i can wear nailpolish. so now my fingernails are once again black like my soul.

you know, i'm not sure why we all threaten to spank each other in here. i mean, as far as i can tell nobody really finds it to be a deterrent tongue.gif
That assessment, my dearest Tyger, would be completely accurate.

*bends over and offers the best of two to whomever*
hmmm....good point tyg! Maybe the spankies are more of an encouragement to get on the right track? I dunno, but I do know that spankings are a good time! tongue.gif

*gives minxy a sweet swat or two*

PK - Banana man sounds absolutely sweet and wonderful! I'm so glad you've found each other and are having fun....and good HBIs!

Turboman is watching The Stand - the Stephen King Movie....I think I need to go in the other room.
It's true, spankies aren't really a deterrent in this thread...or really anywhere in the Lounge! Which makes me think about all that old school tripe I used to read about how anti-feminist BDSM is....heh.

Banana sounds terrific, PK! Good luck!

Oof. I just ate not one, but TWO Bounty chocolate bars. And even though I loves me some chocolate-covered coconut, now I feel sick. I think I'm going to go dig up the Sin Bin and post my crime....
"i asked him if he fell and hit his neck on someone's face" Hahahahaha!!

Banana--that's a cute name. You always have the most interesting boy stories, PK.

Doodle, by "end of the month," I meant by September. If he comes back tonight, I'm gonna have to bug him about looking for a place again. I don't want him to put it off.

I need some vibes for Poodlepod. She's confused again. I downloaded new software, and that means that the library on my ipod needs to be completely updated. The problem is that Poodlepod can't handle that much change in one night. Grrrr...
you know, i'm sure this goes in a different thread. but i'm awfully confused about the american apparel ads everyone is up in arms about vs. bdsm not being anti-feminist. and honestly, most of the time i'd much rather be taken control of than take control in bed, but seeing them i still get squicked. why?
poodle, could you put it on manual update and then refill the poodlepod in manageable chunks?

i'm watching house right now. i would seriously dumb anyone/anything for hugh laurie. even when he has his american accent on, even though i have a weirdo thing for british men older than my parents.

i love the mac vs pc commercials. 'i can do fun things like pie charts!'. heh. maybe i should move out for a few months, get approved for a student loan, and get me an apple laptop of some kind.

grrrr, cougarlion is still on vacation. i need a girly makeup/drool over boys/coffee session.

heh, i just remembered, last night among the people chez le boy was whiny (so named because he is whiny). whiny gets uncomfortable when we talk about sex and stuff. so we spent a few minutes on 'why boobs are awesome', discussed anal sex, the boy randomly took off his pants, and then everyone voted that it would make whiny even more uncomfortable if i were to take off my shirt. so i said if anyone felt like disrobing me i wouldn't stop them. nobody did, but whiny turned funny colours and kept hiding his face behind his hands. poor guy. i honestly don't know why he hangs out with us (okay, i do, he's gm-ing for dungeons and dragons. doesn't quite explain why he's around even sans d&d, though)
Ha! How could someone get uncomfortable talking about how great boobs are?! Who doesn't like boobs? Even gay guys think boobs are cool. Boobs all around!!

I'm not sure what you're talking about, mouse. What's vs. bdsm?

Yeah, tyg, I'm sorta doing the manual thing. It's a wee bit more complicated and time consuming than that, because of some error messages, software updates, blah, blah, blah. I'm just copying the files to iTunes from scratch and then updating the pod fifty or so songs at a time. It's working fine now. It's just taking me a while to copy everything because I had to restore it.
oh, pood, versus. sorry. it belongs in another thread.
So, I think moxette is on the upswing. She was her usual giggly self last evening, although a little more attention needy than in the past (that, i don't mind at all! Play more!). She woke up at 2am (long before tylenol would have worn off...and only 1.5 hour after eating...), so I had a distinct feeling that she was just testing us. I cuddled her for 3 minutes, put her down, set the timer (so I'd know when to check on her again). She WAILED, but was wayyyyyy out sleeping before the timer (5 mins) went off. I had to wake her at 6:30 to eat. Sleep etiquitte. It works. Now, we'll see how many more nights we have to "work." Thanks everyone for toothie vibes!


"old school tripe I used to read about how anti-feminist BDSM is....heh. "

Right on! Moxieman and i just were talking about how I feel like if I GIVE him that power, its actually very freeing for me. Does that make sense? Sort of the HBI version of "Power of Two", right?

PK- a yummy fruit boyfriend! Sweet! I loved those early courtship, LONG, latenight talks and HBIs.

G'mornin ya'll!!!

Moxie - I'm glad moxette snapped back into line last night, and let you and moxieman get some rest! friend had her baby this morning at 5:18am!! A baby girl, 9lb and a buncha ounces...I've no other details to report really, since turboman talked to Shel's brother, and you know how men are, no details at all!! I may run up there and visit tomorrow on my lunch hour - the hospital is only 4 blocks from my work. So that's good news!
Phew! Good for her and the BIG baby!

So, I just had the most interesting, odd, conversation. At my workout club, there's a breakfast restaurant. At this restaurant, there is a "mixer" table where people who are alone tend to congregate and bullshit, etc. I sat there this AM for brekkie. Me and a bunch of middle-aged white guys (who i'd like to learn business stuff from...). Anyway, the conversation somehow turned to the HPV vaccine. The gentleman who brought it up was confused as to the controversy over "moral" issues, but was having a hard time coming up with specifics about the vaccine. So, I proceeded to educate a table full of wealthy, middle aged white guys about cervical cancer, HPV and why its so important to vaccinate young girls. And I even kept it totally a-political. I was tres impressed with myself!

I'm convinced that progressives, such as myself, can bring senses to the mass conservatives (well, at least those who aren't nutters and just like their dough) by discussing "our" topics in common sense, simple "duh" language that isn't even remotely political discourse. I helped my side this morning (insert wicked chuckle)...
We need more "mixer" tables like that in the world, moxie. Maude knows there's probably a mass of people just at your club that could use some educating - keep at it!! Yeah, the HPV vaccine seems a no brainer, but my parents don't get it either...and my grandma died of cervical cancer...they just buy into the idea that it gives women the incentive to have sex...ummmm, doesn't really work like that. My parents are the people they designed the right wing machine for - don't think, just believe what you're told. Which is why I'm already starting to dread their visit next weekend. dry.gif

Big Congrats to Moxie for 1) Moxette sleeping better and feeling better and 2) for talking about the HPV vaccine and setting some people straight about its importance. You win the Most Productive Morning award today I think.

And Congrats to Jenn's friend for having a baby! Yippee! A baby!

Tyg, it's great to see you back in the thread. You always liven up the joint. The joy of youth. smile.gif Just kidding. I promise to not be an ageist asshole.

Thank goddess it's Hump Day. I'm hoping for a HBI tonight. If I can just make it through today. Oh and it's Project Runway night! Woohoo.
good morning wayward hotties!

oh, moxie, that is wonderful! good for you for helping to educate. i fully agree with you: take the politics out of it and just try to get the life/death information out there and maybe they'll understand. this isn't about SEX. this is about saving women's lives.

speaking of, i'm making an appointment this morning for a dermatologist. i kept myself awake last night scratching this stupid mole on my nipple. it's sort of red around it and it just doesn't look right. i'm getting a little worried. but now the stupid doctor's office isn't calling me back. i think i'll call them again if i don't get a respnse by noon. i'd like to make the appointment for friday since i'll already have the day off.

mrfj gets home tonight, yay! only he doesn't have a key to get in, so DARN, i'm going to have to take off and go meet him and let him in the house.

yay for turbo's friend. wow, what a big baby!!!! ohmy.gif

Good Morning, Okayers!

I read the current page, but no archives. Everyone seems to be doing well.

Hi PK! Glad you have a man friend you are enjoying. Nice!

((moxette)) teething must hurt. Moxie, good for you on telling those dudes what is up with HPV. I forget that everyone is not familiar with stuff like that.

Hi poodle, tyger, mouse, & catsoup!

Things with me are fair to good. Lots of work to be done, which I welcome. Beats being bored. House search continues. No front runner or even second place runner yet. So it goes. One very good thing:PR is on tonight!!
fj, that really is a bummer that you'll have to leave early to go meet mr is hard like that sometimes, eh? tongue.gif

And I'm with kari and catsoup - I'm counting the hours until PR is on!! Its really sad, but that was nearly the first thing that popped into my head this morning!
oh, wow, yes! i had nearly forgotten about PR! i can't wait to see who gets the boot for CHEATING!

karianne, patience, my dear. i have no doubt you'll find the perfect place. we saw a load of hell holes the first few weeks of looking.
oh yes, FJ, Darn it! I hate leaving work early! Thanks for your house search encouragement. I know everyone has to look at lots of stuff they don't like before they find something they do like.

Good call on making the derm appt. Is it red b/c you've been scratching it? I was really paranoid about a spot I'd gotten on my nip once, but my dr told me I'd just gotten a new freckle. Best to get it checked out though.
karianne, i found after the first few rounds of looking, our realtor learned more about what we were looking for and was able to narrow our focus. you'll have better luck soon, i'm sure! smile.gif

and yeah, i'm not sure if it's red because of the scratching or what's going on. funnily, it stopped itching this morning. but i'm still waiting for the doc to call me back. i'd rather go ahead and find out if there is something wrong.
how is it august already?? really???

yay for babies! and moxie, that's AWESOME about the mixer/HPV educating. honestly i think people just need to be well-informed. unfortunately, that's not happening. i grew up in a tiny rural area that was largely conservative, (close enough to the city and full of enough quakers to have pockets of liberal, though) and my highschool health teacher didn't ever teach us much about sex beyond "gay is what happens when men are in jail or in the army and don't have any other choice".

and yeah, i'm excited for project runway. last week i had friend visiting and the weeks before i was kind of oblivious, but tonite i'm going to my cable-endowed friends' house to watch.

fj, you poor thing tongue.gif also, what was the story about couple #2 that you teased us with earlier? did i miss it?

hi turbo, karianne, catsoup!
yeah, fj - 'fess up! Tell ussss a stoooory!!

The new baby's uncle already sent piccies - I love all our nerdy IT friends! Baby is super cute - BIG (9lb 15 oz, as reported), and everyone looks exhausted but happy. I hope they're getting some rest today!

Ok, lunchtime - yay! I've got leftovers from veg burrito night. yum!
That's almost 10 LBS! Holy Cow! I guess baking for 2 extra weeks makes a big difference, eh? I don't think moxette was that big until she was 6 weeks old, and she's a gigantor baby!

I guess the conversation just led to the education. The guys were genuinely interested, and were perplexed that anybody would think about restrictign a vaccine that prevents cancer. To their credit, the biggest comment was "how come boys aren't vaccinated, too...this can't spread w/o them, either." So, fiscal conservatives can have a brain about them, if given the chance. Then, the conversation turned to prostate exams, and I drank my coffee in silence.

Congrats to everyone who has good news!

I'm kinda bummed today 'cause my little brother's best friend died on Friday. The wake is today and the funeral is tomorrow, and I can't get up to NY (Syracuse-I'm in Philly) for many reasons.

I'm getting my hair cut in a few hours. Maybe that will make me feel better.
Hello everyone smile.gif

((((((hugs to everyone))))))) seems that lots of busties need them

I think I would cry if I thought I had to give birth to a 10 pounder, although bigger babies are sometimes totally cuter when they are brand new

so I got an earlier Dr. appt. and he said all systems are a go for the HBIs, I just have to get the guy, and I haven't seen him for a week and a half, and now I'll have to be really careful not to get pregnant, because now it's more of a safety issue for me.

oh all the fun things women get to worry about

hope everyone is having the most wonderful day!!!!!!
Maybe I just got it wrong, but I could've sworn I was supposed to have a lunch meeting with the union guy today. After waiting there for an hour, he never showed up. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is still a royal waste of a perfectly good lunch break, heels, good clothes, and makeup. I'm pissed.

(((((((Brett and Brett's brother))))))))

I don't have a whole lot to add today. I did notice one nice thing yesteday, though, to add to the Good Things list: the Sean Hannity billboard near my neighborhood has been replaced with an Al Franken ad. Yay!
holy shmoly...lots going much, i had to write it down. on a post-it of all things. i wish i had a camera to take a picture of it...its funny.

((fj's boob))
((brett and brother))
((kari and house hunting))
((catsoup's hair))((these are extra special good hair day vibes))

Diva-that sucks that he never showed...bastard.


professional karaoke? where do i sign up?

doodle (deep breath) chill yo

thanks for all the nat vibes..they totally worked!!!

Boobs are always good. whats up with whiny's head?

did some one say 'spanks'? how can i be involved with this? rolleyes.gif

pk, when you said 'lizard in my laundry' i instantly thought of 'mirror in my bathroom'...i guess poodle is rubbing off on me.

lizard in my laundry
please don't freak
the door is locked
just you and me

lol, it fits!!!

oh i got HBI lovelyness from lastnite...fab. maybe there'll be more tonite...wooo....
*shakes fist at ms gb* Dammit - now I have "Mirror in the Bathroom" stuck in my head!! Ah well, may as well give in and just play it on my 'pod. wink.gif
muahahhahahaha..... biggrin.gif

I guess I got it wrong about our meeting. I knew I should've called to confirm this morning! I wasted my good pants for the week on big fat nuthin'. So we're getting together tomorrow after all. I got a good cheer-up from Sam, though. He tried to write down my phone number, even though he has no clue what he's doing.

My boss is gone for the day - hooray!

Okay, I skimmed the archives:

(((((((FJ's boob))))))


Hooray for Turbo's new baby-friend being in the world!

And hoo-freaking-ray for educating middle-aged white guys about HPV. Lordess knows they need some edumacation.

Hi, Dirf! Hi, Mouse! Hi, Tyger!

Boobs are great, just not when you have to haul DD's around on yourself every minute of every day of your adult life.

******** get through the week vibes for Tes ********

Yay! It's PR night! They better not put off the booting-out scene for another week!

I just kind of skimmed over the BDSM talk, but I'm more than happy to let the giant have his way and go at it if it means I can just lay back. I'm not so creative with that stuff.

I'm starving! Must go forrage for food because the iced mocha I got for lunch was so rich I had to throw half of it out and my leftover chicken salad went kind of bad and I don't have any other food here. I hope I have enough change in my wallet for a candy bar.
oh i completely forgot....

my co-worker's husband had lunch with someone who knew someone..yada yada..from i already know who they are kicking off tonite and why!!!!

just thought i would throw that out there. dry.gif

hehehe laugh.gif
Jeffrey's from LA, right? I really hope they kick him off. And that Keith gets kicked out for plaigarizing real designers' outfits.
REALLY ms gb??? whoah. bradley is in my circle of friends and he won't say a single word because the breach of contract clause is for something like 30 mil......or maybe he's getting kicked off and won't tell for shame?
I've read a bunch of spoilers online, so we'll see if any of what I've read is true tonight. Yeah, and anyone who blabs about a reality show they're on is taking a serious risk - I know CBS has sued Survivior blabbers...
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