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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi Falljackets!

What is up with all this creepy lightning?! It seems like, this year only, I am hearing about lightning striking everything! There is a church about 50 miles from here, some girls were outside having a picnic and lightning struck so close to them that they were stunned and a little burned! One of them said, "It's like God is sending us a message"

Yes! "GOOOOOO inSIIIIDE when it's a thunder and lightning STOOOOORRRRMMM!"

Is it just the extreme rain and extreme heat causing all this?
Or did somebody say "Jehovah?"
Good Morning, chicas!

How is everyone this AM?

Wombat, your weekend sounds like so much fun! There are so many cities I want to visit, Boston is one of them.

Jenn, I had a similar weekend. Yesterday MR K & I did stuff around the house that's been needing to be done. He helped me clean, which was so good, because I've been getting rather cranky about that lately. I also cleaned my car out, sprayed & cleaned the dashboard & cupholders & the windows. It looks so much better.

Yes, welcome back olhakadirf! It is good to see you again!

Hi minx, tyger, tes, fj, diva & mouse!

I am feeling pretty good today, especially impressive for a Monday morning.
I shall now commence with breaking the cherry on my BRAND NEW COFFEE MUGS!!!

*Don't worry pretty baby, I promise to be gentle...I always lick around the edges*

Okay, for some reason buying dishes has really affected my psyche. It has felt SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD getting rid of EVERYTHING that reminded me of shitty times. So cleansing. Ahhh...errrr...Tessie says that I should get a butt flush. That is what Yemaya is telling her, and Yemaya don't play. My ass on the other hand...hehehe...okay. Fine, I'll look into it.

What, minxy??? I didn't quite hear you...did you say BUTT FLUSH????!!!! Tessie is so right about that....

Sorry, I don't have any flushing contacts in TC, but I'd google around and see if you find someone you get a good vibe from. I'd also highly recommend doing a cleanse for a couple of days before and after, using a product like BioCleanse - its a little pricey, but considering you use it in place of meals, its not so bad..the taste is pretty innocuous, and I blend it up with fresh fruit, like a smoothie. Here's where I get it: And be prepared for the emotional "flushing" that will happen too - its great for clearing out your body's cobwebs and old memories! And if you're looking to break any habits/patterns - a cleanse is the best thing I know of to start making changes. Good luck!

And YAY for all of us - seems a lot of cleaning and nesting goin' on over the weekend - we all ROCK!!

Minxy, I do love new housewares too...when we got to graduated from our mix n match hand me downs to something we actually *chose* was a great day indeed!!!

Wombat, you are such a rocker...we *thought* about going to a concert this weekend...does that count? And then we decided that it was far too hot to go outside and sweat in the sun. heh.
Good morning lassies!!

Wow minx! I like how you're starting anew and cleaning up some of the "toxins" in your life! You sound like you're doing so well!

"Deathstar" I like that.

The green tea icecream was okay. I could definitely see how it would be better as part of a larger meal. The icecream I'm really into right now is B&J's American Pie, which is basically apple pie/vanilla. I can't believe somebody didn't come up with that flavor sooner. It's soooo good.

I can't imagine diva on a ride at all! I would love to see that.

I didn't do a damn thing yesterday. It was too frellin' hot and my wall air conditioner is barely functional. I spent most of the day downloading music and organizing it. I really need a bigger ipod. I want to kill Apple for not making an "intermediate" model--2,000 to 3,000 songs with no crappy extras. I'm a total music freak and even I can't come up with 5,000 songs!! Grrr...I don't want to fall victim to their marketing schemes. See, they're trying to convince me to "go all the way" with the ipod, which will then force me to buy a faster computer with more space, and I refuse to do it!!!!!

ETA - Dammit!! I couldn't resist visiting the Apple website! Somebody help me!!!
poodle, there is no helping us from our addiction to the shiny prettyness that is apple. You, of all the 'podders I know, seem most fit for the video can have RP's bulgey videos with you at all times! I have the 30gb video now, and I do admit to using more of the space as an external hard drive than for music. stupid work has no backup system for me, so I nicely provide my own to protect my work. they should buy my next ipod. Its saved my ass so many times.

I am so frelling tired today...I just wanna go back to sleep...its very tempting to just go home and do it. At the least, I think the heat might inspire me to skip spin this afternoon, I just don't think I have it in me today. Having an allergy attack from cleaning and kicking up all the dust just really took it out of me, I guess...
I toyed with the idea of going home, too.

Ugh...what am I thinking? Poodlepod is just fine. I can't listen to more than 250 or so songs per day, anyway. I'll wait 'til this one kicks the bucket before I upgrade.

I need a car.

ETA- Besides, how many Rammstein songs do I really need anyway?
ms. goofball.....present!!!

we did and didn't do a lot this weekend...

we did:
hang out with friends and drink ALOT

we didn't:
clean as much as we should have.

bah. it was fun.

hi tyger, minx, olha, poodle, turbo, kari, fj, doodle, tes!

Sensible turbojenn!! You know what's what I tell ya.

I had started back to the gym and I stopped again in this heatwave.
I have an air-conditioned bedroom, air conditioned train to work, sit all day in an air-conditioned cube
and still by the time I get home I am not good to exercise.

Tonight is the very sociable night, of course, but I will scale it back a bit
due to big things at work...
Serious though, an hour and a half in this heatwave heat and I know I should not cclimb in to the oven that is my car and go to the gym.

Not even yoga. It will be over after next week. the heatwave I mean!
this thread is moving slowly today.......i sense a sluggish monday. our heat wave seems to be finally on the outs; apologies to those it heads to next sad.gif

all i'm doing today is copying rebel yell stuff. i feel gross when i have to rip off things so blatantly, but then again, i feel gross about any company whose t-shirts cost upwards of $100 bucks. ew. i guess that's the fashion industry in a nutshell for ya. i even saw an old man walking around with his young status-y son at the farmer's market on saturday--the poor guy looked like he would be much more comfy in a flannel shirt and jeans, but instead he was wearing a rebel yell t-shirt, hipster pants, expensive-looking hipster sneakers, and a freaking belt with grommets on it. i'm sure it was his son being all "da-ad, you're embarassing me wearing t-shirts from k-mart, PLEASE". (i'd put that in the COF thread but frankly, every time i've posted there i've gotten attacked).

good for you minx! nothing else feels like a fresh start smile.gif
hi mouse and wombat!!!

nothing going here...its dead at work. really. and i have no idea what to do for lunch. i should go to the store but i don't have time. and apparently, the watermelon i picked up the other day was YELLOW inside and tasted bad. anyone?

hipsters at a farmers market? sounds like santa monica. which one was it, mouse?
oh, yeah, our farmer's market is all hipstered out too...but in the more suburban yuppie variety...I go there around 7am, and I have no clue how these couples get up and look so fabulous at that time of the day on a weekend! I'm still yawning and my hair is sticking up in weird places, and its rare that I even bother with putting on a bra...what do I care, right?

yup...too hot to think here. I've not been too busy today, but my brain is not so sharp today. Oh well...40 minutes to go, and I'm outta here! The bike ride home is going to be oppressive, but after that, I'm hitting the shower!
Hey dudes.

I don't remember the last time I was in here, but I have missed you all very much.

Ever since I got back from my trip to Denver, I have been spending a lot of time with Banana. I haven't really had a chance to check my e-mail or anything.

I have also been working quite a bit.

I am also very very homesick for Minnesota. I really really want to go home for a little while. Since I got to Tucson, my aunt, uncle, and cousin have died (all in separate instances), and my sister, my friends, and Mr. PK are just leaving there from a little vacation. I'm so envious, and I miss my family.

I'm looking at plane tickets to I. Falls, but they are over $500. Banana wants to come with me, but I am afraid of what kind of reception he will get.

My trip to visit Heikki was GREAT! He is so grown-up, and even told me he has a crush on a girl. It was hard to leave. I really miss my Heikki. I love him so much.

OK - I'm going to try to catch up with you guys today. I'll be here reading up, and in a few hours I have to get ready for work. I hope you guys are around today to say hello.
hi puppykitty!

ms gb, it was 3rd and fairfax. which is pretty hipster/chi-chi too. i don't think i've been to the santa monica one.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, I can tell you precisely how many Rammstein songs you need: zero. They're the most overrated band of their genre, and I never could stand them. That's just me, though. You'd also love the Trivial Pursuit game we played. There's some new stuff in there, but plenty of the old random things. You'd kick ass at it. I had a brain fart and couldn't remember "X Files" and I'm still kicking my ass for it.

I think the green tea ice cream they sell in restaurants is better quality than the stuff you buy at the grocery store. Restaurant quality ones usually have more milkfat, thus they're so much better. But who eats ice cream at a restaurant anyway?

Poor parents having to dress non-embarassingly for their all-too-fashion-conscious kids. I'd actually be more embarassed if my parents dressed like hipsters.

Turbo, only you would be so proactive to use your iPod as backup for work stuff. You remind me a lot of a guy he used to know, fabulous and prepared for anything.

This heat wave sucks sweaty balls. I saw the weirdest thing on my lunch break, though: people eating outside. Why would you do that when you can eat inside where it's air conditioned and your face doesn't melt off? I seriously don't understand how equatorial cultures deal with the heat year-round when we have heat advisories for 100 degrees.

Ms. GB, that sucks about your car not having power steering. Isn't it really hard to strong-arm the wheel around?

Today is a good day. Some of us lowlings had a "We Hate Jim" powow this morning. He's making a lady move to the cubicle right outside his office so he can watch her every move and today was supposed to be the day she moved, except she called in sick. Anyway, a really nice lady brought in muffins, bagels, and pistaccio bars for us and we all whisper bitched about our boss. Then I had yummy chicken roulade, mashed apple potatoes, asparagus, and creme brulee for lunch...

... and the union guy called, finally! We're playing phone tag now, but contact has been initiated, so maybe I can think about getting out of this awful place for a few months!

Hi to everyone I missed. I read all the archives, just need to get off for a bit until asshole boss leaves.
hi hi.

i'm being a bad bustie today. i'm reading but am too lazy to post. i just don't feel like it. i'm sort of depressed, really busy and just in a blah kind of mood. i'm sure it'll be better later.

i'll post more when i get home. i haven't had time to come up for air or lunch even (and it's now 4:40, so what's the point!).

/grumpy self-absorption
Dirf - I just PM'd you a nice long hello. I've missed you. Welcome back!

Now I need to PM tyger. I hope you guys are around today.

Diva - your boss sounds like vomitus. I am so glad my boss is cool.

I have to work in the hotel lounge today, and I'm scared. It will be my third shake at serving. The first time was awesome, the second time, Friday, was the worst night of my life, and tonight I'm back at it. I'm terrified. I effed up so much on Friday. I got sent home because I started crying. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. A table of people even made several comments to me about my big fat ass. I thought I was going to throw up. They eventually got kicked out of the bar.

OK - more archives.

hi pk!!!!

my power steering is fine diva...i think you meant mouse.... biggrin.gif

i am having a way lazy day and i still haven't had lunch yet..what to may end up being takeout from McFattys....bleh.

me and the mr. are looking at townhomes for future residency...damn are they expensive...!

jake was soo funny this morning when we finally got up. he was hogging the covers in between us and just flopping himself down. i tucked him in and he went right to sleep with his little head on my pillow...aww. kittys are cute. except when they hog the bed. dry.gif

pk, forget about those drunk bastards at the bar....they can't appreciate you for who you are.

(((anti-stress vibes for pk)))
msgb, i was thinking the same horrible thought: stopping at mcfatty's on the way home. or maybe i'll try taco bell tonight. i really should just go home and cook but i don't wanna. booooooo.

and i surely don't want this damn soup i brought for lunch and never had a chance to eat. it's too dang hot!
Hi! Again, I need help with job stuff!

Around 1:00 someone left me a voicemail to set up an interview tomorrow (their last day of interviews). I called her back about 15 minutes later on her cell phone (the number she left for me) and left her a voicemail saying tomorrow would work, she just needs to call me back and let me know the details. It's 3 hours later (a little after 4) and I still haven't heard anything. Is it pushy to call her again? Or should I keep waiting? I don't want to miss out on an interview.

I promise to read the archives and stuff tonight.
Hey FJ!

I know how you feel not wanting to cook. I haven't done it a months. I have been eating Chinese or Mexican takeout or cheeseburgers every day. I'm going to get the gout if I don't knock it off.

Actually, isn't Chinese food relatively nutritious? I always order the tofu hot pot.

I finally cooked for myself the other night. I made an awesome soup. I seared some cubes of tempeh, added some shiitake mushrooms and arame (seaweed), and sauteed them together a little bit. Then I added some mushroom broth and boiled it for a couple minutes. Done. I ate it piping hot, and it felt great even though my apartment was a sauna. I was sweating and my nose was running, but I could swear I felt a little endorphine rush.

Guys - I'm worried about my sis. And I hope this doesn't open any wounds for you, FJ. My sister had another miscarriage the other day. I feel so horrible for her. She was on a road trip when it happened. She was in the middle of Wisconsin with no where to exit until she got to Eau Claire. It was terrifying for her and her husband. Her husband is traumatized, but she seems so matter-of-fact about it now. I'm worried about her emotional state.

They had already decided to give up on getting pregnant and adopt. She didn't even know she was pregnant this time.

She is so far away, I feel helpless to give her emotional support. I try to do it over the phone, but it's weird. And she seems numb right now. She decided not to tell the rest of our family, but all our friends know because they were all in a caravan driving up to Minnesota.

Anyway. I wish I could hug her. Even though we don't really hug. I love my sister, even if she thinks she is my mom and my boss. I just talked to her. She and her husband are on the road right now seeing the world's largest pile of oil cans or some shit. She seems to be having fun.

Maybe I'll just give her this kind of hug. (((((my sister))))
((((((((((((pk's sis))))))))))))

i'm so sorry for that. i have that fear every day. if i ever finally get pregnant (got a neg test this morning btw, but no period) again, i know it'll be a constant worry that i'll miscarry again.

i think i would have the same feeling: numb. i'd bet since she'd decided that she'd give up on getting pregnant that she'd want to be matter of fact about it and force all the emotions down in her belly. i would think i'd do the same.

i wish i had words of wisdom right now. but i don't. i'm already too negative today.

how do you just tell someone that this has happened to that it's going to be ok?
Catsoup, I'd probably give her a call back. She'll want to get this set up by the end of the business day, and since it's for tomorrow, calling again wouldn't be too pushy.

(((((((PK's sis))))))) My cousin has had a bunch of miscarriages recently. She's got a daughter, but she's had at least 3 miscarriages since then. I only found out last year when I asked her about her pregnancy from the Christmas before. But I guess a person has to self-preserve, and pushing her emotions down is what she needs to do right now. She's not at the most convenient of places for an emotional meltdown, so she's just doing what she can.

Good luck on your serving shift tonight, and fuck those assholes. Being drunk and having a penis do not give you the right to treat people badly.

We're having a little Minnesota family reunion on my dad's side this weekend. I'm actually looking kind of forward to it because a) the giant is going with me; cool.gif Sam will be there; and c) my cousin and uncle from Dubai are back for the summer and I haven't seen them yet. I want to talk to my little brother, too, and see how he's holding up since his friend got shot. I'm so glad he got out of the drug scene and is sober - it very easily could have been him in that room at that time otherwise. He and that friend were thick as thieves.

Has anyone else watched that god-awful "Lucky Louie" show? If not, please stay far, far away from it. Stand-up comedians don't make the best actors or writers or anything besides stand-up comics. The giant and I watched it last night and it was 30 minutes of my life I desparately want back. So, consider yourself warned...
((((((((pk's sis)))))))))

Loss of a pregnancy is such a hard thing, and numbness is a pretty normal initial reaction, I'd say. Just keep letting her know you care, and keep trying to tune her thoughts and hopes to the child who will be coming into their hearts through adoption very soon. Adoption is a tough way to be "pregnant" too, as there's no "due date," but its my experience that people who deep down, really and truly want to become parents, DO. At some point, you accept your losses, and realize that what you wanted was not a pregnancy, but to be called "mom and dad," and that the details of how that happens are not that important in the long run. The perfect child is on their way to them, even now, in perfect time.

Diva, I watched about 5 minutes of that Lucky Louie show, and wisely turned it off. I do adore Deadwood and Entourage though...which will be on my TV this evening. smile.gif

PK, have a smooth shift at the restaurant, and just focus on staying calm, and don't let people rattle you. You'll find your server rhythm soon enough, just keep working on staying calm and assertive and kind - that's the headspace that keeps *you* controlling *them.* And soon enough, they'll be throwing money at you!
((((PK's sister)))) I have no words of wisdom and I know how hard it can be to feel like you are being supportive when you are far away.

And fuck those assholes who made your Friday night a nightmare. How dare anyone comment on your body?! I don't understand how anyone can think things like that are ok. Fuckers.... I hope tonight goes much better. I could never be a server so I greatly admire anyone who tries it.

I called the person back, left another voicemail, and then she called me back. I have an interview tomorrow!!! I'm so excited to have an interview. Please wish me luck and send me good vibes around noon tomorrow. pretty pretty please.

I've never had green tea icecream. My new fav is a new Ben and Jerry's called something like/about Monty Python. It's really great.
(((pk and sis))) I'm sorry things are crappy right now. sad.gif


Here's my question for the day: If deodorant is cheap and readily available, then why not wear it--especially on 100 degree days??? I had to hold my breath on the bus ride home. Geesh.

Heheheh...Rammstein...I can't help but laugh every time I hear them. Totally cheesy.

My frige is empty and I want to go to the grocery store, but I don't want to go outside. Hmmm...
I dunno about the rest of y'all but deoderant/antiperspirant does NOTHING for me. It sure as hell doesn't keep me dry--never has, and it only tones down the funk. And on days like today, fucking forget about it. My rock salt keep the gutterpunk scent down to a minimum and BPAL does the rest, but I still LOOK like I walked through a sprinkler system. I used to be soooo embarassed by my sweating, now I just make a lot of "I must have pissed myself" jokes and tell everyone that I am "not sweating, I am GLISTENING!!!!"

I have been running the AC full-blast since about 1PM when I started to GLISTEN whilst sitting, it is just now starting to catch up and be comfortable. It cut the humidity, and that's a great thing. Now if I could just get those back bedrooms cool...

Bummer on the miscarriage. I just had a friend who was three months pregnant and found out that while the child was "viable", it had a completely deformed head, spina bifoda, 70% of it's brain had not developed; it would have been a complete vegetable. She had an induction about a week ago...don't know if they had to do a D and C. Eeesh. It's hard enough being a woman without reproduction to worry about.

Although that isn't something I have had to worry about. It has been nearly a month and a half since I have gotten the HBI. I haven't been seeking it out, though. I have a profile out on Match, but my heart just isn't in it...casual sex just kinda squicks me out at the present moment.

Unless, of course, it was casual sex with the Falljackets, or Tesao. I would be utterly delighted and would giggle like a 15-year-old girl who got her bra snapped by a jock in the commons. tongue.gif
Hello all....

(((((PK and PK sis)))))

Anybody commented on my fat ass while I was serving them would end up with a little doodlespit in their vodka. And also a little floor dirt on their steak. Just keep reminding yourself that you have the power over the food/drinks they ingest...even if you can't actually do anything, wear an evil smile when you hand them their order, and make them wonder what you've done!

I think I have the hots for Joaquin Phoenix after watching Walk the Line this weekend. I've never looked twice at Joaquin Phoenix in my life.
tell me about it doodle - Joaquin is a whole lotta man in that movie...makes me all warm just thinking about it! Mmmmmm.......

I am very very pleased with our new AC unit....the whole house is pleasantly cool now...a good benefit of having a small space, I guess!

Yeah, minx, I'm a sweaty girl too, and there's really no saving me from arriving to work in a rather liquid state after my bike ride in. But I always plan on getting there 15 minutes early, wet some paper towel in the kitchen, and then give myself a little wiping down while I sit nekkid in front of the fan on my desk. And then a liberal slathering of bpal - lately Pele, House of Mirrors and Snake Charmer...for anyone wondering. wink.gif

tell me about it doodle - Joaquin is a whole lotta man in that movie...makes me all warm just thinking about it! Mmmmmm.......

I am very very pleased with our new AC unit....the whole house is pleasantly cool now...a good benefit of having a small space, I guess!

Yeah, minx, I'm a sweaty girl too, and there's really no saving me from arriving to work in a rather liquid state after my bike ride in. But I always plan on getting there 15 minutes early, wet some paper towel in the kitchen, and then give myself a little wiping down while I sit nekkid in front of the fan on my desk. And then a liberal slathering of bpal - lately Pele, House of Mirrors and Snake Charmer...for anyone wondering. wink.gif
i agre with doodle, pk... you have the power (OF GREYSKULLLL!) to do whatever you want to those people's food. they should be reminded of that should the ever set foot in your establishment again.

wow, minx, that's a horrible story about your friend. it is so scary to think of all the things that can go wrong. i read about a woman who is still pregnant with a baby whose skull has not formed. it has a 1% chance of survival to birth. she is planning to carry it full term. i just don't know that i would be that strong. i'd have to be committed for sure. plus her husband is in iraq. nice, huh?

poodle, i have to deal with stinky people coming in all the time to apply. it's unbelievable. and the other day. i. smelled. someone's. breath. it makes me wretch just thinking about it. blink.gif

i stopped at arby's on the way home and got a turkey bacon ranch market fresh sandwich. i'm sure it's not as healthy as i'd like it to have been, but it's better than mcfatty's i guess. of course, it doesn't help that i also got curly fries with cheese sauce and jalepeno poppers. but i didn't eat it all. (i'm sure there was at least one fry left...).

ok, i'm going to hit the hay and put this day to rest. i hope i wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

(((minxie's friend))) That's so sad. I hope she's doing okay.

I'm not talking about plain ol' sweat on a hot day. I'm talking about total disregard for the noses of others. Even a little bit of deodorant (and/or bpal) covers up some of the smell.

My boss has horrible breath. The office meddler is constantly making fun of it (behind the boss' back, of course). It smells like pooh. I don't know if it's some kind of digestive thing or what, but it's beyond your typical coffee breath.

I vacuumed and did some serious dusting a little bit ago. My allergies are really nasty right now, probably from staying indoors all weekend with the cats and AC.

The resident boy is back. No more underwear nights.
Sorry that your underwear days have temporarily ended, Poods. That blows. He and his beer-pilfering ways need to be excommunicated from the house of Pood.

Gross. I cannot stand disregard for funk. There is that really sexy "human" kinda musky smell; the last ex had it. It nearly brought me to my knees on occassion. Then there is the bacterial cesspool, or conversely folks who think that using Old Spice or REALLY FUCKING SPORTY deo. I don't wanna get anywhere near those folks' midsections.

I try to be concious of my breath funk. I really don't feel like torturing my students with Chaucer AND garlic/coffee/brie/whatever.

Gads, I love this time of year when I can drink coffee at night, whenever I want. This is what I will miss come the beginning of September. I will miss smoking, as well. I know that sounds retarded, but I LOVE smoking. I had this discussion with one of my BBF who is also an avid smoker. I think that we keep waiting to hate it, and that moment hasn't happened.

I did some serious cleaning around here, as well. Now there is the multitudinous book issue that I have yet to deal with. I think that I can do it myself with the help of BFF's husband's powertools, but I will need to map something out because I have a bajillion tomes around here that need to live somewhere nice. One of the nice things about the ex was the amount of practical knowledge of woodworking I picked up via observation and helping him.

Can you tell that I am trying to stave off the bitters? It isn't too hard actually. The time alone has been a salve. Plus, I just keep unloading and reloading my fucking DISHWASHER with reckless abandon. My new dishes totally make me smile. I am so on the same page as Jenn.

Is there anyone that wants to go to Florida and give Ms. FJ a big hug? She seems like she needs a big Northern Girl hug.

minxy-assuming minxette is old enough to know not to climb...

find an old wood ladder (antique store? even home despot...depends on your taste and budget), and get planks to lay accross the rungs as shelves. I saw it in this month's "Real Simple" magazie for a "cool" way to reclaim space.

eh, tne 4am busting has returned. moxette has gotten fussy as shit at night- we think she's teething, and just can't re-sooth herself to sleep. The "book" we have says babies need to be "reminded" of sleep etiquette during troubling times. fancy fucking way of saying "start from scratch. bitch!" So, tonight, we let her fuss, 5, then 10 minutes. Then, if she;s still fussy, i'll feed her. Oh tooth...come on down!...the simple travails, eh?

Mornin' ladies!

"babies need to be reminded of sleep etiquette during troubling times." Ha!!! Yes, whenever my infant niece cries, I just tap her on the shoulder and ask her to keep her volume to a minimum. smile.gif

Minxie, I hate Old Spice/Sporty smell, too, but I'd much rather smell that than B.O. I agree that a little musk is sexy, but only on people who you're having sex with. Otherwise it's just creepy.

I hear ya on the smoking thing, minx. I love smoking while drinking. The two were meant to be.

*yawn* I think I'm gonna crawl back in bed for a little bit.
Mornin' poodle and a perhaps sleepy moxie!

I don't think I would cope well with middle of the night feedings. I feel interrupted enough when turboman comes in the bedroom 40 minutes later than I go to sleep every evening!

Not much excitement to report here this morning...its a Tuesday, which is better than monday, but it still feels a long way to Friday...
well, its a finite time- a couple weeks. we do ok...we've never had the same bedtime, and after 4 months, i guess we have to go with the flow. i just want my baby to feel better...all that crying, which really needs attending to, and she doesn't actually wake up. Poor kid. But, she'll not have chompers w/o dealing with, we gotta do it. We just have to balance care and self-soothing.

So, good things tuesday:

I had a yummy omlette for brekkie.
Moxette gets clingy when she needs comfort at night- its momma bear time.
Moxette is at daycare.
Grandparents taking her tonight- they feel like they want to help comfort her in teething too! Rock.
My office is QUIET, which i LOVE. I can think, strategize and BUST!!
Awww...moxette's growing up! Baby teeth are so cute. They're so tiny and goofy looking. smile.gif

Mornin' turbo!

Good things Tuesday:
- I woke up to trickles of rain outside. I love that.
- It's not so freakin' hot out
- Poodlepod is fully functional after a couple software updates. She was getting a little fussy last night. (Is that a sign?)
- My frige is empty, which means I get to go grocery shopping. I love filling a clean frige with fresh goodies.

Moxie, I hope Moxette relearns "sleep etiquette" soon for your sake. I don't know how mommies do it - I'm like Jenn, I hate my sleep to interrupted. I think I could have used that book when I was in college because I had some roommates who could have used a sleep etiquette reminder.

The woman who wrote Eats, Shoots, and Leaves is on the Today show. She wrote a new book about commas for kids. It looks cute. And she draws her commas all cute and proper, like a dot with a tail.

T-Minus 3.5 hours until my job interview.
morning all.

my plan of going to sleep early last night didn't work too well. i laid there and watched tv until about midnight. i slept in the guest bedroom rather than going upstairs, mostly because my bed is covered in laundry. that's what's on tap for tonight, i guess.

thanks for the hugs. i'm feeling a bit better, but still down. i think it's a mix of not-pg blues and mrfj being gone.

BUT! good things tuesday:

1. it's tuesday and that means i have to focus on GOOD stuff, which helps.
2. i don't have to work on friday, so this afternoon, it'll be like hump day for me!
3. i brought yummy coffee again today instead of drinking the stuff they call coffee here at the office.
4. ummmm, one more day till mrfj gets home.

good luck on the interview, catsoup! i saw that interview too. that book was very cute!

moxie, i can't believe she's already teething! our little moxlette is growing up already! i hoppe she gets back on schedule soon. hell, i have a hard time with self-soothing, so i know how she feels. hehehee

old spice should be removed from the market.

Good morning lovely ladies (and gentlemen) of Okayland!

It's ridiculously hot here. According to the weather channel, it's 88 and feels like 96. Ewww. Which means that my walk to work today will be just lovely. blink.gif

you have the power (OF GREYSKULLLL!)

awesome. just awesome.

Hugs to all the busties... you guys need them today!

okay, i'm off to go back to drinking coffee and enjoying my air-conditioning and doing a whole lot of nothing before I have to get ready for work.
We can't even give her booze to own old standby! I think she's on the early side of the equation, but most "experts" say teething can take up to2-3 months from when it starts to when the tooth errupts. Poor kid.

ok, lunchtime. yummy breadsticks and sauce leftover from last night's pizza dinner. too hot to cook!
good morning! i need someone to fill me in with the schedule here--we've got insult fridays, and now good things tuesdays, and what else am i missing?

i agree with pood--sweaty is only good if you're doin' it with them. otherwise, i don't wanna know. an i can understand where the old-spice hate comes from, totes, but honestly it's everyone i ever fell in love with in highschool so i have a nostalgic fondness for the scent. and if a guy wears a good-quality, slightly unusual cologne--MAN. i can understand the "you smell too much!" grossout, but man, i don't have it myself. ESPECIALLY when it's mixed with skin/musk smell...okay, i'm sorry, it's a workday. i had a dream about the mysterious maybe-bi coffeeshop boy last night so i'm all shook up. tongue.gif

*teething vibes for moxette*

*good mood vibes for fj*

since everybody else is doin' it:
--it's about 30degrees (i am not exaggerating) cooler than it was this time last week
--i have a lot of work to do today so i won't get bored
--i packed an artichoke for lunch, YUM
yay its tuesday....woot.......

i feel like i am always half a day behind since i'm on the west coast...bleh...

(((Minx's friend))))


(((pk and sis)))

moxette's growing up ever so fast. that makes me meece my i am gonna have to call them. blink.gif

i did have mcfattys yesterday, which turned out to be a good thing cuz the demos yesterday went back to back. the first one--the lady was crazy but in a good way--was awesome. I'll go to her for my next pair of scizzors.

the second one--the lady was a blonde joke waiting to happen. seriously. i wanted to slap her. hard. what really scuffed my shoes was that she's a finance person who thinks she knows skin and chemistry and skincare when she knows SQUAT about it. she's got the business side down but it was scary....bleh.

good things:

-the watermelon i bought that was yellow inside tastes fine and i'm eating it now.
-leftover chinese food-yum!
-i didn't spend any money on crap i didn't need.
-i have new yarn to dream up new projects with.
-the watermelon i bought that was yellow inside tastes fine and i'm eating it now.

It's just a different variety of watermelon.
You can check it out here!

(I work at a Whole Foods and have kind of become a food dork.)
Mmm....watermelon. Sounds lovely in any color. Makes me think of my college roomie, who's BF (how husband) was from the Carribbean, and he would make us the most amazing watermelon-rum smoothies...YUM!

brett, being a food dork is a good thing. smile.gif

Hmmm....good things tuesday:
1. Today is supposed to be the last day this week of 100 degree weather
2. Air conditioned office
3. Picking up my produce box this afternoon - always full of good suprises
4. Dinner is cooked/prepped, merely waiting for assembly - veg burrito night! yay!
Hi, peeps!

$$$$$$$$ interview vibes for Catsoup $$$$$$$$$$

Did things go better last night, PK?

Minx, did you do that signature for me? Pink Floyd is my absolute favorite band of all time.

Boo! on resident boy being back.

Jenn, do you really get naked in front of the fan at work?

((((((((Moxette's teeth)))))))) That slee etiquette thing is funny.

I can understand why some people might have body odor they don't have the means to do anything about, but wow, the heat brings it out of people. I personally can't stand the smell of even my own body odor, and fortunately the giant always seems to smell good, even if he didn't shower that day. But then there are the people who use so much bad crap to cover up the smell that I wish they'd just left the BO as it was. There was a girl in high school who wore so much patchoulli that if you had class in a room she'd been in, the room was still filled with her funk. The whole commons got filled with her smell on lunch hour. Oh man, was it disgusting. Patchoulli is bad enough as it is, but it always smelled like someone broke a full bottle in the room. And then when I was working at the Blue Nile bartending, there was this guy who'd come in smelling of something sickeningly sweet/sharp that I actually had to tell him to move away from me. I couldn't breathe, it was so bad. But there they are, otherwise looking pretty sharp, getting down with their bad selves, making me gag.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) it's gonna rain! And tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous outside!
2) Chipotle for lunch. I'm starving.
3) it's not Monday anymore.

So the lady at work who's having even more problems with asshole boss than I am is getting the NAACP involved. I'm curious to see where this goes. And I guess our boss has a review coming up soon, so I'm going to write a letter to his bosses about what an asshole he is. Maybe he'll get fired, but I doubt it.

Okay, seriously starving. Must go forrage for food now.
(((((((catsoup interview vibes)))))))

Oh, and a good friend of ours is being induced today, so can I get some speedy, safe birthin vibes for her? Poor girl is 2 weeks overdue, and wants that bebe evicted!

Yup, diva, I do sit in my office nekkid for a few minutes when I first get in - I get into the office at 7am, long before everyone else, I have a private office, and I bought my own office chair because the ones they provide yes...I cool off nekkid every morning! We've got no shower in the building, so I do what I can to keep smelling fine.

Oooh, diva, you'll have to keep us posted on the progress with your boss! And good for you for sending a letter to HIS bosses!
(((Baby OUT))) vibes. From a former evictor womb-lord, I wish them a speedy, surgury free induction! Although, I bet your friend wouldn't mind the c-section, either!

The etiquiette thing kind of cracks me up, too. It basically means the babies who had gotten the hang of self-soothing through the night are SO bothered by something (new sounds, teething, illness, whatever) that their habits must be re-taught. Lovely. If it doesn't work by this weekend, though, I'm calling the doc...second guessing her fussyness will only be ok for so long.

its dark in my office, and over 100 degrees outside. I really, really hope the AC units at home didn't cause a power outage or something. Feh.
bwahaha - moxie, I read your comment as a "speedy sugary free induction" - heh. I did spare Shelley the long, grueling tale of your induction when I talked to her yesterday. smile.gif She's just bored and tired, and hot. She's been done with teaching summer school for a week, and the nursery is all set, so she's just been camped on the couch with her feet up for the last week, and wants to snuggle her baby already!
~~**Baby Get Out Vibes**~~ Being two weeks overdue in this heat sounds so dreadful. I hope things go well for your friend, Jenn.

I can't imagine being naked at work. All the props in the world to you for doing it, Turbojenn. I suppose if I biked to work, I'd need some naked cooling off time too.

Diva, good for you for writing a letter. And definitely keep us informed as things progress (or not).

I've never had yellow watermelon. Does it look the same on the outside?

I had the shortest interview ever today. I think it lasted 17 minutes. She asked me a list of questions and wrote down my answers. She didn't really ask followup questions but asked all the typical questions. Then I asked some questions about the position and org (the job posting was vague). She asked when I'd be available to start, said she hoped to make a decision by the end of this week or early next week, and that was it. I am definitely very qualified for the job and i think I answered the questions well but it was just so short. It makes me feel like they already have someone in mind and just interviewed other people to say they did. But why call me the day before the last day of interviews and squeeze me in? She didn't ask for references either. Probably not a good sign. I guess I should go write my thank you letter.

Good Things Tues -
*It's cooler finally!
*I had an interview which is good practice even if I don't get the job
*We leave Thursday for West Virginia. Yippee! Road trip!
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