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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, Lurv!

I think I'm due for a trim pretty soon, too. The last time I had anything done was in November, and even though it still looks fine, I still like to get it done. That's the thing with long-ish straight hair, unless you've got a dye job to keep up or a lot of split ends, nothing much needs to be done.

There's this guy at work who keeps coming over to smell me. Between the bubble bar, bath bomb, bath salts, shampoo, mimosa body wash and splash of perfume I put on, I guess I smell pretty damn good. I'm just surprised all the scents haven't given me some sort of allergic reaction. I think it's the one thing I'm allergic to.

It is now officially spring in the TC. I have eaten my annual chilidog from the street vendor at the park and basked in the sun. Because you know that I personally control when spring happens and everyone pays attention to me because the world revolves around me. I just heard that this evening, the cast of the movie version of "A Prairie Home Companion" will be at Rice Park for a horse and buggy ride to the Fitzgerald Theater for a private premiere showing (though it doesn't open to us little people until next month). I may stick around late and gawk at Meryl Streep and throw something at Lindsay Lohan.

Poodle, you've inspired to make a bumper sticker for my brother that says "there's no crying in metal!"

Hi, Tyger, Catsoup, and MsGoof!
Okay, I have cleaned up my rough screenprint designs. Now I can show my face in the thread again. Behold Rick Nielsen and CT Pop Art. Again, these versions may change, as I can always do everything better than before. ;)

Diva! You should make a bumper sticker! I love making obnoxious stickers. I made one that says "I may be fat, but you're ugly and I can diet" and another that says "The more people I meet, the more I like my cats." If only I had a bumper to stick them on. :-( I suppose I could just stick them on myself. I initially ordered the "Keep Music Evil" thing for you because I thought it was a sticker, but it turned out to be a patch.

Hi lurv and tyg!

I'm started to get a little nervous about my surgery. I'm worried that I'll have a seizure under anesthesia and end up like Terry Schiavo. If that is the case, somebody please make sure that my hair and makeup looks good when they plaster my face all over the news during the debate over whether or not to pull my life support. Oh, and pull the damn plug please.
I love that pop art pic of the bassist. He looks so DLR-esque, and now he looks kind of grey and shriveled in person.

I know you got me that patch, Poodle, and I'll take it back from you and sew it onto my jean jacket, now that I have one, or I'll decoupage it onto a music-themed purse I plan to make for myself.

Dood, don't get nervous about your surgery. If they have any clue what they're doing, and I'm sure they do, they'll take your condition under account. But if anything does happen, remember that we did make that vow awhile back to pluck each other's stray hairs in just this sort of scenario. Ain't no friend of mine going to be made into Terri Schiavo!

Throat Clearing Guy is annoying me to no end right now with his stupid voice. So much so that I was forced (see my twisted arm?) into blasting In Flames on my iPod, loud enough that I can't hear my phone ring. Oh, well. Any excuse to not answer my phone is good enough for me. But seriously, he has this really annoying deep voice and the "I'm conversational! I'm the Average Man!" tone he uses makes me cringe. One of these days, I'm going to punch him in his stupid neck.
Yeah, Tom the bassist looked like a wilted, grey flower at the show we saw. There are plenty of other recent pictures of him where he looks really nice, and almost hot (for an old guy). It musta been that grey suit he was wearing. Whether he's grey, black, or fuschia...I'll always have a crush on the guy.

I'll see if I can find that patch, diva. I'm sure it's buried somewhere in my craft box.

I think this is a good screenprinting pattern to start out with. I doctored it up using this as the original picture. I love doing this kinda thing.

Okay, I'm outta here for now. I need to escape my boss, who appears to be experiencing a nervous breakdown right now. I swear, she's more stressed out than the president. A night of booze and HBI would do her good.
Okay, y'all, I have a question:
When was the last time you were called "sir"?

It happened the other day, and I was like, my god, that hasn't happened since I was skinny and didn't wear make-up. It's been YEARS since I was called "sir"!

I mean, I think my boyfriend has been called "miss" more recently than I've been called "sir"
Haven't been called sir before. Where were you at the time?
well, at christmas time this year my dad and i ran into one of his friends at the mall and she turned to me and said 'oh, and is this your son?'. i, of course, looked very manly in my tight baby-t, big-ish boobs, and makeup. but i've never been called 'sir' before. weirdo people and their being unable to tell gender from gender
Well, I have a kind of weird last name, and one time I ordered a pizza and the pizza guy thought I was joking and said, "Can I talk to your mommy, young man?" Fuh.

So - today, I rescued an itty bitty baby bunny rabbit whose eyes weren't even open yet.

The shuttle driver at work saw the baby in the middle of the road and picked it up, wrapped it in a t-shirt and carried it in his lap for hours before I got on the shuttle after work. He told me he had this rabbit and didn't know what to do, so I said I would help him out.

I got in my car and called information and asked for a wildlife rescue. I called two different rescue helplines and they were both closed.

I called an emergency vet hotline and they referred me to a 24-hour vet that took in wildlife. I called them and they told me to bring the bunny to them. So I went back to the hotel, where the driver was still carrying the rabbit around with him. I took wee-baby-bunny to the animal hospital and they said that a wildlife rehabilitation org would pick it up inthe morning. I'm so relieved! Poor bunny!

I feel like a hero! And the shuttle driver's a hero, too! Yayayayayay! I gave them my number (as well as a small donation) and they said they would call if and when they release the rabbit into the wild so the driver and I can watch it take off like a shot and never be seen again. And get eaten by a falcon. Just kidding. This bunny is going to have a long and preosperous life. It will have all the tender lettuce it could ever want. I just know it.

Anyway - it felt good to help the rabbit. And it was especially sweet that the shuttle driver was so into saving the bunny. He would have carried that thing in his lap all night long, I bet.

I told you guys I cut off all my hair, right? It was a while ago. My hair was so dead and icky, and now it's short. I just found out tonight that when I first started working at the hotel, the guys in the banquet kitchen called me "Pippi Longstocking" and "Swiss Miss". Sheesh. How embarrassing. I'm glad I don't have the braids anymore.
Okay, one last good whine and I am done:

We're through. We put the axe on it last night, Minxman and I. I know I'll be fine next week, but the baby goes to the exasshat's house today and I hate being alone when shit like this goes down.

wah. wah. wah.

I know it's terribly better this way because shit just wasn't right, but it still hurts.
(((((Minxy)))))...I hope you find peace with your decision, and can spend this weekend without minxlet pampering yourself, and doing things that make you happy - either alone, or with people who love you.

PK *is* a hero!!! That's so sweet that you and the driver rescued the little bunny and brought him to safety!
Good morning lassies!

Good, minx. Now stick to yer guns when he tries to charm his way back to you.

(((baby bunny))) That's sooo sweet, PK! I love stories like that. It reminds me of Gus, who was a bag of bones when I found him. Now he's a big, fat baked potato cat.

Nuthin' much to report this morning. Today, I plan on preparing for next week's recovery. I'm trying to come up with activities, etc., to keep me from being totally bored at home. Since I won't be able to move around a lot, I'm pretty much limited to crafts, reading, TV/movies, and the computer. I wish I could do some deep cleaning, but that's probably not gonna happen.
I am awfully glad that I have seasonal allergies to blame on for how badly I look.

There isn't any going back on this. He isn't capable of giving me what I need in terms of being a supportive partner. That's what we talked about last life isn't going to stop being chaotic, and the minxlette isn't going to all of a sudden stop being in my life. I am going to be better off out of this relationship, and so will he and that's the truth of the matter. I think sometimes that we would like to think there is anything we can deal with, but everyone has limitations to some degree, and like one of my FBF's mother used to say:

Just 'cause you stick kittens in the oven don't make 'em biscuits.

I wish that I had a bag of weed, a quart of Ben and Jerry's, and a big blanket right now, but I have less than five minutes to get my game face on, and that is going to take some serious work because I am having a difficult time stopping crying.
((((((Minx)))))) Like Poodle said, stick to your guns no matter how bad it hurts. Blurring the line is only going to make things harder for everyone involved. Dare I say, this breakup sounds like a really good thing.

Poodle, I love that Heart logo! It's way better in shiny pink than the blah oatmealy colors in the original. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow and give me a call if you need me to bring you anything. I'm probably calling in sick on Tuesday because my neck will hurt after the Avenged Sevenfold show on Monday, so let me know if you want some company.

Aw, PK, that's so sweet of you! I think I had a dream about you last night, but I'm not sure. It either involved animals or something to do with immigrants, I don't remember very well. And the night before I had a dream about FJ wanting me to print off pictures of her baby.

Hi, Turbo, Whammy, and Tyger!

Last night was a fun one. I worked late, but didn't go to see the Lindsay Lohan/Meryl Streep/Kurt Russell/Al Franken/Virginia Madsen/Garrion Keillor parade last night. I went for a walk around a lake in South Minneapolis with my gay boyfriend, then we drove around for almost an hour looking for someplace new to eat. That was a huge waste of time and gas because we ended up just going to a place near my neighborhood. Then we watched House and American Idol, and then I had to run him down to the other end of town because I forgot to think that he should just drive up to my place. Oh, well. I don't think I even got home until 11:30. But tonight will be a full night of hanging out with the boy and watching TV and being domestic. I like those nights.
I like domestic nights too. Where did you guys end up going for din-din?

Yes, the Heart logo should be easy to print. I'm considering using iron-on paper for some of the more "complex" stuff that I'm working on. Iron-ons are irritating at times, but they're good for photographs. With an iron-on, I wouldn't have to paint every other little check on Rick's pants, which would suck.

Here's a song from me to you, minx:
It's you, minx!!!
Whenever I get weary and I've had enough
Feel like giving up
You know it's you, minx!!!
Giving me the courage and the strength I need
Please believe that it's true
Minx, I love you!!!


Hey, that reminds me. I need to find a good Styx logo. I wonder if I can buy glittery iron-on material. The Styx logo would look bitchin' in glittery letters.
diva - turboman is going to see Avenged Sevenfold next wednesday! Make sure to tell them to do a good show on Wednesday for him. ;)

I love that there was a lefty Prairie Home Companion parade!! I've listened to PHC my whole life, and even though its kind of boring sometimes, I still tune in, as it warmly reminds me of my teenage years and begging my parents to turn it off every Saturday night...and now I tune in of my own free will.

Styx in glittery letters....I can hardly think of anything better!!
We ended up just going to Wilde Roast. It's kind of a standby, but damn if they don't have excellent food. We really need to start exploring more of Central Ave, though. I just wish the giant was more into ethnic food, or at least the kind that doesn't come from places like Don Pablo's.

Dood, you've got to get some glittery stuff for logos! I'm just thinking of all the stuff you could do with them, like an apron or pillows or a purse, or just put them on random pieces of clothing.
Poods, you are so sweet! Right back at you:

"See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out with Poodle and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they fall in line

'Cause Poodle is neat!
Pink Poodle's neat!
Pink Poodle's neat!
Pink Poodle is neat!"

Can anyone tell that my students are watching a documentary on Elizabeth I because I just can't do direct instruction today?
morning busties....

(((Minx)))its for the best...really...hang in there.

do they have glittery iron on paper? cuz if so i need some....neeed!!

domestic nites...i haven't had one in's taking up all my time.

PK! a baby bunny...awww cute....

yesterday was hell for my bod. 2 perms and 3 finger waves. bleah...and then when i got home...i saw my ankles...sooo swollen. so here i am, heat pack on the neck, ice packs on both hands, feet elevated and ice packs on the came home and was like, 'whoa'.hehe ankles are still swollen...but better. i think the shoes weren't supportive enough. bleh. enough about me...

what are the plans for the big cinco de drinko weekend?
Awww...thanks minx. I luvs ya.

That would be so cool if you stopped by, diva. I'm sure I'll be pretty bored and sick of the resident boy at that point, so it would be nice to see a friend. I should be feeling decent by Tuesday.

Yeah, I need to figure out how to do the glitter thing. It might require a layer of fabric paint. I don't really know. I intend on finding out though. I'm guessing that the shapes would have to be pretty simple.

It's highly unlikely that I would die during/after my surgery, but I can't help thinking "what if?" I'm probably more likely to die in a car accident on my way to the hospital, but still.......if I do croak, make sure they play "Come Sail Away" at my funeral. :-)

Okay, I just made this non-glittery Styx logo from this patch image. You may ask, "Why is poodle interested in making her own shirts with logos?" Well, it's simple. All of the shirts I like that actually fit me are men's XL'S with longer sleeves, boxier cuts, and stiff cotton fabric. The girl's shirts with the shorter sleeves and more fitted look don't come in my size. If I can't get a decent t-shirt with a print on it, then I'll make my own. If anyone has any shirt (or otherwise) ideas, let me know 'cause I have a zillion fonts on my computer and I can do some decent stuff with the graphics programs I have. I'm still rough at it though.

I also need to come up with stuff to keep me busy next week. Any ideas? I have a bunch of decoupage stuff, but I need more options.

Hi msgoofball!!!
Hello all...sort of a drive-by again.


I am exhausted and aching. I went to bed at 9:30 and slept till 10 AM!

The good news is, we actually got a last-minute meeting with the women's services Minister who had us arrested 2 years ago, and not only that, she brought real ministry staff this time, and they took real notes...and we actually had a real conversation about the possibility of some funding for women's centres (services only)...AND she agreed to have another meeting with the coalition. That is very good news indeed. It may not get us back to where we were, but it may get us into a better position than where we are now. She also agreed to look into bridging funding for a centre that is in crisis right now. So.

The minister wore pink. You know, you are supposed to wear pink to subdue your enemies.

The real victory will be if the coalition gets a meeting with the Finance Minister or not...a few of them stayed overnight last night just in case.
Looking out a dirty old window
Down below the cars in the
City go rushing by
He sits there alone
And he wonders why

Friday night and everyone’s moving
You can feel the heat
But it’s shooting
Heading down
You search for the beat in this dirty town

Down town the young ones are going
Down town the young ones are growing

Chorus :

You’re the Minx in america (x 2)
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Bright lights the music gets faster
Look former Minxman, don’t check on your watch
Not another glance
She's leaving now, honey you don't have a chance

Hot-shot, give her no problems
Much later Minxman you’ll be saying never mind
You know he is cruel, he is rarely kind

Kind hearts can make a new story
Kind hearts can grab any glory


Kick him out, honey that’s better
Got to get a brand new experience
Feeling right
Oh don’t try to stop Minxy
Kick and fight

Outside a new day is dawning
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That minxman is gone Minxy
New york to east california
There’s a new wave coming I warn you


You're the Minx
You’re the Minx
You’re the Minx in america

okay, that was kind of random but you all expect me to be random right? so, in a way I'm very consistant.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Poodle. How long will you be in the hospital? Who is going to take care of you when you get out? Do you have healthy foods that are easy to prepare at your place? I'm happy to stop by on Saturday if you will be home and need some helps or a brief visit.
Hi, Lurv!

Poodle, if you're that hard up for stuff to do, I'm always looking for slave laborers to make purses and jewelry. Wanna be my slave? I'm also free this weekend, unless I go into work for a few hours on Saturday for some overtime. Let us know if you're up for some company by then.

Congrats on the meeting, Doodle! Now, when you meet with these people and they say they're going to swing some help your way, how do you go about holding them to it? It seems like a lot of politicians, when face to face with people, will tell them what they have to to appease them and then turn right around and stab them in the back.

Hi, MsGoof! Sorry your hands are still achey and your ankles are big.

Do you know who I would really like to hear from? Tes.
thanks diva!

poodle, you take care of yourself.

i wanna hear from tes too....what could she be up to? maybe if we send out vibes...she's come and visit...~*~~*~*~*~*tes vibes~~~*~*~*~**~*~*~~*
I just learned something: those new blackberry green tea frappuccinos at Starfucks look a lot better than they taste. Really sweet in a sickening sort of way.
Cute song lurv!

I'm pulling together some crafty stuff and printing images so I have new collage material to work with. I'm sick of the stuff I have. I would consider some purse slavery. I could at least cut up some of the materials for you.

Heheheheh...I'm listening to "Do I Look Like a Slut?" by Avenue D.
I’m not a fucking slut, you fucking cock sucker
Your mom’s the one letting everyone fuck her
Everybody knows she’s a fucking ho
sucks dick on the corner for a little blow...

One of these days I'm gonna accidentally start singing those lyrics during a staff meeting or something. :-)

Oh tessie!!! Where are you???!! There are a lot of busties MIA right now.
Hi again...

diva, you are right - holding their feet to the fire is never easy. However, we went into the meeting with a couple of upper-level women from the BC Federation of Labour, and also, the entire 3-day lobby (which was put together and organized within only 4 weeks) was composed of more than 100 women from members of the BC Fed, the childcare advocacy coalition, and our women's centres coalition...all of whom have committed to lots of follow-up lobby they know we have some power behind us this time. Also, there's an election in 2009, and they came within 5000 votes of losing the last one because of the women's vote.

(And every one of you needs to remember that when you start thinking your votes don't make a difference!!!!)

In other good news, I've made arrangements for my new sofa to be delivered at 1:30...and I don't even have to be there to lift or supervise!!! HURRAH! doodlemama and I threw the loveseat over the balcony before I came into the centre. It wasn't as ceremonious as I'd hoped, but it was fun! Only one of the legs broke, though. I was hoping for more damage.

poodley-noodley, when is your surgery scheduled? My apologies for not knowing...I haven't had much time to read! :-(

Hi also goof, lurv, PK, tyger, whammy, soup, minx, and turbo, and everyone else!!
Hi doodle! They'll be slicin' me up around 1:30. Wee!!!

Ya know, I'm really peeved that the Cheap Trick website doesn't have any photos from the show we saw. They have pictures from the Oregon show they did a couple weeks later. The funny thing is that they appear to be wearing the same outfits! It's that damn grey suit again! And we also have the band shirt thing again. That's kind of their thing though--plastering their logo and checkboard pattern all over the place. I'd almost be disappointed if they did a show without shamelessly promoting themselves. They're gonna be on Conan next Tuesday.

Diva, your concert is at the Myth, right? That place was irritating, but at least the sound was decent. There are too many weathered bleached-blonde suburban skankoids there. I just can't believe that their website suggests that ladies wear something a little sexy. What? So the guys can get away looking mediocre, but the women have to whore themselves out to get in?

I haven't done one iota of work today. I'm so proud of myself. I make use of the office meddler's absence and print out a bunch of pretty pictures.
Hola Busties!

~*~*~healthy and good luck vibes for Poodle’s surgery~*~*~

Poodle, I don’t have anything else scheduled on Monday except a dr. appt at 2:30 since I don’t work that day, so if you would like some company making crafts or anything, let me know, and I can come over!

(((Minx))) I hope you feel better soon and your pain over the Minxman situation goes away quick. You deserve great things and lots of love in your life.

Doodle - you'll have to post pics of your new sofa when it arrives!

Diva – some of my coworkers went to the PHC parade yesterday in St. Paul and reported that it was crazy crowded, Lindsay Lohan looked scary skinny “almost like she was sick” and acted bitchy, and Kevin Kline was nice and practically made one of my coworkers swoon at the sight of him (but she is very dramatic anyway). It doesn't sound like you missed much.

~*~*~*positive vibes for all the awesome Okay Busties~*~*~

Thanks to you all for the houseselling vibes last week – they are powerful and they worked! We actually got some showings this past weekend and one of them led to an offer on our house that we accepted! It is contingent on inspection (which is tomorrow afternoon) so we should know shortly after that if it will be official. The price was a little bit lower than we hoped for, but still well within the range. If it goes through, our closing will be on the 26th, so we will have a lot of work to do. I am scared and excited all at the same time!

We decided to plan to have our “Moving Out” party even though it isn’t quite official yet and will have it regardless of whether it works or falls through, and it’ll be a week from this Saturday at my current house. Busties are invited, of course! I’ll pm all the info to the TC Busties I know, and if any other Busties want to road trip here and attend, just pm me and I’ll send you the details!
Hi marileen! I'll try and post a photo, but I'm not sure what's up with my camera...I'm going to have to borrow one at this point, since I also owe busties a pic of Carmella Fitzgerald!

poodle, is that tomorrow? Great goddess, that came up fast! Don't worry, you'll be fine. A friend of mine had the same surgery, and it was a piece of cake. ((((((poodle))))))

The couch has apparently arrived! WHEE!! 40 minutes and I can go home and actually SIT on the durned thing!
Yay! A woman is donating a computer to us - one with XP, MS Office, and a CD burner! HUZZAH!! Besides my laptop, we only have one working computer, so this will be great for our volunteers.
Hi marileen!!! Yay for selling your house! I can't wait for the moving out party! I would love it a visit from you during my recovery. I'm sure I'll be feeling a little better by monday. Hopefully I'll feel well enough to visit the lounge on Saturday.

Okie dokie! I'm going home now. Later babes!
*drags thread up to the top*

Hey Bitches, its FRIDAY!!!!!

And not a moment too soon! Once again, I shall be working a fundraiser for work on Sunday, but its a fun one, so I don't mind. AND, I'm launching our online discussion board for the agency tonight...I'm excited because I built it all on my own, and I'm proud of it, but I'm uber nervous about the crazies that are going to come out of the woodwork and bash us...hopefully they'll give me at least a week to bask in my glory before any sort of flamewar shoots up.

Congratulations marileen!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!

And doodle - congrats on the new couch and computer for the centre!!

And (((((((poodle)))) Safe surgery and smooth recovery for you, doll!
Kill me. Kill me now.

I am voting for a paradigm shift. After every major breakup, one should become exponentially happier for every month served.

Really. I oughtta be ecstatic.

Marileen, that is most excellent. Congratulations-- it must be a huge effing relief.

Poods--lemme know if you need anything. This is my childless weekend and I can be your beck 'n' call girl.

Turbo--cool that the fundraiser will be a good one this time. I'd hate philanthropic work to be a killjoy.

And I know something about killjoys.

I drank too much wine last night (too much being three glasses, but I'm a cheap date), but it did help me go to sleep for which I am eternally grateful because I only got about four hours the night before. Feh. The wine was good, the company was so-so :-)

Anyhoo, I am cranky today--don't get me wrong, I am not hung over. Just really pissed off and cranked. Oh powers of the core of Earth--please don't let me kill someone today.
"I am voting for a paradigm shift. After every major breakup, one should become exponentially happier for every month served. "
I whole heartedly agree! I finally got there, but it was a long haul. I hope you feel better soon. I know this will probably be a wallow weekend...and those can be healthy occasionally.

~*~*~*minxy don't kill anyone vibes*~*~**~
This has been one hell of a morning. The giant and I were woken up at 5:30 this morning by our doorbell ringing and pounding on the door. We thought it was just some crazy person, so we ignored it until the bell rang for the 4th time. It was a cop. Apparently they'd almost caught someone trying to steal my car... AGAIN! There's an asshole who lives kitty-corner from us (that's where the guy ran to before the cop could catch him, and he didn't have enough to go on to force entry), who I'm also thinking broke into my car a couple months ago, shattered my landlord's window a few weeks ago, and broke into someone's house in our neighborhood recently. I want this guy's ass so I can punch him in the neck with an unforgiving object and set him on fire. Anyway, my old-ass car can always be trusted to stall after you try to put it in gear right after you start it, so the car was stalled in the alley about 20 feet from the house and the guy ran from it when he saw the cops. Finally the Minneapolis cops are good for something. At least I can still get my car to run because the steering column got punched the same as it did when this happened 3 years ago, and I remember the trick to get it to work. But now I'm just really pissed off because my car probably has no resale value whatsoever and I can't use it for a trade-in. I don't even want to let anyone borrow it like it is since it's not really legal to start it the way you have to now and it's far too expensive of a repair to invest the money in. If I don't have my tax refund by next week, I'm borrowing money from Mom and Dad to get a new car. I shall have a new car one week from Sunday at the very latest, dammit. And it's going to have a decent security system on it, double dammit!

(((((((((((((((((((big vibes for Poodle's surgery))))))))))))))) You give me a call when you can and let me know everything went okay.

Hooray for Marileen! Yay! I'm glad you got a decent price for your house and you can now move into the place you've got reserved. You've been dealing with all of this for ages, and it's nice to see that you can see the end of it. And hell yeah I'm up for a party! Just let me know when and where.

Yay for Turbo, too! You built a discussion board all by yourself? Wow! And I hope you have a lot of fun at your fundraiser this weekend. What's it for?

Doodle, it sounds like your trip to Victoria was really productive after all. Congrats on the computer!


Here's to hoping today only gets better. I got an HBI this morning, so things are looking up a little already. It looks like we're going out to dinner with the giant's mom, sister-in-law, and 2 neices after they get their pictures taken. I intend to drink a little more than I should. And I have my Puccis on today, so the day can only be so bad.
Minxy, I love your idea about a paradigm shift post-break-up...that is a good thought. Now, awhile back, I gave poodle some CDs of channeled materials that really helped me with my own thought-paradigm-shift....maybe you'd like to borrow a couple of them. They're all about creating the life you want, taking care of YOU, and improving your well being by thinking a thought that is just slightly better than the one you're thinking, and then thinking the next better feeling thought, and so on...maybe its too new agey, but it really helped me turn things around and get my life moving where I wanted it to go...and if poods can't find the cds, and you'd like me to send you a couple of your very own, just let me know.
Good morning hot babes! Oh wait, I'm supposed to insult everyone. In that case, HAPPY FUCKING FRIDAY, YOU PUSS-FILLED ANAL WARTS!!!!

Thanks for the support, everyone. I'm not looking forward to the next couple days, but at least I have good people in my life who are willing to take care of me.

(((minx))) If I could help you out during your "recovery," I would. Hang in there, chickadee. You have a right to be crabby and drink in excess. I say, embrace the crappy situation and use it as an excuse to overeat, drink too much, chain smoke, and watch awful TV all while vegetating in your pajamas.

Diva, that's so shitty that the guy tried to steal you car again. What a prick!!! I think they should allow you to punch the guy.

Oh gawd, I wish I could drink coffee and eat breptist. Grrrr...
happy fucking friday you fabulous fucked up femme fatales..........i'm stuck on the letter 'f' today if you hadn't noticed..

((((poodle))))enjoy your rest after the procedure. which i am sure will go off without a hitch.

((minx)) i agree with poodley-noodley, have a weekend to sulk, pout, and in general, do whatever you want. go for it.

diva, that guy is an ass..are the cops gonna get him on anything then? i think its time for a little ding dong ditch with a bag o' poo and a lighter...anyone..?
congrats marileen on your house selling party...

hi turbo, pixie, doodle, lurv, and anyone else i forgot!

wrist is doing loads better. teacher actually signed me off for two fingerwaves when i only did one. woot! and we took a big 'ol test and then played with hair while eating grub we had brought in for our mini cinco de mayo party.
And tonite is my friend M's birthday and its a jewelry/toy party. yes, those kinds of toys. yay! they wanted me to make one of my 'special' cakes but i don't have access to an oven right now that doesn't have my mom hovering over it. oh well.


hehehe. that was my dad's nickname for me growing up. he was so proud that i could fart on command. ah. to be ten again!

sorry for being MIA this week. i have not read the archives. i've been in absolute self-absorption mode this week because i'm waiting patiently to do a pregnancy test. i've got VERY positive indications on my chart (for those of you that use FAM and chart temps, mine went triphasic at 7DPO!!) but i won't know until tomorrow.

so anyway, i've been uber-focused on it this week and didn't want to bore everyone to tears! :-)

poodle, i've been thinking of you this week and i'm sure we'll hear from you soon that the surgery went well and that the rest afterward acts as a refreshing vacation! (well, you can at least take some pain pills and float off into la-la land.) hehe.

i'm going to read the archs now. love and hugs to all.

ooh, i just scrolled down and saw that you might sell your house, marileen! that's awesome! bustie vibes ROCK!


I haven't read the last couple pages, I have no idea what's going on with you peeps. Well, I did catch some.

((Minx)) so sorry to hear about the breakup. take care of yourself.

Poodle! When is your surgery??

Diva, I can't believe someone was trying to steal your car! Gaaaaah! That freakin' sucks. It is sort of funny though that they couldn't get very far with it. Serves them right.

Congrats Marileen!! I am sure it's such a relief to sell the house. Awesome! I only wish I could attend the Move Out party.

Msgoof, glad to hear your wrist is doing well.

Things here are pretty good. I telecommuted yesterday & then I had a dr appt this morning, making me feel like I haven't been in the office in ages. Which is great, except that it leaves me feeling a little out of it. At least it's Friday! And I don't have class tomorrow. Woot! What does everyone have goin' on this weekend?
((Good luck today Poodle!))


*fingers crossed for FJ*

Yay for your fingerwaves MsGoof! That is so cool that you get to learn all these things. I wish I knew how to do neat stuff with hair but I have never been too talented in that area. I can barely manage my own big mop of hair and certainly wouldn’t dare inflict my inept hands on someone else’s head.

Hi to Karianne, Turbo, Pixie, Whammy, Doodle and anyone else who’s here!

Diva – that really sucks about your car. I will brainstorm ways to retaliate against your evil neighbor. My secret dream is to be a private eye so maybe we need to do a stakeout and gather some evidence that will bust his ass… I hope your day gets better – a nice cocktail tonight will definitely help.

I will email the party info tonight or tomorrow – we unplugged my internet access as it was housecode-violatingly run through the cold air vent up into the room where my computer is so the house inspector won’t see it today – JT taped the cords to the inside of the vent so I can pull them right out again and have my internet after the inspection is all done. I’ll be glad when that is over with, and hopefully there is nothing really wrong with our house that will mess with the sale.

So I have to go to this wedding shower/Tupperware-ish party tonight but instead of Tupperware it is some stuff called “Passions”. Overpriced junk, is my guess. I hate that kind of stuff – I wish they’d just scheduled a dinner out with drinks and then we all give J. the bride her presents and go home. The very vague invite said it is supposed to be a “personal” shower, so I didn’t know what I’m supposed to get – am I supposed to buy her some of the “Passions” stuff? Lingerie or something? I was confused and figured it didn’t mean stuff off her registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, so I decided I’m going to stop at Victoria’s Secret and get her a gift certificate so she can get what she wants. Hopefully that won’t look too stupid. Ugh, I just want to go home and have a glass of wine tonight and watch a movie instead. Hopefully it will be better than I am expecting and there will be no party games.
Marileen, Passions... is a brand of sex-toy type party. I think they have a website. The VS GC sounds good though. Then you can rest easy at the party and not have to wonder what to buy her that wouldnt offend! Have fun!

~*~*~*~**~**~** POODLE **~**~**~*~*~*~

((Minxy)) I'm sorry I've been so impatient about Minxman. I lost all my patience for the breaking-up and getting back together phenomnon WAY before I met you. Another friend stole all that particular kind of patience from me years ago and she has never given it back. I *AM* sorry that you are sad. I know I've not been supportive in regard to your relationship with Minxman.
marileen - I definitely think you have the right idea with the GC...enjoy the party!

FJ (((((((super fj preggo vibes)))))) How's the new car treating you? What color is it?

Diva, that totally bites that your car got broken into again...what shitty neighbors! Ours gets broken into about once a year...they always break the little tiny window in the back, so its only a $100 fix, but it still pisses me off.


I got my hair cut last night...I'm still deciding on the looks cute, but I can't deside if its a chic-faux-mullet, or if maybe the cut is a little older than I feel...I have all kindso little short piecey layers and its longer in back...thinned out a ton, which is what I really needed, and I think the cut will be ok with the bike helmet sitch.

yummy - what's up, lady? We haven't seen you 'round much this week!
turbo, i LOVE my car. it's so sweet! mrfj and i actually are sharing it. we switch off between the volvo and the vw every few days. my fave part of the jetta i must confess is the way it sounds. something about that deisel engine sound. :-) and the mp3 player rocks my socks too. it's dark blue with a sort of metallic finish.

i like the sound of your haircut. mine is still long. i need to color it, all my gray or, ahem, "silver" is showing.

marileen, yeah, the passion party is a sex toy party. i would think that a VS GC would make her just as happy though. :-)

will this day just end?
Mmm.....our first Jetta was the metallic blue...we have a black one now - I still prefer the blue. But yes, there is something special about the rumble. Turbo goes nuts anytime a diesel drives past us when we're walking, 'cause he thinks its turboman's car - but there's several diesels on the street, so sometimes he's fooled and disappointed.

Best thing about hennaing my hair - the gray hairs look like highlights now!

Yes, this day *definitely* needs to end!

We're impromtu hosting turboman's BFF and his GF overnight at our house tonight, so I need to get my buns home and clean up real quick, so there's not half-folded laundry laying all over. Then we're taking them out to dinner...hopefully someplace good!
Not much up here turbo! Well, actually yes. However, I've just been kinda speechless. Lots to say, just can't find the words. In a funk, if you will. Thanks for asking. I'll try to catch up next week.......
Thanks for the info on the Passion party - the invite did not say what it was so now I am prepared! I feel better about getting the VS g. certificate now.

Turbo, your hair sounds so pretty with the henna'd highlights.

So I am kind of in shock right now. I went home for lunch to let the dog out and do final picking up around the house before the inspection. JT calls me right as I'm finishing to tell me that the buyer just lost her job today so the sale is off! I don't even know what to think. We'll still keep it on the market but I am just sad and stunned right now. I have never been a very lucky person and this was just feeling too good to be true, you know? I was really hoping my luck had changed, but I guess not. :-( Hopefully we'll get another buyer very soon while our rate is still locked in.

i want a diesel vw! i need a new car. i'd really like a new honda fit (it's called the honda jazz in europe - it's a cute little car that kind of looks like the geo metro i had and loved in high school) but it's a few grand out of my price range. part of me feels like i should just figure out a way to get it because it would be new and not used and hopefully last awhile (it's a honda after all). how can i magically come up with a few thousand dollars?

(((marileen))) god that sucks. hopefully you'll find a new buyer soon. i'll keep my toes crossed.
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