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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Word, mr fj, word.
My cheap highschooler labor was easy to get. Unfortunately, one of them got sick last night...really, actually sick. She was lamenting about how this would have been the only really cool thing she would have done this summer (?!!!)...she has kidney problems, so I know she wasn't blowing sunshine up my ass. So me and the other chica had a blast. Then I took her to Tum Rup Thai, which was also hilarious. She rarely gets out of the northside, so this was fun for both of us. I bought her a huge, expensive meal (she got all worried because you could tell she really wanted shrimp and was all concerned about the price) and she must have drank about 4 cokes, which I thought was pretty impressive. She is about 5'8" and prolly weighs all of 120#. Hell, she could've drank a gallon of the shit and it wouldn't do a damned thing to her other than rot out her teeth and stomach lining.

I haven't heard from Match guy again in another three days. I asked another programmer friend of mine about this and he told me that most computer geeks aren't very intelligent in those ways and is probably getting bombed at work, to give him a little nudge, and if he doesn't bite, fuck 'em. I should be chased, NAY, ADORED!

I would like to be adored wearing Diva's spiked collar and brandishing Poodle's switchblade.


P.S. I will totally tell my Minxlette about sex toys and whatnot. We have already had the masturbation talk, and she has already asked where babies come from, so it just seems natural (to me, anyway) to tell her about self-love. When she is older, I will probably buy her a gift certificate for the Smitten Kitten. I won't embarrass her by going with her...the chicks that run the store can help her out if need be. She already knows about momma's toys, although after she broke the "Hungry Bear" I keep them much more well-hidden. wink.gif
Hi brett! Long time, no see! Welcome back!

"but i won her over by holding her hair when she puked her guts out" Awwww...isn't that sweet...

I'm a homebody, too. The resident boy went home this weekend, so I've got the poodlepad all to myself. I'm already sitting here in my underwear. Weeee!!!

Yeah, my knives. I don't know what happened to them. One thanksgiving, long after I'd graduated from highschool, my brother, dad, and bro-in-law were having this macho, know-it-all conversation about knives at the table. What they didn't know is that I spent a lot of time playing with knives as a teen, because my friend's dad had a room full of them. He must have had at least 50 different switch blades in all sorts of sizes. He also had spikey knives with hooked blades that were basically intended for use on other humans. Since I was one of his only friends (he and his wife didn't talk a whole lot), he gave me these switchblades that he had assembled from foreign parts (they're illegal in the U.S.). I decided to show those hotshots some real knives, so I retrieved my switchblades from the headboard and flipped 'em both open at the same time. You shoulda seen the look on my mom's face. I had one black one that was sort of the "everyday" knife, and another with a bluish, synthetic mother of pearl handle. The blue one that was gorgeous, but had a tendency to spring open on its own. My friend and I used to carry our knives with us to school everyday. Those were the days...
I allready posted this in the general sex thread but nobody is over there so I was hoping someone here could possibly help me with a question

has anyone here had a D&C and uterine ablation? I had both done on the 14th and i'm not sure if i can continue now with sexual activity or even masterbating, I'm afraid it might hurt and I don't see the doctor for another 5 or 6 days, so if anyone has any info I would really really appreciate it!! 'cause it feels like it's been forever

thanks in advance for any advice
Hi dirf! Haven't seen you in a while either! I don't know what to tell ya about the uterine thing. I'm sorry you're in pain. Woman pains are the worst.

I found this photo a couple weeks ago while organizing, and I must say, it provides a very accurate depiction of my highschool self. Here I am complete with black hair, Marilyn Manson shirt, devil horns, dog tags, Kurt Cobain poster, and an Interview with a Vampire banner that I stole from a theater. The only inaccuracy is that I was much more of a White Zombie fan than a Marilyn Manson fan back in the day. To the right, you can see the precious velvet headboard that held all of my goodies. smile.gif
awww thanks poodle, the thing is that right now there isnt any pain so that's why I want to go for it, especially with this new guy but I don't want to kick him off in pain during our first romp.

I lurk all the time, I just have a hard time keeping up with all you lovely ladies, and I've been swamped at work (good thing) but I'm still here

so hello again everyone

Hey, I would go with the standard 4-6 weeks theory to avoid infection, but if you really have a hankering for the HBI, call a nurseline at your clinic or hospital and you should be able to get to talk to someone rather quickly. I will shoot my RN BFF an email about this and get her take on it.

Good luck, and until then...don't ride anything that vibrates. smile.gif
thanks minx, I would call the nurse but they always want all your info, and I only feel comfortable talking about it to my Dr. or of course the busties, thank you so much for asking your friend, I know I will probably have to wait but I don't wanna. and I'm pretty sure I wont make it 4-6 weeks this is the first good chance I've had in 3 years!!!!!!
hi hi olha!!! So good to see you 'round here - and especially with the promise of HBIs on the horizon. Be good to your bits, and listen if they're telling you to wait...just think of the anticipation!!

I just got out of the bath, and am soaking in a foot masque at the moment. Its making my feet all tingly. I really don't feel like finishing the pedicure anymore, I just wanna go tuck into bed, but oh well, I want pretty summer feet!

minxy - I'm glad you got at least one cool student to help you out today - sounds like you worked hard and had a good time - very nice....and now - you're all done with the move - YAY!!

Hello all!!

turbo, I'm very jealous of your relaxing evening. I am attempting to clean out the spare room tonight, which is the worst job on the planet, I'm sure. And also, I've been posting in F-word again, which is always way too taxing and way too difficult, and sets me up for wayyyy to much misinterpretation...and you weren't here to stop me this time! WAAH! *wink*
okay, i read the last page. hi everyone!
Tonight is the last night of ze vacation. le pout.warped tour was amazing and well done. free drinking water, good sound system, much cool shit. i bought a hug from a very cute merch dude.

broken social scene was a complete eargasm. all i can think of to describe is is the most beautiful noise in the world. kevin drew (the lead singer) handed me a water bottle (i was right on the barricade). it is now a prized possession

i walked past the drummer from the dresden dolls on the street. i had a fit of stupid and ran halfway back to him, got distracted by thoughts such as 'why the fuck am i chasing him down, he probably wants peace and quiet' and 'i have no shit for him to sign, and if i did it would be lopsided without amanda palmer's signature', so i didn't quite run up to him and proclaim my love, but returned to slinking towards the venue. i'm going to write them a letter and send phallic cookies and ask for autographs from the both of them instead. the crowd sucked at that show, though. typical teenage girls (even the guys were thirteen year old girls, if you get my drift), so a few of them got ribs full of tyger-elbow and i booted it out of the crowd after the first opener. but i had wicked sightlines lurking against the wall, so it was okay.

i spent too much money! and i won't be able to eat a proper-sized meal for days, as i've been on the 'poor, cheap, and in yuppietown' diet. lots of bread and instant oatmeal, with real food every few days. i realized at lunch i hadn't had fruit in almost a week, so i got a smoothie for dinner. i've decided vancouver is a city i could live in. i'm going for co-op next year and maybe i can get a work term down here or something.

okay, love and hugs to all! i'm gonna stop typing, 'cause the cat here LOVES to get between me and my keyboard. will be back with more regularity starting next week!
Sayeth Nurse Kate:

We usually use the 2 week rule for intercourse/tampon use/ anything in the 'gina.

She really should check with the dr. who did the d&c.

So there you have it, Olah. You should be in the clear, but check with your girlie bits doctor.
hi, olha!! good to see you!

i've only had a d&c, not the other procedure you mention. what i was told at the time was, as minx says, the at least 2 week rule, and that if i felt like it i was probably okay to go. (the implication being that i wouldn't want to if my girlie bits were still in a lot of pain)

i want people to come out and play!! i know that it is saturday, but it is soooooooooooooo hard for me to bust at work! i just don't have the time!!! today is a day off, tomorrow i have to work again (pick up donor from airport, take them to hotel, orient them, bla bla bla)

is there anybody OUT there????? (gah. i still keep trying to post the OLD lounge way. know what? it doesn't WORK. huh.gif dry.gif )
hi hi tes!!

I've been up for hours, just my usual busy busy saturday morning, 7am dog walk, farmers market, produce market for 'rita mix fixins, putting away all the veg, making the 'rita mix, and now I'm madly washing the floors, as they have turned rather beach like.

And this 'rita mix might be my best ever - a big pitcher full of freshly squeezed orange juice, limes, pineapple and nectarines...and its sugar free!! Whee! Is 10am too early for tequila?

Turbodog and I had a lovely, sweaty walk by the lake this morning, with much wading in the water. I love wading with the pupper, it make him so very happy, and he does these magnificent vertical twirling leaps in the water, and I still can't figure out the physics of it!

doodle, darling, now....we've talked about your little problem with the F-word....and you know its just not good for your stress level to go in there! If you go in there again, tes and I are going to have to give you a spanking... wink.gif

tyg! welcome back! We meeced you! Sounds like you had a great vacation, even if you are poor for a bit!!
hullo, hullo, jenn!!! yayayay! i'm not alone!

it does sound like fun to walk turbo through water! i used to walk with my neighbor back in the states and it was fun. i've never had a dog of my own, but i've lived with them and next to them and i DO like them. and greyhounds are just so lovely. i don't just mean the way they look, but also their temperment, and the fact that they remind me a lot of cats. is that a weird thing to say???

that rita mix sounds FAB. and of COURSE it is not to early for tequila. you know how they say that it is ALWAYS after 5 pm somewhere in the world??? well, it is now almost SIX pm here!!! i say go for it!!!

hi, tyg!!! i love it when you are here! i'm GLAD that you are back from vaycay, although i understand your pain. you say the greatest things. how much did you have to pay for the hug???

ETA: i, too, just posted in the Fword threads. i just realized that i COULD. no arsey trolls. ignore buttons! feeling giddy now!!!

nope, tes, you are exactly with a greyhound is a lot like living with a cat. They're very independant, and come to you on their own terms, and truly, there is no such thing as an obedient greyhound, or one that performs tasks on command. Thankfully, they're so laid back, there's really no need for obedience. But they are great companions.

I'm gonna hold off on the tequila for the moment...we need to go run around and do errands, and I'll be a useless companion for turboman if I start the tequila now. BUT, the fridge is well stocked with cold beer and mixes, so that we can fend off the heat!
jenn, i adore you! i've missed you and everyone else SO much! i know this sounds strange, but my work really is my life here. i love my work. it is a good thing, too, because i spend SO much time there -- this week was easily a total of over 80 hours. probably more. my boss and i sort of bitched about it one night when we were the only two there doing the work that others should have done. in order to make the deadline. on the other hand, we are the deputy director (me) and director (him) so we have to carry that responsibility. it is why we get paid more.

that said, i don't have a car yet, and i really HATE to ask people for favors. so i tend to stay at home with meems. when i'm not at work. that, plus i am really catching up on my sleep today. i was suffering severely from lack of sleep. when i NEED an alarm to wake up, i am too tired! i woke up at 7 am today (late for me) and went back to sleep around 10:30 for a long nap. just like a cat! or a greyhound! smile.gif

i've heard how HOT it has been in the states this summer. luckily, i'm not living there....and the weather here is PERFECT. i mean, perfect. in the 20s, almost all the time, every day, 24 hours a day. of course, when it is summer here, it is hellish. reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally hot, and HUMID. somehow, i don't MIND that it is hot in africa. it is supposed to be hot here. right? it's the tropics!

i am drinking wine. isn't that a sign of alcoholism? drinking alone?

Drinking alone shouldn't be a sign of anything bad, especially when you live alone. I enjoy drinking alone. I like being able to enjoy the buzzy feeling all by myself.

Hi Tes! I love seeing your purple writing around here. And I'm so jealous of you loving your job so much. What are you doing exactly? What's a typical day or week like?

I'm all done cat sitting. Boo. I really enjoyed it. Even TB commented that I was happier.

Hi Jenn, Tyger, Doodle, Minx, Olha, and anyone else I missed.
Happy Saturday skanks!!

I'm actually feeling pretty crusty today. Oscar kept poking me in the face around 7:00 AM, and I fell asleep on the couch a couple hours later, so now my sleep and coffee consumption schedule is all messed up.

I'm assuming you mean Celsius when you say 20 degrees, tes. So that's just a little under 70F, right? That sounds nice. Although, I would love it if it were 20F outside right now. Oh god, just have to hang in here for a couple months and then I'll be comfortable again.

Since it's too damn hot to go outside, I've been downloading and watching Behind the Music episodes and organizing my iTunes collection. I just finished the Guns N Roses episode, and I'll be starting the Journey episode after I take a shower. smile.gif

I'm so glad the boy is out of town so I can sit around in my underwear.

I'm also having fun annoying Oscar. He keeps trying to lay on my desk because it's next to the AC, but he's so cute that I can't stop squeezing him and talking to him. He's giving me a really crusty look right now.

Alright, well I'm gonna go take a cold shower. Talk to y'all later!

PS- If drinking alone makes one an alcoholic, then call me Dean Martin.
hi dean *wink*, turbo, tes, catsoup, tyger, minxy! and welcome back olha!!

just taking a break from cleaning the garage. now i need a shower before i can actually clean the house, which needs some attention as well.

hope you're all having a good weekend so far.

mrfj leaves for dallas tomorrow at 1pm, so we're trying to spend some quality time together and with the house.

gotta run and hop in the shower with him now...

be back later!

(oh, and hi brett! welcome back to you TOOOOO!)
Yeah, if drinking alone makes you an alcoholic, then both the mister and myself need to be signed up for AA stat. smile.gif

I worked this morning (7:45-2:30) and when I came home, B fell asleep on the couch watching his cartoons (anime, whatever). So what did I do? Put on my comfy clothes (pjs!), stetched out on the other couch, cuddled with the dog, and watched a couple of tivo'd episodes of "what not to wear." oh, and had some ice cream too. heaven!

I've got another episode left, and then it's time to dye my hair and give the doggeroo a trim. And then probably work some more on the book my boss lent me about 2 months ago ("Wicked" by Gregory Maguire). When B gets up we have steak and corn on the cob for dinner-my favorite!

I don't think that's too bad of a way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon!

[today's original afternoon plans were to go to the dog park, but it's around 90 degrees, sunny and humid out. I've got a black dog (border collie) who doesn't know when to slow down and chill out, so in the interest of avoiding heatstroke, we'll wait until another day.]

I'm so glad the boy is out of town so I can sit around in my underwear.

Poodle, I did precisely that yesterday afternoon as I wanted to keep the windows open (we've had a funky mystery smell in the apt.) and it was wicked hot. So I did that, screwed around on the internet, and enjoyed some nice merlot. Sometimes, it's really nice when the boy is gone and I've got the place to myself.
good maude, its hot out there today!

we just got in from erranding, and then cooled down with an icy beer, and then I promptly fell asleep on the couch...that's about the usual result. And now, an Alton Brown marathon on foodtv....mmmmm.....

Brett, Wicked is my favorite of the Gregory McGuire books....Ugle Stepsister is a close second. I'm just finishing Lost, and well...its very depressing. So skip that one for summer reading. The sequel to Wicked is excellent as well. I think I'll try and knock out the last of Lost this afternoon, so I can move on to lighter reads.

tes, I'm glad you love your job too - working that many hours, you'd have to love it to keep your sanity...I'm not sure I could work that hard when the weather is that nice and you're surrounded by such lovely fresh foods to prepare....maybe I should move to africa and be tes' chauffer and cook!

hmmm....maybe I should take my lawn chair and go on down to the lake and do the good old fashioned, put the lawn chair in the lake trick to cool off.

my goodness, the fjs are being productive today! I have to reserve productivity for early morning in the hot afternoon, I'm all tuckered out!
Jenn, I was watching the Alton Brown marathon just now, too! The giant wasn't interested in the wonton show, so we watched the rest of wrestling from last night.

Hi, Olhakadirf! I'm glad things are busy at work for you and HBI on the horizon.

Poodle was such a badass in high school! You're who I wanted to be back then, but my mommy wouldn't let me. Those knives sound cool as hell.

Sounds like you've had a very fun trip, Tyger.

If I'm going to get any decent amount of time alone at home, I need to take the day off from work. It kind of sucks, but the benefits outweigh the downfalls.

Hi, Tes and FJ and Catsoup and Doodle and Minx and Brett and anyone else I missed!

We're just chilling out in the house today. We made the most awesome steak sanwiches last night with swiss cheese and sauteed onions. Yummy. And tonight I'm going to make a go at pesto. I think I bought all the right stuff for it yesterday. I've got to wait for the giant to finish the dishes, though. It's his turn and I was getting really pissed off at having to wash a fork every time I wanted to eat anything.

Tomorrow we're going to IHOP! Yay! But at 10:00 am. Boo! But I'll do just about anything for hot breakfast food I don't have to prepare. Then to the MOA to watch them go on rides (I'm scared of most rides and anything that makes me go upside down - that shit ain't natural), and to the giant's mom's house for cake and ice cream. Except for the early start, it should be a pretty good day.

Okay, off to watch Paula Deen's trip to Europe and eat fudge while the giant washes dishes.
Halloooooooooooooooo everyone! How are we all doing today?? I am being lazy and am sitting on my unmade bed, in my underwear, BUSTing on the laptop. BAD DOODLEBUG! The cats are very bewildered by this behaviour.
....And why is sitting in your underwear busting bad, exactly??? I often bust in my undies, and often nekkid, post bathtime. so there!!

I don't think I ever get tired of Alton Brown. I've seen all the epis, and I am more than happy to watch the re-runs.

I'm not doing anything tonight. nuthin'! And its great. I think it might be time for a 'rita, since I made that fabulous mix this morning.
Ah, well...what if you've been hanging around in your underwear since you woke up? HEE!

I will trade you some of my regionally-produced Granville Island Honey-brown lager for a 'rita, turbo.
Wow! It's been busy in here for the last coupla hours!

Doodle, I just got dressed a little bit ago. I think you're amongst many who are in their underwear!

Ahhh...diva...I'm sooo jealous of your IHOP trip! I'm starving, because there's very little food in my house and I am avoiding the outside world as much as possible. Right now I'm trying to motivate myself to walk to the grocery store for some mexican stuff and icecream.

I lost the source while downloading the Journey Behind the Music episode, so I think I'm gonna take a trip up to the video store for some entertainment. I'm in a documentary/reality mood, so I think I might try to find season one of 30 Days, because Morgan Spurlock's website said it was out on DVD.

Wish me well, ladies. I am about to embark on a scorching hot journey for food and entertainment.
*hands poodle a orange-nectarine-lime 'rita, frothy from the shaker*

doodle, as far as I am concerned, one of the benefits of being grown-up is the ability to sit around nekkid or in undies, and drink tequila anytime I like! I'm quite sure there are people in the building next door who probably think of me as the naked neighbor, as I have no window treatments and a glass wall in the living room, and I'll wander around anytime of day or night sans apparel. I figure no one is going to stop me on the street and point me out as the nekkid neighbor. But now that I know people in that building, I am curious who's watchin.'

our poodle is brave to wander out into the sweaty head for supplies and entertainment! Everytime I go out there, I wanna come home and take a shower!
I settled for tying a sarong around my waist so at least I'll LOOK respectable if a tall mysterious stranger shows up...though a tall mysterious stranger might prefer me in my little lime green undies...

*steals orange-nectarine-lime 'rita from poodle and guzzles it down, hands out Granville Island honey lager*


I am trying to mellow out and learn some new songs on the guitar, but my fingers are really stiff, which is very annoying.

We should all do a party line call sometime and serenade one another with songs!

*goes back to trying to learn One*
I have returned from my journey. I had to peel my jeans off, but I'm back in my undies now, so it's all good. Here's what I procured for tonight's enjoyment:
-The Who: The Kids are Alright (documentary)
-some documentary on serial killers
-green tea icecream
-tortilla chips
-Salsa Lisa Chipolte salsa, which is the best salsa in the world
-Red Machine Naked Juice, yummmmm....

I couldn't find 30 Days at the video store. I suppose it's just too new (released a couple weeks ago). I really hope they get it though, because I want to see the episode on the Dancing Rabbit community.
Well, all I have to say is, The Legend of Zelda is a lot easier now than it was when I played it the first time, 19 years ago.

That must mean that beer makes you play video games better. And sleepy.

awwww, man, doodle, I totally meant that 'rita for you....blame it on the tequila, for that typo....not that I wouldn't be happy to give poodle a 'rita too...

*hands 'ritas 'round the thread for all takers*

poodle, looks like you have all the elements you need for a good evening at home. Enjoy!

I'm trying to stay up for SNL tonight...rerun of Steve Carrell and my boy Kanye (who sucks performing live, but he's still beautiful).

Ah-hah! turbomann sighting! *waves*

turbo, I totally know you meant it for me, that's why I hadda steal it from poods! biggrin.gif Merci!

poodle, I've never had green tea ice cream...what's it like?

Well, unable to stay sitting around in my undies any longer, I decided to start hacking up one of my drop cloths, to make a (quirky, paint-splattered) replacement lampshade for the one Carmella went all Zorro on. I'd best go report on that in the decorating thread and then get back to it...I need that lamp in my bedroom!
Doodle, are you learning the "One" by Metallica? Or is it some other song by the same name. If it's the Metallica version, go you! \m/ \m/ \m/

Wow, Poodle, you're brave. It's probably still, like 95 out. Good call on the green tea ice cream.

I'm still in my underwear, too. Sometimes we don't bother with real clothes when we're not going anywhere. We've so far played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition 2, eaten fettuccine with pesto and chicken, watched 3 episodes of SATC, and we're going to watch something else in a minute. It's one of those lazy days/nights. Ahhhhh...

Oops, look like the giant just turned on SNL. Maybe we'll watch that.
hey ladeeeeeez, get funky! *runs around thread playing the cowbell*

wow, it's like a WEEKday in here! woot!

i agreee. nothing wrong with sitting around in your undies all day long. i'm often quite nekkid while posting. (in contrast to not quite nekkid i guess...)

we actually were pretty productive today. still washing sofa covers right now. and we think we fixed the leaking refrigerator, although only temporarily, by crimping the water line. somehow, the water line that connects into the fridge won't even turn off at the wall behind the fridge. we've had a leak at the water dispenser in our old ass side by side for a few weeks. the good news it that the dispenser actually works as of tonight (or at least it WOULD if it were still hooked up) and it hasn't since our home inspection before buying the house. bad news is, if we turn the water back on now, we'll have a puddle in the floor within an hour. booooo.

*sips a 'rita* mmmm, good mix miss jenn.

oh yeah, hi, turbomann... wink.gif so, when are we gonna meet. i can't have mrfj knowing your woman and me not knowing you! hehehehe

doodle, that's a great idea on the party line! we should totally do that. esp. while we're all drunk! smile.gif

diva, so did the pesto turn out well?

ok, i had other stuff i was going to comment on, but i'm going to go check on mrfj and get my drink. we've already polished off one bottle of pinot grigio tonight and i just popped open a bottle of champagne. yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

oh, wierdness ensued with couple #2 last night. i will recap later... blink.gif

I think the turbos and the FJs are going to have to get together and do an ABBA number for our first drunken party line serenade.

Ha ha! diva, that's funny you'd think of Metallica first! I meant the U2 song! biggrin.gif

Hey!!! That 'rita wasn't meant for me?! Whatever, I got my own crappy pre-mixed margarita anyway...

I don't know what green tea icecream tastes like because I've never had it before. Everyone seems to like it, and it sounds like a good flavor for this type of weather, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been so busy eating nachos and watching The Who that I forgot about it! *runs to freezer*

Oooh!! I so wanna play Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition! I think I could kick some serious ass at that game. What kinds of questions do they ask? Is it all about Britney Spears or is there actually some interesting stuff in there?

It turns out that The Kids are Alright is actually a crapload of performances interspersed with TV interviews, which is better, because there's more footage of Keith Moon acting(?) like a weirdo. God he's funny. He's the best part of The Who, next to Roger Daltrey's sculpted torso.

Now it's time for icecream and serial killers.
mmmmmmmmmm nachos....

i just slammed some japanese clear soup (with extra scallions, cause they never give you enough) left over from takeout dinner.

green tea ice cream would suit me just fine right now.

but i might just have some chips and salsa. or s'more of this edamame.

hm. conundrum.

mmmmmmmmmm, s'mores...
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's SUNDAY MORNING!!!

*bangs on drums*


i know i don't have a prayer of any of you being awake at 5 am or 4am. but a girl can always HOPE. smile.gif

i SHOULD be working, but i'm NOT. nyah!

*puts thumb to nose, waggles fingers*

i have to go to the airport early this afternoon (around 2ish) to pick up a BIG POTATO from our funding agency who is here to evaluate the sites that we support.....le blerg. i hope that she is REALLY tired by the horrendously LONG flight, and overcome by jetlag, and that i don't have to "babysit". which i really shouldn't complain about, because i used to LOVE LOVE LOVE it when i was flying in to a foreign country to work for just a week or few, and felt lonely a lot. so it is sort of paying it forward, you know? or backward, or whatever. the reciprocal thing.

hmmm. what sort of work do i do, in 25 words or less? our organization gets funding from the us government to rehabilitate, equip, train, supervise, assist bla bla bla in the provision of anti retroviral drug therapy to treat people living with HIV/AIDS in this country. i do a little bit of everything, except for clinical practice; i have a public health background, but am not a clinician. almost everyone that i work with IS a doctor, or a nurse. there is a lot more to it than that, but i don't want to bore everyone who already knows this to tears.

divala, falljackets, jenn, catsoup......i am muito jealous of your being able to just hang out at home with your boys. i miiiiiiiss my mr. hotbuns terribly right now.

the GOOD NEWS is that after all of these people from the states come here to evaluate us and help us and we get a plan written for next fiscal year, which will all happen in the next 2 weeks or so, i get to SEE HIM!!!!! not sure if i have mentioned or not, but we are meeting in lisboa and then flying the next day together to Madeira, for almost 2 weeks. heaven. HEAVEN.

yes, to whoever asked about the 20 C thing -- it pretty much stays in the 20s....might get up to 27, 29 during the day, might get down to 17 at night.....but yah, 20s. sun. not the brutal sun of summer, but still sun. about 12 hours a day. not the way that you are all used to: it comes up around 5:30, 6 and goes down around 5:30 or so. the length of the day does change here, but not by much, year round. it's the tropics thing. i think we JUST fall into the tropic of capricorn. we are in more or less the same latitude (is that right?? the one that goes around the middle, not the up and down one?) as rio de janeiro, in brasil.

okay. blathering now. sorry!

any of those margaritas left???
*passes out sunday morning mimosas to all*

...the 'rita mix would be equally good as mimosas, me bad there's no champagne in the chiller.

tes, I to indeed hope that your visitor is too tired and wants to rest this afternoon. Sundays are sacredly lazy days in our house! We're having friends over for a simple dinner tonight, but otherwise, we're not gonna do much of anything.

Now, though, I'm gonna run off to the grocery before it gets too hot!
I had the most excellent evening with two of my best friends. The three of us, plus two of these really cool chicas that are neighbors, sat around drinking gin and tonics, blabbing about whatever.

And then, after the cool chicas left, I took out the BURN BOX. Yes, that's right. The box of relationships gone buh-bye. Friendships that went sour (two of 'em), the ex-fiance, the baby daddy, and lastly The Weasel...or should I just start referring to (when necessary) him as The Dildo since his name is also the name of my fabulous mechanical boyfriend?

Anyhoo, there was a 10x20" box of letters, keepsakes, books, doodles, and pictures. All of it got incinerated last night. Fucking torched. I got to weep and reminice (good times and bad) and it was a raging inferno for about 20 minutes. Now it is gone, and I couldn't be happier.

I think that I want to go shopping for dishes today. I am nearly tempted to go to the Deathstar (MOA), but I don't know if I can handle the hording masses today. Maybe just Ridgedale. They are having a sale at Macy's that only lasts through today, so I gots to go. Bitches gotta have their dishes.

Oh yeah, Poodle, I wish you woulda been there with me last night. My BFF's husband was playing DJ and he put on "Faithfully" so that we could croon together.


P.S. I love you, Tessie. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder yesterday and blow my nose on your sleeve. You're one in a million baby. MWAH!
thanks everyone for the wonderful "welcome back"

I am at work and today is usually the day I get to see my male friend wink.gif and so i got all dressed up went to get some coffee and while I was there I read my horiscope and it said today was a beautiful day for me to fall in LOVE!!! so I went to work and put on some makeup which is now literally melting off my face it is so damn hot and I fear that my face is all shiny and have no powder to fix it. oh well

And I have decided to wait a few more days probably wont kill me although it has been soooooo long

so I have to go turn the air down even further because it doesn't seem to be helping and it's making me extremely jealous hearing about all the "undie BUSTing" going on

Why do radio stations play Elliot Smith? Every time I hear that song "Twilight" I want to crawl naked into a fetal position, rock back and forth, and weep bitterly.

Honestly, if there was a song about the last ex, it was that one.

ETA: I bought dishes today! And glasses!! I only need a dining room table and I will have officially established a complete NEW HOME!
sunday drive-by! hi all. busting in underwear=what i am doing right now!

i am having trouble getting used to this car; it has no power steering since it is old and that is a difficult thing when you are driving somewhere you are not familiar with and have to make quick decisions involving u-turns...ugh. swore a lot in front of visiting friend, which i feel bad about, since she is kind of proper. she was also no fun, which i feel really bad about. i am a bad person for not having fun with her. ugh.
too much driving yesterday, though we did go to venice beach and put our toes in the ocean and i found a ton of sand crabs.

also picked the complex ex up from the airport in from rio (lucky dog); he brought me a book on brazilian graphic design as a souvenir. awesome. ended up accidentally falling asleep at his house because i was super tired and so was he, but he ended up waking up at like 6am because of the time difference and would not let me sleep. funny how he's gotta be jetlagged for me to get any chance of morning portions. oh, pity me. hahaha.

grocery shopping done, may go to a bbq this afternoon, may just stay in and relax and update my illustration website. gotta get cracking on the freelance stuff.

green tea icecream is delicious; i wish i had some now. i love the mochi kind that are encased in rice flour dumpling things....mmmmmm.

minx, burning the burn box is very brave. i just keep mine hidden and never look at it...but i still have it.

v. curious about the fj's couple #2 weirdness!

happy sunday all
Hi, peeps.

Just a drive-by. Went to the Deathstar (good word, Minx) with the giant's mom, sis-in-law, and 2 neices for one of their birfdays. Watched them go on a lot of rides and talked to his mom. They finally got me on a ride called The Scrambler. It spins around and has these arms with 2 pods that you sit in that spin around each other vertically. But since I didn't go upside down and there were no steep angles, it was okay by me. Then I got my BFF's birfday present, ate tons of ice cream and cake (in addition to the calorie-fest that was breakfast at IHOP), and now we're home. My brother's been bugging me about this thing he's doing and how much my retirement benefits are for, he called twice today. But now I'm in my underwear eating cheese and crackers and watching Food Network. Ahhhh...

Green tea ice cream is a strange beast. I love it where I go for Japanese food, but didn't like it when I bought a container and brought it home.

I really did read everything since yesterday, just not so much time to post. Will tomorrow when my boss lets me play at noon. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the union guy calls and I can work on taking a leave from there for awhile.
i'm pajama busting! i have boxers with american (i think) chocolate bars on them. krackel and mr. goodbar. we don't have them in canada, in any case.

i miss vancouver! i miss the sushi. oh, the sushi was good. my friend i was staying with kept saying things that could or could not have been interpreted as subtle hints of him liking me. like, if we were in another situation the things would have just been funny anecdotes, but they weren't for whatever reason, if that makes any sense. but he's the kind of guy that would either be doing it on purpose or totally not realize he was unintentionally dropping hints. damnit, if boys read cosmo things wouldn't be so unclear most of the time.

so, really, i just want sushi. also, the night we watched the incredibles and polished off a large box of oreos could bear repeating. flove to all!
Sort of driving by!

tyger, you can get Mr. Goodbar and Krackel in Canada...but I think only when you buy those bags of Hershey's minis....

I laid on my bed playing guitar all day, then I went grocery shopping and watched Walk the Line tonight. (Did anybody else find it weird that they shied away from showing much about Johnny Cash's christianity in the movie? I mean, I'm not into x-tianity, but that was 100% who Cash was, so they should have portrayed it more honestly...) Anyway, that's about it! Now I'm listening to this classic soul radio station on MusicMatch. It's yummy!

Stupidly checked the one from the funder...she wants me to add a few things to my report...*sigh*...
Hey bitches - its Monday morning. booo-hissss. And hot as hades already. Its already 85 degrees, and we're headed up to 99 degrees today - wheee!! Thank the goddess for AC!

We had a lovely weekend in spite of the heat, pretty much staying in the house for 2 days. Yesterday we cleaned the condo top to bottom, and turboman was a HUGE help! He did all the stuff we've been meaning to do for a couple years - cleaning the screens, washing windows and all gave me a wicked allergy attach from all the dust, but it was worth it to have a sparkling clean house.

And then we had a couple friends over for dinner, and it totally rocked - fresh sweet corn and tomatoes, fruit salad, guacamolet, and chioptle-basil-garlic marinated fajitas with all the trimmings! It was so good...and even though I made a ton of food...there was no leftovers - we just couldn't help ourselves! I was still full when I got up this morning.

I don't really want to be at work today, I'd rather snuggle back into bed, but oh well...I'd best get to it here...
Happy Monday!

I tested this out and I can tell you you all are without looking at your names or avatars!

Welcome back ohlakadirf! I was thinking about you yesterday because Jane magazine had an article about going to Mexico and had a pic of frida and diego's house. It is so great. I want a house like that!

Word, I love green tea ice cream.

Me and the guy are in underwear or naked TOGETHER just slouching around all the time! We balanced between work and play this weekend.

We're seeing Rocket from the Tombs tonight with associated friends. Really want to see one of the opening bands too with one of my former workmates, they're badass punk girls.

My friends and I will be a big group of badass original punkers -- we will rule that place.
too many people in boston stand around, don't dress up or dance or talk to anyone. Snooze fest.

So, this weekend was hot and we blew off a lot of social activities and drove up to Crane Beach which is a beautiful beach with big fluffy sand, water so clear you can see your feet, a nature preserve with boardwalks going over the dunes to the beach and beautiful wooden changing houses that remind me of my grandma's fifties summer cottage. Classic and lovely.

The water was Fa reeezing!! I finally took a cue from guys (and the DARE!!) and just ran in and dove under! I ended up screaming and laughing with glee! That water did NOT warm up in a few minutes -- no! it did not!

We went to Salem to their microbrewery and had great food and drink and then I walked him around Salem so I could sober up enough to drive. They just installed a statue of Samantha from Bewitched!! It was controversial because some people are snobby doodyheads who want to make it a fancy sea captain town and ignore the witchcraft history. They want to wipe out the documentation of the puritan stuff as well as all the cartoony touristy witchy love from the 60s and the goth 80s and 90s. But they can't!

If you're ever in the Boston area, go see Salem! The train only takes a half an hour from North Station, and the town is not a sprawling suburb, everything is close to the train station, you can walk around, it's really pretty! I used to be a "historic interpreter" at House of Seven Gables so I know the history of Nathaniel Hawthorne and the houses there -- both pretty cool! They have a lot of wacky attractions still and the bars are really friendly and the restaurants are good. I can't say enough good things about it...

g'morning busties!

i'm not fully awake just yet. i need more coffee!!

i've read everything, but no time to really respond. just wanted to check in for roll call. wink.gif

it rained realy hard yesterday and was stormy and windy. a BIG limb fell out of a tree in the backyard. big, as in, if it would have hit the house, it would have caused some damage. it might have even been stuck by lightening, but i didn't see it or hear it fall. it was odd.

so it's time to call the tree surgeon and have limbs removed from above the house. if this happened with a heavy thunderstorm, i don't even want to think of what could happen if a major hurricane (or even tropical storm!) came through here.

yes, it's that time again. ugh! blink.gif
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