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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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eeeewwww mr. fj......
Yeah, turbojenn! I think Chicago's cool, but they have about the same number of print graphics jobs as Boston does. The housing prices are lower, but then... winter is so much worse.

I don't know.

I worked for Leo Burnett here in Boston - main office Chicago - before they got swallowed up and swallowed again by one of those modern mega-conglomerates that all have made-up goofy names so they won't get stuck back in technology-TIME with a name like Electric Radio Corporation. These names make me think of the Monty Python skit where the guy at the boardroom table says, "Splunge!"

And I can never remember them...

When I see them I just think "SPLUNGE!" .. and beyond that it all goes dim.

Hi divala and ms.goof!!

Jobbity vibes for diva!

Hey poods, what's up with looking at apartments? Give up on buying a house? I think it's gutsy and smart to buy if you know for sure you're going to love the area and have a steady income. I'm almost there, I reckon. Boston and environs are pretty god-awful for such a venture though. You're mentioning looking up studios for the boy for 400 or less made my mouth water. Seriously, if I was just one person looking for a one-room place anywhere around Boston 800 would be the lowest -- unless it was some seriously asswipe commute living with some wretched old lady in part of her little house or something.

Mr FJ! You are lucky I am not eating right now, that story...ICK. I don't even want to think about it.

Ms gf, I forgot I was gonna come get in the kiddie pool with you! Is the offer still good? I'll take you up on it, it's hot as balls outside here.

Hi Blood, Sweat, & Tears! I mean Diva! Just kidding with ya, that name is hilarious. I would be Van Halen Navigator. I don't know my neighbor's last name, so that's it.

Mouse, how long did you say your friend is in town for? Was this the one who you were a little nervous about? How is it going?

I just got back from Pilates. I am giving it a go to see if it helps me with my spine troubles. I hope it does. And at the very least, it better tone me up. Dammit.

Jenn, are you enjoying your gym membership?

I guess I'm gonna go eat my lunch...spaghetti.
oh yes the kiddie pool is still open....mojitos anyone? --passes a tray of mojitos around---

i play bartender well. or so i am told.

dammit...i did it again. i just ate a whole bag of terra 'blue' potato chips. tongue.gif
oh. my. GOD mrfj!!!!! what else could you have done, though? ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwww

ah, apartment-hunting......good vibes to all who are, it's difficult. i hope you find somewhere you like. (yeah wombat, boston is RIDONCULOUSLY expensive. i remember looking for studios there in the (vain) hopes i could live by myself, and the only thing i found, which was, at 650, just pushing my price limit at the time, was a BASEMENT ROOM at the corner of huntington and south huntington, right next to the furnace, with windows about half a foot high way up by the cieling which anybody could have easily kicked open. yeah, it had a kitchen area, but you had to stand on the bed to open the oven).

i just did the most hilariously redundant thing, and i am still inwardly giggling about it. we have to submit request forms to the front office for supplies like pens, printer ink, file folders etc, and we have the form on our computers so whenever we need something we just print out a form and fill it out. however, i ran out of PAPER. which meant i had no paper to print my request for more paper i used a scrap piece of paper with something printed on the back, thus proving the validity of the front's request for....MORE PAPER. hee.

ya, kari, same girl. we actually had fun last night. we are definitely not as close as we were at 16 (i think that's to be expected), but we got along much better than i expected. she's here till saturday night.
I think mr fj is the grody-gross out king of this thread!

kari, you did just have to ask about the gym, now didn't you?! unsure.gif I've been going to spin pretty regularly, 2x a week, but I cannot get motivated for anyting else it seems...five minutes ago, I just said to my co-worker that I didn't think I really wanted to go this afternoon, as its my weights workout, which I loathe...but now, I think I should. I just want to be lazy sometimes, you know? Usually the sauna is a good incentive for me, but its like a sauna outside, so its not as appealing right this minute. In my own defense, I still bike at least 40 miles per week...

mouse, that is hilarious...requesting paper on a recycled sheet....
Hey babes! I've been working hard all day and I need a break. I wish I was done with this stupid report.

"Blood Sweat and Tears SUV Taylor" Bwahahaha!!! I guess my bustie name would be Eagles Lexus Gamble. I'm not so sure about that formula. Here's one: the model of your car or past car (like Fleetwood), your favorite type of cheese, and your kindergarten teacher's last name. In that case, I would be Caravelle Provolone Walker. I think I like that better than Eagles Lexus Gamble.

Wow! The gay boyfriend is dating a Log Cabin Republican? My co-worker calls them Log Jammin' Republicans. Yup.

I'm starving. I better make a Panera run.
These names are cracking me up. What's up Eagles??

Ok, with the new one I would be Corolla Goat McMannis. That is a hot name. smile.gif

Mouse, well that is good that you two are getting on. I find that happens even with friends I AM in touch with. I guess that is what is supposed to happen, since people should be constantly growing.

Jenn, that's good, 2x a week. I have a problem with motivation too. Some days I just don't feel like going. I had intended to spin tonight, but I'm losing that feeling. Then I thought I could run the dog. She probably would like the exercise too, but it's so hot out.

Ms gb, Yes! I'd love a mojito! *takes a big sip* MMM, so delicious!
since i'm not sure of my mom's fave band (she's like me and unable to choose) nor do i know the last name of my neighbors, i'll go with poodle's formula:

jetta havarti stewart or if i went with very first cars it could be monte carlo havarti stewart. hehehehe.

mmmm, cheeeese

i cancelled my pt class tonight. i am still in pain from the last one. i felt bad cancelling, but cutie therapy-giver (better than the+rapist) wasn't going to there anyway. honestly, i'll do my home exercises tonight when i get home. there was no way i could walk on a treadmill or balance myself on a freaking ball today. no. way.

still thinking about cheeeeese. i had a can of ABC soup today. it was yummy.

but not as good as this mojito! gee, thanks ms gb!
Yeah, I think I'm going to skip the gym, go home, take the dog for a wade in the lake, and then take a decent walk...and then take a bath, as MRG is making my lower back a little cranky.

Hmmm...let's see, I would be Jetta Soy's that for the dorkiest porn name evah?

My name would be glorious: Intrepid Brie Halverson.

Okay, looks like I will only have about one or two more carload of shit to remove from the house and then I am in the clear. I should prolly do a perfunctory cleaning job, but that is all future tense. I WILL BRIBE ANYONE WITH MONEY OR SEXUAL FAVORS IF YOU WILL COME AND GIVE ME A HAND FOR AN HOUR TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Serious. Or likker, if that be more to your liking. wink.gif

I met a couple of teacher friends for tapas over at Abe, La Bodega. It fuckin' sucks. Everything is greasy, the waitstaff was about as sharp as a sack of wet mice, and after ordering a lemonade, she brought me something the equivalent of COUNTRYTIME. Kill me now. It was awful. Never go there. FEHH!!!!

I am glad you all like the avatar. I laughed my kiester off when I found it. I was considering posting pictures of the ex inflagrante, but I think that would have been over-the-top.

Well, for most with the exception of Tessie. Kiss-kiss!!
On my way, Minx. With lube.
hehe these are awesome. i am honda gorgonzola umble.......which kind of sounds like a sesame street character. hee.

hmmmmmmm chicago for good print design? good to know, turbo, i've always wanted to live there.
Howdy, all....I'm back! I think. I've got someone on their way to pick up some resources, but other than that, I've decided I'm done for the day.

What is irony? Oh, yes, now I know the true taste of it. Without revealing any confidential info, I can tell y'all that I'm now assisting with custody proceedings for the recently-separated ex of a pr*mise k**per dude who used to write nasty letters to the editor about me and my organization.

BWAHAHAHAHA! And I'm putting a great deal of effort into it, too.

I dunno if that's irony, Doodle, but it shur az shit be poetic justice.

Hmmm...Mr.FJ and some lube...sweaty and diryt. I think that I like where this is going. Bring the Missus!!
doodle, that is *awesome* that you're working hard on that case....and I know you will do a damned good job!

thank cod I am home brain was starting to sizzle this more day to go...
I just had the *most* brilliant idea!!!!! Somebody give me a fucking award for sheer genius!!!!

I emailed two of my students who do not have jobs and asked them if they would help me move the last of my crap out and clean the behemoth. I hope that they bite--they are really cool kids and I am bribing them with food and cash. That should work!!

*does a Snoopy dance and considers a beer for all her hard thinking*
Awesome, doodle. Tear that mofo a new asshole.

I'd help ya out, minx, but I'm going out to dinner with my fam for my dad's birfday. We're going out for mexican somewhere on the West Side of St. Paul. I can't remember what the place is called. I hope hope hope they have mojitos!!

I was on blogthings a little bit ago and I took the "Which modern american president are you most like?" quiz, and it told me I was Ronald Reagan!!! ACKKK!!!
My new name would be F-150 Pepperjack Kulseth.

Minx, you're so right about La Bodega. I went there once and didn't care much for it. The sangria is good, but that's about it. Even though it's more expensive, Solera is a way better place for tapas.

GB, gimme gimme gimme that drink now! I could really use it.

Jenn, you sound like you're awfully active already without the gym. You bike 40 miles a week (more than I've done in the past half of my life in total), take the dog out several times a day, and do spin. Don't feel bad about skipping the gym. It sounds a little redundant.

I wonder how otherwise intelligent women end up with jackasses like Prom!se K@@pers. And Log Cabin Republicans.

The weirdest thing has happened here at work, and I blame my boss: I've about run out of work. Since I'm not allowed to play with you guys during the day, and anger is an incredible motivator, I've gotten so much done that I'm pretty close to running out until August 3. And the irony of it? I can't spend any of that time on the internet, when it was because of the internet that I had a steady work flow. Thanks alot, asshole boss. Everything I've got left to work on could be done in one ambitious day. I think this is the first time in the history of his office.

I think my brother has become one of those annoying networkers. He's doing a financial overview thingy for me for the practice at his new job and he needs to know about my retirement plan benefits. Fuck me if I know that shit of the top of my head or really even care since retirement is about 30 years away and I've got other things going on in my life that keep me from sitting at home at night scrutinizing my retirement crap. So now I have to look that up so he can plug all his numbers. And then he asks me if I have our cousin's number WHO I HAVEN'T CALLED IN ABOUT 12 YEARS so he can hit her up for the same. Um, no. Please don't go there, dear brother. Don't become one of those annoying networkers.
Hi everyone. I have to whine for a minute and then I'll go back and read what everyone did today and respond.

I had another fucking crappy day at work. All the normal bullshit plus one my two fav coworkers telling me she was going to give notice today that she's quitting. Fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk. I really just want to quit. I don't want to go back there. I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I feel like shit and can't take another day there this week. Plus I got in the mail one of those shitty "thanks for applying but you're not good enough" form letters from one of the jobs I applied for recently. 1 down, 3 to go. I'm really a little concerned about sinking into a depression hole. I haven't been depressed like this in a long time and I'm worried it's just going to get worse. Damn. I just want to lay on the couch, feel sorry for myself, and watch bad tv. Oh and naps, lots of naps...

Okay, off to read the archives. Be back later. Thanks for letting me bitch.
This is just a drive-by to report that whenever I play Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen songs on the guitar, Georgie suddenly re-appears from whatever corner of the house he's been hiding in. But not for any other songs. I dunno why he likes those ones so much....

Carmella shows up for any song. Actually, she rarely leaves my side.

ETA: ((((((((((catsoup))))))))))
true confession time:

*have not read all of archives, just skimmed (BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD tes!)am busting instead of working because I need a break. WAY too much work !

*i adore gordon lightfoot. my second true love (the one i found out died last sept)
introduced me to gordon lightfoot. a lot of “our” songs were his. the rest were irish songs (think clancy brothers) okay, MOST of the rest.

*i hatehatehatehate silverfish. they GROSS ME OUT. mr fj and his story about a live silverfish dropping into an open incision and the surgeon not being able to find it made me flap my arms and freak

*carmella sounds like alexei
can NOT believe that resident ASS HAT is still stealing beer! poodley noodley, you need to MOVE. or kick his ass hat self OUT. or both.

*expensive bamboo is TOTALLY related to lack of hbis!

*i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv minxie’s avatar

*speaking of which, where IS lurvly lurv??

apologies to everyone i did not comment on, i really did barely skim archives. Who wants to spank me?

*runs into the thread and gives tes a firm thwap on her rosy cheeks*

Hola Bustie bitches - its FRIDAY!!!!

Gonna be a sizzler of a weekend here...."extreme heat watch" all weekend - yippeee! Actually, I don't care so much now that I have air conditioning! YAY!

...not much else to add here this morning...
Aarrrrgh! Well, is somebody MUST spank Tessie, then I guess I will have to do it...oh, the arduousness of it all. BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Both of my students bit for the job!!! I am going to pick them up this morning and work their asses off. And then pay them cash and feed them. This will prove to be highly amusing for everyone.

That reminds me, my cane is sitting on top of some of my boxes in my old bedroom. I should prolly do something about that before they go upstairs. Thank somethingerother that I put away all of the erotica and bondage gear (not that it has gotten much use over the last year).

Did I tell you all that when my mother and father came up early this month and I was moving, that my mother (and this is all according to my brother because she didn't have the clit to tell me herself) decided to start SNOOPING around in my house when I was gone? Yeah. And boy-oh-boy did she get an eyeful. Not only did she find my stash, but since she found my stash, that ALSO means that she found my buttplug.

BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Boy, did she deserve that. laugh.gif
minxy, that is the BEST parent story I have perhaps ever heard!!!! bwa-hahaha-HA!!!! Its like the reverse of finding your dad's stash as a kid....only better, as our stashes are far more interesting! I love it! Seriously, that just made my morning!!!

And hooray for your students!! I think cash and food are good incentives, and I'm sure they'll work better for you, their cool teacher, than they would for their own parents. I know I would've loved to help my cool English teachers out...
Minx, I never had to go snooping to find my sister's buttplug. She left it on our bathroom sink after housesitting our place with her girlfriend one weekend. It was the size of a billiard ball. I cannot hang out with my sister without graphically envisioning the reason she'll never audibly fart again.

if fj and I are ever killed together my sister has standing orders to go through our place and de-horrify it from our parents.
Hey you cocksucking whores! It's Friday!

whats up.

((catsoup)) girl, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time of it. I will be crossing every appendage that you get a new job. Take care of yourself.

Diva, that is how my workplace is I'd say 75% of the time. Maybe 85%. Sigh.....I am allowed to use the internet though, so it's not quite as bad.

Minx, I'd help you out if I lived there. I hope your students take you up on the offer!

What's everyone got cooking for the weekend? Mine is busy.
Birthday dinner tonight, class tomorrow, run by to see a friend that is in town after class, get stuff from grocery to make a dish for a potluck, be at the potluck tomorrow night. It will all be fun stuff, but it will make the weekend go by really quick.

Mr K & I are meeting our realtor to look at 4 or 5 houses today also. I am very interested to see what they are like.

what's up, bitches?

now fry like bacon, you little freshman piggies!! fry!!!

don't know where that came from this morning! maybe my subconscious is tellling me to watch dazed and confused tonight...

catsoup, i'm right there with you, girl. i can feel myself sinking into the hole right now. i hate this job. it's not that i'm mistreated or that i have to deal with a terrible amount of bullshit, it's just that my job is beneath me. it offers no challenge and doesn't even provide a good financial reward. i just hate. coming to work. i feel isolated because i'm the only one that works for my company at this site. most of the people here are either sweet-hearted naive kuntry bumpkins and good ole boys or they're conservative racist, sexist fuckers. either way, i can't have a decent conversation with any of them beyond general pleasantries about the weather, gardening, etc. it's just getting old. add to that my growing disdain for the corporate giant that i work for and you've got a ticking timebomb. but while i don't make a shitload of money, i make enough to make it really hard to leave. we have an adult-sized mortgage that we have to pay now and an NPO or more gratifying type of job isn't going to cut it. BAH! anyway, catsoup, be good to yourself and know that you're at least taking steps by applying to other places i haven't even begun to do anything like that yet. i think i'm afraid.

but i am toying with a new venture of my own. it'll require some work and a ton more planning, but it involves my formulating a product line and marketing it to massage therapists. or importing an existing product and distributing it here in the US to the same market. but like i said, i need to do sooooo much more research to make it work, and lots of time before it could be profitable. not to mention the $$$ that i'll need for backing. i need to put together a business plan, which i have no real clue how to do... but i'm willing to learn. i don't want to work for the MAN anymore! gar!

doodle, that's so cute that your kitty likes cohen and cash. hehe! back when mister boots was a baby, i learned that he would just stare intently at me if i whistle the theme from the andy griffith show. (don't ask.) missus abigail boots couldn't care less if i was standing on my head playing mr. tambourine man on bagpipes.

have fun cleaning, ms. minx! that's so cool that your students are helping you. i bet they think you are the coolest teacher ever. because you are.

karianne, oooooh! i hope you find your dream home tonight! and if not, you'll find it soon. i'm really glad we didn't get the first house that we wanted to put an offer on, or the first one we actually DID put the offer on. things happen for a reason, because we found the perfect place for us!

hi tes! hi turbo!

Hah!! You guys are funny as usual.

My last cat loved Jimi Hendrix.
When we played it, she would go and sit very daintily on the cover of the stereo, with the paws tucked under, and tune in. or tune out. hmm.
She didn't seem to give a rat's ass about any other kind of music.

LOL Falljackets. Dazed and Confused. I really liked that when it came out. It's the only media creation I can think of that accurately captures the extreme boringness of high school in a small town. There were also some small rewards, it reminded me.

LOL minx and all about people finding weird fun things when you move.

My mom also liked to snoop but luckily was too lazy to travel from hick town into Boston. Still, I think snoopers deserve what they get. Ha! Hate snoopers. Funny, I was just thinking about that a few days ago. My mom loved to snoop when she was a teenager babysitting in people's houses, so she assumed I was the same way and took all their sex items out of their bedroom drawers so I wouldn't find them and put them in the hallway linen closet where. I. found. them. when I was looking for art supplies. Ack!!

~*~*~house vibes for karianne~*~*~

why don't parents tell their kids what dildos are? I mean, if they were up front at an early age with their kids about one of the most basic, fundamental not to mention vital biological acts then maybe we wouldn't have all-- oh, never mind.
thank you mistress! that was ONE!!!

mr. fj: i believe i've heard that story before. ohmy.gif blink.gif

the reason that you don't tell children AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAll about it is that they really don't WANT to know the whole deal. all they want to know is something along the lines of:

mommy likes to feel good sometimes (when daddy is not around) and she uses that.

mommy and daddy like to play with each other, it feels good. we use that sometimes as a toy to have fun with.

really. that is ALL they need to know.

when they need more, BELIEVE me, they will ask. (if not you, SOMEONE, for sure!) i've had the pleasure, and i really mean that seriously, of having several friends ask me if i would let their kids come to me for all of that sort of thing. their kids thought that i was cool, and knew that my master's and a lot of my work involved reproductive health and sex, so they didn't mind talking to me about it. it was FUN!!
QUOTE(mr_falljackets @ Jul 28 2006, 02:45 PM) *

why don't parents tell their kids what dildos are? I mean, if they were up front at an early age with their kids about one of the most basic, fundamental not to mention vital biological acts then maybe we wouldn't have all-- oh, never mind.

I am way more comfortable talking baout sex, then my silver bullet.......That would just be too wierd!
Well, that's pretty much what I meant, tes. I didn't mean that you should be too generous with details. "This is what it looks like 3/4 of the way in" is probably overkill.
hiya all!

good for you, tes. my parents were pretty open-minded about sex (ie, let the guys i was dating while i still lived there sleep over) but we never, ever talked about it. i was an early reader so my mom just gave me a book about "where do babies come from?" when i was about six, and then when i was about 9 or 10 i got another, more detailed, "what is happening to my body" book. i learned everything i needed to know, but it was still considered kind of a taboo subject. i remember asking my mom when she and my dad had sex, right after i got the first book, and she was like "you don't ask questions like that!".

but i did have the red-faced experience of accidentally leaving my dildo in the only bathroom of my old apartment when my roommate was having all of her 17-year-old pro skater couchsurfer friends stay over (thank god i got out of that place....there was a point when it was six people living in a two-bedroom and only two of us were paying...and i was the only one doing any cleaning). i heard them exclaiming about it later. hahahahha.

i can't think of any pets i've ever had that liked a particular kind of music. i don't have any pets now. i play music for my plants, but they're all dying right now because it's been freaking 114 degrees in los angeles lately.
Hi, skanks!

My boss is gone today - hooray!

(((((((Catsoup)))))))) I hope you find something better real quick. I've heard that the average is about 6 resumes you have to put out there to get one job. At least you're getting on with it.

I've never had a cat, so I don't know what kind of music one would like. I've never had a real pet.

Hi, Tes! That's cool that your friends trust you wtih stuff like that. My parents never said anything about it to me, so by my first time when I was 19, I was pretty damn clueless. Still kind of am.

My parents have never snooped me before, but I'm pretty much onto them. I don't have a whole lot of good stuff, and my parents know not to go into other people's bedrooms without permission, so it hasn't been an issue. I do own a leather collar with huge spikes on it that they questioned me about once, but that's it. They're really cute because they don't know how to ask about that erotica volume I have sitting on my bookshelf. I figure I have so much on that bookshelf that they kind of get swallowed up. But of course anything that my mom thought was slightly off automatically meant that I was a lesbian. I had to answer questions every time I saw her. No, a leather collar doesn't mean you're gay.

Minx, that's cool that you found some help for the weekend, but are you sure they're going to show up? 100 degrees is awfully hot to do any moving.

Hi, Karianne, Wombat, Doodle, FJs, Turbo, and anyone else I missed!

Today is payday, so I'm buying stuff online. I got a Star Wars book for the giant, the one I thought I'd ordered 3 months ago but didn't. And for me I got this book called "Winkie" about a teddy bear with a sordid transgender past who I think killed someone, and a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. And I got some Burt's Bees stuff, but I think I'm going to send it to my BFF for her birfday in a couple weeks.

Not a real big weeked coming up. Staying home tonight, except maybe getting supplies so we don't have to leave again. Hanging out in the cool house tomorrow, and on Sunday we're going to the MOA for the giant's neice's birfday at Camp Snoopy. That might be kind of fun, and I need to go there anyway for the rest of my BFF's present.

hi diva and mouse!!

I don't think turbo likes music, or maybe just the stuff I play. But generally, if I'm playing music in the living room, he hangs in the bedroom...that dog likes his solitude, I guess. He does chill to NPR most of the time while we're out, and on Sundays, I do feel bad when we leave him home alone with the horrifying piano jazz show - that woman's warbly voice creeps me out.

I'm not sure if my parents ever snooped on me, my room was usually too big a disaster to tell...and now, they can't - HA! I do wonder if they've seen the erotica books on the shelves, which I put right at eye level when you sit down in the comfy chair...I'm always curious to see which of my friends are comfortable enough to ask about them..or to borrow!

mouse, I think its great that all those 17 yr old punks saw your hardware - they were probably jealous. tongue.gif

I have nothing going on this weekend at all, which is fabulous. Might have some folks from the 'hood over on Sunday for a BBQ, but that's about it. Pretty much planning on lazing around the house in the AC, since its going to be like hades out. Might swim in the lake, probably have some cocktails...which reminds me I need to get a buncha oranges and limes to make up some tasty sugar-free 'rita mix!
hola my ho-bags!!! its insult friday, right?

hi diva, turbo, and mouse!

this weekend we got slammed with invites to do friend C is back in town, theres a couples slumber party at B and L's house tonite, tomorrow theres some engagment fete but we aren't doing that...and a bbq at B and H's house. and sunday, there's a remote chance we might go to the OC faire...dunno yet...but i would love some funnel cake! and deep fried twinkies! lol

and somewhere in there i need to take care of all my other stuff. bleh.

minx, good for you to exercise your resources! teenagers are great cheap labor....

today we fix my car locks...yay! dos coronas porfavor......
Happy Friday, beeyatches!!!

I wish my boss would shut the hell up already so that we can look over my spreadsheets. I'm hungry and I want to eat lunch!!

((((catsoup)))) I know how it goes. Take care of yourself, babe.

I don't own any hardware. I'm just not big on it. The only thing I have in my drawer is a box of condoms. When I was in highschool, my stash consisted of cigarettes and a couple switchblades that I hid inside of the lining of my headboard. highschool bedroom was freakin' awesome...

If I had kids, I would have a couple sex talks with them, mostly warning them about disease, pregnancy, pressure, rape, and so on--the bad stuff. They can figure the rest of it out on their own. What can I say? My Catholic roots will never go away.

I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back...

Turbo, although I did notice your erotic books (surely you saw me studying your library) I'm far too demure (as you might have guessed) to have commented on them.
i have quite the stash....which just made me realize...i need to inform either my sister or my bf of where and what stuff needs to be tossed ASAP just in case.

i have 4 stash under 800 sq ft. too much?

what is too much?
I thought you did comment on them mr fj...of course the really good stuff never makes it to the shelf! tongue.gif

And demure?!!! Yeah...not buying that one. heh.

You're naughty, msgoof! smile.gif

Here's what I would like to know: What the hell kind of Black Crowes/Robert Randolph/Drive-By Truckers outdoor concert has a seating chart? I hate seating charts at concerts, especially at outdoor concerts!! If you're too lazy to work your way up to the front, then that's your problem. Grrrr...

Oh my god. There's this group of drummers that plays out on the sidewalk every Friday for several hours and it drives me bonkers. We're not talking bongos--we're talking marching band/snare drum crap. I can hear it all the way up on the 20th floor and it sounds like metal dragging across pavement. It's just plain awful. *puts on headphones*
Happy Friday, you bellybutton lint lickers!

Poodle, I hate hate hate hate hate marching band/snare drum shit. It makes me go insane. My freshmen year of college in the dorms, I had a roommate who played drums in the marching band. She was constantly tapping her hands. Torture, pure torture I tell ya.

My parents sort of discovered my stash one time while I was moving. It was all packed up in a box that was taped shut (tightly) and labeled "stuff." I was telling my mom to just put it in the bedroom and I'd unpack it later and she got all curious and started asking questions. Finally I told her it was private sexual stuff and to leave it the hell alone. That made her more curious. She wanted to ask questions and I didn't want to talk about it. So a few days later I ended up buying her a book (I think it was called The Guide to Getting It On or something like that) and setting it on the bed in her and my dad's room. We never talked about it again.

Thanks for all your hugs and words. I didn't make it back here last night (ended up going to bed early) and I stayed home today. And I feel so much better. Plus I'm still kitty-sitting so I got in some quality cat cuddling this morning. More to happen later.

We don't have any big weekend plans. We have a ton of shit to do before we leave for our road trip to the wedding in West Virginia next week. Last night I mentioned to TB that we need to do some talking and planning for it and he said "Is that next week or the week after?" - blink.gif I couldn't believe it. I wanted to kick him in the head. He is impossible at keeping track of time. We have a calendar on the fridge with everything marked on it. I even cross out days so he knows what day it is. But still - nothing. I know he has ADD and a bunch of other problems but come on. Give me a break once in awhile. Lucky for him I love him or he'd probably go to work on Sundays.

I think I need a new font.
Yayy Ms Goof!!

This weekend is really stacking up for me too! For someone who isn't a phonehead I still manage to have a good social life.

tonight -- I go to haymarket and pick out good veggies and fruit -- and HEYYY Turbojenn!! Your rita mix idea is excellent! We have rose's lime juice but -- just real fruit and tequila -- or maybe make tequila sunrises cause I've also got rose's grenadine -- awesome! Anything with ice and tequila and not too much sugar is awesome, right?

Make a nice meal and drinkys for my guy who has to work late tonight, go to the 60s mod dance night where we have lots of friends, then ... saturday friends of ours band is playing ... and MONDAY it's INSANE, we have: dinner for a guy at work, then meet our cool artist friend and a couple of her friends, have supper and go see a legendary punk band play (Rocket From the Tombs, if ya gotta know) and the connections involved are scary they're so complicated -- Cool Artist Woman's sister is married to one of the drummers in the band, AND opening for them is the band with Rocker Girl my cool coworker from my last job!!

So Tuesday I will be a bit comatose -- hope there's no big scary complicated thing at work!

They are pretty cool about giving me lead time, though. Just let me keep a clear head enough that night to make introductions.

Poods -- in Boston, the outdoor shows are out on the edge of town in an overly managed little mini-stadium thing that has green plastic seats and tons of cops all over the place, and you HAVE TO have a certain seat, and I was NOT ALLOWED in the very front most section in front of the stage -- that was only for the first couple of rows or for VIPs -- I kid you not, they have people buy season tickets and sit in "boxes" and get served their overpriced junk food in a big tent that noone else can go into -- it's like the freaking opera or symphony or something. REE Dick u lous. We had to buy alcoholic sno-cones for 16 bucks a piece because the only other choice was an 8 ounce plastic cup of bud or other crap beer for 8 dollars. It is disgusting.

sex-- My parents gave me a book too. Illustrations and all. When I was about twelve. They were the coolest. In some ways. Most of my house guests adore my erotica stuff. No probs.

~*~*~*~housing for poodle without annoying roomies and neigbors vibes!~*~*~
i'm not naughty...well...ok maybe i am but still....

i just consider myself 'well informed' about my body. plus, who doesn't like toys?

in fact, i got one of my fav toys for my birthday from my friends along with a bottle of champagne...a vibrating rubber ducky...and a vibrating fish from a coworker...i plan on collecting that whole line...heheeh.

i have one of those laura corn '101 tips for romance' book complete with coupons and 'activities'...i actually got that in trade...i gave away the 101 tips for great sex book to a friend....and the guys want to trade porn...

fine...i'm naughty...but i have a damn good time. biggrin.gif
Poodle, you had switchblades in your headboard? Wowzers! That is pretty badass.

Sounds like everyone has busy weekends.

Catsoup, I am so glad you are feeling a bit better today. That is good news. And you are kitty sitting? nice!

Well, we looked at houses over my lunch break. All I can say is blech. Nada. Very ugly houses. It has gotten me a bit discouraged. The one we really wanted to look at...well, the realtor called me about 45 mins before we were going to meet at it & said it is now sold. Fuck.

Yes, Mr FJ=demure

this day will not end. this week will not end!

and the craziest part is that i'm almost done with all my work, despite all the procrastinating i have been up to. i'll easily finish the rest in the next hour. so i'll probably just jet out of here early.

no clue what we're doing this weekend. we've sort of kept it open because our missouri friends are in town from today through next weekend. i don't think we're going to see them this weekend though since they're visiting parents and family and stuff this weekend. i'm taking next friday off to spend with them. they're our balls to the wall party friends. when they're around, it's like college all over again. it's always insult friday and we're always trying to come up with the sickest thing to say back to each other. but there is also a lot of love there. they hated me because i was the "new wife" for a little while. they knew mrfj and his ex had issues, but didn't want to accept that they divorced and blamed me a bit for it. but i won her over by holding her hair when she puked her guts out at a FL/GA college football game about five years ago, right after starting to date mrfj. (she'd been drinking southern comfort and tequila from about 10am on, but then again, so was i...she just had more). anyway, they're our buds and i am secretly hoping they'll call and say they want to hang tonight. oh, and they aren't "that" kind of friend... they're probably the straightest couple we know. but they know all about our lifestyle (thanks to a drunken blabbering mrfj) and they're fine with it. it hasn't changed our relationship at all since they found out.

we did get a call earlier from couple #2 from last week, wondering if we might want to go out someplace at the beach. i'm sort of glad that they asked because we hadn't heard much from them since dropping the hammer last weekend and telling them that we didn't like them "that way". we told them at that point that we still would like to hang out though, as long as everyone knew that the buck stopped there. so, we might go grab a bite with them tonight or go dancing or something. i know she still has the hotts for mrfj, but whatareyagonnado? hell, i don't mind if they sneak off to some corner and make out. as long as i don't have to make out with her dude!

the only other thing is an early lunch with the ILs on sunday. they're going out of town and want to show us how their new hurricane protection thingers work in case we need to go batten down the hatches while they're gone.

speaking of thingers.... where is that darn tyger!? is she still on her musically guided vacation? i miss her tygerisms...
oh my... so much to catch up on! i must admit, i've been lurking lately since i haven't had a lot of time on my hands.

poodle definitely wins the awards for the most badass high school bedroom, what with the switchblades in the headboard. when i was in high school/college, i had an antique bed with a big ol' wooden headboard, and then a futon. no place to hide switchblades, i'm afraid. (although the now-husband found plenty of space to hid beer caps and cookie crumbs under the futon frame!)

this morning was absolutely insane. we lost power last night for less than 5 minutes around 1 am (gigantic thunderstorm), and i remember hearing the air conditioner shut off briefly. apparently it was enough to reset my alarm clock, and I woke up this morning at 8 (thank god I had my cell phone handy), and i was supposed to be at work at 7:45. d'oh! I immediately called work to tell them I Would be there in 15 minutes or less (thankfully I only live across the street) only to find out that the new woman, who's still technically "in training" was there supervising. CRAP! So i threw clothes on and ran over to work (we have a 31-minutes late and you're technically "absent" policy-I clocked in at 8:15 exactly, therefore saving me from another absence) only to find out our customer service register wasn't working properly. So I get on the phone with tech support, get it fixed, and thankfully the day went pretty smoothly from there.

Except! When I got off, I walked outside to find that it was absolutely pouring rain out. This is not good news for me, as I was walking home (generally about a 10-minute walk). So I waited and had a cigarette, and hit the liquor store in the same plaza as where I work. Thankfully by that time the rain had stopped. So I got home and am currently enjoying the merlot I bought. (DH is working late tonight so I'm on my own for dinner).

It's ridiculously humid and hot out, so I'm just working on the wine, and if I get hungry later, I have pita chips and hummous.


As far as pets go, my dog pretty much likes any music. Except for Simon & Garfunkel's "the Sound of Silence." What a weirdo!
hi hi brett!! long time, no typey - welcome back to our beautiful new home!

gosh, the fjs sound busy, even when they're *not* having a busy weekend!! I'm such a homebody, I don't like to overschedule my weekends...hell, I've even been sitting here wondering if turboman would consider playing paintball at the indoor place this weekend, so I can have a day to myself! hee. Sadly, it is too hot for him to play outdoors.

kari, I'm sorry the houses you saw weren't what you were hoping for, but don't get discouraged - its a buyers market out there, and the perfect house is just waiting for you somewhere - you just have to find it! Oh, and be sure to check out - its super nifty for looking at estimated home values...brought to you by the kind gentleman who brought us Orbitz. Ah, the minutae that infects my mind.

20 minutes and counting....
Listen, if you can't blabber when you're drunk when can you blabber?
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