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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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morning lasses!!!

poodle, i like the penis note idea. but i would definitely make rb aware that he is on thin ice and needs to find someplace else to crash/sneak other peeps beer. Especially since you are looking for your own digs. which i hope you find soon and love to bits and pieces.

fj (((no crampy leg vibes)))

hi diva! how goes the job search?(((job vibes)))

Minx ((anti-paranoia vibes about asshats))

hi doodle, bye doodle!

mouse, tell us more about him. clothes, hair....does he use product? smile.gif

moxie..chicken soup or broth(whether vegan or not) is just gourd for seriously, they made a book series off it...its that gourd.(ok, i'll stop)

(((vibeage for catsoup job search))))

hi wombat, turbo, jane, tes, and marileen!!!!

oops..staff mtg....later!
wow, looks like the gang is all ehre, save a few!

hi everyone!

finally made it to work a little while ago. i have a headache today from lack of sleep. i'm a big debbie downer today.

but! yay! mrfj is coming back tonight! and he's gonna put a hurtin' on me!

karianne, pt is generally going well. i've already made a huge improvement from the first flexibility evals they did when i first started treatment. but i really think i over did these neew exercises last night. i'm going to tell the intern and therapist that i can't do so many reps next time.

ewwww. i just realized that therapist = the rapist. now i can't type it without getting skeeved.

mouse, i LOVE that you quoted the beasties! i was just listening to bodhisattva vow a few minutes ago. i love having speakers on my computer now. i've loaded three mp3 mix cds from home onto it. right now i'm listening to love is blue by paul mauriat. and lookey there, i also have a song by the gourds. for reals!

i usually have pretty good gaydar. it sounds to me like he could be bisexual. or just really friendly.

moxie, there are actual properties in chicken broth that are said to help clear congestion due to cold. i found this link that sort of explained it, although there are obviously varying opinions in the scientific community. apparently they can't wrap their minds around the fact that nature could make something that they cannot. also note that the article was written in 2001. things might have changed since then, but i can't find anything more recent...
FJ...I once had a long and serious feminist meditation on "therapist = the rapist"....

I'm just sayin'....

And this IS another drive-by....'bye! For now!
yay! for arty types smile.gif
wombat, is there a good design market in boston? i'd love to end up back there eventually, but it seems to be kind of hard to find a good job...? (unless you are maybe a professor--ha!) i like LA a lot--i've been here just about exactly a year--but i'm not planning on settling here. maybe another year or so. this 114-degree weather we've been having is also not making me feel like putting down roots...but i have a good job and i'm enjoying myself so for now it's good.

fj, therapist=the rapist always makes me think of snl's celebrity jeopardy...their sean connery character would always find everything inappropriate, and that was one of the categories..."the rapist for $500, alex!"

ms gb he is not metrosexual gay, he is like, sloppy arty gay. (silverlake as opposed to west hollywood, heh). i am thinking bi too but who knows? lawd.

okays i gotta buckle down and do work, i wanna leave as early as poss today to meet my friend.
Minxlette and I just got back from the beach. We actually got to enjoy it solo for almost 30 minutes before people started showing up. It was glorious.

Thank you all for the anti-man-a-noia. It's a little rough coming out of the clusterfuck that was my last relationship. I feel a little...warped. Ah well, I am better for the experience and the road-weariness will pass eventually. I am thinking it was a little post-relationship paranoia and the really emotional part of my soon-to-be-bleeding time. The beach and lots of sun were soothing, plus I got to read a little of my Martin Amis book Money.

Yoiks. I stink something fierce.

Sorry that you had leg cramps, FJ. The only time in my life that I have had the pleasure of leg cramps was when I was preggers. They would wake me up in the middle of the night and were so painful that I would cry.

(((All ailing BUSTies)))

Poodle, I am going to kick his ass to the curb if you don't and I KNOW that Diva will help me.

Chicken soup is a pretty simple remedy. It is hot, so that clears your sinus passages a bit and soothes a sore throat. Also, I believe that chicken has L-tryptophan, and that makes a person cozy and sleepy.

However, if you like, I can tell you that chicken soup makes you sexy cool.gif
oh man, diva....I screwed myself with productivity like that took a chance in bosses to readjust expectations to a more reasonable pace. I hope you can keep a balance between productivity and a sane pace.

wombat's got it right, mouse - there's lots of creative types around. I just do design and web for a non-profit, so my work isn't all that exciting, but its a pretty good gig...aside from the dollaz.

YAY for mr fj coming home!

I'm trying to get up the energy to clean the house a bit tonight...the floors are way sandy again, and laundry needs to be done. feh. But, I'm also going to give myself a facial and pedicure tonight, and turboman too...his feet need some serious attention. I got a sample of some amazing odor killing foot masque from LUSH on Sunday that we're gonna try out tonight...I'll let you know how it goes.

And, I'm looking forward to seeing how cool my place is when I get home, and see if this beast of an AC unit really will cool my whole house!
The first time I heard therapist = the rapist was Angelina Jolie's line in "Girl, Interruped." But now my association with it is from Arrested Development's Tobias Funke marketing himself as an "analrapist," which of course = anal rapist. Hah hah ha!

Ms GB, have I mentioned that I adore your signature at the bottom of your posts? I've tried saying it myself, but I think people get offended by the way I do it. Tank Girl rules!

Doodle, the job hunt is virtually nonexistent so far. It's really hard to look for jobs at work when your internet time is quite possibly being watched. And I never get around to it while I'm home, so it's difficult. I need to put in some time doing it one night after work. And then there's the whole resume updating business... oy. I wish the union guy would call me already and take me away from this place for a few months.

Okay, back to my stupid job. sad.gif
therapist...=the rapist....hmm...yeah that kinda makes me icky inside...course, rape seed oil does that a bit too. unsure.gif

Thank you Divala!!!! yes i looooove tank feisty! makes me want man-garoo loving...ok..not will have to cooperate.

minx and minxlette went to the beach...aww i wish i had time to go sift my toes thru the sand.

yay for coming home

and odor remover from lush for feet, turbo? do tell how it turns out...i may have to add it to my pedicure repetoire.

and now i have tank girl songs in my head...."when a little blue bird who has never said a word starts to sing SPRING!!!!"....

ah i love that song.
The foot masque is called Volcano, and its supposed to do wonders for stank, and make your tootsies all tingly. BUT, for a daily deodorizer, I cannot live without LUSH's "T for Toes" dusting powder. My man has got some funky feet, and after only a week using it, I didn't even notice when he took of his shoes anymore, and now he just uses the powder occasionally. Its got tea tree oil in it, which is great for killing the bacteria that brings on the funk. /end product endorsement
Dude, my foot-funk is tremendous. I need to get me someadat.

I threw away another three and a half city dumpsters worth of crap. My purging has been BRUTAL. I think that when everything is said and done, I will be bringing about 5-7 additional boxes of stuff back here. Not bad for a terminal packrat.

Minxlette is taking a nap. She likes to turn the radio on to the classical music station when she sleeps. What a cultured gal! She also likes "Holla Back Girl" (she thinks the lyrics are "it's my SHIP") and "These Boots Are Made for Walking".

Okay, why didn't anyone bother telling me that FJ and Mr. FJ are swingers. Damnit. And Mr. FJ was THIS CLOSE to having a beer with me so that I could've given him the Bohemian come-hither stare. I think a vacation to Florida to visit the Jackets is completely in order. biggrin.gif
talk about foot stank... fj's smell like she's been trying to remove poop nuggets from a skunk's ass with her toes. And she can't deny it.

minx, I would have seen your bohemian come-hither stare and raised it with a dorky lip lick.
I'm just picturing the minxy mr fj face off....funny.

YAY for minxy's giant purge!! I love to just purge the house, turboman takes vacation time on his own at great caution...he's come home and lost many a box of crud...not that he noticed he was missing anything, so much as wondering where all the space came from. Congrats on your newfound freedom from your 'baggage.' heh.

Ok, ya'll need to go to a LUSH shop or go shop online for some stuff for your feet - I can smell 'em over here! (fjs, there's two shops in Orlando, BTW)

Something very disturbing just happened. I was down in the kitchen washing my water pitcher, and a co-worker who I seldom talk to, and *never* about anything personal asks me "what's new." I say nothing, she says oh really...what about the bun in your oven?..and touches my stomach. WTF? And then she goes on, I heard a rumor about you...blah blah. I stopped her short and said there was no bun in my oven, nor would there be, and I don't appreciate the rumor, and I expected more from a workplace so sensitive to reproductive issues. But she wouldn't stop!! She went on and on about what a shame it would be not to have kids. ARGH!!!!

So moxie, you're not alone this week. And I'm pretty damned sure I know they nosey nose source of that rumor, and I'm gonna go rumor squashing tomorrow...
Poop Nuggets!!!!
They're smaller than poop loafs and easier for toes to grab. So I hear.
Hey all, *waves*

I'll have to catch up on the archives later. Right now I should be job hunting and sending out resumes, I need something better than what I have now. My supervisor (who didn't care how much time we spent goofing off as long as the work got done) got canned, and the person who's running the place now is watching us like a hawk to make sure we don't do anything that isn't work, such as step away from our desk for longer than two minutes or use the internet. I can't recall the last time I was getting so stressed out over work, it's pathetic. sad.gif

Anyway, just thought I'd step in and say hi. Back to work....
GAH! turbojenn, i'm sorry. that really sucks. you know, why the fuck can't people just keep their hands and thoughts to themselves? even if you *did* have a bun in the oven you wouldn't want her touching your damn stomach! i hate people sometimes. just people in general.

so mrfj just called. he's surrendered his seat on the airplane for someone else and got a free ticket to anywhere in the 50 states and possibly europe. so, i won't see him until around 10pm tonight, but that ticket will come in handy!! smile.gif i can use it to visit him if he goes somewhere far away, or we can use it to help pay for a vacation! sweet!

you know what i REALLY want right now? *sigh* either a quarterpounder with cheese, slathered with mustard and pickles or a beef meximelt from taco bell. i think i'm going to do an anti-cleanse tonight and make a run for the border. unsure.gif

yes, i have smelly feet when i wear certain shoes. i got it from my momma. smile.gif

turbo, i didn't know there was a LUSH store in orlando! how come orlando has all my favorite places!? they have a crate and barrel at the mall at milenia there. oh, how i love thee, crate and barrel.

Hey laaaaadies!!!

I've been workin' for the woman all day, so I haven't had a chance to play until now.

I read all of the archives, except for the last few posts because they were about feet and other gross stuff. Feet are icky.

Diva! Come back! I want the boy out by the end of next month. I don't expect him to get everything together and leave within a few days.

I'm slipping into a food coma right now.


Hi lilac!!!

Turbo! That is so fucked up about the "bun" thing! I never comment on pregnancy (or lack thereof) unless the person brings it up. How stupid!! And what's up with the touching of the belly?
flamin' butt love that phrase.

turbojenn, i am in shock that 'that' coworker 1) kinda of cornered you and asked point blank and 2) touched your stomach. WTF!?!??! that just irks me to the core. mad.gif

purging the contents of my apartment or's clothes always makes me feel better.

my door locks of my car(they are automatic) went wacko last nite. so i dropped my plastic car off at the family mechanic...he ordered the part and it'll be in friday(maybe i can help install it -squeee-) but i neglected to ask how much its gonna set me back. bleh.
((((lilacwine)))) i'm sorry you're hating your job right now. i am hating mine also. i've been on craigslist since yesterday looking for other opportunities and trying to figure out if ANY of these *work at home* dealios are real. i think it's all MLM. grrr.

i did find one interesting thing. they were looking for singers. more specifically, karaoke singers! to work at the local warehouse store doing demos with a new karaoke product. i'm seriously considering it. but it's weekends only, just about all day. i'm going to find out if mrfj could do it with me. it's 17/ hr with 55 total hours worked. if he did it too, we could double it. it could be fun. but it could also be a real drag and make me have to use up my weekends working. still, it's only the next three weekends. maybe i could do it.
Let's get something straight right now, fj. I am not doing public karaoke without substantial amounts of beer in my gut.

How do the Greek Islands sound, fj? Worth a 3 hour wait to see me again?
My feet have got a little stank on 'em, too, but only when I wear certain shoes. That's why I love sandals with a lot of open space for my feet to air out and have quit wearing my Dr. Martens that keep all the stank in and then let it out in a great big *whoosh* when I take them off.

I ordered some stuff from Lush once, and actually didn't care for most of it. I guess the bubble bar was good, but the bath bomb irritated my skin and the bar of soap I got was terrible. $7 for something that only lasted 5 showers, crumbled all over, didn't really clean, and made it look like I dumped a glass of grape juice all over myself. Not exactly what I'm looking for in a cleansing product.

Congrats on your purge, Minx. I've got so much respect for anyone who can mercilessly go through their stuff and just start tossing. I rationalize keeping EVERYTHING. It's kind of pathetic. I even keep mail from charities that I've never opened (and I get a LOT of that kind of mail, and political stuff).

I talked to Sam for a little bit a minute ago 'cause I had to ask my mom how to make stuffed green peppers. He told me what manicures and pedicures are. smile.gif They're when grandma clips his nails so they don't hurt anyone. We have the nicest little conversations.

Good luck on your job search, Lilac.

Turbo, how dare that girl! My Maud! You don't just go touching people's bodies, especially a place like their stomach without permission. It's funny how when people think you're pregnant that your stomach is out there for everyone to touch and stick their heads next to. But wow, that's some nerve on her to keep going on about it. You should give her a good talking-to.

I can't wait to get out of here and buy groceries for dinner tonight, which is meatloaf stuffed green peppers, crescent rolls, and baked potatoes. I should come up with a drink concoction, too. Yeah, I know it's 90 degrees but I've got central air and the kitchen is way far away from where we eat. And we're going to have my gay boyfriend's little dog visit, too. It'll be a fun cozy night filled with home cookin', a little pug, and a Project Runway marathon (the season 1 finale, this season's Road to the Runway, and the first episode of this season).

Eeeew!!! No more foot talk!!! Feet are scary like clowns!! Really, I hate feet.

I would totally do that karaoke demo thing. I would have to bring a flask of Crown Royal with me though.

Oh my! It's time to go home! Weeee!!!

bwahahaha!!! We've finally grossed out poodle! Now, see how I felt last week, having to stare at your bulging avvie?

diva, your dinner sounds awesome!! Just grillin' sausages for the boy and portobellos for me over here, and making some fresh sweet corn from the farmers market. But then, I would eat nothing but corn for dinner, given the chance. I love good sweet corn.

Yeah, diva, LUSH is good for some things more than others. I *adore* their shower gels - they last forever as a drop'll do, and they make great shampoos, and I love the T for Toes, of course, and I do enjoy the bubble bars, as I'm a bath addict, even in summer.

Ok, my house is a cool 75 degrees, and its 89 outside! WOOT! I am so happy!

4 hours till Project Runway!
*gasps* Wha? You're comparing bulge to feet?! A bulge is a bulge, but a foot has so much more disgusting stuff to it. There are a lot of people who like RP's bulge, but there aren't a lot of people who actually like feet, except for weirdos. So there. smile.gif
Well, I will say that weiners and feet have this much in common....both can smell very bad! blink.gif Sweaty feet or sweaty cock, both need a good washing...and now I'll stop talking about feet. heh.
Yeah, you're right about that one.

Hey, check out the pictures I took of my fur babies on Sunday:
Oscar1, Oscar2, Gus1, Gus2

I'm thinking I could submit a couple to National Geographic. smile.gif

I think you definitely *should* submit those photos to Nat'l Geo - especially the first one - oscar looks like he's in a jungle and quietly waiting for his he stalking resident boy, I wonder???

Heh...I wish he would stalk the resident boy! Alas, rb is not included in Oscar's daily hunting schedule. He keeps it limited to a couple unfortunate silverfish in the bathroom and the occasional surprise attack on Gus. Most of the time, he just lays around like this. Not very threatening, but soooo cute!
Silverfish are fucking disgusting.

I am really tired. And self-absorbed. And tired.

I wrote a post on another webboard tonight and it was scintillatingly puzzling and quasi-philosophical. I tried framing another posters question about being forgotten in the human need to have a reality. I have no idea where I am going with this. I shall stop.
jenn- holy christ! At a place like your workplace, too! Are you friggin kidding me? I mean, you'd be a wonderful mother if you ever chose that, but seriously! I hope you said some really obtrusive things beyond "no, i'm not knocked up" to make that aweful woman feel embarrassed.

And, i saw you 2 weeks ago- you do not, at all, look pregnant. And you've even been butt-flushed since then!

now, back to catching up.
Yeah, it definitely pissed me off...but she framed it as a rumor she heard somewhere else, and I know exactly who probably started it, and I'm going to confront her next time I run into her...this isn't the first pregnancy rumor she's started, and she needs to mind her own bizness....besides, she has a fake fiancee, and none of us call her on that...we just smile and let it go. blink.gif

Its thursday, I want it to be friday. But I've got enough going on to keep me busy busy and make the next two days fly....
Good morning chickadees!!!

I love your avatar minx! Human need for reality, eh? I would argue that humans seek delusion more than reality. I think delusion is somewhat of an instinctual survival mechanism. Complete awareness of reality would probably fry the average human brain.

I need more sleep. I think I'm gonna try to squeeze in another 10 minutes.
Jenn, I cannot believe someone did that. She touched your fucking stomach?! Who are these insane people walking around like their normal. I'd like to say I would have smacked her hand away or said something about not wanting to be pregnant so I have an appt for an abortion but I think I would be so flabbergasted by the audacity of her. What a moron...

Thanks for the kitty pictures, Poodle. I miss having a kitty (damn TB and his allergies). I'm cat/house-sitting for someone over the next couple days. I spent the night over there and cuddled with the kitty all night. It was lovely.

Gotta go post in the Project Runway thread now.
yeah, catsoup...that was the most mystifying part of it...I work in an adoption agency. Reproductive issues are...well, very sensitive here. There are pregnant women in the building every day who are making very difficult decisions about parenting and adoption....and childless couples desperately hoping to just *don't* say things like that here...for the first minute, I was just in shock. And then I gathered my wits to respond....

*follows catsoup to PR discussion*

*tucks poodle in for a few more minutes to doze*
I fell asleep about a second before my alarm went off. I hate that!

Yeah, there's a mild silverfish problem in my bathroom. That's what the cats are for. Oscar stuns them with his paw and then eats them while they're still alive. Gross, I know, but it takes care of the problem and he seems to enjoy it. smile.gif

Poop. I suppose I better go to work now.
Hey Peeps.

I too want it to be Friday. I am slightly grumpy today, for no real reason. Bah.

jenn, I agree with everyone else, that lady is whack. WTF is wrong with people? Something related (well not really related, except for the fact that it shows how inappropriate people can be) happened to a friend of mine yesterday. She got divorced about a year ago, she has a 2 year old & is a teacher. She just went back to her maiden name, she had some feelings of guilt about changing her name back while the child still had the dad's name. Anyhow, at her staff meeting yesterday the principal announced that she was once again her old name. Some bitch came up to her after the meeting & gave her a lecture on how bad that was going to be for the child, that people won't even know she's her mother, blah blah blah. ! I could not believe it. I will reiterate...WTF is wrong with people!?

Ok, end rant

Poodle, I love your kitty pics! They do look rather exotic.

What are silverfish?

Not much up here today. Work. Officemate is telecommuting today though, so at least it will be quiet.
poodle, your kitties are soooo cute. i saw the pictures last night and was going to respond but i was toooo LAZY. gah! i can't seem to get motivated to do anything lately. i need to get a grip!

i dig minx's avatar too. and karianne, yours is awesome, too.

poodle, i could have used some extra shut eye too this morning. BUT i'm proud to sayt hat i actually made it to work ON TIME today for the first time in a while. so that's something, right? it was so nice to have mrfj back in the bed with me. i slept like a baby all night long. of course, it could have been the three coronas. wink.gif

i skipped out on the taco bell last night and instead called chilis and did a pick up. i had a yummy burger and loaded mashed taters. i hadn't eaten all day and was starving, but could only eat about half of it once i got home. i hate that. i felt like i wasted it. but the part i ate was delicioso!

i watched PR last night too. it was the first time i watched this season since the road to the runway epi. i'll head over to that thread also.
That's awful karianne! I don't get it! I was taught not to talk to a person about that stuff unless they bring it up. Who the fuck's business is it if someone changes their name? Names are just a wee bit too personal too get involved with.

That reminds me. The meddler found this little story in the newspaper about a dude suspected of assault and the guy's name is Fleetwood Cadillac Smith. Isn't that hilarious?! It sounds like a pornstar name. I kinda like it!

Kari, this is what a silverfish looks like. Their really fast and wiggly. The ones in my bathroom are much smaller and you can barely see their antennae. I think they come up through the hole for the radiator pipe. Anyway, they're really creepy. The cats like 'em though.


Hi FJ! I'm jealous of your burger. *drools like homer simpson*

I, too, made it to work on time for the first time in over a week. I really want to screw around today, but I can't. I have a report due tomorrow.
silverfish... ewwwwwwww

HA! fleetwood cadillac smith. SWEET!

*writes that down for future reference*
Ew, silverfish are grody.

FJ, I am glad Mr FJ made it back home safe and sound.
Good job on being on time to work! I know that sometimes for me that is a real accomplishment.

Where is everyone today? I don't wanna work, I need distractions!

i feel the same way, karianne. i'm just not motivated this week. or should i say this month?? decade??? smile.gif

Yeah, I don't want to work either...damn, those deadlines hanging over my head.

Just thinking of silverfish gives me the crawlies.

Oh, and I do have to report that turboman's pedicure went very well last night, although my feet were left jealous, and wanting for attention. wink.gif We've got a few more pedis to go, I think, before he will be transformed into a man with beautiful feet, but we'll get there. And the Volcano foot mask smells like red hot cinnamons and makes your feet tingle, or so it has been reported. I think its my turn for a pedi tonight! Oh, and I did get the laundry done too. hooray for small victories!
Hello all! I haven't read since my last post...sorry! I will read more later on today. I have to go into the Centre this morning to do some things there, and I want to be done before it gets super-duper hot. SO! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Silverfish aren't uncommon here by the river. Ditto skeeters, stable flies, moths, centipedes, pharoah ants, and several others. I'm a big fan of RAID m'self.

George has taken to sitting up on the bookshelves and pulling books down with his claws when he wants my attention. This morning, he brought down my copy of Stupid White Men.
silverfish make me think of wire's "unknown miner"

i, three, made it to work on time for the first time in ages, since today was the first day i was able to a) drive my car and cool.gif go straight to work without having to do dmv or mechanic stuff beforehand. yay for on-time thursday! (crap how is it thursday already? how is it almost AUGUST? srsly)

turbo, that's so inappropriate. i really don't understand how people feel like pregnancy isn't a really effing sensitive subject. if you ask someone if they're pregnant and it turns out they're not, either you may as well have said "gee, did you gain weight?", or the person wishes they were pregnant and it's painful to have to think about how they are not. i feel like it's just a no brainer to not bring it up unless you know for sure. and people who insist on rumours being true even after they're told by the source that they're not....jeeze. reminds me of an old (awful, possibly mentally disturbed, claimed he invented a cure for aids) teacher i had in middle school who ran into my mom after i'd left that school and asked where i was attending now. she told him, and he responded with "are you sure? i heard she was going to [other school]". my mom was all "well unless she's been lying to me about where she goes every morning...."

my friend arrived last night and we went out for margaritas and mexican food and ended up sitting next to a huge party that had a mariachi band come by and it just got louder and louder and louder.....gah.

fleetwood cadillac smith is a great name. it totally sounds like one of those "make your _____ name!" games. take your mom's favorite band, your boss' car, and your neighbor's last name, and there you have it! your bustie name!
hola! my name is Beach Boys Honda Hamilton. LOL

kari, that lady needs to be slapped...the one that bitched, not the other one. what business is it of hers to tell people what name they should have? once again, i'm 'irked to the core'. bleh.

so yesterday instead of our half hour, karla, and mel snuck off to el cantina and did some noteworthy people watching and beer drinking. mmm sooo good. sure, we missed an hour and a half of class but we saw some funky do's while there...we were laughing our asses off.

my car still needs its new door lock so i am driving my moms truck to class...tomorrow me, leon the mechanic, and some coronas with lime will be fixing my car. woooo.

minx, your avatar is funny. laugh.gif

i haven't seen a silverfish in awhile...maybe cuz we have lizards, tarantulas, crickets, frogs, birds, snakes, coyotes, owls, cougars, etc. i have the proverbial food chain in my own backyard.

i soo need to take photos of the kiddie pool....
Actually, its "Outdoor Miner"

I knew it wasn't "Unknown Miner" but something similar!! It was driving me nuts! So it was "unknown" until I looked it up! Whew! Great song! You have good taste in music! Me and my guy have a lot of Wire stuff -- Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, Snakedrill, Wir and ... some other stuff.

So, having a good week. I found a cute book in the supermarket "Tarot for Dummies"

Ha ha!

I like your avatar, karianne!!

I think that will be my project for today unless something else comes in. I wrapped up two biggies.

Mouse -- well, I think LA and New York and Miami have more jobs in design, and associated fields, than Boston does, but I think if I had to move to one of those places I would pick LA -- more liberal than Miami and not as grossly overpriced as New York. Really, it's hard to find a good place to live these days.

Boston's all about large corporations, really -- there's WGBH, major textbook manufacturers, insurance companies and financial services -- these are all good places to work because they buy you a ton of software and you aren't the one and only person sweating it out for hours trying frantically to get something done while the very expensive-per-hour courier and pressman awaits -- but if I would say that, that means I've DONE it, right? Small firms tend to be a couple of wealthy friends snagging a space, cobbling together equipment, making you work on old software, and being a total pressure cooker.

The corporate stuff is a little boring and you have to dress corporate and really keep track of your resume and show up on time and know how to talk to salesmen, techies, and a lot of different people -- editors, photographers -- in a professional context. But, like I say, cushier surroundings, more consistent work and pay, better hours, better software.

A lot of people do fun design work for small clients they get themselves when they go home at night -- I'm not really into that yet since it can be work work work from hell after you're already tired and then dealing with taxes and deadbeats and delivering it and crap like that , but , you know, money and prestige can be made.

But I also think they take advantage and just use small people ... well, I could go on and on.

From what I've heard in LA you really want to get into the clique that does Final Cut Pro or whatever it is for TV, movies etc, 3 D stuff and all, is that true?

crap. i knew "unknown" sounded wrong. forgive me, the hot water pot here isn't heated up yet and i haven't had my coffee tongue.gif

it really depends on what you want to work in, you know. my complex ex freelances motion graphics, and his dayrate is about half my week's pay. so, my next goal is to learn aftereffects--doesn't seem to hard if you know the other adobe programs. editing is also pretty lucrative, but boring cos it's hardly a creative field in itself. i don't know any 3d modelers but it's a huge field and i think it's only getting bigger. i don't think i have the kind of brain for that sort of work though--so many algorithms and math and things i do not do well...hah. the studio my ex worked for last has storm, which is a ridiculously expensive real-time editing program (no more half-hour renders for ten seconds of animation!) and i think if you know that program you're pretty valuable.

but yeah, i think new york is probably better for print graphics. not that there aren't jobs here, but that's less of the focus.
Hi, peeps.

Silverfish are disgusting. Blech. I haven't seen a live one for awhile, though. We mostly get spiders and millipedes at our place. There have only been a few millipedes, but they freak me out and I make the giant kill them. And last week we had a whole bunch of tiny housespiders on our living room ceiling. There must have been eggs inside the light fixture. They're all gone now, though.

Last night was so much fun, just cooking and watching PR with my gay boyfriend. He didn't bring his pug, though, because with us eating, that would have meant she'd go crazy begging and running around being annoying. Next week he's going to bring his new boyfriend, who is a Log Cabin Republican. I'm going to try to talk some sense into him.

Minx, your avatar rules.

My porn name would be Blood Sweat and Tears SUV Taylor. Yeah, that doesn't always work so well.

Hi to everyone I missed!

I should forrage for some food now since I've got 5 hours left here. I actually made it in almost on time for once.
hey hey, what about chicago, eh?? We've got all the big ad agencies out here, so they're the major employers of designers...I've done a little freelance with 'em, and worked with them on big projects for the NPO I work for, but meh, its not really my speed. I'm not into round-the-clock slavery. Definitely money to be made there, if you're interested. I'm sure my skills get more dated every year in the non-profit sector, but I do like the slower pace and more leeway in creative vision. So that's my piece.

Log Cabin there is a demographic that I just do.not.get. I suppose its a lot like being a catholic and not believing the dogma they preach, but really...both make me sad.

I think I'd better turn my avvies back on and see what you're all talking about...
According to my mom, an RN at a medical facility that for reasons to be made obvious will remain unnamed, a silverfish once dropped from the ceiling during a surgery into the open incision of a patient on the table. After a careful search the surgeon could not find the silverfish inside the patient so he closed the incision with the offending insect still inside. Have a nice day.
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