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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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it's MYRA!!! hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane!!!!!!

i feel so special!!!!!


Hey... "Myra Jane Parker" ...that's a good one.... why didn't I think of mixing those before?

What are we all talking about in here? Sex and Gourd Instruments?

How fun!

Although, I don't remember what "sex" is like..... is it anything like skinny-dipping?
yes, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlink!!! tis IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

hmmm. could gourd instruments be code for sex???

i think that one might be able to draw certain comparisons between skinny dipping and sex. especially if, whilst skinny dipping, one engaged in sex. including sex for one. which is what i get a lot of these days.

myra jane, i have meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeced you!!!

now, where the FRELL are those two miscreants, doodle and minx/???
hi tes!!!! hi jane!!!! (runs over and gives booby squooshing hugs and mojitos)

mmmmm i need to go get limes and mint and some lemon slime soda....hehheh

for a second, i read 'sex and gourds' as 'sex with gourds'....don't those things got spines or something? ow.

i have a fat juicy plum here waiting to be eaten but it reminds me of one of my favorite songs....ala suzanne vega.

My favorite plum
hangs so far from me
See how it sleeps
and hear how it calls to me
See how the flesh
presses the skin,
It must be bursting
with secrets within,
I've seen the rest, yes
and that is the one for me

See how it shines
it will be so sweet
I've been so dry
it would make my heart complete
See how it lays
languid and slow
Never noticing
me here below
I've seen the best, yes
and that is the one for me

the song doesn't make me want plums....sinfully delicious song full of wanton lust.


hi all, been sort of busy since i finally made it in to work today.

i missed mrfj! but he has called me several times today between flights and stuff. it's funny, the tard forgot until last week to book his flight, so he had to fly to charlotte in order to get a flight to ATL, which would normally take about 47 minutes from our hometown airport. silly man!!

moxie, i think men are sort of wierd about other people's kids, even family. mrfj thought it was a little wierd when my nieces (nearly from day one of meeting him) started calling him "uncle".

mouse, i was going to say the same thing... he meant 06, i assure you... laugh.gif good on you about your car! sweet! cool idea with the goldbug thing too! supercool!

jenn, i can also assure you, my dear, that you have the cleanest liver on this thread. biggrin.gif

msgb, i'm looking at bamboo also. we want to transform our backyard anduse it as a screen on one whole side of the yard. i'm looking into buying seeds off ebay to offset some of the cost. gah! i never realized how expensive bamboo was!! they're so beautiful and completely worth the high price, though.

ooooh, tes! that sounds awesome! madiera was one of my father's favorite places. that and mallorca.

can i just say: TWO (2) HBIs last night. i guess that makes up for not having him here tonight. rolleyes.gif

I go do some work, and all of a sudden is bouncing in here wooooo-hooooo! Tes and Jane in the same thread at once....this is truly divine!!!

2 weeks in Madeira with your man sounds absolutely divine!!! ...buying a car...not so much.

Jane, I love your description of gourd instruments....though I still can't for the life of me pin down where that piece fell into the conversation, which makes it even more fun!!!

tes, I normally do a cleanse for about 5 days, subsisting on the chalk-fruity smoothies, but this time, I think I'm going to cut that short by a day...I want food...good for me food, but things you can chew!!

I think it'll be tacos with brown rice, beans, tomatoes, avocado, salsa and fresh corn tortillas if I get my act together and get down to the grocery to arm myself with everything I need.

OK, gotta work a bit more before I check out!
wow, jenn, that dinner sounds YUMMMMMMMMMM-MEEEEEE!

last night's pot roast was the best i'd ever made. it's all about keeping the temperature low and just cooking it slow. we didn't eat until nearly 8:30, but it was worth the wait!

so i get leftovers tonight. i hope it reheats well.
Hey yall

good things tuesday:
--I work with cool women. Whole reason I took the job --cause I interviewed with cool women
-- going home to giant pan-asian cheap bizarre supermarket on the way -- actually they are our next door neighbors -- and buy a cute little sesame seed grinder with seeds, some 7 spice pepper, brown rice, shiitake mushrooms and snap peas -- and a spicy firm version of what Dirty Dave the Punk Rocker called "toad food" and make a stir fry
--lunch was my guys wonderful salmon and buckwheat noodles with spicy pesto and tomato sauce!

Hey, Me and Mouse were the only ones that noticed mr fj is living in the future!!

cool pool ms. goofball!!

Hey poodle how about a lock on your door and your own refrigerator? That's too much trouble and expense though. The food on the street sounds like a good idea!

Today I woke up in my building and went outside waiting for my driver to show up with my trolley car. Then me and those others rode on my tracks through my subway tunnels to my office building. My city never looked prettier! My weather was the greatest. And my coffeeshop was serving the very best of my coffee today! Maybe I'll go to my museum this week and check out my art.

Yup, my world, and welcome to it. I'm feeling all empowery
Wow... I'm really hungry. I hadn't noticed until all this talk of pot roasts and brown rice.... and gourds......


You know Poodle, I really don't understand why resident boy is just up and taking your beer... I mean.... you don't even do that in free-spirited hippie Cali beach communes... let alone in Minnesota...
yes, that's us, the okay thread!!

bouncy bouncy!!!


that red rubber ball keeps on bouncin' back to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

ooooooooooookay. maybe i need to quit embibing wine and start thinking about bed. SANS hbi!

bouncy bouncy!
tes you sound super hyper todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! oh and i mentioned this a few days ago but i think you may have missed it; my ex/benefits/bestfriend/etc. dude is in rio as we speak. he thought he wasn't going to enjoy himself but it turns out he loves it and doesn't want to come back haha.

GOURD INSTRUMENT BAND! only if we can cover led zeppelin, for poodle's sake. can anyone think of good gourd-metal cover band puns for names?

speaking of poodle--resident boy sounds ridiculous. is he on the lease too or can you kick him out easily? that is absolutely unacceptable roommate behavior--especially REPEAT roommate behavior. no good. my previous roommate would trim her armpit hair with my expensive art scissors, but at least she replaced my beer when she drank it. yeesh.

all the food people are talking about sounds amazing. i had cheap chinese food for lunch, shrimp and broccoli. it wasn't half bad, but it pales in comparison...

it is so hot that i returned from my lunch break with a back-sweat stain like i had been working out. G-ROSS, people. MAKE IT STOP.
How about E.G.O (Electric Gourd Orchestra)
Evil boss is gone, so I'm back. It's not like I haven't done a record amount of work today anyway, so I deserve a break.

Um, count me out on the hippie gourd band. That's just a little too crunchy for me. I'm the anti-hippie. I believe it was Poodle that brought the gourd instruments into the conversation.

Mouse, that painting sounds really cute. I hope he keeps it forever.

FJ, isn't it funny how flights work like that? To get to Chicago from Minneapolis on Delta, I have a layover in either Atlanta or Cincinnati for what would normally be a 30 minute flight on Northwest.

I want to work with cool women like Wombat.

It looks like I'm going to be hearing from the union guy shortly about exploring the option of working for the union until the elections. My cool friend was awesome enough to pass my name/number along so I don't have to hunt the guy down.

Why is bamboo so expensive?

Tes, you're so cute when you're hyper! I hope you and Mr. Hotbuns have a good trip together. Where exactly is this place you're going?

Less than an hour before I get to leave, which is good because I'm starving. If only I didn't have to do a mock consultation with my brother's trainer for him to learn from before I get to eat. I'm hungry, man! The Slim Fast diet sucks balls.
Hi! Help! I have another job seeking question for you all! Sorry to bust in (a pun! aren't I funny) and not read/respond to y'all. I promise to later this evening.

Anyway, an organization has a whole bunch of job postings on their website and I am interested in two. Resumes/Cover Letters are due to HR (no name of course) Thursday. How do I apply for both? Two envelopes with two different cover letters and two resumes? One envelope with two diff. cover letters and one resume?

Bwahahahahaha!!! E.G.O!!! I love it!!

I just tried to call the boy on his cell phone, but there was no answer. I really don't want to have to do the whole "free food on the sidewalk" thing because I'd rather just relax, but if there's no beer there for me then it's gonna have to be done. Oh man, there better be beer in my frige. If not, then I'm gonna box up his food, leave it outside of the likky store where all the crusty punks hang out, and then buy myself more beer. That's the plan.

I so sick of sex--doing it, talking about it, hearing about it, seeing it, reading it--everything. So overrated. I hereby declare myself voluntarily celibate! (until I meet some really hot guy, of course)

Bamboo is probably expensive because it's somewhat of an exotic wood.

I don't know what to tell ya about the job thing, catsoup. If it's a small organization, I would probably send one and express interest in both jobs on the cover letter.
Bamboo is expensive because me, Poodle, Jane, and Tessie are NOT GETTING LAID!!! dry.gif

I will be back more later tonight. I have been cleaning out the old house, and am about halfway done. This is good because I am gonna puke if it lasts any longer than Thursday. Too fucking hot and humid.

Would somebody will me half of their tan to put on the right side of my body. I have serious trucker tan going on.
Yes, the price of bamboo inversely correlates with the bustie HBI scale. I like that theory!

Well, there is replacement beer in my fridge. I took out the amount I want to drink tonight and I hid the rest of it in my underwear drawer. Bastard.

Good thing: My cats are getting along! Weee! I knew they'd work it.

I can't help ya with the tan thing, minx. I gots me a farmer's tan. Well, it's not really a tan. It's just "less pasty" than the rest of my skin.

I think it's time for me to watch Roger Daltrey in action. *fans self*
hi hi hi everybody!!!

I just have to share the most excellent GOOD THINGS TUESDAY!!

I just got in from a long bike ride to the grocery, and ran into drunk janitor on my way in with my bike. I mentioned that I'd be having an electrician coming in this week, because none of our 220v outlets work. DJ (that'd be drunk janitor) says, well, did you turn the switch in each room to "cool?" WHAT??? He's laughing, and I'm fecking clueless...apparently, there are switches in each room that are three position - one for heat to turn on the crazy ceiling heat, off in the middle, and down position for COOL. WTF???? Why have I lived here for 4 years, and I never knew that?!!

So the good thing - I don't have to spend $300 on an electrician this week so my new AC unit will work!! I am happy happy happy!!!

That is all. Time to walk the dog, all you gourd instrumentalists!!
Okay, I don't know if I can match E.G.O (Electric Gourd Orchestra), but I came up with these:
-Nine Inch Gourds
-Gourd Funkadelic
-Men Without Gourds
-Big Gourd Dynamite
-Gourds 'N' Roses


Hi jenn!

Heh...when I first read your post, I thought you literally hit a drunk janitor with your bike! Ha!

our lead singer will be ozzy ozgourd.
aw, and i was really hoping our lead singer would be gourdon lightfoot... BWAHhahaha!


just got back from physical therapy and i'm about to enjoy some leftovers! yumm! oh, and i think i'll opn another bottle of wine. we drank the whole bottle from last night. which might be why the damned pot roast was so good. hm.

hi minx! that is truly the worst part of moving: having to clean the old place. SUCK-I-FIED! when we move from this place, i will put serious thought into hiring someone. and after thinking of it long and hard, i'll probably roll up my sleeves and grab a sponge. but i'll be thinking.... *shakes fist*

oh, and catsoup, i would go with poodle's advice and craft your cover letter for both positions, unless they're very different from each other...
oh man fj hahahahaa. good one! or should i say.....GOURD one? (SORRY)

HEY YOU GUYS! remember that cool art nouveau-y print i was excited about designing as a spec for u*r*b*a*n? they loved it and they are buying it! it is here if you want to look.


(edited to protect myself from copyright violations or's probably so illegal for me to post this...HA! meh)
Thanks for the ideas about the job thing. The jobs are sort of similar so I might do the one cover letter thing. I'm going to write the cover letter(s) tomorrow morning so if anyone else has some ideas, please let me know.

Poodle, I cannot believe he keeps stealing your beer. I'm glad there was some for you when you got home but it is really fucked up that you have to hide your beer in your own apartment from someone staying on your couch.

Jenn, something like that happened to us in our apt. An outlet wasn't working in the kitchen and finally I called the building manager. TB was home when the guy came and TB said the guy walked in, asked what outlet it was, walked over and hit the little switch/button thing. TB felt like a moron and I was so happy I missed it. smile.gif

Mouse, that design is beautiful. I'd wear it.
All the gourding on here is cracking me up! I love you guys! Ya'll make my days so much brighter!

Mouse, that design is *gorgeous* - you must tell us when its in stores - I would LOVE to buy something you designed!

Turboman is working in installing the new AC unit right now....SQUEEEEE!!!

Oh, and can I say that I am watching Bravo right now, and the new show Workout is on...I totally wanna make out with Jackie, the gym hot...
Gourdon Lightfoot!!!! HAAAAA!!! We're such dorks in here. smile.gif

Mouse! That print is beautiful! You should see if you can sell it to repro-depot fabrics. That pattern should definitely come by the yard.

I called about the 1-Bd duplex unit I applied for and it turns out that she rented it to someone else. I didn't really expect to get it because there were a couple people who applied before me. Darn. My lease is up on Sept. 1 and I was already supposed to send in a signed lease addendum if I wanted to stay. I'm gonna send it in for month-to-month, which costs more, but at least I can leave as soon as I find the right place for me. I looked up a crapload of rooms and studios under $500 for the resident boy because he won't do it, and I want him gone by the end of the month.

It's actually kind of a relief not to move out of here right away, because I have a lot of shit I want to get rid of and it would be nice to have some extra time to sort stuff.

Ugh...this Rockstar Supernova show is just plain awful. These "musicians" make me wish I had my swimmer's ear condition back.
Do you hear that? Its the quiet whisper of our BRAND NEW AC UNIT cooling the shit out of our condo!!!! How cool is that? AND, it was totally easy to put in, not the beast Drunk Janitor warned us it would be! YAHOO!!! I'm gonna sleep good tonight!

Poodle, good for you for taking the time to find the place that's perfect for you AND for giving the thief in residence the boot!!!
give him the boot! seriously, unacceptable! how did you get stuck with him anyway? can you foist him off on someone else, like say a mortal enemy?

aw shucks you guys smile.gif i'm happy with how it turned out. unfortunately, it's not actually "mine"--i don't retain the rights or anything and since it was created exclusively for them i can't sell it anywhere else. i'm not freelance (tho i wish i was); i work for a big company that sells to several different stores that then sell our work under their store brand name.
My office (it's not just mine, there's a couple of us in the room) has a window ac unit. It is so noisy. It's awful. I'm glad you have a new quiet one, Turbo.

Poodle, I'm sure you'll find a really great place. It seems like there are a lot right now. But maybe that's just cuz I'm not looking.

I'm bored. TB is in the shower and I'm hoping we he's done I can get a HBI.
I'm so jealous of your awesome AC, turbo. My wall unit is effective within a 5-foot radius, so when I lay down on the couch I feel muggy again. Ah well, it's better than nothing. At least I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom.

Well, mouse, the boy story is long and complicated (yet so simple!). What it all comes down to is that I need my space or I'm gonna go crazy.
Hallooo, all! I just finished reading the day's, you've gone ALL over the place today!

diva, I laughed out loud at Sam's "may I speak to him, please?" Heh.

poods, I would put a sign on my beer that said, "If you drink my beer one more time I will cut off your penis while you sleep." But I like the boxing-up-the-food idea, too. smile.gif

turbo, your building's electrical system is whacked. I don't get it. And I'm speaking as someone who's parents both worked for the local electric company!

mouse, very cool design! Let us know when it's out! How very exciting!!

FJ, the thought of having to even cook a potroast in this weather has me withered. Don't know how you managed it - must have been that wine. smile.gif

catsoup, I would send two different envelopes, each with their own cover letter tailored to the job, and mention in each cover letter that you have also applied for "title of other job" under separate cover. Since they are two different positions, your resume will be read via two different thought processes. Plus, your resume may be going to different people, or to members of a committee, depending on the jobs, so you want to make sure it gets seen by as many people as possible! You can't count on the recipient(s) remembering your resume exists when going back and forth between filling different positions - I live in a small city (85,000), and the last time we hired for one single 25 hour position, we got 90 resumes...just try keeping it all straight! And I think doing it this way would highlight your genuine interest in getting a foot in the door at that organization. And even if it goes to the same person, there is no harm in having them see your resume twice.

This isn't part of catsoup's question, but I do want to add this, as someone who has had to look at about 500+ resumes as an employer....always follow the rules in the ad! If they say fax your resume, don't drop it off. If they say don't call, don't call! I have thrown away entire resume packages based on one little "rule" not being followed, because it's the easiest way to skim off applications when there are 90 applicants for one job. (The biggest sin is calling when we've asked people not to call - anyone who can't understand they are being disruptive to our tiny non-profit operation is not respectful enough to work for us.) Also, put your energy into your cover letter, and tailor it to the organization and the position, because that's what will get you the interview. (And don't be afraid to let your personality show when you write it...we've looked at 89 other resumes - we're bored! Excite us!) I've discounted many resumes based on crappy cover letters, i.e., corporate-speak letters sent to a non-profit, or women who include some version of "I'm not a feminist but"...ugh!

Ok, I didn't meant to go off into a tangental lecture that nobody asked for, but there you go. Sorry! Now I've forgotten what else I was going to post. Harumph! Now I have to go back and re-read!
I am having a bout of post-break-up back-in-the-scene paranoia. I think that I have fleas from the last relationship. You know, like him disappearing. It is really coloring my state of mind today. I have been communicating with this hottie IT geek, and OF COURSE I start getting all worried that somehow exweasel put out a memorandum with my photo to the IT geeknet and titled it "WATCH OUT FOR THE FREAKY BITCH!!"

Now, I do not look like the back end of a pickup truck, but I haven't heard anything from him since I sent it (it's a good picture of me). I am completely going off the deepend and acknowledge it. I am not ready to step back into the ring. This is proof.

Hi. I'm Minxy and I'm an incel. wacko.gif

Poodle, may I take out my current man-hating on your roommate? I want to go seriously psychohosebag on some man. Okay, just one, but any asshat right now will do.

YEAH for Turbo's AC...this new apartment's AC is saving my ass.

Now if only I could get a piece of ass. mad.gif

You all and your gourds.

Okay, one more, two more things, I guess:

First of all, the online dating guess just emailed me. I am a freak.

Secondly, Michael Mann is putting out a movie of MIAMI VICE!!!!!
(((minx))) Years of stupid men will do that to ya. You're always welcome to take out your man rage on the resident boy.

Penis amputation threats...that could work. Good idea doodle!

Isn't Colin Farrell in the new Miami Vice movie?

The resident boy claims that he has a lead on a place. I told him he better get on it and start calling some other places in the meantime. I think I'm gonna have to talk to him about this everyday, just so he doesn't get lazy. Grrr...
turbo, that is sooo great about your ac! it's sort of easy to get over feeling like a dumbass about the switch thing when you remember how much money you saved. cool.gif

it is practically unheard of in fl to not have an ac. and most homes have central air. our weather is very similar, jenn (at least at this time of year) but i guess our summer starts sooner and lasts longer so it has become more of a necessity for us. i hate a/c most of the time but it becomes precious in these months.

poodle, i have a soft spot for the rb because i know that he has been cool to you in the past. but that makes me mad that you had to hide your beer! is it possible that he thinks replacing it makes it ok? i'm glad you're looking at new places though. that's exciting.

i can't wait to hear about karianne's future home when she finds it. i loved looking at houses. and i just *knew* this was my house when i came in.

catsoup, i think doodle might be right after all. i guess it just depends on the size of the organization and the way it's run. but since you really don't know, it's safer to go ahead and send two packages. good luck with the jobs!!

oh, and mouse! what an awesome design! i second turbojenn! tell us when it comes out. i want a mouse design!!

hi minx! *blows a big kiss*

Hi, FJ, poodle, and minx!!

If I ever have to move again (and here's hoping it's only because I've met some dashing lover who owns an island or something), I am hiring Molly Maid to clean for me. Ugh.
I just ate toast for dinner 'cause it's too farkin' hot to prepare anything else. I am totally turning into my mother....except that she eats toast for dinner 'cause she hates cooking.
la la la. i know you all are fast asleep, but i'm all flustered! i spent a good couple of hours after i got home from work cleaning my house since i have a friend visiting tomorrow--i haven't seen her in several years and we haven't kept in the best of touch and honestly i don't really know what to expect. we were very close at like 16, 17, but i am not sure we are on the same wavelength anymore. hopefully it will be lovely. i have to leave my keys at the local coffeeshop for her to pick up while i'm at work because i don't have doubles...urgh, hope that works out.

((minx)) see? no geeknet memo tongue.gif

catsoup, i think doodle's suggestion is very smart. i don't think you can appear too eager!

poodle, hope the boy really does have a lead and leaves to steal someone else's beer post haste.

i went to a show tonight with a friend and ended up running into this guy i used to see all the time cos i went to his coffeeshop. i was harboring a crush on him but when i got the new job i never saw him because i worked when he was at the coffeeshop. my friend is convinced he is not into girls, but my gaydar is totally wonked on this one. he's kind of femmy but he's an art/book nerd so that kind of goes with the territory, and it's a straight sort of femmy, if that makes sense....he was enthusiastically introducing a quite obviously gay boy to the people he was with, but when i went to say bye he grabbed my hand and was all "i hope i run into you again!". MEH!

okay. time to clean more and then bed. see you all in the morning. gourdnight and gourd luck.

(OH......what is HBI?)
Happy hump day bitches!

Last night, had the most mind-blowing, loud HBI...just what i had in mind. Gah, it was spectacular. I love having family close by who crave baby time.

Totally unrelated, there are two (or more...i can't see) guys outside my window (we're on ther 1st floor of an old building), screaming "fuck this" and "fuck that" and arguing about who has "rights" and "responsibilities" about the building...but i can't tell if they're arguing or rehashing an old argument...its kinda funny either way. No one expects someone to be at work at 7am. hehe.

Molly maids, eh doodle? I'm thinking of hiring them for thanksgiving time...i think i'm stuck with dinner this year.

A/C Turbo---does it cool the whole place like you thought *see cool breeze flow by turbodog...who curls up on his comfy bed, toy in mouth*

Minx- Most men suck. I just had that conversation with my cousin, who had yet another bad boyfriend moment. You rock. You are freaky, not A freak!

poodle- bad rb! good apartment hunting!

mouse- beautiful design! Almost makes me want to by screened tees again!

KISSES to everyone I missed!
Mornin ya'll!!!

I feel awake and refreshed after a night in our freshly chilly bedroom!! I've got the new AC chilling down the whole place this morning, with the fan wind tunnel set up to pull the cool air into the rest of the condo. It *should* cool the whole place...its the smallest BTU size they make in thru-wall units now, and says it'll cool 850sq ft, which is pretty much the size of our whole place, so here's hoping I come home to a pleasantly chilled home! And the new AC is going to make sweaty summer HBIs much more pleasant - how awesome is that?!

I will say though, that our whole house smells slightly like plastic and freshly oiled mechanical stuff...I'm guessing that smell will go away as we break in the new unit. Its so pretty, and digital, and I'm so glad I don't have to call an electrician now!

mouse - HBI = hot beef injection. heh. welcome to okayland!

Doodle, I *love* your suggestion of posting a warning sign on the beer - men are very sensitive about the intact state of their 'nards - I think that's the ticket!

YAY for RB looking for an apartment, and poodle getting her freedom back! I mean, in the hot days of summer, you need the ability to lay in front of the AC whenever you please...or maybe you should do that anyway, just to encourage RB to leave....hmmmmm....

minxy - yeah, I saw a preview for Miami Vice last weekend...looks kinda bad, but not in the pastel blazers and heavy shades nostalgic way that I would *almost* be interested in seeing....just looks like another bad action flick.

Doodle, thank you for all your job applying words of wisdom. I really appreciate it. I hate all this job searching and any hints I can get make a big difference.

Being able to sleep comfortably really makes a big difference. Especially in this heat when you're extra tired already. I haven't had a place without a/c in a few years but god that was awful. I was excited when I could go to work where there was a/c. And as soon as I got home, I'd take off all my clothes and lay on the sofa with my two fans blowing directly at me. Poodle, you can't even do that with resident boy being around. I hope he moves out soon. It seems like if you want to salvage a friendship out of this, it is vital he moves out asap.

Yeah, what's with the new Miami Vice movie looking like an action flick and not a homage to the show? I wanted to see Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in pastels and jackets with the sleeves pushed up. No, that's not true. Even if the show was an exact replica of the show or a vast improvement, I still wouldn't go see it.

It's 9am and I'm already thinking about lunch...
i am officially horrible. i skipped work this morning again. i'm trying not to feel guilty, because half the time i'm there i have nothing to do anyway or am fucking off.

i didn't get to sleep until after 2am and then i woke up three or four times through the night with terrible leg cramps. my calf muscle on my right leg felt like someone eas sticking a knife through it.

it's most likely from physical therapy last night. i was working with the intern most of the time i was there and he gave me some new exercises. i think he had me over-do it for a new exercise.

argh! i really would have liked to take the whole day but imagine my guilt at that! plus, i'm tkaing off next friday when our missouri friends come in to town, so i have to save my days.

*slams coffee*
Hi all!

Congratulations on the AC turbo!
Yes! We got just one unit so far and the BEDROOM is where we put it!!

Hey doodle, those tips are helpful! I appreciate your discursion.
~*~*jobbity job vibes for catsoup!!~*~*~*~

~*~*~manly man vibes for minxy!!~*~*~
Poodle! You of all people should * appreciate * the splendiferous BADNESS that is Rockstar Supernova! I only wish they got rid of two a week bc most of them stink silly plastic stinkage. I'm glad to see the judges have been allowed to be snarky rock stars after the first week when they felt they had to be "nice" I only wish they'd vote for each other to be eliminated like Hell's Kitchen or Last Comic Standing, and that they would show more in-house footage like Top Model. Can't have everything, though.

Hey, maybe try some witchcraft spell to make your pest leave your home!! Jump around chanting, waving burning sage outside his door. If nothing else, it will give him a good scare!

I loved my guy last night because we have our new beige-y bend-y mod couch in the living room in the bay windows breeze and he cooks for me so much that I made him a dinner -- spice toadfood, big old mushrooms and some canned peas cause they had no peas -- really nice brown rice and spices. I went shopping in the big local chinese/korean market and got some wonderful sesame and hot pepper and a humongo bag of short grain brown rice which was about the smallest they had in the store. Also -- Colgate toothpaste with chinese writing on it. Cute.
Goooood Morning babes! Well, it is almost noon now. I've been busy this Am, just now able to pop in to say hi.

Poodles, I didn't read the archives, but RB is stealing your beer again? What is WRONG with that boy?? I hope he finds his own place really soon & gets out of your hair. Gah.

((FJ)) sorry you slept crappy. How is your PT going?

Catsoup, good luck with the jobs!

Hi doodle, mouse, diva, wombat, jenn, & moxie! And anyone else I forgot.

Things with me are good today. The usual, but that's not a bad thing.

Can't wait for Project Runway tonight! And I am also now addicted to that workout show that comes on after it.

Ok, this might be more appropriate for somewhere in the "Our Bodies" section...but what is it about Chicken Soup that is good for a cold? Excepting tastiness, i mean!
Hello all! Dashing thru the Lounge! (In a one horse open sleigh...) I was hoping to spend more time here, but I got a wee bit annoyed about something and had to post it as a cob. So now I need to get some work done!

*big wet sloppy smooches*
hi doodle!!

I dunno about chicken soup, moxie, but warm broth of any sort is a good thing in soothing the bod, I'd say. For my personal healing qualities, I go for miso soup, though I know you couldn't with your allergy...but the miso and seaweed are good for most of us...

lunch time! wheee!
fj, I'm coming home babydoll smile.gif sorry you're hurtin' but you're gonna be hurtin'even more later dry.gif
ugh so tired. friend visiting today, the day she leaves i'm picking up the complex ex from the airport, then less than a week after that my friend from boston is! sleep! till brooklyn! september!

AND i wanna know what the deal is with that boy i ran into last night. does anyone have any expert gaydar they could lend me? thx

moxie i read somewhere that hot liquids somehow are more conducive to healing than cold (tho any liquid is good), and maybe it's something with the sodium and protein and.....i dunno.

fj omg i hate waking up to a charley horse. worst feeling ever.

turbo! (re: project runway thread) i didn't know you were a graphic designer too. cool smile.gif

hi everyone else!
I'm a graphic designer, singer and writer ms. mouse-mouse.
ANNNNND observe the splendor of poodle -- she should have a museum show
And -- doodle for her great painting and guitar playing and apartment decorating and kitty wrangling --

we're a bunch of arty types around here, that's for sure

You've got some cute stuff and cool clients -- how is LA so far? (besides the car thing)
Hi, peeps!

So, is resident boy really going to be out by the end of the month? That'd be next week. It would be awesome, but don't hold your breath. And I think you should snip his pee-pee off anyway for stealing your beer up until now. Replacing it isn't enough, the fact of the matter is that it wasn't there when you wanted it, and it's yours, dammit. We should have some sort of cleansing ritual when he's finally gone. That'd be something I'd be willing to go crunchy granola for!

Hooray for Jenn's a/c and not having to hire an electrician! I couldn't do without our central air. Last summer was the only one post-college where I didn't have my own a/c, but since I was in the basement and it could only be controlled upstairs, I was usually too cold in my little hovel.

Congrats on the design, Mouse!

Minx, I heard the Miami Vice movie actually sucks. It takes itself way too seriously and isn't fun at all.

Good luck with the jobs, Catsoup!

((((((FJ's legs))))))

Hi, Wombat and Moxie!

I'm all busy at work again today. I'm getting a ton of stuff done, and while that makes my stats look really good, I know my boss is going to say something about it being because I'm not on the internet, so he's going to expect the same every month and really hound me. He hasn't said a word to me in over 2 weeks, and it's been lovely. But you know if he does I'm going to ream him a new one.

So I helped out my brother last night with his financial advising thingy. I'm going to invest a little when he gets started so he can get some practice, and I really do need to be saving more. The presentation that should have taken about 45 minutes took an hour longer. I know I ask a lot of questions, but come on. But my brother did buy me dinner afterward, so it was all good. Anything to help him out.
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