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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Now moxie. I DID offer Georgie to my mama. AND to my auntie. And then on day two, I was about to offer him to my brother, but when I phoned my mom to see if she thought he'd say yes, mom said, "I think you're already attached." And that's how it really happened! So there. smile.gif

And I'm very glad, 'cause he's a fantastic kitty, as the evidence clearly bears out. Hee!

Something about this thread has got this song flitting through my head. Why, I think it's old Mr. Rogers himself! And he's singing...

Well a swinger is a person in your neighbourhood!
In your neighbourhood! In your neigh-bour-hood!
Well a swinger is a person in your neighbourhood!
That's a person that you meet each day!

Hee hee! I'm sorry FJs! I luvs ya! I just couldn't help myself!
MrFJ- neither of you sounds superior in any way! Just honest. Sometimes, i think people who are envious of a particular choice or lifestyle, or who are insecure in their own choices, get really defensive and accusatory towards the object of envy/insecurity. I mean, when faced with a crossroads of love and monogomy vs. love and open relationship, and both are based on trust and desire, who the hell can say what's "right?" We went one way (cause I was sure, and so was moxieman, that we were in it for the long haul), you guys went the other.
Its funny- we show the moxette wedding pictures. And we always make a point of saying to her: "when you're grown up and get married, we don't care if its a boy or a girl- just so long as they're nice to you."
"when you're grown up and get married, we don't care if its a boy or a girl- just so long as they're nice to you."

aww how cute!!!

and shame on the teller for her comment! you look fab!!!

yes mouse...i'm a bit whacked in the head.. the heat is vicious!!! i know i am crazy but i think and my friends prefer me this way. lol, if i am too quiet or 'shy', they ask me whats wrong. hehehehehe

oh oh oh!!!! i found the best thing EVAH!!!! at lowes for a mere 100 bucks, is the dream machine of fan cooling systems....its a giant fan with misting sprays on it!!!! my friends H and B got one...let me tell you..i was LOVING that fan so much, was jealous. hehehehe

but i 'treated' him this morning so he should be having a 'great' day. heehehhe biggrin.gif
Awwww....moxie, I love that you say that to moxette!

Diva - sounds like your weekend was amazing....and your view sounds like it was really great! I'd like a getaway weekend about now...tomorrow, in fact. Who's with me?!

Sorry to hear about Sam's dad's friend passing....we had a near miss Saturday night at our place.

I woke up to a young man screaming "help - he's got a gun" and running through our parking lot at it bad that I woke up, looked out the window, couldn't see anything, and just stumbled back to bed? I didn't even think about it....and forgot all about it until I talked to a neighbor the next day who called 911. No one got shot, but detectives came 'round yesterday afternoon asking questions. Being right on the lake, we get a lot of weirdness in the summer, and a fair amount of drug activity...its the least fun part of where we live.
i'm good to go, turbo!! (starts packing a bag)

that's sounds scary, turbo! I'm glad no one got hurt.
(((vibes for Sam's hometown safety)))) it suck that sam's dad's friend was the first homicide of the town. how big is the town, diva?

I love your stories, FJs! I think your relationship is amazing.

Diva, how sad. I'm sorry to hear about the murder. sad.gif
I'm glad you & the giant had such a great trip. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Doodles, your cats are too cute.

msgb, your sister is coming for a month? Cool! Is she older or younger than you?
Welcome back, diva! Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

Yeah, I heard a newsperson say "Lindstrom" while I was flipping through the channels last night. Murder, eh? What the frell is up with all the murders around here lately? Geesh!

Awww...doodle, your story makes me want to go home to fur babies and give them lots of kisses and hugs. I would have done exactly the same thing. I probably would have terrorized the guy, too, but that's just me. I think people who neglect and abuse animals and/or children deserve to spend the rest of their days in a medieval torture chamber. That guy who screwed Georgie deserves to have his legs broken in the Wheel, and then his body placed out in the hot sun so that the crows can peck his eyes out. That shit makes me so mad!!!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

My poor friend just called and it turns out she locked her keys in the trunk of her car. Fortunately, she's about 2 miles from home, so she has somewhere to go. It's too hot out for locking keys in cars, apartments, etc.
I would just like to express my gratitute to both Falljackets for expressing their collective and independent insights in love. I have a friend who is a huge believer in polyamorous relationships but because of her constant preparation for heartbreak I have become more of a non-believer that an open relationship can actually work. From the two of you I see that a connection is possible without someones heart being trampled on. It was really great to hear. I only hope my friend finds a partner who feels the same and not someone who is taking advantage of the situation for selfish reasons.

*sigh* i hate defense mechanisms, everything becomes closed off and scary

Doodlebug, your Georgie story made me melt. Good for you taking matters into your own hands. What a jerk the old owner was. He deserves to be locked on a balcony for a month with no water. I could never do that to my cat. Im such an animal softy, buying them gourmet organic foods and treating them like a child instead of a pet. smile.gif

Wow, am I in a sensitive mood or what! I just want to give everyone a big hug! biggrin.gif
I'm the same way with my kitties, citrussss. My cats eat this hippie stuff and they love it so much more than the typical namebrand stuff. It costs more, but I love to watch them eat it with so much enthusiasm.

Christ. This day is taking forfreakingever. I could really use a fresh draft ale right now.
doodle, I didn't see your story about your kitty. The mistreatment of animals really, really pisses me off. I am still advocating for making people suffer the same conditions they subject their animals to as a punishment.

I also forgot to say welcome, citrusss! (unless you are an old bustie that I already know w/ a new name?)

Guess what? We got pre-approved for our mortgage! Sweet! That is a load off. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. Funny thing..the mortgage guy emailed to tell me, but he also said that according to my application, I was a legal permanent alien & could he get a copy of my work visa if that is the case. Yeah, I'm a real smart one.
Where are my manners! I just started posting without introducing myself. I've been a bustie for a few years under this very name, just quiet in this thread. Thanks for the welcome tongue.gif

Congrats on the mortgage Karianne. I do mortgage work in the office and pre-approval is a blessing my dear. You would be one of those clients where we get to say "finally, no possible law-suit" smile.gif
hahahah, karianne, that's funny! what country are you from, heheeh? good for you for the pre-approval! i felt the same way: thought it was going to be much more of a process to get. hopefully now you'll find your perfect home soon!

i love doodle's story of georgie boy also! girl, you have some baseball-sized ovaries!! but then again, i guess you didn't actually "break in" if the lady with the key let you in. i wonder what that assface thought when he came home to no kittycat. fucker.

thanks for all the nice things you've all said about mrfj and i. i think it's funny how we both sort of said the same thing, only complemented each others' stories a bit. i'd like to think that is pretty much how we always are: complements of each other. tongue.gif

hi diva! that's depressing that your hometown had the very first murder in its history. but at the same time, how refreshing to see that a town such as that actually still EXISTS!

i think i'm going to make a pot roast tonight. mmmmmmmm
hi citruss!

i so glad georgie has a wonderful furbaby momma!'ll take a cold hard cider, please.

congrats on the pre-approval for your mortgage, kari! its just one step closer to a place of your own!

my Little sister is the one coming to visit, kari. the one who tends to take after me, although i don't understand her taste in men. she tends to like the 'broken' ones.
We've seen you in here before, citrus! (or at least I have)

Congrats on the pre-approval, kari!!! *tosses confetti* Weeee!!!

Seriously, I'm so unbelievably bored right now and I'm too lazy to do any work or even do fun stuff on the web. I just want to rip off my brar and crash on the couch. Stupid office job. Grrrr...

I need to move to some kind of ecovillage or something where I can make homebrew and weld stuff without feeling pressured to wear a bra. I only like bras when I want my boobs to look perky or when I'm doing a lot of walking. Otherwise, they suck.
Pre-approvals rule. I cannot tell you how excited we were to be pre-approved for a mortgage... and for more than we thought we would be. We felt like adults.
poodle, I predict that in your *new house* you will create your own little ecovillage where you can go brarless, weld, and make all the homebrew you like. And if that falls through, I know just the commune for you...we used to grow our own hops even!

Well, I'm outta here. I'm gonna go to a park and sit in the shade and read for an hour, and then go to spin class. I do not feel like lifting weights today!

*throws confetti and passes out champagne to all busties in honor of kari's pre-approval*

Isn't it amazing to think that if you found that perfect house today - that it could be yours?! Very grown-up indeed. Fun too.
thanks, ladies! and Mr FJ! It is exciting.

Well, I am working at home tomorrow, so probably won't chat with you all til Wednesday. Have great Tuesdays! I hope to see lots of Good Things.

I like your prediction, turbo. Homegrown hops? Now that sounds cool!

I've actually done a lot of research into intentional communities and so on. My concerns basically revolve around my health. I also don't want to be stuck with a bunch of judgmental enviro-nazis who insist that I give up Cheap Trick in favor of hollow gourd instruments. I wouldn't mind sharing a little chunk of land somewhere with a couple friends, though.


Bye Kari!!! See ya on Weds!
Until you've heard "The Flame" performed on a guiro you really haven't heard "The Flame" at all.
This is why I love Turbojenn!! She is so midwestern and so hipster at the same time.

Which is the coolest kind of hipster if you ask me.

Who but a hipster midwesterner would even THINK of a tofu version of polish sausage? laugh.gif
Much less CRAVE it!

Poodle and mrjf -- feeling yah about the hippie/healthy food/landsharers usually being into corny plinky self-righteous music. Ack! Why do they have to have all these cultural prescriptions that have NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER all bound up into one big package they drop on you like a brick?

you can find some rockers who are still into "hippie" stuff and vice versa but it's difficult. We know some....
Hahaha!! Okay, I guess I'd be willing to give up The Flame--just not Surrender.

Yeah, I'm not cooperative enough to belong to a cooperative. smile.gif I have a little bit of hippie in me and I'm interested in living simply and sustainably, but I don't want to participate in some kind of utopian project, which a lot of these places seem to have in mind, even if they won't admit it. I see myself more as the weird lady who lives in an Airstream 5 miles outside of town.
poodle, i like the idea of living in an RV and being transient. i'd love to live like my parents: in a fully-equipped RV parked wherever they feel like parking, which is currently somewhere in utah.

i'm waiting for my yummy momma-style pot roast to finish cooking. complete with all the veggies, but with french fries instead of potatoes for something different. *wishes the oven could cook faster*

think i might drink some red to help pass the time
i am TIIIIIRED. i finally got all my car insurance stuff set! weeeeeeeeeee! i have also spent the better part of today aligning miniscule rhinestones on samples with tweezers. i felt like i was performing surgery.

i always liked the idea of subsistence farming/sustainable living, poodle. i guess it's hard to wire an amp next to a campfire, but maybe you could get some sort of alternate energy source to rock hard? like maybe hamsters running on hamster wheels generating electricity......but maybe they would explode like the mice in rock'n'roll highschool if you got too loud...
wombat....well, I *do* live in chicago, and if there's going to be tofu vegan polish anywhere - its here! heh.

The intentional community I lived in had lots of rockers, and hippies, and plink-plinkers...there was room for pretty much anybody. The community sustained itself by being able to house about 250 guests at any given time, people were always flowing in and out, which helped keep it balanced. It was ecumenically faith oriented, but *extremely* crunchy liberal - room for all. And the vegetarian food there was soooooo good. I gained 15lb in six months in spite of doing physical labor all day and hiking everyday. Ah.....good times. Can I go back to being a youngster with not much responsibility again? Just for a couple months? Oh, and we had our own hydroelectric set-up there to give us electricity...

I could not, however live in an RV. I'm a homebody at heart...
Hi all...sorry I am back late to the party! I had to get a bunch of work done, and then it was so hot, I took a siesta! Now I know why siestas were invented.

Hey thanks for all your kind words about the rescue of Georgie! It came four months after the civil disobedience arrest, though, so I was feeling a bit indestructable at the time. Heh.

Man, if you guys are interested in communal living and intentional communities, y'all should pack your bags and come out to BC. We're the wacky province - Canada's version of California. I swear there's a commune every twenty kilometres out here! You could pick and choose which kind of lifestyle you want! Granola and banjos? Sure! Cheap Trick and steak? Well...maybe. This is BC, after all! Anyway, the marijauna would be plentiful, whichever commune you chose. Just be sure to bring your sandals and some kind of long, floaty skirt.

Mmm...I hung all my cotton camisoles on the railing to dry in the sun after I washed them this morning. Now they smell so lovely and fresh! Mmmm....*smells self again*
psssssssssssssssst. i'm on my lunch break.


maybe if i do fly-bys, i can pop in here once and a while when other people are around.

i won't be able to read archives, though, so forgive me in advance?

i was able to glean a few things, very quickly:

YAYAYAY!!! diva and giant had a great weekend, kari was preapproved for a mortgage, doodling is, as always, a FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANtastic furbaby mama (as are all of the okies who have furbabies!) and the fj's have a great relationship -- i really like reading both of your perspectives.

sad.gif re the murder, that is too awful -- and too close to home. i'm so sorry diva. how is your brother taking it??

i have homemade pasta with langostinos for lunch. and a nice salad, and a roll fresh from the bakery today, and a tangerine.

what else are we talking about?

i miss being able to tell you about the rednecks next door. tongue.gif ooooooo, did i tell you that when i was home for the wedding in may, that within the FIRST HOUR the mom was chatting with me by our mailboxes, and she told me that she and her husband were separated? he wants "some space". what an ass hat! the big ass truuuuuuuuuuuuuuk that won't fit in the garage and the all terrain vehicle (it was HIS!!! not his obnoxious son's!!!) weren't enough i guess. he's moved out and has his own apt.

this is the good part: the mom decided that if HE could have space, SHE could have peace and quiet, and sent the OBNOXIOUS SON to live with the dad. HAH!

maybe i can come back. talk about things i can post quickly on. hah. right. laugh.gif
Good morning peeps!!

Howdy tes! I miss hearing your redneck stories. That is hilarious that the woman sent the 2 dudes packing!

"hamsters running on hamster wheels generating electricity" Bwahahaha!!!

I don't really have anything exciting to talk about this morning. My friend came over last night and we ate pizza and watched some Led Zep stuff. She wanted to see the bulge in action. smile.gif
mornin' tes and poodle!!

Ah, the redneck stories - I'm glad you were able to catch up on that when you were home in May! I'm sure there's a lot less entertainment over there these days if all the menfolk are gone. mr hotbuns must be disapointed! tongue.gif

*steals some of tes' pasta with langostinos* - that sounds completely amazing.

Not much happenin' here either...
Mornin' turbo!

The resident boy drank all my beer again and left one in the frige (how considerate). I'm not gonna leave him a note telling him to buy me beer. I'm sick of having to write a note every morning. I'm just gonna see what he does and then rip him a new asshole either way. The problem is that he creeps in late at night while I'm already asleep or getting ready for bed, so it's hard to have a beer talk with him. He knows it pisses me off though. I don't know why he can't just leave the beer alone. It's so simple! Don't drink my beer! Buy your own beer!
morning all,

i am playing hookey at home right now. i was supposed to go recruiting but didn't feel like rolling out of bed this morning. so, i slept in just a bit and now i'm about to enjoy some yummy coffee (instead of the crap they serve at the office). i'm getting some laundrry done, as well as some general tidying.

ugh, sometimes i really just want to be a housewife. how bad is that?

i still have to be at work by about 11am, so i'm not completely off today. but i feel like i needed to give myself just a little time off. the sneaky part is that no one from work knows that i'm NOT recruiting... and I'M not going to tell them!!
FJ- you know why home ec is called "home ec"? because running a household is running a small just don't get paid for it. No shame in wanting to be a housewife. Its still a job. A job where you can wear jammies all day...wouldn't that be lovely??
Poodle, the resident boy is really out of hand...WTF - how hard is it to leave your beer ALONE? That boy has got a problem, and he needs to be out on his ass, drinking someone else's beer! Hell, I wouldn't even like it if turboman drank my beer without asking...and we're married! Resident boy is well on his way to getting another nasty nickname here...

Good for you fj, in staying home this morning....turboman and I had a nice cuddle in bed and talked about it this morning...but alas, we both have meetings today. feh.

Nah, I'll pass on the housewife gig - I hate that I do 80% of the housework already, I do *not* want that to be my job. It already irritated me this morning that I have to do laundry tonight...turboman is never home in time to get in the washers before the evening rush hour, so it always falls to me. I'd rather work, and let the house cleaning slide as much as possible, me thinks....
thanks, moxie. that's true. i didn't work for the first six or eight months after i graduated college, while i was with the asshat. i really enjoyed being there all day. but i don't think it would be a possibility for me now. we have a mortgage and two car payments, so momma fj must work! but finding a job that i can work from home would be perfect. i'd almost be willing to stuff envelopes if i knew i could really get cash from it. ha! maybe i really SHOULD get back into modeling. rolleyes.gif

fart on that resident boy. turd turd turd.

hi tes! hi turbo!

mrfj left this morning early for the airport. he's on his way to ATL for the night. at least he'll be back tomorrow.
hiya, fj. smile.gif I miss you... The Charlotte airport sucks. They've filtered me from my porn sites.
the nerve! what else is a healthy male supposed to do to pass the time at airports?!?

MrFJ- if you're ever in the way of Detroit, look me up. We'd be happy to have you for dinner!

I was telling moxieman about the open relationship convo last night, and his reply: "so what? sex and relationships aren't the same thing. we get our runs from each other and handcuffs, and the FJ's get fun from lots of people."

I loves me my man. and handcuffs. gotta have the handcuffs.
Moxie - noted. Thanks for the invite. I wonder if I can get Turbo to give me a good reference.

Handcuffs. Furry. Bedside drawer. Under-utilized, eh, fj?

Point of order: "lots" of people may not be the most entirely acurate quantifier. The fabled Couple #1 was the second batch of extra-curricular fun we've had in 07.
furry handcuffs? wuss. steel handcuffs...rawr...
I don't like the idea of being a housewife either. Then again, I don't like having to go to work, so....

Dude, 2 more people were shot dead in North Minneapolis overnight. This is seriously fucked up! There are a crapload of listings on MLS for North MPLS homes right now. The housing market around here has leveled off, but it actually appears to be declining in that neighborhood. That hasn't happened for a long time.

I can't wait to see what the resident boy does today. I might just take all of his food and leave it in a box on the sidewalk with a "Free" sign.

Good things about today:
-I had a good sleep last night
-The cats are chillin' out a little bit
-My boss is working from home today and wasn't here to see me arrive late

poodle, I firmly support the ditching of the thief in residence's food...teach that boy a lesson. Might be just the thing for a wake up.

we like leather restraints at our house. heh.

I would definitely give mr fj a good reference!! ...Even though he only got to visit for a half-hour, it was a delightful half-hour, indeed!
Poodle, that's BRILLIANT! Feed the homeless, teach a lesson.

Genius, i say. Genius.

Now i'm thinking about steel, leather and if we can get the kid to bed early tonight. Damn...its only lunchtime, too.

Good things tuesday:

1. I'm feeling well enough for some serious HBI tonight
2. There was just the most brilliant thunderstorm...rain, hail, winds howling...and it moved in and out!
3. Um, i feel good enough for HBI tonight!
Hi, peeps!

I'm spending my lunch hour on Bust, just because I can. I even have my little "lunch" sign outside my cubicle so I can do anything I want. Neah!

Speaking of porn in airports, my gay boyfriend (works for Delta, used to be a flight attendant) told me this story about a man who brought his laptop with him on the plane and proceeded to just sit there and watch porn. The lady next to him got absolutely irate about it, but he wouldn't quit because he said he couldn't do it at home. I don't know if he stopped watching, but he would have put up a fight. I'd have liked to have been there to hear him say "I have to watch my porn on the plane because my wife won't let me at home!"

I heard this morning on the Stephanie Miller show that on "The O'Reilly Factor" he was saying how everyone should get themselves a generator because we're in WWIII. Maybe you should do that, Poodle?

I managed to get through pretty much all the archives yesterday, so:

Karianne, congrats on getting pre-approved!

Catsoup, sorry about the fight.

Turbo got another buttflush!

FJs, it takes a strong couple to do what you do. Personally, it's not my game. I have a hard enough time being interested in sex at all most times, and that's only with one person. Imagine how much I'd dissappoint someone else!

I know I missed a bunch of other stuff, sorry. But I really did read it all.

Poodle, you should so take all that boy's food and give it away, or throw it away, or hide it. There's no excuse for this shit he keeps pulling on you. Or better yet, tell him if he does it again, he has to be ready to move out the next day.

Hi, Tes! I don't know how my brother's taking the whole murder thing. I don't know whent the last time was that he talked to him, since he doesn't really associate with any of his drug friends anymore, which is a very good thing. He's probably relieved that he got help when he did so the same thing didn't happen to him. My other brother told me that he was actually scheduled to do 4 years in prison for selling meth. Well, that's not going to happen now.

I'd like to be a housewife for about a month, maybe two. I love staying home and doing things around the house and not having someone watch when I get into work. But I'd get so bored after awhile that I'd itch to go back to work. I can't imagine myself not working for long periods of time. I just wish I had I job I liked and was excited to come to in the morning.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) brother is taking me out for dinner tonight to Red Lobster. I'm helping him out with something for his new job, and the giant will never go there with me, so my brother's taking me.
2) an old friend emailed me yesterday and invited me to a BBQ
3) new Queer Eye tonight
4) get to see Sam and my uncle/cousin I only see once a year in a couple weeks.

I had the nicest conversation with Sam the other night when we got back from our trip. He actually asked to talk to the giant. He said "may I speak with him, please?" What manners for a 3-year-old! It was so funny how they talked together for a pretty long time, and when he and I talked, we talked about all the stuff we both saw. He even went to the same restaurant on the way up that we did, and we talked about their caramel and cinnimon rolls. He kept saying "oh, my" to everything. That's his new little phrase, I guess. He's just so much fun to talk with, and so smart. I think it might be because he spends so much time around my parents, so he always hears smart adults talking to each other, so he picks it up and talks the same way.

diva- here's a question for you - does Sam call the giant "uncle"? You guys are pretty tight, serious, etc. and i suspect you're "aunt diva", right?

We're going back and forth on that with moxette and our sib's SO's. All the SO's are very serious relationships, but not yet engaged. my brother's girlfriend loves being "auntie" but my sister's boyfriend thinks its a little weird (but, he's a little weird...). I am big into respectful titles for the elders.
No, he doesn't call him "uncle" yet, just calls him by his name. He asks about him when he's not around, though. I imagne that he'll start calling the giant that at some point. It's kind of funny, though. He refers to me by my name, but my brother, his uncle is always "Uncle D___."

my co-worker brought in a blender so we are gonna have smoothies tomorrow!!! wooo!

lets hear it for HBI...wooo maybe i'll get some tonite....

we use soft restraints leftover from his EMT'ing

Well, ladies (and mr. fj), the kiddie pool is up! its a whale shape, including a tail, and it even has a sprinkler spout built in!!! i love soaking my feet in it at night while watching the stars to unwind. although it kinda reminds me of a giant sperm. lol...i also picked up some plants for the nice.

good things tuesday:
-smoothies tomorrow!
-possible hbi tonite!
-the new ikea catalog came
-all my windows/messaging units are working on my computer...wooooo

Oh, man, your kiddie pool sounds super-deluxe ms. gb!! Wow, I didn't know they were coming in shapes and had sprinkler attachments - I am clearly not up to speed on the latest in kiddie pool accessories!

I'm kinda smoothied out right now...been eating nothing but smoothies for 4 days now for the liver cleanse...the nutritional supplement yuck that I put in it really dampens the flavor of the fruit to bland flavor with chalkiness...I think I'm gonna go back to real food for dinner...simple stuff, but stuff that you can chew...I hope my liver is clean enough!

Why won't any electricians call me back? I need help, so we can get the AC unit installed!

Smart little kids are just the 3.5 year old nephie speaks just like Sam, its easy to forget he's 3, until all of a sudden he whines at you "aunt jennnnn, can you pleeeeeaaase get me that crayon, I can't reach it" in the most wheedling voice, and its like an inch away from his hand. That kid is funny.
i need to start eating edamame again....i've missed it...

yeah the kiddie pool rocks!!! i was going to go to tar-jay to get a 30 buck normal model but traffic wouldn't allow it. so i hit the local do-shite center and found this number for a mere 20 bucks! and then i spend 30 on plants. lol. at least i haven't splurged on the bamboo plants i want...those are 50 a pop, but they are 6 feet tall specimens so they are worth it.

my sis and dad arrived last nite...we chatted for like 2 hours--she's currently only eating chicken, turkey and fish and fruits and veggies. she's also non dairy and has been curious as to how i have been 'coping'. When i left this morning, her and jake were already hanging out, listening to lena horne. too bad i have school otherwise we'd be chilling at home eating chinese food. mmm
seriously everyone needs to stop with all of the sexy-talk. can we please go back to talking about gourd instruments instead, i have to concentrate today.

I GOT MY CAR REGISTERED!! it's insured and i drove it to work today and i got it looked at by a mechanic who was dubious because it is so old but said it seemed to be running fine and cooling off fine and i should just drive it, because no one really knows when these old cars will die.....HA! but i drove it here and i was so much less freaked out by driving on the freeway/in LA traffic than i thought i would be (because i have not driven in this city before and i have not driven anywhere in about a year). i was fine. wee! i have transportation!!!

mrfj, really? second time in 07? wow, you plan ahead tongue.gif (or wait, am i in a time warp? my head hurts......)

smart kids are great. i actually just met this little kid that i did a portrait of a while ago--his godfather was a regular at my coffeeshop and comissioned it for the kid's birthday, i did it from photos but hadn't met the kid--he loves goldbug, that little bug you look for where's waldo style in richard scarry books, so i hid a little goldbug in the portrait for him to find....i ran into him and his godfather on the street and i asked him if he'd found the goldbug and he was all "YEAH! right away!"
congrats mouse!!! in regards to the dubious look on your mechanics face...he was probably just surprised that it didn't need any parts/work! laugh.gif

we are missing a few today...minx, marileen, doodle....where are they? unsure.gif
hi, divalla!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that your weekend was good! you know that i love hearing about sam!! he is just the best! and it is true, children learn what is around them, which is why i speak english and portuguese correctly, NOT because i studied them!! i just learned what i heard.

parabens, mouse!!! i am currently looking to buy a car and i'm NOT looking forward to it -- one more thing to maintain AND they drive on the left side here. tooooooooooo weird. (am actually contemplating a driver. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell nohope!) blink.gif

hmmm. what else? we have two sets of restraints. one that goes underneath the bed so that you don't need any special equipment, and one that is purple leather with sheepwool lining. i'm contemplating buying special sheets that have 4 velcro attachments, one for each appendage.....

mr fj, the next time that you find yourself in maputo, PLEASE come to dinner! or at the very LEAST, let's go out!!!

poodle, you are being WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too kind about the beer theft. and make no mistake -- THEFT is exactly what it is!!! he is STEALING your beer. i think that you should just kick the filthy bum OUT the next time that he steals from you! what an ASS HAT!!!!! you are just toooooo nice, querida!!

jenn, KNOW i love you! long do you subsist on smoothies alone??? surely your liver is cleansed by now???

ms gb: can i just say how MUCH i love the fact that your kiddie pool looks like a sperm???? heeeeee!!!!

yah! where ARE minx and doodle?????

no hbi for me tonight, alas! however!!! i DID get my tickets for the honeymoon with mr. hotbuns in Madeira today!!!! yayayayay!!!! if i manage to survive the next 3 hellish weeks of work, i get to reward myself by spending almost 2 weeks in madeira with my sweet baboo!!!! smile.gif

Greetings... I spent the day weeding and mulching. I bet I mulched at least an ACRE. Okay, that's exaggerating....

Oooooh, did I read something about gourd instruments? How fun! Lets make gourd instruments, and be a band!

*tink-tinka-tink* *tot-tot-tot* *tink-tinka-tink* *tot-tot-tot*

(that's the sound of hollowed gourds being played)
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