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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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soo much is going on....sheesh...its taking forever to catch up!

minx, i think its perfectly fine that you can't stand bad spellers. but thats usually easily remedied(sometimes). teeth, on the other hand...not so easy or cheap. As a former dental assistant...i had a hard time not staring at my dates who had odd teeth. Fortunately, mr. gb has pretty straight teeth but he has slight nick or chip in them which is definitely a good thing. tongue.gif

my workplace is soooo QUIET. i could seriously do cartwheels down the hall, hit a wall, fall down and it wouldn't be noticed by anyone but maryanne, who wouldn't really care. i wish i could leave but then no one would be here to greet the mailman, hand out copy cards or watch the dust fall. honest.

diva, have a great weekend with the giant....oh and smile alot. or do stuff that makes you smile alot. ohmy.gif

a tart sighting!!!

maybe i should watch those new haircutting dvds i got. hmm....

((((((vibes for all my busties))))))
truly, we do have our own slang here, that's for sure! And I love that I can say what poodle, doodle, tes, ms gb, the fjs are up to, and turboman totally gets it. Ya'll a re more of a presence in my daily life than my IRL friends...I certainly chat here more!

I can't take bad spellers, or people with bad grammar either....or who use words incorrectly...that one really gets me, but maybe that's because I had a roomie once who used words wrong all the time, and I just would giggle to myself and think of Wallance Sean in Princess Bride. Heeee...

I'm in programming hell today...I officially hate php...mostly because I suck at programming it, and I have no training, yet I have to do it. Its just one error after another today. Oh shall be over soon.
FJ, yes, I did start on my next packet of pills early, and so far so good. Thanks for the advice. If my MRG were going to come, it would have by now.

I had the most lovely Tes-influenced lunch, salmon fillet salad (I never normally eat salmon) with field greens, fresh strawberries, mandarin oranges, and sliced almonds in too much strawberry vinagrette. I hate when people put too much dressing on salads.

Mouse, your job sounds really awesome. At least you're working with stuff besides data entry and he-said-she-said harassment via litigation like I am at the moment. We're going up to Duluth, MN for our weekend vacation. We're going to tour Split Rock Lighthouse, see a waterfall, watch the arial lift bridge (our hotel looks directly out on it), shop, eat at the best places, tour a haunted mansion, and tour a ship. It sounds like a lot and we may not get around to everything. I'll just be happy to hang out with no big agenda of stuff I don't wanna do. Mom and Dad gave us a pretty generous gift that'll put us through at least a couple of days. They're the best. I think they're just happy that I'm not a lesbian and I'm not dating any bikers or assholes-in-general, so they keep throwing money at us/him.

Marileen, don't worry about your review. I honestly think that supervisors expect people to slack off a little, it's how we recharge when we can't leave the room. You'll do fine.

There's cack downstairs for someone's retirement, but I honestly don't even want any. I want the punch with rainbow sherbert in it.

No, everybody doesn't like a drunk girl, especially after she pukes on your shoes. But wow, that sounds like one of Abercrombie's inappropriate quips that they got nailed for.

Hi, Tes!!!!!!

Where's Poodle?

Turbo, I hate when people use words incorrectly, too. I usually try to gently correct them, if it's someone I like (my brother and BFF do it quite a bit, but they mean well and they're trying), but otherwise I just chuckle to myself.

Okay, time for punch.
a haunted house??? wow....

and ya. seriously. i mean, i love drunk girls.....they are 100% of my best friends. and me, often. but to put that on a t-shirt, one that is marketed to the demographic that is arguably the most vulnerable, and nearly across-the-board underage.....i don't understand how it actually went to print. and i don't understand how my coworker can live with herself being responsible for that. i mean, i can see it being funny if worn by, like, some sassy gay man, or even OVER-age females, but the fact that it's marketed to poorly-educated fourteen year old girls who shop at ross AND WHO WILL SEE IT AS STRAIGHTFORWARD and not ironic at all..........yeeeeesh.
Hallooooo everyone! I'm sorry I'm not around this week. I PROMISED my board chair I'd have that report finished tomorrow, so now I have to. Even if I have to stay up all night tonight. Bleargh.

I used to be very rigid about people's spelling and grammar until I had a partner who was dyslexic. Now I'm very forgiving. smile.gif

*tackles tesao quickly before dashing out of the thread*
Hey laaaaaaaaaaadies!!!

I've been workin' hard all day, so I haven't had a chance to play until now.

Heh...I'm listening to Journey right now. He took the midnight train goin' anywhere!!!

You guys are forgetting a very important bustie vocab word! BUTTFLUSH!!!

I can't stand when people say "irregardless." I also can't stand when people mix up "its" and "it's." That drives me absolutely bonkers.


Mmmm...jasmine rice with coconut milk

Okay, I'm outta here.
poodle, you have such cosmically perfect timing - how did you know that I *just* made an appointment for a butt flush for next week? Seriously, that is scary!

I've got some mean black bean, veg, tomato lamb chili stuff simmering on the stove, and brown rice simmering for a hearty dinner tonight...can't quite figure what came over me to cook just did.

(((((get that report done vibes for doodle)))))

Have a great vacation weekend diva!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
Damnit!! Now I want chocolate CACK (all due props to Lurv who coined that one, I believe)!!

I have set a quit date for smoking early next month. I promised Minxlette that I would, and she thought that was pretty swell. Apparently the exasshat talks to her all the time about how Mommy's smoking is bad and that I should quit. That wouldn't be so awful, but I really resent him making judgements about me directly to her. Bad form, asshat. Bad form.

Ah well...I stink. I should shower, but who in the hell am I impressing tonight?

Uh, that would be NOBODY.

Farkin' CSI DVD had a scratch on it that rendered the last two eppies unwatchable. ARGH!!!

Anyhoo, I am off like a prom dress. Today was the last day of summerschool. I got yelled at yesterday by the head of the program (he is a total spaz, seriously). I looked at him straight in the eye in the middle of his tirade and asked him, "And why are you making this into something personal?" After another minute or so of his frothing, I turned to him and said "I refuse to have a conversation with someone who won't think rationally."

And today? The asshole was kissing my posterior. I can't stand men who think that it's okay to yell at women and then hold a double standard to the men in my department because they don't have the BALLS to confront a man. But NOOOOOOOOO, it's completely okay to yell at women. I have half a mind to file a report, or at least demand an apology.

Fucking men that can't deal with women. WTF is up with that? My vagina is not lined with depleted uranium. Velvet perhaps, but not DU. I haven't heard from the I-guess-he's-an-ex in a month now. They can all fuck off. I don't even know why I am looking, because quite honestly, nothing is interesting me right now. Not even in a sexual way. Well, there is Tes, but she is in fucking Africa and that does NOTHING for my libido. (the Africa part, not Tessie--she be way sexay, yo)

There is another gentleman I am corresponding with. He seems like a better possibility, but he has roommates. That is kind of gross. I think. I dunno, maybe he is a really social creature. I am much the same, but ROOMMATES? How does one have obnoxiously loud and kinky sex with roommates? I mean, I know HOW, but that just seems a bit strange to me. He makes scads of money in I.T., WHY DOES HE HAVE ROOMMATES?!!! wacko.gif I am being really judgemental, and this is not like me. Healing process, I guess. I don't feel like being hurt this badly again. Mostly I am fine...for about 23.75 hours of the day I am fine. It's that 15 minutes that really get me. I guess that is suits the relationship proportionally...that's about how nice he was to me towards the end. [/feeling sorry for myself]

Histrionics abound. Fuck it. We're just emailing. There may well be something else more crucial about him that I find annoying next week. Every man is annoying me. I feel like I have been on the lake fishing and there are nothing but crappies and millfoil. At least I have coffee and good paychecks. tongue.gif
Minx, you are now my hero. Good for you for standing up to your asshole boss.

Add me to the list of people who want chocolate cack. And some Mexican food maybe.
oh minxy, i wish i could share some of the glory that is my chocolate cack right now. it is so yummy! sorry that dude was such an asshat. at least you don't have to deal with his ass for a while. good for you for showing him that he can't push you around.

poodle, i heard the same song while at physical therapy. i was also treated to forienger. i thought i would pee my pants when one of the therapists walked through saying how he loved the radio station that was on. i'll give him enough credit to add that he said this while david bowie's fame, which made me think of you guys.

rolleyes.gif (i'm using that as my lovie face since we have no kissie face!)

so i just got finished cutting mrfj's hair. a couple days ago, when i bought groceries, i also picked up a cheap trimmer. for some reason, mrfj took the trimmer to his own head and cut a huge chunk out of the side of his hair. like a two by two inch section. hehe. so, i had to cut the other side of his hair pretty short to match. i think it's funny but he doesn't seem to agree. tongue.gif

x post with catsoup.

*offers a tray of chocolate cack all around*

best i have for mexican food at the moment is a corona...
*takes a slice of cack from fj*

I'm starting my cleanse tomorrow morning, which kinda sucks, I usually like to avoid weekends, because its just easier to stay away from bad food when I'm sitting at my desk...but the butt flush lady can only get me in on Sunday afternoon, so what's a girl to do?! So no more sugar and cack for me...I'm gonna try and stay off the junk for awhile...guess that means I'll just have to drink my tequila straight! tongue.gif

Now what would make an untrained man take clippers to his head? That is just risky business...some 'advanced member' mr fj turned out to be! rolleyes.gif silly boys! I bet you still made him look sexy!

minxy - you so totally rock! Good for you for standing up to that asshat! And Woo-hoooo for summer vacation, and quittin' the ciggies!
Holy Friday, you loopy cunts! *yes, i've been waiting since last week's "Deadwood" for that one*

I am so rememarkably grateful that today is friday. Its been a long week. On the brite side, I have lost 3 pounds this week! YEAH ME! Its not so much the body image thing, but more a sense of accomplishment for setting a goal and sticking to the plan. Cack doesn't even sound good right now. smile.gif

I think our BFF's son is going mohawk for the summer...i can't wait to see it! Definitly green hair...his mom is trying for the mowhawk, too. Lots of pictures tonight when we see them, for sure!

FJ- I had a total Johnny Knoxville moment when I read about Mr.FJ. In a good way. smile.gif

ANyone have good weekend plans?

Congrats on your 3 lbs., moxie!!!

Heh...turbo, I think it's so funny that you're drinking straight tequila during your "cleanse." smile.gif

The majority of men (and some women!) can't handle it when a woman gets assertive in the workplace. Good for you minx. In one of our meetings, I explained that it is possible for men to answer the phone. The office meddler used to come to me to answer the phone when she left the office. I don't think it even occurred to her to ask the guys who were newer and lower on the totem pole. Now I rarely ever answer the phone.

I want to see mr FJ's hair!
Happy fucking friday morning, cocksuckers! (ah, how I love Deadwood)

Oh, I guess my tequila comment did sound, I will not be drinking tequila this week while I cleanse...but *after* the cleanse, when I'm back to eating normally, I'll probably drink tequila straight for a bit, as I'll be off sugar for as long as I can stand it. ...though a little tequila mixed with the medical food supplement shakes I drink would be interesting, but probably not in a good tasting way. wink.gif

Boy, am I ever glad that its Friday....I am tired of work this week, that is for sure, and I am very excited about a weekend to do *nothing.* Maybe I'll finally have a chance to see Pirates of the Carribbean, and get my Johnny Depp fix! And turbomann will be working on installing our new AC unit, which has turned into quite a trial, involving some electrical work...glad its him doing it, and not me.

Good going moxie on the workout weight loss regimen!! You are my inspiration at the moment, I'm definitely doing SO much better with working out and food now that I'm back at the gym I like...just last weekend majorly fouled up my body's this weekend is a good chance to just relax and regroup.

I just realized I forgot to call my mom on her birthday yesterday. Bad daughter!
it is so quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiet in here today. i feel like i have to whisper and tiptoe. i'm not even using the pink martini skin. and i don't know why, there is no one in the office, either. or in the NYC office, for that matter. i usually start off the day by writing a bunch of email to the desk officer in NY, and then he starts responding from home when he gets up between 6-7 am. NOT A PEEP out of him until now.

is it a holiday there??? blink.gif

i am pretty much brain dead. i can't wait to leave tonight. it is 15:00 and i need chocolate cake and wine and a NAP.

not necessarily in that order.
Good morning, you ballsack gargling cock holsters.

That is all.
Good-morning! I'm too tired to come up with a good insult. I'll keep thinking.

I am so flipping glad it's Friday. I'm sick of work. Yesterday I had to fill in for someone in the clinic. I am sick to death of working in the clinic. It seems like every girl I talk to this week doesn't use condoms, isn't on any birth control, and doesn't seem to think she could get pregnant or an STI. It wears on you after a while. And today a girl I saw on Monday who was diagnosed with PID is coming back for a followup. She was a mess on Monday so I hope I can see her when she comes in today. *sigh* I love the kind of work I do but the "bad" ones always stick in your brain rather than the "good" ones. (And no I'm not saying the girls are bad, blah, blah, blah. You know what I mean.)

Jenn, I admire you for being able to even temporarily cut sugar out of your life. I am such a sugar junkie it's not even funny.

Hi Tes, Turbo, Poodle, Moxie, FJ, and everyone else!
Good morning all....I've had about 2 hours sleep, so no insults. Finished my report, though. Wooo! Going to e-mail it to my chair, go to my regularly scheduled hair appointment, and then pick up the signed copy from the chair.

I always think I've gotten nothing accomplished until I read one of my own reports. Then I go, "Holy fuck. Now I know why I'm burnt out." And frankly, I KNOW we only achieved about half of what we said we'd do. So.

You will all be please to know that, while I didn't need to call on doodlemama to help me out this time, I did talk with her last night and invited her up for a visit at the end of August. I'll go down to Vancouver for the Blue Rodeo concert, and then bring doodlemama back with me for a nice end-of-summer vaycay on the river. Ahhh...I wish I had a canoe....
Good Morning dickwads!

Mr FJ, nice insult, I must say. Cock holsters...I gotta remember that one.

Poodle, the people at my work are the same way with the phones! Whenever they need someone to cover them, they come back here & ask the women, though there are THREE guys sitting in the room next to us who never get asked. It is so annoying.

Catsoup, that does sound disheartening. It saddens me to think about all these girls who are not properly educated about pregnancy & STDs. I think the solution is to only teach abstinence in sex ed. Don't you? smile.gif

It's butt flush time, Jenn? Nice!

Hi Tes! I wonder why it is so quiet 'round there? No holiday here in the states. Sadly.

Moxie, congrats on the 3 pound loss! Good work!

Minx! Congrats on setting a quit smoking date! That really blows though that ex asshat is ragging on you for it to Mixlette. Ugh.

Hi FJ! Good thing you were there to save Mr FJ's hair. It does sound like it is rather short now. Eh, it'll grow.

I am really happy today b/c our tax refund was deposited in my checking acct. We need it to help pay for closing costs, now I can relax a bit. We're only $100 away from the cost the mortgage company quoted us for closing. I have been having to be super strict on the budget to make sure we saved enough.

What is everyone doing this weekend?
I think I'm going to stay in tonight so I won't be tired for class tomorrow. The past 2 Friday nights I've gone to stuff that was supposed to wrap up early but didn't, resulting in me being tired. I think I'll just watch a movie tonight. Mr K is working. Tomorrow night I may go play poker. Don't know yet. That's all that is on the books so far.
hey mrfj, your mom is a ballsack gargling cock holster!!!


happy friday, indeed you fart harboring couch cushion cunts! (that was for diva, from some comment she made weeks ago about never buying a ussed couch because of farts)

wow, i am so ready for today to be over and the weekend to BEGIN! not sure what we're doing, but it will NOT be working in this crap office!

catsoup, i understand what you mean by the "bad" ones ruining it. i feel so jaded by my job, like i'll never believe in the good of people again. i mean, i guess i honestly still do but when i see so many people lying or hear about the crap they're doing it just really makes me question why i'm here at all. and then i remember: it's for the paycheck. which brings on a whole new set of doubts.

turbo and moxie, good for you guys on working out and cutting out sugar. turbo, i laughed too when i read that about the tequila. hehe.

So, i get to leave the office early today. Yeah!? nope- moxette's cough is worse, so to the dr. we go. Since I don't think she's that sick, i still plan a nice afternoon of girl time, though. smile.gif
(((((moxette)))) Poor wittle girl. I hope she feels better, and you get some good cuddles in this afternoon.

catsoup - see that's the miracle of the butt flush - once your insides are all brand-spanking new and clean, you don't *have* any cravings for sugar and eating bad food until you start filling your bod with it its a good way to get a jump on healthier habits. /end butt flush recruiting

tes!! Its quiet here too this morning, but hardly anyone ever works on fridays in the summer here it seems...lots of vacationers.

Kari - did you guys find a house to buy? Am I so wrapped up in my own work debacles that I missed that somewhere? Or are you just getting everything in order so when you find your perfect house, you can pounce?!
FJ and I have a dilemma.

Couple #1 is awesome - charming, funny, laid back and well... fun, if you know what I mean. They've been out of town for a while and, before leaving, suggested we get together Saturday. We sort of lost touch with them during their absence and in the meantime...

Couple #2 we're not so sure about. They're fun too. And nice. There's something about them, though. Mostly him, I'd say. He's not... well, he's not the dude from couple #1, I guess. No spark. Needless to say the night isn't going to end on the same note. Anyway, they invited us to go out with them Saturday night to a club to catch some DJ he raves about. We said we would.

Then, wouldn't you know, the next day couple #1 says it's on for Saturday night. We REALLY want to hang with the 1s but we committed to the 2s.

Would pushing the 2s off to another day be a d-bag move? My spidey senses say yes but the mini-mestopholes hovering over my shoulder is green-lighting me.

What does the greek chorus say?
mrfj, i love you for seeking BUSTie advice... smile.gif

might i add that we had told couple #2 last weekend that we thought we had plans this weekend but then, when we didn't hear from our ther friends, we told them that the plans had changed... so it wouldn't be a complete suprise to them that we had the original plans (if that makes any sense at all!). and, we sort of committed to the 1st couple as well...

mox, i hope the little moxlette gets over her cough and quickly!
Ooooh..."your mom" insults are the worst. Good one, FJ. The couch one is great, too! Hahahahaha!!!

What does PID stand for? To me, PID means Property Identification Number. I'm terrified of STD's and unplanned pregnancy, so I'm always really careful about that stuff. I never rely on a condom alone. Truly though, there's nothing that can fully prevent that crap. I'm an incel right now, so I'm not worried.

I hate the word "skin" for websites, cell phones, ipods, etc. It creeps me out for some reason. All that comes to mind is an ipod covered with a condom.

Turbo, why are you cutting out sugar? High fructose corn syrup is freaky, so I can see that, but sugar in general? Eating sugar is one of the best things about being alive!
Happy Friday doo-doo heads!!

Oooh, I'm so maTURE!!

wombat = whammy_bar. Someday when I'm not too lazy I'll get my old name and my three olive statuss back.

Not so much lazy as busy!! whoah!! I read enough of this to say, about work:
they will always think you are stupid unless you tell them specifically you are smart, and exactly how, and can back it up with credentials and experience, and then you have to run the risk of seeming pushy and sleazy to say, I am smart so treat me as higher status.

I hate to say it, it's a matter of POWER -- white guys middle class, blah blah blah, they MUST be intelligent and technical and have an innovative mind and their pride and we shouldn't violate their dignity. But if a woman doesn't get assertive about her abilities, and refuse to be submissive -- well, they really hope she'll be a dumb tool that will take all the garbage tasks and never go for the glory.

Unfortunately, the "bad ones' DO ruin it though -- you dont want to be a footstool, but you dont want to be an obnoxious egotistical broad that just tries to dump on OTHER WOMEN. or, worse, someone who says "You've got to be assertive about your abilities and ambitions if you're not Privileged .."" and then DOESN'T have any herself -- gets all pushy and bragging and trying to dump on her peers, but then either doesn't have the ability or has much less of it then she says or not any more than many others around her. It ruins it for the rest of us when people get sleazy. And it ruins it for lovely, commendable and required assertiveness when someone just really is taking advantage and lying and being a bully-broad jerk.

So the point is, be realistic about yourself but/and make sure your earned status is recognized. I've always got a weather eye out for those who would assume i am "low-status" My good health, intelligence, discipline, morals, respect for others, culture, education, talent, creativity, sophistication, beauty, strength and skills would argue otherwise, so too for all you in this thread. I've got a weather eye for snobs and for sleazes who pull the whole "poor pitiful me other people are snobs you have to stand up for yourself" manipulator sleaze-skeeve-bullies. I spot them instantly. I know all their tricks. They try to guilt you or say you're a snob or that your life is easy -- try to sneak behind your back, try to "befriend" you etc. Gad.


above was rant of the day!! maybe it belongs in cobs!!


saw cool band Konono No 1 at the Museum of Fine Arts courtyard!! It is this fake roman building, terribly out of proportion, but has grass and big trees. It was perfect weather and sunset, not too hot and sweaty and no stupid rain. I got tickets day of show and went over with the whammy-man -- They play electrified thumb organs!! and some drums. They are kind of tough old hard people from the Congo. Supposedly they made these things from auto parts. Me and many other people were dancing barefoot in the grass and I bought both the tickets and a lot of delicious pinot grigio for the both of us!!

so whammy-man will pay me back by paying for black crowes and robert randolph family band this weekend. RR is really cool original (new) r&b stuff. We're just going to drive down at the day of show because they were giving tickets away at the chevy dealerships if you just stop by -- not boding well for popularity of Black Crowes -- too bad for them. Other stuff -- replace broken car window!!!!!!!!
and go to get hair done -- launder linens and more working out , oh joy!!

Hi whammy! That show you saw sounds really cool.

FJs: I'd go with #1.

((moxlette)) get better little baby!

Jenn, no you didn't miss anything. We're just getting all our ducks in a row so we're ready to buy. Our realtor also has encouraged us to get a prequal at least before we start looking.

Poodle, "skin" indeed is sort of nasty. It makes me think of condoms too, though it's a really crude thing to call those too. Ew. It's just grody.
Hi wombat! I like "wombat" more than "whammybar," but that's just me. Both are cute names, though.

Heh...skins. I also think of "hit the skins" from Salt and Peppa's "Shoop" song. Hittin' skins...eeeewwww...I think I'm gonna stick to words like "format" or "cover."

Today is a fun, screw-around day because the project I'm working is turning out to be really easy. I have a little time to kill because I'm movin' fast.
skin. ewwww. i never really thougth about it that way, but i won't be able to NOT think of it from now on. smile.gif

thanks for the input karianne. we're obviously leaning in that direction ourselves. we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but why spend an evening with a questionable couple instead of with people you already know you'll have a good time with.

oh, dude from #2 couple? didn't know who stephen colbert was when i referenced it. doesn't. watch. the daily show. WTF? that pretty much sealed the deal right there. hehe.

glad you're having a fun day, poodster. i'm sort of caught up myself, but feeling like i must have forgotten something major because i am normally NOT this caught up. and i've been slacking A LOT this week.

could it be that i'm just *that* good? hehe
fjs, its all about couple #1, and you know it.

Question #2 - why hang out with couple #2 at all, ever, if you're not getting the right vibe AND the dude doesn't know my boyfriend Stephen Colbert...I mean, c'mon....but then, I'm the bitch who tries when all possible not to spend time with people I don't really like. As a working person, I have precious few moments of spare time as it is, so why spend it with people I'm not that interested in?!

ah, good, kari, I'm glad I didn't miss your house buying announcement. We didn't have time to pre-qualify 'cause we were stalking our current abode which was owned by a friend, who we just had a *feeling* was going to move back to Ohio and get married....and that's pretty much how it worked out. And the moment she said she was selling, we said we'd buy. wombat on workplace bunk. People only seem to appreciate my smartness and competance when I'm unexpectedly away. I am *way* too accomodating most of the time.

Oh, and I worked out my "skinning" issue on our forum...just so you know..
Eeewwww...turbo was hittin' skins...
good morning!!

i have a busy day today. i get to design a really cool art nouveau/mucha-esque fabric print for urban outfitters--days like this i love my job (days like wednesday, not so much).

poodle, a friend of mine actually calls her ipod skin an ipod condom. heh.

turbo, the idea of mixing health shakes and tequila made me crack up, but i have a friend who almost does exactly that. she's the kind of girl who'll do a juice cleanse for a week and then break it with vodka and strawberry cupcakes (true story, i was there), and once she was looking for mixers and the only thing she had in her house was leftover juice cleanse, so she used that. blech!

fjs--i think you should just go with the couple you like better. it'll be better for the other couple in the longrun, right? i mean, you're eventually going to stop hanging out with them anyway if you don't enjoy their company...? does that make sense?

PS whammy/wombat! don't knock my darling MFA! i mean, yeah it's all going to shite now because stupid malcolm rogers is getting rid of the educational and public programs to fund a fatter building and host shows of rich people's yachts......but i love that place. sad.gif
I hope we didn't convey that we don't like couple #2. That would have been misleading. We do like them. They're a decent couple and the wife anyway is a hoot. It's just that with the lack of .. umm..errr... chemistry between fj and the dude we just don't like them like "that" and since we roll like "that" we prefer to hang with couple #1. So, in essense, we've got a bigger fish on the other line because they're bed-worthy and the other couple isn't and that's where the douchebaggery comes in to play. We wanna ditch couple #2 because we ain't gonna fuck 'em. Let's just say what we mean... smile.gif
i think that's fair, mrfj.....just say that your plans ended up not falling through after all, you're quite sorry, and you'll get together with them another time. like you said it's not totes out of the blue.
pinkpoodle about y'all get together with both couples!!! It's kinky shit anyway, so who cares if there are two more involved?
cock holsters?!!? nice, mr. fj.....too bad you whacked your own 'do and then had to have fj fix it. don't worry, still attempts to clean up the bits around his ears after i cut his hair. kind of like getting a last word in. blah.

hola, my cum smoothie swizzling sistas!!!

jeebus, its friday...thank cod. i really couldn't take another day of class. i'm a bit burnt. yesterday i worked on my classmate karla..we colored and cut her hair..looks way better than those crappy highlights...she was horrified when the 'experiment' with color went wrong when my other classmate 'm' did her hair. we still need to do a masque on her hair to help the hair heal from the 'other stuff'.

today is commencement for some of our students and here i roll into work with total bedhead and rumpled clothes. hehehhe but nobody has said anything.

all i wanna do is go home, stick my feet in a kiddie pool and drink ice cold applemartinis....all day yesterday i couldn't stop thinking about mint juleps or mojitos....summer drinks rock.

doodle, you get major kudos for losing sleep for that report.

i was scheduled to work tomorrow as a bartender but i don't have navy pants. yet my dear friend nat wants me to go the orange county faire with her tomorrow but she knows i am committed...i would much rather go to the fair...but i could use the cash. and possible tippage moolah. barnacles.....
well, poods, that could work if all parties were attracted and grooving on each other. the kind of people that we hang with aren't just in it for the sex. sure, that's an end result that we all like, but it just doesn't happen that often.

at this point, i don't WANT to get freaky with dude #2. i wouldn't mind hanging with them again , which is why we agreed to do that in the first place. but we really liked the other couple and not just because they're hot and bed-able. because we LIKE them and can carry a conversation with them. and we can call them bitches and they understand it's a JOKE. hee!

ms gb i just noticed your location and all i have to say is "EAST SIIIIIIIIIIDE"!

so there tongue.gif
Hmmm...I couldn't do that. I don't like sharing. smile.gif

So one of the girls at Jimmy John's knows my order. That means that I have to stop eating out for lunch and bring in something somewhat healthy from now on.
Couple Number 1! Come on down!!!...... I am so intrigued by swinging. FJ, I know you posted before on the process, but I'm still curious!

ms gb, I feel like that about my class. I am burnt. Dreading going tomorrow. Mmmm mojitos....How's about I come over & we drink some. Any other takers?

Mouse, sounds like you had a really cool day at work. Those types of days are the best, aren't they?

Mr K & I had a good meeting with the mortgage guy. He said he should have a pre-approval letter for us on Monday.
to the fjs: honestly? to even say that you will hang with couple number two when you are sure you won't ever play with them just doesn't sound right to me. you need to be up front with them and tell them that although you would like to have them as conventional friends, you just don't see anything else (sex) ever happening. tough to do, but really the best thing. then you are free to pursue play with couple number one. it's obvious that is what you BOTH want to do. just be up front about it -- and honest with the others as well as yourselves.

you GO karianne!!! yippppeee for you and the potential for new digs!!

poodley, you crack my dren up. why not just order something different and freak them all out?

too bad divalla isn't here to be reminded of the fart filled couch cushions. rolleyes.gif

ms. gb? could you be girl bomb?? i know that we know each other, from things that you have said....but i have been gone soooooooooooooooooooo long that i am hopelessly behind on everything, least of all any new names that have popped up.

YAYAYAYAYAY doodle bug!!!! you know that you kick TOTAL and COMPLETE ass, right??? and spending fun time with doodle mama sounds perfect. just perfect.

condoms are also called skins because that is what they all used to be made out of -- and some still are -- the intestinal skin of lambs. i know i just grossed out about half of you.

THAT is why natural condoms are not any use at all in preventing STI. they have pores.

in england, they used to be called french letters. i have no idea what the french decided to call them to get vengeance on the english. english envelopes, maybe????? biggrin.gif
karianne, swinging is a funny thing. To be honest we have a love/hate relationship with it. Not with the actual scromping. We're totally down with that. Sharing each other sexually is not the issue. It's the whole institution that the subculture is emerging into we have a problem with. It's taken on a life of its own complete with inconsistent, confusing mores, an utterly superficial social status and misleading, obliging labels (your wife isn't really bi unless she's girls-gone-wild about it). It's thrived with the advent of the internet which, in a case of sad irony, almost completely eliminates vital interpersonal attraction factors like propinquity and such since most "swingers" (jesus I hate that word) find each other through online profiles which offer incomplete, artificial and potentially disingenuous snapshots of the subscribers. Compound that with a community of people who are essentially seeking to gratify their most selfish urges you must then wade through a sea of self-serving and oftentimes deceptive people to find someone of genuine decency whose company you can bother to tolerate after the DNA has gotten crusty on the bedsheets. Then try to find one that's hot. Then try to find two of them in one package. Good fucking luck. If it wasn't so goddamm awesome on those rare occasions that everything aligns we probably wouldn't bother.

teseo - you're absolutely correct. We SHOULD tell them. But I really think we only came to the conclusion that they lacked potential in the last couple of days.
well, that's part of it, tes. we aren't SURE that we won't play with them. we've only been out to dinner twice with them and there isn't a spark yet with him.

BUT - there IS a spark with mrfj and the female half, as well as with she and i, only slightly less so. it's "mr. odd man" out that presents the issue. it really sucks when that happens too. it's hard to get four people together and have them all click with each other and wanna groove. hell, it's hard enough finding TWO people that can do it! sometimes that results in our having our own little things going on the side, as long as all parties are in agreement. while mrfj and i are very comfortable with that, a lot of people aren't. they aren't...

in this case, it comes down to preserving their feelings and dignity. we've been VERY open with them that we have friends that do not come with benefits. just because we all "swing that way" doesn't mean that we'll do it together... we love hanging out with people who have a like mind about these kinds of things, but we don't sleep with them all.

she's already planted the seed that she def wants a piece of mrfj... she either doesn't want to notice or is somehow blind to the fact that her husband and i aren't sharing that groove. or at least i'm not. for all i know, he IS.

we've been in this situation before and it's always hard to broach the subject of, well, you're cool and all, but not THAT way. most people cannot remain casual friends when they feel like they've been slighted. in most cases, after a few dinners or whatever, it's obvious that it's either going to happen or not gonig to happen and the conversation doesn't have to happen; we just all settle into our roles.

blah. this is supposed to be fun.
and i know it will be. with couple #1.

karianne, are you still intrigued? hehe. mrfj and i have a really good time for the most part. we started out with a ton of rules but we broke them all in about five minutes. the main thing is that the two of us are having fun. if it's too much work (like this situation) it gets boggy.
hehehe mouse, you crack me

tes, no i am not girl bomb, although i am sure she's around her somewhere....i'm ms. goofball or miz goof as some prefer to reference...i was barely on here prior to you heading on down to africa so we haven't had much time to chat. although i love all your stories. they rock!

fabulous swinging times....i have a friends(a couple) that does the whole shenanigans of that...although i don't think they require a couple..they are happy with threesomes and such...i think i would be game for it but is kinda needy on sharing--although i can mack with girls, just not guys. lol go figure.

((scoots over in the kiddie pool, adds a chair, and passes karianne a mojito)) sweet! i've got company! anyone else?
We're down with threesomes too but they're pretty rare. There was the time, though, that the hottie dragged fj into the ladies and asked if we were swingers which led to a protracted series of interludes and an embarrassment of riches on my part.
Of all the fucking days that I'm so exhausted that I have to drag myself away for a nap at 1:19 in the afternoon, it has to be a day with THIS conversation going on. Damn.

And I'm heartily sorry to miss it, but if I don't sleep soon, I'm going to....die.

So. I am going to weave off down the hall now. Good evening ladies and jellyspoons.

*ahem* But if the lovely tesao wants to follow me down the hall....
oh, i'll join you in the kiddie pool!

*tops off the mojito with a smidgen of watermelon vodka for color*

*adds a little more*

so, here's an update. mrfj called couple #2 and asked if we could move our dinner date to tonight. he told her straight out what the situation was. well, sort of: told her that the plans that we thought had fallen through, hadn't actually and that we felt that we'd committed to the other couple first, blah blah blah. at first, mrfj said she seemed deflated, but she accepted the offer to change nights, so that's what we're going to do. that way, we can spend a little more time with them and see where that leads us, but still be able to hook up with the A-team tomorrow night.

we might invite them over for drunken karaoke after dinner because that's a true way of seeing how much fun someone can be. i would really just like to see dude#2 flippin' relax!
i also have to add this:

i was just in the coffee room and this lady was talking about how she's taking colon cleanse. and i asked her if she'd ever had a... um... and COULDN'T think of the right word for colonic!! all i kept thinking in my mind was BUTTFLUSH!!!! finally, she said "colonic?" and i was saved.

ah yes karaoke and alcohol...the great combination that defines who can makes the best ass out of themselves and still be funny. do it and do it often. biggrin.gif

heck, the mexican joint where we got engaged(yah, classy-let me tell you laugh.gif ) had a karaoke bar and our group was there for that sole purpose..oh and dinner was good too.

((goes back to mixing drinks))

hop on in fj! the water's fine! the drinks are great!
fjs, you totally have my admiration...I'm totally fascinated by the open relationship idea, but I just have such anxiety about meeting new people, and finding the *right* people...and disease, I just don't think I have the guts for it at the moment....but I've always thought it could be a lot of fun...especially in the pleasure palace with the massage table and mirrored wall... wink.gif mmmhhmmmm

Ok, I'm getting outta here, and going home, and maybe I'll just take a nap with doodle!
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