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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Kittenb, I PM'd you.
oooh, i want delivered fruits and veggies. that would be SWEET! actually, my eighbor knocked on the door a couple days ago and brought over some peaches! i don't know if they bought too many or if someone had been at the farmer's market, but i got three nice ones. i've only eaten one so far. i should eat the rest before they go bad.

ooooh! i'm in another rut. i am not hating work as much as i have in the past, but i am super bored and that leads to complacency. bah!

BUT! i did just get to take out some aggression on an assface applicant. first, he has this incredible entitled attitude (which is one of my biggest pet peeves) like i'm just going to hire him because he walked in the door. i told himt o have a seat and fill out the app and take the short test. i've told you guys about this test before. the first question, literally, is:

count the "+"s : +++++++++++++

the hardest question on here is:

if your order asks for 3 dozen pairs of gloves, how many individual pairs of gloves will you pick?

this guy left the first question blank. his answer to the glove question? YES. hahahahaha. dumbass. so i asked him, "why did you leave these blank? you didn't even want to try?". he sort of nodded his head and said that he wasn't good at math. i told him, "thanks but i'm not good at spending time helping people who aren't even willing to take the test that comes with the application. i'm looking for people that bring their a-game. if you can't bring your a-game for a *test like this* then i have nothing for you. have a good afternoon." and i shut him down by turning back to my computer and not looking back up at him.

honestly, i was surprised to hear myself saying that. i am normally much nicer and go out of my way to help people. if he'd have made an effort and failed the test, he'd have had a better chance at getting a job. oh, i need about seven more of those today and i'll get rid of all my stress! wink.gif
wtf is a "eighbor", nglish ajor?
ey rfj! uck ff
The store that I go to is \newurl{, Newleaf} on the northside of Chicago. I have been pretty happy so far and the sales guy I see in the morning is pretty cute so it works.
Chocolate bread...droooooolllll....that sounds like it would hit the spot right about now. The other night I made Pots de Creme. The recipe made 4. My friend ate 1 & I have eaten 2 so far. I will try to save the last one for Mr K.

Well, Mr FJ, you are feeling fiesty today. I thought of you & FJ last night actually. I went to see Strangers with Candy & she mentions the ole' rusty trombone. Too funny.

FJ, I think we all have days like that. Days when you just can't quite be as nice as you would like to be.

Hi diva! Sorry to hear about your stomach troubles. That is no fun. sad.gif

Hi ms gb & Kitten!
thanks kitten! That's the place I used to get my deliveries from...but if you've been satisfied so far, maybe I'll give it a whirl again...its sure convenient for us! just had to mention the chocolate bread, didn't you? *drools* I want somma that....
that's it. i'm going to the grocery store tonight and buying chocolate cack. and bread if they have it. but mostly cack. mmmm. i've been craving good moist yummy chocolate cack for weeks now. and i deserve it.

oh, and for the record, i ENJOYED being not so nce. i should seriously be that way more often. i'm so tired of people giving so much shit and never giving it back to them.
mmmm chocolate bread....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

*drools on keyboard, then wipes it up fast so nobody notices*
I'm with you, fj...I think I might pedal on by the vegan bakery on the way home and pick up a coupla slices of chocolate peanut butter is a serious slice of cack, and even turboman agrees upon its excellence sans dairy.

....tomorrow, I'll sign up for the veggie subscription, and promise to eat more veggies... rolleyes.gif

i tried posting in this thread a while back but it moved way too quick--now i'm bored at work and need a diversion.....mind if i join y'all?
i want cack!!!!!!

i think it's hilarious that mr. fj is an "advanced" member and i'm not. is it because he has a penis?

i posted on livejournal. it was all about food and penis. i'm obsessed with both right now.

i just had the best wrap. it had mixed veggies with grilled portobellos on a spinach wrap. it had peanut sauce and tiny bit of cream cheese inside. SO GOOD. i'm a big meat eater and i didn't miss the meat at all.

ok... i read the posts earlier today but i forgot everything. i'll go back and read now.

peace out hoochie mommas
c'mon in mouse!

Ooooh....this thread is making me SO hungry! Now I want shugga's wrap! I do have some bellas at home, but I may make thai peanut noodles, and put grilled bellas on top...that sounds goooo...
Ding dong, the witch is gone, the witch is gone, the witch is gone!!! My asshole boss left early, so now I'm back. Yay!

FJ, I don't think you were even being mean to that guy. He came in with attitude, didn't have the chops to back it up, and you called him on it. Sometimes people just need a swift kick in the bum. You probably did him a favor. I'm kind of the same way here at work - I expect people to be competent enough to take care of their shit, but it seems that it's too much to ask most of the time.

Okay, so you know how I was back on my diet? I ate a chicken salad sandwich, a piece of coffee cake, and a skim mocha from Starfucks. Yep, it's going real great so far. It's so hard to get back into the mindset, especially when I'm going on vacation day after tomorrow and I refuse to restrict myself while on vacation.

But what I really want right now is Karianne's last Pot de Creme. Grrr.

Now you must know that if a girl types my name and "advanced member" in the same sentence I'm goin to show up and see what's up...
You're bad, mr FJ. member is more advanced than mr FJ's!

Hi mouse!!!

ETA - Diva! You need an avatar! Do you want my devil horn hand pic? All you have to do is paste the url in the "edit avatar" section of "my controls."
I know I need an avitar. And my old profile. And to learn how to do formatting. It's just that I'm lazy and don't really care that much right now. I'll eventually find the right picture to put up.

I wish it'd be time for Project Runway, but there are still hours and hours left to go. sad.gif
hee hee, shug, "is it because he has a penis?" Good one. Food & penis are two good things to be obsessed with.

Diva, it's going to take all of my energy to NOT eat that last pot de creme. Mr K doesn't get home til 7PM. That gives me two whole hours during which I must resist eating it. Of course, he doesn't know I have it so......

Welcome back Mouse! This thread does move fast, but it's totally cool if you don't keep up. Just post. I can never say something to everyone or on every topic.

It is finally almost time to go home. Thank cod.

I'll check yous tomorrow!

no no i'm good....days like these i like a thread that moves fast. i've been printing out the same goddamn design over and over with miniscule changes every time and it's driving me crazy. i design t-shirt screens for places like urban and delia's and forever 21, and every time you send something to the printer it has to be printed out actual size and taped to the garment--it's totally trial and error and for me it's more error and i always end up printing something too big or too small and having to do it over again. the one i'm working on now covers almost the entire long tunic, so i have to print nine pages to cover the whole thing. i'm on my third (fourth?) try....ugh.

i don't have anything to add to the food talk except i made a delicious bean-and-lentil chili the other night. the secret ingredients were way too much cumin, and butter. heh.
Oooh! How about The Undertaker?! This one is pretty hot!
That is a pretty hot picture of my man, isn't it? I got to see him wrestle last night, the first time in months. He got his ass kicked, but only because the other guy cheated and had help.
mouse - what a cool job!! Is there anywhere online that we can see your work? ...I'm sure, like any job, it gets boring from time to time...but it *sounds* interesting and creative...
turbo, when i'm not sizing things it actually is pretty cool. i've only been here a little over a month tho so the stuff i've done won't be in stores until the holidays. it's creative, but only to a certain point--you have to do what the client wants, and the client usually wants hearts and stars. haha. nautical is also really popular right now--anchors and ships and whatnot--and of course the ubiquitous fake-sports-teams shirts.
divala! dude, i wouldn't start a diet right before vacation. but if you can good for you! you know i didn't even notice that until you pointed it out!!! ha. i'm so dense sometimes.

mouse has the coolest job!

karianne- eat it!!! what he doesn't know won't hurt him....
this should probably go in the inadvertend inappropriateness thread but since i'm on the topic.....there's an ink treatment called "discharge" where the fabric gets bleached first and then screenprinted on top. makes it look kind of faded, looks cool. but i find myself filling out all these forms for the printer with terms like "off-white discharge" and all of a sudden i realized EW! i feel like i'm talking to a gynocologist, not a printshop.....
Mouse, that is so funny. I work in a reproductive health clinic so I often have to talk/write the word "discharge" but I'm sure for other people it must be odd.

I can't wait for Project Runway! Time go by fast please!

Oh and that "ignore" feature is pretty nifty. I just used it for the first time for one person. Of course I won't be able to follow the fascinating discussion in the movie thread about Al Gore's movie but I think I'll manage just fine... smile.gif
Hello all! Sorry I haven't had a chance to read....working on my report today.

Also, just cleaned Carmella's itchy ears with this stuff I bought today, and it's got clove oil in it, so now my hands smell like toothache.

Just had to put that out there.

I'm Minxy. I'm a fucking CSI addict. I want to sleep with Grissom because akward, middle-aged geeks get me hot. They call him "The Bug Man".

I call him "The Big Man".

Jewboy sent me a photo last night...he kinda looks like Seinfeld, which isn't really hot, but as you can tell from my last thing about Grissom, my version of hot is occasionally off a bit. He doesn't spell very well either--does that make me a huge, pretentious snob? Bad teeth and spelling really bother me. Is that shallow?
Hi everybody! This is my first post since the board changed and it is weird for me. I'm scared of change. I do want to change my username but I think I will need to create a whole new profile in order to to do that so I don't know if I'm gonna.

Minx, if bad teeth and poor spelling bugging you makes you shallow, then you're in good company because they bug me, too. Poor spelling I can overlook for the typo factor but not creepy teeth.

I'm not busting at work lately because I have my review at work coming up next week and I'm a little scared because I feel I'm so slacky there. I've been trying to be all productive and good lately so I don't get in trouble at it. I might be just paranoid for nothing - my boss is very intimidating so I'm always sort of freaked out when he wants to have a meeting but they usually go just fine. I don't think we are able to get any raises right now - I got a cost of living increase on July 1 so I think that's probably it for this year- so it is just for the file, I think. The previous people who had my job were notorious slackers (I knew the last one and heard lots about the guy before her - he was writing a book and doing that on work time instead of his job) so I probably have nothing to worry about. I am sure I am no worse than they were and am probably do more, but I still worry.

I have lots of archives to catch up on here so I can see what you all have been up to...I'll be back!
hi everyone! Whew, yesterday was a busy day in okayland. I just caught up. Cack...gah- i've given up sweets in the attempt for the "last 10 lbs" to go bye-bye. I do have low-fat choc. muffins frozen at home, though. That's ok, right? My tummy is growly...the bananna-bran muffin is calling me. We did have the most scrumptious salad of rotisserie chicken, balsalmic soaked strawberries, smoked cheddar and raspberry vinegrette. Yum. And, i resisited desert. That is my foodie contribution for the day.

Minx, I can't spell or type well at all, which is horrible considering my job. I don't think it's shallow at all.

The bestest thing about work-from-home wednesdays (well, best work related thing)- thursdays somehow don't seem as dreary. Even grey-rainy thursdays.

Hi Marileen! Welcome back! I'm sure your review will be great. But good luck anyway.

Minx, I think everyone has some dealbreakers (that's not the right word but you know what I mean). You're an English teacher. I think it's perfectly okay to want a decent speller.

I woke up early today and couldn't go back to sleep. Anyone have any idea what the music in your dreams mean? I had at least one, maybe two, dreams with Nirvana's "You Know You're Right" in it. I haven't heard that song in a long time so it's really random.

Which dress do you want to wear from last night's Project Runway?
hmmm....I'm not a big dress-up kind of person, so I'm not sure I'd wear any of the dresses from last night..but probably Uli's dress, if I was tall and thin, instead of short and compact....I thought Laura's dress was really beautiful too, if a bit plain for the pageant world. I *knew* Kayne was going to win, with that monster of a dress - he really knows those pageant girls!! It was really a bold move for MIss USA to say she'd wear the winning design in Miss Universe...that's a HUGE risk for her, and she couldn've just said she would wear it to some big event, and even that would've been cool. Vincent is a fuckchop, I am convinced....he and Angela *both* should've been offed last night...not Malan, who while a little off, was starting to warm on me.

Moxie, I totally need to get back to no sugar again...that'll be next week when I do my cleanse. BUT, i did npt get chocolate cack last night. Instead, I looked like chocolate cack, by the time I got home on my bike last night! 2 blocks from work, an unholy downpour started, the kind that just throws dirt on you head to toe. It was kind of fun to ride was a hot day, so the cool rain was nice, and the heat was just rising up from the road. I love that. I had to hose myself off before I came in the building.

No riding in this morning though. boooo. There's still thunder and lightning, and I do not ride in lightning.

It was sooooo hard to get up this morning, and I could really go back to bed right now, no problem. I always wake up at 5:15 when the sun comes up...but on rainy days, it just doesn't happen. The extra sleep is nice, but so hard to get outta bed.
Heya ladies! Mmmmm, cack.... I got a pretty fabulous red velvet cack with cream cheese icing for Tartmans' birthday last night. Unlike Moxie, I am far from resisiting the siren's call of sugar, and had a big wodge of cack for dinner. Now I feel all wobbly from lack of real food.

Damn, you girls have been busy around here... Mouse does indeed have a cool-sounding job - but seeing some of the crap Tshirt slogans coming out of the quasi-hipster stores these days, I think it would get me riled. Saw one the other day along the lines of "Gold-digging Jewish Princess". Yeah, neat. Sir, that's something you wear... gah.

It's a wonderfully grey & rainy day here, with lots of thunder rolling around. I know it makes things messy for you, Jenn, but damn, the rain feels good. I am pretty much ready for summer to get the hell over with and move on to some nice September weather. A/c is nice & all, but the Tartlet still sweats like a piggie when he's nursing, and I've put him to bed soaking wet too many times this week...

Tartman's Big Score this week: fucking Tom Waits tickets!!! I don't know how he did it, but he managed to sneak onto TicketMaster in the 7 minutes it took for the show to sell out... It's not why I married him, but it's a pretty sweet talent to have, I tell ya. So we're getting a babysitter ohmy.gif and having a Real Night Out... jinkies!

Sigh. Back to work...
Good morning babes!

Hi marileen!!! I know what you mean about not dealing with change very well. It took me a while to adapt to the lounge. Now it's working for me though--mostly because of the avatar feature. smile.gif ~*~*~*~raise vibes~*~*~*~

Damn you all for all of this food talk!! No sugar, turbo? Wow, that's hardcore.

Mouse, that job sounds friggin' awesome. Do you have any creative license when it comes to the designs? I have t-shirt designs that I created with Photoshop and Quark, but I can't figure out how to transfer them other than basic stencil or screenprint. I wish I could do more complicated stuff.

"Bad teeth and spelling really bother me." I guess it depends on how bad they are.

Crap, I'm running behind again! I can't skip a shower today though, because I did yesterday.

Hi Tart!!! Long time no see!!! Where the hell is Tom Waits playing? Don't even get me started on Tom Waits.
Yeah, tart, I don't mind the rain at all really, I just hate taking the train, instead of riding in. Riding home all muddy is fine, but arriving at work with mud covered legs and bod isn't as convenient, there being no shower here...but if the weather clears this afternoon, I'll just walk home, which is nice too.

congrats on the Tom Waits tix! Tartman must have some good ticketmaster mojo! Oh, I need to see about tix to Carbon Leaf this weekend...I totally forgot about that...

Marileen - it is lovely to see you 'round here again! Any updates on your house selling process and move?
Hey, Poodlynoodly! (disclosure: that's become one of my pet names for Tartlet...) The Mighty Waits is on this crazy tiny tour of a handful of places he hasn't played in years, including the Auditorium here in Chicago....
yo yo yo!

oh, i was bad last night. but i warned you all that i was going to do it. chocolate cack, babies. yes. and not just your average chocolate cack - this was chocolate overload cack, with german chocolate filling and melted dark chocolate chunks and walnuts mixed in with the frosting. yum-mmie!

i also bought a lot of yummy fruits and veggies after all that talk about fresh stuff yesterday. i got some mandarin oranges, pineapple, strawberries, grapes and melon. i hope i can keep it all from going bad. i have a tendency to let that happen lately.

speaking of... i have a question: over the weekend, i poured half a bottle of vodka in with some watermelon and then put it in the refrigerator. i was planning to take it with us to the beach on sunday but i forgot it. it's still in the fridge. how long do you think that will last? should i remove the watermelon from it and keep it refrigerated as a watermelon infused vodka? or should i toss it all out? i hope not the latter because it was good ketel one that i used. ohmy.gif i am thinking it will be mighty tasty with some muddled mint leaves and maybe even a dash of peach schnapps. thoughts? suggestions?

oh, i am such a slacker this week. i don't feel like doing anything at all except BUST and nap. and maybe enjoy the sunshine outside, before it gets up to 94 again.

mouse does have a cool sounding job. i think many of you have cool sounding jobs. it's funny how few of us actually LIKE what we do...

Hey peeps.

Hi Tart! Good to see you! Mr K told me that a friend has a Tom Waits ticket for him. Mr K is worried about paying for it though, it's $85. I think I'll try to scrounge up some moolah to give him so he can go. He really wants to.

Hi Marileen! Try not to stress too much about your work, I am sure you are a wonderful employee. What is your job? I can't remember.

Mouse, your job does sound like fun.

Minx, I too hate bad teeth. It is a dealbreaker for me, shallow as that may be.

Jenn, I posted my PR comments in the other thread.

Well, I succeeded in saving that pot de creme for Mr K. Well, I did have a bite of it while he was eating it. He must have liked it, b/c he seemed to be worried that the bite I was taking was too big. Hmpf.

I am pretty good today. My neck & back are feeling a bit better, which is good b/c I was about to freak. It's been about a week long flare up after a month or 2 of feeling good. Ouch.

I have book club tonight, which I am excited about. Speaking of, I need to go to the book thread b/c we are supposed to be bringing 3 suggestions for future books & I don't have any.
oh, and minxy, poor spelling is a dealbreaker for me also.

if it's in a chat box or IM, that's ok. but if someone sends me an email or sends me to their profile and it's filled with spelling errors, i immediately discount them.

oh, and the bad teeth thing: me and mrfj had been chatting with a couple online for a couple months and they had nice pictures of themselves in formalwear, etc. they apparently work on a cruiseline and were going to be in town for a weekend, so we met them for dinner. through the entire dinner, i kept staring at his upper lip, trying to tell if it was HIDING his top teeth or if he ACTUALLY HAD any front teeth. oh, it was horrible. the chick was pretty hot, but there was no EFFING way! as we were leaving the restaurant, it was obvious that they liked us more than we liked them. she asked, "so what are we doing now?" to which i replied, "i'm giong home and going to bed!!" and mrfj and i ran away from them as fast as we could.

ah, the people you meet in an open relationship.
fj, I love your and mr fj are far braver than I!

Oh, and you should be fine in just draining the fruit out, and keeping the vodka chilled. I recommend sticking it in the freezer....nothing better on a hot day than ice cold vodka cocktails...and the mint and schnapps sounds lovely....

*runs off to the PR thread....*
tom waits. i've never been a big fan until recently, and i still couldn't name three of his songs. it was the same with david bowie until recently as well. now i can't get enough of lady stardust and queen bitch.

did anyone see coffee and cigarettes? it was a series of vignettes that featured a piece with iggy pop and tom waits at a dive diner. the whole of the movie didn't rock my world or anything, but i did enjoy that part, as well as the piece with bill murray.

funny, the reason that i like david bowie so much recently stems from the use of his music on the soundtrack for life aquatic. and i only saw coffee and cigarettes because bill murray was in it. so i guess in a way, bill murray is helping me further expand my musical horizons.

aww! thanks, bill murray!
Hi, Karianne! Tell Mr K that it's an investment in a little piece of American music history... Waits hardly ever tours, and each time he does, I half expect him to announce he's packing it in & stopping alltogether.

FJ, the Waits/Pop scene in Coffee & Cigarettes is perhaps my favorite, if only for Iggy's very uncharacteristic antsiness... it's like he's a hyperactive teenage fanboy, trying to chat up the reticent old man, and the old man's not biting.

Icy cold watermelon vodka sounds good enough to convert me...

Alright, coddammit. Must. Get. Work. Done.
ooooh i love tom waits. maybe i am biased because he has a song named after me. heh. also LOVE david bowie. i used to not know anything about him except labyrinth, and when my first boyfriend told me he was going through a phase where the only thing he thought worth listening to was bowie, i laughed in his face. now i understand.

tart--thankfully i rarely have to come up with text; the rare times i do, it's coming up with different ways to say "east side allstars" or "north valley tigers". there's a girl here who does all the slogan tees and jesus fuck they piss me off. we have one that says "everyone loves a drunk girl!" and i just. cannot. fathom. how she came up with that. everyone loves a drunk girl??? what, to rape??? plus that market is primarily 14-year-old girls. ugh.

but yeah, i mostly do just graphics. and yeah, pinkpoodle, i do get some creative license, but as always it's within certain parameters. the buyer from whatever company will email or call and say "we want a hoodie with an eighties/glamrock feel to it, with foil, no more than four colors, and it's for the holiday so here is our color card, this is what you can choose from" and more often than not the creative director will give me some tears from magazines and i basically do something similar. since it's not that high-end (delia's and urban are the most fun to do work for since they're a little more edgy and open to newer stuff) a lot of what we do is kind of copy what's already out there. meh.

cack! i remember being hella confused by that term the last time i tried to keep up with this thread! i like cack.......but i'm much more of a savory-tooth. why eat cack when you can eat potato chips?
Hi, peeps!

Minxy, that is so not unreasonable of you. Bad teeth and bad spelling are dealbreakers for me. The occasional typo is okay, but recklessly bad spelling, well, there's no excuse for it. And I can't kiss a mouth filled with bad teeth. Slightly imperfect teeth are fine (the giant's are a little crooked on the bottom but I've literally only noticed them once in the year we've been together), but huge gaps between (I call them "tombstone teeth") and general rottenness have no excuse. One of the things that attracted me most to the giant is the fact that he could spell correctly in his Match profile and in every email he's sent me. It's a sign of respect, I think.

I probably would have worn Uli's dress from last night - it looked very forgiving below the waist. I'm so glad that Kayne won. I've got a little spot in my heart carved out for him.

FJ, you'd be fine with taking the watermelon out and chilling the vodka, but with the alcohol content, it might just be okay as-is.

I only know Tom Waits from what Poodle has told me, most of which I've probably forgotten. But only $85 for a piece of musical history like that? It's a bargain.

I wish this day would freaking end (today's my Friday) so we can get going on our trip tomorrow! But I've got so much to do with packing, getting rid of my old car, waiting on my Choos to get delivered, straightening the house. I always find an excuse to stress myself out when I should be relaxing.

Anyway, hi to everyone I didn't mention. Back later.
diva, i meant to tell you that i'm super jealous about your trip. did you do the pill thing and prolong your cycle so as not to deal with mrg this weekend? have fun in the hotel... ahem.

i forgot all about project runway last night. i haven't been watching a lot of tv lately, which is really good for me. of course, i've repoaced it with inordinate amounts of myspace surfing, so i guess it's really not that great after all.

i'm making baked chicken tonight. just a simple little recipe with skinless chicken thighs. but i cannot get it out of my head. i want to go home and cook it up NOW. i think i'm going to make jasmine rice with it. i've never had jasmine rice so i'm looking forward to trying it out.

i have physical therapy tonight, but the cute one won't be there. i wonder how obvious it would be for me to cancel tonight's visit and reschedule for tomorrow when he'll be back. nah? i guess i won't.
oh i am slacking off sooo bad today. my boss is at a meeting and won't be coming in at all. woo...

diva, where are you going for vacation?
HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, marileen!!! i'm sure that everything will go well with your boss. so so often we make ourselves physically sick from undervaluing ourselves and thinking that we are slack when we are just the opposite. good to see you again!!

i, too, want CACK. but none is on the menu for tonight. i'm trying to decide if i want a nice filet of fresh barracuda topped with curly french fried onions or just green beans with garlic, tomatoes, onions and a touch of white wine. hmmmmmmmmm. i'm not really hungry, but fish needs to be eaten when it is fresh. i have the best dilemmas sometimes.

tart, i just adore that you call the tartlet poodley noodley! hee. has anyone else noticed how much their vocabulary has changed since bust? for example, ass hat? never said it before bust. BB. before bust. hee. i'm sure that there are loads more of them.

fj, i think that the vodka inside the watermelon will be just fine as long as it stays refrigerated and the watermelon doesn't go off. if you are worried, just strain the vodka out and throw it in the freezer. mmmmmmmmm. watermelon flavoured vodka tonics!!! when i still lived in the southern us, mr hotbuns and i would visit the farmer's market a lot, and when the first blackberries appeared, we would buy a bunch and when we got home we would make blackberry vodka, and 3 days later would have our first blackberry vodka tonics with mint leaf garnish and KNOW that summer had finally arrived. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

bad teeth. ick. minx, you are TOTALLY right on that one. i personally loathe poor spelling, but mr. hotbuns doesn't spell worth a DAMN and if i had judged him on that as a deal breaker, i would be one UNhappy tes right now. mr. hotbuns ROCKS. even if he CAN'T spell.

divalla, have FUN. enjoy your weekend together. do everything that i would do. ummmmm, on second thought, do everything YOU want to. enjoy it. i am a firm believer that we need to have really good times to create shared memories, so that they are there to call on when you are going through a difficult time together as partners. things have a marvellous way of balancing out. the universe is unfolding as it should.

karianne, im MUITO happy that you are feeling better! enjoy your book group tonight. i really miss mine! i wonder if anyone here would a) be interested and cool.gif have the time.......

hi, mouse!!! i love your avatar!!! and i'm muito muito happy that you are in here hangin with us!! stick around! i have been awol, but i now have internet high speed access at home, and have been managing to post at LEAST once a day. it is impossible to keep up. don't feel bad if you can't, just go with whatever is being discussed at the moment.

um.....a t-shirt that says Everyone Loves A Drunk Girl? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

*winces in shared disgust*

where is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLE???? i need a nice roll around on the -- oops. maybe i shouldn't give that away. doodle is just so frelling hottt, sometimes i

fj, are you still planning on going to therapy? jasmine rice is nice, but BETTER when it is cooked in coconut milk and mixed with browned onions and grated fresh coconut.

okay. i am SURE that i have missed people. however, mimi the africa attack cat is here by my side batting at me with one paw. that means that she wants me to go and play with her. which i really should do, poor thing. i left the house this morning at 7:30 and got home about 12 hours later (and came straight to bust!! so i could unwind. but she deserves my attention, as well.)

MWAH to you all. the lounge needs a kissy icon, don't you think???
TES TES TES! bom gia!!! <3 where are you nowadays? i want to say mozambique but that may be completely wrong. my (complex ex) is actually in rio right now. last text to me from the airport last night: "goodbye america!" also, i would go with the fish. if only you could email day!

i have to say, i LIKE bad teeth. not rotting bad, but crooked bad. rabid-puppy-smiles are hot (to me). i can overlook bad spelling if the person is intelligent otherwise, but it does rankle.

fj, i think straining the vodka out of the watermelon and then freezering it sounds good. also, delicious.
Hi all.

I am back from Pilates, it really took it out of me today. Phew! Tired!

Crooked or imperfect teeth are indeed hot. Mr K's bottom teeth have recently begun to shift ever so slightly, I think it's really hot.

Mouse, I too am baffled at that shirt! God. What is wrong with people??
I am a fellow potato chip lover. I have recently started a habit of eating potato chips with a side of ketchup. It sounds gross, but it's really good.

HI TES! You sound like you are doing great! Both of your dinner options sound delicious. I don't know which one I'd choose. I am happy you have a new kitty kat too.

FJ, I am drooooling over the watermelon & vodka. OMG.

Cack, HBI, MRG, there are so many bustyisms. And then other things that aren't really said that often, but that someone new would have a hard time figuring out. Jenn's Pleasure Palace for instance, or Diva's giant. Or Whiskeybakes.....
ha, last night mrfj was chatting online and i was sitting behind him. we had our webcam on and the guy asked what i was eating. mrfj wrote: chocolate CACK!

BWAHAHAHA! he didn't even realize that he did it. my baby is a BUSTa!
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