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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I do believe Poodle gets the oddest avatar award. What a weirdo. smile.gif

Jenn, I totally don't understand why your org would want a profile on MySpace. That is very weird. Are they hoping for pregnant women to stumble upon it and then decide to do adoption?

Tes, it is so nice to see you around here again! You liven this place up and make everything happier. Thank you for doing that! How is your new job? Please do tell us about it - I'm very curious to hear about it.

I had a dream about work last night. It wasn't a very nice dream. I hate dreaming about work. It's really fucked up when you can't get away from the stress of work even when you're sleeping.

Good Things Tuesday
*It is no longer Monday
*I don't have to work in the clinic today at work
*TB and I will hopefully do something fun after work tonight
*Um... It's no longer Monday
Oh, yeah, its Tuesday, eh?

Hmmm...good things:

1. It's not Monday (here, here!)
2. It's already 10:30 (almost lunchtime)
3. I think the mRG is starting...the thought of another bebe is fucking aweful!
4. i added weights to my workout regimine today. gotta make that push...right?

Yeah- aside from that, not much. i'm sleepy as the storms from last night were loud, and i need some coffee. off to
Hmmm....good things tuesday, eh?

1. Its not *quite* as hot as it was yesterday
2. Lunch with my friend from Dublin who's home on holiday
3. ummm.....its not monday anymore?

Really, I'm a little hard up for good things today...not that its a bad day either, it just is. But lunch with my friend will be cool - haven't seen her since christmas, and she's flying back to Dublin this afternoon.

I've recently been adding the weights back in too, upper body has a pleasing burn today...just enough, and not so much that I'm wincing everytime I move. I do really dislike doing them though...I much prefer cardio. ah well...I'd like to not have so much wobble in my arms one day...
i've been noticing that dreaded arm wobble a lot lately. it's like i'm looking at my mothers arm, but it's attached to my body. WTF?

sooooo *sigh* i didn't make it to the meeting last night. i had a fucking anxiety attack on the way there. this was after going home, changing clothes, touching up the makeup and hair, really making sure that i felt good about myself so i wouldn't feel goofy or out of place with the group i had to meet up with. then i drove there following the stupid mapquest directions i had and got lost. my plan was to get there early so i'd be there when people started rolling in, but when time started passing and i realized that not only was i not going to be early but i was going to be LATE, i started crying and turned the car around. i truly did try to find it, but for the life of me couldn't make it as important in my mind as i probably should have. it wasn't a mandatory meeting, and yet i feel so horrible about missing it now. i hate having people-related anxiety. i feel like it cripples me and allows me to totally fuck myself over. and i can't just tell my boss that i freaked out and had to go home instead of attending the meeting. so today, i'm beating myself up.

nice, eh? defeated. again. by my own brain.

i wonder what causes my anxiety.

ah, at least i was able to meet mrfj and his dad for dinner.

um, good things tuesday:

1. tes and jane and shug came back this week, and ALL at the same time!
2. it's no longer monday, a-mothafuckin'-men
3. it's almost lunchtime
4. my new sheets are helping me sleep like a little baby!
5. it's getting close to my fertile window and i'm gonna get me some HBI lovin' tonight.
sweet!!! everyones here!!! yay!!!!(does a half ass cartwheel cuz thats all i can do).......

((((doodle))))work does suck but you put so much of yourself into your job...don't beat yourself in the head about it....

(((fj)))) you have an excuse for your got lost. done. now chill out and relax....

nice myspace poodle....although the avatar of Robert's nether regions is a little disturbing...i would prefer a good booty shot....

Tes! Jane! Shuggah! Minx! Catsoup! Moxie! just a few of the fabulous femmes i could not do without.....wood talking, booby squishing, biting, .....

diva....shame on your coworkers for not asking about your shiner! you have a great story to tell! stupid asshats.

Great Cod! told me he is thinking about joining a gym with one of the guys from work and working out on his lunch hour. THIS IS HUGE!!!! (starts fanning herself at the prospect of a slimmer, more muscularly defined!

speaking of which, i have to go check out my gym tonite..if i am going to get back into the swing of sweating...

good things: wanting to work out and feel better about himself.
-new bust magazine arrived!
-healthy food for lunch
-my sister is coming home next monday! rolleyes.gif

i just noticed that it says i am an 'advanced member' ...hehehehe....with 31 POSTS!!!! more sugar for me....


Okay, whiners, I changed my avatar. How's this one? Geesh...
Hi, peeps!

More sinking sensation in my stomach this morning, partly because my alarm never went off and I was going to call and tell my boss I was going to be later than usual, but the phone by the bed isn't hooked up so I just stuck my hair back in a ponytail and got here as soon as I could. I'll do just about ANYTHING to not talk to that asshole. I even offered to redo a bunch of someone else's work just to not have to ask him if it needed to be redone. I. Hate. him. I'm definitely going to do some work on my resume in a couple minutes.

Yay for Mr. GB joining a gym! I wish I could ask the giant to do that, but I'm happy for any fat he's got on him, though he could use some muscle tone. But then again, who am I to talk? So I'm going to keep mum about it.

((((((FJ))))) That sucks about your meeting. But it wasn't mandatory, so you really shouldn't get knocked for not being there. And sometimes people get lost, period. Shit happens.

Poodle, is the Plant crotch really necessary? I don't know why you claim it's Jimmy Page you have a crush on when you keep going on and on and on about RP's crotch. And I'll kick that stupid resident boy's ass for you, if you want. I could do a spinebuster on him, then shove one of his dirty socks in his mouth. This is 3 times now that he's done this, which is so uncool. Is he still looking for a new place?

And congrats on getting your license back!

Yay for friends being back from overseas and having lunch! And wow, Jenn, you're dedicated. 100 degre spin class? I can't run away from that (in the air conditioning) fast enough.

Hi, Moxie and Catsoup!

TES!!!!! That sunrise sounds absolutely amazing. You should take a picture tomorrow and post it. Fresh fruit sounds really good right now, too. I ate a quarter of a whole watermelon last night almost singlehandedly.

Doodle, just realize that you're only one person with one brain and 2 arms and there's only so much you can do. It's great that you totally own your job, but we can all only take so much before we crack.

Nothing much going on over on my end. I may help my brother out tonight by doing a mock-meeting with his future boss to show him how it's supposed to go. He's getting a second job selling retirement investments. Yep, my brother the machinist who doesn't always pronounce big words right or use them in the right context is going to sell retirement investments. Maybe that "common man" angle will help him, though. He's certainly not slick. And he promised me Red Lobster after I help him out, plus he can be really fun to hang out with, so I don't mind at all.
(((Diva))) Gawd, I know that feeling. What kind of work do you plan on looking for?

Your bro is a kind and likeable guy, so I'm sure he'll be fine, especially with your help.

Let me explain...I think RP's bulge is FUNNY, not sexy. I still think Jimmy Page was beautiful back in the day.

I've actually been looking at new places to live BY MYSELF. I looked at houses for-sale last weekend and I didn't really like any of them, and I applied for a lower-level duplex unit last monday. The duplex is super cute and it has a good location just one block south of the Seward Cafe. Hopefully she'll pick me! There were others who applied before me, so I'm not gonna get my hopes up too high.

I like the idea of peeing in a bunch of bottles and leaving them in the fridge. That would be the ultimate revenge for beer-theft.

today is an ok day. i'm feeling nauseous and i'm not sure why. i felt like that last night. maybe it was the sushi i had yesterday for dinner? who knows.

i felt like a spoiled brat yesterday. i was complaining about my job to my family and some aunts from mexico were there. i felt really stupid. people would kill to have a job like mine in mexico. i have nothing to complain about. it brought me down to reality. i have so much and i'm really not as grateful as i should be.

tes- hey! i sent you an e-mail. my e-mail has changed so i sent an update out.
i think you're spot on about the Vitamin C. i've been sick lately. hopefully you're right about the money. fresh pineapple sounds so good to me.

poodle- ha! i thought the icon was great. resident dude needs a slap upside the head, yo

doooooooooodle- you are wonderful but you are not your job. love you

turbo is officially insane.

(((fj))) it's ok now. don't beat yourself up about it.

msgb- mr.shuggah is supposedly working out too. i like him pudgy but i'm pretty sure i'll like the cut version too. smile.gif

i feel like i'm missing stuff.

these boy shorts i'm wearing suck.

good things tuesday?
1. i'm having pizza for lunch
2. i found my glasses yesterday night so today i can see clearly!
3. i might have dinner with a friend tonight.
4. i'm wearing cute black and silver sandals.
5. my co-workers aren't driving me crazy...yet.
6. the beegees are playing on the radio.
poodle....i thought about doing that myself just for a laugh...i was going to have fred(my dog) 'help' out with that....i jokingly called it 'black dog lager'........hmm.....maybe i should shut up now since i have the details running thru my head....

congrats on the license and the possible duplex home!!!!

((((new job vibes for divalla))))))

(((((shug's stomach))))
Hi Shug! Thanks for liking my icon. smile.gif Hmph.

The thing that disturbs me about the pee thing is the collection process. Eeeew...

The new lady keeps bugging me. She keeps talking to me as though I'm working on the same project that she is. I can't concentrate. Grrrr...

poodle, we have a gadget that will put caps on beer bottles for turboman's homebrewing just say the word, and we'll send you a couple special bottles of some chi-town ale. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. tongue.gif

Whew! I can turn my avvies back on...thank you, m'dear!

shugga - your bad boy shorts remind me of the worst part of that frelling spin clas yesterday - I wore the wrong underwear yesterday under my shorts, and consequently, I have underwear chafing marks on my ass. Its very sexy.

(((((fj)))) You got lost, that's all you needed to say, and you didn't want to walk into the meeting of 200 people late...take care of yourself, and enjoy those HBIs this week!

((((poodle house hunting vibes)))))

Woo-hoo for mr. gb joining a gym....I wish turboman would find an athletically inclined friend to hang out with. As it is now, I pay for his Bally's membership, which he has never even cared enough to pick up his card...and he has a company gym 20 yards from his office, that he has never used. His lack of excercise is a definite sore spot between us, but I've just decided that its really just up to him, and his health is not my job, and I can't make him do it. so there.
turbo, mr. gb is the same...i never pressured but i always tried to eat healthy and now that he sees me making an effort and getting results (plus, all of our friends are on diets and doing the good fight), he's made the decision. mind you, he's only gone up 2 pants sizes since we met almost 8 years ago...(wow has it been that long?!?!) while i've gone up 3 sizes. But i am proud of him for making this decision on his own. i think he's tired of trying to find clothes in the bigger sizes and recently he found himself at a big and tall store..(he's not tall) and found shirts in the small section that fit. maybe that was a wakeup call. dunno. ok enough of me babbling.

time for lunch... cool.gif
Umm...yeah...I think I'm gonna skip the whole pee thing. What I don't understand is why he doesn't just buy his own beer instead of drinking mine and having to replace it anyway.

You guys poopooed all over my Plant parade. sad.gif

ARRR!!! The new lady keeps talking to me like I'm an idiot, but she's the one who can't do it alone. I can't stand it when people can't use logic to figure shit out on their own.
Ok. I just met with our Chair and told her everything about where I'm at with the report and the project, and where our finances are, and that I've been feeling paralyzed and losing track of things, and it's all on the table. She was very good about it. We are definitely going to move in the fall, and agreed to close the Centre to the public for the rest of the summer so that I can get caught up on everything I need to do, and so the board can start making plans about what stuff to keep and what to get rid of before we move.


Also, I absolutely promised to finish the report by Friday, and the project's lobby document by the end of August. So. Now I have to.

After all that tension build up, though, I think I might cash in for the rest of the day. I'm just going through my files to see what I need to finish the report, and I'm going to take it home and then go lie down or something. (I think I'm really glad I handled this like an adult this time, instead of calling in my mommy to help me.)

Thanks everyone for tolerating me throughout this process.

I love my Okayers.

(((((falljackets))))) I was crying my brains out last night too. ((((more hugs)))) And by the way, there's been a couple of times I've given up in frustrated tears from not being able to find a place, too.

ETA: Oh yeah, weirdest thing!!! Last night I had a dream that Britney Spears opened a low budget hair salon across the street from the women's centre!! (Not like Budget Cuts or anything, but one of those down-at-the heels places that older women usually go to for their weekly wash 'n' set.)
good things tuesday:
as of an hour and a half ago i have at least 11 days off in a row! wheee!
vacation starts tomorrow!
leftover pizza for lunch. we get it from this kinda shady pizza parlor, but the crust is amazing. like pizza hut, only not greasy and far more yummy
i found awesome new not milk icecream. it's celestial seasonings rice dream (you should see if you can find some, turbo. it's soooo good) i have chocolate chip caramel chai.
and, finally, it's not monday.

i woke up and felt really weird this morning. like, couldn't make myself get up, didn't want to eat or drink, maybe kinda barfy feeling. i drank some pepto bismol and called it breakfast

((((doodle)))) you sure a doodlemama visit won't help? and you should take time and play extra with your kitties. playing with kitties makes everything happier

poodle, you seriously need to do something about bitchboy. yes, i am reviving that bustname for him due to his consumption of not his beer.

tes, you rock. and i am jealous both of the fresh fruit and the sunrise.

okay, seriously, going to go pack now. really, i am. just a few more minutes of busting, i swear! tongue.gif
haha, poodle, i should have come to your rescue. i like me some RP. i've said it before. i'd squeeze that lemon. or at least, i would have a few years ago! hehehehe. i need to get a new avatar.

the pee thing would be HIGH-larious! tongue.gif

thanks for all the hugs, you guys. i'm feeling better about it than i was. i'd feel a lot better if i'd get a response from the VP that i was supposed to meet there. i sent her an email. but then again, i know she's traveling today so i'm not getting that worked up over it. unsure.gif

i have to give mrfj some props. he started watching his diet about two years ago, got really strict with it for a while by limiting his fat % intake. he's a stickler on that still. but in the past six months or so he started working out at home and running. it took a couple months of hard work, but he started seeing results and now we can really see that he's making a difference! he doesn't quite have the six-pack yet, but i can see it peeking out every once in a while. he's also training for the river run this year, which is about 9 miles. he's up to three miles now, and he has until november before he has to be at 9. i'm so proud of him. this is the guy that used to order double cheeseburgers with sides of macaroni and cheese on a daily basis. sometimes more than once. now he actually orders TURKEY sandwiches and the like... ohmy.gif

Hey, do any of you seem to get wasted easier when the MRG is fast approaching or has already arrived? B/c I did not drink enough to feel this crap for this long. We lost power AGAIN last night, so it was playing cards... by candlelight... in the porch for me. There's something about losing electricity that makes me want to drink.... Anyway, it was fun, but, I didn't get to sleep soon enough.

I'm sorry so many of us BUSTies are having troubled times.... Where are the breaks filled with peacefulness? ....Maybe they are on their way....... one can but hope...

Poodle, your Myspace profile kicks ass! And, I see people recognize! Fun! Maybe I'll try and work on the Myra Parker profile... you have inspired me.... although, I don't know how I should decorate it... right now it doesn't have one measly interesting thing on it....
ha! thanks ms poodle and ms goofball!! Glad you like the name!
I am a strange animal that is warm and fuzzy.

Glad you like my piss-in-beer-bottle idea too, though in practice it's not so easy.

Welcome back, tes. And youse other guys, though I'm not as familiar with you!! See, just when we were saying "where is tes," she returns --- Bust is magic!

doodle - well, think of it this way, you are leaving a place that you molded to yourself, where you had a lot of power and creativity. If it eventually became too burdensome, well - it does, for anyone in helping professions. but you're leaving something you love and that you are very proud of (justifiably) so you feel sad.

But you are doing the right thing. You are a wonderful person and will therefore find more wonderful things.

kudos to you all for exercising. I gave up after sweating to death and almost passing out a couple days ago, turbo!! I was doing a big killer program on the elliptical and I hadn't done it for awhile anyway - whilethere is some air conditioning at my gym, probalby not enough!! I have laundry to do tonight, after not working out again for a cop;le nights I have to lift wieghts tonight -- haven't done it for a week! And I really like it!! lifted weights, did yoga, got in the pool, did elliptical - and took off again for a couple days -- ya know, this heat is really a bit of a disincentive!! Also I have to do laundry tonight. Yuck Mcyuckity

Like gym, laundry is one of those things that you actually kind of like when you're in the middle of it but THINKING ABOUT doing it is a bummer.

poodle *~*~*house vibes~*~*~

Good things tuesday:
--Due to cool woman at work I got to hear Herman's Hermits and Velvet Underground today!!
--Wearing cute new clothes bought in Provincetown! Hey diva your hotel sounds great!
--Saw Skanner Darkly with two of my old friends
--the new couch with its vertical lift and horizontal lift -- think beige tufty museum bench that moves like a hospital bed for a mere 400 bucks!! is giving whammyman filthy thoughts.


Hey. Only one set of old friends IRL i haven't gotten back in touch with. And probably it's cool.

Yes, what to do without Bust. I missed you guys for the week and I even feel a bit grumpy at this redesign. I may get my old name back and have a cool idea for an avatar, but I miss being able to see the first couple words of each post -- it was a fascinating lead-in sometimes.

Quick question! Help please!

I'm filling out an application for a job and there is a spot asking about salary desired. What should I put? There's no salary information in the job posting. I feel weird about putting something before I even have an interview. Would it be horrible to leave it blank? Should I put a range?
Geesh, catsoup, I'm not sure. If you put a range, then they're gonna lowball you. I would go for it and put something higher than you would expect.

Hi wham...I mean, WOMBAT! So are you saying that you've tried this pee-beer thing before???

All of these bustie guys getting hotted up! I'm jealous!

Thanks for the kudos on my profile! I love doing that kind of stuff. I didn't use a template either.

Weird dream, doodle!! I'm so glad you'll finally have some relief with the work thing.

I'm not nearly as far along as I should be with my report. I don't really care though. I'm going home at five anyway and there better be a sixer waiting in the fridge for me or I'm gonna be unbelievably pissed.
I think this belongs in the confessions thread, but...
a long time ago I lived in a giant victorian house with only one bathroom, which was way downstairs compared to my bedroom, which was in the TOWER (hey! maybe I AM a bat!) and had NO HEAT in NEW ENGLAND

and I was miss rock and roll drinking beer and playing records and having sex in my bedroom, and I didn't want to go downstairs so I peed in a beer bottle and then I drank it later accidentally.

I mean, only a few swallows. and it's actually kind of cool I can control my stream to that degree right? and I can be reasonably sure I didnt get hepatitis from ... myself...

still wub.gif

that is --- embarassment not amor in that smiley!!
BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's a great story for your grandchildren, wombat!

My first boyfriend has been worrying me a little ever since I've been talking with him on myspace (regularly, for a while now). He adores me, and I just assumed that he adores the hell out of his fiance. He rarely talks about her and certainly not to me. Today he sent me a message saying that he thinks I'm the coolest girl in the world and that he wants to call me tonight. Um...I think he may be a little infatuated. I hope he doesn't go too far into this.

You need an avatar, wombat! If you want, I can hook you up with the photobucket url for my Robert Plant bulge! Hee!
The piss in the bottle thing sounds good in theory, not so much in practice.

I am reminded of one thing, though: "Why do I drink my own piss? It's sterile and I like the taste!" Dodgeball is the greatest movie ever.

Poodle, don't talk on the phone to that guy. If he sounds like he's getting infatuated, it would only encourage him. Maybe ask him a bunch of questions about his fiance?

Catsoup, have you checked a salary survey website for ranges? We have to do that at work sometimes for people when we know what they do but don't know how much they make. It could give you an idea of the salary for your experience level.

Shit, my friend at work is listening to "Faithfully." Hah! I'm totally looking at you, Poodle! Let's get our lighters out!

I forgot about my Good Things:

1) new sunglasses - the only pair at Fossil that weren't The Fly huge
2) 2 more cheap t-shirts to add to the collection. I think I've bought at least 10 plain colored t-shirts this summer. It's getting ridiculous
3) possible idea for a new job, at least for awhile.

A guy I work with came into the office today with his baby. He's on leave now because he's working full-time for our union. The cool thing is that he still gets paid exactly the same and accrues the same amount of vacation. I'm thinking of joining him until the elections are done. It'd get me out of here, into politics for awhile, and I wouldn't have to sacrifice a thing.
catsoup - quick reply - I was always told you should write "open for negotiation" instead of a number.
Thanks for the help. The job is with the YWCA and there's no real way to do a salary search because nonprofit pay varies so much.

I like your idea, Doodle. I think I'll put that.
whammy, I mean wombat....that is a great pissing story, and I am mucho impressed with your stream control.

and poodle, for the record, I would have had turboman piss into a mason jar, and then we'd funnel it into a beer bottle for you....just in case you need to teach resi boy a lesson later. See, I got plans... wink.gif

once while driving to chicago in college for spring break, we got stuck in BFE in Indiana in the middle of a blizzard....they were helicoptering people out. I had to pee really bad, and we were all just parked out there. The boys hopped out of the car and pissed at the side of the, I pissed in an empty pringles can! It took me so long, 'cause I was laughing so hard about pissing in a pringles can. That day, I was very thankful for those oddly molded 'tato chips!

catsoup, I agree with doodle...anything else just gives a potential employer the chance to screw you...and lets face it, we're already underpaid in the NPO world, and we need to give ourselves the best shot at a better paycheck!
Damnit. The ONE EFFING DAY that my harddrive at work decides to fry, and I miss the picture of ROBERT PLANT'S BULGE!!! That is truely irritating. I, for one, would have appreciated something like that.

Tessie has inspired me, and not in the sexual way this time. Back in the day, when I was engaged, I belonged to the Hampden Park Co-op and was a working member. Our larder was always LOADED with yummy organic foods and whatnot. I have decided to make a concerted effort to reload in the organic way. I will first shoot for 50%. The staff at the Linden Hills Co-op are sooo nice and not at all pretentious like the fucking Wedge, or some of the other ones in the Twin Cities. I hate organo-snobbism. So, there ya go.

There is a really hot teacher that lives in this complex and I finally saw him vis-a-vis yesterday morning. Yum-meh. He has grandpa glasses, full tattoo'd sleeves, and a daughter just a year or two older than the young-un. I flashed him my best "Yep, I'm totally checking you out" smile, and kept walking to my car.

I'm also corresponding with a vegetarian Jew-boy. I dunno if I can hang veggie. However, I have cut my smoking by 2/3. I am going to try to quit in August. I keep having these awful thoughts of black lung and emphysema and leaving my child full-time to the asshat.

Only two more days of summer school left and then I have almost a month and a half of vacation. I am going to have a nice surplus of cash by the end of August. A couple of my momma friends and I are planning on taking a holiday this coming spring. I haven't had a vacation since 1999. I fucking deserve one. I want white sands, ocean, rum drinks, and a cabana boy, and a mindless affair with someone from Sweden or something. Maybe a nice German. I don't really give a shit if I can understand them as long as they give good head. tongue.gif

I had the most excellent roll of chocolate bread from the Turtle Bread Company this afternoon. I wanted a treat. That was tres bien.

I love my new vibrator, but I'm still perseverating over the fact that it has the same name as my ex. Grrrr...
Yay minx!! It sounds like everything is going really well so far this week!!

The resident boy replaced my beer. I'm still gonna have a chat with him about this issue, though.

Darn, I was hoping I could hook up the printer/scanner tonight, but the boy bought a cord that doesn't fit. Pooh.

Hmmm...maybe I'll put the bulge avatar up for a little bit just so minx and FJ can see it. smile.gif

Heheheheh...I promise it's temporary, turbo!
Minx, that chocolate bread from Turtle is amazing. Now I want some. I used to work with a woman who would bring it to work and we'd spread mascopone on it. Yumm...

I just ate Taco Bell and thought of Poodle. tongue.gif I'm glad you got your beer replaced but it's still fucked up.

Thank you sooo much, Poods. That was very kind of you.

And yeah, CS, I am so in love with that bread. It's rediculous.
poodle, I don't really mind if the bulge comes back to visit now and again, I'm just sayin' that looking at that when I was trying to drink my soy-peach smoothie this just did not go well together, you know!

Minxy! new apartment and a hott teach prospect - nice! And that's so awesome that you're cutting the ciggies...most excellent!

And I for one, am relieved that the boy replaced the beer, but its still unacceptable behavior!!

I need somma that chocolate bread - that sounds so amazing. When I come a visiting, I will have to get some.
Okay, I found a decent Jimmy Page pic--not my favorite, but it'll do for now.
How in the flying fuck do you put in an avatar?

Log in.

Go to “My Controls”. To the right of your “Logged is as: minx [ Log Out ]”
On the left is “Personal Profile” and “Edit Avatar Settings”

as per usual, i don't have much time to post in the mornings, because i am trying to make lunch and get dressed and wake up (this is the hardest part)! it is about quarter after seven in the morning.

divalla, great idea about taking a pic of the sunrise. unfortunately, this morning's was muted by mormaco, which is sort of like fog but not. it is sort of a warm weather equivalent. anyway, you couldn't see the huge fireball. it is strange seeing so many sunrises. but i appear to be on a sun cycle -- the sun coming up is what wakes me in the morning.

this morning, i am eating FRESH COCONUT, pineapple and tangerines. whoa. i can't get over the COCONUT. huge chunks of it. yum.

also drinking coffee. typical for me, but not for this country. their coffee here SUCKS. they are tea drinkers. blech.

tea is nice and soothing, but not helpful in waking my sleepy ass up in the morning.

so, am not really awake enough for individual replies. work is stressful right now because so many visitors are already here, yet to arrive this week, going to arrive next week, and again the next week. varying degrees of importance. slowly building to crescendo of the DIRECTOR of our project in NYC, and then the DIRECTOR of the entire PROGRAM from US GOVT.....the people that review us and fund us. and decide what they are going to give us next year.

shug, if you sent an email to the bellsouth addy, i never go there anymore. use

i'll be sure to get it that way.

jane!!!!!! new photos of miss mimsey puddles, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???

brasilians of hugs and kisses and silly fishes to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of you. maybe back at lunch!
Hey all. *waves to tes* Long time no see. *waves to everyone else*

Mmm, fresh pineapple and chunks of coconut. I can't stand the shredded stuff, but I love coconut milk and the smell of it.

Belated good things Tuesday:

1. Good workout, got rid of some of my tension
2. Found a place that makes good grilled cheese
3. Stayed up all last night reading, which is something that rarely ever happens
4. The firewall got lifted for work, so I can hang out here.

Dammit, I missed out on Robert Plant's crotch. *pouts*

MInx, I like your idea of a vacation and hope you get it. You definitely deserve it.

Not much to say about me, kinda down because AZ Guy and I aren't getting along and I am seriously considering moving out of state because while the winters are nice down here, I am hating the summer. In my heart of hearts, I know the right thing to do is to break up with him and move, but at the same time it feels like I'm admitting defeat.
mornin' ya'll! I am sooooo sleepy today, I just wanna crawl back into bed.

overnight tes and lilac sightings - how lucky are we this week? Its like a big 'ol busty reunion in here, and I'm lovin' it!

Lilac, I'm sorry things are rough between you and AZ guy...just listen to that strong, quiet voice inside of you and find your path forward...

*steals some of tes' pineapplpe nad coconut for brekkie* I would *love* to have all that fresh fruit readily available here...yumm

I hope your preparations go well this week tes, and that you will really impress all of the directors and whatnot, and they shall be compelled to give your program gobs and gobs of funding!
HUMP DAY! Whoo Hoo!

Especially for the FJ's ~~~***baby dust***~~~

So, yesterday I hailed the arrival of the mRG. today, I scoff at her. woke me up at 4am with the worst.cramps.ever. My kid did have the good manners to wake up then hungry, at least i wasn't up at 4, then again at 5. That's somefin, at least.

So, working from home today...i love 1 day a week being able to work in the quiet setting of my home office. All days would be a drag- no seperation of work and home, eh? But one day a week, seems like I am super productivo girl. The only phone i have to answer is from work, i can be in PJs and use housework as work breaks. Plus, i pick up the kidlet early and we get mommy-baby adventure time. Today, chez target. Not so much adventure for me...but she LOVES all the different people and things to look at.

ok, back to worky work.
Hey all!

I should probably be getting ready for work right now, but I don't feel like it. I'm just gonna have to do the crusty look today.

Man, I can't imagine not having good coffee around. I would seriously go mad.

(((mox))) I think all places of employment should offer MRG days.
Morning, all.

I need to get ready for work. Yesterday I sat around and ended up almost being late for work. It's just really hard to get my ass moving in the morning, especially when I'm not excited about work. Tomorrow is the first staff meeting since I was told I am "negative" at staff meetings and need to stop. So tomorrow I wll sit quietly at the staff meeting with a stupid smile on my face. Fuck this job. mad.gif

TGI Hump Day and not Monday or Tuesday again.
Goooood Morning!

How's everyone today?

So Wombat is Whammy? I had been trying to figure out who Wombat is. A-ha! Hi Wombat!

((catsoup)) I know the feeling. It is really hard to get motivated to go to a job you don't like.

Poodle, that does not sound good about your ex. Uh oh.

Hi tes, minx, lilac, moxie, gloomysunday, diva & whoever I forgot.

I'm doing alright today. I would be doing good except my neck & back are acting up again lately. Boooooo.

Good Things Tuesday/Wednesday
1. I did two workouts yesterday. Spin & Pilates.
2. Mr K comes home today. smile.gif
3. My keyboard tray at work came in. Now I just need to find someone to install it for me.
4. Yuki slept with me last night, which never happens.
5. I brought good food for lunch.

You're the coolest girl in the world and I want to call you tonight.
Awww...thanks mr FJ!

This guy has always been like that with me, but I think it's strange that he still acts like that when he has a lady in his life. I'm still gonna talk to him though because he's my first boyfriend and we go back and forth on myspace all the time. I've talked to him on the phone before, which is funny because his voice has deepened quite a bit and he now works as a DJ. It always feels like I just called into a radio station when I talk to him. He's a good guy. I don't understand why he thinks I'm so cool though. I mean, I guess I'm cool in some ways, but I'm not THAT cool.

Yayayayayay!!! My boss isn't here today!!! The cool thing is that I worked so hard yesterday in anticipation of her being here today, so now I don't have to do a lot today! Weee!!! Fun time!!

The resident boy hooked up the printer/scanner for me last night and now I'm going crazy scanning shit and editing images with Photoshop. It's so much fun! I love that shit.
Hey all. I feel like I have somehow mananged to loose my brain today. I have when my period affects me like this. I try to stay of caffine when I have cramps b/c it lowers your paing tolerance, but I have had none since Sunday and I am craving it!


Funny hearing about everyone talking about fruits and stuff. I signed up for this $15 organic fruit and veggie weekly delivery and I am eating so much better these past few weeks. And I got a small "smooothie" blender so this morning when I was late for work I was able to just whip up my breakfast and carry it with me. Fun!

Catsoup - I don't know what city you live in, but I think I work for the company you were talking about applying to yesterday. PM me if you have questions I might be able to answer.
kitten - where are you getting the basket of fruits/veg from? I could totally use that - it would get me to try different things, that's for sure. I used to subscribe to one in our 'hood, but I got stuff on the edge of spoiling way too often...I'd be interested in getting another fruit/veg subscription if you're happy with what you're getting..

((((((easy MRG for all who need it)))))
just a quick driveby to say:

haaaaaaaaa! wombatwhammy that's the best ever! i mean, sorry you drank pee and all, but BWAH! thank you for sharing that story. you surely dind't have to!

ok, back to working/reading archives/dreaming of going home soon...
happy hump day!!!!

minx is hot for teacher!! wooot! and he has sleeves? nice!

mrg's suck cuz they sap the life and self-control right out of ya. bleh.

wombat--(bows before her) i am in awe. just to tell that story takes major HUEVOS.

kittenb, i want fruit/veggies delivered! dude, where do i sign up?
or is that an east coast thing? there's got to be one near me...hmmm

tes, lilac, and gloomy sightings! holy poopsicles....!

i am wiped...literally. but i managed to kick off the sheets when the alarm went off and actually do my hair. amazing!!! too bad i ran out of time to do makeup. bleh. here i am, a soon to be licensed cosmetologist...who splash and dashes. heheheeheh

hi everyone.....
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that's an awesome pic of Jimmy Page. He's almost Joe Perry hottt. And I wish the giant had a DJ voice, but alas. Nothing's sexier than a sexy voice.

Hi, Tes!!!!!!!! (((((((energy vibes for all the crap you have to do in the next few weeks))))))))) Real coconut and pineapple sound so good right now. I have fresh pineapple pretty often, but rarely ever fresh coconut. I really need to get me over to Whole Foods or The Wedge or Trader Joe's for some fresh organic fruits and veggies.

I want some chocolate bread! Wah! But I'm putting myself back on my diet again! Double wah!

I got the absolute worst angry tummy last night, and without even taking anything to prompt it. I was up for a half hour last night being sick. Damn you, Taco Bell!!!

Good on RB for replacing your beer, Poodle, but I'll bet it would have felt good to give him a good reaming for taking it in the first place. It's not there for his convenience, even if he does replace it later. If he wants some, the liquor store is about 3 blocks away, and they have cold ones.

I know I missed a bunch of stuff - sorry. I should probably get off the internet now and find a salad or something to wolf down before my boss decides to target me again. Turns out I'm not the only one who he's picked for his daily shit list. I'm just looking for a reason to ream him a second asshole.
pssst....fjs, a florida busties thread has been started in "friends and family".....
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