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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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i'm still here!! it is 16:30ish here. the sun will go down in about an hour or so. BUT!! it has been UP since around 6 am, so i am not complaining. almost 12 hours of sun in the winter is SO not a bad thing!!!
Uh yeah, and there is no way in the thirty circles of hell that I am going to go home to see "Pxxx". Cripes. I got rid of all his stuff and pictures of us, I don't want to think of him whilst in the throes of le petit mort.

[insert slimey porno muzak]

Speaking of slimey porno muzak---TESSSS!!! Do you have an IM handle? Give it up to your girlfriend so that I can talk to YOU!!!!! NOW!!!


yahoo (supposedly also msn, but haven't quite figured that out yet.)

how the frell do you get the colour and other attributes to STICK so you don't have to enter them every frelling TIME???
whoo hoo! Tesao! Glad to see you chica!
Tes tes tes!!!! How're ya babe????? Tell us all about your adventures and life, and I hope we'll see more of you! We meeece you!!!

And poodle, pk is so very very right, resident boy needs a swift kick to the balls!! 2 incidents of beer stealing in one month....he should be out on his ass with a third strike!

catsoup - 5 weddings in 8 weeks..that so totally blows. I've been crabby all afternoon thinking that I have to drive back to frelling MI for a wedding in three weeks, for turboman's thrid cousin, who we may never see again. feh. Sometimes, its just too much. And, its damned expensive to go to so many weddings that close together!

So, I'm back from the funeral trip to MI, and I am so depleted and exhausted. Little sleep, a weekend with no air conditioning, grieving, and keeping the warring factions of my family separated and keeping their truces....I was kind of a worn out mess in the car all afternoon. But, I am so very very happy to be home, and have my pupper back, and just chill out tonight.

AND, I got to see the moxies last night, and while I'm not sure we were such brilliant company last night, after 10 hours straight with family, it was so good and comforting and wonderful to spend a couple hours with them, and just kind of bask in their love, and cuddle moxette, who is SO adorable, and such a calm good baby! Truly, the highlight of the weekend.

And this morning we got up at the ass crack of dawn to drive a couple hours to turboman's sister's house so we could see our neice and nephew, who are super cute, and so big and grown up since we last saw them at Christmas! Our nephie is 3.5 years, and can already roll his eyes at you like a pro, when he tells you "I don't really feel like giving you a hug right now, aunt jenn." And I just crack up...what a character. My neicoid is a bundle of energy and a food vacuum at 2 years old...time is flying.

But mostly, I am glad to be home, in front of the air conditioner on this blistering day. catch ya'll later!
I hope Tes comes back and visits more! I miss her in this thread.

Turbo, sounds like you had a busy weekend. I hope you can recuperate before the week starts again tomorrow.

Today I went to Nordstrom and got a professional bra fitting. Of course, like the rest of American women (according to Oprah) I was wearing the wrong size bra. I was wearing a 36A. Turns out I'm actually a 32B. (Yippee!! I'm a B-cup! Hurrah!) I ended up buying three new bras (one of which is a 32C!) that the wonderful sales associate picked out for me. It's really silly but you would not believe how fabulous I feel about this. My old bras never fit right but I assumed it was because the cup was too big. It never occured to me that it might be the band being too big. God, it was/is such a self esteem boost. I highly recommend you all go get a pro bra fitting if you've never had one! I feel fantastic. $140 poorer but still fantastic. biggrin.gif

I just watched Failure to Launch - it was okay. The only laugh out loud funny stuff was when SJP and Matthew M. weren't in the scene. Zooey Demeschel (or whatever her name is) was really funny. She's always good.

I'm chatty! Anyone else around?
Holy crap! tesao sighting! *stagger-runs up to tes and crushes her in a bear hug* Girl, we miss you around here! Come back more often!!!!!

minx, if it's any consolation, my vibrator came with the name "Gigolo." So. Imagine how *I* feel. (However, I usually rename it every time I have a sexual fantasy. "Oh, Benicio!" "Oh, Eddie!" "Oh, Pink!")

Ah turbo. Aren't you glad to be away from the kiddos, though, no matter how loveable they are? wink.gif

Hello 'soup, pixie, and anyone else I'm missing!

I've spent the weekend moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I really need to develop a better division between me and my job, for these times when it all feels like it's in the toilet - because I'm sick of feeling like *I'm* in the toilet, too! Damn it. I am not my job! *jabs fist in the air, unconvincingly*
TES!!! Heya girlie! I think of you all the time when miss moxette gets "hugs, kisses and silly fishes!" tongue.gif

So, its Monday, bitches...a damp, dreary, HOT as balls monday. At least my office has some semblance of air conditioning. We did enjoy seeing the Turbos on Saturday, and although moxette was on her best behavior, we still don't find ourselves as, um, exciting as we used to be. The boys had fun...lots of video game talk. Msturbo and I mostly cooed over moxette. And, boy-o did we ever see some folks in need of Stacey and CLinton...gotta love indoor malls on a saturday night!

Had dinner with my folks, my favorite aunt and my same-age cousin last night. Always a joy- especially when mom and dad have central air! moxieman had moxette squeeling! That was just awesome. As was my incredible drive not to have desert. And I made it through- Apple Strudel and Eclairs be damed!

Off to eat my whole-wheat, bannana nut muffin now. What did all's y'all do with your weekend? Diva- how is Sam? Poodle- any more beers (...puts on pointy toed shoes...)? Doodle- CALM yourself- you are a superwoman already! KNow that change will come to you as its meant to,a nd try to run with it.

hmph...monday morning....what a drag. booooo for monday morning! I think I feel more tired this morning, if that's even possible. I'm not sure I feel equipped to do work today, but sitting in my air conditioned office today won't be all bad.

Seems I have a mess of crap waiting for me in my inbox wouldn't think people would panic when I miss one day of work, let alone a friday in July, where the office is mostly empty, but there it is. shit.

Can I just go home now, and start over tomorrow?
(((Doodle))) You are not your job. I know that's hard to believe sometimes. You are great at your job. I cannot believe all the work you do. And to work in a one-person office and be the only employee, my god that is amazing.

I'm trying to decide if I should go to this little cafe that is sort of on my way to work and get this yummy breakfast wrap they make. Hmmm....

I just watchd the Shuttle Discover land. It's incredible.
Morning all

Re the house thing: My parents bought the house when it was first built, and when they were first married, and raised us there -- my sister and I went straight there as babies from the hospital, grew up with the great old oak trees and stone walls and going to visit the other kids etc.

So it really is our house, you know? I was really pleased to see the new owners took the shed my dad built cool -- wide board floors and franklin stove and really solid built -- and moved it rather than having it be demolished by buttcake neighbors mowing earth over to make a McMansion.

Didn't quite have the nerve to knock on the door and introduce myself as the girl who's dad built the shed and the split rail fence and put in the cool cathedral ceiling with redwood beams. Woulda been cool, but I don't think they were home.

boston's having a heatwave so we went to the beach all weekend, also got a mod beige couch!! awesome

belated hugs to turbo.

minx -- if you're missing tesao you can talk to her on livejournal...

me, i haven't even made an avatar here -- i love you guys' they're cute!!

ta -- I must do work at work ...
Yeah. Happy Fucking Monday. Hmpf.

((turbo)) I hope you get back to your usual energetic self soon.

((doodle)) I agree with what others have said. You do the work of 10 people, I am constantly impressed by your dedication to your work. Don't get down on yourself. I know it is hard though.

TES! HI!! So good to hear from you. I am glad to know that you are well. Come back and hang with us whenever you can!

How's everyone else today?

I am ok I suppose. I had a good weekend. MR K is out of town, so it was just me & the Yukester. I went to an art opening Friday night & then a show. Saturday I had class, which felt eternal. Saturday night I met up for dinner with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Yesterday I hung around the house for the better part of the day. It was nice.

Hi catsoup, moxie, pk, minx, & anyone else I forgot!
has anyone figured out how to change the time? I think I accidentially set it to GMT...and I'm not in England... I'm sure I'm just missing some link somewhere.

Hello everybody! My goodness it has been a long time since I have been here.
Turbo, I am so sorry to hear about you uncle.

I have spent the last two weeks on "vacation." I put that in quotes b/c for almost havlf of it I was surrounded by family and really that's just another form of work. My mom, her girlfriend and my step-sister all came to Chicago. It would have been so much fun had the girlfriend not forgotten her anti-anxiety meds. For reasons I don't fully understand, we could not call for an emergency refill so we just had to deal with her withdrawl and moodswings. Except for some nice time down at the beack and at Navy Pier, it was a nightmare. Kind of ruined the start of my vacation. Mom and her left a day early and it was then my step-sister and me. She is 15 and all about silver sparkle and Nicole Ritchie. We had a blast. This weekend, I drove her home to Ohio and I miss her very much. Her mind is such a puzzle to me and I can't wait to see her again.

This morning I woke up to realize that I have my period and it is that really bad kind. The type that has no warning and I feel like I just can't get enough sleep. I have cramps and terrible claustrauphobia. Does anyone else get like that? This morning on the bus I swear I almost hip-checked a guy off the seat just because I couldn't stand to have him sitting anywhere near me.
moxie - click on the "my controls" link at the top, and then change the time zone in the "board settings" in the left nav. Should fix you up!

kitten - I am so sorry that your vacation turned into a nightmare. For me, any family visit is not vacation...I'd rather be at work...and to add unstable family members off their meds...I cannot imagine the hellish moments of that week. I wish you a week of cool air conditioning, fuzzy slippers, and mucho relaxation!!
board settings! THANKS!!! I knew I was just clicking on the wrong preferences.

kitten- that sounds like time off work, not vacation. I can't spend more than an hour or two with my mom when she's off her meds...a whole week- wow. Fruity drinks for you, I say!
mondays blow donkey dong.

seriously. i hate 'em. but at least it's now monday afternoon here, so that's something, right?

((((turbojenn)))) i hope your week gets better. i bet you are super tired. take a nice relaxing bath when you get home and then go to bed! i'm jealous that you got to see moxette. she just looks SO cute!

moxie, i have that fear too: when i spawn will i suddenly become june cleaver? no longer my fun, party-lovin' self? i think i'll probably hibernate a lot when it first happens, and i don't see anything wrong with that. i see a lot of my friends with little ones that seem to stay close to home for the first 6 months to a year and then pop back out of their shells and hit the streets again. i can't imagine having to wonder about babysitters and stuff!

a tes sighting! woot! come back and play when you can, tes! we miss you. hope everything is going like you hoped! how is mrhotbuns?

karianne, how long is your mr away for?

kittenb, sorry about your period being a big meanie! i have claustrophobia sometimes. usually it's in bed though. while i'm on my period, i get really hot and it makes me not want mrfj to even put his leg or arm near me sometimes. i also have this thing about having to breathe cool air while i sleep. so if it's stuffy, i get frustrated. sorry your cramps are hurting you though. have a nice glass of wine and a bath.

poodle, how was the concert???? some friends of mine are going to CSNY in tampa in a couple months. i can't wait to see clapton in october. actually, it's mroe for mrfj, but i do like him a lot.

the weekend was nice. went out for dinner and chill time with some new friends. she's really super cool and he's ok. i keep thinking that she's too cool for him to be a complete dud. and he made a couple of funny jokes, but eh. still unsure about whether or not i could really "hang' with him.

saturday, i had just finished smoking a green bowl when mrfj's mom decided to come over. she has designed a tshirt made with one of sil's paintings and all her contact information, so she wanted to bring us each one. it's actually a very good idea and i've agreed to wear mine at the next art walk. i felt like she was soo going to know that i had just smoked. but she didn't seem to. yikes!

we did some serious cleaning and purging on saturday. didn't do anything saturday night except more cleaning and vegging. we bought new sheets for our bed and i LOVE them. they're sort of an orangey gold and oh, so much better than the nearly threadbare ones we were using for three years!! we also changed our red silk duvet to the creamy quilted cotton one and i got a cheap pillow off the clearance shelf at target! it looks brand new in the bedroom now, which is nice because the upstairs was starting to be really bleak compared to the bottom floor that we'd done a lot of work with.

ok, i'm rambling now. i should get some work done. i have to leave a little early today so that i can make a meeting across town at 6pm. a regional director for my company is giving some sort of presentation tonight and my manager asked if i could go and represent my segment of the company. it'll have free catered food and maybe even a glass of wine, so i guess it shouldn't be too bad. and, it gets me out of here early too. but it'll keep me there until after 8pm, so that sucks.
FJ- I think its really important to remember who you are as a person, and what your marriage is, to be solid parents. I didn't think we were all that exciting saturday, true. but, truth be told, we weren't all that exciting before we had moxette anyway. OUr close "group" really stopped going "out" alot about 2 years ago, when we all married. The expense just got outrageous, mostly, and no one had any real "need" to troll the scene we frequented quite a bit in our younger years. I guess that was part of the reason we decided to have moxette when we did- our lifestyle already welcomed peace and home time. It was either have a baby and accept it, or make some serious changes and engage more grown-up activities. So, my mama advice (minxy...agree??) is to just remember that you LIKE spending time out with Mr. FJ and figure a way out to do it. Trust me, grandparents and siblings are the best babysitters ever...they seem to consider it US helping THEM to let them sit with moxette.

Ok, mom time over.

I'm horny, and its at least 7 hours until i can get HBI. FEH i say, FEH. Criminy. Feh. wink.gif Ok, i go try to work now...
Hi, peeps!

A Tesao sighting! Yay!

Doodle, you are not your job. Just keep repeating that until it happens.

Speaking of jobs, I got a horrible sinking feeling in my tummy last night when I thought about coming in this morning because I hate my boss so much. That just isn't right. I need to find something else pronto. And just the sight of that awful man turns my stomach and makes me seethe.

Turbo, I'm glad you got through the funeral and your family unscathed and got to play with the Moxette. Babies make everything better when you're feeling low.

Sam was fun on Saturday. I guess he got really worried about me because he thought I was coming sooner than I was. He said "I waited and waited and waited and you didn't come! I was worried something bad happened to you!" My dad called me at home before I left and told me he said that. Sam loves me. smile.gif We watched movies and read stories and watered the flowers and threw a ball around. He wasn't as affectionate as usual, but in good spirits. That kid is really developing a sense of self and he doesn't take much shit from anyone.

Hi, Karianne and Catsoup and FJ and Wombat and Tyger and Kitten and everyone I missed!

The dumbest thing happened to me on Saturday before I went to visit Sam. I was brushing my teeth and was leaning a little bit on the edge of the sink while I was spitting out the toothpaste when the sink came unlodged from the wall and attacked me. The spigot (it's a high arced one) smashed me right in my nose, so now I have a black and blue spot and a scab where it rubbed off the skin. Niiiiiice. At least my nose is still in one piece, so I have that to be grateful for.

Okay, this is probably all the internet screw-around time I have for a little bit, so I'll see y'all later.
holy cow....i missed alot...

a tes sighting....comeback!!!!

diva's sink attacked her....

kittenb survived family for 2 weeks!!!

(((((all busties)))))

hi minx, doodle, catsoup, turbo, moxie, fj, kari, wombat(i like the new name), tyger, and anyone else...

ok...the greek party was great..although i think we scared the old folks a bit. hehehe laugh.gif

as for drinkage..there was Plenty of it! HUGE BOTTLE OF WINE were consumed and half were tossed cuz they were 'past drinkage'....although many of the gifts were we drank some of pickle-ritas there was way too much wine going on. homemade dolmas, armenian pizza, 2 kinds of hummus (the garlic one was awesome) and tons of pita bread....

and yesterday was lax...we went for sushi, did laundry, watched a movie...i talk to my sis..which was nice.
i want another day to relax.... dry.gif
Diva, "your sink attacking you" story totally sounds like something that would happen to me... one of those, "You're not going to believe what just happened to me." things.

So, I swing by the Lounge only to see a new message board! Looks great...

I left work early today.... I have "Lady Pains" and it's 95 degrees... 100 degree heat index... For me, "Lady Pains" and "Super F*cking Hot Weather" make poor bedfellows. On the other hand, "Lady Pains" and "Strong Old Man Drinks With Ice" make f-i-n-e bedfellows. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.....

I saw TESAO'S purple writing! Tesao needs to come talk to me......
Winifred Mimsey Puddles wants to say hello to her. It's obvious she does, b/c she started bugging me right when I noticed Tes's PURPLE FONT...

divala - having been in that "horrible sinking feeling" place, you have all of my sympathies. I wish you good and fast luck.

More proof that I am totally menstral today? My lunch was a big bowl of soup (on a 100 degree day! I hate air-conditioning right now), no caffine, and a Toblorone bar. And now I want to go to sleep.
wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Winifred Mimsey Puddles!!!!

what GREAT timing i have to pop back into the lounge!!


poodleynoodley, resident boy SO needs to be knocked up side the head!!

i will try to be back later, but right now i MUST eat. it is almost 21:00, and i am famished.

if i don't manage to get back in here tonight, i will see you all tomorrow!!!!

hugs and kisses to you, and you, and you!!!! and to everyone i missed. right, that means YOU!!!

wait. wait! diva's sink is attacking her???

blink.gif i'm not quite sure how to respond to that information..... blink.gif

divallla, how is that sweet house??? how is the giant??

gah, i have meeeeeced all of you!!!!

maybe i can even bust at work now!!! (not that it would make much difference, since i am least 6 hours ahead of most of you.....)

am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see you alll!!!!! YASYAYAYAYAYA!!!

I was attacked by a shelf once....
whoa - jane AND tes in one sitting???!!!! *swoons* Really, you gals are just the thing I need on this farking hot day.

I'm hearing the Jaws music in my head as I re-enact Diva's sink attacking her....da-dump---da-dump---dadump-dadump-dadump.....really, that is very scary.

Shelves...well, they're always full of mischief.... unsure.gif

I wish I had some chocolate with lunch...similarly awaiting MRG here, I had to run out and get lunch, and walked to my favorite deli for some veg soup, and *gasp* they were closed for vacation, as were the two other dining options in the area. not nice. I had to walk about 7 more blocks before finding another crappier option...and then returned to my office sweaty and sodden. feh.
jane, if i were a shelf, i would SO TOTALLY attack you!!!
Once I was attacked by a large oak pole-thing in my parents house in the middle of the night. I dunno. Damned thing just came out and jumped me.

I think it's because I'm hot and deserve just got, ya know...too excited. tongue.gif
Tes..... if you were a shelf, I would walk by you all the time.... just so you could attack me.....


Turbo, I saw a group of people in a park with a bunch of greyhounds! Those dogs are really beautiful....and sleeeek....
haha, tes has been back for twelve hours and already this thread is reduced to talking about wood and poles. heheheeh.

we missed you tes!! smile.gif

ugh. i REALLY don't want to go to this meeting. i'm always so awkward at these things. i work with six out of about 200 people in my region, but i'm the only one of us that will be there. the meeting is mandatory for all the other 194 or so people, so they'll be there. going to this kind of thing is painful for me because it shows just how UNLIKE everyone else i am. there'll be gaucho pants and cutesy shoes and bags galore, more overpriced look-a-like highlights than you can shake a stick at and they'll all be in their little cliques.

what i'm really hoping for is to get there early enough to snag a seat by the VP so i can hang with her all night, which is really the whole reason i'm going in the first place. oh, why did i volunteer to attend a non-mandatory meeting? grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
i'd hug you, diva, but that would just give you a mad shaking, as i am giggling about a sink attacking you. i think one day my bathroom sink is going to do the same damn thing, it looks mighty shifty
TES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, i am that excited. i think i shall even throw in a 'squee!' for good measure
((((doodle)))) you are not your job, ladypants. you're an amazing woman who also happens to do amazing work
(((fj))) don't you hate it when you say yes to non-mandatory things and only afterwards realize you'd rather sit on a pile of nails?

soooo, my friend who i am staying with in the vancouver city hasn't emailed me to say if he can meet me at the airport or give me his address or anything. i'm going to have to drive by his mom's house to get his phone number to phone him and give him a lecture on replying to emails when they're of the important variety.

i found a swimsuit! it gives me beyootiful cleavage and is cute and covers enough that i don't have to do any bikini trimming. and now i'm going to go to the gym, then come home and have ice cream with blueberries and edible oil product (mmmmmmm, edible oil)
I'm sure glad my job doesn't make me socialize. That would suck, being obligated with work until 8:00. Maybe in a place where all the people were cool and not Barbie clones, it wouldn't be so bad. I've got an office 90% full of old-ish ladies, many of which are a little socially akward.

It's amazing what happens when Tes is around, huh? She brings out the worst in all of us.

Hi, sweetie! The house is gorgeous and all completely painted, and the giant is great. We're going to Duluth for our anniversary this coming weekend - we got a swanky hotel room with a fireplace, whirlpool, and private balcony right on Lake Superior. I may just stick with him for a very long time. He's a good one. I can send you a picture of us, if you want. How's AFRICA?

Jane, I so totally thought of you when my sink attacked me! I think the first post of yours I ever read is when you were telling about this party you went to where you broke a sink off a wall, or some such thing. I literally thought of you 2 minutes after that happened.

You know, not a damn person at work even asked me what the shiner on my nose is. Feh. I wanted to tell the story, dammit! Instead, I got to fix a paper jam and have my head stuck in the copier.

Yeah, you gotta look out for those shelves with those horizontal planes n' shit.

oh dayum! jane and tes! too much for my poor heart.

not much going on here.

(((turb))) you relax with some alcohol and a warm bath tonight. you sound exhausted.

(((doodle))) just because

DIVA! i saw that in your e-mail. that's just craziness. total freak accident.

hi everyone!

my right eye will not stop twitching. does that mean someone is thinking of me or i'm going to get a large sum of money?
Hi all....

I'm sorry for being mopey, and thank you all for your kind thoughts and words. I know it's partly PMS, but it's partly just being behind on my work, and we're running out of money - I have to get a report in a.s.a.p. (it's late), so we will get the funds to get us through till the New Year, but I'm paralyzed to write the report b/c I feel like I've only managed to achieve half the things we said we'd do. Everything is hanging by a thread, and I'm falling apart. So there it is. Nothing I can do except get the report done this week, come hell or high water. Or I'm going to be the same basket case I was LAST August. And on top of that, we're going to have to move this fall, b/c we can't afford our facility anymore...and my paid hours will go down in the fall, too. It's hard to feel like there's a point anymore, except to keep going to keep myself out of trouble.

Sorry for barfing on the thread. I'm on the verge of tears.

I don't know what I'd do without Bust.

Oh fuck it. There's the tears.
Hey laaaaaaaaaaaaaadies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TES!!! JANE!!! Holy Shitbiscuits!!! How are y'all doin??

Wait--Africa has winters? Weeeeiiiiirrrdddd. I guess I don't consider winter "winter" unless your fingers burn while shoveling snow off your car so it doesn't get towed by the city. Hmm. I guess every place has a "winter" period.

Christ. This is why I can't be productive at work. If I actually do work, then I miss out on so much stuff in the lounge. I worked my ass off today, mostly because I slacked off all of last week. Thankfully, my boss will be out of town tomorrow, so I can play a little more. I still have a lot of shit to do though.

(((doodle))) Work sucks. That's all there is to it.

Senorita diva, I think you may be onto something with the new job thing. You're so passionate and intelligent that you deserve a lot more respect for your skillz. I could totally see you working in a position that involves more authority and independence. You're way too good for that turd of a boss. YOU should be the boss fer chrissakes!

Wombat! That's such a cute name!

I wondered what happened to you, kittenb! I saw a post of yours in Myspace and I thought you may have been MIA in the lounge. I'm glad that you're still hanging out. I'm sorry about your less-than-ideal vacation, though. (((kitten)))

(((Minx))) You won't shed a tear after I've serenaded you karaoke-style! We're still gonna spend a night out at the Sportsman's, because I have needs and acting like an idiot in public is one of them!

(((FJ))) I wish I could get nekkid with you guys, smoke a green bowl, and then sing Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves in your living room.

(((everybustie))) I love you all so much!

(X-post w/ doodle)

Doodle, I was totally thinking the same thing when I was typing my post. I don't know what the hell I would do without you guys in my daily life. We really need to make an effort to have an Okayer party. It would be really hard, but it would mean so much.
Hey ya'll!! The gang's all here!! I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see shug, jane and tes hangin' here wit us!!! YAYAYAYAY!!

So I did about the dumbest thing tonight...I went to spin class...its like a thousand degrees here and humid, and I was already sweaty from the 6 block bike ride to the gym....and then, the AC there was not working properly, so the spin studio was about 85 degrees before we started the ride....ugggghhh, it was gruesome, I don't think I've ever sweat that much in an hour.

BUT, now I'm showered and clean, and I've got pad thai on the way, 'cause there is no turning on the stove tonight! I'm gonna totally sit back and chill tonight. YAY!

((((((doodle)))))) I think the universe is giving you the opportunity to finish this job with flair, and hopefully some appreciation along the way....not that making your exit is going to be easy, but the time is ripe to move on to a job that feeds your energy in a more sustainable way.

diva - I totally need to get on the job huntin' train with you again...I've been slacking these past many weeks, and thinking about moving on while you still have a job is a good thing, me thinks. And I love hearing how happy you and the giant are - seems like you've been together longer than a year! Your weekend plans sound amazing!

shug, my eye usually twitches when I'm sleep deprived or stressed...but I hope you're coming into money!
Hi! So many people here today! Yippee!

Diva and Turbo, I think we need to form a Okay-ers Looking for New Jobs Club. I feel you both. I just applied for two jobs. Neither are perfect but each has something I think I'd like about them. One is kind of like what I do now but instead of talking about sex, it would talking about depression. The other is with the state and would be a "good job" but it's workign with abstinence programs. It just feels good to apply for stuff. I commented today to a coworker that I'm sick of going home each day feeling like my job sucked all the life out of me. Ugh. And I think what I feel is only a teeny bit of what Doodle feels. (((Doodle))) I wish I could send you cack and candy and flowers. ---@ ---@ ---@ (roses or lollipops - your pick)

I'm sort of hungry and I keep thinking about queso dip. Like the kind you get from a "Mexican" chain restauraunt, like Don Pablos. I just want a big bowl of it and some chips right now....
Hi turbo and poodle!

turbo, you have more confidence than I do! I'm not feeling your optimism. I wish I was! Unless by "finishing the job with flair" you mean "ending up in the psych ward" or "quietly let go so as not to become a liability to the organization." *weak smile*

Maybe it's the PMS.

I can't afford to leave the job right now anyway. No savings at all, and no prospects lined up.

The worst thing is that this is all making me feel completely narcissistic - so I'm paralyzed AND self-obsessed. Bah.

poods, we definitely need an Okayland party. I'll bring the...erm...brownies.

ETA: x-posted with 'soup. Are they chocolate lollipops? I'll take eleventy-million, please. ((((catsoup))))
Today is an absolutely ridiculous day to exercise, turbo!

I had such an excellent weekend. On friday, I was chillin' out in my pad and then I decided to get a beer at my neighborhood bar. As I was reading the City Pages, I noticed that my friends' band was playing nearby, so I hauled ass over there to catch the show. I only caught the last song, but I spent the rest of the night talking to old friends, which is what I was hoping for. Good times.

I went to the CSNY concert on Saturday night, and I was blown the fuck away. Holy shit. Those guys are pissed off. A lot of the music was from Neil Young's recently released "Living With War" album, which is very clear and specific about the state of the U.S. and its global relations (particularly the war, of course). A few people walked out during his song "Let's Impeach the President," but most of the audience was really into it. I usually hate it when artists sing new material, but I've heard some of this stuff already and it's so freakin' relevant. It's also just really well written. The combined vocals and guitars of the foursome were absolutely amazing. They played a lot of old stuff too. It was excellent. Seeing "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" was totally worth all of the Ticketmaster crap. Unbelievable. It was the chance of a lifetime. Those dudes are legendary. Wow.

My co-worker and his wife went, too, so I had someone to talk about it with. The three of us went out for dinner and beer before the show, which ended up being a lot of fun. We drank 3+ pitchers of beer and talked about music and hippie crap the whole time. My co-worker said that he wanted to but an Airstream someday and gut it, and I was blown away, because I always talk about doing that. We joked about moving down to southwest WI and starting an appraisal business to pay for our trailers and an outdoor ampitheater. Good times.

Oh look. My period arrived.

Excuse me. I mean, the MRG is here.

poods, did they do Cinnamon Girl? Love that song....

Who goes to a concert featuring Neil Young and DOESN'T expect him to talk/sing about impeaching the prez? Those walker-outers just missed the rest of a good concert, the silly buggers.
*flings self at doodle*
*they fall to the floor in a heap and there is much excited rolling around of bodies*
you KNOW what you need to do, querida! call Doodle Mom!!!! she needs to come to the rescue!

i know about jobs that suck out your soul. been there, read that book. you wake up and just want to turn over and go back to sleep. you can't sleep. there is this horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach all of the time. worse, you start doing a really bad job. and that just increases the stress because you start worrying that they will fire you. BAH.

it is a little after 7 am here. the sun rose in a huge firey fuschia ball over the indian ocean this morning. the entire sky was tinged with pink and red and orange. gorgeous.

divalla, how great to hear about you and the giant. he does sound like a keeper! and your one year anniversary. whoa. i can't believe that it has been that long. you ROCK, woman!! (and yes, i would LOVE to have you send a photo!!!)

um, minxie?? what the frell was a wooden post doing in the house? besides attacking you, i mean. attacking YOU i can totally understand!!

i'm not really awake yet, i'm sitting here in my jammies drinking coffee and trying to feel awake alive alert enthusiastic but i could really use another hour or two of sleep.

poodle, how awesome!! i didn't even know they were still together and/or making tours!!

jenn, you are crazy. spin class at 100F. whacka whacka much?? i bet TURBO didn't want to go out yesterday and run around!!! wink.gif

catsoup, i think that they are rose shaped chocolates on a stick. YUM.

shug -- you need more vitamin c. AND you're going to come into a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

i don't think i could have a job where i talked about depression all day. that would be way too, um, DEPRESSING.

(unlike my job, of course)

yes, there are winters here. they don't officially count as winters to many of you, but it can get cold. it has actually gotten down to 13C. and when i was in the northern provinces a few weeks ago, it got down to around 6c. i was frelling COLD.

here, it starts out chilly and then warms up as the day goes on. that's okay, though. it may be cold to us, but you can still buy fresh pineapple and tangerines and passion fruit. and that makes me OHSOHAPPPPPPY!!

okay, lovies. i have to go and take a shower and get dressed and see what mimi my african attack cat is up to. she will probably pop out from somewhere and bite me. she just loves to do that, to show me how much she loves me.

i'll try to pop back in later.


tesao, even though you've been gone for these many months, you still have an uncanny ability to put my life into words.

Now eff off with your dose of reality. (Just kidding!)

I actually don't think this is one doodlemama can rescue me from. I did think about it, but no. Our Chair is coming in tomorrow to talk about the facility issue (I just broke the news to her that we'll have to move), and it's tied up with the finances, so I'm just going to have to be upfront about as much as I can with her. She's really busy with this other huge event (not a Centre activity) that's happening at the end of the month, so I know the timing will suck for her - but if anything goes wrong because of my inability to stay on top of the work, I don't want her to be blindsided by it. So. That's what I've decided. I think.

Thanks for being there. Everyone, not just tes. But tes, too!
Raawwwr! *pops out of nowhere to bite tes*

Good morning chickadees!

No Cinnamon Girl...they have a huge repetoire, so there wasn't really any room for it with all of their new angry political stuff. They didn't do very many love songs.

Passion fruit and fuschia sunsets...that sounds awesome...

Unbefuckinglievable. I had a six-pack of Blue Moon in my fridge and there are only two left. You'd think that he'd get the drift that I DON'T LIKE SHARING MY BEER, but no. Instead of leaving him a note, I'm gonna have to yell at him this time. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Good things:
1. My boss is gone today, so I can get some work done and still have time to play
2. We have a printer/scanner at home now, so I can upload even more stupid pictures to play with on Photoshop! Weee!!!
3. My driver's license has been reinstated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! poodle bit me!!! poodle bit me!!

yay for reinstated licenses!!!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for stupid resident boys who can't keep their frelling hands off of SOMEONE ELSE'S BEER!!

do i need to put on my shit-kicking boots and come up there??? this is getting OLD.

doodling, let me hug you tight. and rub your stressed out shoulders. and massage your weary feet. i'm really sorry that this is happening. it sucks. politics suck. job insecurity sucks. DOODLE ROCKS.

i am on my lunch break. i just had fresh tangerines and pineapple, now i am eating a fresh salad and eating whole wheat crackers with seeds all over them. yum. it is so easy to eat healthier here!
Hehehe...this new avatar feature is right up my alley. smile.gif
heeeeee! poodley, i wish it was up MINE!!!! rolleyes.gif
such dirty girls we have in here this morning!!! I love it! But, poodle, the avvie....ewwww. blink.gif

tes, I think I'd like to move to africa and have such fresh fruit and veggie abundance...sounds yummy.

Poodle, the resident boy is totally out of bounds on the beer thing. First thing, he needs to give you some cash to make up for the beer theiving. Then, he needs to grovel at your feet and beg forgiveness. Third, he needs his own place. I really do not understand taking another person's liquid refreshment, especially after numerous reprimands. He is being an asshole, and needs to make it up to you, TODAY.

I'll probably change it at some point, but I can't resist keeping it up for at least a day! Ha! Now I can force people to look at Robert Plant's bulge!!!

Yeah, the beer thing...we're gonna have a little chat about that. I mean, Christ, what if I wanted beer for breakfast?
Exactly the point, poodle - what if you DID want beer for breakfast?! I mean, that's what being a grown-up is all about, right? Beer and chocolate cack for breakfast, right?

I turned off my avvies for now. heh. tongue.gif

Awwww...that's not fair that you have the option to turn off Robert Plant! sad.gif

Dudes, check out my totally bustified myspace profile. I'm so proud of my work. I've been spending waaaay too much time on myspace lately. Help! I'm addicted!
poods, robert plant was turning me off, before I turned him off! laugh.gif I just can't face that package early in the morning!

Nice profile!!! I'm still dragging my feet on my project of making a myspace page for our org...I just don't think its appropriate...women aren't coming to myspace looking for adoption agencies...duh. silly management people hear a buzzword, and think we should automatically do it, be there, own it. gah.
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