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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good morning peeps!

(((minx))) You already know how I feel about The Weasel, so I won't go into that. That's awful about minxette being so hard on herself. ((((minxette)))) She's seeing a counselor, right?

I hate microsoft, too, tyg. They make me do stuff in excel that I don't want to do.

I'm staying home today after my doctor's appointment. I couldn't sleep for shit and my belly still hurts. I could work, but I don't want to. I just want to take some more pain meds and go back to sleep. Work can bite my ass.

How's everyone doing this morning?
{{{{happy vibes to minx & minxlette}}}} My step-sister has always been a highstrung tempermental child. It has been quite a job raising her. I have approached the idea that some of her problems are allergy related, but neither her mother nor my mother take the idea seriously.
pink - feel better soon. I don't know much about gall issues, but I am glad that you took the day off for yourself.
I spent this weekend on my latest "why am I doing this?" date from I swear, I want one date that doesn't just become a great anecdote for my blog.
((((minxy)))- Does your health insurance cov er a therapist/counselor? Sometimes the wee ones just get so wound upo, and they have no real way to cope- our BF's son has just blossomed with the helpo of a counselor, who has also given his folks a great set of tools to guide the kiddo. Poor minxette has had to deal with so much b/c of her paternal situation-it sounds like she's internalizing it. Poor baby girl. Poor mama. Craphole minxman. (oh, did that just pop out???...)

Alls well on the moxie front. jonsing for HBI in the WORST way, so i'm being proactive and calling my doc to see if there's a huge difference in "safety" between 5 and 6 weeks postpartum.

Ok, time to go get dressed, load moxette into the car and head to the mall to join the mallwalkers...what can i say? its cold and grey outside, and i need exercise. and maybe a wee bit of retail therapy...


((minx)) I hope things get better soon. I hate that minxman is not there for you when you need him. ~~~~vibes for minxette~~~~

((poodle)) ouch, I am so sorry you're feeling so shitty. Work CAN bite your ass, screw 'em, you need your rest to recover.

Moxie, I hope your doc gives you the OK for HBI. How is moxette doing?

Congrats on selling your house treehugger! I am sure that is a huge load off.

Hi whammy, PK, tyger, Kitten, & Jenn!

I had a good weekend. I went to my sister's birthday party Friday night. There were a lot of young people there, but it was fun. Saturday I started a new class & I really like it. I think I will learn a lot. Saturday night I went out with two girlfriends from class, then later our SOs came to meet us. It was a lot of fun, but I suffered from a bad headache yesterday as a result. It was ok though, it was cold and rainy here. We just stayed home most of the day & watched tv. I did get some good HBIs though too. Mr K shaved his head this weekend & I feel like I've got a whole new man. It looks hot.
Good morning fabulous frolicking femme fatales.

Vermont was wonderful, and not just because my partner’s mother is one of the strongest women I know. She had her husband {Not my partners father, he died when she was a baby} walk out on her after 18 years when she found out she had breast cancer which almost killed her. She picked her self up, declared that she was going to hold her head high, and break the cycles of misery that has been the scourge of her family. She has been clear for six years and is the happiest, most well adjusted woman I have ever met, but she had to fight, bleed, cry and had to deal with things that I could not even imagine. Just being around her is amazing. Don't forget to support your local Mothers Day Classic!

Single Busties: ((((((vibes))))))
Not because you are single, but because of the ludicrous idea that a woman must have a partner, or even someone next to them to lead a happy and fulfilling life. It is a pity that society will not accept happiness with one self, not being augmented by a significant other. I dedicate this week to you my strong happy single friends. Those living the truly fulfilling life of knowing them self and what it takes to be happy, and will not put up with sub-par partners. For this week, I declare to be Finding Unmatched Contentment and Kinship On Finding Freedom. This week I will say “F.U.C.K. O.F.F.” to coupled people and will constantly assert that they could not possibly be living a full and happy life by being paired off on the Ark, always need to have a pow wow just to decide where to go for breakfast and rule their life by what is best for the group, rather than what is best for them. I am so excited this will be the best Finding Unmatched Contentment and Kinship On Finding Freedom week ever! Don’t forget to get your married friends little stuffed bears with magnets in reverse polarity in their hands to repel the ability to join! You can find them at Hallmark!

((((minxette)))) It makes me cry that she said she hates herself. That is horrible. Sure does seem that when things get tough, minxman gets going. From lurking it seems like he leaves every time you have trouble. Just remember to that you have all of these wonderful gals here to lean on, and I bet some pretty kick ass people in real life to lean on. Be strong, we all know you can do it.

Have a good week busties, ((((vibes))))) for one and all!
Hi, peeps.

I'm feeling better today, or was until my f-ing cheap-ass stapler decided to go haywire and I hurt my thumb. So I throw out a few curse words and someone wants to come over and talk about it. I don't want to fucking talk, I want a fucking stapler that works. No therapy for me, thankyouverymuch.

The giant and I had a pretty okay, but boring weekend. We stayed home all day Friday night and Saturday, and only ventured out yesterday to return some stuff to Target, hang out at Barnes and Noble for a little bit, and pick up some dinner. Other than that, a lovely grungy weekend at home. We were supposed to go to his mom's house to help her with her garden, but since the rain didn't let up, we stayed home, but I guess now we have to go down on Friday. Yay. But I did get a pair of earrings made (really cool spiraly thing with Swarovskis) and half a bracelet I'm going to try to finish tonight.

(((((((Poodle's tummy)))))))) I'd take PK's advice and get the job done in Sweden. It's cheaper and you'd get to see Sweden and take a real sow-na. It's probably gorgeous there right now.


Turbo, sorry about your fundraiser thingy. What were you raising funds for? And sorry about the dog poop and pee. You've got such a big heart to take them in and care for them.

Yay! for new FJ family car! Who gets primary use of it? I'd consider getting a Jetta if the price was right.

Yay! for Treehugger selling her house!

Boo! on slow-ass process for Marileen's house.

Moxie, I'm a mallwalker, too. If it's not nice enough out to walk around the lake, the gay boyfriend and I usually walk around the MOA, though it can hardly be considered a workout when we stop for either Cold Stone or coffee or full-on dinner.

That's good that your mouse is gone, PK. Heikki doesn't have to know about it.

Hi, Karianne and Tyger and Gloomy and Kitten and October and Yummymum!

I know that I'm missing a lot, but trust me that I really did read all the archives.

I really want to go somewhere for my lunch break, but Dayton's and Lane Bryant are holding my money hostage. I made some returns on Thursday and they still haven't cleared yet, so I'm in the hole until they do. The giant had to pay my whole way this weekend, which includes all of 2 dinners (both fast food, so not bad), a coffee, and a beading magazine. It's just so weird because I'm usually the one with the money, and now I'm dependant on him until something clears or I get my Uncle Sam check.

morning you lovely lively luscious ladies!!!

((minx and minxlette)))


hi gloomy, tyger, turbo, PK, moxie, kari, doodle, and kittenb!!!

reverse polarity magnets??! nice!!
so the Doc says i have tendinitis...and gave me this brace to wear. which is annoying as hell..but i works. i have had 2 arguments with this weekend...big ones..bleah. but i had a good time seeing friends, eating and drinking wine, and resting. well, trying to rest. i keep getting caught up in my own excited state of doing hair, despite the pain in my hand. i made my own hair extensions this weekend and put them in..looked fab...i looked like a different person from the back. heheh. tons of fun.
gloomy, I love your weeklong dedication - you rock!

We're having a greyhound summit this evening with our neighbors to debrief the weekend. I've suggested that they bring their dogs (in muzzles) to the dog park more often so that Big Badger Bad Ass can get more acquianted with small dogs so that he won't want to eat them, or get amped up every time a small dog is within sight. We've got a sassy pack of pugs that get together with us every night who are more than brave enough to meet Badger and bite his ankles if he needs it. heh. As for Lily, miss pissypantsturdbottom...well, poor girl has a UTI, not much to be done there...she's a sweetie otherwise.

Saturday night we were raising money for our Humanitarian Aid program that provides aid to the orphanages in Russia that we work with...its a good thing.

diva, I'm sorry your stapler sucks. I happen to have the only working stapler on our floor, and everyone comes to use mine, and every week, I ask them why they don't just order their own...I feel a little Office Spacey about it, but why does everyone need to interrupt my work to staple something. Ditto for scissors. Buncha office supply morons over here.

kari - mr. k got all hot and badly on you, huh? That's pretty sweet. Seems harder for the boys to change up their looks than us gals...but its fun when they do!
Hello Ladies-

I am a long time friend of "puppykitty" and she asked me to join in here because she thinks I have a lot in common with you all, not to mention she said a lot of you live up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes where I am... plus it helps us keep in touch since she moved futher away! :-(

So, HELLO to you all...
Welcome bugsy!
Welcome bugsy - any friend of PK is a friend of ours!

Ah, I love Chicago today, for the amazing immigration rally with 400,000+ people, that is continuing in all of the neighborhoods. I did go to work, but am participating in the economic boycott, and walked home from work today, instead of taking the train. Tons of people are walking everywhere, carrying flags, in jubiliant moods....grassroots movements can be so amazing...I've never seen anything like this.
Okay!!!! I read the archives, it took me a LONNNG time! But that's cool because I missed you guys!!

Msgoofball -- sorry to hear about your tendonitis but glad to hear it is not hairline fractures from the snowboarding! ~*~*~heal hands, wrists msgoof!~*~*~

~**~*~turbo gettng more creative time~*~*~~~ I love your good advice and supportiveness! and your little dog community -- funny

How's the art going doodle?

Poodle!! I had noticed you missing!! What a bummer about the gall bladder. It's like me with my teeth. No one could pry the sugar out of my hand until it was like, whoah!! pain!! money!! wake up call!! And ya know what? You really will find food that you like just as well. It doesn't seem like it, but you will. I look at all the bright candy packages in the store and they don't look like fun at all.

Man, I'm happy to hear that the immigrant boycott is going well. We don't notice much here in Boston. Well, I'm still busting ass about the new job and the moving. Don't even have next WEEKEND -- work, weekend in the country, which will be fun but exhausting, then work, then MOVE 930 Saturday morning.

We have the layout all planned though and I bought new stuff since my boyfriend put down all the advance money and his eyes were just sparkline with glee.

Minx -- hate to say this, but I don't think minxette likes the minxman, he's pretty stuffy old fart if you ask me. She feels like she has to put up with stuff she doesn't want to, would be my guess. I was going to post that it's cool if you like him if he is honestly behaving well, but mom dating the guy who busted a balloon in her face is scary -- I was going to ask if she was having nightmares or got a sudden interest in horror movies (what they didn't see..when they went into the house... kind of plots are beloved by kids who have a problem they don't want to talk about, I think)

None of this is saying you're a bad mom -- you're a very good mom, but some guys will try to take advantage, so hold out till you find one that respects you the way you deserve to be respected!!

Hi to divalla karianne tyger falljackets catsoup marileen puppykitty lurv and new folks -- if I don't get outta here right now I will fall over from hunger .. sorry to be scarce but the new apartment really makes me want to be a goody-twoshoes at the new job. And OOHHHH I need SLEEP too. But I will try not to go a whole week.

I'm donating some furniture tonight to a single mom and kid who just got a new place after being homeless -- and putting a leftover check in deposit, but I had to HAD TO come in here, I missed you guys ... will try to come in every couple days...

Thank you, everyBUSTie. Honestly, y'all made my day. Sage advice from fabulous women. Thank you.

I have some thinking to do again, don't I?

On the homefront, we went to the doctor tonight and even though he is unfamiliar with sensory integration disorder (which is a BIIIIIG part of minxette's issue), he totally wrote me the referral, as well as a referral for an allergist specialist. If I can scrape together enough money, I am TOTALLY taking her to a cranial/sacral therapist as well. She had it done once when she was just under a year old, and the problems she had kinda vanished for a long time (she has a terribly difficult time with crowds, loud sudden noises, people touching her head, and transitions.

Yep, my kid is totally bizarre.

I made this lemongrass and chili soup tonight and it sucked large, gaping ass. However, the piece of marlin I ate was SPLENDERIFIC.

Did I mention that my most ghetto-fabulous thugs are eating Macbeth up with a spoon? Seriously, they actually come into class and immediately ask if we are reading the play!! It is so exciting to see them devouring entirely difficult literature!

I loves me jobby-job. And I am soooo effing broke that I am teaching summer school for about five weeks. It is only lasting until the middle of July, so I still have until the end of August to sit on my ass and stare vacantly into space.

I love that activity. :-)
Oh yeah, and this is for Divalicious:

Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird (.951)

WEEK OF APRIL 30, 2006

Salt Lake City fashion designer Jared Gold recently began offering jeweled brooches featuring brightly colored Swarovski crystals affixed to a live, 3-inch-long Madagascar hissing cockroach that a woman can allow to roam a short distance around her dress or jacket via a silver chain affixed to the roach's back. The brooch sells for $80 at Gold's Web site. An April New York Post story quoted an animal-rights spokesman as calling the bauble "just the gift" for the "person who doesn't mind a small animal excreting on them throughout the day." [New York Post, 4-14-06]
minx - EWW! EWW! EWW!
Hi from (beautiful downtown harbourside) Victoria, capitol of the province of British Columbia!

I am in kind of a weird mood...maybe overtired and wishing I was home instead...but also running out of patience with a few folks here. Gotta rein that in....

Also today I reluctantly volunteered to facilitate one of the lobby meetings tomorrow...this one between our group and members of the Opposition Caucus. Our group didn't really give me much choice. Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard; they are allies and there are only three key issues, so I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Plus it's way less painful than letting some of the other women make the process much more rigid and complicated than it needs to be. *sigh*

I am sitting here inhaling a turkey-on-white-bread room service sandwich. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but it's the "late night" menu and I'm starving. Ok, well, not starving in the literal sense, but very, very, very hungry. (I'm only allergic to three kinds of food, but they were all present and accounted for at lunch AND dinner, so...)

Ok, I think I really, really, really need to sleep now.

I meece you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good morning hot babes!

Victoria looks beautiful, doodle. Even if you are doing some work stuff, at least you have a change of scenery.

That brooch thing is effed up. Why do people have to get creative with animals?

"I happen to have the only working stapler on our floor, and everyone comes to use mine, and every week" What?!!! That's so freakin' annoying, turbo! You need to be proactive about that. Stop being nice to these people and tell 'em to get their own damn staplers! Heck, I growl at people if they even stand in my office door. Seriously (well, not seriously, but I still do it).

Welcome bugsy!


Good things about today:
1) I have a check from the resident boy
2) Quark and Photoshop mysteriously appeared on my computer, so now I get to be an amateur graphic designer. I finally get to mess with the kerning in my text!!!
Turbojenn, your stapler story is just the perfect life in a non-profit story. In the room where my desk is, there is a broken file cabinet. The drawers don't work properly. This is a 2-drawer file cabinet that probably costs $25 at Target. But instead of getting a new one, we just keep using the same shitty file cabinet.

I went to a meeting Friday about the MPH program I'm looking into. It made me very excited and wish I could start this fall rather than Fall 07. Of course, I have to figure out the financial aspect of it - how to pay for it, how to pay for life (I won't be able to work fulltime), health insurance, etc. But gosh I want to go. I need to go back to school.
Hey guys! Good morning!

I spent May Day boycotting by sleeping for 20-some-odd hours in a row. Let's see - got home Sunday night at about 3:30 AM, slept until Tuesday at 5:30 AM. Holy Bedsores! That's a long time. I must have needed it??? But I get plenty of sleep almost every night.

I don't have a sleep debt; I have a flourishing sleep savings account. If anyone wants some nighty-night rest, I can float you a few hours.

BUGSY! Welcome! Yes, Bust is fantabulously fun! I told you to come straight into the Okayers thread to introduce yourself, however I hope you'll also explore the rest of the discussions going on in Bust. But remember to stay with us in here - it moves pretty fast sometimes.

So, Bugsy is a friend from college up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. She's a silly - so I know you all will heart her like I do.

Turbo - wow. Your humanitarian aid fundraiser sounds like such a great cause. Too bad it was so difficult.

And I liked how you called it a Greyhound Summit. You guys should meet at Camp David.

Those cockroach brooches sound positively sparkly. Too bad they're digusting COCKROACHES!!! Diva - are you getting one?

So - Karianne is all hot and bothered by Mr. K's bald noggin! That's cute!

minx - about the lemongrass and chili soup: it sounds good! What was wrong with it? What's in it? I'm so hungry after my Rip Van Winklesque slumber. Everything sounds mouthwatering.
Good Morning!

It is a rainy one here. Oh well, good for the garden.

Welcome bugsy!

I know a few people who did MPH programs, catsoup. They enjoyed it. That is the problem with school, isn't it? How do you support yourself while getting the degree. I started a new class this past Saturday, it reinvigorated my interest in my own program. Which is good, I was in a slump.

Doodle! I am so jealous you are in Victoria, that looks beautiful!

Nothing much else to report on my end.

Good Things
1. The panic like symptoms I had been feeling Sunday night & much of yesterday seem to have abated.
2. I have fresh cut fruit from my mama
3. My neck feels good still
4. Mr K seems to be doing better regarding the bad band events last week
What's the program you are doing, Karianne?
Hi Catsoup and Karianne! Good Morning!

I forgot good things Tuesday:

* Awake nice and early so I can get a few things done before I go to work today.
* I even ate breakfast today, and I think it had plenty of calcium in it - which I am so afraid I'm not getting enough of.
* Bugsy wugsy has joined us!

Wow PK, that is a lot of sleep! Glad you are feeling good & rested.

Catsoup, I am doing a MA in counseling psychology.
PK is a sleeper - that is amazing!

I was awoken repeatedly from 3am - 5:30am by my wonderful dog trying to vomit...I'm betting he found a chicken bone walking with his dog walker yesterday, and sneakily swallowed it whole...he does that. I took 4 bones from him yesterday afternoon...he's very good at hiding them in his mouth and swallowing when you're not looking. silly dogs.

poodle...catsoup is right - my scissor/stapler sitch is indicative of the NPO world. I also buy my own software, 'cause they won't buy it for me, and I need it to do my job. Why do I work here again? Sometimes, I have no idea....but then there's the babies down the hall in the nursery, and so I keep working.

Poodle's got some fiiiiine workin' tools now!! I can't wait to see what wonderful hair band creations will come out of your desk now that you have photoshop and quark...maybe InDesign will show up on your computer while you're out later this week....

Good things Tuesday:
1. Gorgeous, sunny day outside, and I rode my bike to work
2. Freshly henna-ed hair is rich and glossy and so so so soft!
3. Getting a haircut on Thursday!
4. Work is going well this week!

Hi turbo! Sorry turbodog was pukey last night. Casey used to wake us up at ungodly hours during a thunderstorm or snowstorm. It was so annoying. But I miss that little Casey-dog.

I told Heikki that the maintence man took mousie out of my closet and put him outside. Where he was swallowed whole by a majestic bald eagle. Just kidding. I didn't tell him the eagle part. Just that mousie is outside now.

Heikki told me that a mouse had fallen into their basement window well, and that he had been there for days. His older step-brother threw some bread down there for it to eat. Heikki goes down to the window to check it out every day, and says the mouse is small and fluffy and gray and brownish black. He named him Fuzz.

I'm glad Heikki loves animals. As opposed to torturing and vivisecting them and playing with their bones. I am so relieved that my Heikki isn't a budding serial killer. He also doesn't wet the bed nor have a fascination with starting fires, the other two tell-tale signs of a little future Jeffery Dahmer. Good good boy. I'll add that to good things Tuesday.

Karianne - what is counseling psychology for? My friend is getting her MSW to do counseling. What is the difference between that program and your program?
Poor turbo! First the wounds, now the stomach. I hope he gets to feeling better.

Pk, that was sweet of you to tell Heikki a nice story about the mouse. I think a love for animals is a very good quality to have. Is the mouse gone for sure then?

I think MSWs and MAs of counseling are similar, as far as work environment. I know lots of social workers get licensed as such, I'll be a licensed counselor. I've seen listings for jobs that say they want a licensed MSW or licensed counselor. Some want one or the other, but many will take either it seems. I am not sure what the social work curriculum is like. I bet it has a lot of similarities.
hello busties!!!

welcome bugsy!
(((turbodog's stomach))

~*~**~~*~*vibes for all busties~**~**~*~

my wrist/hand is doing well thanks to all my bustie well wishes!! except yesterday i seemed to misplace my textbook($150 text book) and now i am worried. ok FREAKING OUT.....oh well. hopefully my coworker found it on her way out.

we did a bunch of fingerwaving hands hurt. you have to do 3 whole head fingerwaves to get one wet set credit...i managed to do 9(the last one was pretty shoddy) so i got 3 credits! woot! but now i am paying for it. blah. and MRG showed up...fab.

Heikki sounds soo sweet...Fuzz...cute name.

good things tuesday:
A. pink nail polish on my fingers...pretty good for a gimp like me.
B. clean undies and tshirts with funny "i do all my own stunts." hehe
C. its tuesday so friday is not that far off as it was yesterday.
i killed the thread!!! (pout)
Hi all....well, guess what. Those of us who were arrested two years ago found out we are still banned from the Legislature...even though two of the arrestees went in yesterday! So we had to agree to each have a private meeting with the Seargeant-at-Arms, where we are to agree to adhere to the rules of conduct before we are allowed back in. I didn't find out till almost 10:30; my meeting was supposed to be at 11. This meant that I didn't have time to have my little principal's office lecture meeting with him before facilitating my meeting, and I didn't go. Now I feel like it's a waste of money for me to be here, since I'm winding up not doing much lobbying. (OTOH, I did go for a long walk with a colleague from another Centre, and we both did a lot of therapeutic venting...mainly 'cause we got lost!)

I haven't had my meeting with the Seargeant-at-Arms yet. I'm feeling like I'd rather eat glass, but I'm also prepared to move on, as long as I don't have to sign anything. What's pissing me off is that we have to have the meetings with him one-on-one...alone. We can't be together, and can't bring anyone - not even an advocate or a lawyer. I don't get that - it's my right to have an advocate present anywhere I want one - and I don't even know what the big deal is. But to fight it would tie up the rest of the women who are here to lobby (more than 100), and some of them have never done it before, so that's more important. I don't want us to be the entire focus of the thing, because it's not the point.

I am in a lobby meeting tomorrow morning, although I'm not facilitating that one. I'm really pissed about missing mine this morning - I woke up with such an awful headache that I threw up in the sink...and I still made it to the Legislature. Bah.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I'm supposed to go sit in the visitors' gallery during Question Period at the Legislature this afternoon, but I'd still have to meet the Seargeant-at-Arms first, and I've still got this headache, so I think I'm going to nap. All those women will be in the gallery, so I doubt I'll be missed.

I want to go home.

turbo...your stapler story reminded me...back when there were more people working in the Centre, I actually started labelling my office supplies, because they would disappear onto other people's desks. My old stapler STILL has a piece of orange dynatape with my name on it!!! And I don't even use it anymore, because I have this little battery-powered one...
Oh, all of my office supplies have dymo labels with my name on it too! heee! Ah, the life of NPOs.

I'm so sorry your lobbying trip has gotten tied up witht such bureaucratic nonsense...what a waste of time. I hope ya'll give 'em hell up there, and make them give you your childcare coverage back!

Meanwhile, back in the states, we've got a bill on the floor that would take away requirements for insurance to cover cancer screenings, pap smears, mammograms, prostate exams....great guys, thanks. Call your senators! Calls are worth more than make the call today! /end lobbying rant.
turbo, it's really freaky how you are my twin. :-)

All I want is the $1.7 million they stole from women's centres.

Talked to Georgie on the phone last night. I actually asked my mom to put the phone to his ear. Is that weird? I don't care.

Haven't napped yet. Going to go do that now.
Double taco!!
Don't worry doodle, When I am out of town, I always have my house sitter put the phone on speaker so I can talk to my greyhound, Satan's Little Helper. I do not think this is weird, but I have learned from trial and error that if I do not do this, I come home to a bitchy bitch. She is very sweet, she just likes to know that I have not forgotten about her when I am not home, and she makes god damn sure it never happens again!
Hi, kids!

((((((MsGoof's hand, since I keep forgetting to vibe)))))))

((((Doodle)))) That sucks, but it's kind of funny about having to meet with the sargeant at arms and promise to behave yourself. I hope you can get to enough stuff that it's worth your while.

Minx, fuck no I don't want a decorated cockroach on me! Ew! Ew! Ew!

Turbo, I got my order from Lush yesterday. Is it supposed to make your house smell like a head shop? I'm really looking forward to trying out the bubble bars and a bar of purple soap I got that smells like grapes.

Hello to Karianne, Whammy, PK, Bugsy, Poodle, Catsoup, Whammy, and everyone else!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) In-service all day at work - just got back an hour ago. It was 7 hours of sitting on my ass and zoning out, with a couple crossword puzzles and a little David Sedaris thrown in
2) My money is no longer being held hostage
3) It's absolutely gorgeous out and I fully intend to take advantage of it when I get home
4) I've finished off my first month of the pill, so very much looking forward to some HBI in the extremely near future
5) expecting a call from Sam any minute when he finishes mowing the lawn with his dad. He follows behind the real lawnmower with his toy one with such a sense of purpose in his face and walk
i talked to my friend's cat on the phone all the time. like, mid conversation it would be like 'hey, say hi to frostie!' and we'd have a little conversation.

i went clothes shopping for pants, because i have worn-out pants and work pants, and one pair of shorts, plus pyjama pants. nothing fit. if it was big enough for my hips it gaped in back, or it was too low, or it was way too long. so i ended up feeling flubby and gross. but i bought three shirts that are mui mui nice. one is an old baseball jersey, one is a plaid-ish button-up with sparkly thread through it, and one is a turquoise satin halter that flares out under the boobage that looks superfab. now i just need a halter brar.

doodle, that's so dumb about the civil disobedience thing. i mean, it was two years ago, and people who haven't been civilly disobedient yet are just as likely to be as you are. feh on legislature.

heh, i'm watching ask a ninja. it's a podcast on itunes, and it's just funny funny. 'cause you can email a ninja a question, and he will answer it.

i'm soooooooooo tired. i think i'm going to go nap. or something.

oooooh, oh oh oh, my hair is gone! not totally, i did a one-inch buzzcut everywhere, except it's kinda longish on top, sort of like a really wide fauxhawk. i think it's cute, and i'm now just going to let it grow out shaggy-like and stuff until it drives me nuts

ninja pickup line: i am really sorry about chopping off your boyfriend's arm. can i give you a hug?
gloomy! You have a greyhound!! So do I! How did I not know that?? I loooove the greyhounds. Just got back in from taking turbo for a long walk, in which I fed him some peroxide to try and make him vomit up the chicken bone, but no, he did not give it up, not even an attempt...I've never had the peroxide trick not work....oh well. It'll come out one way or another.

Diva, yup, LUSH makes your house smell like a head shop! So you got Gratuitous Violets soap? I like just about anything that's purple. ;) I usually use about half a bubble bar in my bath, crumbling it under the running water...except the karma and blue skies bubble bars, which I can get 3-4 baths out of. Enjoy!

Sam is such a cutie! Helping his dad mow the lawn - how adorable! I just got some new piccies of my neicie and nephie today - hadn't seen any since xmas, and they're SO big....actually, little Laura looks SO much like turboman's mom, it made me smile. are so very brave for going that short with your hair...I'm not sure I could pull that off anymore - my hair gets very unruly when its short. I'm growing mine out a bit now, it touches my shoulders for the first time in 5 years...of course I have a cut scheduled for thursday, so we'll see. At the very least, I need som serious attention from the razor to take some of the weight off.
Hi again....I'm awake. 5:00. There's supposed to be a childcare rally at one of the local colleges at 6, so I need to start phoning rooms to find out who's going...the phone rang twice, but I was in the middle of shivering violently for some reason, so I stayed in bed. Waiting for my e-mail to download...taking FOREVER!!!

I forgot to tell about a sweet part of my day. My "Good Things Tuesday" thing. When my colleague and I were walking back from the Ledge (before we got lost), I saw this scooter coming up behind us and moved to get out of the way. This young redheaded man, with what looked like mild Down's syndrome, zipped past me. I smiled at him. He said: "You're cute!" and kept zipping along. I couldn't help but giggle!

Although it WAS kind of a waste to have done the work of getting cute and then not being allowed into the Ledge.

gloomy, did you name your dog after the Simpsons? Cute name!

Now I suppose turbo and gloomy will be all greyhound talk, until the rest of us are sucked into their little cult and everyone is walking greyhounds up and down the street.

diva, are you telling us you've had no HBI lately?????

tyger, you've probably already said and I just haven't had time to read, but how is the new job going? I know you had a struggle in the beginning. Oh, and that was kind of OUR point about the civil disobedience thing. We kept asking if everyone had to have a similar meeting before going in...I've brought two board members around your age on this trip, and they'd be thrilled to occupy an office or something.

turbo, maybe we're not twins...maybe I'm actually channelling you. The other day, I was pondering whether or not I should grow my (also layered) hair out...which is not a thought that ever occurs to me...weird!!!

Ok, got to make those calls!
Turbo, you didn’t know because I have not told the board before now silly. But I do, and she is fabulous. I love them too doll, but thank Maude, I have never had to induce vomiting.

Yes Doodle, I did. I got her as a Christmas gift from a friend who raises greyhounds for racing. She was one that just never had the racing sprit in her. I guess she was just too busy living life to try and race through it. I figured we matched spirits, she always raised hell with the other bitches, and I always love the under dog who never stops fighting. Her litter name was Fayina (free one) but she is forever Satan’s Little Helper.
Awww....I love your pupper already! We have 16 greys in our neighborhood, so turbo's got lots of buddies to hang of my favorites is like your little Satan - never made it out of training....he just wanted to shake everyone down for pets, no interest in chasing. so sweet.

Sadly, turbo does like to swallow things whole, so this is not nearly our first time with the vomit inducing routine. Ah well, my boy doesn't always remember to chew, what can I say. He vomits his food all over the floor every day too...again, he forgets to chew. silly puppers.
Yay! Turbo has a new greyhound-loving friend!! (not that the rest of us don't love the sweet doggies)

(((Doodle))) You rawk.

I didn't know you had started the pill, diva. How have you been feeling so far? I'm actually considering going off the pill because I suspect that it diminished my seizure med levels and contributed to my gallstone problem. I like the pill because it keeps MRG from taking over, but I'm not sure if it's in my best interest right now.

Tyg, your hair sounds cute! I like fauxhawks.

Msgoof's hand is feeling better because of our vibes! ~*~*~*~book finding vibes~*~*~*~

Okay, I have started a couple projects using my new Quark/Photoshop toys. I created a couple images to use as patterns for silkscreening. They're super reduced so the lines will be clear during printing. Screen#1 and Screen#2 (By the way, the font is TrixiePlain, which is the official Cheap Trick font) :-) I'm such a dork, I know.
Happy hump day, bitches!!!

Poodle, I love your devotion to hair bands, looks like you're putting those new toys to fine use! And those are some fine silk screen patterns!

Why is it that as soon as you get fed up with your hair, and schedule a cut, it magically starts to behave and look gorgeous? I swear, my hair is trying to trick me into keeping it...but I know once the humidity hits, all bets are off, and I'm back to being frizz head. Best to thin it out now, I think.

Hi, peeps!

What a glorious day outside, entirely too glorious to be stuck here at work, far away from a window and/or fresh air. Feh. I'm just going to pretend it's raining just to set my mind at ease.

Doodle, what I'd meant was that the giant and I (TMI warning) had to wait to do it without a condom. I'm getting all the HBI I please at the moment, thankyouverymuch. I hope the childcare rally goes well for you.

Poodle, you are a woman obsessed! I like that first shirt the most. Yep, I've been on the pill for a little over a month. It made my nipples really tender for awhile, but otherwise I haven't noticed any differences in anything.

Turbo, we made use of the Lush stuff last night (minus the patchoulli-scented bath bomb I kind of regret buying). The Karma bubble is awesome. About 1/3 of it was plenty for a good bubble bath.

I'd probably be scared of a greyhound if I met one. They're really big, aren't they? I do have a penchant for big dogs, but they still scare me when I first meet them.

Hi, Tyger, Gloomy, and anyone I cross-posted with!

Last night was an interesting one. I came home to the giant in bed all depressed over finances, but mostly because he feel like he let himself get walked on by not fighting with the credit card people. It finally took some coaxing before I got him out of bed to eat something. I worry about him sometimes. We never did go out for our walk, but that's okay. We had McDonald's, a bath, and some HBI instead. I think I made him feel better about himself. He's such a wonderful guy, but nobody's perfect and he has some things to work on.
hello ladies!!! its wacky wednesday...well, thats my excuse.
diva, giant sounds like a great guy even with his financial depression worries...i hate it when gets in a financial slump...

Thanks for the book and wrist vibes!!! the textbook is stil MIA but i found a copy on amazon for $ i should be getting that today at some, huh?

i love the silkscreens poodle!!

yesterday our teacher tried to kill us by having us do 12 (yes 12) whole heads of fingerwaving...i did 13 cuz she wanted me to do 15..and i gave up after that. then we did 15 rollers in 3 different ways and 15 pin curls in 3 different ways...aaagh. and today is permanent waving...again. i had to ice my hand last was bad. but today i am buying my wax kit...(manscaping 101) and a test guide for the big ol' scary exam.

turbo, i need to hear more about this bill on the floor thats going to screw around with our insurance..
msgoof - I just sent you an email with the legislation info in it, rather than post it all here...

Even if you didn't have tendinitis, I think your hand would hurt after all that fingerwaving - sounds like torture! Good thing you won't be doing that much of it at once in the salon environment!

diva, most greyounds are the gentlest of creatures...I'd sooner be afraid of a little yippy pooch than a hound..mostly they'll amble up to you slowly and give you a sniff and ask for pets. They are really calm, and don't jump all over you or get that excited.

diva, I'm glad you and the giant are enjoying the lush!!
very cool turbo!

the teacher actually said 'you had better get used to the ache in your hands--its gonna be there for the rest of your career.' fab. just fab. like thats encouraging...

oh btw, my mom is one of those parents that sends clippings of articles to me. actually, the entire family does it so it must be genetic. anyhoo, she is saving me ones on hairdressers and how they cope with their careers, like shoes to buy, ice packs, etc. one said she takes frozen water bottle and rests her feet on them, stretching and icing her feet arches at the same, huh?
Turbo, there's a new thread in ATWT about insurance if you'd like to post info about the legislation there. I'm interested.
Hi all!

Yeah, I don't know if the second one will work 'cause the picture was too detailed to being with and I'm not sure how to define the positive space. I realize that some of the black on the first one is spotty. It doesn't really matter for silkscreening, but I'm gonna fix it anyway just because I'm neurotic (I have my pride!). So ignore the different blacks in the meantime. I'm also working on a "Keep Music Evil" print based on a patch I bought a while back. I found the perfect dingbat with the m/ hand shape.

McDonalds and HBI sounds nice. I think that's mostly because I'm deprived of both right now.

I want to chop my hair, too. I'm having fun with the natural wave right though.
happy humpday, you wayward hotties!

oooh, msgoof, i really should reconsider my plans of becoming a hairdresser with your stories of hurting hands. i have tendinitis in both my wrists and it can get so bad my entire arms get useless if i don't take care of them

hi pink and catsoup and turbo and diva and gloomy! and anyone i may have missed.

so, the other night i was hanging around with the boy and a few other people, playing games and watching movies and stuff, and while we were watching movies somehow me sitting next to the boy on the couch turned into us holding hands and me falling asleep with my head on his chest. i don't know how it happened or anything, it was just like 'wait, what? okay, when did it get like this?' it's so damn confusing. it's like, i don't really feel like being in a relationship at all right now, but i still want him. does that make sense? feh. i think i'll maybe write him a letter to explain where i am right now, because i just can't talk about it (which is a big part of what makes me not want to be an us with anyone right now. it can't work if i can't talk about stuff, and right now i can't talk about it)

so, today is going to be interesting. i'm wondering if the fact that i now look twice at butch as i did my last shift (yes, last time i worked was last fricking tuesday. if my schedule keeps being this sparse i might just tell them to shove it) will have any effect on my tips. and i'm thinking during my split i'm going to come home and nap.

whine whine snivel snivel, my msn is broken. it'll sign me in for a split second and then boot me off, and it's been like this since last night. which sucks, because that's my only way of communication with the outside world.
In celebration of Hump Day, I suggest that we all add extra humps to our M's and N's.

What's happenin' bitches?!
hi lurv!!!
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