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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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moxette is 15 weeks old...about 3.5 months. She's a riot- honestly, last night, she spewed like the friggin exorcist, then giggled. Who can be upset at puke, when a cutie is giggling? I swear, cuteness is an evolutionary survival thing. In the pic, she's 11 or 12 weeks old.

There are a whole bunch of new pics up on the flickr site...

So, i had a weird early afternoon...lots of running aroudn to no real avail in terms of getting stuff done. Feh. But, but...i keep thinking about seeing the Turbos in 2 days, even if its to cheer them up a bit after Uncle Harry's service.
Another Good Thing for Thursday: I'm meeting my mom to go shopping! There's a sale at this swanky furniture store she likes and she has to pick up something nearby, so I'm taking off early so I can go meet her and drive her to the other place since she's scared her car will blow up in the heat or something. So I asked her "do you think people in Arizona don't drive because it's 95 degrees?" and she kind of got it. Life goes on, even if the weather sucks, not that it's even that bad when you're inside a LeSabre with working air conditioning. She doesn't have Sam today, so today is really her only option.

Moxette is so cute! I love her little hat!
wow....she's a cutie....yeah its hard to be mad when they giggle after spewing all over you--unless of course they're five and did it with their peas....that means WAR!!!....(needless to say, i'm the aunt that starts food fights..and therefore..i am the fav aunt and the nemesis of my sister. haha!)

minx.....hbi loving (for me) doesn't work when i am really super duper tired..which makes me want to sleep more cuz i want some of dat! cuz when i am tired...everything tickles. and not in the good way. more of in the 'oh just don't touch me' way. which sucks BIG TIME. bah. I say, get it while you can!!!! course, you can take this with a grain of salt from the woman who covers her cat with a blanket when her and mr. want to use the bed for 'recreational' purposes. ok tmi. rolleyes.gif

anyone else bored out of their friggin minds??? blink.gif
hey guys! it's miss_shuggah now just shugga. had to drop some letters.
this new lounge is spiffy!
(((turbo's knee)))

"I haven't gotten the HBI for a month." You gotta be careful who you're around when you say that. A month for me sounds pretty good. I figure I'm okay if I can swing one or two times a year. I'm not sure, but I think that 2005 may have been a completely celibate year for me! I'm an incel, too, minxie. We should start a therapy group...or better yet, A THREAD!!

Time for a sandwich.

Hi Shug!!
moxette is soooo cute!!!

i'm really liking the new lounge. it's so much fun. i'm still blocked from it at work though. i'm home sick today so i'm hanging out with y'all...

tesao posted a little bit on LJ this past sunday. i keep missing her too! i wanted to talk to her about some stuff and i think i misplaced her e-mail.

ok i'm off to read some more.

i was going to pop into the kvetch thread but yeah...i'm still intimidated by that thread and it's been three years since i've been a bustie.

ETA: the john fluevog is catching my eye. i don't have money to buy shoes but they're so pretty.

turbo- ~&~&~knee healing vibes~&~&~

minx- it took me at least five minutes to figure out with HBI was. i haven't had it in a month because monchis is off training. meh. i will get some sometime in august though. yay!

diva- oooh shopping! one day you and i will meet and we will shop for hours and hours.
it's already been one year? wow, congrats!!!
dude, we had a heat advisory yesterday because the weather was like 113F. it sucks but people get used to it.

hugs and kisses to the okay busties
hi shugga!!!

mrg is bugging today....i actually got crampys....bleh.

i want permission to go home and sleep.....may i? maybe then my concious will shut up about missing school......


good things thursday:
cute new airwalk shoes in a dizzing pattern...

cute monkey socks too..

and lunch...mmmmmm rolleyes.gif damn...i'm easily please today...not a good sign.
Hi all! This is a drive-by, sort of...haven't had time to read yet! Scrambling to catch up on things that got left behind while I was away....
So, here's my sorta funny ha-ha story. On Saturday, my friend hosted a highschool "Cool Kids Reunion/Are you still an asshole?" party. I was super peeved because some people who said they were gonna show up never showed up. My friend who hosted the party mysteriously vanished along with her sister. I ended up hanging out with these guys who were in the class one year ahead of me. These guys were your stereotypical punk rock, anarchy, blah, blah, blah dudes back in the day. Now they're all cleaned up and cute! So I'm thinking "This is it, poodle. Old, yet fresh, new meat to work with!" So I spent the night totally macking on 'em. I was bombed, so I'm sure I was saying all of this really perverted stuff. I remember using the phrase "balls slappin' ass" many times. I was in my element! My drunken perverted element!! I was hoping that I could lure them into my web later on, but they all have fiancees and shit. Losers. Anyway, it was fun to flirt with boys again. I forgot how much pleasure I get out of messing with guys. I need to get back to that.

Ack! Time to go home!
Whar the fack is ev'ry body???

poodle, that's cute! Now I know you're a closet party girl!

Seriously, where is everyone? We're back online! Hello! HELLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Oh eff you all. I'm going to go paint some picture frames.
Hello! I'm here. I'm exploring and trying to figure out how everything works.

So last week my period was due. And there was no period. I've taken two preg. tests (one last week and one tonight) and both are negative. It must have been all the stress I've been dealing with that made my period disappear. I had a long talk with one of the nurses I work with about it today. I am confident I'm not pregnant but it's still a little weird to have completely missed a period.

Anyone want to come finish cleaning my apartment for me? TB did a bunch of cleaning and I said I'd finish up. But I don't wanna..... Is there a whiny emoticon?
~*~*~*~calm vibes for catsoup~*~*~*~

I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that every woman experiences a delayed or missed period at least once. I had that happen once for no apparent reason. It was probably just some stress thing.

I was torturing myself by looking for "classmates" on myspace and now I feel like barfing because of all the cheesy crap I found. Here's what I observed:
1. Many people have stayed within a 5 mile radius of our city
2. Many people are marrying other people from highschool
3. People who should have been sterilized long ago are now reproducing
4. Many people are still very unoriginal and boring and can't come up with a decent headline other than your typical "life is a journey!" crap. If life is a journey, then I musta stepped on dog crap along the way and then accidentally headed down the path to hell. smile.gif Yeah, Lex, you're on a journey...up my flushed ass!!! Heh...
5. A lot of people still have shiney, tanned skin that is darker than their hair coloring.

Funny, funny, funny. I can't wait to share the details with my sister and bff.

I AIN'T GOT NO PANTIES ON!!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/
go poodle! you know you have it, don't keep it locked up inside, man! wink.gif

doodle!!!! i want to be boobie smushed!

catsoup- that's never happened to me before but i'm sure it's nervewracking.

myspace is evil. i don't want to even get into the dumb shit i did the other day as a result of spending hours on it.

Hey, karaoke tonight at Elsie's...around 8:30. Be there.

Its Friday! Whoo Hooo Bitches!

I was very proud of myself this morning...i got my ass up early enough to actually make it to the gym and have brekkie before work. GOOD ME. Now, I just have to resist the desert at the luncheon i'm attending today.

And, I get to see the Turbos tomorrow! Yeah! It effin sucks that they need to come home, but it effin rocks that we get to hang out.

What are everyone elses plans this weekend? Karaoke for the MN crowd...what else?
HEY ASSHOLES!! It's Friday!

And a good morning to you all.

Go Moxie! I am impressed by your discipline! Nice work.

Poodle is definitely a party girl.

Not much up here today, feeling pretty good today. Got to bed at a decent hour, finally got some action, payday is today, and Mr K got up early today so we could hang before I went to work. He's going out of town til Wednesday. The biggest good thing of today: It's Friday! yay! smile.gif
holy crimeny. i just read the rational behind NY state's stupid upholding of the marriage laws of that state. Get this - the rational is that because marriage "helps" the "reckless" relationships and procreation of hetrosexual couples, we "need" it. Therefore, because gay couples become parents out of deliberate choice and are more permanent couples and better (yes, that's what they said) suited as a group to parent, they don't "need" marriage via a legislative process. My god. I don't know whether to be astounded or ashamed. Or both. At least in Michigan, we're openly homophobic in our legislature (wry glare at the Repubs...)
[font=Tahoma]what's up hobags?

man, i haven't been able to come in lately because i've got a light duty guy (injured his knee working) working here in my office because he can't do his normal job yet. he sits facing my computer and i have to keep up appearances, you know. rolleyes.gif

diva and turbo, congrats on your anniversaries! woohooo!

minx, that is awful about your student. was it a statutory thing or was she victimized? either way, poor thing.

i'm thinking of karaoke tonight too. we might be doing it from home, or we might go to some dive bar to do it. either way, there will be drinking and debauchery. poodle, you should come if it wasn't half a gazillion miles away. wink.gif

i am dealing with mr. self-important today. i gave him a job, but he's really starting to annoy the shit out of me. he's very complimentary of me, saying that he can tell that i have something "special" about me. *barf* i'm over it.
i love the word 'ho-bags'......nothing like 'ho-bags' in the morning.... biggrin.gif

anyhoo....i ended up ditching class yesterday sad.gif but i ditched in the effort to sleep, thus feel better cuz nausea and a headache don't make me a happy girl. so....3 hours of sleep later...i was much more my goofy self.

go moxie! i wish i had that discipline...

i always knew there was an inner party girl in poodle....just waiting to burst out...

oooooooooooo baracuda....minx...go rock your socks off, girl.

fj, he says 'theres something 'special' about you?'......*gags on a spoon* heheeh blink.gif

today i am going to check out a new beauty supply store....cuz supposedly, they have the bomb developer that has coconut oil in it....mmmmm its good stuff...really.

i'm still tired...even after that 3 hour nap and 8 hours of sleep last nite...but i had weird dreams...paperwork everywhere...blah. mellow.gif

Hi, peeps!

Happy Friday (and payday Friday for me!!!!!!!)

I bought cute new shoes. See? It's been over a year since my last pair, and they're cheaper than I would've found at the sales around here.

Karaoke tonight? Lemme think about it. I DO NOT sing, though, but I'm a good listener.

Moxie, I'm so mad about that, too. I can't believe that actual real high-up judges would put that kind of thing in their decision. It's political AND wrong, and now they're making court decisions on it. I used to have so much respect for those people, but I'm learning not to.

Catsoup, I'm sure everything will be fine. I've missed my periods, too, because of stress.

Speaking of which, I need to miss my period this month. If I keep my cycle as normal, I'm going to have my period next weekend when we're on our trip, and I DO NOT want that to happen. How do you make that not happen with the pill?

Shopping with my mom last night was really fun. She putzes around a lot, so we were out a lot later than we thought we'd be. She didn't get much, except a new pair of reading glasses and she bought me special toothpaste as a gift for helping her find her way down to the place. She can be really fun to hang out with when she isn't all harried or on a schedule. I'm going to go up to their house and hang out tomorrow with her and play with Sam all freaking day. I can't wait.

Hi, Shugga! I think I still have that email from Tes with her new address. I'll forward it to you later on today.

Poodle, don't worry, you'll get the HBI soon enough. Are you still on Match?

Hi, FJ! Sorry that jackass is so condescending.

Ms.GB, are you making bath bombs? I wanna learn how.
[font=Courier New]Oh my! I feel like I've gone through the rabbit hole! blink.gif

I don't even have the smallest clue as to how you folks are doing. I hope you dirty sluts are all singing happy songs.

I just finished my lunch so I guess this is a drive-by. Anyway, you are all in my thoughts.

Kisses ****
oh i forgot....catsoup...stress can do havoc on your monthly cycle...if i wasn't on the pill....i would have a cycle every 5 or 6 months!!! which can do plenty havoc on your psyche...if ya know what i mean...

and diva, if you wanna skip a cycle, just start a new packet when you end your other packet...forget the sugar pills and then you will be period free for the next weekend....the first day or two feels odd but then the body adjusts cuz you tricked it!

bath bombs? no that's another project of mine...i meant theres this hair developer (hydrogen peroxide) that is soooo sweet.....i must have some. but who knows what other goodies this store might have... rolleyes.gif
hi lurv!!!
hi lurv! bye lurv!

grr. i had a fedex package to be picked up this afternoon and thought i'd see my hot fedex guy. instead, he's on vacation, so i got some lady instead. booooooooooo!

guess i'll have to go to the vending machine to get my chocolate fix.

Diva, you can try to skip your period but depending on what kind of pills you are on (monophasic or tri-phasic) it may or may not work. It works best with monophasic pills (the kind where all 3 weeks have the same level of hormons). If you are on the kind with varying levels of hormones, it doesn't work as well. Either way you could still have spotting.

The weirdest thing about my missing period is I am on hormonal birth control so it seems especially odd that I missed it. Again, I'm not worried about it, it's just that it's never happened to me.

My family is coming to town tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow we're going to the Science Museum but we stll haven't figured out what to do on Sunday. It's so damn hot that I don't really want to do anything outside. Any brilliant ideas, Twin Cities Busties?

I need input on whether I am being irrational or not. We got a wedding invitation in the mail for TB's friend. The invitation was addressed to "TB and Guest." TB hangs out with this couple a lot (and works with the guy)and I have joined the group sometimes as well. We (TB and me) have been a couple longer than this couple has. In fact, when I met this guy, he was engaged to another woman. They have been to our place. So I'm pissed that my name wasn't on the invitation. THEY KNOW MY NAME! Would it have been that hard to put "TB and Catsoup"?! I cannot believe how irritated I am about this (see Send a Letter Thread). Am I nuts?

P.S. How do I use the fun fonts when I'm in the "work safe" version?
catsoup, i would go nuts about it too...its almost like a finger in the face 'you're not married so you get to be 'guest' instead of you.' dude, you know my name...use it! but then again, in the chaos of wedding planning...sometimes the details, like addressing evelopes, are delegated to uninformed family members or friends. just a thought.

i need chocolate. i am soo making a whole foods run today....just for chocolate. mmmmmm. laugh.gif
i don't think you're being unreasonable at all, catsoup. that would make me mad too. i hope they're not one of those couples that thinks they're more in love than others just because they've agreed to take vows in front of people. mad.gif
catsoup- do you and TB live together? I assume so...if that's the case, it should certainly be addressed to both of you. One household and all. When we got married, that was the rule of thumb we together and/or engaged got both names on the (seriously or not) got the "and guest." I think we made up our own etiuquette, though.
i thought that too, msgb, about the family member or service doing the invitations. but even then, they're working from a list, so i still don't think that's an acceptable excuse.
I'd be pretty peeved, too, Catsoup. You've been together for years and he knows you by name. It could have been a family member, and then maybe it's not so bad, but you'd think there'd be a note with your name on it somewhere. You're completely justified in being pissed.

I'm on ortho-tri-cyclen. I think the first week's pills are different than the next 2 weeks, with sugar pills for the last week. But that won't throw off my whole 28-day cycle forever, will it? But I guess much worse things could happen than to set your schedule a week earlier.

Hi, Lurv!

What to do on a Sunday indoors? Hmmm. I usually go shopping, but that's just me. The aquarium at the MOA is kind of cool. I know I'm going to be in my house sucking up the air conditioning.

I love payday. La la la la la. I'm going to order my tickets to Wicked today and try to pick up a new pair of sunglasses since my lenses are scratched.
Thanks for supporting my anger. We're attending five weddings in the next eight weeks. wacko.gif The ones from TB's friends (except this one) have been addressed to "TB LastName and Catsoup" without my last name which I am totally ok with (the ones from my friends look the same). This is the only one that didn't acknowledge me and it just really hit a nerve with me.

What do other people have going on this weekend?
yeah the ortho tri may not work so well with doubling up, diva. good luck with that.

7 out of 8 is pretty good, catsoup....i'd just mark this one as 'idiotic'. got any white elephant gifts to throw at them..? i know i got a's one...'random spice rack with random herbage'

as for this weekend...tonite i might be hanging with one of my girlfriends..dunno yet. and tomorrow is a bday party for my friend roger...who's the oldest in the 'group' we are going greek and doing the toga...i wonder if we will have of the guys is bringing a new gal who is bringing pickle-ritas!?!?!? this will DEFINITELY be interesting. i am sooooo taking my camera.
that is a lot of weddings. good cod!

i'm so ready for this day to be over. can you tell??? blink.gif

looks like we're heading to dinner with some peeps and then maybe hit a dive karaoke joint or our house with the karaoke player. whatever we do, i think i'm gonna get wasted. i deserve it.
Hey ladies!

I've been screwing around a lot today. My co-workers and I ate lunch at Keys and I had some yummy french toast. I did some work for a couple hours in the AM, so it's all good.

Damn, catsoup! That's a crapload of weddings to go to! Blech.

Dude! I want to do karaoke, but I can't hear very well and I don't want my ears to get more fucked up! Crap. The Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young concert is tomorrow night and both of my ear canals are still swollen. I'll still be able to hear the show, but it will feel like I'm wearing earplugs. I hope they open up sometime in the next 24 hours.

Party-poodle used to really get around back in the day, but not so much these days. My wing-woman moved away, so it's not as much fun to get hotted up and go out to shows. Gawd, we were awful. We used to go out and see how many free drinks we could get out of men. It usually wasn't too difficult, because we dressed up like pulp novel girls.

Nah, I'm not doing the Match thing these days. Lately, I haven't been in the mood to listen to boys. This is why I need to start hanging out with my old rockabilly friends. Those boys are easy and they have very low (open?) standards.

Guess what?! The resident boy drank all of my beer again! When I opened the frige this morning, all four bottles of Newcastle (not cheap) were gone! I left him a note saying that there better be cold Newcastle waiting for me when I get home from work or else I'm gonna be super pissed. I don't even know what I'd do if I came home tonight and there was no replacement beer.
actually, i used to be on ortho-tricyclene and i did it several times.

just buy another pack and use it immediately following your last active pill in this pack. take the next pack as you normally would and it won't screw up your cycle forever, just make this one really long. you'll bleed again when you take the inactive pills of the new pack.

like someone said though, you might experience a little spotting, but nothing major.
(((poodles ears)))) had better sit that resi boy on his ass and tell him what is sooo not his. i've been pushed around by roomates cuz was too soft on them....thus why its just us now. and newcastle!?!? if it were a coors, maybe.... that boy needs to re-cog-nize!!! i really hope you put your foot down on this on his head. just my .02.
Happy Friday, you crusty cunts!!!

There. I finally came up with an insult on Insult Friday.

And before I forget....

*locks shuggah into a mondo-boobie-squishing hug*

How is everyone today? I haven't had a chance to read today's posts yet (gosh, is anyone surprised by this?), but I'm trying to catch up on the archives a bit.

I broke it to our board Chair this week that we are going to have to move to a smaller space, and possibly give me a temporary layoff in January if our federal grant is delayed under this new Conservative gov't. I could actually handle a TEMPORARY layoff...some time to chill, you know? Anyway, Chair is handling it well, like the workaholic social worker that she is! She's going into emergency strategizing meeting-organizing mode. Even though I've basically been tooting the same horn for a couple of years! Oh well. I am going to let the board own it this time. After 10 years of trying everything, I'm out of ideas. I'm having a little anxiety, but I'm surprised how weak it is! Maybe I'm more ready for this than I think. Or maybe I'm just done freaking out, 'cause it's someone else's turn to freak out! (ETA: or I may just be telling myself all this as a coping mechanism...LOL!)
Poodle, did he take your beer after you told him not to last week when he did the same thing? What an asshole. It's not like leaving the toilet seat up, he's actually thinking about it when he goes to get a beer out of the fridge. Jackass. If I were to do that while I was living with my brother, he'd KILL me! I'd be a dead Divalla right now.

So it does work, FJ? Good. I've only got today's and tomorrow's pill before I start the new pack. I'm so happy I can get 3 months at a time.

I hope your head straightens itself out for tomorrow night, Poodle. Personally, I'd probably prefer plugged ears for that concert, but that's just me. I've never been much of a fan of them, but I hope you get your groove on.

Pickle-ritas? Blech!

I don't have a lot going for this weekend since it's going to be so hot. I'm playing with Sam all day tomorrow so my mom can have some time to chill, maybe coming in to work a little if he's not there yet when I call. And on Sunday, we have no plans at all. We're trying to save up for next weekend - says the girl who spent a couple Benjamins on shoes today.
Quick reminder:




I am all hot and sweaty from moving MORE friggin' boxes...I wish that this were completely over. And it WOULD happen that the weekend Minxlette is away is the weekend it will be unbearably hot. I don't even want to think about hot scorching it will be on the second floor tomorrow afternoon and Sunday. Honestly, with how slow it is going doing it by myself, I won't be done until the end of next week. mad.gif

i missed lurve? what the hell!!! now i must console myself in doodle's boobies.

ooh, resident boy stole beer? that deserves a hard spanking.

diva- love those shoes! i'm also on ortho-lo and i skipped my period on it several times before. just do it the way FJ said. i've never had any problems.

*~*~*~*moving vibes for minx~*~*~**~

i'm pretty much brain dead and have nothing interesting to say right now.

doodle- you are superwoman but you can't do it all. it's ok to put some of the burden on the chair.

catsoup- i would be angry too but they probably didn't mean anything by it. what did the mister say?

pickleritas???? ugh... i don't know about that and i love pickles.

ok yeah, i'm boring today.
Hi y'all!

It's whammy_bar really. Wombat. I think I like Wombat better.
Never had a name I didn't get sick of.

I missed you!! Boobie-squishin' hugs all around.

I tried to sign into the new lounge the first day and no can do! It was messed up and they took it down -- THEN it said my name was used by someone else, then my password, then I made a new password and name with my same email eileenlane5000 and it said my email was in use -- arrgh!! I think I got sucked into the web of whatever wasn't working - it wouldn't log me in but wouldn't register me anew because it said I was already registered.

My posts are still there -- I'm an advanced user as whammy and will be a newbie as wombat-- rats!
If *someone* hint hint doodle has my name can I have it back?

Otherwise I will have a long bout of laziness before I contact the administrator and yada yada.

Maybe I WON'T

Poodle!! You've got to get creative here -- how bout the old piss in the beer bottle and put the screw cap back on?!

I envy you guys karaoke -- there is a hard rock karaoke in Boston where you can sing in front of a real hard rock band!! I've done that at Jams but you have to do what they want to do to their limited knowledge whereas the point of karaoke is to be wide-ranging and goofy and do songs chosen by the singer!!

Hey -- I forgot to tell yall we saw John Waters several times in Provincetown!! Usually he just goes for a week but he stayed longer this time! He's a sweetie. he really liked us cause we were shaggy hippies who hiked all the way to the nudie beach.

had a party last weekend that couldn't be beat!! Tons of good food and good people. The guy was psyched I brought chicken burgers, sliced cheese, tons of seltzer and cola and a bottle of rum and a bottle of tequila! It was his birthday and we had great chocolate cack!! yeah yeah!!

I'm back at the gym and despite skipping two months I'm actually losing weight! and I didn't lose much strength. Did the crazy kundalini class and played in the pool with the little kids! They have a warm water pool with a bunch of spaghettis and cute little animal water toys and hoops!! It was recreation swim time so I acted like a big kid bimbo. It was FUUNNNN.

My feetsies hurt! I get no days off since monday until tuesday (maybe wednesday). but then VACATION!!!! wheeeee!
I bought hightops today. of the ridiculous variety. way up past my ankles. and a pair of blue plaid canvas sneakers, too. I felt i could buy them, since they were on sale and i made wickedgood tips the two days i worked chez the restaurant this week.

i'm worried the boy is going to get scurvy. he moved in with Z and all they seem to eat are cookies and pizza pops. so i started raiding the buffet for vegetable-ey things for him.

doodle, do you know if your friend is going to email me?

poodle, i command you to kick boy in nutsack for taking your beers. one for each of them.

and a general 'stupid people suck' to everyone who has to deal with stupid people.

okay, that box that says 'enable smilies'? i ALWAYS read is 'enable similies'. and then i'm like 'why the fuck is there a box for similies? how does that make sense?'
Hello all...

shuggah, that's very sweet...I feel honestly like I have effed too many things up, though, and this is why we're here. I know you would all tell me that's not true, but it is. It's just that once the funding cuts happened, the job changed into something I can't do anymore.

Bah. Please don't mind my halfway-to-drunken Friday night rambling. I'm having a bit of a panic attack tonight about how far behind I am on EVERYTHING. AGAIN.

I almost wrote a wish for something bad to happen. Must not do that. I wish for me to get caught up on my work and for us to find a way to save the organization so that I can move on with my life with a clean heart and lots of prospects. There. *whew*

tyger, I have not heard from my friend, so I don't know. I went to Vancouver the very next day, and was only back home early this week. I know she is still taking classes through the summer, so she may be tied up with that...

Hi also minx and diva and...wombat? Are you Australian? smile.gif

diva, what is a "benjamin," and what would that be in shoe terms?

(Yes, I am hopelessly Canadian. And the possessor of exactly four pairs of wearable shoes.)

Aw, minxie. If I were there...I would not help you move boxes. But I would give you a massage afterwards.
doodle- a "benjamin" is $100 US...Benjamin Franklin is on our $100 bill.

its way too friggin early to be up on a saturday...yet, after feeding moxette, i'm wide awake. sigh--i guess i'll go do laundry.

(((positive energy and $$ vibes for dodle)))
Oh, I see! diva, how many shoes did you get for $200??

Please everyone pardon my wailing and gnashing of teeth last night. Once again, I looked at the calendar and realized the PMS monster has struck. I don't think I should drink wine or smoke weed when I have PMS. They don't seem to mix very well.

I got my mama's killer whale paintings framed and hung up in my bedroom - they look fantastic!
puppykitty from Denver!

I am sunburned but having a great time with Heikki and Mr. PK. We have been swimming in the hotel pool, went to Six Flags, went to an arcade with go-carts and stuff, eating a lot of ice cream, etc. Yayayayay!

I miss Banana, though. I know he is nervous about me being here with Mr. PK. I hope he will feel better when I get back to Tucson.

OK - I'm going to try to read some archives now.
I bought the SWEETEST vibrator EVER this afternoon with one of my best galpals. Unfortunately, when I got it home I realized that the name of the fucking thing was the same as the latest ex.

Why does this happen to me? I can't even get a replacement boyfriend substitute without being reminded. sad.gif


Double feh.

Oh well...karaoke was fun--went and met the teacher friends and an old karaoke cronie--until I started getting weepy and retarded. Didn't mean to, but it was the first stretch of time in four weeks where I was just lounging and then come the waterworks. I'm okay, just kind of in mourning, for lack of a better term. I don't miss the abuse, but I miss the good times. I think that's reasonable.

Then today some other good friends of mine and I went out for lunch at Tum Rup Thai...had a couple of really good drinks, some shrimp salad (naked shrimp--waaaaay good) and tom yum.

But now I feel kinda lonely. Haven't felt this way in a long time, but I'm okay...just have to process through it all. Sorry to be a downer.

PK, glad that you get to see the kidlet. That's way cool.

okay. i'm back.a little bird told me that the lounge has changed, but that it is still pinki, still leopard spotted, and THAT I CAN IGNORE trolls.


i love you all! even though we will never ever be on at the same time! wub.gif

doodle, it used to be's me now!!

*runs toward the sexy broad and offers more than just a booby-squishing hug*

Damnit, girl. How's trix?
Oh My God!!! A Tes Sighting!!!!!!!

Come back, Tes! What's the time difference? We miss you so much!

Minx, I can't believe your new vibe has the same name as your ex. That is so ridiculous. What do they name vibes names? Is it so a woman can go, "I have to go home and see John" rather than "I have to go home and see my vibrator"? I don't understand these things.
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