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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes for Mr. K~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Things are good here, mostly. My favourite vibrator bit the dust last night. I'm a little sad, so I'll just have to go buy another!!

Not too sure what's going on this weekend.
Your vibes worked, CH!

MR K GOT IN!!!!!!! They just called! I am so happy & so proud of him. smile.gif
Jami, my brother and I have both been interested in geocaching for a couple of years but neither of us had a GPS. He got one for his birthday/christmas and we just go to the local geocaching chapters website and look up ones that are close to us. The one we found was just some random trinkets and in a tupperware container and then you write your name on a piece of paper but I got so ridiculously excited when I found it.

Kari, congrats for mr K!!!! A geocache is a hidden "prize" (usually a notepad to write your name and date, some small trinkets, sometimes little toys you can 'trade') that someome hides. Using their GPS they map the coordinates and put it online. Then you input the coordinates into your own GPS and go off and try and find it. It's hard because you'll know when you're in a 6-8 foot radius but they're often well hidden.

Apparently all this prof development is paying off. Two internal job postings just went out and I have a feeling one of them was aimed at me (there are only 10 core staff and two just resigned - no issues with the agency, they just happen to be leaving within 6 months of each other). The person who's job I'm considering applying for is actually the same person who previously had MY job and she's encouraged me to apply again. This would put me in a more prominent counselling position, which I'm really excited about it, but the hours aren't ideal. I think I'm going to do it though - another stepping stone towards what I think I really want to be doing and I wouldn't be taking over until September 1st.
Wow, the geocaches sound really cool! I had no idea those existed!

Ketto, that's awesome that there is an internal position you can apply for! Do it!!! You have been working so hard.

I had a good weekend. Friday night Mr K and I went out to celebrate his pharmacy school admission. He was scheduled to work, but they didn't need him. Which was great, except that I already had plans to play ladies' poker. Saturday I hit the flea market, didn't find anything of interest. Oh, well, I did buy a purse, it's really cute. That night I had a bachelorette dinner. Yesterday I cleaned house & we went to my mom's for dinner.

What's everyone going on this week? Mine is fairly typical. I have my 2nd meeting with my career coach on Wed. yay!
Typical week. It feels like a slow lazy monday. The weather here is blizzardly so the drive to work was slow. The wind is blowing at 63km/hour. It hurts my face. I've got my counselling training tonight. I can't believe it's the beginning of the fourth week and the end of January. Glad the winter is flying by but where the hell did the month go?

I felt sick most of the weekend but on Saturday my parents invited us over for dinner. We had fondue! The only problem is that there are now 7 of us around the table (parents, two brothers, niece, paperboy, and me) and 7 people leaning over a vat of hot oil is kind of dangerous and messy. It was fun though and my mom made a key lime pie for dessert. Yesterday I finally felt better and relaxed all morning and spent all afternoon in the kitchen making salsa, ice cream, honey roasted almonds, stir fry, and gluten free bread. It was my first attempt at making bread, period, so I'm happy with the result but it is very very dense. I think I need to practice more.
Good Morning!

Ketto, how you feeling this week? Sorry you felt sick most of the weekend. Fondue sounds like so much fun! But I can def understand the perils of that many people trying to get at one big hot pot.

How is the week going for everyone?

Mine is good. Just truckin' along. Nothing too interesting to report. Had my second meeting w/ career counselor yesterday, went well. Have another meeting in 2 weeks. We're breaking down my skills & competencies. It's helpful.

Hmm, what else.....They are predicting "snow" for us tonight/tomorrow. People here go bonkers when there are snow predictions, though we rarely get anything, or if we do, it's about an inch. It's so ridiculous how ppl react, buying out the grocery stores, closing schools, etc. Everyone is talking about the bad weather that's coming. blink.gif You northern gals would laugh your asses off.

I can't believe it's already Thursday.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I am so freakin' tired today.

did you get some rest over the weekend, CH?

I did, had a restful weekend. We got some decent snow (for us) on Friday. Maybe 5 inches? So everything pretty much shut down 'round here.

Back at work this week & trying to be productive. I am doing a major edit/re-write of this paper me & this guy here are working on. Hope he doesn't get pissed off, but this paper needs help. And I am ready to get it out the door.
Okay, I'm starting to get sick of winter. It makes me soooooooo tired.

I know in the confession thread there were people talking about how dark it still is outside but we had an early dinner at 5pm last week and the sun was still out (disappearing, but out). It brightened my mood a lot. February will go by fast too. I don't get a reading week break anymore since I'm not in University, but my friend is coming home from grad school so I have lots to keep me occupied this month.

Kari, I think I've had just a bit of a cold for a while. But the last two days I've felt fabulous, but a bit tired.

I applied for that job opening at my agency. I'm really nervous about it because I could be a bit more qualified but the person who currently has the job told me I should apply again because she started with barely any ongoing counselling experience. I REALLY want to do this, now that the opportunity has presented itself to me. I would still be doing my current job, which I like, but I feel like I've sort of taken it as far as it can go. So nervous about it.

Tonight paperboy and I have a date night. We're going to see an early movie and we'll have popcorn for dinner. We're seeing Avatar, which I don't really care about because it looks like the story is meh, but it's cheap night at the theatre so whatevs.

What's everyone else up to this week?
Good morning! To whoever may be out there! Or may not be, as is more likely the case. smile.gif

Hey Ketto! Girl, I'm sick of winter too. Its making me extremely unmotivated & blah. Ugh. We haven't had any sun in days/weeks. Feeling it.

Ketto, GOOD LUCK on the job!!!! I am crossing my fingers for you!
Hi, peeps!

I'm engaged!!!!

A couple weeks ago after I got home from caucus (political thing in MN and a couple other states), the giant and I were watching Lost in our pajamas after a dinner of leftovers, and he says to me "Would you be mad if that store ran out of the ring you want?" I was about to be all pissed off that he let it slip by when he pulled it out and said "... because I bought it." Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was sure surprised, but not shocked, since we'd been looking at rings for the last month. Had I known that was what was waiting for me all night, I never would have gone to caucus! I kind of knew it was coming at some point soon, since he was all weird the weekend before when I asked to go visit my ring in the store and he kept saying no and smiling kind of weird.

We're going to do it late March/early April 2011 before his brother goes to Afghanistan so he can be the best man, but don't know exactly what date yet until his brother's date is confirmed next month. It's going to be kind of big (150 or so) and very non-traditional, so we're just kind of making it up as we go.

Congratulations Diva!!!!!

*throws confetti*
Congratulations Divala!!! smile.gif
Diva, somehow I missed your post! Congrats! Sounds like you two will have lots of fun with the wedding.

How is everyone else doing?

I have my job interview on Friday. I'm nervous/excited. I really hope I get it. It would open a lot of doors and paperboy and I have been casually talking about traveling for a few months or living abroad for a year at some point. If I got this job I would lock in for 2 years to save up/get experience/build my career more and then we're thinking of maybe doing something crazy. But of course I haven't even had the interview yet. Even if I don't get the position, we may decide to do something like that earlier.

Last week one of my best friends was in from university since it was reading week. It was fun but I'm always so burnt out when she visits because we're trying to hang out every night. I'm not a late night person but I went to bed after 2 on thurs, fri, and saturday and around 1 last night. This morning I just could not drag myself out of bed. I still have 21 hours of sick/vacation time to use before the end of march, since we can't roll over our time, so I figured what the hell...I'll work 2-3 hours from home and just use some sick time for the rest of the day. When I finally dragged myself out of bed I sat around for two hours, called my mom, and then went for a run and just kind of relaxed. Now I'm sitting down to work for 2-3 hours and I feel totally refreshed after a busy weekend. I hate starting the week of bad so yay for that.
anna k
Good luck, ketto!

Congratulations Diva!!!
Thanks, everyone!

It looks like we're not going to know the giant's brother's deployment date until probably April, since they typically get them a year out from when they go. Stupid dumbass war. I'm going to write to Obama and see what he can do. Because you know my wedding is more important than a war. : )

I'm reading all the more modern wedding books and have a stack of magazines to get through, doing my job to contribute to the wedding industrial complex. I just really want to get started at looking at places and making reservations, but we can't do much of anything without a date. Feh. I think I've got our colors down: light-ish green and purple (a bit darker and less pink than lavender, but not as dark as a grape popsicle) and I know I want tulips, but that's about it. I'm going to try my damndest to get our reception in a museum and our ceremony in a conservatory, but without a date, we can't get started on that part yet.

Good luck with your interview, Ketto!
CONGRATULATIONS, DIVA!!! WoooooooT! So happy for you and the Giant - I know you've waited for this for so long! And I love that he proposed while you were just chillin' at home in your jammiejams. Awesome! Your marriage is off to a good start already.

Sorry I've been such a lounge slacker...I'm doing a lot more social media stuff for work now (which is awesome) and for my blog (which is even more awesome), but it leaves me pretty burnt out on being online, so I've been keeping up with the crackbook and that's about it lately.

Ketto - how was the interview??? I hope you get it! And I totally know what you mean about being exhausted by guests...I'm never a late night person, either, and I just don't do well staying up late at all anymore.

Turbomann went to MI to stay with his BFF this weekend, and I have to say, I'm so thrilled. It's been a rough couple weeks at work, and I've been going to a lot of social media networking 2 days completely to myself - HEAVEN. I just got Thomas Keller's new cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, so I'm planning a chill weekend of cooking and curling up on the couch with the new book. Perfection.
Diva, that's awesome, it sounds like you're really excited to get planning. My head would be spinning.

Jenn, I totally know what you mean with the alone time. I haven't had much lately and sometimes when paperboy comes home I get in a bad mood because I just want to be totally alone. I kinda like it when he works evenings occasionally. But we've got a date night planned for tomorrow. biggrin.gif

And the interview..................suspense.....turned out to totally not really be an interview at all. We set up an interview for today but it was set up over a month ago so I had a month to sit and stew about all the different ways it could go wrong. Yesterday and this afternoon I was dealing with some killer migraines and by this morning I just wanted to get the damn interview over with.

So I get there, sit down with my co-worker and a board member who are "interviewing" me and then the co-worker says something along the lines of: Don't stress out, we don't want you to be feeling any pressure and we just want to let you know that we are offering you the position. This meeting is really just about talking about some of the logistics, succession planning, etc.

Totally awesome. I've been in a great mood all day.
anna k
Congratulations, ketto!!! That is so awesome! smile.gif

Jenn, that sounds like you're going to have a sweet and relaxing weekend. smile.gif
Congratulations, Ketto!!! Wooo-Hooo! *passes champagne around the thread*

I hope your head is feeling better today...I always find the tail-end of winter a really challenging time, health-wise, and the changes in barometric pressure are hard on the bod, which makes any occasional gluten-contamination an instant migraine trigger. Ugh.

I'm having the best time already this weekend. Already made some curried lentil/sweet potato soup from Keller's new cookbook, I've got spicy andouille/veg brown rice baking in the oven, made some GF oatmeal & dried cherry cookies, and have chicken stock simmering on the stove. Tonight, I'm having a couple friends over and I'm going to make some leek, bacon and potato pizza with goat cheese. Oh yeah.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!
Jenn, Sounds like a good weekend. I love spending the weekend cooking things up. I haven't had time to do much all week.

Thanks, ladies. I'm still in a bit of disbelief about the whole thing. I can't believe I'm going to have actual ongoing clients. I'm really excited about it and I've realized more and more how much I want to do it.

Such a good weekend. Had a date night with paperboy on saturday. We went for a lovely walk and then out for dinner and watched a movie. It was really nice. We've both felt really busy lately. Yesterday I went x-country skiing with my older brother. We drove an hour out of the city to a beautiful provincial park and ended up skiing for about 11km. It was fantastic, great way to spend Sunday.

Back to work today. The details of my transition still need to be worked out (the person who currently has the job isn't finished until the end of July) and we're thinking we might overlap my hours with the old person so I'm really anxious to have those discussions in the next couple of weeks so I know what the next few months will look like...and also so I can vacation plan. tongue.gif

How was everyone else's weekend?
Hi, peeps!

Ketto, congrats on the new job!

I'm still waiting on my test results, but they should be in soon, then on to the oral panel to see if I even score high enough for a real interview. The written test went well, and of course my typing test was way beyond their expectations (seriously, you should see how badly some people in that job type!), but the hiring probably won't even happen for 6 months at the earliest. I kind of hope I get one of those positions so I can get out of the fray of what they're doing to the office in their reorganization scheme. My moron supervisor, who I guess has an MBA, got it in her head to reorganize the whole office, and she's wrecking it. She's putting fewer people in positions than are needed, which is going to give them way more work to do, all for the purpose of meeting timelines. If you want to meet timelines, then doesn't it make sense to not give people twice the amount of work with the same deadline schedule? Duh! And the really disgusting part of this is that she pulled at least 4 of us out of our jobs (or will, once the restructure goes through), even though she has no idea what we're going to do instead. Over 4,000 hours were spent on this plan, and they don't even have it mapped out where every person will go and what they will do. And since another supervisor is the one who compiled everything and wrote out the plan, my supervisor, the one who's to blame, takes no responsibility because "I didn't write the plan." She may not have put pen to paper, but every idea in it was hers. It's just really amazing that the higher-ups are even going for this at all. Everyone's got their head so far up their ass around here except for those of us who actually do the work.

Anyway, fingers crossed that I get the promotion.

Jenn, is that cookbook from the Keller who was on Top Chef Masters? I really liked him. He did the French thing without being fussy, and he didn't look down on anyone else who didn't do the same.

We had a pretty good weekend. We went to the giant's neice's 5th birthday party, then spent pretty much the rest of the weekend at home chilling out. This upcoming weekend, I'm going to see if Poodle wants to go to Alice In Wonderland with me, then I'm buying the giant his engagement present, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star set. Why should I be the only one who gets something out of an engagement? Maybe we'll go out on a date, too, and there may also be a Costco trip in there at some point. We've got a membership, but haven't gone in more than 2 months.
*sweeps out the crickets*

Diva - I hope the job sitch settled out in the right's time you got into a better position that you're more interested in!

Yep, the cookbook is from Thomas Keller who was on TC Masters. It's a beautiful book, full of great technique, but realistically, I probably won't cook too much from it - it's a little too fussy yet for me. But I'm definitely mining it for ideas and stripping them down to a more useable form for how I cook.

Diva - Did the Giant LOVE his death star set??? I think that's super cool that you got him something he wanted, too. And that set is definitely a geek-heaven sort of gift.

Not much new here...I've been pretty sick the last couple weeks. I've got adrenal exhaustion again, so it's going to take awhile to get my energy back and refill my depleted micronutrient stores. I'm working with a couple new healers to help me speed things up a bit, but I have to try and be patient with myself - as hard as that can be.

Hope all is well with all the other busties!

Ketto - how's the new jobby?
Sure has been quiet here.

Diva, I'm curious too, any word on the job?

Jenn, hope you're feeling better. January was my month to be sick.

I haven't actually started the new job yet. It's a weird transition because the other person is phasing out as their clients end. We're meeting on April 7th to set up some crisis (6 week client) appointments and I'll go from there. I'm probably going to start with a couple of ongoing (up to 12 month clients) in mid-late May and add one or two in June and then because I'll be going on vacation for a couple of weeks in June or July I'll start my full 40 hours August 2nd with about 10 ongoing clients.

Otherwise I've been doing good. March has been stupid busy because I'm still doing that crisis counselling training (only 3 more classes!) but I'm taking Thursday and Friday off this week and then it's a long weekend the week after because of Easter. Yesterday paperboy and I got to have a Sunday all to ourselves. We went on a walk for about 3-4 hours and then I made dinner and we watched a movie. We haven't been seeing much of each other lately and I'm just so damn excited for March to end.
Hi, peeps!

Nothing new with the job yet, but hopefully I'll get to at least make a lateral move next month with the restructure. The good thing is that there is no possible way my job can suck more, so anything is an improvement. The bad thing is that my job sucks, I hate it, I hate my supervisor, and M-F 9-5 feels like punishment and I don't know what I did to deserve it. My old boss even tried to scold me today - I quickly told him exactly where he could put his stupid opinion.

As for the promotion, I actually just got back from my oral exam about an hour ago. If I do get it, it's going to be months before they interview anyone for the position. I wouldn't be surprised if it even stretched to the end of the year. In a government job like this, you have to be patient or else you'll go mad. Anyway, the oral exam went okay, pretty much what I expected.

I ended up getting the giant the new Millenium Falcon collectors series LEGO set. The store didn't have the Death Star in stock, but they did have the MF, which has been discontinuted, so I bought that for him instead. The damn thing weighed 50 pounds, so the giant came with me so he could carry it out. The guys who worked at the LEGO store were telling me how awesome I am to do this as an engagement gift for the giant and they wish their girlfriends/wives were that cool. I'm the best fiancee ever!

Jenn, I hope you feel better very soon. This is a crazy time of year, between seasons. I'm going to go check out your blog when I'm done here.

Hi, Ketto! Your evening with paperboy sounds really lovely. I wish I could make the giant go for a 3 hour walk and a movie at home. He's obsessed with making me work the DVR list down, so we rarely watch anything on the TV together besides Jeopardy and Lost and our Thursday night shows.

I think we've got a wedding date set: April 9, 2011. The giant's brother got his tentative deployment date, which can be 2 weeks on either side, so April 9th will give him some breathing room. It'll be a nice month to get married, too, snow melted and flowers starting to sprout. I don't hear about many April weddings, either, and it's still on the early side so no prime-season markups for sites/flowers/whatnot.

I am back. And in grad school. And hopefully I actually mean it this time unlike the last time I attempted a victorious return.

Yowza. I came in to check things out, and the thread is DED. What happened? Where'd everybody go? I don't really love FB that much. I miss the Lounge.

I'm still in Tucson, Heikki is near Phoenix and in 11th grade, and I finally got the wiener dog that I've dreamed of all my life.

Yoohoo! <HOO Hoo hoo> Anyone here?
The Reader's Digest version- Fall of '09, there was some major trollage. We threw a fit, The Powers That Be sent some peon intern in to try to appease us. We had none of it and they banned GirlTrouble for a couple of weeks, which caused a mass exodus and it's been a ghost town ever since, save for a few hangers-on.

Facebook has its pros and cons. We've lost some of the intimacy we had here, but the secret clubhouse is basically troll-proof.
I come around to lurk every so often, but haven't in the last few months at least. I was busy getting married to the giant until a couple weeks ago. tongue.gif PinkPoodle has been trying to talk me into the Facebook thing, but I can't access it from work and try not to be on the computer while I'm at home, so there'd be no point.

I'm thinking the Facebook thing will run it's course like MySpace, Friendster, and all those other online social networking fads that come and go eventually, and we'll get our old lounge back. I've been here for nearly 10 years and that seems to be the cycle of things.
Congrats on being wed, Divala.

I've also been around that long & there has never been a Mass Exodus of this extent. NEVER. There have been minor lulls here & there over the years, but we've now reached the point where there are less than fifteen posters on a regular basis. After sixteenth months, literally less than twenty people still post here & the majority of them post about small breasts, BV or pregnancy.

The FB community doesn't get all that much play compared to the way it used to be around here. The lack of anonymity turns a lot of people off. Plus, the discussions are a hassle because you can't just go directly to the latest post, some threads you have to scroll through a dozen pages to get anywhere. It also suffers from a lack of fresh blood because you have to be invited to be a part of it. Yes, it's troll proof, but at what cost?

There was some grumbling on FB about some people wanting to return, but nothing came of it. A lot of your old school Busties have simply just been burnt one too many times by TPTB & are extremely resistant to returning.
Congrats, Diva! I was just thinking about this thread. I'm a hanger-on-er because I'm not really a FB user either. I used to love reading through all the awesome discussions and it would take me a while to get through all the active posts, but now I'm down to every day or two and one or two new posts that I'll actually look at. I'll probably be here until it's dead.
Congrats Divala!
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