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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Only one more day until the weekend.

CH, how did it go with the doc?

Are all 3 potlucks for work?

Hey Jenn! Ah, the moon! So you guys are going to MI for Xmas? How long will you be there? I bet it is frenzied, trying to spend time with both families.

Things here are good. Better than the other day! It was just an off day.

I worked @ home yesterday. It was awesome. I also saw the dermatologist for my skin. She gave me some new stuff, should work well. I ended up tutoring yesterday instead of Tuesday. Then my friend & I hit the gym for our favorite power sculpt class. Well, I mean, it's a love/hate relationship with that class. It's always so hard.

Today I am just working. On call tonight at the store, but I bet they won't need me. I wish they would, actually. I could use the hours. If I don't work, I don't know what I'll get into.
Happy friday!

Hey Kari! Things went well, they upped my medication dosage, it's more than likely that my body got used to the very low dosage I was on and I had a but of a relapse, so up went the meds. takes a while to get used to the dopey feeling, though.

What's everyone got planned for the weekend?

I am almost done my xmas shopping!!! I just need to get one more thing then I am done!!! Plus, because of reward systems and points, xmas was super cheap!!!
Good Morning!

It's Friday! smile.gif

Ch, I will be hoping that the med uppage helps! I am sure it will. Glad you saw your doctor. That rocks that you're almost done with your shopping! I've gotten gifts for 3 people so far. For me, by Dec. 4th, that's not too bad! I ordered them all online, which was great. I have several people left to buy for, but I know what I am getting most of them.

Things here are good this morning. I didn't have to work last night, so I hit the gym instead. Did a tough spin class. Felt great! I was supposed to go to a movie tonight, but then I found out my niece has a band concert. So I think I'm going to go to that, then to dinner with the fam. Might meet a friend for a drink afterwards.

Tomorrow I work 12-5. Mr K is meeting me at the mall after, he needs some new sweaters. Sunday I'm on call, I think 1-6. I hope they use me.

What are everyone's weekend plans?
Good Morning!

It's Monday & back to work. ohmy.gif

How is everyone?

I'm decent.

Had a nice weekend! Saw my niece's band concert on Friday night, then had dinner with the fam. Saturday I worked 12-5, it was really busy! After that MR K and I went out for pizza. Yesterday I met some friends for brunch, then I did some errands & decorated the outside of the house for Christmas.

This week is kinda busy, but not too bad. Have our quarterly meetings here at work. I have to present on Wed., but it's going to be a short presentation.

Hey kari! The increased dosage seems to helping so far. Feeling a little dopey today, but it's diminishing each day.

I had a quiet weekend, got my hair cut, but stayed close to home because of the meds.
Diva, sounds like the new house is great. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, but it sounds like he's had a long and happy life.

Turbo, I'm just happy we live in a reasonably small city so we won't have to do too much running around on Christmas day. We'll spend the afternoon with his family and then head to my folks place around 4 or so. Then we get to stuff ourselves silly. biggrin.gif

Culture, hope the new med dose gives you some relief. Lucky you for finishing most of your shopping. I've got about 75% of what I need and I'm really really hoping, that either than some baking I'll be gifting, that all my gifts will be purchased.

Kari, sounds like a good weekend. You always sound like you're on the go go go when you post.

Paperboy and I had a nice weekend. On Saturday we went to the Library because I wanted to get some of the Canada Reads books But obviously lots of folks were listening to the radio last week because they were all checked out with a line of 10 other folks waiting for them to come in. There happened to be a folk festival concert going on at the library though so we stayed and listened to Greg Macpherson and Cara Luft for a while. Then we went to The Bay, which is always surreal. I always feel like I'm going back in time in that place.

I had a great soccer game on Saturday night, we lost 4-3 and someone got hit in the face and had a massive nosebleed, but it was a high intensity game. Last night paperboy and I went to a candlelight memorial for the Montreal Massacre. Two years ago only one person showed up, last year there were 6, but last night there were 23 of us. Not great numbers, but a huge improvement. I think I've committed myself to continue going for years. This morning I went to the Sunrise Memorial, which was really touching and a heavy way to start the day, but now I'm working at home until 1pm. Then I have an interview to volunteer as a sexual assualt crisis counsellor at a community clinic. Then hopefully some christmas shopping and dinner at my folks.

Geez, I had a busy week and weekend so I only stopped in a couple of times but yesterday I finally got caught up on all the GT, troll business. Fucking ridiculous. And I'm pissed off because I've been emailing facebook for weeks trying to get them to allow me to get an invitation to the bustie group and they keep not reading my emails and ignoring my request. Gah!
Good morning.

It's a dready one here. Hmpf. Rainy & dark.

My mood is so-so. Maybe b/c of the weather. Also, though, got some bad news last night. The wife of one of mr K's friends committed suicide yesterday. sad.gif She had some serious mental health issues. Had gotten better, but recently started backsliding. I'm really sad for him. Mr K went over to see him last night, it was only a few hours after it happened.

Everything else is alright, I suppose. I'm prepping for my presentation to our board tomorrow. Tutoring tonight. Let's see....any other, I don't think so. Fairly routine 'round here.

Ketto, I'm glad to hear the memorial was better attended. What was the Montreal Massacre? I am sure I should know, but I don't. That's cool that you're going to volunteer as a counselor. I've thought about doing that myself. You will have to keep me posted.

CH, glad you're starting to feel a bit better. ~~~~~~~~~feel good vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(((kari and mr k))) I'm sorry to hear about mr k's friends wife. I can't imagine trying to deal with all that.

The Montreal Massacre happened at Ecole Polytechnique on December 6th, 1989. Marc Lepine walked into the school and separated the men from the women, screaming "I want the women. I hate feminists." He used a semi-automatic hunting rifle and a knife to kill 14 women before he shot himself. He had planned to kill 19 prominent women. Dec 6th is now the National day of action on violence against women. Pretty somber stuff.

My interview went really well. She told me I was in the program after the interview so I'm excited. It will be intense, but I'm also glad to have something to keep my mind occupied over the winter. I start training on January 4th.

I don't know what it is today, but I'm ansy and not in a great mood to work. I was planning to take Friday off but I'm thinking of leaving in an hour and either doing some catch up paperwork at home, or just working Friday.
((((((kari & mr K & friends)))))) So sorry to hear about your loss - we're still dealing with losing our friend to suicide Thanksgiving's the hardest way to experience a loss, for sure. Take care of each other.

Ketto - congrats on the program!!!

CH - glad you're feeling a bit better.

I'm totally exhausted. Decided on Saturday night to make a cookbook for my family for gifts, and get it printed for reals (using Copy, edit, eyes and brain are killing me. I really should have started this project a month ago. Oh well. After Xmas, I'll post the PDF to the site, for any and all who want it, but don't want to buy a copy. Even if the recipes aren't perfect, it looks absolutely gorgeous. One more round of proofing tomorrow, and then it's off to press. Gonna be another long night tomorrow. Oof.

Good morning!

Thank you for your sympathies about my friend's wife. Funeral is tomorrow. Jenn, I know, you guys just went through that too. It's really horrible. sad.gif

Ketto, wow, that is very somber stuff. I am glad to hear about the memorial though. We must remember these events, no matter how painful.

I'm glad your interview went well! Very good!

Jenn, the cookbook sounds awesome! I know it's a ton of work though. You finishing it up tonight? How many are you making? What a great gift!!

Things here are good today. I did my presentation at our board meeting yesterday, it went well. They are meeting again today, but I don't have to go. I'm thankful for that. I'm just workin'. On call at the store tonight. Hoping they will let me come in. Want some hours! If not, mr K and I might go get our Xmas tree. That poor man was up until 5AM this morning finishing up his physics project. Then he got up at 6 30 to go to school. I don't know how he does it.

Other than that, I don't have any real news.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Jenn, that is such a fantastic idea for a christmas gift! I've come up with very few recipes over the last few years, since I lived at home and didn't have as much opportunity to cook. I'm going to keep that in mind for next year.

Kari, hope you get some hours, but I love getting christmas trees. We don't know if we're really allowed to have one in our apartment but there are no signs and nothing in the lease, so we're just going to plead ignorant if anyone says anything. We're putting it up this weekend. biggrin.gif
hellooooooo o o o o o o (that's an echo)

Where are all the okayers???

I know I haven't been here either.
I'm around. How was your weekend, kari?

Mine was so-so. On friday we went to a friends place for his birthday. I was hanging out with my high school friends, who I'm not really very good friends with at all. None of them drink and they'll all content to spend an evening playing a board game or watching dvd's, which is cool once in a while but it's all they ever do. I had fun though. Saturday paperboy and I got some shopping done, which was a relief. We were going to go to a show in the evening but we were both tired so we watched District 9 instead. So very good. We also got into a stupid fight but all was resolved by the time the movie came on. It sort of left me totally exhausted for this week though. Sunday I did a bunch of baking.

Yesterday we got our tree and put it up. It's a little lopsided still but looks really nice. I was stressed out yesterday so it wasn't the best evening but then paperboy rubbed my back and went out and picked up dinner from our favourite take out place. While he was gone I smoked up and was in much happier spirits when he returned. It was a nice evening.

Today I'm at work and in an hour or two my friend is going to pick me up and we'll get some shopping done. I want to run somewhere before she comes to get me but it's so freaking cold out I think I'll just wait for her to pick me up at the door.
Hey Ketto!

Sounds like a good weekend. I hear you on passing on the show, I go out less & less it seems. Mr K was planning on going to a show Friday night, but he ended up not going either. They're just too late. I'm glad you and paperboy made up from the spat. We haven't gotten a tree yet. I am starting to feel like it's too late. Only 10 more days til Christmas! What did you bake?

My weekend was good. Friday night I met a friend out for drinks & sushi. Saturday I did some shopping & then worked 6-11. Sunday I hung at home most of the day, then worked 5-9.

This week has been so-so thus far. For the past week I have felt that I'm on the verge of getting sick. I don't know WTF. Just feel slightly achy & fatigued. I am at the point where I'd rather just get ill & get over it or start feeling better.

I've been lurking a lot lately. Not really up to posting. but I am around.
thinking of CH---you are in my thoughts.
Kari, I'm feeling similar health wise. I think I'm partly over tired and partly have a bit of a cold. I'm just motoring through until my week off between christmas and new years.

CH, hope you're feeling alright.

Kari, I baked up some homemade gluten free sugar cookies, ginger cookies, and graham crackers, and used the graham crackers to make cracker candy, which is basically melted butter and sugar (caramelly) baked on top and then frozen and broken up into small pieces. Deeeeelicious.

Nothing much happening here. Tired and cranky and I just want to get through the next 7 days.
Hey y'all! Been quiet 'round here again I see...between work craziness, holiday craziness, and being knocked down by a wicked UTI last week...oh, and the stupid troll....just haven't had the energy to post.

Ketto! Your first GF Xmas - so exciting, and WOW - your baked goodies sound awesome! I'm not sure if I'm going to do any cookies - we'll see. My SIL always has GF sweets since my nephew is celiac, so there's always cookies at turbomann's dad's haus. I'm not much of a baker, and since I have to cook all the food I'll be eating at my 'rents haus before we go, baking is usually last on the list.

Kari - so how's work going in the beautiful world of Williams Sonoma?
Good Morning!

((CH)) I hope you are ok. Good to see you.

Ketto, glad you're feeling a bit better. Motor on, sister! It's Thursday, so that's good news. Your baked treats do sound good!! I love graham crackers! And what you did with them, yum.

Hey jenn! Grrr, UTI. Those hurt like a mother. I haven't had one in several years. Knock on wood. Work @ Williams Sonoma is going well! I used my discount last night to make some Chrismtmas gift purchases. Bought my sister & BIL a sweet butcher block cutting board & my other sister a pizza stone. Oh and got my grandmother some goodies to eat. I am trying to decide if I want to try to stay on there after the holiday. I don't even know if they have positions open, so it may or may not work out, even if I want to. Hmmmmmm

On the other hand, I was just lamenting to Mr K that we haven't spent any QT together lately. Of the friendly or uh, other variety. Just too much going on. Btw him having finals, pharm school apps, his friend's wife passing, another friend coming in town, and me working, we just haven't seen much of each other. sad.gif We might be able to hang Saturday night for a bit. We are scheduled to go to a party, which I do want to attend. Maybe we can go to dinner beforehand. We are also planning a weekend getaway for Jan.

I have almost finished Xmas shopping. Have a few more things to get. How about you guys?
Jenn, how do you feel about having to cook your own stuff? I love my mom, she's doing pretty much everything gluten free. I think the new gf cooking is actually really fun for her because it gives her a new challenge. Most of her baked goods this year are all gf.

Kari, I'm jealous of the gifts your family is getting. tongue.gif I feel the same regarding QT with papeboy. It's just so damn busy and I feel like we're going to be on the run until Boxing Day. It's only 9:30 in the morning and I'm so tired I feel like I could fall asleep at my desk. I can't wait to go home tonight. I only have to work 1 hour tomorrow and I'm doing it from home in my pj's after I sleep in.
Yep, same here with the lack of QT. We did have a lovely Sexy Sunday, with no media and lots of HBI and wine, but this week has been so crazy, and it's just ramping up for the holidays. Haven't seen turbomann before 8pm all week. But, we'll have a week off between Xmas and NEw Years together, and we're both really looking forward to it.

Kari - sounds like the second gig is going well - and good scores on the gifties. I LOVE my pizza stone - and will be using it tomorrow night, in fact. smile.gif

Ketto, it didn't used to bother me to have to bring food home for myself, but after 7 years, it's really starting to grate - it makes it a lot more work to visit my parents, and my mom STILL doesn't get it. I bought her glutenfreegirl's book last year for christmas, so she could read a more memoir-like book to get an understanding about it - she didn't read it. I bought my dad Dr. Green's Celiac book for Father's Day because I'm sure he has it too, but won't deal with it...and still, they don't even really try. Kinda frustrating, especially when my mom loves to cook as much as I do - would it kill her to put some thought into what I can eat? One good thing is that my nephew (turbomann's family) is celiac, and there's always lots of good, safe food at their house. They were accepting and accomodating of my issues the moment I was diagnosed.

And, I am So glad it's going to be Friday tomorrow. We've got a few holiday gifts to get, and a college friend is in town visiting, so it should be a fine weekend...and then I've only got a 2 day work week next week. Woot!

Hi, peeps.

((((((((Mr. K's friend's family))))))))) What a horrible thing to have happen, especially around the holidays. Is it just me, or do we hear about suicides a lot more lately, like in the last couple of years?

There was a guy who worked in my building that committed suicide a few months ago. He came into work, went out to lunch with a friend, hid behind a bunch of boxes on a deserted floor of the building, and stabbed himself to death. They didn't find him for 9 days, and it doesn't seem anyone suspected anything.

Ketto, that's sweet that you guys got a tree in your first place. I've never had my own tree, and the giant and probably won't until we have a kid to enjoy it with. It seems like you're adjusting well to the gluten-free lifestyle. I don't know how you do it.

Kari, what is the employee discount for employees at W-S? I'd love to shop there more, but I can't afford anything more than the occasional gadget or cookbook, though I do buy myself a jar of the peppermint snaps every year. I'm decorating truffles with them, and now that flavor is selling faster than it ever has. Plus, they taste good. I'll probably get another jar next time I stop by. They're addictive.

I hear you about feeling on the brink of sick. I've been there for the last month, with the occasional scratchy throat and fatigue, but never anything full-blown enough to keep me from my shows. I had my last one of 5 this year last Friday, and I'm so relieved they're over. It seems like my body wants to wait until I can slow down before I can get sick. Oh, well.

Jenn, your cookbook idea sounds awesome! You should sell them through your blog, too, I know I'd definitely like to have one. I'm sure it's beautiful, too, with all your skillz. Sorry about your family not caring enough to try to understand your celiac condition. That has to be frustrating after all these years.

Hi, CH!

Today is the end of an eternal week marked with plenty of suck. I still really hate my job, and got to bitch about it to my supervisor and one of the directors this morning, who are doing not a damn thing about it. But I'm putting in my application for a promotion today, so hopefully in a couple months I'll either have something like my old job back or I'll have a totally new job. I got all my Xmas shopping done by Monday, which was good, and didn't spend as much as I usually do, because I was pretty firm with the giant about making him buy all the gifts from us for his family and I'll do the same for mine.

We looked at engagement rings last weekend, and I found a couple I really liked. One was antique-style with side stones and 2 larger ones on either side of the main diamond, and it had some up the sides on the top, so it was really cool from every angle. Plus, it was part of a set, so I don't have to worry about finding a band that'll work with it. The other ring was pretty similar, just with a more modern feel. It was nice to finally go out and try some on. I asked the giant to wait until well after Xmas, because my cousin just got engaged and I don't want to steal her thunder. So probably within the next couple months I'll have some good news to report.

On the downside, my grandpa died this morning. I guess he was in a hospital and had stopped eating a couple days ago, and he died in his sleep. I'm still here at work. I figured, since I'm already here and am taking next Monday and Tuesday off, and probably also Wednesday, I should just try to stick it out. There's nothing I can do, and it's not exactly tragic, so I'm moving on. But it's sure going to suck having to go to my grandpa's funeral 2 days before Xmas. I'm really curious to see how things shake out with his estate, since it looks like everyone wants to keep the house in the family, which is what I hope happens. It's on such a beautiful piece of land. It'd be ideal if my uncle and cousin from Egypt moved back to the states and lived in it.

Well, such as life. You've got good days and bad days. This is kind of a bad one.

Hey everyone!

Jenn, did you get in some good QT with turboman? It's been so busy but paperboy and I got in some time and I feel much more refreshed this week. Just trying to get through the next three days and then I'm off until Jan 4th. That sucks about bringing your own food - my mom switched to mostly GF when I did and was amazed at how much better she felt. She has a lot of food allergies already (cheese, dairy, certain grains, etc) so she's happy to switch it up. My dad doesn't cook so he just goes along with whatever she's doing.

Diva, it's crazy when you about someone who's killed themselves - it seems like the first thing you always here is that no one suspected anything was wrong. Sad stuff.

Good luck for the promotion application! That's exciting about the rings and that, keep us posted.

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. It sounded like you were really at peace with it already and that he went surrounded by family. What more can you ask for than a long and happy life? (((diva)))
greetings ladies.

yep, jami's baaak. I lurk sometimes. feel bad when I don't post.
seems like it's kinda slow here. things are getting fast outside, isn't it.

kari, are you feeling better? I sure hope so.
turbo, well, you tried with the gluten free cookbooks and all. at least you have a safe haven at the nephew's house.
diva, yay on the news upcoming. how cool. good thoughts your way for the promotion, btw.
CH, how ya doin' girl? you're a strong one.

lets see. Day before Christmas dinner at middle boy's house, to introduce me to in-laws to be. Christmas dinner with dad and mylove here at our house. Day after Christmas is dinner here at our house for sons and their girlfriends, but mylove will be gone 'cause middle son won't come if he's here. (he'll stay at my dad's house) sheesh, wish son'd grow up and just leave us to be happy. I hate all this well, will you come, or do I go, or how do we get together. grrr.
my dad stopped by yesterday and gave us 6 dozen cookies!!! all different varieties. major yum. dinner? what dinner? we had dessert! smile.gif
I went to the doctors 'cause my ears were ringing for 5 weeks, then hearing stopped in one ear. dr said it was fluid in the ear canal. and the bright lights that was in one eye was due to a migrane (but no headache). so now insurance company (blue cross) sent me a 'respond in 10 days' thing demanding to know all doctors I've seen in 5 years, all lab work, all everything. egads. it was diagnosed!! now I'm afraid they'll cancel me. the labwork said low thyroid, so I'm on meds and being retested every two months.
I did entrance exams and was accepted to the local community college. starting over. scared witless, but it's forward.
jami out
Good Morning.

((Diva and family)) I'm really sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. sad.gif
On the good news side though - that's really exciting that you guys looked at rings!! NICE!!! I love antique rings. Sorry to hear about your job being so shitty. ~~~~~~~promotion vibes!~~~~~~ Oh - W-S discount is 40%. I'm going to try to stock up on stuff before I stop working there.

Hey Ketto! Glad you & paper boy got some time this weekend! yeah! I got some with Mr K, not enough, but it'll have to do.

Hey Jami! Don't feel bad when you lurk. We all do it. Sometimes you just can't get up the energy to post. Sounds like you have a lot of holiday plans! Good times. So middle son doesn't get on with your man? Tension like that is really rough. I have some in my family, though of a different variety. Grrrr on your insurance! They had better not do you wrong. mad.gif On the upside, I hope you get some relief. Ears ringing must be miserable.

Things here this AM are eh. I had to work @ WS last night til f-ing midnight. And I think a misunderstanding with the manager occurred upon my leaving. But I'm not sure. But it's left me feeling like a loser.

I'm just trying to make it through this workday. Have book club party tonight! yay!

Hope all is well with everyone. I am feeling better today by virtue of 2 things: got some sleep last night & am working @ home today.

Have a chiro appt @ 11 and then think I'm going to do a lunchtime workout @ the gym. I haven't worked out in almost a week and am def feeling it.

What's up with everyone else?
Good Morning!!

(((((kari)))) I'm sorry to hear about the friend. How is everyone holding up??

((((Diva))))) I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

(((((jami)))) Ugh on middle son. but cookies!!!

((((ketto))))) and (((((turbo))))) just cause!!!

I don't have much going on. Things are wrapping up at work, only a bit longer then I'm off. that's really it.

Hey y'all! Merry Happy Festivus to all, hope everyone has had a good one. We're on day 3 in MI with our families, and it's going okay - we're pretty exhausted at this point, from bouncing back and forth between our families and obligations, and I'm just about hitting the momma claustrophobia as she wants to know my every plan, and get as much Jenntime as possible. I know she misses me, and my brother hasn't been to MI in 3 years, so it's all on me, but gah - I am looking forward to peace and quiet when we get home. That aside, it's been a nice visit home - all the little kids are growing up so fast, it's crazy. They're all like REAL little people now - even the littlest tots are walking talking independant little peeps. Pretty fun.

Kari - hope you're milking that discount this week!

((((((Diva and fam)))))) Sorry to hear of your grandpa's passing - I hope the funeral went okay, and that you heard and shared good stories of his life.

I have definitely eaten WAY too much so far this vacation...turbomann's family has gone above an beyond in making the entire Christmas feast gluten-free, his sister made bread, three kinds of cookies, fudge, and dad's new wife made brownies and gluten-free swedish meatballs...and I'm eating it all - scale be damned. I'll work it all off when we get home. wink.gif My mom even managed to think about my needs for the first time, and I was able to eat everything on the table last night - WOOT!

Oh, and my cookbooks went over VERY well with the family - here's the link where you can preview some of the book and buy it - all of the content is from the blog, so there's really no "exclusive" content, but I'm thrilled with how they turned out - the printing is gorgeous and all the photos look great.

Congrats turbojenn on the book! Very proud of you! I posted it to my FB wall. Hope you get some sales! smile.gif


Jenn, power on through that visit! You on your way back today? I definitely hear you on being exhausted. It's partly my fault, since it was my choice to take a second job, but man. This is the first day I've had w/ nothing to do or nobody to see. I did have to attend church with Mr K's family this Am, but begged off of lunch. They are great people, but I had to have some down time or it wasn't gonna be pretty. Mr K is working, so I think I deserve kudos for meeting them all at church by myself.

Now I'm @ home, sitting in a sunny corner in an armchair. Perfect. Going to do whatever I please today. Meeting up with my sis tonight, she's here from Seattle.

Hey ch!
Hey Ketto!
Hey Jami!


Happy belated holidays!

Jenn, those cookbooks look great! What a great idea. So great that you were able to enjoy the meal with everyone else. Yesterday we did paperboy's families christmas and his aunt made these candied sweet potatoes at thanksgiving that had a bit of flour in the topping. She made them without this year and his cousin made the stuffing outside of the turkey so I could eat that too. It was really nice of them and they made sure to let me know. I brought my own stuffing but otherwise I was able to have almost everything they put out.

On Christmas eve paperboy and I went skating in the evening and it was beautiful. We had a good christmas morning breakfast and opened our stuff, then went to his moms to open things, then my parents for dinner at 4. It was a great day.

Now I have a week off from work and it's soo needed. I'm really happy I slept in until 11 today and I have nothing really do to either than what I want to. January 4th is when I head back to the real world and it's going to be a busy few months. I start my counselling training which will keep me occupied two evenings a week, plus my regular work week, plus I'm getting accredited in a workshop, I'm presenting a workshop to a Uni Womyn's centre (which I still have to do an outline for), and I have to finish yet another grant proposal for my job. I'm really looking forward to it though. I prefer to be a little too busy (and have my weekends) then have nothing to do and stay in and munch out.

Time to go for a run!
Happy New Year
to you and yours

its midnight
mylove and I went outside just as the fireworks started
and kissed under the full moon
nice, way to start the year Jami! wub.gif

Happy New Year to the Okayers-hope 2010 is a great one!!
Happy New Year, everyBustie!! Hope y'all had good celebrations, and a little time away from work.

We had a good Christmas in MI, and it seems that writing on my blog that my Christmas Wish was to survive a visit home without getting glutened made something in my mother *click* and she finally thought of me as she was making Christmas dinner, and I was able to eat everything - Huzzah! And now we've been home livin' the life in our PJs all week (or out of them, as the case may be, heh wink.gif), and it has truly been bliss. Monday is going to be harsh when the 5:30am wakeup rolls around. Ah well, such is life.

Jami - sounds like a perfect NYE!

Hi Tree!
Happy New Year, Okayers!!!!!

I hope it is the start of a great year for everyone!

Jenn, that's great that your mom made a feast you could eat!! yay! How did it go getting up this AM? I had a difficult time.

Hey Jami! Glad you & your love got to spend NYE together. smile.gif

Hey Ketto! How was your break from work?

Hey CH! How goes it?

Things with me are good. Had a nice weekend. Saw some movies, hung w/ some family. Ate tons of food. Oops! I am actually not too upset to be back @ work and in the regular schedule. Got a regular work week this week, no PT work, nice! Mr K is still out of school. He is going to Memphis on wed-thurs for his first pharmacy school interview. blink.gif I hope it goes well! Though I am also hoping he scores one at the school here, b/c I don't want to move. I am going to be utilizing the services of a career counselor this month. She was highly recommended to me. Hoping she can help me find some direction. We're doing a small bit of career exploration, but mostly will focus on networking skills, resume overhaul, interviewing skills, etc. Looking foward to it!
Happy new year everyone!

Seems like everyone is in decent spirits.

My week off was heavenly. I wouldn't be sad to be back at work if I wasn't totally exhausted. Paperboy and I both had friends in from out of town so it was a busy break. On the 27th we did christmas dinner at paperboy's families - fun but I was burnt out already. On the 28th I had a secret santa exchange with my 3 best lady friends and we all got out our old journals from 10-15 years ago and read out some hilarious entries. On the 30th I had friends over to go skating and have snacks since the river is partially skate-able.

On NYE we ended up having an impromptu par-tay. I made bacon wrapped water chestnuts, salad rolls, non-fried spring rolls, chocolate fondue and homemade potato chips - unfortunately I sliced off a chunk of my thumb with the mandolyn slicer. It was gushing and I wrapped it in a paper towel and almost passed out getting paperboy to bandage it. Now that's it had a few days to heal its really not bad but a whole clean slice of my thumb is missing and paperboy had to throw it out. Gross. New year's day we did dinner at my folks, Saturday we went to a party at my friends, and last night paperboy had his out of town friends over. I was so sick of being around people that I went skating by myself on the river instead - i felt bad but paperboy understood i needed some alone time.

All the out of towners leave tomorrow and I'm relieved. We both were hoping for a little more rest time. I start my counselling training tonight but I hope we get out early because it's the first day. I'm already planning to work from home tomorrow just to play catch up on sleep, work, and time alone.
OMG, ketto - your partay food sounds amazing. I've been craving vietnamese spring rolls, and now I think I'm going to have to go to the asian market tomorrow to go get the stuff to make them. YUM. Hope you've had some time to relax this week after all your visitors.

I wasn't too sad to return to work on Monday, but the 5am wake up was a little rough. And MRG is in town and I've had some pretty awful cramps, so that's made me extra crabby this week. But, tomorrow's friday, and that's a very good thing. We've got a holiday gathering with friends tomorrow, and I'm going to see a fluffy girly movie with a friend on Sunday, and aside from that, I've got to come up with some new stuff to cook, so I have something to write about next week. Turbomann's dad also gave us his old Canon Rebel Digital SLR, so I've been playing with that all week - it is sweet. And, it works with the lenses for my old film camera - woot!

Kari - I hope the career counselor helps...I've been thinking about getting some coaching or something too. I don't know what I want to do next, but thinking about the next move helps me deal with the stupid shit at work. I'm in the super-even-crazier-than-usual season, and it's not much fun between now and June.
greetings ladies.
just wanted to stop in and say hi


hope all is well with everyone.

ok... as well as well can be.

Good Morning!

(((((Jami))))) What's going on??

Hey Kari, Ketto and Turbo!!

It's been pretty much the same as always for me, just peppered with more boys. I'm growing a little tired of it to tell you the truth.
Weird...I totally made a really long post in here last night and it's gone. sad.gif

Damn it's dead in here!! Not that I can really talk. smile.gif

I had jury duty 3 days last week, then tried to be really productive the other 2 days.

I realllly enjoyed the long weekend we just had. Relaxing & fun. Saw a lot of friends, hung @ home a fair bit. Good times.

Things this week are good. Just workin'. Had my first meeting yesterday w/ career coach. Went great, think she'll be a big help! Meeting again next week. I told her I am ready for action, so I'm ready to hit it.

Hey Jami! Good to see you!!

Hey CH! Boys, eh? Anything interesting?

Hey ketto! Sorry your post got eaten. Booooooo!
Okay, re-post.

Jenn, the food was so awesome. Even though I got to entertain over the holidays I didn't really get a chance to cook much so I've been enjoying my opportunities to cook nice dinners for paperboy and myself. I realize more and more that cooking is such a great way for me to relax.

Hey jami, hope all is well.

CH, hope all is well for you too. Hope the boys are also good. tongue.gif

Kari, that's great that the coach is working out. In my previous post (the eaten one) i asked if you'd met with her yet. I think paperboy might benefit from something like that. How did you go about finding her?

Things have been really busy. My crisis counselling training is going well but it really leaves me burnt out by Wednesday night. This week I decided to try working at home on Monday to see if that would make the week a little easier to cope with. I think I might try it again next week. I also had a Parenting Group Facilitator Training today, which went great. I am accreditated! But for some reason I really stressed myself out about it and as soon as it was over it was like....wooosh...stress release...and then wooosh...stress headache. I told paperboy I was in an overwhelmed mood so sorry if I'm snappy today. I was supposed to go to a meeting at 5 too but I called and told a little white lie so I can have 4 hours to myself before I go to my 8:30pm soccer game. Lordy, what a week.

But my little munchkin niece slept over on Friday and we had a fabulous time. Ate popcorn, watched The Last Unicorn, had pancakes for breakfast and then paperboy and I took her skating on the river behind our place. She had such a great time, it made me really happy. They give out free hot chocolate in these little wooden shacks along the rivertrail and they had ice painting and ice carving so she had a blast. My brother came and met us so he could see her skating and then we went and found a geocache near our apartment. I find where it was hidden and I feel ridiculously proud about it. tongue.gif
whoa, Ketto, you found a geocache. I have heard of them, but you found one?? way way cool.
Kari, well, you got thru the jury duty, right? so that's one for the 'done' column at least.
hullo CH!!!!
hi Turbo!!

today was my first day at college. massive rainstorm here, and I got drenched on the way to and from class. subject is fun (so far), and chapters 1-5 are to be read for Friday's class. <sigh> off to read tonight, for sure.

my latest splurge is these little cookies... creme filled crispy wafers, covered in chocolate. I have them stashed at my desk!! haha
time to rally ch dont tell us you are tired. this nice weather has lulled me into thinking winter would be short but another blast is coming. i hate wearing heavy coats. i dont like that bundled up feeling and you cant move your arms! too many clothes!!!

Kari, that sucks about jury duty.

~*~*~*soothing vibes for ketto~*~*~*~*

Yay on school Jami!!!

Hey Jade!

Boys, yes, it seems to be raining men just a little. Portions a fair bit lately, but I also want me time! So, today I'm going to be ignoring most of my texts and I will turn my phone off in the evening. Fuck that.

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.

Waves to CH! It's a tough job you have answering all those texts and calls! It's nice being wanted (at least that's what I hear smile.gif)

Since Kvetch is swirling around the drain, I may just move over here. I don't post a lot, but it's nice to have someplace to do it. Kvetch is getting to be a lot like "if a tree falls in the forest...."
Squeeeeeeee It's Billy!!!! *pounces on and gives big hug*
Good morning!!

Ketto, glad to hear crisis counseling training is going well. And congrats on becoming an accredited parenting group facilitator! It is so great that you're doing so much professional development. Very nice! Career coach - someone I know recommended the one I am working with. Ask around there, someone may know of a good one. Your sleepover with your niece sounds like so much fun! I used to looooove The Last Unicorn. What is a geocache?

Hey Jami!!! Good luck in your class! What class is it? Did you get all of your reading done? Those cookies sound delicious! Count me in for that.

Hey CH! It's raining men! smile.gif Did you get some down time last night? Hope so. That's def important. How've you been feeling lately?

hey Billy! It's been quiet in here too, I'm sad to hear that Kvetch is the same way. But, welcome!

Hey jade!

Things here are pretty good. Have had a good week. Mr K had his second pharm school interview yesterday. PLEASE send me some Bustie vibes. After the interviews, they had a luncheon for families & applicants. I went. Talked to lots of folks, shook lots of hands, and generally tried to charm. I really hope he gets in to this school. It's in our city and they have a great program. I'm anxious. huh.gif

Other than that, no real news. Been working this week. Had dinner w/ two girlfriends last night. Tonight I'm going to another friend's house for gals poker. Then tomorrow night have bachelorette dinner. The bachelorette is preggers so it should be tame.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?
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