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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey all! Yep, there is a crackbook group - not too active, but at least serves as a directory for Bust handles to IRL names. I'll have one of the ladies send you an invite.

Moxie is doing really well - her second kiddo is 9mos old already - eeep! And I've been a bad auntie, and haven't been back to Detroit to even see them. Life feels like it's moving at warp speed.

Yeah, I'm still seething about what has been done to Women's healthcare. It's like they just bargain away the rights of half the population willy-nilly, like it doesn't mean anything, and Obama is ROYALLY pissing me off because he's NOT standing up for women. Where's our pro-choice president. I really feel like both parties have marginalized women, and there's no one to stand up. Dems are a bunch of conciliatory bitches who give WAY too much stuff away for free. Grrrr. But of course, I can't talk about the women's repro issues at work, as my professional stance has to be all rah-rah cheering for the legislation. I'm missiing working for a progressive org right about now.

Ooooh, CH - choosing between HBI and sleep - MMmmmm! Very enjoyable problem to have!

YAY, Ketto! I'm so glad that you're starting to feel goes slowy for the first few months, but then all of a sudden, you realize how much better you feel than you ever have before, and it's a whole new life all of a sudden. Keep up the good healing! And YAY for having your own kitchen to work in! Good to hear that so far things are going pretty well with the co-habitation - I think there's always settling issues, but it's a good process of figuring out what works for you both.

Kari, I'll PM you my info for crackbook.
*steps over more troll dung*

Hey turbo!! I can't believe that the abortion condition was agreed upon. Abortions are covered here in Canada and there certainly isn't a sky rocketing abortion rate. I am so sick of the fear mongering that goes on.


Well, I'm off work today for Rememberance Day, it's a gorgeous day here too. So a run was had and I'm off to work out before heading over to the cops place.

*squishes troll beneath her feet*

Well, good morning all, one more day until the weekend! This is all that matters.
*delurks and spits on squished troll*
Guys, in ref. to TurboJenn's comment on OBAMA. He is really pissing me the fuck off. He just nominated the boys from Monsanta chem corporation to be on a committee setting our agriculture policies! WTF!!! If you are as pissed as I am, you can go to Food&water Watch. org and sign a petition. THeir site is kick ass, and I rec. it heartily to everyone interested in sustainable agriculture.
But, yes, TJ, where IS our pro-choice president??
*relurks while setting fire to troll corpse*
Good Morning!

You can block the troll. I did!

What's up everyone?

I'm happy to hear Moxie is doing well, thanks for the update, Jenn!

I had yesterday off as well. Loved it. Finally got my mud room/laundry room painted. I was dreading doing it, just b/c I painted it about 2 years ago & decided I didn't like the color. I put 2 coats of primer on a few months ago. All I need to do now is get a new coat of white on the moldings, quarter round, & window frames.

That was my big accomplishment for the day. Other than that I cleaned the house a little bit & hit the gym last night.

Today is my last day of work for the week!

Going out of town tomorrow AM! NYC! Meeting my sister there for the weekend.

Anna, I thought about you, but I don't know our plans yet. We're there on a pretty limited amount of time & I think my sister already has an agenda for us. PM me your phone number though & I can text or call you if it looks like I'll have some free time to meet up.

Oh! Did I tell you guys I got a PT seasonal job? Williams-Sonoma! yeah! Go in on Monday night to do paperwork. I am stoked. I will probably spend any money I make right there in the store. I'm a sucka for cooking implements.
Turbo, that life moving at warp speed feeling is so weird as you get older. Always so much to get done and before I know it another month has passed by.

Congrats about the job, Kari!

It was nice having the day off yesterday. My mom had us over for dinner. Roast beef and yorkshire pudding...mmm. AND pecan pie (all gluten free of course). It was deelicious. Paperboy got free tickets to see 2012, so we went to that last night. I know a lot of people in the theatre liked it but we talked the whole way through making fun of it. I honestly wanted to walk out in the last half hour, it was so ridiculously long and bad. Good special effects, horrible movie. Totally cliched and over the top, which is what I was expecting. I kind of wish we had just walked out because as you leave (it was a sneak preview) people ask you your opinion.
Happy Friiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!!!

Well, another troll is gone. thank goodness, that one was a particular tit.

Hey Koffee!!!

Hi Kari!!! Congrats on the job!!!!

Ketto, I read the reviews on 2012, and that's one I'll be skipping. It really doesn't look that good, aside from the effects. But still...

I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend, all that matters is that I'm not at work!! YAY!! I went for a nice long run yesterday and my muscles are a deep down ache, not even anything superficial. Ahh well, it was so gorgeous yesterday I could not resist.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Happy Friday!!

The side effects really were neat, but I've heard pretty much the same things from all reviewers. An hour too long, cheesy story, but good effects.

I'm so lazy this weekend, I don't feel like doing anything. I'm working for two hours this morning, then grocery shopping, then physio and then I'm finished. I just want to stay in and relax tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to the spa with my mom, cousin, and aunt. I'm getting a pedi and a 60 minute massage. I'm so looking forward to it but I have to get up at 8:30 to get there. Boo!
Good Morning

Hey Ketto!! How was your spa day??

I'm borderline sick, I spent most of the weekend in bed, which is where I'd rather be today.

so, needless to say, it was a quiet weekend. I'm also wanting to get something else pierced. Like my other boobah. Good thing I have the jewellery from my other boobah, as I got it changed last week.

How was everyone's weekend?
Another Monday, at least it's beautiful out!

The spa day was fabulous. The massage was great. Towards the end I was thinking, "It feels like no time has passed but I know the hour must be almost finished". So worth it. And I have lovely painted toes now too. My nana, aunt, and mom came over to check out the apartment after. My nana really liked it. She said said it felt like home and then she asked if we need a boarder. Poor nana, she doesn't like her place. My aunt loved it too, she was saying she should move out and leave her son and granddaughter living at her place.

A few girlfriends came over Saturday night and we just chatted, drank wine, ate snacks, smoked up, and listened to some tunes. It was nice. Yesterday I had some bloodsugar issues and slept in until one. I made awesome homemade mac and cheese for dinner and then cookies and we had a lazy night. I'm looking forward to another one tonight.

Hope you're feeling better, culture.

Ketto, your day at the spa sounds like it was wonderful. Your whole weekend sounds great.

I got my other boobeh peirced yesterday and it was so easy!!!!! Nothing like the other one *shudders at the thought*

I'm tired and cranky today, I'd much rather be in bed and my mood isn't a great one.

Le Sigh.

Hope everyone is better than I.
Where is everyone!?

So tired today. I do not do well on less than 10 hours of sleep a night, which is absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how hard it is to consistently get that much sleep? Paperboy and I both went to bed at 11:30 and got up at 7:30. He said had the best sleep he's had in ages and I feel like crap. I get sick if I don't get enough sleep so now my glands are all swollen and my throat hurts. Taking it easy working from home today. If I go to bed before 10:30 tonight I should feel fine tomorrow.

Sounds like we're having the same kind of day, culture.
Good Morning!

Sorry for my absence!

I was out of town all weekend, and then have been busy. I had a great weekend trip to NYC! It was tons of fun, but soooo busy & fast. Got home Sunday around 7PM. Had work on Monday. Then, Monday night, went to fill out my new hire paperwork for my PT job! WOO! Start on Monday. Have 18 hours next week. Yesterday I had to attend a conference for work. It was not very fun, as myself & another staff member just had to man our booth all day while people came by it. At least I was there w/ my officemate, we have a lot of fun together. Last night I hit the gym.

I am working @ home today. Have some stuff to catch up on. Tonight I have to bake a cake for Mr K's Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow @ his work. I'm going to make an upside down pineapple pumpkin gingerbread cake. YUM!

So, enough about me!

(((CH))) are you feeling better today? That's super exciting that you got your other nip pierced! smile.gif I'm glad it was easier than the first one.

Hey Ketto! Are you feeling better too? I'm sorry you felt cruddy. Booooooo. Your weekend does sound like it was really nice! Spa day. ahhhhhhhhh. And your Saturday night w/ your girlfriends also sounds really lovely. How's the apartment coming? Do you guys pretty much have it how you want it?
Good Morning.

Ketto, how are you feeling today??

Hey Kari! I'm actually at home today, hardly slept last night, but I am feeling better.

I really don't have much, my life revolves around soaking piercings. Which I must go do now.

Hey Kari, you are busy busy busy. I know how it goes. Sounds like you're really looking forward to the PT job, good luck! Isn't working from home fabulous? I spend the day in my pj's.

Hey Culture, hope your piercing is healing well.

Yesterday ended up being kind of nice. I worked in the morning and then decided to take the rest of the day for myself. I realize that I really need one full day a week in the apartment all by myself. So I smoked up and watched TV and snacked all day. I had soccer last night so it was good to be active. Thinking about going to hot yoga tonight or Friday. I'm trying to get paperboy to try it out but I think he's intimidated.

Hey y'all!

Ketto, I am the same way needing some weekly alone time. If I go too long without some I actually send Turbomann away for a weekend - like I did last weekend. Works out well for both of us - he gets to hang with the guys, and I get to recharge on my own. And on the sleep issue, give yourself time - when I was at the worst of my gluten-sickness before I changed my diet, I spent years just sleeping as much as I could. While your body is healing, you still need a lot of sleep, but I just want to give you hope that you will rebound, and your body will bounce back in time. I do fine on 6-7 hours a night now, and I know you'll get there in time! Hang in there!

Kari - sounds like the NYC weekend was a blast, and you're just charging ahead into a busy week! Congrats on the PT job...Williams Sonoma is like Disney for me! I would probably end up owing them money every pay period! But what a great place for buying gifties!

CH - YAY for the new boobeh piercing - I'm glad this one went much better!

I had a great weekend with the Chitown Busties! We were honored to have the fabulous Treehugger come in to stay with us, and we had a super yummy potluck Saturday night at Casa Turbo, followed by a pajama party sleepover with Stargazer and Treehugger, a wonderfully lazy Sunday morning, and then brunch with the Busties. A perfect weekend if ever there was one!

And now, I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week - Eeeeeek! Turbomann and I are thrilled to be staying put this holiday, so I'm trying to decide what all I'm cooking...having a hard time narrowing things down.
Good Morning,

Ketto, your day sounds like it was good!!

Turbo, I'm so jealous of your chitown get togther. sad.gif Hopefully I can make it down next year. So many things.

I'm back at work today and still pretty tired, bah, I just want it to be the weekend so I can do nothing.

Le frown.
Thanks Jenn, it seems like you had the same slow recovery that I seem to be having so it's nice to hear reassurances from you. I am hoping that my sleep issues will improve with time too. I'm jealous of your Chitown get together, that sounds like it would have been great.

I have to say, I'm really glad Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. I think I would get way too stressed out having two major holidays only a month apart. But I hope all the US busties have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Hey Culture! We should try and get together again before Christmas, if we're both not too crazy busy. Hope you're feeling better.

Feels like it's been a busy work week. Either than one soccer game a week, I really haven't worked out in almost a month. Yesterday paperboy and I finally went running on the riverwalk, which is directly behind our apartment building. It felt sooooooo good, so we're planning to go right after work again today. The weather has been gorgeous so I really feel like we have to take advantage. Then I made a delicious risotto for dinner. I can't say enough how much I LOVE having my own kitchen. Tonight I'm looking forward to being lazy. I think paperboy is going to his friends place so I'm going to veg out and watch bad TV. Hopefully I'll be going to hot yoga tomorrow morning with a friend too.
It's Friday!!!!!!

This is all I care about.

Ketto, I agree!!!!

So, I went to a pretty awesome craft show yesterday and I'm going again tomorrow. There was lots of neat stuff there, I had limited time yesterday.

What is everyone up to this weekend?
*yawn* I just woke up and boy did I need that sleep in. I'm going to hot yoga at 4 with my friend and then some Transgender Day of remembrance events. Tomorrow I get to sleep in again and then paperboy and I are going to my cousin's 2nd birthday, then the matt good show, then a social for paperboy's cousin. On sunday we're going out for my mom's birthday lunch, then a birthday dinner for paperboy's grandpa. It's going to be a busy busy weekend. I'm hoping to do some baking this afternoon so I have something to eat all weekend.

Hey Ketto! How was your weekend?

I'm tired today, as always these days. I had a great day Saturday, went to a craft show, then went to visit my grandmother. Saturday evening PR Boy and I got together, we went shopping and he made me dinner after. We polished off a bottle of wine, it was a lovely evening with great company and conversation, and some excellent HBI afterwards.

yesterday, I met a friend, and all was well until I finished my walk at the park. Get in my car, and it doesn't start. Gah. I think it's the battery, so I had it towed to the dealership. Sigh. Things were so crappy last week, then I had a good two days that ended with crap. Bah.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Good Morning!

Ketto, sounds like a birthday filled weekend! Awesome. Glad you got some rest! Did you bake last night?
I am really glad you're enjoying having your very own kitchen. I know the feeling.

Hey CH! oooh! Craft show! I went to one a few weeks ago, would really like to hit another one before the holiday. I really like buying gifts there. At the last one we went to I bought my inlaws a really nice handmade wood block cutting board.

I had a great weekend. Friday night I had some spontaneous plans. Went to this cool restaurant/bar to meet my good friend. Her BF bartends there. Mr K & his friend joined us after they got off work. Really fun! Saturday I did errands, met a friend for lunch, & then Mr K & I went to my niece's roller skating birthday party. It was a blast. Spaghetti dinner @ my sister's after that. Yesterday I cleaned the house. It was a mess. Did tons of laundry. Also hit the gym & the grocery.

American busties should have short work weeks this week. WOO! I work Mon-Wed.

I start my new PT job tonight! I'm excited about that.
Culture, sounds like a lovely saturday with PR boy. Sucks about the car though.

Hey Kari, good luck at the job tonight!

I didn't end up baking yesterday. I feel like I had no weekend, but it was good too. The 2nd birthday was fun and the Matt Good show was great (even though I don't really go out of my way to listen to him). Yesterday we ended up just doing paperboy's grandpa's surprise party and that was fun too. His cousins came over for a bit after so there wasn't much relaxing time. This week is a bit crazy. We're doing my mom's birthday dinner at 4 today, tomorrow I have soccer, Wednesday my aunt and uncle are taking me out for a (belated) birthday dinner, Thursday I have to go to a board meeting at work, Friday I'm going to a different dinner for my mom's birthday, and Saturday during the day I have a workshop to go to.

I'm looking forward to the weekend already. Hot yoga on Friday was great though! I'm planning to go at least once this week.

Good Morning!!!

Kari, how was your first day at your PT job??

Hey Ketto! That is a busy week! How was your dinner??

All is well here, the Triximobile is fine, it just needed a new battery, even if it was something worse, I still have extended warranty on the vehicle.

I did nothing last night but sleep, I was so tired!

and now here we are Tuesday. Let's do a good things Tuesday!!!

1. Car is fine.
2. It's pretty darned nice here still.
3. Good night sleep.
4. No month ends!!!!
Good Morning!

CH, I missed the bit in your other post about your car. Glad to hear it was just the battery! Whew! Even if you do still have the warranty.

Hey Ketto! Sounds like a really busy week! Wowzers

Things here this morn are decent. Feeling good. Weather is dreary though.

PT job - guess what? I hurried to get there, then when I did the manager gave me a funny look. She forgot to tell us what denotes "on call" shifts on the schedule. For which I was scheduled last night. DOH! So I didn't work. On call again Wed. but work for sure Friday night. I was a little bummed b/c I was looking forward to working.

Anyhoo, instead Mr K and I went to our friend's house. She was having a Thanksgiving get together. It was fun!

Good Things Tuesday! I like it!
1.) Today is my last day in the office until next Monday.
2.) Brought a really tasty salad for lunch.
3.) I am working out @ lunch which will help to offset all the eating I'll do this week.
4.) I am in talks with a career counselor who was highly recommended to me.

CH, glad to hear the car is back. It's a drag not to at least have the option to take it out.

Kari, too bad no work last night, but at least it's all figured out now.

Dinner last night was delicious and my parents paid for all of us (my two brothers, my niece, paperboy and me) and they also went to a gluten free bakery to get me AMAZING gluten free deserts. It was the best chocolate cake I've ever had in my life.

Good things tuesday!
1) I took today (mostly) off and got to sleep in
2) It's lovely and sunny out and I'm going to walk to The Forks.
3) I'm watching Sense and of my favourites.
Goooooood morning!

Ketto, I'm glad you had such a great family dinner. That was very sweet of them to get you a gluten free chocolate cake! Nice! And that they treated. Very thoughtful. Glad you were able to sleep in & get some rest too.

I'm working at home today. And loving it!

Gonna do some work, have a chiropractic apt @ 11. After that I'm going to pop into the TJ Maxx that's next door. Need to get the inlaws a housewarming gift. On call @ the store tonight. Not expecting to have to go in, manager said she prob wouldn't need me. If that's the case, I might go to the movies.

Good Morning.

Kari, that's kind of the shits about going into work when you didn't really have to. I've been there before. What movie are you thinking of seeing??

Hey Ketto!! So glad your dinner was a good one!

I kept it low key last night, as always. Went for a run, then came home and rested. aren't I exciting. I did see the cop yesterday, but the hbi with PR Boy was better. I now know the emotional connection with someone makes fuckery better. Not that it isn't amazing with the cop by any stretch.

that is all.

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy.

I'm glad I took yesterday for myself since it was so beautiful out and today is cold and dreary (finally). I ended up walking 7km yesterday. I walked to my office and took pictures of the neighbourhood and then walked to the River Walk and The Forks and did some grocery shopping and got some Christmas present idea's. Then I walked to a park near our place and sat down for 20 minutes with my one hitter and just thought about what a great day it had been.

I invited my dad to my soccer game last night and we ended up winning 2-0. I got a goal, sort of...I did a corner kick and the other team accidentally kicked it into their own net. But still, counts towards my stats. I glanced up halfway through the game and my dad had his camera out videotaping. I think he was really happy I invited him to come.
Hey all....tonight, I am so thankful for the lounge and all of you amazing ladies (and gents) here.

I'm feeling pretty zombied-out and wrecked after a very rough week. Our friend E killed himself early Saturday morning, and the funeral was today. Surviving a suicide is rough business...I lost one of my closest friends in high school, and it's no easier as an adult, though I have better grief and coping skills now, not to mention Turbomann's support. It's always hard to sit and wonder WHY, to be sad, angry, feel guilty like you should have known something...but in the end, its just damned HARD. E was the last person I would ever have guessed to do this, or to even be depressed. E and his lovely wife have been friends and neighbors for 7 years. He was such a gentle and creative spirit, a high school art teacher beloved by all his students, and was the guy that makes everyone feel included, special, and would go out of his way to help any friend. His wife is devasted, as you would lose a spouse this way, and so young...HARD. About 1000 people came to the wake last night, all of us sharing wonderful stories about E as we stood in line - we truly felt his presence, trying to make us all comfortable with each other as we waited to say a word and give a hug to his family. The funeral today was standing room only, speakers set up in the basement for overflow, and the service was an amazing testiment to E's spirit. Gonna miss him alot...and lots of care to be given ahead to his family. So this Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for my friends and family, for you all here, and for LIFE. Gotta make every day count, you know?!

And, I have a GIANT turkey hulking in my fridge, and I haven't done a thing to prepare for hosting dinner for friends tomorrow, and it's all just going to have to be fine. I am SO glad we decided not to drive to Michigan. I couldn't do it. Tonight, I'm planning to watch Glee, take a bath, then put myself to bed and figure the rest out tomorrow.

So sorry for the mememe post tonight, but I know you all understand. Thanks for listening. *mwah*
(((((((((turbo & E's family))))))))))
((((((turbo, all who love and miss E))))))
((((turbo and E's family)))))

happy thanksgiving to all okayers-I may not post here much anymore, but I do lurk! smile.gif
Happy Thanksgiving American Busties!!

((((((((((ongoing love and thoughts for Turbo and those who loved and cared about E))))))))))
Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American Busties.

(((Turbo))) my condolences.
Happy Thanksgiving to US busties.

(((Turbo))) Don't apologize for posting. It sounds like you have lots of support in the community. If you need to vent about it more please post!
Thanks, y'all! I'm feeling a bit better today after getting some sleep last night, and Thanksgiving with good friends was definitely the perfect antidote to the week. My turkey was the best ever - brined and dry rubbed, I made an amazing sweet potato crisp made with bacon fat instead of butter, cranberries, turbomann handled the mashed, friends brought stuffing, and I made my first gluten-free gravy ever, and it was incredible! Oh, and a gluten-free pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust and meringue topping. Recipes will be posted as soon as I muster up the energy to post. But perhaps the best part is all the leftovers - YEAH!

Thanks for all the love here, ladies. So glad we have the lounge. smile.gif
(((jenn))) Girl, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's death. (((E's friends & family))) How utterly awful. sad.gif I am glad your Thanksgiving w/ friends comforted you some. Take care. ~~~~healing vibes~~~~

Hey Ketto! yay for getting that goal!! That's nice that your pops was there to see it too. smile.gif

Hey CH! I think you were in my dream last night.

Everything here is really good. Off work today! yay! Our Thanksgiving was nice. In the AM my sister & I did a 5K, it was a lot of fun. Then Mr K and I came home, made 3 dishes, & went to my sister's. Then we hit my grandmother's. Came home, took about an hour nap & then went to my inlaws. Whew! It was a busy day. And full of eating. I should be fasting today.

I've been productive so far today. Vacuumed & washed the car. Cleaning the house right now. My BIL & SIL might stay here tonight so I'm getting the guest room cleaned and aired out just in case they do.

I have my first shift @ WS tonight!! I'm nervous, seeing as how it's the busiest shopping day of the year. unsure.gif Wish me luck.
Good Morning!

It's Sunday. Hope everyone is enjoying their days thus far. I had to get up early to pick up a friend from the airport. She, her boyfriend, and two 5 year olds just spent a week @ Disney World. *shudder* Sounds exhausting to me. They did look tired.

Anyhoo. I'm just hanging @ the house, doing some cleaning and whatnot. Threw all the Thanksgiving leftovers out.

We hung with Mr K's parents & brother & wife for a bit yesterday. Saw a movie.

Mr K's brother just called, he and his wife was on the way to Mr K's dad's church & got lost (he and his wife don't live here). I feel kinda guilty that Mr K and I rarely go to his dad's church (or any church for that matter), but it's just not me. Mr K works every Sunday AM too, so I would have to attend alone. Which won't be happening.

I have to work @ 1 today, get off at 6. Then I'm gonna get some groceries & prepare for the week of work ahead. Waaaaah! I'm bummed the long holiday weekend is coming to a close. huh.gif
Good Morning!!

Hey coffee!!!

Hi Ketto! I'm thinking we should do lunch soon, I've got a hankering to go to Eat or Underground. mmmm food.

(((((turbo))))) I'm glad you are starting to feel better.

Kari, did you get my PM about crackbook??

Well this weekend has been low key. Sort of. Friday I took off and on my way to the park, I just about got t-boned by some woman who full on ran a stop sign when I was in the intersection, so I filed a police report. I was pissed. She didn't even make an attempt to stop.

Last night was even better, around midnight I heard a thunk, and thought nothing of it, but worry got the best of me and I thought it was someone vandalizing cars. Not at all. Some moron of a woman claims that she skidded because it was slippery outside, and landed in out front yard, she hit the cable and telephone box. There was no way it was something small like that. Me suspects she was driving too fast for slippery conditions and was on her phone. She moved a fair distance over the boulevard (and didn't get hung up? please). Her hitting the box was the thunk. The police had to get involved, and I suspect she wasn't going to come to the door either. So, there is property damage.

Now it's sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow. Not exactly looking forward to that. I'm not exactly in a pleasant mood today.

I hope everyone is better than I.

Damn crappy Monday's.
Ah. It is Monday again. Woo.

I am actually feeling alright about it. Work's been smooth thus far. Have a few things to get done today.

Work tonight too.

That's all the news I have. Exciting, isn't it? tongue.gif

Hey CH! I did get your PM, I just need to get to FB to add you. I will do it! I can't believe you witnessed 2 car related incidents in such a short time span. mad.gif That stinks that both people were willing to just ignore what happened! UGH.
Drivers piss me off.

Are you in a better mood today?

Naaa Kari, I'm still pretty miserable.

Thank you for asking though!
Jenn, glad your thanksgiving turned out well and you were able to have a fun weekend with friends. Hope things are going alright. (((jenn)))

Kari, that sounds like a fun but crazy weekend. Normally paperboys family does Christmas on the 27th so we didn't have a conflict last year, but now his other aunt wants us to come over on Christmas day. I'd be lying if i said I wasn't disappointed. I really love spending time with my family and was looking forward to spending the entire day uninterrupted at my parents. I'm not a fan of multiple stops on one holiday.

Culture, I think what I hate most about this time of year is how much the people of Winnipeg forget how to drive in slippery, icy, slushy conditions. Especially because there's been black ice in many places over the last few mornings. Scary.

Last week was just too crazy. I don't like having too many evening things booked during the week because I get total burnout. Saturday I went to a great workshop called "Is Winnipeg A Safe Place for Women". I really enjoyed it but I had to get up at 7am. Paperboy and I went out for dinner with friends and it was lovely...yum sushi. I brought along my own gluten free soya sauce. tongue.gif Yesterday we were lazy because we both had a day off for the first time in over a week. We had pancakes and bacon and then went for a walk on the riverwalk, picked up groceries, and I made mashed new potatoes, apple spinach salad, and pork buttons for dinner. For the first time in almost 20 years I have a window in my bathroom so last night I lit a bunch of candles, opened the window wide, and took a steaming hot bath. It was like sitting in a hot spring. That may become a regular thing.

Regular work day today. Hoping to go for a run right after work but I think I'm coming down with a cold. I've got the sniffles. sad.gif
Hi, everypeep!

(((((((((((((((((Jenn's friend's family))))))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Sometimes you just don't know what's going through people's minds. A guy who worked in my building in a different department killed himself a couple months ago at work. Everyone who knew him had no idea he was even depressed.

Ketto, how's living with paperboy? I haven't been around since you guys started living together.

Congrats on the job at W-S, Kari! Like Jenn, I'd probably finish the pay period owing them money. I can't go there too often - I want EVERYthing. Even their catalogue is like crack.

Hi, CH! A new piercing, huh? How are you liking your new-ish job?

Hello to everyone else I missed. I don't think I've posted here in at least a month, maybe more.

Things with me are okay. The house is growing on me. We haven't painted or even hung any pictures yet, but I'm realizing more and more that this is the right space for us. I don't know how we'd have managed with less bedrooms to create our own separate spaces. We had the giant's family over last night, 7 of them including a little girl and a very young toddler. It was kind of nice to see them chasing each other around and shreiking. It was noisy, but they were having lots of fun. Hmmm, what else? My grandpa might die soon. He's in hospice care at his home right now. It's hard to be sad about it, he's 92 years old and has lived a really great life. He's got family all around him, he's in his own home, he's still got his wits about him, and it's not like he's being robbed of any years. I can't think of a better way to go. I've seen Poodle a couple times, mostly for movies, but we went out with Talullah and her husband last month, which was fun. I don't think I've seen them for nearly 2 years. What else? Work sucks ass. They've put me back on the cases that need modified orders, which I was so happy to get rid of a few months ago, but the person who was doing them all got way behind, so I have to step in and pick up the slack. Seriously, I hate my job. I can feel my brain cells dying for 8 hours a day.

It's that time of year again where I hawk my truffles and wares to anyone who wants them. I've got 28 truffle flavors this year, plus homemade vanilla and peppermint marshmallows which are delicious, if I do say so myself. I never got around to making truffle bars; I haven't had much extra ganache to play around with, and just getting the truffles done is a job. Anywhoodle, if any of you are interested, send me a PM and I'll send you my flavor list/pricing scheme.

Good Morning.

~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for Ketto~*~*~*~*

Hey Diva!!!! It's been way too long since you've been in here!!! I'm so glad that you're doing well in your house!

I don't have a whole lot going on. I'm off to the dr tomorrow about my mood. Le sigh.
feel better, be happy vibes for CH--you need a road trip, an adventure, a night out---something new---we all love you
Good morning! I hope you know that that is forced enthusiasm & cheeriness. I'm grumpy today. Hmpf. dry.gif

HEY DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so good to see you! I am so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying your new home! Very exciting. Sorry about work. I understand how you feel, I'm over mine right now too. But with the economy in the shitter, well, I'm happy to be gainfully employed, but it would be nice to feel more stimulated for the 8 hours I'm at work. Oh well. What can one do. Tell Poodley we said hi! I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. It sounds like conditions are optimal, or as much as one can hope when the time comes. (((diva fam)))


Hey CH! sad.gif I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough patch. Good for you for calling the doc. Help is on the way. Hang in there gal.

Hey ketto! I know, multiple holiday stops stink. I'm with you on that. Fortunately, we won't have to do that on Christmas this year. We usually do. In fact, it used to be worse when Mr K's parents lived 3 hours away. We'd have to go to my mom's early in the day, hang for a bit, but then leave by like 2PM to drive the 3 hours to the other place. It sucked. This year his parents are doing Christmas on the 26th. Thank goodness.

As I said, I'm grumpy today. Just one of those mornings. I was rushed, late, dropped a heavy damn piece of plywood on my toe, couldn't find my scarf or gloves, my face is breaking out like nobody's business, and when I got to work I only had one earring in. ACK! Hoping things improve as the day wears on.

I called the derm about my stupid skin. Going in tomorrow @ 11. Something must be done. Um, what else. Going to try to be productive today @ work. Tonight I tutor.

Hey all!

(((((CH mood improvement)))))

Diva!!!! Squeeeeee! So glad to hear that you're settling into your home. We've been in our place for almost 8 years, and still haven't hung our artwork...we figure it's best not to rush these things. tongue.gif

Ketto, I hear you on the disappointment with the holiday shuffling. I'm already feeling anxious about our trip to's good and bad that both our families are in the same town - we get to see them both, which is great, but we spend the entire time running back and forth between houses, and it's gotten even more complicated this year, as turbomann's dad remarried, and they're trying to get all 5 of their combined kids + spouses + grandkids together on Christmas Day at the same time. UGGGGGGGH. So not gonna work. Oh well. It will be what it will be.

Kari and Diva - I'm with you on the lack of love for the job...but as you've noted, I'm thankful to have a job for now, and not really looking around much, as there aren't ANY non-profit jobs out there right now, let alone design positions in NPOs.

Kari - hope your day got better - give yourself a break, it's the full moon, and it always throws things out of whack for a few days! Moon is in Cancer so it's all about moodiness and feelings this week - lookout!!!

Hey Jade! Thanks for the loving smile.gif

(((((kari))))) How are you doing today? Did your day get better?

Hey turbo! I'm also going to step in line about work.

Not much here, we had the first of three holiday potlucks yesterday (the next two are in the next two weeks) and it was wonderful! it was very tasty and I ate just enough. Then I just had to go for a run last night, today I'm off to the doctor, so we shall see what happens there.
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