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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!!!!

Happy Friday! WOO!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I missed it! Did you do some fun stuff?

Ketto, I'm glad you're feeling better. Your move is coming up so soon! How exciting! Sounds like soccer was awesome. Yeah! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game. I think that would be really fun.

CH, you naughty gal, you've been getting lots of portions lately. wink.gif I like it.

It's a rainy day here. Temps are supposed to drop, but it's not supposed to rain tomorrow.

Yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary. Doesn't feel like 4 years! We went to the movies. Gonna go out for a nice dinner tomorrow night. That's about all I have in terms of weekend plans. I am keeping my niece tomorrow, trying to think of something fun we can do. Hmmm......
Oops, I'm sorry Anna! I totally blanked that it was your birthday yesterday!
Congrats on 4 years, Kari!
Good Morning.

C'est Friday. Normally this makes me happy, but it also means it's the last day of my vacation. Le frown.

Congratulations on your four year wedding anniversary Kari!!!! I also got some more hbi last night.

Hey Ketto!! It's almost moving day! Are you excited?!?

Not much here, I'm off to lunch with dadzilla and two of his sisters who are in from out of town. That's all I know so far.

What's everyone got planned this weekend?

anna k
I had a very nice birthday dinner last night with my family. We went to a great Thai resturaunt, then I watched the movie Oldboy, it was a present from my sister's boyfriend. I got some nice presents, and am wearing a necklace my sister got me. I'll try to find something fun to do this weekend.

Congratulaions kari and mr. kari!!!!

I'm glad you're feeling better, ketto.

CH, you have been a lucky lucky lady lately. smile.gif
Good Morning!!!

Anna, it sounds like you had a nice birthday!!!

Not much here, went out for lunch, did some shopping, and laid pretty low last night. Today, I'm not too sure what I have going on. Went for a run with the pooch, and now I'd like to go back to sleep. so I'm going to.
HAPPY (belated)
ooops! Happy Birfday Anna and CultureHandy!
Thank you jami and tree!!!!
Yo yo YO! Sorry for my absence in's the crackbook, you know - only so many social networks that I can keep up with at one time. It makes me sad to spend less time here, since the discussions are so much deeper than what can be public on crackbook, but it is what it is. It's the craziest time of the year for me at work, and free time is hard to come by.

Happy Belated Birthdays to Anna and CH!!! Hope you both had fantastic birthdays!

I spent most of my weekend working - again - suck. But, I had to present Friday/Saturday at our annual Board/Volunteer conference, and both presentations went very well, I felt good up on the podium speaking about new media, and it got me some nice exposure to high-level volunteers. Not the worst way to spend a weekend. I did end up getting a cold earlier in the week, but I banished it in about 24 hours with raw veg juices, and have been taking it easy today to rest up after all the work.

Ketto - did you get your celiac test results? How are things going for you, health-wise? If you need any tips, let me know.

Kari - congratulations on 4 years of marital life!!! Woot!
Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm back at work.

~*~*~*keep on feeling better vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~

I have nothing, I'm at work, it's Monday, C'est poop.
Anna, sounded like a nice low key birthday. Hope you had a good weekend.

Culture, sucks that you're back at work. I wish I could take the week off...I'm so distracted with the impending move but oh well.

Hey Jenn, sounds like you're pretty busy. The hospital lost the second celiac test results but my doctor told me if I wanted to, to switch diets right after the test. So now I've been about two months gluten free and I'm actually starting to feel a bit better. I don't think I'll get a confirmed result at this point because I'm not willing to eat the amount of gluten I need to right now. Someone on another message board was posting some new studies that suggest to get a reliable positive result you need to eat at least 3 pieces of bread for 3 months. I'm not up for it right now and I've dropped between 5-10 pounds just from not eating gluten the last 7-8 weeks.

Nothing much going on for me. Busy getting ready all weekend again. My routine seems to be working from home on Mondays right now so I'm doing that again. I'm planning to take Friday and Monday off so I don't get too stressed out from the move so I'm just looking forward to that. I'm feeling excited. I've felt really bored and trapped living at home, especially in the last year and being out of school for a year and a half already.
greetings m'lovies

bak at work, CH? must be awwwful after being on the vaca. what about a virtual martini? jagermeister?
kette... two months gluten free??? yegads. congrats on that feat alone, girl!!! and the missing pounds as an added bonus!! woot.
Turbo.. yeah, the crackbook. I'm doing the farming game. can't do it in realife, so I do it there.

well... almost rid of the ex. he didn't file taxes, -we- got in trouble. he paid feds, I've left to pay state, I make the balance up to him. well, mom left me some $$, and that's where it's going. thanks mom.

been thinking of her lots lately. nearly two years now. sucks major.

so I get the $$ Wednesday, pay off debits, including a major credit card that we've been living off of. and then I have to get rough as mere mortal mom and tell the boys that it's no longer rent free. mom's outta freebies, it's time to ante up. they've been rent free since my mom died. and to tell the truth, they didn't pay rent with her either. so the big 'ol world is gonna bite them.
I have to get the cojones up to do it.

mylove is still having a rough time of episodes. this one has been three months now. sometimes barely noticeable. most times its bad. no $, no insurance. that last dr of his who moved, taking his records and now NOT returning letters requesting records should be hung by his cojones. such h*ll he's putting mylove thru. grrr.

hugs to you all. I know we need 'em.
Good Morning!

CH, back to work, huh? Boooooo!!!!!! Did your vacation do you good?

(((Jami))) I am so sorry about all this crap lame-ex is putting you through. mad.gif He'll get his one day. And I am so sorry your man is doing poorly. Is he under any medical care right now? Good for you for planning to make the boys pay up soon. They're adults, they need to be paying.

Hey Ketto! I'm glad to hear dietary changes have resulted in you feeling better. Yay!!

Hey Jenn! It's good to see you! Busy time @ work, eh? Yikes. Happy to hear you warded off that cold!

Thanks for all your anniversary good wishes!

Things here are good today. Feeling energetic & optimistic. I applied for a job on Friday. Can't remember if I've already mentioned that. Cross your fingers for me, Okayers!! REALLY want an opportunity to interview.

I had a nice weekend. The weather was stunning. Last night was enjoyable also. Poor MR K didn't get home til 10PM - group project for school - but I cooked a great dinner and caught up on some tv shows.
Good Morning!!

Ketto, that is excellent that you are feeling better!!! here's to your move going well!

Hi Jami!!! Why not just let the boys know that you need a little financial help, not like your asking for everything to be paid for.

all I did last night was sleep, I was so tired. Seems to have done the world of good.

hope everyone is well!!

ETA: Hi Kari!!!! ~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~

Jami, glad to hear things that there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to your ex.

Kari, I'm sending some positive job vibes!

I'm worried I might have H1N1 and I'm not sure what to do because I'm in the high risk group (autoimmune disease). Two of my co-workers were diagnosed last week but I haven't had much contact with them. I started getting a sore throat yesterday that I originally thought was a pulled muscle. By the time I went to bed it hurt to swallow and today it's really sore. It's only the left side of my throat and neck, but my neck is aching sooooo badly and my throat is really tender to touch on the outside and painful to swallow, like the whole left side is bruised. I'm feeling nauseous and I have a bad headache but I don't have a fever at this point and I had a bit of a coughing bout when I woke up but nothing since then. I wasn't feeling too worried but now my mom is really freaking me out because I'm in the high risk group and she's insisting I go try to get tamiflu. I keep telling her I have no fever and that's it's just like the regular flu but now I'm actually a bit paranoid. Hopefully I'm just psyching myself out and I'll wake up feeling lovely.
((((Ketto))))) Can you be tested by the doctor? I think they can confirm presence of H1N1. I hope you are ok! ~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~
Since at this point I don't have a fever and so far today the cough seems to have disappeared, I'll wait until tomorrow before i phone the doctor. I was feeling fine about it this morning, all, "just another cold", because I'm prone, but my mom is freaking me out. My head is feeling worse and I kinda feel like someone punched the inside and outside of my throat. I'm not too worried, I just don't want to take time off or be sick for the move!
Ketto, go get yourself a vegetable juicer - seriously. The autoimmune thing should really only get you down for about the first year post-gluten. After that, you'll likely feel better than you have in many years, and won't get many colds anymore. But in the meantime, you do need to pump up the immune system, especially in fall/spring when weather is so changeable. But when I feel a cold coming on - I hit the carrot/celery/fresh ginger juice. The ginger and carrot will amp up your immune system big time, and help move things through. Because I've got the second immune disorder, I can't take any cold meds, so I pretty much have to hit up the natural stuff as much as possible. Hope you feel better soon!

(((((((get the jobby job vibes for Kari)))))) I like how even the act of looking for a job makes you feel better about where you're at - like you're really only in your current job for a little while longer. Feeling good about moving on is half the battle in getting a new job - I'm sure of it!

(((((strength to make the boys pay up for jami))))) Jami - I'm glad the money from your mom will help you through the next hurdle. I hope for a calm period in your life - SOON - you have earned it!!

Had my annual performance review today...I ROCK. My bosses love me, which certainly makes life a lot easier, even if I question A LOT about their credentials. And then, I had to go to the dentist to get a filling redone, and my mouth just thawed out an hour ago. Oy.

Ketto, how are you feeling today??? *~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*

Yay turbo on the performance review!!! *throws confetti*

I had a bitchin' bad headache yesterday, it went away, and this morning it's a shade unpleasant again, so I was going to bus it, ended up driving. Curse this headache.

Good Morning!

~~~~headache go away vibes for CH!~~~~~ I hope your head starts feeling better.

~~~~health vibes for ketto!~~~~~ I hope you're feeling even better today. I know you gots to be feeling good for this weekend.

Hey Jenn! Yay for your good work review!!! I'm glad your bosses recognize your genius.

Yeah, sometimes looking for work makes me feel good & productive & sometimes it makes me feel not so good. Hmpf. I have an informational meeting this afternoon. Not at the place I applied to, obviously, but with a woman that works in the industry. Gonna prep for it in a little bit.

Other than that, hmmmm......nothing too exciting happening over here. I tutored last night, had a good session. Then Mr K and I made some really good taco salads for dinner & watched Mad Men. Nice night.
Goooooood Morning!

It's Thursday!

Foggy day here so far. Hoping for some sunshine later.

well, my informational meeting went well yesterday I think. The person was very approachable & seemed willing to help in any way she could. She said she would help me revamp my resume and that she would get together a list of other people I could contact. She gave me some other ideas too. All in all, positive!

After that I went home for a bit, then hit the gym.

Good Morning.

Kari, great news about the meeting!!!

It sure is quiet in here. Not much here, it's almost friday! YAY! Last night just worked out then got some lovin'.

tonight, not too sure what's going on yet.
Jenn, there's nothing like a great review from your co-workers or bosses. We do a peer review at my work and I almost look forward to it. I like to know what other people perceive as my weaknesses so I can work on them but so far they've all just had positives! biggrin.gif

Culture, hope your head is better. There's definitely a few weird colds going around besides the flu right now.

Jenn, it's actually the type 1 diabetes I was meaning. It puts me in the high risk group (so would celiac but I have no confirmation so I can't use it when I go to get the shot). So the diabetes combined with probably celiac (or some other IBS type disease) puts me in a not-so-great spot. I've always gotten hit very hard with the flu too which doesn't make things any easier. A juicer is actually on my wish list, but with all the moving out expenses, it will just have to wait for a few months. I'm taking all my vitamins, etc, and I have a smoothie (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, and almond milk) with breakfast every morning and add flax oil, etc to it so I feel pretty good on that front.

I did end up going to the walk-in on Tuesday night. He said it could be the beginning of the flu but it could just be a cold. My throat hurts a lot less today and I can move my neck around more but my head is pounding. I'm going to try and get in 7 or 8 hours today and then I have to go pick up some apartment stuff and paint my dresser, a window box, and a dining room table. Tomorrow I'm just going to work from home for a couple of hours and then cook up some recipes for the new apartment.

I'm such a hoarder. I hate using sick time, even when I'm actually sick. I might need it later!
anna k

Ugh, it's like everyone's getting sick. My friend, my mom, a co-worker. It's a nasty season.

(((good health vibes for ketto)))

Congratulations, kari! That's awesome!

Yay jenn on the performance review!

I'm happy that I've reconnected with an old friend, and she's been so warm and kind. I used to have a bad habit of just talking about myself, and not really getting to know anyone else, and she called me out on it. Now I'm glad we're friends again, and while she mentioned that I definitely used to do that, I've changed a lot over the past year, and wanted to get rid of the past by getting to know her better and being more open to listening to her. I just feel lucky for having been able to change and for her to be so accepting and forgiving.

Nothing special this week. Just working, the usual. I'm going to a Halloween party Friday night, may go to see the movie Skin Saturday night. We'll see.
Good Morning!

It's Friday!! smile.gif

((ketto)) I hope you are feeling better today! I know you have a busy weekend.

Hey Anna. Reconnecting with your friend sounds good. It sounds like you 2 have a lot of honesty & trust between you.

Hey CH! Lovin'! WOO!

Things here are good today. I'm tired though. I stayed up late helping Mr K with his personal statement for his pharmacy apps. Poor guy, he said he only got about 2 hours of sleep last night. He was also working on a physics paper. And he has to work tonight so he won't have any time to take a nap. huh.gif I don't know how he does it.

Big weekend plans everyone?

I am going to hang with the fam tonight. I might go with my sister & my niece to some carnival. Tomorrow, I'm not sure what I am up to. Tomorrow night we plan on handing out candy & then going to a friend's party. Sunday is open - I'm hoping to maybe paint my laundry room. Finally.
Good Morning!!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Ketto~*~*~*~*

anna, great news about you and your friend!!

Kari, sounds like a busy weekend!

Just worked out last night, went to the dentist this morning, and today we have a potluck at work. Tonight, there is a hallowe'en party, but not sure if I want to go.

yay for lovin - CH!
hope you're feeling better ketto!! ~*~*~ketto~*~*~
good friends are fantastic, anna
and you must be feeling fab about the performance review turbo. about time you were recognized!

Halloween has come and gone. last year we had the fantasticly decorated front porch and all. this year not so much as a pre-fab spider web. blast that depression anyway. we ordered some meds from outofcountry. you know, the ones you see online. it's his stuff, only no Rx, no MD. today is day three. much better. he feels better. oh, yeah - then he got the FLU!!! <sheesh> so I'm taking care of him. and we talk about things. it's good.
Tomorrow is the Haloween sales. we need misters (like for skull heads) only we use them in the reptile tanks to keep their skins moist. and if you must know, I loves me a sale.

Good Morning.

Hey Jami!!! ~*~*~feel better vibes for Jami and man~*~*~*~*

I didn't do too much last night, went to a friends place, then came home and talked to PR Boy, today off ggrocery shopping. I did manage to squeeze in a work out, too.
it's Monday...

need I say more??

I soooo could have stayed in bed this morning!
No, you need not say any more, CH! It's Monday.

I actually had an easier time getting up today, since we rolled the clocks back. It's much lighter now in the AM. Though I do really dislike the evening darkness. It's a trade off.

Jami, I am glad to hear your man is starting to feel somewhat better. The flu too? Sheesh. He can't catch a break. I'm glad he has you to take care of him, I know he appreciates it. What sorts of reptiles do you have?

Hey CH! Sounds like a nice weekend. I did no workouts this weekend. Oops.

I had a really nice weekend. Went to my sister's on Friday night. Then Mr K got off work early so we were able to hang out, which was great. Saturday we also spent time together and had a lot of fun. Went out to lunch, shopped for Halloween costumes, carved our pumpkin. We stayed home til about 8PM giving out candy, then we went to a friend's party. We dressed up as matching tacky tourists. Yesterday I had lunch with my mom, applied for a parttime job, and did the grocery shopping & cleaning.

Great weekend!
anna k

That sounded like such a nice weekend, Kari!

Hi CH!

Hi Jami!

I had so much fun Sunday night. A friend of mine from dance class invited me to hang out with her and a fellow dance friend at a bar, and it was a blast. We drank, talked about tons of things, got along so great, and a guy my friend was eying came up to give her his number, and we ended up hanging out with him and his friends for about an hour and a half. I was so happy for her because she's beautiful and smart and awesome, and happy that I was invited out and belonged.
Good Morning!!!

Kari, that sounds like a fun weekend. My weekend included getting rather baked on some fabu stuff. Heh.

Anna, your weekend also sounds like fun!!

I'm in a way better mood today!!! I slept tons last night. I even managed to get up and work out this morning!! And and and I told my friend that I thought his friend was hot and I want to play with him. Hopefully that'll happen.

Just at work, nothing exciting. the cop wanted me to swing by this morning, but time did not allow. Crud.
Anna, that's great about your friend. It's always nice to reconnect to people who are worth it. Sounds like good times on the weekend too.

Hey Jami. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Hey Kari, sounds like a good halloween weekend.

Culture, glad today is better. I'm tired but I have lots to do at work so the day is going really fast. I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can get a better rest. Do you get Wednesday off next week because of remembrance day? Weird day off, but I'm looking forward to my mid-week rest. If I plug in enough hours on Monday and Tuesday I can take Friday off too. tongue.gif

So the move is over. It was stressful, especially because once my stuff was done we had to drive to paperboys and get all his stuff and then go pick up a box spring. Everyone was impressed with the place. I hadn't seen it since we viewed it almost a month ago and it was better than I remembered and in great condition. The caretaker said people hardly ever move out of the building so we were lucky to catch a sublet. I'll post pictures once everything is unpacked and we've decorated a bit. It was funny though. I have a really close relationship with my family and I was sad to leave, but not to the point of tears or anything. On Sunday night we were setting stuff up and I said to paperboy, "Are you weirded out by how strangely normal this feels?" All in all, it's going great so far. And I'm only a 30 minute walk to work or a 6 minute bus ride, a 5 minute drive. Yay! Plus we're directly across the river from one of my best friends!

anna k

Ketto, I'm glad the move went so well, and you can settle in more in the next few days. I'm so glad you and paperboy found a great and convenient place to live in!

CH, I'm glad you're feeling so relaxed and happy!

I had a good evening last night. I went to dance class, where my dance friend told me she hung out with the bar guy Monday night, and was seeing him after class. She was so happy and excited, and I felt great for her. Then I did the gym class afterwards, and for some reason I usually felt intimidated by the instructor, even though he's a nice guy. So I asked him how his kids' Halloween went, and he got all happy, saying how much fun they had, and it made him feel like a kid again, because adults lose that fun, and I was happy to hear all of that and to feel more confident and less shy. It just feels more healthier and a weight off of my shoulders when I can open up more to people instead of reverting into being shy and/or reserved.

Plus, I may have a possible job interview for a receptionist job, courtesy of a contact I know. I hope to be able to be interviewed, it pays well and offers benefits.
Good Morning!

Ketto, so glad the move went well!!! yay!!!

Anna, that's great about a possible job!!! ~*~*~*get the interview vibes~*~*~*~

I've got nothing here. Went out for lunch with a friend yesterday. I picked up a new book. chilled in the evening, as always.
eeeeeep! I've killed it again.

Le Sigh.
Buenos Dias!

Anna, the job tip sounds promising! Great pay + benefits = smile.gif
Glad you had a good weekend hanging with your dance friend & that you guys met some other people out. That can be really fun.

Yay, Ketto! Move is over!! I can't wait to see pics. It sounds like you & paperboy are going to have a wonderful time living together, if it's already feeling normal. Excellent. Thats awesome that your new place is so close to your work AND your best friend.

Hey CH! Glad to hear you are feeling better. New playmate huh? Nice! What new book did you get?

Things here are good. It's been sunny everyday this week & that makes me happy. I worked at home yesterday, so I got to enjoy the weather some. I got some work done, went to the chiropractor, finished the revision on my resume & sent it to the lady I met with last week, & then in the afternoon I interviewed for a PT seasonal job. I think it went well. I hope I get hired! I would love to have a little extra jingle in my pocket.

Today I am just working per usual. Scheduled to go to the gym @ lunch. Tonight I have to go to this food party thing @ my mom's house & then Mr K and I are going to see a band. We usually don't go out on weeknights, but the band he used to manage is touring & is coming through town. They are supposed to go on around 9:30. I hope that happens b/c I also have a busy day/night tomorrow & don't want to be tired.
It's Friiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Kari, how was the show?? ~*~*~*seasonal job vibes~*~*~*~

I did nothing last night. it's Friday, it's payday, that's all I care about today.
Holla bitches.

It's Friday!

Ch, we didn't end up making it to the show. I had to go to this party thing @ my mom's place. And I decided I was just too tired to go out. Mr K decided he was too tired too, so we bagged it. I am glad we did, as I got to bed at a decent hour & feel good today.

What's everyone doing this weekend?

Tonight I'm going w/ some friends to an art opening & then to get some dinner.
No plans tomorrow.
Sunday I am going to a craft fair w/ my mom & grandmother.

That's all I got!

Anna, I definitely agree about opening up to people. It's so much easier once you find a topic that gets other people excited and all that pressure lifts, even if it is just about his kids at halloween.

Kari, the last couple of days have been sunny here too, after a month of darkness. It makes such a difference, my mood has felt uplifted all week.

Culture, I hardly ever do anything on Fridays anymore. I always feel so burnt out from my week that its nice just to sit at home and relax without having to worry about work the next day.

Yesterday I worked about 10 hours and I was totally exhausted. I only have two more hours so I'm doing them from home. I slept in for the first time in almost two weeks and it was heavenly. I'm still in my pj's and sitting in the living room enjoying a nice relaxing day. I have soccer at 7:30 and then I'm just gonna come home and veg out. We're having a few friends over tomorrow to see the place but that's about it.
Good Evening.

Kari, how was the art opening??

Ketto, that is a long day. enjoy your relaxing weekend!

I just chilled last night, texted PR Boy, tonight I'm going out with him. tomorrow I am supposed to be going out with a friend, but I haven't heard from her yet. Not a big deal if I don't.

Enjoy your weekend all!
*steps over troll droppings*

Hey all! I think crackbook is indeed proving to be the death of my Bust habit, even though I miss our conversations here when I'm not around. Oh well.

Work has just been insane lately...we've got this little "health care reform" project going on that is pretty much sucking the lifeblood of all hands. Thrilling to see the bill pass the house last night, but so fucking infuriating that it passed with the Stupak amendment which is a HUGE rollback for abortion rights. I've been fuming all day - I just don't understand what the big deal about abortion is (ditto for same-gender marriage) - don't want one - dont GET ONE! Fuckers. Crushing defeat for women's healthcare. Makes me SO glad that I've chosen to opt out from that particular rat race, and remain CBC.

Ketto - congrats on finishing the move! I hope you've enjoyed playing in your very own kitchen this weekend, and have had a quieter weekend to rest up. Take it easy on yourself - the first year GF is quite the up-and-down experience, and your bod needs as much support and rest as you can give it. Hang in there.

((((((get the job vibes for Anna)))))))

Hey CH - hope you're having a good weekend, and had a nice night out (or IN hehe) with PR boy last night!

The weather has been *amazing* here all weekend, so I've been out on bike or walking the dog for as much time as possible. I wish the summer had been as nice as this weekend has been. We're currently sitting on the balcony (with laptops) drinking mimosas - in NOVEMBER! Radass!!
Hey Turbo!!! Shitty about the health care reform amendments. C'est poop. The weather here has also been wonderful. And PR Boy and I don't often do the dirty anymore. there's a lot going on with our friendship, all of it good.

Well, I'm off to the park to take the hound for a walk, then come home and relax. I got in late last night and all I want to do is sleep.

Jenn, Ugh, I know. I am really pissed off too. mad.gif

I'm on crackbook too. I don't spend a ton of time on there, but do check in almost daily. I'll PM you my deets.

Hey CH! Did you end up meeting up with your friend?

Where's Diva been lately I wonder? I bet she & the Giant are setting up their house. And moxie? Jenn, is moxie doing well?

So many Okayers that I miss.

I had a great weekend. The weather was amazing. Didn't end up going to the art opening. Second friend had invited a gal that first friend & I aren't too fond of. So we went to dinner, just the two of us, instead. It was really nice to catch up. Saturday I hit the craft show with my mom, niece, & grandmother. Everyone had a good time. I bought 2 Christmas gifts. A handmade wooden drum for our nephew & a fabulous handmade wood cutting board for the inlaws. Yesterday I took the dogs on a hike, cleaned the house, etc. Great weekend!!
Good Morning!!!

Kari, send me your deets!!!! Squeee another crackbook bustie friend. I'm envious of your craft show attendance!

I did end up going out for a late lunch with my friend, it was really nice. shortly after that post I went to bed. my stomach was a little upset and I was bagged from my late night with PR Boy.

It's Monday. Hmmph.

Hey Turbo! I love playing in the kitchen. It seems like I'm really starting to see differences in my health now, which is exciting. I haven't seen my doctor since July when my two blood tests got screwed up, but I'm going to make an appointment with her soon just to let her know that I'm finally feeling better. She'll probably stick me with the IBS label, but no way am I going back to eating wheat. Not to mention that I dropped another pant size in the last 2.5 months. Woo!

Kari, sounds like a nice weekend. I really need to get cracking on my christmas gifts. I like to try and have it all done before December so I can just relax for the month. I hate the frenzy in the last two weeks. Hard to believe we're already talking about Christmas. Yeesh!

Oh Mondays. At least I get Wednesday off for Remembrance Day. I could still use a week off, but I had a nice weekend. I feel more well rested living with paperboy. When I was at my folks I always felt like I was trying to squeeze in everyone in a short period of time. We even had friends over on Saturday, I haven't entertained in probably about 5 years. Paperboy and I had a couple of...annoyances over the weekend, and we didn't have the extra room set up to "escape" too, but we just gave each other some space. I'm glad we talked about the fact that we would probably both get annoyed with each other from time to time because I think we're both kind of prepared for it. We're both used to our space but things are going smoother than I expected, although I didn't really know what to expect.

Good Morning!!

Ketto, great news that you are feeling better!!

It sure is quiet in here *curses crackbook* I like it and all, but not that much anymore. I suppose the novelty has worn off. No, I know it has.

I went for a run last night, it was gorgeous out, then relaxed, i'm looking forward to having tomorrow off.
Is there a FB group? I just don't get facebook but I feel like so many more people (here and otherwise) are moving there to communicate that I need to start using it more than once a week. I guess I don't update my own profile very often because I feel like it's too public - I should just delete all the idiots from high school who keep insisting on adding me.

CH, I'm really looking forward to the day off tomorrow too.

Last night paperboy and I went to his mom's for dinner. We went to bed too late after some awesome HBI and got up too early to go to work today. I'm going to work till 2 or 2:30 and then go run some errands. I have soccer tonight at 9:30 and I don't want to go. Blah.
Ketto, I keep all the busties open to see all my info, what there is. A few friends can see my info, too. Everyone else knows my birthday and that's it.

Curse the good hbi that's sooooo good but you can't get enough sleep. it's a tough trade off.
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