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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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anna k
((((ketto))) You're there for her, and when she needs you, she'll be ready and open. But I want to wish you love on you and paperboy moving in together, that's so beautiful.

Kari, I'm glad you're feeling better. And I love October too! It's my birth month, and I love the Halloween spirit.

Hi CH! Hi Jenn!

This week has been crazy. I've been doing some work for a PR firm by attending a film screening and writing up questions for the director, and have to write the story this weekend for a film website. I had a job interview for a temp job at a major book publisher for an online marketing job, and got a callback for a second interview. I'm hoping that I can work this job with my part-time job, but this job is full-time, so if I was able to just work weekends, it would fit and help me out a lot. I would hope my boss would be understanding. If I got it, it's more pay, health benefits from the agency, and more publishing contacts.

Last night I hung out at a wrap party for the magazine I intern for, and it was very chill and relaxed. I mostly talked to a fellow intern, but also talked to a filmmaker who I had heard of, and we talked about both having gone to the same Montreal film festival. It was nice to find that common ground, and later I looked him up and saw he was much more accomplished and industry-known than I thought. He seemed very unassuming and normal and casual to me, so that was cool.
Good Morning!!

hey Kari! how was dinner last night??

Ketto, I think you should just ask her to come out, I think she'd like that. I'm sure she'd appreciate the invitation even if she declined. I'm ready to say goodbye to 2009, this hasn't exactly been the best year.

Anna, that is great news about the work for the PR firm!!!

I'm with you all on enjoying october, it's a lovely time of year, I LOVe hallowe'en, although I wish it was more like xmas, the lead up and such, and it is also my birfday month.

Last night I went for a walk with the pooch which helped my depression, talked to PR Boy and did some mindful meditation, which always works wonders. This morning, I had some damn amazing hbi before coming to work. heh, no pun intended. Lunch yesterday was really good, tonight a friend is asking me to go for dinner, but I may ask him to go tomorrow instead. Getting together with my mom and grandmother tomorrow morning, I picked up and paid for my birthday gift, a lovely red bag, you can see it here, the great thing about this brand is that it's ethical leather. It's made from recylced plastic bottles to look and feel like leather. It's gorgeous. I have one like it, but a smaller version and in black. Anyway, my grandmother is giving me a cheque for the bag.

What's everyone else got planned for the weekend?
Good Afternoon!

CH, I love the bag!! Very nice! Is your birthday approaching? Or did I miss it? I hope I didn't miss it!

Speaking of that.....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KETTO!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are enjoying your time off! That is very sweet of you trying to organize a spa day. I feel bad for your cousin. I hope she can be persuaded to join you guys. I know it's very difficult to get going again after a loss or tragedy. (((cousin)))

Anna, sounds like you do indeed have a lot going on. That's great!! I will be crossing my fingers about the job! ~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~

Ch, my dinner last night was lots of fun & very tasty. I had a really good fish sandwich & shoestring fries. Then my friends & I went out for a drink. My head was kind of hurting from sinuses, so I got a non-alc beverage that was the bomb! Homemade black currant syrup mixed with soda water. Mmmmmm! I want another one!

Weekend - I don't have much going on at all. Tonight I am meeting up with my mom & sister for dinner. Tomorrow & the next day are open! Woo! Mr K works both days. He said he's studying tomorrow night. I am planning on cleaning the house, reading, maybe painting, seeing a movie, etc. Looking forward to it!
Nope, Kari, you haven't missed it. it's on the 18th of this month.
Thanks for the birthday wishes! October is such a popular birthday month.

Anna, sounds like you're very busy. Good luck on the job!

Cute bag culture, I've never heard of that kind of 'leather'. Good stuff!

I felt better as the day went on and sent a little message to my cousin. My dad got me some red roses and my brothers and paperboy went in together to get me the entire box set of Kids in the Hall, which I was very happy and surprised about. They also got me new subscriptions to Bitch and Bust, because both had lapsed and paperboy got me a new painting. My nana came over and gave me some more Royal Doultan China. I picked out a pattern when I was 18 so I've been getting pieces one birthday or Christmas at a time. And since we're getting ready to move out, my parents got me a beautiful brand new food processor with a little countertop processor. I'm nerdishly excited about using them. I'm going to make peanut sauce today! biggrin.gif

Otherwise, going to see Zombieland tonight with friends and Gogol Bordello tomorrow!!!!
oooh Ketto, what kind of food processor did you get? what colour??

I love kitchen appliances, they give my panty soop. PR Boy teases me and my mother about it, saying 'what is it with the culture women and kitchen appliances'.
Happy Sunday!!!

It's a dreary kind of day here, but that's okay, it is still nice out.

Last night I went to go see Zombieland, and it is soooooo funny, and really gory, but I highly recommend it, also went out for breakfast yesterday and had a yummy waffle. Mmmm, blueberry topping.

Today I'm off to do some grocery shopping.

How has everyone else's weekend been?
ummm *looks around*
Good Morning!

Hey CH! Sorry you were all alone in here!

Ketto, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Ch, did you have a good one? Sounds like you did some fun stuff!

Mine was good. Friday night I went out for Thai food w/ my mom & sister. It was their first time eating Thai, I think they both really liked it. Saturday I cleaned my house, went to this historic district here & did some shopping, then visited my grandmother. That night Mr K and I went out for sushi. Yesterday I hit the gym and the grocery store.

I have pre-MRG moodiness today. Plus it is dreary outside. Sigh......I need a perk-me-up!

I also saw Zombieland on Friday and thought it was great. I like Jesse Eisenberg. I also liked the cameo, which I knew nothing about so it made it all that much funnier. Gory gory gory though. tongue.gif

Kari, mmm...I love thai food. Sounds like a good weekend.

CH, I got an Oster silver processor that came with a little countertop processor. It's a brand new version so there aren't any reviews online yet, but the older models had some bad reviews of the plastic container. I'm going to test it out with Jenn's red thai coconut butternut squash soup today or tomorrow. I used the countertop one for peanut sauce on friday and it worked great.

On Saturday I went out all day with a good friend who just moved in with her boyfriend. We grabbed a delicious vegan gluten free lunch and shopped around for basic apartment stuff. Then GOGOL BORELLO saturday night!!! We had 3rd row seats so we got to rush the stage. I was almost at the very front and got spit, wined, watered on, and got to scream into the mic once. tongue.gif It was a great show. I was drenched in sweat when we left. Being 4'11 in a big crowd is extra sweaty....and smelly.

Yesterday paperboy and I went and looked at 4 apartments, none of them are worth considering though. I see a couple of possibilities on Kijiji though so we're going to call this afternoon and try and set up some more appointments. Otherwise, working from home today getting my "to-do" list done.
kari, I did have a great weekend!! ~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~*

ketto, I also LOVED the cameo in Zombieland. The concert sounds like it was great fun!!

I just remembered I'm supposed to be going out for lunch today, but I don't know if my friend remembered. we shall see.

Back to "work" now.
Happy Tuesday!!!

It's been forever since anyone has done good things Tuesday, so here we go!

1. there is no snow on the ground
2. I'm in a good mood
3. there is a good chance of some hbi today
4. I saw a very beautiful boy onthe bus home ysterday and I'm hoping I see him again.
5. It's Thanksgiving here this weekend!!!

So, went for a killer run last night and it felt soooooooooo good!!! Talked to PR Boy for a bit, and this morning I'm off to see the orthapedic surgeon to make sure my wrist is still doing well. I did end up going out for lunch yesterday and it was very nice. I've also arranged a birfday lunch for me, just so I can enjoy the company of people from work.

How was everyone else's evening??
Good Morning!

Ketto, sounds like you had a great weekend! ~~~~apartment vibes~~~~~~ I know you guys will find the perfect place! You are 4 '11? You're a tiny thing, ketto!

Hey CH! Birthday lunch, huh? NICE! Do you get some time off for the Thanksgiving holiday? I can't believe US Thanksgiving is coming up so soon. Geez oh pete, time flies. Who you gonna get HBI from today? Inquiring minds want to know!

Good Things! Yes! It's been too long, you're right!

1.) We went out for drinks last night w/ a friend & Mr K paid. I was expecting to have to pay. It was an unexpected treat.
2.) I am meeting with someone today to discuss a career change. Hoping to get some guidance.
3.) I just applied for a PT seasonal job @ the mall. Looking to make some extra bucks!!
4.) Have a tasty salad for lunch.

As you can see, things w/ me are good today. I am looking forward to meeting with the person today to discuss careers (see #2 above). It's the first of 2 meetings I've set up. I really think the next one will be more helpful, but I'm excited to get started. I am extra motivated now too, b/c I found out they are reconfiguring our offices here. Some of you may recall when I had to sit next to the keyboard pounder here @ work. This lady gets on my last nerve. Well apparently, she's going to start sitting in the same (large) room with us. Kill me now. She was over here yesterday bitching about it & I wanted to tell her I am MUCH more unhappy to hear this news than she can possibly be. She currently has her own little space & she's mad to be losing it. I just don't want to sit by her again! Too loud! / End rant/ Sorry 'bout that. smile.gif

Anyhoooooo......That's the scoop on this end. Hope all is well w/ everyone!
kari, it was supposed to be the cop, but it appears it didn't pan out *pouts* oh well.

So, what line of work are you looking at going into???

It is soooooooooooooooo boring here today. I have nothing going on. I have to type out a proposal, so I could do that. Maybe this afternoon I'll get on that task.

Boo for no HBI! dry.gif

I am having a hard time getting motivated today too. Well, I actually, motivation isn't the problem - I just feel like I'm spinning my wheels on this project. It's frustrating. Can't get any traction.

Line of work...I am so confused about what to do. My current line of work doesn't really have a clear trajectory or career path. I think it's applicable to lots of fields, but I have to find an in somewhere. The guy I'm meeting with today is in HR. I'm considering that field. We will see.
Kari, darling, the world could use a LOT more people in HR with common sense and compassion - you'd be great! Sorry about the loud co-worker, but I know exactly how that feels. To create my own private space in crowded cubeland, I use a white noise machine to blur some of the noise around me. And then, when I really need to concentrate, I've got noise canceling headphones for my ipod, as well as some super-duper earplugs, when I don't want to listen to music. And I hang a sign on the back of the door warning people that I prefer not to be disturbed....maybe it's a little extreme, but my work often requires good stretches of project time, and it's the only way I can function in a cubeworld. Good luck!

Ketto - that's awesome that you got a food processor, AND are going to make the thai butternut soup...that was the very first recipe I blogged about, and it's still a fall favorite!

Okay, good things Tuesday - thanks for bringing this one back - I always liked it:

1. Turbomann bought us a fancy new HD TV this's real purty.
2. So You Think You Can Dance is on very soon!
3. Leaves are changing, and it was a beautiful fall day
4. Fall foods are in, and I love me some squash, roots and hearty greens!

Okay, must get started on a blog post here - I'm WAY behind!
Good Morning!

Hey Jenn! Good to see you! White noise machine....hmm, that just might be something to look into. I have earplugs, I used to use them the last time I had to share an office with this woman. And I have earphones too. The things we have to do in cube land!

Woo Woo for the new tv, Jenn! NICE!!!!!

I met with the HR guy yesterday afternoon, it was a good meeting. He was very approachable, and very helpful. Gave me some good ideas. I'm going to work on my res today & send it to him. Just trying to get it out there. I will def tell him to be discreet with it, considering we both work for the state right now. Don't really want my bosses to know what's going on, though I don't think they'd get wind of it. Anyhoooo.

After the meeting I made white chicken chili for dinner & then Mr K watched last Sunday's Mad Men episode.
Good Morning.

Kari, so glad to hear that the meeting went well!

Hey Turbo! YAY on new tv's!!!

ugh, so I waited in the coldish weather for 30 minutes for a bus that did not come, but yay for dad's! My dad called, and I was bitching, he was nearby so he came and picked me up and drove me home so I could drive my ass to work. The next bus I that would have come was not a super express (which is what I normally take) and it would have been packed from all the people waiting for the previous bus. Fuck that noise.

It took me all the way to work to warm up. Curse that wind.

Last night I went for a run that did me in, I was sooooo tired, but it felt soooo good!!!
Kari, I am indeed a petite one. An inch taller than my mom though! Good luck with the job!

Jenn, I made that soup a few weeks ago and it's sooooooo good. I think it might just be my favourite soup. I also added carrots to mine too.

Culture, October has been pretty miserable so far. I want some sunny days, even if they are cool.

Paperboy and I went to look at two apartments yesterday morning. They were both good and we were seriously considering the first, until we saw the second. It's HUGE. Two huge bedrooms, a decent sized bathroom, decent sized galley kitchen and a giant living room that could easily double as a dining room. It's a 2 bedroom but the price is right and we would prefer the extra room. It's not in our ideal location but it's still in the area's we were looking. Since neither of us has rented we had to get my dad to co-sign and I dropped off his paperwork this morning. The woman looked at his yearly income and smiled. Yesterday I mentioned my folks own their house free and clear and my dad works for the government and the previously cold rental agency woman seemed to warm up to us after that. Fingers crossed!
~*~*~*~*get the appartment vibes for ketto and paperboy~*~*~*~

I hope you two get it!!!!
anna k
(((((good vibes for ketto and paperboy on finding the right apartment)))))

CH, I hate it when buses take forever to arrive, like 15-20 minutes, then you start walking and five minutes later it zooms past you.

I'm glad you had a good meeting, Kari!

Ketto, Zombieland was so good. Funny and sharp, and Woody Harrelson was great in it. Someone on Jezebel spoiled the cameo in a post about Whip It!, so that spoiled it for me.

This week has been fine. More relaxing than the last couple of weeks. I had a good second interview for the temp job, and I feel really confident about it. Luckily there are three positions available, and it just seems right for me. I shouldn't get my hopes up too much, but I'd really love this job, it's where I want to be and it lasts for several months. I also have to write something for the PR firm and put that together this weekend.
Good Morning!!

It's Thursday!!! one more day until a long weekend, then one more week until my vacation.

anna, that is the shits about the spoiler. Jeez, some people are just assholes.

it's a cool day here, as usual now. Getting to be that time of year. Got me some lovin' yesterday after work, then took the hound out, and worked out. Not very exciting.


Well, I hope everyone is well. Does anyone have plans for the weekend yet?
Buenos Dias!

~~~~~~~~apartment vibes for ketto!~~~~~~~~~~~~ The place sounds really nice. I am crossing my fingers for you!

Hey CH! I am jealous of your upcoming long weekend! And then you have vacation? Sweet. Sorry about the bus fiasco, but that is great that your pops helped you out.

Hey Anna! ~~~~~~~job vibes~~~~~~~~~ C'mon people! Hire this wonderful woman.

I'm doing well this morning, despite a frazzled start. Got up a little late, then it was Mr K's morning to walk the dogs, but at 6:15 he asked me if I could do it for him. He had to finish some homework. So I was a bit rushed, was about 20 mins late to work. But now I'm here & it's all good.

Had a good day yesterday. Did some work. Worked on my resume a lot. Tutored & then hit the gym. plans just yet. I had completely forgotten that I told my old boss that we'd come over for a cookout on Saturday. Oops. I can go, but I'm pretty sure Mr K can't go. Lots of studying to do I think. Then the other person, a friend of mine, I am pretty sure she will try to avoid going too. Hmmm. I wouldn't mind going by myself, except that the lady lives waaaaaaaay out in the country and I'm afraid of getting lost. If nobody can go, maybe I'll just tell her that the 2 of us should just meet up for lunch or dinner. Might be a solution.

Anyhoo, that's all I got. I really want to see a movie, so I might do that.
Kari, you should see Zombieland!!!!!
Ch, perhaps I will!

I really want to see Bright Star though. And maybe Whip It. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

Well, we got an email that our health insurance premiums will be increasing in 2010. No surprise there, and they are only going up 6%.

Good news is that they are giving us a "premium holiday" in Dec. & Jan. So we won't be paying our premiums those months. Excellent! That will save me about $430.
Anna, I hate spoilers. I'm at the point where I cover my eyes for the second half of movie trailers that I want to see. They give away the whole damn movie now!

Yay, it's my friday today! I wasn't intending on taking tomorrow off but the work week has been insane and I accidently reached my hours today.

I ended up giving myself a massive migraine last night. Work stress because I've been running around like mad and apartment stress got to me. I was pretty sure we were going to get the apartment because they called my work to verify my income. Sure enough, 10 seconds after a co-worker let me know she called the rental agency to verify things, paperboy called to say we had the apartment. Yay! I wasn't impressed with the rental agency woman though. Even though my dad is the co-signer she called paperboy to tell him and then told paperboy she'd need a void cheque only from him so that the rent could go straight out of his account. That ain't happening. Paperboy has money, but he's guaranteed to get overdrawn if we do things that way. I have a lot more money saved so we won't have to worry about things like that if it's going from my account.

Anywho, November 1st we move in!
Kari, I guarentee you'll love it!

ketto, that is great news about the appartment!!!! I'm so happy for you and paperboy.

I have discovered foodgawker, Recipes and food porn galore!!!!


and it's a long weekend.

and it's payday!

and one more week until I'm on vacation!
Total fly-by to post the main reason I've not been around here much....the band. *ahem*

I paid a friend to record a 3 song demo for Scully and the Mulders. It totally includes one of my originals, Mama Says, which you might remember me posting the first crappy home recording of, back when I wrote it. *squeee* I'm so excited for Okayers to be the first to hear the recording....and with the band!! I just got the mix an hour ago. It's Soulman on lead guitar, me on rhythm, our new bass player who doesn't yet have a bustie nom, and the aforementioned recording friend on drums.

Check it out! It's the first three songs posted on ReverbNation!
Good Morning!

Hey Doodle!!! Good to see you! I'm so happy to hear you that the band is alive & kicking & doing well! I will take a listen to your songs. Thanks!!!

CH, you are on vaca now? NICE! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Ketto, you feeling better today? I'm really sorry to hear you had a migraine. sad.gif But YAY! for you guys getting the apartment!!!! November 1st! WOO!

I'm makin' it today. It's Monday. bah! Had an ok weekend. Friday I met my fam for dinner. Saturday I cleaned & saw a movie. I ended up seeing Bright Star. Really liked it. That night Mr K and I went bowling w/ some friends. Yesterday I just hung around the house, went to the grocery, etc. I was kinda down in the dumps all day, couldn't light a spark under my mood. No particular reason, I think it was prob hormonal. Feeling a little better today. The weather is not helping. We have had rain & overcast days for weeks now. UGH.
Good Afternoon All!!

doodle, that's great news about the band!!!!

Kari, I'm not on vacation until next Monday, the 19th. I've taken the week after my birthday off.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian okayers!!!!

This weekend was good. Kept it low key, Sunday I went to my dads for dinner, which was delish.

I also made some wonderful pumpkin loaf.

Today was a Reiki session which went well.
thanks again for the birthday wishes. it was a nice day. i left work early, took the pup for a walk, had a nice meal and a friend gave me a plate of my favorite desserts--rice krispie treats that were warm and soft----then had a nice evening in bed, talking, laughing and being spoiled.
Good Morning!!!

Happy birfday again Jade! glad it was a good one for you. smile.gif

Not much here, went for a run last night, then had some blizzard, yum. Now back at work for a short work week, then vacation next week! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, good things Tuesday

1. Short work week.
2. Next week is my birfday and I'm on vacation.
3. Weekend was good, full of good food.
4. Left over pumpkin loaf.
5. Home made soup.
6. The snow has melted!!

ETA: 7. This fail from failblog. totally awesome. At least to watch, maybe not for the person involved.

I've killed it.
anna k

CH, it's my birthday too next week!

I hope you're feeling better today, kari. (((good vibes))))

congratulations on ketto and paperboy getting the apartment!!!

Doodle, you guys sound so good, and your voice is gorgeous!

I've been OK. Been working, writing, hanging out with friends and family. Today I'm nervous because I'm interviewing a director, he just did an NYC-set indie film. It's a 15-20 minute interview, and I gathered a lot of questions from the press kit, but I haven't seen the film, and I'm nervous and excited. I'm gonna dress nicely, smile, be confident, let him talk, etc. I've been inspired by a couple of other interviewers like Livia Bloom and Jancee Dunn to interview someone in an inviting and informative way, and hope I do this well. I've done interviews over the phone and through email, but the last in-person interview I did was from three years ago.

You didn't kill it, CH!

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Pumpkin loaf, yum. My oven has been broken for a few weeks now and I am really starting to get the baking bug. I am going to order the part today.

It is f-ing raining here again. We have had so much rain. Usually October is my favorite month, but this one has not been so great. We are supposed to have sun by Sunday. Grrr. It had better happen!

Good Things:
1.) My tutoring student & I switched our day to Tuesday evening. That means I have zero obligations today.
2.) I am working at home.
3.) Mr K's birthday is tomorrow.
4.) I got a tip on a career coach who is supposed to be really good.

That's about all I've got today.

I plan on getting some work done, taking the dogs on a long walk (assuming rain stops), maybe going to see my friend who's daughter is in the hospital, and maybe painting the trim in the stairwell.
Busy busy month (again). October sure is a popular birthday month. It's my cousins birthday today, her brothers birthday next week, a co-workers birthday next week, and multiple busties it seems too.

Seems like everyone has been really busy lately.

Less than 3 weeks till we move! Since paperboy and I both have busy work schedules, we really only have time to buy things on the weekends, which only leaves us two more weekends to get what we want. Thank goodness for Dollorama. I don't know how we could have afforded everything without that place. They have almost all the little household items we'll need. I also bought a 3 piece couch/loveseat/chair set. Paperboy isn't paying for any at this time because it's flat out something he can't afford. I told him that i've been saving up to move out for 6 years and after the bed bug fiasco, I always promised myself my own new set of furniture. I got a really good deal and they'll deliver on our move in date (plus free delivery) so it all worked out. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. So much to do!
Good Morning!!

Anna, how did the interview go?!?!?! I'm sur you rocked it.

Kari, when do you meet with the career coach??

Ketto, that is so exciting, the move date is coming soon!!

I went for a run yesterday and tomorrow a bunch of us from work are going for dim sum to celebrate my birfday. Sunday, which is the actual day, PR Boy and I are doing something I just don't know what yet. I have some stuff to do before my vacation next week, including a project that just isn't working!!! Sigh.

ETA: X posted with Kari to the minute!!! Enjoy your dinner with Mr. K! And Happy birfday Mr. K!
Good Morning!

Ketto, I know the move is keeping you busy, but it sounds so exciting!!!! smile.gif It will all get done.

Things here are good today. Though, need I mention it is still raining? For real. blink.gif

Other than that, no real news. Had a great day yesterday. Because I was at home. Then I did a good weights work out last night, came home & made turkey burgers & tots. Then Mr K and I watched Glee.

Today is Mr K's birthday! 35. I'm taking him out for Indian tonight. Yummers.
anna k
The interview went well, CH. I was nervous, but the man was pleasant, was informative with his answers, and I'll transcribe and edit it this weekend.

I'm looking forward to my birthday next week. A friend had gotten me a subscription to a magazine that I like, and I'll have dinner with my family. I haven't thought much about presents, there isn't much that I want. I can probably ask for albums, since I have plenty of books to read, and don't want any movies.

Kari, it is getting colder in October in NYC. It's nice autumn weather, makes me look forward to upcoming holidays, but nostalgic for childhood memories too. It's like a sweet, poignant time.

I hope your friend's daughter is OK. ((((good vibes))))
Goooooooooooood Morning!!

It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Anna, so glad the interview went well!!!

Today is the last day before my glorious week off. I'm going for yum yum dim sum today!!! I plan on eating my face off.

Last night I just worked out then chilled.

What's everyone got planned for the weekend?

CH, Happy Vacation!!! Enjoy it! Whatcha got planned for your days off?

Anna, your birthday is this week? Which day? Heard anything further about the job?

It's ch-ch-chilly here. But you won't hear any complaints out of me, because the sun is out! FINALLY!!! Yesterday was the first sunny day in weeks, and it was so wonderful.

I had a good weekend. Ladies poker @ my place on Friday. Saturday Mr K and I went to the Farmer's Market, the record shop, out to lunch, and to a friends that night. Yesterday I cleaned the house, went to the museum w/ my mom, stepdad, & niece, and then went to Mr K's parents' house for his birthday dinner.

All in all very nice.

Now it's Monday again. Ack!
Good Afternoon.

Hey Kari!! I just woke up, so I plan on doing a whole lot of that!!!

This weekend was great!!!! Yesterday was my birfday, so PR Boy and I went out for dinner, then back to his place for some tres lovely hbi.

Friday I went over to the cops and we had a chat about somethings (see confessions for deets) and Saturday I was over at my dads.

Now I must shower and I feel like baking a pumpkin loaf.

Happy Belated Birthday CH!!!!!


Dinner & an HBI? Sounds like a good birthday to me! tongue.gif

I think you've got the right idea for you days off! Sounds wonderful.

It's Tuesday. That's about all I got this AM. Nothing too exciting happening, just work. Mr K and I went to my sister's last night for dinner. It was his birthday dinner & very fun. My niece got a new puppy that is adorable. I wanted to take her home.
Good Morning!!

thanks Kari!!

Today has been lovely so far, took hound for a walk, worked out and I'm headed out to meet a friend for lunch.

That's all for now.

Happy belated birthday, culture! I'm jealous of your time off.

Hey Kari!

I'm so exhausted this week. I don't exactly feel sick, but I feel really really tired. I'm having such a hard time getting motivated at work. I desperately want to use some sick time but I'm a sick time hoarder. I don't want to give up my sick time hours!

Almost everything for the move is set up. Only a week and a half to go. Most of my room is packed, but I'm leaving all the art and pictures on the walls until the day before we go...otherwise it just feels too bare and echo-y. First soccer game of the season tonight! I haven't played in over a year and a half so I'm really excited and nervous. I'm also really paranoid about my nose. I haven't thrown a baseball since I was hit in the face with one and broke my nose in August 08 (and I used to be a pitcher!) and I'm really twitchy when it comes to any sport involving balls so I hope I don't jump out of the way too much tonight.
Good Afternoon!!!

~*~*~*feel better vibes for ketto~*~*~*~* How did your soccer game go??

yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with a good friend, last night went to see PR boy, and I also had some noon day portions. It was a great day!!!

Today I'm just being utterly, completely lazy and I'm enjoying every second of it.
anna k
It sounds like you've been having some great days, CH! That's awesome!

I hope you feel better, ketto. (hugs)

Kari, that sounds like a great weekend!

I've been feeling busy. My interview went up online, and I've been spending a lot of time with family, since my dad came up to visit. Tonight I'll be having dinner with them, and don't have much planned for the weekend besides working. I'll try to find something fun to do.
Culture, I'm so jealous! Sounds like you're having a great week.

Why so quiet in here nowadays?

I'm feeling better. I let myself get too stressed out over little things sometimes. Truthfully, I like being busier anyway. Not much going on here. Just working. Soccer on Tuesday was fantastic though! I was really really nervous right before the game because it's been so long and because they know longer use boards in indoor soccer, but as soon as I was on the field, it was like I never left. I felt like I played pretty well but I really need to build up more stamina and work on my agility. And today I'm soooooo sore, my bum and thighs and ribs hurt every time I move. Can't wait for our next game on Saturday. We lost 4-1, but it was still great.
Good Morning!

Happy Birfday Anna!!! What do you have planned for today?

Hey Ketto! It is quiet in the lounge in general, damned crackbook. Glad to hear your soccer game went well.

Not much new here, I got hit on by a firefighter, who was in his truck. It was Tuesday and he had the driver slow down, waved at me, so I chatted with him. He told me I had a very pretty smile. It made my day. Now, if I could see him again and get some digits. He's the one who instigated, so that makes me happy.

I went for a run this morning, now I think I'm going to go back to sleep for a bit.

Have a great day everyone!
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