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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Seriously, dude. My cold beers are off limits. If he and I were both in the apartment and he asked me for ONE beer, then it would be different. Three cold ones while I'm at work is absolutely ridiculous. Believe me, this will not go unpunished. Hell no!

I just got back from looking at the houses with my parents. The little white one looks like it's in good shape, but it's next to an ugly dentist's office building. I definitely like the larger, blue house more because the neighborhood/street and adjacent land uses are more attractive. My dad, of course, likes the white one because he thinks it's more practical. He thinks that I'm being too picky for not wanting to look at the side of a 70's office building, but I disagree. I'm not gonna fork out extra dough for a place that I don't like. I'd rather just stay in my apartment. Anyway, I think I'll look at both houses just to see what's up.
*Tap tap tap* Is this thing on?
*whistles at the sexy new lounge*

WOW....would you look at this sexxxy lounge!!! All of our dreams come true! And I can't even express how excited I am about the "ignore user" feature!!!

I missed ya'll this weekend, and work just wasn't the same without you.

I survived the weekend with my FIL and BIL, and I have to report that, yes, there was illegal towel spite of showing them their towels and setting them on the edge of the bathtub. WTF?

Looks like we'll be heading to MI ourselves in the next week. booo. My uncle Harry is about to pass away, so there'll be yet another funeral. And the most sad of all is that this is my cousin who lost her baby last year's father. So much loss...all in the same month. And my cousin is preggo again, and really hoping that he would be able to make it to see the new baby, but its not to be. He's been in Florida for the last six months, hoping the warm weather would give him a lift, but not enough. So the whole family is in FL right now, and we'll have the funeral in MI when they're ready.

Sorry to start the shiny new lounge out on such a downer....

What's everybody else up too?
Why are so many men weird with towels? My best girlie friend's husband leaves 'em where they fall (often on their down comforter.) & I had an ex once that would use my dirty towel/cloth instead of the fresh ones I laid out for him.
Let's see if I can get this fucker to work! I had to re-register, cause my UN and PW seemed to be taken by another, ya, me!

Jenn...I'm so sorry about your uncle. It seems as though cousin can't catch a break, eh? If you have time, and energy, give me a ring. We;re around.

Will go catch up now.
I had to change my passcode to register & I can't seem to get the clock right. I keep picking mountain time & it keeps giving me Pacific. I'll work it out.
I had to change my password to access the lounge but was able to keep my user name. I think I'm going to post a comment in the bust line. I wonder if some features didn't transfer.
so, i think i got me back...we;ll see. How's everyone else faring? How was weekend? We had a great time. Saw three lovely, well acted plays, had nutso lovin, and slept ALOT. At the same time, we missed moxette by about noon on saturday. Sigh...

anyway, any luck househunting, poods? Town Car shopping?
Had to change my password here too, but no biggie...

Well, the one good thing about heading to MI for a few days is I can see the moxies! And that is a very good thing, indeed. Maybe we can even get my SIL to bring down her babies if we're there over the weekend. My nephew just got diagnosed with a wheat allergy - just like me, so it would be good to see them, and take them shopping to show them all my favorite gluten free things, and show Matthew how Auntie Jenn eats!

I love this new board already - a big text area to type in is so much easier on the eyes!!
Yay! There's different fonts! No time to post more but I'm so excited about the new lounge!
Sweet. I beat fj to the new forum.
nice avvie, mr fj!!

Well, my uncle just passed away at 8:20 this morning. (((((((safe journeys, Harry)))))). Everyone sounds to be doing ok this morning, and are hanging together ok. I'm a weepy mess here, and can't believe I have 2 meetings this morning. I may just take the afternoon off. So, let's have a little BUSTy vibeage here this morning for my family....(((((((harry's family))))))

Ok, off to clean myself up....
My most heartfelt condolences Jenn. I am sorry to hear about your loss, I wish you and your family the best.


Oh turbo...I'm very sorry. I know how much Uncle Harry meant to you. XOXO.
um, did i kill the thread?
yoooohoooo! anybody home?

i finally made it in!!

wow, i love the new design. now i just have to learn this bitch! smile.gif

(((((((turbojenn and family))))))))))) so sorry to hear about this. i'm sorry that your poor family has had to deal with so much tragedy this year. give your cousin an extra squeeze for us. we're sending her all the love we can muster!

ok, i need to get some work done today. VP of my company is coming to see ME tomorrow here at my office. i have to be READY for action!


Whassuuuuuuuup? Goodness, aren't we chichi all of a sudden...

(((Turbo & family))) Deep breaths, sweetie, and by all means slip out early today.

Sorry to be MIA these days - I'm only just back at work with decent internet time & access... Tartlet sends all the Lounge luhzzadies a very special spit-up-scented kiss and a drooly fight-the-power fist!
Hi fj and tart!!

"spit-up scented kiss"....eeeewww. Is that something special only a mommy can appreciate?

Thanks for all the vibes. Work is an adequate distraction at the moment, so I'm feeling a bit better. And I've been emailing with my brother, and he's going to fly in for the funeral too, so it will be nice to see him. AND, I'll get to see the moxies, and moxette, which will so totally rock. So, there will be sadness and light. A very good thing.
Turbo---you will learn fairy godmothers can love spit-up scented kisses, too.
[font=Century Gothic] hi there!!

ms.goofball here...since the 'new' lounge looks so spiffy, i upgraded my name...

(((((((turbojenns family and turbojenn)))))))

spit-up scented kisses?!?!? um...ok....hmm....i've had formula smelly ones....those are a bit different.

my haircolor might be changing yet AGAIN this week. but i am having issues posting them....bah.

so much stuff to check out...back soon.

Hi, kiddos.

I couldn't figure my way around getting my old name back but this is close enough. Whatever.

How swanky this new board is! I'll have to find a goofy picture to use in my profile. Maybe Poodle can do it for me next time I go over, since she's so good with that stuff.

((((((((((Turbo and Uncle Harry))))))))))) I hope he went painlessly and easily.

Bad news. I'm now being monitored on my internet time, thanks to the biggest asshole in the world, my boss, Jim Grisim (I hope he googles himself to see that someone out in cyberland wants to stab him in the face if only she could reach). Mr. High And Mighty, because nobody goes on the internet for non-work stuff except me. I just happen to sit on the aisle with my screen facing out, so it's easier to catch me than it is other people. So fuck him. I'm not the one who fucked up so bad I wasn't allowed in the building for 5 months. I can do what I want on my lunch break, and that will be looking for a new job. Tomorrow will be my 6 year anniversary here, and I always thought I'd do better for myself by age 30. So off to Monster I go.

On a less negative note, Project Runway is on tonight. Squeeeee! It's only the audition show, but it could be entertaining. I can't wait to see my precious Nick V. again!

It looks like I might be able to get into the No Coast Craft Show after all. Yay! They keep some spots open for late-comers, like me. I'm sending them pictures of my stuff today. If anyone else wants them to do a little shopping, let me know and I'll forward the email to you.

Okay, I've only got 45 minutes to do all my other online stuff before my evil boss starts eyeing me again.
Diva, that sucks. Mr. Jim Grisim is not nice for monitoring your useage...what an asshat.

On the login front, it seems like a lot of passwords were lost, diva, so if you try the "I forgot my password" feature, you can get your username back, if you want it.

Looks like we'll be driving to MI on friday morning, viewing in the evening, funeral saturday, drive back to chicago on sunday. I think I'll let Turbo sit this one out - there's no AC in either of our parents' homes, and I hate it, and don't really want to subject my dog to it if I don't have to.
Greetings, Okayers! I am back! The Lounge is back! Crazy times!

I haven't had time to read any archives yet. I got home last night. Car broke down on the highway. I am exhausted!! I am taking a sick day today - I feel bad, since we were closed all last week, but I was getting ready for work and I realized I'm too much of a wreck to help anyone today.

On the up side, it looks like we may be on our way to some new funding for Centre services...eventually. Not as much as before, and not for many of the things we used to do, but it will be a start. We are meeting with the Minister again in September, and she wants to visit my Centre later this month. Which is definitely a step in the right direction.

How do y'all like the new Lounge?
doodle, your car broke down? on the highway? major suckage!!!
Hi, everyone. smile.gif


I hope your center gets the funding, doodle. You all deserve it.

Diva, my workplace put up a firewall so I can't even get on here, plus my supervisor keeps an eye on me for internet usage too. It sucks, and the sad thing is he's online even more than I am and addicted to MySpace.

Not much else to add, got a new haircut recently and just wanted to try this out.
did someone say 'haircut'?

lol jk....diva...i hope you find a much better job with less asshattage (hehe) and more pay....

((((less asshattage job finding vibeage for diva))))

((((evil curse on mr. grisim))))))

oh good things tuesday ::

i had soy milk for breakie and it was GOOD

i got coupons for michaels craftstore has volunteered to give the jakester a bath tonite. woot!
miz goof, yeah, it broke down and took 3 hours and $217 to repair. And the kitties got to visit a grocery store (kitty litter!) and ride back to the mechanic's in a shopping cart. rolleyes.gif

What are you going to buy at Michael's? *drools*

Hi lilac! Thanks for your kind thoughts about the Centres...
i was thinking about making my own silk flower hair pins, y'know? cuz they are like half off already. or i could get a frame for my new tori amos poster that my sis got me...or paintbrushes or fimo clay or beads or scrapbooking paper...

ok i'll opening admit it....i am a craft junkie. blink.gif i use my mom's toll painting stuff too. which reminds me...

i need to find a small stylus to use for my nail art in manicures...

oh for you painting whores....aarons bro's is having a buy one canvas, get the second canvas for a penny sale...not bad.....i'm stocked up though...i need to deplete my supplies a bit before i am 'allowed' to get more.

bummer. dry.gif

our next place is soooooo gonna have a room for my crafting stuff. biggrin.gif
Silk flower hair pins sound very cool! Now I want one. A purple lotus please. biggrin.gif

After the car repair, I have zero dollars, so any trips to Michael's are out for awhile. *pouts* But I do have lots of paint and stuff to paint on. I would like to find an unfinished box soon, though - one that would fit my brother's remote controls. I want to paint it black and then copy a "Mondrian" on top and give it to him for his birfday.
All this craftiness reminds me that I need to go to the yarn shoppe and get something to work up into a baby blanket for my cousin while we drive to Michigan and back this weekend!

And, I just decided to skip the gym this afternoon, and go home and take a hot bubble bath, and drink a glass of wine, and relax, instead. And turbomann just called, and he's gonna go take me to see Pirates tonight...Johnny is a mighty fine distraction, indeed. wub.gif
Oooh, flower hair pins sound pretty.

Ouch, doodle, that sounds rather expensive. I'm sure the kitties had a good time, though, in the shopping cart.

Yep, I said haircut. Now my hair is now about four inches shorter in front, about five inches shorter in back and I ended up getting violet highlights because the blonde highlights I wanted didn't turn out well. I ended up having it done at a beauty college because I'm cheap and they used Aveda products, which I figured would be less harsh on my scalp and I wouldn't have an allergic reaction, which happened last time I colored my hair. So far, my scalp has been behaving, and they look great. I think overall it looks really cute.

I have no room for anything, which pretty much means I can't make anything crafty, about the only thing I have room for is crocheting yarn and hooks, and even those I haven't touched for a long time, I just have no idea what to make. I can't even buy new books because we don't have anywhere to put them. Thank goodness there's a library nearby, or else I would be going out of my mind. Still, I keep on looking around here, trying to figure out how to rearrange our stuff better so we have less clutter and a little more space. It's rather frustrating.

Ergh, I have to go to work soon. See you all later.
I've also made a rule for myself that I am not allowed to buy anything for crafting until all my current stuff is used up, with the exception of things I need to make the things already in progress, like wire and Mod Podge. But still, I don't want to touch a craft project until this fall. I've got a room dedicated to crafting, and I try not to set foot in there when I don't have to lately.

Also, just an FYI, Michael's is staunchly Republican. They gave a ton of money to Bush's election and the owner funded that Swift Boat Veterans thing against Kerry. My money no longer goes there. I used to spend enough there that their supplies basically ran my business, them and Fire Mountain.

(((((((Doodle))))))) That sucks about your car. What was wrong with it?

I saw POC last weekend. It was good. Johnny was yummy. I wouldn't say it's better than the first one, but it's right up there. I also saw The Devil Wears Prada. It was good, but I expected it to be a little jucier, and it went away from the book a little where I really don't think it should have. The book was whiny, but the story was better.
Ok, yay! We're back! (Again!)

Hi diva! I don't really understand it completely, but apparently a couple of rusted brackets/bolts caused my accelorator or alternator (don't remember which) to fall down into something, which caused a battery cable and a belt to break. Freda (as I call my car) started losing power on the highway...I was just taking an exit to go find a mechanic when she died. The major work was the labour, because they had to drill through something to get the accelerator/alternator out.

Gosh, I hope the Lounge is stable now...I really missed youse guys!!
Congrats to all you ladies who made the top 10 overall posters list (click on My Assistant) although if the Dingo never struck, that list would be much different...I know I've made at least a few thousand posts in the last few years..
darned dingo! smile.gif

So, its thursday, but since we were down on wednesday, I'll say this nice thing about myself in honor of hump day:

I am having a great wardrobe day today.

Eh, i guess that's a good start to a day i wish were friday. moxette was so damed cute this morning that it was HARD to leave.
g'mornin wayward hotties!!!

I am SO glad to have BUST back today...sure, I got alot of work done yesterday, but it wasn't nearly as fun as hanging around with ya'll.

Oooh, oooh - look at moxie's cute cute avvie!!! I finally get to meet ms. meena this weekend! YAY!

I seem to have done the impossible this morning...I injured myself while sleeping. blink.gif I seem to have hyper-extended my right knee, and its making walking, and riding my bike very painful. I can't really straighten my leg fully and put weight on it without searing pain shooting up to my hip. eek. It was fine at the gym yesterday, but not now. I'm bummed, 'cause today is my good lunchtime spin class, but there's no way I can do that today. feh.
Hey ladies!'s been such a long time. I don't even know where to start.

How is everyone?


Diva, that Jim Grisim ass deserves a flaming bag of pooh on his desk. I'm sure he spends buttloads of time playing on the internet and he just likes to give people a hard time because he can.

This week has actually sucked quite a bit so far. I developed a double ear ache on Sunday, which has escalated into swimmer's ear in both ears. Both of my ear canals are nearly swollen shut, so I can barely hear anything. The worst part is the pain. My whole head is throbbing. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and went to urgent care and they gave me antibiotics and painkillers, but it's only improved a little. I guess I have to be patient. I went into work yesterday, but I left right away because my head hurt like hell and I had a slight fever. I'm going in today, but I'm not at all happy about it. I don't know how I'm supposed to concentrate when it feels like someone is jamming a pen in my ear. sad.gif

That top ten posters list is pretty stupid. I just happened to recover my username during the last dingo attack and I was able to get my password back this time around. As far as the new lounge, I believe strongly in the adage, "If it ain't broke, then don't fix it." What can I say? I'm not a big fan of change in the details of my daily life. Sigh...I'm just crabby because it feels like an alien has nested in my cranium. Seriously though, I hate when boards have member rankings/titles. Oooooh...I'm "advanced." I feel so cooooool. Why do we need to have that?

Okay, I suppose I should take some painkillers or something.
Is anyone else having trouble changing their little picture thinger? I went in to edit my profile and it says I don't have permission to change the image. Grrr...
Good Morning Bitches! God, it feels like it's been forever! Way too long.

I am liking the new lounge so far. Haven't really investigated thoroughly yet though. I like that the archived threads are not listed at the bottom of the page, & it looks like formatting is going to be soooo much easier. I could never remember the codes, always had to go to the 'editing' page.

So, what's up with everyone??

Doodles, sorry to hear about your car. Boo. I am glad you made it back safe & sound. And the kitties.

Things here are good. I was off Monday & worked at home Tuesday. Came back to the office yesterday. Things at the office are about the same as when I left them. Which is not a bad thing, I guess. Other than that I've been busy talking with mortgage lenders. I think we've chosen one, thank goodness. I'm sick of calling around. Also, we met with a realtor on Tuesday. That went well also.

Well, I'm gonna go check out the new lounge. And get to the Project Runway thread. I am so happy that show is back on. Sweet!
Uh, alright...already having a problem. Does anyone know how to make the text on the screen larger? Mine is very small & I am not seeing any option to make it bigger. It's straining my eyeballs.

It's been nearly a week since my last confession.

Quick update: Minxlette is now officially five years old.

It has been nearly four weeks since I have heard from whatshisschmeck.

I moved into my apartment this weekend and love it.

Summer school ends next Thursday and I couldn't be happier.

I found a $600 pair of frames at Specs in Uptown and am trying to justify buying them with part of my next paycheck.

I may go to the Whore next weekend to help my brother do finishing work on his house.

I really like Linden Hills.

I need copious amounts of bookshelf-idge. You know, since Whatshisschmeck offered to build some for me. Wait! He also offered to help me move the last time I talked to him! Wait! He never did that either.

Fuck that noise...tonight will be the official Minxy gets fucked up in her new apartment alone. I have a couple of old boys trying to initiate a bootycall. Don't know if I will take them up on it, but it is nice to know that SOME people I used to date still think I'm luscious. It confirms my suspicions.

I think that I am going to go to Room and Board's warehouse this weekend if they are open. I want some scratch 'n dent.

A student of mine came with her two year old son the other day. I asked her if she was still with the father, and she said no. That he was in prison. I asked her what he was in for (could be anything here on the Northside). She said rape. I nearly crapped my pants. I asked her how she felt about that. She said:

That is how I got my son.

How's that for perspective on a Thursday? It brought me back to earth really fucking quickly.

Hey Turbo, sorry about your uncle. He was tres lucky to have a neicoid like you.
My goodness. It's been so long since I've been able to be here that I don't know if I remember how to do it. I'll have to spend some quality time here soon learning how to work it. Not today, it's a busy day at work but hopefully Friday.

Minx, I'm glad you are liking your new place. Linden Hills is beautiful. That story about your student is... I don't even know what to call it. I don't know how I would have responded.

Diva, that really sucks about not getting to Bust at work like before. I've taken to constantly clearing my history and stuff when I'm online at work because I've become super paranoid. I don't think we have any kind of internet monitoring system (we couldn't afford that) but I feel like everything I do right now is being critiqued and I don't want to give them any ammo.

(((Turbo))) I hope you and your family are doing well.

Okay, gots to go to work. Diva and Marileen, did you go to the craft thing last weekend? How was it? I didn't go.
Wow, minx...that is a rough story...definitely gives life some perspective.

Our family is doing alright, thanks for the thoughts. My brother and his wife are flying in tomorrow too, so that makes me happy that I'll be able to see them. Tomorrow is going to be a rough one, spending the day at the wake and talking with everyone who loved Harry.

Oh, and my bro got offered his dream job this week, and will be moving to Colorado in three weeks, and they're really excited for the change, new opportunities, and living in a place where they will finally be able to afford to buy a house. So that's good.

OH, and today's my wedding anniversary! Four years...though we've been together for 11, so it always feels a little weird to celebrate the wedding anniversary. But, I'll take any opportunity for a nice dinner out...and we're going to our most favoritest bistro that we go to every year on our anniversary. The service is amazing, and everything is organic, and I let myself order anything I want for once, gut be damned!
Hi, peeps!

My asshole boss is gone today and tomorrow, and I don't think anyone's peeking over my shoulder at the moment, and anyway, I've been really freaking good the past couple of days. I don't know why people think that just because you don't spend every damn minute of your 8 hours at work working, that you aren't getting enough done. Piss on them.

Good Things Thursday:
1) Payday tomorrow! I'm buying a pair of Jimmy Choos, tickets to Wicked, and reserving a hotel for next weekend
2) Really good HBI last night. Yesterday was our "wink" anniversary.
3) Going to play with Sam on Saturday, because my mom actually asked me to. She gets exhausted when she has him all weekend alone when my dad is working and needs some time to herself. Who could blame her?

Catsoup, no, I didn't make it to Craftstravaganza because they closed at 4:00. Who the hell closes at 4:00 on a Saturday? But I did find a lot of really cool stuff from the venders' websites that I'm going to buy. Some of them have really cool fused glass pieces.

((((((((Poodle's ears and cranium)))))))) Let me know if I can get you anything.

Minx, I'm glad you like your new place. What does Minxlette think of it? Yeah, that rape thing is something else. We see it all the time here at work and have to report it anytime a girl conceives before she's 18.

Congrats to Turbo's brother! I wish I could find my dream job. And happy anniversary!

Ranking posters? Um, no. I'd like to think we all know each other well enough that we don't need rankings.

Anyone else watch PR last night? I'm so glad the kooky guy is still in, but I didn't like the winner of last night's challenge. There's a girl from Minneapolis that's in it.

Karianne, good job on finding a mortgage broker! I hope you find a really good house fairly soon.

Doodle, that sucks about your car. If it was the alternator, I freaking hate those. They just quit on you for no reason at all. I went through 4 of them in the 5 years I owned my old car. It's usually a fairly simple fix, though, or at least it was in my car.

Hello to everyone I missed!

So, the giant and I are going to Duluth next weekend for our 1-year anniversary. Anyone got any tips on what's good to do up there? I don't think I've visited that city since early college or late high school, which is over 10 years ago.

I'm still on the lookout for new jobs. I've found several legal secretary positions I want to apply for. It's kind of like what I do, but it sounds more challenging, which I really need. Yesterday was my 6-year anniversary in this dump.

Jenn, I forgot to offer my condolences to you & your family. I'm sorry about Harry.

Congrats on your wedding anniversary! Have a wonderful dinner.

Diva, I can't believe you & the giant are celebrating your anniversary! Time really flies. I am jealous of your HBI. My sex life is in the crapper lately. Combination of stress & opposite schedules I think.

Minx, that story about your student, wow. That definitely is perspective.

Good luck on the job hunt, diva!
Yay for anniversaries!

Good Things Thursday:
1. Nobody's bugging me and the office seems super quite because I can't hear anything.
2. My ears and head don't hurt nearly as much today (well, at least for now).
3. I have a bottle of mango Naked juice that tastes super yummy.
4. My Name is Earl is on tonight.
5. I'm almost done shredding all of the stupid documents and old bills that have been piling up in my apartment over the last few years.
wooooot! its thursday....finally...sheesh.

yesterday went on for, like, ever....heheehhe that was so valley, its BAD!!!.

ok, enough of that.

yay for good HBI's...i have a funny story to share but i think i'll put it in portions...hehehe biggrin.gif

yay for anniversaries....(turbo and divala) biggrin.gif

yay for it being one day closer to the weekend... tongue.gif .

i am so glad you love your new digs, minx...and that girl, wow. talk about snapping back to reality. woo.

moxie, the moxette is adorable! She's how old now?

hi kari, your puppers is a cutie...

(((((get well vibes for poodle)))))

hi doodle, catsoup, turbo, and any lurkers....
(((((pooodle's ear and head)))))))

I used to get swimmers ear all the time as a fun at all. Take care of yourself.

I'm just feeling old and creaky today, as I hobble around the office with my gimp knee. At least my bro won't ask me to run with him this weekend. wink.gif I hate running, and can only do it on a treadmill as it pushes me on.

*throws confetti all over the thread for diva and the giant* - One year already - time does fly!!

Yeah, the post ranking is lame, and I could definitely do without that...I like that on this board you can feel free to change your username any 'ol time, just 'cause you want to, and everyone is cool with that.

All told, though, I'm still loving the new digs in here!
Good Morning! though by 'good morning' i mean 'why the fuck did i have to wake up before noon today?!'
I'm meh on the lounge. I just don't like how this software looks, what can i say. I also think no time limit on editing is just asking for problems, though probably just from ze shit disturbers.


I got the CDs and buttons and shirt that i ordered online a while ago yesterday. My ears are happy.

I'm sick. I have no idea what it is, but i'm kinda stuffy, and my tummy is kinda acting up, and i just feel kinda slow. Which sucks, 'cause i have six more sleeps until vacation! Wheeeeeeee!
Hi. My name is Minxy and I haven't gotten the HBI for a month. blink.gif I think that it is beginning to grow shut. I would like to think that there is such a great OTHER stress reliever, is fun.


Damnitall. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I should take this as an opportunity for personal growth and blah-fucking-blah-de-blah. I am holding a grudge against my dildo. I am sick of erotica. My fantasies need spankings. June 16th was my last is recorded here on BUST in the portions thread. That makes me sad, and wanna throw up in my mouth a little.

And where does this line of thinking lead me?

WHERE IN THE HELL IS TESAO?!! Because there is only one person in the world who enjoys sex more than me, and it is her. I wonder if Maputo has any good sex shops to sate her, or if Good Vibrations is getting a lot of international orders from her.

I could get laid this afternoon...if I didn't have any fucking scruples.
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