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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's always such a ghost town here on weekends now.

My work week was a little nuts trying to catch up on everything but the weekend was good. On Saturday paperboy and I went to my cousins 16th birthday party and then to a social (Manitoba thing if you don't know). Frankly, I hate socials, but I was seeing a friend I haven't seen in months. It was okay, I didn't drink. We ran into my brother who we'd seen an hour before at the birthday party. But we took off early around 12:30. Yesterday was nice, we just slept in and rolled around and had some awesome HBI.

My folks are away for a few days and I love it. It's not that I don't get along with them or anything like that, I just hate having them around all the time and the house is so noisy. Paperboy and I have sort of been dropping moving out with each other hints but neither of us has the guts to bring it up yet, for various reasons.

Back to work for me!

Jade, the weather sounds lovely!!

Hey Kari, sounds like a good weekend for you!!

Hey ketto! I am so with you on hating socials, can't stand them. I don't think they are really that much fun. Pppthht.

This weekend was a good one, friday I stayed in (had a bad headache) but I did take the afternoon off to sleep, then went shopping, I picked up new bras, got a fitting and all that fun stuff. Turns out I was wearing a size that was small. Like a cup size small. I'm starting to feel like Jane Mansfield.

Saturday i went for dim sum and stuffed my face, Sunday I went out for a motorcycle poker derby, which was so much fun!! I was bagged by the end and fell asleep at 7, slept right through the night to 5. So I worked out in the morning!

tomorrow my cast should come off!!! YAY!! I am so sick and bloody tired of this thing.
Hi, peeps!

Oy, it's Monday again, and a 5-day week at that. Blech.

CH, that's great that you're getting your cast off tomorrow. Hooray!

Kari, I've always thought about getting a facial, but never have. My skin has always been pretty good, so I wonder what they would even do to improve it. Your weekend sounds productive. Mine, not so much, but that's okay. Great that you don't have to present at your meeting tomorrow!

Hi, Ketto, Jade, and everyone else!

Life's finally getting normal in our new house. The boxes are getting unpacked one by one and I've finally had a chance to bake and cook in my new kitchen. This kitchen is probably half the size of our old one, but way better. More counter space, a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and everything's shiny and black and new. My gay boyfriend came over after work last Thursday to see the place. I cooked a proper dinner: risotto with pancetta and spicy Italian sausage, roasted asparagus, caesar salad, and homemade brownies with Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream. Yum! I do have to say that I did a bang-up job on the risotto, way better than the giant's and my first attempt. And the best part is that we can stick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Yay!

The giant and I finally ordered dining room chairs, 4 Parsons chairs in different colored fabrics. I'm eventually als going to get 2 leather ones when I get around to it. We also ordered bar stools for the breakfast bar, so that's done. So now we just have to wait for those and our rug, and in a week or so, our house will be way nicer for when my BFF and her husband come from CA to visit. We got our washer/dryer hooked up, so now we can finally do laundry, and the giant's brother installed a new thermostat.

We officially finished moving all our stuff in yesterday. The giant finally cleaned out his storage locker and brought it all home. It's mainly a massive collection of Star Wars. There were probably 150-200 boxes of his collection to bring in, I shit you not. I can't wait until he figures out how he's going to put his room together and does it so we can show it off. I can't wait for Sam to look at everything and ask the giant about it and try to play with the stuff. It's going to be really, really cool.

Ketto, enjoy the time while your folks are away! That sounds nice. So a move might be in your future? Exciting!

hey Jade! It's good to see you!!

Hey CH! is the day!!!! Hopefully no more cast! WOO WOO!!!! And yeah for new bras! Feeling like Jane Mansfield isn't necessarily a bad thing, is it? wink.gif Sorry to hear about your headache on Friday. I hate that. Good luck @ the drs today!

Hey diva!! That's so exciting and wonderful that your house is coming together! Your new dining chairs sound very stylish. I love parsons! The giant's collection sounds impressive! I bet it will be Sam's paradise. Mr K has a few collectible type things, but nothing like the volume the giant has.

Things here are going peachy so far this morn, despite me not being able to sleep again last night. I don't know WTF is going on. Each night I am so exhausted, but when I turn off the light, I toss & turn. I even drank some sleepy time tea last night AND had an HBI. Same result. Hopefully tonight will be better. Hmpf. Other than that, no real news to report. Today I am just workin'. No plans for this evening.
Hi all. its flu shot season!! they are having a "drive thru" shot clinic. but if i dont kiss a pig or pet a hog do i need a swine flu shot? another lovely day and here i am strapped into the chair and starting work. and the days are growing shorter so after work time fun is growing shorter. doesnt seem fair. push for a 4 day work week! women workers of the world unite!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee the cast is off!!!! My wrist is a little sore, but otherwise, all is well. There was very little atrophy and there isn't a marked tan line.

YAY on being completely moved int he house Diva!!

Kari, I was went up a whole cup size!! I'm wondering where these boobies are coming from. heh. ~*~*~*better sleep vibes~*~*~*

hey Jade!!!

No big news other than the cast coming off.
QUOTE(jade @ Sep 15 2009, 08:27 AM) *
Hi all. its flu shot season!! they are having a "drive thru" shot clinic. but if i dont kiss a pig or pet a hog do i need a swine flu shot? another lovely day and here i am strapped into the chair and starting work. and the days are growing shorter so after work time fun is growing shorter. doesnt seem fair. push for a 4 day work week! women workers of the world unite!!

What kind of environment do you work in? If you think you will have higher exposure to the virus, I say go for the shot. I work in a hospital and though I'm usually not a fan of getting vaccines, I'm definitely getting the swine flu shot. I'm not sure what's going on where you are, but the nurses at the hospital I work at said the H1N1 shot has to work with the regular ol' flu shot to be effective, and they are usually administered in two doses (3 if you count yr reg flu shot!) so if you do decided you want to ward off the swine, be sure to get the good ol fashioned regular flu shot first.
thanks--got the regular "seasonal flu" shot. its good to be in season. it was funny driving thru the line, stopping under a canopy, getting a shot and driving off. the swine flu shot drive thru starts in a couple of weeks.
Hey y'all!

CH, maybe you've caught my boobies! I've dropped 2 cup sizes in the last year, and I do miss my fluffier busoms. smile.gif

Diva, your house sounds absolutely awesome! I, too, remember the thrill of the first times using the dishwasher - heaven! We don't have in-unit washer/dryer, though, but I don't mind too much. Having a kitchen that really works for you makes SUCH a difference in the overall enjoyment of your home - especially for peeps like us who really like to cook/bake. The breakfast bar is probably my favorite thing in the whole kitchen. We've only got room for one stool, but I love that friends can sit there and chat while I do my thing. I pretend I'm doing my own cooking show. smile.gif I hope when you get things all put together, and the Star Wars room settled, that you'll post some piccies - I'm dying to see! And the risotto sounds *amazing!*

Kari, I've been having crappy sleep the last few days, too - WTF? Mercury is just going into retrograde, so not sure if that's part of it. Either way, I think I'm going to take my first bath of the fall season, and hope that makes for a better night of sleep tonight.

So is a "social" just like a cocktail party, or does it have a particular focus? I love learning about different regional/cultural traditions. I was hanging out with my cousin who's moving to Provence (poor dear tongue.gif) this weekend, and her friends who are all from Wisconsin, and got indoctrinated to the WI tradition of "whipping up a batch of bars" to take wherever...cookie bars. Apparently, it's all the rage up north. Cool. Being of Lutheran descent, we're with the Minnesotans in being all about the "hot dish."

Ketto - wow - pondering the move-in with Paperboy - that is so excellent! And enjoy having the house to yourself!

I'm taking inspiration from Kari this evening, and doing my favorite pulsating-suck-your-face-off clay mask. smile.gif It's cheap cheap cheap, and does a nice job of improving the texture of my skin, and evening out skin tone.
yeah, I've been tardy too. Sorry. Just don't feel like I've got much to add to the conversation, but now that I really think about it I've got lots to say!

I don't know what's up with me-boobs wise. I go up band sizes but not cup sizes at all. Like my rib cage is expanding or something. I mean, I know I've gained weight, but most of it is in my hips/thighs-I just don't feel that much extra padding around my ribcage. Wonder if it's all the lifting I do? I'm pushing the edge of 38 band size now (using the largest hook/eye combination and it's still a little tight) and venturing into 40 territory. Yikes!

Diva, I'm so glad to read about your settling into your new house. And that meal you made sounds divine. 150-200 boxes of Star Wars stuff??? I bet there's some money there.

UW Madison is having a swine flu epidemic. I should go get a shot. I think we have over 300 kids with it on campus now....I suppose everybody coming together this fall from different areas. So far-knock on wood-I'm feeling okay.

CH, yay for getting the cast off! Treat your wrist gently!

Kari, hope you got some sleep! And I'm jealous of your facial...I really should go get me one of those.

Well, the real estate gods/goddesses are NOT smiling on me. I have this gorgeous place, and not one person has even requested a showing yet! Maybe spring will work better. Nobody's going to make an offer on a place they're not even interested enough to look at. Oh, well. It's not like I have nowhere to live...this place is very nice, after all, and whatever is, is.

I'm going to get a fleur de lis tattoo tonight, at 8:00. I still haven't decided on exactly where to put ideal "tattoo" spot (under my collarbone) is already taken. I'm getting some scripted lettering around it (laissez les bon temps rouler) so it's somewhat size-limited-can't go too small. I want it someplace where I can show it off to non-sex-partners, but not a place where it's going to show no matter what I wear.

In refrigeration shop news, they are building us a new building (making way for our new power house) and the engineers have brought Chilly Guy and I the blueprints for the area that's going to be our shop requesting our input! And Chilly Guy totally backed off, brought the engineer over to me, and said, "ask her-she's going to be here for 20 more years and I am retiring in two". So I'm designing my new shop! Squeeee!

I've got lots of good ideas-I hope I don't mess something up.

I got very nicely baked last night, hbi as well. I'm all set for a couple days now.
Good morning!

Jade, drive through flu shots! That's really funny. I am kinda on the fence about the shot too. I am not opposed to getting one for any other reason that sheer laziness. I haven't gotten one since college though and don't seem to get sick often. Knock knock knock! Now that I've said that, this will be the year I get the flu.

Hey Tree!! It is so good to see you! Glad to hear you are doing well. Really sorry to hear you haven't had lookers @ your place yet! Ugh. Maybe it'll just take longer than usual, considering the market. I am sure you will get a buyer! Oooooh! New tattoo??! Nice!!! I can't wait to hear where you ended up putting it!

Hey Jenn! I slept better last night, did you? I drank some wine, stayed up a little later than usual - when I went to bed I was drowsy & dozed right off. Whew! I'm glad. Another night of insomnia and bad sleep would have been tough to handle.

CH! **throws confetti** No more cast!!! yay! laugh.gif I'm happy for you!

Anyone with boobage to spare can pass it my way. I'll take it.

I'm in the office today. I usually work at home on Wednesdays, but we have our quarterly meetings today and tomorrow, so I have to be here. It's ok though. Today I am just working, and hitting the gym later. Had to cancel my tutoring session this afternoon, due to me being in the office. I wouldn't be able to get there in time.
Good Morning!!!

Hey MadameHooch and Jade!!

Turbo, a social is like a big party, usually held at at a community club, it's to celebrate the bride and groom, there are prizes that you have to buy raffle tickets for, it's a fund raiser for the bride and groom. There is also food and booze. I really don't get them, to tell you the honest truth.

Tree, that is great news about the shop!!! Squeeee! ~*~*~*condo selling vibes~*~*~*~*

hi kari!! excellent that your slepe improved.

went out with PR Boy last night, we went for ice cream and chatted. Tonight, not too sure, I'd like to squeeze in a work out this evening. Aside from that, not much.

another beautiful day. i am going to sneak out of work and go look at a kayak to paddle on the river. might as well use the river since it runs thru here. free wednesday night music outside on the patio--light dinner and drinks planned. good mid week break. hope all of you have a smile and a laugh today.
Squeeeee, I've scheduled some lunch timey portions.

Jade, your Wednesday sounds fabu!!!!!
Wooo-hoo! Lunchtime portions for CH & 2 arms, free of casts! Score!

Little jealous of the HBI...I'm still wary after the seemingly HBI-induced UTI last week...and MRG is circling the area causing plenty of cramping. blink.gif

Tree!! That is AWESOME that you're getting to design your own shop! I'm so excited for you - you have worked your way up through a very challenging system and boys' club, and I am totally thrilled for you! ~*~*~*~*~*~condo selling vibes~*~*~*~*~*~ And, we shall expect piccies of the new ink as well. All you lovely inked ladies give me hope that one day I'll be brave enough to get the Tree of Life/Goddess tat that I've wanted for 10 years.

Kari, I slept SO well last night - finally! It really cooled off here, and we've been having 30mph winds off the lake, and sleeping to the sound of the crashing waves is my absolute favorite thing - windows thrown wide open, chilly air, and snuggled under the covers. Looking forward to another good night of sleep tonight.

AND, it's my favorite TV night - So You Think You Can Dance + Glee + Top Chef...doesn't get much better than that!

hullo lovely ladies.
um, I have posted in the past two weeks or so. but they're not here. dunno...

CH...yay with sprinkles for the arm out of its bonds. not those kind... the cast!!! tongue.gif
Tree - whoa. you. designing the shop. it's about time you get noticed for what you do. and can do. sprinkles for you too! how'd the tat turn out?
Diva... the star wars. yeah. interesting site to forsee... a room full of SW that's a 'no touch' to kiddies. yay with double sprinkles for the moving in and it feeling 'home'.

mylove and I are back home. his episodes continue, the last just ending after four days. its been rough. the trigger was back where he grew up, the overpowering parents, the ex who won't let him see his own daughter, and coaching the child to call him by his first name - not daddy. he's been thru a lot. ha - we both have. I am on week three of being sick. he's on four (bronchitis). besides the sinus infection, I have had ringing in my ears for two weeks and now hearing is muffled on one side. went to the dr - who said I was fine. oh, yeah? why am I dizzy and all these other things? next dr said it was the ear tube that's blocked which is causing all this sh*t. I am to take antihistamines to dry up the head. I can deal for a few more days.
then the drs office calls - bad lab work. low thyroid. made it sound like the black plague. now I have to go in again for 'the talk', and meds. I WANNA BE BETTER!!! don't wanna take pills for the rest of my life.
is there any natural remedies?

oh... and ask me about my new ride. he gave me his car.
Hi Jami! I know you've posted semi-recently because I remember you talking about fixing up the car. So, do you like it? What's it like?

Turbo, yay for good couch potato tv nights. And it is turning into good sleeping weather, isn't it? Too bad it means colder weather is on the way-yuck. Best to enjoy the beautiful weather while we have it.

CH! Lunchtime portions? Sooooo nice! I wanted some of that the other day. Had to settle for evening portions though. Meh. A social sounds a little like a wedding reception to me. It's my favorite part of the wedding. Of course I'm partial to partying and booze and hitting on any cute new in-laws! I refuse to grow up.

Jade-did you get the kayak? I used to live next to a river and never took advantage of it. I should've. The music and light evening out sounds nice....

Sooo, about two hours before my tattoo appointment, I decided where to put it! Since the fleur de lis is New Orleans symbol and "laissez les bon temps rouler" is New Orleans motto, I associate it with fun and happiness. It is where Bear and I went on our first vacation together, and probably the first time in my life I felt really, truly, happy and centered in myself. So I put the tattoo dead center of my back. That spot is a place where I have stored a lot of negative trauma and negative emotions. It's where, when I was beaten and got my brain injury, the perpetrators smashed my back with bricks. So I've always refused to let people and lovers touch me there because I just have this instinct to completely flinch away and it brings terrible memories. So I decided I wanted to put something happy there. I was so proud of myself last night-I explained the whole thing to the tattoo artist and he was SO gentle with me.

I love it. I think he did a great job. I'm going to have to get somebody to take a piccie-I just can't hold a camera at that angle. Heh.

Designing the shop has taken a lot of my time and attention. I want to make sure I get it right. It's going to be pretty large, about 26 feet by 50 feet. It's kind of crucial that I allow for enough electrical power, ventilation, arranging the various workspaces, water-(crucial) drains, enough storage, ergonomics, waste oil disposal, location of the work-hoist, potential placement of a ceiling crane if I can talk them into giving me one, etc. The electrical requirements are going to be ENORMOUS.

(((hugs for Okayers-I'm glad to be back.)))
Good Morning!!

Turbo, your evening sleep with lake winds sounds sooooo wonderful!!! Colour me green with envy.

~*~*~*~healing vibes for Jami and lover~*~*~*~* hope you two feel better soon! And bonus a car!!

tree, what an absolutely beautiful story to go along with the reason for the placement of the tat. you took a horribly traumatic event and put something happy there. You are such a strong wonderful woman. I'm so glad the experience of getting the tat was a good one, too!

So had me some portions yesterday. smile.gif in the evening went for a run, which felt so good, then worked out. Fell asleep fairly early, as always. Then was up at 4:15 because the pooch's ear was bothering her, curse the floppy eared dog. so, had to clean her ear out, then went back to bed. wake up time came way too fast.

Good Afternoon!

Hey Jami! (((hugs))) I am so sorry your man had an episode. sad.gif And you've both been sick? Double sad.gif Geez. ~~~~~~happy, calming, healthy vibes~~~~~~~~ I hope things get better soon.

Hey Tree! Your tattoo sounds so cool! Love the spot you chose. I didn't know about that attack in your past. (((tree))) That is horrendous. You are a survivor, tree! I'm proud of you. I didn't see what you wrote in your last post about the shop! That's great!!!! I'm so happy you are getting such a big say in the design! yay!

Hey Jenn! Girl, I slept SO GOOD last night. I didn't want to get up this AM. It's getting to be the time of year where it is dark in the mornings. That makes it so much harder to rise. Ugh.

CH! You naughty girl! tongue.gif Lunch portions sound verrrrry nice!

Hey jade! Yeah, did you kayak? AWESOME!

It is a rainy day here. It is not helping my work motivation. I just am not motivated lately. Have become very bored w/ my job. I've been seriously thinking about looking for a new job & have started to take some steps towards that. I think I know the field I'd like to transition to, but it's notoriously hard to enter. I am trying not to get discouraged. I've been doing a lot of research & think I have identified two people in the field I'm going to reach out to. One I met at a function and just discovered where she works. The other works with my friend, she's going to make an introduction. Careers are so daunting!

Anyhoo. Tonight I have book group, which I am excited about! It's always a lot of fun. Other than that, I'm just trying to keep my eyes open til quittin' time comes.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the arm freedom, CH! That's good that it hasn't atrophied much.

((((((((Jami's love)))))))))) Has he been able to get a new doctor yet? Sounds like he's having a rough go of it. His ex-wife sucks. I know my brother would kill Sam's mom if she ever taught Sam to call one of her boyfriends "dad." But then again, Sam's mom just sucks in general. Anyway, congrats on the new (to you) car! And I hope you both feel better soon!

Kari, what field are you thinking of breaking into? Is it something with psych, or totally different?

Congrats on the tattoo, Tree! Mine is on my back, too, and specifically for that reason (plus it's huge and wouldn't fit anywhere else), that I can hide it when I want or show a bit of it if I want to. It's also a space that doesn't stretch or wrinkle, so it'll keep it's shape.

Hi, Jenn! Sorry about the UTI. I've fortunately never had one, but I'm religious about peeing before and after.

It's just a boring old day here for me. I'm completely out of work to do, so I'm screwing around online for the rest of the day. I really don't want to ask for a new project, since I know it won't be a short-term thing, it'll be something that's added onto what I already have to do, and I'm not always out of work like this. I did hear from someone on my old team, though, that my old bosses (even the one I hated) both fought to get me back on my old team when the office rearranged. It didn't work, but it feels good to know they tried and that others want me back, too. I wish I could go back, but there's no way upper management will allow that. They're idiots.

I think I'm going to see if I can take Sam to see "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs" sometime this weekend, just him and me. We haven't spent much time together lately, and it'd be something good to do with him. I just hope my parents or my brother have him for the weekend instead of his mom or other grandparents. I'm going to call him after he gets home from school and find out.

The giant and I got a new computer today. Yippee. I honestly couldn't care less, but the giant wanted one since he found one on sale. I'd only agree to it if we give our current computer to my brother, since he really needs one. The giant agreed, so at least some good is going to come of this. Oh, BTW, that jackass who lived in my brother's basement is gone. He left a bunch of his stuff and said he'd be back for it 2 weeks ago, but never showed. That sucks, but at least the guy doesn't live there anymore and my brother's got his home back for himself. I'm so happy for him. He didn't even need to get the cops involved. He just said to the guy "I'm changing the locks next week, be out by then" and it worked. Hooray!

Good Morning on this Friday!!!

Kari, what book is your group reaading??

Hey Diva!! What is your tat of?

So, what's everyone got planned for the weekend? I have no idea yet, I had such a busy weekend last weekend that I think I'll just take it easy today. i do have lunch plans with some friends.
My tattoo has a bunch of elements. Around the outside are 2 dragons with intertwining tails that are made to be mirror images of each other in complementary colors. Their arms link to create a space where I have an eclipse and a woman sleeping draped over the dragons' arm, and in the large space between the dragons' torsos/tails, I have a desert scene with the graphic man from Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" (suit with floating hands/feet and blank face) with one foot up on a suitcase. In one hand, he's holding a fishbowl, and he's on fire on his other side. It's all very yin/yang opposites balance whateverness. It's not finished yet. I still have to get the dragons' wings detailed and filled in (right now, they're just the outline from my first appointment probably 8 years ago), and have some sand from the desert part shaded in, though I want to keep that my natural skin color as much as possible and maybe just shade in the edges. It's still got probably 8 hours of work left on it.

It's going to be a busy one for us this weekend. We're going to dinner, the bookstore, and to pick up our living room rug tonight, then a ton of shopping/errands tomorrow. We're going to Sears to pay off our washer/dryer and recycle the giant's old car battery, stopping at the bank, his mom's house to switch out his china set, Home Depot for a bunch of crap, shopping around for bookcases for the giant's Star Wars collection, pick up all our dining room chairs, and then he's supposed to play tennis in the afternoon. We're also going to get the guest room finished for when my BFF comes over next weekend. I'm not going to the movies with Sam this weekend, but my brother promised I could take him next weekend instead. His mom has him this weekend and my brother's not getting him back until late on Sunday. Oh, well. I'll be happy if I get to sleep in at all.

Diva, your tat sounds very cool. And the weekend sounds waaaaaaay to busy. Try and take care of yourself.

Well my day is wrapping up, later all!
Hello, and greetings on this Saturday eve.

Tree - I am so glad that your tat artist was gentle with you. your tat sounds great, and perfect for you.
CH - poor Emily! give her extra lovins too. and sounds like you got some extra lovins! heh.
Hi Kari!!!! so glad to hear that brother's downstairs troll left!!! whee! and way cool that the computer is going where it needs to be.
Diva! what a weekend you have coming. take a breather there. have fun.

hello. I'm back. still sick. week 4. grrr. all I am to do is take antihistamines to dry up the head. well, dry up already, I am ready. yesterday all I could do was sleep. mylove went for a swim...I remember him asking if I wanted to go, I mumbled no thanks, then he was in the shower. I slept thru everything. I did kinda perk up when he made me brunch and dinner. (HE made me!!!) we kinda think we haven't been eating correctly, and will be trying better.
the car... 1979 Firebird. teal green. 350 Chevy motor. only made one year before Chevy made them stop with that motor. love the deep grumble. wow. I was a newbie to motors and muscle love 'em!!! I'm a smiley girl when I drive.
mylove said that I had been given so many promises that had been broken in my 'before life'. so he promised me his car...and he came thru. it meant a lot to him. he means a lot to me.
Quick post just to share this link with Diva, just so the Giant has something to aspire to, in designing his Star Wars room. smile.gif

I'll catch up to the rest tomorrow! *mwah!*
Turbo... I just checked out the SWRoom. ohmygosh. all it needs are the battleing light sabers. wait. did I speak too soon??? tongue.gif

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Jami~*~*~* damn lady, I hope you get better soon.

Hey turbo!!! That's one helluva an appartment.

Not much going on here, had a super quiet weekend, I enjoyed the nice weather and slept a lot. I had such a busy one alst weekend that it was all about me.

Now it is Monday. But I did book some vacation time!!! Sweet! Now the countdown is on!
Good Morning!

It's Monday. Like I needed to tell you that. smile.gif

((jami)) ~~~~~~~~feel better vibes~~~~~~~ How miserable to still be sick. I hope you get better soon. Enjoy the car! SWEET!!! How is your man doing health wise? Have the episodes abated?

Hey Diva! whew! Sounds like your weekend was going to be really busy. How did it go? Did you get all of your errands done? Find some cool stuff?

Hey Jenn! That Star Wars room blows my mind. Wow.

Hey CH! Did you enjoy your cast-free weekend? I hope so! I am glad you were able to take some time for yourself this weekend.

I had a great weekend. Similar to CH, just did what I wanted w/o obligations. Friday night I went shopping - got a new pair of shoes & then I had to go to Target. After that I stopped by my mom's place. My sister & niece were there. It was nice. Saturday Mr K and I cleaned the house. My dogs are in shedding mode right now, it's horrible. You would think I hadn't vacuumed in a month, based on the amt of hair on the floor. Ugh. The rest of the day I just chilled @ home & MR K studied. That evening we met up with some friends for a really wonderful dinner. There is this Italian place here that we love. Very rustic. They make their own pasta & cure their own meats. It was the bomb. Yesterday I spent about 2 hours working on my resume. I think it is significantly better than it was. Oh- diva - I'm going to pursue a job in HR. It's a field that interests me, but like I said, I'm a little anxious about it. Ppl keep telling me I'll have to start at the very bottom, take a huge pay cut, etc. etc. We shall see. One thing is for sure though - I have to get out of my current job one way or the other. It's started to drive me nuts.


That's my story today. What's up with everyone else?
Good Morning!

Kari, I so hear you on the shedding pooches. I got a fabu brush, it's like a belt that bends in half and has teeth on both sides, gets rid of the loose undercoat and even Emily who *hates* to be picked at loves getting brushed with this brush. Even better, it was only 7 or 8 dollars!

Not much here, enjoyed yesterday, I wanted to call in lazy to work today, then thought I'll do a half day, but by the time I was ready I had so much time, I thought oh fuck it, I'll just put in a full day.
Hello okayers.

Sounds like typical relaxing weekends for everyone. I got stressed out, but paperboy calmed me down and we had a nice anniversary weekend. We finally talked about moving in with each other and discussed him paying off the last of his debt, which should only take 4-6 months. We're thinking we will likely get an apartment together in late winter/early spring. Finally having a plan to move out has relieved a lot of my recent stress. I'm thinking that either way, I would like to spend the next 4 months saving up a little more money, and then we'll either get a place together right away or I'll get a place first and he'll transition over.

Otherwise, not too much going on. I'm joining indoor soccer again and we had a meeting last night and i got my jersey. I'm excited to get back on the field and have something to do through winter.

The last few weeks have been so busy and next Thursday is my birthday so I've decided to take Thursday and Friday off next week to have a bit of a break. I've also got third row tickets to Gogol Bordello on the 3rd. EEEeeeeee!
Hey y'all!

Sounds like some good weekends 'round here!

Kari - that Italian place sounds like perfection! *swoons for hand-cured meats* And good luck on your career shift - I've been feeling a little stir crazy too, but don't really know what I want to do next.

Ketto, that's awesome that you and Paperboy are moving toward the moving-in was definitely a good step for Turbomann and I - when you're spending every spare minute together anyway, might as well combine households and save some $$ too!

I've got to work tomorrow, and then turbomann and I are flying to Denver tomorrow evening to spend the rest of the week with my big bro - I'm so excited! Turbomann and my bro and SIL will be going to the Great American Beer Fest while we're out there, which I shall be skipping, since I don't/can't drink beer. But looking forward to doing a lot of hiking and chillin' in the beautiful outdoors.

And can I get some ~*~*~*~*~MRG Get here already vibes?~*~*~*~*~*~ Seriously...I'm 3 weeks late, and beginning to freak out. The girls are all tender and I'm retaining water like mad, but its going on 2 weeks of that and still, no flow...very strange. I hope this is my body just doin' it's thing now that all the hormones are outta my bod, but still...frustrating.
Good Morning!!

Ketto, that is so exciting about you and paperboy!!! I'm so happy for you two!

Turbo, enjoy Denver! ~*~*~*~*MRG come on flow vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~*~* I think your body is just getting adjusted to things.

It's a lovely day here, if only I wasn't feeling like a rats ass. I went out with PR boy last night and we had some Spinach Dip (which was tres tasty) but in usual processed food fashion, my body is *highly* upset with me and it's like Montezuma's revenge over here. I did have a really nice time with him last night though. This morning, on my way into work, I called in late, I stopped by the cops house and had some really lovely HBI. Ahhh. Don't know if I'll make it the whole day today, but I'm here now.

Have a fabu day all!
anna k
Congratulations ketto! I agree, it's more economical for the two of you to be together since you're together so much and have such a great and loving relationship. I just feel so happy for you!

Kari, that did sound like a lovely weekend. I hear you on the shedding. I had a corgi for ten years, and he always leaving blonde clumps all over, so my dad usually had him stay either in the basement or outside. I would let him in the house when he wasn't home, just to give him a break from the basement.

It's both scary and exciting to think about a new career. I am still focused towards publishing, but have found different avenues within in (online media, film writing, contacting film publicists to do work for them). It can feel like there isn't a strong direction, but I've always enjoyed editorial work, and want to find different paths to it. I wish you a lot of love and luck in pursuing new work, and using your contacts the best you can.

CH, how does your arm feel?

I haven't kept up here, been really busy. Besides working my regular job, I got more work at my internship, a lot of writing, editing, and transcribing, plus I was able to go to some conference panels that they sponsored, where I met up-and-coming filmmakers, had nice conversations, learned more about a critic's role in the film industry and felt good to be more knowledgeable about pursuing work as a film writer. I also got put on a couple of mailing lists for two PR firms, and will attend a screening of a 1950s documentary next week, then be able to interview the director, once I gather enough background information on her. I tried pitching the story to some sources, but they were too busy. I hope I can find a good place for publication so it isn't a waste for the PR firm. I'm also going to go to a writer's seminar for writers transitioning from print media to online media. It should be very informative and interesting. It feels like a lot of hustle and work to develop a better career for myself, and I can sometimes feel old at my age for doing it, but I'm serious about wanting to be fulfilled professionally and support myself.
Hi all....quick drive-by to say hello to Okayers, and also to everybustie.....have not been able to be online for almost 4 weeks, bigtime neck/shoulder pain, worsened by computer. Going to doc today. That is all I can report hurts. Big love to all of you!
Good Morning!!!

Hey Doodle! It's good to see you! I'm really sorry to hear about the neck and shoulder pain. I suffer from that as well & sitting at the computer def makes it worse. ~~~~~feel better vibes~~~~~

Ketto, I am so happy to hear you are taking some time off! You deserve it!! That's really cool that you're playing soccer. I would love to do something like that. But I am not very athletic. I exercise a good deal, but I don't know how to play any sports. Ooooh! That is very exciting that you & paperboy made a game plan for cohabitation! rolleyes.gif

Hey CH! Sorry to hear about the spinach dip induced stomach probs. You feeling better today? Glad you & PR boy had a nice eve though.

Hey Jenn! Have a blast in Denver!! How fun! ~~~~~~~~~~MRG vibes~~~~~~~~ Has she made her appearance yet?

Hey Anna! Sounds like you have a lot of good things happening! YAY!! I am glad to hear it. ~~~~~~~story vibes~~~~~ I hope someone picks it up!

I am doing well today. Slept great, didn't want to get up. I usually wake up while Mr K is in the shower, but this AM I didn't. He came in around 6:25 & woke me up. I worked at home yesterday, it was a busy day. Between work, errands, and tutoring, I submitted my resume for a job I came across. Send me some vibes please! I am going to be so disappointed if I don't even get an interview, b/c I def feel like a qualified candidate.

Good Afternoon!

Anna, my wrist is getting better. That's great that more work is coming your way at the internship.

Doodle!!! It's great to see you in here. ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*get called for an interview vibes for Kari~*~*~*~*~* My stomach is okay, I'm just super tired today. So I took the day off. I'm bagged, woke up at 7:30 took pooch for a run, then slept until 11:30.

Now I'm laying around in bed.

Hey y'all! Thanks so much for the vibes - MRG finally made her appearance this morning, thank the goddess! I was really getting concerned. My girls had been sensitive for 2 weeks, but had no sign of cramping or anything...I think you're all right, my bod is just adjusting to the new regime.

CH - Glad you took the day off to rest and recover!! Funny how our bodies punish us for transgressions, eh? It does help keep me more in-line with what I need to eat, though, that's for sure.

I'm hangin' at my big bro's house in CO by myself tonight while they're all at Great American Beer Fest...they got me a DD ticket, but I think it would be fun to see the spectacle for about 20 minutes, and then I would be annoyed to watch them drink all the good beer that I can't have. And really, I'm just as happy to have an evening to myself, catch up on the web, and watch the Grey's Anatomy season premiere.

Hooray for good sleep, Kari! I've definitely been sleeping better on the nights when we have the crisp fall air - I love sleeping when it's cold in the room. ((((((new job vibes for Kari))))))

(((((perfect career evolution for Anna))))) Anna, I really admire all the work you're doing to work in the field you really want to be have a passion like that is a true gift, even when the road feels difficult.

(((((((get better vibes for doodle)))))) meece you, chica!!!! *mwah!*
Happy friday!!!

I made it to work today. Not doing too bad.

enjoy your time in denver turbo!!!!

What does everyone have planned for the weekend?
good Morning??

*voice echoes*
Good Morning!

How were your weekends?

Mine was great! Friday we went to my friend's wedding. A small & cozy affair. Saturday I chilled out @ home, and made a dessert for the same friend's reception, which was Saturday night. Mr K and I went to my stepsister's wedding @ 5:00, then left there & went to the friend's reception. Which was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I did yard work. We've had about 2 weeks of rain here, yesterday was the first sunny day. I was outside for a few hours, very enjoyable. Last night I made spaghetti & we watched some tv.

This week is looking good so far. Work per usual. Might meet up with some friends for happy hour on Thursday. That's all I got so far.
Good Morning!

Kari, my weekend was okay, still had some stomach issues so I rested until Sunday. Sunday I met a friend for coffee and then went out to dadsters. your weekend sounds really busy!

it's cooling off here, but still sunny. Just took the pooch for a walk last night, I'm going to try and go for a run this evening.
Good Morning!


How is everyone?

Ch, it's finally cooling off here too. I am ready! I am over hot & humid. We have had beautiful weather since Sunday. Really sunny, highs in the 70s.(F). It's wonderful!!

I'm doin' alright today. Last night while cooking dinner I cut the hell out of my thumb with a knife. It hurt like a bitch. I keep bumping it this morning so it's still hurting. I just put a big gauze wrap on it, hopefully that will help. Ouch. I guess the bright spot was that the dinner turned out really tasty. Shrimp curry. Mmm.

Today is just the usual. Nothing really new or exciting happening. Which is fine. Work. I am going to a friend's house tonight for food & tv.

Oh! Mr K got his PCAT scores back! He increased his composite score by 20 points!! I am really proud of him.
So quiet again. My September has been insanely busy so i assume everyone else's has been as well.

(((kari))) Hope your thumb is doing better. Dinner sounds tasty. Congrats to Mr k.

CH, the weather has really turned aumtumn-ish the last couple of days.

I've had too many evening meetings lately. Last week I didn't get home till 9pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I didn't do much over the weekend. I was pretty tired so I took it easy. I had to babysit on Sunday night which was okay, but kind of made it clear to me that I don't really want to do it anymore. It wasn't like it was hard, but I would have rather been doing something else. Then last night I had another evening meeting.

I'm really looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off. There were a few interesting workshops going on for Thursday but I refuse to let myself to any work. I'm so tired, I really need a few days off.

I don't know what's in the air but another one of my co-workers got engaged over the weekend. There are 6 of us all around 24, 25 and two got married over the summer, one is getting married in the spring, one got engaged on the weekend, and paperboy and I are considering looking for a place in the next 4-8 weeks. Guess now is the age to couple up.
Helllloooooo! Hey gorgeous ladies! Wowza, sure is quiet in the lounge lately....I think crackbook is definitely stealing alot of our online time.

Ketto, I definitely remember the altar-rush of age 25-28...and I was certainly among them. Heh. tongue.gif Now, we're in the thrall of the reproduction frenzy and the first cycle of divorces amongst our friends.

Ouch, Kari!! I hope your thumb is healing up - I've done the same thing to my thumb on a number of occasions, usually right after I sharpen the knives.

Turbomann and I had an amazing trip to Denver...I think it was the first vacation where I was really sad to be home. So fun to hang with my big bro & SIL, and the trip combined the perfect mix of hiking, concerts and chillin' time. Annnnnd, we totally fell in love with Colorado. We're thinking of moving there - EEeeeep! blink.gif I think we'll probably evaluate things after next fall's Denver trip, and then if we're still game - put the condo on the market, and work on getting turbomann a jobby job out there, since he's in a more specialized field than I am. Kinda exciting, kinda scary...but I love the outdoorsy lifestyle there, I miss living in the mountains, and 300 days of sunshine a year, while still having seasons! Sounds good to me.

It's really turned into fall here too, though a little too quickly for my tastes...we've got big winds, and temps in the 50s - feels like the beginning of the end of bike season. And the gray skies are a little depressing after Colorado. *sigh*

Kari, how's your thumb? YAY for Mr. K!!

Ketto, so many people I know are doing the same thing. I'm's strange, it's like I'm the odd bird, I have no particular desire to settle down.

Turbo, that is really exciting news!!! You're thinking of Denver!!!!

I went for a nice run yesterday, it was a lovely evening. it's cool here this morning, but it's supposed to be a nice sunny day. I plan on taking my book to a park and reading in the sun. Errr, outside, inthe sun shine, not actually in the sun. hee.

Good Morning!

Ketto, yeppers, that happened with my friends too. Weddings galore! Jenn, I am having the same experiences with friends now. They are either reproducing or divorcing. Or sometimes both. sad.gif

Sorry to hear about all the night meetings, Ketto! Yuck.

Jenn, sounds like your trip to Denver was wonderful! NICE!! That is super exciting that you guys are considering a move one day! I have been to Denver once, it's so beautiful there. I definitely hear you on the appeal of the outdoorsy lifestyle.

Hey CH! Reading outside sounds like a great plan! We are having excellent weather here too.

I am working at home today, which I'm thankful about. I woke up with massive sinus headache. ugh. It's somewhat better now, but I still wouldn't want to be in the office. I just applied for another job. We'll see what happens.

Today I am going to get some work done, and just hang around the house. Have tutoring at 4, then will probably hit the gym. Looks like a good day. smile.gif

Oh, and the thumb is doing better. Thanks for all your well-wishes!
Jenn, sounds like a great vacation. I saw some of your pics on your blog, it looked beautiful. I can see why you'd want to move out that way.

CH, I wrote in another thread that I never thought I'd be prepared to live with someone else till I was much older but damn, I'm in love. I have absolutely no desire to ever get married and the idea of a wedding makes me uncomfortable (although I'm starting to suspect he may want to go down that route at some point down the line) but I'm really excited to live with paperboy. We're both getting very excited and hoping to do the move sooner than later.

It's my last day before my 4 day weekend! My alarm went off at 7am this morning and I almost re-set it for 8, but then I remembered that I just have to get through today and then I can totally relax and enjoy my birthday weekend.

And I have 3rd row centre tickets for Gogol Bordello this Saturday!!!!!!!!
Good Morning!

Kari, glad to hear your thumb is better, but how's your head??

Ketto, I'm so happy for you and paperboy, that's really wonderful. and HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!!!

Low key evening last night, went for a run, I'm in a bit of a mood, this always happens when I get MRG. My mood just tanks, curse this! So, needless to say I've been hmmph since tuesday, yesterday was beyond crappy.


A friend asked me to go out for dinner tomorrow, so I may take him up on that, and today I'm going for lunch with a friend I haven't seen in months.
Good Morning!

And Happy October! It's my favorite month of the year.

CH, I'm sorry to hear about the bad mood. I get that too around MRG time. It's such a joy, isn't it? Sounds like you have some fun plans with friends the next couple of days. Nice! Maybe that will make you feel better.

Ketto, moving in together is so exciting!! I am really happy for you & paperboy. Love is grand indeed.

I am good today. Head is MUCH better. My headache stuck around til around 2PM yesterday. I decided to skip the gym, since the class I was going to go to is pretty tough & high impact. All that jumping & loud music may have invited the head to pound again. Instead, I tutored, came home & cooked dinner, & then Mr K and I watched some tv. Very relaxing.

I am meeting 2 girlfriends for dinner tonight. Fun!

Thanks Culture! Another year passed. smile.gif

Culture, hope you're feeling okay. I've been in a funk all month. I'm so ready to say goodbye to September.

Kari, glad you're feeling better.

Yay, 4 days off! I got up at 7am the past three days so my internal clock is all screwy. I was really hoping I would sleep in at least until 9:30 today but I got up at 8:30. Oh well.

I'm feeling a little gloomy today. For months I've been trying to organize a spa day with my mom, aunt, and two cousins, but my cousin who's dad died a few weeks ago said she just isn't in the mood to do anything. I know she's grieving still but I wish I could do something for her or say something. I always wished we were closer growing up because she's only two years younger than me. She's had a really tough life and she deserves to be happy. *sigh* But I guess all I can do is try to reach out...I don't know if she feels the same way as me, but I want to try and be a little closer with her.

Aside from that, I'm just gonna take it easy today. I really feel like exercising but I'm so sore from an intense workout Tuesday night. I'm thinking I might take a walk to the park. Family birthday dinner tonight. My mom went out and bought a bunch of delicious sounding gluten free deserts.
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