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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Where is everyone? I hope you are all off doing fun things!!

Just thought I'd pop in real quick to say hi.

Weekend has been good so far. Hung with my friend from out of town on Friday night. Yesterday I went out to the same friend's parents' house for her son's first birthday party. Last night Mr K took me out for sushi, then we went to a show. Today I plan to clean the house some, go to the gym, and then we're going to my mom's for a belated birthday cookout. Looking forward to it!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far!
I'm here, I've just been lurking. It's been so nice here, I've been spending a fair bit of time outside.

I'm running again, it's something I can still do.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!
anna k
Hi CH!

That sounds really nice, Kari, I hope you had a nice Sunday.

I worked throughout the weekend, and had fun on Friday night hanging out with my friend and some ladies who are so intelligent and funny, I just admired their natural coolness. I had met them before, but got to know one of them better, and I had felt intimidated by her accomplishments (worked abroad, very well-read, can speak French, has a unique name), but she was really sweet and nice to me, and kissed me goodbye on the cheek. I also met up with a guy friend of mine and his friends at a bar, but I was tired by that point and left after 45 minutes.

I was going to go to a party on Saturday night, but it was an outdoor party and the weather wasn't great, so it was cancelled. I'm probably going to the library this week, I want to get started on a list I made of books I want to read. I enjoy reading, but get a little embarrassed if I'm not as well-read as I want to be, or if there are lots of authors and titles I'm unaware of and feel I should know.
Greetings Ladies!!

Hello CH!
HI Kari - How'd the BBQ go?
hiya Anna - girl, you are an exquisite one of a kind special person. don't be so hard on yourself. you *shine*.

I posted a couple of days ago, I swear. it's just not there.
Been cleaning and organizing. kinda. oldest son came over to see me, and I had a roast all coated in garlic and spices ready for him to take home. yay. he's puppysitting for me, so he came to get my puppy. it's been awfully hot (at least it feels like it) and that slows things a bit.
my ATT cell phone is making me pitch fits. mylove doesn't get texts or pics. and I don't hear from him, either. the other day I went out shopping, and I was kinda bummed that he didn't text like he promised. then when he did text, he was upset, since I didn't text him! but I had! apparently he was so concerned, he was one step away from contacting police to find me! aargh!! this phone is getting turned in under warranty!!

I'm around still-just lurking and thinking about the Okayers!

It's crazy hectic for me right now. To condense it all in a nutshell, I really, really, really want to sell my condo before the end of October. Not sure if it's going to be possible to sell it that quickly, but I'm gonna try!

I found a new place an a lot better neighborhood, that I want really badly. I made a contingent offer on it that I sell my place within six months. But that seller wants to move it up to end of October!

Open house is Sunday. Wish me luck!

Sorry for the meme.

CH, hope your arm feels better soon! I bet the eagles were beautiful!

Jami, that roast sounds delicious! Yum..... and I hope you get your texting issues straightened out.

Anna, it sounds like it was a nice time on Friday. It's always nice to meet people who have intimidated you in the past, and then find out that they're nice people too.

Wow, Kari, it sounds like a birthday-themed weekend! Lots of food and yums?

Hey Anna!!

Jami, that's the poops about the phone.

~*~*~*condo selling vibes for tree~*~*~*~*

Sigh, not much here. Back at work, and it's a very rainy thundery day. I like it!

Hope everyone is well!!
Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~~Condo sell vibes for Tree!!!~~~~~~~~~~ Your condo is so nice, hopefully you will find a buyer quick!!!!

Hey Jami! I'm sorry your phones are messing up! How frustrating!

Hey Anna! Sounds like a good weekend. I'm with Jami - you are a swell gal! I know it's easy to be intimidated though. Keep that chin up!

hey CH! Rainy day, eh? It is bright & sunny here, but reallllly nice. I think the high is 80 today. It is making me ready for fall!

Things here today are pretty typical. Work & the gym. Not too bad. Had a fun time at my mom's yesterday. Grilled out, ate cake, played with my niece in the yard. Then Mr K and I went home, watched True Blood, and I conked out.

Hey y'all! Sorry for the absence around here...I fear that crackbook has mostly absorbed my attention these days - that, and the blog. So if you haven't found me on FB yet, feel free to DM me here, and I'll give you my deets. It's certainly not the same as the conversations we have here, but I seem to be on there more than Bust these days, as are many others, I think.

Jami - that roast does sound divine! Mmmm... That sucks about the cell phone - I swear, there's no such thing as a good cell phone or cable company. Grrr.

((((((swift house selling vibes for Tree))))))) Tree, you have a lovely condo, and I hope it sells fast, so you can get the sweet new space closer to your work!!!

We had a fabulous weekend. Dinner with turbomann's BFF Friday night, Saturday had my BFF & her man over for dinner, Sunday dragged 5 friends out for a 25 mile bike ride and then made gluten-free pizza for everyone...a perfect weekend, as far as I am concerned. And I've got a 4 day week this week, as we're headed to MI because Turbomann's papa is getting married!! We're so excited that he won't be alone anymore, and we *love* the lady he's chosen. Should be a fun weekend.


Hey Kari! It's sunny here today!!

Hi Jenn!!! Yay on weddings and good partners!

Well, arms are slowly getting better, just been relaxing. Sigh.
Heyo, I took a weekend break. A couple of friends and paperboy and I went camping in Lake of the Woods. We went on Saturday and then came back Sunday. Well worth the trip. Then we saw Inglourious Basterds on Sunday and we both thought it was excellent.

Tree, good luck on the house selling front!

It's a beautiful day here, gonna have to go for a bike ride for sure.

Ketto, the camping trip sounds lovely!

I went for a run yesterday, and saw either a hawk or a juvenille eagle, not too sure, but it was flying low and it was amazing. Been seeing them a lot lately.

This morning did lower body, and now I'm at work. Le Sigh.
anna k
That sounded like a great trip, ketto! I'm glad you all had such a nice time.

Good luck treehugger!!

I'm glad your arms are healing, CH.

Not much here. Working this weekend. I went for a job interview yesterday for a receptionist job. It pays well and if I got it, I'd be very happy. I had a great time in my exercise class, where I brought in a CD of music for the class to work out to, and the instructor really liked it, and encouraged me to bring in other mixes. I posted the tracklisting in the setlist thread.

Inglourious Basterds was amazing, just so much deeper than the trailers make it look.

Hey Anna! I've heard good things about Inglorious Basterds.

Where is everyone??? DAMN YOU CRACKBOOK!

we're having a potluck at work today. mmm potluck.
Good Morning!!

As it happens, we saw Inglorious Basters last night. Loved it! So entertaining.

~~~~~~Anna job vibes!~~~~~~

CH, you see the coolest birds on your hikes and runs! That's so great!

Things here are good today. I worked at home yesterday which was wonderful. Any day out of the office is a good one! Mr K and I went to the mall before the movies, he got 2 pairs of shoes. Oh, and I got some new running shoes. My other ones bit the dust.

Tonight we're going to Mr K's parents' for dinner. No cooking for me! smile.gif

Can I just say, I am listening to NPR & they are interviewing Michael Steele. What is wrong with that man? Ugh.
Anna and Kari, wasn't Inglourious Basterds fantastic? Paperboy thought the non-action scenes were too long but I found that they built the intensity and were so stressful that they really worked. I won't say anything else because I don't want to accidentally post spoilers. Sending positive vibes for the job.

CH, we've had some nice weather the last couple of days, eh? Seems like August is going out with sunshine at least. What did you make for the potluck?

Kari, isn't it nice having a job you can take home every once in a while? It's such a blessing on weeks where I've been sick or have stressful stuff going on in my personal life but don't want to take time off.

This week has been pretty stressful. On Tuesday the hospice staff told us my uncle would go anytime. Now it's Thursday and he's still hanging on. It's been so mentally draining to have to go there and wait and wait and come home. My cousin said she thinks he's ready, but I think she's wrong. He's only 63 and I think he's scared and isn't ready to die. I don't say that though, because of course I don't want to upset anyone. I'm feeling resentful towards paperboy this week too, but that's the way I tend to get during stress or grieving periods. I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him that I would rather be alone right now and then I resent him for wanting to be with me. He told me, "be strong for you and your nana" and I didn't say anything but it made me really angry. I feel like that's a stupid thing to say to someone in this situation because it's a lot of pressure to put on someone and because my nana, mom, aunt, cousin, and I all have anxiety disorders that typically surface when stressful situations are arising. I know he didn't mean anything by it but it felt kind of insensitive.

Yesterday he came over for an hour and he kept asking if I was okay. I told him I know how to take care of myself when stress is around. He said I shouldn't have to take care of myself while he's around. I told him that I know how to do self-care; take a break from work when I need to, go for a bike ride, have a bath, read a book, have time to myself to think through things. I know he's just trying to help but all I want is to be left alone so I can work through my feelings by myself. I don't feel alone at all, it's where I'm comfortable in times of stress.

That was more than I intended to write. Sorry for the rant. tongue.gif


Kari, yesterday whilst at the park, I saw an eagle again.

~*~*~*calming vibes for Ketto~*~*~*~* How are things today??

Not much new here, the pot luck was very yummy yesterday. Didn't overindulge though. Went for a walk yesterday and was super bagged last night, so I slept like the dead. I also took Monday off so I have a long weekend coming up!!! As for this weekend, not too sure what I have planned yet.

What's everyone else up to?
Good Morning!

Yes, Ch! Friday!!!! Super! I am so over my job lately, so the end of the week is welcome.

CH, what did you take to the potluck? And another eagle? WOW!!!

(((((Ketto))))) I am so sorry about your uncle. That is incredibly stressful. It's nice paperboy is trying to help, but I definitely hear you on being annoyed. Ugh. And yes, I loved Inglorious Basterds!! Really enjoyed it.

Not much up here today. Work per usual. dry.gif Gonna work out at lunch.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I'm meeting some girlfriends for dinner tonight at an Italian Cafe. Yum! Tomorrow mr K and I are meeting his parents at 10:00 to look at two houses. They are house hunting. Then I have a bridal shower, THEN, another friend of mine is having a birthday party. Sunday, thankfully, is wide open right now. And I plan to keep it that way. smile.gif
Hello everyone!

Glad it's Friday but work has been a good distraction this week instead of sitting and waiting. I feel better about paperboy now, it was nice having a week to myself. He still feels like he should be by my side all the time but I think he's getting that it's just not my style when I'm stressed and that's okay.

My uncle was...okay today. He was responding and answering my nana's question with slight head nods or shakes. Just more waiting.

I don't know what it is with our family, but when it rains it pours. It's never just one thing at a time, it's multiple over lapping issues that have to be dealt with all at once. My younger brother is at the ER right now. He's had stomach problems for about a year but his doctor doesn't take him seriously. People look at him and forget he's 20 because he looks more like a 14 or 15 year old (5'3, 100 lbs, very skinny, youthful looking 20 year old). His doctor told him first that he had heartburn issues, then the only reason he started doing any tests is because my parents insisted, now this week he told my brother he has stomach ulcers from his Rheumetoid Arthritus meds and gave him new meds for stomach ulcers. But the ER thinks he has appendicitis. So they'll do a CT scan in about an hour and then hopefully we'll have more answers for him. I feel so bad for him because he's gone through a lot, but then again, we all have.
Good Afternoon all!!

Kari, I brought buttertarts. And today I saw two eagles flying over my house, also saw another bird of prey at the park.

hey Ketto! How is your brother?? ~*~*~*ketto family vibes~*~*~*~*

Not much going on this weekend, it's been so nice. I saw the cop on Friday smile.gif, Saturday I went out with JellyBean Girl and today just chilling. There is a pork roast in the oven. Mmm.
((((((ketto fam))))) I hope your brother is feeling better! Has he been tested for celiac, too? I know how you feel about the overwhelming family issues - I had a 3 year period in my late 20s where we went to more funerals than weddings (and a couple times a wedding & funeral on the same day), and it just feels like your family can't get a break for anything. At the same time, those three years really brought our two small families together, and I'm still grateful for that.

We just got home from a weekend in MI to celebrate my FIL's wedding - it was *AMAZING.* So wonderful to see him happy, and gushingly in love, and to have found a new partner that is just as cool as my MIL was. They planned a very personal, intimate ceremony, and there was not a dry eye in the house, and they really folded in both of their deceased spouses into their new union, and we just really felt their blessing on this marriage. They even melted down their old wedding bands and used the stones to re-cast their new rings. We now have a few new step-siblings and step-nieces and nephews that I met for the first time yesterday, and after spending the whole day/night with them, we were all saying by the end of the day how it felt like we'd known each other forever. Both families are thrilled with the marriage and I think blending our families together will not only be easy, but add a lot of joy to our holidays. The reception was a pot-luck in the church hall, and it was awesome...I love potluck - especially when every single person cooks! And I helped set up the buffet, so I was able to ask people which items would be safe for me to eat, and I ate very well, and didn't get glutened.

CH, I am jealous of your pork roast dinner - that's one of my favorites, and my cupboards are currently bare, and I don't feel like cooking after spending the day in the car...I think it's going to be scrambled eggs for me...which is fine, too.
Good Morning!


((Ketto)) How is your brother? You're right, you guys are getting hit from all sides right now. Hang in there, lady. ~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~

Hey jenn! I'm so happy you guys had a nice wedding weekend. It is so wonderful to see people find partners that fit, isn't it? yay!

Hey CH! Yum, pork roast. Tasty!

Things here are good. I ended up leaving work early on Friday due to migraine. Hmpf. I went home & slept for a couple of hours. I felt good enough to meet my friends for dinner that night, it was fun. Saturday was really busy. Had a bridal shower & a birthday party. Yesterday was lovely. Cleaned the house, got the groceries, took the dogs running.

This week is looking decent so far. Nothing too crazy happening.

What about you guys?

kari- so sorry to hear about the migrane
((ketto)) ((kettos family))

well... I'm with mylove at his home. he left for work, found one part-timer which didn't work out. he asked me to fly to him, and we'd drive his car back home. so off I flew, and when I first saw him, saw his face, his eyes, and he first held me - I kid you not - I was shaking!!! as was he. quite wonderful. we've been prettymuch inseperable. oh, and his car... we're restoring it. he's giving it to me. 1979 Firebird with the chevy 350 v8 motor. it growls. I love it. it's got a slap-stick (fancy stick shift), and he says most can't drive it, let alone start it. we named her Phoenix, cause she's coming to life for us. and she likes me. just ordered an alternator which is coming tomorrow and once a few adjustments are done, then it's back to cali for us. should be a three day drive.
yesterday was the most unusual rainstorm. I noticed the grey clouds over the mountains which were flashing lightning. then the higher dark clouds were moving right to left. the lighter closer clouds were moving left to right. the grey clouds from the left moved in. then the lightning started, then the loud thunder. we ran for cover under the porch as the rain started. and then the hail. for about 40 minutes, it was pouring. We were having a ball watching it all!
jami out

Turbo, so glad to hear that the wedding was a good time!!!

Hey Kari! How are you feeling today??

Hi Jami!!! so happy that you and the mister are back under the same roof again.

Not much here, I took yesterday off for a vacation day, and went for a reiki session, my first ever. It was divine, i cried like a baby after, but it was cleansing. It was really good.

And now I'm back at work, but it's a short work week!! YAY!
Hey Culture, I've been noticing the birds around a lot more too. I keep seeing a falcon in our neighbourhood, which is really bizarre. I've never seen a bird like that in this area before, right in the middle of the 'burbs. Yesterday it was sitting on someone's fence. I was supposed to do Reiki at my work a few months ago but I was sick the day we did it. Sounds like it's worth seeking out?

Turbo, that sounds like such a fantastic wedding!

Kari, I enjoy Sundays like that; running errands but still relaxing.

Jami, that sounds like a great rainstorm. We have a good spot under our porch to watch storms.

My brother had his appendix out on Friday. The surgeon came in around 4 and said he was fairly sure that's what it was. All went well and he was home on Saturday and he's feeling better, except for the incision area. Friday and Saturday felt really draining but I felt better on Sunday. Paperboy and I went on a bike ride and we had a little picnic and then went to The Forks (big tourist spot) and walked around while I had a candy apple.
Amazingly, my uncle is STILL hanging in there. He was conscious on Friday and he shook his head when we asked him if he was in pain and he nodded when we asked if he had a good sleep and all things considered, he seemed very comfortable. Now he's no longer conscious but that's a blessing. None of the staff can believe he's still alive. I'm going to run up and see him before I head to work this afternoon.
Morning, all.

Ketto - wow, appendix. ~*~healing vibes for brother~*~ ((Ketto Uncle)) and moving on.
CH - that reiki sounds great. guess you liked it and all

I went and caught a cold. and a good one at that. drat it all. was planning on going to the hotsprings at sunup, but cancelled when I was shivering in (what they say was) a warm room. now I feel like I have the lazies. growl. want to do things, but just don't think I can.
I wanna go home. cuddle in that big ol bed. watch Godzilla movies. (sigh)
pity party over. wink.gif

Ketto, I highly recommend Reiki.

~*~*~*healing vibes for Jami~*~*~*~* how are you feeling today?

Not much here, went for a walk last night, then crashed early, I was so tired. woke up early, so I worked out!
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Kari! How did Mr. K do on his exams? You sound really busy lately, what with hosting engagement parties and going to birthday parties and your general business. How is tutoring going?

CH, is your cast off your arm yet? That's really cool that you saw an eagle/falcon in the 'burbs. My parents see eagles from time to time where they live, but it's out in the country, though not far from town.

Jami, that's so great that you and your guy are back together again. Is he going to be there permanently? Sorry about the cold. They can knock you out right when you need to get stuff done.

((((((((((Ketto family)))))))))) I'm glad your brother's doing well, too bad that it had to go that far for the doctors to finally get it right. I hope he switches doctors after this. (((((uncle vibes, for whichever way is best))))) It sounds like he's comfortable, which is the most that can be asked for. 63 is pretty young. My uncle just died a few months back at 61 from cancer.

Hi, Anna! Sounds like you had a good ladies' night out. I've been meaning to compile a list of classics to read, too. I have gotten through a couple in the past few years, but I should really try to do more.

((((((((((((sell your condo vibes for Tree)))))))))))))

Hi, Jenn! That wedding sounds lovely. That's cool that they melted down their old rings to create new ones, and that all the family gets along really well.

Well, I live in a house now. Yay. The move went okay. There were 5 of us working, though I could have done a lot more of unloading stuff, but they sent me on a beer/pizza run, during which all the neighbors introduced themselves and I wasn't even around. We've still got half our stuff in boxes and eat takeout every night, which is getting old. But we're getting it done, little by little. It took us ages to get out of our old place, since our landlords made us prime the walls in the 2 bedrooms so the new tenants could paint their own colors, which took the giant 12 hours to do while I cleaned the place top to bottom. The new place feels a lot smaller than when we looked at it empty. I'm running out of space in the kitchen for stuff, and will have to put half my clothes and shoes in another bedroom, since I've got about half the closet space I had before. It seems like every night we have to go to Home Depot or Target for something, and it's getting really old. Hopefully we'll buy a washer/dryer tonight so we can have it installed and working by the weekend.

We've learned some new things about the house. The yard has a bit of an issue with a cricket infestation. They're LOUD at night. And there are gopher holes around the front and back yards. The neighbors seem okay, the only irritating ones are the people across the alley who blast Spanish music outside that has this man yelling the whole time about god knows what. Very irritating, but they've put their house up for sale, so hopefully not much more of that. We've got some planting to do today, too, since our realtor gave us a crabapple tree and the giant's mom gave us a few plants. Now we just have to figure out where to put them where they'll get enough light and we can enjoy them. Some of them are these really gorgeous lillies. I want to especially get those in the ground soon so they don't die.

Anyway, homeownership sure keeps you busy, at least for now. But we do have an incentive to get everything done: my BFF is coming for a visit in 3 1/2 weeks! Hooray! I haven't seen her for over 2 years and I'm so excited! It'll only be for a day, but at least that's something. I suppose it helps that we live near the airport, so it's really easy to stay over, so there's no excuse not to visit when they're in town. Her brother is getting married, so they're going to try to see a few friends when they're not with family.


diva!! super-duper yay for making your house a home!! so exciting. and you get plantings to get your hands earthydirty. boo on neighbor making noises.

CH when is that cast coming off, lady?

((((Ketto and family))))

still here in mylove's hometown. we're staying in a camper in parents backyard. and we have to sneek in the house to use the bathroom at night so as to not to wake anybody. but the good news is that mom, dad, sister and her family are off camping this weekend. this means that we get the house!! so today we re-wired the camper, hauled our stuff out to garage, etc, to prepare it for the family. we were going to leave fri, but decided to stay and have bbq for friends. really looking forward to all that. then its off to home. our home. I am *so* looking forward to our bed and taking showers together again.
and yes, I still have this blasted cold. throat, eyes, ear. how does it settle into an ear??? such pressure. I can hear my heartbeat. ow.ow.ow.
oh, and another storm is headed in for tonight. daaark clouds. wind. whee! (love this stuff)
Good Morning!!

Diva, it sounds like things are coming along in your new house!!! So excited for you!!

Hey Jami!! When are you back in your own house??

The cast comes off Sept 15, I thought the 14th, but no. It's only another day. 12 more days until it comes off. It's hot here, and the bugs are bad. Hmmph. Aside from that, things are pretty good.
anna k
Good morning!

Hi Jami!

Hi Kari!

Hi CH! Sept. 15th will come around sooner than you think. smile.gif

Congratulations on the new home, Divala!

Ketto, I'm glad your brother is feeling better. (((Ketto's uncle)))

I have a job interview next week for a clerical job at an insurance company. I don't know how much it pays or the benefits, but I'm glad to have an interview. I wrote a follow-up email to the receptionist job I interviewed for last week, just asking about the job status. Since I haven't heard from them in a week, it may be possible that I didn't get it.

I started a film blog, to share my film writings with my friends and fellow writers. It's like an extension of the zine I wrote as a teenager, and I enjoy writing it. If anyone would be interested in it you can PM me.
Good Afternoon!!!

Anna, good luck on the interview!!!! And good for you for starting your blog! I'd love to read it, PM me the deets!

Hey Jami! So, wait, is your man moving back to your place with you? I'm so glad you guys are getting to spend time together. And woo hoo! for getting to stay in the house over the weekend! ~~~~~~~anti sick vibes~~~~~~~ You feeling any better?

Hey Diva! *throws confetti* YAY!!!! I'm so glad you guys are in your new place! I know it takes forever to get things all put away and situated. Yeah, don't you love those "discoveries" you have after you move in. I just figure every place has some issues. As long as they are not major, it's cool. You will have to post some pics when you get things how you like 'em!
You are right, I have been busy lately. Things are starting to slow down, thank goodness. Mr K won't get his second round of test scores back for several weeks. I am crossing my fingers.

Hey CH! How you doin'? Only 12 more days til your cast is off? Excellent!!

Hey Ketto! ~~~~~~vibes for your uncle, you, and your family~~~~~~~ And vibes for your brother! Poor guy. I hope he starts feeling better.

Who have I missed? Surely someone....

Things here are good today. I worked at home yesterday which was wonderful. Did my work, baked some oatmeal cookies, tutored, and then worked out in the PM. Today at work has been busy, but good-busy. I would much rather be busy. I am leaving about 30 minutes early to meet with the city water company. The cut the hell out of some trees in my & my neighbor's backyard. Like, the trees are GONE. I used to see no houses behind me, now I am looking at the back of 2 duplexes & a terribly unattractive shed. They gave us no notice, just came home one day and trees were gone. Someone is coming out today to talk about how they can "restore our privacy." They'd better do something! I called my council woman to complain, who in turn contacted the water dept. Hmpf. Anyhoo, after that, I was supposed to have book group, but several gals can't come now, so we're rescheduling. I might go to the gym. Then watch PR. And drink some wine. smile.gif
anna k
Sounds like you're having a nice day, Kari!

Today I had gotten an email from a major company I sent a resume to for a reception job, and had a phone interview with them today. I said that I was interested in the job because I wanted to advance my administrative skills, liked their artistic output, enjoy doing both customer service and admin work, said my major strengths, but when they asked about my career goals, I said I was interested in writing/editing work in the publishing industry, but re-iterated why I wanted to work for their company (both arts side and admin side). I hoped that I didn't falter or sound unsure. For the most part, I felt relaxed and comfortable, though a little nervous, and tried not to ramble on. They may be going through a lot of applicants, so I hope I didn't mess up. I'm just glad they liked my resume enough to contact me.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee Friday!!!

~*~*~*ongoing job vibes for anna~*~*~*~

Hey Kari!

What's everyone up to this weekend? I'm going to get my hair cut and hi lighted tomorrow. That's all I know at this point. I've been in a bit of a mood, so I could care less.
Good Morning!

((Ch)) I'm sorry you've been in a badish mood. sad.gif Hopefully the weekend will help. A haircut & highlight is sure to help too! I could use one of each, my hair is getting on my nerves. Have a cut appt. tomorrow, need to schedule a color.

Good luck Anna! It sounds like you did well in the interview. ~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~ I got your PM with your blog info, thanks!

Things here are good. Meeting with the water company went well yesterday afternoon. They said they can put up a privacy fence & plant some things. They were very helpful. Surprisingly! Then I hit the gym for a sculpt class. Did about a million pushups there. Hmpf. Then I came home, ate dinner, drank wine, and watched tv.

I have ZERO weekend plans, if you can believe it! I might go to my mom's tonight, she's keeping my niece for the evening. Otherwise, I got nothing. Which makes me happy. Mr K and I talked about hiking tomorrow morning. I might try to catch a movie. And I am considering painting the trim in my stairwell.
Hi, peeps!

CH, sorry you're going through a bit of a funk right now. We all do from time to time.

Wow, Kari, no plans at all? I envy you. Hopefully I'll see my Sam on Monday. That's good that you can put up a fence. I'd hate to have neighbors looking in on me, too. Our house has a privacy fence on 2 sides. Next spring, we're going to connect it to the house in front with a gate and put up a small fence by the garage in the back yard before we get a dog/puppy.

(((((vibes for Anna)))))

Jami, that's cool that you get the house for the weekend. How much longer till you go back to CA?

We've got a ton of plans this weekend. We're going to tackle IKEA tonight for glass display cases, a filing cabinet, and other odds and ends. Then out somewhere for dinner since we have no food in the house yet. Tomorrow the giant's brother is coming over to help with some stuff around the house, I'm going to mow my own lawn, and we're going to purchase a washer/dryer. There's no way this will not be done. On Sunday, we're BBQing at the giant's mom's place, and on Monday, my parents and hopefully Sam will come over if he's back from camping with his other grandparents. Plus we're still trying to unpack more and get the house in order. It's pretty crazy around my house lately. I'm tired just thinking about it. But one thing I WILL NOT budge on is sleeping late each day. I'm sick of this get up early bullshit.

Good Morning!

sigh. Back to work after the long weekend. Das poop.

Kari, did you do anything this weekend??

Hey Diva, did you get everything done this weekend?

So, I had a fairly quiet weekend. Friday I stayed in, I was sooo tired, Saturday I went and got my hair cut and hi lighted, then went and visited a new friend, HBI ensued. Sunday grocery shopping, and yesterday I went over to dadsters. In between that napping and working out, and dog walks ensued. I also flew a new kite yesterday, as it was rather windy.
Good Morning!

Ch, sounds like a good weekend! I can't remember the last time I flew a kite. I may need to rectify that. What friend did you visit, btw? wink.gif

Diva, did you succeed in sleeping late everyday this weekend? I hope so!

I had a really great weekend. Went to my mom's on Friday night. Saturday we took the dogs on a hike, ate Mexican food, went shopping, then met up with some friends that evening for a couple of drinks. Sunday I cleaned the house & went to the gym. Yesterday we broke down the vegetable garden, went on a long walk, and went to my mom's for a cookout. I made homemade baked beans & potato salad, they were tasty!

I am happy it's Tuesday! Feels like Monday. I am getting a hair cut tonight. Much needed. I also have an appt. with a skin lady on Thursday night. I think my skin needs help. It's feeling rather dull lately. That's all I got so far!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sounds like everyone had a fairly nice relaxing weekend.

I wrote in the "death of a loved one" thread that my uncle passed away last Wednesday. He went quietly and a volunteer at the hospice was with him. The last week has been a bit of a blur. The funeral was Saturday and I think we're all glad it's all over.

My other uncle flew in so all the family spent the day together on Sunday and then he left yesterday. I'm feeling blah and it's very dark and stormy out. I'm sick (again!) so I'm at home today. Blah.


Kari, he's someone I've been friends with for a bit, we used to work together in the field, he has broken up with his girlfriend and has been trying for a really long time, so I finally caved. Heh.
Hey y'all! Sounds like some excellent weekends all around!

Diva, I hope you got your washer/dryer and are enjoying fresh laundry in your own home! (just a tad jealous on that score)

CH - I hope the portions with the new friend were most excellent!

Ketto - sorry to hear about your uncle, and I hope you have time to rest up - those kind of marathon grief weeks are SO draining, though also good to be with family and share stories, etc. Take care of yourself.

We had a fabulous weekend - the weather was absolutely perfect, so we were on bike every single day for long rides. I had Fri/Mon off, so of course there was much cooking. Slow roasted pulled pork, canned 30lbs of tomatoes, ice cream, oven roasted romas, made homeade tortillas for the first time ever (awesome!), and spent a lot of time with friends, which was awesome. I even managed to drag turbomann and a couple other cycling-enthusiastic guys out for a 30 miler on Sunday - and I wore them all out! They said they wanted a cardio ride, and I gave them one, averaging 18-19mph for most of the ride. heh. Had some incredible portions yesterday, which kicked MRG into action, and now I have a painful UTI. Grrrr. Stupid uterus.
Good Morning!

(((Ketto and fam))) I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, though I know it is a relief in many ways. It's good your family could be together over the weekend. Take care. And you're sick again? Boooooo!!! Are you feeling any better today?

Hey Jenn! Whew! Just hearing about everything you cook wears me out! It all sounds so great! Good work on wearing out the boys on a bike ride. smile.gif Sorry about the UTI. Those hurt!

Hey CH! And old friend, eh? Nice!

I'm working at home today. Excellent. Although yesterday at work flew by. I have some stuff to get done today, hopefully will be able to do it, since there are less distractions here. Well, let me rephrase that, there are probably more distractions, but not of the people coming into my office sort. I got a haircut yesterday after work, it was much needed.
Good Morning!!

Turbo, thst is wild!!! 30lbs of tomatoes!!!! ~*~*~*get better vibes~*~*~*

Hey Kari!

Not much here, quiet day just training some staff today. So it'll be a quiet day.
I killed it!
I've been in a bad mood all week so I'm just lurking mostly. *grumble grumble*

Ketto, you are allowed to be in a bad mood. You've had lots going on. And you haven't been feeling too hot. ~~~~~~~~feel good vibes~~~~~~~~~

Hey CH!

How you doin'? You & your cast are going to part ways soon, no? You excited?

Jenn, how's the UTI?

I'm feeling pretty well this morning. It's Friday but it feels like Thursday. But it's Friday! Awesome!

I splurged yesterday & got a facial. My skin was looking terrible. Rough, dull. Saw a new lady, someone my friend goes to. Do any of you get professional facial treatments on a regular basis? I think I might start, I'm just trying to not feel guilty about it. I have noticed a decrease in skin quality as of late and I don't like it.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I have a fairly low key weekend planned. Might hang out w/ my sis tonight. Tomorrow I think I am going to a cookout at my old boss's house. I look forward to seeing her, but she lives really far away, so that's kind of a bummer. Got nothing planned for tomorrow night or Sunday.

Ketto, feel better!!!

Hey Kari! My mom goes somewhat regularly for facials, she likes it. I've been graced with fiarly decent skin, and I use lancome creams which my skin loves. Biotherm also makes a fabulous line of oil free prodcuts, the green one is a cooling cream and it's tres lovely!!

This weekend, not too sure, saw PR Boy on Wednesday as we haven't hung out in a while, asked him if he wants to go for dinner tonight, but that's still up in the air. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going for dim sum with a former co worker, not too sure about the evening yet. Sunday I may go for a motorcycle ride with dadster. So, not too busy, but busy enough.
where is everyone?

Le sigh.
ouch. i feel your pain and perhaps i am a cause!!! life is speeding up and my posts suffer because of it. but the fall weather makes me smile. its such a beautiful time of year--great sleeping, perfect temps, no wind---great for the outdoors activites, for which i am suffering sore muscles today!!
Good morning!

CH, sorry you were all alone in here! Maybe some peeps will stop by today.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Thanks for the biotherm info, I am looking for some oil free products.

I had a really nice weekend. Went to my sister's on Friday night. She works at a cafe here in town, so she always brings home these gourmet salad fixings for our dinner. Tasty! This time she also brought home a low(er) fat chocolate cake. It was so tasty. Saturday I met a friend for breakfast. We hadn't been able to hang in a while, so it was an extended breakfast, very fun. Then I went to the bookstore & perused magazines for a while. That night Mr K and I ate sushi & saw a movie. I didn't end up going to my boss's house - we had to reschedule b/c she was sick. Yesterday I hit the gym, the grocery, and then got some resume help from a friend of mine. Oh, then I made fish tacos & we watched the finale of True Blood.

Good weekend!

This week is looking good so far. I think I will have to cancel my tutoring this week - have to be in the office on Wed & won't get home in time to meet before the library closes (we meet @ the public library). Have book club on Thursday. Oh and our quartlery commission meeting here at work is Wed & Thurs. I don't have to present or anything this time, so it's all good.

How's everyone else today?
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