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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Tree!! Good to see you, lady! I am glad to hear you're doing well. Is there any way you can talk to your bosses about the new shop? It's stupid logic to ask that dude who's about to retire what he wants! UGH!

Hey Ketto!!! Beautiful pictures! Wow, that looks like an amazing trip! Two weeks nonstop with a person will definitely tell you something. How long have you guys been dating now? I'm happy for you!!

Hey CH! Girl, you can't fool me. Non-racy fireman fantasies? Yeah right! tongue.gif Heh. I'm glad you & PR boy's relationship is good right now, that is really great that he understands what's happening with you. Or at least is accepting it. BTW, I love reading books outside on my lunchbreak! It's so relaxing, isn't it? I just finished a book last night, and fortunately for me, the library just emailed to say one of my requests is ready for pickup. Perfect timing!

I'm doing well today. Worked at home yesterday, which was awesome. Today I am back in the office & and am determined to get things done. Hmpf. Mr K and I cleaned the house last night, it was badly needed. Then I grilled skirt steak & we had Thai steak salads for dinner. YUM.
anna k
Good afternoon!

CH, you know we were all thinking dirty thoughts. You want those men to be in your personal harem, don't lie. smile.gif

ketto, you and paperboy look so relaxed and happy, and that profile picture is stunning.

Tree, it was hard, since it was a long interview, but well worth it.

Yay for new jobs for Diva and her brother!!

This week has been busy for me. I wrote about the memorial, and my editor liked it, so I'm waiting for it to appear on the website. I went to a career center, where I got some resume help, though disappointed that most of the jobs that are avaliable are low-paying receptionist jobs with no benefits. Last night I went to an advance screening of Tarantino's movie Inglourious Basterds, because I'm writing about it for an online magazine and had connections with my internship. It wasn't a perfect movie, but it was interesting and different to watch. I didn't really network with publicists or critics, just chatted with two guys from G.Q., but sent an email to a publicist's assistant requesting to be notified of future screenings so I can continue to write about them. It feels like a lot of hustle, of using the advantages of my internship, writing more, and getting out more into the film critic world, since I really enjoy writing about films for fun. Tonight I'm going with a friend and some buddies to see an outdoor showing of Purple Rain in the park, it should be a lot of fun.
CH--There's nothing wrong with fantasies about being hosed down. wink.gif
Good morning!!

Kari, how's the Mr. doing in school? Mmmm steak.

~*~*~*continued job vibes for Anna~*~*~*

Hi Minx!!!!!

Hee hee, so yesterday I actually got to talk to some firefighters. However, it was only because I bailed when roller blading. Today I went to the doctor as I'm in glorious amounts of pain...and a I have a fractured wrist, and as such I'm wearing a cast. Good thing it;s my left hand. I'm such a silly rabbit.

So, how is everyone else? Plans this weekend?


MINX!!!!!! It's so good to see you!!! How are you, woman?

(((CH))) A fractured wrist?! Man! Did you do it rollerblading? ~~~~feel better vibes~~~~

Hey anna!! I'm so happy to hear that work is going well. smile.gif It sounds like you are accomplishing a lot! How were the movies last night?

CH, Mr K just got his grade for the term...B. Thank goodness!!! He was afraid he was going to get a C and I am SO happy he didn't. He's now off for about 2 weeks til fall term starts.

My day has been pretty decent thus far. Work. It's gone fairly fast. My officemate is back after about 3 weeks away. I'm happy about that, we're pals. I'm gonna go to my sister's tonight to hang. She got a new car, so I'm going to check that out too. Tomorrow I have tons of yard work to do. Poo. And I might try to clean the windows. Sunday I also have a lot to do. I'm hosting an engagement party next Saturday night so I'm trying to get my house in order before that.

What are you all doing this weekend?
Hi, peeps!

((((((((CH's wrist)))))))) Ow! I hope you at least got some good flirting out of the deal.

Hey, Minx!

Kari, that's great that the Mr. got a B. How much more school does he have until he can start his career? You sound pretty busy this weekend with the stuff I did last weekend, with all the cleaning and such. It's good to get it done, but doesn't make for an exciting weekend.

Hi, Anna! How was the movie? I run hot and cold on Tarantino. I loved the Kill Bill movies, but find some of his other stuff to be rather self-indulgent and incomplete, like the Grindhouse movies.

Hi, Ketto. That's good that you and paperboy got along for 2 weeks. It's great when it works, awful when it doesn't. Fortunately, the giant and I get along like peas and carrots with very few spats, but when they happen, they're pretty bad. But I'm glad you had a good vacation!

Hi, Tree! Yeah, that's pretty dumb that they didn't ask for your input about the shop. It seems like these people go out of their way to ignore your needs sometimes.

This weekend is going to be full of errands, or so we think. We were thinking of going to the good Dayton's in Minneapolis to see if they have Dysons on sale there(we're getting a Dyson for our new house!), and also look at some furniture, specifically Parsons chairs for the dining room. We've been sitting on $10 IKEA folding chairs for nearly 2 years now, and now that we're moving into a nice house, I want to have a real dining set. But we're only buying the chairs one by one. I don't want them to match, so we're going to get similar styled chairs in different woods/upholsteries from different stores. I really don't like the whole matchy-matchy thing if I can find a more creative option. Then we're going to the Uptown Art Fair and the Powderhorn Art Fair to buy art for the house if it doesn't rain too hard. All the giant and I have are Star Wars posters (his) and Pink Floyd posters (mine). We want some mature art, like the kind grown-ups have. Besides that, we're probably having dinner with my brother tonight and then even more shopping for house stuff or clothes for the giant (he needs new shoes and shorts for himself) at some point. And I want to try to get to the laundromat and wash the 4+ comforters we want to donate to Goodwill so I can dump them off next week when I play hookey on Wednesday.

My brother just got another job offer for quite a bit more money, so he's quitting his current job (been there for 3.5 days) and taking this new one that's close enough to his house he can walk. In this economy, it's amazing how he's had 2 job offers in under a week. The asshole is still in his basement, but I/the giant/his brother/my BFF have all been doing research on how to legally kick this guy out. He has no lease, has never paid rent in a year, does not have any utilities in his name, and receives his mail at a PO Box, so he has no claim to residency whatsoever. It works out well because now my brother doesn't have to give him the same amount of notice he'd have to give otherwise, he can throw his shit out on the lawn and change the locks, and there won't be much this guy can do about it. Plus, he already has a criminal record, so I'm sure he doesn't want to involve the cops, though I have a feeling they're going to have to go over there to physically remove the guy. Oh, well. This is the bed this asshole made for himself, time to lay in it.

Hello my lovely Bustie ladies. so much has gone on with you. but I had to write when CH described her fractured wrist as 'glorious' and 'pain' in the same sentence!!! ~~((CH)))~~ healing vibes for CH.
just an update. mylove did listen when I said that I wanted to stay together - but not as married. and he understood. he's gone now - there's no work here, so he left for work and to secure his relationship with his daughter. we text constantly, call mornings and nights, and as about a half hour ago, we had cybersex with the help of a webcam or two. my dad loves him, and sometimes I think he's more excited to see mylove than when he sees me.
All three sons came over, (and middle son's fiancee!), and along with dad, we went out for my birthday dinner! Had a wonderful time.
oh, and as for lamex, word is that the new mrs has gone thru nearly a quarter of a mil, and is screaming that she is not being treated like a princes. they're on the outs. not positive of the info though, I thought she'd milk it for another two years.
hugs to you all ~jami~
Hi all! It's me, PK!

Remember? Sorry I have been absent all this time. I've been a busy, busy lady. I'm working part-time for a few months, so I decided to fill up my off time with lots of volunteer work. On Mondays, I go to all my appointments, then in the afternoons I do office work at the Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault.

On Wednesdays, more appointments, then I work at the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. I am the Food and Beverage Coordinator for this year's AIDS Walk. Yayayayay!

My wiener dog, Heinz, is doing great. I finally got a dog trainer for him that I can afford, and she is really great, too. She came over for the home evaluation last Saturday, and this morning (6:30 AM!) we had our first lesson. Apparently, Heinzie thinks he is the boss of me. He believes he is the dominant one, and that's where his bad behavior comes from.

Today, we walked him for a while, and I had to make him walk either beside me or behind me the whole time. He's not allowed to enter a room, go through a door, or run through a hallway ahead of me. He must always let me go first. When I get home from work and he's extra excited to see me, I have to ignore him until he mellows out, then I can love him up. I am in charge of giving out the attention and affection, not him.

The hardest part is that Heinzie can't sleep with me anymore. The dominant one gets the special bed up above, and the follower has to sleep down below. I have a dog bed for him, but he's been sleeping with me all this time, so he won't use it. For the past week, he's been sleeping in his crate. Poor little dude. At first, he whined and scratched all night, but now he's starting to get used to it.

It's really hard, because I love sleeping and snuggling with my dog. He's such a lover and a cuddle-bug. But whatever it takes to make him behave is what I will do.

Now I will try to show you guys a picture, then it's archive time.

Hi PK!!!! glad to see you! Heinz.... those eyes!!! heartbreaker! so he's the alpha male, 'eh? all the advise/instructions sound like what I need to do with my labrador. (thankyou) I can see how the not being the snuggle dog is gonna be rough. keep with it, though. how do you enter the room/walkway first? I can't even walk her anymore 'cause she pulls on the leash so hard. (tendonitis in my shoulder)
anyway, yay for figuring out your game plan, PK!
Hi Jami!

Well, to enter a room first, it's a bit easier because my dog is small. I tell him to "Go Back" as I gently push him back and block him with my foot. I have to keep doing this until he gets it, then enter the room, then immediately tell him to come in (so he doesn't sit there or just run in without my invitation).

You should have something to block your dog gently. Maybe a shield like Sir Lancelot? Just kidding. But find a way to block your dog, and keep blocking until the dog gets the hint. It may take a long time, but I know Heinzie is already starting to get the picture and we've only been working on it a little over a week. He's a 3-year-old dachshund, and has a lot of behavior problems stemming from fear aggression and his belief that he's the alpha.

My dog trainer is really great, and she only charges $40 an hour when you buy the 6-week package (which I did). And she takes payments on it, which is great.

Maybe you could find something like that in your area.
Welcome back, PK! Ha! We have dominance issues with our dog, too, and I've been doing the doorway thing for 4 years and it doesn't seem to have sunken in with him! He's a basenji, though, so a whole other story. This page pretty much captures their attitude, particularly the part about them being high school hoodlums. rolleyes.gif My basenji isn't weird looking like that person's, though. He has the white stripe up his nose like their red one, but it's perfectly symmetrical.

Heinz is really cute, though- I can see where you'd fold like a cheap suit to him!

Oh, it's been a crazy weekend- stargazer and I have been going to Lollapalooza Friday and Saturday, and again tonight. We're going to see Neko Case, Lou Reed and Jane's Addiction tonight! So excited!

polly - your basenji looks to have attitude and grace - love him!
Good Morning!!!!!!

I do not feel that enthusiatic in reality, but I'm trying. smile.gif

HEY PK!!!!! I was thinking about you recently & wondering how you have been. GOOD TO SEE YOU! Your weiner dog is so cute!! Sounds like you're making good progress w/ the training. I know, it's hard to have boundaries with dogs, when it cuts out some things you as the human also enjoy. It seems that you are keeping yourself really busy. That's totally rad that you're the food & bev coordinator for the AIDS walk. NICE!

HEY JAMI! Good to see you too! I'm really happy to hear that things worked out with you & your man. I'm so glad he understood your wants/needs. How far away does he live? Do you get to see each other often? How are your boys? Your middle son is engaged? How exciting! Oh, and happy belated birthday! When was it? Mine is coming up here on the 20th. Another year older. Hmpf. blink.gif

Hey Diva! When is your closing date? Parsons chairs? Excellent!! Word on the Dyson too. I bought the Animal about 2 years ago & it's one of my best purchases ever. That's wonderful that your bro has gotten some good job offers! Sorry to hear that loser is still in the basement. Very smart of your brother though to go about things legally. Even though it takes some patience, it will be better in the end. In answer to your question....Mr K has 2 more semesters of pre-reqs - this fall and summer & then 4 years of pharmacy school. Still a looooong way to go.

I had a good weekend. We got tons of stuff done, but did find the time for some fun too. Friday I went to my sister's, then we went to my mom's. Saturday we did yard work, which sucked, b/c it was hot as hades here. But, the yard looks so much better. We'd been neglecting it big time. Saturday night we went to some friends' house for a cookout, which was a good time. Yesterday Mr K worked, and I cleaned the windows. What a job. Taking the screens off, washing them, putting the screens back. They look 100% times nicer now though. They were disgusting. Yesterday we went to see Moon, which I thought was a great movie. Then home to watch True Blood & eat nachos. All in all a good weekend!
Good Morning!!!

Kari, yes I did fall skating. And I went out yesterday, I was very careful.

Diva, a Dyson!!!! I'm super jealous.

Happy Belated Jami!!! Things so wondeful, aside from your man being away. Anything new with lamex??

PK, your puppy is sooooo cute!!! Awwww. It's great to see you in here, don't be such a stranger.

Polly, how was the concert? That sounds like a lot of fun.

Not much going on here, just adapting to life in a cast. What a pain in the ass. Oh well. Still getting stuff done. Typing is the most difficult. Arg!!!

Hope everyone is well!!
CH, that sucks about your wrist. (((healing vibes))) I broke my right hand and hated the cast. It was fun for a day, but then it just turned into a pain the ass.

Hey Jami and PK!

Polly, sounds like good times! How were the shows?

The weekend was good. One of my best friends who works up north all summer came home on Friday. On Saturday we went for breakfast and then to the farmers market and then just wandered around a bit. It was great, since we haven't seen each other in almost 3 months.

I made dinner for paperboy and his mom (who just had hip surgery). His mom hates to cook and usually cooks with frozen veggies, etc. I brought over bison smokies, baby green salad with homemade garlic and olive balsamic vinaigrette, and roasted veggies. Then we watched LA Confidential and had some late night HBI before crashing. We haven't slept together (I mean sleeping) since the trip so we were both missing it.

Today is my final day of eating gluten because I'm going for the blood test this afternoon. I've been so tummy sick for the last month and it's getting increasingly worse. A month ago I could still handle dairy, but now any amount of cheese really fucks with me. I feel horrible today so I think I'm actually just going to take off in a few minutes and use sick time.

On the plus side, summer seems to have finally hit Winnipeg this week!

((ketto)) ~*~healing tummy vibes~*~ yeah, girl, once you find out what's messing with you - stay away. I dont think Ive had so much as a bowl of cereal in over a year. just not worth it. I'll cook with dairy (white sauces) and I'll nibble, but I have learned limitations. feel better, you
((CH)) how's the wrist, woman? bet it's not slowing you much!!! smile.gif
Kari!!! good to see you! yay for the good weekend

I have been in and out Lurking the Lounge. mylove is 900 miles away. we text constantly, and have now learned video chat. the first time.... omg!... to see his face. it was wonderful. he's had 4 episodes in the past 2 weeks. it's that damn town and those backstabbing people! (mom included). he's telling me to forget him, he'll send me the stuff we bought, and once it was as though an alter was talking, saying nasty hateful things. I fight for him, and we've made it thru. after one terrible day (his daughter called his ex's new hubby 'dad'), it was an awful night. the next day, we went out and got three parttime jobs. yea! he starts tomorrow.
me? I'm registering for school. this semester I just want to get into the routine of getting up, getting out, getting it done. next semester it will be hard core learning. wanting to do the x-ray technician. always loved that stuff, but don't know the bones!! my boys say that they're proud of me. I still lack self confidence. hmm... maybe there's a class for that. B-Day was the 8th.
yes, middle boy and gf are finally official. she's wonderful, they've been together for 3 years. oldest has brought his gf to see me. twice. big move there. youngest is looking to buy a car, and finding that it's harder than it sounds.
ok... back to that registeration page again! hugs to you all
The shows were fabulous- pictures posted in the concert thread. SEXXY pics of Dave Navarro.
I'm back from a fabulous week in MN!! Sorry to all the TC Busties for not swinging through, but it was a bit out of our way, as we were going straight up 53 to 61 and up and around Lake Superior to Tofte. Twas gorgeous, and such a relaxing week. There were 10 of us camping, including a 3yr old and a 3month old - both of whom we adore. Mostly, we just did a lot of hiking, and sitting around the campfire - reading in the afternoons, and eating smores at night. Mmmmm. It was pretty chilly up there, so no swimming this year, but it wasn't rainy, so it was good weather for being outdoors.

And now, I'm back to the cubicle. *sigh* BUT...our whole gang is going to Tahiti for 2 weeks in December 2010, so we have that to look forward to...and to save our pennies up for. One of our friends has a timeshare there, so once we pay for airfare ($2K each), all we have to pay for is food. Can't wait.

Ketto, I hope you get the test results back soon, and have some answers! At any rate, I tested negative the first time too, and I most certainly have at least you can cut the gluten and give your bod a rest while you heal. I had to cut dairy out completely for 2 years because my bod was so toxic, but now I can do a little cheese now and then, and the occasional bowl of ice cream, though I've had to go back to making only coconut milk base ice creams now, too, since I had a bad flare-up from ibuprofen post bike accident. Be gentle with your boy, drink lots of water, and start taking 3 chlorophyll capsules 2x day to help clean out your system.

Diva - that's so exciting that things are moving along on the house! YAY for picking out house things! Boooooo for packing. I can't wait to see the piccies of your new place. When do you close?

PK!!!! We've meeced you darlin'!! Love your little pupper - good luck with the training, weinerdogs are determined little buggers, but I know the training will be worth it when you have a well-behaved pooch. How's Heikki? Does he still live in AZ?

Jami - you are one strong woman for enduring your love's episodes - that's not an easy thing to work through, but it sounds like you're pretty grounded, and you know what you're dealing with, so I hope things get more stable for him soon.

CH - your poor arm!! Boooo for casts - what a PITA. One of my friends (who was jealous of my bike accident, so copied and got in one the very next day, breaking his wrist) just got his cast off today - he dropped by on his way back from the doc's, just to show off his awesomely pale arm. He has to do some PT before they'll let him back on bike to commute.

Kari - I'm exhausted just reading about all the house work you guys did this weekend...when I hear friends talk about yardwork, I'm a little glad that I don't have to do that sort of thing, and just pay drunk janitor to do it for me.

Polly...the pics from Lolla....WOW. *drools*

Buenos dias!

Welcome back, Jenn! Glad you had a fun trip! Sounds like it was really relaxing. Tahiti in December 2010? NICE!! That's awesome. Definitely something to look forward to!

Hey Jami! That is so exciting that you're going to go to school to be an x-ray tech! Good for you for doing this! You'll be wonderful at it, I am positive. Sounds like your boys are doing really well, that's great. I am so sorry to hear of your mister's struggles. sad.gif I hope he can find some peace very soon. I know it has to got to tear you up to hear him that way. 900 miles is quite a distance, I'm so glad you guys can video now.

Hey Ketto! ((((healthy stomach vibes)))) I hope you're feeling better today. That was so sweet of you to make such a delicious meal for paperboy's mom. I'm sure she was very appreciative.

Hey CH! I imagine everything is so much more effortful with a cast! How long do you have to keep it?

Things with me are good this morning. I had a good day yesterday @ work, then hit the gym for a very tough spin class. Sore today, but feeling good! After that, I went home, made a chicken salad w/ peanut dressing for dinner & me & Mr K watched a couple episodes of Entourage. I conked out around 10:30 & slept really well. Excellent. Today I have some things to get done at work, but then I'm meeting 2 friends for happy hour. smile.gif There is this newish place here that is suppposed to have really good retro style cocktails. Looking forward to trying some.
Good Afternoon!!

Oh Polly, he is sexy as fuck.

Turbo, the trip sounds so relaxing and wonderful.

Kari enjoy your evening!!

I went to doctor today to have my wrist looked at. I should be out of the cast in 4 weeks. Plus, they put a water proof cast on and I chose PURPLE as the colour. so much better, and so much less itchy. It's hot as hell here, none too thrilled about that, but oh well. Wrist is a little sore, but no worse for wear. Plan on taking poochy out for a skate this evening, then relaxing. I have a counselling appointment tomorrow.

I killed it!
Thanks for all the healing vibes. I'm a little rundown this week. Tomorrow if my Friday and I'm so looking forward to it. biggrin.gif

Jami, good luck in school. I need to sign up for at least a workout class or some sort of course this fall so I don't get lazy. Routine is good.

Jenn, that sounds like a wonderful time camping. Next Wednesday I'm going to do the Mantario (66km) hike with my brother and some friends. Won't be relaxing but I'm so looking forward to being in the woods for 4 days. Thanks for all the celiac related advice. I should get my test results in 7-10 days. I'm still feeling pretty sick this week but being very very careful not to have any dairy, eggs, or gluten. I find this diet surprisingly easy to follow. Thank goodness I love fresh foods.

Hey Culture, my cast was purple too. I regretted not getting the waterproof one because it meant i couldn't exercise for 3 weeks due to the sweat. Now you're stylin'! tongue.gif

It's so hot here finally. I love it but I hope it stays this way over the weekend. Last night paperboy and I saw Fred Eaglesmith. I hadn't heard much of his stuff but I really enjoyed it. Paperboy and I were both commenting on how it feels like we're hardly seeing each other since the trip. I think we miss the everyday contact.

I also received some very welcome financial news yesterday. Every year I apply for a disability tax credit for my diabetes and once I've been accepted but usually they reject for some innane reason. I got a letter yesterday stating I'd been approved until 2014! Yippee! Depending on how much money I get and if my job goes full time this full (rather than 30 hours), I may consider looking for my own bachelor pad for the year...
Ketto - Have a great time hiking - be gentle with yourself if you're feeling rundown, though - and take it easy on the long distances. I didn't realize you were diabetic as well - celiac & diabetes often go together, so I'm guessing that may tip the scales more in that direction. Yep, I'd agree that it isn't that difficult if you love fresh, whole foods. Eating out is still fraught with danger, so I don't do that much, but otherwise, it's fine.

Purple casts are definitely the way to go - woot!

Okay, I'm up way past my bedtime...time for Zzzzzzzz.

Hello Ladies...
CH - cheers for purple!!! Four weeks.... ohmygosh.
Ketto - you take care of you.
Turbp - Tahiti??? that sounds so fab!!

mylove was in another episode today. wanted to quit work, just drive out somewhere and not come back. one of those conversations where you cannot win. I just kept at him until he came back to me. it's draining, so hard.
Lamex's lawyer did not file his papers in a timely manner. and he billed me for time that had nothing to do with my case. so I offered an amount to settle - and lamex accepted. instead of going to court to fine me $100K and a week in jail, I pay him 2K and he doesn't bother me anymore. my lawyer got my signed paperwork two days ago. it feels great. so I guess evil did not win this time.
oh!!! did anybody stay up to see the meteors? I watched and giggled. then went in and promptly passed out in bed!
Good Morning!!

Ketto, enjoy your hike!!!

Hey Turbo!!!

Jami, so is this the end of the divorce now??

Not much here, it's been hot lately, went out for lunch with a friend yesterday, in the evening just went for a skate. Now it's the morning again.

Oh well!!

Turbo, thanks for all the advice. It sounds like you had a very similar experience as what I'm going through. Yup, type 1 diabetic for 13 years. When I was first diagnosed they tested me but it was always negative. I think if I definitely do have celiac, it was probably triggered in the last year or two. My younger brother is also very likely to have it, as he has rheumatoid arthritis, is 20 years old, 5'3 and weighs 100 pounds. He has almost every single symptom but unfortunately his doctor basically told him he wasn't celiac and didn't offer any other helpful suggestions. I love my doctor!

It's so nice the heat has arrived here, but it's so hot and sticky. My office has no air conditioning. sad.gif
Ketto - OMG, your poor brother - he most certainly does have celiac, by the sounds of it. I'm glad you're doing the tests and starting the process of healing - it's only going to get better from here, I promise!

Jami - 2K seems like a fine sum to get rid of lamex forever! WOOOT! *passes flutes of champagne around thread*

I'm making caramelized white chocolate ice cream with a raspberry ripple. Just sayin'.

And, I'm getting ready for the parental invasion tomorrow. This is one weekend that cannot pass quickly enough.

Ketto, I hope you feel better soon!!!

Turbo, ohmygoodness. DELISH!!!

Not much here, it's a rainy stormy day and has been for most of the early morning. It was hailing this morning and poor Emily was terrified, she's never experienced hail before and she was trembling. She does fine in thunder and lightening, aside from being a shade shifty and pacing, but not this morning.

So, that kept me up for a I drove to work. Needed to grab more sleep.

What's everyone up to this weekend??
anna k
I hope you're feeling OK, CH.

Jenn, that DOES sound delicious!!!

(((get well vibes for ketto))))

Ketto, congrats on the tax credit!

I hear you all on the gluten/dairy intolerances. I still eat it at times, but try to reduce it, and my stomach feels better, not as bloated or as irritable. It's not an allergy, and I don't have celiac disease, it's just IBS that isn't triggered as much if I avoid wheat/gluten or don't eat a lot of dairy, though I cheat anyway whenever I eat chocolate or use regular milk or whatever. I found some nice substitutes at the health food store, like brown rice tortillas, almond milk, veggie burgers made with brown rice and sunflower seeds, etc. But I know it's a luxury for me to have those options, and feel lucky for it.

Been keeping busy. Working this weekend, and Wednesday night I went to a book club meeting, where we talked about Nicole Krauss' The History of Love, and will meet again Sunday night. I love book clubs, I feel more in touch with the literary world and reminding myself of why I love reading, and hearing opinions from different types of people. I also hung out with a friend last week, and got to know better a woman I had met a couple of times, who turned out to be an editor at a major publishing company. I felt very lucky, and would like to meet with her for industry and career advice, but want to ease in gradually so I don't look too opportunistic.

Tonight I'm going to see my brother DJ again, this time in Brooklyn. He's been getting a lot of gigs lately, so I'm pretty proud of him.
CH.. Poor Emily!!! I bet you were right there with her, calming her. Hope you get caught up with your sleep.

((Ketto)) hope you're feeling better soon.

Anna - fantab on the keeping busy! getting out and all. I've got the IBS like you. today something set it off something fierce. thought i was behaving. hmmm

Turbo... ohmygosh. that icecream sounds... I'd risk the IBS for it!

nothing new from the lawyers. so maybe the 2K is gonna do it. and yes, this should be the last of the divorce. he had my mail changed to his address (why?) so I changed it back. funny thing - new wife has the same starting initial of the first name. so now her mail sent to (A. Lamex) is now coming to me!! haha. She even started signing her name like I always have - first initial then last name. weird.
mylove and I still call/text/vidchat everyday. lovin that.
didn't get into school. all the classes were full. better luck next time. so now I guess it's time to focus on my bkpg and the house.
Good Morning!

And what a good morning indeed b/c it's Saturday! smile.gif I meant to get up early & get to the gym, but uh, that did not happen. Maybe tomorrow.

Jenn, why must you torture me by mentioning the homemade ice cream!? YUM! I'm gonna come over to your place.

Hey ch!

Hey Jami! ~~~~~lame ex get lost vibes!!!!~~~~

Hey Ketto!

Hey Anna!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend in store.

I had to go out of town for work yesterday, to a city 3 hours away. Not bad except that 1) it was me and my boss in the car and 2) we drove 3 hours, met with the people for an hour and a half & then got right back in the car for the drive home. I was soooo happy to get out of the car!! I got home early though, around 3:30 in the afternoon, which was nice.

I'm hosting an engagement party tonight, so last night I did all the running around for that. Hit the liquor store for a case of wine, then 3 different grocery stores. But I got everything. Today I have to clean, clean, clean, and do other party prep. It should be a fun party though, looking forward to it!

What's new with all of yous guys?

Good Morning!!

Hey Anna! How was your weekend?

Jami, here's hoping this is the end of the lamex drama.

Kari, sucks about the work thing, but at least that's done! How did the party go?

Not much here, just the same old stuff. Sore today, doing the limited upper body that I can. But given that my right side is already compensating for what my left can't do, it's interesting.

Good Morning!!

How is it Monay already? blink.gif

I had a good weekend, though tiring. The party on Saturday was lots of fun. Everything went off without a hitch. Yesterday I lazed about the house, did some errands, that sort of thing. Now am back for another work week.

((CH)) I bet it's frustrating to have that cast on!
*sigh* Monday again. It's dreary and cold and windy here. Makes it hard to get motivated. I'm doing some running around for work and then taking my stuff home with me. I don't feel like sitting alone in my office all day when I can do the same thing from home. I'm feeling bitchy about the lack of breakfast foods I can eat right now too. I miss eggs and toast. I've never liked cereal.

The weekend was gone in a flash, as usual. on Saturday paperboy and I hung out at a friends all evening. On our vacation paperboy and I were playing a game where you have to think of 25 movies an actor has been in. We ended up playing it at our friends for about two hours. We tried about 6 different actors but could only successfully complete Tom Hanks. It's a surprisingly fun game. We left at 2am and stayed up till 4am and then slept in till noon. Since we both live at home we usually make an effort to get up and do something, but instead we rolled around in bed, watched bad tv, got in some fantastic HBI and ate snacks. At 6pm we both had a shower and then went for dinner at my house. Then I watched Mad Men.

I'm feeling down today. One of those days where I have no reason to feel down but I just feel weepy and sorry for myself even though there's nothing to feel sorry about. *sigh*
Hi, peeps!

CH, I'm sorry about your wrist. Ow! How are you managing with it all casted up and purple?

Kari, your weekend is making me tired. Nothing could be worse than 7.5 hours of a perfectly lovely day wasted with one-on-one boss time. Blech. That's great that your party went well. What did you serve?

Hi, Ketto! I hope your tummy is feeling okay. I don't know how you gluten-free peeps manage.

Hi, Jami! 2K to be completely rid of lamex sounds like a steal! I hope yourlove is doing okay. It must suck to be so far from each other, but at least you're taking advantage of every technology you've got. Sorry about the classes being filled up. That's how it goes when you're just starting and don't have enough credits under your belt to get preferential registration. Hope you can get in for spring term.

Hey, Jenn! I looked at your blog and the picture of Tofte you posted, and it looks gorgeous (and this is coming from someone who only likes nature in theory)! I'm absolutely dying to try out your ice cream recipes, which I'll do when we have a freezer with room in it or a whole chest freezer for my culinary experiments.

Hi, Anna! That's cool that you joined a book club. It's great that you're putting yourself out there like you are, really making an effort. It's a lot more than most people can say for themselves.

It's T minus 8 days until the giant and I are homeowners! We close a week from tomorrow, and will move all our furniture the day after. We're doing okay with packing, making sure to average 3 large boxes or so daily, and getting rid of what we can. I spent 3 hours yesterday at the laundromat washing the 4 comforters I'm donating. What I want to know is how the hell I accumulated 5 comforters to begin with!? Oy. It cost and arm and a leg to wash them, but they're clean and bundled and labeled, and ready for someone who needs them more than I do. Our current place has been rented and will be occupied next month, so the giant and I aren't on the hook for 3 weeks worth of rent. 2 mid-twenties coed grad students are renting it, which I think our landlords will really enjoy instead of a boring old couple like the giant and me.

We've been spending a lot of time shopping for house stuff and sitting on a lot of sectionals at a lot of furniture stores. So far, we've ordered a duvet cover and we bought a Dyson a couple weeks ago for a really good price. We love it. Never question an English middle-aged type-a gay man about suction, this thing sucks all kinds of shit out of your floors. I don't know how we did without one for so long. We got a couple cool pieces of art at the art fairs a couple weeks ago, but they'll go in the office. We couldn't afford anything large enough for our living room. But anyway, we're pretty excited about filling the house up with new stuff and making it our own.

Other things are good. My brother who'd been laid off got a job, then left it for a better one, then got another couple offers he turned down. He's landed on his feet. Now if that asshole in his basement would just leave, life would be great. I've given him all he legal info he needs, so all he has to do is set a date with this guy and have the cops there on the deadline to remove him, if need be. I was supposed to see Sam over the weekend, but didn't. We had a good conversation about puppies, wheelies, Chinese food, Family Guy, and lots of other stuff, so I feel okay about not seeing him. We have the best conversations. I watched "The End of the Affair" yesterday, and wasn't as into it as I'd have thought. I finally made the giant watch "Pretty in Pink" and it wasn't as good as I remembered it. Anyway, life is life and I'm suprisingly calm about the move, I just want it to be done and be in our new home.
Kari - You are a good friend to host a big engagement party for your friends!! I'm sure it was an excellent shindig! And you would be most welcome to stop by for ice cream, anytime!

Diva - I was totally thinking of you when I made the caramelized white chocolate ice cream - seemed like something you'd make with all your chocolate prowess. Caramelizing the white chocolate was a new experience, but I really like the toasty flavor it gave the chocolate. Do you buy chocolate online for your stuff? I've been buying blocks of Callebeaut as it's gluten-free, but I imagine I might be able to get it cheaper online somewhere.

Ketto - I know the transition and loss are hard. I hope you get to the point I'm at, where gluteny stuff isn't even tempting anymore. But, if you're looking for some good GF bread mixes, check out Pamela's mixes - they have them at Whole Foods - the bread is awesome, and takes well to additions of herbs, or cinnamon for sweeter bread. Her chocolate chunk cookies are out of this world. I buy her mixes by the case on Amazon, where they're about $2 cheaper per mix. Hang in there, and I hope you start to feel much better soon soon soon!

Diva - wow - a week from closing - that's awesome!! And then you'll be tucking into bed at night in your OWN HOME! Woot! I can't wait to hear all about your place, once you're in it. That's great news that you found renters to save the extra $$.

We had my 'rents here this weekend, and it was tolerable - which is honestly the best review I've offered yet. I cooked for them a lot, and we watched the Chicago air show from our beach, and then went downtown to the symphony in Millennium Park Saturday evening. Sunday morning, I just cooked brunch and then they were off and away! We'll see them in a couple weeks when we go to MI - turbomann's Dad is getting married - SQUEE!

Jami - I'm crossing all my fingers that you are well and truly done with lamex!!

CH - I hope Emily is recuperating after the hail incident - I think that scares any dog, and made Turbo not want to go out anytime it rained for awhile after we got caught out in hail.

Now, it's time to finish making the custard for vanilla ice cream with a fresh raspberry swirl. smile.gif
Turbo!!! again with the torment!!! raspberry swirl??? omgosh.
Diva!!!!!!!! huzzah and loving the hearing about the new house!!! good karma is coming for the comforters, too, I'm sure.
Ketto - sounds like you had a fun weekend

Lawyer says our docs were sent to his lawyer, so that should be done. and even before the judge signs the order. that's how I do things... mooovin on. smile.gif
I've got a Dyson - love that thing.
I moved in a year ago - and still have my artwork in boxes instead of the walls. shiney trinkets not in the china cabinet. 'before life', I wasn't allowed to decorate without instruction. permission. and now that its just me... I'm still confined. one friend called it 'institutionalized'. terrible word, but it sounds about right. controlled for so long - people say that now I'm free, do anything, go anywhere. anything. but I still feel caged. don't know any other way. and I feel like I'm dissapointing when I'm not outgoing or doing what they think I should be doing. I'm new at this. should there be a timeline?
or am I just depressed that mylove is so far away? emotional.
I'm tired. putting things off. can't sleep. up till 3 most nights. (mornings) up till 5:30 the other day, sun was coming up. hot/cold chills. weepy. can't concentrate. can't spell, for goodness sake. is this just missing him, or is something wrong with me???
I had plans, I swear I did. organize my mom's docs, lawyer docs, business docs, get them all in their own boxes, get up to date with computer work, work in the garden, get pictures in the album, artwork on the walls... now I feel accomplished if I've remembered to brush my teeth in the morning.
<sigh> thanks for letting me rant.
~jami out~
Good Morning!

Kari, most fabulous that the part-ay went well.

Ketto, I'm with you on this one, this weekend went by far too fast. Sigh.

Diva, that is so exciting that you're going to be home owners soon, it sounds like things are going so well!! YAY!

Turbo, I'm so glad to hear you survived the visit from your parents.

(((((((jami))))))) have you considered talking to someone about lamex?

the cast is still here. I go back on September 14th to have it looked at. That's the day I find out if it gets taken off, which it should, as that's what the orthapedic surgeon said as did the ER doctor. It'll have been 5 weeks by that time. Em is good, seems to have forgotten all about the hail and is goofy as ever. Went for a run yesterday, the first one in a few weeks (as I've been skating so much) and it went really well, not too sore today either. The pooch enjoyed it as well.

It's another meh kind of day, the weather isn't exactly cooperating, but oh well.

Good Morning.

(((Jami))) Girl, it seems that you are having a really tough time. I know you've had a lot of things happening lately and had lots of transitions. If things don't get better soon, I think CH's suggestion of talking to someone is a good one. How long has this been going on, would you say?

((ketto)) You feeling better today? I'm sort of in that mood today, not that great of a mood, but for no particular reason. Your weekend with paperboy sounds nice! What did you think of the Mad Men episode? I thought it was a good opening episode.

Hey Jenn! I'll be over for some ice cream later tonight. smile.gif YUM!

Hey Diva! That is SO exciting that you guys are closing on the house so soon!!!! WOO! Packing's a bitch, I know. I can't wait til you guys move in, you will have to post some pictures! What? You don't think Pretty in Pink holds up? I still love that movie. Oh - party food- you asked what I served. I made a few things: Thai lettuce wraps, orzo salad w/ sundried tomatoes, crostini w/ ricotta & honey roasted tomatoes, a bean salsa, um, something else that I can't recall. The girl that co-hosted with me brought a few things too.

Hey CH! Next dr appt is on Sept. 14? Well that will be here before you know it, I am sure. Glad Emily is back to herself!

Things here today are eh. It's an overcast day, which is fine w/ me. I think one of my problems today is that my birthday is Thursday. Birthdays usually don't bother me, but for some reason, turning 34 has got me kinda down. Ugh. I know that's silly though. Today, I am just going to work & then maybe hit the gym later. I did cycling last night, gonna do weights today. After the gym last night I went to TJ Maxx & got some good buys. I bought a new pepper mill, new measuring spoons, some souffle size ramekins, a new jelly roll pan, and a really nice 2010 calendar. All stuff we needed. Oh, and some nail polish.
Diva, I'm so excited for you. I dream about owning my own home but I haven't even moved out of my folks yet. Also, we too have a dyson and love it. smile.gif

Turbo, I've been checking out all your ice cream recipes on your blog. *drool*


Hope you're feeling okay, Kari. I let myself get all stressed out and had a horrible migraine the rest of the night. I was also really dizzy yesterday, like I just got off a spinning ride, so that didn't help. I went to bed at 9:30 and decided to work from home, so I slept in until 10:30. I don't feel sorry for myself anymore, but I do feel sick. Dizzy/spinny, headache, sore throat, sore ears, and a bit of a temp, so I guess I DID feel bad for a reason. With my luck, I probably have H1N1. tongue.gif I have a client at 3:30 so I have to go to the office for an hour or two, but then I'm just supposed to see a movie with paperboy, if I feel up to it.
Good Morning M'Ladies.

CH - that's not too much longer till cast-off day. (keep thinking that) oh, and remember when it comes off - TAKE IT EASY. you'll try to go into old habits like pushing a door open. no-no. baby it for awhile as though the cast was still on. swimming is a good excercise. (or bathtub maybe). and - running may be too jarring for it for awhile.
see - lamex made oldest son work (like *he* had to back in the day). When son was 12, his shirt got caught in a drill press. wrapped his wrist around it - twice - detaching the wrist from the arm basically. when he got out of the cast, off he went like everything was all better. we ended up getting a wrist brace (like carpal tunnel) and a sling to ease him into using the wrist again. There is no damage to the growth bones - he's ok.
so you take it easy there, love.

Kari - um.. you mean you MADE, like all those dishes??? whoa, you go up another notch there, girl. I mean, I maybe would have come up with, like, crab dip or spinnach artichoke dip... but YOU. whoa. and snap on your purchases. Happy Birthday (early). you go and have a blast.

now as for me... I've wanted to talk to someone about me and my past. there are still chunks of time that are missing. I don't have memories. Now, did something happen and I blocked it out? dunno. could be, from what I do remember. but if memories are missing, now that's a good thing, right? either it means that it wasn't worth remembering, or its too awful to remember.
or do you mean talking about mylove to somebody? I tell you guys. nobody else. my greatest fear is that oneday he'll go into an episode or depression... and never come out.
and that is a real fear.
for me and what's going on... who knows. could be pre period emotions getting the best of me. could be that I miss him terribly. could be that I am clinging to the one person who tells me daily that he loves me. I'd like to think that I'm stronger than that.

But I know that I am a survivor. You have taught me that. to recognize that. to say that I am a survivor.
and that's a lot there. it really is. thank you.
OH!! oldest son came back from tour (punk band), and told me a story of how two weeks ago, a kid at their concert invited them to come crash at his house. they were VERY greatful and accepted. (didn't have to sleep in the VAN!)
They ended up nine stories up in a penthouse overlooking central park. their host, Travis, is the son of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. son sat on the balcony, feet dangling between the bars, and did a sketch for me of the view.
I love that boy.
Jami, that is so cool about your son staying with a Bacon! Wow! I bet they were stoked & surprised! You are a survivor, lady. And don't you forget it! wink.gif I just suggested talking to someone b/c I hate to think of you unhappy, stressed, not sleeping, etc. And I think your fear about your man is valid. I think being with someone who has unpredictable mood and behavior changes can be very, very stressful. I think it would be wonderful if you had someone to listen & support you about that.

I did make all those dishes for the party, yeppers. Oh, and I remembered the other thing - a cold spinach dip. It was so good.

Ketto, I'm glad you're feeling better. That STINKS that you had a migraine & felt so cruddy though! What movie are you guys thinking of seeing? I really want to go see 500 Days of Summer.

I'm feeling somewhat better. Upon further reflection, I realized I'm not down about getting older, but it's just the old thinking one should be further in life by a certain age, etc. It's mainly about work, though, I realize. I'm happy in every other aspect. Wonderful husband, love my house, have 2 great dogs, a great family, etc. I think work is just getting to me. Stagnant. I might start looking about to see what else might be possible for me in terms of positions. Hmmm.

Someone give me a push to go to the gym tonight. CH? You can motivate me I am sure!
Hello all. I wanted to check in before crashing. I got 5 hours of sleep, and decided this am that I was gonna get things done, dammit. and I did. pretended like all was well, and I think I fooled even myself. I had wonderful texts and calls with mylove.
today was a good day.

Kari - thanks for the support. it is very much appreciated. and the work thing - maybe you're feeling unnappreciated? but I bet you are. hugs to you, girl.
Good Morning!

Good for you Jami!! I'm glad you got some things done. Being productive always makes me feel good.

I am working at home today, thank goodness. Yesterday at work was the longest day ever.

Mr K has gone to work, he's working a day shift today. So it's me & the dogs. I just walked them, it's HOT out there! I am starting to be ready for fall.

I didn't make it to the gym last night. Bagged it, but plan on going tonight after I tutor.

That's about all that is doing here today. What about everyone else?
anna k
Good morning!

Jami, what a lucky break for your son! I'm glad he got to have such a luxurious night in a fancy penthouse!

Jami, I hope you're feeling better today.

Kari, I think you're a fabolous and interesting woman, and I enjoy reading your posts. From what you've written, it sounds like you have a great life with so much going on.

I hope you're feeling good today, CH, and that the doctor's appointment goes well.

Aww, ketto, you shouldn't feel down. That movie game sounded like a lot of fun, and your day with paperboy sounded so nice and relaxing and chill.

My weekend was good. My brother's DJ party went really well, a lot of kids from his college and hometown showed up, and I had fun chatting with people and dancing a little. Besides working, I saw the horror film Grace on Saturday night (very creepy and disturbing), and went to a book club meeting for the same book on Sunday night (the book club is twice monthly). This week I had a couple of days off, worked out pretty hard, did some film writing, been working, and have a busy weekend planned. Friday night I'm hanging out with my friends at a bar/lounge in the city, then Saturday night I'm going to a party for a horror movie fan club. I attended their party in May and had fun, so I'm looking forward to going again.
Good afternoon.

I know I've been awol, my right arms hurt, muscle issues, so I took some time off of work, ahhh vacation time. Both arms are doing better.

Jami, that is so cool about the boy meeting the Bacon son!!! COOL!

(((((kari))))) but HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!! Whatcha doing today??

~*~*~*feel better vibes for Ketto~*~*~*~*

Hi Anna!!!

Well, aside from not working, not much else going on. Just sleeping lots, that pain in my right arm sucked!! But horray for magic bags. Still taking it super easy, as I don't want to be down for the count. I feel like a lame duck though. In exciting news, I went to the park yesterday and saw not one but TWO bald eagles. I just about cried. Something about me and birds of prey that I feel closely connected to.
Good Afternoon!!!!

Thanks for the birthday wish, CH! It's been a pretty good day (considering I'm at work!) smile.gif I'm about to get out of here though, so no big whoop about that!

I don't know what we're doing tonight. Mr K and I decided to go out & celebrate next week instead of tonight. He's studying for his PCAT test on Saturday. It will be more enjoyable to go out once that's over. Right now he'd just be thinking about how much more studying he has to do. We are celebrating w/ my family on Sunday.

Hey Anna! You're a fab gal yourself! Sounds like you have a good weekend planned!

CH, you saw two bald eagles? That is so cool!! Man, I bet it was really thrilling.

What is a magic bag?

anna k
CH, I'm glad your arms are feeling better. And that must have been amazing to have seen those eagles.

Jami, I'm just imagining either famous parent being told by their son, "I'm inviting a punk band over to stay the night in your penthouse apartment." smile.gif Sounds like they raised him well, and you have a sweet and loving son.

(((((((Good test vibes to Mr. K)))))))

I'm happy because tonight I may do a little bar-hopping. I'm going to hang out with my girl friend and other buddies at one bar, but last night I talked to a guy friend of mine, and since I'd be in the same area, he invited me to hang with him and his friends at a nearby bar. So I feel pretty happy about being a social butterfly tonight. smile.gif
Good Morning!

Anna, you are going to be a social butterfly indeed! Sounds like a good night!

I am very happy that it's Friday.

Tonight I'm meeting up with my BFF & her husband, they're in town from Savannah, GA. I wish MR K could join us, but he will be doing some last minute practice tests. Tomorrow during the day I am going to BFF's son's first birthday party. Later that evening I was supposed to meet some gals for a little socializing prior to going to a show. Think I'm gonna bag the gals though b/c that will make for a really busy day/night.

I went to the mall last night to get a couple gifts for people, and went into a store where my friend works (the one we hosted the party for last weekend). I tried on a cardigan, and she is so sweet, she bought it for me as a birthday gift. I told her she didn't have to do that but she was having none of it. It's purty.

After that I went home and watched episode 1 of the new PR season. Enjoyed it.
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