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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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anna k
Hi Kari! Sounds like you and Mr. K had a nice night in. smile.gif

Hi Divala!

Hi CH! The visit was nice. I went shopping with my mom, our family saw two soul performers, Marcia Ball and Bettye LaVette, both whom were excellent, and it was relaxing overall, being out of NYC.

I'm scouring all over Craigslist for administrative/secretarial jobs that are full-time and pay well, retooling my resume and cover letter, and hoping for an interview and to nail a job. I really need better pay and to feel more financially secure.

Had a dentist appointment today, getting ready to put another crown in. Worked at my internship yesterday, nothing more to report.

~*~*~*ongoing job vibes for Anna~*~*~*

So, sure is quiet in here. I went for a run last night and today a bunch of us are going out for dim sum at lunch!!! I plan on stuffing my face.

Where is everyone???
Good Morning!

How is everyone today?

Ch, how was dim sum? YUM!

Hey Anna! ~~~~~~~~~Jobby vibes~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you find something good!!

Not much to report with me either, the usual. Worked @ home yesterday, tutored in the afternoon, Mr K's dad came over, we went to dinner. That's about it.

Today I am going to get some stuff done here at work, then go to the gym, and I think we're going to see a movie tonight.
Hi, peeps!

I bought a house (with the giant)! The one we saw on Monday was really good, although the neighborhood isn't somewhere I want to live permanently. We're definitely considering this a starter house, and plan to move when our kid/s are school age to get in a better district. Anyway, the whole place is all fresh and new. It has 5 bedrooms (3 legal ones on the upper level, the ones on the lower level don't have egress windows, so I don't count them), 1.75 FRESH NEW BATHROOMS, a gorgeous brand-spanking-still-have-the-tags-on-new kitchen with black granite countertop (large 2' tiles, which is good enough for me, will still work for cooking since there's less grout to deal with than with normal tiles), stainless steel appliances, beautiful tile floor, and NEW MODERN NON-80'S MISTAKE cabinets. It even has a breakfast bar. My only minor gripe is that it doesn't have a formal dining room and our dining table will just barely fit in the space, but it does have a designated dining area. The living room is huge, the master bedroom is about the size we have now, which isn't huge, but plenty of space for our stuff, and a closet for each of us, so one of us doesn't have to put their clothes in another room anymore. The upper floor has hardwood floors, the entire basement is carpeted except for the laundry area. And no nasty old carpet from strangers, it's fresh and new. All the nasty wood paneling has been painted, and the family room is pretty large. The giant will have his own room to put his Star Wars collection, and I'll have a room for crafts only, plus we'll still have a room for an office. There's a 2-car detached garage. Not much for landscaping and a pretty modest yard, but enough room to build a small patio and still have most of the yard for stuff. It doesn't look like much from the street, but on the inside it's pretty cool. We ended up paying above asking price for it, but with the price point so low, it wasn't a problem. If we hadn't bumped our offer up with the counter-offer, we'd have had to duke it out with 2 other offers. For a lousy $2,000 more, we decided to just pay it and have the security that we got it. The house was underpriced, anyway. I guess my only gripes are the neighborhood and the power lines connecting to the house hang a little lower than I'd like, so low that it'd be pointless to set up a badminton or volleyball net. Anyway, our inspection is on Monday, and my parents and Sam will be there along with the giant's mom, his brother, and his niece (our realtor's daughter), to play with Sam. All of us plus our realtor and inspector will be 10 people. Oy. At least I don't have to cook or clean for them!

Sorry for the great big block of me me me text!

Hey Kari!!

and congratulations Diva!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!!!!! that is so wonderful!!!

Congratulations DIVA & GIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you! The house sounds amazing!!
Congrats! Welcome to home ownership!
Congratulations, Diva!!! Sounds like you guys are getting a great house, and it will be SO nice to move into a place that's all fresh and clean, knowing you don't need to do a ton of stuff to your new digs! And I bet you're going to create some very excellent chocolates in your new kitchen! And YAY for the man cave and crafting room!! I can't wait to see piccies and hear how Sam likes your new place!

((((((get a great job vibes for Anna))))

It's been a crazy week here. Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary, and I went to a Shel Silverstein Tribute at Millennium Park with my girls - and it was incredible. And amazing that you still remember all the words to the kid's poems. But they focused more on his adult stuff - reading essays, adult poetry, and singing some of the songs he wrote. Very cool. We actually went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary this evening to our favorite spot. SO good. They take very good care of me as a gluten-freer, and they source everything local/organic. YUM. I had skirt steak with onion marmalade and roasted potatoes and escarole. And a grilled octopus with lemon/olive tapanade appetizer. Incredible.

And, thank cod it is Friday tomorrow. I'm doing some recipe testing for a new GF cookbook this weekend, and having my suburban cousins over for dinner on Saturday, so it should be a good weekend.
Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Hey Kari and Polly!!

Happy anniversary Turbo!!! Your meal and evening sound wonderful.

well, not much at this end, just the same old same old.

i was talking to a friend at the park the other day and she shared something with me which I would like to pass on to all of you. It's very simple, but so very true. it's; The only moment is the present moment.

and I was thinking about this, and it makes perfect sense. enjoy your day everyone!!!

Good Morning!

CH, I like your friend's statement. I've been trying to think that way recently. Focus on the present, appreciate every day, don't rush things. Some days it is easier than others.

Hey Turbo! Glad you had a good anniversary! Sounds like a lovely evening. Your dinner sounds amazing!! You're making me hungry. smile.gif

I think I'm going to cook a bit this weekend too. Have the urge. Haven't done a whole lot of cooking since I've been back in town, mainly b/c tile guy has been working in the kitchen.

My backsplash is up, he's grouting today. I love it! It looks really nice. It will just be so great to have a pretty much finished kitchen. It's taken a year!

I have a pretty low key weekend planned. Tonight I might go out for a bit early. The band MR K used to manage is doing a showcase thingy. Free bbq & beer. Starts at 8. Tomorrow, no plans for daytime. That evening a friend & I might go see a movie. Sunday we are attending a wedding at 2.

anna k
Good morning!

CH, I agree with your friend's statement. I look out for the future, but kick myself whenever I dwell on something on the past, and just try to enjoy now.

Kari, it sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned!

Congratulations Diva!!!!

Turbo, I'm glad you had such a great anniversary!

My day yesterday was pretty nice. I got to know a new co-worker, and we both attended the same college, talking about the same people/things there, and got along nicely. That evening I took my dance class, and felt better at the jazz routine, even if the teacher gave me constructive criticism (not to move fast during one part), but complimented me when I got a floor move right. I also had a nice conversation with an acquantince in the class, and felt happy overall. I got a text message out of the blue from my FWB on Wednesday night. Nothing special, just "Crazy week. Hope you are well." I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks, so it was nice to get that. And I had lunch with a friend on Wednesday at a Vietnamese place that had good selections.

Nothing planned this weekend besides working. Hopefully I can find something cool to do or meet up with someone. We'll see.
Good Morning!!

Wow, it sure is quiet in here.

*watches tumble weed fly by*


well, this weekend was very nice. Friday I had a friend come for a visit, Saturday I visited PR Boy and went shopping. I found the cutest dress (another one). this one is Chinese Style (right from Asia, too!) and it's red and black and gorgeous. The zipper isn't very good quality, so I've had to take it in to get replaced. Sunday I went grocery shopping (how very exciting). And for the first time ever, I flew a kite. yes, at 26 I've never flown a kite. It was a lot of fun and there was ample wind it took nothing to get into the air.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Good Afternoon!!

CH, sounds like a good weekend! Kite flying! Awesome!

Your new dress sounds quite sexy & playful. Nice!

Hey Anna!

My weekend was absolutely lovely. The weather was unbelievable. Sunny, COOL. Crazy for summer in the south. Friday night I went to see a band. It was an early show, which is my speed. Got home around 10 or 10:30. Saturday morning Mr K and I took the dogs hiking. Then we tried a new Mexican place near our house & it was the bomb. We've been wanting to go there, b/c they have a smoker outside & they smoke chicken daily. I guess they don't have the chicken til late afternoon though, so we didn't get any. We got mixed ceviche which was deeeelicious. Their salsas were really good too. Super fresh. Let's see...after that we chilled at home. That evening I met a friend for dinner, Mr K went with a friend to play poker. Yesterday I did the grocery shopping, we attended a wedding, and I grilled Jerk chicken for dinner.

Good Morning!!

Hey Kari!!! between you, Turbo and Diva's cooking, I'm drooling!!! Mmmmm food.

What can I tells you today? Really, not much going on, went to the park yesterday and today I got up early and did a brief lower body workout, I'm going to try and go for a run this evening.

Sunday i got yet another hole put in my head, and I've still got this monsterous itch for more more MORE piercing. sheesh.

Well, I hope everyone is well! I'm doin' GREAT!!!
Good Morning!

CH, where is the new piercing? I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well!! smile.gif

Not much to report here either. Yesterday I worked, then went to the gym. Sore today. Last night I made fresh corn soup and a salad with fried green tomatoes on top of fresh tomatoes, topped w/ goat cheese & balsamic vinigarette (SP?) dressing. It was tasty.

Today I am just working & then getting my hair cut at 5. Thank goodness! This mop needs help. Tonight we might go to see a movie. Moon. Heard of it?
Hi, peeps!

CH, how many holes do you have in your head now? Besides my ears, I just have a single nose piercing, although I used to have one right above it but it sealed up when I took the post out overnight. How's the new-ish job going?

Hi, Kari! Sounds like a lovely weekend you had. What's your backsplash like? I'm considering mosaicing our space between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets. I'd love to see pictures of your kitchen, with the granite slab countertops and nice tiles on the floor, and a cool backsplash.

Hi, Anna and Jenn!

Well, it looks like the house is a go, assuming the appraisal will go okay. Our realtor seemed to think it wouldn't be a problem. We had our inspection yesterday, and it went okay. The only real issue, it seems, is with the a/c needing some attention, but the giant's brother used to work in heating/cooling up until 6 months ago, so he can do it all for us, so we'll only need to pay for parts. I eventually want to bury the electric lines hanging off the house that are a lot lower than I'd prefer, but that won't happen until next year. But all in all, we've got a good, solid house. The inspector really liked that it's built old-school style with real wood (not pressed sheets of pulpy plywoody weirdness), but has been completely updated on the inside. My parents liked it a lot more than the other house we didn't get a couple weeks ago, and Sam had a blast running around in it. The giant's mom/bro were there, too, so it was like a mini get-together for them, since the giant's brother has never met my parents. There are a lot of little things we'd like to do with the house, but for right now, it's move-in ready.

Sam was so well-behaved yesterday, I'm so proud. At the other house, he was a hellian. At the inspection, he came down quietly and joined us, and didn't get in the way at all, and even asked questions. He was such a sweetie. I got to see him on Sunday, too. We got into another one of our great debates about how awful Wal-Mart is. He went on and about how it's cheaper and they have all the toys he likes. Then I said how they're all made in China and painted with lead, and buying from Wal-Mart supports that (even though I know it's not completely true, since the toys get sold at places other than Wal-Mart) and the child labor they employ to make the toys. Sam said he'd rather make toys than go to school and "a dollar a day is plenty of money. They only need it for dumplings, fortune cookies, and rice!" My dad and I laughed for a good 5 minutes. I don't know where Sam came up with that, but it was hilarious. He's so fun to debate with. He gets really, really into it and is actually quite good.

My dad hasn't got his surgery yet. I guess the place was closed for the month, so he's on for next month. It's going to be really weird to see him without glasses. I told him about how he can't bend over or he might go blind, and he told me that's not accurate anymore. For a day after the surgery, he can't bend down, but after that, he should be fine.

We gave our 60-day notice at our duplex yesterday, so we hope they'll find renters for September so we dont' have to pay 3 weeks worth of rent there. I suppose that means we should start cleaning and packing, oh, yesterday. The place is a wreck and I don't want strangers traipsing through it judging our housekeeping. So I guess it's time to start packing shit up and getting it out of the way. At least we don't have to paint the walls back. That's really cool of our landlords. For as much as I hate them flushing the toilet while I'm in the shower and stomping around and having loud parties on Tuesday nights, I'm really going to miss them. They're good guys.

Other than that, life is okay. My brother met me for lunch today, since he's got jury duty across the street. The jackass who lives in his basement is supposed to be gone on Thursday. Fingers crossed that it works out.

Wow, that's a whole lot of talking about myself. What's up with everyone else?
Good Morning!

Diva, I'm glad the inspection went well! That's a relief. I will be crossing my fingers about the appraisal, but I am sure it will be A-ok. I am so excited for you guys!! ~~~rent the duplex vibes~~~~ Hopefully someone will rent it soon & you guys will be free and clear.

Your debate w/ Sam about Wal Mart is hilarious!!

Our backsplash is glass mosaic. I'll put a pic up soon. Our kitchen is just about done. Oh, we didn't get granite counters, just laminate. I did not have the funds for granite, that stuff is mucho expensive. The laminate looks good though. Waaaaay better than what was on there.

What's everyone got going on today? I'm working @ home. Have to take Paco to the vet at lunchtime for his yearly shots and all that. Have a few girlfriends coming over tonight to chill for a bit.
Good Morning!!

I got a piercing called a rook. That brings the grand total to 7 holes in my head. And I'll get more in time.

Diva, so glad the inspection went well!!! Sam, what a cutie pie.

Well, not much going on here today. Just the same kind of day as always. Quiet, which I love!!
Diva! I'm so glad the inspection went so well, and that is AWESOME that the house is built very well - and is move-in ready!! WooT! That Sam is just too cute! I can't wait to see the piccies of your new pad, once you're moved in. I hope the kitchen is conducive to chocolate making (totally self-interested on that one). tongue.gif

Hey CH - glad you like the new piercing!

Kari - we *need* to see piccies of the new kitchen! I hope you enjoy your new kitchen as much as we love ours. I still love coming home everynight and cooking in my new space.

Not much new going on here, either. Work is insane, budget nightmares have sr. mgt. running around like Chicken Little, declaring that the sky is falling. It's getting old, and not making for a fun workplace. Currently I'm just counting down to our camping trip to the great state of Minnesota. We'll be up in Tofte the whole first week of August - I just home they've got more summer weather than we've had here. I think we've had 4 days over 80 degrees this summer, and most days I'm still wearing a cold-weather jersey to bike in the mornings. It's so weird, and making me a little crabby.

Turbo, your camping trip sounds like it's going to be divine!!! Very nice.

Looks like we may get rain here today, I hope it's a thunderstorm that would unfortunately knock out power...hee hee hee.

Hi Busties, really long time no see!

Congratulations on the house Diva! That is awesome.

Things are going good with me. Busy, but good.
Hi, Marileen! ******giant hug****** How've you been? Geez, I haven't seen you since your wedding almost 2 years ago, and I was just thinking about you. Do you want to go to lunch sometime next week?

Jenn, any chance you'll be stopping in the TC when you go on your camping trip? We could have a little get-together in Mpls. And yes, the kitchen will be much more conducive to making chocolate than our current kitchen with 3 square feet of counter space. This new place has a whole breakfast bar area that will work fantastically for the making of chocolate treats.

Kari, we looked at a house with granite laminate counters, and they're really nice. We couldn't even tell from several feet away that they weren't real. But please do post pictures!

CH, where is your rook placed on your face? I've never heard of it before.

Hi to everyone else!

It's been an okay few days. My brother had jury duty across the street, so we went out for lunch. The giant and I had our 4-year anniversary yesterday. We didn't do much, I just picked up some bacon-wrapped pork loin and cheesy has browns to make for dinner and some fancy desserts. We'll go on our real date this weekend to Cheesecake Factory and see a movie, probably either "The Hangover" or "Harry Potter." And then at some point we're going out with the giant's family for his brother's and niece's birthday. At work, I'm getting stuck on a new team with new supervisor since they're reconfiguring the office because they can't fill a supervisor position. I think it's bullshit since I do a half/half job, so where does that leave my other half? I'm so, so confused. And this isn't the first time this has happened to me, being the odd one out. I'm kind of getting sick of being forgotten about and most people still asking me what it is I do even though I've been doing this job for well over a year now.

Hey Ladies!

I started lurking again a couple days ago and thought I'd post a quick hello. I'm nearly done with grad school (just working on my thesis which should be done by Sept. *knock wood*) and unemployed. Now's not the best time to be looking for a job, as you know, and the world of public health is waiting for the stimulus package to trickle down to actual jobs. I haven't had anything to even apply for in awhile. I'm giving myself until mid-Aug. to only look and apply for jobs in my field and then the goal will be to find a job, any job. Blech.

Congratulations on buying a house, Diva!! That's so exciting and I'm so jealous! Where is it located?
Happy Friday!!!

HOLY CRAP!!! It's marileen and catsoup!!! YAY!!!!

Marileen, you must give us an update!!

Catsoup, congratulations on almost being done grad school!!!

Diva, the rook is a location in the ear. I'm going to take a pic and post it in the body piercings thread in OBOH. I'll let you know when I do.

Not much here, work is still quiet, things are going well. Not too sure what I'm going to do this weekend.
Good Morning!!!


It's so good to see you both!!!!

catsoup, I'll be crossing my fingers for you about a job! It is a tough time to be job hunting, but I am sure something will work out. Are you so stoked to be almost done with school?

Marileen, how are you? How's the married life?

CH, I will be looking for the rook pics.

Hey Diva! I can't believe you & the giant's 4 year anniversary is happening. Wowzers, time flies. When do you think you guys will find out about the appraisal?

Hey Jenn! You want some summer weather, do you? We've been having a cooler front too, it's been great.

I will try to take some kitchen pics this weekend & post 'em.

What are everyone's weekend plans? I am going to my sister's tonight with the dogs. They will be staying with her next weekend & I am trying to get them comfortable with her place. Tomorrow I have lots of errands to do - specifically, I need to buy a few birthday gifts. That night I am hosting a birthday dinner for my sister. Sunday is my grandmother's birthday, so I'm gonna go see her. That's all I have on tap right now. And that's enough!
Yay for Friday! I'm tired today.

Divala, congrats on 4 YEARS with Giant! That's crazy it has been so long already. Good for you. I'd love to do lunch next week and catch up!

Good luck with finishing your thesis Catsoup! I hope it goes smoothly and that jobs will come along soon.

Hi Kari and Culture!

It's been so long since I've posted about what is going on with me that I don't know where to start! Married life is very good - I recommend it! It has been drama-free and just plain nice. Jeffrito and I are still at the same jobs we've been at for a while now - that may be changing for me as my contract may end in December if special project money doesn't come through. It looks really good so far though, so I'm not too worried yet, and I'll know for sure where I am at by September. I got diagnosed with ADD this year, and after going though hell with a few meds I finally found one that has been working and it has been a real godsend - I can actually finish projects I start and no longer feel like a big loser for not being able to accomplish my goals. I have been dealing with my mess and backlog of projects and obligations and am starting to catch up a little for the first time ever.

I had a really hard time after our dog Abe passed away early last summer. I was pretty depressed for a long time. We didn't think we'd be ready to adopt another dog again for quite a while. But after about six months, Jeffrito and I both had been thinking about adopting another dog, so we talked about it. It just all of a sudden felt like the right time. So we started looking on Petfinder for rescues and found a corgi mix (we believe he is half corgi and half dachshund) at a rescue right before Thanksgiving. The rescue had only had him for a few days (he'd been at the county pound for about a week before that, and before that, who knows) and they'd estimated he was probably about a year old. He didn't have a name when we got him, so we decided to name him Jasper. He was a very sick little boy at first - he had pneumonia (unusual in dogs) and had to be on antibiotics for more than three months. But he made a full recovery and has been a lot of fun since then. He's really smart and has lots of puppy power energy and loves our cat, and she benevolently tolerates him. I'll have to change my icon picture to one of him to show what he looks like - he's really cute.

Those are the main things I can think of right now. Lots of other little things have been going on, too. What is up with all of you?

Hi, Marileen! How would next Wednesday work for you? I have plans with my gay boyfriend on Monday and I'm leaving early for the dentist on Tuesday, but any other day works for me.

Your puppy sounds really cute. We're going to get one next spring. It'd be sooner, but since we won't probably be settled into the new place right away and we don't want to try to housetrain it during the cold months, we're going to wait until it's warm again. We're going to go through a rescue or the Humane Society, too.

Congrats, Catsoup! What's your thesis on? Yeah, job hunting lately is pretty awful. I'd love to get a new job, but fear it'd take forever. My brother just lost his job and has had a hell of a time finding a new one.

Hi, CH! Is the rook the part of the ear that sticks out a little from your head into the middle section? Those are really cool, but look like they hurt like a bitch.

Things are okay with me and mine. My brother finished jury duty yesterday and he's getting unemployment, which is pretty good. The jackass who lives in his basement should be gone now, too, since the deadline was yesterday. I talked to my mom for awhile and she's nervous that we're getting this house more for the giant than for me because I'm not as excited about it as he is. I am excited, but I won't say I adore the house. Yeah, it's great on the inside, but I feel like I need to apologize for the neighborhood, since it's not anything like the house in the other neighborhood we didn't get. That neighborhood was ideal, almost in a storybook kind of way, and this one is much, much more modest. I guess I'm more of a realist about this. It's an excellent investment for 7 years or so, but I don't see us there long-term. There's not a thing we have to do on the inside to make it liveable, which we can't say the same of for any of the other houses we looked at. The neighborhood and the cables that hang fairly low in the backyard are my only gripes, but they can be dealt with. Anyway, then we got into this thing where now my mom thinks the giant makes all the decisions, which is so completely not true. It just really pisses me off, her thinking things are a certain way because I'm the one that usually foots the bill for anything besides my share of the rent/bills and I'm the one who does the speaking up about everything because the giant is so fucking reserved. And yeah, I'm sick of it, but I hope it'll change.

My job is getting dumber by the day. Starting next week, I'm going to have to give up almost all the work I have to do that keeps me busy from day to day because of the office restructure. That'll leave me with 5 lousy files to babysit until I start getting some more from the restructure, which still won't keep me busy because I'm so caught up with everything that I have no backlog whatsoever and will do all the work as it comes in. Unfortunately, the work comes as a trickle, not a flood, so I'm probably still only going to have, at best, 3/4 of a job. Color me pissed off. I wouldn't care so much if it weren't a big no-no to play on the internet and screw around, but I can't look busy doing nothing. And the worst part is now I have to work with a person I really can't stand. She irks me on so many levels and I don't know if I can deal with possibly having to see her on a near-daily basis. I can tolerate a lot, and I do, but she works on my last nerve.
Hi hi!

Marileen, I`m so sorry to hear about the pooch, but yay on the new one and the diagnosis must be a breath of fresh air, you're getting caught up and things are working out!!

Diva, that pointy thing is a tragus, i have that done as well, there are already pics posted in the body piercings thread. It didn't hurt that much. I've had worse, of the newest piercings I've had, the conch was the most unpleasant, and it wasn't even the actual work, it was the healing when it was still fresh and juicy, it was a shade painful. ~*~*~*~*job improvement vibes~*~*~*~*

I'll go an post pics of the rook.

Not much here, tomorrow I go for a pedicure, and I've never been for one before! Aside from that, not too sure. I'm just doing my own thing as of late.
anna k

Divala, that sucks that work is so disappointing right now, and that your co-worker is a pill.

Hi marileen! Corgis are very amiable, sweet dogs, I had one for ten years. I know yours is only half, but it's a good personality of a dog to have.

(((catsoup))) job hunting sucks, it's so frustrating.

Nothing too exciting. Been working, did some writing for my internship, had fun in dance class. A friend of mine got an apartment with his friend, and can move out of his parents' home, so I'm really happy for him. I was going to go to a bar last night to hang with some ladies I know, but they chose an Irish midtown bar on Friday night at 6 pm, and I didn't want to deal with the crowds and noise. Tonight I'm going to an art gallery to see my brother DJ and hang out with a mutual friend there, and will be working this weekend.

I'm pretty happy today because I transcribed an interview for the magazine on Thursday night. I was given an audio file of an interview with a famous director, and it was 45 minutes, and long work of catching every word she and the interviewer said, but I got it done, and sent it to my editor, who passed it along to the interviewer. She gave me high praise, saying how surprised at how quickly I turned it out, and that I did a great job. It means a lot to me to read that, being an intern there, and wanting to be in editorial publishing. And because she has a highly esteemed job - a film curator - it's just special and career-affirming to get that kind of response.

Anna, that's great news about work!!! YAY!

Not much going on here, I went roller blading this morning for the first time in years and it went really, really well. I felt great, went for a run yesterday am and have continued working out. Just finished throwing some crud in the composter, which makes me super happy. I heart composting.

How is everyone else?
Happy Monday, uhhh self?

Where is everyone?
Good Morning!

Marileen, it sounds like things are going good with you. I'm sorry to hear about Abe. sad.gif How sad. Your new puppers sounds like a sweetie though. I'm glad he recovered after his early illness. That's great that your are on medicine now & feel you are functioning better. Yay! I'm sure that feels wonderful! ~~~~~~~~contract renewing vibes!~~~~~~~~~

Hey Diva! Sorry you & your mom got in a tiff. Hmpf. Your new house sounds really nice. And I definitely hear you on the neighborhood thing. I like our neighborhood ok, it's getting better. When we first moved in, it was mainly older people & working class folks. It's still like that, except that lots more young people have moved in. Now we see more people walking dogs & pushing strollers. But we're not planning on living there for the next 10 years or anything. We've been there 3 now. The main issue is the schools. They are not so good. Once we have children, we'll move. I think it is SO GREAT that the interior of your house doesn't need work. It's nice to be able to do things as you can/want to, rather than as a requirement for living there. You know?

Hey CH! How was the pedicure?? NICE! I haven't had one of those in forever. It's always something I think about, but then I wait to see if I have any funds left for it at the end of the pay period & I never do. I should treat myself. Rollerblading sounds fun!!

Hey Anna! Good work on that transcription!!! I'm so happy the interviewer gave you kudos! smile.gif

I'm doin' alright this morning. I had a nice weekend overall. Saturday's dinner was fun, the fam came over. I made spaghetti & meatballs, tomato/red onion/basil salad, and junior mint brownies. My sister's doing Weight Watchers, so everything came from a WW cookbook. Yesterday I lazed about for the first half of the day. Then I went to my grandmother's to visit her on her birthday. Had a nice visit, she wasn't on one of her tears, thank goodness. You never know what you are going to get. Last night was ok. Mr K is super stressed & grumpy about school. Which is trying. It makes the mood in the whole house tense. I hate it. He has a test today, I sure hope he feels good about it, or tonight will also be tense. Poo.
Good Morning! Again!

It's Tuesday now. I am much better today. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor, got my neck fixed, worked out, ate Mexican for dinner, and went to bed early. Ahhhh.....
Good Morning.

hey Kari! Are things better in the house now that the mister is done his test?

Last night i took the pooch out for an hour long roller blade, it was breezy, and just gorgeous, I enjoyed myself. Now it's Tuesday, but there is a long weekend coming up!! YAY!

So, where in the world is everyone else?
Hi everyone!

Divala, I sent you a PM about lunch tomorrow, and yes, I'd like to! Let me know if you don't get it.

Kari, I'm glad the chiro worked - nothing is worse than neck pain.

CH, did you get the pedicure? I've had one done and I loved it but I haven't gotten another one since because I'm on a budget and can't justify the cost, but they are really nice.

Anna, that's great that you did such a good job with the transcription you did. Sounsd like it was an interesting subject too. I deal with transcripts as part of my job and it can be hard to find good transcribers - a big part of what I've been doing lately is going over old interviews done in the '70s that were transcribed horribly back then and listening to them against the tapes and correcting errors so we have accurate transcripts. It is a long, slow process.

This past weekend went by super fast. I was busy every day. My friend and I held a little art exhibit in a shanty/shed in her backyard on Saturday and it went pretty well and there was a good crowd but I'm glad it's over. It was mostly people she knew and her neighbors, so it was a long day of socializing for me, which I'm not used to doing. It seems to have been a success, so we may do one there again next spring and plan ahead for it a little better. The rest of the weekend was all chores and errands, so not much fun. But last night Jeffrito and I went to the movies (we saw The Proposal, which was just alright) and that was nice.

I didn't want to go to work today as it is so nice outside!
Good Morning!

Marileen, I did go for the pedi, and it was divine!! I just loved it sooooo much!

Not much, took the pooch out for a skate yesterday and this morning. This morning she thought it would be great fun to go into the bushes and get covered in little green baby burrs. That is not going to be fun to clean off of her. I tried this morning, but was pressed for time. It now looks like I have a black and green dog.
anna k
Aww, poor puppy, CH. I hope you can take care of her tonight,

Kari, I'm glad you're feeling better.

marileen, it was a long, slow process, but I really enjoyed the work and training myself to be a good listener and catch everything.

I was in a good mood this morning, and now I feel low. I was happy to go to work today, and had a copy of the magazine I intern for, where I have some published pieces in there, and felt really professional and good and part of something special. I get to work, and in reading the work email alerts, one of the employees made it into a local magazine promoting the museum, and being praised all over the office. It made me feel so down, like my accomplishments wouldn't be noticed as much unless I had to tell someone. And I hate whenever I make a mistake my boss talks down to me, and I feel embarassed and stupid, and wanting to prove how smart and capable I am, yet not given more responsibility. Plus I got a rejection email for a receptionist job, and haven't had any good leads, so I feel pretty down.

Anna, I'm so sorry to hear about your jobs woes. I'm sure something will come up for you soon.

Not much on this end. It was payday, yay. It's a long weekend and I took today off. So, I think I'm going to go back and nap for a while.

I hope everyone is well where ever everyone is!!!

Whew, it is deadzo 'round here.

I was out of town from Thursday til yesterday, so that's my excuse. smile.gif

How is everyone??
Good Afternoon!

Kari, it's been a long weekend here, and I've been pretty busy!!

Friday I took off, my counseling session on Thursday made me pretty emotionally exhausted. But all is well now!! Saturday and Sunday I hung with PR Boy and went with him when he got more stuff for his house. I got myself two singing bowls, and they are so amazing!!! Today I'm heading over to dadsters for dinner. Also did a ton of skating this weekend. The pooch is worn out.

Back to work tomorrow.
anna k
Hi Kari!

Sounds like you had a great weekend, CH!

This weekend was alright, just working. I saw a movie with a friend, went to an art gallery. Today I went to a garden memorial for the late actress/director Adrienne Shelly, I was writing about it for the film magazine. I was really touched by all the love and support from her friends and family, and felt really sad, even though I didn't know her. I just felt so sorry that she was gone, and felt a great deal of empathy for her loved ones.
Hi, peeps!

Anna, was the memorial for the lady who wrote the movie "Waitress?" I loved that movie. I hope it was a nice service.

Hi, CH! I'm jealous of you shopping for house stuff, even if it's for PR Boy and not yourself. We've got about 3.5 weeks left to wait for that.

Hi, Kari! Did you go on a trip?

Nothing much going on with me. I went out to lunch with Marileen for Thai food on Wednesday. It was really fun to catch up, it's been so long. Don't dissappear again, Marileen!

Our appraisal went through, so that's a big weight off our shoulders. It came in at only $2,000 more than our purchase price, so it barely went through, but that's good enough for us! So the move is on for 08/26/09 and closing set for the 25th. We can't wait!

The apartment/duplex thingy is getting a lot of interest online, so we're hoping our landlords will get people in for September so we don't have to pay 3 weeks worth of rent on it (due to not giving a full 60 days because we wanted to wait until after the inspection). It's quite the item, reasonably priced in a highly desireable neighborhood with all the amenities except a dishwasher. I don't think there'll be a problem getting new renters, but so far, 3 people in 2 days have cancelled their showings. There's one on for tonight, so we hope it works out and the guy applies.

So with all this apartment showing crap going on, it's hard to really get into packing because we want to keep it as neat as possible for potential renters, so we can't make a mess with packing. It kind of sucks, so we're hoping someone signs a lease really soon so we can be messy again. But the place does look fantastic. I don't know why we never cared to keep it this clean for ourselves.

Things are looking up for my brother. He took a road trip with his best friend to New York last week and just got back yesterday. He had a job interview today and was offered a job on the spot, so he starts tomorrow. Hooray! I knew that his persistence and good attitude would pay off, and it did! That, and he's a really, really good machinist. He starts treatment tomorrow, too. Now if he could just get that assclown who lives in his basement out of his house, life would be good again. I offered to help him throw all the guy's crap out on the lawn while he was gone, but my brother is going to try to do it the nice way, even though the only way to get through to this asshole is to change the locks and throw all his crap out and call the cops when he shows up. He said he'd be out of there a week and a half ago. If my brother doesn't give him the heave-ho, he's never going to go.

I have yet another new job at work, too. A week and a half ago, the office restructured and I lost half my job. My new bosses finally figured it out that they don't need 2 full-time people to do the job of 1 person (1 very busy person, but definitely not enough for 2, we'd be so bored), so due to my senority and learning stuff pretty quickly, I got yet another new job of doing miscellaneous stuff for the miscellaneous team I'm on. The variety will be good and hopefully I'll learn some new stuff. I've been really bored for years. And as a bonus, I don't have to work with the girl I can't stand anymore. Yay! But as it sits at this moment, I don't have a single thing to do. I've spent more than half the day fucking around because I don't have my caseload anymore and nobody's reassigned me anything yet. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. At least nobody can blame me for fucking around online when they know I don't have anything else to do.

Good morning!!

YAY DIVA! I am so happy to hear that the appraisal went well. I know that's a huge relief! And you have a closing date set too! NICE! You guys will be moving in no time. I hope someone rents your place soon. We went through that when we moved out of our rental house. Several people came to look at the place, which is very annoying for the current residents. But we too wanted someone to lease the place so we'd be free & clear. That's good news that they changed some things around @ work so you'll be busy. I'm like, you, HATE being bored @ work. Ugh.

hey CH! Glad you had a good weekend! You & PR boy doing good?

Hey Anna!

Things here are good this morning. I am just working, might hit the gym later, but might also bag it. Yet to be determined. I went last night, so tonight I just kinda want to hang at home.
Good Morning.

Diva, that is fabulous that your appraisal went well!! Yay!!! Soon, it will be all yours.

Hey Kari! Things between me and PR Boy are very well, I'm going through my crap and he's been really good with that. I still have zero desire to date anyone though.

Hi Anna!

well, back at work today. Went for a skate with the pooch this morning. Not much else is going on here. I'm rather boring.
*plops herself down on the lip-couch in OkayLand

*passes around a pitcher of Mojitos

Sooo, I know I've not been posting, but I've been listening!

Divala, I am so excited for you! Your first house...I remember mine and I'm so PSYCHED that you're getting one that's been all fixed up and pretty. smile.gif And it sounds like you're getting a little more variety at work, at least.

CH, I've been reading your posts here and elsewhere and I know you're working through some stuff...but it sounds like overall, you're in a pretty strong place for yourself. Keep up the good work. I'm rooting for you, chica! And it is so cool that you finally have a job where you feel like more than just a temporary spot..I hope it continues to reward you. smile.gif I've always wanted singing bowls, I think it's great you got a couple.

Anna, it is great you're starting to get a bit more happy at work...and I didn't know you have published pieces! I'm so proud of you! And it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. That transcription job sounds like it was challenging!

Sooo...I'm a little excited and a little frustrated all at once. They are going to be tearing down the building where our shop is located to build a green powerhouse (it's going to burn switchgrass) we're getting a new shop! But they keep asking Chilly Guy what HE wants...and I really have no issue with that, but he's going to be retiring in a year and then it's going to be MY shop...and my needs are a little bit different than his. It seems like he keeps trying to not have much in there as far as things to help move stuff around~he's got a lot better upper body strength than I do and just carries stuff around whereas I'd like to have something in place that will save my arms/wrists. I mean, am I asking too much??? He's gone in a year and I'm looking at 15 or 20??
Good Morning!!

Hey tree!!! you should get a singing bowl!! It's so amazing to play, and I'm amazed how relaxing it is. Yay on the new shop, but bullshit they aren't asking for your input.

it's a nice day here today, not really summer like at all this summer, but it's still nice. Enjoyed a walk with the pooch yesterday. I got my snug pierced and I have one more to do, then I'm done with piercing.

So, how is everyone?
CH, sounds like a good weekend. I had to look up the singing bowls online. Neat stuff.

Diva, congrats! Sounds like the next couple of months will be crazy, but a lot of fun I bet.

Tree, that sucks. Hopefully they'll realize you should have at least a LITTLE input.

It's so damn hard keeping up with everything on here once you've been away. Paperboy and I got back from our fabulous two week vacation to the west coast last Thursday morning at 1:30AM. It was such a great trip, many many highlights. We were together for 24/7 and for the most part it was fantastic (except for one fight). It's got me thinking about how he's the first guy I'm really serious about. The trip went so well that my mind is wondering to new and exciting maybe moving in together one day...Scary stuff.;id=769535257;id=769535257
Good Morning!!

Ketto, i'm so glad that your trip with paperboy went well. That's most excellent news.

Last night went for a nice long skate and bonus, saw some fire fighters. YUM. *slips into fantasy land thinking about things with fire fighters. Like them cleaning my house, rubbing my feet, and mowing my lawn* Hee hee, I bet you all were thinking something dirty.

Not much else here. I had a really nice lunch yesterday, I just sat outside and read a book. It was so relaxing. I plan on doing the same thing today.

So, how is everyone else?
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