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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Queen Bull
hello all!

ch-- im just good like that.. appearing when people think of me.. *poof* lol.

so, everything is really goin good. im about to start looking for a new job, while i am happy to HAVE a job, its just not a long term thing. hopefully that wont take too terribly long.. *fingers crossed* Also, going back to live with the parents hasnt been too horrible. stressful, but where i need to be type of thing. smile.gif

on a worse note, me and my bf have decided to take a 'break'. I dont particularly believe in breaks, but we shall let him call it what he wants, and when he decides he wants me back, ill just have to decided if i wanna risk goin through the same thing 6 months from now.. but who knows. Oh well, i know we need it. so its all good. smile.gif

GOOD VIBES TO EVERYONE! ( esp Diva, **loan vibes**)

Good Morning!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jenn!!!! So sorry to hear about the car problems though! That's not a good birthday gift. Bah! It sounds like your other gifts were nice though! New dishes! Cash! Things for the Sexy Toolbox!

Hey Queenbull! ~~~~~job hunting vibes~~~~~~~~ Good luck!!! I'm sorry to hear about you & your bf. ((((QB))))) I hope it all works out, whichever way it does. You feeling ok about it?

Hey Diva!!!! WOO HOO for the cash you got for your home down payment! That's wonderful news!! ~~~~~~~~loan vibes~~~~~~ Give her that money, bank! I can't wait to hear about the houses you guys look at.

Hey CH! What's a tragus? I am clueless. smile.gif I'm really happy to hear you're liking your job! You deserve it!

Hey jade! It's good to see you!

Where's Anna been lately?

Hey Ketto! I'm glad to hear you're feeling somewhat better. ~~~~continued feel good vibes~~~~~~

Hey Rose!

Things here are pretty good so far. Got up early, drinking coffee, watching the news. I am working at home today, which is excellent. Mr K said he'll be home early today too, which is also excellent. We've finally been able to start spending some time together, since he took his pharmacy school entrance test this past Saturday. It's a small respite in the studying madness, but I'll take it!

Morning Morning.

Turbo, das poop about the car, if you lived here, I'd send you to the dealership where I got my car. I hope thigns work out. But yay on toys!!!! Hee hee hee.

hey QB, sorry to hear about you and your bf, he'll realize what he's missing then you can tell him to PFO. (please, fuck off!).

Kari, most wonderful that you and the mister are able to spend more time together. When does he hear about his test results?? This is a tragus. Not a pic of mine though. I'm still trying to get a good shot of that and my orbital, which is done on my right ear. Sigh, I still have the yearning to get more pierced, but I need to cool it for a bit.

So, took the pooch out yesterday, and this morning. Kind of tired this morning, not happy about that. Alas.

Well, I hope everyone is well.
Diva, yay for the funds! That must be a big relief.

Happy belated birthday Jenn! Hope today is looking better.

Queen, hope everything goes well. Good luck on the job search.

Exhausting night last night. I think paperboy has an anxiety disorder. Everytime he's a little bit sick he thinks he has something really rare and serious. He ended up at the ER last night and called me crying and panicking. He doesn't have a regular GP now but he needs to see someone ASAP. On Sunday he called me crying too because he was sick with the stomach thing. I kept telling him it sounds EXACTLY like what I had two days ago but he was freaking out so badly. His grandma died a few years ago after going in for routine surgery. She never came out of ICU and ended up passing away a day or two after the surgery. But he's a 23 year old, perfectly healthy young man. I still haven't talked to him today but hopefully he's feeling better.
So it looks like we're going to get pre-approved, or maybe have been already, for exactly how much we were hoping for. Yay! On the downside, due to my credit not being that great since I've been mainly off the books for the vast majority of my adult life with the exception of my car and a few store cards so I have a lack of credit history, there may be some restrictions on the type of loan we get, but at least we know we can keep looking in the range we prefer. Hopefully we'll have everything done that needs doing with the paperwork in the next couple days, so maybe we can go see some houses this weekend. I've got one picked out I'm really itching to see. It's a cute white house with some brick around the front door, a good sized yard, and 2 blocks away from what looks like a really nice park, and it looks to be far enough away from the airport that noise won't be an issue. It's only got 1 bedroom on the upper level (3 bedrooms total) and 1.5 bathrooms instead of 2, but those are things I can live with, especially for the price. It's 30K under our budget.

Thanks for the vibes everyone!

Kari, that's great that you've got a little time to spend with the mister. Good luck to him getting into pharmacy school! How many more years of schooling will that be once he gets in before he can start working as a pharmacist?

Jenn, that blows about your car. I hope it isn't anything too major and you can get it fixed quickly and go about your lives. Car repairs really screw with your day, y'know?

Hi, Ketto, Queen Bull, and CH!

anna k
Hi! I've been so busy with work, I haven't had much time to read here. The internship is going well, I'm happy to do more writing and researching, but I get sick of commuting every morning to one of my two jobs, and am only making money from one of them. It's just work towards my career goal in publishing, but I wish I had a normal 9-5 five-day-a-week job, with weekends off. It'd be so nice. A friend of mine is performing in a dance show on Sunday afternoon, but I'm working and can't see her. Boo.

(((ketto's boy))))

Good luck with the job hunting QB, and I'm sorry about the break. Hopefully it's just a breather and nothing too serious.

Divala, I agree on Gene Kelly being the better dancer, more because he was so athletic and exuberant, whereas Fred Astaire was more of a smooth tap dancer and less flashy. I also like Cyd Charisse, she was just incredible to watch.

Ketto, I hope paperboy feels better asap!

Diva, that is great news!!! YAY!!!! ~*~*~*continued vibes~*~*~*~*

Hey Anna! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job!

Not much on this end. In more mundane news, but was exciting to me, was on the bus ride home, the bus had AC! Now, I'm used to having AC, because my car has it, but what a pleasant surprise it was. smile.gif

Wow, little peices of happiness. hee.
Gene Kelly was an amazing athlete at a time when "working out" was not the norm and they smoked too!!. I agree with you anna about Gene amd Fred.

Summer!! biking!! outdoor music. good cold drinks in large coolers. what a great country!
Happy Friday, OkayLand! Anyone have any plans for the weekend?

It warms my heart to see so many Gene Kelly fans in here. I had this on-going debate with my best friend from middle school through high school: She loved Fred Astaire, while I preferred Gene Kelly. Fred could be funny and elegant and I definitely enjoy his films. But Gene! So strong & so damn sexy. I love that he was so masculine and elegant at the same time.
Hey RV!!!!

This weekend, hmm, I think I'm just going to relax, no major plans, so we'll see what comes up. I feel like baking.

Singing in the rain is an amazing musical. I think I should pick up the DVD.
Hi, peeps!

The giant and I are looking at houses this weekend. We're going to check out some open houses tomorrow on our own, then go out with our realtor on Sunday. We're also doing a big grocery run at some point today or tomorrow. The house hunting should be fun, but I still feel really funny looking at other people's homes while they still live in them. An empty house is one thing, but I feel kind of dirty and voyeuristic seeing where people sleep and the messes in their kitchens. There were pictures of a house in foreclosure that I saw a couple days ago that would be a strong candidate for Clean House or Clean Sweep or How Clean Is Your House? if we were in California or England. It made me feel sad and embarassed for those people.

Gene Kelly was indeed a sexy beast. He had hair when Fred Astaire didn't, which makes a huge difference for me. I also just can't wrap my head around Fred Astaire in leading man romantic roles. I think my classics on deck for this weekend, if I can find time when we're not pawing through other people's houses, is A Star Is Born and Gigi. I may even try to fit in Dr. Zhivago, but it's 3 1/2 hours long, so maybe I'll save that for next Friday when I'll have the house to myself.

How's your internship going, Anna? What kinds of topics are you researching and writing about?

Ketto, is paperboy feeling any better, or still going on about being ill with a rare disease?

Hi, CH, RV, and Jade!

My dad's getting cateract surgery done next week, and I guess that means he won't wear glasses anymore. The funny thing is that he's getting both eyes done, but 2 weeks apart, so he has to probably either wear an eye patch or take one of the lenses out of his glasses. It's going to be SO WEIRD to see my dad without glasses. He's worn really thick ones all his life and the only time I've ever seen him without is while he's sleeping or just woke up and hasn't put them on yet.

anna k
Gene Kelly was so versatile, he could be athletic, do stunts, be balletic, romantic, funny, whatever it called for. He could make it look so smooth and natural, like the dance was just a natural extension of himself.

Divala, I like my internship. I write short reviews of films for their newsletter, as well as researching the latest in music and movies and art for their "hot list" of sorts. I do some factchecking, and wrote a report about a film school in Haiti. It's really interesting and challenging work, and I feel better as a writer for it.

Good luck with house searching, D!

Hi CH!

No real plans this weekend. Working, and my sister is staying over tomorrow night. I hope to take a dance class tonight, I really like the instructor and have been working all week, I need to let loose and have fun there.
Good Afternoon.

Diva, I hope you two have a good house hunt this weekend. I'm with you on the wierdness of being in a strangers house whilst house hunting. Strange indeed.

Hey Anna! The internship sounds really interesting!!

It's raining out, but that's okay, it's been a long week, but at least my work project is completed!!

Hey y'all! Sheesh - it has been an insane week....the birthday was anticlimactic (thank cod for fun pressies over the weekend!), and picking up the car was frustrating and more time consuming than necessary. I had to work a Relay For Life event overnight, so I'm kind of tired today, so I'll just be kicking it at home.

Oh! But turbomann did get out to Ikea this week, and brought home a small table and a couple chairs for our patio! SQUEE! I love them, and they're perfect for our balcony. And since I had to work overnight, I had the morning off yesterday, so I sealed the furniture with a couple coats of teak oil...though my muscles are complaining a bit today from all the crawling about and rubbing in the oil. The furniture looks gorgeous now, though, and is waterproofed from all the crazy weather we have here. I'll get some piccies later this afternoon. It was lovely to take my laptop outside this morning and eat breakfast at the table. I've no idea why it took us 7 years to get a patio set!!

Diva - I hope your dad's surgery goes well!! My FIL had one eye done this week, and does the next in August. Make sure he strictly adheres to the rules of not bending over (SO HARD!) and not picking up anything more than 5lbs...FIL ran into an aquaintance at work with a patch over one eye, and asked about it, and he had just had cataract surgery 6 weeks prior, but didn't listen to the advice not to bend over, and his eye ruptured, and he may be blind in that eye forever. Eeek! FIL did say the surgery was quicker than he could possibly have imagined. Hope it goes well.

And good luck with the house hunting!! I love imaging my life in different spaces and new neighborhoods!

Anna - so glad the new internship is going well, and that you're enjoying things so far! I wish we had a motivated intern like you - we've got a writing intern this summer and the asshole VP vetoed our choice, and we're stuck with a laaaaaazy jock boy who doesn't care about the work. The asshole VP just wanted another guy in the dept. Feh.

I'm just kickin' it at home on my own this weekend - turbomann is camping with his BFF, and I am *thrilled* to have a couple days of quiet time at home to myself. Of course, that means cooking and reading books! smile.gif
afternoon all!

Turbo, enjoy your balcony and your much deserved time off after your busy week!

Diva, my grandmother had cataract surgery and hers went extremely well.

Weekend has been a quiet one. Slept a lot. Was up early this morning and went for a lovely early morning run, then worked out. Now just enjoying the day.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend!
Ahhh, a weekend all to myself was just the balm I needed. Much cooking done, some biking, but I adore being home by myself. And, we've got Friday off for the 4th, so that makes facing Monday morning a bit easier. smile.gif

I posted some piccies of the balcony set on Flickr as well as Crackbook...I'm thrilled with it, and can't believe it took me 7 years to get a table out there. Finishing the wood with Teak oil really brought out the beauty of the wood, even if finishing the set was a PITA, but it was worth it, and now it's a bit more weather/waterproof.
Good Morning!

Well, not much has changed since yesterday. Turbo, I can't check your pics at work, they've blocked flickr, crap heads.

So, where is everyone???

Good Morning!!

Jenn, your patio looks awesome! The view of the lake....amazing. I am sure you will love lounging about out there on your new furniture. Glad you had a nice, rejuvenating weekend. Excellent.

Hey Anna! Glad you are liking your internship, but hear you on the commuting. Esp when one doesn't get paid. I felt that way when I was interning @ the hospital. It was a 30-40 min drive from my house. And, actually, since the school was overseeing the internship, I had to pay tuition, so I was actually paying to work! Gah! That's marvelous that you're getting some publishing related experience!

Hey Diva! How's the house hunting? That's SO EXCITING! yay!! Good luck to your dad & his surgery. I bet he will feel quite peculiar w/o his glasses!

Hey Queen Bull!

hey Rose!

Hey CH!

I had a great weekend. Friday night we went to a show. Two local bands played ELO's Out of the Blue album in its entirety. It was excellent. I love some ELO! Saturday I lazed about the house for the early part of the day and was finally able to rouse myself around 3PM. Did some work in our guest room for our guests that are coming this weekend, cleaned the house, etc. That night I went to my mom's place. We got pizza & then just spent some time at her place. Yesterday I was uber productive....put the second coat of primer on the walls, did some weeding in the yard, cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, washed all the dog's bedding, got groceries, grilled burgers. It was a good day. I was pooped by last night though!

Hey Kari! that's a busy weekend!! Sounds like it was good times.

It's just another day in paradise here. Quiet as always, sunny outside, and I'm in a pretty good mood, a little tired though. Oh well!
anna k
Hi everyone!

Kari, that sounded like such a fun weekend!

Hi CH!

This weekend was fine, just worked, hung out with a friend, then later my sister stayed over. The magazine is almost done with their issue, it comes out in a couple of weeks. I've been proofreading, and happy to see a couple of things I've written make it in, and one of them has my name credited to it, so that makes me happy to see.
Good Morning!

Anna, that's great that your name is getting published in the magazine! What's the name of the mag? Yay!

Hey CH! Another day in paradise! smile.gif

Nothing new The weather here is awesome right now, it's really great. Only in the 80's and lower humidity. Nice!

Hi, peeps!

Jenn, your patio furniture is fantastic, as is your view! Wow, to live on the water like that must be amazing. Did you say Turbomann got it at IKEA? We're going to have to look into that when we move.

Anna, congrats on getting your writing credited in the magazine! That's wonderful that your internship is panning out that way, and it'll be great for your portfolio.

Hi, CH! Still liking your job?

Hi, Kari! I like ELO, too. The original progressive rock bands were so interesting, although my heart will always be with Pink Floyd. You were very productive over the weekend. We were on Sunday, and did not a damn thing on Saturday.

Hi, everyone else!

So... we went house hunting on Sunday. We didn't find any we really wanted to see on Saturday, so we saw 6 open houses on Sunday before we met our realtor and saw 5 more (there were supposed to be 7, but one sold and one has a weird story). That's 11 houses in about 6 hours. My legs are still hurting from climbing all those stairs. It was probably only 20 flights, but for someone who lives on the ground floor of a house and doesn't use the stairs at work because the floor I'm on is a little too high for stair climbing, it was quite a workout. Anyway, we saw some crappy houses, some nice houses that would never work for us, a really great house in a sucky location (next to a highway wall - seriously, that's what the view out the north side of the house was), some more crap, and a couple really good ones who's problems are really so small that it doesn't put them out of the running.

House #1 is a little further southwest of where I'd like to be, and the bedrooms are small (the biggest was 11x11, which is way too small for me). It had a living room, formal dining room, and great room on the main level, plus a 3-season porch that looks out over this amazing back yard with a functional rock waterfall. But for the giant and I, who know next to nothing about gardening, we fear it could overgrow really fast. Off the porch was a large deck that has a lower level and a ground level. The basement was pretty awesome with a huge open family room with a bar, a bathroom with a jacuzzi bathtub (which I actually would rather not have and replace it with a shower), and a fairly spacious office/den room. Too bad that room doesn't have a window. It also has a walkout to the back yard. It's move-in ready, but not a foreclosure, which is good.

House #2 is the one we're probably going to go with. It's a Cape Cod near a really good park. 2 large bedrooms on the upper floor with 2 windows apiece, built in desk facing the street, full bathroom. The house has a TON of character with a built-in china cabinet in the formal dining room, little alcoves in the wall to put things, a formal living room and a family room with 2-story pitched ceiling and real wood paneling (which will be white washed when we move in). It's also got a bar and plaid carpet in there, which I'd like to get rid of. The kitchen sucks, but it's a good size/shape, so we'll renovate that over the next few years, replacing the cabinet doors, carpet (yep, a carpeted kitchen), old-ass dishwasher, and countertops. It's functional, just ugly. That'll add a lot of value, too, once we sell it. The 3rd bedroom is in the basement with a walkout to the back yard. But the really amazing thing about this place is the deck. It's ginormous! It can easily fit 2 dining sets and has it's own screened room on it. The back yard has lots of mature growth trees (the deck is built around one), with no grass at all, just these plots of shrubbery with dirt paths around them. They've all got bricks/stones around the little plots, so it looks really cute. We'll eventually plant grass back there, but keep the shrubbery, too. The front yard is normal, so we will have some lawn to mow, which is good. It's just really amazing, though, how the front of the house is so very normal and classic, and the back is exactly the opposite. The deck wood is built all the way up the back of the house, so it looks really modern in that '70s kind of way, but it's so cool. It's not for everyone, but we love it.

Soooo... unless one of the houses we see on Thursday blows us away, we're pretty sure we're going to make an offer on #2 next week after our parents have a look at it.

Sam is so cute about it. I was telling him about the houses and asked me "are you going to move in on Monday?" No, Sam. "How about Tuesday?" No, Sam. He doesn't even want to wait until next month. He's really excited about the giant setting up his Star Wars room and us getting some dogs for him to play with. I can't wait to show him the place once it's all set up and we're settled in. We were also talking and the giant saw the headline that Billy Mays died, and Sam got a little broken up about that. He knows all about him, and watches his show, Pitchmen, with his dad. He even remembered that he does the Oxy-Clean commercial (stick that boy in front of commercials and he'll remember every. single. word.). he was very sad about that. He didn't care much about Michael Jackson, but Billy Mays sure rattled him.
Wow, Diva - that's awesome that you guys found something you really like on your first weekend of hunting!!! Sounds like a house with a lot of potential - I love places with built-ins, too...and a nice backyard - sweet! Can't wait to hear more about it! Is it close enough to your workplaces? So excited for you guys! And little Sam is adorable, as usual - how sweet that he's really excited for you, too.

I'm sad about Billy Mays, too. Infomercials are a bit obnoxious, sure, but his personal story and family have really grown on me in the few epis of Pitchmen I've seen. It was a rough week for celebrities passing on, that's for sure.

Kari - sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! Must've been a cool concert too, to hear two different bands interpret the same ELO album. Awesome. I *should* be at a Barenaked Ladies concert tonight - they're playing free at the Taste of Chicago, but I had a shitty day at work, and I really hate the Taste, so I came home and decided to make some chocolate ice cream, and jam some BNL on the stereo instead. Not a bad night. smile.gif

I am SOOOOOoooooo looking forward to the 3-day weekend ahead - this week cannot be over fast enough!

Thanks for all the props on the patio furniture! I'm having turbomann pick up a couple more chairs from Ikea tomorrow - they're more comfortable than you'd think, and sturdier than they look, and even better with some cushions. But we can always use extra seating, and it'll be handy to have a set of folding chairs around. I really can't believe it took us 7 years to get a patio set - I love it so much already! And for being a cheap table, now that it's finished with Teak oil, it's beautiful! And, yeah, we DO love living on the lake. I never get tired of watching the water, and going to sleep to the sound of it. Hard to think of living anywhere else this time of year.
Hello Hello!

Happy Canada Day to Canadian Busites!!!

Anna, excellent about the mag!!!

Diva, that is so great that you found a house you like!!! ~*~*~*house getting vibes~*~*~*~*

Turbo, the patio looks great!!! That view is wonderful.

Hi Kari!

Well, it's Canada day, so I'm off work today, I should have taken tomorrow and Friday off, but this is a nice way to break up the week. It's gorgeous out, so I went for a nice run with the pooch this morning and yesterday I saw the biggest turtle I've ever seen. There is one that lives in the park pond and it was out, thing was massive, i was shocked at it's size! Now I'm just off and on sitting outside, enjoying the sun, doing some ken ken puzzles and reading about animal totems.

Tomorrow is lunch with Ketto!

Have a lovely day everyone.

i hear echoes of "O Canada" coming off the Rockies. Its the eve of the eve of the eve of Independence day day here. Road trip!!!

Hope everyone has a good celebration, whether above or below the 47th parallel and forget 54'40 or fight.
Happy Canada Day CH & Ketto & Doodle and all the other beautiful Canadian Busties!!

Sounds like a nice day just chillin', CH!

We've got Friday off for our holiday, and like you, I wish I'd taken tomorrow off, but I fully expect that it will be a ghost town at work tomorrow, so it'l be a laid back day at work, and I could use that,'s been nutters lately. Our weekend plans are still evolving, but there will definitely be some BBQing and hopefully seeing some of my younger cousins who live in the 'burbs.

Hey Jade!!

Hi Turbo! enjoy your BBQing this weekend.

I decided to give my head a good shake and take tomorrow off!!! yesterday I took my bino's to the park and was very lucky to see a bald eagle!! And when I saw it a second time, I saw the eagle with a hawk bothering it. I am sooo glad I took the bino's!!!

Well, I hope everyone is well.
Hello okayers!

I'm so happy June is over. On Saturday one of my best friends got married. It was a really great day, it rained all day but I hardly even noticed. Myself, the other bridesmaid, and the maid of honour (brides twin sister) all headed over to their parents house at 9:30 to get our hair done. Someone from a salon came to the house and did us one at a time. It was actually a really nice, relaxing, low key start to the day. Then we ran off to do pictures after that was all done, ran back to the house for the very short wedding, then to the reception. It was a lot of fun, pretty casual. There was a robot theme and they had rock band at the reception. They also had a table with Jones Soda and Jelly Bellies. It was a lot of fun.
Here's me and paperboy:
Me and the bride:

Bed bugs made a re-appearance on Sunday but we figured out they were living in slats in my headboard so they should be gone for good now. I got a bed bug box spring cover just in case. *shudder* Those things gross me out.

Had a nice Canada day too. I didn't really have a weekend so I slept in, went for a 3 mile run, lazed about till 3:45 and then two girlfriends and I bussed downtown to check out some festivities. We were all still exhausted from the weekend so we all decided we'd rather go home to bed then check out the fireworks. Lame, I know. It turned out I could see and hear the fireworks from my house so I just stood on the lawn and watched and listened to the music from the park.

Gotta go get ready to meet CH now so I'll catch up later.

I'm still feeling worn out so I'm going to work from home this afternoon and take it easy. Vacation in exactly two weeks! Paperboy and I are escaping to British Columbia.
anna k
ketto, you and the bride and the other ladies look both adorable and beautiful. I'm happy you had such a good time, and that you and CH have a nice lunch date!

Hi CH!

Good luck with house hunting, Divala!

Nothing much today, just working.
anna k
Back again. So-so day of working at the museum while the office staff has the day off. So in front of the computer and reading all day. At least I get to see my friend later and go to the movies.

I had so much fun in my dance class last night. We did a jazz routine to Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T.," and I felt so flirty and cute, and got open praise from the teacher, which felt great. I just love dancing.
Good Afternoon!!

Hey Ketto, I LOVE the pics! You look great. I enjoyed lunch yesterday, too!

Hi Anna!! Any plans this weekend?

So, most busties have the day off because of July 4, well I hope everyone is well!

I took the day off, went bird watching and just relaxed. Tonight out with PR Boy and tomorrow it's another friends birthday, so a bunch of people are going out for drinks. It's always a total gong show with him.
Ketto, those pics are gorgeous!! And cute bridesmaid dresses - among the only cute bmaid dresses I've ever seen. And I love the idea of a robot-themed wedding! I love when people really show not only their love for each other, but who they really are in the celebrations they plan.

There really is something magical about a Friday off work! Hope everyone is enjoying theirs. The weather has been cool and somewhat iffy here today, so we've just been kickin' it at home, which has been wonderful. I did some cooking in the morning - made some apricot coconut ice cream base and granola bars. Applied teak oil to the two additional patio chairs turbomann brought home, so we have 4 matched chairs for the cute table. And then this afternoon we just snuggled on the couch and watched 2 movies with Riff Trax. So fun - Riff Trax is like MST3K - funny commentary overlaid on top of a movie. Only now, you just download the MP3, and play it when you play a movie...totally awesome. We watched Twilight - fucking hilarious, and then the 1st Harry Potter, which was pretty fun - and also realized that those guys were *babies* when they did the first movie! We've got Tron from Netflix, and the Riff Trax from that one is done by Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm, so that should be fun.

Tomorrow, we're just having some peeps over for a low-key BBQ, and then we'll watch the fireworks from our beach. It's so nice to just walk out your front door to see the show, and not have to deal with crowds, porta-johns, transit delays...of course Turbodoggie doesn't enjoy this weekend, but he's doing better this year than in previous years.

Anna - that's so cool how much you enjoy the dance classes! I really have no sense of rhythm, and wish dance classes were more fun for me - I just get stressed out. It's such great exercise, too!

CH - I love that you used "gong show" as a descriptive. Made me laugh. smile.gif
Good Morning!!

Turbo, how was your weekend??

I had a lovely weekend, Friday hung with PR Boy, Saturday I totally bailed out of the birthday plans, I was too tired. Plus, I'm not really that close with this guy, so I thought, eh, fuck it. I went shopping on saturday with my mother and picked up two great shirts. Yesterday I hung out with JellyBean girl, we sat on a patio and had some food then went shopping. It was a really great weekend.

Now, it's Monday and I'm back at work. Ppthhhhht. Oh well.

how is everyone else??


I forgot to post a picture of their "cake". They served cupcakes but had a cake top made as well.

Turbo, the bride really wanted to get us something we could actually wear again. She picked out the pattern but wanted us to all agree on it. I love the way the dresses turned out. With some flip flops and a sweater I could definitely wear it out for a nice dinner during the summer. It's really cute.

Hope all the busties south of the border had a good holiday weekend. I hate it when Canada Day falls on a Wednesday, it threw the rest of my week off.

On Thursday I'm heading up to the Winnipeg Folk Festival for the weekend to be a hippie for a few days. tongue.gif
And then in just over a week, on the 15th, paperboy and I are taking off on the road. We're both getting really excited to go and have ambushed various relatives to let us stay with them. I haven't been out to Vancouver Island during the summer before so I'm really excited about that.
anna k
Good afternoon!

Aww nice weekend CH!

Hi ketto! Your trip sounds really exciting and fun!

Hi turbo! Rifftrax is awesome, I like watching the compilations on Youtube. Just today I watched the 9-minute compiled version of Glitter, as well as others. Or cracking up when Suicidal Tendencies' Institutionalized played in Iron Man and a guy quips, "Why is he listening to a Keanu Reeves monologue?"

My weekend was pretty relaxed. I worked, hung with a friend on Friday night, went to the movies with my sister on Saturday and drove around Long Island with her, worked again Sunday, and saw my brother DJ at a bar/lounge while chatting with his two friends, one of whom was a cute girl doing photography, she was great to talk to. Today I'm home because the summer issue wrapped up, so there isn't much office work needed, but I'm still working from home on newsletter reviews. So pretty laid-back today.
Good Morning!

Ketto, enjoy FolkFest and your trip!! I still don't know if I'm heading out to the fest for a day.

Hi Anna!! oooh, working from home!! Lucky!

It sure has been quiet in here lately, where is doodle, Kari, Tree, Minx, Mox...sigh, so many.

I didn't do much last night, took Em for a run then chilled at home. Now it's Tuesday...
Hi, peeps!

A music festival sounds so awesome. I haven't really been to a true music fest since the days of Lillith Fair, which I attended for 2 summers (don't remember if I missed the 2nd or 3rd year of it). Ozzfest doesn't really count, although it was pretty decent the year I went (or did I go twice? I don't remember).

Have fun on your road trip, Ketto! That sounds like so much fun. If the giant and weren't so close to buying a house, we'd go on a little trip.

Hi, Jenn, Kari, CH, and everyone!

The giant and I made an offer on the Cape Cod house last night. What really sucks is that our offer had to be quite a bit higher than I would have preferred because there's another offer on the table. The sellers have been out of town, so they'll be presented with both offers together, and hopefully make their decision today. The offers were identical, except for a few items in the house we want to keep or have removed, so we upped ours a little. I just wish we didn't have to compete, but we really want this house. It's not a perfect house by any means, and it does have it's issues, but we're in love with the yard and the neighborhood. It's a REALLY good neighborhood. It'd be a shame to have to live in a different area. But there is another pretty similar house just around the corner from it I'd like to make an offer on if this falls through. It's only issue is an unfinished basement and a small yard, but I can deal with those for the right price. But anyway, if our offer does get accepted, it just needs to make it through an inspection and appraisal. I asked Poodle about the appraisal, since that's what she does, and she's pretty confident, from the little knowledge she has, that that will work out fine.

Can you cross all your parts that we get the house?

In other news, my other brother is in treatment-ish. I don't know what's happened to him lately, but sometime after I moved out, probably when his good-for-nothing-roommate-who-doesn't-pay-rent moved in, something happened and he's starting the 12-step program with AA. It's just so weird, since when we were living together, he'd have a few beers every night and pass out, but that was because he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and works on his feet all day plus overtime, and he's tired as hell. I very rarely ever saw him drunk. I guess he's got a problem now. And on top of it, he lost his job last week. But on the bright side, a company he made a referral for a year ago for a friend of his, who wanted to actually hire my brother, has an opening and he got an interview yesterday. I really hope he gets it. He's really, really good at what he does when he applies himself, it's his temper that gets him in trouble, but he's been that way since we were kids. If he can keep that in check, he should be fine.

Can I get some Bustie vibes for my brother, too, please?

Oh, I almost forgot: my parents and Sam saw the Cape Cod last Thursday and Sam LOVED it. He ran around all over the place, and spun himself around in circles, and kept exclaiming about everything. He told us where we should put every little thing, and got really intense with me about him wanting us to buy it. And then when we got to the family room/chalet, he kept saying "man cave, MAN CAVE, MAN CAVE!" It was so very cute. He'll have a great time visiting us there, especially next spring when we get a puppy or dog. But I learned the hard way never to bring a small child househunting. They're WAY too distracting. Cute, but distracting. The giant's family came with us yesterday, along with his 4-year-old niece, who kept whining the whole time about wanting to go home. I had to entertain her to keep from bothering the giant, his brother, and our realtor (the giant's ex-SIL).

After all that, we did not a damn thing over the weekend. We didn't leave the house from Thursday evening when we got home from dinner with my parents until when we went to work yesterday. It was so nice to not have a single obligation.
~*~*~*~*~*~SUPER get that house vibes for Diva and Giant~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~* diva brother jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Hi, CH!

Well, we didn't get the house. I don't know if the other buyers had the chance to counter-offer, or if it came down to us wanting the seller to remove the gigantor compost heap/ostrich nest/mulch pile in the backyard, but we didn't get it. I'm not so sad about the house as I am about the yard and neighborhood. The house itself was okay, but I had some pretty big issues with it, like the 3rd bedroom being 2 floors below the other two, and if we have kids in their own rooms, we don't want one to be so far away. The kitchen was crap, and the man cave/chalet would need new carpet, the very large bar ripped out, and the wood paneling covered. And the color of the deck was ugly. And the main bathroom was cramped. These are issues I always had, but the giant was really into this, so I figured I could live with it. I guess now we don't have to.

But I did learn something: I really want a deck and a yard big enough to fit one.

I've spent much of the day with my brother I used to live with. We had lunch together, then he stopped by after his meeting/appt (I'm in the same building 2 floors down), and he's wandering downtown now for the next hour until I get off work and we can go to my place and work on his resume. He's had an awful couple of weeks, but he seems okay. I think not drinking is helping, and it looks like he's finally getting the gumption to kick his jackass roommate out and is no longer threatening to move to Peru or Brazil. I suppose that's progress.
Hey, Divala,

I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier and give you vibes...I've been pretty low energy lately.

All I can say is, when i was first-time home shopping, I got my heart set on one that I thought I LOVED...but it turned out that it was the first one I could imagine myself in. I lost out on that bid. And then the shack came around and it was a MUCH, MUCH better deal for me. I mean, the shack was a fixer-upper, but I did a lot better than I would've with the first one. The first one was a much less fixable one than the shack was.

I guess all I can say is, there is probably a way better one around the corner, or around the week, month, whatever it may be. Don't lose hope because you didn't win this one.

So, Okayers, I'm still around! Just exhausted! They took reeferboy off our crew so we are down to two people, me and chilly guy! We lost 1/3 of our crew! And they've been interviewing people and we've been told they're looking for a guy for our crew...well.

They hired a WELDER. I like the guy, I know him from way back and he deserves the job if he interviewed for it, but a WELDER is not going to be on our crew, I can say that. I HAVE been told that they still want to hire two more people...hopefully one of them will be a refrigeration person.

*waves at Okayers...maybe I will have more energy this weekend....*

*going to go collapse in front of the tv*

Diva, i am so sorry about the house, I'm sure something will come up for you two!!

~*~*~*relaxing vibes for tree~*~*~*~*

Well, it's a rainy day here, which is fine with me. I just had a peppermint mocha, I don't have them often, but it was sooooooo good. I was in heaven. I'm also wearing fun purple shoes today. I'm happy.

How is everyone else??
anna k
Aww that sounds sweet CH. Rainy day, peppermint mocha, cute shoes. You rule.


Diva, I'm sorry you didn't get the house.

Had a pretty good night last night. I went to my magazine's afterparty, where I talked to a fellow intern, my boss, and a photographer for an hour and a half, learning all these interesting things about the world of film, photography, journalism, etc. It felt really nice and comfortable, exactly the kind of world I want to be a part of, and while now there's a break in between producing issues, I'm really looking to establish myself as a credible writer and being on the editorial staff.

Then after that, I saw my dance instructor perform as a backup dancer for a local singer who has a house/soul/funk sound to him, and she was fantastic. Just looked so fierce and wild, doing some routines she taught us in class, and just giving it up. It was a dance club where I saw her, very much a gay club party scene, and I recognized the emcee, Murray Hill, a local drag king.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my parents in N.C., and have a good weekend there. We're gonna see a concert, I'll go shopping with my mom, and just enjoy the Southern air.
Hey everybustie!! Sorry I've been MIA for a few...been an insane week at work, and then we've been getting ready for SIL, BIL and the nieceoid and nephie to arrive yesterday. SO good to see them - I wish we got to spend more time with them. The kids are getting so big - age 6 & 4, and both really good/fun kids, and cool to hang with. My niece is also a lovely cuddler, and it was delightful to snuggle on the couch and read a book to her last night. We're planning to do some more sight-seeing tomorrow - it's awesome to see the city through kids' eyes, who've never seen a city like this before.

((((((house vibes for Diva))))) I'm sorry you lost the house, Diva, but I KNOW you'll find the right one, and it will have a yard just as good as the one you didn't get!

((((((sober/safe/health vibes for Diva's bro)))))) Sorry to hear that he's having a rough time, but very glad that he's seeking treatment. How did your dad's cataract surgery go?

(((((hire a reefer vibes for tree))) Ugh - your work sounds overwhelming just to read about it! I hope you get a new crewmember SOON!

Anna - that's awesome that the mag has a post-issue party, and that you did a great job networking!

Okay, well time to start getting stuff together for dinner to feed the gang when they return from their afternoon at the Children's Museum. (Thank cod I missed that excursion). wink.gif
Good Morning.

wow, sure is quiet around here.

Anna, how was your visit with your parents?

~*~*~*work calming vibes for turbo~*~*~*~* so, how was the visit? Are they gone now?

I did fuck all this weekend. I was exhausted so I slept. A lot. Like most of the weekend. Ooh, did pick up a composter on saturday though, I'm excited about that!!!
Buenos Dias!!!!

Sorry for my absence....I was on vacation! At the beach! For a whole week!! It was so wonderful & fun. Went with my mom, her husband, my sister, her husband, niece, step nephew, and my sister from Seattle. Mr K couldn't go b/c of school. I got home Saturday evening. was so lovely.

I was busy running up to the trip. Plus, we had 2 friends come into town for the 4th. Had a really nice 4th of July. We went to Whole Foods & got a bunch of fish & veggies. Threw 'em on the grill. Then we sat on our back patio drinking beers, listening to music, and playing Scrabble. I didn't stay up as late as the rest b/c I had to get up to go to drive to the beach in the AM. it's back to reality! Have a sorta busy week, but lots of fun stuff. Tomorrow our tile backsplash in the kitchen is being installed. Woo! I will post some pics when it's in. Tomorrow night my friend from Atlanta will be in town with her 7 week old baby girl. Gonna meet up with her then she's leaving the baby with her mom & we're going to dinner.

((diva)) so sorry to hear about the house. Waiting for word on a house you love is excrutiating. I'm with the others though, the right house will happen. There were a few we wanted when we were looking that we didn't get. It was hard.
But I love the house we ended up in. Is your bro you're talking about Sam's dad?

Hey Ketto! The pics are beautiful! You & paperboy are a really cute couple! ~~~~~~~~stay away bed bug vibes!~~~~~~~

Hey Anna! Your dance classes sound like so much fun! And you got to dance to PYT? Most excellent!!

Hey Tree! You are busy at work lately!! I hope they get you a refrigeration person!

Hey Jenn!

Hey CH! How is work going? Is the composter you got an indoor one (like the thing that smashes trash) or outdoor (for making mulch)?

Hi, peeps!

I'm leaving early again today to see a house. The giant's really got his hopes up for this one, but I've learned better. This is our 3rd day in a row of seeing houses, and we're scheduled for tomorrow, too. Today's house will be #32 that we've seen. We really need to be pickier about which houses we go to, because this is getting ridiculous. But anyway, this house we're seeing this afternoon just went on the market on Friday and pictures were posted yesterday, so we may be the first ones to see it. It was a foreclosure that an invester bought up, fixed up, and flipped, so it should look like new on the inside. The price is really, really good, so all parts crossed that it works out.

Kari, no, it's my other brother, the one I used to live with, who's having problems. It was kind of sad, he was telling me the day he spent with me last Thursday is the best day he's had in months, talking to someone about something other than music and not having to deal with his "roommate." Geez, a day of probation orientation, waiting around in the city with nothing to do for 2 hours, and hanging out with a person's sister isn't supposed to be fun. But he did tell this "roommate" (in quotes because the asshole doesn't pay rent like a real roommate does) to be out in 2 weeks, so just 10 days left of him, hopefully. It'll be a huge weight off my brother's shoulders.

That sounds like you had a really fun week, Kari! Too bad the Mr. couldn't go. How's his school going?

Hi, Jenn! Your neice and nephew sound so very cute. Age 4 is the best. They have lots of personality, but are still sweet, and can wipe their own asses. Sounds perfect to me!

Hi, Anna and CH!

Just 20 minutes before I get to leave for the day. I'm burning up way too much vacation time lately. It seems I'm leaving work early at least twice a week. I just hope I have time left to take for the actual move. It's looking questionable right about now.
Good Morning!

Diva, how was the house? Thirty two houses is a lot!! You guys have been busy. I hope yesterday's was nice! Newly redone sounds promising! Sorry to hear about your bro. sad.gif I hope he gets the help he needs soon. It is so hard to see people struggling. I am glad he will get some relief when the "roommate" moves out.

Things here are good this morning. The humidity is down, as is the temp, so the weather is nice. I might sit outside at lunch. Which is unheard of for this time of the year.

Mr K and I picked up our backsplash tile yesterday. It's beautiful! Glass mosaic, the tile pieces are maybe an inch and a half each in length, some light blue, some white, some greyish blue, some matte, some clear & shiny, some with texture. Tile guy called yesterday & asked if tomorrow would be ok for installation instead of today. I said sure. Can't wait!

Last evening Mr K and I took a nap, walked the dogs, made pasta, drank wine, and watched True Blood. A good night indeed.

Kari! Your vacation sounds lovely!!!! Oooh, the back splash sounds lovely.

Diva, how did this batch of houses go? Anything you want to put an offer on?

Not much here, it's going to be rainy today, which is fine by me. Just been laying pretty low lately. work is quiet, as always. smile.gif

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