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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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YAY, CH!!! Congrats on FINALLY starting your new job! Woo-hoo for desk & phone of your very own!!

Wow - a 3 hour nap sounds amazing, Kari! I think I must've had your laid-back weekend, and you had the productive one I'd planned. heh.

We had a fantastically low-key weekend which I needed. Work for the next 3 months is insane, as it's our big events/fundraising season, so once in awhile I need to kick-back and have a truly lazy weekend. Of course I did have to do some work, but that's unavoidable. Friday night we saw one of our favorite bands, Carbon Leaf, play....awesome show in a snug little venue, so we got to chat with them after the show, which was nice. The rest of the weekend, turbomann and I just hung around home. I cooked a bit, made some fab roasted banana ice cream, grilled some steaks last night, had some most excellent portions. A good weekend, indeed.

Grrrl - I am SO sorry to hear about your shitty work sitch and then the stupid court issue. I can't believe they would even prosecute or file charges for something like that. One of my neighbors SAW drunk janitor keying their car, and the cops wouldn't even file a report because it was he said - she said. And we KNOW drunk janitor did it!! Let us know what happens with that!
allo allo!

Turbo, I'm glad you had a good weekend, and I hope that things go smoothly for you at work.

So, I do enjoy my new office!!!! It is quiet and there are no clients, and i was asked about stuff by more senior people! It's so good!!!

So, that's that. It's a start to better mental health.
Hey Every Bustie!!

Sorry to have been so MIA, but I've been like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest lately.

MOXIE!! Your bebe is so beautiful! Congratulations! I'm also very happy that she's not done being a giggle-puss. wink.gif

So here's the skinny: I finish teaching in about three days, and guess what?! I actually have a job for next year! At the same damned school! And I'm finally not the lowest chica on the totem pole so I'm not having to be so worried about losing my slot at this school in the future. Eight years in and I'm finally gaining some clout.

We just finished the senior plays that we've been working on since day #1. We co-op with a local theater company. The students all wrote 10-page fairy tales, and later decide which one they want to convert into a play. Start with about 60, end with two. Very exciting! Anyhoo, after much hullaballoo, they performed on Wednesday to a healthy-sized crowd and did marvelously. They even got me a bouquet of flowers--tear-inducing, to be sure. Graduation is this afternoon and I will be wholly saddened to see them go. It's like being a momma every year this happens...eeesh!

Minxlette will be EIGHT next month! One or two more years and she will be as tall as I am. She has decided that she would like to begin violin lessons and play soccer and has made a new friend in our apartment complex--they are just too cute together. She made her first recipe the other night called "Brown Sugar Sorbet". It wasn't anything like the name's sake, but she was completely satisfied anyway.

I'm taking her donor back to court after the last few years of him being a complete asshole. That happens next month. I'm hoping to tighten up some of the contract language to stifle his ability to demand what I can and cannot do while she is with me. My lawyer kicks much ass and helped represent the Hell's Angels up here. Working on this totally sucks monkey ass after completing a hellbent school year, but I just don't see any other way of dealing with him. He claims that I am being "hostile"...what a fucking rocket scientist he is.

And last, but certainly not least, I am still seeing Artman. He is delicious and nutritious. We've had one or two uncomfortable conversations, but we don't argue--I guess that's the whole respect thing I kept hearing about. wink.gif Anyhoo, we hit our year anniversary last month. Things have been going at a snail's pace with him, and sometimes that is truly frustrating, but I'll take that over what I've dealt with in the past, fer reals.

I'll try not to be such a damned stranger this summer. Keep on truckin'!
Good Morning!

MINX!!! It's lovely to see you in here, and it sounds as though things are going fabulously, aside from the crud with the donor.

Umm, I have fuck all going on here, always the same old stuff, we'll see what my job has in store for me today.

Have a great day all!
anna k
CH, I am so happy you got a great position, and your own desk and phone, and respect from senior workers! Congratulations!

Yay for your job and finished play, minx!

What a nice and relaxing weekend, turbo!

I have an interview tomorrow for an internship at a film magazine in Brooklyn tomorrow. It is unpaid, which I'm not crazy about, but it's publishing work and could lead to something if I did well at it. Besides that, I have dance class tonight, which is nice.

~*~*~*job vibes for anna~*~*~*~*

Well, I've got some news!! I made permanent here!!!!!! I got the letter, and just signed and returned. I'm soooo happy!!!!!!

That is all.

hi everyone, quick drive-by, as neighbor lady and i are heading out to see star trek. mmmm, zachary quinto...*wipes drool* uh, sorry, where was i?

work's going great across the street. i have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn, so c-monkey's staying with the momster this week. i'm catching on to things pretty quick, and did some checks by myself today. talked to the head bossman today at a new product meeting, and he said the training thing is this week only. i might ask for another week though, depending on how things go. it seems pretty easy and straightforward, and most of the basics are the same. but since they're training me in anticipation of covering over there when they're shorthanded, which is all the fucking time, i want to make sure i have all the details down.

i've decided not to stress over the court thing. i might still go get a copy of the police report beforehand, just to see what's in there so i won't be surprised. but i figured if the person actually had anything on me, and the responding police said they don't, i would have been arrested or charged by now. so the court case has gone, in my mind, from big scary "omg, they're going to put me away and charge a huge fine" to "you'd think the stupid fucker would have taken the cops' word for it and not be wasting my time with this shit". as bart simpson said, i didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything. so you know, fuck off already. okay, i added that last part. tongue.gif

anyway gotta run! oh, and p.s. i got like five or six facebook friend requests from busties today, and that was the highlight of my day. biggrin.gif you know, that, and seeing zachary quinto (mmmm, zachary quinto) ten feet high and in surround sound. laugh.gif
Good Morning!

Grrrl, I LOVED the Star Trek movie, it was sooo good, and I'm not the biggest trek fan, but the movie blew me away.

So, where the heck is everyone??

Alls well here, we're having a potluck at work this morning, it's a nice day out, didn't work out this morning, but tonight I may go for a run, we'll see how the day goes.
Hi all.....totally drivin' by, sorry! I wish I was able to post from work more.........grrr! I'm actually writing this post in WordPad so I don't get caught! wink.gif Hello to everyone.........

Congrats on the job, CH!!!! That's great news!

And congrats also to minxie!

The gig was....fantastic and disastrous....I posted the disastrous bits in Corn Cobs a couple of days ago.....the best bit was when people started pouring in after the John Fogerty concert, because they could hear the band through the door and they liked it....

Also, our drummer is so completely and absolutely fired. Honest to god, I'm done with him. Soulman and I are going to tear down his kit after work today and tell him to come get it. On the upside, we may actually have a GIRL DRUMMER for our next gig! (Canada Day)

Just got some amazing news. Soulman, the Anarchist and I auditioned for this local event called Canadian's about honouring Canadian music icons, and it will happen at the art gallery in September. Anyway, we passed the audition, but even better, last night at the first meeting, we got our assigned song....

It's a BLUE RODEO song. It's also my FAVOURITE LOVE SONG. And we are being given free reign to interpret it, plus we are the closing number of the whole show.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The funny thing is, we never auditioned with Blue Rodeo, and the organizers never had a clue I even liked Blue Rodeo, let alone that they are only, like, my favourite band on the entire planet.

Ok, discipline. Back to work. *sigh*

Too bad this day job thing keeps interfering with my music career.....
*stumbles into okayland*

damn, I had a lot of food at said potluck, it was soooo good, and there is so much food still. I'll be eating well for the rest of the day. A run is definately in order this evening!!!!

Doodle, that is such great news!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! CONGRATS!! *throws glitter*

Well, I should get back to work, things are pretty quiet over here, but still learning the ropes.
Hey y'all! All I gotta say is - I hope summer fucking comes to Chicago soon! I am tired of 50 degrees and rainy weather. I do not live in Seattle, dammit!

Anyway, Doodle - CONGRATS on pulling out the gig with a brand new drummer, and that is so AWESOME about the cabaret and doing the Blue Rodeo song!! WOOT! I think I need to get more acquainted with Blue Rodeo - I mean, all the bands I love talk about them, have played with them, cover their songs...I need to get with it.

Minxy!!!! Hooray for another school year done, and a secure position next year! And one year with Artman - very nice, my dear! And I hope your kick-ass lawyer kicks the donor's ass in court. What a fuckchop.

All kinds of good news in here today - Congrats on making Permanent, CH!!

Grrl - glad the week of training is going well! Maybe a week away from the drama of your normal location is a good thing.

Came home tonight and made some awesome GF pizza with local bacon and local smoked edam cheese...awesome dinner. Now, sipping a little homeade irish cream. Nice way to unwind after a day with entirely too many meetings.

Looking forward to the weekend, when the Chicago Busties are coming over to BBQ. smile.gif
anna k
Congratulations, CH! That is awesome.

Doodle, you are amazing, I love hearing about all your success in everything. smile.gif

I got the internship! I'm going to be interning at a film magazine, and am excited about it. I get to learn more editorial work and combine my love of writing, researching, and film. It'll definetly be something good for my career prospects.
YAY for busties!!!!
Yay for CH and the job and bucks and everything
Yay for Minxie for the not so little Minxlette, Artman, and the job
Yay for Grrrl and her Zachary Quinto droolfest!!!
Yay for Doodle and your rockin band and Soulman
Yay for Anna and the job
just YAYs all around!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been quiet, I know. (ducks head in shame)
Dad and mylove are getting along quite well. two of three boys accept him. the episodes have abated. for now.
and he wants to marry me. like next weekend marry me. or on the fourth of july. or my b-day in two months. he's got the colors picked, is looking for glasses, ribbon, wants to mold our own candles. I mean - don't get me wrong here - everything is perfect.
except for that I don't wanna get married. been there done that. we've been together for over a year now. celebrated our one year here at home. but... a piece of paper?
I have told him... but it doesn't look like he hears me. he's planning the honeymoon.
what's up with me?
and yes, he is still leaving. wants me to join him outofstate and have wedding there.
Happy Friday!!!!

Now that the lounge is back up and running. I tried all day to get on yesterday.

Turbo, I'm so jealous of your get together!!! enjoy yourself this weekend.

Congratulations Anna!!!! *throws glitter* That's so great!!

Hey Jami! I'm glad things are working out with you and the man, and the family.

So, I don't have a whole lot going on, just the same old stuff. The weather is getting nice here, I'm doing okay, still not a huge appetite though. My mom came up to me, told me I looked fantastic, but to be careful about my weight.

As for this weekend, I think I'm going to do some bird watching. That's all I know at this point.

anna k
Jami, I'm glad things are getting better with the family and your man.

Thank you, CH! I'm really excited and happy about it, it's a step in the right direction, career-wise.
yay, it's the weekend! work across the street has been going pretty well this week. it's a lot to learn, but it's nice getting away from the drama at my plant. there is one person over there that's so bad, even the momster's heard horror stories about her upstairs. unfortunately, i spend the last half of my day training with her. tongue.gif she comes off as being nice and helpful, but she spends most of her time making passive-aggressive catty remarks about everyone else. like wednesday, we were weighing some cases in shipping, and she makes a remark to the pallet guy that i'm going so slow because "they don't do this kind of stuff across the street, so it's all new to [me]." i was like, "um no, we do exactly this kind of stuff across the street, i'm going slow because you're standing right at my elbow and i don't want to hit you." except, yeah, i kinda did. laugh.gif anyway, the person i train with in the mornings was pretty much leaving me on my own by then, and just checking up on me every once in awhile. i've got the basics down, but it seems like every time i turned around, one of the two was telling me, "oh yeah, we do all of this particular product this way, except this one code." and then they'd show me how to do that one. so i asked the two boss ladies if it would be okay if i did another week there, just to get the details down and get some practical experience, so i'm not totally lost when they need me to fill in. so that's the plan for next week. i'm not looking forward to getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, but it looks good on me that i'm willing to put the work in to get properly trained.

in other news, c-monkey and i are staying at neighbor lady's place this weekend. they're all out of town for a graduation, so we're taking care of the dog and two cats. i love their dog. neighbor lady complains that by the time they get back tomorrow, i'll have winnie spoiled rotten, and she's right. taking her walkies every hour, playing fetch till it gets dark, riding with her on my bike so she can run fast, letting her up on the couch for belly rubs. she is just such a good dog, it's not hard to give her whatever she wants when she turns those big brown eyes on me. biggrin.gif

the momster took off with my aunt after breakfast this morning, and left the car so c-monkey and could run errands. so we're off to get groceries, get c-monkey's bangs trimmed, and stop by the library. c-monkey's got another book report due, and she needs to pick up her book for that so she can practice. this month the assignment is to read their book out loud to the class, which sounds so much easier to me than having to put together a board game or scrapbook or find objects to do with the book and give a speech about them. not that that kind of stuff wasn't fun and interesting, but it's nice to have something sort of low-key and "no additional materials required" for once.

Hey Anna! What do you have planned this weekend?

Grrrl, enjoy your weekend puppysitting!

Not much going on here, it's a gorgeous day, I've enjoyed it thoroughly, sitting outside, going to the park. It's been lovely.

Hope everyone is well!
anna k
Hi CH and grrrl!

Had a nice weekend so far. Friday night I saw The Taking of Pelham 123, which was OK, been working this weekend, and hung out at a local party, where I met some nice people, chatted with two guys about music and movies, and felt relaxed and good. Tomorrow starts my internship, and I'm nervous and excited.
Good Morning!

Hey Anna!

It's going to be a lovely day here, hot though. Yesterday I spent a little too much time in the sun, didn't feel so well after, but it was nice regardless.

Not much going on here, same old same old.
Good Morning!

Congrats Anna!! It sounds like the internship will be a wonderful opportunity and I am glad you'll be able to work in a field that interests you. When do you start?

HEY MINX!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wondering how you're doing! I was hoping we'd see you soon since school was getting out for summer. Minxlette is going to be 8! Wow! Brown sugar sorbet is quite an ambitious first cooking project, I am impressed. YAY for you & Artman! I am so glad to hear things are working out well. And I am also really happy to hear you don't have to worry about being offed at your job this year. Whew! What a relief!! You doing a garden this year?

HEY CH! WOO! Permanent position!! Nice. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better these days.

Hey Jami! Good to see you! So, what are you going to do about the wedding? I know you love your man, but it worries me that he's not listening to your feelings about getting married. unsure.gif

Hey Jenn! Lady, you can have some of our summer weather. I will gladly give it to you. It's been hot as hell here. The heat is not as bad as the humidity. You can't step outside without breaking into a sweat. Ah...summer. I love so many things about it, but the heat really puts a damper on things. Bah.

Hey Doodle!

Things here are pretty good. I had a nice weekend. Friday night I did the Relay for Life walk with my family. It's a nationwide fundraiser for cancer research. Saturday I met my mom at the farmer's market. I got a jar of homemade sweet pickles & a jar of homemade sour cherry preserves. And some beautiful jewelry. That night my friend from work came over, we went to eat Thai food & then watched Baby Mama @ my place. Yesterday I took it easy. Sat around, read some, did some weeding of the garden, went to see the movie Up!, then grilled some flank steak for some steak tacos. Oh! And watched the first episode of Season 2 of True Blood. Nice, indeed.

What's the week looking like for everyone?
Hello!!!! I've been away for over a week so I'm not even going to attempt to catch up in the archives (I'm at work). Hope everyone's week went well!

I had a bit of a stressful week. It looks like I almost definitely have Celiac Disease now. I accidentally ate something with barley in it on Tuesday and was sick alllll day and evening. I'm keeping a food diary and going gluten free for two weeks, and then I'll do a test by eating a couple of pieces of toast. Most of my stomach issues have completely disappeared though, so it seems I've finally found the culprit. I've felt so much better and energetic the last week then I have in probably a couple of years.

On Monday I woke up at 4AM, flew to Edmonton, arrived at my friends place south of Edmonton at 9:30AM and spent the day moving her furniture and stuff out of her now ex-fiance's place. It was a weird trip, but fun. My friend who called off her wedding was really stressed and sad when we left on Thursday so I hope she holds up okay. We did a great job distracting her.

Thursday to Saturday I was at my Uncle and Aunt's hanging with my three young cousins (7, 5, and 3 all girls). I spent way too much money at Urban Outfitters and they took me on a good hike. Yesterday was so gorgeous out. I woke up, went for a run, cleaned my room, re-arranged my wall art, planted our vegetable garden (very late, but better late than never!), did my laundry, and then hung out with paperboy!

Back to work now.
Kari - thanks so much for doing Relay For Life - I work for the American Cancer Society, and every dollar you raise helps - not only for research, but for helping cancer patients in your community with things like rides to treatment, help in securing free/low cost treatment and meds, free housing for families that have to travel for research...and folks like you walking in Relay make it all happen! smile.gif

Ketto - getting a diagnosis for Celiac is both upsetting and the best thing to happen - to KNOW why you're ill, and to know what to do about it is awesome. It's both a serious disease, but pretty easy to "cure" so long as you're strict with the diet. I'd highly recommend reading Dr. Green's book - it really explains the basis of the disease well - I *just* read it (7 years after diagnosis), but I really learned so much, even though I've read other books. Anyway, if you have any questions, need to vent, tips for eating out...lemme know - you know where to find me. We'll be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary next month, but we almost celebrate my diagnosis more, as it really changed my life in so many positive ways after 20 years of being sick. So congratulations and here's to a lifetime of health ahead!

Kari - I'll take your warm weather, but you can keep the humidity. Sometimes Chicago is even too humid for me - which is why we live by the lake. But so far, we haven't cracked 70 degrees, so we're still waiting for summer.

Anna - congrats on the internship - I hope you have a good experience, and keep building that writing portfolio!

Hey Kari! Fabulous about the relay!

Ketto, I hope your health improves, now that you've got a diagnoses. A friend of mine has celiac and things have got so much better for her now that she has a diagnosis. She also says a lot of restaurents in winnipeg are more than willing to accomodate her gluten free diet.

hey turbo! Mayeb it'll warm up for you all soon, it's getting pretty warm here, too.

Not much going on over here, went out with PR Boy for a bit last night, it's been a while since we hung out, but I was kind of blah yesterday so it was a meh kind of evening. Today feeling about the same. work is still quiet, which is fine by me. Hot today, so I drove...also because I'm feeling kind of low. Didn't want to be on the bus when feeling blarg.

Good Morning, to uhhhh, no one really.

I killed the thread! eeeep.

well, it's yet another lovely day here, I'm in a good mood thanks to an early morning run. I am finding that working out in the morning is key to me having a good day.

It's going to be hot and thundershowery here this afternoon.

I hope everyone is well!
Good Morning!

Hey CH! I'm glad the AM workouts help the day. I find that is true too, when I can make myself do them in the morning. How was hanging w/ PR boy?

Hey Ketto! Sorry to hear about the likely diagnosis. sad.gif I guess the upside is that if you know what you're dealing with, you can take steps to feel better. Jenn can give you tons of advice and she has some killer recipes on her blog too.

Hey jenn! I didn't realize you worked for the ACS. Nice! The relay walk was a lot of fun, I am sure we'll do it next year too.

Things here are good. I am working at home today, which I am super happy about. Got some stuff to get done for bossman, but nothing too taxing.

Mr K just called, poor guy, he is really stressing himself out over school. He expects a lot from himself. I try to convince him that he's doing great.

hi hi hi!

Sorry to not be posting so is INSANE. They took Reefer Boy off our crew, so now it's just me and Chilly Guy. Gah! We got paged FOUR times for FOUR different emergencies. Sometimes it feels like we are the whole shop. There are forty people and it seems they're always "too busy" to take emergency calls. Yeah, but they're not too busy to drop everything and spend fifteen minutes driving to the shop for lunch, spending about 45 minutes hanging around there, and then spending fifteen minutes going back. 1:15 spent on what should be a 30 minute lunch.

Chilly Guy and I nearly missed lunch and we did miss afternoon break, and I was late leaving the shop today.

Gah.....burning out here.....
Good Morning!!!

Hey Tree! Man, work sounds so busy for you right now!! That is very annoying that other folks are "too busy" to take the calls. Ugh! Is there any way to change that? I don't want you to burn out!

Not much doin' here today. It's hot n' humid outside, per the usual these days. I had a good day yesterday. Stayed home, worked, went to the gym, went to the mall (and didn't buy anything but a lipgloss smile.gif, yay!), cooked chili for dinner even though it is totally a non-summer recipe.

Today should be quiet in the office, officemate is out. I have a list of stuff to get done for my boss. Better get to it.

Hey Kari, enjoy your day, here's to work getting done.

Hi tree!!! It's so good to see you. That is the poops about work especially your coworkers.

It's another hot day here, supposed to rain today, which is fine, so long as it doesn't rain on Saturday, as we're having a yard sale, then finally the house can be back in order.
Seems very quiet in here lately.

Jenn, I've actually been reading your blog since it started just because I'm a foodie and you always have great recipes. I passed it on to my mom.

I don't know what's going on the last 3 days though...I haven't been feeling great and my tummy has been acting up but I've been really careful. I'm keeping a food diary now and I have a doctors appointment on the 29th so I'm hoping we can rule something out. I still got sick the last 3 times I ate anything with gluten, but on Sunday it will have been almost two weeks (consciously) eating no gluten, so I'm going to eat a couple of pieces of toast as a little self test. The last time I got a horrible migraine and had tummy issues but I want to make sure it wasn't a weird coincidence. That way I will at least have some better info to bring to my doctor. I also still want to get tested for gall stones.

Culture, it's been so beautiful here! I was supposed to go to the beach this afternoon but 70% chance of rain around 1 or 2 will likely cancel those plans. Oh well.

Tree, I hate when people make themselves "too busy" and then dump it all on you. Hope you're hanging in.

I'm not feeling great today, just over tired and a little worn out from a busy work week. I'm going to try and work from home today and then just do 2 or 3 hours tomorrow morning. I have the option of doing between 20-30 hours starting next week so I'm going to drop to the min for a couple of weeks and give myself some breathing room from work. It's been a stressful 2 months there.

Dudes, it's totally moist out today. Blargh...
Ketto, I remember many occurrences like you've had when I was first going off gluten. Attacks seemingly out of nowhere. But remember that if you do have celiac, your intestines are effectively destroyed right now, there's nothing to protect the lining, and it may be something else that's more difficult to break down that's triggering the attack, or just that your body is really starting to cleanse. Also, if you're going to do the blood test and endoscopy, you need to do a gluten challenge - so get tested soon, so you'll have an accurate reading. When I first did the lifestyle change, I also had to ditch eggs, dairy and sugar because my body just could not deal with it. Took me about 2 years to be able to eat a tiny bit of dairy, and the occasional egg. Now I seem to be fine with both, so long as I'm doing organic dairy/eggs. Thankfully, I can also get pastured/non-pastuerized dairy at our farmer's market, and that gives me no quibble at all...and is WAY more delicious. Mmmm. Good luck with the cleansing, be patient, and know that it gets SO much better. Also check into some microntrient/probiotic support as you make the shift - I saw a homeopath/naturopath while I was healing who helped tremendously, and sped the healing up. Good idea on cutting the work hours for a bit if you have the opportunity!

Minxy, I've about HAD IT with moistness falling from the sky. The sun is shining this afternoon for the first time in Maude knows how long. It's been like living in Seattle here so far this spring...and moist weather is NOT why we suffer midwestern winters!

Hey Tree!! Good to see you...sorry work has been so crazy. Any hope of hiring more help/making you boss/Queen of all that is UltraCold?

hi hi CH!! Still enjoying having your own desk??

Good Morning!!!!!!! I am so glad it's Friday.

Minx, it's moist here too! It's terrible. Sooooooo humid. Our summers are always humid, but this is ridiculous.

Hey Ketto! ~~~~~~~~~~R&R vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~ You've had a lot going on, that's great you can drop your hours down some. Sorry to hear about that attack. ((((Ketto))))

Hey jenn! Glad you had some sunshine!

I am going to leave work around 2 today. I am over this joint. Gonna start the weekend early!
Good Morning. It's FRIDAY!!!

Ketto, how are you feeling today??

Turbo, I am still very much enjoying having my own space!! I love it!!

Minx, it's been humid as hell here, too. They keep calling for rain, but nothing, and I want it to stay that way until Sunday. Nothing tomorrow!

Kari, enjoy the early start to your weekend!!

Well, the only thing big we have going on is the yard sale tomorrow, which is good, i want the house back to normal. We've donated a crap load of stuff already, and anything we don't sell tomorrow, it also getting donated. Aside from that, all is well.

what is everyone else up to this weekend?

Jenn, your reply made me feel much better because I was actually wondering if dairy was giving me trouble now (it definitely never has before). In the end, I might just have a stomach bug now. I ended up pretty sick yesterday and had the second worst I-want-to-gauge-my-eyeballs-out-kind-of-migraine of my life (the last like this was in June 2007). I threw up a few times and I haven't eaten since yesterday morning. I'm seeing my doctor again on the 29th and it can't come soon enough. I think I'll have more direction once I see her.

Kari, early weekends are the best. Enjoy!

Culture, I hate doing yard sales but it's so much easier to de-clutter after. We really need to do one at my parents, our garage is so full of junk it's disgusting.

This weekend I'm taking it easy. Hanging with the boy, although he's not feeling great either. Next weekend I'm in the wedding party for a friends wedding so I imagine the next 7 days are going to be a little crazy.

Yep, Ketto, sounds just like my early days of healing...your body is taking the space you've given it away from gluten to throw out as many toxins as possible, and the migraines are one result. It will get better, I promise, and one day you will be a *former* migraine sufferer! I also went through some serious acne for awhile - skin is part of the lymph system, and your bod may eliminate more toxins that way. Be gentle with yourself, and when you can eat - keep it simple for awhile. I also got more frequent massages for a few months too, to help my body get rid of bad stuff. Take it easy this weekend, and let me know if you have any other questions, and remember - you are on the path to true wellness!!! smile.gif

Ahhhh....I've just returned from a trip to my hair genius to finally fix what the other dude did to my head a month ago. She was *pissed* at how he chopped my hair, and we pretty much had to start over and cut it real short, but it looks cute, and I am SO much happier....hating your hair everyday takes a lot out of a girl. Hair is my one, true vanity. heh.

Got a good weekend ahead - the league championship of the Windy City Rollers is tomorrow night, and we've wrangled a few more friends into going with us. Roller Derby is so much fun to watch. I think my chiro has talked me out of my Roller Derby dreams - I can't afford to see her more than I already do, and now that I know that I can't take ibuprofen because it interacts with my celiac and wreaks havoc on my bod....derby seems a little risky. Or maybe I'm still a little cautious post bike accident. I'm sure I'll be all revved up after the bout tomorrow night.

Good luck with the yard sale, CH! Our building is having their annual garage sale tomorrow, too, but we're not going in on it, as you have to man your table all day, and surrender half of your profits to the building, and because I hate that my assessments pay drunk janitor - I just can't do that. I'd rather give my shit to charity and get nothing.
Queen Bull
hi busties!

so i know i am perpetually MIA, but i must say i have been very much missing the generally wittiness and intelligence of 'le lounge'. so im back.

good luck and vibes to evryone who needs it. its gonna take me a minute to even remotely get caught up on what ive missed in the past six or so months. teehee. but still, the intent is there.


Good Morning!!

Hey Ketto! We got rid of so much crap, the house seems empty. How are you feeling?

Turbo, I totally understand about the garage sale, I wouldn't want anything going to that asshole.

Hey QB!!! I was just thinking about what you were up to then you appear!!

Well, the yard sale went well, what we didn't get rid of is getting picked up by goodwill on Tuesday. I got a little too much sun, so I've got a bit of a burn, that's okay just aloe up. My face is without burn because that's one place I did put a lot of sun screen on!!!

Today is fathers day, so I'm heading over to dadsters.

How is everyone else's weekend been??

and happy fathers day to the man busties!! Speaking of which, where has Lore been??


*voice echoes*

I think summer malaise has set in--just like the health clubs---anyway--i have been remiss myself. just no big news---doing summer stuff although its been so cool and rainy that my summer shorts are still in the closet.

so its Monday--everyone get excited "its back to work Monday!!!!!"
Hey Jade!!

you know, I don't mind that I'm at work, nor that I had to come here this morning. Given that I actually like my job now! I feel like a valued employee whose opinion, work, and previous experience are a good thing!
holy cow!!! you mean work can be fulfilling? new concept!!! so glad for you. i feel you smiling.
Jenn, too bad you can't participate in the roller derby team. I know some folks here that are on one (they just use a regular roller rink here, not sure if they have a proper roller derby space where you are) but I don't feel like it's the right kind of crowd to join in on. I'm hoping to get back to indoor soccer this winter.

Hey Queen Bull and Jade!

Culture, I feel great today, but on by Thursday evening I was in a bad place. Worst migraine I've had in 2 years and I got some kind of horrible stomach bug that left me unable to eat anything, throwing up, and cramping for two days. I thought it was heat stroke but yesterday paperboy came down with the exact same thing. Luckily it's already passing for him.

Yay for liking your job! I hope you're feeling a lot less pressure on your shoulders now that things have finally changed.

Fortunately, I'm otherwise much better now. I've cut out dairy and most refined sugars because otherwise I'm getting sick. I need to drink juice boxes or orange juice for my low bloodsugars, but they give me horrible heartburn. Oh well. Not something I have a choice on.

My weekend was good. My dad and I did fathers day stuff on Saturday. We went to the Farmers Market and I took him out for lunch. On Saturday there was a little friend drama but it got cleaned up. Paperboy cheered me up on Saturday and I took care of him a bit on Sunday while he was sick. We watched the Princess Bride because he'd never seen it and I thought it was sad he missed out. He actually liked it quite a bit.
Hi, peeps!

Hi, CH! That's good that you're liking your new *permanent* job!

Jenn, I wouldn't want my money to go to drunk janitor either. You keep reminding me how I want to see a roller derby, but I keep forgetting about it.

((((((health vibes for Ketto))))))

Hi, Kari!

I've got some really good news to share. Until yesterday afternoon, the giant and I were stressing about getting enough money together quickly enough for a down payment on a house before the 11/30/09 deadline. No more worries about that! My uncle with cancer died a couple months back, and since he wasn't married and didn't have any kids, all us grandkids (I think 11 of us) got a portion of inheritance from him, which was big enough to put us over the top of what we needed for savings for a down payment on a house at the top of our range! Hooray! We're going to start house hunting seriously about 2 months sooner than we had planned on, which is fantastic. We're calling our realtor (the giant's ex-SIL) tonight and might get pre-approved as early as this week. I'm very, very, very happy!

Not much else is going on with us. I saw my dad's side of the family yesterday for the annual family reunion/birthday extravaganza. My grandpa turned 92, my brother turned 29, and there were a couple other birthdays. I got to play with Sam for awhile, and we had the best time having a heated argument about if his dad's house or my house is bigger. He just would. not. give. up. It was the cutest thing ever. He was so very, very wrong, but he argued his little guts out. Then I read him "Losing Willy," which is this really cute children's book about a little boy who loses everything. He loves when I read to him.

My brother just did the most awesome thing. He had a week off work and some cash saved up, so he decided to make a solo trip out to Vegas from Minnesota. He drove the whole way out and back because he said he wanted to see America. I was really worried that he'd take up with a hooker, or lose all his money and not be able to get home, or go back on meth, but he was totally fine. I guess I underestimated him. He actually got pretty bored after a couple days and left early. My brother is awesome.
Good Morning!!!

Jade, yup, seriously fulfilled at work right now. It's strange, i haven't felt this way in a very long time!

Hi ketto! we need to get together for lunch soon!!! I'll PM you! How are you and paperboy feeling??

Diva, that is GREAT news about the funds, sad circumstances, but still great news!!!!

And I see that it is Turbo's Birfday today!!!! Happy Birfday!!!! I hope it's a great one. *throws confetti*

So, it's going to be hot here today, managed to work out last night and go for a run this morning. I also got my tragus pierced yesterday, I love it. Surprisingly it didn't hurt that much either! Today is another day at work. I have to wander back over to the shop that did it because the piercer wants a pic for her portfolio. and the shop posts pics of the work that's been done.

Ugh, someone at work has a rank, disgusting, phlem filled liquidy cough. seriously, if you're that sick, stay the fuck home and don't infect the rest of us! Have some courtesy for goddess sake.

Well, I hope everyone is well!!


Happy birthday, TurboJenn! Hope your day is filled with good fun and great food!

CH, it's wonderful to hear that you feel valued at work!
Happy Birfday, Jenn!

Hi, everyone else!

We're going to work on getting some loan applications in today/tomorrow to see what we can get preapproved for. Can I get some Bustie loan vibes, please?

I've been really into old school musicals lately. I think I must've watched 8 in the last couple weeks, nothing later than 1965. They just don't make 'em like Gene Kelly anymore, do they? Anyone have any suggestions of really good ones?
~*$$$*~ loan vibes for Divala ~*$$$*~

I love old musicals, too. I can't tell you how many times I've watched "An American In Paris". So pretty! If you haven't seen "Singin' In The Rain", you need to fix that immediately. This weekend I watched a special about the making of "West Side Story" & was reminded how much I love the choreography in that show. Lately I've really been in the mood to see "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "Hello Dolly". They're both a bit silly and great fun. "Hello Dolly" was directed by Gene Kelly, so if you're a fan of his, you should definitely see it.
"Singin' in the Rain" was one of the group I watched on Saturday. Loved! It! I really liked Debbie Reynolds in it, she was so fresh and bright. I know Fred Astaire was probably the better dancer, if you get technical about it, but I still like Gene Kelly a lot better. I've been waiting for "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "Funny Face" to come on on TCM, but no luck quite yet. Maybe they'll be rentals. What drove me to do this is the Project Rungay site. They used to rip apart a classic musical every Monday, and it's hilarious, so I wanted to be in on the joke.
Afternoon all!

~*~*~*~*get the loan vibes for Diva and Giant~*~*~*~* Singing in the rain is my favourite musical. In fact, it's really the only musical I'll go out of my way too watch. Try the King and I, too. The one with Yul Brenner, that's a pretty good one.

Hey RV!!

So, I went and got another ear peircing. This one is an orbital, I had that one done in my right ear with a nice blue titanium barbell, I'll post pics of both.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It's been kind of a busy, frustrating day so far, and the evening isn't looking much better. Turbomann's car broke down this morning, so now instead of going out to a nice dinner, we're going to the stealership. Booo. But, on the upside, turbomann did get me some very nice pressies - some pretty dishware to use for blog staging, and a few things to add to the sexy toolbox. wink.gif AND, my 'rents sent me a little cash, so turbomann went and picked up a small table at ikea so we can now dine out on the balcony - I've always wanted a table out there! YAY!

Singin' In the Rain is indeed a magnificent film - that and West Side Story get my votes for old musicals. I love Project Rungay's reviews too - so funny.

CH - wow, you're getting lotsa new bling - sweet!

Okay, well time to walk the dog, and then get on a sweaty train to go get the car. phoey.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~home loan vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~
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