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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Anna, that sounds like a great way to spend the day. I love love love jerk chicken and street festivals.

Kari, sounds like a busy weekend. Too bad about the tree, what a paint to have to take care of it on a designated relaxing day. tongue.gif

Doodle, I would gladly share my brownies with you. That chicken dish sounds tasty...if you find a recipe you should post it in the barefoot thread.

CH, hope the meeting goes well!

It is so beautiful out. I rode my bike to work today, which was a feat. I was out late last night at a Sarah Slean concert. I love her so much, she was fantastic as usual. Went out for dinner with my girlfriends before and met up with my brother and paperboy at the show and had a great time. It's supposed to be in the 20's today. I get off work around 3:45 and I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon checking out some trails. My hair has lightened about 3-4 shades in two weeks just from the sun. Despite the family stress, it feels like a good day.

anna k
I'm glad you've been having some fun, ketto.

Good luck, CH! I didn't buy anything at the festival except for my lunch and a big-ass lemonade, which helped when I started to feel tired in the sun.

Sounds like a great weekend, doodlebug!

Hi Kari!

I went for a job interview today, but it wasn't great. I got excited when I heard the word "publishing" in the name, but it was more of a sales/telemarketing job, and I can't do that. I'm not a convincing seller, and don't want to bother people on the phone. Plus it was in an industrial part of my neighborhood that I wouldn't want to walk home alone in at night. So that's that. Today I'm going to chill, work out, do some writing, nothing special, then go to work tomorrow.

Anna, sorry to hear the position you interviewed for wasn't what you are looking for. I'm with you on's just not my style. No can do.

Hey ketto! How were the trails? I'm glad you are getting some down time. I know you need it. ((((hugs)))

Hey Doodle! Mint chicken....I have no recipe, but if you find a good one, let me know! I have lots of mint growing in the garden right now.

Hey CH! Any letter of offer yet??? June 1 is quickly approaching! It's Monday!

Things here are good. I ended up leaving work early on Tuesday to go see my chiropractor. My neck & back were killing me & my whole body ached from taking down that damn tree. I was supposed to tutor that evening, but my student called to cancel. Which was awesome!! I got my hair cut and then just layed around. Took quite a bit off of my hair. It comes down about an inch from my earlobes now. Summer! Anyhoo, yesterday I worked at home in the AM & then had to attend a transportation summit. It was a good day. Last night Mr K and I grillled chicken & vegetables & watched an episode of the Tudors.

It is quiet in the office today. yay! I do have some work to get done. My boss is gone for 3 weeks & I want to have a lot finished by the time he returns.

Good Afternoon!

I've been trying to get on here all day, finally!!

Ketto, it has been gorgeous here hasn't it!! Today's not nearly as nice, but tomorrow will be!!

Anna, that's the craps about the job, something will come up.

Kari, no letter of offer yet, I'm not too concerned, I know it's coming.

It's been a pretty quiet day today, thank goodness, tonight not too sure what I'm doing yet, dog walk of course, maybe I'll go for a run. Last night I hlepd PR Boy pick out some tables for his house, then wwas bagged to came home shortly thereafter.
Yay for cute summer hair, Kari! I know just how you feel, I'm rockin' the shorter hair for summer, too - I don't want it sticking to my neck if/when warm weather ever returns!

I went to the chiro today, too...haven't been in a couple years, but my shoulder is still bugging me, so I went back to my magical chiro this evening. I'm feeling much better now, and a half hour on the table while Dr. Liz flits around the room adjusting everyone here and there - it's the most relaxing, soothing experience. So, I'll be going back there weekly for awhile, until I get back to center. And then turbomann met me near the chiro office, and we went out for some yummy thai food. Now, I'm kickin' back watching So You Think You Can Dance. I love that show!

Nice going with the biking, ketto!! And I love the name paperboy - good choice!

And the best thing - tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is having a good one so far.

Hey Jenn! Glad your chiro was able to help with your shoulder. Thai food....yummmmmm!

Hey CH!

Not much to report here today really, the usual. Mr K and I went to my coworker's house last night to play Rock Band. It was a lot of fun, even though I really suck. Today is just work & I think I'm going to go to my sister's tonight.
Happy Friday!!!

Turbo, most excellent to hear that you're feeling well after the chiro!

Hey Kari!

It's another lovely day here, still no letter of offer...sigh...I want it NOW! Soon, I know I'll get it soon. Not too sure what I'm up to this weekend, tonight my usual walk, maybe a run. But, I've been running so much lately, I think I may just give me body a break.

What is everyone else up to??
anna k
I'm glad you're feeling better, turbo.

CH, you're an animal with the running. I love you. smile.gif

Hi Kari!

Nice day today. Went to a job interview at an environmental canvassing place, but it seemed like more of a passing-out-flyers kind of job, and didn't have any administrative areas open. I did get a call back from one job for an admin. asst., and re-sent my resume to them through email, and will contact them again next week.

Due to new interns, my boss asked me if I could work three days a week instead of four, but I bargained her to three and a half days, saying how much I enjoyed working at the museum and wanted to feel closer to my work as a dedicated employee. I was pissed inside that after a year working there, and taking their suggestions to improve, I still have a low salary and they were asking me to cut a day's work. Blech.
hello all. hi CH, Anna, Turbo, Kari.
gonna be a bit me-me-me today. please forgive me.
got little boy all graduated and everything. his stress melted away (in the heat), and he had just the biggest smile and grin on his face!!! Both big brothers were there, and we got family photos. haven't had happy family photos in two years!!!!
mylove is leaving. a job op back home, and there is no employment here. he's depressed about leaving, and I am too. so instead of using our last two weeks together to the max - I'm sad, then he's sad, then it's back to me. we're just a ray of sunshine.
he says he's coming back to me. but you know I have issues regarding 'leaving'. and he'll get all happy being near to family, but we won't be together...
I'm all messed up.

CH, I wish I could get the motivation to start running. I need to get in better shape. My tummy could be smaller. I'm a slacker, I guess.

anna, that would've pissed me off too!!

Kari, I've never played Rock Band, but it sounds like it'd be fun. smile.gif

Turbo, I'm glad the chiro helped with your shoulder. And yay for the dance show!

Soooo, it looks like Chilly Guy and I are going to Asheville, North Carolina in October for ultracold training...are there any busties there?
Good Morning.

Anna, that totally sucks about work, but I'm glad you were able to negotiate with your boss.

((((((((((jami))))))))) I'm so sorry about your man.

Hey tree! I was wondering where you've been lately!

Not much here, just the same, going to get my hair cut today.
anna k

treehugger, I went to Asheville a couple of years ago, it's a great place, with a big mountainous area for hiking. I really reccomend it.

Hi CH!

Worked out this morning, and may spend the day with my grandma, I feel like chilling out with her. She's a sweetheart, and I want a break from city life for a day.
bro just texted, and sis-in-law had the baby! i have a nephew! biggrin.gif c-monkey and i have to go to the library to find articles for her scrapbook, or we would have gone with the momster when she left an hour ago cause it was getting close. but she's been in since last night, and it looked like labor was going really slow. man, i really wish we'd gone with her now. tongue.gif that's okay though, because c-monkey has to get this project done, so we're going to go down later this evening. but i'm so excited! i might take neighbor lady up on her offer to run us down there if the momster can't tear herself away from her new grandson. but i have a nephew, i have a nephew, i have a nephew!
Hello, Okayers! I feel a little like the return of the prodigal--I got very bogged down in life/work/stuff, and somehow I got out of the habit of coming here. Then I saw an issue of BUST at the drugstore (really? at a Rite Aid in West Virginia?) and facebook keeps suggesting I add someone named Doodlebug Grrl as my friend, and I decided it was the universe telling me to get my butt back to the lounge.

I don't even know if anyone here remembers me...but if you do, here's what I've done while I was away: I worked for a year and a half as a receptionist in a pediatrics office, and then I got into the MFA program for poetry at West Virginia University. I moved to WV, worked my ass off and went a little insane, and now I'm looking at a few weeks of absolutely nothing to do, which is fantastic but also sort of boring and leads to a lot of time on facebook.

Good Morning.

Anna, what did you and your grandmother do?

Congratulations to the Grrrl family!!!

Hey lowredmoon, I do remember you!!!

It's been a lovely few days here, sun has been out, so I've been enjoying it. Aside from that, there really isn't much going on here. Ooh, I for sure start my other job on June 8, there has been some other goings on, none of it bad, but me going permanent and such. So, that's that.

How is everyone??
good monday morning if there is such a thing. but it was a hot weekend followed by a cold front, slept with the door to the deck open--so cold and fresh and had to stay under the covers!!! it was a wonderful contrast to the hot sun day.

Good Morning!!!!

Ch, so your start date is June 8th? One week! I know you are looking forward to starting. Glad you have had some good weather up there.

Welcome back LowRedMoon! I remember you too! I'm glad you are going to hang with us! Have you completed the MFA program or do you still have more to go?

Hey Tree! Darn! One letter off...I'm in NAshville. Have been to Asheville though, very nice!

Hey Grrrrl! Congrats to your SIL! And you! New nephew!

(((((JAMI)))) I am so sorry to hear your man is leaving. sad.gif sad.gif Definitely, definitely enjoy the two weeks before he takes off.

Hey Anna! Did you hang with your gram?

I had a good weekend. Went to my sister's house on Friday night. Her husband grilled us some steaks that were the bomb. Saturday Mr K and I did some yard work then went to a friend's deck party. Yesterday I cleaned the house, got groceries, baked my mom a birthday cake, and then we went bowling & to dinner at my sister's for my mom's birthday. Good weekend! The only bad thing is I seem to have come down with some kind of throat/cough thing. Started losing my voice on Saturday. It was pretty weak yesterday, it's better today, though the cough is worse. Boo.
HI all!!! I'm BACK. Just starting back at work. Its amazing how one kind of looses touch when the wee ones demand most of your time...and typing one handed isn't quite my gig! Anyway, HI!!!

Short version of my life...the baby has taken up a lot of my time. We have photos through the beginning of May at

Photos of the kids

KB (the baby) is just a doll, and I'm really sad to leave her at daycare today. I AM excited to be back amongst grownups, though. I"m off to eat lunch and get a bit caught up. Can anyone fill me in on anything major...

MWAH to you all!
Kari, the trails were great. I really really really love my new bike. Definitely the nicest I've ever owned.

Anna, that sucks about them trying to take away hours. I hate being a job when you feel like your efforts are totally ignored. I'm sending you good job vibes!


Congrats grrrl! That's fantastic!

Moxie, too cute. Quite a head of hair!

Blah, it's Monday and I feel sick today. I went to work for 2 hours and I'm going to try and do another couple of hours this afernoon from home, but I just feel out of it. The weekend was good though. Hung out with friends on Friday, went to see a band on Saturday with paperboy and then slept at his place, and yesterday we spent the morning in bed and afternoon cleaning his room.

In a week I'm going to Alberta to visit a friend and also some relatives. I was supposed to be going from my friends wedding, but I got a call yesterday from another friend who thinks it's off! I have no details and have no idea what's going on, but either way we're going out there to either attend a wedding or take the ex-bride out for fun and to get her mind off things. It's crazy! Apparently the friend who's going out there with me was supposed to go to three weddings this summer and two have been canceled. ohmy.gif
Good Afternoon.

Hey Kari! That's quite the weekend!!!

Hi Jade!

MOX!!!!! I'll have to check the pic of bebe when I get home, photo sites are blocked at work now.

Hi Ketto! we'll have to get together for lunch now that it's nice out.

I soooo wish I was outside right now, it's so nice out!!!

What a day! LRM & Mox coming back to us at once! *passes 'ritas 'round the thread for all*

Ketto - that is crazy about the wedding maybe being called off. Mercury has been in retrograde for a couple weeks, two more to go, and then hopefully some of the drama bubbling around will settle down. I'm certainly looking forward to a little less drama in my work life!

Kari, sounds like you had a Fab weekend, until the cough - boooo! ((((((feel better cough go away!))))))

Mox, KB is adorable - but you already knew that! The hair! The giggle! I can see why going back to work is bittersweet...though we're happy to have you back here! smile.gif

We had a nice weekend, too. Just chilled out on Friday - we grilled us up some awesome steaks too, watched a movie. Saturday we went to the Roller Derby with the Chicago Busties and a whole posse of our other friends - super fun. One of my friends who's on the "farm team" is trying to talk me into trying out for the farm team, and I have to say I'm looks fun, and agressive, and it's a great group of ladies. I might take a couple speed skating classes and see if I like it.

CH - YAY for starting your job next week! WoooT!!!


Hey Turbo!!! I sooooo think you should do it, it sounds like so much fun!!!

Yesterday we got a storm, first thunderstorm of the season!! Went for a run in the rain, it was actually very nice, but humid as hell! aside from that, I think I'm getting a cold, I have a sore throat, so I think I'll be in relax-o mode for a little while.

Everyone have a lovely day!
Good Morning!

WELCOME BACK MOXIE!!!! I've wondered how you were doing. KB is adorable!!!! And moxette! She is a beauty too. And she's grown so much! Glad to see you back in here, gal.

Hey Jenn! I bet you'd be really good at roller derby! How's your shoulder doing these days?

Hey CH! It's humid here too. But, that's to be expected. That's the worst part of summer around these parts. ~~~anti cold vibes~~~ Hope you aren't getting sick.

Hey Ketto! Alberta! Nice! I hope the wedding plans work out. If not, you're right, it's good you are going to be there to help the bride take her mind off things. sad.gif

Things here are good today. Working at home. Have 2 appts this AM. Chiropractor & dental. It's a new dentist, I hope I like him. Why is it so difficult to find a good dentist? I think part of it is that while our medical coverage is wonderful with our insurance, the dental kinda blows. The list of dentists is limited.

Other than that, I am going to do some work on my work project, and then maybe later put some compost & new plants in the garden.


Mox, i checked out the pic!!!! What a cutie!!!!!!

Hi Kari! I hope the dentist goes well for you.

Ugh, 'm at home today, I'm not feeling super bad, but i want to stop this cold right where it is. Just tired, so hopefully I can sleep it off.
CH, we should make some plans when I get back from Alberta. That thunderstorm was nuts, but I love thunderstorms.

Turbo, it's nuts. Apparently it is off and my friend has already moved into her own apartment, which is where we'll be staying. I emailed her and asked her to call me but I'm just gonna pick up the phone and try and talk to her tonight. I'm not really friends with the other girls who are going out so I'd rather we have a chance to talk one on one in case I'm not able while we're out there.

Kari, I love working from home. Hope the new dentist works out.

Yesterday I was a big stress case trying to think about what I need to do for work before I leave and all these gifts I have to buy and all this stuff I have in June. Last night I sat down and wrote out some lists of what I need to do and it wasn't that much really so I feel a lot better today.

I have strong suspicians that I have either gallstones or celiac disease, so this week I'm trying out a gluten free diet. I couldnt' get an appointment with my doctor until the 29th so I figure I might as well test things out. My younger brother was recently screened, but the screening test was negative. He has every symptom (including a sibling with type 1 diabetes and he has rheumatoid arthritis). He started a gluten free diet last week and is feeling amazingly better already and has tons more energy. I started yesterday and some of my stomach issues have suddenly disappeared. I'm hoping it's not just a coincidence.
Hey Okayers!
Thanks for the welcome back wishes, everyone.

Moxie, your children are gorgeous!

Turbo, I think you'd be really good at roller derby--it sounds like so much fun!

We had a gorgeous thunderstorm last night--forked violet lightning like I've never seen. I wonder if the storms are better in WV because I live on top of a mountain...

ketto, my sister just had surgery for gallstones. It's a pretty simple procedure--she said the surgery itself took about fifteen minutes.

kari, I just finished one year of a three-year program, so I have a ways to go, although I have the suspicion it's going to go by faster than I would like.

It's my birfday, but no one is around, so I'm going to do my nails, make myself a nice chicken parmesan dinner with homemade bread and some birfday brownies, and be generally good to myself. I'm making plans to go out Saturday night to celebrate, since everyone who is around is either teaching or taking classes, and wouldn't be able to do much hanging out on a Wednesday night anyway.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

happy birthday, lowredmoon ... and welcome back!!!

psssst, turbo ... you're PM inbox is too full & isn't working!

moxie, you're firstborn cannot be that big! omg, where did the years go? and your wee one is just a little doll!


*waves & blows keeces to okayers, relurks*
Allo Allo!!

Hi Ketto. That is too bad about your friend in Alberta, I hope she's okay.

Happy Birfday Lowredmoon!!! Enjoy.

Hey Mondo!!!!! I'm so glad to see you in here and back in the lounge.

Well, I should head off to the dr, going to get the rx for meds.
anna k
Hi Mando!

Happy birfday lowredmoon!

I hope you feel better, ketto. I don't know why gluten and dairy seem to mess up our digestion, I have the same problem.

Hi CH!

Kari, I hope you find a good dentist.

Turbo, that sounded like a great weekend!

Nice pictures, moxie!

I finished writing a book review for, I'm glad to have done it after some procrastination. I also wrote some movie reviews last week, so glad to still keep it up. I went on a job interview today at an employment agency for an administrative assistant job. It turned out it was more to sign me up with the agency than to work there, but the guy who interviewed me was very optimistic, so hopefully something nice will come up if I'm lucky. I had fun in my dance class yesterday, and will be working more tomorrow and the weekend, plus celebrating my sister's birthday Saturday night.
Hi, peeps!

Good luck with your new job next week, CH! I hope you get back to feeling like your normal self soon. You seem to have gotten sick quite a bit lately.

Anna, congrats on the published movie reviews. You should post a link to some of them so we can read what you've written.

Ketto, good luck with the gluten free trial. I had my gall bladder removed in January, and the biggest symptoms of problems with your gall bladder are feeling like you've got a brick in your stomach (above/at the waist, not below it) that won't move, and horrible searing back pain that radiates from the very bottom of your spine. These things will usually happen at night. One way to figure out if this is your problem is by cutting fat from your diet for a few days. It's the fat in food that triggers the attacks. But anyway, if you do have to have the surgery, it takes about an hour and with any luck, you'll be out the same day.

Hi, LRM! Welcome back!

Hi, Moxie!

You know who I've been missing lately? FJ. She hasn't been around in ages. And how about Minxy?

Jenn, you got a compliment on your website from someone I work with. I was looking at the salad you just posted, and a friend of mine walked by and said how great it looks.

Hi, Kari! Good luck with the dentist. Good ones are hard to find.

Not much has been going on with me. We've been seeing our families a fair amount lately. It seems like there isn't a weekend that goes by without us having to visit someone. Work is work, and there's not enough to keep me busy. I'll be doing some overtime starting next week to save up more for a house. I made a delicious lemon cheesecake for a family thing on Saturday. It didn't set up the way it should've (40 minutes at 300 my ass!), but it still tasted good. I'm just happy the weather is nice again lately, although we could use a lot more rain. It's nice to walk around when it's warm out and the sun is shining.
Diva, the reason I suspect is actually because I have the same symptoms as my mom, but they're not typical gall stone symptoms. They actual thought she had bronchitus for quite a long time. She went undiagnosed for a year and a half before they did the surgery last year. My mom, nana, aunt, cousin, and great aunts have all had there's out, and most of them were in there twenties or early thirties so I figure it's only a matter of time anyway. I already eat pretty damn healthy and don't touch much junk food because some days I'll just have the worst heartburn and it lasts all day. I can't even eat anything because it just burns and burns - this is what was happening with my mom.
mmmm...lemon cheese cake. Sounds fun!

Happy birthday, lowredmoon!

anna, good luck with the continued job hunting.

Ketto, I'm celiac, and I highly recommend sticking with the GF diet a bit and see how it goes - honestly, I am a different person now that I'm GF - no more mood swings, environmental allergies, migraines and my guts no longer hurt all the time! It truly has been life-saving. I got cross-contaminated for the first time in awhile 3 weeks ago, and I'm still suffering lingering effects of painful eczema and cracking on my hands. No fun. My blog of course has GF recipes, but glutenfreegirl is my absolute favorite GF blog - not only are her recipes outstanding, she is an amazing writer, and I look forward to her posts every week. Good luck figuring things out, whether it's gall bladder or gluten-free. And remember, lots of people are sensitive to wheat, but don't test positive for celiac - I tested negative for celiac when I first went GF, but now, there is no doubt - consequences are severe if I get any wheat in me.

Thanks for the reminder, mando - I just emptied my inbox! smile.gif

Happy birthday LRM!! Cooking yourself something you really love to eat sounds like a nice quiet celebration! I've got a birthday to plan later this month - I don't usually do anything with our friends, but there's a roller derby my birthday weekend, so I think I'm going to drag everyone to that.

Diva - that's cool that you can get some overtime in, to save more for your house! Mmmmm....lemon cheesecake.

Hey Anna! I hope the employment people can help you out. ~*~*~*ongoing job vibes~*~*~*

Hi Diva! Mmm lemon cheesecake, and woot OT for more savings for your house!

Hey again Ketto!

Turbo, I've forwarded your blog onto people I know who do gluten free, a good friend of mine has Celiac as well.

It's going to be an okay day, supposed to rain, but that's okay. Feeling not too bad, had a load of messages, mostly from the same people. Ugh. oh well.

Have a great day all.

Good Morning!

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY LOWREDMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think your birthday plan sounds just about perfect!

Hey Ch! Glad you are feeling a tad better today.

Hey Anna! ~~~~~~employment vibes~~~~~~~

Hey Ketto!

Hey Jenn!

Hey Mando!

Hey Diva! Good to see you. Mmmm....lemon cheesecake! smile.gif That's rad you can work overtime & make some extra cash!

It's rainy here today too. Which is ok, b/c it will be good for my lawn & plants. Officemate out today, I plan on getting some good work done. So the new dentist I saw is awesome! yay! Finally!! AND they said I didn't have any cavities. My teeth are more prone to cavities than some others' it seems, so no cavities always makes me happy. I did go to Home Depot to buy some new veg plants too. Got 2 types of eggplant, 2 types of squash, cucumber, watermelon, and I think that might be it. Will get them planted this weekend.

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys...the dinner was good, the brownies were good but next time I'll use less almond extract because it's a little overpowering.

Dad went to the cardiologist today. They're sending him for a nuclear stress test and an ultrasound next week, but they're fairly sure there's a blockage, and they just want to locate it and see how bad it is before they decide treatment options. I'm trying not to freak out until we know what's going on, but it's hard because I'm six hours away and my car is broken, and I'm worried something will happen and I won't be able to get home.

Lemon cheesecake sounds good right about now.

I'm trying to pack up my apartment and finalize a moving date. I'm taking over another girl's apartment, and we're trying to coordinate schedules...
Good Morning! Happy Friday!

((lowredmoon)) I'm sorry to hear about your dad's blockage. And I know it is hard for you not to be there. I would say try not to worry, but I know that's a tall order. ~~~~~~~dad healthy vibes~~~~~~~~

I am happy the end of the week is here! woo!

I went to the gym last night, then the wine shop, and then went home & made some pasta for dinner. I mean, I made the sauce, I did not make fresh pasta. But it was good! Then Mr K and I watched another episode of Breaking Bad. Man I love that show.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Hey Kari!!! Glad the new dentist was a gooder!

Lowredmoon, so sorry to hear about your dad ~*~*~*get healthy vibes~*~*~*~

Not too sure what i'm doing this weekend, I might just take it easy. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be picking out some binnoculars with dadster, he is wise in this area. We'll see how I feel. Not coldish, just blah today.

anna k
Hi CH!

((((lowredmoon's dad))))))

Yay for no cavities, kari!

turbo, I'm the same with wheat, and I tested negative for celiac disease. I don't know what it is, but my stomach gets more irritable with wheat and dairy, and I've stopped eating chocolate because it was bothering my stomach. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted with no IBS consequences, but it's not the case.

I worked a lot last night, as the museum had its grand opening and reception. Worked about 10 hours, and came home and watched So You Think You Can Dance. Working again today, may see a movie (don't know which), and Saturday night is my sister's birthday dinner.
Psst, Kari, ask your dentist about this stuff called MI Paste- we've been using it in our office with great results. It helps remineralize teeth, so it's good for people who are inexplicably cavity-prone. It also helps with sensitivity and if you have white spots on your teeth!

Hi okayers!
Allo Allo.

Anna, are you and your sister doing anything else for her birthday?

Hi Polly!!

So, I just returned from signing my letter of offer! First day is Monday and I'm all good to go!!!! I'm pretty psyched about it. I've already been told my first few days is meetings!!!
Hello all! Sorry to burst in like this, but I am in DESPARATE need of BUSTIE VIBES, and I know they work. Our damned drummer has to WORK tonight and tomorrow and cannot make our gig....we need to find a drummer FAST, and I know bustie vibes will do the trick! Please, please, please, and thank you!!!
~*~*~*~*~*~*super get a drummer for tonight vibes for Scully and The Mulders~*~*~*~*~*~*
Bustie vibes WORK!!!

Details later...
anna k
Yay Doodle!!!

Congratulations CH!! I am really happy for you, you're getting your definte props!

Me, my sister, my brother, and her friends will have a birthday dinner for her, then she's staying over for the night. It should be a lot of fun. I got her a nice card and a DVD copy of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, since she liked the movie a lot when we saw it last year.

YAH Doodle!!! That's great news!!!

Anna, enjoy your evening with your sis!

I bought my binoculars today, a nice pair of Nikon's. Then dadster and I went to this nature preserve type thing where I was able to test them out. They work great. I love them. they cost a bit, but they are already well worth it.

Now if only things would warm up here it's June and it's not as nice as it should be.

I think I'm going to go and chill now, it's been a bit of a rough late afternoon, feeling a bit blue today.
ugh, what a week! i've been covering a department the last couple weeks for someone who's out on vacation and due back monday. this new guy showed up tuesday, and was training over at our plant, and he's learning all the departments i cover. turns out he's some kind of temp, and supposedly he's going to be filling in at our plant, the one across the street, and down at our deli. a couple weeks ago boss lady was talking about sending me across the street to cross-train, since they're chronically shorthanded, and in fact had a posting up for a rep over there. that got delayed by the other person's vacation, but i'm heading over there monday. coupled with this new person showing up... yeah, he's supposed to be covering both plants and the deli, but if people are so desperately needed across the street, why didn't they start his training over there? and the areas he's training in now are my main areas. so, even though the momster says it's just my paranoia talking, and they wouldn't do something like that without getting my input first, i'm wondering if boss lady got tired of people at my plant having issues with me, and just decided that they would transfer me across the street indefinitely. i think it's shitty if that's what they're doing. i mean if that's where they need me, that's where they need me, but i would have liked to have been told/asked straight out. i don't like my co-irkers most of them time, but i like my job, and i don't think it's fair to yank it out from under me without so much as a by your leave.

and to top off work stress week, when i checked my mail yesterday, there was something from the county courthouse. i thought maybe it was some leftover thing from my recent jury duty, but it turns out i have to appear in court next month. i don't remember if i told you all about the incident last year, where my trashy ass neighbors called the cops on me and accused me of keying their friend's car because it was parked in my space, but yeah, it's apparently about that. at the time, the police officers that came out said there was nothing they could do, because nobody saw anything. which is unsurprising because, hello! there was nothing to see, because i didn't do anything. as i explained to the police officers, my neighbors are trashy druggies who are not to be trusted, and i hardly would have gone around the complex knocking on doors to see if anyone knew who the vehicle belonged to and making myself a highly visibly suspicious person if i'd had anything to do with it, and besides, i'm just not that type of person, i was raised better. so i thought the whole thing was over and done with. i don't know from the single sheet of paper i got listing a time and date to show up at court if it's just the person suing me, or if the da's filing charges or what. i looked up the case file online, and it says "arraignment". i know in this lawsuit-happy state people will sure for anything and everything, but i don't know if they have to actually have evidence of wrongdoing, which the police said they didn't, or if they can just take it to court based on my word against theirs. so that's something to look forward to. rolleyes.gif i don't know if i need to show up with a lawyer or character witnesses or what. i'm going to head down to police station later and see if i can get a copy of the report, see if there's anything in there that could be used against me, and see if i can find out what exactly could happen with this. but yeah, stress weekend ahoy!

anyway, i'm going to go catch up on the archives.
anna k
Hi, CH. I hope you're feeling better.

(((grrrl)))) I'm sorry you're going through so much crap at work, and those neighbors are assholes who shouldn't be making your life hell.

My sister's birthday dinner was really nice. We were in the resturaunt for about three hours, and her friend's boyfriend worked there, so we got a lot of free drinks, appetizers, and desserts. I like chilling out and talking to her friends, though I forget how "Long Island" they can be in accent and attitude. My sister really liked her present, saying she thought about buying that movie for herself, and my brother ended up being the go-to guy for guy advice, talking to my sister and her friend about their guy problems. He's 22, they're 28, and he joked later, saying, "I can count the number of girlfriends I've had on one hand, who do they think I am?!"
Good Afternoon.

Grrrl, what a lot of work crap, and what a bunch of fuck faces your neighbours are.

Anna, your evening with your sis sounds nice.

It's not been a bad day, I went grocery shopping then went and picked up these shoes. They are for kayaking, but I'm going to be using them for the park, the shoes are super comfortable and are waterproof, which is handy on those rainy days. I am thinking of taking up kayaking though, or some water sport. I liked rowing, but I'm thinking something a little more extreme would be fun.

and these are the binoculars I bought, they are great and the view is amazing!!! So great.

And tomorrow is my first day at my new job.
Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~~~NEW JOB VIBES FOR CH!~~~~~~~~~ Have a great day! I am so happy for you! Those shoes & binoculars look sweet. Nice buys!

Hey Grrrl! ~~~~~~~~~court vibes~~~~~~~~~ Man, what a huge pain in the ASS! I will be hoping for the best.

Hey Anna! Sounds like a nice weekend with your fam.

Hey Doodle! Yay! Glad the vibes worked! How was the gig?

Polly, thanks for the info on that paste! I need all the help I can get.

*yawn* I am tired this morning. Meant to have a low key weekend, but I wasn't really successful. I did stay in on Friday night, which was nice. Saturday Mr K and I did a bunch of stuff around the house, including trying to put in our new window AC unit. Needless to say it's not in yet. Grrr. But I went yesterday and bought a new contraption that's supposed to help. I did take a 3 (!) hour nap on Saturday. That night I went out with a friend. Yesterday was busy. Paco woke me up early, barfing. Ugh. So I was up early. Which was alright, as I had a lot to do. Met some gals for brunch, then I had to go to Home Depot & Pet Smart. Then I drove out to see my grandmother. Left her place around 4PM, went to the grocery, cooked dinner, then Mr K and I went to this bar to play rock-n-roll trivia. Got home late. I am gonna sleep good tonight!

Good Morning!!!!

Kari, that is a super busy weekend, but it sounds like fun!!!!

Well, here I am, at my very own desk with my very own phone and I'll be doing my own thing!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee. I'm very happy about this. So so happy about this.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.
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