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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning,

Kari, did you end up going out for dinner last night?

Jami, an air horn! What a good idea!!! How's you and your man?

Not much going on here, I was embroidering the second bird and decided I hated it, so I ripped it, today I must purchase some white eye liner. See, the shirt is too squishy so when I transfer the pattern onto the black shirt, it doesn't stay so I'm going to have to draw over the pattern.

Aside from that, I've got fuck all going on. Still waiting for my letter of offer, but I know it's coming, plus I'm staying put at this office until the 29th, so seems that June 1 is the start date. I'm excited!!!

How is everyone else? and where is everyone else??
Good morning!

((jami)) Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare...the missing paper work, no help with meds. Hang in there. I can't believe that doctor left w/o referring him to another doc. Was it a psychiatrist? That's abandonment of the patient. Grrrr. I hope you can get the proper documentation. ~~~~good luck vibes!~~~~

Hmm, air horn is a good idea. I already carry pepper spray, which might work to deter dogs, but I don't know if it could break up a fight. I mainly carry it to make myself feel better. Though I see where that got me. Hmpf. dry.gif

Hey CH! So you are starting over on the emroidery project? Hopefully Round 2 will go better. I bet you're anxious to get that letter of offer!! I would be! But, yes, at least you know it's coming.

Things w/ me are good today. We did go to dinner last night. Turns out one of the people couldn't go - my old supervisor from the hospital - so Mr K went with me. The person we met is a guy that I worked with at the hospital, who was also going through the counseling program that I did. He just graduated, so we were going to take him out. It was fun, but oof my checkbook is in serious pain now. It's just that season. Lots of graduations, birthdays, holidays, etc. Get paid on Friday, thank goodness.
yeah, where is everyone? long day in court today, and it was all just closing arguments and instructions. we got out a little bit early, like 15 minutes or so. but i couldn't get the judge to answer whether or not we'd have to stay until a decision was made, or if we'd be able to go home and come back. i don't know if it's going to take us a whole day to deliberate and make our decision, but if we do, and we have to stay, well, the momster wouldn't have her car. if nothing else i can take the bus tomorrow morning, or have neighbor lady drive the momster up to pick up the keys, but i'd really like to know ahead of time, you know? oh, and this week is apparently jury appreciation week for the state of california, so we got goodies and magnets and pens at our first break this morning. smile.gif

work yesterday was funtastic as always. last week liar lady left some things undone she usually does before i get there, and i didn't find out about it until i collected paperwork at the end of the shift. so i emailed boss lady and asked her to let LL know about them and asked to have LL inform me, or let boss lady know and have her inform me, if she switches up the routine without notice like that. so yesterday morning when i asked LL if there was anything i needed to know before going on the floor, any items forgotten or left undone, she flat out refused to answer me directly. she went on about how she was just being "nice" this whole time and doing things she didn't have to, but she doesn't trust me because i'll go to the boss and say she didn't tell me something that she did, and if i want to know something, i have to check the paperwork, blah blah blah blah blah. i was like "dude, i just want an answer to this one thing, and okay you finally told me after ten minutes of pointed questions, so all these other issues you're bringing up, you can just stop now because i'm not interested and i'm not listening." i was like kelly and bethenny, just "stooop, just stooop, i don't care about anything you're saying right now." and meanwhile lab dragon's yelling in the background for her to email me stuff so it's in writing, and i'm just like, why are you even involved, and why are the two of you raising your voices at me, that's so unnecessary? ugh, i swear the two of them are like toxic siamese twins, congenitally joined at the self-righteous hypocrisy or something. honestly, i think she's still pissy because 1) i called her a liar to her face, and 2) the shit i called her on last week, i'm pretty sure she wanted to take it to the boss herself when i was gone the next day an make me look like the fuck-up, and i beat her to the punch.

anyway, gotta go pick up the momster, it's getting late.
Kari - I carried pepper spray for a couple years after Turbo got attacked - it will break up a dog fight, just stay upwind. smile.gif I'm so sorry for your poor puppers - Turbo has never been the same since the attack, and only is socially okay with dogs he knew before the attack - other dogs, he's nervous and growls at 10 paces. I don't blame him.

((((jami and her man)))) What an awful sitch with your guy and his doc. You are an amazing woman for trying to work this's a very challenging situation.

CH - I'm so excited for you to start your new job! And the hoodie sounds sweet! You are so talented.

Well, I had a crappy end to my day - got hit by a car on my ride home. Specifically, I was riding past a parked car, and he opened his car door vigorously and at just the right second to throw me six feet in the air, and off my bike. I've no idea how I got unclipped, but I was unclipped when I landed. I've got a giant goose egg on my right quad, a shredded knee, and my left shoulder is painfully torqued. Nothing on me broken, but my bike needs a new handlebar. It is still rideable, but the ends of the handlebars got smashed in, and the bar ends won't go back on. Phooey. The guy who hit me said he'd pay for repairs, so I'll send him the bill, though I only half expect to see the money. Of course, I have a fundraising 30 mile bike ride on Sunday for work, so we'll see if I'm up to it by then, but I expect that I will be. I'm icing my bod now, and I'll take a bath in a bit.

Grrl, I'm sorry that your work sitch is still sucking and full of drama. UGH. Why can't people just be accountable and behave like grown-ups???
holy crap jenn! i won't ask if you're okay, cause i'm hurting like a bitch just reading that. did you get all the guy's contact information, and take down his license plate number and car info so you could track him down later if you have to? and do you have medical coverage? you should go get checked out just in case, and he should be paying those bills too. and did either one of you call the police and make a report? i mean i know the car wasn't moving or anything, but i'd want to have that to back up any lawsuit or insurance claims later. man, this sucks! i always hate seeing accidents with cars vs. bikes, cause usually the car's going to win. anyway, i'm glad you're not hurt worse. take the day off tomorrow, and stay in bed with a bottle of tylenol and a tube of biofreeze.

~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~
OMG! I hope you are okay, Jenn! There's a law about that's called "dooring" and you can be prosecuted for not checking for bikers before opening doors. Anyway, Grrrl is right...take the day off with some tylenol and biofreeze, for sure!!

That DOES sound like a cute hoodie, CH!

Kari, yay for paydays. I hope your dog recovers from the attack. I think the air horn is a good idea...and it sounds like Jenn has had success with the pepper spray, too.

Jami, I hope you and the mister can find some help soon. That sounds like it's stressful.

Ooof. I'm sore today. I had to squeeze behind an air handler to fix some cracked u-bends. Five leaks. Of course they put the u-bends right up against the wall so I had to try and squeeze my boobies and upper chest and arms into this space...several times. It literally took every ounce of strength I had to get myself back out each time. Arms hurt today. I'm amazed I still have my nipple jewelry!

Turbo!?!?!?! ~*~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~* ohmygoodness. Please give us an update.

Grrrl, what a lot of fuckin' drama, how rediculous.

Hey Tree! Ugh, squished boobies.

Hey kari, I just ripped the second bird, but said bird has been fixed and I'm good to go.

It's rainy and shitty and I'm in a horribly sad mood. In a bit of a bad place, so much so I'm going to bail out of here this afternoon.

(((JENN))) OMG! I am glad you are ok! I mean, I know you are hurting, but I am glad you were not hurt even worse. ~~~healing vibes~~~ Take care. Did the bath help? Geez oh pete.

((((((CH))))))) What's up, lady? Did something happen? Are you alright? I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling good today. Anything we can do to help? sad.gif

Hey Grrrl!

Hey Tree!

I am working at home today, and very glad about it. I've been busy lately, so I'm glad to have a day at home. Mr K has gone to the library to study for the day, so I've got the house to myself.
Well, to be totally upfront, I've been struggling with anxiety and depression lately. work is a big factor, but that's changing. I got my reclass, and my raise, I talked to me supervisor yesterday and a memo is being prepared to send out to staff advising them I've been successful in the position and I've accepted.

But, I also internalize a lot of things and instead of dealing with things, I ignore them. So, I suspect that this is years worth of build up. which is why I'm actively getting help and trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

See, I'm one of those people who identifies heavily with my job, so if I'm unhappy with my work I'm unhappy with myself. Not exactly the healthiest of situations. But I also suspect there is more going on, more that I don't know about. I don't know who I am anymore and I don't know what being mentally healthy is anymore.

No specific event, just a blip that has manifested itself in rather crappy ways. Looks like I can't ignore it anymore.

So, i guess I'll pitch this, I'm 26 feeling lost etc, I think part of all of this is an identity crisis, what do you all think? Have any of you been here before? Do we ever know who we really are?

How philosophical CH!

On a completely different note, here's the sparrows on my hoodie.

Thanks for all the good vibes, ladies! I am REALLY sore today, as you might expect. Needed turbomann's help getting dressed this morning, and laid in bed from 3am-6am just trying to figure out if I could actually GO to work. I shouldn't have gone, but I have to teach a 2 hour branding class tomorrow, and ALL of our corporate branding info changed 3 weeks ago, and I hadn't had a chance to update my presentation, so I really needed to go. I knew that if I stayed home, I'd just worry about it all day. It wasn't a fun day, but I got through it. I did get all of the dude's info - I didn't get his plates, or file a police report, though I should have done that too. Luckily, I'm really okay, just sore, and I have some very deep bruises, which are now very colorful, and my shoulder and neck are very sore, but I'm 95% sure that it's just muscle soreness and nothing really wrong. I think I may call up Humanist, and see if I can book a massage for her this weekend. I've got the 30 mile charity ride on Sunday, so I need to be in working order!

CH - the sparrows on your hoodie are adorable!! And I'm with you on the issue of unhappy with job = unhappy with life. That's why I gained 30lbs last year when I was hating on my job. And then when I decided to turn it around, I've dropped it all and then some. I've personally given up the idea of a defined "career track," it seems like an idea that is destined to make you frustrated. I have a job, that mostly is okay, and so long as I'm getting projects that are interesting, I'm cool with that.


turbo, thank goodness you're okay, please just take it easy and take care of yourself.

Yes, work unhappiness does a number of you as does general life dissastisfaction. Blech. But I have another EAP appointment this afternoon, so all I can do is take it from there.
Good Morning.

((CH)) Oh, yes, I understand too. It's so hard to figure out what to do. I'm know that feeling - if I'm feeling stagnant at work or in my professional life, I don't feel the best about myself. It's too easy to start thinking of all the other people in the world doing progressive, exciting things, and then to think of myself doing something dull & usual. You know? As for what to do about it....I think getting to the bottom of the issue is an excellent idea. I think you're right to suspect that something else is going on. Like you say, good things have been happening for you at work, yet the feeling persists. I definitely think 26 is a common age for an identity crisis. School is over, we're supposed to be moving foward, etc. But what if the map for how to do so is unclear? It causes turmoil. Are you going to see a therapist or someone similar, do you think? ~~~~~~~~feel better vibes~~~~~~

Your sparrows are adorable, btw!!

Hey Jenn! ((((((((Jenn)))))))) I can't imagine how sore you must be! Do you think you'll be able to do that ride on Sunday? I'm glad turbomann is helping you out. Sorry you had to go to work feeling so bad. sad.gif

Everything on this end is going well so far today. I worked at home yesterday, which was much needed. I'd been so busy lately - the house was a wreck, we had no groceries, etc. That always makes me feel disjointed. Now all is back in order. Mr K and I went to see Star Trek last night. I enjoyed it. Today I am just working, and plan to hit the gym later tonight.
anna k
Hi everyone.

CH, I hear you on work unhappiness. I went for a job interview Tuesday for an administrative assistant job, and the interview was at a staffing agency, and when I got there, all prepared, I was told the position was filled that morning. And I got a call about another similar job, but it's a hassle to get to without a car, and doesn't really seem worth it. I applied to a lot of editorial/administrative jobs on Craigslist, just wanting a bigger paycheck and health benefits.

And I feel the same. I'm 25, have a job, and can pay my bills, but my parents help me out a lot, and I want to be more self-sufficient and further in my career, now that I feel more confident and self-assured, and not wanting to just be an office gofer with low pay.

That is horrible, turbojenn! I hope you recover soon, and can get your money. And it is good to not be so focused on a "career track," just working enough to make plenty of money and have benefits, pursue your interests, but not define yourself by your job if your job isn't prestigious or super-special.

Grrrl, I'm sorry for your situation. That is too much mess to deal with.


My brother's party was really good. A lot of students showed up, two bands played, and I stayed for a couple of hours, drinking and chatting with people. And Mother's Day was really nice too, just a relaxing family day. Nothing really planned this weekend, just my sister coming over.
Its life I guess. highs and lows and hills and valleys. work is an important part of feeling good about yourself and it defines more of who and what you are than we think at the start of that journey.

i count my blessings to help me out of those funks. it doesnt take long and you dont have to look far to see someone who has really heavy burdens in life or face daily challenges whether its a disability, or raising a special needs child or health problems. Or i look at what others face in their jobs or military people face daily---and then i think this isnt so tough.

its getting more like spring---havent had snow in 10 days!!!! yard work almost sounds fun. nah---its not fun. recreation plans for the weekend???
Buenos Dias.

It's FRIDAY! And not a moment too soon.

Hey Anna! Man, that stinks about the position being filled by the time you got there. ~~~~~~~job vibes~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope something comes through.

Hey Jade! No snow in 10 days? WOOT!

I am happy the week is ending. It's gone by quickly, but I've been working on a frustrating project & am happy to have a few days off.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

Kari, I am actively going to counselling for my issues...things will come in time.

anna, that is soooooo unprofessional of that place. Really, I am astounded.

Hey Jade.

It's a long weekend this weekend, so I think I'm just going to relax and enjoy it. If it's not crappy I'd like to put my garden in, BUT there is a May long weekend curse across Canada. It can be super nice in the weeks leading up to it, but the weekend blows.

Sunday post!

It's Sunday morning. Sitting around drinking coffee, getting up the energy to make a grocery list.

Going to a skating birthday party later. Should be fun!
damn, and here i thought i'd come in and have missed a bunch of shit while i was offline the past couple of days! where is everyone? don't tell me we're all *gasp* getting lives outsides the lounge? wink.gif

monterey was great yesterday. we stopped at casa de fruita on the way, hit the beach, saw the new seahorse display, and had a good time. there's this park we always pass on the way in that looks like it has the coolest toys, and yesterday on the way out, we finally stopped and played. it was just as awesome as it looks from the street. biggrin.gif the momster even got out and took a turn on the roller slide and attempted the rockwall.

i'm finally done with the trial and can talk about it now. i'm not happy with the outcome. triggers ahead, maybe. a woman claimed to have been sexually harrassed at work. the internal investigation by the company came out inconclusive, saying that because there was such a loose atmosphere in the office with sexual banter and joking and everyone, including the woman suing, participating and being "mutually inappropriate", they couldn't lay blame on any one person. the woman ended up transferring to another location and going through a really hard time with mental issues and being off and meds for a few years, which the company claimed were due to some previous mental issues in her life and had nothing to do with the harassment. the company's position was that since she was transferred with pay and benefits and seniority intact, the guy was reprimanded, and they instituted sexual harassment training for all their offices after that, everything should be hunky dory. so she was suing the guy that harassed her, the supervisor that she said ignored previous complaints, and the company for transferring her instead of the guy. we deliberated for 2 and a half days, and finally had to come to the conclusion that no one was at fault and she wasn't owed any compensation. i don't believe that. i think she was sexually harassed, i think her supervisor did ignore previous complaints, and i think the company was at fault for not insuring that the supervisor, who had only been on the job a couple months when all this got started, was adequately trained in recognizing and investigating sexual harassment claims. unfortunately, we had to go by these jury questionnaires where if you answer yes, you move on, you answer no, you stop and the plaintiff gets nothing. and according to the evidence that the plaintiff was able to bring and the way the laws we had to follow were written, we had to stop at certain point and say "sorry, it wasn't that bad". i think that's bullshit, and i was usually in the minority in the 9-3 vote we needed to come to an agreement. in the end it all came down to credibility. i think everybody that was directly involved glossed over some things and was not forthcoming about others, but in the end, the witnesses the defense called had less reason to be biased about things than the ones the prosecution called, and that's the way we had to vote. the defense stopped us on the way out and asked how we had come to our conclusion, so they could be better about their defenses in the future, and i let them know their clients only got off on technicalities of the law, not because they were blameless. i had a hard night the night before we delivered our decision, and i think this one is going to bother me for a while.
Hello! How is everyone this fabulous Sunday? It's 27 C (80 F) out, and Soulman and I slept till noon, then had bacon and eggs, then went into town for the best coffee in the universe. Also, we are quitting smoking together. (Yep, I'm trying again.)

This has been a great weekend so - I've been tooling around on my new BICYCLE! Okay, well, new to me, on loan for the summer from Hippiegirl, who is doing her 4th year Social Work practicum at a hospital in Port MacNeil. She and her sister built the bike themselves. So much awesomeness! I have WHEELS! HEE HEE! Gonna look so awesome, pulling up to the lottery corporation on my hippie bike (beads on the spokes!), with my guitar strapped to my back. biggrin.gif I got the bike on Saturday morning. After we got it up and running (had to change the seat post - grrrrr!!), Soulman and I both hopped on our bikes for a sunset ride - which immediately became a weed run. wink.gif

Scully and the Mulders did the radio thing on Friday, and that was awesome. Then Saturday, Soulman and I were both b-r-o-k-e. So we decided to try our hand at busking at the Farmer's Market - singing for our groceries, so to speak. Soulman's done it before, but I haven't. Anyway, in 2.5 hours, we made $44.22, two turkey sandwiches, a cranberry orange loaf, and two pots of red carnations. Absolutely true! The carnations were from a little girl.

Busking was fun and a great learning experience - had a group of little kids dancing behind us, and also, I REALLY noticed a lot of happy female faces when I pulled out my Dixie Chicks' tunes! Got to remember that! This town IS full of fiesty cowgirls!

Next weekend we have an audition for this Canadian Cabaret event in the fall, which is about honouring Canadian songwriters. And then later in the day, a private gig at a gallery (a barter with the guy who took that great photo of us). Then I guess in a couple of weeks, it's my first bar gig, and then I'll be doing this City of Kamloops event....and then hopefully Canada Day in the park....GOSH, things are just rolling along so fast! YAY!

Band practice tonight, then maybe out jamming. Maybe more band practice tomorrow. Gonna get off this thing and enjoy the rest of the day, anyhoo!
anna k
What a great weekend, doodlebug!!!!

You too grrrl, it sounds like you had a lot of fun in Monterey, I'm glad you got to go.

Have had a pretty good weekend. I worked on Saturday, saw my guy that evening, which felt a lot more relaxing and comfortable, like settling into a warm casual relationship. Sunday I met with a friend for lunch, and relaxed, and applied for more jobs, like government jobs and the like, feeling bad that I don't have a booming career. I had internships at good places, but was both shyer and less confident then, and didn't make strong connections, but also wasn't crazy about either PR or a ladies' glossy magazine. I like my current job, but wish I could be paid more, and have worked a lot to improve whenever I was given criticism, while applying for other jobs for better benefits/pay. I have a job interview for an administrative assistant job this Wednesday, I'll just prepare for the best and see how it goes. I felt like at 25, that if I'm not a big success, that I missed out on making good connections earlier on, but try to work hard to improve, and feel much more confident now than before.
Good Morning!!


CH, you have the day off! Enjoy it!

hey Anna! So you & dude hung out some more? nice! Good for you for applying for more jobs! The right thing will come along. Don't be down on yourself. Seriously, I only know like 2 people with booming careers. I understand how you feel though.

Hey Doodle! Sounds like a good weekend indeedy!

Hey Grrrl! Man, that case sucks!! I would be worked up over it too. mad.gif

I had a great weekend. Friday a friend came over, we drank wine & caught up. Saturday Mr K and I went to a birthday cookout, then that night we went out for Mexican, to see a movie, and then to have a beer. Yesterday I did some light yardwork, some laundry, etc. and some grocery shopping. We met my family last night to celebrate my stepdad's birthday. We went to the skating rink, it was awesome! Then we went out for pizza.

Now it's Monday. Again. Hmpf!

Doodle... I want you to know... I am so proud of you!!! I remember you from the past, and you are so together, doing your music... you sound so happy. Good for you!!!
Grrrl... yeah. The end of court sounded like it sucked. I hope you will be ok. I am glad that the weekend was so great for you all.
Anna... ~*~vibes~*~ for the upcoming interview!!! The confidence shows.
Kari... yea for the great weekend!
Tjenn... how are you doing???? How did the charity ride go??? IF you went. ((tjenn))
((CH)) love ya girl.

Hello all. I know... I’ve been quiet lately. Sorry! I didn’t know how things were working out. Still don’t... but things are back. Ok... mylove went into a 5 day episode. Very bad. He’d come out for a bit, then go back in. Then, three days ago he was coming back. Yesterday all was good. Today too. It’s like it never happened. But he knows it did, he apologizes. And he and I work together on projects.
Today we planted wildflowers in the backyard. Yesterday we went for a swim and that was wonderful.
Oh, and for the bad... court decision came back and found me in guilty, in contempt. My lawyer says the judge is new at contempt and is wrong on his decision. Lamex wants $100,000 fine and jail time. Judge wants me to pay his lawyer fees, which should run around $20,000. Gonna appeal this.
Mylove asked how I am being so calm with this. Before court, I was a nervous wreck, all stressed out. Plus, I had just had surgery.
I told him... Sometimes Evil Wins.
Good Morning,

Hey Kari! Your weekend sounds nice.

Grrrl, ugh that court case sounds like it was certainly something.

(((((Jami))))) I can't believe the court stuff. ~*~*~*~improvement vibes for Jami and family~*~*~*~*

Hi Anna!

Doodle, that is so wonderful, I'm so glad about the success you and the band are having!!!

Well, at least it's a short work week. So tired today, I hardly slept Sunday night, I slept a lot of yesterday and the evening away.

Good Morning!

((((JAMI))))) Girl, I am sooooo sorry to hear about the court decision. Oh my. I can't believe it. Yes, you must appeal! ((your man)) I'm glad things have been a little better the past day or so. How hard. Yes, plus, you are recovering from your surgery. You've got a lot going on. ~~~~~~~calm, healthy, positive vibes~~~~~~~

Hey Ch! I am with you on being tired. I got to bed too late last night, & my allergies are acting up. Which always makes me tired. Hmpf.

Did you have a good long weekend? We have one of those this weekend. Can't. Wait.
Hi, peeps!

Jami, I'm sorry to hear about that bad decision by the judge. I hope your appeal goes the way you want it to. But jail time? WTF is that for? Your ex is a vindictive asshole. I hope things keep going smoothly with your guy and that he can get back to a doctor and on meds again soon.

Jenn, how are you feeling after the accident? Oof. You bike commuters are far braver than I could ever be.

Grrl, that decision sounds like bullshit. I wonder if the lady will appeal? You're making me jealous, going to Monterey. My BFF lives there, and I haven't been out to visit in over 2 years. It'd be so nice to visit the coast again.

Anna, you really shouldn't stress yourself out over not being in the job of your dreams by 25. You're still so young! Most people never find their dream job, or can't do it because it doesn't pay enough. You've got so much of your life left, and you are working toward what you want to do. That's all that can be expected right now. I'm 33 and nowhere near my dream job. I think of my job as the lousy 8 hours I spend 5 days a week to afford what I want to do for the other 16 hours of the day and weekends.

Hi, Kari! The skating rink sounds fun!

Hi, CH and everyone else!

We celebrated my brother's birthday on Saturday, just went out for steaks. I got to see Sam 2 days in a row. My mom asked me to go to Sam's kindergarten field day with her last Friday, then we went shopping afterwards (sans Sam). Then I saw him the next day for my brother's birthday. I actually saw him the weekend before that when his dad and I took him shopping for Mothers Day. He was lots of fun, talking to everyone, being sweet, but dragging a kid around with you when you're trying to accomplish things is difficult.

Apparently my brother (not Sam's dad, my other one), has been going to AA meetings. I never would have considered him an alcoholic, since it's never kept him from doing what he has to do, but I guess he took a look at his life and decided drinking was holding him back from things, like finding a girlfriend. So now he goes to meetings 3 times a week. I say good for him, if this is what he wants. He's a really decent guy.

Not much else going on. Still saving for a house, and I found the one I want to live in yesterday while I was trolling online. It's brick, has an upstairs bedroom with a nook, 2 bedrooms, gorgeous kitchen, and nice yard. Too bad we still need to save up a few grand before we can start looking seriously, what with the 10% down payment rule my parents have for giving us help with that. I just really, really can't wait to move. No more of other people using the washer and dryer when we need them, and nobody flushing the toilet upstairs while I'm in the shower. I can't even tell you how fantastic that sounds.
((((((good things for jami)))))) Gah, what a frustrating week you're having - I'm SO sorry about lamex and the court case, and your man and his episode. I am also hoping for calmer times ahead for you - know that we're all thinking of you here!

I did do the charity ride on Sunday, but there was a 5-mile walk option, so I did that, as did my teammate Dave, who got hit by a car the very next day on his ride home - he has a broken wrist which now needs surgery. And Dave's dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer this weekend too - never smoked a day in his life...gave our walk some extra meaning, that's for sure. Turbomann and our other friend did do the 30mile ride. I'm mending - my shoulder is still sore, but liveable, think I probably have a cracked rib - it gives me a jab everytime I take a deep breath. The bruises are healing, though I have one that may have some nerve damage for a bit, as there's a section where I have no feeling in the tissue...all will heal in time. I am hoping to give the bike commute another go tomorrow - maybe. Mornings are the most painful, after your muscles have been dormant all night. But the weather is gorgeous here, and it makes me crazy to sit on the train for 2 hours a day.

Anna, I'm with Kari - you're doing all you can for yourself in getting a better position - don't get too caught up in the career pressure cooker, we all have far too many years to work to spend all of our time worrying about the next step!

Diva - I share your desire to use the washing machine anytime you want...though since we own our condo, but can't have washers, I'm stuck with the issue for awhile. Thankfully we have our own hot water heater, so I never have to deal with the flushing issues, etc. You and the Giant will be in a home SOON - and all will be well! Enjoy the search!

Doodle, sister, you continue to amaze me with the way that the path has unfolded before you in the last two years!! You are an inspiration, and I love reading about all the good stuff happening for you!

Hey Kari! How are your allergies today? ~*~*~*allergy be gone vibes~*~*~*~

Hi Diva!!! It's been a little while! I hope you and The Giant can get your own space soon.

Hey Turbo. Ohmygoodness. That is terrible about your friend. ~*~*~healing vibes and vibes for his dad~*~*~*~ umm, have you gone to a doctor about possibly having a cracked rib???

Well, not much here, it's nice out, still plugging away and still waiting for my letter of offer. I WANT IT NOW!!!!!

Good Afternoon!!

(((Jenn))) Ouch, lady! And your poor friend! Getting hit & then his father being diagnosed. ~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~
What a week.

Hey Diva!! Glad you got some Sam time in! yay! That's exciting that you found a house you like. A few more grand isn't too bad at all! Though I know it's hard to wait.

Hey CH! Damn, they need to give you your letter!!! How you feeling these days overall? I hope you're doing better.

Things here are good today. I am working at home, which helps a lot. Allergies are still acting up. In fact, I developed a migraine yesterday afternoon, so I left work a couple of hours early. Grrr. I don't know what is blooming, but I don't like it. Today is better, they are just annoying. I did do a work out class earlier. It was tough. I'm glad it's over. Later I have a chiropractic appt. and then I have to go to this get together my friend is having. If I sound less than enthused about it, it's b/c I have to listen to some presentation about some new internet travel agency thing that I think is bunk. There will be wine & snacks there though, so that's something.


Hey Kari! How was the get together last night? I hate those time share-esque presentations. but yay on free food!

Umm, as for me, well...I went to see my doctor yesterday and I've been put on anti depressants. I tried to deal with this holistically, counseling diet etc, but it really wasn't working, it left me worse off. So, this is a bit of a pick me up. I go back in two weeks to see how things are going. It's all so weird. Never did I think things would progress this far.

So, if you all know anyone who wants to be a social worker, tell them to run screaming in the other direction. but at least there is an end to that. I talked to the director I'll be working under and he's call the HR rep about my letter because so far as he knows the start date it still June 1.

How and where is everyone else?
Good morning!

Hey Ch! I am glad you got some help. I know what you mean, sometimes we try everything we can & when that's not working, you just have to turn to other things. I am sure the antidepressants will help. ~~~~~feel good vibes~~~~~~~

I am glad your new supervisor is looking into your offer. Good! And that's great to hear that the start date is still June 1. smile.gif yay!

Things here are good. The presentation thing wasn't too bad last night. I felt bad for my friend, everyone she invited bailed except for me & this one other guy. So it was us two, my friend, and about 5 people from the company. I did eat a lot of cheese though! smile.gif

My allergies are better today. Thank goodness. Yesterday I had a headache all day.

Not much new to report today. Work. It's quiet in here, the two people on either side of me work at home on Thursdays. Tonight I think I'm going to a sculpt class & then am going to make some Mexican stew.
anna k
Hi. I worked today, and I had taken the bus to my job interview, but it required two buses, and I realized how much of a trek it was, and how inconvenient it would feel to travel there in bad weather or in the winter when it gets dark early, and not wanting to stand around waiting for buses. So after I got off the first bus, I took the next one back and cancelled the interview. It sucks, but the bus ride wasn't worth it.

Enjoy your class, kari!

I hope you're feeling better, CH.

(((((turbo and turbo's friend))))))


I had my dance class tonight, and it was nice, though I felt a little awkward not being as good as a girl standing next to me. Still, it was good being there.
Good Morning!!

It's Friday!!!!! And I can honestly say it's a good morning!

Hey Kari! Mmmm Mexican Stew! Sounds tasty!

Hey Anna, that's shitty about the interview, but if you aren't comfortable with the location, I don't blame you, something will come up.

So, the anti depressant is make me feel a little dopey, not so much this morning, but the first two days, ugh I was all over the map and felt sooooo high. Should take 10-15 days for it to kick in, and I go back and see the doctor in two weeks.

This morning, I do feel pretty good.

Umm, what else, it's Friday, it's payday AND AND AND I got my back pay!!!! Squeeee! I was able to bank half of it, almost entirely pay off my visa, pay bills and I've got a fair bit left over! Weehee!!!! I was also able to work out this morning, which also totally helps. I still don't have much of an appetite though, and that kind of bites, but once things stabilize it'll work out.

So, how is everyone else this morning?? Plans this weekend?
It's so quiet in here lately!!!

Hey CH!

I hope the side effects wear off soon. I know how that feels, it's really tough those first days. I am so glad you got your back pay! Good for you for putting half towards your card. NICE!

I am glad that you are feeling a bit better. smile.gif

Things here are good. Got some good work accomplished today. Bagged lunchtime workout. Oops. What else....that's about it I guess.

This weekend: Tonight am going to dinner & bowling with some friends. Tomorrow Mr K and I commence the painting of our stairs. Ugh. It's gonna be a drag, but will look good when it's done. Worth it. That night we're going to a birthday party. Monday is a holiday. SWEET! No plans for daytime, that night we have tickets to see John Oliver perform (from The Daily Show).

Should be a nice weekend.
Hey y'all! Turbomann and I both took the day off today, and we've had a great day so far. Got back on bike for the first time, and all seems okay - the cracked rib complains a bit on bike, but the shoulder is fine - WOOT! So we rode north to the movie theater and caught a matinee of Wolverine - very fun. So many delicious men in that movie...esp. my current TV crush - Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights - YUM. Fun movie, good eye candy. smile.gif And then we rode around town, ran a few errands, and I bought these sweet five-finger shoes I've been eyeing for awhile - and I love them! Feels like walking barefoot (which I love) and I don't have to worry about all the glass in our 'hood. Mine are purple and gray. Now, we're just kickin' back at home, gonna maybe watch Twilight tonight to complete the supernatural theme for the day. heh.

CH - Glad you're taking care of yourself, and being patient as your body adjusts to the new meds...I hope they help! And WOOoooooT!! for the back-pay and paying down the CC! That is awesome.

Kari - I hope you put some good sing-a-long tunes on tomorrow to help make the painting go by more quickly...that kind of work is tedious, but the results are SO worth it. Our living room needs a new color, I've just been putting off the work of doing it.
Good Afternoon all.

Kari, enjoy your weekend, but boooo on painting. Has to be done though.

Hey Turbo! Those shoes are so cool!!! I'm interested in them, I think it would be great to run in something like that. Very neat. Enjoy your weekend!!

Well, I went shopping today, bought two pairs of pants and a very cool shirt. It's a gorgeous day out here, and I was able to go for a nice long run this morning and it was soooo great. I was like Forrest Gump, I just kept on running! Hee. It was such a lovely morning at the park, I didn't want to leave. Don't know if I'm going to do too much tonight, I'm pretty tired, ahhh meds. Oh well, long term, CH, think long term.

What's everyone else got going this weekend?
ooh, another online bud of mine just got those shoes turbo, and she says they're fab. i wouldn't mind trying out a pair myself, but i have no idea what i'd use them for, since i don't run, or do anything on my feet really if i can ride my bike instead. laugh.gif glad to hear you're feeling better!

so how's everyone's memorial day weekend going? we had my sis-in-law's baby shower this morning, and that was fun. my bro was up from la with his dad and sis, and his grandmother and i got a lot of laughs out of the fact that i could carry on a conversation with her better than bro, since he doesn't know any spanish beyond ordering at the taco truck. after that we come back and went swimming with the neighbors for a while, and the momster finally went down and got the propane tank filled for the grill she's had sitting on her porch for two years. so we put together an impromptu inaugural barbecue, and invited bro and fam up for some burgers. in fact i can see them coming up the walkway now, so catch y'all later!
Good Morning!

Jenn, those shoes are cool! So are the bottoms pretty thick then? I'm glad riding your bike seemed to go well, I know you're ready to get back on it!

Hey CH! Sounds like you had a good run yesterday! Glad you've got some nice weather. I need to do some exercise, feeling a little sloth like. Are the med side effects dying down any?

Hey Grrrl! How were the burgers last night? We bought a gas grill yesterday, as a matter of fact. Might christen it tonight. yay!

My weekend has been pretty good so far, just busy. Had fun with friends on Friday night. Yesterday Mr K and I cleaned & sanded the stairs, and I painted the kickplates. Going to paint the tops of them today. As I said above, we bought a grill yesterday. I am stoked!! And we bought a window AC unit for our bedroom. Because it gets hot as hell up there in summer & I am over it. Last night we went to a friend's house for a birthday party.

Mr K has gone to work & that's good b/c I am kinda grumpy. PMS I think. Plus, since we're painting the stairs, we have to stay down stairs for a while, in the guest bedroom. It's a lot smaller, so we're crammed in there. Had to bring down lots of clothes & all that, so those are everywhere. The dogs sleep upstairs in this small room off of our room & they are pissed they can't go in there. They have been walking around pouting. I put them outside.

Anyhoo, that's my complaining session.

Right now I'm waiting for my mom to come over, I'm taking her for a belated Mother's Day brunch. Hope she hurries, b/c I am starving!

Hope you all have a great day!
morning kari! cooking with gas, not the same as cooking with charcoal, and we hadn't even done that in several years. it was fairly easy to set up the tank, but we had trouble lighting it at first, because the little electric starter thing wasn't catching after the momster hosed down all the spiderwebs and dust. the momster was freaking out because we'd already sent the neighbor out for supplies and the bro and fam was on their way, but i managed to get it started with matches. it was kind of wierd, because every time grease dripped down, it would flare up, and gas cooks quicker than charcoal, so some of the burgers got a little more well-done than i planned. laugh.gif but it was pretty good! we're just going to have to do some experimenting with flame height, open lid or closed lid, that kind of thing. c-monkey and i are going home to work on her book report today, but i think we're going to try chicken tomorrow.
hello! I wrote whole post yesterday, but the mouse froze and I had to reboot and I lost the whole message. grrr.
hey Kari. I bet those stairs are just gonna paint out great!!! poor pouting puppies. and yea for chillin a/c bedroom sleeping!!!
hi Grrrl. I love the charcoal flavor, but you can't beat the quickness of propane. (I'm getting the munchies now!)
Turbo. so glad to hear that you're mending!!!! and those shoes are just co cool! ya gal.

things are good. we've been without an episode for four days now. thank goodness. no meds, no doctor.. it's just plain ol scarey!! He came out of a horrible depression episode and got very serious. he asked me to marry him. now. doesn't want to wait. he promises the big fancy wedding, but wants to get married. like this weekend. For me, living together is the way I want it to be. we've been together for over a year now.
youngest graduates Thursday. he brought two 'f's up to 'd's, and will actually graduate. oldest son is off on tour with a friend's group and will go on tour with his group second week of June. they're going from CA to Canada to Florida. (third year now). they're on their 4th cd. middle boy works for social services and he likes it.
Me?? dunno what to do. carreer college? college? job? (those are rare!) Me? All I want is to rototill up the backyard and plant a garden. I want to be at peace.
oh, ps... what software is your fave for balancing the checkbook and making reports? ..thanks..
Kari - sounds like you guys are working hard to get those stairs painted! And I think the AC was a brilliant investment - I can't imagine living in the steamy south without a comfortable place to sleep!

Grrrl - nice going with the grill! We've got ours going again this weekend. I love grilling, and that it makes for less dishes to do later. smile.gif

The fun shoes have been great so far, and turbomann is definitely coveting. heh. They're actually designed to give you the feel of going barefoot, without having to risk cutting your feet. Lots of trail runners use them, but I am happy just to wander around the neighborhood with them on, and use them for going in the lake, which is pretty rocky on our beach. Actually, I can't feel my cracked rib at all when I'm wearing them, but if I put normal shoes on, it bothers me with every step.

Jami - I don't do a lot of reports on my finances, but my favorite tracking tool is - you can track every single account and investment in one place, the service is free, and the interface is really well-designed and simple to use, with lots of visual charts to help you understand your spending habits and set budgets for yourself. Take a look!
anna k
I'm glad things are better now, Jami.

Hi Kari, turbo, CH, and grrrl!

This weekend was fine. I watched a South Korean movie called 3-Iron, went to a photography exhibit of Richard Avedon's work, took a hip-hop dance class at Alvin Ailey, talked to my grandma and mom on the phone, and plan to hang with a friend tomorrow. So very chill, but a little slow.

enjoy your day off all our busties to the South!!

Kari, how did the stair painting go?? Did you break in the new grill??

Hey Grrl!! Your weekend sound great as well!

Hey Jami! Everything sounds great on your end, glad to hear the man is coming out of his episode.

Hi Turbo. I'm really thinking of picking up a pair of the shoes.

Hey Anna.

SO, not much going on here, just at work, slept a lot this weekend, worked out as much as I could. Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I spent much of it outside. I went shopping Saturday and yesterday and got some new summer clothes, new shoes and a neato necklace with a beetle in it. Today is a rainy day, alas, can't do anything about it.

Hope everyone is well!
Hey okayers. I've been mostly absent from the lounge lately because a lot of personal stuff has been going on.

I wrote in the "death of a loved one" thread about my uncle so I won't re-hash all the details but he's in his final days/weeks. He's semi-conscious for part of the day but most of the time he's in pretty bad shape and on a lot of pain killers. My other uncle came i from Edmonton for 2 days last week and it was pretty whirlwind. Right now it's day by day...but he's been deteriorating faster the last 2 weeks.

There's some other crazy family stuff going on but it's too depressing to think about anymore. It should all work itself out in the end, I just hate having to be trapped in the middle of it and watch certain loved ones having such a rough time.

The last 3 weeks have really taken a toll on me so this weekend was nice and relaxing. Hung out with some girlfriends on Friday and just had a good fun, full of laughter night. On Saturday paperboy (i decided on a name - he works at a newspaper) and I drove to the snake dens but most of the snakes had already left. We took a wrong road and got there late so it was really nice and secluded. We got ice cream for dinner and slept at his place. Yesterday was so damn gorgeous. We walked for a late lunch and then took a bike ride to a little secluded park where for some reason no one else was sitting. We ate weed brownies and sat there for 2-3 hours just smoking and getting a tan and talking and making summer vacation plans. I love my boy. At the hospital my aunt, mom, nana, and I had to hold down my uncle when he was trying to climb out of bed from the pain and after paperboy said I was strong like my mom and nana.

Time to catch up on what's been going on in okayland. Good to be back!

(((((ketto))))) I'm sorry to hear that things are rough and shitty right now.

How was everyone's memorial day??

I have fuck all, aside from the fact that it is sunny out!! YAY!

anna k
(((ketto))) I hope you're OK, and I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. On the lighter side, your lunch with paperboy sounded very sweet and relaxing.

It sounded like you had a nice weekend, CH!

I went to a street festival yesterday with a friend and her roommate, it was nice. It was in Brooklyn, and full of vendors selling stuff from parts of Africa and the Caribbean, a lot of clothing and jewelry and reggae/dancehall records and Caribbean food and the like. It was very hot and crowded, but I liked seeing everything, and afterwards we had jerk chicken and rice while sitting in the park. So, a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Today, nothing special, probably going to lounge around my apartment, do some writing, watch TV.
Good Morning!

((Ketto)) Sounds like things are very rough right now. ~~~~~~vibes for uncle and family~~~~~~~ How stressful and sad. sad.gif I'm glad you & paperboy got to hang for some R&R. I know you needed it. Hang in there.

Hey anna! The festival sounds fun!

Hey CH! How you doin'?

Hey Jenn!

Hey Grrrl! Inaugural grilling went well! We did steaks, corn on the cob, and asparagus. We are also going to do some chicken this week!

Hey jami! I'm so glad your man is doing better. smile.gif So what did you tell him about marriage? That's intense! Finances...I don't use any software, just a checkbook & an Excel spreadsheet. It's not too high tech, but it's simple.

My weekend was good overall, but tiring. The stairs are looking great! Waiting for the first coat to fully dry, so I can put a second coat on. I can't get up the stairs without smudging it, so I have to wait. Which stinks b/c that will extend the period we have to sleep downstairs. Mr K said his back is hurting him. It's b/c the downstairs bed is a piece. What can you do.

I had plans to relax yesterday, but it was not in the cards. One of our big pear trees suddenly split down the middle & fell. WTF?? It was not storming or even windy. And the wood looked good, not rotten or dead. Anyhoo, it took Mr K and I 5 hours yeterday to saw apart the broken parts, haul them to the back, and then cut down the other half of the tree with a chainsaw & then saw all that apart and haul it. I am exhausted! And sore!

We did do something fun last night though. John Oliver from the Daily Show did a gig & we went. He was really funny.
Good afternoon everyone! Quick lunch break post.....I hope everyone is having a fabu day, and if not, well.....

*steals ketto's brownies and passes them around*

This day is crappy - cloudy and blah. After all that sunshine this weekend. This is like my Monday, actually - wasn't feeling great yesterday morning, but when I started to feel better around noon, I had to phone Soulman to talk some sense into me....I'd been thinking about heading into the office. He is such a lovely, helpful man. wink.gif So I spent the rest of my day lounging about with the furbabies, playing the guitar, tooling around on my bike in the sunshine, and visiting my drummer and his wife.

(Oh my freaking god - George caught a BIRD. George does not go OUTSIDE. Except on the little 4 X 10 foot balcony. CRAZY. THEN the little fart left the soggy, chewed-up mess on top of a manila envelope in the middle of the floor. Maybe he wanted me to mail it somewhere? Actually, the Anarchist had a vision of them getting out a marker and going, "Okay, if she's not home tonight, we'll send it ourselves. Address it to Perry Tucker, Motherfucker. Dear PTMF, THANKS for taking our woman away. Love, the Cats.")

Had a super weekend anyway. Went busking again, had an audition, and a gig....all of this on Saturday. I think I played Woodstock seven times in one day. Was totally exhausted Sunday. The most Soulman and I mustered was a jaunt on our bikes - which was born of necessity (groceries, coffee).

Has anyone ever had Indian mint chicken? I NEED A RECIPE! My new favourite thing (despite it being green) don't even taste the mint until a minute or two after the spice calms down in your mouth. And it just melts.....YUMMMMY!!!
Good Morning!!

It's gorgeous out here today. Sun is shining, birds are chirping...and I'm stuck at work. Hmmph.

Anna, the streetfest sounds very cool!!! did you get anything at all??

Hi Kari! That sucks about the tree, and all the work to clean up the mess.

Doodle, that is too funny about the bird and mailing it to Soulman. *snorts*

Well, not much here, went for a nice long run yesterday, worked out this morning, I have my final meeting with my supervisor this morning and that's where I'm at. Also getting my hair cut this weekend! Aside from that, fuck all is going on.

How is everyone?

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