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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I heard more on work, my tentative start date is June 1, so that's exciting!

That's all I know at this point. See, there is more work business, last year I got a reclassification, and a raise, BUT turns out that it was just an auto raise and not the reclass. the paperwork for my reclass has been sitting at HR for a year...

So, they are making all retro to last June, WOOT there is tattoo money!
Congrats CH!!!! smile.gif

now that the lounge is finally up, I've been trying to get on all morning.

Hey Tree!!! How's the flooring going?

I went to get photo's taken with me and the dog yesterday, that went pretty well, once she was more relaxed.

Yesterday was a long, long day, but today is Friday! YAY!

What's everyone's plan for this weekend?
anna k
Congratulations CH!

Glad it's Friday. Tonight I'm going to review a movie for a website, it's a documentary about the modern-day burlesque scene. Going to work throughout the weekend, we have a Family Day workshop on Sunday, and Saturday night I may go to a horror movies meetup party, which looks like good nerdy horror movie-fan fun.

And I did bring up wanting to do more research work, and she was encouraging and cool with it. I hope I'll get to contribute more to the PR work.
Good Afternoon!

It's pouring here. I just got back to the office & am slightly damp. Hmpf.

CH, that's great news!! I am glad you have a firm start date & that you will be getting some extra moolah! I am so jealous that you went to see Lewis Black! How was your EAP appt?

Hey Jami! (((((Hugs and healing vibes)))))) I hope you start to feel better soon. What is the average recovery time? I would listen to Jenn on the info about the scarring remedies. This gal knows her stuff! Your grow chamber sounds super. What a lovely gift from the men in your life!

Jenn, I saw your new pic on your blog...the one where the butterfly is on your's so cool! Very whimiscal. Love it. Good luck this weekend. I hope you like your FIL's new lady. Esp. since she will be staying with you. Are they coming in today, did you say?

Hey anna! I think you should definitely, definitely suggest that research project to your boss! That's a wonderful idea. Sounds like you have a fun weekend lined up. I hope the documentary is good tonight. Very cool that yo're reviewing it!

Hey tree!

Hey grrrl! Good luck jurying!

Today is pretty good here. Work has been much more chill since our review is over. Whew! Did I come in here & tell you that? I can't remember. Agency was approved. smile.gif I don't really have big weekend plans. Going to my sister's house tonight. Tomorrow I wanted to do yard work, but I think it's going to be raining. I might go to the movies or something instead. Or maybe I will do some baking. Hmm.

ooof. Shortly after I posted that post to CH (thinking I was going through some insomnia and I'd go back to bed shortly)...the answering service called. I went to work, and just came home now. Yikes. Good paycheck though.

The floor is done. It's beautiful. I love it. I must link to it...I posted a pic on crackbook. Look Here

Kari, YAY on the good review!!

~*~*feel better soon vibes for Jami*~*~

Grrl, it sounds like you're enjoying jury least the internet access! Good luck with it..enjoy the break in the routine. smile.gif

Anna, I love your initiative, to expand on the exhibit and do more than being a gofer. I'm sure it reflects VERY well on you!!! I know I'd notice that if I was in the kind of position to. smile.gif

I've been told by Chilly Guy that we need to start keeping the shop in better shape....(DUH...I've been trying to get it that way for three years now)...but maybe other people will listen and stop piling stuff on every horizontal surface thirty seconds after I clear it off....anyway, the reason we need to keep the shop up better is because the Fisher Scientific people will be coming through to see if we're warranty quality people.. and a cluttered shop looks bad.

I said, "yes, all good and well, but what about the fact that our shop is a thoroughfare for guys trying to find their way to the parts stores????" I dunno what to do about that. I still think we're going to look pretty darned good compared to a lot of shops out there. If we get Brad to quit dropping his crap all over the place, and Dean to stop just trashing everything. They're just interlopers anyway. I think we should kick them out. It's really just supposed to be the three of us. I have to get on Reefer Boy's butt. He just leaves his crap all over the place.

Turbojenn, I actually kind of love that they left the whole thing on is kind of an honor that they thought I'd be able to handle it. wink.gif I'm not having an issue at all. And the time went very quickly. I lurrrrve the floor. smile.gif

Anna, it sounds like dance class is a fun thing for you! I love reading about your experiences there.

Oh, and, when it rains it pours. Three more ultracolds diagnosed today. We are going to be three deep soon.

Can I have some vibes? I'm not totally sure she needs them but they'd be nice just in case. My cousin just became a grandfather. His daughter just gave birth to a baby boy. BUT...he is three months premature. She has type one diabetes and there were complications. He was born weighing one pound six ounces. So far things are looking better than expected...but Some "baby survive" and "momma be well" vibes would be very appreciated. smile.gif
((((((momma and baby be well vibes for tree's cousin)))))

Tree, that is AWESOME that you are handling everything at the shop, and I hope the sloppy boys learn to clean up shop.

I'm midway through the family weekend...the house is feeling extra cozy with three extra people, since FIL will not sleep in the guest bed with his there's crap strewn everywhere in the house, which is not my favorite thing. But other than that, we LOVE his GF - she's a great match for him, they're having fun, like to do the same things, share the same circle of's pretty darned cool. And it's REALLY nice to have another woman here when they visit so it's not male-centric conversation all the time - AND they are both remembering their manners and not farting and burping anytime they please. All in all - it's been a great weekend so far. We just got back from an afternoon trip to the zoo - perfect weather for it, the geezers are napping, and then we're taking them to the roller derby tonight, since one of our friends is on the farm team, and our group of friends loves to go.

CH - retroactive raise - is most excellent!! Love the instant cashflow for some ink!

Kari, I'm so glad your agency had a good review - what a relief to no have to worry about that anymore!
Hello! Apologies for not reading and catching up today - just got back from a Peace Walk gig. Got offered another gig for next weekend - it's amazing how it all just keeps rolling!

We recorded a live audition demo last night for Canada Day in the park - you can check us out at ReverbNation:

Scully and the Mulders

It's pretty rough, and we only just learned the Sheryl Crow song, like, three days ago, so....anyway! Soulman's gone to lie down, and I think I need to join him.....I'm pooped!
hey everyone! thank maude the boards are back. i tried getting on friday morning before i left and freaked. anyway, jury duty is going pretty well. honestly, i wish i could do this all the time! it goes from 9:30-4:00 with an hour and a half lunch, way better than my hours. laugh.gif i've been catching up with a friend who lives in town, flirting with all the cute lawyer types who frequent the courthouse area (except the ones from the case i'm sitting on obviously), and it's just generally been a nice break from work. i don't know why people always bitch when they get called up for jury duty. there's no court on mondays though, so it's back to work day after tomorrow. i hope my coffee cups are back when i get there.

no monterey this weekend. it's been clear and sunny most of the week and downright hot a couple days, but it started pouring friday and is supposed to be raining off and on all weekend. poor c-monkey! she's been waiting for the pool to open at the the momster's since february, and friday was the big day. but it's just not happening this weekend. so we're just vegging around the momster's today, and then tomorrow she and c-monkey are going to see a ballet group doing peter pan. there were only two tickets available, so i think i'm just going veg around the house, maybe get some work done. it's too bad the momster's taking the car, or i'd go see wolverine. maybe i can have the momster drop me off on the way, or ride out to the theater if it's not coming down too hard.

kari, good to hear your department's safe. i knew it would all work out. biggrin.gif

tree, good on you for trying to keep the shop up and taking charge. initiative like that's bound to be rewarded. and ~*~*~baby and momma be well vibes~*~*~ for your cousin and fam.

glad to hear turbodad's having a good time jenn. and lucky you having another girl in the house for once. i'm so glad everything's going well. i'm always dreading that hypothetical scenario where the momster or dadster gets a "special friend" and the person turns out to a total douche that i have to be nice to because they make my parent happy. but it sounds like your dad picked a good one. smile.gif

Anna, that is wonderful that your boss is cool with you doing some work for the new exhibit!!

Kari, thank goodness your agency has continued funding!

tree, the flooring looks great!!! And woot on extra work and extra cash!! ~*~*~*cousins baby healing vibes~*~*~*

Turbo, that is fantastic that FIL's lady friend is a good match and everyone gets a long well.

Hi Doodle!! Congratulations on the next gig!!! you all sound great.

Grrrl, that's the shits about the rain this weekend, at least c-monkey is keeping busy otherwise.

Well, not much going on here, just relaxing, it's been a curious few days, emotionally trying. I have tentative plans with PR Boy this evening, I feel like keeping it low key, not in the mood to do anything wild. Not really into that these days.

Hope everyone is well.


Turbo, glad to hear the weekend is going well! You should have told me you went to roller derby tonight! We were there, too! Who's your friend? Our friend is on the Hells Belles, Shocka Conduit. And they won! Hooray! We went to the after party and talked to her for awhile. Just got home. I got some nice pictures that will be going up on crackbook.

((hugs to all the okayers!))

oops. double post
greetings m'ladies. it's raining. again. all day. oh well. the plants and shrubs that I planted outside are happy things. the grow chamber has three kinds of peppers. once we figure what we want to go in... gonna plant six more os whatever we want from seeds. I'm voting cherry tomatoes and bells. I was shocked the last time I wanted one tomato at the store. a dollar. one tomato. sheesh!@! dad and mylove are indepths planning our garden. it's about a third of the backyard. the worst of it is, I gotta get the grass out. thinking of someone I may know so that I can borrow a pickup to go to the rental place to get the machine that cuts up the grass. but dad does have great drip and misting system ideas.
tree... ~*~*~*~ cousin and baby and family vibes ~*~*~*~ and the floors look great!
grrr... I like it that you like the jury duty!! so sorry this weekend busted. sounds like bakin cookie weather.
anna... how did that movie meeting go? sounds interesting!
kari... yardwork, movies, baking. love it love it, what did you decide? all of the above?? recovery time is 6-8 weeks. usually resting and not stressing. nothing like having to travel 900 miles for a court meeting where the ex wants me thrown in jail. yeah, that helped me loads. I think I'm just not used to pain or owies. I take it. and now it's all... youch, what was that? I'm getting 'shocks' now. supposed to, but still, they're suprises.
hi tjenn, CH, polly!!!
anna k
I hope you're feeling better, ketto!

grrrl, I'm glad jury duty is going well, boo to the rain.

turbo, that's fantastic about the weekend and FIL's GF!

tree, you are awesome and I love your take-charge attitude. Damn right the shop needs to be clean!

The horror movie meetup was pretty nice. It was a rooftop party, a nice night out, and I stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, just chatting with people about horror and sci-fi films, watching a really bad movie from New Zealand called Bad Taste (one of Peter Jackson's earlier movies), and enjoying the company. Now today I'm working at the museum for their Family Day event.

The movie was so-so, I won't give it a favorable review. It felt long and boring and dull. But afterwards I met with my FWB, and we had fun together, he's a good guy.
Polly - so sorry that I didn't know you were going to the match. Shocka Conduit is AWESOME. I was in awe of her skating skillz all night! Our friend is Tru Shove, and she's still on the farm team, waiting to try out for the actual league - she lives right across the street from us. We had a great time at the match, as did the family, so that's good. And our friends came with us with their 2.5 year old daughter and brand new baby...both decked out in Windy City gear - so adorable. And I got to hold the snoozing baby all night - so sweet.

Well, turbomann's family has gone home - whew! But, it was a very good weekend, and all the anxiety about meeting dad's GF was unfounded. We liked her immediately, and the more we got to know her as the weekend went on, we realized she was PERFECT for him. And this morning, they got engaged on the rocks at the lake right in front of our condo! Squeeeeeeee!!! It was a perfect, beautiful spring morning, and the lakefront was always a very special place for turbomann's mom, and FIL was just really feeling her blessing on this relationship, so he popped the question! It is just so wonderful to see FIL so happy, and all lovey-dovey with his new lady. So beautiful to see a new season in their lives blooming. They will be very happy, I have no doubt.

Grrl - Glad you're enjoying jury duty. Turbomann and I both served last year for the first time...mine was a boring insurance case, but poor turbomann got stuck on a Murder 1 gang trial and I have never seen him so stressed out. I would not wish his experience on anyone - that's when jury duty sucks. And when they went into deliberation - he didn't get home until 4am - once they lock you in to deliberate - you don't leave until it's over.

Anyway, it's a gorgeous day here, and my bike is calling me!

Hi Polly!!

~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for Jami~*~*~*~*

Anna your meet up sounds really good.

Turbo, that is so wonderful that FIL and GF are engaged and everyone had a great weekend!!!

So PR Boy and I hung out last night, it was nice, we had some ice cream and chatted. I told him everything, told him about the EAP appointment, it was good to get a lot off my chest.

Tomorrow back to work and I have to go pick out the shots I want to get fixed, as I had some taken with me and Em Em for my dad for fathers day.

It's gorgeous out here went for a long walk, now I'm just going to relax, didn't get home until late this morning. I think I'm going to go sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Aww, turbo, that's so sweet! I love to hear stories of older people continuing to live life to its fullest after their spouse dies (not that I'm glad their spouse died, of course!) Both of my paternal great-grandmothers, after their respective husbands passed away, just decided that they'd be dying anytime, too, and lived pretty sad lives until the end. They each lived about 20 years longer, one until I was 7 and the other until I was 18, so it was pretty hard to watch. If I'm in the same situation (not for a long time! *knock on wood*) I hope I can find happiness in something!

I wonder if we were sitting near you- I saw Tru Shove and her entourage near us! Pictures are up on FB!
Yeah, we're just so thrilled for FIL and his new lady - they truly are perfect for each other, both love to camp, fish, do carpentry and projects around the house. Both of them talked about how they felt the presence of their deceased spouses blessing their relationship - so cool. And when she brought out the book she was reading yesterday that she just pulled off the shelf in FIL's house, I knew all was well - she just happened to pick my MIL's favorite book on energy healing...MIL's hand was definitely in this. They're both 65, and very fit an healthy, so they have a lot of adventures ahead of them. YAY!

We weren't sitting with Tru Shove - we were sitting directly across the arena from them in section 105 - we didn't know where they were sitting and Tru had to play roller-host for the first half.

ok, so it's 2:30 am, and I can't sleep. again. aargh. waiting for ambien to kick in.
lots of rain this am, but then the sun kicked in. have to put a border around irises as my lab has rolled in the garden. grrr. shoulda done it earlier. guess I'm not in too good a mood. kinda had a misunderstanding with mylove. it spooks me and hurts me.
so great to hear about FIL and lady love, tjenn. it has the feel of warmpth and love.
hey CH. hope that the sun made you and em warm and relaxed.
((~**~)) vibes for tree's cousin and baby...
Good Morning!!

Polly, that is sad about your grandparents. BUT the roller derby sounds fun!!

Hey Turbo, that is so cool about the book, but I agree, MIL had a hand in saying it was okay. People tend to overlook signs sometimes, but they happen for a reason.

Jami, are you and your man okay?? Did you get to sleep?

Not much here, it's going to be another gorgeous day, which is good because my legs are fishbelly white. Thank goodness for self tanner, but at least I can get the benefits of the sun (yay Vitamin D!) and get some darker tone to my legs. It's funny because I'm two tone, my face and arms are always a darker colour, but my legs, ppppthhhht.

Last night PR Boy came over, had to pick up a TV from me and today he's telling the parents about the house, please send go well vibes! Also worked out this morning and I'm going to choose the pictures I want from all the shots I had taken on Thursday, so that'll be good.

and in other news, yesterday was a fairly good day, not really any anxiety and mood was fairly good.

How was everyone else's weekend?

hope everyone had a good weekend. this week's blizzard ended friday so saturday and sunday were sunny---hiked, the dog swam in the river and all around good weekened with a nice late sunday portion!!! damn, why are there mondays?
jade... I could just see the river and the dog and the hiking and all. I miss that stuff.
CH... he had an episode. it's happened before, but it hurts and takes awhile for me to come out of them.
so it's a sunny day. son took my vehicle to take a project to school as his is being repaired. I guess it's home chores for us!! we're gonna go see 'wolverine' tomorrow, hoping the theaters won't be too packed.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((baby/momma vibes for Tree's cousin's wife)))))))))))))
I hope you can get everyone to keep the shop clean, at least until the inspector guys have gone through. I can't wait to see your floors, but Facebook is blocked at work, so I'll have to do it from home.

Congrats on your agency being approved, Kari! Whew!

CH, are you going to post pics with you and your houndish? And congrats on the new job and getting a firm start date. And back pay is sure awesome - enjoy it! About 5 years ago, a group of us at work finally got reclassified, and with it came a pretty sizeable raise, and it took such a long time to go through that we got something like 2 years of back pay.

Jenn, that's sweet about FIL and his finacee. It's wonderful that you all get on so well. I've been meaning to check out our local roller derby, but it's hard to get the giant out of the house to go with me.

Grrl, color me jealous about your jury duty. I've always wanted to sit on a jury, I love courtroom stuff. I checked out that site you posted when you were writing about C-monkey's swimsuit issues. Oh dear Maude, those were ugly! I hope you get your cups back!

Hi, Jami, Jade, Anna, and everyone else!

I haven't been around lately, but life's been busy. We burried my uncle last Monday. I had to read at the funeral - the longest passage - by myself. I wasn't all too happy about that. Played with Sam a lot. My parents got him a new suit, and he was absolutely adorable, acting just how someone wearing a suit should act. He opened doors for people, behaved in church, and was a pleasure to be around. Anyway, the funeral was pretty nice. My uncle's best friend gave a lovely eulogy, and I learned some new things about him, like he used to be a math teacher and once had to serve on the prom committee at some small high school in North Dakota, which is so very much unlike him. He will be missed.

Sam came over to visit yesterday afternoon. I met my parents and picked him up, then we went to Target together (he rode on the side of my cart, but otherwise was pretty well behaved), then made cookies and just hung out. He whimpered when my brother came to pick him up, because he didn't want to leave. The giant took out his super awesome Darth Vader light saber for him to play with. It lights up just like the ones in the movies and has cool sound effects. Sam was pretty impressed, since he's getting into Star Wars. He and the giant are going to have a great time for years to come talking about Star Wars, since it's the giant's obsession. Other than that, we had a very nice weekend of just hanging out at home. It's been a long time since we had one of those, since it's been all-family-all-the-time for us lately.

Spring is finally here, and I'm so happy. I haven't worn real shoes for a few weeks now, which I love. We're supposed to get rain for much of the week, though, which kinda sucks, but oh, well, it's not like I can control it. Tomorrow we've got an all-day in-service meeting for work, which I'm kind of looking forward to. We get to pick which sessions we want to go to, and it's in a really cool building, so it should be fun.
Good Morning!

Jade, blizzard? Boooooooooooooooooooooo.

Jami, I hope you and your man are okay.

Hi Diva! Sam is such a little cutie.

Well, it's another lovely day here, it was gorgeous last night, took houndy for a walk, worked out blah blah blah.

and I've got the hankering to do more embroidery, so onward with that!
Good Morning!

(((baby and mom healthy vibes for tree's cousin)))) I hope all is well, tree. That's a tough situation. I had a friend who had a baby very premature, and they are ok now. Hope the same happens in this case. ~~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey diva! Sounds like you have indeed been busy. That must have been hard, to read at your uncle's funeral. I don't know if I could have pulled that off. I'm glad you got to spend some time with Sam recently. What kind of cookies did you guys make? My niece loves to bake too, last time she was at my place, she helped me make a carrot cake. How's the giant doing these days?

Hey Jami! I'm sorry to hear about the spat with your man. Are things better now? How was Wolverine?

Hey CH! Glad you are feeling good & not anxious. That's good news. How did PR's breaking the news to his parents go? I'm jealous of the good weather you've had. I feel like I'm living in Ireland or something here. It has been raining or misting for about 5 days now. I am officially over it. The plus side is that the temps haven't been too high.

Hey Jade! You had a blizzard? Yikes!

Hey Jenn! Congrats to your FIL & his lady!! How wonderful!

Not much happening here. A typical Tuesday so far. Fine by me! Mr K has his last final today, so we will be celebrating in some fashion this eve. I am really happy the term is over. He is out of school for about 3 weeks before the next term starts. He will be studying for his pharmacy school exam in the meantime, but at least only during the daytimes. He's been a phantom the past week or two.

Let's see, what else....I had a fairly dull weekend. It was relaxing, I guess, but not very exciting. I just wasn't motivated to do much, what with the weather and all. This weekend will be better. We are going to Memphis for a night, my SIL is graduating from college. It will be nice to see her & Mr K's brother.
Kari, he didn't tell them yesterday, the cable and internet people were running 2 hours late, then the installation took even longer than expected, so by the time he got home last night he was bagged. So he called me and we chatted instead. So, maybe tonight.

Shitty about the rainy weather.
Update! Here's a picture of the itty bitty baby. (his name is Austin.) He seems to be doing pretty well, and so is mama, as far as I've heard! Bustie vibes do work! Continued vibes are needed, of course.

TJ, what an uplifting story, of your FIL and his fiancee!

ooh, kari, memphis? color me jealous!

Divala, glad the funeral is over. And you had to read? I don't know if I could have done that, you have my respect for sure!

Jade, I hope this is the last blizzard of the year for you! Yuck! But Yay for dogs swimming in rivers!

Jami, hope you and the mister are okay.

Nothing really new crazy as usual. Brothers came to visit me last weekend, so I got motivated to clean the house, like really thoroughly. So I'm enjoying looking around at a nice clean house, no clutter. Even my office, which is ALWAYS a disaster area. It's nice. And it's finally nice outside, too...highs about 70 F (24 or so C).

I've reconnected with an old friend on facebook...which has led to some reminiscing about old times, and mutual friends. It's brought up some old memories and, well...its in the letters thread. Can't get my mind off him.

((((okayers)))) hope all are good.
hello all.
tree..Austin looks so sweet. major awww. ~*~vibes for Austin and family~*~
CH.. glad you got the phone call. hoping for tonight for you.

today mylove and I went out for Wolverine and a burger. love doing fun things like that. Wolvie was fun. funny, though, I kept thinking... 'Mystbusters' should do a show on this...
we're doing ok. he's bipolar, and sometimes has episodes. I stand by him and try to get him thru them. but sometimes he's very convincing when he's deep and gone. this last time he cleaned up our projects and packed and declaired that he was holding me back and said that he was leaving me. it took me a few hours to get him back to me. when this happens, it drains me for a few days. what he says hurts. even though it's not 'him', it hurts. so I withdraw afterwards. and this just makes a vicious cycle. but we make up for our lost time together - just snuggling.
he says I've saved his life.

Tree, crap if all the photo sharing sites are blocked from work, I'll have to check the pic when I get home. ~*~*~*continued vibes for mama and bebe~*~*~*~ and sweet about the uber clean house!

Hey Jami!! You're a strong woman for supporting him, he appreciates you very much.

Well, I've got fuck all today, same as always I suppose. Only 3 more days until the consult which I'm super thrilled about, took a rest this morning, my body is a little sore from all the crap I've been doing, so no work out for me. And that's really it.

anna k
Good morning.

Jami, I agree with CH, you're a very strong and supportive woman.

Aww, tree, cute baby!

Kari, Memphis sounds nice.

Divala, Sam sounds adorable.

My week has been OK. Working today, took my dance class last night, wrote up the movie review, ran errands, not much special. This Friday I'm going to a party, and will spent Sunday with the family.
Well hey anna!

Good to see you!

So, where is everyone else?

Hi CH!! Hi Anna! hi all everyone else~!~!

today was 'home day'. mylove mowed, weedwhacked, raked, dug up a tree and roses that shouldn't have been planted where they were. we cleaned the pool filter and put a boarder around the irises. dad gave us plans on the raised planter boxes that he wants to build us for the garden. I went with son to get his car out of the repair shop (telling him it was *his* responsibility to pay! big step for me). mylove and dad spent the afternoon building us an arbour for the garden fence and gate.
wow. wouldn't know that it was raining for four days, now would you???
I went to the dollar store (LOVE that place) and got plates, pickles, buns, skewers... all kinds of bbq stuff. so now I'm off to start a-grillin.

all in all.... not so bad a day. tired and sore, but... when you think of where I spent the last four years...
this is heaven.

It's a rainy, crappy, day here.

Jami, I love your positive spin, it's true, after the past 4 years how are things not great now?

Oooh, so good I was able to go for a run yesterday, which made me very happy. Not really sore today either.

Hope everyone is okay.
Good Morning!

(((austin & fam)))) ~~~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~~~~ He is adorable, Tree. The way he is holding the finger in the picture is very cute. I hope he is doing well. Any word?

hey CH! Glad you got a good run in! We've been having rain here for days. It stinks. sad.gif We finally had a break from it on Tuesday afternoon, & it seemed that everyone in the neighborhood was out mowing their grass, while they had the chance.

Hey Jami. That's got to be difficult, to deal with the bipolar swings. (((you & your man)))

hey anna! No more dance classes?

Things here are good today. I worked at home yesterday, Mr K was there too. So I did get sidetracked some. But, all in all, it was a good day. Then I did a tough workout last night. Sore today in the glutes. I have a long list of items to get done for bossman today. At least the time will go by at a good pace. Not doing anything tonight, that I know of. Hoping to make pancakes, and sit on the couch for some tv time!
Hey y'all!

Jami - I love your positive updates here - you are right to revel in your new life, considering the last few years. The new energy is beautiful!

It's been an insane week here - recovered from the weekend with turbomann's family, and then its been workworkwork. I'm launching a new website for cancer patients tomorrow, and the pre-launch testing phase is always all-consuming. Kind of like playing whack-a-mole at the circus - as soon as you squash one problem, three more pop up. I'm finally launching tomorrow, am definitely proud of the work, and will be SO glad to be rid of dreaming in code at night! tongue.gif

It's been very rainy here this week, too. Finally risked the rain and rode my bike today, and riding through the parks, all the soccer fields are underwater, and ducks were swimming around in the water! Only got wet in the last 5 minutes of my ride, so that's a good success.

((((((austin & family)))))

CH - I hope the consult goes well - is that tomorrow?
Happy Fucking Friday!!!!

Hi Kari, what's your plans for the weekend?

Hey Turbo, I do hope the launch goes well. The consult is tomorrow.

Well, it's Friday, and at this point that's all I care about. The day will be done, work will be done for the week, I should have my letter of offer for new job soon...ahhh.


I will join the chorus....I'm so happy it's Friday!

I'm grumpy today, did not sleep well last night. Combination of getting really irritating letter from tile guy about my kitchen floor + ANOTHER dog jumping it's fence & attacking me & my dogs on our walk + it being really hot in our house = bad sleep for me. Bah.

Despite my grumpy mood, everything else is alright. I have plans to hang with two lady friends tonight, which will be fun.

Mr K and I are going out of town tomorrow, just for the night. Going to his brother's place.

Hey Jenn! Hope the web testing goes ok. I bet that can be frustrating. But I know it will be satisfying when it's up & running!

hey CH! I'm so excited for you about your new job!!!
morning everyone! just a quick fly-by on my way to court. judge says we may start deliberating as early as tuesday, and i can admit i'm kinda sad to see it end. not just for the getting-out-of-toxic-work-environment aspect, though liar lady and lab dragon were feeeling particularly passive-aggressive when i went for my no court day monday. i actually like my fellow jurors. plus, fun doing my civic duty, justice in action and all that. oh, and i nearly ran down the entire defense team on my way out of the garage yesterday after court. i was all like "omg, i'm sooo sorry! i swear this doesn't reflect my feelings on the case one way or the other!" i had to stop short for the main guy and his lawyer coming up on the right, then once they passed, i inched out a little farther and saw the rest of the defense pulling up short. quelle embarrassment! "sorry your honor, we have to declare a mistrial, since juror ten mowed down the defense team last night." tongue.gif
Hi, peeps!

Kari, you got bombarded by another dog? Are you all okay? And you're still dealing with tile issues? BTW, Sam and I made my famous oatmeal/coconut/choco chip/walnut cookies. The giant and polished off 4 dozen in 5 days flat, and that's only because the giant sneaks them when I'm not home because he loves them so much.

CH, do you know when your start date is for the new job yet?

Grrl, I'd probably miss jury duty, too. It sounds pretty fun to me. Have you decided how you're going to decide the case?

Hi, Jenn, Jami, Anna, and everyone!

It's been a pretty blah week for me. I had a meeting at work for awhile, which I was not looking forward to, but there were no suprises. Still don't know what I'm doing for Mothers Day on Sunday. Mom usually doesn't want us to bother her, but I didn't go up last year and missed out because my brothers did. So I have no clue. My parents are horseshit at making any kinds of plans. My brother, possibly Sam, and I might go out and find something for her tomorrow together. She's really into rosemalling by this one specific artist, so we're going to a shop in the middle of nowhere that sells her pieces.

I think I'm going to try to talk the giant into going out for dinner somewhere tonight. We haven't been out for a proper dinner in 2 weeks, and I refuse to eat grilled cheese, frozen pizza, or turkey sandwiches for dinner. I kind of didn't bother to take anything out to thaw on purpose.

Time to rustle up some lunch! It's feeling like a Chipotle day to me, unless it's raining.
anna k
Hi everyone!

Divala, I hope you have a nice Friday evening with the giant.

Good luck with the case, grrrl!

Kari, I'm sorry you had a bad night. That's horrible about the dog, I hope you're all OK, and that your friends cheer you up tonight.

CH, I hope you have a nice, relaxing Friday night!

Jenn, good luck with the website!

kari, I still take the dance classes, they're a nice escape for me, and it felt very pleasant yesterday where three of my dance friends greetly me warmly when I came in, it was touching.

Tonight I'm going to a party at my brother's college. He's the president of the radio station, and they're having this huge bash, so I'm looking forward to having fun there. I mentioned that I'm 25 and would feel old amongst the college kids, and he went, "Are you kidding? 30 year-old people go to my school!" I've met some of his friends there, and they're smart, funny, interesting people, so it should be good.
wow, kari... hope you are ok... the dog stuff would rattle me!!
Diva - cookies sound yum, and I hope you had a great evening out tonight.
CH!!! ~*~vibes~*~ for consult tomorrow. you rock.
anna, hope you had a great time at brother's party!!
grrr.. you're having too much fun with this jury duty!!! love it!

today was another episode. a really bad one. <sigh> he was attacking me with words, and he's real good at it. I retreated into songs in my mind, which made me happy, but irritated him, and I realized that he was feeding on my unhappiness, getting stronger. I talked about good times and things we've done, getting him to talk. It was a couple of hours to get him out of it. finally out of it.
we stayed in, with pizza, 'dirty jobs' and 'mythbusters'.
tomorrow is yard sales, and we hope to find some treasures.
Good Morning!

Kari?!?!? Another dog attack?? Is puppy okay??? How are you?

Hey Grrrl! What's your plan this weekend?

Diva, did you get taken out for dinner last night?

Hey Anna! how was last night?

((((jami)))) I hope you two are okay.

Well, it's SNOWING here, it's melting, but come on, it's May! Today is consult day!!! A few more hours and I'm off. Last night PR Boy and I went and picked up an air hockey table, which was a trip in itself. First we took his car, then were talking and hey, the seats in my civic fold forward, why not take mine? So, we turn around, drive to the other end of the city, get there, table doesn't fit in the car, so drive back out to my house, pick up his car drive back out to pick up the table and strap it into the roof of the car, go back to his place and set it up. But we did play a game and had a good laugh, he beat me by one. He honestly thought that he'd wallop me, which he did not! HAHAHAHAHA.

Today is the day he also tells his parents, so go well vibes would be good.

Tonight, not too sure what I'm doing. He and I might be doing something, but not too sure. I guess it depends on how the telling the 'rents goes.

What's everyone else up to this weekend?

~*~*~vibes for PR boy~*~*~
and ~*~*vibes for CH~*~*

snow??? whoa.

we're doing fine. he's researching online for a hobby that we're into... when his mind is active he's just great. when bored or idle, that is when trouble can happen.
we went yardsailing... found some car battery solar panels for a dollar, I got a grocery bagfull of vhs from a closed store for $5, and a flat screen monitor for $5. had fun. even had the morning 'coffee and a donut' date. smile.gif

Hey Jami!

well, he didn't tell them as they weren't home. So, today perhaps. We hung out after my consult, which went well. It's going to take me at 3 - 4 months to get in for the actual work, which I'm fine with not a big deal. She will call about the drawing when it's done then we're going to go from there.

I don't have a lot going on here at at the moment, fell asleep shortly after 7 last night and slept 12 hours. so tired.

Now it's Sunday and hopefully I should have my letter of offer this week. I hope.

Oooh, and Happy Mothers Day to you all whether it be for human or pet variety!
happy mama's day busties! and yes, furry kids count too. wink.gif c-monkey and i vegged around the momster's place yesterday while my bro took her out for their mother's day thing yesterday, did a quick dip in the pool, and got the momster's ipod set up for her. she kept saying she wanted to do it herself so she'd know how things work, but it's been sitting in her drawer since christmas. so i was like, fuck this! and got all her CDs loaded, and even subscribed her to the podcast of the financial guy she likes to listen to in the car on the way home from work. so now she's got something to listen to on her after-dinner walks or when she walks to and/or from work sometimes. i have no idea what else c-monkey and i are going to do for her today. i saw something i thought she might like in one of the shops in monterey, so i told her she might have to wait til we go next weekend to get the rest of her present.

kari, the fuck is up with the dogs in your neighborhood?! i love dogs, but if i were in your place, i'd be posting signs: you can't control fido, he gets a kick to the face. i hope you gave the dog's owner an earful.

grrrl... yea for helping c-monkey with her ipod!!! bet that was way apprecieated!!!

happy mom's day!!

day three of this episode. sucks.
I've got a zune. I have like 9 videos loaded in it. no idea how I did that. have no idea how to get a video off. or if I can add a folder of songs, rather than one at a time, which would suck. there is no phamphlet or tutorial. love the video player, but it's not user friendly for me!!!
technically, it's monday.
I dunno if this relationship is gonna work. he's cut off from me, won't talk. damn episodes anyway. he has a job interview tomorrow, which he's sabotaging.
Good Morning.

Hey Grrrl! That is awesome about helping momster with said iPod. What else did you and c-monkey end up doing yesterday?

((((jami)))) ~*~*~*improvement vibes for jami's mister~*~*~*~

very Muscle in my body is sore today, I pushed my walk/run about 1km longer than I usually do, plus I was sore from the day before, but oh well! All's getting better.

Yesterday I started on my new project, I'm embroidering a hoodie. I am putting two love birds on the back at the bottom, and PR Boy is going to draw out my nickname in girly script which I'm going to out across the chest. Kept it pretty low key yesterday, talked to a few people, went to the park. Today's the big day he tells his parents, for sure for sure.

Le Sigh.

How was everyone else's weekend?
Good Morning!

(((jami))) I am so sorry to hear about your SO. Is the interview today, did you say? Can I ask if he is currently being treated for bipolar disorder?

Hey CH! I am so impressed with your embroidery! That is very cool. I would really like to learn something like that. I've toyed with learning how to sew. I think that would be a great skill to have & a fun hobby. So you should get your offer this week? YAY!! rolleyes.gif I'm excited for you!

Hey Grrrrl! Sounds like you had a good Mother's Day! A dip in the pool? I'm jealous! It must be warm where you are. That was nice of you to set up your mom's IPod. Excellent.

Hey Diva! Where you successful in getting to go out to eat w/ the giant this weekend? I hope so. Did you end up seeing your mom yesterday?

Things here are pretty good. Had a good weekend, though busy. I met up with 2 friends Friday night for Mexican & margs. Saturday AM Mr K and I left at 8:00 in the Am for Memphis. Got there close to noon, attended the graduation, then went out for BBQ. It was a nice night, we just hung out on his bro's front porch & drank some beers. Drove back yesterday, took a looooong nap, then went to my sister's place. She had my mom & her MIL over for dinner. It was fun.

Yeah, I can't believe another f-ing dog attacked my dogs! I am seriously over it. I would be fuming mad if it were loose dogs, but these dogs are jumping their fences or getting out other ways. The end result is the same - loose dogs - but at least the owners aren't just letting them run free. It just makes me so scared to walk the dogs. I am trying to figure out what I can carry that will help me should it happen again. Any ideas?

My week is looking pretty good so far. I think I might be meeting 2 people for dinner tonight. Tomorrow night I tutor, and then I think Wednesday night Mr K and I are going to see Star Trek.
Kari... how about an air horn to discourage the roaming hounds??? I bought one to get people's attention when I lived on the ranch. the sound is startling. to say the least!!! works on sleeping teenagers who don't want to get up for chores, too. wink.gif I would say pepper spray, but that could be not so good in a breeze/wind.

he has been diagnosed, and was on meds. the doctor up and moved without any forwarding information. I did find him in Nebraska in a small town, working at a hospital. When we moved, we took special care to make sure we had his documentation on his condition. his paperwork is now missing. (as is jewelry and $. I hope it's not son or his friends. we changed all the locks and have purchased security cameras.) I am hoping to have the dr send us documentation. it would suck to have to do everything over. years worth.
oh, and he is out of meds. county health won't help, you have to be a resident for longer than he has. can't probe without prior records of what's been done and what he's been on. <sigh>
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