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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

(((CH)))) Girl, I am so sorry that work is sucking so bad right now. I know you are extremely unhappy there. sad.gif I wish I had some advice. It's so hard when it is work, you have to go there everyday. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself in your non-work hours. What's EAP? And the cop...ugh Yeah, dude, what is there to talk about?

Hey Grrrrrl! ((((Hugs for you too)))) That stinks that you couldn't go to the Easter get together. I'm sorry. Sounds like you were really looking forward to it. Yeah, I don't have any kids, but I am so with you on the hootchie wear for girls these days! WTF. The things I see some young girls wearing really disturbs me. Their clothes should not be smaller versions of adult clothes. They should be KID clothes. I can only imagine how hard it is to find a swimsuit. What about a company like Speedo or something? Seems like maybe they would make some good one pieces.

Hey Anna! Don't get down on yourself for your job. 25 is still young, babe. You've got time. Though I know what you mean, sometimes I have those kind of feelings. Thinking I should be further in my career & all.

Things this morning are good so far. Just at work. Officemate works from home today so it's quiet. Oh, the hearing yesterday....they didn't even get to us!! So frustrating. The legislators wasted like 30 of the 60 minutes arguing about proper procedures btw the committee chair & the committee members. She let another legislator call for order of the day, someone else got mad their line of questioning was interrupted, etc. It was quite ridiculous. So, we dont' know anything yet. Bah. Have to wait til next Wed. now.

Hmm. What else....that's about all my news. I'm glad it's Thursday. The weather this weekend is supposed to be nice, I am stoked.
good morning. things will get better vibes for (((((((CH))))))) and dont ignore your workouts---they help mentally and physically. well, its back to winter for a few days. but had some good rides on the trail, and a nice walk last week interrupted by a snake---so its either winter or snake season, and it alternates twice a week.

good music last night at a local spot & no cover!!! bonus.

have a good Thursday!!
Good Morning.

Anna, I know how you feel about work, very much so. It is hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes. I'm sure things will work out for you.

Grrrl, I'm so sorry you're having a shitty time at work right now. As for the bathing suit dilemma, I see what grown women are wearing, I can only imagine what is being rammed in the faces of girls. I do have to say the sexualization of youth is wrong WRONG WRONG. I have socks that have more material than what some girls wear (and I do mean that, I wear a lot of knee high socks).

Kari, that totally blows about work, when are you going to hear something?? ~*~*~*ongoing job vibes~*~*~*~* EAP is our internal counselling program.

Well yesterday was a really, really shitty day. I just need my out, and I hope it's coming. I don't know what the hell is going on all I know is that it sucks big time. Fark.

But at least it's sunny and nice out.

ETA: X posted with Jade! Hey!!! Winter or snake season, that's like it being winter or construction season here!

CH, I'm sorry things are so shitty for you at work. I hope you get a break some time soon.

Grrrl, I'm another one who agrees with kids clothing/swim suits. My 6 year old niece is a little chubby and has a bit of a tummy. All of the pants made for kids her age now sit below the belly button which isn't high enough for her tummy, so her bum is always hanging out. Last year her daycare actually requested my brother do stuff about it, but unless she's wearing sweatpants it's so hard to find higher waisted pants. Why the hell do 5 and 6 year olds need low riders?

Yesterday was pretty bad for me. I've been working on this proposal to the feds all week and somehow the file disappeared and has been destroyed. I cried for about 15 minutes when it happened and then had to cancel my entire day to do some work on it. I ended up getting too stressed yesterday and took the night off to go for dinner and a walk with a friend, it was good stress release. But now I have to spend all day trying to re-do this thing. It's such a huge headache and I feel so frustrated about it.
man, it sounds like work's just sucking for everyone lately. here's hoping it gets better for all of us, and soon.

ketto, if he hasn't already, tell your bro to look for adjustable waistband jeans. i know jcpenny's store brand arizona has a lot of styles, and target has a lot too. course, i don't know if you guys have either of those stores in canada. c-monkey's always had issues with having a teeny tiny waist and wider hips and butt, and adjustable waistband jeans have been a lifesaver.

Yah, work does suck for all of us.

Ketto, how is the progress going on the project?? How are you holding up.

Hey Grrrl!

I have more news, I'm sorry for being so cryptic, but I'll share as soon as I can. It's good stuff. I swear.

BUT I'm still following through with EAP, as much as today is getting better, there are still lingering feelings of deep sadness.
I know, a work black cloud is hanging over the Okay thread. Shoo, Cloud!!

Ch, can't wait to hear your good news. Oh, oh, yes, EAP. We have that too. Good idea, it can't hurt. Glad your day is getting a little better.

Ketto, I am so sorry you lost your work! ACK! How is it going?

We won't hear about our work until next Wed. I think it's going to work out, but I won't feel great til it's offiical.

hey jade! Winter again? We had some winter last week. Now it's back to spring. Never can tell.
Sometimes I wonder if Joseph Heller is alive and writing the operational policies for the Lottery Corporation.
Hi, peeps!

((((((more department don't get canned vibes for Kari))))))

Hi, PK! The giant loves wiener dogs, used to have one when he was a kid. I have a feeling we may get one, too, once we move into a house of our own this summer/fall. Heinz is such a cute name!

Hellos to everyone else, and thanks for the vibes. Unfortunately, they didn't work. My uncle died early yesterday morning. And here I'd thought he was getting better, but I guess I was wrong. It's sad, but he was really suffering for that last month or so. The funeral is on Monday, and apparently I have to read a passage with one of my cousins. I'm going to make her do the goddy parts, hopefully mine will be less religious. All the nieces are reading something, so it'd be weird if I tried to get out of it. My brothers and the male cousins are pallbearers. At least it'll be at the little church that my grandparents have belonged to, probably since it was founded, so it won't be impersonal. Nothing sucks worse than a funeral where the priest/minister/pastor/whathaveyou doesn't know anything about you.

I'm playing hookey today, and did for half of yesterday. The dumbest thing happened at work yesterday. I was leaving a message for my gay boyfriend and then called my mom to ask about the arrangements, then this woman who works kitty-corner from me had the gall to come over and tell me I was talking too loud. This, the person who people can hear talking while I'm on the phone, the one who laughs really loud at email jokes, and who a million times I've wanted to pull my hair out over because she's so damn loud sometimes, thinks I, speaking in my normal voice, was too loud. And if I was so damn loud, she'd have heard that there was a death in my family, so maybe she shouldn't bother me right then. Seriously, if she confronts me about it tomorrow, I'm going to tell her it's unfortunate that she's so sensitive all of a sudden, but I'm not apologizing for shit. It's not my fault she decided to blame her frustration with the case she was working on on me, speaking at a normal volume. I try to be nice to her, but I'm done. She can go fuck herself or move, I was in my spot first.

those heavy tread tire marks you see on my back there? they're from the bus my co-irker threw me under today. which was nothing less than what i expected, this woman can never admit when she's wrong, but yeah. the three of us sat there in boss lady's office, and she straight out lied through her teeth, making up a conversation that we never had, and telling boss lady how she always admits it when she messes things up, blah blah blah. the whole time she was displaying all the classic lying tells: embellishing with too much detail ("well, i went downstairs at 9:28"), not making eye contact or looking anyone in the face, eyes going up and to the left, which is an involuntary looking toward the part of your brain that makes shit up or some such, all of it. i straight out told her, in front of the boss, looking them both in the eye, that she was making things up off the top of her head, and that she was a liar. ultimately it came down to a he said/she said thing, and boss lady saying if she needed either one of us off the floor for anything, she'd tell that person herself "so we don't have any of these miscommunications in the future." then i come back from my lunch, and she's telling another person i work with about it, and how there's cameras and they pick up audio too. so i said "okay then, let's have boss lady call security right now and get the footage, i have nothing to hide because i know the conversation went down exactly the way i said it did." so then she mumbles something about her shift's over and she's leaving and i can do whatever i want and leaves. so work's going to be fun the next few weeks. rolleyes.gif but really, why would i be the one to bring it to boss lady's attention and set myself up for trouble unless i knew absolutely 100% for sure that i was in the right? thinking ur lies thru, yr doin it rong.

on the plus side, the person i'm covering for the next few days, her department has drastically shorter hours, like half a day shorter hours. so at least i get to go home early and deal with less of her bullshit for those days.

x-posting with diva! sympathies on your uncle hon, and tell loudmouth co-irker to go fuck herself.
Oh nooo about BUSTie work woes sad.gif

Sorry I've been away so long. I've been kinda struggling in the mornings, which is my computer ME time. I'm making an effort to reclaim it. Move lubbin' all!

Things have been great on the friend front for me, and probably on the work front, though I've been getting paranoid that the people at my work are less happy with me. I actually think it's just that stress levels have risen on the job, but when everybody is irritable, there's a part of me that panics that I'm the one they're mad at. I guess it came from growing up in a family where my brother and father were always fighting. I strive for group harmony and good times for more than one reason, I guess.

Good Morning!


Hey Lore!!! It's so good to see you! I am sure people at your work are happy with you. How could they not be?? You are the best!

Hey Grrl! Man, so sorry about your shitty coworker. What a biatch! That's sweet that you will be able to work shorter days here soon. At least for a while.

Hey diva. ((((hugs for you and your family))))) You guys have had so many rough things going on lately. That's got to be so hard. Hang in there. I can't belive your coworker. Some people have no regard or consideration for others but then expect to be treated like royalty. That is one thing I really have a hard time tolerating. sad.gif

Things are pretty good here today. It's beautiful weather & is supposed to be that way all weekend. Yay! I'm ready for some.

What is everyone up to this weekend?
anna k
grrl, I'm sorry for your situation. That girl sounds like an obnoxious twit.

(((Diva)))) I'm sorry about your uncle, and you and your family's loss.

ketto, I hated wearing bathing suits as a kid because I had a round tummy, and hated it whenever it stuck out. It made me feel self-conscious.

I went to a dance performance after work, where four acts performed. The first was really good, two people in black and white clothes (a girl in a b/w dress, a guy in a suit) doing this doll-like, dreamlike, surreal dance. The guy was pretty cute. The other dances I wasn't into it. One looked like Satan's brides, one was a boring mirror dance, and the other was just girls running around with each other.

Afterwards I met up with the guy I'm semi-seeing and we fooled around at his place, and it was a lot of fun, even better than the last time. I wrote more details in the portions thread.
Good Morning!!

Hi Kari! Not too sure the weekend plans, getting that sorted out.

Doodle, welcome to the wonderful world of government!

Grrrl, what a twat. Feel better.

Lore, I totally know what you mean about the harmony needed. Very much so.

Hi Anna!!

((((Diva)))) I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

To make this brief, I have an offer, sort of. I can't go into much until more is said and done.

Yaay Culture! And good luck with ultra-secret offer cool.gif Yeah, I was starting to realize where my sensitivity to group dynamics came from. Tension in the room isn't fun for me. Besides, us Omega-Wolves (opposite of Alpha) are the pack morale wardens.

Yaay Anna! Glad you're checking out what others are doing in dnace, anyway, and keeeewl for fool-aroundage! wink.gif

Best of luck with the hearings, Kari! Maybe there's a drinking game that can be made of The Hearings Show.

Grrrly & Diva, sorry to hear about the back-stabbage there mad.gif May I bring up my idea of putting up a sign that says "Beware of Wasps" along their way to work, then sniping them mercilessly with a BB gun?

Hello and fondness to everybody else! smile.gif

I might be over-simplifying the kid bathing suit thing, but I remember young teens wearing long-ish dark T-shirts and perhaps running shorts or bike shorts over their one-pieces. Nowadays, there are some fashionable rash guards that dry much faster than regular tees. They go for pretty cheap if caught on sale. I see them at Goodwill, too.

As for me, I've been having a pretty good time aside from worrying about work (and I left of Friday on a positive note). OtteMan took me up on the OtterPlane earlier! It was awesome! We flew around the Seattle area for about an hour, just hanging out in the cockpit and cruising low. The sunset was nice, and it wasn't scary at all. The dude knows his own plane, and the whole process was about as scary as any car ride or boat ride. Maybe it was less so since there were no obsticles in the air. Just pure awesomeness! On the drive over to the airport, I told him, "You know what would be really cool? It would kick ass if one of us owned an airplane!" He thought it was funny, and yes, it does, indeed!

Then, last night, GoatyGirl and I finally used the $100 gift certificate to Salty's, a ritzy seafood restaurant on the water overlooking Seattle. The weather was nice, we had the perfect corner table with huge windows, and the food and beer were taaasty! We took our time there, too. It was a treat proper! We were lettin' loose, but the bill only came out to $9 over the gift cert, so it was only $32 on our card after tip.

The weekend's just beginning, too. We're hoping to do some hiking and potluck grilling with friends smile.gif
YAY, CH!! I hope the offer proceeds smoothly, and you make your way into a position much more to your liking.

Grrrl - on the bathing suits, have you checked Land's End - I remember I always got my suits from them, as they were much more basic/modest that what was in stores. So sorry about the shitty co-worker......YUCK.

Lore - sounds like you and Goaty had a fantastic night out last night - and well-deserved! I love using GCs for a fancy dinner that we wouldn't ordinarily splurge on. Such a nice way to go out.

We're having a great weekend here. Since the weather was so great yesterday, we decided to have peeps over for grillin' and chillin' on the balcony. The lake was so pretty, and I whipped up a few batches of sangria - good times. And turbomann's BFF came in to stay the weekend with us - they're so adorable together, and then one of our HS friends who we haven't seen in 15years happened to be in town, so he stopped by for a couple of beers later on, which was really cool. And today, we're all in recovery mode after staying up too late and drinking too much likker. Had to bike out to our favorite hot dog joint for some deliciously bad food to calm our unhappy tummies. And then we got caught in the rain. And then hail. And then fucking cold wind...but it was an oddly exhilarating ride, as we were all trying to get home as fast as possible, so we had a fun little sprint going for a few miles. Good times.

Now, I think it's time for a cuppa tea and couch time with a good book. Mmmmmm.
Diva, I'm so sorry for your loss. That seemed so fast, it must be a bit of a shock. More healing vibes are headed your way.

Thanks for the tip, grrrl, but unfortunatly we have neither of those stores up here. My mom will often add an extra inch of stretchy fabric herself though...thank goodness my niece has such a crafty Nana. That's crazy about your co-worker. What a jerk, I can't stand people like that.

Anna, last summer we were at a pool and my niece was in a two piece and so was I. Another little girl said her tummy sticks out and she got a little upset. I stuck out mine and said, "So does mine, and I think it's beautiful" and then she did the same thing. I worry for her too though because I know she's getting to the age where it will get harder and harder for her to so easily to the beauty in herself. Her alcoholic mom isn't exactly the picture of healthy body image and she lives in a house with 3 guys so I try to influence her positively as much as I can.

CH, you're being such a tease, haha, I'm dying to know what you're secret is. tongue.gif

I was pretty damn stressed on Wednesday about work. It took me until yesterday morning to re-do everything and catch up. It's still not actually finished though because there are parts that were too complicated for me to fill out so I'm meeting with a co-worker on Monday. I regret volunteering for this task. Oh well, almost done. On the plus side I bought a plane ticket to Edmonton and I got a great seat sale. I'm going there in June for a friends wedding and then to stay at my Aunt and Uncles for a couple of days. I love planning summer vacations!

Seems like there's a decent amount of work stress for some busties lately.

This weekend should be pretty fun. The cheque from the insurance company for our bikes got lost in the mail so I haven't been able to pick mine up yet. My dad is being ridiculous about the accessories. We both like to research things before we buy but he's hardcore...going to every possible bike store in the city and spending hours on rating sites. Anyway, I hope to have a bike this week.

Today we're doing a birthday party for my niece who is turning 6 (not till May 15 though) and then I'm staying at the boy's place. Tomorrow we're going for brunch with my brothers over to our 2nd cousins place. We never get to see her and she's around our age so it will be nice to catch up. Then I want to hit up either the Fort Whyte Centre of the Museum. I love being nerdy!
loooooore! seeing posts from you always makes me so happy. i probably couldn't get away with the bb gun at work, but i'm perfectly willing to stalk down their home addresses via teh interwebs and do a ride-by on the bike. laugh.gif but yay for seafood and plane rides! sounds like you and goaty have been having good times.

hey anna! yay for making out and dance performances. your posts about dance class and going to exhibits and doing all this cool artsy stuff make me so jealous sometimes. we don't have anything like that around here, just major acts that come through the big new theater that caters to class more than art, and one or two small galleries downtown whose pretentions far outweigh the talent.

what's this about super-secret offers ch? you got me all curious and dying to know, and i hope whatever it is works for you way better than your current clusterfuck.

hey kari! not much going this weekend, c-monkey and i are sitting in the library as i type working on her book report. it's due thursday, so this is the last weekend we have to really push and get it done. she's dragging her feet, but it's gotta get done. i just cannot deal with big project stuff on weekdays; i get home from work, feed her, check her homework, and i'm ready for bed by 7:00. it's pathetic really. but it's a really nice day out, so i'm hoping she gets it all done and finished with so we can get some bike riding in before it gets dark

work was okay yesterday. we had our bi-weekly meeting, and the boss really liked my ideas for streamlining some of the paperwork. which was great because it also gave me the opportunity (without naming names) to make liar lady look bad, by pointing out that a machine she had been marking down as having been checked by her on a daily basis hasn't been in use for several months now. so score one for me. and one of my favorite bosses (the one before boss man) stopped by and brought us pizza and ice cream cake, since she was in the area and her own team meeting had been canceled, so it was really nice to catch up with her. my job is such a toxic place right now, way too much back-stabbing and bullshit going on, but days like yesterday remind me why i usually love working there.
hey, x-post with ketto and turbo! *waves hi*

ketto, if your nana's crafty like that, maybe she can jury-rig the adjustable waist herself. basically it's just a piece of elastic that's sewn under a strip of fabric on the inside of each side of the waistband at the hips, with slits cut every inch or so that attach to buttons on the inside of the fly and gather the sides of the waist together. boo on the bike delay! the weather's been so nice lately, it seems like almost a crime to not be riding a bike in it. smile.gif and what a pain in the ass losing the report in the first place, but i'm glad you got things back on track. good luck with that.

man, i wish i was at turbo's house this weekend! grilling, alcohol, and mad dashes on the bike sounds like the perfect weekend. biggrin.gif
anna k
grrrlyouwant, I just do it to find new and interesting things to do/see, meet new people, stave off boredo, and keep busy. It's more of a personal preoccupation. Good luck with getting c-monkey to finish her project! And awesome for sticking it to liar lady!

ketto, you're a good aunt. I didn't like having a round belly when I was ten, I felt a little chubby, especially when I took gymnastics for awhile and not only wasn't good, but wasn't as thin as the other girls, with my protruding belly poking against my leotard. I was thin with a round belly, but felt embarassed about it sometimes.

I hope you enjoy your parties!

turbo, that DOES sound like a great weekend! Awesome, and you put it in such wonderful description!

Thanks lorewolf! That is amazing about the plane ride!

I worked today, and am going to hang with my brother in Brooklyn. His friend is playing a show, and I had called to invite him to see a movie, but he told me about the show and invited me to see it, so I'm looking forward to it and having fun there. I also left a message for one of the dance class girls who I've met. We've talked on and off, and she gave me her number months ago, and I'd just like to get to know her better outside of class.
Word, Anna - I totally wish I'd had a cool aunt to boost my self image. I loved swimming, but hated swimsuits and always felt self-conscious about being a chubby teen.

Ketto, I definitely share your dad's obsession with research for bike accessories. I did finally find a new cycling jacket to my liking, but I am forever in the pursuit of the perfect commuting pannier bag - I need a good amount of space for clothes + groceries, some pockets for keys and such, and not too's a little absurd how much time I spend looking at bike stuff...but since I spend 2+ hours a day on bike in the warmer months, I justify the obsession. smile.gif I hope you get your bike soon!

Yep, it's been a good weekend here...the weather has turned truly foul now, though, so I appear to be trapped in the house with turbomann & his bff playing RockBand for the evening. Oy. The sound of the drumming really wears on me. blink.gif Ah well, I think I'll try and convince them to watch a movie later.

Anna have fun at the show tonight with your bro!
swim suits??? lemme tell you about swim suits... got the pool cleaned up and all. it was 99 degrees. son asked if he could bring his friends over. of course!!! three boys and a girl. they stripped down to undies and went swimming. boxers, long jockies, and she had a sportsbra. they're juniors and seniors in high school. that one raised my eyebrows. sheesh.
Hi, sorry for the drive-by, but I couldn't go post confessions without at least saying hello!

Busy day - started out with the Anarchist confessing that he'd almost kissed me last night. ohmy.gif Then had a row with a buddy of Soulman's, in the Tim Horton's parking lot. The buddy has been grounded for drinking - I'd agreed to chauffer him and his kid back to the mom, out of town, but this guy was being ornery, partly b/c I brought the Anarchist along, and partly because I refuse to be bullied by a back seat driver, friend of Soulman or not. Basically, I told him he could find another driver if he didn't like my rules, so he decided to stay behind. So I had the Anarchist with me for the trip. Still processing the conversation we had, alone on the way home, but it's all for the good. It's not the first time we've had the conversation, I guess, but it was better this time because we were trapped in a car together and couldn't sweep it under the rug. wink.gif

Right now I'm making "special" cookies, then have to do hair and make-up....a very good hobbyist has become besotted with Soulman's photographability (see his pic on Crackbook if you are there), so he has volunteered his services to photograph Scully and the Mulders! Free publicity shots! WOOT! Then band practice. We just picked up Sheryl's Crow's A Change Will Do You Good, and Bonnie Raitt's Love Sneakin' Up On You....awesome!!

Gotta run!
Good Evening!

Lore, your weekend sounds really wonderful! How was the potluck?

Turbo, you're weekend also sounds really great!!!

Ketto, how was your weekend with your boy? He needs a, I don't know. I'll tell you the deal as soon as I can, it's good news though!

((((grrrl))) I'm so sorry that work is shitty for you right now. ~*~*~*job improvement vibes~*~*~*~

Hi Anna! How was the show??

Hey Jami!! How's you doing??

Hello Doodle! Enjoy your cookies, and great about the photographer!!

Well, this weekend has been okay, saw PR Boy a fair bit, went over to Dadsters today, and now I'm just chilling at home, pretty tired. The weather was gorgeous this weekend as well.

Well, time for me to chill.
anna k
Doodle, that's great about the free publicity shots!

Turbojenn, that sounds so cute about your man and his bff playing Rock Band.

Hi CH!

I had a good time last night. Not only did my brother's friend's band sound great (they had an alt-country/Allman Brothers sound to it), but I had fun getting drunk (not wasted, but about two pints make me drunk in a lazy way), and the doors were open so the warm balmy air was coming in, and I felt really relaxed and happy. I felt pretty tired by the time we got home.

Today I worked out at the gym, then later on took the Alvin Ailey dance class, and it was fun, I felt very free and joyful. We did the same routine from last week, but I liked being there anyway, and liked it when one of the girls from last week was happy to see me back, all smiles. I chatted with a woman before class and joked about the "feminine" dance move (booty shake) vs. the "masculine" alternate (crotch grind). I just felt better this weekend, usually as long as I keep busy and don't feel lonely or bored.
Chairman Miaow
Sounds as if everyone had fun over the weekend! The Boy and I went into Seattle, and I had a lot of fun exploring the area by foot, documenting graffiti, and going thriftshopping. I walked so much that I could barely walk today, my muscles were so sore I was staggering a bit!

I also had an interview for job experience with a magazine that went way better than I would have expected, so I'm looking forward to getting into some journalism work over here too.

I'm chilling out, listening to Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, and reading bits and pieces of everything.
Good Morning!

Hi Anna! So you were feeling happy this weekend, most excellent.

CM, your trek to Seattle also sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Well, not much has changed since last night! Just at work, so I should plug away at the paper work.

How is everyone today?

It sounds like everyone had successful weekends. Nice!

Chairman, I wonder if you saw my sister's bf's work. He does graffti in Seattle. Not sure what his tag is though.

Doodle, geez. What is up with the anarchist?

Hey Anna! Glad you had fun with your bro!

Hey Jenn! Was your lobbying to watch a movie successful? Or were you forced to listen to rock band all night? I hope the former.

Hey CH! So you've had an offer??

Hey Jami! I can't believe that pool story. Wait, yes I can. Makes me glad that I was a teenager when I was & not later.

Hey Grrrrl!

My weekend was so great. Very busy, but very fun. Went to the best Italian restaurant on Friday night w/ friends. It was SO GOOD. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Saturday the city was hosting a marathon and a half-marathon. Went down to watch b/c my sister did the half. She did great! It was really hot though for the runners. 85 degrees. Ouch. That night Mr K and I met up with my friends that were in town to run. Yesterday my mom & I hit the flea market. I got a bunch of plants for good prices. Three Knockout rose bushes, 2 hanging Boston Ferns, and 2 tall oleanders for my front yard.

Grrrl, that's actually what I meant (but it's my mom, and my nieces Nana tongue.gif). My mom just ads the 1 or 2 inch piece of stretchy fabric herself. Crafty lady, she is. Now it looks like I won't have a bike till Friday. Annoying.

Turbo, I know what you mean about finding a good pannier. They're either too damn heavy, too expensive, or they only have one basic pocket (instead of all the little ones). I don't want to buy online either because I need to see something like that in person.

Doodle, sounds intense. But I saw your confession and it seems like it went over alright with the Anarchist.

Count me in as another one who had a great weekend. Saturday morning my dad and I went to check out some bike stuff. We had to order one in and it hadn't arrived so no purchase yet. In the evening we had a birthday party for my niece. We've got some drama in the family now so it was good but there were a few tears. My cousins insane ex girlfriend is barring access of their year and a half old daughter to him. He's really heartbroken and the last time he saw her was to pick her up. Her mom grabbed her out of the car seat in his car and he said her arms were just reaching for him because he only has her on weekends. He's being smart though, collecting her emails, phone calls, and crazy messages and going through the custody process properly and basically just not speaking to her. But it's been almost a month since he's since her. Breaks my heart.

Saturday night the boy (I can't think of a good nickname still!) and I played Mario on original Nintendo and then went to his place for some HBI and sleep. Yesterday morning my brothers, my niece, the boy and I headed for brunch at our cousins. They're second cousins so we don't' see them much but they're cool people. It was good times. We hit up the museum in the afternoon because I really enjoy our museum. A lot of weed was smoked beforehand and a lot of silly pictures were taken. tongue.gif I'll have to put one in the cheez thread.
Good Evening.

You all had such good weekends!! not that I didn't, I just chilled and had very good company. smile.gif

Kari, most excellent on the plants!!!

Ketto, that is so dreadful about your cousin and his ex. Don't people think of the children? Sigh.

So, as you all know I want to get a tat, my consult is May 9th, well I've decided on what I want, and today something happened at the park to confirm what I was planning on getting done was a good idea. I want to get twin falcon's tattooed on each shoulder blade. Why two? Because I am obsessed with symmetry in nature. In that which is naturally created. Anyways, I was out for my daily constitutional with Em, and the park is still flooded, but there is this big forest-y part of the park, so we went through there and I saw this little bird in a tree. Little guy was checking me out, so I stopped and held my hand out and twice he was super close to landing on my open hand, we're talking inches from landing on my hand. It was really surreal and a really cool experience. So, I took that as a sign that it's okay for me to get the falcons tattooed on my back.

I looked up the bird as well and it was a plain tree swallow, but birds normally fly away when you come near them. it was SO cool.

So, how is everyone else?
Ketto - I'm thinking that this utility basket is probably the bag I want - I've been ogling it for a year. I also really like this other one, The Bug - it has a lot of nice features like a helmet holder and converts to a backpack, but it isn't much bigger than the one I already have, and I need to fit work clothes, jacket, lunch & groceries. I just need to measure my rack to see if I'll have foot clearance if I order the big one.

I lost the Rock Band vs Movie battle Saturday night, but that's okay. I took a bath and turned in early, since the Friday night party went til almost 2am. And turbomann and his BFF are just so adorable together, I can't deny their video geek-athon.

Kari - that's awesome that your sis ran the half-marathon. I wish I liked's so good for you, but I can't get myself to like doing it. Guess I'll have to stick to biking.

Nice going on the dance class, Anna!

CH...I am now dying to hear more about your work sitch. Just sayin'. tongue.gif

okay, okay, I am dying to tell you all the news.

I have a job offer. Still with the department, more money, out of the field, they just have to formally put things in place. The supervisor said that it will help me get the skills I need in order to get more into the policy component, the people who are in policy (as in the higher ups) really liked me. So, it's a start.

With that said, the people involved are just hammering out the details.

So, that's that.

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Oh, I totally also forgot to say I ordered my personalize license plates today!!! I'm pretty psyched.
WoooooT!!! Congratulations, CH, and well-deserved! *passes champagne around thread* I am SO happy to hear that you're on to something better at work!
Good Morning!!

Thanks Turbo! wub.gif *gulps down champagne*

Well, aside from that, there is nothing going on. Worked out this morning, now i'm at work, yesterday was pretty busy.

That is all.
Prayers answered CH. Great news. Deserved. Now off to work. Tuesdays suck. Too far from the weekend
Congratulations CH!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! When will you be starting? I'm really happy for you.

Hey Jenn! Cool basket! Yeah, I'm with you, I hate running too.

Hey Ketto! Hey Doodles! Hey Jade!

Just trucking along here. Kinda discombobulated...boss met with us earlier. I think he just meant to inform us about the ongoing events w/ our agency, but I think he succeeded in making everyone stress out. huh.gif Meeting is tomorrow. Give me your vibes, if you got 'em!

Other than that, things are good. I had a fun night last night. Went to my sister's place for my BIL's birthday dinner. Ate burgers & cake, played some air hockey, and jumped on the trampoline w/ my niece & step-nephew.


Sorry for the shouting, but....WOOT!!!!!!! Just got this. It's from the photo shoot on Sunday, outside Soulman's place. Left to right: the Anarchist, Me, and Soulman
Good Evening!

awww thanks all! wub.gif

i don't know when I start, what happens, is that my supervisor and the supervisor I'm going to have to negotiate my start date, there is some other stuff to deal with as well. But I imagine by June I should be there.

Jade, I'm so with you on tuesdays!!

Doodle, I'm lovin' the picture, you all look great!!! It's a really wonderful picture.

~*~*~*~*agency stay open vibes for Kari~*~*~*~* things have to work out for your agency. I'm sure they will.

K, I stink from working out. Must go hose off now.

SQUEEEEeeeee!!!! YAY for CH!!!!!! *passes around noisemakers and booze*'ve been waiting for this for a long time, congrats, girl!!!! WOO HOO! And very cool about the bird!!

And what a gorgeous picture of Scully and the, hot, hot!! You look like rock stars!

Kari, meetings like that suck.

Sooo, work is crazy. The bigshot refrigeration guy (I'm gonna call him Chilly Guy) and the next one down (I'm gonna call him Reefer Boy~reefer as being slang for refrigeration), were both on a special project all last week, so I was the ONLY refrigeration person on staff. For over 350 buildings, at least 30 of them dedicated to research that uses TONS of refrigeration. I've been running my butt off. So, they're back this week, and there was a meeting with a company rep with Fisher Scientific (basically they have a monopoly) and their products have been not so great lately. We're a HUGE account for them, so when we have issues, they send a company representative to answer them personally. The boss guy decided that only Chilly Guy should go to that meeting. What makes me happy is that Chilly Guy argued with the boss and said I should go, that he was getting ready to retire, and I'd be taking over. Boss didn't agree, blamed it on lack of funding, but I was happy that Chilly Guy stood up for me. It would've been nice to meet the factory rep, though.

In up news, Chilly Guy may have gotten us all a spot in a special training to become warranty certified! So if a thing breaks before the warranty we're certified to fix it! Chilly Guy already was, but Reefer Boy and I weren't. So that'll be cool. I'd like to see Asheville, NC. Any Busties live there?

We have THREE ultracolds coming in. And maybe a fourth. Yay! I love being busy, it makes the day go fast!!!
evening busties! rock on with your bad, new-so-deserved-job self ch!!! bout fucking time they recognized your value! look, you're making me all exclaim-y, i'm so excited for you! biggrin.gif i remember when i changed over from the production line to QC it took them almost a month to get everything set up, and i was like "come on, i want to get off the line and start already!" that's the hardest part about moving up, the waiting. but i'm so glad you got the job! i'm so proud of you!

treeeeee! where you been chica? well, busy at work obviously, but that's awesome about chilly guy and the certification. good luck with all that. smile.gif

sending you vibes for tomorrow, kari. hopefully the hearing goes well for you guys. *crosses fingers*

doodle, you guys look fucking awesome!

hey turbo! i like the utility basket myself; i've been meaning to add panniers to my bike for ages, and i guess now's the time to do it, now that i have a decent ride. it's about time to take it in for regular spring maintenance anyway. i kind of like the bug too, since i take my backpack with me everywhere, but something roomy that i can run down to the grocery store with would be great.

so i'm off work tomorrow for jury duty. i've gotten summoned a couple of times, but this is the first time i've actually had to go in. i don't know if i'm hoping i'll be excused or if i want to get put on something. the break from work would be nice; now, of all things, my coffee mugs are missing. i usually leave it on the counter with no problem, but when i came in yesterday, my favorite one was gone, and it wasn't in the coffee cup drawer with the other ones that had been left out. and when i put out my other one yesterday morning, it was gone by the time i left. the timing's suspicious, since liar lady and her best butt buddy lab dragon both work the am shift and leave in the early afternoon, which is when i noticed the second one missing. i've never had an issue with leaving them out before, so i shot off an email to boss lady and asked her to discreetly question both of them while i'm gone tomorrow. i hate to seem like such a whiner all the time, but i don't think that a little professional decorum, like not taking people's shit and not whispering about them across the lab like two jr. high brats, is out of order here. but other than that, work's going okay.

the momster's talking about going to monterey this weekend, and this time, this time, i'm going to talk her into renting bikes and going for a ride while we're there. we'll be doing the aquarium of course, and probably get lunch on the pier. and there's this one store we promised to take c-monkey to when we were up there with my bro and fam last time, but it was closed by the time my bro got done at the stupid baseball hat shop, so i told the momster we were going there first thing. i also need to figure out what we're doing for mother's day. i thought it would be fun to take all the girls (me, the momster, c-monkey, baby neice and sis-in-law) for pedis, but that would leave the bro out. i know he's planning on being home that weekend, and i don't know if he had any special plans for the momster or sis-in-law. maybe we can do the pedis with the girls, and he can take us all out for dinner or something. i dunno, i need to give him a call and find out.
Buenos Dias!

CH, June is not so far off! I am so happy for you. smile.gif

Hey Grrrl! Sounds like that would be a really fun time in Monterey! How far is that from where you guys live? Good luck in jury duty today. I know what you mean, sometimes a break from work is needed, even if it's not for anything fun. Can't believe someone stole your mug! Hmpf.

Hey Tree!!! Whew! It sounds like you've been mighty busy at work. I'm with you on being busy, I definitely prefer busy too. I'm glad Chilly Guy was touting your abilities to the boss. That would be awesome if you could become warranty certified! How are you enjoying your new floors? Got any pics? I want to see 'em!

Hey Doodle! That picture is indeed amazing. Really, really cool.

Well, not much up here. I work at home today. So I am just sitting here watching the Today show. tongue.gif Haven't started actually working yet. Got some good sleep last night, so I am feeling refreshed. Hoping for a productive day. The hearings on our agency are today. I am glad I'm not in the office. It was so tense 'round there yesterday. Yikes. I am just going to try to think positive thoughts.

Tree, that is really cool that Chilly Guy stood up for you, but bossman is a fuckoid...

Grrrl, wow. How junior high. How pathetic.

~*~*~*~agency stay open vibes for Kari~*~*~*

I don't have much here, but I am going to see Lewis Bleck in concert tonight, that should take my mind off how crappy things have been lately.

so i'm at jury duty, and there are at least three different high speed networks i can connect to for free, woot! i was worried they wouldn't let me bring my laptop or my palm in at all, in which case i would have been bored stupid since those are my two main sources of entertainment. but now not only can i be online, i can be online at high speeds and without draining my cellphone battery. i is a happy panda. biggrin.gif
Well, once again my iPod can't be fixed, so I get a new one! Maybe third time is a charm and it would be all fucked up in a year.
WooT for CH!! ~passes champagne and diva's truffles~ they had to see it. we see it.
grrrl..jury duty? at least you're a happy jurier. jurior. juriette??
hellos to kari and tree and doodle and all the other lovlies out there.
could not get to sleep. that surgery I did has great results... but damn I'm in pain. dr says no more pain meds, they're habit forming. uh, what about being up till 3am crying?? and then needing a pill in the am 'cause the abs are so tense, I walk all hunched over? I am usually pretty good with the pain threshold. not now. this just hurts.
that being said... anything you all know of that actually WORKS for the LESSENING OF SCARS??? I'm told to use eucerin lotion to keep the skin moist. I'm a-doin it, but I'd like these red marks to lessen and smooth out. soon.
other than that, youngest has been a major PAIN lately. he's stressed about graduating. and just got his first girlfriend (and she's so sweet!!) and there's a presentation to do so that he can graduate. but to yell at moi is just NOT the way to go.
mylove and dad have finnished their cabinet. it's a grow chamber. not for that!!! for tomatoes and peppers adn flowers. year round! his gift to me.
tootles ~jami~
((((((speedy healing for jami))))) So sorry to hear about the pain - ugh. For scars - Rosehip seed oil is great (whole foods or, Vitamin E will also work, and probably more available.

Grrrl - your weekend in Monterey sounds awesome! Biking and pedis sounds purrrrrrfect to me! I think you should drag your bro to get a pedi, too - I keep threatening turbomann with that - his feet need some serious power tools for the craggy calluses he has. blink.gif

Yep, I'm with you on the need for a BIG pannier for grocery hauling...I've got a small one and a medium one, but there's way too many times when I need something a big bigger.

Tree - sorry to hear that work has been so crazy - that's crap that you've been the only one supporting ALL the labs! But, it just proves that you are indeed, AMAZING at what you do, to handle it all. Are you still loving your new floors?

I'm getting ready for the in-law onslaught this weekend. Turbomann's dad, his brother, and dad's new "lady friend" are coming in for the weekend. This is FIL's first "lady friend" since turbomann's mom died four years ago...I hope we like her and that they're having fun together. My FIL deserves someone really great. I do wish they weren't staying in our house, as it's going to be really crowded, but we'll manage like we always do - and I've taken Monday off work to have a day to myself, and catch up around the house.

Doodle, that pic is absolutely STUNNING! You are one gorgeous looking group, and I love the energy in your position, in particular, and the adoring looks on the boys' faces. Good stuff.
okay, so i'm on a jury, and it's for the big long-running one that's going to be going for about three weeks. honestly, i thought i was going to be in and out and back at work tomorrow. a few people got excused and sent back to the jury pool room, but i was there in the courtroom all day, and at the end of it i was one of the twelve. i can't go into detail or anything of course, but it's a sexual harassment case. i'm not going to have any trouble judging things fairly, but i think if they could have gotten a look at my browser history (bust, the lounge, jezebel, bitch mag, feministing) as part of the selection process, i would have been one of the first ones off. tongue.gif again, not that it's going to stop me from rendering a fair judgment, i just thought it's funny that i of all people was put on the case. anyway, there's no court on mondays, so i'll be able to go to work then, and it's 9:30 to 4:00 everyday, so the hours are actually better than mine, lol.
anna k

Grrrl, good luck in jury duty! And I hope you have a great weekend in Monterey!

Doodle, you guys look so rock star and awesome in that picture, I love the angle of the photo to make you all look so badass and larger than life.

Congratulations, CH! I am so happy that they recognized your talents and promoted you! You deserve it, babe!

(((jami)))) I hope you feel better soon, sweetie.

Tree, that is awesome about the chilly guy and the certification! Congratulations!

Aww, kari, that night at your BIL's birthday party sounds so sweet and fun.

ketto, that's horrible about your cousin's ex. I have no words for that.

Work hasn't been too exciting. I want to propose to my boss to do a research project to help promote the museum. We have Dutch art from the 1500s coming in, so I wanted to help promote it by seeing where the Dutch embassy is, or cross-promoting with another museum devoted to NY history, or putting together a list of Dutch-related things in NY for tourists, like when I assisted on a "Chagall in New York" list to find Chagall art at the UN or a church in upstate NY. Something fun to work on and so I wouldn't feel so much like a gofer, and show some interest and initiative. Just something good.

I felt good last night in my dance class. The routine was a little confusing, but I exchanged numbers with a girl who I've had some fun conversations with, so that was cool. And I talked to my former crush. A couple of weeks ago, he had played a Busta Rhymes song on his i-Pod in the class, and I really liked it, and wanted to know the title, but forgot to ask. So after class, I went up to him, and said hi. He went, "Hi, how you doing?" I said fine, and asked him about the Busta song, and he knew what I was talking about. He said he didn't have it on his i-Pod now, but would find it and could get it to me. I said thanks and have a good night, and he went "you too." It was nice to have a casual chat, and he looks very shy and small and awkward when I see him up close, that I wonder what had intimidated me before.
Good Morning.

~*~*~*healing vibes for jami~*~*~*~ my goodness, that doesn't sound nice at all. I hope you feel better soon.

Turbo, enjoy your weekend!! I hope that FIL's new lady friend has a wonderful time and everyone gets along splendidly.

Grrrl, your weekend sounds like it's going to be great fun, and here's hoping that jury duty goes by quickly!

Anna, I think going to your boss about having some involvment with the new exhibit is a wonderful idea!!

Well, I saw Lewis Black last night and his show was hysterical!!! I just loved it. I'm so glad I went, given that yesterday was an exceptionally shitty day. Today I'm going to my EAP appointment, and this evening I am going to get some nice photo's of me and the dog taken so I have a gift for my dad on fathers day. The last pictures anyone has of me is from my high school grad. Well, one's that are appropriate to share with the family that it. smile.gif

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