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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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bwahaha moxie - that's a *great* one!!! I can't even compete, my brain is too sleepy.

But how great is it that its Friday already??!!!!

Moxie, I hope you guys have a *fabulous* weekend away, and can sleep through the night, and enjoy the theater!

PK...the date sounds like it was so much fun - and a follo-up so soon - you are on a roll!

FIL and BIL arrive this evening, and the weekend is looking easier and easier for me - they won't arrive until 10pm tonight, and I think tomorrow all the boys are going to go play paintball, which leaves me with most of the day to myself (and the baby shower), so that's really cool. Hopefully Sunday we can just do something relaxing, and then send them packing in the afternoon. ;)
Happy Friday!! to my favorite women!!

yeeha!! I'm too happy to insult -- with the mattress and ac I'm getting good sleep!! Didn't make the gym but I guess that's next week.

~*~*~late vibitty vibes for ministers to fund women's good stuff!~*~*~* too late for last night but maybe they will have a change of heart.

Yeah, poodle, I don't know if I like eating flowers, but my cool artist friend gave me a piece of violet flower flavored candy that was actually kind of cool.

I just can hear this James Thurber type weird old man from the country with thick glassess saying "Ah lahk Flars. Ah lahk to EAT them."

I have to admit I'm really impatient with gross little kid fussing and what not in public, but I also think their parents need to not drag them around too much, and I don't want to be a bad person so I do my best to remember what it was like as a little kid.

I will say I think Provincetown is still Not For Children.

It's not the gaycare -- ha ha!! I saw some very happy kids at the hotel that were kind of having a vacation with daddy and daddy's new friend -- but it's the fact that everybody walks from the hotels to the restaurants and bars -- this revolving ramble -- and shops at the fun stores that have unique stuff comparatively cheap -- a lot of hippie stuff and crafts as well as fashiionable stuff -- so you end up walking long distances no matter what, through the baking sun, spending a lot of time outdoors, in crowds, etcetera. Only one beach has a parking lot, bathhouse, lifeguards and snack bar, sometimes the surf is rough. Very few if any stores cater to children -- there's just one stringy bald-lawned run down playground way in the back of town somewhere -- the food is adult trendoid "let's have a classy dinner" or else hippie mexican -- there is one hamburger joint in town that has fancy hamburgers for SLIGHTLY cheap, no McDonalds or Burger King with bland mash like kids dig -- unless for some reason they really love hippie vegetarian food -- so I just think the five screamers I heard a day probably were driven beyond the limits of their endurance.

They probably got dragged around on a bicycle for three hours straight cause the adults wanted to do it, or I even saw one pair of parents try to make a grammar school age kid with short legs and a short bike try to keep up with them on the brain-fryingly hot dune trails -- seriously, they go through the sand and sun for mile and miles with just some sort of scrub plants, like you're in a western movie. The kid drove into a tree on purpose to try to get them to stop and go home. And then they're like, oh, you did that on purpose didn't you?

sheesh -- child abuse.

anyway -- was that long-winded enough to hold us for the weekend? I don't come on here at home anyway, till I get my lap top.

Have a good weekend yall. I told a guy I'd help set up his giant annual summer barbque party and now I'm already regretting it cause i want to do the last bit to set up our living room bar foyer entertainment area. boo. I still can but ....

As the mother of one of those annoying kids that act out in public (typical four-year-old shit) I feel that I must speak out on behalf of the parent who feel the need to have a fucking life.

Yup, it can be irritating to have us walking around in public when they decide that the world isn't exactly like they want it to be, or when they start to whine about shit they want and we won't give it to them. It can be really anger-inducing for non-child-havin' types when we have to talk to them about things that sound stupid like "No Minxlette, it is NOT okay for you to tell the lady to have a bad day. Please go back and apologize and tell her why you are apologizing." [insert stern glance and notice that the line has been held up and all of the non-breeders are pissed that she A) had the gumption to say it in the first place and now B) they are more pissed and you can feel it because you are holding up the line by making her do the right thing and now they will be late for their Law and Order fix]

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Now, I am not about to go running to the fanciest restaurant with my child any time in the future, but I will be damned if I am going to limit myself and my activities because some folks think that child-rearing is annoying. And no, I fully acknowledge that not ALL parents are doing it right...but I bet you dollars to donuts that some of those parents you see you aren't doing it right at the moment might very well be at their wit's end.

I had this incident at the grocery store the other day with Minxlette where she actually told the check-out lady the very thing I mentioned earlier. I was having a bad day, but calmly told her to apologize blahblahblah. When we were leaving, I noticed a bunch of people throwing me the crusty, so I said in my SNARKIEST, shrillest voice possible "I CAN'T BELIEVE PARENTS HAVE THE NERVE TO BRING THEIR CHILREN TO THE GROCERY STORE...DON'T YOU JUST WONDER WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!".

At least now they think I am insane instead of just a bitch who had the nerve to breed and even bigger nerve to feed it. :-)


Ya know what? Some parents are stupid. Some people should not breed, but it is our responsibility to stop looking at children as a fucking incovenience. Shit, ever wonder why teenagers feel like no one ever listens to them? Because no one does. And it is getting worse every decade. We adore youth culture and hate the youth. Where in the fuck does everyone else think they came from? Were all of these people hatched from fucking eggs or something? Did I miss a memo? Or were they all products or Donna Reed stay-at-home mom and think that's where we should stay?

WOrd, minxy. Word.

At the same time, there is a point to what whammy was saying. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that she felt kinda bad for the kiddos, being dragged about on a grown-up weekend with nothing appropriate, fun, or boredom-reducing for them. There are family vacations, and grownup vacations.

And, i HATE it when people give me looks for taking the baby around the store...she whines. She's an infant. Suck it up. The 5 minutes of your life that you saw a tired baby with her mother who needed diapers for her, such that she doesn't shit on you, will just have to be regained somewhere else. Yes, this happened to me recently, too.

ps...GOOD for you for making Minxlette apologize!
Bravo, Minxy! I've had similar experiences. And I really loved the way that you expressed what I have felt so many times.

One last thing: I know that NONE of you here are crappy people, but you have NO IDEA how much I have had to confront this issue since Minxlette was born. There is nothing worse than trying to raise a socially conscious, thoughtful, independant girl and having to face at every turn the looks and words of people who honestly think you ought not be in public, and base their opinions of children on the solitary actions of them in public. It's hard enough being a single momma, harder even to have other women look at you like an inconvenience and roll their eyes and you can HEAR the judgements.

And yes, I am tired, crabby, and sad today. :-(

Anyone wanna help me move a few boxes today or tomorrow?
pssst....whammy, for future reference, we bitch over in the childfree thread whenever you need a rant...its a safe space over there for all of our childfree, impatient selves.

Personally, its usually not the kids' whining that irritates me, but when I see bad parenting in action...and that goes back to minxy's point about some people just shouldn't have kids.

Though, when I see bad dog ownership in action...that's when I go apeshit...I have no problems teaching someone how to better handle their dog, but I would *never* approach a parent of a child with advice...its just not ok.
happy friday, you greasy ballhair infested wet used bath towel sluts!

hey minx, i love you! i fully agree with you. and good for you for making minxlette do the right thing at the store. i would MUCH prefer to see a parent teach their child a lesson than ignore it and let the kid get away with it.

mrg is just that today. i'm hurting so bad and have been since yesterday. i was supposed to help mrfj clean the house last night, but i just couldn't do it. my back was hurting and the crampy cramps came on. i found my way to the bed and just planted myself there. so how come i'm still so tired!?

we have decided to skip the art walk tonight (for the first time in over a year i think) because a) i'm tired as hell, b) it's supposed to be raining like hell, and c) we're having family over after it and i need to clean like hell tonight.

i ordered my mil a cake with a kitten on it last night. it's cute and i hope she likes it. we still haven't bought her anything. she's so hard to buy for. i need something relatively inexpensive that is thoughtful. actually, we might just go with a gift card from a book store. sort of generic, but she'd get a lot of use out of it. any other ideas?

argh. i don't want to work today either. i had my nuerologist appointment this morning so i was a little late getting to work. i stopped and got a mcdonalds mcmuffin and a coffee. funny, the coffee was lukewarm. it's usually hot enough to burn my teeth hairs.
Minx, I confess. I am one of those d-bags that gets annoyed when kids cry in public places and their parents don't rush them outside with apologetic nods to me on their way past. I know it is completely unreasonable and assholish of me to feel that way and I further appreciate that Fortune will mock me soon enough when FJ pops hers out. Your rant spoke an important truth and I will think about what you said the next time it happens.

fj, don't even think that your mrg is keeping me off you tonight. Ta-dow.
Hi, peeps (I don't really feel like insulting today)!

So this weird thing on my ear? It's either a zit or a boil inside my ear and I have to just wait it out. Great. I just wish the fucker would pop already.

The way I look at it, is that it's a compromise. Of course parents are going to take their kids to the store, and those kids are going to be kids and do what they do. A too-well-behaved child is just kind of weird, and a child who never gets into trouble is probably boring and may grow up to have no backbone. In a place like the grocery store, or Target, or the mall, people expect to see small children doing their thing. On the other hand, there are some places where children just don't belong and I fault the parent for taking them there, like really nice restaurants where there is nothing there for them, antique stores, china shops. I know my brothers and I were hell for my parents to deal with a lot of the time (and I wasn't any better than they were, probably worse at times), so my parents shouldn't be stuck with all the blame. I think it just takes some common sense.

Catsoup, are you going to that craft fair tomorrow? I think I'm going to try to make it there since I can't come into work. It might be something nice to do on a rainy day.

Yay for PK's great date!
And horny husbands, even on your period!
And vacations!
And kids, both noisy, fussy, and otherwise!
((((((((good luck with your thing, Doodle))))))))

Oy, it's going to be a long day here. Just 8 1/2 hours until I get to go home. Hrumph. At least I'm wearing cute shoes, so that cheers me up a little.
first off, (((((((get that funding vibes for doodle!!!)))))))

(((((boil popping for diva)))) eeeew, and ouch!

I'm tired, and I think I would like to go home now. sigh.
Mornin'. I can't come up with any insults either.

Diva, well at least it's nothing serious going on with the ear I guess. I hope it pops soon, sounds painful.

Have fun doodle!

PK, sounds like your date was hot.

I think it is ok to feel annoyed with kids, but not always ok to express the feeling. The only time I get really irritated is if a parent isn't parenting. Like letting the kids run wild & misbehave. I don't mean when kids are just being kids, I know you can't completely control them, but sometimes people really don't watch their kids. I try to be sympathetic, I hope I've never given a parent an irritated look when there really was nothing to be done with the child.

What are everyone's weekend plans? Turbo is having least they aren't getting in til late today Turbo. That's good. Doodle is away. What about everyone else? I am staying in tonight, might watch a movie. Tomorrow I have school, then going to dinner & a movie with a friend. Sunday...dunno yet.

ya, i was going to call you out, mrfj, about your issues with other people's kids. glad you stepped up to the plate. :-)

he does lose his patience with kids, usually it's when they're sitting behind us at a restaurant and screaming at the top of their lungs. babies are less annoying to me because that's pretty much what they do: cry. but when it's a three year old just screaming and the parents don't even TRY to do anything about it, that's when i get frustrated.

this reminds me of when i've gone to disneyworld and witnessed children having full on kicking fits on the sidewalk in front of an ice cream wagon or whatever. i mean, here they are, one of the very few lucky children that get to attend *the happiest place on earth* that day, and they're throwing a fit because they're tired or cranky from having too much fun and not getting *enough* ice cream. hehehe. :-)
This weekend is going to be fun for me. I'm dragging the giant out for dinner tonight because we forgot to defrost something again and we haven't been out for over a week. Then we might see the new Pirates of the Carribean if we're up to braving the crowds. I know I definitely want to see it at some point this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm going to that craft fair Catsoup mentioned and my gay boyfriend and I are going to see The Devil Wears Prada. We'll probably stay home on Sunday, but who knows. I'm just glad that this weekend will not involve family. We went to his mom's last week and I don't want to see his mom more than I see my own. I've got a feeling a family reunion is coming up soon at some point for my family, though, since my uncle and cousin are back from Dubai for the summer.

I think sometimes the parents with the kids throwing temper tantrums who don't do anything about it think the kid will tire themselves out. My mom did that with us a lot of the time. Yeah, there are things she could have done better. Dad was more likely to intervene.
morning!....i had something and i lost it...drat.

minx, i applaud you for telling minxlette to go back and apologize. not alot of parents do that any more, that i am have seen, and thus kids don't respect my authority...or anyones for that matter. and as for the crusty stares...well, they can go to outer mongolia for all i care.

yeah pk got a concealer works well on that...

hmm...not crazy about screaming kids...or the ones that run around trying to trip people...the ones that think that adults are giant monkey poles to be dodged inbetween.

last nite whilst hottubbing at my classmates house...the neighbor boy thought i was 21 or 22...bwahahha...silly monkey...but i'll take the compliment.

mr. gb is getting sick..not good...all congested and he's home with the jakester...hopefully not gaming online and actually sleeping...

hi mr. fj, fj, whammy, catsoup, tyger, minx, turbo, poodle, doodle, kari, pk, and anyone else i may have missed.....
hey all.

kids... i just ran to mcdonalds and there were kids being kids all over. i'm a little cranky today so they all were driving me crazy. i kept it together and didn't kick any of them in the shins or anything. some days i kind of want to do that. most days, i'm fine with kids. i'm a youth worker, so i guess i better be. :-)

diva, i don't know if i'm going to the craft fair. i was really excited about it but i'm broke and don't want to be tempted to buy something i can't afford. we'll see.

tgif. i need the weekend even though this is only the third day of work for me this week. it's a clean the apt weekend. yippee.
hmmmm -- I wasn't actually complaining about the kids, or saying their parents should keep them quiet or only hang out in chuck e. cheese. Sorry if that's how it came accross.

I was saying I get annoyed but don't -- DON'T -- ever express it to the mom or kid with even so much as a glance -- and try not to even think or feel that way -- cause I know it's tough.

I wasn't saying "how dare they take their kid to Ptown" I was just saying I think it's reasonable to realize not to drag a kid beyond reasonable limits. I know *I* would pretty much feel like whining and crying even as an adult if someone pushed me to go on a long bike ride -- that's not my thing.

And I think I'm being nice to the kid to say, hey, why should they be at all interested in fancy restaurants and cute clothing stores and long hikes over the burning sand?

That doesn't mean that the mom can't expect the kid to give in sometimes -- like "i know this is boring for you, but mommy wants to see the museum for an hour, and sometimes she does things that she doesn't want to do just so YOU can have fun."

so, moms feeling judged, apologies -- that wasn't my intention.
Sometimes kids will fuss anyway, so will adults... it was just a side reflection on my part that Ptown probably woudn't seem so magical to a little one.

i'm really looking forward to our weekend too. we didn't feel like we had one last week because mrfj was working in orlando and most of my weekend was spent driving!

tonight, it's a birthday party for his mom. his sister and wifey may or may not stay with us over night. tomorrow, i'm really hoping for another good thunderstorm that will keep us indoors cuddling for the morning. we thought about doing some yard work if the weather permits. we might mosey out to a theater also and see something. suprisingly, there are about seven movies that i want to see. that hasn't happened in a long time.
Hey babes!

Today is kind of a crusty day, isn't it?

I'm with diva on the kids thing. I've seen all of my favorite kiddos freak out in public at one point or another, so I'm cool with it as long as the parents do their job. I can't be around kids for very long periods of time though.

Hahaha!!! PK has a hickey!! I don't understand how it could happen accidentally. You'd have to actively suck on the same spot for that to happen, and that's not very romantic.

I'm looking at houses again now that I have some extra dough in my bank account these days. It's a good time to buy because the market has leveled off but interest rates are still low. Houses are staying on the market a lot longer and sellers are lowering their asking prices. I found a really cute house in NE Minneapolis that I could afford even if I didn't have a roommate.

Poooooh. My boss is back. I don't feel like talking to her or anyone else, for that matter.
Oh, and mox, the drive to/fro the cabin was 4.5 hours--not exactly infant-friendly.
i think its perfectly acceptable to express your disgust at a parents inability to parent. or not inability, but unwillingness. kids do crazy stuff but when its repeated in a place where there are adults trying to enjoy themselves, well i am all for icy, nasty stares. however, a grocery store just happens to be one of those places where you should expect children, it's preposterous to think that someone should get a babysitter just to run to the store and even worse to think that parents shouldnt have a life.

as for people thinking kids are an inconvenience, i have come across people being FAR more accomodating (read, too accomodating when they shouldnt be) to people with kids. people (mostly women)who dont have kids get FAR more crap then people who do have children. just go read the childless by choice thread to see some of the crap that people have to go thru bc they dont want to breed.

bottomline, everyone should be treated with respect, and that includes people who think its ok to give advice on parenting in a grocery store to people who bring children to innapropriate places where they are bored, misbehaving, and generally not being supervised.
Oh my god, there's a drum squad on the street that has been doing it's thing for at least an hour now. It sounds like a jackhammer. ARGGHHHH!!!! *rips hair out*

I'm usually more annoyed with adults in the grocery store than with little kids. It really pisses me off when I have to push somebody's cart out of the way because they left it in the middle of the aisle. Actually, adults are more annoying in most contexts because they should know better.

I can't stand it when a woman will get on the bus with a baby or a little kid and no one will offer them a seat. People are so rude. The other thing that gets to me is when people won't offer their seat to an older woman. I just think of my 62-yr-old mom and how she deserves a seat way more than some 25-yr-old dude. Men can stand as far as I'm concerned (unless they're elderly, of course). The male "species" is on my permanent shitlist. I realize that saying that makes me somewhat of a man-hater, but what can I say? It's true. I need to become more involved in my nephews lives so that they don't grow up to be boneheaded assholes. On that note, people are way more tolerant of little boys than little girls. Afterall...BOYS WILL BE BOYS!!!
katie, I think women get crap whether they have kids or not...and I think parents get a lot more judgement than the childfree - I can pretty much say, "I'm not planning on having children" and end the discussion...but it seems like everyone has an opinion about how you should parent a child, and it comes into play in public places probably more than it should.

So, yes, there is crap on both sides, but what we need more of is a culture that is open enough to accept all choices, and be a litte more gracious in public.

AND...why isn't it time to go home yet....its sooooo nice out!!

Poodle, I'm so excited that you're looking at houses! With your appraiser's eye, I am certain that when the time is right, you shall strike and get the perfect house!
i think maybe i get pissed at the kids bc ultimately i am pissed at the parents bc you are right pinkpoodle, they ARE the ones that should know better.

Also, I would never give any advice, just a look so they maybe realize that them allowing their children to run wild really isnt cool. and this really is referring to repeated offenders, you really cant help your childrens behavior ALL of the time anymore than you can help you friends or husband or boyfriends behavior all of the time. it is, after all, a separate human being.
Thanks, jenn. I'm actually in the market for a decent house that isn't in da ghetto! That's a first! I did some calculations factoring in property taxes and heating expenses in addition to the mortgage payments, and it looks like I could realistically afford something without being broke at the end of the month. I would still be able to buy beer, which is very important to me. Besides, what good is a house if you can't crack open a beer while chillin' in your backyard?

The house I'm most interested in has a tall wood fence around the backyard, which is perfect for my kitties. I would really like my cats to be able to play outside. It breaks my heart to see them looking out the window for long periods of time because I know how much they love being outside. It's hard to monitor them outside of my building. I want them to be able to do their "lone predator" thing for as long as they want.

We'll see what happens with the house thing. I also need a car, so I have a lot of financial stuff to figure out in the next couple months.
oh, poodle that is exciting! i hope you get into the perfect dream home! i know what you mean about letting the kitties out to play. they really do love it. abigail loves stalking things in our backyard where the ferns are really tall. she looks like a little leopard back there. but somehow, her predating always ends up with her being on the roof, unable to find a way back down. unfortunately, she got caught out in the rain on the roof last night, and because it was raining so hard, wouldn't come to the window so we didn't even know she was out there. she finally came to the window and i let her in this morning, little wet puddytat.
/ /

ugh! yes, day, please end soon!

i'm so ready to put this week behind me! i have greenage at home and will buy a nice bottle of wine or two, some breakfast goods for tomorrow and some other treats tonight on the way home. oooh, and birthday cake. yummmmmmmmm. i haven't had cack in a while.
FJ, i read your last sentence really quickly and was like did she REALLY just say she hasnt had crack in awhile?

then i opened up my eyes a little more and realized. hahahaha
well, birthday cack *is* very similar to crack you know... hehe!

all this house talk got me searching the real estate ads and i found one to drool over in my acre with its own 'pond' --its a ranch!!! in Colorado!! now if i could only get there...hmm lots more thinking to do on this one..but i can dream.

an hour and 15 min to go.....
awww...your poor kitty must've been so unhappy up there, fj!! I hope she's snuggled up in a sunny spot somewhere in your house.

Day! End! Now! ugh....its really dragging in here, that's for sure.

I have decided not to go to the gym today...I wanna go home and wash the floors, have a 'rita, and relax a little tonight before the guests arrive. And get some thai take out...yes, that sounds like a fine plan. just had to go and mention cack, didn't you?! ;)
i want birthday crack....hehehehehehe

mm....chinese food...
Awww...that's a cute puddytat story, FJ! I can't help but laugh when cats get themselves into sticky situations.

Chinese food sounds awesome. I want something involving peanuts. Mmmm....
Yeah, this day is dragging something awful. I think it was because of having Tuesday off made Wednesday feel like Monday. And putting in overtime doesn't really help that, either.

I had the most disgusting lunch ever. Blech. It was so bad I'm writing them a letter about how bad it was. I got my usual thing from the deli at Dayton's, a prepared plate with crostini, cheese, salami, candied walnuts, grapes, and a strawberry. It was like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill! I had 2 sopping napkins after I blotted off what I could from everything. Even the grapes had an oil slick on them! I ended up throwing half of it away and calling it a lost cause. That kitchen manager is getting a very stern letter from me. I guess that's what you get for being faithful to a place for several years.

Poodle's getting a house! Can you post the listing? Is it in my neighborhood?

((((((Mrs. Abigail Boots))))))

Hi, MsGoofball, KatieBelle, and everyone!
awwww, i'll be sure to give missus abigail boots a good scritchin' for ya, diva! hehe :-)

i'm leaving this hellhole, 5pm or no!!!!

you guys be safe this weekend! tata!
It's funny when they do something klutzy and when they see you looking, they stick their nose in the air and march off. "I MEANT to do that!"

Yuh huh
Bye FJ!!

I found the house on the Multiple Listing Service that we use at work, but I'll see if I can find the Realtor listing. It's on Johnson Street, so it's further east of your 'hood, but close enough. I found a house a couple blocks north of you, but it had all these "as is" addenda and truth-in-housing documents, which means it's in poor condition.
Here we go. It's small and simple, but big enough for me, the kitties, and possibly another person. The owners have done a lot of updating over the last few years. It's the best deal I could find for my price range. There's another nice house on the west side of NE, but it's larger, older, and needs a little more updating. The main drawback to that house would be the high cost of heating during those chilly Minnesota winters.
This is the other house. This house would be a lot more comfortable because of it's size. Actually, I almost like this one more than the other, because it has a larger kitchen. I'm not sure if the other place has a dining room. Anyway, I'd like to see both houses.
That's a cute house! I love the hardwood floors and deck in the back. It's so nice to have a little piece of yard. I didn't think they had anything in Nordeast, especially that neighborhood (that's in St. Anthony, right?), for that price range.

Yeah, heating a large place sucks in the winter. I still owe the gas company $400. Grrr. At least it's significantly less now that it's not winter anymore and the air conditioning is the giant's problem. I really only use the gas to cook now.

I just talked to Sam a little bit ago. He was telling me about the "identical" rabbits he saw outside that he's going to name Hansel and Gretel. And Mom told me he drew a perfect "A" on the front stoop. That's my little guy!
Awwww...Sam is so freakin' cute.

Both houses are in Nordeast, closer to the Quarry. Even still, they're pretty close to you guys. St. Anthony is further north and east of the area.
I'd love to think about buying a house, but I don't think I could handle it on my own. Kudos to anyone who can. I'm still really proud of my brother, who bought his place at 27. All the upkeep, and taxes, and all the bills that would normally be taken care of by a landlord... oy. The giant and I talked about it for a little bit a few weeks ago, and I basically said I'm not going to get in a financial committment like that without a ring on my finger, and he doesn't want to until he's done paying off his divorce settlement. So we've got a few years yet, I guess. I like renting, though, all the benefits and none of the responsibility. My parents and the rest of my family think I'm absolutely nuts, not wanting to own a home right now.
poodle - both those houses look great! I LOVE the deck on the first one, and it does look well maintained....the second looks HUGE, but would need some updating to give it the poodleness it would require.

diva....a condo is a perfect compromise between renting and owning....monthly assessments kinda suck, but then, I don't have to mow lawns, maintain common property, shovel snow, water lawns...I just write a check. But it does look like you have a gorgeous apartment in a two-flat, and that makes the renting much more pleasureable. I wouldn't go back to living above angry agnes and jackass joe in our old apartment...
Hi everybody!

*hands out cack to everyone in the thread instead of crack*

Poodle, those houses look awesome! I hope they look as good when you go visit them in person.

Catsoup, thanks for the info on the craftsaganza tomorrow - I didn't know about it and now I'm totally going to try to go. I went to the one in NE Mpls last winter too and also bought a cute hat there! I really shouldn't be spending money right now but my cousin and her family are coming to visit and I'd like to get a little non-corporate-type present for each of her two kids. They are going to be spending a LOT of time in the car traveling to various grandma houses after I see them so I want to find them something fun and small that they can play with in the car like finger puppets.

I am usually pretty tolerant of kids acting out a little in public - they are little and often can't help it, especially when they get tired.
But when a parent is acting like a complete idiot, that does make me feel rage - like people who take four and five year olds to PG-13 violent action movies or let kids fly around stores and grab at everything and do nothing about it and just chat on their cell phones.

Diva - your apt is so nice there is no reason to buy yet! Except for the partying landlords it sounds pretty ideal for you right now.

Kitties outside sound so cute! I'm imagining tiny leopards prowling through ferns. We don't dare let Sweetie outside (although she has crept out the door a couple of times on us and taken off running like she's doing a prison break and we've had to go out and round her up quick)- we are a little too close to traffic, other people and dogs going by, etc. and it would be dangerous for her. I do carry her around outside at least every other day so she can sniff the air and look around, and that seems to keep her pretty happy so she doesn't try to sneak out.

Yay! My tape is done copying so I can leave work now! Have a good weekend everybody!

Okay, when I got home, I was really excited to greet the weekend by having an ice-cold beer. So I open the frige only to find that my 3 COLD BEERS WERE GONE!!! My heart sank and then I became completely enraged. NOBODY fucks with my cold beer, dammit!! I have 6 bottles left in the box, but they're warm. Right now I'm drinking beer over ice. Now that's just wrong. If he knew that I had more beer under the sink, then why didn't he have the consideration to put a couple beers in the frige for me so they'd be cold when I got home? If he wasn't aware that I had more beer, then why would he have consumed my last 3 beers? I tried calling his cellphone so that I could yell at him, but he didn't answer and I couldn't get through to his voicemail.

My dad said he found an '88 Lincoln Town Car for me. I guess it's in immaculate condition, with 64,000 miles. Heh, he said it looks like an "old man car." I think I might have to take a lookie.

Hi marileen!!! The craft show sounds like a great place to get gifts for the kiddos. I know what you mean about buying corporatey toys. I decided to stop buying plastic junk for my nephies, so last year's Christmas gift was a lightrail ride to the park formerly known as Camp Snoopy.

Cats are really cute outdoors. Gus is very confident outdoors because of his street experience. Oscar's a big wuss and usually stays within 10 feet of me. He'll sit next to my feet instead of doing the exploration thing.
Turbo, for anyone else, a condo might sound ideal, but I'm of the opinion that if I'm going to pay a mortgage, then I don't want strangers on the other side of a wall from me. I can't see paying a mortgage for an apartment. It works for a lot of people, but it personally makes no sense to me.

Marileen, you should give me a call sometime tomorrow so we could meet up at the craft fair. Or if you don't have my number (yahoo ate yours, unfortunately), send me an email.

Damn resident boy! What kind of asshole drinks the last of the cold beer, especially when he didn't buy it? Freaking mooching jackass! I hate beer, but even I know that that's a bigtime no-no.

I think I'm finally about ready to head home. Finally.
And a Town Car would rule. You'd have to drive every time we got together then, Poodle. Uh-huh. :-) Town Cars are way cooler than Sebrings.
I thought about the condo thing for a while, but I decided that I want a yard for my fur babies. I would also like to do more sweat-equity work, which you can't do a whole lot of with condos.

My dad looked at the little house online and now he's coming over to pick me up so we can do a drive-by. :-)

The Town Car has an all-leather interior, too. The gas would be a bitch, but I don't drive a whole lot anyways.

I don't know if I can swing all this shit, but it's worth looking into. I know my parents will help me out a little, because they know that I've been in a funk for the last year-plus. I need something new to think about.
poodle - you need to read that boy the riot act!!!! BOOOOOoooo for drinking the last cold beers! On a hot friday afternoon, he is lucky if he escapes without harm!

Diva, I hear you on the condo thing...but when I move out, people will give me money for my place. ;) But, if I could afford a house here, that's surely what I would do too. Sadly, I live in crazy real estate land, so a small box in a building is what I gots. But I still love it!

Go get that badass town car poodle!

Ok, off to dinner for me before the guests arrive!
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