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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Evening!

Hey Doodle!

Turbo, what a fuckoid ™ VP is. Ugh, what a prick. I must get in on the How clean is your house and you are what oyu eat love. I also like how to look good naked. I don't watch a lot of tv, but I manage to catch that one.

Hi Diva!!!! I so know what you mean about people walking all over you at work. But good for you for keeping her in line. Enjoy your weekend.

Hi Jami, lamex is such a fuckface. I'll reply to your email soon, I've been really, really lazy about replying as of late.

Kari, thank goodness Mr. K is okay. Enjoy your evening, and I hope the bad weather improves.

I must have a soak, I went for a run, not a good idea. I'm sore, so so sore. So now I must attempt to do something about it.

Did I tell you I ordered the sheet set for my flame blanket? Which I'm totally loving. It looks great. I also added a large plant in the corner of my bedroom, and put these little dragons in the soil. It looks good. Soon it will be finished.

PR Boy is coming over, so I must go get ready.
Chairman Miaow
I'm not sure if this is some sort of "Dear Diary" thread, so forgive me if I shouldn't be posting this here:

I hope I make some friends here. I just moved hemispheres, to a city of 18,000 people from a city of well over a million people. I've been in this small town for about two months, and in that time I have taken up doing volunteer work at an animal sanctuary, read quite a few books, cooked a lot of delicious vegan food, rode my bike and investigated doing some volunteer work or freelance journalism in the state.

I can't go to school or get a paying job at this point in my residency process, and this town is so small I'm finding it really hard to meet new people. As in, I've met no one. My husband doesn't have a lot of friends he can introduce me to, and although I've tried small talk with people out and about, it has yet to eventuate into anything. We can't move to a larger town - at present it is over three hours and about fifty bucks to travel to Seattle. I've had some interview opportunities for work experience, and I love the culture and music scene of the big city, but it has almost become a point of contention in our relationship because it is so hard for us to get there. I'm becoming really homesick and depressed about living here - there is little to do other than read/surf the net at this stage.

I guess I'm just looking for somewhere to vent without upsetting my husband, as I'm becoming a bit of a broken record. I'm not really sure what I can do until we move. Any advice?
Good Morning.

Welcome chairmen miaow. you could always go to the letters of confessions threads. There's lots i of places in here to vent about all sorts of things!

So, where is everyone??

Weekend was good, Friday hung with PR Boy, sine it was good Friday (isn't any Friday a good one? smile.gif ) fuck all was opened, sooooo we just hung out here, then ended up falling asleep.

Saturday I went out with Jellybean girl, and I found some GREAT old school flamey fabric that I'm going to put in the back seat of the car so the dog can sit in style.

Yesterday, again PR Boy, went and helped him with some stuff at his place.

Today I'm off work again! So, I'm taking my car in for servicing. Not so fun, but it needs to be done for preventative work, see if anything needs to be fixed, oil change blah blah blah.

Thank goodness my supervisor is back tomorrow so I can talk to her about all this work business and see about getting out of my current position into something more stable.

How was everyone else's weekend?

I'm off to get ready.
Good morning!

Welcome, Chairman. This thread is a daily sort of thread where we all just hang & catch up. You sure are welcome to join us. Sounds like you are in a tough situation. How long do you expect you will be living where you currently live?

Hey CH! Did you & PR boy have a nice time on Friday? The weather was bad, you say? Sounds like your bedroom is coming right along! Very nice!Good luck with your car! ~~~~~vibes~~~~~~~

I had a good rest of the weekend. Saw that movie on Friday then went for some beers. Saturday was a lazy day, didn't do much during the daytime. That evening Mr K and I went to his aunt & uncle's house for dinner b/c his cousin & wife & kids were in town. Yesterday I baked a cake and made some other food in the AM. Went to my grandmother's house for a while, then my mom's house for dinner. It was a good weekend.

I am sad though b/c the 3 day weekend is over. bah.
Hey y'all! What a cold, dreary monday it is here today - bah. And a crabby day at work, so I'm glad that's over, and on to making a yummy dinner - orange braised country pork ribs. YUM.

Kari, sounds like you had a nice weekend. Mmmm.....cack! I thought about making cake yesterday - seems like an eastery thing to do, even if we're not doing anything else, but I didn't get around to it. Oh well.

We didn't do anything this was fabulous. Lots of good HBI and hanging out together. We watched "The Visitor," which was an amazing movie - highly recommend it. I made a chard & basil risotto for dinner last night, which was amazing.

CH - I hope your supervisor is more helpful in getting you a permanent position!

Welcome Chairman! Living in WA can't be all bad - I think the key is usually to WANT to be happy, wherever you are. Find something that's interesting to you to do...look around on for groups to join, volunteer, go for hikes/biking...I'd love to have a few months off not working to just take care of myself and do creative work - embrace it! I lived in a retreat community near-ish Chelan WA for a year post-college, and there's a lot of days where I would give anything to move back West. I love Chicago, but the Pacific NW will always be in my heart too.
Hello Everyone, and Happy Easter! Phew, the fucking drama life brings to your doorstep....should I even write about it? Fuck it. I'll find more appropriate threads to spew in, perhaps. I just wanted to pop by and say hello!

CM, welcome to the thread! This is a place for us to catch each other up, and share various topics of discussion, etc. It's called "Okayland," and many of us like to think it's because everything's "okay" here. And may I say, these are some of the most amazing folks on earth you could ever get to know.

Ok! I'm going to go spew or something. wink.gif

ETA: we've got a gig! We've got a gig June 5 & 6, at the rubbiest live music pub in downtown Kamloops! At least we know we'll have an audience of nine drunk old men.....
sorry for the meme, but...

I freaking LOVE my new floor! Pictures soon!
Good Morning.

Hi Kari, your weekend sounds good!

Hey Turbo! Your weekend also sounds fantabulous.

Doodle, is everything okay???

Tree!!! Post pics of your floor soon!!! I'd love to see it.

Well, went for servicing for the car yesterday and all I needed was new break pads, so that was pretty inexpensive, I do have to go back today because the tech thinks he forgot to do something, so back to the dealership it is. Tis life, I don't really mind. Anything to get out of here is fine.with.ME!

I've also called my supervisor and left her message requesting a call back, not to ambush her on her first day back, but this needs to be dealt with. And I have another short work week!!

Tonight, I'm off to help PR Boy pick out drapery for his living and dining rooms. And I think I might go out for lunch as well. We'll see what happens.
Good Morning!

Ooooh! Tree! I can't wait to see pics of your new floors!! I am so happy you like them.

Hey Doodle! ~~~~anti-drama vibes~~~~ Shoo, drama!

hey CH! Glad the car repairs weren't too expensive. Will the dealership cover the other thing that needs to be done? Picking out drapes, eh? Quite domestic! wink.gif

Hey jenn! Woot! for HBI! Similar situation here this past weekend. Verrrra nice.

Everything is good here this morning. The sun is out, don't have anything too pressing to get done today. I went to a friend's house last night to do some crisis control. She's going through a nasty divorce. 3 other gals came over too. Sigh....Poor girl. After that I came home, ate some (more) Easter chocolate & hit the hay.

anna k
Hi everyone! I haven't been reading this for a few days, so I may not catch up on everything.

You're a really good friend, kari. Your friend is lucky to have you.

Good luck with the gig, doodle!

My Easter was fine. I felt annoyed being around my dad, he's the typical Brooklyn-born, Long Island-raised Italian-American man who lives in nostalgia for old Italian New York, keeps himself blissfully ignorant of the rest of the world with a "whatever" and "they're all the same," gets loud after a few drinks, and can be a blustering pain in the ass to listen to. So I felt sick of it, but liked talking to my grandma, who is a sweetheart. And I enjoyed spending quality time with my mom, who is awesome.

I got a nice text message from this guy who I slept with a couple of weeks ago. We met on OKCupid, and he was looking for more of a sex thing, but seems to dig my personality, wanting to hang out besides having sex. When I wrote to him thanking him, I got a nice response. He said that we were a good match in "that department," that I was a really wonderful person and he liked getting to know me, and that he'd like to see me again, be it sexual or not. He wrote me a nice text during the Easter weekend, as I was out of town visiting family. He wrote, "Happy easter! Hope it is still nice where you are. Write me when you get back in town." So I may see him in a couple of weeks, just to hang out and maybe have sex. I don't have a strong attraction towards him, but I had fun and liked his company, and the sex was enjoyable.

I also got an invite to this Jezebel NYC meetup, but am debating whether or not to go. I like being social and busy, but I'm not really a drinks in the bar/lounge kinda girl, and some of the women who I've met seemed full of themselves and talking over each other to impress each other with their wit and intellect, so much that I felt like I couldn't speak. So I'll think about it.
Good Morning!!

It's a wonderful day out there, so I'm trying to keep in good spirits.

Kari, there was no cost for my second trip to the dealership. The tech who worked on my car thought he'd forgot to do something so I may have been leaking oil, but all was well. Break pads are necessary every 40,000km, which I didn't know.

Hey Anna.

so, we picked out the drapes yesterday, went with a paprika colour for the living and dining rooms. Looks great because the walls are neutral and the furniture will be dark. So, we did that. Then had some HBI in the house, excellent.

I also booked a consult for my tats! I'm soooo excited. Like super excited. I cannot wait. And I'm thinking i'm going to get more piercing done. I've had the itch for a while, plus I did so much work in such a short amount of time.

Work is work, but I'm trying to make the best of it.

*shooos the crickets out of the thread*

Very quiet in here...I think crackbook takes some of the sails out of my Busting, which is a little sad, but I love seeing y'all over there, too.

Anna, I say go to the Jezebel thing - you don't have to hang if it's not your thing, but you never know when you might meet someone interesting, just seek out some less bombastic peeps in the crowd. And the sexxing with the boy sounds lovely, indeed. Sometimes I think I missed an essential 20s experience in dating around a bit, having started dating turbomann when we were in high school...on the other hand, I chose well. smile.gif

CH - what kind of art are you going to get inked. I wish I had your bravery...I've wanted to get ink for oh....10 years, even know what I want, just too chicken-shit to commit. Ditto with the nip piercings.

Oh, and I fired the dogwalker today. WooT! Actually, I still felt bad, as the owner of the dogwalking service has been so good to us in the last 5 years....but, I don't really want the weird girl in my house anymore, and last night I got a letter from the service saying that they were raising prices from $10/walk to $14/walk....I really can't swallow a 40% increase, and especially not for a walker I don't even like. So, Sidecar referred me to her wonderful dogwalker, but she doesn't come as far north as our place, but she referred me to someone she loves in my 'hood, and I talked to her, and she seems like a good fit. She's going to drop by on Sunday, and then she'll start May 1, since I'm already paid through the end of the month with the other dog walker. So, at least that drama is done. whew.

And, I got my fancy new portable guest bed today - it's like an aerobed on stilts. Since the carports are underneath our floors, they're icy cold in the winter, and guests sleeping on our regular air mattress get very cold. Now they've got a proper bed, and won't feel the other person every time they move. It's pretty sweet, and much more comfortable than a regular aerobed. So when all the Busties meet up in Chicago, I've got a nice bed for you!
Chairman Miaow
Thanks for the advice guys biggrin.gif. I think we will be staying here until I get my residency approved...which is probably about six months. I couldn't have picked a better state to move to, it's just a lot of changes. I did find a vegan potluck group that is meeting this Sunday, so hopefully I'll meet some nice people there. It's hard to tell because it is a small group, but here goes!

Lately I've been investigating venues for a belated wedding ceremony...there were a couple of really gorgeous places and some real dives out there, I tell you! Went with the husband to go feed ducks, and am about to heat up leftover thai food because it's 4.49am and I still can't sleep yet. I need to get more active, but I'm going to go look for a bike in the next few days biggrin.gif

Jenn, yay for new dogwalkers!! No doubt, that extra increase to the walk fee would have pushed me over the edge too. That's a big jump in price!
That aerobed looks cool!

Hey Anna! I know what you mean about being in a group of people in which everone is trying to prove their hipster cred. That is frustrating. Are all the meetups like that? Glad to hear you had a good Easter.

Hey Chairman! Glad to see you! A vegan potluck group sounds cool, I am sure you'll meet some peeps through that. Potluck is Sunday? I hope you finally got some sleep! 4:49Am is late! Or early, I guess. Have you been married very long?

Things here are pretty decent today. Yesterday was stressful at work. A legislator threatened to dissolve our agency if my boss doesn't go meet with him over an ongoing issue. I hear bossman has scheduled a meeting with him though, so cross your fingers. Send me your vibes! I need my job! Other than that, let's see...I did a good exercise class yesterday & then grocery shopped & made spaghetti for dinner. Tonight I am hosting book club at my house, so I have to clean when I get home. And make some food. But it will be a good time.

How is everyone else today?
whoop a diddle! sorry!
Good Afternoon.

Turbo, on one wrist, I'm thinking of getting the plant that is my name (those of you on crackbook will know) and the other, for the art piece, I'm thinking the semi saggy clock from Dali's The Persistence of Memory. We'll see what the artist says in May. I do think you should get the piece done, or get one nipple done. Really. smile.gif It's not so bad. And very nice bed.

Hey CM! I'm sure Sunday will work out for you!!

Hey Kari! ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~ I really hope that things go well for you and you keep your job.

What else can I tell you, just the same worked out, I'm off today and tomorrow. I'm cooking right now and I've got my job interview tomorrow morning.

This weekend, PR Boy and I are going to pick up more stuff for his place, go furniture shopping. At least that's the plan, we will see.

Thanks, CH. Maybe if you come visit in Chicago, I'll have the courage to get the nips done. How's that for bribery?! wink.gif The pieces sound cool!

((((((keep the agency open for kari))))))) Yikes - that's stressful!

It's been an especially rough week around the office for me too - next Saturday is our big gala, so there's lots of extra work for everyone to do. And asshole VP is being especially vicious this week, and my supervisor is on vacation, so there's no buffer - the weekend cannot come soon enough!

The weather is finally behaving like spring here - WOOT! I got to ride my bike to work, and it's sunny, and I took turbodoggie for a nice long walk when I got home. Now I just need to go get some new spring clothes - none of my beloved skirts fit anymore, and while I love my new slenderer bod, it's hard on the wardrobe - and I don't really enjoy shopping.

Chairman - I think a potluck is an awesome way to meet people! You always have the food to talk about, if nothing else, and you can probably get some good scoop on local things of interest. And get that bike!! You're in a great state for biking, and it's such a great way to get around...but of course I'm biased on that. wink.gif
Turbo, if I come down there, if I don't have my other one done, then I'll get it done if you get one of yours done.

So, the interview is tomorrow morning...I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, I think I'm going to go rest now.

I'm going to crawl back under my rock now.
Chairman Miaow
Hey Kari, what books are you guys reading? The Boy and I have been married about a month, but we are still planning the actual ceremony (we had to get married first due to immigration constraints). It feels like we're an old married couple though biggrin.gif

I made a really good curry today, but it won't last long enough to take to a potluck (om nom nom!), so I think I'll make couscous. Or cookies. Hmmm.

Didn't go too well, CH? sad.gif At least you'll be sporting an awesome Dali everywhere you go.

I went hiking today and saw deer and ravens! I'm still amazed every time I see one.

yesterday was a disaster. I ended the interview 3 questions in. There is more, but I cannot say anything as of yet.

So, needless to say I came home after the interview and was shitty. went over to PR Boy's house and helped him out, then came home and was miserable again.

CM, where did you move from?

What's everyone else up to this weekend? Where is everyone else?

I must go complete my workout, went for a run, but must do more. I'm also meeting a friend for Indian food or lunch today.
((((((CH GOOD job getting vibes))))))

I'm sorry to hear that the interview didn't go deserve a job that you LIKE! You've put your time in with jobs that are less than ideal - it's time for something better to come along for you!

It's a deal on the piercings, CH! I do want them done...just fear the healing process.

The weather here is finally fucking gorgeous! I've already gone grocery shopping on bike this am, then made granola bars & mocha ice cream base. We're going to head down to the year-round farmer's market in a bit, and then maybe go to the Lincoln Park zoo, since it's right there...or maybe just find somewhere for lunch. Anyway, it's too nice to stay indoors. And then we're going to fire up the grill this evening and have the first burgers of the season.

Oooh, chairman - nice on the hike and wildlife. I love watching ravens - such beautiful, intelligent creatures. Having grown up in Michigan in a state park, deer don't excite me too much anymore, and growing up it was an ongoing battle to build some kind of fencing/enclosure to keep the deer away from our veggie garden - they are very persistent - and they love veggies as much as I do!
Hiya kiddos!

(((((CH))))) I'm so sorry the interview went so sucky. You ended it? How come?

turbo, boo on a crappy work week, yay for the weekend!!! Oh, I've come to appreciate it so much - you've educated me on using weekends wisely over the years!! wink.gif

Actually, I'm a bit hungover today. A musician friend of ours is moving in with his lady, and it was a good-bye to the old place party/jam. Soulman, the Anarchist and I went. I'm such a cheap drunk - I had four glasses of red wine and I was RIPPED! Oh lord. And my belly was pretty swooshy this morning. I was saved by Soulman's last little bud of weed and the hot bath he drew for me. wink.gif

Turbo!! I'm so excited that you will. So, if I have my other one done already and I come down for a visit, will you still get it done?!? I'd come with you and everything. Your weekend sounds fantastic!! As for the healing process, all I did with mine (and the place I get my stuff done has a highly trained peircer who is also a nurse on staff) was soak it in warm salt water twice a day for 10 minutes.

Hey Doodle! ~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~

Why was the interview so shitty?

Well, I knew all three people on the board. I've interviewed with the HR person on two prior occasions, the two people from the department, I worked with. One was my supervisor for an extended period of time, the third was a worker who i knew. from the get go, I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I couldn't answer the question, I knew it sucked so I ended it. Better to save face then look like a fuckoid.

Plus I hate interviewing with people I know. they know what you are capable of, so there is added stress. I'd rather go in with people I don't know at all. there isn't the added expectation or higher expectations.

anna k
CH, I'm sorry work-related things have been crummy for you. You deserve so much better than this crap.

Aww, doodle, yay for getting ripped! I only had two glasses of Guinness last night, but got pretty drunk, couldn't walk straight, and felt out of my head. But I hadn't been drunk in a long time, and was feeling moody about an old friend who snapped at me, so it helped.

The weather is gorgeous in NYC too! I am so happy spring is here.

I hope you had a great day, Turbo! That all sounds so good!

I hung out with some of the Jezebel ladies last night in a bar/lounge place, but only drank water. It was nice, and two live in my area, so that felt cool. I was there for two hours, then went home, told my brother how crappy I was feeling (I IMed with an old friend who I hadn't seen in a year and a half, told her about the fun stuff in my life, and she got irritated with me because I rambled a lot, and she called me self-involved and boring and we couldn't be friends anymore, and I felt really shitty and pissed for being such an ass), so my brother gave me some good advice, then took me out for a beer, where we watched a Mets game and I got drunk. Then later on I talked on the phone with the guy I slept with, just fun chatting, and went to sleep. Today I just worked, I'm going to a club tonight with my brother where there's all this 80's dance music that he likes, and going to take a beginner's hip-hop dance class tomorrow, to try a new instructor and have fun dancing.
Good Morning!

((CH)) Oof. I'm really sorry to hear about the interview. I know that is really disheartening. sad.gif I'm with you on interviewing with people you know. Sometimes it can be cool, but it can also be hard. I still feel confident that the right thing is going to come along for you. Though I understand how frustrating the wait is. Hang in there, gal.

Hey Chairman! Potluck is tonight? Cool. Your hike sounds amazing! So you and your man are newlyweds! What sort of time frame are you thinking for the ceremony? Books - my bookclub just finished Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I really liked the book. Everyone was so excited to see each other and talk at the last meeting that we forgot to pick our next book. smile.gif We're not that serious of a book group.

Hey Doodle! Girl, I'd be drunk after 4 glasses of wine too!

Hey Anna! Poo on your friend for being so mean on IM. Geez. She needs to chill. What a thing to say to a person. Good for you for going to the Jezebel meet up though. I know you were debating. I'm glad your brother was able to help you feel better the other night.

Hey Jenn! I am SO JEALOUS of all your ice cream making! How was the farmer's market? I thought about going today, but it's raining right now. If it slows some, I may get over there. Last year I bought some beautiful oleanders for my front yard. Want to get some more.

My weekend has been good so far. Friday I went to my sister's. Ate pizza & just hung out. Yesterday Mr K and I did tons of yard work. He mowed & weed whacked. I put lots of vegetable plants in the ground, plus 4 calla lilies in planters on the front porch & two shrubs. After all of that, we rewarded ourselves with Mexican food & a steamy HBI. smile.gif

Today I have a pretty open schedule, which I'm loving. My family is coming over for dinner, so I do have to get groceries & cook. But I'm keeping it pretty simple, so it ain't no thang....
Chairman Miaow
Sounds as if everyone has a pretty busy weekend!

TJ - It's funny what things you find amazing when you move somewhere else. As far as I know, most people consider raccoons pests here, but whenever I manage to see one I still get really excited!

Doodlebug - sounds like good times biggrin.gif

CH - I've interviewed with coworkers before and not only is it stressful and awkward, it's sooo frustrating when they ask you standard questions like "what would you do in situation X?" and you want to say "Duh! I did A, B and C for you just last week! Why are you even asking me?". I moved here from New Zealand about a month and a half ago. The population here is about 18,000 compared to the 1.2 million people in the city I lived in before, there's a lot to get used to (or rather, a lot of nothing to get used to not doing!).

Anna K - Your brother sounds awesome, people can be idiots - especially over IM/email! If your friend is that irritable then you probably don't need their friendship - from the sounds of things, you're never short of company!

Kari - I'm thinking between July - September for the ceremony, trying to angle it so that as many people can come from NZ as possible, but it's probably seven at the absolute max. I have a venue in mind but as it's a national park they won't answer the phone/their website form/their email until May, which is superstressful, but I have yet to find anywhere else I like even slightly as much. I'm not really a bridezilla (I hope!) - I've got the dress and it was less than $100, but I really think the venue is going to make or break the event. That probably sounds silly but I feel as if I will have compromised so many other parts of the event that I just get to pick this one!

Anyway, OMG potluck rant!

I went to the vegan potluck today, a bit nervous, but got talking with the seven people there: two ladies and a gentleman in their 40s/50s, a girl in her 20s and her boyfriend...and some other guy in his 20s who was an absolute tool. Without introducing himself, he demanded we all explain our motivations for being vegan, and then pulled out a sheet of paper and started reading us propaganda and statistics on resource consumption, starving children, and animal cruelty, as if he were trying to convert us (all of us were already vegan). He then tried to hand everyone PETA badges that said "MEAT IS MURDER" on them, and pamphlets on "becoming a vegetarian". He was generally very dominating, egotistical and rude, telling us how he had "founded a grassroots movement" (that consisted of him and his fiancee), and interjecting other people to quote some book or movie or website he had seen. I got up to leave (because my husband was there to pick me up), and I thanked everyone and said to keep in touch via This guy then stood up and said "No! As long as everyone has MY EMAIL ADDRESS,, I'll be able to keep everyone connected!" He then asked my name - which he had already done THREE TIMES. There were only seven people in the room and I could name every one of them - maybe if he stopped stroking his slogan-ridden-ego for a couple of seconds he'd be able to learn someone else's name. Bah!

Apart from that guy it was actually pretty okay, and I might go again next month. Thanks for letting me rant!

anna k
Kari, it sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend, very chill and relaxing.

Hi Chairman Miaow! Good luck on the wedding planning! God, that guy sounds like such a sanctimonious dick. I'm glad the rest of the people were cool, though.

My weekend was good. Worked on Saturday, and ran into an old high school pal on the subway (given that we're in NYC, this is pretty rare). We talked, and she's in an Off-Broadway show, which I'm really proud of her for (she was a big theatre girl growing up), and want to see her perform. I went to see a movie with my sister (Observe and Report, which was darkly funny) later that evening.

Sunday, I went to a beginner's hip-hop class at the Alvin Ailey center in NYC, and it was fantastic. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep up, but thanks to my dance class, my mind could remember the choreography. I talked to a girl and a guy there, feeling shy about approaching strangers but thinking, "Fuck it," and had nice conversations. The teacher was very nice and would both compliment and tease people, and did a combo of both with me for doing some dramatic dance move. I felt really happy overall, and the instructor told me afterwards how free I looked with my body, and I complimented one of the dancers, who pointed to the instructor and went, "It's all her." And the guy was I had chatted with said goodbye to me when he passed. It just all felt so natural and good, and it's amazing what a little smile and eye contact can do.

I also ran into my co-worker on the train home, which was my second chance encounter on the train that weekend. Strange, but nice.
Good Morning.

Hey Anna!

Kari, I'm so jealous of your yard work!! Things are slowly drying out here, BUT not enough to start the clean up just yet. Soon though.

CM, aside from that guy at the potluck, it sounds like you had a good time.

Well, yesterday was a BAD day, just overwhelmed, but hopefully I'll be able to share my good news soon.

And here I am at work again.

How was everyone else's weekend?

Hi, peeps!

This is one of those Mondays when I'm actually really happy to be here at work. More on that later.

Chairman, that guy sounds like a royal douchebag. I really hope someone in the group has the nerve to tell him what a dick he is. But other than that, the potluck sounds fun. And congratulation on your nuptials! My BFF had a park-style wedding in Malibu, and it's what I'd like to do once the giant and I get engaged and start planning things out.

Anna, that sucks about your "friend." That's cool about the chance meetings on the train. I envy you, living in NYC. That was my dream about 5 years ago, before I met the giant.

((((((((((((((((department don't get canned vibes for Kari)))))))))))))))))))))))
I envy your laid-back weekend of yard work and decent HBI. Mine was terrible. Do you have Mondays off now? And what was your book about? I'm trying to find non-chick-lit books that aren't really heavy reading to get into. I finished the Shopaholic series and now I need to wake my brain cells up again.

CH, sorry the interview didn't go so well. Do you still want the position? What about getting on with the cops?

Oh, and by the way, if CH goes down to Chicago, I think I'm going to go, too. smile.gif Chicago Busties rule!

Jenn, sorry about your VP. When is your gala?

At my parents' house, there's a lot of wildlife, so it doesn't faze me to see deer and the occasional woodchuck (one lived in their firewood pile for a long time) or fox. But the giant and I saw a pheasant run across a fairly major road just outside the city, which was pretty damn cool.

Oy, what a week and a half I've had! Easter was okay. My uncle is very, very sick. Sam flew his first kite, then an hour later, lost his first kite. He cried and cried, but it's not like the kid didn't get to have plenty of fun with it before he accidentally let it go. I played hookey last Tuesday because I refuse to attend all-staff meetings anymore. They're completely bullshit and totally worthless. It's weird that those meetings are considered training, and yet the other meeting we have every month, where we actually talk about our jobs with supervisors there, doesn't count. What a bunch of damn hypocrites we've got for directors.

Anyway, I had a crappy weekend. Actually, it started off pretty good on Friday when I went out for fajitas and margaritas with Poodle. That's always fun. We don't hang otu enough. But it went way downhill from there. On Saturday, I got talked into going on a shopping trip far away with a coworker because I couldn't find a good enough excuse not to go and I didn't want to make her feel bad. The woman can't drive for shit and got lost on the way to my house, so I had to find her and have her follow me home. Then we wandered around this outlet mall for hours while I watched her shop for skinny-girl clothes. Blech. Then, when we got back to my place, she wanted to follow me out of the city, since she can't figure it out for herself, so I got no time to settle. I dropped my bags off, kissed the giant goodbye, and spent the rest of the evening at the hospital with my uncle and dad's family, who I don't really much care for, because I had to notarize a Power of Attorney for my uncle. And then that lead to having to pick my aunt up at the airport from her flight in from Ireland, where she's teaching. Thank Maud my brother was with me (Sam's dad) and I got to talk to him. I really like hanging out with him now that he's not smoking meth anymore. He's back to his old self. And then I was kind enough to go visit yesterday, even though I felt mostly unwanted because my parents and aunts and uncles were there. It felt like a wasted trip.

So the story of the hospital is that my uncle is dying. He's had cancer for several years now, but he's taken a turn for the worse over the last month. At Xmas, he was able to move himself around with his walker and seemed like his old self, but at Easter, he spent much of the day in bed, and he's barely able to feed himself. I think he was going to have another round of radiation, which had been working fairly well, but then he got pneumonia, and he's basically on his way out. They're putting him in a hospice today, if they haven't already. He was actually looking a lot better yesterday than he was on Saturday, and he has this strange obsession with wanting to watch reruns of Andy Griffith, and won't watch anything else besides sitcoms and romantic comedy movies. I guess he'd rather watch stuff that takes his mind off the world.

Then, after all the hospital stuff was over, I blew up at the giant last night, and I refuse to apologize for it. It seems that I'm the "go fetch / go pay" person whenever we need to pick up anything, I always have to get it, and also pay for it. I'm really, really, really sick of it all. So I came home and told the giant that if he wants dinner, he can go pick it up himself, and it worked. All he'd been doing all day was sitting around in his PJs playing video games. I wanted someone to take care of me, dammit.

Anywhoo, I'm in a cranky-ass mood and wish I had an apartment to go to tonight with nobody else there. I really just want to be alone. The closest I can get to that is staying late at work past when most people have left. I'm looking forward to that. If I could, I'd go to B&N to spend the evening reading, but it's not feasable.

Wooo! Got my cast off today. My hand is still not properly healed but it was good enough to remove the cast. The doctor took forever to decide what to do because he said I was right in the gray area of whether or not to put it back on. I have good mobility but the bone hasn't grown back like he hoped it would. My pinky knuckle is pretty much flat but he said at this point I may not get the bone back the same way. I promised to be very careful and not use my right hand too much so I'm cast free. Another set of x-rays in 3 weeks.

I can finally get back to the gym/running and my new bike comes in this week! Yay!

CH, sucks about the shitty interview. I can't believe they way they treat people, the turnover is so unbelievable.

Anna, I love your stories about your classes. I've realized that if I want to stay sane that next winter I need to join some sort of class or team. I used to play indoor soccer (which I love!) but taking out my piercings every game is a real pain in the ass and I'm not ready to let them go yet.
(((((((diva's uncle & family)))))) I'm so sorry to hear that your Uncle is on's a hard thing to see someone you love prepare for their transition, and hard to understand some of their choices at times, but the care of hospice is such a blessing in a difficult time, and we were very glad for their help with turbomann's momma as well as the emotional support they provide in helping you understand the changes that occur.

Diva, I think you should kick the giant out for a few hours every now and again when you need it - it's only fair. I regularly send turbomann to stay with his BFF in MI for weekends so I can have some time alone, and his paintball hobby helps too, come summertime. Alone time at home is essential for me.

I just got my haircut, after growing it out to shoulder-length, and I went to a new stylist, and I think it is a FAIL. I told him I wanted to keep the length, and I came out looking like a suburban mom, a la Jon & Kate Plus 8. Oy. I might have to have this one fixed. Shit.

Chairman - wow, that guy at the potluck sounds like such a tool. I hope he won't be at the next one, or even uninvited. Sheesh. I'm glad you went though! Did anyone make anything that you wanted to cook yourself? ...That's always the best gift at a potluck, if you get new cooking ideas.

Kari - the farmer's market was cool - very small, as you might imagine - nothing's really coming out of the ground up here yet, but we got some mushrooms, grassfed dairy and some dinged up apples that will be perfect for cooking oatmeal. But the best part is that the market was inside the nature museum, so we spent some time in the butterfly haven - I love it in there. We even got a cool pic of this giant owl butterfly that landed on my helmet!

Ketto - WOOT for getting the cast off! Is it totally great to wash/scratch that arm?!
Good Evening!

((((((Diva and family))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle and I'm sorry that you're feeling shitty right now. On the bright side, I'd love to meet you!!

Ketto, woot on getting the cast taken off!!!!

Turbo, sorry to hear about the hair cut.

Well, still not much is going on, work is work it's lovely hear, I went for a walk with the pooch, then did my own cardio, also worked out this morning. So, I think I"m going to log off and go rest.
(((diva))) I'm sending positive vibes your way. It's so hard to watch a loved one go through that and feel so helpless.

Turbo, that sucks about the hair. I've only been to a hair dresser once and I was completely not impressed. It scares me to give someone else control over my hair with scissors. Now I only do it myself and I think I do a helluva better job than the stylist I saw.

Getting the cast off was awesome. It was never really itchy but my wrist was getting so stiff and I could tell. And it reeked so bad. I actually got it off and then went straight to work and I was glad I was working alone. I scrubbed it hard 5 times and it still smells. My mom told me that soap, water and stainless steal will get smells off. I was skeptical but I grabbed a spoon and rubbed it all over my palm with some soap and it helped a lot. Anyway, I'm going to go soak in a long awaited bath. tongue.gif
Good evening all! Well, good morning. I am at Soulman's. Have been trying to get song files converted and posted....Soulman disappeared to bed almost an hour ago! Anyway, we are applying to do this city event, so we had to record something - application deadline is tomorrow. EEK! The pressure! Anyway, I figured out how to use the Anarchist's recording thingie (I'm gonna get me one). It's just acoustic at the kitchen table, basically, but here are a few of the results you can listen to/download:

Scully and the Mulders at ReverbNation

Gonna Die Someday is the song I wrote with guitarboy, about a year songs seem to have cut out at the end, thanks to ReverbNation, but anyway, there it is. smile.gif

Okay, I'm-a crawl into a deliciously warm bed now, with lovely man who should also be deliciously warm by now.......
Good Morning!

Ketto, I had to get a cast off on one occasion, and my skin was so nasty and had atrophied substantially! Glad to hear that all's going well.

Hey Doodle! You all are totally great!!!!

I've got nothing going on today. It's Tuesday, and it's sunny.
(((diva and family))) I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. sad.gif And your crappy weekend. Good for you for telling the giant what's what. After the weekend you had, he should have known better. That kind of thing gets on my nerves too. Mr K will say "We really need to do _____" It leaves me feeling like "well, do it then!" Don't tell me to do it! It really chaps me. Or "we really need some more ____" Well, then go get it! Sheesh.
The book we read in book club was about a boy who lost his father on 9/11 and it's just about him coping. He finds a key in his father's closet & decides to search all of the locks in NYC to discover what the key goes to. It sounds like a downer, and I mean it's sad, but it also has a lot of humor. The kid is really kooky and interesting. I recommend it. Nah, I don't have Mondays off....I think the post you read was written on Sunday.

Hey Chairman! Man, that guy at the potluck is such a loser!! Sorry you had to endure him. But that's great that you met some other folks! Having your wedding at a national park sounds awesome! September would be a great month too. I hope a lot of folks can make it from NZ.

hey CH! Weren't you going to tell us some good news? Glad you've got some sunshine there. We do too, for a change. It's been a rainy month.

Hey ketto! YAY for getting your cast off!! smile.gif You cut your own hair? I'm impressed!

Hey Doodle!!

Hey Jenn! Was it the first farmer's market of the season? Isn't it exciting? I love spring!

Hey Anna! That's funny that you ran into 2 people you knew on the train this weekend. Your hip hop class sounds good! You've got more dancing talent that I do, I can assure you.

Things here are good today, so far. Work is quiet. So far. Bossman met with the legislator yesterday, haven't heard how it went yet. Thank you for all of your job vibes! Yesterday I just worked & hit the gym. I was so tired all afternoon, not sure why. Went to bed early. Today I am just working & then have tutoring tonight.
anna k
Yay, ketto! I'm so glad you got your cast off! That must be such a nice relief.

Diva, I'm sorry about your uncle, it's such a difficult period to watch someone decline in health. However, I liked that you mentioned him taking escape in The Andy Griffith Show. When my grandpa was on his last day, he wanted to hear Frank Sinatra, as if to "sing him out."

Boo to the bad weekend. I hope you're able to relax at some point, relieve yourself of some stress.

Kari, I think I've heard of that book.

Hi CH!

Nothing planned today. I'm going to a museum today, I need some intellectual stimulation. Sometimes I feel like I go for easy entertainment on TV and don't always read or listen to NPR or the like, and I have to remind myself not to just merely exist but learn new things in an interesting way.
Kari, I totally missed that you were reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. That's one of my favourite books. I love how Oscar says he feels like "One hundred dollars" when he's happy and that he has "heavy boots" when he's sad. I actually liked Everything Is Illuminated a lot more though. Typically I think people tend like like ELIC better. His wife, Nicole Krauss has written a book that's pretty similar to her husbands (but they both wrote their books before they met each other) called A History of Love that's really good but kind of like Jonathan Safran Foer lite.

My mom always cut our hair when we were growing up so I just sort of naturally started doing it myself when I was old enough. I gave myself some killer layers with a razor, like a lady bic razor. tongue.gif

Anna, I feel the same way about reminding myself to learn or do new things. It seems like spring is a good time of year to jump start those desires.

My hand STILL smells a bit. I took a long bath last night and a shower this morning but there's still a gross lingering smell on my palm...reminds me of the BO episode of Seinfeld. My arm is super stiff today...I guess i over used it yesterday since I was so excited to have more hand use.

For some reason I woke up at 6:45 this morning instead of 8. I'm already dragging my feet. I'm crossing my fingers that my bike comes in today or tomorrow.
(((((CH))))) love ya girl.
ketto... take it easy with the new hand and movement. and yay for not being in cast-confinement!!!
hi anna
(((diva and family)))
doodle... you are an amazing one, ya know that???
tjenn... bummer that you don't like the cut.
I just cut maybe 3-4 inches off my long hair. shoulda let the wispies stay. sigh.
it's getting warmer here. near 95 yesterday. thinking of a swamp cooler. cannot do the $600 a month power bills like last year. son did not know how to close a window, and he kept messing with the a/c controls. gonna put one of those clear boxes over the controler next week. hah.
and gonna put cameras in the house. while we were at court... dresser drawers gone thru, things missing/moved. don't like the 'who has been in here and why' feeling. even happened before we left. dunno...
judge who has been proceeding since the protection order has retired. new judge now. who knows nothing of what's happened prior. this may suck more. maybe more of a good'olboy than the last one.
ps...colored my hair this deep auburn with PURPLE. absolutely love it.
mylove is making out cabinets with my dad. woot. and they like each other. double woot.
hugs to all
Hi Okayers! It's me, PK! Remember me?

I got internet at my house today, and I'm home from work with the flu, so I thought I would get back in touch with youse guys.

I can't Bust at work, but now I can at home, and I'm in the Pacific time zone for the summer so I'm earlier than most of you. Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, so in the summer, we're Pacific, and in the winter, we're Mountain.

I haven't read the archives yet because I was so excited to say hi. I will read them after this post. I hope everyone is doing well.

I have exciting news. My birthday was on April 9, and on the 4th, I got myself a special birfday present. I adopted a wiener dog from the dachshund and small dog rescue close to Tucson. My wiener dog is 3 years old, and I named him Heinz. Or Heinzie. He's cute a heck. I have had him a little over 2 weeks, and he's lost about a pound from good dog food and good walkies. He was overweight when I got him. The vet said he could stand to lose one or two pounds.

After the first night I got Heinz, he loved me for life. I'm his favoritest. He also loves my two roommates, and he tolerates some of my friends. But he's not perfect. He seems to hate strangers, passersby, and children. He's very barky and growly, and I found out on Saturday that he bites. A woman came over to clean my house, and Heinz bit her. Then he tried to bite one of my close friends whom he has snuggled with before. Then he tried to bite the barista at my favorite coffee shop that allows dogs.

Immediately after the coffee shop incident, I went to PetSmart and got him a muzzle for public appearances. He doesn't like it, but he's much more mellow with it on. He doesn't growl, he doesn't jump, and he allows people to pet him. He even walked up to a 3-year-old girl so she could pet him. I told her to be very gentle, and she was. She also whispered to him, so was being so gentle.

So, muzzle it is until he gets comfortable with people. At first I thought it would be embarrassing to have my dog in a muzzle because I thought everyone would know he was bad, but people are actually giving me good feedback on it. They say that it shows that I'm a responsible dog owner. That makes me feel better.

Anyway, that's my big news. I feel all yucky today, so I'm in bed with my 'puter, and Heinzie's all stretched out next to me, taking a snooze. He sure is long! OK - I'm going to read some and get caught up with you guys. I sure have missed you all!
Good evening.

Kari, I still can't say what it is, and I'm still waiting for the official go ahead. It's not a pregnancy, I don't think I'd be very happy about that!

Anna, what did you end up doing today?

Ketto, did you get your bike yet?

Hey Jami! I hope the shit with lamex is just done and over already!

It's PK!!!!!!! I'm so glad to see you're back! And Heinz sounds wonderful.

So, not much is new right now. I'm a big bore. Worked out blah blah blah. Work is tolerable at the moment. I'm afraid to speak too soon though.

anna k
I hope whatever secret it is, CH, that it works out for the best.

CH, I went to an exhibit full of fashion photography, current and older, and I enjoyed it, feeling transported to a different place via the older photographs. It felt very peaceful.

I worked out too, did a kickboxing DVD that helped me get rid of some pent-up stress. I also watched The Italian Job on TV tonight, I'm a sucker for Euro-centered action movies.

That's a shame about Heinz, PK. I hope he can mellow out some more with strangers.

Ooh jami, your hair sounds great!

ketto, I agree on spring and motivitation. I just don't like to take life for granted. I hope your arm adjusts in a better way soon.
Chairman Miaow
I am grumpy. I spent over five hours picking and formatting photos for print today, to put together a portfolio for an interview I have on Saturday. When I took them to the chemist to get printed, the photo machine said 2/3 of the files were corrupt - both on the usb stick and the CD I'd brought with me! Half of the remaining files turned out grainy or distorted. Bah!

Anna, I'll tell as soon as I can.

CM, shitty about the files, can you fix it?

Not much going on here today, it's Wednesday and bleh. I want the weekend.
mornning. crummy. i have one of those spring colds that makes you tired all day, can't sleep andeverything is bleh. going thru photo albums of past road trips and that brings a smile. hope all of you have a good wednesday. come on weekend!!
Good Morning!!

PK!!!!!!! I have been thinking about you, how fortuitous that you'd pop in! WOOT! Your new pup sounds so adorable. My mom has mini wiener dogs, they are very cuddly. I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry you have the flu. sad.gif How's work? How's Heikki? Whatcha been up to, lady?! So now that you have net access at home, I hope you will be able to hang with us again!

Hey CH! Heh. Yeah, I assumed it wasn't a pregnancy! wink.gif Well, I will patiently wait til you can tell. Anything interesting going on today?

Hey Anna! The photography exhibit sounds quite compelling. Cool. And good work on the kickboxing. That definitely releases my tension & stress.

Hey Chairman! Aw man, I'm sorry about your photos. sad.gif That stinks. And after you did all that work too.

Hey Ketto! I loved Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close! I loved "shiitake" too. The kid was so original & creative. I haven't read Everything is Illuminated, but would like to.

Hi, Jami!! Your hair sounds gawgeous! I'm so sorry your stuff has been rifled through. UGH! Definitely put in some cameras. That is not cool. In good news though, your man sounds like a good one. Building cabinets with your dad? Can't beat that!

I am working @ home today. It's nice. Mr K has gone off to school so it's me & two canines. The hearing where they will decide the fate of our agency is at 10:00. I will feel better when that's over. They stream the hearings online, so I'm going to watch it. Have an ok feeling about it, but like I said, I will feel better once it's over.
Hey All!!

~*~*~*feel better vibes for jade~*~*~*

Kari, I've got fuck all. what did you find out about the fate of the agency??? Is everything okay??

Well, I am not okay, work is really, really shitty, I hate my job and it's affecting every facet of my life. I'm so unhappy. I cry. Often. and I'm getting anxiety, again. Sigh. I'm going back to EAP soon, things really, really suck right now.

So there you have it. It's out there now.

Le Frown.

Umm, things with the cop are pretty much done, which is probably for the best right now. I need to figure out what the hell is going on with me, and start the healing process before things get beyond repair. I texted him today and told him that it was pretty much done, and he replied that we'd talk. Umm, I don't want to talk, it's over and I certainly don't want to tell him about this stuff, not like he means a whole lot to me, he was a fuck. That's all.

How is everyone else??
anna k

Work is OK, not too exciting. I mostly do office duties, and alternate between being in the office and doing the admissions desk. I hate that I'm 25 and do a $10/hr job without benefits, but haven't lucked into anything better.

Today I went to another photography exhibit, this one of 1960s hippies, ran some errands, worked out, and watched a really bad movie and laughed at it. Tomorrow back to work.

Yeah, kari, the kickboxing helped. I hope there's a good outcome with the agency tomorrow.
hey all. sorry i've been absent so long. work's been kind of shitty lately, and i've just been feeling antisocial. my bro was home for easter (he's down in so-cal for the next few months for a training thing), and he and his wife invited us out to the in-laws'. i was all excited because i don't get to see the bro that often, and this was the first holiday in several years that the family was going to all be together, and i put together a fabulous easter basket for baby niece and wanted to see her face when she got it. but i didn't get to go. the person who does the overnight shift took monday off, and since sunday night is her monday, i had to stay home and nap so i could go in for her at 10:30. i was so pissed off and agitatated i only managed to drift off for a couple hours. the momster and c-monkey got back around 5:30, so i should have just gone with them, enjoyed the day, and taken my nap back at my place when we got back. they brought me back leftovers from my aunt's house and told me baby niece really liked her basket, but it just wasn't the same.

other work things irritating me, is that the other morning person, who stays til 11:30 and splits the departments with me, skipped four hours worth of hourly checks yesterday. she told me at 9:30 she was going upstairs to help out the lab dragon with some special project for boss lady, and then taking her place at 10:30 so lab dragon could take her lunch. no biggie, she does the 10:30 thing every day. except she didn't bother coming back downstairs for the rest of her shift. i took over her departments at 12:30 after i got back from lunch and saw that she hadn't been there since doing her 8:00 checks. i was absolutely livid; what the hell was she doing between 9:00 and 9:30 that she couldn't have done at least the 9:00 checks, and why wouldn't she tell me if she was going to be tied up for the rest of her shift?! but i didn't get a chance to talk to boss lady about it until after 2:00 since i was so busy on the floor. boss lady was like "omgwtfbbq?!", and i ended up having to take time out of my day that didn't have to track down product that had already been shipped across the street and elsewhere that morning. luckily nothing had be held since the stuff across the street goes through another series of checks once it's there. but boss lady said she was going to talk to her about it today, and i really wanted to be there, because this person would not hesitate to throw me under the bus and be all like "oh, no, i told her i wasn't coming back down and she needed to cover the floor, i don't know why she skipped my areas!", which would be a total bald-faced lie, but anything to keep her ass out of the sling. unfortunately, i had to stay home with c-monkey today.

c-monkey was feeling stuffy last night, and i gave her her antihistamines and made sure she blew her nose a lot, cause it just looked like her allergies were hitting her pretty hard. but she woke up feeling absolutely miserable this morning. she felt a bit warm and when i checked her throat, her glands felt kind of swollen, so i gave her some tylenol and benadryl and tucked her in my bed and called boss lady to tell her i wouldn't be in today. i felt kind of cowardly ducking out when so much shit was about to hit the fan over yesterday, cause i'd actually been thinking all day at work yesterday that i wanted to take a personal day today, but i didn't want to miss out on the chance to defend myself when it did. but the kidlet's sick, so what are you going to do? so c-monkey and i stayed home and had a quiet day. i got some laundry and housework done that's been backing up, and c-monkey spent the morning in bed reading and napping, and i made her work on a book report that's due next week. by the time afternoon rolled around, i was out of gas and needing a nap myself, so i finally relented and told c-monkey she could play her ds (she's currently obsessed with pokemon, and i've been trying to limit her to an hour a day on school days), and kicked her out of my bed so i could nap for a couple hours. all in all, a quiet, stress-free day that i desperately needed. c-monkey's feeling well enough to go back to school tomorrow, so it's back to work for me and dealing with the fall-out. i swear, if the economy wasn't so damn tight right now and i had anything even vaguely resembling emergency savings, i'd just tell everyone at work to go fuck themselves and see how well they deal without me there to pick up all their slack.

in other news, what's with all the hoochie-wear they're trying to pass off as little girls' swimwear this summer? i know most of you regular okayers are child- and thus daughter-free, and all i can say is, you lucky damn bitches. c-monkey and the momster and i have been swimsuit shopping for c-monkey for what seems like months now. we'll try stuff on in the store, buy and take it home if it looks okay, get neighbor lady's and other friends' opinion on it, find some unexpected tightness or gapping or riding up the butt cheeks when she bends over or sits cross-legged, return that round to the store, and start over again, repeat ad nauseum. the cute little bikinis and one-pieces with side cut-outs and flouncy little butt ruffles that seemed to cover plenty when she was five and had nothing to cover are taking on a whole new meaning now that c-monkey's almost ten, blond, skinny, long-legged and starting to get a little butt on her. the rental office at the momster's place, which is where we do our swimming, has, let's say, lowered their standards quite bit since the momster first moved in 15 years ago. whereas five years ago we'd say "ew, that person looks creepy, let's call security", now it's like "ew, the new neighbor's creepy, this place has sure gone downhill". i don't want some asshole looking at my kid thinking she's "old enough" in her tiny little suit. swear to maude, i'm about to throw in the towel and put her in one of these. if it's a tankini, it's got high-cut legs that are already crawling up her butt cheeks, if it's got cute little board shorts, the top barely covers her as-yet non-existent ta-tas. if it's a solid one-piece, it dips low in the back or around the chest area. i think maybe, maybe with this latest round, me might finally be done. we've got a bikini with board shorts where the top is somewhat maybe kinda borderline iffy, but it has a swim shirt that goes over it. we found a tankini that's a halter, but can be tied tight enough to cover everything, and the legs are longer on the side than just about anything else we've seen this season. and the one-piece she needs for swim lesson dips a little lower in the back than i'd like, but it's really cute and covers her chest without sacrificing her butt. so i think we're finally done. *crosses fingers, knocks on wood* anyway, y'all should thank your child-free stars, cause raising a little girl in this day and age, it's fucking scary.
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