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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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((ketto)) Oh no! So sorry to hear about your hand! I will go to the other thread to hear the story.

GT, love the pink work gear! I'm sorry to hear you are in a funk these days. (((( GT )))) Hopefully the fog will lift soon. Maybe once the weather brightens?

hey Diva! Poo on paperwork!! Are you able to wrap it all up today? Sounds like the weather there is terrible. Bah. It's not so bad here. It is overcast & grey, but not very cold & no precipitation.

The weather says is is supposed to be sunny on Saturday. I hope that holds, I want to do yard work.
thanks kari.....

that's the thing. lately it's been classic seattle spring: wet in the mornings, by 10/11 it burns off to a nice sunny (only slightly nippy) day. especially in my hood (seattle has a whole bunch of microclimates, so one part of the city can be getting inches of snow, while two, three blocks away, it isn't even raining. my hood rarely gets snow that sticks, even when the rest of the city is blanketed. the exception was the blizzard this year.) no, i'm afraid, the weather is lovely. lol... i only wish it was rainy.

i'll try to send my sun your way, but sun around here is a limited time offer, it may disappear by the time it gets to the state line..... wink.gif

It is not at all a good's snowy as fuck here again. It was getting so spriny and melty and now this tripe. CH is not impressed. Plus yesterday, I ordered a new pair of jeans from a reputable company, then decided I didn't want them, so I've tried to cancel my order, don't know if I can but have billed for the jeans already, BUT they haven't been shipped out. So now I'm bitched, so I decided to cancel my Visa and get a new one with a new number shipped out to me. I should have it by Friday it's shipping out today. So here's hoping, so now I can't buy anything! Well, I have cash but I'm the visa queen.

enough of my bitching though.

Hi Kari! Did you do anything drastic to your hair or did you just get at trim?

Diva, did you get your paper work done?

Ketto, I read your confession, now I am intrigued! smile.gif ~*~*~*soothing and healing vibes~*~*~*~

GT! I'm so glad you're in here often! ~*~*feel better~*~*~* feel happy, but I'm with you on being in a funk. The pink gear is cool. If I were in construction or needed safety gear, I'd want PURPLE!

well, I'm going to look outside and watch it be miserable. And still no news on work. Sigh.

Good Morning!

GT, I understand. I know what you mean about the weather. It feels much better when the weather matches my mood. In any case ((GT)) more hugs for you. Hang in there. smile.gif

Hey CH! I hope it works out with the jeans! How irritating! Sorry to hear about your icky weather. bah.

I did get my hair cut yesterday. Oh CH, nah, it was just a trim up. Nothing drastic. After that I met my student for tutoring. It went well, I think we were both tired though. Then I came home, ate pizza, and watched a couple episodes of In Treatment.

This AM I had my second laser hair removal appt. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it's 30% off for the month of April, so I saved some cash. Sweet. That's always welcome!

Mr K has gone to school, I'm here hanging with the dogs (work at home today). Going to attempt to get work done, but I am not the best work-at-homer. I get distracted!
Sure is quiet in here lately.
I've beeen reading but typing is a PITA so I'm jus lurking this weekend. This snow is lame.
((((((ketto's hand))))) So sorry that you busted up your hand! Ouch! I guess I'm lucky in that I've never broken any bones...done some other stupid things requiring stitches, but nothing broken.

CH, hope you get the jeans sitch worked out.

I need to do some spring clothes shopping soon...really wishing I hadn't thrown out all my smaller size clothes a couple years ago. Oh well...while it's an expense I'm not excited about, new, fun spring clothes will be nice.

All the online April fool's stuff today has been cracking me up....I think the programmers and bloggers of the world have been having a good time today.

I've gotten myself hooked on the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire series of books over the weekend...I started book 1 last Wednesday, and now I'm on Book 6 - I'm going to be so sad when they're done, but yet I can't seem to slow myself down! They're so light and fluffy, with a lot of adventure and a splash of romance...good stuff.

And now, I think it's time to take a bath, and then curl up in bed with some more vampire adventures. smile.gif
Good Morning!

The jeans situation has been sorted out, I really want them, but I have to take my car in for it's scheduled maintenance, so that's a shade more important than pants, BUT if I get my expense claim, which is around $350.00 then I'll get the jeans.

Hey Kari!

Hi ketto!! How's the hand?

Turbo, I have seen the books, heard of them but never read them. I'm trying to curb my book addiction.

Sigh, it's another grey day here with more snow expected tonight. I'd really like some sun. I mean really. this is making me so down in the dumps. But, tomorrow PR Boy gets the keys to his house! I'll be getting a tour, I'm pretty psyched for him.

Hope everyone is well.
anna k

CH, nothing wrong with having a book addiction. I've been mostly reading short stories out of having a shorter attention span, it's lazy of me. And I hope things get straightened out at work.

ketto, I hope your hand is feeling better.

This week's been alright. My arms feel sore from my Tuesday workout, and my right leg is sore from a dance move I did in my class, from doing a roundhouse kick and landing in a lowered bent leg. It felt fine when I did it, but it ached afterwards. I wrote a review of a Japanese movie called Tokyo Sonata, and have submitted it to a few online places for publication.

I also went on a sweet date with a guy from OKCupid. He had a grungy look and had worked as an actor as a kid, and we got along pretty well, hanging around my neighborhood for an hour and a half. I told him I thought he was interesting-looking, and he said I had a gorgeous smile. He sent me a text message immediately afterwards saying he had fun and wanted to hang out again. I didn't feel a strong attraction to him, but liked the conversation and felt flirty and happy and ladylike, like I was charming him. smile.gif
Yeah, my book addiction has gotten far worse since acquiring a kindle a year and a half ago...BUT, once I sunk the bucks in the device, I'm actually spending LESS on books than I did before, since the e-books are so much less, plus all the free ones out there. So, it balances out. That said, I've dumped a fair chunk on the Southern Vampire series in the last 2 weeks, and I'll likely be done with all 8 books by the end of the weekend. Ah, well - it's still pretty cheap entertainment. And once spring decides to come, I'll be back to biking, and that'll mean my 2 hours of train reading will be gone.

Anna that's great that you had a pretty good date, and thank you got a thankyou text afterwards. Boys with manners - definitely sexy. smile.gif

My co-workers and I spoke to 10 Communications seniors from Wittenberg college today about careers in non-profits...and it was really fun! A little weird to be sitting on a panel as the "experienced careerwomen," since I still feel like I was sitting in college classes just the other day...only it was 11 years ago! Yikes! I guess this really is my career, eh?

Also, I think it's really fucked up that Gov. Blagojevich is on vacay in Disneyworld while he's getting indicted in IL. That man LIVES in Disneyworld everyday, his delusions are so thick.
Good Morning!

It's Friday! yay!

Hey Jenn! My work bought a Kindle & I was the lucky one chosen to test drive it. Pretty cool. That's great that you were on a panel! I definitely know what you mean about it being kind of weird though. I still feel like a college student in a lot of ways too. Until I meet actual college students, that is.

Hey Anna! WOOT! for the good date! That's cool.

Hey CH! ~~~~~~jean vibes!~~~~~~~ I want new jeans badly. So I will live vicariously though you!

Hey Ketto!

It's an overcast, windy day here. Though they say it is not supposed to rain & should clear up overnight. I hope they are right. Want to do yard work this weekend. There were terrible thunderstorms here yesterday. Yuck. Tornado watches & the like. Once I finally got home from work, Mr K and I chilled for a bit. Then we went out for a quick dinner and saw the movie Watchmen. It was a nice night.

Good Morning.

Anna, that is really sweet of the guy to send you the text after.

Turbo, very cool about advising about working in non-profits.

Hi Kari, I'm jealous of the thunderstorms, but at least you are safe and there was no tornado's.

I decided to stay home yesterday. I'm working so far from home, I hate the commute, I have to pick up my blanket from UPS (they attempted delivery yesterday, would unsuccessfully attempt today then Monday, all when I'm at work) so I called yesterday and had them hold it. I literally have to go to the other end of the city, I think I'll have to pack a lunch just to get there!! Plus all this work stuff and cloudy weather is making me bleh.

So I'm lazing around in bed watching That '70's show.
it must be the weekend because it started with snow--but sunny now. the pup is feelling poorly, had a visit to the vet--probably ate something that is difficult to digest. he threw up in my car and he felt so bad---funny how a dog knows that i like a clean car!!

so its a lazy day. which is not a bad thing!!!

Hey Jade!

Is your puppy feeling better?

Well, not much going on here today, saw PR Boy's house yesterday, it's really great!!! Since we were both really bagged last night, we're having actual hang out time tonight. Or at least that's the plan.

also got my duvet cover, and it totally fucking rocks. I just love it so much, it looks great!! So I think I'm going to order the sheet set, too.

What's everyone else up to this weekend?
What!? This thread isn't even on the search!

*hauls thread back up to the top*

Well! Just a quick post before band practice. It's been a lovely weekend, despite me feeling a bit under the weather. Soulman and I just got back from the coffee shop. Lord...we strapped our guitars on our backs and decided to walk, as it's a beautiful day. He said (with an eye twinkle), "Feel up for an adventure?" And then took me down into a gulley, through a long drainage tunnel under the railroad tracks, and up to a five foot cement wall that had to be scaled! I didn't mind the wet feet, but I had a helluva time getting over the wall....I had to climb on the man's back! He had a much easier time than me (I failed the rope climb in gym class, too).

I can't believe I ever though he might be too old for me. I feel like a kid again when I'm with him!
"Feel up for an adventure?" Is always a good question to hear smile.gif

Goaty's getting her stitches out today! She'll be virtually omnivorous in no time.

Also, OtterMan is flying his plane up here now and he's moving back to the neighborhood. The OtterFam is going house-hunting around here smile.gif

*Healthy-Vibes for JadePup* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey Doodle!

Lore, that is really exciting about Otterman!!

It's a short work week and at this moment in time, this is all that matters.
Good Morning!

Lore, that's sweet that Otterman is moving back! I know that makes you happy. yay! And yay for no more stitches for Goatie! smile.gif

Hey CH! So glad you like your new comforter! New bedding is the bomb. I need to get a new summer comforter this year.

hey doodle! Sounds like you & soulman had a really fun day. Nice!

Hey jade! Did the snow disappear?

I had such a great weekend. Met my sister & niece out for burgers on Friday, then went to my mom's for a bit. Then Mr K and I went to see a friend's band. Saturday we did yard work, it was so relaxing b/c the weather was excellent. That night I shopped a bit - got some new shoes & some gifts for my sister's birthday. Yesterday I watched my niece for about half the day. She joined me at brunch & then helped me bake a carrot cake. Mr K's parents & grandmother came over for dinner last night, which was nice. All in all, pretty perfect weekend.

Yes! It is a short week!! WOOT!
So, I heard from HR about the job I had the interview for. And I did not get the position.

I still have the interview on Wednesday, but I'm beginning to think me getting out of my current job is utterly hopeless.


Those rat fink bastads. Want me to thwap em?
((((((CH))))))) I think a major thwapping is in order! I'm so sorry to hear the lousy job news. We'll just have to send you even more vibes for your interview this week.

Lore - that is *fantastic* news that Otterman is moving back to where you are - WOOT! I know even when life seems a bit bumpy, having good friends nearby is a serious balm.

Doodle, I love your adventuring to get to the cafe! I definitely would've needed a boost in climbing too - I never could climb the rope in gym class, either, and my upper body still isn't very strong.

We had a nice weekend too - out for burgers and sangria with a friend on Friday night, *awesome* brunch with the Chitown busties on Saturday, then turbomann was hosting a Rockband party in the afternoon/evening. Yesterday, my bff came over for brunch and hung out for awhile...I really miss working with her everyday, and she's not an online person, so it's hard to keep up sometimes.

And, tonight I shall be cheering on my Spartans in the NCAA Bball finals! WOOT! Go Green!
You all are so great.


Tree, hee, rat fink, that made me feel better.

Turbo, I am so jealous of your chitown meet up. BUT I don't know if you've been following the confessions thread, I'm thinking of taking a trip down in fall!

Thanks for the vibes, too. I think maybe this just wasn't meant to be. Perhaps all this crud is character building. With that said, a friend of mine is going to forward me some info on career counseling. I think that's the best thing I can do right now. I'm all over the map with what I want to do. So, I'm trying to take it in stride.

Well, I stink to high heaven as I just went for a hella hard run, so now I'm off to hose off.

I guess I killed it.
Good Morning.

((((CH))))) I know it looks bleak, but I believe you WILL find something you like better than your current job. I know it stinks b/c you have to slog through so much BS and rejection to get there, but it will happen. You won't be stuck in your job forever. I know that feeling, so I understand your pain. Keep that chin up, lady. Career counseling sounds like a good idea. At least that will help you to explore.
~~~~~~~positive interview vibes for Wednesday!!!!~~~~~~~~~

Hey Jenn! Did you watch the game last night? I was sad for Michigan. Your weekend sound just perfect!

Things are good here today. It's cold again. Winter's back it seems. But only for a few days. I am just working today, then have tutoring tonight. Our agency has its budget hearing today. I have my fingers crossed. I think it will go off ok. It would have last time, but this one dude on the committee was being a jerk. If he's not on the committee today, all should be well. I hope.

I had a nice evening last night. Did a power sculpting class, then went home & ate pizza & watched the basketball game. Hit the bed a bit later than I would have liked, but that's par for the course.

I did apply for three new positions today, as well.

We'll see.
jobby vibes for CH! When's your interview??? I'll set an alarm on my phone and bunker down and seriously vibe at the moment! And keep me posted when you're going to Chi-town...I'll make a special trip down for a Bustie Gathering!

I'm home today until noon, because I took it off! My new flooring arrived's going to be f*cking GORGEOUS!! Yay! It has to sit here for a week until it gets installed to acclimate to my particular humidity/temperature level.

And, I bought an antique pop machine over the's purty. In pretty good shape, too. Here's a link.

(((okayers))) nothing else new going on here...
Tree, my interview is at 8:45 CST.

Bright and early.

I saw the pics of your coke machine on cracbook, I'm totally loving it!!!
CH, that sucks. sad.gif Good luck tomorrow! I feel like everyone I know in my age bracket (23-28ish) is kind of stuck on what to do next. I don't know if i want to go back to school, travel, buy a place, rent a place...I'm putting off thinking about it till fall.

Doodle, that sounds like fun. My kind of adventure. Last fall me and my boy found and explored some really cool bike runs and ramps hidden in the trees in a park.

Tree, I'm jealous of your new machine.

Yesterday I went to get the temp cast removed and a snazzy purple one put on. This one is much more restrictive and the guy made the cast too thick at the base of my ring and pinky fingers (which are cast, but the middle, pointer, and thumb aren't). It was digging into my middle finger like you wouldn't believe. I woke p at 7 and spent half hour filing it down. So much better now.

I'm sad because the doctor said no to running at the gym because the cast will get too sweaty and could cause a rash or infection under. My bike was stolen a few weeks ago and I don't have my new one yet so I can't even go for a ride instead. I'm gonna try some outdoor running to see if i can stay cool enough with the cast on. But here's my probable new hybrid bike!!!!

CH, that sucks. sad.gif Good luck tomorrow! I feel like everyone I know in my age bracket (23-28ish) is kind of stuck on what to do next. I don't know if i want to go back to school, travel, buy a place, rent a place...I'm putting off thinking about it till fall.

Doodle, that sounds like fun. My kind of adventure. Last fall me and my boy found and explored some really cool bike runs and ramps hidden in the trees in a park.

Tree, I'm jealous of your new machine.

Yesterday I went to get the temp cast removed and a snazzy purple one put on. This one is much more restrictive and the guy made the cast too thick at the base of my ring and pinky fingers (which are cast, but the middle, pointer, and thumb aren't). It was digging into my middle finger like you wouldn't believe. I woke p at 7 and spent half hour filing it down. So much better now.

I'm sad because the doctor said no to running at the gym because the cast will get too sweaty and could cause a rash or infection under. My bike was stolen a few weeks ago and I don't have my new one yet so I can't even go for a ride instead. I'm gonna try some outdoor running to see if i can stay cool enough with the cast on. But here's my probable new hybrid bike!!!!
Hey all - quick drive-by.....I came into post in Letters....another rant about Soulman's ex.....GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! She fucking pisses me off.


~*~*~*~*~jobbity-job vibes for CH~*~*~*~*~

Don't despair, girl! I was starting to despair of ever getting on here at Lotteries, but it finally happened. You're gonna be fine!

Let's see, quick update.....?

Band practice Sunday evening, that was lovely. I wound up staying over at Soulman's Sunday night and coming right to work Monday morning....oh the cat guilt! Monday was ordinary, but beautiful weather. Oh, I did use the gym here at work for the first time - that was cool. I dig free weights a lot. Spent the evening on the phone, first with Doodlemama, then Soulman, then the Anarchist. Soulman and I are getting together after work today. smile.gif

I am landscaping my desk. Tee hee! I bought a reddish-purple African violet on the 1st day of spring, as I really NEEDED some GREEN!!!!!!! Then when I stopped smoking - well, the smoking area is right outside my window, and it started driving me nuts, so I absconded with a spider plant in a trough, from elsewhere in the Lotteries building, and put it in my window. wink.gif Then I bought a third little guy - a white/green variegated peperomia with pink-edged leaves - and put it on my desk. My window is the corner, which is great, but one side faces east and one faces south, and I figure it's going to be really bright come summer, so I plan to have the corner filled up with plants by then. Heh heh.

Anyway, time for me to get back to work. Three more hours and I'll be slipping into Soulman's chariot. wub.gif
Oooh, doodle, I'm jealous of your windows and plants! Our terrible cube farm is 100% gray, and I can't even see a window if I stand's truly the worst thing about this job - really hard to do creative work in a dead space.

Yay for Tree's flooring! I can't wait to see the piccies of the finished floors with your cool coke machine in position!

CH - that would be AWESOME if you came down to Chicago - and tree too....we would have to plan a most excellent weekend!! And I'm sure we can find homes to stash any busties in who want to join in the fun!

Good luck with the cast, ketto - and that bike is real purty!

My brother got laid off today...again. I feel bad for him, but I know he's as prepared as he can be. His company went bankrupt a year and a half ago and he was laid off then...and then he got called back after a couple weeks when the company got purchased...and then the company ran aground again in November, but he was one of 30 people retained as a skeleton crew to run the company, and now it's well and truly dead. He has an excellent reputation in his field (aerospace propulsion design), and has many job offers, but none where he lives, and he'd like to stay in CO if possible. I hope he finds something soon - he really loves it out there.

(((((jobbity job vibes for all who need 'em)))))

Ketto, sucks about running and stuff, but I LOVE The bike. It is so great!!!!

Doodle, I too am jealous of your greenery, I don't have a desk to call my own...le sigh. BUT I did put a plant in the corner of my bedroom. You're right about work, too. I'm so glad that things are going well for you and I read your letter.

Hi Turbo! Once I know what's going on with work, I'll for sure come down. I just need to get my passport photo taken and have someone I know sign off saying yes this is me.

So, the river is rising, took loads of pictures, The water is half way up the garbage can, and normally, the river is much, much farther away.

This one here is a shot farther away, the river is back from the tree line.

this is the path along the pond.

Now, note in this picture in the centre, you'll see the top of a shack,

this picture is of the same shack, taken April 2, so five days prior.
Ch you are a survivor. good things will come.

spring again--must be mid week. good walks with dog, got the bike out and slept with the windows open!!!!

did not put the snow shovel away. last year on april 8 it was a blizzard with -30 temps that killed alot of trees and it always snows on easter.

otherwise spring is in the air, young couples are walking and lots of people are getting laid!!!!!!
I don't want the job I interviewed for. It's only an 18 month term and I need something long term, plus because I'm not permanent I can't take a secondment.

Fuck all of this.


Hey Jade!
CH. You should be placed in charge of running the world. I am concentraying on a new job for you. We all admire your keen mind and spirit
Me! I wanna go to Chicago, too! biggrin.gif

CH, those pics are amazing, I was just showing them to Soulman. Can't believe the snow!

Heya, everyone else! How are you all tonight?

Yeah, I'm loving having a nice big window at work. I foresee big things in plantscaping the corner. Also, I used the gym again today. It's pretty cool to work there, despite the whole "corporate" thing and the corporate politics. At least it's a Crown corporation though! (That means "owned by the state," for you Yanks. wink.gif) People still get stressed about the work, but honestly, after working in a women's centre? Nobody's going to die because a lottery subscription doesn't get processed right away!

Anyway, I've got to run....time to get home to my own bed. AHHHHHH, a long weekend is about to arrive!!

Good Morning!

It's Thursday, thank goodness, because short work week! And pay day, and I have extra cash in my account because of my expense claim. Now if only I could have my new Visa, today.

Doodle, this year wasn't even too bad with snow. but it's melting. The problem is not only is the river already high, the flood way gates have been raised, BUT there are also killer ice jams. info.

Hey Jade, thank you for you words. smile.gif

I'm so tired today, but I've taken Thursday and Friday of next week off. So I have Monday off, at work Tuesday and Wednesday then off. So it'll be really short. I've offered my services to help PR Boy move, as he'll be fully in next week.

Good Morning.

CH, I am sorry to hear you're not interested in the job you interviewed for. BAH! ~~~~~~~continued vibes~~~~~~~ I'm glad you have some time off coming up though. Even if it will be spent moving PR boy.

Doodle, your plantscaping sounds good! Plants warm up a space so much.

Hey jade!

hey Ketto! Oof, sorry to hear about you not being able to run b/c of your wrist. That never would have occurred to me, though it makes sense, with the cast & all. Your new bike is killer though!!

Things are good here this AM. Worked at home yesterday, it was much needed. AND we are off tomorrow for Good Friday and Easter weekend. Boy am I looking forward to having 3 days off. I'm kinda burned out lately. Last night I made some delicious chili & some guacamole. Mr k had to study, so I watched Monster's Ball. I hadn't seen it, but taped it a while back off of HBO. I thought it was a pretty good movie.

Hoping for a quiet work day today.
Hi all - quickly popping in, less time than usual today as there are only 2 of us, but I'm alone in the office for a moment, so I wanted to say hello to my lovely, lovely Okayers!

Ooh! And also to tell you that long rant I wrote to the ex-Mrs. Soulman in Letters? Soulman gave me permission to send it. (I never asked if I could; he suggested it - in fact I argued that I didn't want to make things more difficult for him.) So I sent it yesterday at lunch!! Now she is being totally silent. This is a good thing, but I can't help but wonder what she's cooking up.

I am looking at my lovely little plants right now and wishing I could share my landscaped little corner desk with you all.....we could jobshare, maybe? wink.gif

Okay, got to run! Lottery subscriptions to be vouchered. I haven't even taken a break today - this is my first one. Oh, but I got my first Lotteries paycheque today.....woot!!!! I'm gonna be clearing $2500 CAD a month, after deductions.....which isn't huge money, but it's NICE money, and it's more money than I made to run the fucking women's centre...............I can start getting my debts cleared now!
Good Afternoon!!

Hi Kari! How was your day?

Heya Doodle, that's most excellent coin you are making!

So, in other news, I took the afternoon off, and I got a call from HR. I have another job interview next Friday!!! This one I am actually interested in so I'm totally going to research it see what it entails. We shall see what happens.

Oh, and more pics;

Here we have a pic of a garbage can (to indicate water levels! It's not art...) taken on Tuesday;

and here we have the same garbage can taken yesterday;
"It's not art...."


Yikes, CH - stay dry up there! That's a lot of water!

Doodle, of COURSE you're welcome to come on down to Chicago, anytime!! We'd love to have you! And congrats on the first paycheck - and WOOT for paying down debt!!

Kari, I'm jealous of your long weekend! It's been a crazy busy week at work, and I'd love to have tomorrow off, but at least I expect it to be a semi-quiet day, since a lot of people will be off.

Oh, and get this, asshole VP called me into his office the other day and asked me to design his kid's graduation announcement on my lunch hours this week. WTF?? We're not even socially friendly at work, I've never met his kid, or even seen a picture. And it's not like I could say no, as unethical and inappropriate as it is. He's a grudge holder, and he'd punish me for months, if I said no. So, I spent 3 hours doing that last night - I'd rather do it at home than give up my lunch hours - my brain needs a rest in the middle of the day.

I actually don't have any plans for the weekend, which sounds pretty great to me. I need to get some serious miles in biking - I've got a 50 mile ride coming up in 3 weeks, and I haven't been out in 3 weeks.

CH - I'm glad you'll be interviewing for something you actually WANT next week - I have no doubt that you will make a permanent position happen.

CH...huzzah on the new interview. ~~~vibes~~~
hey doodle.
Hi TJenn. that VP... I'm sure the ladies here can think of a better name than asshole. omg. what a situation.
greetings kari.

I'm heading back home after being in Idaho for the past week... lamex took me to court. blamed me for things (of course) that I did not do nor was I supposed to do. but blaming me. prob is that the judge was actually listening. lamex wants me to pay him $110,000 and go to jail.
have had a cold for the past week. almost rid of it, but now it's back with a vengance. prob some stress making it worse, of course.
clouds and cold, rain and snow here. flowers blooming back in CA. we can't wait to get back.
recovering from surgery nicely. still have stomach muscle cramps - ow. but much better, thank you.

hugs to you all
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Jami! I hope you don't actually have to pay Lamex all that money. What a lousy little man. It's great that you have lovely CA to go home to, and that lovely boyfriend.

Doodle, congrats on getting hired on! Work sucks, but a consistent paycheck is a pretty damn great thing. I'm going to read your rant in the letters thread when I'm done posting.

Hi, Jenn! Wow, what an assclown your VP is! Why would he expect someone to do this for him? I wonder what he'd do if you sent him an invoice for this, since it was your unpaid time that was taken up with this project. I've been reading your blog - that chocolate ice cream, hell, all your ice creams, look divine. Makes me want to check out my ice cream maker and see how it works. I've only had it for more than 3 years and have yet to take it out of the box.

Hi, CH! Good luck with your interview next week! I really hope you get something permanent very quickly. You deserve it. Those pictures are insane!

Hey, Kari! You're so lucky, getting Good Friday off. We get no time here for the Easter holiday, but that's okay, since it's overtly religious. How's Mr. K doing with school? And how's your tutoring student doing?

Hellos to everyone else!

Today is Poodle's birfday. She's 30! I doubt she'll post, but I just thought y'all might want to know.

Not much going on with me. We're doing the family thing this weekend, tomorrow at the giant's brother's house, Sunday at my grandpa's place. It actually works out very conveniently, especially since my parents will have Sam for Easter and we can do our traditional annual egg hunt. He's so excited! He begged me yesterday to come up and see him, and he wants me to spend Saturday night up there, but I won't. I really miss him. Over the past couple days, we've talked on the phone for nearly 2 hours. He's quite the conversationalist when he wants to be. We talked at length about Star Wars and all the giant's SW collectibles, and about penguins and other birds that can't fly (he still doesn't believe me), toy cars, and everything under the sun. I can't wait to spend some time with him. He was talking about how some animals have a lot of blubber. Then he said "grandma has a lot of blubber, too, but she feels so good. She's soft and kind." I don't think I've ever heard a sweeter way of calling someone fat, he just said what was in his heart.

Work is pretty boring. I actually completely ran out of stuff to do the other day, so I got 50 of someone's cases dumped on me, at least half of which I won't be able to do a damn thing with. I had a walk-in from hell yestrday. Pardon my language, but this was the most ghetto-ass woman I've ever seen. She comes in cracking her gum really, really loud (we could seriously hear it 15 feet away) and bitched about giving up any info I asked for. It got so bad I actually had to yell at her, which I never do, but it does the trick. If you back down to these people, they walk all over you. And the funny thing was that this was all for a case that wasn't even mine, but the worker was home that day, so I got to cover it. Blech. At least it makes for a good story and bitch session.

Anywhoo, time for me to grab a black bean fajita for lunch. Lent is done tomorrow! Yay! I've been perfect about observing it this time around, too. I know I'm an atheist, but there's something about Lent that resonates with me. Maybe it's the Catholic guilt I grew up with .
Jami - wow, lamex really needs to get a grip on reality....I am SO sorry that you're still dealing with that fuckchop. But, I'm glad that you have the lovely BF to share your life with as a perfect illustration that you made the RIGHT decision in leaving that asshat.

Yeah, the VP thing sucks, but on the other hand, I scored major points by doing it, and he told me to take the afternoon off, and I'll take that happily as compensation. So now, I can sit here and watch that stud Gordon Ramsay cook delicious things. He is tasty. And, I'm spending the afternoon doing laundry, which I've put off all week, so that's a good thing too.

Thanks for the blog props, Diva. I'm making up some blueberry frozen yogurt this afternoon...yum. And truly, you must get that ice cream maker out and give it a try - it's so easy, and SO much better than store bought. That chocolate ice cream - seriously, the best chocolate ice cream I've ever eaten. Wow.

!*!*!*!*!*!*Happy 30th Birfday, Poodle!*!*!*!*!*!*

I do wish poodle would stop by now and then, I do meece her!

Sam is definitely the cutiest-cutie pie ever - "soft and kind" - WOW. I hope he never loses that sweetness.

Well, time to turn the laundry over...
TJenn.... how can I find your blog? funny thing when I was reading what Diva was saying, I was thinking ..mmmm icecream. and my machine has been in the box for 4 years!! hahaha
Diva... birds that don't fly... emu, ostrich, kiwi. (BF and I have these games and this was one of them, naming the flightless birds)
happy b-day Poodle!
Can't go to CA for another day. the roads are closed. seriously. never heard of that till I moved here.
hello to all
Jami, Jenn's blog is It's really, really good. What I like about it is how realistic it is, she doesn't do it to show off what a Marthaesque gourmet she is, just really good food you can actually make yourself.

Jenn, which of his shows do you watch during the day? My favorite of his is Kitchen Nightmares, because he gets to show what an actually kind and decent person he is, even if he does yell and swear. Hell's Kitchen is good, but it so glaringly obvious that it's a FOX reality show, and no better. I noticed that he also has another on on BBC America either right before or right after How Clean Is Your House, but I've never watched it.

I need to put my laundry away. A couple weeks ago, I washed a ton of laundry, and it's still all folded up in my basket or on hangers on my bedroom doorknob, or flung over the backs of chairs to dry.

Thanks for posting my blog, Diva. Yeah, I'm not much for pretension, and I don't spend much time fussing over pics, as much as I'd like better photos, I want to EAT! I'll never win any prizes for my blog, my storytelling isn't as good as the Orangettes and Glutenfreegirls of the world, but I love sharing what I'm cooking, and it's such a thrill to hear that friends gave one of my recipes a try. AND, it gives me something to talk about with my mom...which I need - seriously, my 'rents need some hobbies/interests.

I watch all of Gordon's shows on BBC America - Kitchen Nightmares (both UK and US versions), and his other show, The F Word, which is even more sweet than Nightmares. He turns his kitchen over to amateurs and teaches them to make some of his dishes, then he has a competition with a celebrity and they each cook their version of a dish, and the restaurant patrons decide who's is best. And there's segments at his home with his adorable kids, and they raise pigs, lambs, and turkeys in their back yard, and he teaches the kids about where food comes from, and then at the end of the season they eat their animals. It's a pretty good show. I also love "How Clean is Your House" and "You Are What You Eat" - they make me feel like a paragon of health and cleanliness! tongue.gif

Good Afternoon!!

Jenn, I'm glad you got something for doing that special favor for the VP. Sheesh! And I also love your blog, I look at it often. It's always great! I really want to get an ice cream maker. What kind do you have? I've told myself I will not go through another summer w/o one.

Hey DIVA! Good to see you, gal. That's great that you get to have an egg hunt with Sam! smile.gif OMG, the blubber comment is hilarious. My niece does that sort of thing too. They never mean it in a bad way. My sister is always lamenting the things my niece pops up with. Mr K is doing well in school, for the most part. He met with his advisor the other day & he said he was on track. He has to retake a couple of courses this summer. He wants better grades in them. Organic chem I and calculus. Ugh. But, he should be able to do well in them now I think. He's working hard, I gotta give him props.

Hey JAMI! Poo on Lamex!! What a douche. On a happy topic, how is your man? And your boys? I didn't know you had surgery. ~~~~recovery vibes~~~~~ I am glad to hear you're healing up well. That's good.

Hey CH! YAY on another interview! And for a job you want!! SWEET. Those water pictures are nutz!

Hey Doodles! I haven't read your letter, but now that it is the mail, I am def going to!

It's been a nutty day here, weather wise. There were several tornadoes & Mr K drove basically through one. ! They let them out of school early b/c the sirens were going off. The school is about 30 miles from our house. Anyhoo, he called me to see what the weather report said, and at that time there was not a tornado where he was. It was moving fast, though. He called me back like 10 mins later and said he was looking at a huge tornado. OMG. I was very nervous. He made it home though, thank goodness. I just saw on the news that the tornado killed 2 people in the city where his school is. sad.gif sad.gif I hate tornado season.

Now he is at work. I am at home, but meeting 2 friends at 7 to see I Love You, Man. Looking forward to it.
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