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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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morning everyone. i've been reading along, so i'm all caught up, but posting, i just have no words. this week at work has been nothing but drama with my archnemisis, whom i have been stuck working with all week because i'm taking the night shift person's place. like going to the big boss, write out a statement, security was involved drama. this person has been bullying and intimidating since i started here, and everyone knows about it but chalks it up to pms or whatever and talks about it, but doesn't do anything. well, new boss i think is going to be doing something. i don't know what yet, but hopefully this person is going to finally get it through their head that this is not acceptable workplace behavior. i'm kind of worried actually, because this person has a serious anger management problem, and no qualms about going after people she thinks wronged her. a friend of hers got fired recently because someone told hr she was working under a bad social security number, and she ended up making trouble for the whistle blower. so i'm really watching my back, making sure i'm doing exactly what i'm supposed to be doing and trying to give her nothing to hit back at me with. but i just can't work with this person and ignore her terrorizing and intimidating everyone around her anymore.

on the other hand, it's been absolutely beautiful here this week, and i've been enjoying it. i don't get to ride my bike to work as often as i like, because the earliest time c-monkey can be dropped off at school doesn't give me enough time to get to work, so i end up riding in with the momster in the car. but since i'm starting late in the afternoon while the regular late shift person is gone, and c-monkey's with the momster, i've got time to ride around a bit before going it, and i've been taking advantage of it. it's even been pretty warm in the evenings, so i don't have to worry about hauling my heavy jacket for the ride there or back. i think the cold wet part of the year is over, but i'm going to give it a couple weeks to make sure before i take the bike in and get all my spring maintenance done.

anyway, gotta get going. my bro and sis-in-law are over with the baby, and we're playing the wii. and i'm loving the fact that i'm totally kicking the bro's ass at baseball, since that's "his game". biggrin.gif
Grrrl, your coworker sounds fucking insane, but I'm so glad that you are taking the appropriate action and going through the right channels.

~*~*~*~*work improvement vibes~*~*~*~*~*

So, how is everyone?

PR boy loved his gifts, we hung out for a bit and I'm hoping he'll come over after his dinner.

I feel like having some vodka, it's nice out, and I have premium liquor!!! Mmm grey goosey!!!!!
anna k
CH, I'm glad PR Boy loved his gifts, you definetly put work into them!

I'm glad you had a good photoshoot, ketto. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I went to a sex toy party tonight, and it was a lot of fun. I went with some women from my gym class, and we drank wine, ate chocolate, and made cheeky jokes about the toys being demonstrated. I asked a question about stimulating the perineum during oral sex (I got the idea from you, CH!), and the instructor was helpful. She also seemed impressed that I knew that the clitoris and penis had the same erectile tissue. Hey, I do research! We also tried pheromone scents, and two women told me I had a sweet vanilla-like scent. It just felt good to be girlie for a night and a little silly and fun.
Ohhh! Turbomann sighting! *waves*

Turbo, I'm so sorry you are so sick. Soulman is down, too. It's awful, ain't it? I was telling the boys about your neti pot last night, and they were grossed out....but have no problems shooting chemicals like Otravin up their noses???? wink.gif

Hello also to everyone else! Soulman is in the bath; I've got a quick chance to post before we head on out for lunch and more music-making.

I appreciate your thoughts on the band sitch...I've been ruminating myself. And speaking of that, we....ahem....tried on a new drummer last night. Well, we met him at a jam, and liked the fit right away. Yeah, it's true, it looks like we're going to have to replace Superman to move forward. It's mainly about his commitment to band time and practicing, which is not so great. This new guy - he's a pro and it just clicked right away - plus, he sings harmonies too! We sound like a really awesome band now! I think even the Anarchist woke up to that reality last night. And I'm really excited about it all again, because now that the guitar is off the table, the possibilities are just opening right up to the material we can choose. Even Soulman just said, "I get to play guitar like Bonnie Raitt!"

Speaking of Soulman, I just took the first phone call from the ex-wife. I've been after him for a couple of weeks now to let me answer, and a couple of his buddies have supported that, so this morning, I said, "Oh, let me answer it." And he handed me the phone. OMFG, she is AWFUL. She asked for Soulson, I said he wasn't home and asked if I could take a message. She asked if it was me, and I said yes. Then she asked for Soulman. I said he wasn't available. She just snapped. "Not available." "That's right." "Not. Available." "Yes." Pause. In a raised voice: "Let me tell you one thing. I want stay away from my son! He's a minor! I have a say!" Me: "I think that's up to Soulson." "No it's not! He's a minor! I've looked into it! I have a say!" Me: "He's SEVENTEEN years old." "That's right, he's a minor! I've looked into it!" Me: "And what does the law say?" "It says I have a say!" "Really." "Really! And let me tell you one more thing! Don't you ever, EVER tell me that the father of my children is not available.....(pause) stupid bitch!" And then she hung up.

I was shaking. Soulman got all concerned, but I said I always shook during confrontation. Which is true. But honestly! Now I have some inkling of what he's been dealing with. He says she'll have something to say about it. I said it was hard to get through a wall. He finally laughed and said maybe a few times of getting me on the other end would put an end to it, but he is also getting serious about getting a peace bond or a no contact order. Phew! I'm going to document the conversation for such a thing....well, hey, I guess I just did! Hurray for BUST!

I gotta get dressed....
Doodle, GOOD FOR YOU for talking to the psycho-ex!!! I know it probably had its own toll on you, but I think it's fucking fantastic for her to get the message directly that Soulman has moved on, and deserves every bit of happiness in the world, and that does NOT include her abuse.

Woot for the new drummer!! I can't wait to hear some tracks from the new grouping!

Yeah, this spring cold is really something else. I'm feeling half-way decent today, though my head is still full of cotton, and my ears are still blocked. I'm hoping I'll shake it tomorrow. I haven't even ventured to the neti pot this week - my nose is so blocked, it's of no use at the moment. Oh well. Had to do laundry this morning...not because I was out of undies, but because I was out of hankies!! I've gone through 35 hankies this week - eeeek! But, my nose is much happier to have flannel hankies than kleenex, that's for sure!

CH- I'm so glad PR boy appreciated his gifties! If he didn't, he'd have the pink mafia on his ass! Your embroidery is most excellent.

Anna - sounds like the toy party was an excellent time!

I've been dabbling back in the kitchen a bit this weekend, so I know I'm getting better. I had a chuck roast in the freezer, so I gave it the achiote marinade treatment that I used on a pork shoulder a couple weeks ago, so we'll have some tasty tacos for dinner shortly, with some black beans. And hopefully some good leftovers for the week ahead.

Good Morning.

Hey Anna! The party sounds fun.

Doodle, good for you for not backing down with Soulman's psycho ex. What a woman, since when is it okay to be abusive? Not okay with that at all. But fun with a new drummer!!!

Hi Turbo! I do hope you feel better soon, you've been sick for a while.

Monday, and I'm back at work. On the other end of the city. For a month. I could really use some get the job vibes for this other position! Please!!! I need to get out of this place so badly. Sigh. If I can't get out of my position by being placed at another office on a permanent basis, I will get a doctors note stating that for my health I need to stop floating. In all reality, my mental health is suffering from floating around. I've really had it.


I hope everyone is well! It's rainy here, but I don't mind too much! At least it's not snowy!!!! And in four days I'll be out for fine dining with Pr Boy to celebrate his birfday and buying of his first house. So, that will keep me sane. For a time.

new job vibes, and powers of esp for ch.

doodle--it all makes you stronger.

maybe too much weekend fun. i think i will have a slow day at work to recover!!!!
Oooh Jade!! What did you do this weekend!!?!?! smile.gif

I've applied for another job with our department, I think if I whore myself out with enough resumes internally something should happen right!?!?

it's sooooo boring here!!!!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((job vibes for CH))))))))

Doodle, good on you for dealing with the ex. Fortunately, the giant's ex is in New York, and I think they've spoken on the phone exactly once in the last several years, not that I even care if he talks to her or not. They only ever emailed each other when his payments were due, which are no more, so no more of her. She still thinks the giant was cheating on her with me, even though I didn't even meet him until 2 months after they divorced.

((((((((((anti-cold vibes for Jenn)))))))))))

That's right... she signed the papers and it's all over (except for car payments through the summer)! Woot!

Unfortunately, there was no time to celebrate over the weekend. I left work early on Friday to buy a new outfit for the funeral (also got a bunch of other clothes, some of which will be returned), then we went straight to the giant's mom's after that for dinner. Up early on Saturday morning for the funeral, lots of driving back and forth between people's houses, didn't get home until nearly midnight since the giant's brother had a BBQ at his place after it was all finished. Then yesterday, we hosted a dinner party for 8 of us (the giant and me, his mom, his cousin, and his brother's family of 4 + baby). I have barely had a minute to breathe since Friday at 1:00. It's actually been nice to sit here at work all day, just doing my own thing and not running around anywhere.

I've got to go get yet another tire fixed after work, and this one I know is still under warranty. I swear, Broadway Avenue fucks up my tires. This is the second tire issue I've had in 6 weeks. I got a flat on my way to work on Thursday, so I pulled over and popped the donut tire on, and it's been there ever since. I haven't found much time to get it replaced.

The funeral was kind of eh. No family members spoke, the body was cremated, so no visitation, and we did a weird thing at the cemetery that was like a burial, but not, since nothing got burried. It was weird. The pastor/minister/whatever Lutherans call it wasn't very good, and I was fairly offended by the way he referred to non-believers. It made me really, really not want a religious figure anywhere near me when I die. I didn't cry too much, except for when her husband came into the room with the family, then looked around for his wife, only to remember a moment later that she's dead. It was absolutely wrenching.

Anywhoo, the dinner party was good. The giant cleaned the whole house, and I made roasted pork tenderloin with cherry sauce, roasted red potatoes and onions, lemon butter asparagus, fruit salad, and a couple pitchers of sangria. I had made a cake, but I couldn't get it out of the fancy mold, so I ended up buying an apple pie and ice cream for everyone. All the food was absolutely delicious. And I even made $110 in jewelry/purse sales between the giant's cousin and SIL, which comes kind of close to paying for all the groceries. That was pretty awesome, and completely unexpected.

(((((get that job vibes for CH & Doodle & anybustie in need))))

Diva, I'm glad you made it through the weekend - and you are a saintly woman for cooking dinner for everyone after such an arduous weekend! Sounds like you made an amazing feast, too! I love tenderloin with dried cherry/wine sauce. Yum. So perfect. We had pasta with a pork ragu tonight...soooo delicious.

I'm slowly on the mend here - not quite at 100% yet, but hopefully tomorrow. I've got lots of lovely drainage goin' on right now. I'm very thankful for all my flannel hankies, so at least my nose isn't shredded from kleenex.

Oh, and I've decided my new favorite website is - it's a pretty cool way to organize your finances and set budgets and stuff...what can I say, I love any organizational task. </dork>

Diva, that is a really bust weekend, bonus on selling some of your products though! I'm sure the family really appreciates everything you've done for them.

Hey Turbo!! Glad to hear that you are starting to feel a lot better.

Well, it's rainy, crappy here. Not exactly what we need, the Red River is set to do some serious flooding, again. This year. It's what happens when you live in a flood plain. Some communities are already being evacuated or calling states of emergency. Won't be as bad as The Flood of '97. The park I frequent with the dog is completely surrounded by the Red River, so available walking space will be very limited. Hee, yesterday the water was so deep in one place that I actually had to carry her. It was rather cute.

Aside from that, same old in the evening.

Hope everyone is well!!

ETA: So I was fucking around on boing boing, and it linked to this amazing photgraphy. Thought you all would enjoy.
the red river floods again!!! and who would think that flat land, desert like country would be in flood jeopardy.

lived through Monday. rested! maybe i could find a way to have friday and monday off--but then tuesdays would be hell.

(((((((job for ch)))))))

I have another job interview. Which is good because today I found out that someone who has been with the department less fucking time than I have was made permanent.

i've been term for two fucking years, he's been term for like 1 year at the most and gets mother fucking permanent.

I just feel numb on the inside. I am so fucking angry.
(((((ch))))) vibes for your next interview

Ugh, it's crappy miserable here, it's snowy and shit, BUT I did get my income tax refund, paid of my visa had lots left over, ordered a blanket from sin in linen and got a raise at work.

But to rub salt in the wound about the person made permanent, he is a friend of mine and he's not even finished his degree yet. That's right folks, I have a degere, more experience, blah blah blah and i am term. The good old boys club here still exists. Even better, my supervisor is on leave, so I'm calling in some other people for advice.

Enough about that though.

So, this is the duvet/blanket I ordered. It'll be fun as I also have the throw skully, and it was on sale AND it was 20% off of that (thank you email promos!!!).

and I do have the fancy dinner to look forward to on Saturday.

How is everyone else.

K, I'm calming down and such, feeling a bit better. I should have worked out yesterday, but was too miserable to do so. Have to give the body a rest sometimes.

Sorry, this is so me me me.
we feel/share your pain. its good to rant. better than going postal. maye if you wear a penis to work they may get the idea. love the flames, that is so fun.

hoping for an afternoon snuggle--the plans are in motion!!!
Total drive-by............I just got offered the job at Lotteries this morning! And I said yes. Details to follow!!!!
Yay, doodle!!!!
anna k
Awesome, doodle!!!! I am so happy for you!
Congratulations Doodle!!!!!! WOOHOO!
Goooooood Morning!

Been busy all week and haven't had time to bust! bah!

(((CH))) That BLOWS about the job! UGH! But, in good news, I'm so happy you have another interview.

On the other side of the coin....CONGRATS DOODLE!!~~~~~~ That's wonderful!!

CH, I like the blanket you ordered! Very cool.

Hi Jenn, Anna, jade, Lore, Tree, Gt, Grrrl, and anyone I've missed!

Things here are good. Can't believe it's already Thursday, the week has gone by quickly. I spent the early part of the week convincing myself I had a serious health condition b/c my foot has been tingling for 5-6 days now. But then I talked to my chiropractor yesterday & she said based on my symptoms, it's probably an inflamation of the nerves in the foot. Feel better about it now. But it sure is annoying. Hope it goes away soon. Anyhoo...other than that, I've just been working & doing the usual stuff. Had 2 good workouts so far this week. Sore today. Mr K and I are going to see a movie tonight, which will be nice. He's been studying so much we haven't gone out together in a while.

What's everyone got cooking for the weekend?
anna k
CH, that is some serious bullshit. You deserve better.

I hope your foot feels better, Kari.

This weekend I'll find some artsy interesting things to do, I don't have any social things planned like I did the past few weekends.

I'm working on something for Associated Content. I had a review published there that I wrote about the French film Read My Lips, and on that site you can either upload your work for free, or submit it for publication and payment. I did that, and it got accepted! So it doesn't pay a lot, but it's nice to see that someone accepted my work. They have an open call for 90's music reviews, and I'm writing about Janet Jackson's 1993 album. It was a great mix of jazz and hip-hop and R&B, and I've put together some notes, and I want to write something good. I just want to be creative and get back into my work.

I felt down yesterday. I've had a couple of good conversations with my dance crush, but he seems indifferent to me, so it kind of made me feel bad. I felt like I was having a lot of luck with guys these past few months, so I felt brought down. I went home and watched Lethal Weapon to cheer me up, and messaged some guys on OKCupid, to contiue dating and feeling confident and fun.
(((((CH))))) Sorry I missed that yesterday - that totally fucking sux, dude.

Not much time, got to go real quick. Had a VERY bad day this morning. Somehow forgot about a 7:30 AM meeting and remembered at 7:25, sponging foundation on my face. Made it there by 8, and my bosses didn't really care, but *I* felt so stupid (esp. the day after getting the job!), I somehow convinced myself I was stupid ALL MORNING, and thus had a hard time learning all the new stuff I'm supposed to be learning. Just before lunch, a customer on the phone lectured me for being "disrespectful".....usually people start yammering their subscription numbers at us immediately, so we all seem to tell the customers the exact same words: "Hang on, hang on, it's easier to search by your last name" - yeah, apparently saying "hang on" is what made me disrespectful. So I dashed off into the bathroom so no one would see my eyes filling, and I got myself under control.

Then at lunch I took off straight for Soulman's workplace and just said, "I'm having a bad day, I need a hug." (I got many hugs.) And came back and pretended it was a whole new day.

Now I gotta run - he's coming to pick me up, he knew I needed him today.......
(((((((((((((CH)))))))))))))))) i'm SO sorry to hear about the job. it is really unfair. sad.gif
that's poop.

but........ boobies!
Happy Friday!!!

It's Friday!!!

Thank you for all the well wishes, I still have yet to hear on the job I interviewed for two and half weeks ago and have the upcoming interview in April. There is still hope. I'm trying not to let things get to me, and I am feeling a bit better.

Doodle, I'm sorry to hear about your crappy day, don't worry about it. Some people are going to be jerks and I've had some people say some pretty miserable things to me. Such as; "be careful walking to your car tonight"; "CH, you're a stupied bitch cunt of a whore"; "I'm not finished with you yet", all sorts of things. I know it sucks though. BUT I'm also very happy that you've got Soulman to hug you when you are feeling down.

Hi Kari!!! I was wondering where you were!

Hi Jade!!! How are things on your end?

Anna, when is your review due?

Hi Polly, Star and GT!

Blah, I want to be in bed, I took a tea last night to help me sleep, and it works, but I feel so dopey and shit this morning. Good thing I'm just at work!! smile.gif

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
Hi CH!!!

Hooray for the weekend - not a moment too soon. This week really dragged by in my cold-induced haze. I'm still feeling slightly crappy, but not too bad. I've sent turbomann away to play with his BFF this weekend, so that I can have a quiet weekend to rest. And the only plan I have for the weekend is brunch with my BFF on Sunday...a totally unprorammed weekend feels soooo good.

(((((get the job vibes for CH)))))

Any clue as to when you'll hear about the job you already interviewed for? Waiting is the worst.

And, I kicked off the weekend by making a small batch of lemon macaroons. So yummy. They will not likely survive the night. heh.
Good Afternoon!

Turbo, no idea when I'll hear, if I hear at all. Alas. At least I have employment. Things will work out in the long run. I do hope you feel better soon! ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

So tonight PR Boy and I are heading out for dinner. Should be good times all around.

Today's not such a bad day, it's nice out, I worked out and I am soooo sore. But tis the nature of things. I do have pics of how high the river is here, I just need to load them. I'll post them later.

How is everyone else's weekend? How is everyone?

Oh and in other news, I saw this tree at the park. Seriously, this tree has a vagina. anyways, it made me laugh.
i hear the river may be receding--hope so.

heat it up tonight ch----but dont let the water rise too much!!!lol

hope everyone is having a good weekend---took the dog snowshoeing----had a nap and hopefully a romp later!!!
Good Morning.

I don't know if the water is receding, it sure isn't here. It's still rather high and has yet to crest, but all will be well here.

Had a GREAT evening last night. The dinner was amazing, and well worth the money spent. PR Boy and I then went to visit a friend of mine at work, and her b/f was there, so we all chatted. Then we came back here and had some amazing HBI, I'll spare the details, but it was like the stars aligned last night and this morning. Holy. CRAP.

So, now here I am, lazing around, have to get ready to do the regular Sunday grocery shopping. and this Friday coming up PR Boy takes possession of his house!!

How has everyone else's weekend been?
In no particular order:

CONGRATS, Doodle! smile.gif I'm glad your employment situation is stabalizing in ways you want them too, and that you're getting due props for your work. Bummer about the bad morning, but your support network rocks! smile.gif

Conversely, bummer, Culture! sad.gif I sure hope they come up with some sort of compensation for that fuckery. (Oh, and I loved the wave photos, and the flamin' Duvet rawks!)

*paw-healin' vibes for Kari*
Maybe soak your toes in a jaccuzi? If you know any way of finaggling toe-access to one, you can always bust out the 'For Health Reasons' excuse card.

Bummer about DanceCrush, AnnaK. Maybe you can likker him up and slap him "Hey! Pay attention!" (Would've worked on me.) Other than that, I'm blank for advice. Just want you to know that you're a more motivated extrovert than I am, for sure!

Hey Jade! Snow-shoeing with a dog sounds like an awesome time! smile.gif The weather has been so crappy-rainy here that any free time has been boring, plus I'm nursing a Goaty who can't eat solids. Her swelling from her gum graft went down, but she's still in pain, and the absorbable stitches are falling out in an uneven way so that it feels like she constantly has a spider rolling around on her tongue. So, yeah, snow-shoeing with a dog sounds like escapist hevan about now. Glad you're having fun smile.gif

GT, yes... bOObies! smile.gif

Diva, CONGRATS on the Giant-ex removal!

Grrly, I hope that bully-bitch gets swatted down good. Glad you're leading the resistance. You RAWK!

Heeeya Poly, Tree, & Stargazer!
Good morning! Hiya turbo, CH, lore, kari, stargazer, GT, jade, anna, polly, tree, diva, and any lurkerbees!

CH, I have been thinking of you, listening to the river reports on the CBC....

turbo, you've had that thing for awhile, hey? Soulman has been low with some flu/cold thingie too. It's quite a yucky way to bring in Spring!

Spring. Bah! It's been taking it's sweet time. It feels like spring now....but really EARLY spring! Annoying. However, Soulman has been prompted into spring cleaning/purging. I believe I will be assisting after breakfast. Good. He needs to make room for my shit, eventually. wink.gif

I feel like everything's finally coming together: job sitch, band sitch, relationship sitch......ahhhhh.

Also, today is Day 2 of not smoking.......Soulman says I'm doing "smashingly well." smile.gif

Anyway! Will try to come in a bit later. I doubt I'll be going anywhere - we have band practice tonight, with our new drummer! Very exciting.
*feel-better vibes for Turbo & SoulMan*

Oh, and Turbo! I totally meant to post that I tried both your risotto recipe and your Irish Cream recipe. Both were tasty, but the Irish Cream (made with half&half per your suggestion was especially a hit! biggrin.gif The risotto went very well with some lime juice squeezed onto it. You are teh awesome!
lore, i have been wanting to go skateboarding.... i thought for sure today was gonna be rainy otherwise i would have pm'd you.... are you still down for sk8n'?

ok, i have to share because this is the funniest tats i have seen in a long time.... she calls it an "interactive tramp stamp." i can only add, "TILT!" scroll down a bit to the backless pic...(although the other cosplay pics are a riot)

ttyl, you dirty, pervy vaginal tree humpers!
Good Morning!!

Monday again. Ack!

Jenn, were you able to rest up this weekend? The lemon macaroons sound so delicious! Yum.

hey GT! I don't understand the interactive tramp stamp? blink.gif I am sure it's something obvious that I am just not getting. Maybe it's too early in the day. It's good to see you, in any case!

Hey CH! Glad you had a good dinner with PR boy! Did he buy a house? Exciting! Where did you all eat dinner this weekend? Yeah, any idea when you'll know about the job?

Hey Lore! Ouch! Give goatie a hug. That sounds painful. Did she have some mouth surgery? Thanks for your toe tips! My foot is feeling much better this week.

Hey Jade! I agree, the snow shoeing does sound fun! Nice. What area do you live in?

Hey Doodle! GO YOU! On quitting the smokes! YOU CAN DO IT!! How was practice w/ the new drummer yesterday?

I had a nice weekend. Took a friend out for dinner on Friday for her birthday. It was fun, but it hurt my wallet. Friend is going through nasty divorce, so it was tworth it though. Saturday I did nothing during the day, kicked around the house. That evening Mr K and I met my friend & her bf for Mexican food, beers, and a movie. Yesterday I cleaned the house. It needed it badly. Also, yesterday was the one year anniversary of the death of a brother of a friend, so they had little get together last night. That about wraps up the weekend. It was nice.

This week is not too busy for me, thank goodness. What about everyone else?
Good Morning!!!!

Hi Lore!! How is Goatie feeling?? ~*~*~*heeling vibes for goatie~*~*~*~* I'll have to post pics of the duvet when I get it. I'm still in the market for a new bed but I have some things to do first.

Doodle, that is most excellent that you are quitting smoking!!!! ~*~*~*~quit smoking vibes~*~*~*~ and ~*~*~*healing vibes for soulman~*~*~*~ how did your first practice with the new drummer go?

geeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! come back and play!!

Hey Kari, glad to hear thaat your footie is on the mend. PR Boy bought a house about a month ago, and possession is this Friday, so I'll be getting a tour this weekend. sorry to hear about your friends divorce.

I don't have much new going on, my second ipod has crapped out so I have to take it in, see if it can be fixed and if it isn't, I should get a new one for free. It's such a piss off, I've had this one less than a year. I know it's not my laptop or itunes because my nano works just fine. Sigh.

And I'm tired today.

Have a great day everyone!!
ch--if apple doesnt spring for a new one(spring--get it?) try ipodresque--fast overnight repair come one sun!!! how about some global warming. ready for bicycle season.

hope you all have a good monday
If apple can't fix, I do get a new one from the place I bought it. I bought a two year extended warranty from this place. If it isn't fixable I get a new one, no questions asked.
kari, she has pinball flippers on her lower back.... you have to think kind of dirty. (goddamnit, no way around it.), imagine (*sigh* i don't know why, but i'm sooooo blushing). imagine you are a boy, and you are standing behind her, (like you were going to fuck ) she is bent over at the waist, as if she was a pinball machine. she even has buttons on the side of her hips....

hi deets!

hi everybody!
Hi, peeps!

CH, that job situation sucks donkey balls! I know you posted about it awhile ago, but I haven't been posting much lately. I hope something good comes up for you very quite soon.

I've had my iPod for over 3 years now, since the giant's and my first Xmas together (actually, I think it was a birfday gift, but it's hard to remember because my birfday is the same week as Xmas), and have never had a problem with it. I don't use it every day, but it gets a fair amount of banging up in my purse. Hmmm.

(((((((((Doodle quit smoking vibes))))))))))) I did it about 3.5 years ago. It is possible. Are you using anything like Nicorette to help?

Hi, Kari, Lore, Jenn, and all!

I had a lovely boring weekend. We went out for fish with my brother on Friday and grocery shopping on Saturday, but otherwise we stayed home the whole time and did pretty much nothing. After the weekend before last, though, we really needed some chill out alone time. We slept soooo much and just lazed around the whole time, exactly as we wanted to. Other than doing 4 loads of laundry last night, it was a wonderfully unproductive weekend.
Good Afternoon.

GT, that is too funny!!! I like the idea of that tattoo!!

Hey Diva! Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxing.

So, more on the work stuff, I found I'm not the only one who was overlooked in terms of permanency. There are other people who have been here a while and didn't get permanent while people for a short time did. It's interesting to say the least. I'll write more later.

Hiya all....just quickly dropping by while my co-worker is out of the office.....not much time! *sigh*

Smoking - I am going cold turkey, believe it or not. This is the 4th time I've quit.....last time I used the patch and quit for 7 years. But I don't feel like the physical symptoms are hugely awful, so far. The psychological symptoms - well, I am able to recognize them and beat them down with mental fists. I'm surprised at the lack of serious withdrawal so far, as I was up to 2 packs a day. Maybe it will worsen. But then, I'm in a lot different frame of mind than the last times I quit, so maybe that's making a difference. PLUS I told EVERYBODY I was stopping, because I knew I needed people policing me. wink.gif (This is a small community - it's not like I could walk downtown at lunch smoking a cig and get away with it.)

Anyway, I may have found a substitute - a 50 gram pack of cinnamon hearts is only 20 cents here at Lotteries!

We didn't get to jam with our new drummer yesterday after all, as he did a benefit gig out of town on the weekend and was exhausted and blistered. So we're gonna try again for Tuesday. Soulman and I are going to take down Superman's drum kit b/c I don't feel right about new drummie participating in that - that's going to be weird, but even harder is that we still have to TELL Superman. (He's in Yellowknife till April 3rd - it's like having an affair, honestly.....)

Anyhoo, I don't have time for any more than this! I'm officially a BC Lotteries employee today, I've gotta do my work! Big hugs and kisses! Love you all!
Congraaats, Doodle! (anout both the job and the smoking) smile.gif You can dooooo it! (and should). I hope the situation with Superman works out as well as possible. That sounds like a really tough one.

Sure, GT! smile.gif meetin' and skatin' would be good! I've just been wacky about time lately. I've been looking after Goaty and cooking and stuff. We both need to hang out with other people, though. In my case, funky-folk = good! You're in smile.gif

Culture, I hope something good comes your way soon, work-wise. I can picture you rallying the forces against injustice over there. Is there anybody who's made it "in" that you can talk candidly to about the truth of the situation?

Heeey Jade! 'I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like.'

Hey-o Kari! Yep, GoatyGirl had gum-graft surgery. She said that the last of the dissolvable stitches fell out today. She's graduated to eating stuff with a bit more substance, but when she made Annies Macaroni and aged cheddar, it was still kinda tender-going. I'll be pouring us glasses of juice with dessert-style mango-flavoured soft tofu cubes in it. Hopefully, it'll be yummers.

Oh, and the gespacho I made last night with the too much raw garlic... it kept me up all night as if I had consumed a large energy drink or something! It was nuts! All that was in it was Italian bread, vinegar, olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell peppers, and garlic (plus salt and pepper to taste). It seriously kept us both sleepless! Wonder why.

Doodle, I am so glad that you are successful in quitting thus far, You can do it!!!!

Lore, the gespacho sounds great.

I remember that I had to finish my thoughts about work. I didn't want to write more because I was at work. WELL, the director I spoke to told me that he knew I wasn't the only one, I explained to him how I did not want to black listed and I had no one to talk to. Well, he has meetings in the next day or two and he wants to know, for his own knowledge, why people who have been with the department long term who were also over looked, and he was a little curious as to why this happened. He's going to use me and the other people he's heard of as examples of people who were over looked for permanent.

Went for a run now I'm just chilling, I need to clear my head with all this work shit. Grrr.
Doodle, what got me through was chewing on cinnamon sticks. They're about the right size and shape, and you don't have to worry so much about weight gain. If you like cinnamon, that is. They're also good to crunch on in moments of stress!

CH, that sucks about work. It sounds a little like what my shop was doing to me with the service vehicle situation. Anyway, I hope that justice is served soon.

Lore, don't tomatoes have a lot of natural sugars in them? The gazpacho sounds amazing. I made the best gazpacho once, didn't write down the recipe exactly and now I can't seem to duplicate it!! I'm looking forward to hot steamy gazpacho days. wub.gif

Funny tattoo, GT!

Kari, that sounds like a nice laidback weekend. Glad your foot is feeling better.

Something's wrong with the battery in my laptop...I'm not sure if it's safe to use. It doesn't seem like it charges, or something.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the arrival of my flooring! It should be any day now....yay!

Tree, are you installing the flooring yourself?

So, how is everyone? I've got nothing since last night.

Have a great day!

Hey Tree! oooooh! I am excited about your new floors!

CH, I am glad the director is going to look into the issue. Something smells mighty fishy. dry.gif Maybe you will get some answers soon.

Hey Diva! It sounds like you had a great weekend with the giant. I know you guys needed it, you have had a lot of rough stuff lately.

~~~~~~~continued anti smoking vibes for doodle!~~~~~~~~~~ I am glad you are not finding it too bad. You can do it!!

Lore, ouch! That gum surgery sounds painful. ((goatie)) It must be if mac & cheese hurts. Poor lady! I am glad she has someone as wonderful as you to look after her. How was the juice & tofu? And geez, that is so weird that the gazpacho kept you awake all night! That's crazy!

hey GT! oh oh, Ok, I get the tattoo now. Like I said, for some reason it just wasn't clicking. I knew I recognized the figures on her back but couldn't place them. A-ha!

Things here are good today. Coworker called in sick so I am alone in the office. Well, I mean, the room we share for an office. Other people are at work in their offices. Anyhoo. I had a good workout last night then I went home & make chicken fried steak, mashed taters, and green beans. Mr K had a study break & we watched True Blood. Nice night. Today is work, then I have a hair cut, and then I am meeting my literacy student for tutoring.
it took me a sec too, kari. lol....i'm embarrassed that i got so embarrassed.

tree? have i mentioned that i still have your mssg on my machine? i'm still loopy that you called. am i a dork or what? my friends don't usually use vm so i get a little looly when i get a mssg.

oh and i had to share this: pink construction gear!

i'm glad lady goat is getting better, lore, but i have to tell you, even with lots of garlic, i ADORE gazpacho. it's like half the reason to have a summer at all....

good for you, culture talking to them. that's pretty fucked up, that a new guy would get the promotion over people who have degrees and senority. c'est merde.

i'm trying to paint and make phone calls that i need to make but i've gotten a serious case of lazy of late. i'd say i'm depressed, but i'm not sad. i just don't want to do anything. my wrists have been acting up something awful so i can't type for long either. that's pretty much it for me.
Hi, peeps!

Kari, how is the tutoring going?

CH, that's good that this situation is going to be looked into. It's nice to see that someone is taking this seriously. Even if this job isn't where you intend to stay forever, it may as well be as good as it can be in the meantime.

Tree, have you laid your new floor yet? Bamboo floors are really, really cool. I'm hoping for some hardwood in whatever house the giant and I buy, but he seems to be into wood laminate. He just doesn't see the difference, but then again, I'm a picky bitch.

(((((goaty's mouth))))) Gazpacho sounds soooooo good, but it's something I'd make for myself and only myself, and it's quite a bit of effort. No way would I get the giant to eat anything with raw tomatoes in it. Poodle made a really good one a few years back.

Doodle, that's good that you told a bunch of people about quitting smoking. Being held accountable by others really seems to do the trick with a lot of people. Being policed isn't fun, though.

I'm not doing much of anything today. I've got some paperwork to send out that I hate hate hate doing, this particular chore puts me in a VERY foul mood for the rest of the day because I'm the only one in my gigantic office that has to do all the crap associated with this, and it's not getting changed fast enough. I'll do pretty much anything else besides this. It's not that I don't have the time, it's a matter of principle. So I let all of it sit for as long as it possibly can.

Other than that, I'm great. The weather today is heinous. It went from drizzle to big plops of snow, to windy rain in the half hour it took to drive in. Blech. I'm just glad I park in a ramp and I brought my lunch today, so I have no reason to go out. I can't wait to get home and eat a steak and watch Eagle Eye.

Greetings, just a quick check in.

I broke my right hand yesterday morning makig it extremely difficult and annoying to type (see confession thread for deets). just dont have the energy to type replies to all but I;m reading!

I'll be back to kill time later. Ciao busties!
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