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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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good luck ch. you will impress them.

Hey Kari and Jade!!

So the interview, in my opinion, went GREAT! I know they'll be checking my references, they'll have to compare my results to the others, as well as the result of the written portion. I should know in 2-4 weeks. Keep the vibes coming!!

I'm feeling really good about it. It was far more relaxed compared to other boards I've been on where there have been 4 people, this one only had 2.

Now I'm excited!!!! I'll keep you posted!
CH, here's continued vibes. That's great that it seemed so positive! Yay!

Yes, it was the big one that the guy opened the door. They showed another shot of him reaching into it, and fog is coming out. It is -80 C! (-120 F)...very cold and he probably shouldn't have been in there touching that stuff with bare hands. Good way to get frostbite. Macho.

Kari, the flooring has been ordered and should come in around the end of the month. Then it needs to sit in my living room for a week or so to equalize with the room humidity and stuff. So, we're probably looking at mid-April. smile.gif
Only a minute....had to say good luck CH!!!

This job be crazy. STILL no decision, but at least now I know why (my boss told me in total confidentiality), and it's got nothing to do with me and everything to do with internal politics. But I'm pretty much going to be here at Lotteries for a long, long time, either way.

My cats must hate me. I broke my own rule and stayed over at Soulman's on a weeknight last night, went in the door for 10 minutes to change my clothes, and was gone to work again......

We finally stopped dancing around it and said the "L" word on Sunday, though, so it's all very I-must-be-with-you on both our parts. wink.gif
The phrase of the next ten years is "conservative dead enders" use it in every day speech.

ext. "We can not fallow conservative dead enders over the proverbial cliff of bronze age superstition." or "Conservative dead enders have brought us this economic crisis."
no hope this isn't the place for your bullshit, and you know that. i know this is an impossible task, but: stop being an ass.
Good Morning!

*sprays some troll be gone* I hate it when they act up. Poop on that.

Tree, I meant to tell you that I LOVE the flooring. Someone I know has bamboo in his house and it looks great.

Awwww Doodle! That is so sweet! I am so happy for you and Soulman.

Hey GT!

Well, I have nothing, far too cold here. *sob* I just need it to warm up. Waaaaaaaa.

That is all.

And again, thank you all for the ongoing vibes, I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything!
Driving by to post pics from International Women's Day, where Scully and the Mulders froze our tuckuses off for the good of the cause (feeding the homeless).

Me (bundled in multiple layers) 'n' Bazil (my guitar)

S&theMs (+ the Anarchist's daughter in the chair beside him)

I'm going to try to find a way to get the one from the newspaper - it was an awesome shot!

ETA: Oh yeah, and nohope? We've had this conversation before: buzz off. Seriously. You have nothing to contribute to this thread.
Wow! What an AWESOME shot for a homeless charity gig! I love the urban glacier in the background and the generic shop front. I hope it all went well and the charity was successful. Was it tough to control your voice in the cold air, though? I'd imagine it would be hard. Playing guitar when it's freezing sounds hard, too.

How'd it go, Culture? smile.gif

Oop! Time's up! Vibeage for all!

Doodle, I'm loving the shots!!! Excellent!!!

Hey Lore! The interview went really great. I meant to say that I was thinking about the interview and I would not change one answer I gave. We'll see what happens.

I'm freezing today, and sore. Damn increase in weight. And did I mention how cold it is here?

Work's been pretty quiet here, cold as fuck here, and today I'm doing lunch with a friend I've not seen in a while. Should be good time!!

How is everyone else?
doodle, how do you play that geetar in gloves? slide?

it will warm up some day. maybe if we get out spring clothes we can influence it.
Whas up!

Doodle, LOVE the pics!! It does look c-c-cold there!

CH, I'm so glad to hear you feel good about the interview! Nice! Can't wait to see what happens.

Welcome, Jade!

Hey Lore! How's it going?

Trolls, pshaw. Seems we can only go so long w/o any.

Tree, mid-April is really soon! Your floors are going to look amazing!

Things have been busy around here so far today. Can't believe it's already 11:30. It's feast or famine at my work. Lately it's been feast. I'd rather be busy though, so it's all good. That being said, I worked at home yesterday, and enjoyed every minute of it! Mr K was home too, he's on spring break, so that was extra nice. Today is Friday for me, going out of town tomorrow for the weekend. Meeting up w/ my gal pals in Atlanta. Woo hoo! I see much eating, wine drinking, and game playing in my immediate future!
I'm beginning to think Spring has decided to pass British Columbia by this year. Grrrrrrr. mad.gif

Hee hee, I'm glad you all like the pics! I think there are some more on Crackbook. No, I didn't play guitar with my gloves on - I'm playing the shakers and singing in the one pic. Soulman, however, played with full-fingered gloves on for a big chunk of the day - and pulled it off totally! It was amazing.

Singing was the easy part. The hard part was playing. I couldn't feel my fingers for the first couple of songs, and THEN it was so fucking cold I felt like my hands were BURNING!

Tee hee, lore - your urban glacier comment cracked me up - it totally was one: all pebbles, dirt, and ice! Anarchistdottir and I scaled it and chanted "I'm the king of the castle...." while the boys were setting up the equipment. I actually love that the Anarchist brings his daughter to some of our gigs - I get to play (ostensibly to keep her entertained and watched over) while they do all the heavy lifting. wink.gif

We got offered a gig at a pub here in town, based on our appearance at a jam there - I had a big fight with the Anarchist on Monday about whether we (read: me) are ready to take it. BIG fight. It's all good now, but I was on my lunch break, using the phone at work when it happened. I called him up to tell him we were in the paper, and it all blew apart when I said, "We should book that gig." I had to eventually walk outside with my headset on to keep going....and then the fire alarm went off and I lost him....ahhh, I love Mondays. I wound up licking my wounds at Soulman's house, and he agreed (even after I warned him heavily not to treat me "special" just b/c of the relationship) I was ready to gig, and then the Anarchist left a message on my machine apologizing.

Shit, my lunch is just about over......I really miss hanging out here like I used to! WAAH! That's one of the things about this job that annoys me.....

Been an interesting week.
so is it bad to day dream here at work that Bernard Madoff will soon be in a federal penitentiary and may be someone's bitch with no lube? Hope its not a luxury suite. And guys with white collars and roman collars cause just as much harm as men with masks.

been a long day!

spring is tomorrow doodle. and hopefully thru the weekend at least.
Hi Hi!

Hey Kari, that's wonderful that you and Mr. K are able to spend some time together, and enjoy your trip this weekend!!! I hope you have a blast!

Hey Doodle, I always love a man who apologizes when he knows he's wrong. smile.gif hee hee. really though, at least you and the anarchist were able to work through things.

Hey Jade! I'm glad to see a new bustie in here! Make yourself at home in okayland!!

Well, just returned from the park with the hound, who had a most wonderful time chasing after the local wildlife. Now I must go do some lower body stuff, then dinner. Mmm cabbage rolls!!! Now I just need something else, maybe chicken...or something. I don't know, I'll have to root through the freezer.

Be back later! wub.gif to you all!!
Yes, the cold weather is really getting tiring. Turbodoggie and I are both getting cabin fever this week, so even though it's still crazy cold out, we went out for a 2 mile walk this afternoon - put on the polypro leggings, parka, and hit it. At least the sun was shining.

Doodle, those pics of the gig are awesome!! Booo on band disagreements - though it always seems that you get them on your side in the end, so I'm sure it'll all work out! We meece you hanging out here, too! How are the felines handling the change in your life?

I'm with you, Kari - I'd rather be busy at work, and right now I've got quite a backlog, but it seems like I have lunch, dig back into the pile, and by the time I look up - it's time to go.

Stupid Chicago - they're changing the name of the Sears Tower to "Willis Tower" because some Brit company by that name is now the major lease-holder in the building - fuck that. It will always be the Sears Tower - Sears built it, yo. It is a landmark.

Welcome, Jade! I share you wishes for Bernie Madoff.

CH, maybe the troll is the first sign of spring??

I've got the first MRG since the IUD insertion, and OUCH. I was having murderously violent dreams all night, and woke up at 3am realizing that it was probably because I felt like someone was stabbing me in the uterus. Ooof. I'm not used to serious crampage. But, after a couple alleve, all was well, though I have consumed a LOT of chocolate today. smile.gif
Good Morning.

~*~*~*anti cramp vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~

It is Friday. My vacation starts in 4 hours. This is all I care about at this very moment. Oh and it's pay day.
friday! 4 day work week should be mandatory. i try, and usually dont work fridays. half day today. enough. let it rest.

ch--what are your vacation plans? will we miss you here?

as June Cleaver said to Ward---"Ward, you were a little hard on the Beav last night" and with that thought, have a good weekend.
Hey Jade!!

I'm sticking close to home the week I'm off, my plan is to finish the room reno's I started last year, but because of really, really shitty circumstances I never got around to finishing.
sometimes the best time off is with no travel and no stress. Hole up, read, eat banana popsicles, listen to the music you want.
anna k
Enjoy your vacation CH!

Nothing special today. Tonight I'm going to hang out with some friends at a bar after work, then tomorrow night is my brother's birthday, where I may go to a bar with him and his friends to celebrate.
woot, taxes are in my account! federal anyway, who knows when state will get off their asses and send refunds after the budget mess we had? but it wasn't the full amount. when i checked the 'where's my refund?' site, it said i was getting back about $800 more than what was deposited in my account this morning. now, the momster's been doing my taxes for years, and has been an accountant for over 30, so no way do i believe she made an $800 mistake. i checked the irs site, and it said i owed money to "a state agency in regards to child support". i know i don't owe the state any money after the way they gouged my paychecks when c-monkey was living with the momster for several months, but conveniently enough, the child support office is closed on fridays. so i'm kinda chillin' on it for now, i mean, it's a lot of money, and heads will eventually roll, but not til monday. and in the meantime i've still got a nice chunk of change.

don't know what i'm doing this weekend. maybe taking c-monkey to see a movie, or call up the sis-in-law and see if we can get baby niece for a couple hours at the park.
Hi, peeps!

I, too, wish Bernie Madoff goes to "federal fuck me in the ass prison" instead of a cushy white collar prison, as they'd say on Office Space. People killed themselves because of him. He deserves nothing better than to be made the biggest guy's bitch, whether or not he's an old man.

Grrl, that sucks about your taxes. You should ask whoever was the worker on the case to do an account review to see if that money was actually owed to them. I know my office has to do them if someone asks, and since you weren't paying for very long, it should be pretty easy for them to do.

I've got to get my taxes done this weekend. I've found all my receipts and have my revenue totals for non-truffle sales, so all I have to do is go through and count up my inventory and compare it to what I had on hand last year. It honestly shouldn't be much, since I sold most of the new stuff I made. I want to get them filed before the rush so I can get my money back ASAP and get it into a savings account.

Enjoy your vacation, CH! (((((((((((continued get-that-job vibes))))))))))))

Jenn, that's so lame they're changing the name of the Sears Tower. But you're right, it'll still always be known as that, no matter what name they slap on it. Nobody's going to just forget that it's the Sears Tower. Any updates on drunk janitor?

Welcome, Jade!

Hi, Anna, Doodle, Kari, and everyone else!

I've got a hair down my back, and it's driving me batshit crazy. I can't reach the fucker and it won't drop down out of my shirt.

Things here are the same old same old. The giant's aunt is still alive. She started her new chemo on Wednesday, so we'll see how that goes. There's still a lot of family up here, and the giant's other aunt is going to stay indefinitely. I wish she'd just move up here already, since she's wanted to for years and she deserves far better than living with her selfish daughter who charges her rent even though she provides free daycare to her toddler.

One interesting thing going on is that the giant is fighting with his ex - and it looks like he's winning. I do have to say that the giant is an excellent fighter/arguer. He doesn't go all personal and childish on his ex like he could, he keeps a very calm head about everything and tries to be fair. I admire that about him. But now he's asking for all kinds of proof that she's not violating the terms of their divorce, and she doesn't want to do what she asks, which makes us believe that she's lying, and probably has been for awhile. This deal the giant offered her is a really good one (she comes out ahead) and she should just take it. I even told the giant to sic the child support agency on her, since we have to take on alimony cases if one of the party applies for our services. This has all seemed to scare her into cooperating. So I'm hoping that the giant is now done paying alimony. At least I hope so. We've been waiting for this day for nearly 4 years.

Nothing going on with me for the weekend. I'm poor, so we're going to stick around the house and do a big spring clean and purge. I'm going to try to get rid of a bunch of CDs and books I've had laying around and turn them into cash. I'd like to go visit my family, but I doubt that'll happen. I should call my brother and see if he can bring Sam over for awhile. I miss my little guy.

Good Afternoon!!

Jade, you are so right, I just need the time off. I have an idea of what I want to do, but I'll probably get in lazy time mode and accomplish fuck all. Meh.

Hey Anna!! enjoy your weekend.

Grrrl, that is craptastic about your taxes, but at least you don't owe!

Diva, there is nothing better than a purge of all the crap you've accumulated. We're doing the basement, then in the summer having a garage sale to rid of us of the stuff. Last year we gave away 8 or 9 big bags of clothes, it was madness!!

So, my afternoon of vacation as been lovely. I took the hound for a run, worked out, got my hat and a very cute dress, soon i'll head off to the park again so puppers can have play time instead of solitary time.

How is everyone else?

anna k
Sounds like you're having a good time, CH!

After work, I hung out with some friends. We went to an Irish bar in midtown Manhattan and chatted for about an hour and a half, just shooting the shit and having fun. I got the movie Doomsday on Netflix, and plan to watch it tomorrow night. I wish I didn't have work tomorrow, but the money is nice and it keeps me busy. Currently I'm reading a Best American Fiction Writers book and a book of erotic short stories, which vary in quality.
Good Morning!!

Happy Vaca CH! I hope you are having a great day so far!

Hey Anna!

Hey Diva! ~~~~~good luck vibes for the giant~~~~~~ I hope everything works out with the alimony. What a headache. I know it's got to be really frustrating for you. (((hugs))). Also ~~~~~~healthy vibes for the giant's aunt~~~~~~~

Hey Jenn! I bet you are tired of the cold weather! It hasn't been too cold here lately. Just wet & chilly. Ick. I'm ready for some sunshine.

Hey Grrrl! ~~~~tax vibes~~~ I hope it all works out. Extra cash is always welcome!

Hey Tree!

Hey Jade!

Hey Doodle! Sorry to hear about the fight w/ the anarchist, but I am really glad he apologized. Hmpf.

I am back at work after a long weekend away. I had a great time in Atlanta. Had a lot of food, wine, and gal time. I got home around 3:00 yesterday, and just chilled all night. Not sure why I'm tired today then. blink.gif Hmm. Anyhoo, just trying to get some work done. Not much success yet!
Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Is everyone preparing their green get-ups to wear tomorrow? smile.gif
Wow, there should be tumbleweeds in here. It's so quiet.

Kari, sounds like a good weekend.

I had a nice weekend. Friday I took a day for myself and just stayed in. Saturday I somehow scratched my eye so I spent all day in my room with the blinds closed because I was really sensitive to the light. I managed to go swimming with my brother and niece at my Nana's apartment in the early afternoon which was pretty fun. I pretty much treaded water for an hour. When I got home I made a pie for a "pi party" (march 14th=3.14) - lame, but fun. I went to the boy's at 10:30 but my eye had gotten so bad that I was just constantly tearing up and crying so I only stayed for an hour and then went home to sleep. Worst...sleep...ever...lying down made my eye worse so every 15 minutes I sat up and let tears stream down my face, blow my nose, and back to sleep for a bit.

It was soooo nice yesterday. I just did some house keeping during the day and then a friend and I went out for dinner and walked around downtown for an hour chatting. Then I went home to watch "big love" and crashed.

Had my endo appointment this morning. She had good things to say to me, even though I feel like my bloodsugar has been all over the map. I walked from the hospital to work and I'm just eating some lunch now.

My mood has improved 1000X's since the time change. I just love how bright it is until almost 8pm and the temperature is supposed to be +6 today! Woo!

How was everyone's weekend?
Hi, peeps!

(((((Ketto's eye))))))

Hi, Kari! That's good that you had a good girls' weekend. I don't know enough girls to do anything like that (my 2 closest GFs are here and in California). I envy that you go out a lot with them.

Hi, CH! I'm hoping to do an 8-9 bag purge, too. So far, I think I'm getting rid of about 20% of my books (they're all boxed up and just need to be moved off the dining room table), and still need to get through all my CDs. Then there are the clothes. And the crafty stuff I've kept around for no reason at all and never got to. And the old magazines. And the crap that've been in the same boxes since I graduated from college 8 years ago. I want to get rid of craploads of stuff before we move this summer/fall.

Hi, everyone else!

The giant and I had a good weekend. I never did get to see Sam. He went with my parents to Wabasha, MN, which is an area that has a lot of eagle traffic. They have a raptor center there where they rehabilitate injured eagles. I have to admit I'm pretty jealous. My parents didn't take us to do this stuff all the time like they do with Sam. And on Friday my dad took him to see "Hotel for Dogs." I guess it was a different time, back when my brothers and I were growing up.

The giant and I are declaring victory over his ex. She hasn't sent back her signed agreement, but we're washing our hands of her once and for all (except the payments on her car, which will be done this summer). Hooray!

I fear I may have to go to a funeral this week. I really, really hope not and that the giant's aunt pulls through, but it's pretty rough. Can I please have some continued vibes for her?

Besides that, we just chilled at home all weekend. We picked up some groceries, did my taxes, I finally got around to doing some cleaning I've wanted to get at, and watched "Role Models," which is hilarious. Weekends by ourselves are the absolute best.

Hey all!

I need to keep this short, I'm running on battery power only for my laptop, the AC adaptor poopoo'd, so I need a new one ordered in. So, no AC adaptor, I can't recharge said laptop.

I hope you all are well.

Must go now!

Heart you all!!
Hey all, sorry for the's a bit nuts around here these days/weeks!

To sum up....

Work? Still crazy-busy, still no word on the position, but still loved to death by my immediate supervisors. My bosses feel so bad about the hold-up at HR that they've pledged to help me if I apply for anything anywhere in the corporation.

Soulman? Still in love with me. And vice versa. smile.gif I suspect we are probably going to end up living together by summer. I had some gushy shit written here, but it would just nauseate you all. wink.gif

The Anarchist? No more fights. Although I have talked to several other musicians about it and they think he's full of it, that I'm ready to gig, and maybe HE'S the one who's feeling not ready, but that it will probably blow over.

Doodlemama? Sent me 2 new paintings for me to hang in my office. Awesome!

Gotta run!
Heeey all! smile.gif

Good to see a couple of new faces here.

*Giant Aunt & Fam vibes*

*Ketto Eyeball Vibes*

Doodle, I'm starting to get fantasies about learning guitar thanks to you. Now ain't the time to go buying stuff, though. My Father-In-Law and Mother would be proud if I did, but we've got a laid-off Goaty, and this week was the first week at Unimark where they didn't have 40 hours of work for me. Times is slow sad.gif Awesome that your relationships are going so well in all sectors, Doodle! You're a Superstar!

Hello to everybody else! I've got to split to bring the car in for a 100,000 mile checkup.

Mucho Love-o!

ch--hope you get plugged in soon--miss your wisdom, rants and humor.

winter again. damn. but its green beer(yecchhh) day--sun is out and snow should melt by parade time.

is there a spring shoe sale anywhere???

Diva, I'm sending some healthy positive vibes.

Doodle, that's crazy that you still haven't heard about the job. It seems like it's been forever. But yay for you and soulman! biggrin.gif

Still so quiet in here. I'm loving the weather. It's a beautiful sunny blue sky today. I'm getting so psyched for spring/summer camping. I can't wait.

The University I graduated from asked me and a couple of other ladies to essentially be the poster children for their Women and Gender Studies Program. I thought all they needed was a basic headshot photo and a little quote from me. Yesterday I got an email from the photographer - I have to bring 3 outfits (trendy, casual, business) and they're going to have a stylist on hand to help with hair and make up. I'm nervous now...I didn't realize I was signing on for something like that. Oh well. I might run out to Old Navy tonight and see if I can find a cute new outfit.
Spoke too soon. Had to hang up on the Anarchist last night. We were arguing about band stuff again. He kept saying he wasn't trying to discount my feelings and then in the next breath calling me a whiner. Then he said it was all my ego talking, and I said, "Oh, dude." And I hung up.
Good Afternoon!!!

Well, my AC adaptor came in and bonus! It was covered by my warranty! Sure didn't take long.

Hi Anna!

Hi Kari! I'm totally envious of your weekend.

Hey Ketto. What kind of pie did you make? mmm pie.

~*~*~*~*vibes for giant's aunt~*~*~*~*~ but yay on success against Giant's ex!!

Doodle! I'm so happy for you an Soulman!! great, wonderful super fabulous news. Booo on the fight with anarchist.

Hi Lore! how is work??

Hey Jade!! I'm back now! Good shoe sales, it seems every place is having shoe sales right now.

Ketto, how is your eye? that's really cool about the photos for university!

So, what's happened with me? Fuck all. Just this laptop stuff, hung out with PR boy. oooh, Jelly Bean girl got a job!! thanks for the vibes all. I'm really thrilled for her.

Vacation is good so far, still waiting for my income tax refund. I need to buy my next gardasil shot!! The money is there, so it's not so bad, but still I want that cheque!

Hope everyone is well.
Yay for JellyBean Girl! smile.gif What kind of job did she get?

Bummer about Anarchist, Doodle! Perhaps there's something he's intaking that is making him act this way? If so, it's a hard thing to remedy, but perhaps if you started a talk with the band in general about the pitfalls of consumption VS the right to party like the rockstars you are. I don't know how you could bring it up to not freak members, but I can see a discussion about "What Makes a Healthy Band" being useful for heading off worse problems in the long-run. Maybe bring it up to Soulman and/or a respected 3rd party such as JamGirl to broach the topic band-wide....
Okay, so I CARE about the 'Mulders! unsure.gif

E.J. Ketto, AWESOME that you're a Gender Studies' Poster Child! biggrin.gif Before you hit up the questionably-resourced Old Navy (which produces a lot of stuff I like, BTW), maybe hit up Goodwill and Salvation Army for items.... YIKES! I just tried putting myself in your shoes (with beer-goggles, though, since it IS St. Patty's!) and thought of what I might do if it were ME being a Gender Studies Poster Child.... I'm frankly not up to the task! I honestly don't think I'm any good representative for my gender. For Fuck's sake, I wore a Robinhood hat for a lot of my college years! At present, I'm wearing grey fleece sweatpants, white socks, green aloha-print boxers (thank God I'm done experimenting with bikini briefs), a whit T-shirt with a print of a full pilsner glass on the back and a Gordon Biersch logo on the front, and a blue and white Japanese 'Yukata' robe over everything. I honestly don't think I represent my gender whatsoever! I mean, I'm part of the BUST community, for Fuck's sake! biggrin.gif

Please, please, PLEASE let us know/see what you choose to wear, Ketto!

Hokaay, so I'm working again tomorrow at 6AM, but I've had Monday and Tuesday off due to lack of work, which is scary. I spent my freaky vacation making a new set of ammo for my toy invention (which I've been told I'll be hearing from the Patent Office about very soon), including making some new suction-cup ammo! I also brought our cars in for work and recently tuned my new skateboard up for use. This last item made me feel guilty that I didn't think of contacting GirlTrouble earlier in the day to make skateboard-related plans to fially meet up in-person.

GT, please receivie my apologies well. I've been non-social for the most part, and I've meant to meet you in-person by now, but I haven't. Please know that I DO think you rawk, and would love to go skating with you smile.gif

Otherwise, things have been going pretty good, and Goaty and I have been talking about being excited to try for getting her preggers after September or so, which would be after the couple of weddings we are attending in the Summer time... a )- Kids would be neat, and it's about time already, and b )- FUCK CONDOMS!
Hi, peeps.

Thanks again for the vibes, everyone, but the giant's aunt died yesterday afternoon. She caught pneumonia, probably because her immune system was so broken down by all the chemo, so they amped up her morphine and let her go. It's pretty sad. The giant was pretty close to her. So I guess that means we'll be with his family over the weekend, maybe before. On the upside, it'll be nice to see some of his far-away family again, especially one of his cousins I really like. They're a pretty fun family.

Good Afternoon!

Hey Lore! JellyBean girl is doing admission-y type stuff. Cool about the toy and Ammo! I do hope the news from the Patent office is good!!!

((((Diva, Giant and Family)))) I'm so sorry.

Not much going on, cleaned out my closet today, I almost said husband! uhhh, weird. I'm not dating anyone nevertheless married!! Hee hee.

Anyways, did that, worked out, took the puppers out, met PR Boy for tea this afternoon and now I'm just chilling. Wondering what I'll have for dinner. Currently enjoying Futurama on DVD.

tomorrow I'm going to have lunch with dadzilla.

I'd like to catch up on some reading, so I think I shall start that after I eat.

How is everyone?
(((((diva, giant and family)))))
(((diva, giant, and family)))) sad.gif Diva, I am so sad to hear this bad news. Please give the giant a hug for me. Poor guy.

Hey Lore! That is super exciting that you and Goatie are talking babies!! Aaaah!

Hey Ketto! Did you already do the photo shoot? How cool!

hey CH! Any luck on your tax return yet? I'm glad you are enjoying your time off work.

Doodle, sorry to hear that the anarchist is being a butt. dry.gif Ugh.

Hey Jade! Shoe sale...hmmmm. I don't know of one, but if you find one, let me know. I could use some shoes too.

Things here are good today. I worked at home yesterday which was awesome. It was a lovely day, weather wise. Sunny and about 75 degrees. Today it's cloudy and rainy. Bah. I can't believe it's already Thursday. The week has gone by quickly. Nothing too unusual happening, just work and the like.
((((diva, giant & family)))) I hope the funeral is a healing experience, and that you share lots of good stories to celebrate her life. Travel safely.

I'm on my second day of being sick at home...kind of an annoying way to use precious vacation time, but there's no way I could be useful sitting in my cube today.

Had another stupid run-in with the not-yet-fired dogwalker yesterday. I was taking a nap when she came, and woke up when she brought them back in. Heard her give them treats, and then she didn't leave, didn't call into the office as required. Then, I hear her open the fridge a couple times, and then I decide I'm *pissed,* so I get up, and scare her, and ask her what she's doing hanging around my house, opening my fridge. She says she's "resting" between walks. Come ON. I ask her if she's just waiting until 25 minutes have passed so she can call the office. She says "sorry," and won't look at me. Makes her call, and skates out the door. Now, I honestly don't care if the dogs get a 15 minute walk vs the 25 we pay for - I know somedays they get longer walks than others, and it all averages out in the end. But hanging out in my house, and poking around my fridge is out of bounds. I didn't call to complain - yet. I'm going to ask her today if she really wants this job, and if so, she needs to behave like it. Even though she should have been fired last week - it's still hard for us to pull the trigger on firing, one last chat before I decide whether to call her boss.

Yay for jellybean girl getting the job!

Now all we need is for Doodle to get the permanent position at the lotteries!

((((steady work vibes for lore))))
Good Afternoon.

hey Doodle.

Hi Kari! No, my income tax refund has still not arrived, but it's only been a little while. I'll get it soon.

Turbo, this dog walker stuff is absolutely unacceptable! I wouldn't even give her the second chance. The fact that she is rooting through your fridge!!!! I would have been so beyond pissed. I am pissed with you telling us about this. I would make a phone call then follow up with a letter.

Not much here, went out for lunch then came home and napped. I'm pretty bagged today. I am so so sore. Not I get to take the dog out for a walk. She's nagging to go out.
Hello everyone! Hiya turbo, CH, diva, kari, lore, ketto, jade, anna, grrrl, and all the rest of y'all! Not much time, but I want to give you the update.....

Council of War Tuesday night for me, Soulman, and the Anarchist. It wasn't pretty. Me and the Anarchist duking it out for about 45 minutes, with Soulman quietly letting us go at it.

It came back down to whether or not I was ready to gig. The Anarchist countered every single thing I said with some roadblock, objection, or other thing, and if he couldn't find a way to block me, he would just say, "Well, I'm in no hurry (to gig, etc.)" And I mean, ridiculous things, sometimes. The whole point is that my guitar chops are not up to a full gig - and I agree, and also insist that my voice is my true instrument, and that I be allowed to NOT play the guitar on every single song - sometimes I can just sing and maybe diddle with some percussion or keyboards, too. The Anarchist insists that I'm "full package" potential (whatever that means in his head), and seems to prefer keeping us rehearsing endlessly and endlessly until I've reached whatever level of perfectionism he sees fit. At one point, the ridiculousness of his responses reached this one: "I'm just afraid you're going to turn into a torch singer." WHAT???

Finally Soulman said the one thing that could make the Anarchist's head whip right around: "You say you're not in a hurry, but I am. I'm 56 years old, and I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to do this." Etc. If he'd made it about me from the beginning, the Anarchist might have thought Soulman was playing favourites b/c of the relationship (which I've asked him very seriously, several times, never to do). Then he talked about how he'd held a trio together for years, as the only guitarist (i.e.: got paying gigs without a rhythm guitarist like me anywhere in sight), and THEN he announced that I was ready to gig. It was the most brilliant way to do it that could possibly have been imagined.

The funny thing is, the Anarchist fell like a house of cards - but did not budge an inch until Soulman stepped in. THAT really pissed me off. It's like he thinks he knows what's best for me, and refuses to admit *I* might be the one who knows what's best for me. (In fact, he would not budge even when I included the opinions of the many other respected local musicians I've talked to about whether or not I'm ready to gig - apparently he is the only person in the world who thinks I'm "not ready.") But when Soulman knows what's best for me, that's okay by the Anarchist?? FUCK THAT SHIT!

I don't think it has anything to do with drink, and he never uses drugs. I think this is a control issue of some kind - I'm just not sure where it's coming from, but anyway, Soulman got me reading the Four Agreements, and reminded me not to take it personally, 'cause it's probably not about me at all.

Anyway, it's done. To sum up, I won - we get to go out and get real gigs now. But it took Soulman defending me to make it happen, which really, really, really pisses me off. (The thing I love about Soulman? He TOTALLY GETS what pissed me off and why! He would never, ever presume to know what's best for me.) However, I've decided to move on and forward, since I got what I wanted.....Soulman and I hung out by ourselves last night and dissected it a bit - he was just as nonplussed as I was at the Anarchist, and expressed similar frustrations....then we had a great laugh over the "torch singer" comment.

It's taken me all day to friggin' write this, I hate that everyone can see my screen. (On the up side, I am in love with my corner window.)
play hard doodle. sounds like your ally has wisdom. sometimes it(or almost always) comes with age or experience. too bad. young and impulsive. describes me too often.

but what the fuck. its friday. check out early. recreate. bike. its spring like today after the early week blizzard. that is march in the mountains though.

have a good weekend everyone.

Doodle, from what it sounds like, at least from what you are telling us is that The Anarchist has a lot of faith in you and your skills. However, he should still be listening to you and not be such a wanker. He should be listening to you say what's best for you not just what he and Soulman think, does he have some sort of fear of failure that is radiating into him being a shit head with you? It is really fun that you are starting to do actual gigs now!!!

hey Jade! what's your plan for the weekend?

I don't have a whole lot going on here.My last day of vacation... sad.gif BUT it's been a really great one. Tomorrow is PR Boy's Birfday, I'll see him for a bit, he has a family dinner...poop, but I'm taking him out some place fancy schmancy next week, so that'll be good.

and it's really really nice here.
((((divala)))) I'm so sorry. Sending positive vibes your way.

CH, my eye is pretty much better now but it took a few days. It still feels a little bruised so I'm going to hold off on buying more contacts until the middle of next week. But I hate wearing my glasses. Oh, and the pie was cherry rhubarb. was delicious, but I want to get away from using any of the canned pie fillings. I was in a hurry/lazy the day I made it. tongue.gif

Kari, the photoshoot was kind of fun. They ended up picking what I would wear from what I brought and I wished they picked something else. Oh well. I also would have changed my hair, but the form I was given said to wear it down. Later I saw other girls who had pulled theirs back a bit and no one seemed to mind. But overall it was fun. The pictures will be going in the University's publications for new students, so basically the packages you get when you get accepted. Kinda neat. They did a bunch of pictures of just me, and then with a couple of other former classmates.

Turbo, I would be so annoyed if I were you. That dog walker should be gone. I would not be putting up with someone rooting around my fridge.

Wow doodle, good work but sounds like it was frustrating to reach that point. Pretty exciting.

I almost always have Fridays off and I love it. It's become my stable lazy day. I haven't slept past 8:30 in two weeks but today my exhaustion caught up with me and I finally slept till 10:30. I'm still spending most of the day being delightfully lazy and I'm spending my evening in and having a night to myself. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so I'm gonna pick up some rubber boots tomorrow and maybe check out some local parks and go walking in the giant puddles.

S'up girl-formatted people! It's Friday! Drink some SCOTCH! Can I get a what-what? Let's go bowling! OOOOOHHH YEEEEEAAH!

Sporting a throbbing tumescence instead of a Cave of Wonders? No worries! We can ogle all the tasty girlie booty when they are up bowling. Hells yeah. High-five me, bro.

Let's do this.

Dig it.
My husband is funny. And he's getting real bored with his sick-ass wife. smile.gif Seriously, this cold is pissing me off...just roving to different parts of my body everyday, and refusing to leave. I did go to work today, but only lasted a half day...I hope I feel better tomorrow. I'd like to have some sort of weekend.

Ketto, you'll have to scan the finished college promo piece so we can all see!!
Good Morning!

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~

Ketto, it is super nice here!!! finally, great weather. I just returned from a long walk at the park with the hound. Enjoy your weekend.

It's turbomann! Holy smokes.

Well, as I said, it's gorgeous here. so I enjoyed the walk with the dog. Today is Pr Boy's birfday, so I'll head over there to give him his gift. he's doing a dinner with his parents and god parents this evening, so I'm taking him out for dinner next weekend. I'll see if he wants to come over after.

and my vacation is over. sad.gif Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

What is everyone else up to this weekend?
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