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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good morning!

Lore, that's so exciting that you are starting to think about kids! That's big news! I'm really happy work is going well.

Hey grrrl! Sounds like things have been a bit tense at work with the new boss. I hate power games. So stupid.

It's a rainy day here. But at least it's not cold. Not a whole lot going on today, going to try to continue to be productive at work, I made some good progress yesterday.
Happy Friday you runny nose lickers!

Hey Grrrl! It sounds like you are starting to feel better, and I'm sure the sunny weather helps, too.

Lore!!! That's exciting about bebe's!!

Hi Kari!

Not much going on here, had a heart to heart yesterday with PR boy about some issues I was having, and there's a few of them right now. I need to sort through my own stuff. I am glad I told him exactly what was going on. I neer do well when I internalize things, but unfortunately I am one of those people who takes their sweet time telling people what's going on.

Anyhows, enough of the gloomy gus stuff.

It's Friday!!! Yesterday I went and got some new ear bling, it's very great. I can't wear cheapo earings (they make my ears itch and grossies), SO I went to where I got all my other work done, and talked to the woman there, and agreed that I need to go surgical grade steel. I got a very cool pair of black with turquoise stones. Thing is, they aren't actually for ears, the jewelry is for belly button peircings, BUT they fit super awesome with ear peircings. I love them!!

Happy Friday, bitches!!

Another busy day at work, but that made it go fast, and now its the weekend!! Hurrah! And turbomann and I are going to see Jonathan Coulton play tomorrow night, so I'm excited about that. Dude is funny. I'm down with any guy who writes songs about zombies. smile.gif

Lore! Good to see you here, as always!! Ouch - getting up @4am is uncivilized! I get up @5am, and any earlier than that just ain't cool.

Grrrl, I'm sorry that everyone is acting stupid at work with the new regime settling in. No fun.

Hey CH - so does surgical steel prevent the ear grossies? I'm hyper sensitive to metals, so I haven't worn earrings in 15 years, even though I'd like to, but puffy owie ears are no fun.
Hey Turbo!! peircing grossies are mainly dead skin, so no peircing is without, but I have noticed that surgical steel lessens it. It's mainly for comfort, so your ears don't get itchy. You could also try titanium, that's a little pricey, but you can get some really cool stuff. the only thing I'm getting used to is actually having something in my ears for so long. But I'm getting used to it. the piercer did have to stretch my ears a little, so that's also playing a role.

If you want to wear earrings, I'd suggest you go to a reputable shop and ask them about what would be good.
G'mornin' ya Piercin' Groooosies!

Arrrrrrr! (Aye'm a Pirate!) P)>

(((Financial and Jobbie vibes for all in need)))

I've got my 7-hour CPR class in an hour. I should be nearly able to re-animate the dead by the end of it. (I mean, merely animating the dead would be very easy with just a few cadavers and the magic of stop-motion animation, but I think I'll be working on keeping people breathing in this class.)

Well, I hope alla youse are having a great weekend. I might be playing nighttime Frisbee golf later today, and Goaty and I will explore another town a little tomorrow.
Good Morning!!

Hey Lore!! I'm envious of your reanimation skillz...mmmm brains! BRAINS.

I've finally finished the sugar skull, so I'll take a pic and post a linky. Oooh, also I'm getting some ink done, I'm having PR boy draw it out for me, I'm pretty psyched.

Weekend has been good, I was supposed to go to a wedding social last night, but it was so cold, that I stayed in. the friend I was supposed to go with was okay with that. Saw the cop yesterday too. Overall, it's been quiet. Today I want to make a broccoli soup so I must go find a recipe.

How is everyone else?
Pretty good, akshully. I played Urban Frisbee Golf until late last night with CollieMan. Our scores were tied at the end of the game, but we both had pretty lame scores. I was rather baked at the end, though.

Before that, I has my CPR/First Aide training. I might have made friends with the girl next to me in class. I gave her my email and an invite to hike with Goaty and I, anyway. We're tryyying to have a social life, but we have to meet it halfway with allowing time in our schedule for it.

Culture, you and PR boy sound pretty close, friend-wise smile.gif That's cool.
CH- I saw this recipe on one of my favorite blogs, Orangette yesterday - its definitely on my to-do list sometime in the next couple of weeks. Looks delicious.

The itch to get some ink has been popping up for me again too...I don't have any tats yet, but I have known what I've wanted for about 10 years now, but it's a big piece, and would need an amazing artist - I want to get a Tree of Life back-shoulder piece, with the goddess as the tree trunk, very water-colory in style. And then I get scared about the pain, so I just wimp out and dream about it. wink.gif

I just made some homeade Irish Cream Liqueur. Need I say how awesome it is?! And so completely not-good for you too. Mmmmm.

Urban frisbee golf sounds like fun, Lore! It's bitter cold and snowing here today, and I'm really getting spring-fever and wanting to be back on my bike. It'll be biking time soon, I hope.

Turbo, I used to get gross oozy earlobes too, until someone suggested painting a thin coat of clear nail polish on the stud, thus removing direct contact with the metal. I'm not hugely allergic in the first place but that worked for me...
[also delurks]

Holy crap, Jenn, I never even thought about making my own liquers! That is beyond awesome.
Total drive-by! Just found out there's VIDEO of last weekend's gig - Superman's wife took it with her camera and posted it on YouTube.

Us doing the Grateful Dead's Ripple

A snippet of my own song (you all heard the original here in Okayland - when I wrote it almost a year ago)

It's band practice time....sorry! Gotta run!
Good Morning!!

Lore you are correct, PR Boy and I are super good friends. Makes me very happy, sometimes I do wish it was more, but I'd rather have him as a friend than nothing! Uhhhh, Urban Frisbee Golf? Can you explain what exactly, ummm that is? smile.gif It does sound like fun whatever it entails, which I imagine is some sort of frisbee golf type thing.

Turbo, holy crap, that blog!!! I'll be adding that one to my favourites, I have yours on my fave list too. But that soup looks fantastic!!! YUMMERS! The idea for the tat sounds really fuckin' cool too!!! I am quite sure I'm going to get a jaguar, I had an experience with a large cat once and reading about the jaguar as a totem, it fits. Plus it's a gorgeous cat. I'm looking at having it done on my back with the cat crawling up or down my spine, most likely down. We shall see.

Hey Syb and RV!!!

Doodle, you sound great!!!!

Quiet weekend, ooooh I heard from my accountant and I'm getting a whopping refund back on income tax! I'm super psyched! I'm thinking that I'm going to purchaes a pair of fluevogs with some of that money. Squeeeeeeeeee. PR boy came over last night, and JellyBean Girl has a second job interview, so your ongoing vibes would be great!! There is so much drama with her ex boss, she just wants it to be done with. I feel so bad for her, I would have had the fuckers legs broken by now, but that's just me. My next embroidery pattern is a series of love birds in four corners on black fabric, I've finished one bird so far. 7 more to go...then the centre peice which is a straight razor I think it's going to be very cool.

How is everyone else??

Doodlebug, you sound amazing! Your voice is truly beautiful.

CH, hooray for refunds! Will you post a link to the Fluevogs you're considering? I'd love to see your embroidery, too.
~$~$~$~ JellybeanGirl ~$~$~$~

Jenn, last night I told Sheff about the recipe on your blog. We have some Bailey's in the house so I think we may have friends over & do a taste test this week. By the by, I also love Orangette. I especially love the posts when she mentions growing up in Oklahoma since I grew up there, too.

Lorewolf, I'd also like to know what makes urban frisbee golf different from regular frisbee golf. Sounds intriguing. Any particular reason why you're taking CPR classes? Hope that new friendship works out for you & GoatyGirl.

It snowed here lat night! We only got a few inches, but that's still rare here in NC so all the local schools & universities are closed. Sheff's office is on a 2 hour delay but there's a chance they may close for the whole day, too (we'll find out in a half hour). The view outside is gorgeous & I'm curled up under my favorite blanket with my beloved cat makin' biscuits by my side. Life is good.
Good Morning!

I had a whole post written earlier, but it got eaten. Don't have time to re-write it, but wanted to say HI to everyone! Hi!

We got a light dusting of snow here on Saturday night, but it was not much at all. It melted by 10:30 Sunday AM. Sure is cold today though. Brrr!

Yay, March is here. One step closer to the end of this freezing winter.

I was supposed to work until 8 tonight but one of my counsellors is sick so we had to cancel our clients. Woo! I'll have to post a longer post tomorrow when I'm killing time at work again. I'm off for the night!
Good Evening!!

Hey Kari!!

Hi RV! These are the Fluevogs I have my heart so set on. I'll post a pic of the embroidery later this evening.

Ketto enjoy your early evening off, and it's actually not so cold out there. I just returned from the park.

So, I have some fantabulous news!! As we all know, I am not very happy at work, so I've been applying here and there, anyways, I got a call for an interview!!! It's next Monday so vibes would be appreciated!!! I'm super excited.

I also picked up the last of PR Boy's gift. I got him a Suicide girls photography book. It's really cool.

K, I must go work out now.
CH - Those Fluevogs are fucking amazing!! Sexy sexy!

Yep, Orangette is a fantastic blog - another one where the storytelling is as fantastic as the recipes. I aspire to her greatness. And if anyone makes the Irish Cream, do yourself a favor and use half & half instead of heavy cream...ours is a bit thicker than I like, and that'll cut the calories too, so you can drink more!

((((job vibes for all who need 'em))))

Not much going on here...It's Monday, and a farking cold and snowy one too, which makes me a bit grumpy this time of year. But, it's supposed to warm up mid-week, and I am bound and determined to open the bike commuting season this week, so tomorrow I'll get the bike off the wall rack, and give her a tune.

Last night we had some condo-board drama at our annual board election meeting. A couple of us tried running for the board, to see if we could effect some transparency/change...but as usual, the incumbents went around and collected proxy votes from all the oldsters, so no change is in the offing, once again. Boo. I can't remember if I mentioned that Drunk Janitor (DJ) assaulted an owner a couple weeks ago, again....he assualted a member of the same family 2 years ago and they had a personal protection order against him. He was on the run from the police for about a week before they finally caught him and threw him in jail, because as it turns out, he had 3 other outstanding warrants out for his arrest, going back 25 years. WTF??? So, we had a proper riot on our hands at the meeting last night, with half the building calling for his immediate dismissal, as MANY of us have had our own angry/violent run-ins with him. The other half of the building (the elderly who ask him for favors all the time) tried to defend him. To me, it comes down to the fact that this asshole is scary, violent, alcoholic and we employ him. It's a horrible liability on our building - how long before we get sued because of his's very frustrating.
Good Morning!!

Turbo, that is so fucked up about DJ. What action is being taken, and if there is a restraining order, technically he can't even be on the premises. He has to stay away from all places or work, play and residence. By still employing him, the board is aiding in him breaching!!!!! I hope it gets resolved soon. Those Fluevogs are totally fucking awesome, I cannot wait to see if I can get them!!! Squeeeeeeeee!

So, had a great workout last night, I busted my ass, then I just chilled for the rest of the evening, and it's actually getting nice here! It's been too cold for too long.

How is everyone else??

Where is Tree, and Kel, and Minx, and Mox, and Diva and and and.
Hi all!!! Quick post - the big cheese is in the office this week! BUT no one is in my office right now so I can at least say HI! I am still sneak-reading all your posts every day, though. I really miss participating like I used to! I am going mad without my busties at work. sad.gif

But anyhoo, a big wet smooch for turbo, CH, kari, diva, lore, anna, tree, moxie, ketto, RV, syb, grrrl, GT, jami, polly, and anyone who is MIA..... wub.gif

I STILL don't know about the job. But maybe that's why the big cheese is here. Anyway. My pregnant co-worker is going on mat leave beginning tomorrow, so whatever happens, I've still got the temp job.....and she's going for a year, too. The stupid thing is, I ADORE her - she is my only real friend at the office, and it's going to suck balls when she leaves.

Also, I've been invited to do an International Women's Day gig, so I'm gonna. It's some outdoor thing on Sunday; they are feeding the hungry to make a statement about poverty reduction. Hey, I'm in! The Anarchist is going to do it with me, and I'm working on Soulman - but I think he'll probably do it. We have band practice tonight, so the Anarchist and I will probably tag-team him till he says yes. wink.gif

Things with me and Soulman are fucking awesome, I must say. But his ex-wife is stepping up the harassment. I wrote about it in Letters. Honestly, she's so awful. Soulman never answers her calls, but one day, I'm going to just pick up the phone and her ears will be bleeding when I'm done. mad.gif It's reaching the point where I'm starting to think he should just get a restraining order. On Sunday, she called and left disgusting messages twice before we even got out of bed. Then she left another after we got up, and another while we were out, and called two more times after we got back. She posted horrible crap on his Crackbook wall - at which point he finally asked me how to block her. Then she followed up being blocked with the most disgusting e-mails. He brushed it off and deleted them, but you know - I snuck into his e-mail and printed them off - just in case evidence is needed. (I read them to my mom, and she said they were JUST LIKE the 8 page letters my dad used to stay up all night writing while he got drunk.) She really is batshit. All this shit about how she's going to Revenue Canada, going to report him to child welfare (!!!!!), going to stop the divorce, and that's in between all the abuse. I can't figure out if she's stepping it up because the divorce is finally happening, or because a *gasp* WOMAN is actually involved in Soulman's life. I don't even think she knows we're together (we have the band as a "cover"), but the mere fact that he has ANY kind of relationship with a woman is freaking her out. (I am called "Dodo." As in, "Keep that DODO-THING and your FRIEND-THINGS away from my son!!!!!" You remember him, right? The seventeen-year old who just professed his adoration for me? That must be pissing her off.)

Anyway. Sorry to rant. I just want to smash her head through a brick wall.

We, Scully and the Mulders, have decided our first CD MUST be called "The Ex-Files." Heh. wink.gif

I went to a Nia class last night! Has anyone ever done this? It's a combination of dance, yoga, and martial arts, put to funky music - supposed to be for fitness and health, I guess, but it's just plain fun. I'm going back! I had a blast!

Okay, I must do some work now. Someone leaked a press release about the shutdown of one of the lottery games, and our subscribers are freaking out on the phone.....
CH, I'm sending good work vibes! Good luck! I love John Fluevogs shoes, but they don't come small enough for my feet. Every few months I forget and start looking around on the site only to see they're never any smaller than a 6. Damn these tiny feet!

Turbo, that janitor sounds crazy. I can't believe they would still try to hang on to him. Good luck with the condo board. *shudder*

Doodle, that sucks about soulman's ex. I've never had to deal with anyone like that, but my brothers ex-wife is sorta kinda crazy nuts and sounds similar, except she's an alcoholic to boot.

I'm in such need of a break from this winter! Today was finally nicer out and it was so refreshing. I'm super busy at work, getting ready for International Women's Day stuff and proposal deadlines and trying to keep myself organized. I don't feel TOO overwhelmed but I had a panic attack on Sunday night...the first full out panic attack I've ever had. I have anxiety issues but I'm not sure what happened, it seemed to come out of no where. I borrowed a lorazapam but I think I need to get my own 'scrip. I haven't had anxiety issues for over a year so I'm not really sure what's going on...Luckily I love my GP so she'll probably have some advice.
I'm here, I promise!! I just don't have much to say that you haven't all heard before. Work=crazy. Still have the service vehicle, although now that the big shot came back from his month-long vacay, (I didn't even know he was sad is that?) and the old guy came back to work it's anybody's guess. Evil of me...I got rid of all his tools, except the best ones that suited me. I don't need a bunch of steam traps...I do refrigeration!!! And WTF was he doing with over 30 thermometers, sixteen pocket combs (the man is almost bald), thirty notepads, and about ten pounds of paperclips??? How about some WORK related stuff?

In house news though, I met with a flooring guy tonight...looking at installing a bamboo floor soon! How treehuggerish of me, hmmm?? biggrin.gif

And I don't know where it came from, but I have developed a full-fledged crush on a geeky electrician at work. I'm even dreaming about him....I almost feel guilty. Except that Bear and I are not married. It'd be a PITA to break up though. And we've been together for twelve years (yikes) And it's just a crush, at this point. Bear does not need to know. He is benefiting from my....uh....fantasies....

((((huggs to okayers who need them...and hugs to those who don't, too!!)
Good Morning!!

Hey Doodle, this work thing is getting a little silly now. Have you heard anything? Hee, the Ex Files, I like that.

Hey Ketto! I LOVE your signature! Totally great. That's the craps that Fluevogs don't come inyour size. How are you feeling after the anxiety? And it is getting much nicer out now!

Hey Tree!!! I'm so glad you came in here to post. Wierd about the previous van user, and oooh a crush eh?

Well, I don't have too much here, worked out last night, as usual, then rested...blah blah blah.

How is everyone?
Hi, peeps.

I've been reading, not much in the mood to post lately.

Jenn, I hope something happens with drunk janitor. It must suck to have him around every single day. Too bad that nothing better came out of your co-op election. Old people are a bunch of fuddy-duddies.

I had an ex in college who made his own Irish cream. He said it was good, but I never got the chance to try it. He was an asshole.

CH, why do they call them sugar skulls? Have you finished the project yet? I'd love to see what you did with it.

Hi, Kari, Doodle, Lore, Ketto, Treehugger, and all!

I'm mostly on here to request some vibage from everyone. The giant's aunt is very, very sick. She's got an incredibly aggressive type of non-Hodgekins lymphoma and a tumor on her head that's too big to remove. She's been through several chemo regimens, among other things. They may try one other treatment, but unless something comes of that, they're giving her 2-3 weeks to live. She will be the third aunt/uncle he's lost to cancer. Can I get some anti-cancer vibes for the giant's aunt, please? She's far too young to die.

It's been the same old same old for me. Just working and doing my thing lately, nothing of note.

anna k

(((giant's aunt)))))

I feel bored today on my day off. I went to a museum and did some clothes shopping, and was going to hang out with a friend, but she cancelled on me. So now I'm just bored. And I couldn't sleep last night, and ended up watching Bastard out of Carolina and Roseanne reruns.
~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes for The Giant's aunt~*~*~*~*~* Diva, they are called sugar skulls because when made, they are made out of sugar and are given to the living or the dead. I am done that project, I'll post pictures soon!

Hey Anna! I'm so envious that you go to so many museums! But Roseanne rocks!

I am currently enjoying some lemon cheesecake, I went out for lunch with a friend and got some cake to go. I'm also hoping this day will be done soon, it's so nice outside!
first of all ~*~*~jobby job vibes for everyone~*~*~


~*~*~anti-cancer vibes for giant's aunt~*~*~

haven't been posting much cause there's nothing going on with me. same ol' same ol' all around: co-irkers are being idjits, boss is still liking me, going to dye my hair blue this weekend, and been downloading and catching up on my books and tv shows.

momster's sending my taxes off tonight, and i'm getting a nice chunk of change back. i'm kinda torn with what i'm going to do with it though. the momster wants me to get a car, something just for running errands around town and work and school and such. i've got a couple new tech toys i've been lusting after for months now. i'm debating whether having a tv in the house again and cable would necessarily be a good thing. i really want to get high speed internet again, but don't want to pay AT&T for the six months it should have been canceled when i moved. and i'm debating looking for a cheap apple so i can see if prefer mac to pc. decisions, decisions. i love having such a large chunk of money at once, because the possibilities are endless, but i hate it too, because once it's spent i don't have it anymore. i want to put it in my savings account and try keeping it there for at least six months, but money burns a hole in my pocket, especially large amounts of money. i'm one of those people who'd win 2 million dollars in the lottery and be flipping burgers a year later. i can think of a couple smaller thing i want that would take that "gotta spend it, gotta spend it now!" edge off, but all those smaller things add up. i think if i want it to stay in the bank and accrue interest for those several months, i should have the momster put it in her account.

i only have a half day at work tomorrow, and it's the later part of the day, so i get to sleep in, woo hoo! the plant's having a down day tomorrow, no killing, so they're just running carry over meat and catching up on back orders. i didn't necessarily have to go in at all, but down days aren't paid unless you use vacation time, all of which i'm saving for a trip down south to visit the bro at the end of the month, so i figured i'd better work and get paid for what i can. i'm only going in for six hours, but it works out great. any time we work six or less hours, we don't have to take the mandatory unpaid half hour lunch, yet if we work two or more hours, they're required to pay us for four. so six hours, none of which is unpaid, plus they have to pay me four hours for the last two of my shift, i get paid a full day basically. it's all very convoluted, but the momster fills in for payroll sometimes and had it all figured out.

anyway, i'ma get back to cinematic files o' plenty and watch...something. i'm all caught up on big love finally (and holy crap it's getting good!), and i watched lost boys: the tribe yesterday and found it just as cheesily horrible and hilariously appalling as the previews promised, so i think tonight, religulous. i miss real time, and it's been a while since i had a maher fix.
~*~*vibes for the giant's aunt*~*~
Good Morning.

Grrrl, I think you should get yourself one item, then bank the rest. That's what I plan on doing. I'm buying a pair of Fluevogs, the rest of my income tax return is going right into the bank.

Hey tree!

Not much here. Same old, same old really. I'm boring.

Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~healthy vibes for diva, giant, aunt, and family~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm really sorry to hear that the giant's aunt is so ill, diva. sad.gif That is really sad. How is the giant doing? Please give him a hug for me.

((Ketto)) So sorry to hear about the panic attack! I think seeing your doc is a good idea.

Hey doodle! Bah for evil exes!! I hate that the ex is being such a biatch. ~~~~~~continued job vibes for you!~~~~~~~ They have Nia at my gym, I've seen it, but not done it. It looks really fun though!

Hey tree! Good to hear you still have the truck!! nice! And, hey, ain't nothing wrong with a little work crush! It makes things interesting.

Hey grrrrl! WOOT for tax returns!! We have not even given our stuff to our accountant yet. This is the last year where MR K will have anything music biz related, we've been waiting for his old business partner to get his junk together. I'm so glad this is the last year we'll have to wait on that guy.

Hey Anna!

Hey Jenn! WOW, that's a whole lotta drama at your condo meeting! That guy seriously needs to take a hike. If that many people have had run ins with him, he doesn't need to be there.

Hey CH! Those boots sure are purty! I am SO EXCITED for you & your upcoming interview!!! ~~~~~~~~~Much vibeage!~~~~~~~ I know you would be so happy to get out of your current job.

Things here are pretty good this week. It's been really busy at work. Which I definitely enjoy, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. I worked at home yesterday & that was a huge help. I am looking forward to the weekend. It will be significantly less busy than last weekend. I am going to my mom's one night for dinner, not sure which night yet. That's all I have planned so far. Mr K's spring break starts on Saturday, so hopefully we will hang.
grrl, I think you should invest the money. Seriously. Stocks are at like an all time low right now, and people are predicting that in five years or so you may see a pretty good gain. But you have to get in at the bottom. And have a strong stomach for the ups and downs. I'm going to invest a bunch of my inheritance. Make it grow!
*Vibeage for Giant's Aunt & Family*

I'm working at a new site this week with a somewhat different cast of characters, but most of whom I've met before. They're all nice people. We're installing a lot of base boards at the bottoms of walls, so I spent all yesterday and will spend all today hunched and kneeling. I do have a high tolerance for such stuff, though. Today, I'll make a point to keep hydrated, though. I can think better with enough water... Yeah, not so interesting stuff.

This weekend is Goaty's Grandpa's funeral. We'll be picking up my BIL at the airport tonight and driving up to Bellingham tomorrow morning. It should actually be a nice experience, since just about all of us said goodbye to the guy more than a year ago due to progressive dementia. Also, he was such a genuinely sweet guy that remembering and honouring him will be inspirational.

Otherwise, I'm finally a 6th period apprentice (two more to go), and I'm glad to still be employed, but I just don't feel like I ought to be a "lifer" carpenter, even if I like the company and it likes me. I sure am learning a lot, but I feel like I'm waiting for something else to click.

Oh, and "Urban" Frisbee Golf means not playing in an official course with the goal baskets and waiting for other groups, and not playing in a park or forest, but playing in a setting with buildings and stuff. In our case, it's a college campus, using doors, park benches, light posts, and bullitain boards as goals. Since we have to play late at night, it brings back that awesome 'roaming teenagers' feel. It's a kinda 'underground' game, played trying not to attract too much attention. The course gets awesome, too! There's a lot of teeing off from the 4th floor, trying to hit a 2nd floor picnic bench, gotta get past the ground-floor courtyard type moments. Also, the campus art and archetecture gives it all a surreal feel.

Hey Kari!! I do hope you and Mr. K get to spend some time together.

Hi again Tree!!

Hi Lore, the urban frisbee golf sounds like huge amounts of fun!!! Neat!!

Aside from that, it's Friday and that is all I care about.
Good Morning!

Urban frisbee golf does sound fun! Sorry to hear about goatie's grandpa. sad.gif It does seem like everyone is in a good place though.

Tree, Mr K and I were just talking about the possibility of investing some of our tax refund, if possible. Stocks are so cheap right now, it's hard to justify not investing.

Hey Ch! When is your interview, btw?

Things here are good. Stayed in last night, made some African chicken soup, watched some tv. Perfect. Tonight my friend from work is coming over to watch movies. We might eat Thai food first. Tomorrow I hope to get outside & start clearing out the garden. Plantin' time is coming!

It's me again.

On the topic of investing, it's a good idea. I, on the other hand will not be investing my income tax refund because I have invesments taken off every pay day, so I keep on adding whether good or bad, and I really haven't lost that much, my investment broker invested wisely for me. But, still, even if you took half that money an put it in RRSP's, that's a really good idea.

So, instead of the boots, it's time for me to ditch the futon I have, and I found a bed. I.ADORE!!! I wouldn't buy it right away, maybe in a few months, gives me a chance to complete reno's. it is.

Sooo, the floor guy called me back and gave me a really nice price...materials plus labor will be well within my price range! I think it helped that I am a friend of a friend. Sooo, this is the floor I'm going to get. It's kind of light, but I have dark colors on my walls. I was thinking of going darker until I had the sample in twilight, it just turned black and cavelike. So...this will be my new floor! Yay!

I still have a crush on the geeky electrician. I always had a bit of a crush on him...I think I mentioned him in one of my good things tuesday posts, even...but the crush has blossomed. wub.gif

CH, good for you having money taken out of your cheques! And I loved those boots...but I also love the bed...and I think the bed will be much more comfortable than the boots! (old me talking)...hehe

We had a very nice day, one of those little tastes of spring, it almost got to 60 degrees F (15 C) and so it was decent. It's supposed to snow tomorrow though, boo. But, I saw a couple of students playing Frisbee, and it reminded me of Lore's Urban Frisbee Golf. I wanna play urban Frisbee golf someday. I think UW Madison would be a great setting....especially the steam tunnels! wink.gif

I still have to do my taxes. I bought TurboTax. Maybe this weekend. Hmm.

CH, good luck on the interview!!!

~*~*job vibes for doodle, and also ch*~*~

I found out that the big shot knows I have the truck...there was a little delay weather-wise in getting all the stuff shifted...I shifted the most important stuff...oops, I think I need to go back...

They gave me the old guy's truck. He left in December. Then I needed a gas card for it so I went to our garage and they told me they wouldn't give me one because that truck was going to be "switched out". (they exchange trucks for newer ones, once they reach a certain age, and this one had. Although the "newer" truck I got in exchange has 100,000 MORE miles than the "older" one...but that's okay)

ANYWAY.... I digress. I got a phone call one day on a Friday afternoon saying I had to have ALL the stuff out of the old truck before monday morning, so they could move the cabinets into the "new" truck. Anyway, it was horribly cold out and snowing and crappy, so I threw a bunch of the excess into a box we had in the shop. Big Shot wanted to use that box the other day and was wondering who's stuff was in the whole story was told to him. Nothing has been said to'll see. I moved all the stuff out of the box into the "new" truck today, by the way. First decent day we've had.

*good things Friday~my "new" truck is set up JUST for me. I hope it stays that way...because it will be not suited for the old guy at all. Heh. Sexist pig, anyway.

I am getting caught up at work. Which means I have to start on the old crappy unimportant jobs I've been putting off. It will be nice to get them off my list.

It sucks to work in such a weird dysfunctional shop. I think heads will roll if I have to give the truck back now after all the work of switching them!!

Lore, congrats on Sixth Period Apprentice! I'm sad to hear that it's not your life's must seem like it was a waste of time for you, but there is no such thing as a waste of time. You have learned a lot of practical knowledge, and other life lessons through your struggle, and I am proud of you. I hope you find your true calling soon! And I am sorry to hear about the funeral, but it sounds like it was time.

Jenn, YUCK for dramatic condo board meetings. I can't believe that guy still works there! Yikes! ((((Jenn))))

~*~*anti panic vibes for ketto*~*~ I hate those, I haven't had too many of them, but they really suck! I thought I would literally DIE, the last one I had. And I know the term "I thought I would DIE" is often used casually...but for me, during that panic attack, it was the truest belief in my soul at the time. I really, honestly, thought my life was over. I thought my heart would pump out of my chest and it would stop. ((((Ketto))))

((((Huggs for Okayers who I may have missed)))))
Woooo! Congrats on your "new" truck, Tree! biggrin.gif You should find a name for it. That's awesome! I sometimes think of you and GT when I'm at work because you're inspiring. You for being so kickass at what you do, and GT for getting that Music Experience Museum gig that so fits her.

Culture, that bed DOES look pretty cool! It looks kinda low, though. I remember having an issue with that when we lived in Japan. It, for some reason, takes some getting used to when the bed is lower to the floor. I'm not sure why. There's something odd-feeling about being down low like that when trying to sleep, and everything, including a minute shift in the accoustics of the room, just keep reminding you that you're not on a "normal" Western bed. This could be a good thing, though. I guess it's all about your association with the sensation. For me, it was a constant first-thing-in-the-morning reminder that I'm very far from home, and in an alien culture. For you, it could be a reminder of how awesome you are for having a funnnkay bedroom smile.gif

Kari, rock on about your investing smile.gif Ours has taken steady losses, but we're holding on. We figure they'll turn around.

Much loveage to all you other Okayers! smile.gif

Hey Tree, so you got a new truck! I hope you get to keep it!! And yay on working quieting down!!

Hi lore! I'm thinking the bed will be cool because I'll still be in my space. I have slept on the floor before! Hee hee.

Okay, I'm going to try and post a link to my sugar skull. Let's try this.

Wow! Success, Culture~! smile.gif for both the link and the embroidery. Way cool! smile.gif
CH, I love your sugar skull! You did a great job...and it's a far cry from Grandma's embroidery, eh?

*Awww, Lore (blush)...I like reading your stories as well because it brings back apprenticeship memories. It's quite a journey, isn't it? As for a name for the "new" truck...well, she's a deep blue color and annoys me by locking all the doors when I go over 20. She has 175,000 miles!

I can't believe the clocks go ahead already tonight! Another sign of spring, but it's too soon. I hate dark mornings, and the time shift means that sunrise won't be until 7:30 now, again. sad.gif Oh, well, spring's plodding along, and soon the birds will be singing, and it will still be light out at 9:00 PM. smile.gif
Good morning, everybustie!

I was so excited that I woke up early this morning, feeling rested and wide awake, ready to attack the laundry...and then I got up and realized that the time change, and suddenly I'm not up so early. Oh well. I got my laundry in right away, went for a wet walk with the dog, and now I'm cooking a pot of chick peas to make channa masala with later on. YUM.

Turbomann and I are having a lovely weekend. Went to see our favorite band, Great Big Sea, on Friday night, and met up with some college friends there as well. Great show, though not quite as fun as on the cruise, where the bands are a lot more laid back and silly. But we learned that Alan Doyle, the lead singer, has been cast as the troubador in the Ridley Scott remake of Robin Hood - sweet!! I'm sure he'll be great, although I'm not thrilled about Russel Crowe as Robin Hood, though Russel is the reason why Alan was cast, since they're good friends.

Tree, those floors look gorgeous! And hooray for the new (to you) truck!

CH - Your Sugar Skull is awesome!! Well done, and I love the colors against the black cloth! I hope the boy appreciates it!

As usual, I've been doing a lot of cooking this weekend - it's been cold and rainy here, so it's a perfect excuse to stay in. And I took a 2 hour nap yesterday, which is quite possibly the best use of weekend time I can was one of those wake-up-in-a-puddle-of-drool naps, very restful. I'm hoping for more nappage today. And we have Ironman to watch, too.
Good Morning!!

Thanks for the compliments all. *blushes* and much wub.gif

Tree, I'm so with you on the time change fucking with your system. I already have trouble sleeping on Sunday's but loosing an hour also totally blows chunks.

Hey Turbo! Interesting about the Robin Hood remake. I had one of those naps yesterday too...fuck if I didn't sleep lots yesterday.

Hmm, what can I tells you? Job interview is on Tuesday, I have my references in order. the weekend has been a quiet one thus far, and I intend for it to stay the same. Have to go grocery shopping today and I think I'll head over to dadsters today for dinner. Haven't seen him in a while, I should call to make sure they want me over. smile.gif

Last night was super bagged from the run I went on, heaven's I was so tired. I decided to push my run by 3 or four blocks, then had to run back, plus two walks with the dog and cleaning out the basement. Phew.

Plus one week until my vacation!!! Glorious, glorious time off.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.

(((okayers and lurkers)))

Gooood Morning! It's Monday!

CH, interview is tomorrow? Cool!! I will definitely be sending vibeage your way! The sugar skull you did looks amazing! Very nice work. And you have a vacation coming up? smile.gif yay!

Hey Tree! That's very cool that your van is being customized for you! The doors lock themselves while you are driving? Weird. LOVE the bamboo floor you chose. I really like light colored floors, so clean looking.

Hey Lore! How was the funeral? sad.gif I hope it went ok, all things considered. I understand what you mean about not being sure about being a carpenter for life. I like what I'm doing, but am not sure I'll do it for life either. It's so hard to figure out what you are meant to do.

Hey Jenn! What did you cook this weekend?

I had a nice weekend. Ate Thai food on Friday night, it was the bomb. Red curry tofu. YUM! Want some more. Saturday Mr K and I did a bunch of errands. That night I went to my mom's for dinner. Ate lasagna, played some games. Yesterday I did more errands. I went shopping too, in hopes of finding some clothes, but didn't see anything really. Hmmm. It was so hard getting up in the dark this morning! I will trade that for the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but it sure wasn't easy this morning.
Good Morning!

Hey Kari! Bah, I'm so with you on this time change crap.

rested yesterday, mostly. Worked out as always, took the dog out, as always. Although our second walk of the day was along the trails, so ther was more for her to chase and I didn't really encounter any people.

Now I need to nap, so I am refreshed for tomorrow! Hee hee. I think I'll be tunring my phone off this evening so there are no interuptions of the text-y variety.

How is everyone?? Where is everyone??
morning everyone. stupid time change, i hate this one. i'm already counting down the days until the next one when i can wake up at 6 am and go "oh nevermind, it's only 5, back to sleep!". i've been so lazy and tired this weekend already. i slept in til almost 10 saturdayday, and after getting up to read the paper yesterday morning, i fell back asleep for awhile watching tv.

last night was good. bro, sis-in-law and niece are in town again. bro's leaving today to drive down south for his new training thing, so we all had dinner with them last night, and my favorite aunt joined us. neice sat on my lap for about an hour after dinner, and c-monkey joined her. my legs are killing me after all the bouncing around, but it was fun, and the girls were well-behaved over all, and it gave my bro and the momster time to catch up.

ch, your sugar skull looks awesome!

congrats on the "new" truck tree

jenn, did you guys get rid of that drunken janitor yet?

~*~*~jobby job vibes~*~*~ for culture.

hi kari, hi lore, hi doodle, hi anyone else i might have missed in my rush to get out the door to work, stupid time change!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((interview vibes for CH))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Good luck! BTW, I love the sugar skull!

Congrats on the new truck, Treehugger! Now let's just hope you get to keep it always and forever.

Thanks to everyone who vibed the giant's aunt!

Not much going on with me. We went to visit the giant's aunt on Saturday. There's a ton of family up from Omaha and Kansas City to visit for what may be the last time, lots of people I've never met or haven't seen for a long time. She's decided to try one last treatment, although at best it'll give her a month or two to live, instead of a couple weeks. She's back at home now, and I think may be taking the chemo at home, too.

I just feel really sorry for her son, who's like the giant's BFF. In the last 5 weeks, his friend has killed himself and he had to be the one to spread the terrible news, he got laid off (but he's known for awhile that it was coming and he got a decent severence package), and his mom's about to die. I want the giant and I to do something nice for him and his wife. They've been through a lot lately.

In other news, I'm making chili tonight. Yum. I just hope it turns out like my mom's, who makes the best chili ever. Oh, and the giant may have made his last alimony payment last week, we're waiting to see if his ex will agree to forego the rest. I guess we'll find out next week to see if/when she asks when he's going to pay her again. I can't wait to have her off our backs so we can start planning for OUR future!
CH - I hope the interview went well - post some deets here, ASAP!

Diva, that is one awful turn of events in the Giant's family...I'm sure they will appreciate any offer of support and caring.

And for you and the Giant - WOOOOOT!!! if this is the last alimony payment! curry. Kari, that's one of those things that once it's mentioned, I have to have it...guess I might cook some up this weekend. smile.gif

Let's see, I made chicken stock, granola bars and cardamom coconut ice cream (my new obsession) on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I made this awesome achiote braised pork shoulder wrapped in banana leaves (recipe to be posted later tonight), with spicy black beans and salad. Yesterday, I made a giant pot of channa masala (recipe coming later this week). A weekend well spent.

In other news, we're having some crappy issues with our dog walker. I've come home several times in the last few weeks to find her in the house, just dropping off turbo from his walk. At 4:45pm. WTF? A neighbor reported seeing her another day late in the afternoon. So, I called the owner of the service, who I adore, and let him know what was going on. He was really upset, called our walker, and told her that from now on, she's going to have to call their office from our home phone when she arrives and leaves our house. Ouch. He said she was really upset, but seriously - it is NOT okay to walk my dog that late - he'd been in the house for 11 hours without a walk! So, I get home today, and see no note at all from Katrina, and Turbo is jumping around like he needed to go out - NOW. I guess he didn't get a walk at all. Again, WTF? So I call the office again and let them know, and now she's getting fired tomorrow. I feel bad, but seriously, all she needs to do is call my office if she's running late or whatever, and I will understand, and get a neighbor to walk him that day. But no communication and bad service...I can't do that.

Oh, and we still haven't gotten rid of drunk janitor yet either. I think we're going to have to sue our own board, which is stupid, since that will take money out of my pocket twice, since the association's lawyer is paid with my monthly fees. Gah.
anna k

good vibes for CH's interview!!!!!

I don't have much to say. I did my internship, spent time reading in the bookstore, then went to a writer's workshop, which cost only $5 to attend (it was a group). It was fine, nice to listen to others' stories of being writers or working within the publishing industry and either being laid off or still working, and what they were working on. We got about an half hour for free writing, and I shared my critical review of the French film Read My Lips, and got a good response. It just felt nice to concentrate on my writing and being in a different environment.

I also had lunch with my co-worker, and liked her. She's quiet and funny, and told me she gets paid by foot fetishists to rub and suck her feet, saying "there is so much money to be made off of being female!" That made her sound way more kinkier than I thought.

One of "my" ultracolds was on the news! Hope this works....

link to video

It's shown twice, starting at about 1:00. smile.gif I worked on this one about a year ago.

/refrigeration geekism
Good Morning!!

Well, the interview is this morning at 10, last week it was rescheduled from Monday to Tuesday, which I'm good with. Just reviewing my cover letter and resume.

Hey Grrl! That does sound like a lovely time you had with the family!

Diva, that is so sad about Giant's BFF. ~*~*~*ongoing vibes for family~*~*~*~*~ how did the Chili turn out? And yay about the possibility of no more payments!!! Woot!!!

Turbo, you can't feel bad that the dog walker is getting fired, that is what happens when you don't do your job or do it poorly. As for suing the board, that is shitty, but this is a matter of personal safety, the safety of everyone in that building, and the total inaction by your board disgusts me. It's shitty you all have to shell out more, but I firmly think personal safety over rides all of that.

Hi Anna! How is the internship going? And that is wild about your coworker!

Hey Tree!! Cool that something you worked on was onthe news!! Was it the big one with the guy opening up a large door?

Last night I did nothing, body was sore from pushing myself all weekend with working out! So, I watched futurama, and I have become obsessed with using the word Smizmar (it's from one of the episodes). There was also a super funny part when there was a conference regarding Global Warming, and the sign said Kyoto, the anagram lovers Tokyo. HA! That show is pretty clever. Me likey.

Anyhows, so thank you for the vibes all, the interview is at 10, I'm nervous, I'd really like the change from what I am doing now. Granted I adore working with the clients, but it is time for a change and I did enjoy doing this kind of thing when I was in University. I'll let you know how it goes as soon as I return to the office!

Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Good luck interview vibes for CH!~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sure you will do great!

Tree, how cool! I watched the video. That's exciting! How long til you get your new floors?

Jenn, UGH, I'd be pissed about the dog walker if I were you. I mean, what are you paying them for if they're not going to do it, or they're going to come over right before you get home from work? That's too bad she's getting fired, but she's not doing her job. On another note, all that food you made sounds SO GOOD!

Hey DIVA! ~~~~~~anti-alimony vibes!~~~~~~~~ Geez, I hope you are free of that woman soon. I don't understand alimony anyways. I mean, I get it if it was a long marriage and one supported the other while they were in school or something, but other than that....? ~~~~continued vibes for the giant's aunt~~~~~Wow, I feel terrible for the son. sad.gif That's a whole lot to deal with.

Hey Anna! The writer's workshop sounds really cool. Nice!

Hi Grrrl! Was it easier to wake up this morning? I had a hard time! Though I was loving it last night when I left the gym at 6:45 and it wasn't dark yet.

Things here are good today. Got a busy one. Work. At 4:30 I have an interview for this volunteer job. Then I am tutoring my literacy student. Then I'm meeting 2 friends for dinner. At least I work at home tomorrow. And MR K is on spring break, so we can hang some. smile.gif
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