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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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anna k
Turbojenn, I'm glad your IUD works well. And an IBS cookbook would be great.

Hi, sorry to check in again, but I went to the horror movie meetup, met a smart nerdy fellow, and got laid! We went back to his place and fooled around, it was great fun. I had been chatting with him at the pizza parlor where the meetup was, and just felt this attraction, even though he wasn't cute or handsome. And he was sitting close to me and I could feel a mutual interest. So I kissed him in the middle of the conversation, and he looked surprised and happy. We went out to an side street and made out for a bit, then went back to his place. The rest I'll post in the portions thread.

I want to see Coraline too!
Happy Valentine's Day, BUSTies! smile.gif

Gaaah! My schedule has been putting me behind on reading, but only by a day or two. Goatie needs the computer almost all the time that there's free time to use it. I have been left with a lot of time to mess with cooking, though. I recently made some awesome spinach, zucchini, garlic, and onion enchiladas. So, yesterday, Goaty surprised me by doing all the cooking! biggrin.gif She had pre-made a spaghetti casserole, and she was just pulling some chocolate chocolate-chip chocolate cookies out of the oven (yes, they are THAT chocolatey!). Then, we watched Wall-E, which was really sweet and fun.

Thanks for the tips on healthy eating, guys! I'm apparently a ton healthier for having married Goaty, since most of our meals are home-cooked, and we don't do a lot of over-processed snacks and food. She's repulsed by most stuff that is overly processed or has cane sugar or resembles a Twinkie. I've also recently switched to Omega 3 eggs, even though we don't eat eggs much. I'm glad a lot of you BUSTies are eating healthy, too. You guys are an inspiring group, you know?

Anyway, *Love to the BUSTies*
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! smile.gif
Good afternoon!

Happy Belated Valentines day busties!!

Hi Kari! I was very happy it was Friday and it's a long weekend, so I have tomorrow off!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Hi turbo! I'm super happy your IUD experience went well! I'm looking at going off the pill as well, BUT since I'm not in a monogamous relationship I don't know how willing I am to go off the pill yet.

Lore, on the topic of Omega, honesly any GMO food really freaks me out, I get omega from fish, but I also take cod liver oil, which is kinda gross BUT if you follow it with some juice, it goes down easier. Plus with cod liver oil, you also get Vitamin's A and D. One teaspoon a day should do it.

Umm, not much is going on here. I went and picked up Guns, germs and steel by jared diamond last night and I'd like to pick up his second book collapse. Tonight I think PR Boy and I are getting together.
Hey all! Happy Valentine's Day, belatedly!

And congrats on your IUD, turbo - what a terrific Valentine's gift to yourself! biggrin.gif

Hello also to CH, lore, anna, diva, kari, moxie, grrrl, tree, jami, and everyone else!

I got a strange, sweet Valentine's gift of my own: Soulman's 17-year old son came home on Friday night - Saturday morning, really - a little bit drunk. Not usual for him, and he wasn't very drunk, anyway. So I went back up to bed first, sat cross-legged on the bed, and Soulson came in, crouched down beside me, and said, "I'm a little drunk and I'll be up front about that. But I just wanted to say..." And he started telling me how much he likes me and respects me, and likes and respects how I treat his dad, and he was hugging me over and over. Then he said, "You keep him, okay?" Like he was afraid I was going to run away or something.


ETA: Had to run off!

Did everyone have a good weekend so far? I survived THREE performances of the Vagina Monologues. This time, I had a co-musician with me, jamgirl, who used to host the coffee shop jam, and who has been performing for years. She is amazing, and it was so wonderful to have her there - it was like a sisterhood within a sisterhood! We wandered around and smoked, and watched the monologues from different vantage points in the theatre. She was so great and supportive and wonderful!

We ended up the 1st night at the local dive to see a friend's band, with a woman, they were awesome! I danced my ass off. Then Soulman took me out there again last night, for the purpose of dancing on Valentine's Day. It was sweet and fun!

Unfortunately for us, Soulson has been lingering around ALL weekend, which kinda took away the V-Day privacy. It's too bad the kid likes me so much. wink.gif
Good Morning!

Doodle, that is so cool that soulman's son told you how he felt. I am really happy for you! Everything just seems to fit with you two. smile.gif
Any word on the job?

Hey Anna! Woot for getting some action! I'm glad you had a good time. How is your stomach today? Glad to hear it's getting better.

Hey Lore! Aw, that was sweet of goatie to cook for you. Those chocolate chocolate cookies sound right up my alley! Yum. Those enchiladas you made sound mighty tasty too! How is work going?

Hey CH! Did you hang w/ PR boy last night? How are things with you two these days?

Jenn, congrats on the IUD! Yay! I've considered getting one, but I am a real wimp. It's good to hear your insertion wasn't too bad. My sister got one recently too. Hmmm.

I am off work today. It's nice. Mr K forgot I had the day off until I reminded him last night. He had to get up and go to school today, so he was jealous. We had a nice weekend. Friday night he worked, I went to my sister's place for dinner. I am so happy for her. Some of you may remember a few years back she was having a terrible time with drug addiction, spent some time in jail...just a mess in general. She has now been sober for 2+ years, recently got married, and is now living with her husband & her daughter in a very healthy family situation. It's wonderful to see her so happy and healthy. My mom and her new husband also came over for dinner and we all had a great time. Anyhoo....Saturday Mr K and I took our dogs on a hike, which we haven't done in a while. That night I made a delicious pasta with penne, sausage, wild mushrooms, & a cream sauce and an awesome Caesar salad. We went to see Dr. Dog play after that. Yesterday I did not do anything. Seriously. Well, I did go see a movie...The Wrestler. Really liked it.

Good morning! Like Kari, I'm off work today, and I could not be happier to have a day to myself at home. And even better, the sun is shining, so that makes me happy. Turbodoggie and I just got in from a nice long walk by the lake. Turbomann had forgotten that I had the day off today too, and was also jealous...I was trying not to mention it yesterday, as I knew he'd just feel bad because he doesn't have the day off.

Kari, I'm so happy for your sister and your whole family. She's really turned things around and created a good life for herself, and none of us can do better than that!

Doodle, that is SO awesome that Doodleson shared his feelings with I think you need to take the next step and drop hints that you'd like some privacy to get some HBI with Soulman...the thought of a parent having sex is repellent to every teenager, right?! Maybe you can get some privacy that way. wink.gif

We had a lovely Vday here. We had our neighbors over for dinner, and had a fantastic time. Good food, good company, and a liberal amount of wine. And then our friends decided to try out the Wii Fit, after a few glasses of wine...we were dying laughing at the lack of coordination on all our parts. Funny. Turbomann and I are having a little romantic evening here on our own tonight - take the IUD for the first spin, since I haven't had any cramping in a couple days. He's adorably nervous about the IUD, anxious about whether it will work.

I'm just going to putter around the house here today - I've got some oatmeal cooking in the rice cooker, and am going to make some cream of tomato soup here shortly. YUM.
Good Morning!

I am also off today, it's Louis Riel Day here.

Kari, things are good between PR Boy and I, we hung out last night, went out for dinner. Nothing earth shattering, but it was nice. that is so fantastic about your sister, addiction is such a difficult thing to beat, but it's so wonerful that she has.

Turbo, your weekend sounds like a lot of fun!

Doodle, that is really intense and wonderful that Soulman's son said that. He sounds like a good kid.

aside from that, just headed off to go grocery shopping, then I'm going to come back home and relax. Read a little, and there is a MASH marathon on TV. I may try and squeeze in a workout too. Or I may make today my day of. we'll see.
Jenn, your V day sounds like it was a blast! I am planning to have some friends over for dinner soon. Those are the best nights. You will have to let us know how the inaugural IUD HBI goes off. I am sure it will be excellent! How do you do your oatmeal in the rice cooker? Have you posted that on your blog? I will take a look. I'm interested...I eat oatmeal probably 4 out of the 5 workdays. Right now I just get the old fashioned oats, put some milk in, & nuke them for about 2 mins. Not the most fancy way, but it works for the office.

Tonight I am making one of my favorite dishes....couscous, vegetables, tofu, & peanut sauce. *droooool*

CH, that's good that you and PR boy are getting on well. It seems that you really enjoy each other's company. Is it a romantic type of company? Enjoy the MASH marathon! That theme song brings back childhood memories. My parents would always be watching it while I was going to sleep & I could hear the music.

I am going to leave the house shortly. Have to go by the hardware store, then have a dermatology appt. Going to try to shop a little bit, then I have a chiro appt. Thank goodness, b/c something is up with my neck. It's outta wack. After that I'm going to my regular Monday night power sculpting class at the gym. That about wraps it up!
Kari, at this time it's not romantic at all. I went through my stuff with him already. He's one of my closest friends, so it's just a friend thing, with the often HBI. smile.gif Hee hee.
Kari - I did post about the oatmeal on my blog - I probably cook this more than just about anything else - once cooked, I put it in 1 cup serving containers, and we just take them to work for brekkie, and add a little water when you heat it up.

The inaugural IUD HBI was most excellent! I am VERY pleased with my new vag bling. Woot! Seems to be everything is all healed up, no spotting, and back to normal.

Mmmm....peanut sauce. I could eat veggies & brown rice drizzled with peanut sauce everyday. YUM. Gonna have to make that again sometime soon.

Well, I've been dodging the parental phone calls for three days, guess I'd better call them back.
Good Morning!

Turbo, most excellent that HBI with IUD went well. I'm still thinking about the IUD, but think I may stick with the pill until I get into a monogamous relationship. Hmmmmm.

In other news, I got myself a Venus Fly Trap yesterday! Hee hee. I love it. Haven't seen it eat yet, but my goal is to make a terrarium with other carnivorous plants. So I'm getting it acclimatized to the house, I'll probably get it in a good soil mix tomorrow. I'm super psyched though!!!!

And that's all I've got right now.

How is everyone else?

Every time I hear the MASH theme, I think of Stewie Griffin singing "Suicide is painless / it brings out many changes / and I can take or leave them if I pleeeeeeease." It was my dad's favorite show, probably because he was in the service at that time in Thailand. I don't mind the show, but the giant can't stand it. He has the weirdest taste sometimes.

I had yesterday off, too. I decided I needed to see "Milk" and "The Wrestler," so I went on my own. It was actually pretty nice going alone. You wouldn't believe how many singles there were at each movie. It was nice not to have to talk to anyone, I could just sit there and not be bothered, and I just sat and read my book and drank coffee between shows. Maybe this will be an ongoing thing for me.

I can't decide who I like better for Best Actor at the Oscars between Micky Rourke and Sean Penn. But Marissa Tomei wasn't really all that great, and I don't think she got enough lines anyway to be up for Best Actress, so I hope Kate Winslet wins for whatever movies she got nominated for.

We didn't do much for V Day. We were going to see "Taken," but the showing we wanted was sold out, so we rented "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," which was decent, and we made risotto. It was just a fun day of hanging out with each other.
Diva, I love going to see movies by myself...actually, turbomann and I often go to the movies together, but see different movies, because our tastes are different - that way no one has to feel like they wasted time or money seeing something they didn't want. Works out perfectly! Mmmm....risotto - one of my very favorite things, and it's actually on the menu tomorrow night!

I'm just waiting for my favorite 2 1/2 year old to come play this evening. Her dad is playing paintball with turbomann, so I get to play with Aria, who might be as cool as Diva's Sam. smile.gif We're going to make chicken quesadillas together for dinner. Probably watch some sort of animated something, and lots of "cooking" with all her plastic food.

That's awesome that you got a fly trap, CH! I remember we got one when we were kids, and we'd sit and watch it, and eventually force feed it flies.
Good Morning all!

Hey Diva! What book are you reading right now?

Hi Turbo! How was your evening with Aria?

What did I do last night? Ahhh, worked out of course, then did some sudoku and promptly fell asleep. So, guess who I heard from no less than 6 times yesterday? The newbie, who isn't the newbie, infact he isn't anything because I haven't talked to him for 3 weeks. I ditched him via voice mail and he called me a bunch of times yesterday under the guise of I need to know who the worker is for this client. Uhhh, WTF? It was really, really bizarre.

In other news, the deadline to apply for the fuzz is June, so I was thinking I had to run the popat next month BUT looks like I can train hard(er) for the next 6 to 8 weeks then run it! That's a huge relief because I'm not at the level I want to be at. Yet.

Aside from that, not much is going on. getting my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday, which I'm excited about. Also on the prowl for PR boy's birfday gift, his birfday is in March, but I'm starting to look now.

anna k
Hi everyone!

CH, I'd like to get my hair highlighted too, with red highlights, but it's too pricey for me. I need to save some money from my paychecks before I get it, it generally costs about $60.

Turbo, I usually go to the movies by myself, I don't really mind. And I'm happy that the HBI went very well for you.

I want Mickey Rourke to win. Sean Penn was good, but I wasn't impressed or didn't feel like I saw anything too different. The Ram had heart and pain and I really felt for him.

Kari, my stomach is slowly getting better. It's still a little bloated, not completely flat, but getting better through medicine and supplements, and I keep up being active a lot to help me feel fit as well as mentally busy.

Aww, doodle. That's so sweet that Soulman's son confided in you like that. I feel so happy for you!

I felt a bit crappy last night after having sucked in my dance class (not able to follow the dance well, feeling crummy), so I made up for it today by going to a museum, looking at exhibits of a Russian fashion designer from the 1920s and the history of NYC theatre over a century. I felt so much better, looking at a variety of history and work, and forgetting about my own anxieties. Tonight I'm going to the gym, then going back to work tomorrow.
Hi all! Sorry to do these mememe posts. I am reading and keeping up, at work - it's really hard to post there, because my screen is exposed....I read little bits at a time, waiting for people to answer their phones!

I had to pop in to post this; I just found the link, at last! This is jamgirl! Click on "I Am What I Am" to hear one of the songs she did at the Vagina Monologues! It's sooooo a bustie song!!! She is so fucking awesome. She is the one who hosted the open mike and jam at the coffee shop, when I first started singing in public. She's invited me to her monthly women's gatherings - awesome! I love being able to connect with another woman musician. I don't feel so much like I'm being "schooled" when I learn stuff. wink.gif

Soulman is in the bath. We have practice tonight, for the big coffee house gig on Saturday! Eek! Practice tomorrow night too, and I think my Friday will be consumed with inserting CD covers in the new batch of Soulman CDs. I found some sexy new togs at the V.V. Boutique today (with the help of my bohemian pregnant Hungarian co-worker!) - a very low cut black cami with glittery black lace edging at the bustline, and a turquoise blue 3/4-sleeve shrug that ties under the bust. I'll wear this with my black jeans and boots, I suppose. Heh. I just modeled the new gear for Soulman - he said it was very sexy. biggrin.gif

Ok, I wish I had more time! Love you all so much! I love reading about you every day!
Morning, I'm not calling it a good one by any stretch. ppppthhhht.

Hey Anna, how are you feeling? I was thinking of red highlights, but after the last discussion with my stylist, I'm going to do a caramel colour.

Hey Doodle. You have the most amazingly talented friends! It's totally great!

Well, it's bloody cold here again, I didn't sleep for crap, but I did go for a run last night. I think I'll be taking this evening off to sleep!

How is everyone??

Good morning!

Anna, I'm glad to hear your stomach is getting better. That's great!

Hey Doodle, Jenn, Diva, and CH!

I hope Mickey Rourke wins the Oscar too. I'm stoked about Oscars night. A friend of mine has a viewing party every year. We fill out ballots, eat a bunch of food, and drink wine.

CH, I hope you get some better sleep tonight!

I am doing pretty good today, busy at work. I worked at home yesterday, but did have to come downtown for a meeting over lunchtime. Last night a friend from work came over to watch Rock of Love & eat snacks. Tonight I'll proabably just hit the gym. Mr K says he has school work to do.

I'm getting my hair colored for the first time next week. I've got too many grays, I can't stand it anymore. I'm just doing all over color, pretty much my natural color but a little bit deeper. I spent a decent chunk of money at the dermatologist yesterday for some laser hair removal. Have to go back in about 6 weeks for some more. I feel like I'm maybe spending too much on self-care stuff lately, but it's all for stuff that really bugs me. I think the results are woth it.
Where is everyone??

It's Friday. That is what matters. WOOHOO!

Hey CH! It is quiet in here indeed.

How's your day so far?
I'm here! I haven't felt like posting for a while because I've been sick. I'm going to try and drop in later today though.

*happy friday everyone*
Hey Kari! My day has been rather quiet, I'm looking up things I can put in material to embroider for PR Boy's birfday which is next month.

Hey Ketto! ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~*\

Okay, I'm going shopping for lunch.
Happy Friday, you home phone sanitizing bitches! (hopes someone gets the Hitchhikers allusion)

I am SO glad it's the weekend....I thought today was never going to end at work. I didn't have much going on, and I'd totally rather be busy than slow. And then I had a 2 hour conference call at the end of the day about "constituent relationship management & direct marketing" - GAH. So. fucking. boring. It was one of those days where I really felt like I'm not cut out for big orgs....the meetings kill me.

Anyway, now it's the weekend! And, it's Turbomann's birfday tomorrow! Unfortunately, my gift for him has been delayed by UPS for the last two weeks, so it won't be here in time, which is a bit of a bummer. Oh well. To celebrate we're just going out for lunch at our favorite pub with all Turbomann's friends - should be nice, and I like the idea of an afternoon party, so I still have the evening to chill.

I think this is the first year where I'm really out of the loop on the Oscars, and it makes me a little sad. I really haven't seen any of the films, haven't read much about the films, either. I suppose I'm not going to catch up now, but I'll still watch. All I've got to say is - who's idea was Hugh Jackman as host? He doesn't seem host-y at all...I hope he surprises us and does a good job.

(((((ketto feel better)))))

So what are you embroidering for PR boy, CH? I hope it's something funny/dirty/personal. heh. smile.gif

Doodle, you and your friends are just too talented for words!! I am SO impressed! And I hope the gig goes fabulously tomorrow!!!

Good Morning.

Turbo, enjoy Turbomann's birfday and the lunch! I'm currently emroidering a sugar skull, which is a rather ambitious project. The other thing is some old school tattoo type stuff. At least this is the plan, I am leaning towards doing the VW logo, because he loves VW, and has one that he has heavily modified. Maybe I should make a honda one just to spite him (I have a civic, and he HATES honda's. hee hee).

So, I'm off to get my hair did today, then tonight I'm out for dinner to celebrate my grandmother birthday.

What is everyone else up to this weekend?
anna k
CH, your present sounds really cool. I'll bet PR will like it!

I hope you feel better soon, ketto.

Sounds like a good time, Turbo!

I'm working this weekend, and my sister is staying over again. She's feeling sick, so I'm not expecting her to be in a great mood. Last night I saw a film called Paradise, which was a video diary shot by Michael Almereyda, which was just video clips of him capturing moments with people, like little kids being funny and cute, people chatting about stuff, little life moments. It was nice and interesting to watch.
Good morning Okayers! I'm glad you like jamgirl's music! I love her - she's my hero after the Vagina Monologues. biggrin.gif

Still haven't heard about the job - was having a bit of an anxiety attack last night over it. Which was smoothed down by Soulman and the Anarchist, and also the "safety meeting," which is a regular Friday night house jam of Soulman's friends. It's where they go to "get safe" after work and before the weekend. smile.gif And then fabulous, fabulous HBI when Soulman and I got back here - no Soulson around the place! Seriously fabulous HBI - I've never felt so close to anyone. wub.gif

Anyway, tonight is the gig. EEK! Sound check is around 5:30. Got to go have a bath so my hair will be dry in time to jab a curling iron through it. Will try to check in a little later....

Happy Birfday to turbomann!!!! WOOT!
evening everyone. i've been reading and following along, but i just haven't felt much like posting, or doing much of anything else for that matter. it's been wet and miserable and rainy here since last weekend-just finally cleared up a bit yesterday-and i think i've got some SAD kicking in bigtime. i've just felt kind of blah and depressed most of the week, and i blame it on the weather. the momster was gone over the holiday weekend, so with no car c-monkey and i were stuck in the house the whole time. granted, it was the momster's house with cable and highspeed internets, but still. and the neighbor kids across the hall were gone to their dad's for the weekend, so all we did was veg-c-monkey in front of the computer, me in front of a real wives of marathon-and i just felt icky for it. we did manage to go out monday and see coraline once the momster got back, and that was kind of fun.

tuesday i was getting ready to leave work, and i was all excited because for once, the rain slowed to a drizzle as i was getting ready to leave. but then my chain popped off, so i stopped by the mechanics shed to pop it back on, and i'm so glad i did. cause that respite lasted until i'd popped the chain back on and wiped down my bike, then there was this loud rumble, and it just poured down, like someone had upended buckets of water. you could barely even see five feet in front of you. and then, and then, cause the rain wasn't bad enough, down came these teeny little white pellets. i was standing in the doorway, screeching "hail?! fucking hail?! you have got to be fucking kidding me! are you serious, hail?!" while my mechanic friends laughed at me and we tried to figure how we could slide my umbrella handle down my backpack. luckily the hail stopped after about ten minutes, and the rain let up from a deluge to a downpour, so i was able to make it home with a minimum of fuss and bother.

we had the going away luncheon for cool boss yesterday, and next friday's going to be his last last really not going to be here anymore day. new boss has been going around the floor with us learning stuff and seems all right so far. i can already tell though who's been toadying up and telling tales, and this adjustment period's going to be very iffy until everyone settles down and figures out the new power structure and where they fall on it. so far so good though, and at the very least i know who i need to watch my back around for a while.

i've been watching repo: the genetic opera all day. no really, i must have watched it at least four or five times already, and i still can't get enough of it. i don't think anyone carries the soundtrack locally, so i'll have to check the hot topic at the mall when i take c-monkey to the doctor for her check-up after school thursday.
Damn computer ate my post, so I shall start anew.

Good Morining!!

Anna, how is your stomach these days?

Hey Doodle, I know government can take forever to get back to people. ~*~*~*ongoing job vibes~*~*~* You could always call HR and ask! How did the gig go??

((((grrrl)))) are you still feeling a little blue?

My weekend was pretty good, went out to a lovely upscale steak house on Saturday, I could have taken that steak home and made love to it. It was sooooooo amazing. Oh my, I've had a lot of steak, but I think I can very safely say that this was the best I've ever had. Sunday I caught a bit of a cold, trying to fight it off, but I'm at work today. Blah. Also worked on PR Boy's gift, which I'm also done making. I'll post a pic when I'm done. Also, in great news, he finally bought a house! He's so psyched, and I'm super happy for him.

Can I get some job vibes for my bff, lets call her jellybean girl, she was fired from her job a few weeks ago (because her boss is a fucking sociopath, she's taking steps) but she's not had any call backs or any luck yet, bustie vibes seem to help. She's got her condo to pay and stuff...vibes would help! Thanks!!!

How is everyone else?
Good Morning!

~~~~~~~job vibes for CH's gal!~~~~~~

And for doodle! ~~~~~~~job vibes!~~~~~~~~~~

Ch, I want to see the sugar skull! That is indeed ambitious! Nice work. Your steak dinner sounds mighty tasty. Yum. I love a good steak. I hope you are able to fend off your cold.

Hey Doodle! How was the gig? I'm really happy for you & soulman. It's such a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

Happy Belated Birthday Turboman!! A pub luncheon sounds lovely. Low key and fun. Jenn, you do have a lot of meetings at work. That's rough. Meetings kill me too. Ugh.

Hey Grrrl! Sorry you have been feeling down lately. sad.gif I've had a little bit of that too, but I think mine is more due to just not really having a direction right now. I've got to work that out.

Hey Anna! How was your weekend with your sister?

I had a good weekend. Hung out w/ my sister and niece Friday night. We ate tacos & played some games. Saturday I stayed in most of the day b/c the weather was bad. We had some people over for poker that night. We had a good time, but both Mr K & I lost some cash. bah. Yesterday I met my mom & niece for a movie, then went to my friend's house for an Oscars party. Good times!

Hi, peeps.

I'm sick, too. I got it from the giant, and now I'm all stuffy/sneezy/coughy miserable. I'm kind of mad at him for giving it to me, since I've got no sick time left to spend laying in bed resting, where I really should be right now, but I'm at dumb old work instead.

Hi, CH! What's a sugar skull? And (((((((((vibes for your friend)))))))))

Anna, I've thought about Sean Penn/Mickey Rourke, and you're right. I just wish Mickey Rourke would have won last night. Sean Penn was good, but Mickey Rourke took you on a trip. He was much more multi-faceted than Sean Penn was. Good point.

Happy belated, Turbomann!

Jenn, I feel sorry for you with those damn meetings. We have maybe 2-3 per month, but that's about it. You have to wonder if the people running these things are using this as a way to listen to themselves talk, or if there's a point to the whole thing.

Hi, Kari! You always seem to have the best weekends, seeing friends pretty much every week. I'm lucky to see mine once a month.

We didn't do much this weekend. We got free food on Friday night because our order got screwed up. It was only Arby's, but still. I went out and did a little shopping on Saturday, because I thought I needed a new pillow, but I got one that was too fluffy, so I can't really use it. I need a pillow I can smash up, and this one didn't have enough give in it. I kind of wish you could buy a flimsy pillow, but new ones just aren't like that. We watched the Oscars last night, and I was happy to see "Slumdog Millionaire" sweep everything it was nominated for. Such an incredible movie. There was a lot of fluff in the telecast, though. I'm still trying to figure out what the point of that gigantor musical interlude was with Zack Efron and Beyonce. Seemed kind of dumb to me, since it had nothing to do with the nominated films.


Hey Kari!! What movie did you see over the weekend?

Hi Diva! ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~* a sugar skull is from Day of the Dead, here's some info, including pictures. a sugar skull is a skull (made of sugar) which can be given to the living or the dead. Wiki info on Day of the Dead. I found a print of a sugak skull online, transferred it to black material and now I'm embroidering it. I am almost complete too.

Aside from that, I'm just really tired. All I want to do is go home to bed. Soon enough I can.
anna k
Divala, I agree. Mickey Rourke was better, and even though I liked parts of Milk, I wasn't impressed by Sean Penn, he's too hammy and takes himself way too seriously. It just felt boring that he won, since he already won five years ago.

CH, my stomach is doing better, thanks to taking digestive enzymes and Omega 3-6-9 capsules, it's more settled. I also feel thinner, my size 10 pants are really baggy on me, yet I don't want to buy a size 8 pants, in case they feel snug on me.

(((((job vibes for CH's BFF and Doodle)))))) And congratulations on PR buying a house!

Hi Kari! My sister was fine, still a little prissy as usual, but nothing new to report.

I have to get dental work soon, I need two crowns on my back teeth and need some other corrections. I hadn't been to the dentist in a year, then saw one in January, she told me what I needed, then I put it off until now because my teeth/gums started bothering me. I feel bad for not having done it sooner, but I need to get some things fixed. For now I use Orajel whenever my gums bother me and use a healthy mouthwash that works pretty well.

Anna, excellent to hear that you are starting to feel better!

So, where is everyone else??

*tumbleweed flies by*

Good Morning!

CH, on Sunday I saw Coraline. Enjoyed it. Got the 3D glasses and all that jazz. That was my first 3D movie in probably 25 years.

Hey Diva! Are you feeling better today? ~~~~cold go away vibes!~~~~

Anna, sorry to hear about your sore gums. I hate dental issues. I am due for a dental visit soon. I am switching dentists this month. I liked my dentist a lot, but then he sold his practice to this married couple. I don't care so much for them. I'm glad to hear your stomach is doing better! That's good news.

CH, those sugar skulls are cool! They look hard to make. When are you giving it to PR boy?

Not much to report here today. I hit the gym after work yesterday, had a good workout. I made a delicious Vietnamese chicken salad for dinner, Mr K and I watched an episode of 30 Rock, then hit the sack. We were beat after being up late on Sunday night. Today I have work, then tutoring tonight.

Good afternoon busties!

CH, I have to ask which steakhouse it was...sounds amazing. Sending good vibes for the bff.

Seems like there's a lot of sick busties lately. Sending out the healthy vibes too.

I spent most of last week sick. Me and the boy were supposed to go out for V day but the restaurant we didn't know the restaurant we were going to had a ridiculously expensive V day menu (that's what I get for never going out before). We quietly snuck out because there was no way I was paying upwards of $60 for one meal twice in one week. We totally had Arby's drive through and then watched some of There Will Be Blood because he hadn't seen it. Way more my style, so I was happy.

By Sunday night I was feeling pretty sick. I used sick time for the first time and ended up only working on Thursday. Today is the first day I feel back to normal. My nose isn't really runny anymore and I'm not congested. Yay!

It seems like everyone feels in a bit of a rut lately. I'm sick of the winter - it goes by much slower when I don't have papers and assignments to worry about. Last night I made myself go out with friends to an improv show that was pretty good. I feel sedentary though. I feel like I'm sitting around waiting for winter to end. My weekdays usually consist of gym, work, TV, bed.
Hi drive-by, the gaming auditors are here this week and I can barely squeeze in a moment of non-work activities! Can't even surf the 'net on my lunch break. Bah.

Anyway, wanted to say I haven't disappeared, just keeping low until this stupid audit is over. I haven't heard about the damned job yet, either, which is kind of making me nuts.

The coffee house gig was great - I think around 140 people were there. My BOSS turned up! Wow. Anyway, I feel we were awesome - tight, confident, relaxed, etc.....

Ok, I gotta run!
Hi everybustie!!

(((((get well vibes for everyone)))) *Passes champagne flutes of OJ around the thread*

Ketto - I *love* that you snuck out of your Vday dinner and grabbed some drive-through instead! That rocks, and is totally sweet!

Yeah, Diva, that musical number in the Oscars was odd...but what did they expect when they gave Baz Luhrman the production number...dude is trippy....but I do generally love his movies - Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, Strictly Ballroom. He has a very frenetic/odd direction style. Still, I would not have jammed all those bits of musical numbers together that way - it lacked coherence.

Yep, meetings pretty much ruin a good 50% of my time at work on any given day. Today, I had 4 hours of meetings. Ugh. I do appreciate that everyone wants to include me in their meetings, and hear my thoughts on new initiatives, but its getting to the point where I can't get my actual work done. If I had an office where I could close a door would be very helpful too...everyone who comes into our office has to stroll past my cube, and too many of them drive-by with last minute projects. I'm seriously considering getting a tension rod and shower curtain to put up when I really need to hunker down and get project time in.

(((((get that job vibes for doodle))))
Good evening.

Kari, his birfday is March 21st, so we have tentative plans, but it's also his godmothers birfday that day as well, so they may be doing dinner that day or the next night. regardless I'll give it to him on his bday.

Ketto, we went to Hy's. I had the peppercorn steak, so. amazing.

Doodle, that is so amazing that there was a huge amount of support at the gig!! Congratulations!!

Hi turbo!! shitty about so many meetings.

It's snowing rather hard here, but the dog had a blast at the park, she always gets a little weird in the snow. But alas. Feeling pretty much better, but I'm a little tired. Just putting the finishing touches on the sugar skull, but I need another embroidery hoop, mine is on the crap. It's almost done though!

anna k
Aww, CH, your dog sounds so cute. Congrats on nearly finishing the sugar skull!

Doodle, that sounds like it was a fantastic gig!

ketto, I'm sick of winter, too. And things can feel like a rut, since I work four days a week, do an internship 1-2 days a week, go to the gym about 2-3 nights a week, and usually feel a different person each time for some reason, in whatever environment I'm in.

Kari, I got a free consultation with a dentist for tomorrow, so I'm glad. I want to get checked out, get advice on soothing my gums, and just get some medical opinions. I felt like I had put off going to the dentist because I had had stomach troubles for so long, and just when I get it under control, my teeth/gums start bothering me, and I feel guilty for not doing something about it earlier.

I wrote in the crush thread that I had a good small chat with the dance crush, it really made me happy. Check it out there if you want.
Good Morning!

I'm working at home today, woot!

Count me in on the winter doldrums. Bah. I've been feeling that lately and I'm over it! I'm like the rest of you, all I do is work, gym, sleep. It feel so routine & boring. I'm hopeful that spring's arrival will break the spell.

Ketto, it's good to see you again!!! I don't blame you for skipping out on the restaurant on V day. I am not into overpriced food.

Hey Jenn! It's amazing that you can get any work done with so many meetings. Geez oh pete. I think the curtain is a great idea.

Hey Doodle! ~~~~~~job vibes!~~~~~~~ They need to let you know already. Glad your gig went well though! That's great!

Heya CH!

Not a whole lot happening here today. I've got a decent bit of work to get done on a project for work. I also need to run a couple of errands. Meeting a friend at the gym tonight.

Good Morning.

~*~*~*feel better vibes for Anna~*~*~*~* Hope you on the mend soon and the dentist goes well.

Hey Kari, I hope you feel better, too.

Here here on feeling the winter blahs. It's shitty. The winter here has been particularly rough, it's been cold, pretty steadily, since it snowed. In November.

QUOTE(turbojenn @ Feb 24 2009, 08:54 PM) *
Hi everybustie!!

(((((get well vibes for everyone)))) *Passes champagne flutes of OJ around the thread*

Ketto - I *love* that you snuck out of your Vday dinner and grabbed some drive-through instead! That rocks, and is totally sweet!

That's funny, that's what my boy told me too. Truth be told, my family has a loooong history of sneaking out of restaurants we deem to expensive after we sit down. Years of family vacations have taught us we usually do this at least once a trip - just get your water and leave quiety without saying anything. On V-day I was like, "Okay, wait for them to bring the water...and then we'll bolt before they come to take our drink order! Go go go!" Silly, but my parents thought it was pretty funny.

On the brighter side, I've been feeling stressed at work but I just got my staff evaluation back: Area's of concern? None! Everyone had great, encouraging things to say about me and my work so that really brightened my day. smile.gif

Staff meeting time!
Hey Ketto, congratulations on your review!!! That is most excellent!!!!

In other news, JellyBean Girl got a call for an interview, can I get more vibes for her? The interview is next Wednesday! I'm so excited for her and I really hope she gets it.

I'm soooo tired, I just want to go home to bed.
~*~*~best-est interview vibes~*~*~ for JellyBeanGirl
((ChaCha)) for helping me with health issues. smile.gif
hello all.
it was blazing sunshiney goodness today. huzzah. was supposed to rain, but there was sunshine everywhere.
just had a home-cooked dinner that mylove made for me and my dad. lasagna. extra veggies all chopped and simmered in there. and enough anaheim peppers for a slight burn. major yum.
we're making a hydropontic garden for seedlings to get a headsup on planting them outside. I'm so excited about it all.
lawyer filed a motion to *not* have me arrested 'cause I won't sign the taxes. lamex filed a motion to get me in jail if I didn't sign. lamex's accountant made a $70,000 mistake. I found it. yeah, like I'm gonna sign the taxes, pay it all, then ask the IRS for it back. right.
<sigh> wish he'd just leave us alone.
hugs all around y'all.

Hiya all....swingin' by quickly while Soulman and the Anarchist set up the stage again. (We took a whole bunch of equipment to the gig.) I am pulling up Joni Mitchell songs on youtube to entertain them. And me. Okay, mainly me. wink.gif

I went and talked to my boss today - I said I realized if she could tell me anything about the job, she would, but that I needed to know at least if my temp gig was going to continue into March, as I'd already turned down another assignment. (The accountants' asked for me back - quite flattering.) She said they are making the decision on Monday, and in the meantime, she didn't realize it was already the end of February, and she'd phone the temp agency immediately to extend my assignment with them. She said, "Either way, we're keeping you."

Which is good. Even if I don't get the job, that'll probably mean I'll be kept on through my co-worker's maternity leave, when she finally takes it. Which means I'll be there till at least October. Phew. I was really, really stressing about paying the rent and the bills, now that I've quit my other job!

Also, the audit is done. They came in and maybe looked at five things, nothing to do with the reason they were supposed to be auditing us. (Lottery retailer claims. Huge deal up here in Canada - there have been all kinds of retailer frauds in Ontario in the last several years.)

I think the stage re-org is finished. I'd better go check it out.
Good Morning!!

~~~~~~~~~JOB VIBES~~~~~~~~~ for Doodle & JellyBeanGirl! Get those jobs!

Hey Jami!! It's good to see you! That lasagna sounds gooooood. A man who cooks, that's the best! Sorry Lame-ex is still being a pain in the ass. Ugh. Get a life, dude! That's so cool you're doing a hydroponic garden! I need to order my seeds pronto. I have a basic idea of what I want, but need to make some final decisions.

Hey CH!

Hey ketto!

Hey Doodle! Lady, I am really pulling for you & that job. It has to feel good that your boss said they were keeping you on either way, but it would be nice if it were the permanent position.

Things here are good today. I had a great day working at home yesterday. Did a tough workout last night, then made beef & broccoli stirfry. Watched an episode of Flight of the Concords & hit the hay. Mr K was home, but studying, per usual. Haven't seen much of that man lately. He has spring break coming up, so maybe we can spend some QT together then. I'm getting my hair colored today, I'm stoked! Bye bye grays. Not sure what I'm doing tonight, Mr K is going out for a drink w/ a friend. I might catch up on some TV watching.
Good Morning!

Hey Jami!!! It's great that you are back, post more often. Ugh, lamex is such a douche bag. I'm jealous of your sunshine! It's still cold and snowy here. Oh well.

~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~*~* At least your assignment is being extended. As for lotteries stuff, the Auditor General, or whatever, is reopening the file here because of what a CBC investigation found out. Seems that CBC has discovered a lot.

Hey Kari! What colour are you doing?

Not much here, slept last night, worked out this morning and am sitting comfortably in my office.

Have a great day all!

Ch, I'm just doing my natural color, but a little bit deeper. It should look good, I think.

I have been trying to get a lot of work done. Feel like I'm spinning my wheels on this one project. Hmpf.
afternoon busties! sun's been out the last few days here, it's been nice and warm when i'm outside on my lunch breaks, and i'm feeling a hell of a lot better. i'm still catching rides in with the momster every day due to time constraints though, so i made a point of stopping by her place this afternoon to get my bike out for a bit, cause this weather's perfect for riding and i've been missing it.

i think some of the issues i was having the last couple weeks were work-related. everyone's bitchy and on edge with the new boss, and trying to score points by making other people look bad. i think the whole thing's just really petty and immature; i'm pretty sure i saw the lab dragon passing her pet stooge a note that had my name on it yesterday. jesus effin' christ, how much more fourth-grade can you get? rolleyes.gif i've just been keeping my head down and doing my job.

i've got part of the day off today for c-monkey related appointments, which is why i'm home in the middle of the afternoon. c-monkey's going to start speech therapy at school when they track back on in april, so i went to see her teacher and speech therapist around lunchtime to get the info on that. she's still got kind of a baby lisp going on that we were hoping she'd correct on her own; no big deal, they think they can work her out of it in a year. my bro had the same thing when he was a kid, so the momster's going to dig back in her files o' junk and see if she can find some of the exercises so we can start working with c-monkey over the break. later she's got her quarterly check-in with her pediatrician for her ADD meds.

i feel kind of bad for not going back to work, but new boss said she could handle it. what happened was, she scheduled my half day off, but she didn't adjust anybody else's schedule. so the department i was covering is without a QC. i told the other morning person who should have been scheduled to cover that area that i was leaving and the time off was scheduled, but she insisted that if it wasn't on her schedule, she didn't have to stay. which is technically true, but really, how stupid and selfish can one person be? i told her to at least go verify it with the boss or let her know she was leaving, but she just said "no, i'm going to go clock out, and you guys will just have to figure it out". *headdesk* so i was the one who had to go to my boss and tell her that she'd left a scheduling gap, and instead of filling that gap, my co-irker was at this very moment clocking out and going home. i know it's not my fault and i took the time off for legitimate reasons, but i usually scan the schedule when it comes out each week when i know someone's going to be out sick or on vacation, because last boss was notorious for moving one person's schedule around and forgetting to adjust around that, and i usually was the one to catch it and tell him how to fill in the blanks. she did some hustling though and got all but that first hour after i left covered, so my going back later wouldn't have helped anyway.

so now i'm just enjoying my few hour between appointments, snacking on some sushi, watching repo! the genetic opera for the ninety bajillionth time, and hoping the sunshine lasts through the weekend. c-monkey and i are meeting up at the bookstore with a friend of mine after her appointment, and will probably end of spending the night at the momster's. okay, i'm done with mememe and now going to catch up on what the resta ya'll have been up to. happy.gif
Heeey guyyyys! smile.gif

I miss interacting here, but it's my own fault. I've been hitting the snooze button too much before making the coffee. I've been reading, though smile.gif

Work's been going pretty nice. My only beefs about it are when I'm not happy with my own productivity. I'm always trying, but my over-cautiousness slows me down. That, and it ain't so wonderful getting up a tad before 4AM.

Goaty and I are really starting to lean toward trying for kids near the end of this year smile.gif We'll see, though.

Much fondness, and hopefully a proper post soon.
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