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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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anna k
Hi CH!

Sounds like you had a good night, Doodle.

It's been OK, but my sister had a headache, and wasn't feeling well. She was mopey, borrowed some pajama pants because she didn't bring her own (despite knowing she'd be staying over the weekend), criticized the doctor-prescribed medication I'm taking (she called him a "pill-pusher"), and threw up in the bathroom (she's had a long history of bulimia, I hated hearing it). She slept in front of the TV while I alternated played online and watched movies. Today I'm pretty bored, I'll find some way to fill up my day.
*comes in and flops down on the okayland couch*

a pox on all fourth-grade teachers, and whichever of the douchebags came up with the statewide mission project, a pox i tell you! c-monkey did not get with her teacher on doing the winchester house, and thus was assigned mission santa barbara, the mission which is at the other end of the state and not remotely visitable, and i think she assigned that one as punishment. furthermore, we went to the craft store to pick up supplies, and since it's that time of year, there was a huge display of pre-cut mission kits with sheets of grass and plastic adobe tile roofs and little figurines of palm trees and people and little accessories that you add to personalize your project-all of which, according to c-monkey's teacher, are verboten. she wants the kids to use their imagination, and build their own mission from scratch. and when you search google or educational sites for instructions on how to construct a mission, 95% of the links you get are to educational sites selling fucking mission kits.

*head go 'splodey*

the momster and i tried to take c-monkey down the scrapbook aisle (cause they can do scrapbooks, models, or build their own website), trying to tempt her with pretty books and matching stickers and the ease with with pictures and information can be printed out from the interweb to make a kickass yet easy and fun project, but to no avail. she is deadset on building the damn thing. we begged, we pleaded, we pointed out that in the event mommy's work schedule gets unexpectedly changed and i can no longer help with the project, with which our previous "big project deadline looming" track record is about 85-99%, grammy is a longtime scrapbooker with near boundless ideas and materials that will get the project done with a minimum of stress and tears on the part of all three of us. no dice, it's model or bust. somebody please shoot me, and put me out of my misery.
Good Morning!

Hey Anna, kinda sucks that your sister was feeling icky and you couldn't get out and about.

Grrrl, ~*~*~*~*calming vibes~*~*~*~*~ after reading your post last night, I kept on using the word verboten whilst texting PR Boy, it was amuzing for a while. Hee hee. How is c-monkey's project going? And late congratulations are in order for things working out at work.

Ummm, yesterday, took it easy, went out for dinner with dadzilla and step mom. Then lounged, fully took the day off from working out, and it was super blowy last night, so there was no evening walk with the dog. It was pretty horrible out there. But today...well, it's kinda chilly. Meh.

And because it's groundhog day, I feel like watching the movie and eating pancakes! Mmmm, pancakes...

Quickly drivin' by on what's left of my lunch break! Wanted to post another song from Soulman's CD: It Was Goin' Great!
Same one as on crackbook, right? It was GREAT!!!


Doodle, I couldn't listen to the song at work, I'll have to check it out when I get home from work this evening.

Hey Mox!

Sure is quiet around here.


Good Morning!

(((Humanist))) How terrible and scary. sad.gif Is she doing better?

Grrrl, Oh man, that project sounds like a real doozy! ~~~~get it done vibes!~~~~ I am sure the finished project will be wonderful, even if it's a bitch to get to that point.

Hey Anna! Sounds like your weekend with your sister was so-so, seems she was being a party pooper. Bah.

JEN~~~ Have a great time on vacation! Woo woo!

Hey Doodles! Good for you for working on a Saturday. Sometimes you do gotta brown nose a little.

Hey CH! How you doin'?

Hey Mox! How are you feeling these days?

Things here are good. I had an enjoyable weekend. Had dinner with friends on Friday, went to my sister's wedding party on Saturday night, hung with the inlaws on Sunday night for the game. This week is not too busy, which I appreciate. I am excited b/c tonight I am finally meeting the literacy student I will be tutoring. I was trained as a tutor back in October, but it's taken this long for them to find me a student. But I am meeting her today. yay!! I am also getting a haircut today, which is sorely needed.

Humanist is doing okay. Somehow, her nose didn't get broken. She hasn't taken any time off work, but she is going to see a doctor on Wednesday to get everything checked out. We have a cousin who is a lawyer (Chicagoans and anyone who follows this sort of thing might be familiar with his client, Anthony Porter. That case was a mixed blessing for him, let me tell you) who's going to send a little love note to the CTA- we at least want to find out why the CTA didn't do anything- didn't stop the other train from leaving the station (how we think the guy got away), didn't lock down the station, didn't make sure my sister got to file a report. Ahh, bureaucracy!
Wow! I sure hope some sort of justice is served, or at least whatever is best for Humanist.

Heya all! Just enough time to send general good-luck vibes.

I'm doing fine.

More later, I swear!
Good Morning!

Hi Kari! Sounds like a busy, but good, weekend.

Hi Polly, I'm glad that Humanist is getting better.

Hey Lore!!

Isn't it Doodle's interview today??? ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Ummm, nothing is going on here. A little tired, but aside from that all is well. It's Wednesday and I'm meeting a friend for lunch. I'm also counting down the days to my vacation!! Woooooooot!!!!!
Hey all - quick lunchtime post. Had my interview this morning. It was very informal, since I've already interviewed. I would honestly be surprised if I DON'T get it this time. I am fully-trained, the Gaming audit is coming up quick, and the Ombudsman is coming next month - they really don't want to drop a new (untrained) person into the middle of that. Anyway. The pay would be around $18/hour, which is what I was making at the women's centre, and is more than I'm making now, plus after 1000 hours or something (about 6 months, I think), I'd get full health/dental benefits. They are going to let me know by the end of this week or early next week.

SO! That's my story!

Vagina Monologues is coming up - I'm going to do some of the orgasm moans this year, in addition to singing! Won't that surprise Soulman! tongue.gif wink.gif

polly, how did humanist's doctor visit go??
Good Morning Doodle!

When do you hear about the job? Government jobs are pretty okay.

Ummm, it sure is quiet around here.

and it's warming up here! My plan is to go for a run this evening! woohoo!
Good Morning!

~~~~~~~~~Get that job vibes Doodle!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you hear soon!

Hey CH! Glad it's warming up there some. We are having a cold snap, but it's going to be quick. They say the weekend will be nice.

Pugs, how are you doing? Haven't seen you in a while.

This week has been busy for me. I can't believe it's Thursday. Yesssss!!!!! Nothing unusual or exciting happening, just the reg. I just got off the phone with the f-ing phone company. They keep messing up my bill. Why is it so difficult to get a persons's bill right? mad.gif

What is everyone doing this weekend?
Kira Shanti Moritz was born on February 3, 2009 at 10:17 AM via c-section. She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and is 19.5 inches long. Compared to Meena, this is just slightly bigger. She is a beautiful girl, with a ton of jet black hair. Meena said her hair feels like petting the cat, and I think she was spot-on in that description!

We have had a good delivery and recovery so far here. Having a planned c-section vs. a long labor and emergency c-section is just night and day in terms of stress, recovery and experience. I felt like a person within an hour of Kira's birth, up talking, holding and feeding her. I was able to stay awake and talk during the entire proceedure, which took abouty 20 minutes, start to finish. When Dr. Katz pulled her out, we saw the umbilical cord wrapped three times around Kira's neck, which is amazing that she did as well as she had late in the pregnancy. Dr. Katz was very vocal that if I had tried a V-bac, she would not have tolerated labor for long and we would have been back at a C-section, but rushed and possibly not awake. SO, we were very relived that I decided to do a planned c-section! We're working on pumping and bottle feeding...but its a serious time drag, as we had expected, so we'll see where we go from here.

Meena seems entraced with her little sister, telling everyone on our walks through the maternity ward: This is Kira Shanti Moritz. She is MY baby. Aparently, Chris and i need to keep shopping around for one of our own! She's been in the wonderful care of her grandparents and Masi, although today she went back to school. I think our family will be just a lot of fun with two girls running around. With the additions of Talula, Vivian, and our soon-to-be best friend, I am just excited as can be to see all the fun and trouble this gaggle of kids will get into!

We need a good nickname for my kidlet...any ideas?
Congratulations Mox!!!!!!!

Hey Kari, not too sure what's going on this weekend yet. I think I may go to the art gallery on Saturday with PR boy.

K, must get back to work.
Yay moxie and family! She's so cute- nice round c-section head! biggrin.gif

Minimox (or some variation), perhaps?

Kari, have you seen this?

Verizon Math

Geez, I've failed more than one math class in my life and even I understood this!

Hi everybody!!

Kira is beautiful! What a head of hair! And seeing Meena w/ her is so adorable. She looks stoked to have a sis. Very glad to hear the c-section went off without a hitch. WOOT!

Polly, that's hilarious! No doubt it's true. Seriously. This AM I called to fix an error. The woman fixed it. Sent me an e-mail with a summary of my new order....which was completely wrong. UGH!

CH, an art gallery sounds nice. I was just passing a few on the street here & thinking that we need to go to one of the art crawl nights once the weather warms up.

I just did a very, very lame lunchtime workout. Something is better than nothing, right? rolleyes.gif
Drivin' by to say............CONGRATS, MOXIE FAMILY! What a beautiful baby!

I vote for Spike as a nickname.
anna k
Congratulations to the Moxies!!!!! You all look so happy and sweet in the pictures!

That sounds like a nice Saturday, CH.

Good luck Doodle!

Kari, any kind of exercise is good.

Polly, I'm glad humanist is doing better.

Sorry for the long post, I just needed to vent some thoughts:

I got back to work today, it was really busy. We had a grand opening at the museum, with tons of people, and me and two other girls did coat check, cramming the closet full of coats, with tags passed back and forth, then trying desperately to find coats that were hidden or had lost tags and trying not to worry any customers. I worked from 10 am to 9 pm, and felt tired, and also hated it whenever my co-workers talked to me like I was incompetent or dumb, because they have more responsibilities than I do, whereas I'm just a PT receptionist and am less talkative.

Next week I'm going to talk to my intern boss about wanting to be more serious with my work. I can't go on being an unpaid intern forever, especially at 25. I want to discuss my career prospects, despite the bad state the publishing industry is in. feel like I've been working for years to get into that work, but felt like more of a gofer than someone to be taken seriously, and it makes me feel like crap. Next week I'm going to a writer's workshop because I've felt uninspired and bored with my writing lately, and want to feel more enthusiatic about it again.

I wrote about this in the crush thread, but in my dance class earlier this week, I didn't see the guy I liked, so I assumed he wouldn't be there. After the first ten minutes of class, I moved to a different spot, then went back to the first spot to get my water. I looked up, and saw that he was there and looking at me. I just smiled and gave him a little "what's up" nod, and went back to my spot. I didn't even think, I just did it.

I didn't talk to him, except exchanging "thank yous," (him opening the door for me, me letting him pass with some equipment). When I look at him he looks more ordinary, but still cute in a way. But I like seeing him in the dance class anyway, it makes me happy for some reason, even though I doubt he likes me. I also got an OKCupid message by a guy who I dated two years ago. We chatted for a bit, he sounded fine, but it was more of a "hey, what's up?" email, I didn't get that he was looking to go out, just saying hi. It still felt nice to be remembered, though.
*surfaces briefly from projectland*

oh my dear maude, that baby is gorgeous! congrats to you all! that's some good genes you've got brewin' there. biggrin.gif

Congratulations to the Moxies!!!

Will post more this weekend.......hectic busy week!
It's Firday and that's all the matters.
Good Afternoon!!!!!!

Ch, you're right...the fact that it is Friday trumps most stuff. Agreed!

The weather here is gorgeous. It's going to be in the 60s this weekend. Quite unbelievable since it was 15 yesterday. It's great, but it sure is doing a number on my sinuses. And most other people's sinuses. Hmpf.

Anna, your exchange with the dance class boy sounds pleasant. Good for you for planning to talk to your boss about getting some paid work. How long have you been interning there?

My plans for tonight got canceled b/c my friend is sick. Not sure what I'm going to do now. Thinking about going to see The Wrestler.
Yay for Fridays!

I am SO going to go out tonight.

Sooo, can I do a good things Friday?

Um....I've been moaning forever about they never gave me a service vehicle. Well, a guy retired right before christmas (pension issues, if he didn't retire before 2009 he was going to get some sort of penalty, I don't understand)....but anyway he didn't really want to retire and everybody thought he'd come back part time or something. As an aside, he hated me, and hated the idea of women doing this kind of work. Heh.

So they gave me his truck when he left, in christmas. I have been passed over for a service vehicle so many times that I am gun shy. I was afraid to get attached to it lest they decide that somebody is more worthy of it. I've sort of been ~tentatively, mind you~ making the truck suitable for me (more tools suitable to the things I do, less things related to the stuff he did)....

He came back to work last week, and I sank into a depression, thinking they would take the truck away from me and give it back to him. He is working on a project now, not doing service calls that require him to get around campus easily. But I put nothing past our bosses, who seem to just assign trucks willy-nilly without regard for who needs them and who doesn't.

But, the week has passed, and there is no indication that they want to give the truck back to him.....

So...I am spilling a very quiet, tentative *yay*!
Happy Friday, you bunch of dendrophiliacs!
Friday is insult day in here, right?

Moxie, she's gorgeous! Love that full head of hair. Congratulations!

[popping in from under piles and piles of stuff!]

Hi Okayers! Happy with you on all your good news. The craziness comes in spurts, and I'm taking a rare coming-up-for-air moment. Gaaaaa.....

Moxie, congratulations on the little one. May I suggest Kiki? Doodle, a friend of mine is rehearsing for Vagina Monologues with the women's resource center! Have you performed in it before?

*slips back into the thread still swaying to the invisible pull of a ship*

Good morning everybustie!!! Turbomann and I have returned from our fabulous music cruise, and are trying to catch up on some rest this weekend, and just taking it easy. We had an amazing time at sea, saw a ton of concerts, missed a bunch that we wanted to see due to scheduling conflicts, and saw some incredible Mayan ruins to boot. Unfortunately, aside from the day in Cozumel for the ruins, it was quite chilly - about 40-50 degrees during the day, and VERY turbulent waters. The weather wasn't so bothersome because we were so busy seeing shows, but the movement of the boat was crazy. Add to that that I got wheat-poisoned in Cozumel, and I was VERY sick for the last 2.5 days of the cruise, and my guts are still healing from that, and will probably take several more days before the cramping stops. Oy. Oh, and I've posted some pics online, including the pics of the Kids in the Hall, as requested by Polly. wink.gif Unfortunately for Rosie, we didn't get any great ones of Murray Foster - all the venues were very dark, and made it really hard for our crappy camera to get anything decent...though the theaters were great otherwise for concert going.

Congrats Moxiefam on the arrival of your BEAUTIFUL new daughter! I can't wait to meet her, and I'm SO glad that your delivery was so much easier this time!

Tree - I'm so glad you've held on to your truck! Woo-hoo!

And Doodle - glad to hear the interview went well (((((((get that jobby job)))))), and WOOT for Soulman loaning you his van today!!
Good afternoon,

tree, sounds like it was a good time, less the wheat poisoning and turbulent seas. ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Hiya lily!

Tree, I am also hopefully optomistic for you. ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~* what a jerk that guy is, I guess it would appropriate if you were serving him pie or doing his laundry perhaps??

Hi RV, Grrrl, Kari and Doodle!

anna, what did your boss say about getting paid work?

K, I think I'm going back to nap, i went out for lunch today, which was fantastic, but I also went for a run and did a killer abs workout, I'm sleepy and was awoken by recieving a text, i wasn't ready to walk up yet.
hello there my lovely ladies.

~~~~congrats~~~~ to the newest addtion to the moxie family. such a wonderful blessing.

I have dyed my long hair a magenta red with copper highlights that come thru when the magenta fades. absolutely love it!!! a funny story - went out to a pizza place with middle son and his girlfriend. I was facing away from the door. Son gives a nod up hello to a friend who came in. I hear footsteps. then a 'hey', a gasp, and scooting away. he didn't know I was the mom!!!!!!!!! was gonna hit on me!!! I behaved in the resturant, but did a big bellylaugh when I got home.

mylove and I are good. together for nearly a year now. never more at home than when we snuggle together. <happysigh>

the lurking jami is out again.....
Good Morning!

Hi jami, it's great to see you in here, no stop lurking so much and start posting!!

Ahhh, it's a lovely day here, went for a run with the hound, then worked out more, now I must shower as I stink to high heaven. I'm off the art gallery today and I really want to pick up WALL-E. So I think I'll do that as well.

How's everyone's weekend been?
Gaaah! I can't believe my previous post got eaten! sad.gif I'm sure I already congratulated Mox and referred to her as a "Cute Factory". Anyway, a now-belated congratulations!!! biggrin.gif Your daughters are gorgeous~!

Heeya Culture! I was wondering what sorta stuff you eat/drink/take for your workouts? You seem to know your stuff, and I'm poking at ways to makeover our diet here for when exercise becomes more regular.

He he! Awesome about the relationship and being almost-hitten-upon, Jami.

I think I also tried to wish the Turbos a Bon Voyage, but they're back already. Glad you had as much fun as you did despite circumstances. I'm not tooooo bad with the motion sickness, but spending that long being sloshed around indoors might have been a problem for me even without wheat poisoning. You're a trooper, Turbs!

Tree, pre-emptive congratulations on your truck! biggrin.gif Have you thought of marking it with your scent? Maybe some kind of perfume. Or, sometime when you know the guy is looking, you could sorta casually lick the steering wheel, as if you do that all the time... an old Wolfen trick wink.gif

Best of employment luck for Anna, Doodle, and anyBUSTie else needin'.

Oh, as for me, the hangout session with the boys was waay fun and encouraging. A friend of OtterMan's (CollieGuy? I'll have to figure out better.) invited me earlier to a hanging out with his group of friends, The Stone Cutters. It was a blast! They're very freak-friendly. Then, around midnight, some of us went to a college campus to play some urban frisbee golf, which kicked much ass. It's great to feel more like myself again and be just-for-fun social. I'm not sure how often I can do stuff like that, though. I want to be fair with Goaty about weekend nights, and a lot of nights, I conk out early anyway due to my schedule. We need a social life, though. We've invited CollieGuy and his wife over for dinner at the end of the month. Maybe that'll go well.
hehe lore...eew, I don't think I could lick that steering wheel.

But, I do know that my favorite work partner, who retired several years ago...I pointed out to him about how the new volkswagons had the little flower vase on the steering column and he made one for his truck...which was promptly removed by his successor, but maybe I could put a flower vase in mine.

hehe..I said "mine".....

Or a teddy bear on the dash or something pink and girly. Do they make pink leopard skin seat covers? wink.gif
Good Morning!

I arrived at late work today, I'm glad I left late, we got freezing rain yesterday, and it's supposed to snow and rain today, made for some slick driving conditions, but by the time i got out there, main routes had melted.

Lore, I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, a lot of leafy green veggies and salad. Don't go carb free, that's really rather bad for you. Eat whole wheat. I'm a fan of wraps and such. I also eat cheerio's a fair bit. Read labels, if something has sugar, glucose fructose of corn syrup as it's main ingredient, RUN! People think granola bars are healthy, but when you read the labels, absolutely not. I am a big proponent of eating whole foods, like olive oil, and anything that isn't light. Thing with light food, is that it is literally light in your stomach and you have to eat more to feel full. Think about how full you get from eating a small peice of real cheesecake! I make lunch my biggest meal of the day, but do eat constantly through the day. Tuna, eggs, cheese, all good stuff.

Tree, I am positive they do! One of my friends is all about leopard print stuff. She loves it.

So, that's that in a nutshell. Went to the gallery yesterday, which was nice. Then PR boy and I just chilled at my place, I made some dinner, then we took the hound out to the park. And that was that. It was a nice weekend.
anna k
CH, I'm the same way with food. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, as well as eggs and grilled chicken, and don't eat a lot of dairy or wheat/gluten (irritates my stomach), and always read the labels. But lately I've been having stomach troubles again, and tomorrow I get the results of my blood test, I hope I can get some answers there.

Lore, that sounded like a great time!

I had my internship today, and told my boss I wanted to talk to her, but she had another intern there today, and I felt awkward talking about something private in front of her, so I didn't do it. There was also a writing workshop tonight, but I didn't go because I finished work at 3 pm and it was at 7 pm, and I didn't feel like hanging around NYC for four hours with nothing to do, so I went back to Queens and will go to the gym. Which is fine, since I hope I run into a friend there and chat with her, and I want to do some new exercises I found in Oxygen.
Hi everyone! Another quick lunchtime post....

Lily, yes, I've done the VM before, but never as an actor. Last year I participated as a "musical guest," as with this year. Before that....I actually brought the VM to Kamloops, by making it a practicum project for my 3rd year BSW students, back when I was working at the local women's resource centre. It's always been a fundraiser for them, and even though I'm not working there anymore, I don't mind singing for just about anyone. wink.gif

And thanks for the job vibes, everyone - still no word, but I was told I'd know early this week....which probably means later this week. dry.gif I just can't see it not happening. I'm trained up, plus one of the on-call workers - the only on-call worker who comes into our department - is finished on the 18th, plus the 2 new P/T people they hired for this department aren't working here right now - they've decided to alter the position of one, and the other is pregnant and not doing well, so she's off sick. The Gaming audit is next week, on top of that. Honestly, it would be insane NOT to hire me right now. Plus they were already talking in the interview about making arrangements with the temp agency. SO. That's what I know.

I spent the weekend - suprise - with Soulman. We had band practice on Friday - honestly, it was our best practice yet! And then met the Anarchist for coffee on Saturday, and again on Sunday (along with Anarchistdottir), where we jammed at the coffee shop and then went back to Soulman's to plan for the big gig on the 21st. Soulman's daughter came into town this weekend, also. It was a pretty low-key weekend, generally speaking. Although, in an interesting twist, Soulman has thrown one of his unfinished songs out into the potential collaboration arena, so I'm kinda thrilled about that! I started penning some lines on Saturday morning.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Bazil, my guitar? I love him. wub.gif

The Vagina Fest is this coming weekend, Friday and Saturday, three performances. Soulman and the Anarchist are doing the sound. Heh heh. Soulman has never seen the Vagina Monologues, but he says, and I quote: "If vaginas are talking, I'll be listening." laugh.gif
the project is finished! and a full day before due date too. biggrin.gif so, we decided not to do the model. after working on it after school all week at the momster's, we took it home friday night and resolved to finish building the thing saturday. well, we got up, started hot gluing the towers together, and after we got the first one done, i saw they were way too tall for the base. and the exacto knife was nowhere to be found; we'd left it at the momster's. so i said "kid, forget this crap, we're going back to grammy's and her faster interwebs, and you're doing a webpage." so that's what we did. once i got c-monkey started, she was really excited about picking the background and text colors, and looking for pictures and deciding what she wanted to link to. so here's how the whole thing turned out when she was done, and she did everything completely on her own.

c-monkey mission page
Good Morning!!!

Hey Anna, Here's hoping things with your doc go well.

Hiya Doodle! hee, if Vagina's are talking I'll be listening. I like that.

I like the project cmonkey did! That's a good idea.

Well, my mother called me this morning and she asked me if I saw the e-mail she sent, as I was on the phone, I checked it, and low and behold LEWIS BLACK IS COMING HERE!!!!!! So I go early bird tickets using the code from his website, I'm so fuckin' psyched!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Ummm, I think I'm done now.

the freezing rain made for an interesting walk at the park yesterday, it was like ice. So in the snow we walked. When I got home from work, I couldn't get up the drive way, it was rather comical. and it's another day of bizarre weather. Hee hee.

I'm so excited Lewis Black!!!!!

i'm going to be high on this all day.
Good Morning!

((anna belly)) I hope your doctor can help.

CH, I would be stoked to see Lewis Black too! Nice! He is hilarious.

Hey Lore, Tree, Jenn, doodle, grrrl, & GT!

HEY JAMI!!!! I am so glad to see you and to know that you are doing well. That's great that things are so peachy with you & your lovah! smile.gif

Yay grrrl! The project is finished!!! Woot!

~~~~~~~~job vibes for doodle!~~~~~~~ Get that job!

Things here are good, had a good weekend. Hung with the fam, saw a movie, worked out, cleaned the house, went bowling, ate Thai food. Yesterday at work was busy, today is not as bad. I do have to be productive, but not at yesterday's rate. I am supposed to meet my literacy student tonight for our first tutoring session, but I didn't get the instructor's manuals in the mail. E-mailed the center to see what the deal is. Trying to figure out if we should meet anyways. Hmmm.
c-monkey's webpage is great! In this day and age, why shouldn't the website be the FIRST thing teachers try to get the kids to do? Models are all well and good, and I'm sure they serve some cognative function, but a website building exercise seems to be a real skill for the real world the kidlets will be let into. Anyway, I've been to that mission (my aunt and uncle live in SB), and its beautiful and your kid did a great job!

Ok, time to make myself lunch. This is the extent to which I can do things for myself...gotta remind myself of that still. I do want to give a huge shout-out to my husband, who is a great partner and even better dad.
Mox!! So good to see you 'round here, and to hear that you're taking care of each other, and working on healing and getting to know the new kiddo!

Grrrrl - that is SO cool that c-monkey made her first webpage - what an amazing time to grow up in, when instead of handing in a report on lined paper, you put it on the interwebz!!! WooT! And I just know that the moxiegirls are going to get the web bug early - can't wait to see their first creations! wink.gif

Getting back into work this week has been a bit rough - so much stuff piled up while I was away, plus a big website project is on deck - which is cool and exciting, but my "normal" workload is all still there too. Oh'll be friday soon enough, and I've got Monday off for President's Day, so I can't complain too much. Oh, and I'm getting my IUD on Thursday - WOOT!

Kari - I hope you get to meet your student...I haven't found "volunteering manuals" all that helpful in my experience with tutoring kids...its more important just to meet them where they are, listen, and feel out their needs on your own. Good luck!!

I think I'm gonna go make some veggie omelets for dinner now. Yum.
Good Morning!

Moxie, how you feeling today? Recovering? How's the babe?

Hey Jenn! I know, coming back from vaca is always tough. ~~~work catch up vibes!~~~ We are off on Monday too. Sweet.

I didn't end up meeting my tutoring student last night. I think it will be better once we get the books. Jenn, I'd agree with you re: manuals, but these are more like textbooks and workbooks. I would be lost w/o them. My student is really great, she's 34 and learning to read. I'm very excited to get started! We are definitely meeting next Tuesday.

I am working at home today. Which is very nice. In between doing work, I'm going to hit the gym and pick up the house a little bit. Tonight I'm meeting two friends from my work at the hospital. A fellow intern & a guy that works there. We're gonna have some beers.

Good Morning!

Hey Kari, the tutoring sounds really interesting! It's wonderful that you are helping someone so much.

Hey Turbo! Good Luck with the IUD!

Umm, not much going on here. Just at work, working out dog walking same as usual type stuff.

Hi, peeps!

I'm baaaa-aaack! I've been lurking a tiny bit, but not much at all. I really haven't read anything past the last couple pages. Anywhoo, before I get completely rude and go all mememe...

Congrats Moxies!!! I'm glad to hear Meena's new sister is in the world and everyone is fine!

Kari, you're teaching someone to read? That is so incredibly awesome and generous, and seriously fantastic. I hope you can get your manuals and get to teaching very quickly.

Jenn, I've been looking at your blog - looks like you guys had a great time on your cruise, except that last little bit. It's really cool that you and Turbomann are so into the same bands like that. There's no way I could get the giant on one of those unless it was all Swedish melodic death metal, all the time, and we all know that'll never happen. Though if it did, I'd totally be there with him.

Congrats on getting the service truck, Tree! You deserve it!

Hi, CH! I saw Lewis Black in concert years ago with Mitch Hedberg. Lewis was good, but Mitch was actually better, too bad he's dead now. But still, I love Lewis Black. He's so... angry, and that kind of rules.

Anyway, I'm going to be very rude now, please excuse me:

The surgery went pretty well. They did it orthroscopically, which is good, since I didn't want to be ripped open. I'm back to eating like a normal person again. I took 9 days off work and Monday was my first day back. I watched something like a dozen movies, all stuff the giant hates, which was pretty fun. I love watching movies in bed. Anyway, for the surgery, the anaestheia really got to me. When I woke up, I couldn't quit throwing up, I was so full of drugs. And then I got a shot in my thigh that was supposed to me stop vomiting, but it totally didn't work, and now I have a huge bruise for nothing. Whatever. My hand is still sore from where they put the IV. I've still got a cramp in my side and heavy meals go right through me, but at least it isn't the same pain I had before, this is tolerable. The giant and my parents were there with me. The giant and my mom talked for something like 8 hours. I guess now my mom can't claim anymore that he's deaf.

I didn't leave the house for 6 days, partly because I had a flat tire and I was waiting for the giant to put my spare on so I could have it fixed, so I spent most of last week zipping around everywhere, I was so stir crazy. I went out with friends, visited Sam, and did lots of fun stuff. I'm still a little wiped out, though. I tried walking around a smaller mall with my gay boyfriend, and was huffing and puffing by the time we only got halfway around. I guess after a week of not having to walk more than 50 feet anywhere, I lost some strength. Oh, well. I did lose 4 pounds, though.

I visited Sam last Wednesday, and it was so fun. I love seeing him after school during the week, since it's such a rare thing and a big treat. His new phrase is "well, that's just selfish and stupid!" which I've found actually applies to a great many things. We played with the 30 paper airplanes the giant made for him from his calendar and watched a bunch of movies. Mom and Dad got to asking when we're going to start a family, and were a little suprised that we want to wait awhile. I kind of want to get a house first to put said family in, since there's no way our current place would be good for a baby, not that we can live there forever, anyway.

The most shocking thing, though, was my parents were totally cool when they asked about us getting married and I told them it won't be a Catholic or religious ceremony. I thought they'd freak the hell out, but they didn't bat an eye. I really don't think the giant and I have any business walking into a church and asking the priest to marry us, since I'm an atheist and he's non-religious. My parents rule!

I saw Poodle over the weekend. We saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was a-fucking-mazing. If it doesn't win best picture, I'm going to be pissed. The theater was so packed, I had to sit in the front row. Poodle found another spot, but I watched it from the front. Just... wow. Everyone needs to see this movie. Then we went out for Thai food.

I've decided, since I've got Monday off for President's Day, too, I'm going to the movies myself. I really want to see Milk and The Wrestler, and the giant won't go with me, so I'm going alone and I'll have a fantastic time. I'm trying to see at least some of the movies that got nominated for Oscars.

Anyway, it's weird to be back at work, but I was getting pretty bored at home. I've managed to sell another 3 dozen truffles this week, too, which is strange and amazing. I've usually thrown them all out by now, but people are still interested. Those damn things will last for months if you store them right. I just don't sell most of the white chocolate ones anymore, since they don't keep as well. I've decided next year, I'm going to add in something new: truffle bars. I'm going to make 3-layered bars of ganache coated in chocolate that you can slice pieces off of, so you can have as much or as little as you want at a time. And since they'll be at least 8 ounces apiece and fairly large, I can do some chocolate painting on the outside. Pretty cool, huh? It should be easy to mold, too, since it's just going to be pouring into a basic shape without flourishes or curves, so I probably won't need any special equipment. I can't wait to get started and see how it goes. I've already got some flavor combinations figured out: neopolitan with milk chocolate/vanilla/strawberry, espresso/hazelnut/Bailey's, and dark/lemon/raspberry.

anna k
Hi everyone!

I'm glad you're feeling better Divala, and congratulations on the truffles!

That's awesome that you're tutoring someone, Kari, and I hope you're having a good evening.

That's great that you're going to see Lewis Black, CH! My brother adores him.

I got some good advice from my doctor and the GI, it' seems like my problem is more IBS, and they told me about medication to take, and I'll take chachaheels' advice in the body thread about eating things that will help more. Plus my sister will bring me some probiotics. My stomach is still feeling crappy, but not as bad as before.

I talked to my boss about my career prospects, and she was supportive and gave me good criticism as well as compliments, but as the publishing industry is in the shitter now, there isn't any call for hiring, more cutbacks. So unless I found a paid internship at a publishing house, I would continue with her. I'm still researching the industry to become better informed, as I wasn't before.

I felt good in my dance class, the teacher was very complimentary, despite that I felt uncoordinated with the swagger and bravado of the hip-hop dance moves. I asked a question about one of the dance moves, and she goes out loud "Anna K asked a good question." Then while we were doing the routine, she openly praised me, going "Good, Anna K!" It was a nice surprise, as I've been feeling bloated and felt dorky trying the moves, so it was nice of her to say those things.
Buenos Dias.

Welcome back, DIVA!!!! I am really glad your surgery is over & that it went well. Sorry to hear you were so sick afterwards. How miserable.
I am also glad your parents were cool with the prospect of a non-religious wedding ceremony. Love Sam's new phrase! You are right, it is proabably applicable to lots of things.

I am thinking of seeing a couple of movies this weekend too. The Wrestler & Walz With Bashir. I think Mr K and I might go on Saturday night to celebrate Valentine's day. That is about the extent of our V-day celebration. I am hoping the weather is good this weekend so I can do some stuff outside. I am thinking about cleaning out our garage. Currently, we cannot park our cars in it, it's so full of junk.

Hey Anna! IBS, eh? Well, at least now that you know what it is, you can start making changes. I hope you get some relief. My sister has IBS and I know it can really screw with a person. I'm glad your sister was supportive about your career plans. I know, every industry is in the shitter right now. It's just a bad time. sad.gif

Things here are good. Working at home yesterday was so nice. I was able to go to a daytime class at the gym. The class was tough, but that's the way I like it. I met my friends last night for drinks, it was good to catch up. Today is pretty much work as usual. I have to take Yuki to the vet this evening for a follow up appt. about her mange. She's looking better though & not itching at all, so I'm pretty sure it's taken care of.
Good Morning!

Diva, so happy that your surgery went well!!

Hey Anna, I hope your health problems clear up. ~*~*~*get better vibes~*~*~*~*

Hi Kari! Excellent that puppy is getting better.

I must go now, I'm playing two people.

Happy Friday biznitches!

Who's happy it's the last day of the work week?
anna k
Kari, I'm glad your puppy is doing well, and I reccomend The Wrestler, though Waltz with Bashir is good too.

Tonight I'm meeting with a horror movie group who are going to see the remake of Friday the 13th. I don't have time to see the movie (it's a 9 pm show and I live in another borough and have to work tomorrow), but I'll meet with the group before in a pizzeria.

My stomach is slowly but surely getting better.
Hello beautiful Busties!!

Divaaaaa! Welcome back! I'm glad the surgery is over, and that you're able to eat normally. And the proposed truffle bars?! NOMnomNOM - I WANT!! You just let me know when you've got those ready to go. wink.gif

Anna, I'm glad you have a diagnosis now, and a plan for feeding your body what it needs...that's what it's all about. I can tell you that it is just not worth it to "cheat" and eat stuff I shouldn't. Moxie has IBS too, so she may be a good source of pointers. She's got a fabulous IBS cookbook, though I can't remember the name off-hand.

Well, my vag has got some brand new bling, baby! Got my IUD installed yesterday, and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. A moment or two of sharp pain during insertion, and some cramping/sore lower back last night, but I spent the evening with a heating pad under my back and warm rice bag on my tummy, and watched some trashy TV. Tonight, I feel just fine, and now I'll be child free for 10 years - WOOT!

Kari, I'm so glad that Yuki's mange is healing. Poor pupper.

I think I'll probably go see Coraline 3D again this was *incredible,* and I want to see it again in 3D before the stupid Jonas Bros. 3D movie takes over next weekend. Coraline is not only the most stunning stop motion animation I've ever seen, it is the best use of 3D I've seen too....and the story is written by my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, so of course I'm a total fangirl. smile.gif

We're heading out to dinner with friends tonight at our favorite burger pub, and tomorrow for Vday, we're just having our neighbors over for dinner...I'm looking forward to a chill dinner party at home. Should be nice.
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